1. Warning before you buy Cooper tires
  2. Three Good All Season Tires Reviewed
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Warning before you buy Cooper tires

hi youtube i just wanted to give you a,little bit,of a kind of a consumer warning so to,speak about uh cooper tires,um just kind of uh heres some things to,consider,before you make a cooper tire purchase,so uh forgive me its a little lengthy,but uh ill do my best to kind of,explain this as,as easily as i can um and forgive me for,looking down i just got some notes here,uh i just had a recently disappointing,experience with cooper and i just wanted,to share it with the car and truck,forums and community background on me is,that i do about,99 of my own work uh on cars,and home and motorcycles and such uh,with my own,meticulous maintenance and record,keeping,and i belong to about 40 or 42,different forums for cars suvs and,motorcycles,and so i just wanted to share my,experience i first,installed a set of cooper tires on on,one of my,suvs 2003 toyota sequoia with 307 000,miles,i installed them about two years ago and,the tires,seem to perform on par with other brands,in the past that ive used,michelin firestone hancook the coopers,were,the discover at3s,so they seemed to perform okay but they,wore down very,very quickly in fact almost exactly,half the mileage and warranty was,supposed to so i got about 32,000 miles out of them and thats with,having a new steering rack,um that i put on ball joints,[Music],fresh alignment and um,i think thats it with with the steering,rack was the inner and outer tie rods as,well,and then during the intervals of 5000,mile rotations i also would,um check you know all the components and,even use 303,uh rubber protecting all the bushings,and everything,so thats the first source of big,disappointment with those cooper,discover,83s is they just lasted half the mileage,um for for no apparent reason the second,source of disappointment was with,corporate and their customer service,so i inquired about what i needed to do,in order to get any kind of,warranty rebate from cooper or credit,towards another set of tires,um and the history of this is that i had,purchased from like an online vendor,um distributor um they had an ebay store,but also their own website,um had them sent to me and then i had a,local shop install them,um so i went to a different set of or,im sorry a different local shop to have,the,new set of tires that i ended up,purchasing um installed,so when i asked about on cooper i,contacted them about two weeks or so,before i actually needed to make a tire,purchase,and they wouldnt speak with me directly,when i asked about the process,i contacted them like i said two weeks,before i had ordered or installed any,tires,and i wasnt sure if i was going to get,another set of coopers or not i was,still on the fence,so the response i got from them was just,to have my tire dealer contact them,directly,and i tried three times in total i kept,asking them,could you just tell me how the process,works uh what is necessary what do i,need to do what do i need to prepare for,and each time,they just said oh just have them call us,have them call us and then the last time,i even asked them directly,if there was any reason why they were,refusing to let me know how this process,worked,i was trying to be as mindful as,possible about being prepared and,paperwork or whatever needed to happen,and they just wouldnt,communicate with me so i decided to,order a set of hancocks i had,a prior set before and i had good,experience with them and set up a time,for the local shop,to install so then i contacted my um,online retailer who i purchased uh the,tires from,and they said they would start to look,into it some time went by,um i didnt hear anything from anybody a,couple weeks i think,and i had the new tires installed the,installer at that time the new,independent shop said,uh what do we need to do with the old,cooper tires sometimes,you gotta send them back sometimes not i,said well i contacted them i didnt hear,anything,they wouldnt tell me anything um the,tire,uh retailer i purchased it from said,they were looking into it,i did a little bit of my own research on,determined or all right it would be best,if i at least took pictures,of the tire depth gauge um all the tires,were between two thirty seconds and,three thirty seconds,i tried to have all the documentation um,that i could,um and as far as i know the uh my,tire installer was just gonna throw them,in the pile for for disposal,so i then learned that um that,the process included the entire retailer,um they needed to contact cooper,directly,and submit paperwork or whatever and,again im kind of pushing and nudging,them im pushing and nudging cooper,still dont really get any answers from,anybody,so i later learned um,after the old tires what i thought were,already disposed of,that cooper needs those tires back in,order to inspect them and track the,manufacturing um,processor issues and i completely,understand that they need to see the,tires,you know i thought they were going to,take the word of my mechanic,and the actual tread depth readings but,i i get that they needed to see the,tires um,i checked with my um mechanic to see if,he still had him he said he didnt send,them away yet so i was like oh good,maybe i have a chance at,these going back to cooper my main issue,with cooper though was that,they never explained any of this to me,to begin with and had they i might have,been able to make arrangements,to to have them you know delivered,wherever they need to,um so um so the tires were still,um you know in the pile at the,installers um,and the essentially the online tire um,supplier who i bought them from they,just kind of dropped out of the,communication,um they didnt contact cooper directly,and uh at that time i was finally able,to nudge cooper enough to,to respond to me cooper was willing to,communicate with me but they wouldnt,take responsibility,for the claim at all until the tires,were returned,and i had no way of getting them the,tires because,um i because of my work schedule work,12-hour days,um and i dont even know how id,coordinate,the back and forth and trying to get to,the shop and get the tires and deliver,them wherever they needed to go,and in order to do this during any kind,of business hours,um so i um i spent lots of time on the,phone and emailed to cooper,my local tire shop or it was entire shop,independent,mechanic and even where the tires,were supposed to go to some cooper,dealer,and were pretty much at an impasse so,the shop who i got to install my tires,said that theyre,theyre not allowed to deliver any of,those tires to,to the cooper dealer the cooper dealer,said that they,cant accept them from anybody but me,and cooper obviously wont do anything,until they get the tires,um so i said to the cooper local cooper,dealer,i said i can get the tires to you like,on a sunday you know i can drop them off,out front i can put a note attached to,it,i can do the paperwork by email i can,fax it whatever we need to do i can give,you all the documentation of everything,and their position was no you need to,bring them here to us,we need to see them with when you drop,them off we need to see that its you,we need to hold physically the,documentation you have,which is just odd to me in this day and,age we cant do things by,email or pdf or fax or whatever,so then i reached out to cooper to say i,need some help here i i cant get these,tires delivered and had,you told me about that i could have had,them put in the back of my vehicle and,then maybe,coordinated my schedule with enough,advance notice to try to get him to that,to that dealer um so they cooper just,kind of,maintained that theyll theyll process,the claim once they have the tires,but nobody there is willing to accept,any responsibility for any of this,or to help in the process uh i was,trying to ask them to contact the,local cooper dealer to see if they can,come pick up the tires,from my installer and nobody would do,any of that so the tires,in theory are are still there and um,ready to be delivered to cooper but,coopers not helping me get h

Three Good All Season Tires Reviewed

today i got a video thats near and dear,to my heart barry and adrian my,production team,need tires for their minivan their,production van,so we got three tires here to look at,were going to choose between,three if youre new to campus automotive,we do tire comparisons tire reviews and,lots of tire talk,so subscribe and hit the bell to keep up,hi im matt mcmurray with campus,automotive in blacksburg virginia,and today weve got the general ultimax,rt43 the uniroyal tiger paw,touring as in the cooper discoverer and,duramax,so all three of these tires are good,touring all-season tires,perfect for a minivan theyve got a,honda odyssey,they put a ton of miles on it they haul,their production equipment around they,do weddings and videos,the companys name is bowling creative,media if you ever want to get in touch,with these guys,but they really really use their vans so,they need a durable tire theyre on,gravel roads,theyre doing all kinds of different,things with this van theyre at the,beach and,and doing drone footage and just a lot,of cool stuff so we needed a tire,that will fulfill their needs and be,very durable and last a long time,because theyre very value conscious,so i picked these three tires and i gave,them a choice between the three,all three are in the same class the,general the uniroyal,and the coopers in a little bit of a,different class made more for,suvs and and crossover utility vehicles,and some minivans but but its a lot,tougher of a tire,than the other two its got some,technology built into it to resist,some you know uh cuts and chips from,gravel roads and some of the other,things that you,might endure if you were going down into,a remote location to film,so we thought that that would be a good,tire for them too,so first we got the general ultimax rt43,so the rt43 and the tiger paw touring as,make up the majority of my tire volume,in my tire,store we sell a ton of them theyre,broadline tires,theyre theyre priced in the middle of,the range they last a long time,theyre quiet they do well in wet,weather they do well in our climate,so we sell a ton of these tires but as,you can see with the tread pattern here,and youre going to see a lot of these,tires on the road,its got some cool features now one of,the cool features that a lot of people,dont talk about,on this particular tire is these visual,alignment indicators these indicators,these little small boxes on each side of,the tread what happens is,if you have an alignment problem one of,these little boxes will wear out faster,so you can actually look at the tire,and see if youve got an alignment,problem before you actually take it in,and spend the money to do an actual,alignment thats a really cool feature,on this tire because it can save you,some money the second really cool,feature is this replacement tire monitor,so as the tire wears these words wear,down,until they say replace tire and so when,this middle,section says replace tire then youre,going to know its time to replace them,most people use wear bars not everybody,understands,that these wear bars that are in the,tread are actual,tread depth gauges that tell you when,you need to replace them so thats,another cool feature the shape of the,tire,the shape of the tread you can see this,center rib right here is one continuous,center rib,and that allows you to you know at high,speeds on the interstate,it stabilizes the tire and makes it last,a lot longer,these little v-grooves that are in the,middle of tread thats got,all different kinds of biting edges for,some light snow if you run into it for,your wet weather traction and handling,and all that,these side shoulder blocks here are good,for stability the big grooves in between,the tread,is good for water evacuation so this is,just a good,all-season tire thats going to be great,just for your run-of-the-mill,cars and suvs here we have the uniroy,tiger paw,touring all season so this tire got a,major,refresh in the last couple years and the,tread pattern looks better,than the old touring all season that,they used to have so the first thing,youll notice is both of these two tires,the rt43 and the touring as are the same,size,but youll notice right off the bat that,the tread appears to be wider,on the unirole versus the general and,theyre doing that,to keep a wide footprint to give you,that stability on the road,give you the ride and handling that you,want so its really a,really good touring tire you also notice,on this tire that theres lots of siping,on the outer tread blocks thats going,to give you your,your traction and uh light snow also,going to give you your traction in the,rain,going to stabilize these outer blocks,and and everything there,so youll see this intersection here has,this continuous rib now this is what,gives you,the longevity and life in the tire this,continuous rib,makes it run a lot cooler than a,conventional tire,and last a lot longer because at 80,miles an hour only a small portion of,your treads even touching the road,believe it or not now this,this second to middle groove has some,neat features in it like these little,pockets here,now what this is designed to do is give,you more biting edges,for your light snow give you that,traction for the rain,you can see where you can evacuate the,rain,with the shape of the tread blocks this,is all evacuation channels so you have,big evacuation channels this tire is,designed to be,steady and stable last a long time,give you good traction year round and,give you a good value for the money,pricing wise theyre almost the same as,the general,so its your broad line tire high volume,middle or row tire that you see in a lot,of peoples cars,so here we have the cooper discoverer,and duramax,now this tire is a little bit different,because its designed,for more crossover utility vehicles and,some smaller suvs,but can be used for their van and is an,appropriate choice,so this coopers got some really neat,features that these other tires dont,have the first feature well talk about,is these little blocks here,theyre very similar to the visual,alignment indicators thats on the,general and so theyre just going to,tell you if you have an alignment,problem before you,actually need to go in and spend the,money and get an alignment another thing,that these tires have is these sawtooth,grooves on this middle tread and these,sawtooths are designed to give you those,biting edges,for snow and slushy wintry messy roads,thats going to give you that traction,on that its going to bite into the,deeper snow,and give you that snow on snow traction,that you need now you can see that these,tread blocks are farther apart now,thats what,makes it evacuate water good and it,gives you that better traction on a,gravel road,or some of the light off-road things,that that barry and adrian might do with,that van,but its a quiet tire its a touring,tire its going to last a long time,got some outer tread blocks that are,theyre going to give you your traction,and your stability and turning then,youve got this inner,this inner tread block here thats a,continuous,tread block and thats going to give you,that really that high speed stability,the other tires get that speed stability,from the center rib this tires not like,that its going to get it from these,outer ribs because its designed for a,different function,so gravel roads light off-roading,snow traction heavy-duty durable design,its going to be quiet for them its,going to do what they need when they,when they travel back and forth to,florida on the interstate,so this is going to be a good choice for,them too so if youve got any comments,or feedback on any of these three,broadline tires,feel free to drop them in the comments,below make sure you hit that like and,subscribe all the good stuff that you do,on youtube videos,so have a good day

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guys whats going on same are here,todays video Goodyear vs. Cooper tire,which one is better okay right off the,bat here we got the Goodyear Wrangler SR,raised a legendary iconic boring tread,pattern very simple no technology moving,on to the Cooper cs5 ultra touring more,technology nice cuts looking good so now,a little bit about both companies Cooper,based on a Findlay Ohio most,manufacturing done in Ohio of tires,moving on to good here as well good your,dunlop Kelly also manufactured in the US,and now with many overseas plants these,are the SR raised tread pattern is,decent shoulders are a little bit more,improved as you can see middle tread,pattern is very basic the same tread,pattern from a hundred million years ago,now Coopers obviously stepped up their,game,asymmetrical tire inside outside nice,cuts its got this nice stability or,nice view sidewall theyre talking about,nicely finished letters the more modern,look of a tire now which ones better,well good Drews been around iconic,brand from time to time everybody that,talks about tires theres two brands,that come to mind once a Michelin ones,Goodyear and Cooper a Cooper when you,hear the name Cooper you think okay,Cooper is that like some guy is that,some 40 year old my buddys dads name,or just some or some young kid or some,young guy named Cooper like Coopers,that American name that you know your,friendly neighborhood kid thats got a,white picket fence that needs peanut,butter and jelly sandwiches a just your,everyday overall good guy thats what,happens when you hear the word Cooper,comes to mind now Cooper back in the day,was a real hard sell you that to tell,people saying you know what get Cooper,Tires you know what and they didnt have,much technology back then it didnt have,much advertising so its a bit of a,tough sale but now fast-forward a,million years later Cooper has now,stepped up their game theyre everywhere,they own Mickey Thompson they have many,private label brands theyre a big-ass,company theyre making millions of,dollars,Goodyear like I said Goodyear as mr.,Tire and theres the official tire,company okay theyve got the Goodyear,blimp which is everywhere and all over,the place a very easy sell but now now a,day thats not even about your old,nowadays,its very hard to sell tires its not,really about the good marketing and,brand names its about whos given the,best product and the best technology so,good your versus Cooper very unbiased,opinion Im gonna have to go with the,Cooper Tires in this one because Im,authorized do different bowls its not,like Im pushing either product okay but,Cooper by far is not more technology and,the tires theyre priced pretty much,price wise on the dot,okay good years good your Cooper theyre,both major brands and their own company,but Coopers got way better technology,softer and quieter right so Im gonna,have to go with the Cooper on this one,now this is an unbiased opinion youre,gonna say a.m. are your videos are kind,of weird sometimes you start it all over,the place that you end up at your,favorite tire but the only reasons Im,not going to good youre in this one,because this Goodyear tread pattern has,been out for years maybe over ten years,they havent changed it one bit which is,a little bit ignorant because guys but,nowadays with tire technology and whats,going on that I have to go the Cooper so,thanks for watching,following on Facebook Instagram YouTube,mature this is your boy AMR following me,at Hilliard Rimland or my personal,account again at Facebook Instagram,YouTube and Twitter thanks for watching

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Tire Noise Comparison Stock Michelin vs Inexpensive Cooper Tires

oh hey guys im gonna do a quick video,of,a tire experiment,we have a uh,i cant find it right now but we have a,nail in,one of these tires its a michelin tire,on our minivan my wifes minivan,and uh,has about 62 000 miles on the tires but,as you can see they still have a lot of,tread but i dont like these tires,because theyve always been very noisy,its these,energy saving tires i guess,so i put bought some new ones and im,gonna have them put on uh,theyre gonna be cooper tires and i used,uh reviews to say,see what was the quietest tires and,im gonna,ride this and,use a decimal meter decibel meter and,then im gonna,test it with the other ones so,be right back,and what gave me the idea before i start,the experiment was my wife,had,some,tires on her um,on star x8,back out that were very loud theyre,cool they were kumo,on these and i bought continentals,and uh these tires ride a lot better,than the kumos,so uh i did the same thing that,there were tires that seemed to ride,kind of um,loud and looked online to see what,people thought would ride the best so um,im gonna try the same thing on the,other one,all right well coming up here is road,test with the old tires,i dont know if its gonna work as well,because its one of those windy,corpse christy days so you can hear a,lot of wind noise and its normally not,this loud in the van,and hopefully you can even hear me,but here comes uh some loud,uh,road,that was a small stretch of it right now,all i hear is wind noise the this is a,relatively uh,smooth road,um,and its about 88 decibels on my decimal,meter at 70 miles an hour here comes the,loud noise,it goes up to,91.93,so,so this is definitely a louder road but,its not even as loud as some of the,roads that,you drive on,so i am trying to find some tires that,are quieter thats the whole idea here,and,not sure if you can hear me because of,all the wind but uh heres the new tires,cooper,evolution,[Music],all right just a tire,but,ill uh get to the driving in a minute,here we are driving with the new tires,the cooper tires and,notice it is uh staying right around 90,and thats the same road im on,uh were at the same speed eight uh 70,miles an hour and uh,yeah 89 90 91,its 93 every once in a while and it is,just as windy as before so were hearing,mostly wind noise a little bit of road,noise,but now as you can see i have a,light for,the tire and,not the fuel economy that is,one of them is out oh goodness i cant,get to it,lets see,there we go tire pressure,so not sure what happened there,when they put the tires on,it was working,when i drove away it was working now,its not so,um,gotta figure that one out,so i might make another youtube video on,how to fix a tire pressure,monitor system,or if you want any other content let me,know in the comments,and ill try to make a video on it,if you like this give me a thumbs up,and subscribe for more


yo yo yo whats going on your boy over,here another tire video Cooper Tires,right here in the flesh versus,Bridgestone tires Cooper vs. Bridgestone,baby head-to-head competition okay the,17-inch lightweight versus the 17-inch,heavy duty competitor now one of my,famous videos as usual a Marv lets get,down to the dirt Cooper Tires Findlay,Ohio okay an upcoming tire brand which,is one of the biggest tire brands in the,market right now a little bit about,Cooper Cooper back in the day used to,have a basic logo Cooper was like the,tire actually think of the name Cooper,Cooper reminds me of the neighborhood,friendly kid in the United States of,America that will come over to your,friends dinner have mashed potatoes and,peas and just wear a plaid shirt that,was that comes to my mind when I heard,the name Cooper now fast forward a,million years Coopers not one of the,leading tire manufacturers in the world,they own Mickey Thompson they own over,10 private label companies and boom now,moving on to Bridgestone Bridgestone,back on the day I believe Bristol is a,Japanese tire manufacturer the word,Bridgestone or actually the Japanese,name translated means Bridgestone okay,whatever,check your facts or something like that,okay Im not Wikipedia binome some,things now Bridgestone,Bato Firestone what a coincidence,theres a match made in heaven,Bridgestone and Firestone two separate,companies start at two different parts,of world started at two different times,now as one now Bridgestone everybody,knows Bridgestone baby NHL sports,Formula One racing Nashville Predators,everybody knows Bristol Bristol got this,B logo stamped everywhere this logos,everywhere so much the next thing you,gonna be seen on your underwear,okay so bang Bridgestone now lets get,back to reality two minutes in the video,AMR who should you buy right off the bat,this is going to be one hell of a tough,review because Bridgestone and Cooper,price-point,is pretty much bang on the nose but,Cooper comes in a few points less so,Cooper is a cheaper price tire of,quality wise this is another tough phone,be,Cooper Cooper that is their main,flagship so youre battling head-to-head,with a number-one flagship and the,second flagship now,Cooper is making pretty much 99% of,every single replacement tire in the,market and Bridgestone has got the same,amount of stats there but now Amer who,should I buy well they didnt gentle,this is a tough position because I get,people coming all the time now Im,authorized dealer for bolt so Im not,getting any free dinners from either,company so thats why Im gonna be,talking a little Shmack so right off the,bat this is whats going on AMR should I,get Cooper should I get Bridgestone well,personally this is a really damn hard,accomplish because Bridgestones making,bulletproof tires Bridgestone tires are,very very good quality they never crack,over time Ive never seen a Bridgestone,Tire have weather cracking at least over,eight year old tire same with Cooper,Coopers are another dynamic tire you,know what I mean so theyre bulletproof,as well so now were Im trying to get,at is which one should I buy now Cooper,does come in and a few comes in actually,some common see a few bucks maybe could,be twenty bucks per tire cheaper than,Bridgestone but now another thing is,that Ive been saying that Coopers been,really stepping up their tribe path look,at this Cooper cs5 ultra touring look at,that tire this is an amazing tread,pattern the guys putting this on a civic,without the package mounted here but,look at that tread pattern look at that,technology its got this new edge called,Stabila age what gives you more,stabilization of the Akopian tread,pattern here this is a Bridgestone a,copia HL 422 plus and the tread pattern,is old-school momma and Popa tripower,the old bridgestone dueler 422 or ecopra,422 at a very similar tread pattern so,this is a 422 plus they just shaped it,up a little bit clean up the molds but,look at this tire I dont see much,technologies a little disappointing this,time because the certain bridge Tony,copias and bristling has been keeping a,lot of their molds the same they havent,really done any big breakthroughs entire,technology where the Cooper cs5 ultra,touring right now this is a tire that I,happened to have in the shop and this is,a tire that happened to have in the shop,so right now Im gonna have to pick the,Cooper tire because just judging by the,tread pattern judging by the technology,and judging by what youre gonna get,that Cooper tire is now coming in as the,winner of this review so Cooper versus,Bridgestone follow me on Facebook,Instagram YouTube and Twitter following,personal account a Mar serie or a,Hilliard rim lands alright guys,Hilliards rim lines or AMR serie,facebook Instagram YouTube and Twitter,give me a shout 905 5 23500 email DM you,know where to find me

✅ 10 Best All Season Tire New Model 2021

[Music],welcome to best productly,10 best all-season tire new model 2021,we are going to check out top 10 best,all season tire and current time,i mean this list is best my personal,opinion,and i try to list them best on their,price quality,durability and more if you want to see,their price and find out more,information about this all season,tire you can check out the link down in,the description and comment section,below,okay so lets get started with the video,top 10 yokohama avid touring s all,season tire,215 60th or 1694t,responsive handling and snt speed rated,durability,all season traction even in light snow,max loaded cold inflation pressure lbs,at psi,1477 at 51. original equipment,oe replacement for standard sedans,coupes,and family vans can replace original,tires independently or in a complete set,triplex tread compound for extended,durability and long life,top michelin premier ltx,all season tire 225 sixty fifths are 17,102 h,all season tire with outstanding braking,technology,top luxurious comfort ride with,excellent wet grip,drivers of sport utility vehicles suv,light truck and crossovers 60 000,mileage manufacturer treadwear,60 days satisfaction and three-year flat,tire changing assistance,added value fit type vehicle specific,load capacity 1874 pounds,top eight hankook optimo h724 all season,tire,205 75th or 1597s,center rib block improves handling and,stability while changing direction,pitch design technology reduces tire,noise for a quieter ride,join this full cover improves durability,and brake performance,abrasion resistance tread compact single,s tran bead wire enhances vehicle ride,high hardness bead filler improves,durability,check out the description for more,information and latest price,top 7 briselli strata 2 all season tire,245 45th star 18 100w,tire only wheel not included smooth,comfortable ride year round high silica,compound for superior wet and dry,performance,maximize tread life and low rolling,resistance for longer mileage,extraordinary traction handling and grip,top 6 braceley strata 2 all season,tire 235 50th r17 100w,tire only wheel not included smooth,comfortable ride year-round high silica,compound for superior wet and dry,performance,maximize tread life and low rolling,resistance for longer mileage,extraordinary traction handling and grip,top 5 milestar ms-932 sport all season,radial tire,215 55s or 1798v,fit type vehicle specific load capacity,1653.0,top four milestar ms932 sport all season,radial tire,215 55th or 1798v,fit type vehicle specific load capacity,1653.0,top 3 firestone all-season touring tire,215 70th or 1598 t,a tire you can count on all season,performance,built to last with a 65 000 mile limited,tread wear warranty,fit type vehicle specific load capacity,1653 pounds,top two falcons x ze 950 all season,radial tire,205 sixtieths are 1692 v,true all season high performance 3d,canyon site technology increases edges,for ice breaking and interlocks under,load for better handling and improved,wear wide-angle tread slot provides,additional snow grip by allowing snow to,be packed into the center of the tire,sculptured groove wall provides better,snow grip and eliminates rain groove,wandering,white circumferential grooves,effectively evacuate water and,significantly enhance hydroplaning,resistance for outstanding wet handling,top one cooper evolution tour all,season 235 65th or 17104t,tire all season touring tire,allows you to tackle road conditions,with confidence,gives you the smooth and comfortable,ride you depend on,designed for a long tread life treadwear,warranty,65 000 miles designed for a long tread,life,standard limited warranty free 45-day,test drive,all of the items are available on,amazon.com,i have included all of the links in the,description you can check out the link,for the latest price,if you like this video please hit the,link button below,share with your friends and be sure to,subscribe,you

Cooper Tire, Uniroyal, & General Tire – 3 Midline UHP Tire Comparison –

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