1. Best Pillow Ever? | Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
  2. Coop Home Goods Original Adjustable Pillow Review
  3. Coop Home Goods Pillow Review | Original Vs Eden
  4. Comparing the 5 Most Requested Pillows! Purple Harmony, Coop, Sleepgram, Pillow Cube, Angel Sleeper
  5. Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow Review 2021
  6. Coop Home Goods Pillow Review | The Original VS The Eden
  7. Coop Home Goods Eden pillow review

Best Pillow Ever? | Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

hey guys what are you doing todays,video is going to be about a pillow this,is a review on a pillow now this pillow,is pretty expensive this is like a 50 or,60 dollar pillow um its called the coop,home goods pillow whatever you want to,call it ish like shredded memory foam it,has a bamboo rayon visco cover or,whatever this is not the uh the eden,pillow they have that recently came out,this is their uh regular pillow i might,try that eden out at some point this is,a 50 to 60 dollar pillow depending on,how youre buying it right um i think i,got mine for like 40 something dollars,because it was on warehouse deals from,amazon and the cool thing about the,pillow this pillow if youre buying it,from warehouse stills its still coming,sealed in the box its just like,something somebody didnt want and sent,back,they didnt open it obviously its still,compressed in the bag mine was at least,so im assuming that if you do buy it on,like a warehouse steel type situation it,would be still sealed in the,box and bag and everything but it comes,compressed uh it takes maybe i think i,took maybe two,or an hour and a half two hours or,whatever letting it sit on the counter,and letting it decompress and expand it,does come with an extra bag of filling,in case you want to put more filling in,it you can take filling out very easily,let me kind of demonstrate here for you,theres a zipper on top right here and,this this cover can come off and be,washed which,obviously my dirty ass needs to um but,inside here see all this little crushed,memory foam stuff theyre really really,thin uh really small pieces you can take,those pieces out if the pillow sits too,high for you or something like that but,lets talk about the two main benefits,of this pillow and why i would recommend,you buy it now i was hesitant at first,to buy a pillow that cost 50 to 60 but,the reviews are really good i understand,why now number one lets talk about,cooling i sleep very hot i have my ac,set at 70 degrees i have a fan above and,i have a dyson fan over there that,points at me at all times of the night,and even then with my old pillows i,would be uh i would wake up sweating,sometimes this i have never ever woke up,hot like my head has never ive never,woken up where my heads sweating or,anything like that it hasnt happened i,think thats due to impart the bamboo,coating on here now thats also aided by,the fact that i use a bamboo pillow,cover on this as well i bought this,whole bamboo,sheet set on amazon ill link it down,below im not this reviews not about,that but ill do a review in the future,here pretty soon about these these,bamboo sheets,if you sleep hot get some bamboo sheets,im telling you im gonna link these,down below as well these will change,your life um so anyway pillow number one,cool very very cool i have yet to wake,up warm and sweaty and hot anything like,that it provides great support for my,sometimes ill get like migraines and,stuff like that uh where you get that,headache that i guess its a migraine,like if i dont get rid of the headache,ill end up throwing up because,its really bad um but i get a migraine,i go take a hot shower,and then i take some excedrin or,something like that then i will lay on,this pillow right here and it does,something thats it really cradles the,head and its,very supportive although soft its very,hard to explain um but it really really,works this pillow is like its got see,if you can tell its got a little bit of,its not super memory e but it has some,memory to it maybe thats the wrong,terminology i its a its a different,like rebound ratio like it springs back,pretty quick versus if youve ever,something like one of those tempur-pedic,pillows that you you put your hand in it,and then five minutes later its really,slowly kind of decompressing grab this,other pillow and kind of show you the,difference here,this is just like a regular i think it,has some memory foam in it or something,let me see,i dont know what kind of pillow it is,i dont think it has memory foam in it,but its just like floppy and stuff,whereas this is,its bouncy its cushy its got support,that brings me to my next point ive,never fluffed this pillow ive never,washed this cover which i probably ill,probably do ill actually do it after,this video actually now that i can see,it its pretty dirty um i ive never,like again ive never fluffed this,pillow and its its retained its same,shape um i took it before i started to,film and i took a little shot of it on,the bed just so you could see it and,this is not me fluffing it up or,anything this is the constant state of,the pillow it doesnt develop any dents,or divots or lumps or anything like that,when youre sleeping on it you can lit,and its not one of those pills you know,that thing where you again you get that,weird sensation in the middle of the,night where youre either hot or the,pillows develop a divot where your head,is and you need to fluff it back up and,spin it around or something like that,this has not been the case with this at,all this has been a total game-changing,pillow this is what i use,98 of the time i sleep now if im,sleeping down uh if i fall asleep on the,couch downstairs ill make a point to,come up here grab this pillow and uh go,down to the couch with it and use this,pillow i also bought a couple of these,body pillows that are the um,theyre called uh snuggle pedic or,something like that,and and i know what youre thinking,snugglepedic body pillows what are you,spooning your body pillows i would never,would never i would never do that people,dont buy body pillows to spoon them,thatd be,dumb,this brand is also just a little bit,cheaper than the coop home goods one and,all um what i need to do is buy a,comparable size i bought this in body,pillow size uh i need to buy it in the,size of this and compare the two um,because if this is as good as that this,is like 10 bucks cheaper i think uh but,ill link it down below so its,something you could look at the reviews,on people compare it to the coop,homegoods pillow quite a bit so yeah my,two cents on the coupe home goods pillow,number one very very cool i have never,ever woken up in a sweat from my head,number two it doesnt develop lumps or,any weird divots its very supportive,i never have to readjust the pillow in,the middle of the night i wake up and i,can just lay my head right back down on,the pillow and its the same its its,great so definitely recommend buying it,check it out ill link it down below be,an amazon affiliate link so if you do,click it and buy it i get like uh two to,three percent of the sale just being,honest with you here um i dont i dont,know if it amounts to much but you you,dont have to use my link if you just,want to google it on amazon not google,it if you want to type it in the search,bar on amazon you could buy yourself but,if you found the video helpful you could,leave a like a thumbs up and then if you,want to subscribe to the channel i do,reviews and stuff so if you go maybe,check out some of the other videos on,the channel and see if you want to,subscribe to it thatd be cool but yeah,guys thats the end of video thanks,again for watching im gonna watch this,dirty ass pillow bye

Coop Home Goods Original Adjustable Pillow Review

[music],Katie: Hey, its Katie from Mattress Clarity.,Im so excited to review the very popular original Coop Home Goods shredded memory foam,pillow.,Theres a lot to go over, so were going to get started with the review right now.,[music],Katie: If youve got questions or you want a pillow recommendation, dont hesitate to,comment below.,Give me your details and Ill get back to you soon as I can.,Now, I really want to talk about the Coop Home Goods pillow.,This is the original.,Keep that in mind because theres a couple versions.,It comes in three different sizes — standard, queen, and king.,This is the queen.,Im going to hold it up for you.,Its 20 inches by 30 inches by roughly 8 inches in loft.,This is it fully lofted.,Its adjustable.,There are shredded memory foam or shredded proprietary foam mix in here.,You can take it out.,Thats really going to allow you to adjust the loft and height of the pillow.,The soft outer cover is removable.,Its a mix of rayon or viscose from bamboo and polyester.,Its got this super soft breathable touch.,Again, I mentioned its removable.,Its washable and dryable on its own.,The filling is an aligner separately inside, which is nice.,You can separate the cover from the filling.,Im going to open up the liner so you can see the filling.,Its big chunks of cross cut foam.,Bigger chunks is really what allows it to have that overall medium firmness in that,high loft.,You can separate the liner with the filling from the cover.,You can machine wash and dry both.,Just keep in mind that the filling is going to take a while to dry, talking a couple dryer,runs.,Give it some time to dry fully.,Theres 100-night trial and a five-year warranty with this pillow.,Its hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant.,Coop Home Goods says its guaranteed not to go flat.,A lot of things to cover with the pros of this pillow.,Its really popular and for good reason.,Its got the super soft outer cover.,Its really easy to clean because you can separate the liner and the cover, and wash,them each separately.,Or if you just want to wash the cover, you can wash that by itself.,Its versatile because its adjustable.,No matter what sleep position you have, you can remove handfuls of these chunks of foam,and decide for you where youre going to find that neutral head neck and spine alignment.,If youre a stomach sleeper, back sleeper, or side sleeper you can find the comfortable,position with this pillow.,I mentioned that it is hypoallergenic and it comes with 100-night trial.,There are a few things to think about when considering this pillow.,It is a nice option to have this adjustable nature, but that does come with a few extra,factors.,One, it can be a little bit messy taking out the foam, so be prepared to have a ziplock.,It will take a second for you to figure out whats going to be the correct height and,overall firmness for you.,What that means that the pillow will move around a little bit and overnight maybe.,After three or four nights of use, it did fall a little flat for me.,Be prepared to throw it in the dryer.,I will also mention that it isnt the most expensive pillow.,Be prepared to pay around $50 or $60 for a queen.,That may also not be in everyones budget.,As someone who likes options, I love the adjustable nature of this pillow.,I love how versatile it was.,I can add or remove as much of the filling as I wanted.,The super soft cover felt great, especially, when I was sleeping on my side.,I didnt even want to put a pillow cover on it.,Its maybe a little expensive for people who are looking for a super cheap option, but,does come with 100-night trial if youre curious about checking it out.,Let me know if youve got any questions or theres anything I didnt cover that you want,me to touch base on.,Definitely check out all of our pillow reviews.,All you got to do is google Mattress Clarity Pillow Reviews and youll find them all.,Thanks.

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Coop Home Goods Pillow Review | Original Vs Eden

as always before we get started we,understand how stressful mattress,shopping can be so after this review if,youre still interested in more click,over to realmattressreviews.com where,you can find hundreds of other great,reviews and click on the coupons tab to,find the best mattress deals available,online all right lets get this review,started hey everyone ross from,realmattressreviews.com today were,going to do a comparison of the coop,home goods original pillow and the,coupon goods eden pillow so what were,going to do is discuss briefly how these,things are constructed and then,ultimately im going to talk about which,pillow i think might work best for,whatever sleeping position you sleep in,so ill do some testing for you guys and,ill give you guys my overall opinion on,each pillow which one i think might work,best for which sleeping position so ive,got these boxes opened up one really,cool thing that i love about this brand,right off the bat is,this is an extra bag of fill,so depending on if you want your pillow,to be firmer or softer you can adjust,the firmness by either adding or,removing the fill which is a really cool,thing so right when we get these things,they are going to be kind of roll packed,like this,so weve got to get them opened up,and fluffed,up so all that fill is going to kind of,be stuck together so you really got to,kind of work the pillow,all right guys i gave these time to,breathe after i fluff them up and,loosened up the foams so lets just talk,briefly about the differences right off,the bat uh because theres a little bit,of a price difference between these two,pillows and ill explain the differences,and why there is that,price difference so the original the,queens are 72 and the kings are 78 the,eden is a bit more expensive at 96 for,the queen and 108 for the king and that,is with uh the best price you can get by,clicking the link down below right now,so why the price difference,the main difference is the eden has gel,infused memory foam the original has,just traditional memory foam,also youll see this gusset on the side,of the pillowcase on the eden that is,going to allow for a little bit better,air flow and additionally the gel,infused memory foam will trap heat less,than your traditional memory foam,so,will the difference be massive probably,not but um gel infused memory foam,typically does sleep quite a bit cooler,and as i said a little better air flow,here,the other difference is the firmness,level so,being that each of these are adjustable,with the fill you can take fill out or,put some of these extra fill in that is,going to make it firmer softer on its,own but right from the start the memory,foam is a little bit firmer foam than,this gel-infused memory foam,so they suggest that the original is for,back and side sleeping better for that,its going to give you more loft a,little bit more support where your head,is going to be up a little bit higher,and then they suggest the eden,as a stomach sleeping pillow where you,have a little bit more softness and not,as much lofts here and you know your,heads not being pushed up,quite as much but you should be able to,kind of achieve you know the loft that,you want with either one based on you,know the fact that you can adjust the,fill but,this is going to give you kind of that,more soft down type feel um without you,know having down in the pillow,but lets take a look here ill show you,guys a little bit of this fill if its,focus is right,but its memory foam mixed with kind of,a microfiber,fill and its got a really really nice,soft,airy feel,so,really cool feeling pillow,some memory foam pillows,are just a solid core,and i,personally hate solid foam core pillows,because,um,the lack of adjustability so like i said,even with these if you dont add or,remove fill you can still move some of,the fill to this you know to one side or,the other you know if you like to sleep,on a corner and you want a little bit,flatter you can kind of,shake that foam around and put it where,you want it with a foam core pillow,youre unable to do that and,additionally the foam core pillows like,if you get it and the lofts too high or,too low like you cant do anything about,it so,i really really like,not only the design of these pillows but,the actual fill that they use its got,just a really great feel to it,so lets start with the eden,im just going to lay,back,kind of talk about what im experiencing,so right when i lay back,my head sinks in i also feel very good,support,the nice thing as i mentioned is like if,it felt too high,or too low,i can either fluff it or i can add some,of that extra fill that they send you,for free,so for me this is um,this feels good on my back,you know i i dont feel like im too,high or too low,i feel good support,i like the the firmness of the foams,its not too firm not too soft,on my side,i like a rather um,you know thin pillow,traditionally like historically i like a,thinner pillow,on my side,on the corner it feels good,my head feels good i dont feel too high,where its kinking my neck and i dont,feel too low,if anything maybe just a hair more,firmness for side sleeping,which i could add fill otherwise,as they suggest,the original is better for side sleeping,because its a little bit firmer so,well kind of do a comparison let me,just grab that right now,slide that out of the way,so yeah i have a bit more firmness here,and a little bit more loft,so for side sleeping,its close but i do agree with their,suggestion that maybe the original is a,little bit better,i typically like a softer pillow so i,think if i were buying between the two,id probably go for the eden,stomach sleeping i kind of like to hug,the pillow like this,and the softness of this eden is really,nice for how i like the stomach sleep,because im laying on part of it the,softness is allowing my body to squish,in where it needs to here,without pushing up too much,or affecting like my lower back arch,and then i still have nice support here,on my head,so lets do the same thing with this one,so pretty similar experience i,i can tell that the original is just a,hair firmer but its not drastically,firmer,but if you add in that extra foam youre,going to have a lot more firmness so,just by pushing on these,the,eden has a little faster foam response,which is going to,align with the fact that it is softer,because this,memory foam over here on the original is,firmer so it has a slower reaction time,so those of you that do like that firmer,feel,back sleepers side sleepers the original,could work really well for you,the eden,also could,being that its it is softer but you,could add all that extra foam that you,get but the overall feel of these,pillows is really awesome its way way,better than,your you know cheap just fiber fill,pillows,they have a really nice softness to them,and,i like the support,way better than your traditional down,pillow,uh or your down alternative,which is kind of just like a fluffy,almost like cotton bally type material,this has better support but kind of that,fluffy feeling,like you get with,that but better support,and donald or down pillows,sometimes feel really cool when you,first lay your head on them and they,kind of ease down,but,they do not maintain support at all so,you sometimes your head can keep sinking,in,so this gives you kind of that similar,experience but you maintain the support,so overall i think both of these feel,really great,the eating i would say is just the hair,softer,um it probably will end up sleeping,cooler with the gel infused memory foam,versus the traditional memory foam,so,you know what they go with on the,website is side and back more of the,original stomach sleepers for,the eden,but i think you could go either way with,either of them because,you know if i wanted this a little bit,firmer i could just add fill to it,or if i wanted the original a little,softer i could just remove a little bit,of fill,but ultimately,i think i like the eden better,because i like the,the feel of the foam

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Comparing the 5 Most Requested Pillows! Purple Harmony, Coop, Sleepgram, Pillow Cube, Angel Sleeper

– Welcome back everybody. Now, today Im here,with my twins, Brandon and Noah.,And the three of us have just finished,six weeks of testing out the top five requested pillows,here in Freakin Reviews.,Thats todays video.,(introduction music),All right. So this is… These are all the pillows,right here.,No preliminaries.,Were just getting right to it.,Were going to go from the least expensive,to the most expensive just as a quick overview,and get into the details.,So lets get all the pillows out of here.,All right. The first contender,is the Copper Fit Angel Sleeper.,And this was $39.99.,Next up is the Coop Home Goods adjustable loft pillow,,$59.99.,This big boy is the Sleepgram. This was $68.09,That extra $0.09 makes a big difference, does it?,- Always.,- $68.09 for the Sleepgram adjustable pillow.,This one youve probably seen advertised,on social media. This is the Pillow Cube.,Very interesting.,And this one was $69.99,(laughs),And finally, the most expensive of the bunch,is the Purple Harmony Pillow. This was $159,,and they added two Nevada taxes to it.,They added Nevada state tax and Nevada county tax,which Ive never seen before so I ended up paying $172,for it.,But, maybe itll be worth it. Lets find out.,So, first up weve got the Angel Sleeper.,Now, this was kind of an interesting one.,As Seen on TV. The only As Seen on TV,of the bunch.,If you put your neck this way, youre supposed,to be good for side sleepers.,And, youre supposed to put your neck here,if youre a back sleeper. So, its an interesting concept.,Oh, it also has these cutouts where you can put,your arms if youre a side sleeper.,So, its some interesting features Ive never seen before.,So the way this video is going to go is Im…,They didnt do this, but I actually recorded,my progress for the last six weeks.,So Ill show you my initial reaction,,and then my reaction after one day of sleeping on it.,And then, well come back and talk about it.,So lets go to my initial reaction,of the Copper Fit Angel Sleeper.,Wow. It looks small in that bed.,Here we go. First impression.,First impression is kind of hard.,That really contours my head and neck quite well.,Its funny. Like, thats a lot of memory foam pillows.,It feels really nice when you push down on it,,but when you put your head on it, it feels a lot harder.,I think itll soften up like a meat tenderizer.,I guess Ill see how it goes tonight and over the next week.,So it should be fun.,But tonight, Angel Sleeper, day one.,(snaps),All right. Its time for my day one check in,of the Angel Sleeper.,I have it in a pillowcase, but lets take it out of there.,All right. I did not get a good nights sleep,with the Angel Sleeper last night.,In fact, I woke up in the middle of the night,with a backache and this morning with a headache.,I dont know about this one. Im going to keep trying though.,But heres my initial observation.,This is how its supposed to be for a side sleeper,,your neck here, your head here.,This is for back sleeper, your neck here, your head here.,Im a side sleeper, so I slept with this configuration.,And even though it looks kind of thin right there,,it feels like a shelf that my neck goes off of.,Its because its not really that forgiving.,It feels soft to your hands, but not to your head.,So I dont know.,Im kind of dreading the next six days,,unless somehow I get used to this,,because this is not,a pleasant sleep at all for me.,But, hopefully one of my kids actually gets a better,experience than I did when they use it.,But for now, day one, not happy.,I should point out that we took turns each week,,sleep on a different pillow, and then there was a sixth week,that we each kind of did a refresher and just went back,to revisit all the different pillows we tried. So…,By the way, we all had to take notes here,,because in my case, I tried this one six weeks ago,so I…,I do have some notes. So, hopefully you dont think,thats cheating.,You had it five weeks ago.,So, youre…,Its been a while for you. – Yeah. Its been a while.,- So… So, what were your initial thoughts,of the Angel Sleeper?,- Well, at first I thought it was really firm,and all the pillows I have in my room.,Theyre not firm.,So I thought, okay, I might like this one.,Its pretty thin. – It is thin.,- Im a side sleeper so, you know,,the indents would be nice.,But, when you put a pillowcase on it,,it takes away half of the features on this pillow.,- You mean the indents?,- Yeah. – Yeah. Cause when you put,a pillowcase over it, then its like,you really cant find them.,- Yeah.,- You have to like stick your hand into the pillowcase,and like finagle your arm.,- Finagle.,(giggles),- Oh, I actually found that…,Not to interrupt, but I found that, that I wanted,my hand to go in more. Its like it wasnt deep enough.,- Because I have skinny arms. Look at this.,And, I still needed to like go in more.,- Yeah. And I think your, your…,the skinniness of your arms are upper 90th percentile.,- At least. At least 98.,- 98lbs for 98th percentile.,The skinny arms. Thats right.,(giggles),So, what did you, what did you think about it, Noah?,- I thought that it was…,Well, obviously its very firm and stiff and…,the way that I sleep, I take to the corner kind of,I like shift slowly to the corners of the pillow,in my sleep.,- Yeah. I do too, actually.,- When I was trying to use this,,because my head would be more like here,,but I felt it was almost too stiff for my liking.,The thinness also was a bit weird.,Like, I like my big fluffy pillows usually.,- Okay.,- It didnt feel very cloud-like to me.,- No.,(giggles),It was the opposite of a cloud.,- What clouds are floating around like that in the sky.,- Its a thick cloud.,But, I think I would, I would agree that like,if you sleep right in the center of the pillow,and you like a firm thin pillow, this is a really nice one.,But…,- 100%.,- I end up gravitating towards the side as well.,And I felt like my head was being kind of,maneuvered towards the center and I didnt want to be.,And It was just way too hard for me.,I actually had…,I had a headache the first night.,- Yeah. That… Me too.,When I used this every single night,,I just had a really bad stiff neck and a bit,of a headache too.,- My headache only lasted the first night.,I mean after a couple nights, I kind of got used to it.,I mean I…,It got better over time, and I, I just dont think,that the three of us collectively like this type,of pillow. I mean if you like a firm thin pillow,,it definitely would be a good contender.,I just…,I wanted to like it more, you know? But, I didnt.,So, just out of curiosity, anybody…,Were going to rank these from five to one,at the end, by the way. So, anybody rank this number one?,- No.,- I dont think so.,- I would have a hard time doing that.,All right.,All right. So next up is the Coop Goods Home…,Home… Coop?,(giggles),Next up is the Coop Home Goods.,What is it called?,Next up is the Coop Home Goods premium adjustable,loft pillow.,It sounds…,Thats a lot. But what they do is they give you,extra foam filler.,And they pack it pretty full.,And you can adjust it by taking out or adding,however much filler you want.,So lets first flash back to my initial reaction,to that and then well give our opinions of it.,Brandons done with the Purple Pillow.,Noahs done with the Pillow Cube.,So, Brandons going to get stuck,with the Angel Pillow next.,I shouldnt say stuck. He might like it.,But Im moving on to the Coop.,Thats where Im heading right now.,Im not sure if Im just excited to be done,with the Angel Sleeper or excited to try this one out.,They said to prep your pillow by putting in the dryer,,which I did.,They say for side sleepers, to try it as is first,which I will do.,But if I find it to be too thick,,i can just take the foam out.,Its too thin? I can add more foam to it.,They do allow pretty access to the foam here.,And I dont know what Ill do with that,if I take any out, but its just like a shredded,memory foam.,All right. Let m

Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow Review 2021

hello hello its amelia here from,sleepopolis im a writer who tests and,reviews sleep products to help you get a,better nights sleep today im going to,be going over the coop eden pillow which,is a down alternative pillow basically,down alternative pillows dont use,feathers as the fill so allergy,sufferers of the youtube world we hear,you and we got you,coop home goods makes a ton of different,pillow varieties as well as other,bedding products so im super excited to,be going over the coop eden in,particular today in this review ill be,going over the construction and feel of,this pillow as well as discuss its,performance by sleeper type and go over,some pros and cons also discuss some of,the brands policies and hopefully by,the end of this video youll have a good,idea whether this pillow could be right,for you,[Music],but first dont forget to check out,sleepopolis.com where youll not only,find the written review of this pillow,but youll find tons more reviews on,pillows mattresses bedding and more you,can also find our exclusive coupons on,there or you can just find those in the,description below to save a little bit,of money now hit that subscribe button,and lets get started,[Music],now theres a lot more to a pillow than,beats the eye in order to really,understand how this pillow is going to,feel and how its going to work were,going to need to take a closer look at,what its made of first up lets take a,look at the cover so this cover is going,to be made with coop home goods ultra,fabric which is going to be a blend of,polyester and bamboo derived viscose,rayon you can also see along the sides,here that weve got a little woven,ribbon gusset along the sides which is,going to be made from 100 polyester now,this lulcher fabric feels pretty soft,but even more importantly in my opinion,its going to be great for temperature,regulation thanks to those bamboo fibers,this cover is also going to be machine,washable which is always a huge plus in,my book,all right so now that we know what the,covers made of lets take a look under,the hood,so if i open it here you can actually,see that theres going to be another,inner lining and this inner lining is,made with 100 polyester and then theres,this little zipper here that allows us,to open up the inner lining and take a,look at the fill,so the fill used in this pillow is a,down alternative made from cross-cut gel,infused memory foam and microfibers now,the cool thing about this fill is that,its also temperature regulating you see,what i did there the cool thing,well anyway so the gel foam is going to,be really helpful because it helps to,draw heat away from your body so thatll,help you to sleep cooler and the fact,that this foam is shredded as compared,to a block of memory foam will also,allow for a little bit more air flow,within the pillow this fill is also,hypoallergenic which is going to be,really helpful for just keeping the,pillow clean and its also certipur us,certified and green guard gold certified,to be free from any harmful chemicals or,pollutants now one really cool thing,about the fill with this pillow is that,its adjustable so you can actually,remove or add fill to the pillow to,adjust the loft or the height of the,pillow coop even provides you with an,extra half pound of fill when you buy,the pillow so you can add more and this,is great because you can truly customize,the pillow to fit you exactly,so now that we know this pillow is made,of lets talk about how it feels,now i think that don alternative pillows,like this that use a shredded foam fill,have a really unique feel that kind of,combines the best of both worlds from a,traditional down pillow and a memory,foam block pillow,now with a traditional,down pillow youre going to have more of,that really squishable moldable feel but,its not going to be very supportive,with a memory foam block pillow youll,definitely get that support but as it is,a literal block of foam you wont really,get any of that moldability so this type,of shredded foam fill is going to give,you that support that you would get from,memory foam block but also with some of,that squish and some of that moldability,that you would get from a traditional,down pillow this pillow definitely has a,really bouncy feel to it you can see,when i push into it it pretty much,reforms immediately but at the same time,because the fill is shredded it will,allow the pillow to kind of conform,around you a little bit more as you,sleep so overall i would say this pillow,has a pretty solidly medium feel,personally i really like that this,pillow is supportive but also soft,enough to let you sink into it ive,tried some other similar foam fill,pillows in the past and i found that,they kept my head and neck way too,elevated no matter how much fill i,removed and im personally someone who,likes to sink into my pillow a little,bit so i really appreciated that about,the feel of this pillow,at this point in the video youre,probably thinking okay amelia i get it,pillow construction feel whatever how,does this apply to me how am i supposed,to know if this is a good pillow for me,and to that i would say well this is,exactly why were about to go over,pillow performance by sleeping positions,and then ideally you would say well,great thank you so much amelia but i,dont want to put words in your mouth or,anything,so lets do just that now the most,important thing when youre going to be,picking out your pillow is going to be,spinal alignment now every sleeping,position will have different needs when,it comes to keeping their spine aligned,since obviously your neck and spine are,going to be very differently placed,whether youre laying on your back,stomach or side,so lets start off with back sleepers,now back sleepers generally want a happy,medium medium firmness medium loft and,since this pillow has a medium firmness,and the loft is adjustable i think its,going to be a great pick for back,sleepers personally im a back sleeper,myself and i did find the loft to be way,too high when i took it out of the box,but adjusting the loft down made this,pillow perfect for me,now lets talk about side sleepers so i,think this pillow is actually going to,be a pretty good choice for side,sleepers side sleepers generally want a,higher loft which this pillow can easily,be adjusted to and the supportive,shredded foam fill will help to keep,your head and neck properly elevated,throughout the night personally i like,to be able to kind of hug the end of my,pillow when im sleeping on my side and,this pillow has just enough squish and,give to let you do that now finally on,to stomach sleepers so unfortunately i,dont think this pillow is really going,to be a good pick for stomach sleepers,stomach sleepers generally want a pillow,with a really low loft thats pretty,soft and moldable like a traditional,down pillow the reason for that is that,you already have to turn your neck to,the side when youre sleeping on your,stomach and so you really dont want to,cause craning in addition to that and so,while you could remove fill and lower,the loft of this pillow significantly at,that point im not really sure itd be,worth the purchase for stomach sleepers,and still that elevating shredded foam,fill may cause some craning in your neck,so its not really a good pick for,stomach sleepers,[Music],alright folks,its time to get real lets go over the,pros and cons for this pillow first up,pros,now i really like that this pillow has,hypoallergenic fill and that the cover,is machine washable thats going to be,super helpful for just keeping the,pillow clean and free from allergens,next i would say this pillow is also,going to be really good for cooling i,think the shredded foam filled allows,for more airflow plus the gel foam that,is going to draw heat away from your,body are going to be great for cooling,and the swelter fabric thats used on,the cover will also help to keep you,cool and finally my last pro for this,would be the adjustability of the loft i,really like this

Coop Home Goods Pillow Review | The Original VS The Eden

hi everyone im ross your mattress,expert from real mattress reviews.com,today were taking a look at the coop,home goods pillows from coop home goods,comm I have two of their pillows here,the original coop home goods pillow and,I have the New Eden pillow so well talk,about how these are constructed and then,Ill talk about how they perform for me,and what I like and dislike about them,so the original well start with they,come in standard queen and king size the,queen in the original comes in at $54.99,the king for 59.99 and available coupons,you can find at real masters reviews.com,so they start off with a nice thick case,its breathable but yet note sturdy,these zip off this is machine washable,on the inside youre gonna have a nice,liner to hold all the shredded memory,foam in the original uses shredded,memory foam these are all fully,adjustable you can see how easy it was,to unzip if the loft is too high for you,if you feel like your heads being pushed,up too much or maybe youre a stomach,sleeper you can just simply unzip it,throw the fill in a ziploc bag or,something so you can add it back in at a,future time if you prefer but I really,like adjustable foam pillows versus your,foam core pillow some companies with the,solid foam core pillows you can order a,certain loft but if you order loft that,doesnt work for you youre kind of,stuck so Id like to be able to adjust,the fill I really like shredded foam,pillows like these so well talk now zip,this back up well take a look at the,Eden so the Eden is their newest and,softest pillow this uses the same nice,case on the outside this has a gusset,around the outside thats going to help,with the airflow and provide a little,edge support as well this is my favorite,this one comes in at 68 ninety-nine,the Queen $74.99 on the king and theres,also a standard thats less expensive so,this uses gel infused memory foam paired,with in microfiber fill so it gives you,a softer feel more of a down feel paired,with memory foam in addition to that the,gel infused memory foam is going to,sleep cooler than the traditional memory,foam so this is going to be their,cooling pillow its very soft and fluffy,I really like the feel of these fluffy,memory foam pillows and again fully,adjustable the cover is fully washable,youre not going to want to stick the,foam into the washer though youre just,going to want to wash the cover so what,I really like here is the fact that,these are adjustable so a lot of times,on foam core pillows I feel like they,push up too much on my head and it just,kind of tweets your neck so this feels,very good right out of the box but lets,say I felt like it was pushing up a,little too much you can easily take some,of the fill out and for me on my side I,like to put my head on the corner so I,like a thinner pillow and this is fully,adjustable I can move the foam around,adjust it to fit my needs which is,really nice compared to a solid foam,core pillow and this uses that nice,fluffy memory foam its got that nice,fluffy feel its very luxurious feel the,original is going to be there firmest,pillow with just memory foam it doesnt,have that microfiber fill with it so if,you like it a little bit stiffer but,still you know allows your head to sink,in and conform with your neck this could,be the option for you and I would,recommend maybe this to side and back,sleepers,the eden is going to be the cooler of,the two pillows so if temperature is an,issue for you the eden is going to sleep,cooler with the fiberfill and the gel,infused memory foam versus your,traditional shredded memory foam and,again here if you feel like its pushing,up too much you can easily unzip the,case unzip the liner take some that fill,out and adjust it to your liking so,overall the quality of these pillows is,very high-end and whats really awesome,is their prices theyre very very,competitively priced thats why when,they came out the original has sold so,many they have almost 12,000 reviews on,this on their website at about a four,point five stars so a lot of people are,loving the feel of the original so far,this has fewer reviews but its at a,five star review currently so the,qualities are very good especially for,the price in addition to that theyve,got five year warranties on them they,are made in the USA I know thats,important to a lot of you out there made,in the USA I think it was California,they have 100 night trials as well so,now not only mattresses are coming out,with that 100 night trial but some of,the pillow companies are as well so you,have plenty of time to try it a couple,other things to note they do use Serta,pure foam so youre not gonna have to,worry about anything nasty being in the,foams and again machine washable covers,Ive personally been sleeping on the,Eden pillow the cooling gel memory foam,pillow for our review and Ive been,sleeping on it just with this pillowcase,not putting my bed sheet pillowcases on,it this has a softer feel feels real,nice,so overall the quality of these are very,good and the prices are right so my,biggest pros with either one of these,pillows are the fact that they are,adjustable the memory foam gives you,more of a fluffy feel versus less stiff,foam core like you can find with some of,those pillows to me the key is the,adjustability and then the quality of,these versus the price so they are,definitely a pillow to consider youre,not quite sure these are the pillows for,you head back to real mattress,reviews.com weve got a few other pillow,reviews and more to come and tons of,mattress reviews as well any available,coupons for the coop home goods pillows,you can also find that real mattress,reviews comm I really appreciate you,guys watching this video have a great,day

Coop Home Goods Eden pillow review

when i started college i did actually,buy costco pillows for my dorm room for,the first time because they were cheap,and they felt like they would be,comfortable,and came in a pack of two was great,value it was just kind of a no-brainer,for,setting up a college dorm and the thing,about these pillows is they deceive you,at the beginning into thinking that,theyre really comfortable but after a,few months they started getting a little,bit lumpy and also more compressed they,just sort of flattened out by the end of,the school year these pillows were a,flat chunky mess so when the next school,year comes around what do i do,i buy a new set of costco pillows the,price was so low i think less than 30,dollars for two of them and when youre,holding them in the store they feel so,fluffy and you remember how comfortable,they were at the start that you just,sort of want to believe that theyll,stay that way forever i repeated this,cycle through college and into grad,school but,a few months ago i decided enough is,enough i had just recently come home for,quarantine a current set of costco,pillows with me,and,heres one of them,and they just werent comfortable,anymore mainly because my ears hurt from,sleeping on my side im a side sleeper,so my ears are down on the pillow a lot,and once these got lumpy and hard they,really started making my ears soar from,just lying on my side for a little bit,so my sleep was suffering and my sleep,is very important to me so i did some,research on of course the internet about,better longer lasting pillows and i,found the most recommendations for,pillows by tuft needle,casper,coop home goods and my pillow and after,reading a ton of articles and blogs,about the different pillows i went with,the coop pillow specifically the coop,eden pillow so why this pillow the 60,coupe original pillow is a really,popular choice but i decided to go for,the slightly more expensive coop eden,pillow for a few reasons the first,reason is the pillow is machine washable,and some other pillows out there are so,its not unique to this pillow but its,definitely an important factor if i was,going to be getting a longer lasting,pillow the second reason is that the,coop pillows are made of shredded foam,filling and theyre designed so that you,can actually add and remove the filling,as you want for comfort so the height,and the softness of the pillow is super,customizable the third reason i chose,the eden pillow is because it has gel,infused foam filling which makes it soft,and cool as opposed to the original,pillow which doesnt have gel infused,foam its just regular shredded foam and,the fourth reason is because this pillow,is described as soft and supportive,while the original pillow is described,as more supportive and i tend to like my,pillows soft and fluffy and not too firm,but also supportive enough for side,sleeping but ive heard a lot of good,things about the original coop pillow so,if youre more into a supportive and,firm pillow and you value,the support over the cooling then i,would go for that one i placed my order,for this eden pillow on june 18th and i,received notification that it had,shipped out on the same day i dont,remember exactly when i received it but,i think it was around a week after i got,the shipment notice it came in this box,um compressed and rolled up so it wasnt,a super huge package a couple of the,most common complaints that i read about,the coop pillows are that one it has a,really strong chemical smell that,doesnt go away and it really bothered,people and two that over time the,filling,became compressed and hard so it didnt,retain its soft fluffiness over time but,after using this pillow for over two,months now i can safely say that both of,those concerns were not issues for me,first lets talk about the smell upon,unboxing the pillow yes it has a smell,and yes its pretty apparent what i,actually did with it was i spent the,evening with it sitting in my lap,as i sat on the couch and watched a tv,show with my parents and i just sat,there with the pillow in my lap just,smacking it like this just kind of,smacking and smooshing it just hitting,it you know in order to,release the smell and dissipate it from,the pillow but in hindsight this wasnt,actually the most effective method for,off-gassing the pillow all it really,accomplished was tiring out my arms and,also giving me a headache from smelling,that smell for so long after an hour of,hitting it the smell was still obvious,when i put my face near it if i tried to,smell the pillow i could still smell it,chemically smell so i fluffed it up in,the dryer for a while which helped a lot,more and a side note if you do do this,please remember to safety pin the zipper,closed so that the filling doesnt come,out and i actually fluffed it in the,dryer for a total of two cycles,before going to bed that night because i,really wanted to,use the pillow that night and try it,immediately after those two cycles the,smell was definitely reduced but i could,still notice it if i smushed my face,into it however once the pillowcase was,on it was a lot less noticeable,so much so that i was able to sleep with,it that first night interestingly now,that its out of its pillowcase for me,to show you right now and ive been,hitting it i can actually,um still smell that chemical smell kind,of coming off of it so the off-gassing,process definitely takes a long time and,if youre really sensitive to that smell,then it may not be the right pillow for,you but i personally am actually,sensitive to smells usually and with the,pillow case on then its actually not,too noticeable so that i can sleep on it,but if you do find the smell too much,for you then you have 90 days to decide,whether you want to keep it or not okay,now lets talk about the fill in the,pillow my first impression on getting,this pillow is that it was really big,but actually the dimension is no,different from other standard sized,pillows,um its just filled so much that it,feels really big it was it was even more,filled than this and when i first,started sleeping on it i didnt change,anything about it i didnt adjust the,fill level at all i just slept on it and,the first night was really great i,actually had such a good sleep um,sleeping on this pillow as opposed to my,old costco pillow so my first impression,of it was really really great but as,they continued to sleep on it for more,um days and weeks it started feeling a,little bit too high for context im,mostly a side sleeper and ill sometimes,end up on my back but most the time when,im going to sleep im on my side and,im kind of a smaller human being so i,dont need my pillow to be as high as,some people who are side sleepers but it,still is important for me to have some,support,for my neck when im side sleeping as i,said before the coop pillows are,designed to be adjustable so you can add,or remove fill according to how high and,how dense you want the pillow to be and,the idea is that the correct height will,align your neck and head with your spine,in whatever position that you choose the,pillow itself comes with a lot of fill,in it already and they also include a,lot of extra fill so,the amount that you can get this to is a,lot you can really have,a lot of oomph and even once i started,feeling like it was too high for me i,gave it a long time to really figure out,exactly how i wanted to adjust it i gave,it over a month to feel out how i wanted,it and it eventually became really clear,to me that it was just simply too high,so i decided that i definitely had to,remove some fill and i finally got,around to doing that just about a week,ago and its not complicated at all to,remove the fill you just have to unzip,the zipper at the top of the cover and,then unzip the inner lining and then,youll have access to all the foam and,you can just grab some and take it out,or put more in if i open up the inner,lining then you can kind of see,what the foam looks like inside its a,light blue color because its gel,infused and

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