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COME FROM AWAY at the Phoenix Theatre Review

i really need to fix this zooming issue,on my phone camera because i havent,opened my notes on my laptop forgot to,do that and i need to fix my shiny face,but its all the way over there like,this would be a great time to develop,tennis,telekinesis oh my god im gonna have a,breakdown,hello hello im florentina for conti and,welcome to another theater review today,im going to be talking about my recent,trip to see come from away at the,phoenix theatre before i start make sure,youve clicked on that subscribe button,and for any updates about my channel,make sure youre following my facebook,page and my instagram florentina for,conte come from away is a musical that,tells the true story of the week,following the 9 11 attacks when 38,planes were diverted to the small town,of ganda newfoundland this caused their,population to pretty much double,overnight as they had to find room and,resources for 7 000 stranded travelers,the events that this show is set around,could make you assume that its going to,be very heavy and upsetting and dont,get me wrong it does have its more,emotional and hard-hitting moments but,it has so much heart and its incredibly,uplifting the story isnt really about,the attacks it brings it up and its,very important to the plot but its more,about these thousands of people that are,brought together and theyre making the,best out of a bad situation above all,its got such a wonderful message about,community and the kindness of strangers,this is such an amazing ensemble show if,youre a subscriber you will know that i,bloody love ensemble numbers and this is,full of them theres no main character,and every cast member is multi-rolling,but despite there being so much going on,you get so involved in the individual,stories because the writing of it is so,wonderful this is one ive wanted to see,for a really long time and its one of,my 2020 bookings that got cancelled so,once i rebooked it i was so excited to,finally see it id listened to the,soundtrack before and i was familiar,with quite a few of the songs but to,hear them live with the beautiful,harmonies and the power of the ensemble,just made me tear up i was so happy to,be sat there in the audience and so,overwhelmed but in the best possible way,hearing my favorite songs from it like,welcome to the rock and me in the sky,live was just such a treat and alice,fern that sang me in the sky was so,brilliant she played the character of,the pilot so perfectly and i was so,invested in that particular storyline,and her vocals just blew me away this is,such a great show to see live but if you,cant get to the theater to see this,there is a recorded version on apple tv,plus i dont know where it is i think it,might be the broadway cast it was,released a few months ago but i held off,watching it because i wanted to have the,full experience in the theater but this,is such a beautiful show and a true,story that people need to see and,experience so yeah i definitely,recommend that you go and check out come,from away either in theaters or on apple,tv plus my next theater trip has already,happened and im actually recording that,video today so my review of brian and,roger at the many air chocolate factory,will be out very soon thanks for,watching give it a like if you liked it,subscribe if you want more of this but,as always stay safe and look after,yourselves bye,[Music],you

COME FROM AWAY Film Review | 10 Moments That Made Me Cry

all the emotions so many emotions at,this point im just crying every five,minutes so we may as well keep going oh,my god hey if youre seeing my face for,the first time my name is mickey joe,theater and welcome to the rock,im kidding its not theres this is not,a rock welcome to my stagey youtube,channel my names mickey joe im,obsessed with all things theater and,today im going to be talking about,nothing other than the pro shot,recording that has been released of the,broadway musical come from away if you,dont know this show it is a beloved and,beautiful show about the events that,followed 911 when a canadian-based,newfoundland community in gander took in,a bunch of redirected passengers in the,wake of the events of 9 11. its an,incredible true story featuring real,events and characters based on real,people it connects with these profound,emotions within people it reminds us of,just basic human kindness and is staged,in a beautiful minimal very artistic,very clever way i cannot rave enough,about this show and it has had glowing,reviews from more important people than,me if you havent already seen it in the,west end or on broadway or in canada or,wherever is local to you and you are,able to go and see a production i cannot,recommend this show enough but now you,dont need to wait for it to come to a,theater near you because the broadway,production of it has been filmed and,released this week for apple tv to,coincide with the 20th anniversary of,the 911 tragedy the current broadway,cast featuring some of the original,broadway cast who have returned to the,show have filmed the show and it has,been released and its a beautiful,recording i got to watch it yesterday on,the 20th anniversary of 911 and i would,like to talk to you about it today so if,you dont know the show or you havent,watched this yet i am going to be,talking about a fair few spoilers of,things that happened during it so my,advice would be go and watch that,recording first then come back to me so,a bunch of people have asked if i would,be making a come from away video and i,said yes if thats something that people,want to see and i thought what is it,that people will want me to say about,this i could do a review ive been doing,a lot of review videos lately and the,internet doesnt need me to tell you all,how amazing come from away is people,already know that come from away is,amazing hopefully most of us have,already seen it its had glowing reviews,its won awards it already has a huge,amount of acclaim i am going to tell you,specifically like the details that i,loved about this professional recording,because i thought it was incredible and,im gonna do that by listing all of the,times that it made me cry so the,breakdown for this video is going to be,that i literally had a breakdown ten,things in the come from away recording,that made me cry were gonna go through,chronologically and i should say that,some of the more obvious tear jerky,moments dont get me anymore because,ive seen the show live twice ive,listened to the cast recording a lot so,i see those moments coming mostly what,got me in this recording were things i,wasnt expecting to be devastatingly sad,lets get right into it so the first one,and this is one of the beautiful things,about this recording versus the stage,production they have these glorious,amazing close-ups on the actors faces so,youre seeing details and emotions and,acting performances that you couldnt,see in such detail before so when jen,colella is on the phone to tom as,beverly bass and she is asking who was,in the air and shes saying no i,wouldnt have known that no one on that,airline and then he tells her the name,of charles burlingame and she says,charles are you sure she pulls this,split second facial expression thats,just filled with such anguish that its,devastating not only me but everyone in,the room i was watching with just like,verbally responded to that moment as,like oh my god it was just this guttural,response in all of us it was,heartbreaking and thats something id,never really noticed in the show before,because her response to is quite stoic,and she immediately calms herself but,that split second face crack was,everything even if youre front stalls,in a theater you are not getting that,level of hd detail the second moment,that got me it was when the plane,passengers actually arrived in gander,and were asking what had happened and it,was the revelation that they didnt know,or they hadnt seen it yet something,about watching this on the anniversary,of 911 made that all the more impactful,and made any reference to the tragedy,that had happened,really visceral really present and,really emotional the line that,specifically got me was when they were,talking about all just staring at the,tvs and then they said until someone,finally switches it off and they shot,all of the cast from behind looking into,the auditorium at that point and that,was just an amazing shot theres some,beautiful cinematography in this,recording and thats a shot youd never,get to see as an audience member unless,for some reason youve climbed onto the,back of the stage which you know,its discouraged the third line and this,normally is the part where i start,crying and come from away i can normally,hold it together until here and its,like a happy cry its like oh thats so,sweet cry when they start making all the,food for them and theyre talking about,all of the smells as they were waking up,and the fresh bread and the town and the,german scrambled eggs the line that gets,me is when he says its like they never,slept when hes talking about them,having like cooked through the entire,night for all of these guests they,certainly have its just so sweet to me,the first time i heard it on the cast,recording i actually started just,sobbing i think i was out just walking,around it always gets me in the show it,still got me in this recording even,though i know its coming and i know im,about to cry something about just all of,the smiles on their faces at that moment,its the first real moment of joy in,spite of the circumstances after they,know whats happened that theyre still,just trying to come together as a,community and thats really what the,show is about and theres such a beauty,in that i think the fourth one that got,me and this is another moment where i,have cried in the show before is where,janice is talking about interviewing,hannahs character and she says she,starts crying and then i start crying,and its the line she says at the end,now i think that this was different,because im sure i remember the line in,the cast recording being i dont want to,do this anymore and in the video she,says im not sure if i can do this,anymore which feels slightly tweaked now,broadway production,now productions that run on stage get,changes and tweaks happen to them over,the course of their run and they may,even vary from place to place like the,broadway production may not be an exact,replica of the london production weve,seen that in other shows there are,different lighting cues there are,different lyrics occasionally different,cultural references but im wondering if,this is something that maybe has been,changed if theres any die hard come,from away fans let me know there was a,few moments in this recording that i,thought oh is that a different line to,the original or am i just misremembering,it if you noticed any of those comment,down in the comment section with what,you think might have changed between the,original version and the recorded,version next crying moment and its very,emotional reliving all of these right,now so one of my favorite parts of this,show is the love story between nick and,diane you know of all the plots youre,expecting to meet as you go into this,story that ones really unexpected and,im sure it was for them the real people,that lived this love story of meeting,during this crisis during this,unexpected serendipitous situation and,when theyre just starting to connect,and it dawns on them for t

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well hello there and welcome back to,another video today Im going to be,doing a review video so excited about,this video I decided to make my reviews,a little bit more professional and kind,of section it up as it was so from,henceforth my review videos will be,sections like this what is it where is,it whos in it what I liked about the,show what I didnt like about the show,and should you see it also our add-on,favorite song to the end just to liven,things up a bit if you like review,videos if you like theater if you like,over-excitement,this is the channel for you so dont,forget to click that subscribe across,the floor take notes on the floor dont,forget to click the subscribe button if,you havent already I post three videos,every single week or two do the theater,and musical the vlogs and just let fans,that oh I forgot to say Im gonna give,at the end the musical an overall rating,in emojis because Im a millennial and,Im gonna pick a little emoji for each,different musical that kind of,represents the musical best to me and,then well give it a rating out of five,so the emoji for come from a wedding Im,gonna attempt it up on the screen now,you dont think I know how to do that,but were gonna try it the island emoji,because I an island an island earth and,all that also if you liked the video,give it a thumbs up apparently we should,be saying that more dont really know,why but give it a thumbs up if you like,it right Im gonna stop babbling and get,on with my review video what is it a,good place to start the show Im gonna,be talking about today is come from away,the musical I feel like its a bit of a,spoiler this one because Ive definitely,talked about this musical quite a lot on,my channel already spoiler alert I,really really like it tah dah come from,away is a musical based on a true story,it is basically all about when the 9/11,terrorist attacks happened the American,airspace was basically closed for the,first time in history ever and all the,planes that were headed over the,Atlantic into America were not allowed,in they were all set to a town called,Gander and Gander is a town in,Newfoundland which is an island just off,of Canada and it has a really big,airport so all of the planes were sent,to touch down there instead and,aproximately has about 9,000 people,living there and 7,000 people in one day,touchdown in gander because of 9/11 and,the people of Gander welcomed them with,open arms they took them in they found,them close they found them food they,found them shelter they looked after,them basically until the airspace opened,again and they were able to leave so,its an absolutely remarkable true story,and yes thats a little bit of backstory,about that William when I first heard,that there was a musical about 9/11 I,was a bit like oh dear I dont know how,I feel about that because I remember,when 9/11 happened I remember I was I,was quite young but I do have quite a,vivid memory of it and its something,that has stuck with me ever since it,happened I will never forget going into,school and the news being on and I saw,watching it and just seeing the absolute,horror and devastation that occurred and,so when I heard that thats going to be,a musical about it I was like I just,dont know if I could take that but it,is the most uplifting musical you could,ever see its full of hope its full of,joy its a message its so its just,joyous okay so moving on to where is it,come from away its currently playing at,the Phoenix Theatre in Londons West End,near as tube stations if you are,thinking of going to watch it Tottenham,Court Road Leicester Square Piccadilly,Circus its right in the middle of,central London really really easily,accessible and really easy to find as,well lots of great places to eat around,there youre right in the hub of things,and its a great atmosphere its a,really lovely theatre its not too big,its quite intimate and worthy so I feel,like you will have a really good see and,really feel connected to the show got my,ticket here I went to see it on a Friday,and it was completely sold out we have,really really great seats move it in the,stalls I was in M 11 or M 12 Im not,entirely sure which and but we had a,really great view of the stage but I,feel like even if you were in the levels,up for a bit by the back you would still,have a really great view and feel really,involved moving on to whos in it well,my friends theres some Fleming talented,people in it thats for sure so one,thing that I really really liked about,this show I feel like everyone in it is,perfect for the role that they have,dont feel like theres any rule you,know like stop casting or anything like,that it is just a really classy group of,people who are just all so so so so,talented and that just really shines,through one-pass know really really,excited passing was Rachel Tucker I,admired her for so long I think shes,absolutely incredible shes just someone,Ive always really looked up to and,admired and yeah she was flawless now,Im gonna move on to well I liked about,it um what I didnt like about it so Im,gonna start with what I liked about it,everything oh my god everything it was,so good I can not fault it it was,absolutely incredible like I said before,it was the most joyful thing Ive ever,seen it was filled with so much hope and,it was just like a hug it was exactly,like a hug everyone in it was absolutely,incredible the talent onstage Ive never,seen anything like it,it should win just all the awards all,the accolades do you know what the thing,about it I loved the most was it was so,funny it was like a laugh out loud, Im not Ive said this before,Im not a Lola Im not a laugh out loud,I was crying a lot of things there like,its something everyone needs to see,especially people that were alive when,9/11 happened because I feel like things,like that I have no idea that that,happened really like I knew obviously,that the planes had had to go somewhere,else but I do not realise that this,place had literally a population of,9,000 people had 7,000 people in one day,like that and they took them in and,welcomed them with open arms and just,ask nothing in return,and I just think that is such a lesson,for mankind it just is a musical about,kindness oh my god I get emotional and I,feel like that is the thing my champion,above anything else anyway and I feel,like it is such a good message for the,human race especially now at this time,in life with everything thats happening,in the world I just feel like things,like this are so important and its,bringing something good out of a,terrible situation which i think is a,quote that was the quote its not about,the sadness of 9/11 its about the,goodness that came out of there and I,think that quote really sums up the show,its about the goodness of people and,the kindness of people and its also got,some cracking songs in it it is so funny,and the songs the music are,its got some absolute bangers hilarious,moments and as well theres quite a lot,of like acting into song so its quite a,lot of like speaking into song which is,some of its on the soundtrack that some,of its not and you are not prepared for,some of the one-liners oh my gosh its,so funny some of the characters are,hilarious actually all of the characters,are hilarious but some of them are like,piya powerful area absolutely loved the,set I thought it was so clever they,literally use chairs for everything but,in just such a clever way I love as well,one thing I think is so clever about is,these people are littering multiple,characters with different accents at the,same time so theyll go from like,southern American into the gander accent,just like that just with like the change,of a hat as well,theyll come become a completely,different character it was like baffling,to watch I had like moments where I was,like blink like is that the same actor,playing both his parts it was like a,master class in acting in everything I,absolutely love the choreography I just,thought it was joyous and full of energy,an

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COME FROM AWAY ProShot Reaction and Review

its so painful but its so joyful,[Music],hey there my people welcome to episode,one of pro shots i know nothing about,many of you have been asking me to react,to come from away and i would have loved,to blind react to it if it wasnt for,the fact that i already know the show,ive seen the show i know the cast,recording and i absolutely love it so i,am coming into this video a little bit,biased however i saw it on previews when,you open here in london and never really,saw it again so i cant quite remember,what happens on stage i have a really,bad memory you guys have no idea so i,thought itd be nice to react to the pro,short that way you get sort of a,reaction slash review with my favorite,moments and i am reminded of what the,show looks like everyone wins sounds,good good so before we start if youre,new here you should know theres lots of,musical theater content on the channel,mostly reactions to musicals i know,nothing about so go explore and if you,like what you see dont forget to,subscribe to the channel youll also,find me on patreon if you like,supporting the channel and getting some,extra stuff links in description below,it feels like im going to the theater,im just as excited im an islander i am,not oh loaded,so unfortunately i wont be including,much of the footage here because of,copyright issues but ill try and add a,few moments now lets do this,when the lights go down i always get,chills,[Applause],oh,they have a revolving stage i do,remember that,i dont think we had it,to the here if you come from away you,probably understand about half of what,we say welcome to the rock where,everyone is nicer,hes close up though,that guy understood the assignment,[Music],[Applause],sorry now that i actually have some,control over this ill just take a,moment before the next bit always makes,me so damn emotional just the idea of,being aware that youre about to,experience or witness something huge,just gives me all the chills that quick,pause before you are here is the power,that we wish we had to take a breath,before a really critical moment you know,i remember 9 11 very vividly despite,being really young because it,interrupted a very ordinary activity i,was watching cartoons with my brother,and it was a sudden break,in the comfort of my routine that made,me realize i was at the start of,something big so when i first listened,to this song and this bit in particular,it blew my mind because i realized,thats what i was feeling at the time,sudden awareness that i i was at the,start of a moment the way it translates,what was probably a collective worldwide,feeling is why this is my favorite,section of the song turn on your radio,so freaking good,[Applause],yes,the build-up of this song it just,got chills this show just makes you want,to be a bad person doesnt,[Laughter],so much talent,wow look at those shots,its like a proper netflix series or,something,stop bringing toilet paper,iconic it just overflows with positivity,[Music],these harmonies,everyone knew every inch of that brain,that background choreography,its,theatrical but also very realistic i,remember when i saw the show i couldnt,stop looking at the movements because,when youre in a plane if we look around,well see people doing all sorts of,stuff reading a book eating sleeping so,the way each of them moves in a,particular way at a time it paints such,a vivid picture to me,[Applause],[Music],such a great idea to get everyone drunk,in a confined space,the actual curse on the show though,right,the way they all play more than one,character and they just seamlessly go,for from one to the other like that its,too much talent i i can barely go from,sleepy to awake,you know what we tend to think of the,shows with the most,dance numbers as the most energetic and,physically challenging but how tiring is,come from away its non-stop for the,performance and the band from song to,dialogue and back to songs switching,characters and switching locations wow i,had totally forgotten how fast-paced it,is its really like watching a movie,with cuts where the action is,uninterrupted rather than,a show with breaks where the actions,sometimes will be replaced by a dance,number or or a transition song,citizenship american british,vacation,wow theyre insane,oh i hate this,his reaction is just its horrible,because its real they have no idea,where theyre going,can we appreciate the lighting for this,show as well its so simple but it plays,such a crucial role in setting the scene,and the mood of the characters and,telling the story especially since the,stage is so minimalist you have only two,sets of light a gloomy blue that is cold,and neary and a yellowish that is warm,and hopeful those are used to represent,fear and,loneliness or hope and human connection,respectively and thats all you really,need because thats what the story is,about finding hope in the darkest and,coldest of times i think the simplicity,of everything on the show,is just,essential for us to connect to this,story,[Laughter],this whole section,is so freaking beautiful,i absolutely love how the dynamics,change from suspicious to trusting only,because he makes an effort to understand,what theyre feeling and be understood,as well,to be honest i still cant believe that,actually happened did they have the,revolving stage for the filming i really,dont remember it,oh this next one,from yesterday,yes,the rotary club is looking for some fish,dishes,and we have a bunch of german passengers,down at the moose club who would like to,try elk,no sorry thats the elks club thats,looking for books,sorry,shes so cute this show would not be the,same without her i have no idea why i,just know in my heart,thank you for shopping at walmart would,you like to come back to my house for a,shower,i love all her characters shes just,naturally funny and her deliveries,i forgot how wholesome this is,wow i dont remember any of,this town in newfoundland,there must be something in the,water says thats why i only drink the,beer,oh my god the sense of humor is just not,reflected on the cast recording at all,[Music],what,what is this,you know having a bad memory is a,blessing sometimes,these people from another country,they maintain that moment of silence,i dont know if that would happen back,home,busy gas station,oh i cant i cant deal with this show,its too much i should never tell anyone,i was jewish,oh yes,this section is so important,besides sounding beautiful,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],to be understood is to understand i love,how this ties in with the bible scene,and i literally just realized its,amazing how a cast recording that is,already so beautiful and rich,becomes something even more powerful,when you have visual context,oh yeah,i love how they go from physically being,on the edge of the word in a remote,location to being on the edge of their,own world,i know what youre thinking what the,hell just happened to the lighting i had,to stop the reaction halfway to deal,with some work stuff and now its night,time,just pretend it didnt happen shall we,we shall im the worst youtuber ever,she starts crying and i start crying too,and i cant stop shaking hmm,oh here we go,count me in for irish music any day,i wonder if this stick is an actual,thing there,its too specific to be invented,[Music],wow buga has so much swag,you go go,bring out the fish,[Music],this guy is such a sweet knee i love his,version of the character hes way more,shy and awkward than the one ive seen i,like this better to be honest,i love how chaotic this section is,nothing better than chaos to bring,people together i think thats thats,the concept here,i didnt remember that what the hell was,that reaction,[Applause],those people know how to pie,oh finally,i love this,but also i was trying to remember how,that song fits in the storyline because,it always sounded so isolated from the,story to me probably because shes the,only one who has a solo song that is 100,about her story even though theres no,actual main c

Come From Away movie review – Breakfast All Day

hello welcome to breakfast all day im,matt here with alonzo and christy uh,theyre gonna tell you all about a movie,called come from away i,made a mistake and watched the erotic,thriller the voyeurs,instead i,because the titles are so similar i mean,theyre exactly the same movie so i,might as well just sit down on this so,weird um,yeah anyway somebody just wanted to,watch an erotic thriller but okay fine,uh but maybe well talk about that next,week uh but im gonna let uh alonzo and,christy talk about this one,so yeah this is a filming of the,broadway hit uh that is i think,technically still running on broadway,whenever broadway is officially all the,way reopened uh written by david hein,and irene sankofter with the book and,the music and the lyrics and um this was,nominated for best musical and lost to,dear evan hansen so,go figure anyways so um this is uh,hitting this weekend because it is about,9 11. uh specifically about the town of,uh gander newfoundland and how their,enormous airport which had really not,been used all that much in recent years,because it used to be where all the,transatlantic flights would fuel up,before the long journey across the ocean,um suddenly becomes uh the the hub for,38 airplanes that are rerouted there,when u.s airspace is closed on september,11 2001. suddenly a town of 9 000 has 7,000,new residents that everybody has to,figure out where to put them and how to,feed them and what to do with them and,how to cope with,the existential tragedy that is going on,around them uh we get a cast of 12 very,talented performers who play all the,roles they play the locals they play the,the newcomers uh they,very smoothly kind of switch in and out,uh with a pretty bare stage it just has,like a revolving uh turntable in the,middle and about a handful of chairs and,a couple of tables,um,you get to meet you know the people who,live there you get to meet the folks who,wind up showing up and over the course,of the show,you see you know couples come together,and fall apart uh you see the the,american airlines first female pilot um,coping with the fact that you know this,machine that has changed her life and,brought her so much joy has now been,used as a bomb um you know you see uh,people of the muslim faith already,dealing with the very first waves of,discrimination and bigotry that would be,come rampant in the uh months and years,following the 9 11 attacks um,it is a really beautiful piece about the,best and worst of humanity and um i,found myself really swept up by it and,on the verge of tears at several,occasions but its never mockish about,it its never ringing those tears out of,you but they just they they they come in,an organic way um its not the kind of,musical that you leave remembering any,of the songs necessarily but uh its,its a sung through musical and you know,there are sort of recurring themes and,reprises and whatnot and overall i just,felt like this was something really,just warm and and moving and beautiful,and i really loved it i think part of,the reaction that you and i both had to,it is is the the odd sensation of,watching a movie about a crisis in the,middle of another crisis yes they very,candidly open with the audience coming,in through an,empty time square wearing masks and so,you know theyre already sort of linking,the current crisis that new york is in,with that crisis that new york was in,you know uh with the message being would,they survive that one will survive this,one yeah and theres just theres like a,renewed sense of like resonance and,catharsis and even hope that comes from,watching this now,um given the situation that we are in,all all around the world yeah the idea,of a 9 11 musical,just sounds like a clang right it just,sounds like oh i can eat your vegetables,kind of thing,its joyous yeah,but its joyous and um a lot of it is,that early on like they lean hard into,the folksy self-deprecating ah shucks,canadian-ness of it all um you know with,jokes about like hockey and like a moose,you know australian in the middle of the,road and whiskey and and the accents are,really thick and it feels a little hokey,at first and then you realize how smart,that is because they have to establish,this is a small town full of really,good-hearted people who when,you know their town doubles in,population immediately,of course they spring into action to,help them yeah you know they dont they,feel a little overwhelmed but they also,feel like its their calling and of,course were gonna open up our homes and,feed you and do you need diapers do you,need a shower like theyve established,that this is a good-hearted,place and that is really helpful,whenever anybody sort of tries to thank,them or even pay them theyre like oh,youd do the same,and its like,would we would like you know,if this were happening in america would,people have been as welcoming and open i,would like to think they would but you,know i i,the cynical side of me wonders but yeah,because its not even not just canada,but like an island off the coast of,canada where you know everybodys,already sort of in each others business,and you know like you know you can see,the mayor every day at the tim hortons,uh you know then you you do youre right,they do establish this community and so,you believe that these people that weve,gotten to know very quickly would be out,there doing everything they could to,take care of these folks yeah part of,the authenticity of it too for me was,that these actors,six men six women are enormously,versatile yeah incredibly talented but,they also look like regular people these,are not like glamorous stars i mean they,are all shapes and sizes they are all,ages they are all ethnic backgrounds and,so,that also helps put us in this really,you know,grounded specific sense of place that,these are regular folks um and so when,they shift from being you know the mayor,or the lady at the spca or the lady who,runs the coffee shop to becoming,passengers on the plane,in a breath quite frequently they have,to shift between persona and accents and,emotions like i was so dazzled by that,element of it like they never miss a,beat,and you know having to go between like,okay now i am a lady who works in town,to oh now i am this groundbreaking,airline pilot that is jen colella who,was nominated for a tony she has this,absolute standout moment a song called,me in the sky where she talks about her,history of being this is you know,groundbreaking airline pilot and what,this day means to her but,here and thats one of the bigger,moments but here and there like they,move in unison rather seamlessly or or,but each,actor gets a moment to shine and,youre right theyre all theyre all,character actors which is whats so,great yeah its so cool and so like you,know within like a few seconds they,rearrange a few tables and chairs and,all of a sudden its in a few you know,lighting cues and its believably a,whole different scenario christopher,ashley directed this he also won a tony,for his direction of the show of the,seven,tony nominations that the musical got,his was the one win and so what he does,here kind of reminded me of,my favorite movie of last year which was,david burns american utopia and with,what spike lee does there because,its not just giving you a front row,seat to this you you are on,you were from the back of the stage,sometimes you were among the players you,are,in the wing sometimes,and it really allows you to appreciate,like how deceptively simple this is like,what theyre doing they make it look,effortless but its constant motion its,like all of them having to like,circumnavigate each other and get to the,right place at the right moment so that,the next thing can begin the next,scenario can begin,and i was just really,amazed at how much work goes into it and,how seamless it all is yeah i think that,like this and hamilton is going to make,people think that oh yeah filming a,broadway show piece of cake no problem,and american utopia and its like no,its really compl

COME FROM AWAY- Reopening Night on Broadway

so,hi im christopher ashley the,director one of the co-writers,[Applause],[Music],we want to say how grateful we are to be,back,over the past 18 months the doctors the,nurses the teachers the drivers the,doormen,[Applause],all of our friends who have waited,patiently to do what they are meant to,do,tonight please go and see every single,other show,so uh its gonna be hard for you to see,because youre all standing too but uh,we have a couple um real life,comfortable,[Applause],kevin ways,so um,after,557 days,how amazing it is,to have you back in the theater with us,[Applause],im the northeast of north america on an,island called newfoundland theres an,airport and next to it,is a town called gander,tonight we honor what was last but we,also commemorate what we found,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],hey,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],is,[Applause],[Applause],as a company i want to say thank you,[Applause],a few weeks ago we started rehearsals,and at first the great joy of seeing,each other and rekindling these great,relationships were having,and to have james join us,the band walks in and brings,newfoundland back into the world,the night that weve been waiting for is,tonight because thats when you joined,the conversation,thanks for getting vaccinated,[Applause],but yes we hear the laughter we hear the,cheers but we also hear the silent,moments when an idea is received by a,community we also hear those moments,when theres a sigh a gasp a sob,as we feel and we share,a,a,unity as we experience old memories and,we create new memories,[Applause],[Applause],so,you

Theatre Chat: Whats so capitvating about Come From Away?

[Music],welcome everyone to the first official,podcast from theater thoughts thats,right theater thoughts now has its own,podcast this is your one stop for all,the latest news reviews interviews as,well as some of the hottest giveaways,for the best shows in sydney at the,moment my name is justin clark and i am,so excited to be bringing you theater,thoughts own official podcast we cant,wait to see who we get on the show who,we can get on to talk about what is,going on in sydney and what is coming,and to share some of their own theater,thoughts themselves on todays show i,sit down with my friend daniel,stefanowski as we talk about one of the,hottest shows in sydney at the moment,come from away well have a chat about,what makes come from away so amazing as,well as give you our own exclusive,review of the show itself so sit back,relax switch on those thoughts and,welcome to the first official theater,thoughts podcast,[Music],on the northeast tip of north america,is a town called,gander september 11th 2001 over 200,planes getting diverted,even with all the hotels in town weve,got no room,with thousands of passengers arriving at,any minute the town is asking for help,with well anything you can do,we barely know where we are,[Music],just freaking out i wish i was home,thank you for shopping at walmart would,you like to come back to my house for a,shower,come from away tells the incredibly true,stories of the 38 planes with,6579 passengers stranded in the remote,town of gander in newfoundland thats a,tiny island on the north east tip of,north america,if youve heard the hype surrounding,this particular show believe it the hype,is legitimate,irene senkov and david heins idea in,theory may cause confusion from a,theatrical crowd,how do you create a momentous show out,of such tragedy that was 9 11. the,answer really lies in the real life,stories and the reflections of the,characters from gander portrayed on the,stage,so in 2011 senkov and hein visited ganda,and heard tales of ordinary people with,extraordinary generosity and this is,reflected through every single syllable,added on the capital theater stage,12 actors a 100 minute musical and just,enough time for a fraction of the 16 000,stories that the writing duo wanted to,bring to the world,the shows music and lyrics are,masterfully staged by kelly devine with,the music supervision and arrangements,of ian eisendrath weaving a tapestry of,tales for the audience to explore,with no intermission it really could,have been easy for audiences to fall,into some sort of musical fatigue,however divine and eisendrath,synchronicity knows when to provide,relief and knows when to make you cheer,you know what i love about comfortable,way,i love,that the band is on stage the entire,time so good and its just yeah its,its a part of the show that i feel is,very unappreciated because in other,musicals theyre in the band pit and you,know the musics there yeah but come,from away its like its an extra,character really especially during the,middle of the show where they break out,during um oh i always forget the name of,the song screeching screeching yeah yeah,they break out in the song of screeching,and obviously like the violinist comes,up the guitar player comes out and you,dont get that from other shows you,dont get it at all no its fascinating,like maybe at the end oh you could,usually get the um the interact and um,the intro like in most musicals and,stuff thats their little love note to,our most uh bands but to actually have,them like come on and screech in and,then at the end they all get um,their own song as well yeah they come on,yeah its quite a nice little touch to,have and i think it really works since,region as well because that is the,moment in the show where they they are,going into the bar yeah and theyre,having this celebration theyre having,this initiation into and they are like,the live band of the bar like the they,get the ugly stick out and theyre like,right in the middle of the theyre not,to the side theyre like in the scene,yeah yeah definitely i like it and then,you do youre right they have that,moment at the end where they come out,and thats the moment the crowd gets on,their feet and you leave it with that,you know smile on your face sort of,music,yeah this is your favorite musical,though it is 100 my favorite musical now,you saw it in new york yeah or in new,york i remember you saying,uh oh lets go so you come from away,and you didnt want to go you dont want,to waste your money no,i smell money,i want to go see the high rise im going,to walk all the way down to the end of,new york yeah and and most importantly,you didnt want to spend a full ticket,price that is also true because i was,just the night beforehead got ten,dollars for tickets to hamilton yeah,that was fine,yeah yeah but i i did want to see it uh,id listen to the the musical and i,thought it was amazing um,and i needed to experience that in new,york considering the kind of musical was,it it was it was probably,other than sitting front row in hamilton,the best uh moment of the whole trip,hands down yeah so remember youre,coming back and you were just raving,about it and i was like i was on a hike,i had such a good day myself i was like,walking down the high roads with like,the old train lines there i was like,this is so cool i can like walk over new,york and you come back and go come from,where was the best show ive ever seen,it like shuttle over hamilton i was like,whoa first of all,calm down i just spent the last hour and,a half crying yeah,its salvation it was so emotional and,like seeing it there i was just in tears,at the end and i was just like walking,out of like sting you missed out,you should have come,thats right and i remember that you it,was only recently that you found that,tick tock that talked about oh but the,button,yeah yeah which uh ive read uh that lin,manuel pointed out amazing love him all,our hamilton connections i know its,just too much um but youre right so the,buttons,mean that basically whenever a song,finishes and you get that crescendo and,you come to the finishing uh part of the,music that you have like a button that,its like a technical term right yeah,its uh,the point where the audience is allowed,to applaud thats it but the show only,has three yeah so youve got the,beginning screenshot and then the finale,yeah and i think thats done just,because of the content of the show,personally yeah oh its to keep you in,there and its also more of a its an,ensemble piece so its not really,necessary to highlight each individual,character like and especially its,its very adamant when you get to um the,pilot song yeah me and the sky at the,end of that like thats your thats your,big number in any in any musical that,brings down the house but in this one,they cut her off the phone rings she,picks it up and the show goes off yeah,and you just keep going because i,remember like we saw it recently at,capitol theater and,i always every time i go,oh no okay we can move on good,production at capital it is quite good,isnt it i enjoyed it more than i did in,melbourne really i dont know why yeah,im pretty sure its pretty much the,same class yeah,i dont know if anyone changed but for,some reason i maybe just because theyve,been doing it longer because when i saw,it in melbourne it was just as it opened,in melbourne as well like they had,locked down to,like rejuvenate rest themselves so it,was like the second lock down yeah so,then its like that fresh like were,back it was in the first like two weeks,since it came back yeah so they probably,had all that after after lockdown youd,want to like give it your all as well so,much its insane and its yeah its a,feel-good musical,where,its the best of humanity and,i dont know about you but nowadays you,need to see the best in humanity because,yeah its very divided at the moment,director christopher ashley creates a,sleek and groundbreaking musical that,puts the 12 actors through their paces,as they

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