1. Continental Tire Review | TrueContact Tour
  2. Michelin vs Continental vs Bridgestone vs Pirelli – The BEST Ultra High Performance All Season Tires
  3. Full ADV Tire Review! Continental TKC80 | TKC 70 Rocks | TKC70 | A Tire For All Riders
  4. Continental ContiRoad Sport Touring Tires Review
  5. Continental Kryptotal – Best MTB Tire! // Review & Unboxing
  7. Continental ContiSport Attack 4 Radial Tires Review

Continental Tire Review | TrueContact Tour

hi im matt mcmurray from campus,automotive in blacksburg virginia and,today we have the continental,true contact tour the continental true,contact tour is an,all-season tour and tire developed for,drivers of family sedans,coupes minivans and small suvs its also,for anybody looking for sheer foot,attraction and a smooth quiet ride and,long tread life,nothing really exciting about it its,just a good tier one,everyday tire the true contact tour tire,is designed to combine premium levels of,ride and noise quality and responsive,handling,and confident grip in dry wet and wintry,conditions including light snow,some applications for this tire include,the toyota camry,nissan altima chrysler pacifica honda,crv,and subaru outback the off-season tread,compound of the trucontac tour,features temperature activated,functional,polymers that aid tread life and fuel,efficiency,and the symmetric tread pattern enables,easy rotation intervals,to combat irregular wear comfort ride,technology,incorporates an underlay beneath the,tread pattern thats designed to isolate,the tread from the casing and reduce the,amount of perceptible vibration,in the cabinet of the car continentals,plus silene additives enhance the,traction in slippery conditions and the,wide grooves allow water to flow through,the contact patch,for improved hydroplaning resistance,lateral notches in the shoulders create,biting edges needed for grip in snowy or,icy conditions and tracks and grooves,that trap snow,in the tread to provide that snow on,snow traction that we always talk about,if youre new to campus automotive we do,tire comparisons tire reviews and lots,of tire talk,so subscribe and hit the bell to keep up,so looking close here at the tread,pattern first thing you notice is a,symmetrical design which means it can be,rotated on all positions of the car,these outer tread blocks obviously since,its symmetrical the outside looks,exactly the inside theres no,specific position that you have to put,it in but youll notice that these tread,blocks,come in sections of three where three,are connected,and then theres a disconnect now this,is your water evacuation channel,right here and then youll have three,more connected and then one disconnected,thats going to give you that uh,evacuation of that water,from these grooves in the middle of the,tread now you can see that these,outer these outer grooves that are right,beside the outer ribs,big enough to put a sharpie in on both,sides that just that just keeps the,water from,getting underneath it you can see these,sipes on this center block go all the,way down of course youve got some sipes,in the outer blocks too,that are just straight sipes here,so youll also notice these biting edges,on this outer,rib and the inner rib tube the inner two,ribs,youll see on the inner two ribs that,you have sipes,and multiple biting edges again this is,for light snow,ice anything you might encounter,obviously its not a dedicated snow tire,but does have some features,thatll help it in those conditions and,also,maybe if youre on just a little bit of,a slick road maybe you got a subaru,outback or something,and youre kind of cruising around on a,hike and looking for a hiking trail,it gives you a little bit extra traction,for things like that with these biting,edges,each corner of these body edges are,chamfered and that just keeps the noise,down,and makes them last a little bit longer,and keeps them cooler so this little cut,is called a chamfer,and what this does is this eliminates,any sharp edges,on this tread block so that when its,rolling down the road,its not grabbing a sharp edge and,heating it up and ripping it off theyve,already cut that sharp edge off and i,just little,little items like that is what makes,them last longer this whole tire,is designed to be quiet and smooth and,last a long time its got a compound in,it,thats just going to make it a little,bit harder,than other compounds you may see because,they really want to get that mileage out,of them,you also notice that we have these,visual alignment indicators,on the outer ribs on both sides of the,tire and like weve talked about on a,lot of different continental tires,and general tires what this is going to,tell you its going to identify really,quick,is if your car is out of alignment,because one side of these will wear out,faster than the other and theoretically,they should wear out,equally another thing youll notice is,the dws now weve seen this before,on the extreme contact dws 06 plus,and the dws-06 the dws wears away,the s wears away first the s means snow,the w wears away next the w means wet,and the d means dry it wears away last,and when this wears away its time to,replace the tire so you can see the,sidewall here,you know nothing really exciting going,on does have a rim protector,on this tire so when you look right here,at the tread where you see a treadwear,number of 800,thats probably one of the highest tread,rail ratings thats even available on a,tire,when it gets up above 700 you know its,really going to last a long time now,they used to have a regular true contact,and they made updates and they called it,a true contact tour,and they just sort of updated and messed,with the compound a little bit to make,it,a little bit softer believe it or not,but youll see this from time to time,theyll add a little something at the,end of the name,if theyve updated the tire in any way,and then in this tread groove you see,here where its,true contact is written see true contact,this tire is going to be a smooth quiet,tire that lasts a long time the size of,this tire is 225 55,r19 and its made in the usa this,particular tire retails for about 193.99,you can pick these up from tirebuyer.com,or tyrek.com,on the scale of try it watch it or trash,it i give it a strong try,if youre in the market for a good,off-season tour and tire that you need,to get your money out of

Michelin vs Continental vs Bridgestone vs Pirelli – The BEST Ultra High Performance All Season Tires

last year I tested seven of the most,popular ultra high performance All,Season ties in the dry wet and snow and,across all the tests the Michelin Pilot,Sport All Season 4 averaged out to be,the best tire overall since then two of,the key competitors have had plus,updates the Continental extreme contact,dws06 plus and the Bridgestone Potenza,re-980as plus a bit of a mouthful and as,you all asked me to test the Pirelli,which is a bit of an older Tire I have,the Pirelli P0 All Season plus as well,in the test can either of the new tires,take it to the Michelin or will the old,boy will the Pirelli keep up lets go,find out Stow grip is arguably the least,important quality of an ultra high,performance or season Tire as they,probably spend way more time in the dry,and wear however its arguably also one,of the most important as when you meet,snow thats when you need the extra grip,so the snow handling test is an,important one and also the most fun the,slowest higher on best is the Pirelli P0,All Season plus now lets not forget,that all season tire is a compromise you,have a box and you can have dry,performance wet performance and snow,performance and you cant be the best in,all of them so it might be that Pirelli,have optimized the P0 All Season Plus,for the dry and wet so well find that,out later in the video when we do the,dry and wet testing bend the snow,it just wasnt the best I think it was,13 seconds off the fastest car of the,test the next quickest Tire much closer,on only about five seconds off the best,with the new continental extreme contact,dws06 Plus,now this tire was much faster than the,frely,but the grip Circle wasnt entirely,rounded the issue with the Conti is the,levels of grip was good but once you,pass the limit of grip it took a long,time for the tire to come back to you so,you were sliding a long time and you,really had to stay off the throttle,which cost it time and this tire was,primarily understeer primary that means,the front axle was sliding you give it a,little bit of steering angle and unlike,this tire which is the Michelin Im,driving on when you turn in the car,turns and rotates the Continental would,just understand now I Im not a big fan,of arms deer as Im sure youre all,aware of so it definitely wasnt my,favorite Tire to drive on but you can,argue that understeer is safe for the,road the second fastest Tire,was last years reigning slow Champion,the Michelin Pilot spot all season four,now while this tire wasnt quite the,fastest it still had the subjective,Champion crown that means it was the,nicest and easiest to drive on and,allows you to do really simple slides,one-handed while youre talking and just,slide around it was Progressive past the,limit so while it wasnt the fastest it,definitely is still the most graceful,and enjoyable to drive so if youre,going to go snow drifting at some point,get yourself on the Michelin because,its just its a fun Tire to drive in,the snow but it wasnt the fastest and,the fastest was the new Bridgestone,Potenza re-980 plus well done,Bridgestone your non-plus version was in,my test last year and it was six or,seven seconds off the Michelin and its,the same Michelin this year although the,conditions are ever so slightly slower,youll see in the times if you go back,and look at the times from last years,test youll see the the actual tracks a,little bit slugs its the same car the,same time Michelin the Bridgestone has,made a huge leap forward,it was primarily the grip was primarily,given to you in traction and braking so,you did get to the corner very quickly,because you were quick at the last,corner and then the brakes were Mighty,impressive,where it lost out was once it broke into,sliding like this it wasnt as,Progressive as the Michelin so you were,working harder it just took longer to,come back it would slide out more,quickly and then take a little bit,longer to come out so its a little bit,harder to drive but you cant argue with,the levels of rip it offered it was a,very impressive grip for an ultra high,performance All Season Tire does this,mean Bridgestone have taken too much,away from dry and wet because the,Bridgestone uh the 980 was one of my,favorite tires in the dry and wet if I,remember last years test well we shall,find that out right after I go and do,some traction and braking tests to see,which tire is best in a straight line,and I think its probably going to be,the Bridgestone for my subjective,testing but lets go find out and it was,with the Bridgestone leading in both,traction and braking followed by the,Michelin continental and Pirelli lets,move on to wet,the fact the best tire in slow which was,the Bridgestone was also the slowest,around the wet handling lap but also,thats been unhighlighted by the fact,the Pearly which was the slowest around,the snow handling lap was joint slice,with the Bridgestone basically things,are very close in the wet partly because,wet condenses things and partly because,this wet handling course is quite short,while the Bridgestone and Pirelli did,essentially tie on time they did feel a,little bit different the Bridgestone was,the wooliest tire of the group it felt,more like a all-season tire than an,ultra high performance Tire you just,felt a bit of block movement and,although the initial steering was fine,the like the the turning and stability,mid Corner was the lowest of the four,the Pirelli conversely although like I,said it matched it on time,was probably the most dynamic add the,quickest initial steering which was nice,and then it gave you a little bit more,detail than the rest although these,differences they are quite small,the continental and Michelin was so,close on time and subjective steering,fill I dont think the average driver or,even an Enthusiast driver will will have,the the situation to really like notice,the differences but because this is,quite an extreme wet handling lap there,were some slight differences and that,was the Continental was a little bit,more abrupt when it went sideways than,the Michelin and the Michelin was a bit,more Progressive but that perhaps was,due to a little bit more aquaplaning on,the rear axle and the Michelin just had,a little bit more understeer in the wet,than the continental but like I said,these two are so close,both ties have done an amazing job,theyre both very impressive and theyre,wet theyre all pretty impressive to be,fair these are all premium tires to find,out some further differences or to see,if we could find some further,differences we also ran a big wet Circle,which had some deeper parts of water not,full depth hydroplaning tests I think we,didnt get time to do that but in this,circle the Continental had a small,Advantage but then the advantage swung,back to Michelin in the wet braking test,by the smallest amount so essentially,these two are so close in the wet,you cant decide between them so lets,see if we can find some more differences,in the dryer,performance of the tires would you,believe,is very close,the Bridgestone the softness to the,construction or the blocks highlighted a,little bit more in the dryer as you,would expect because the force is higher,so any any confessional movement that,youre experiencing the wet is going to,be higher in the dry obviously and it,cements in my mind the Bridgestone is,the one thats focused more on the,all-season side of the uxp All Season,blend,um the Continental Michelin and friendly,was so close across the 72nd lap I do,two laps average the times and they were,so close there was less than two tenths,covering all three tires which is,thats close of the three Again The,Fairly felt the most uhp its steering,was just a little bit quicker and while,it did match a little bit of detail mid,Corner perhaps,um its its the one,if you want to use a uhp All Season Tire,on track that would be the one I picked,because it also managed the heat weld,but these tires are not intended for,tracks lets not pretend that a track,daytime if you want to do track days on,a road T

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Full ADV Tire Review! Continental TKC80 | TKC 70 Rocks | TKC70 | A Tire For All Riders

[Music],you got this kyle,get it get it get it,so gloves,[Laughter],i just got roosted to the max whats,going on guys kyle bradshaw from moto,city here and today were talking about,the continental suite of adventure,motorcycle tires,thats right this year behind me is,going to be continentals full lineup,for you that want to get out there and,adventure motorcycle,weve got the tkc 80 which has been the,tried and true,go-to 5050 tire for many people for many,years,now later on today im going to be,jumping onto that bike right there that,has the tkc,80s mounted up to it hey travis come up,next me here please,so the tkc 80 is a full on knobby tire,that is d.o.t rated,and is great for these big adventure,motorcycles it allows you to travel,off-road,as aggressive as you want and still be,able to handle some twisties,now the nice part about this tire is the,fact that it handles well on street and,it handles excellent in the dirt,now about five or six years ago or so,continental came out with this guy here,its called the tkc,70. now this tkc 70 takes some of its,roots from the tkc80 and some of its,roots from its,sport bike lineup the conti line now the,neat part about this,is the fact that it is a dual compound,structure,so its got a harder center strip here,and then it has softer rubber here on,the sides,now theyve done that via the way that,they cure the rubber at different,temperatures throughout the process,of molding the tire now the other,material that the tkc70 has at the 80,dozen is it has its multi-grip,technology now thats going to be,comprised of a water phobic,substance called silica they put into,the rubber compound,and that particular substance is going,to actually push water away,as the tire rolls towards it on the,pavement its a huge,safety feature these tires work,extremely well in,cold and wet weather environments the,other thing you notice about this tire,is the fact that we have,lots of leading edges those leading,edges are going to allow you to have,lots of grip,now the center contact patch here you,notice is a solid strip now theyve done,that for two different reasons the first,is going to be the fact that,its going to be extremely smooth,rolling the same smoothness that you get,out of a street bike tire youre going,to get out of this tire rolling down the,highway,now the other reason they put this solid,center strip here on the tire,is for longevity not having any,separation here between the tread allows,it to,function as a solid piece and it,significantly increases,the longevity or the wear characteristic,of the tire now the third feature that,this tire features is going to be at,zero degree belt thats going to allow,it to have lots of rigidity here across,the top while still being flexible,its got one of the more flexible side,walls of any of the other tires,out there in the adventure segment as,far as the road tire goes,man this thing feels great,these tires are sticking to the ground,like glue,i could scrape peg in tow,in all these corners and im not feeling,it skip out like i was on that 80.,now just this last year condo has,released a brand new tire,that is a sub component of this guy,right here they basically had customers,that said i love my tkc80,and the tkc70 works great on road and,its an okay gravel road tire off-road,but i want something thats going to be,a little bit more aggressive off-road,thats still going to give me the,longevity that im going to find,in the tkc 70. well here we are pinned,wide open,trying to get traction here guys,trying to get traction,that my friends is the difference,between a tkc 70,and a tkc 80 in the sand and that is,where,the tkc70 rox was born now brand new,release for this last year during the,pandemic was this guy right here this is,the tkc,70 rocks now ive been running this tire,for almost a year now on my 390 duke and,an africa twin,and i gotta tell you that this tire is,really breaking some of the barriers,that we have,out there in the marketplace we have,sport bike-like tire performance on the,[Music],street,not only is it going to carve canyons,with the best of them its also going to,work,really really well in cold and wet,weather you can see that the groove here,that theyve carved out in this tire,gives it just,enough grip for that bite-slip bite-slip,bite-slip that you really want when you,get off-road on a big adventure bike,now the other neat part about this is,the fact that it still maintains that,dual compound setup,so its gonna be a harder compound in,the center and a softer compound on the,side,thats going to allow you to get great,traction in corners and its going to,give you great longevity,while riding straight down the highway,now all these gaps do appear to be,significant in size,this tire still rolls down the highway,extremely smooth,not quite as smooth as the tkc70 but,noticeably smoother than that of the tkc,80. so how these break down we basically,have an 80 20 tire so 80,of the time on the street 20 of the time,in the dirt this guy is now going to be,a 60,40. were going to be 60 on road and 40,off road now if you want the ultimate 50,50 tire,its going to be this guy right here the,tkc 80. this is going to be,the absolute leader in the marketplace,when it comes to a true 50 50 tire,this tire was developed to be an,excellent handling tire on road,and its gonna be one of the most,aggressive tires youre gonna find in,the adventure segment,for the off-road marketplace now the,only caveat is the fact that this guy,wears out probably twice as quick as,either the other two tires weve already,talked about,now when we look at the front tires that,are paired next to these rear tires that,weve just called out,we have two tires only we have the tkc,70,which you find uh here and here,and we have the tkc80 which we find here,and here,now im talking to the guys at,continental i asked why you didnt make,a tkc70 rox front tire,and they said we really didnt deem it,necessary those guys that are doing more,on-road touring,are going to lean towards the tkc 70,front tire,and those that are doing more off-road,specific type stuff,are going to choose the tkc 80 tire,there really doesnt need to be a tire,in between,if youre riding mostly road you go the,70 and if youre riding mostly dirt you,go with the 80. they really didnt feel,the need to put out a third tire,to match this tkc 70 rox rear tire,now again ive been on this tire for,about a year now and i can attest to the,fact that the mileage im getting ive,only got 4 000 miles on my rear tire now,and its holding up really well ive,ridden this thing in deep sand look at,that sand wash down there,this would be a good tkc 70 rocks test,for sure,and ive ridden in rock and then river,rock just kind of thrown in here for the,fun of it,cause ive ridden it in rain so the,towers are running on this trip is going,to be the tkc 80 in the front and the,tkc 70 rocks in the rear,like i said earlier i hope to get off,onto some dirt into some mud road today,out there in the desert we should have,some awesome awesome,dirt as weve had this rain now for just,about,now 12 hours or so ive ridden it in,just about any type of terrain,except for deep sticky mud i have not,had that opportunity as of yet,but in all the aspects that i have just,mentioned it performs extremely,well really impressed with this tire now,the caveat to this tire is the fact that,when i tested the tkc 70 versus the tkc,80,i ride more hardcore off-road than i do,on road and therefore this 70 just,didnt quite do it for me,in the off-road segment now thats why i,personally would lean towards the tkc 80,set,but now that this 70 rox has appeared,im running the tkc 80 in the front,and im running the rocks in the rear,and im finding that to be an,amazing combination im getting lots of,longevity out of the rear im getting,great hookup and it feels like a sport,bike in the corners,i really get that road feedback and,thats a feeling that i really like when,im,hammering twisties extremely hard so i,

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Continental ContiRoad Sport Touring Tires Review

spurgeon here with revzilla and in this,video we are going to break down the,continental,conti road sport touring tire available,at revzilla.com,[Music],now if you are looking at this tire,within continentals line this is going,to sit somewhere between the road attack,3 gt,which is more of your premium sport,touring tire for larger sport,motorcycles,think uh bmw r1200s,rts stuff like that heavier bikes that,need a little more support,and this is going to be somewhere above,the continental motion which is really,an,entry-level sport touring tire so this,is more of your middle of the road,option,youre looking at around 99 up to around,163,per tire uh depending on the size you go,with and keep in mind revzilla does have,that price match guarantee,so this tire is for those of you out,there that really want more of a focus,on,wet weather performance and tire life,so its still going to be something,thats going to be fun in the twisties,but its not going to be nearly as,aggressive,for sport riding as some of the other,continental tires out there again,really the focus on this is on tire life,and,wet weather performance from a,performance standpoint the compound is,going to be similar to something like,the continental road attack twos,no tire manufacturer is ever completely,forthcoming,with the compound of their rubber thats,their secret sauce they kind of keep,hidden inside,but really if youre familiar with the,road attack twos,similar performance but this is going to,have added silica,so that the continental road sport,touring is going to give you,bet better wet weather grip youre also,going to see that the siping,is going to work its way all the way out,to the side so when were talking about,improved tread improved tire life,also improve wet weather this is that,improved wet weather but,with that siping going all the way out,to the side you are sacrificing a bit,of the aggressiveness that comes with,some of the other tires out there,now this is going to utilize,continentals zero degree,belt technology thats something thats,been out for a while but its only used,in select tires,and its basically a reinforcement belt,that runs in the direction of the tread,and really what this does,is it adds stability to high speed,something that you want in a sport,touring tire,so for those of you out there that are,looking for a solid middle of the road,option thats not going to break the,bank thats going to add in longevity,and weather performance,this is definitely one to consider,within continentals family now like i,said,if you want something for a larger,heavier sport touring bike something a,bit more premium,you can step up to the road attack three,gts or if you want something thats a,little bit more beginner friendly,you could take a look at the connie,motions but for those of you out there,looking for a,solid middle-of-the-road sport touring,tire thats going to give you,improved longevity as well as wet,weather grip continental sport touring,tire is,one to check out and if you want more,information from what other folks have,to say you can click the little info,button on your desktop or mobile device,you can read,other rider reviews of continental tires,or you can reach out to one of our gear,geeks at 877-792-9455,all of our gear geeks are riders and,they can walk you through your riding,type,and the money youre looking to spend to,find the right tire to match your budget,and your riding style thank you for,joining us today for this look at the,continental,conti road sport touring tires im,spurge,enjoy the ride

Continental Kryptotal – Best MTB Tire! // Review & Unboxing

through all my years mountain biking i,have only used maxs tires more,specifically their dhf and dhr2 models,but today this will change,continental has recently released a new,lineup of tires,[Music],wow they have so many different designs,but today we are going to focus on the,crypto toll tread meant for all uses wet,dry loose and even hard packed,i was able to pick up this set at the,sea otter event last week i went with,their soft compound for my front and,rear tires but i decided to get dh,casing in the rear and enduro casing in,the front as i tend to rip through my,rear tire a lot more than my front,alright what are we waiting for lets,get these tires on the bike,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],foreign,[Music],really tired,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],all right so we made it to horseshoe,this is a great place to test out the,tires the berms are really sandy so,well see how they do with loose terrain,but uh yeah,lets make it to the top and ride down a,trail,make sure to subscribe to mtba and hit,that follow button lets get right into,the video all right,we got the,tires on the bike,took us a bit to get the cush core on,but now were gonna feel them,feel them out,i chose this trail to start with,one because its a good warm-up trail,but,theres also,like very small berms on it that you,really have to lean over,so we can test the side walls out,oh,oh yeah,they feel really,grippy i think compared to my maxiss,the,logs on the lugs on them are way bigger,all right now were going into the jump,section,of the trail,well see if i can do a suey here,oh yeah,a couple whips,oh im right behind you blake,this next trail were going to ride is a,lot different than our last trail its,steeper in some sections and its a lot,techier,[Music],thats just the sandpit,oh,now that im starting to get an idea of,how this tire performs lets ride one,more trail and then ill tell you the,verdict,oh yeah,at such a high gear,oh,,all right what do i think of these tires,well theyre pretty darn good the grip,they give you when pushing them into,corners is unmatched more specifically,hard packed turns compared to my maxis,dhr 2s these tires give me a lot more,confidence in corners i recently rode,some steep rocky shoots at kelso and,noticed more grip compared to my old,maxis tires however i think this could,come down to the tires being new my,maxis tires did roll faster but i will,take the extra grip on the trail to wrap,this up i will probably go with,continental tires the next time i need,new tread,[Music],please rock on man,you wont put that in your youtube i,will please dude


so it is the beginning of September,which is the grandiose wonderful amazing,incredible lovely weather time where,everything around Wisconsin just,absolutely sucks you know when youre in,the YMCA and youre in like the 10th,grade and you were there because your,parents made you go and you didnt,really want to be there because every,single time that you went into the,locker room there was always something,just really uncomfortable about it so,instead of talking about uncomfortable,situation as the YMCA we decided that,were gonna talk to you about,Continental Tire which is a brand that,you guys have requested in the comments,so before we get into it dont forget to,subscribe and hopefully you dont mind,the fact that I look like Im about to,fall asleep and probably sound a little,bit nasally and thats okay because if I,blink a lot then all the water just goes,away,shesa founded in Hannover Germany in,1871 Continental Tire was actually just,a stock agency company now what did they,do really well you know back in the,early eighteen nineteen hundreds there,were companies just did stuff now weve,talked about this before companies just,do stops and continent so its just,doing stuff in fact one of the biggest,things that they really got into is like,rubber manufacturing and paper,manufacturing and just different things,that they could possibly produce they,started out with soft rubber products,and like bicycle tires and things like,that because just like every other tire,company it doesnt seem like they made,stuff for cars because cars werent,really a thing at the time and in case,youre wondering what the actual name of,Continental Tire was back in 1871 it was,not continental tires it was continental,cut continental cotta shook continental,cotta shook wound gouda purcha camp out,camp camp camp Oconee camp camp cavern,Akal Tabernacle Sunday church okay,moving forward moving into the late,1800s and 1898 they developed a,pneumatic tire that had a very simple,flat tread pattern because through all,the research and development that they,were trying to get into they realized,that this was just a solid way to make a,tire that people wouldnt want now back,in the day there wasnt a whole lot of,revolutionising happening besides the,fact that you had Tigers taking a long,time to be,made depending on the certain structure,that your factory had continental was,essentially going through the same,growing pains as a lot of other,companies back in the same timeframe the,difference between Continental Tire and,other brands though is that Continental,Tire just wanted to get the craft down,they werent trying to establish a,million different patents they werent,trying to revolutionize the wheel they,just wanted to make a product that,people legitimately just wanted and,thats the suppliers and all the,companies out there actually needed in,the early 1900s they made different,things for German airships they made,certain different you know stuff they,made things they made rubberized air,pockets like a hot pocket but imagine,the hot pocket was filled with air which,is still probably a pretty accurate,description of what hot pockets are and,then in 1904 they actually made a little,bit of headway they were one of the,first companies to create grooved tires,for automobiles and a few short years,after they continued to develop and,improvise and sign innovate this,different type of design to essentially,be more useful for all different types,of weather you could see it actually,getting to be formed into what became a,studded tire in the later years,Continental was trying to create,products that just allowed people to get,to where they needed to go if it wasnt,just a beautiful sunny day a lot of,their early technology was really meant,for airships and a lot of their records,and a lot of things that they take a lot,of pride and actually comes down to,things that were used for airplanes so,one of the first plans to ever travel,across you know the English Channel was,done with a monoplane that was covered,with continental airplane material Wow,pretty much what that means is that,people were flying back in the day with,continental stuff and continental was,pretty happy about it so much so that,they didnt forget for about 114 years,and moving in through the 50s and 60s,they essentially got involved with,anything that had to do with rubber,products so they made conveyor belts,they made steel and air Springs they,made everything in between because at,the same time while the tire business,was going up and going down depending,who is at war with who and who won what,war and what cold war was going on a lot,of these companies like Continental had,to find a way to essentially mitigate,all of the profit and loss over a long,period of time and they did so by making,products for pretty much everything to,try and diversify their portfolio and,put more legs underneath their stool in,fact until the nineteen six,consonantal finally introduced a belt,attire which is now probably a pretty,standard thing but back in the 60s it,was pretty iconic and it revolutionized,the name of continental into becoming,one of the major players for the game,but it wasnt until they got into the,Americas in around 1987 the continental,truly began to grow and they began to,grow because of their essential,acquisition of another tire company that,you may have heard of General Tire so,Continental was coming into the game,there behind Michelin there behind,Goodyear there behind all these other,companies that were already in the,United States but Continental have one,thing going for them is the fact that,they were already pretty well,established in the international market,unlike a lot of other companies that,were growing and then shrinking and then,growing and shrinking Continental just,continued to kind of gradually grow and,acquire as much as they possibly could,including General Tire which put them on,the map in the United States and in the,1990s Continental Tire was one of the,first brands that come up with an,environmentally friendly tires that is a,tire,I mean 1990s there wasnt a whole,environmental thing happened in the 70s,and happened again in the 90s and its,happening I think now depending on if,youre on tumblr or not but Continental,Tire was trying to get involved in more,innovation more technology more things,they could do to be ahead of the pack,and just like everything else was,Continental they decided to develop in,1995 an automotive division dedicated to,all sorts of automotive automotive,pieces and equipments and things like,that that would just help them establish,another line of products that they could,sell to OE suppliers at a fraction of,what other people were charging them and,today counts as our ranks among the top,five automotive suppliers worldwide they,supply brake systems systems and,components for powertrain Sassys,instrumentation and for tainment,solutions vehicle electronics tires and,technical information thats so boring,but they do it really really well they,do it so well as they have bowi partners,like Audi like BMW like Jaguar they have,all these different companies out there,that are wholly just kind of in,with them and it works really well and,Continental Tire is not really one of,the companies to be in the limelight but,they are doing very well for themselves,so does that mean that they make a good,tire yes because of all the different,little legs that they have in the,automotive division it allows the R&G to,kind of pick and choose what they need,to know for different departments and,different divisions to make their,products better so the stuff that they,learn from their infotainment solutions,is the same stuff that theyre gonna use,to determine how much they need to go,into Rd for drive trains and things like,that depending on how people drive and,where they go and then from there they,develop a lot of their tire solutions,and how do they drive in the research,and development behind that and t

Continental ContiSport Attack 4 Radial Tires Review

spurgeon here with revzilla and in this,video we are going to break down the,continental conti,sport attack 4 tires available at,revzilla.com,[Music],so really where this is going to sit,within continentals line is this is,going to be somewhere between the race,attack,which is their 50 50 street and track,tire,and this is going to be a step up from,the sport attack 2. the sport attack 3,is going away,sport attack 2 is sticking around sport,attack 2 is not going to have the black,chile component to this which well get,into in just a second thats part of the,secret sauce,that continental has worked into the,conti sport attack fours now the price,for this tire,is going to come in between around 126,to 201,depending on which size youre going,with so a very,affordable street sport tire now when i,say street sport this is pretty much the,most aggressive street tire before you,start getting into some track components,from continental,this is going to be for those of you,spending 90 of your time,riding pretty aggressively on the street,maybe youre doing one track day a year,but you still want to prioritize a,little bit of longevity,within your sport component thats who,is looking at the conti sport attack 4.,theres a lot of continental tires out,there i know that gets a bit confusing,hopefully that helps to clarify within,continentals line exactly,what youre looking for now we do have,the price match guarantee at revzilla so,you are guaranteed to get the lowest,price,but for those of you out there that are,looking for a solid tire without,breaking the bank for your sport riding,needs,this is definitely one to consider now,continental much like all tire,manufacturers,keeps a lot of the components of what,goes into their tires,under wraps but what we can tell you is,that what theyre calling their black,chili compound really is designed to,give you quick warm-up times and,maximizing,high grip in aggressive riding,situations now,what theyre also claiming is improved,wet and dry grip here its not going to,be the best,wet weather tire that weve ever seen,but considering this is really truly,aimed at sport aggressive riding,you do get a nice mix of wet and dry,performance,now within that black chili compound,theres also a nice mix of carbon black,and carbon black is added,so that you get a better life out of the,tire now continental is claiming about a,five percent increase,in entire life when compared to the,attack three while also claiming about,10 percent better grip from the compound,itself,the other thing that continental does,really well is they have whats,known as their traction skin design for,removing the tire from the mold,so what that means is when you get the,tire its got almost a matte finish to,it,you dont have to worry about scrubbing,the tire down so for most tire,manufacturers once you have a new set of,tires installed,you gotta take about a hundred miles or,so and really wear the tire in,wear off that removing agent from taking,the tire out of the mold because it does,get slick,you dont have to worry about that with,continental and as soon as you touch a,set of these youll know exactly what i,mean,its really kind of like a tacky matte,finish to the tires so you can pretty,much put these on,go out and start riding and its exactly,what youd be doing if you are looking,at these tires youd be putting them on,a sport bike or a sport naked,and you would be pushing the limits on,the street again if youre looking at,something a little bit more track,oriented from continental,thats where youd be stepping up to,something like the race attack tire,or if you want to look at something a,step down from this maybe you want to,save even more money,you could take a look at the sport,attack twos now theres a lot of folks,out there using continental and if you,want more information on what those,folks have to say you can click the info,button,on your desktop or mobile device which,will allow you to read other rider,reviews from folks that are already out,there putting the continental tires,through their paces if youre not sure,which tire is right for you or your,riding style,reach out to one of our gear geeks they,can walk you through all the different,tires available to find one that matches,your riding style,and the price that youre looking to,spend you can always get a hold of them,at,five or shoot an 877-792-9455 over to cs,revzilla.com,thank you for joining us for this look,at the continental connie sport attack,four tires,im spurge enjoy the ride,you

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