1. Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek || Overview
  2. Installed new “baloneys” – New Cooper Rugged Trek Tires!
  3. Cooper Rugged Trek- Winter Driving Review/Update
  4. Mickey Thompson Baja Boss vs Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek
  5. Cooper Rugged Trek Review
  6. Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek with a surprise. Watch till end. Initial Review #cooperruggedtrek
  7. Cooper Rugged Trek VS Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Tire Comparison

Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek || Overview

– First off,,what I really like about this Cooper Rugged Trek,is there is plenty of voids in between all the tread lugs.,Thats gonna give you that extra off-road performance,or when youre in the deep snow or on the ice,thats really gonna help make these tread lugs bite,and evacuate that loose dirt, that snow, water, mud,whatever it may be,its really gonna help evacuate that out of there.,Now, another thing with these tread voids,in between all these lugs is the fact that,they are pretty deep,and Cooper rates them at about 16, 30 seconds,of that tread depth, so pretty cool there.,Another thing that I really like about this tread design,is all the different sipes,that they have throughout all the tread lugs.,As you can see theyre squiggly sipes on the shoulder lugs,and then all of the sipes,and that theyre actually in a triangle shape pattern,on all the center treads themselves.,So this is gonna give you that excellent traction,when youre in the inclement weather,like rain or ice, snow or anything like that.,So pretty cool design there,and being a hybrid tire,youre getting that combination of a mud tire,and an all-terrain tire.,So a couple of different things that they did here,to reduce the road noise is,one is their variable pitch pattern.,So they have their pitches of the contact patch,hitting the road just right,to really help calm down that road noise.,Another thing they did too,,whats kinda neat is they put in sound barriers,,theres little ridges in between all the shoulder lugs here,and what that does is,when that center tread contact patch hits the pavement,and makes that slapping sound, these barriers,,these sound barriers in between all the shoulder lugs,will help isolate that noise and keep it inside of there.,So kind of a neat thing that they did there,that I havent seen on any other tire design out there.,Another thing that they did on these Rugged Treks,is put all these little ridges,in between all the shoulder lugs,and what thats designed to do,is its designed to add some extra protection,against sharp rocks or any kind of sharp objects,from puncturing through the bottom of the tread layer here.,So, and it also does keep the stones,from sticking in there as well,and another thing that Cooper has done is,theyve designed this tread pattern to improve handling,and stability with what theyre calling an Omni-design,or an Omnidirectional tread pattern,and basically that just means that the shoulder lugs,and the center treads are all working together,to help the stability of the overall tire.,Its not gonna flex or fold too much in one way,or the other direction.,So it gives it a nice stable footprint,which is really nice for when your air down off road.,So another thing to hear guys is,that they have all these little ridges,all the way around the inside tread voids,of these tread blocks.,That also helps with stones from being stuck in there.,It helps eject them out of there,so youre not carrying a bunch of gravel inside your tire,if youre doing a lot of driving on gravel roads,and then plus too, you can see that the shapes,of these tread lugs are designed to really bite.,So as the tire is rotating,,your treads are biting at the ground gripping,and grabbing at every rotation.,So nice even tread design here,nice and aggressive tread design.,This tire works really well,if youre gonna be doing a lot of on-road,and off-road driving combined.,So then with their Omnidirectional tread pattern,the shoulder lugs are also designed in an angled pattern,so that you get that scooping,and grabbing and biting grip design of the shoulder lugs,and theyre also staggered,on the outer edge of the shoulder lugs,and what thats really great for,is for when youre going through the mud.,What happens is each one of these corners,of the shoulder lugs is gonna act as a scoop.,So its gonna grab, dig and scoop that mud out of the way,and then the ones that are more inner will have,a angled ejection pad,,Ill call it to really help get that mud,and snow from the shoulder lugs,and then running down from the shoulder lugs,into the sidewall,,Cooper also has put a pretty aggressive,sidewall tread pattern design on here.,Really great when you get into those grooves,that help with that extra traction,or even when youre airing down off-road,it does act as an extra tread contact patch.,So pretty aggressive tire yet still pretty tame on the road,and guys these are gonna be super popular.,We know Cooper is a great selling tire for us.,So with that said,,we still dont have availability of these tires,just quite yet or even pricing on them.,However, we are gonna be updating our website,as soon as they become available.,You can find them at trailbuiltoffroad.com,and then just search the Cooper Discovers Rugged Trek.,So other than that guys,,if you do have any opinions on this tread pattern,,let us know in the comments below,or if you guys do have any questions,make sure and let us know and besides that guys,,dont forget to click that subscribe,and thumbs up to like the video,and guys as always we appreciate all of you for watching,and all of your support.,Im Josh from Trail Built,and well see you guys out in the trails.,(upbeat music)

Installed new “baloneys” – New Cooper Rugged Trek Tires!

hey guys welcome back its Sean with,modern country living uh doing a quick,little video here on my baby Toyota my,Toyota Tacoma my 2002 model and you can,see it behind me and if you watch some,of my other videos you know Ive put,some effort into kind of you know,restoring making like new making some,improvements to this little Tacoma but,one of the things uh when I purchased,this vehicle came with a set of these,non-cons,conqueror ATS and when I first bought it,um you know tire tread looked really,good on it and you know I took it,off-road nothing really major but uh you,know didnt get stuck with it other than,once in the winter when I really buried,it in some snow and mud but it was not,going to make it out no matter what but,you know pretty happy with the tire but,it worn pretty substantially inside the,last 14 000 miles and so I wanted to get,a new set of tires for it for the winter,uh prior to getting into the winter here,and I was looking at Cooper so uh you,can see here,I found a set of takeoff rims from a,forerunner and I put these Im gonna put,these Cooper rugged tracks on so this is,a kind of I guess a Hybrid tire you,could look at the tread pattern there,its got some Sipes,and I stayed with the stock size so I,didnt go with the bigger tire I just,didnt want to deal with you know,lifting or rubbing issues whatever have,to put a lift kit on it but my goal is,clean these uh wheels up because I,literally bought them from behind,someones house,hopefully it was their house,um but I did pay someone for it maybe it,was a neighbor,um and uh took them to my uh source for,the tires uh my tire dealer mounted them,but imbalanced them so I want to get,them on the baby to come here and see,how they look so uh again you know,this is what I got,you can kind of see,and not too bad of a tread wear pattern,on it,but when its wet these tires do not,grip well at all,and I know with a small truck,lightweight on the rear end you know you,can expect to have some Wheels spin from,time to time but I do have a cap on it I,mean there is some weight so Im hoping,to get a good result out of this so stay,tuned,all right here you can see this is off,the rear uh these were on the front I,rotated them a few thousand miles ago,you can see I did pick up some wear on,the outside,these are the nankangs and,Im actually getting some cracks down in,between the tread blocks,again when I purchased this truck a year,and a half ago,you know these tires look pretty new,um,maybe theyre an old Tire Ill have to,look and see if theres a date code but,give you kind of a perspective,you can see,this is a I guess a Hybrid tire,supposed to be good at a lot of things,or at least maybe not a master at all,things but you know jack of all trades,kind of tired but I think it looks,pretty good,so Im gonna have to watch I might need,to send the truck in for an alignment,you know knowing that I was picking up,some wear on that Outer Edge like that,all right,foreign,all right weve got these Cooper rugged,tracks on this baby Tacoma here again my,2002 Toyota Tacoma,and give you my impression after driving,them a couple days here uh the truck,drives super smooth,steering wheel holds straight it,actually uh wandered a bit before with,the nine Kongs on it and with these it,goes straight down the road now this,this vehicle has always giving me a,little bit of a susceptibility to Crown,in the road,but it is diminished with these Cooper,tires on him,there is a little bit of a you know a,tread noise that I hear my wife,commented saying oh I think theyre,quiet I can hear a certain harm you know,certain pitch or whatever of Road uh you,know on the road with the wheels but,its nothing,obtrusive or like a big mud tie or,anything like that in fact I dont know,if you can hear it,I mean in a Tacoma theres a normal,amount of noise just because they are,you know not like a newer this vehicle,is not a newer vehicle it doesnt have,all the sound deadening there is more,wind noise all that but I mean going,down the road you know its just very,stable you know driving without any,hands,kind of thing,but no vibration coming through the,steering wheel uh tracking nice and,straight Im still gonna go get an,alignment just because I had some wear,on those nine Kongs,thats how you say it and just make sure,Im not you know prematurely wearing out,an edge or something on these these,tires because they are nice Ive also,taken it off-road again just out back in,the field where its wet and did not,have to go into four-wheel drive drove,all the way out back probably did a mile,and a half Loop out through the fields,and it was raining pretty good and you,know the ground is definitely soggy but,these things give good grip I cant tell,you how they compare to a pure mud tire,or anything like that that again wasnt,my intention it was to get something,that was a little bit better than what I,had,you know again more of a jack of all,trades kind of tire,so at this point really happy with them,Ive got like probably about 150 miles,on it,on these on these tires after a few days,of running them,and,havent really noticed anything,different with fuel economy,so dont dont think theyre causing a,big hit to any you know fuel economy,issues,um they dont ride rough,uh so these are not like an e-rated Tire,uh so theyre not an LT Tire,and Im hoping for some good wear out of,them over time,looking forward to seeing how they,perform in the snow,we did have quite a bit of rain and they,did not exhibit any hydroplaning,characteristics I went through some,pretty good puddles that were built up,alongside the road everything went well,um,so at this point very happy with the,purchase Ill give some updates as time,goes on I wrote down the mileage of when,I installed them so you know give a,little update does you get five ten,thousand miles on them see how theyre,doing but,at this point very pleased,all right so hopefully this uh little,review helped you out,um,again Im not sitting there with the,camera on the tires as were rotating,down the road but just give you my,general Impressions if you like it,please hit the like button and subscribe,to my channel,thanks for watching be well,[Applause],[Music],oh my God

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Cooper Rugged Trek- Winter Driving Review/Update

[Music],hey everybody i know you probably,thought i forgot about you,but i did not i finally had the chance,here hopefully to see some snow,and get these cooper rugged tracks,in the snow,and give you guys the update what i,think,and how they do,so hey,ill give you an update shortly im,going to be heading over the mountain,passes hopefully we find some snow on,the road,and put these cooper rugged tricks to,the test if not ill uh ill find some,in idaho,ill be back with you guys shortly here,[Music],all right so we woke up a couple more,inches of snow,on the ground i had the chance last,night to take the tires,on a pretty uh,compact snow and ice road,they did good i was in four wheel drive,they were comfortable there was no,sliding around,last night coming back up the driveway,which you may not be able to see it,from this angle i just wanted to test it,its fairly steep actually,it shoots all the way out and down,in two-wheel drive with this amount of,snow uh you might still be able to see,it,i got stuck right there in two-wheel,drive coming up,um,just couldnt make it the full way,but ultimately just put it right in four,wheel drive from that point,and it walked right up,uh,its hard to say compared to the,duratrax of the dirt tracks would have,made it in that situation,but overall so far theyre good im,going to,get the truck started up here head out,the road head to town give you guys,another update with this snow just,heading out im actually kind of up in,the mountains here in idaho,so this is pretty steep out lets uh,lets switch it to two wheel drive,im kind of on an incline down but,turning into a straight shot up lets,see um,what the cooper rugged trucks can do,[Music],so in the fresh snow,these things arent even breaking loose,at all,right up it i mean literally no problem,at all,so im pretty impressed with that like i,said last night when i drove this road,it was more compact,snow and ice,um,now today is you know several inches,here of fresh snow,still,[Music],okay so we have some turkeys in the road,were gonna have to come to a stop on,the hill,lets see if we get going again were,still in two-wheel drive and foot knobs,fully spinning right now,[Music],fully spinning,let off lets see if we can grip,still spinning,[Music],but were making it,[Music],so were still not in four wheel drive,and so far im pretty impressed with how,these are handling i mean i know that,was,two wheel drive four-wheel drive start,would have been absolutely nothing for,these things,i know you guys have been waiting to see,the snow,video on these cooper rugged tracks,and um,its finally here so i hope you guys,enjoy that,uh ill give you a couple updates im,gonna be in the snow for,about three days this trip,and um,kind of let you know what i think about,them,lets actually hop out here see how much,buildup they have,what they look like after just going,through that snow,hey guys just wanted to give you an,update,another day now on the snow,uh up here in idaho kind of the,mountains,uh give you an update on the rugged,tracks here,this is where i got stuck last night so,im gonna try and prop my phone up here,and give you guys,a,two-wheel drive,shot,lets see if this will work,all right i think thats gonna work,so were gonna shoot a two-wheel drive,shot up and itll back down and give you,a four-wheel drive,so,[Music],[Music],hey everyone just wanted to give you an,update ive spent,a couple thousand miles about a thousand,miles or so now in some pretty icy snowy,conditions i finally had room to drive,these,tires on ice and snow over the mountain,passes in deep snow kind of all of,winter driving,right now uh things are starting to melt,im in two-wheel drive,kind of going up a little grade here,on a solid sheet of ice,they want to spin but theyre actually,doing,a really good job,i uh i basically,drove these things and everything,and i am highly,highly,impressed with these cooper rugged,tracks,over the past these things were,phenomenal,in four-wheel drive,uh these tires are awesome,i was in deep snow,thick snow,they power through,everything that i threw at it over the,last uh,week or so i think we had initially the,most i saw was about 12 inches of snow,not plowed,went right through it,uh it was really great,im just kind of going slow here in the,neighborhood so let me fix that,i know you guys have been waiting i mean,this is solid ice here so im in two,wheel drive obviously you can see i can,get them to spin,but i felt in control theres never been,one time,with these tires that i didnt feel in,control,with the road conditions,um,any of that wasnt sliding around they,grip theyre crazy good,and so far theyre holding up,really really nice,hop out here give you guys another,little tour,over the passes everything,these things were great,as you can see in the video,in two wheel drive uh when i was back,over in idaho,i did as you can see when i go up that,that little hill i was starting on a,hill,and sent it up the driveway and i did,get stuck,came down popped it in four wheel drive,right to the top,theyre still handling great,wearing great theyre still very quiet,on the road thats one of the other,things that im highly impressed with on,these,im about due for a tire rotation,since i bought them its been a little,time so,the next week or two,im gonna get these things in there,and get the tires rotated,but again overall phenomenal tires i,dont think you guys would be,disappointed if you went with a set of,these,for this style driving ive had them in,the rain heavy rain even with rain on,the,the roadway,they dont slip i mean the i dont they,dont break loose around corners they,feel so sturdy,the duratrax about halfway through,their life,uh i started to,really on wet pavement slip quite a bit,and that was one of the main things i,know you guys saw the previous video,they were coming to the end of their,life,but um,it started getting unsafe just even on,bare wet pavement,well guys give the video a like,i will do a couple updates throughout,the life of these tires,so you guys can see how theyre wearing,how theyre still handling if i still,like them,but so far several thousand miles on,them now,been in most all conditions havent had,them really,in the mud yet id say that mud or sand,i havent seen that with them yet so i,cant comment on that but as far as wet,pavement dry pavement snow and ice,extremely impressed with these cooper,you know the rugged tracks,all right thats it for now,you

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Mickey Thompson Baja Boss vs Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek

hey whats going on guys josh from trill,built we have the mickey thompson baja,boss,at that was just released recently and,then we have the cooper,rugged trek now the difference right off,the bat between these two is mickey,thompson actually classifies this,as an all-terrain tire which,looking at it you wouldnt think so it,looks like a rugged terrain tire,like a hybrid tire its got big bulky,lugs on it big shoulder lugs on it,plenty of siping throughout all of the,tread lugs,plenty of big evacuation channels in,between all of the lugs so,at first glance you would think this,would be a rugged terrain or,hybrid tread design when in fact its,actually still,classified in all terrain so with that,said the cooper over here now this is a,rugged trek or,rugged terrain or hybrid tread design,pattern,but you dont see a whole lot of,noticeable differences,except for the center tread patterns,obviously with the mickey thompson you,have,more closely grouped tread patterns and,thats going to give you a little bit,softer road noise its not going to be,as loud going down the road at highway,speeds,its also going to help with braking,cornering and acceleration performance,to have these tread lugs,more closely grouped together whereas on,the rugged trek from cooper,youre going to have more spaced out,larger tread lugs especially in the,center tread pattern,and thats going to allow you for some,extra off-road capability,especially when youre getting into the,thick mud,sand snow and some of those looser type,terrain items so youre gonna have,plenty of digging power plenty of big,evacuation channels,on the cooper rugged trek to really help,force that sander dirt mud snow whatever,it is out of those center voids,one of the things i found interested on,the cooper rugged trek,is that even though it has plenty of,siping throughout,all of the tread lugs it still isnt,rated,as a three peak mountain snowflake rated,tire or for,severe winter driving conditions looking,at it you would think it is,however it just doesnt have that rating,now that doesnt mean its not going to,perform,great while youre on the ice or in the,snow as im sure,its going to perform really well,however,with that extra confidence of driving in,severe weather conditions you will get,that,with the mickey thompson the baja boss,at because it is,three-peak snowflake rated which means,it does have that severe,rating for severe winter driving,conditions,and thats going to come from all these,additional sipes and,the closely packed tread pattern of the,center tread on here too to really help,with that grip and that adhesion,when youre on the ice or in the snow,and not to mention,the compound is going to be designed for,severe or cold weather driving,situations,definitely a great tire if you plan on,doing most of,your driving on the road especially,through winter,this asymmetrical mickey thompson baja,boss would be a great way to go and plus,youll see that on our website trill,built offroad that,we have many different sizes available,and different load ratings,as well this particular one that we have,here is an f load,rating for you truck guys or even suv,guys that are,planning on carrying a lot of weight f,load is a great way to go,plus you get that extra strength in the,sidewall,sidewalls are going to be three ply,theyre going to offer that additional,protection against punctures,and cuts and things like that so mickey,thompson baja boss,great for you guys going to be spending,probably more than half your time,on the road especially in northern,climates where you get more,winter severe driving conditions so,compared to the cooper,rugged trek this is going to be great,really if youre doing,a lot of driving off-road especially in,situations where youre going to get,into the rocks,or youre going to get into the mud or,youre going to get into some sand,any of those more precarious type,situations when off-roading,this rugged truck is going to be really,great for that it is rated,more for being off-road as it is a,hybrid tire which if you guys have seen,some of our other videos hybrid tires,are part mud tire,part all terrain really a blend of both,so the compound is going to be,more chip and cut resistant the side,walls are going to be more resistant to,cuts and punctures and various types of,situations like that,also the side biters on the sidewall are,going to be pretty aggressive,on rugged trek tires or rugged terrain,tires just like the cooper is here,but then with that said youll also,notice on the mickey thompson baja boss,that the side biters are even a little,bit,more aggressive than the cooper rugged,trek,side biters are so i find that,interesting like i was saying in the,beginning,this almost appears like a hybrid or,rugged terrain design although the like,i said the center tread patterns are,grouped,pretty closely together and with the,off-road,performance of the cooper rugged tracks,one of the other interesting and pretty,neat features that theyve added,to in between these tread lugs in the,tread voids,they have all of these little ridges in,here they have stone ejection,ridges in here to kick the pebbles out,of the tread,so they dont get stuck too too much in,there and then they do,have on the tread lugs they have pretty,sharply edged,corners of all of their tread logs so,its really gonna,help bite as that tire rotates and hits,the ground its gonna have a pretty,aggressive,biting edge on all of their uh tread,bugs even including the shoulder lugs,which,these shoulder looks uh pretty big,pretty aggressive they are they do vary,in different sizes,and theyre shaped in a form or theyre,angled in a way that,when the tire rotates either forward or,reverse,that theyre going to be biting grabbing,and scooping so if youre,in the mud or sand snow any of those,loose debris items its going to help,eject that loose items outside of the,shoulder lugs here,and then the corners of the shoulder,lugs are gonna grab them and,spit that stuff out so that really its,gonna open up some more,uh space as youre going through that,mud to have those tread lugs dig and,continue to dig and grab,as that tire rotates to help provide,that forward momentum in those,well precarious situations so pretty,aggressive rugged trek tire really like,this,and then with the mickey thompson when,you look in these,channel grooves here in between the,tread voids youll also see that they,do have quite a bit of ridging as well,helps with that tread lug stability,gives it that little extra rigidity to,help prevent,these tread lugs from folding over one,way or another,when youre on the road youre in a hard,braking situation hard cornering,situation,you want these tread lugs to be nice and,stiff and not,fold or bend as youre trying to slam on,the brakes to,you know prevent hitting whatever might,be in front of you or even if you have,to do,a invasive maneuver of some sort you,dont want these tread lugs moving,around on you so they did a lot of cool,technology both tires did a lot of cool,technology with,that structural rigidity of the tread,lug so,give you that little extra performance,on the road by looking at the tread,design,it does appear that the rugged trek is,gonna be,probably a little bit louder than the,mickey thompson baja boss just given the,fact that you do have,more space in between these tread lugs,you do have,bigger tread lugs on that center tread,so youre going to get more of that,slapping sound as the tires rotating at,highway speeds,they did intertwine the center tread,lugs so you do,as your tires rotating you do have a,consistent,contact patch of that center tread when,theyre rotating down,the highway so thats going to help,quiet down some of that road noise,similar to the mickey thompson baja boss,as well,youre going to have that center contact,patch thats going to be always hitting,the ground,with the way the pitch is designed to,help cut down and reduce that road noise,but looking at the tread pattern of the,mickey,thompson baja boss

Cooper Rugged Trek Review

hey everybody todays the day,wanted to hop on and do a short video,and let you know,that the goodyear duratrax,are finally coming off the truck hey,guys,these things have been absolutely great,tires,ive started getting quite a bit of road,noise now,these were put on in 2013,so eight years with these tires and,would probably hit 70 000 miles on them,here,this week you can kind of see the tread,left,it is starting to crack there in between,kind of typical weathered stuff,didnt want to trust these again with,winter coming up here soon,it was time to get a new set of tires,a couple things on here you can kind of,see you know there is some cracking,you can see that in the sidewall around,the edge there,its starting to crack its time for new,tires thats just old,age one thing i did want to note about,these,is that when they started to wear these,are now becoming loud for this truck,theres the rears for you lets take a,quick look here at the front,um i try to do a pretty good job of,rotating these things often im not the,guy that,puts them on and never rotates them so,thats probably one of the reasons why i,got,you know roughly 70 000 miles out of,them,theyve been great they did a great job,in the snow theyve done good on,wet traction until uh recently,lets call it theyre getting down there,so im headed to discount tire here,shortly give you guys an update stay,tuned,for the tire that i chose,its not something with a lot of reviews,out on it yet,ill give you a little update though,that im not staying with the duratrax i,am gonna switch,tires this tire is new i guess well,call it ill be the guinea pig here,and give everybody the online review and,the honest opinion,of what i think about the new tires so,stay tuned,well be on our way shortly all right,guys im on the way,just wanted to see if you guys can kind,of hear the noise i mean its not,terrible in here on these dura tracks,doing about 55,kind of coast in here no engine noise,its really not terrible its probably,just me complaining,but hey im on the way to discount the,new tires will be on,shortly well talk to you soon,all right guys the truck is back,and if you didnt have any guesses or,clues from the title,i ended up going with the brand new,cooper discover,rugged tracks i think these things look,great on the truck,uh so far first impression riding home,these things for how aggressive the,tread is,is a quick shot for you pretty decent,tread there,it is siped right in between here,cooper calls those the whisper grooves,um,so thats probably why they were quite,you know theyre pretty quiet on the,road,um they call these things here the earth,diggers,they were nice i havent havent had the,chance yet to check them off road or,any type of snow yet so one of those,reviews will be coming up,pretty soon but on this,uh you have two choices on the side wall,this i believe is the mountain theme,here kind of on the side,and then i can kind of take you around,here to the front and show you which is,called the knife edge,you can also choose to have this design,out so a little bit different design,i chose the mountainside out this kind,of reminded me of the,ko2s per se on the inside here so far on,the first drive,pretty impressed with them im coming,from the,goodyear duratrax which i have off here,as i can tell i told you before i had um,roughly 70 000 miles on these in about,eight years,you can see kind of how theyve held up,here,good tire um so one first thing that i,would say,is with the brand new,cooper rugged tracks they are definitely,quieter than,the wore out duratrax here,i im pretty impressed with the ride,quality and and the fitment on the truck,hey guys so im in the new cooper rugged,tracks here,just going to go for a quick little,drive,see if you guys can hear the noise i,mean there its really quiet for what,these tires are,so here we go,dont even know if the microphone,is gonna pick anything up thats how,quiet these things are,i mean they are really smooth,i mean i know my duratrax were,getting to be wore out at this point but,these things dont feel like mud tires,nothing i mean they feel,really smooth on this truck,im doing 50 right now i mean i can just,barely hear them if i were to have the,radio on,you wouldnt hear it at all i mean i,have everything off,fans off air conditioners off,radios off,were kind of creeping up to 60 here,theyre 60 i mean and they are not,getting,any louder,than they were just kind of cruising on,the side streets,if they stay like this guys im pretty,impressed,with uh the design and everything of,these tires,so more to come obviously when we get a,little snow around here coming into,winter,ill test them again kind of do a part 2,video,let you know how they kind of hold up,one thing that im curious to see,this f-150 has always kind of been a,little prone,on the front two tires it doesnt matter,if im rotating them or not but it likes,to,wear on the outer edge ive had it,looked at ive had alignments done,so depending on the tire um,it matters you know as far as if the,tire holds up with a firmer,outer edge there the tires i ran in the,past,wore extremely quick on the outer edge,the goodyear duratrax,so far have been the best as far as the,wear on this truck,so im really curious to see what the,cooper rugged trick can do in that,scenario,hope you guys enjoyed well give you,some updates,when we can get this truck off road take,care,you

Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek with a surprise. Watch till end. Initial Review #cooperruggedtrek

[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],so i promised a couple of videos back,that i would do a video on the new tires,that i picked up they are the cooper,discover rugged trek,theyre brand new as of last year,theyre still limited on sizes of course,everything with supply chains is pretty,limited,but um i wanted to share my first,impressions on them and im going to,keep this real short so hang around for,a couple of minutes ill tell you what,ive discovered so far because i am,impressed,and im impressed because ive so far,taken it up to 80 miles an hour,and the truck is nice and stable this is,a one-ton truck 8 000 pounds loaded with,a bunch of crap in the back and when,tires are crappy,this truck likes to squirm it likes to,move around,so,this is really surprising because if you,look at the footage that i just posted,these are tall trends theyre,30 seconds deep,theyve got these cutouts sort of a,three-sided cutout if you noticed in the,middle of the treads,and you would think that those treads,would be moving around a lot but theyre,not,ive also driven them down about 20,miles of dirt road now ive climbed up,some hills that i normally had to put my,truck in four-wheel drive in,to stop from the back tire spinning on,the gravel,and uh that was super annoying you know,and if i didnt put it in four wheel,drive i ended up with the drivetrain,feedback and so on which is bad enough,when youre driving a one ton truck with,a manual transmission,and a dual mass,clutch theres no,anti-feedback there,theres no uh,fancy clutch lets put it that way,now,uh,have i noticed anything sort of negative,about him not so far ive had them for a,few days,uh i did pay attention to how much,gravel they picked up on the dirt roads,on the way out here because driving out,out the back of all these farmlands it,is literally just a gravel bar,on on these roads and usually youre,picking up rocks and chucking them and,stuff like that so what i did is i,counted about how many rocks i noticed,that were significant that came up and,hit the body of the truck,as i was driving around in these uh,about last 15 miles where its just pure,gravel,and i may be counted live and you can,see theres one or two in the tread,block right now,however those are ones i probably picked,up i think on the short section of road,where i was going kind of slow or up in,the field here behind me because i drove,up and around this hill behind me to see,how the the tires would hook up as best,i could i was hoping i would have a,little bit wetter conditions but its,been a super dry winter in the last,couple years and what little snow and,rain we got this year has gone already,uh,i cant say anything negative about them,these tires i picked up theyre a 10 ply,e rated tire thats what you need if,youre running a one ton or a three,quarter ton truck in my opinion that,offers the most amount of uh sidewall,and tread life uh,tread protection excuse me,so once again were off to the races,with another tire test and review ive,got the other tires actually sitting in,the back of my trucks the last ones the,last ones that i did a review on those,tires lasted a very long time,and uh they are now one of thems going,back because i paid for the warranty,coupon im going to go back and get get,that tire replaced because i did have a,separation with it last year on the way,up to canada where i was teaching long,range shooting,my tires get beat to crop generally,speaking they spend a lot of time off,pavement,getting into spots such as where i am to,teach,where i teach in the coastal mountains,of british columbia its a,low gear crawl for a good portion of the,climb up onto the top of this mountain,and were climbing up and over rocks,about like this uh just ask rob who,brought his little honda 4×4 with them,last year,he had trouble even getting up the last,couple hundred yards because that that,little suv is a or minivan or whatever,it is,uh was was uh,bottoming out on stuff,i,yeah not the right kind of vehicle but,nonetheless thats beside the point i,just want to get the point across that,this truck does get up into some pretty,rough terrain and it is fully loaded the,bed is fully loaded when were doing,this,quite often stuff on the rack as well,too,and ive got you know steel targets ive,got steel target supports,ive got ammo rifles camping gear food,sometimes a smoker and all this stuff in,the back of the truck so its way down,and uh lastly,im gonna say this is,really a very pleasant surprise,theyre quiet these tires are quiet i,got up to 80 miles an hour,on these side roads back here and,before you think im speeding or,something like that this is rural idaho,nobody gives a crap,uh,80 miles an hour,no noticeable noise unless i was pulling,a corner and then i had some of that you,know,uh,some of that sort of like squeamy,squeamish i dont know how to explain it,but just sort of a,a crisper noise as the tread blocks took,a little bit of that torsional force,and that may be because theyre brand,new treads and they have still had those,little uh little nubbins sticking off,them as well,but overall yeah guys im im really,impressed im just fingers crossed,that this is a tire that i can stay with,for a long time and all right i said i,would save the best for last on this,tire,and the best thing about these tires is,they have a 55 000 mile warranty a tread,life warranty on a tire that is pretty,much a mud tire,minus a few degrees and i will take this,tire over a mud tire any day,because this is a tire that i can tell,already with its siping will do okay in,the snow and even a bit on the ice,i will also take the wearer for this,over a mud tire because,im not out mudding im going to be,realistic here im not out mudding my,truck and beating the crap out of it,because im,not that dumb this is my daily driver,its a business truck and stuff like,that and i think you know when youre,honest with yourself about this kind of,stuff these are a better tired suit or,better suited tire for 99 of the daily,drivers out there that are trucks,and if you can get this onto an suv man,i say go for it you will love these,tires and you wont be calling me to get,yes unstuck out in the middle of the,desert,so you know who you are you know who you,are you still owe me lunch by the way

Cooper Rugged Trek VS Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Tire Comparison

[Music],hi im matt mcmurray from campus,automotive in blacksburg virginia and,today we have a comparison test between,the new,mickey thompson baja boss at and the new,cooper rugged trek hybrid tires,the first thing you notice when they see,these tires is how similar they look,well thats because mickey thompson is,owned by cooper which will soon be owned,by goodyear coincidentally so the best,applications for these tires are trucks,and suvs that spend most of their time,on the road,but are active on the weekends and might,go off-road for recreation,both have features that will probably,make them perform better than a,run-of-the-mill,all-terrain tire but really not as good,as a maximum traction slash mud terrain,tire,ill get into the features in just a,second but stay to the end of the video,to hear about the size price,and if you think i should try it watch,it or trash it now cooper actually calls,the rugged trek a rough terrain pattern,but i call it a hybrid tire both tires,compete directly with the goodyear,duratrac nitto ridge grappler yokohama,xat and the toyo open country rt so the,cooper rugged trek has two different,sidewalls,one side is called the mountain peak and,the other side is called a knife edge,both sides offer extra bike nedges and,puncture resistance especially when,aired down i guess cooper wants their,customers to have a choice to customize,the look of their truck,this is something that weve seen in,some nitto tires and some other tires,itll be really important for the shops,that mount these tires to pay attention,to make sure that all four sidewalls are,facing in the same direction,and they look the same now the mickey,thompson baja boss a t,has a more extreme rugged side biter,that sticks out way more,probably offer up a little more traction,protection when aired down both of these,tires have extremely strong sidewalls,and mickey thompson calls their sidewall,the power ply,xp so one of the things that you can,notice about this tread pattern is there,are tons of biting edges,on these tread blocks thats just going,to give you a lot of traction,off-road but see how theyve aligned,these tread blocks in a diagonal manner,going this way and alternated these,center tread blocks in this center rib,so that theres,always at all points theres always one,of these blocks,on the ground on the contact patch and,what this does in theory,is even though theres some large voids,in between the blocks,it lets it be a little bit quieter now,those whisper grooves i were talking,about,are these grooves right here that stick,up,they call them whisper grooves i call,them ribs because they sort of connect,these tread blocks together,and what its supposed to do is block,out the noise,from the outer tread blocks and,concentrate it onto the inner tread,blocks to make it quieter does it work,you know i dont know if it works or not,to me theyre still a little bit louder,than maybe an all-terrain tire you know,i dont know but but what theyve,decided is,this pattern will reduce the noise on it,now every block,has sipes and you know i like squiggly,sipes they appear to go to the bottom of,each block,thats going to give you your good wet,traction snow traction does have,a high silica compound does have stone,injector ribs,and all of these tread blocks and these,outer stone injector ribs are kind of in,a,in a line a linear fashion instead of,these little uh ribs right here so,another thing youll notice about these,tread blocks is,each each alternating tread block is,scalloped,and what thats going to do is just give,you more digging power in mud or in sand,or in deep snow particularly when you,air this tire down,it looks like that this scalloped,tread block actually continues down onto,the sidewall tread blocks,so on the sidewall theres no rim,protector this tire,is made in the usa though which thats,pretty cool,now if youll notice this particular,sidewall pattern is called the mountain,peak,see heres our little mountain and,heres our little peaks,this sidewall is called knife edge and,you can see where this pattern kind of,looks like a knife edge,on this side you see that these side,ribs are more continuous,than on the other side especially on,these,tread blocks right here but you know,when you air down its going to protect,the tire against pinches and cuts its,nowhere,near as as deep or robust,as the mickey thompson but well look at,that in a second now were on the baja,boss a t,does have a rim protector here now,because,its an asymmetric tread pattern there,is a outside and inside,so you got to make sure when theyre,mounted theyre mounted right three peak,snowflake rated,its made in the usa just like the,cooper so thats pretty cool,but youll see that these side lugs on,the sidewall this mickey thompson are,way more robust,than the ones on the cooper theyre,almost as thick as my,sharpie so this is a serious off-road,tire,made to be used aired down if you have,to air it down just going to give you,those extra biting edges and keep you,from pinching it and cutting this,sidewall,this sidewall they call it sidewall the,power ply,xd which means its got more,reinforcement particularly from this,inner bead here up to where the tread,pattern,starts it is 10 ply so its going to be,super strong,so on the mickey thompson baja plus at,it,is an asymmetric tire and you can tell,by looking at it because this center rib,here look how much,different it looks than this center rib,here you actually have two,individual tread blocks made of one,tread block like you would have on this,side,of course weve got plenty of siphon on,each block its not really squiggly,siping but it is still siping,nonetheless now this is a high,silica compound so that in combination,with the siping and the tread pattern,actually makes this three peak mountain,snowflake rated whereas the cooper is,really not,now you can see all these biting edges,and all these chamfered edges in these,different places,all this is going to give you traction,in deep snow and sand and mud,on rocks anything off-road this is more,of a robust,off-road tire youre probably going to,see more of these actually off-road than,you will the cooper,but i cause its a good combination its,a good compromise between an a t and,m t now youll notice also on this,center rib that these tread blocks,dont have as large of a void as these,outer tread blocks,and since its more continuous on the,intersection its going to be a quieter,tire,than maybe a maximum traction or a,mud-terrain tire because of,the closeness and proximity of these,different blocks but at the same time,giving you tons of traction,now the stone injector blocks on this,particular tire,are triangle shaped and they look like,they look almost like little shark teeth,in between these tread blocks thats,your stone injectors thats going to,keep it from getting punctured,by a gravel or a stone its going to,make it good for gravel roads and,whatnot,so there is a connector in between,a couple of these blocks and alternating,blocks,and maybe its that whisper groove,technology that they talked about,on the cooper it might be the same since,its all developed,in-house and owned by cooper that might,be something theyre doing to reduce the,noise on the outer tread blocks,im not sure but the main thing on this,tire is,there is a outside and inside so it has,to be mounted properly,now the mickey thompson does not have as,good of a treadwear warranty,as the cooper does but remember my,thoughts on treadwear warranties is,theyre all arbitrary,they dont make a bit of difference i,dont know where they come up with the,numbers,but the reality is youre not going to,get,55 or 60 000 miles on this tire,because its its really the way that,these things run in the high speeds and,the weight of the trucks,its just its just impossible but they,do it to kind of give you a gauge,of the quality and how long the tire,will last,id say based on looking on both tires,the coopers probably going to be a,little bit quieter

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