1. Barstool Corn Review – Sweeter Corn (Markle, IN)
  2. Mexicos Extreme Corn Obsession!! DAY to NIGHT Street Food in Oaxaca!
  3. Platte Valley Corn Whiskey Review
  4. Beijing Corns new competitor – Reddit Review #005
  5. King Corn Review – The Whole Truth
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Barstool Corn Review – Sweeter Corn (Markle, IN)

[Music],okay,another impromptu review here um,listen people who know me,know what im about no im a corn on the,cob guy,i went a whole rant i think during the,unboxing basically,and being like you know who gets [ __ ],the corn on the cob people big,corn ive said from the beginning look,at this this is a knife theres a real,knife,that the corn people have to charge more,for corn,do this corn you can get it for like 25,cents its a joke,corn people got step it up this thing,should cost four dollars,like whos ever repping big corn stinks,i can go,to the supermarket a farm stand i could,get like four or five years of corn,three years of corn for like a dollar,dude you could charge me five dollars,for an ear of corn and id buy it thats,how good corn on the cob is,its america its [ __ ] you know,flyover states its [ __ ],corn its [ __ ] corn like come on corn,charge more i want to help the corn,people,anyways i won that rant some guy,contacted hes like i heard what you,said about corn,im a corn girl my familys in the corn,game and we just appreciate it,we want to send you some corn we make,the best sweet corn going,sent me this letter and a whole box of,[ __ ] corn heres what the letter says,we hope you enjoy sweeter corn our dad,has been growing,sweet corn for 40 years think this,years corn is the best yet,the best in 40 years from a corn guy uh,if you like it we love a shout out to,sweetercorn.com,were ready to deliver instructions by,the way im like should i grill it on,the grill or boil it,right on it the instructions right on it,this this settles a long debate,fill up a pot of water and bring the,boil bring it to a boil,husk the corn which i did with these,[ __ ] pipes and boil for three minutes,add some butter or salt if you want,i did not add butter or salt i know,people are gonna be like what are you,[ __ ] crazy,heres the thing corn is so good you,dont need the butter of salt,im like 43. im trying to keep this bot,in bad shape i eat pizza every day if i,like it without the uh,butter and salt im not gonna put it on,because then ill need it,and ill get addicted to it and ill,turn it into a stick of butter you dig,um so here we go i will say the corn has,been sitting here for like two days,because ive been busy and havent done,the corn so i hope that didnt affect it,because there was like an ice pack in,which i dont,understand why i didnt think corn,needed to be cooled anyways also before,i get the corn people like stop talking,i gave this guy my address uh people are,still sending packages,i just throw them in the trash i dont,even open them im on vacation im not,doing the unboxing at my house in,nantucket i have nowhere to throw [ __ ],i dont have cleaning crews this guy,because im a corn guy,because im big corn because i support,corn because i support,the flyover states im like send me the,corn but the review will be true,one bite sweet corn the best batch in 40,years lets see,oh this things blowing one bite i love,corn,i love corn oh yeah,yep bam,how do they charge like 30 cents for,this,i dont mean to stick it to the orange,juice people,but how is a little thing of orange,juice like this big like eight bucks,and a corn on the cob is 30 cents its,preposterous,theres some great sweet corn,i know im giving out high scores i do,that chocolate chip cookie review and i,got the whole island,begging me now to come eat cookies and,call me a fraud and this and that,um but this corn [ __ ],this corn absolutely [ __ ] im gonna go,mean come on this is great corn,i can eat 14 of these no joke 14 of them,right your face not even blink,like bang 14 going see ya im gonna go,another nine six i mean this is just,great corn im gonna eat every one of,these scent,i i listen they have great corn here in,nantucket on bartletts farm too,sweetercorn.com you want to support the,corn people,this corn [ __ ] it [ __ ],this this this i would pay seven dollars,for just this just for this,thats a review

Mexicos Extreme Corn Obsession!! DAY to NIGHT Street Food in Oaxaca!

[Music],and good morning from oaxaca mexico we,are here for another fun second channel,video you know what i like about the,second channel i dont have to try that,hard,and thats what you guys like too today,we are cruising around the streets of,oaxaca can you believe ive rented a,motorbike and that thats a legal thing,i can do i dont know about recording,myself and driving that might not be,legal but im here and im making it,happen im going location to location,and asking if i could shoot in their,kitchen and seeing what kind of unique,oaxacan food i can find lets do this,[Music],all that training in vietnam paid off,good morning and welcome to our first,location right here this is a giant clay,oven ive never seen anything like it,its almost like they took a clay pot,flipped it and then made it super hot,inside so they could cook on top of it,im pretty sure they had to build it,right here out of clay you dont exactly,order one,oh its very hot um i just its okay,thats to be in,its not okay i burn my hand a little,bit its probably like 300 400 degrees,itll burn your skin instantly now this,is what theyre really famous for here,this is a triangle creation its stuffed,she closes it she seals it with a little,bit of water and then thats going to go,on the flat top right here the komat all,right shes smashing another one and,then watch what happens next boom,fillings that is dark liquid,this is what happens when you dont have,a producer same build it gets sealed and,then thats going to join the flat top,up here on the command,give it a little bit of a flip thats,looking nice,all right now shes making another one,this is a circular one looks like,theres some bean a little bit of cheese,on top,melody now shes cutting it open like a,letter from the president she fills it,with cheese and then this is fresh cream,crema and then that goes on the side,here full of cheese full of cream wow,that is incredible this is finished that,goes on the plate gracias,so this is our first meal of the day to,tell us whats really interesting when,you come to mexico youll come to,realize first of all corn is in,everything especially corn dough or the,maize or the masa its formed into so,many different shapes and sizes big,small thin fat here triangular and then,theyve stuffed it with some different,ingredients the dark ingredient im,hoping to figure it out with my mouth,because i am a food expert after all,cheers,like me its very thin,[Music],all the flavor went to the bottom like,an ice cream cone look at it just,dripping out cream thats delicious,combination of seasonings and super rich,milky cream,[Music],i guess up,[Music],theres some fresh herbs in there too it,tastes like something between coriander,and a bay leaf certainly very unique,its a light delicious snack dish number,two from this location honestly i didnt,order they just gave me the greatest,hits this is mamela this looks like a,lot of food ive seen here already to be,honest its a more thick shell cooked on,the komal and then thats topped with,seasoned beans cheese and thats kind of,it its like a giant nacho lets try it,out,[Music],thats good too but not as unique this,tastes a lot more like you think it,would you could probably imagine corn,and bean and cheese and then youre like,i know what that tastes like but this,one this ones very different and this,one,this is my drink,i just got a traditional drink one that,they give me with water and one that,they can make it with milk all right,lets try it out,[Music],oh oh thats good its like a horchata,but better cinnamon sugar milk thats,yummy so the milk corn was good but,lets try the water one,what it just tastes like a bunch of,water with sugar and cinnamon but i like,it that is the end of this location so,from here were going to go to get more,food i assume if theyll let us,[Music],the sun is going down so all the street,food carts are setting up right now,including my man right here hola signora,hey,[Music],is he do you think its a photo i want,to try this this is called dori locos,now i did have this in mexico city but,here its going to be a little bit,different version we have green salsa,flavored weve got nachos weve got,flamin hot okay i gotta try this oh they,have chocolate in us they have little,baby grasshoppers they can put on top,esto or favor,cccc,[Music],this guys like yo i can give you a,discount pie you want to discount pie,no i dont i dont need a punch all,right so as far as i know hes going to,prepare it inside the bag right here,hes cutting it open inside spicy nachos,first he puts in some corn a load of,corn that is a lot whoa okay chill out,with the corn my man lets see see a lot,of mayonnaise some spicy chili powder,going in some salt some of that too hes,putting on queso fresco a little salsa,there a little salsa there right here,the chapolinos hes gonna add a little,bit of that okay okay that is plenty,wow mucho gracias oh so we have our,chips right here its made in the bag,you put a little corn husk on the bottom,i think so itd be easier to hold on to,very nice the first bite is full of,little grasshoppers lets try it out,i actually like that a lot very sour,super salty but theres something about,the crunch in that grasshopper thats,very satisfying its got some volume to,it its making me feel full already so,thats just the chips im digging around,in here you can see theres a mix of,chips you see theres little,grasshoppers mixing in cheese mayonnaise,all of it getting nice and friendly,together its got a nice big bite that,even has some like corn hair a little,bit of everything,that is perfect the one i had in mexico,city if im honest she sauced the f out,of it it was so much sauce that it was,so sour wow heres a big chip horn,mayonnaise its just aesthetically,pleasing its very beautiful this is,incredible its a lot of food for just a,couple of bucks,the best part is its still warm the,mayonnaise in mexico is like next level,because its mayonnaise but its limey,too here we go last bite,[Music],a big worm,[Music],oh weve come to our next location here,this is very beautiful i love this kind,of pan that they have here in mexico,they call this oso comal here theres a,ton of foods cooking weve got onions,weve got pesto weve got bee steak that,is steak weve got vegetables and then,here in the middle nepalese now ive had,a million tacos but were going to try,gringas gringus is a flour tortilla its,supposed to have cheese and then,whatever meat i chew is here lets find,out if thats really how its gonna work,gringas,bista,easter bar this is fantastic shes,taking the cactus off of there the edge,is here its like a warming zone but,this is where its really freaking hot,if you want to lose all your,fingerprints you just push down here and,then you cant be caught for murder more,fun tips coming your way so this is a,flower tortilla not often seen so far in,my trip of mexico oh so thats getting,warmed up nice and toasty and soft so,now shes bringing on some of this beef,and the cheese this is like my favorite,thing they do in mexico they dont even,put it onto the tortilla yet they just,melt it they get it all ooey and gooey,and then later theyre gonna put it on,the tortilla,oh my gosh look at that so then she puts,cheese and she puts the steak inside,holds it in half and that is beautiful,so here shes putting on some herbs into,each one it looks like herbs and cabbage,if im not mistaken oh gracias hes,giving me some free characters on this,side mucho gracias here gringos now this,is something i never heard of before i,came here to mexico all i know is gringo,means white and it can mean like white,guy wait gringo just means white guy,its a gringa like a taco a white guy,would like because if thats where it,comes from i gotta say theyre,absolutely right flour with cheese and,meat yes absolutely im gonna pick this,one up right here the beautiful flour,tortilla im gonna open this up and show,you whats inside the smells coming off,here are amazing weve got so

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Platte Valley Corn Whiskey Review

[Music],were rolling,word up home chickens,no its been hes getting older,by the its fine its fine what,its fine with bouquet you are no,fun really welcome to the whiskey youre,such a debbie downer,debbie rager,this is daniel youre a ruby rager,that would be your character on a,character show you remember the cabbage,patch kids,what are you doing,where they had the cards like the,dumpster one and,uh was it cabbage patch no it was it was,uh who were the ones who had the,baseball cards dog cards but they were,like,the kid in the dumpster garbage pail,kids garbage fail kids not cabbage,matches right yeah,all right anyway hi hey oh i need to,text your comments,oh yes thats wheres your phone uh well,ill help with the whiskey while you do,that its in back here okay yeah,here rex its just sinned,just fine text doofus in a shirt,this is fine thats what i renamed you,guys on my phone did you no,that would be funny though it would be,very funny doofus in a shirt,you already know my name right on the,phone,hey siri what is my name your ex but you,asked me to call you my handsome master,oh you know yeah hey siri what is my,name,oh its not saying anything hang on hes,icing you out,yo daniel but since were friends i get,to call you amazing bastard,amazing bastard you amazing master all,right,[Laughter],you know what my name is in my kids,phone when jacksons fun what potential,spam,potential spam put me in theres,potential spam thats very funny,you know my my name in my wifes phone,huh ice,husband yeah,what does that mean apparently,that if somebody if youre an emergency,situation somebody finds your phone,ice contacts are in case of emergency,oh so youre her husband but only in the,case of emergency,yes this is my life thats not an,emergency,right who does she go to this last ditch,effort husband,in case of mercy in case all others fail,wait,wait am i just now realizing that you,guys are only married because you made a,pact,in junior high at a certain age if,neither of you were with anybody you,would get married well that wasnt a,very long pact because we were married,in our early 20s yeah well you got,desperate real quick,all right well okay so heres the thing,theres still no bottle here,yeah were gonna hey its a jug oh,we did this ages ago,okay episode 99 wow,yeah oh what was its a corn whiskey,theres a little pressure differential,from mccormick distilling,very light in color you know why because,remember the thing about corn,oh use barrels use barrels yeah or,uncharred,but they did used barrels i think so,this is three-year-old this is what,happens to corn,and this is i think 100 corn this,is um very bright shiny,crisp brittle sweet,it is theres a um its just,a really sugary honey but not deep,honey no its very like uh yeah its not,quite vanilla though,no i think if theres gonna be if the,sweetness is probably closer to like a,really watered down vanilla tea,no sweet tea really watered down sweet,tea,kind of light and pretty,its like its a little ethanol forward,on the nose for me but,oh its got some character in the um,its more than just,sweet in the palette but theres no,complexity theres just sweet with a,little barrel accent,generic sweet little barrel accent its,like a slow motion,unfolding of a little bit of a diluted,jam,yeah yeah this is a gift from the titan,of whiskey william shepherd daniel the,distance do you hear that yes,could it be,[Music],[Music],um,[Music],yeah i think hes trash titan already,really he got there in record,time im pretty sure because hes super,trashy yeah like this guy though,i mean we like sold the bottle because,we knew oh yeah,pretty trashy were gonna have a william,shepherd vault like thats how much he,sends us,theres going to be a whole room thats,just whiskey from william shepard,i really like the idea that there,becomes a point where people are sending,bottles,and then we just get really it takes a,hard left like,what are you doing what is angry about,it to this shes very,passive aggressive just aggressive this,is bush why would you send us more,look theres look we have plenty of,whiskey,already cut it out bad william,all right this is just really really,simple,right yeah it is i gotta say,for a jug of whiskey like no faults here,i think it lives up to the expectations,that were set,by the judge the jug you know what i,want to compare it to,mello corn okay,and um he left again,its fine yeah you said you like it i,im leaning towards a little bit of the,met,i dont know i dont dislike it i didnt,say i like it i said theres no,faults well like five minutes ago no,its like i like it for like a really,simple sweet thing but not im not like,i wouldnt crave it or desire it,right so mellow corn is four-year-old,already so more of a color on it yeah,and probably the same price point,its a healthy pore yeah it was an,accident mellow corn youre welcome,im just trying to get you loose brainy,texted me,asked me to do her a favor so if brienne,is taking over my,whiskey mooch because shes too powerful,you look at the comments,i have no chance no yeah but you gave me,this loose maybe i turned into the,whiskey salute,done yeah from mooch ive been,downgraded to salute,no brandy texted me and she was like hey,i got some stuff i have to tell rexman,gets home can you make sure hes like,nice and loose nice and drunk and slooty,take the edge off,nice and slooty its mustier it is,getting that there i,you know almost corn on the nose im,kind of finding,more character more uh oh yeah theres,more heft to the,yellow corn its almost like this got,turned up 25,in the taste take it sip its the,identical experience of this like sweet,candied corn and then the same little,barrel,impact but its just like this just,turned up a little,so youre saying this this isnt that,yes this uh moonshine one,uh plat valley kind of flat sweet into a,little,mild barrel impact mellow corn takes the,identical flavor profile turns it up 25,yeah with no other variations i would,agree weird right yeah yeah,now you really want to get trippy,well show you what corn whiskeys,capable of,in texas you and i were just talking,today in an earlier shoot,that if there is a category that i think,is probably,ripe for the most underrated the least,explored but theres,in terms of whiskey makers theres not a,lot of incentive,to go crazy with the corn whiskey even,though theres a,tremendous amount that you can do with,the category right everything from,the varietals of corn to the used,barrels you can still call it corn,whiskey its not going to take you out,of the category you want to be in,but the demand for it nobodys,really clamoring for corn whiskey no i,think it needs a different name but its,too late for that,now this is galconas true blue cask,strength already,this is straight corn whiskey 68 percent,alcohol the color is not right its,nonsense,this one is only 39 months old its not,even,not even four its three its so its,like a different category,these are the same age yeah look at that,same age,yeah this is this is wood oil,overly steeped tea blue corn,yeah thats the corn thats in here im,not saying thats tasting im saying,its blue corn,uh i think like a dark roasted sugar of,some kind very caramelized like think if,you,did that savory street corn and then,coated it with bread with cinnamon brown,sugar,yeah yeah and then like roasted corn and,brown sugar,really dark oaky wood oil its cool,i remember all right you want to use,like you need a knife and a fork for,this thing,oh yeah you do need a knife and a fork,for that you gotta,cut it up into bite-sized pieces wow you,could probably do fancy shapes with a,cookie cutter on that whiskey,the oh no it presents the proof that,its at,you taste every bit yeah you do but the,flavors are so,deep that they keep up with that proof,mm-hmm,um the wood the oakiness,its more of an antique wood like the,smell of an antique store i find that on,the taste,yes i find the antique store smell on,the taste but i dont really find it on,the smell,yeah i ag

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Beijing Corns new competitor – Reddit Review #005

read it okay first post lets go,stevens that be like sprain my wrists,dark side eyes,every 25 minutes,my my nose my my nose thats how you,heal a broken wrist,rolex only way to heal the wrist,the only sponsor that stephen may get,beijing corn,yo ive legit been thinking i should put,that on a t-shirt,are you guys interested no,god steven just got verified,lets go lets go verified at 343k,if you guys didnt know you can apply to,be verified when youre at 100k,ive grown so fast that i got verified,i spent three hours on this please,recognize this stephen okay,did you did you make this if im very,impressed if you did cake ace,if you dont know kaka and some,languages mean poop,[Laughter],fair play fair play if you made it fair,play to you nice,logic 100 corporate needs you to find,the difference between this picture and,this picture,theyre the same picture yo i came up,with a joke literally just like,while im thinking about the the alexa,skit i said hey why dont i just use,a piece of a roll of toilet paper ill,probably make it funnier and it did it,made it pretty funny,when your dad sees you play a game for,one minute after you study for night,sto how you play game for one minute,youre stupid,you dont know the video game is failure,that was my ptsd coming back im sorry,it doesnt help that im a huge gamer,too,im literally a huge gamer since ive,gotta be like,11 when i first started im a legit,a huge gamer get your tickets now people,back to our,[Music],oh my god this is genuinely brilliant,back to the orphanage with this failure,made by stephen,thats a beautiful quote look at that,crop look at that crumb boy,[Applause],[Laughter],[Music],back to orphanage with this,oh my god look at me ah thats thats,probably my favorite meme to date thats,my favorite meme yet,brilliant brilliant you are amazing my,[Music],friends,[Music],oh my god oh my god,fab you did not do this oh my god you,actually did this,once,i swear i saw shanghai corn what i,didnt know it wasnt a shanghai coin it,was shanghai bean,i saw it in one comment how did it,become its a legitimate thing now,its its a thing now oh my god well the,stephen heat extended universe just got,just got extended,shanghai corn is now a thing its the,neighbors coin company,thats brilliant thats brilliant i love,that,is that the same coin image its the,same coin image,what you did not just do that,how many hours did you put into,photoshop ice,well done stevens that when he realizes,hes from china,since when did this become a thing i,love it,i love it oh my god thats brilliant,well done well done quote of the day,dont cling to a mistake just because,you spend a lot of time,hes good hes good hes good look at,this baby,good meme oh my god,when the rice was not 20 thats called a,failure your dad is in your room,panic he says he came to call you for,dinner,yo at the time i was like im gonna have,alexa,read the most embarrassing thing in the,world,and the funniest thing i could come up,with is barbecue sauce that enemy,couldnt mean steve is that standard,average failure failure failure failure,i walk 20,minutes to get to school,oh actually that thats good thats,genuinely made me laugh thats fantastic,always has been youre a failure,im seriously considering turning this,channel name into stephen he failing,brilliant kill the man i killed a man,reworked old meme okay,all right little guy cool big guy cool,im stupid,what the,stevens that it proves this message,very much so,when stephen sees my pope skips,what are you whats he doing what am i,doing in the picture oh,are you trying to get me back okay okay,youre in it now youre in it now,its good me screenshotting this so when,i get to one bill i can say i was early,youre an absolute legend thank you for,being early you guys are all,okay how many how many do you have 2.3,000 members 80 online right now you guys,are,legends 2.3 000. what,thank you for coming i i like i,appreciate you guys,hanging out a whole lot that means that,means a lot to me,and and i get to hang out with you guys,and check out your creativity,which oh you the memes on this subreddit,is matt,all right thatll be it for this reddit,video thank you guys for coming we will,see you,on this channel or the main channel or,the shorts channel

King Corn Review – The Whole Truth

recently watched king corn documentary,filmed in 2007 by Aaron wolf in it two,recent college grads so to visit a,biochemist who informs them that by,examining a lock of their hair he can,tell people what theyve eaten when he,examines their hair he tells them they,are made of corn they then go to a,grocery store where they realized that,nearly every item has corn product in it,so they decide to rent an acre of land,in a cornfield in Iowa and follow the,process to see what happens to their,corn the first thing they find out they,need to do is to register their acre of,land with the Food Administration of the,US government once there they are told,that they will be paid twenty eight,dollars for that acre for growing corn,thats before theyve even done a thing,theyre then told that they need to,fertilize the land and that ammonia will,be the best thing to increase the yield,no magnesium no iron no nitrogen just,ammonia and no discussion of nutritional,value just how to maximize the yield,then they are sold seeds these seeds,have been genetically modified to again,produce a higher yield they are,genetically modified by chemical,companies to be resistant to the,herbicides that theyre going to use,later to kill weeds again all for trying,to increase yield and grow the maximum,amount of corn so a chemical company,sells them genetically modified seeds so,that the chemical company can sell them,the herbicide later see a trend then,through the course of the movie we see,the corn start to grow once the corn,gets big enough the guys decide to try,it and theyre surprised to find out,that this corn that theyre growing,doesnt taste very good they then,learned that their corn isnt going to,be served at the dinner table its going,to be used for other things such as,cattle feed production of corn,sweeteners and of course ethanol for our,cars on their one acre of land they,expect to grow ten thousand pounds of,corn roughly a third of that will be,used for F,production some of it will be used for,corn sweetener and over half of it,nearly 5,500 pounds will be used for,feed for livestock it turns out that,todays beef cattle are fed 60% corn,product industrialized cattle farms feed,their cattle primarily corn products for,six months before slaughter if they,dont slaughter them after six months,theyre probably gonna die anyways,because their health is so bad from,eating the corn US cattle use 70% of the,antibiotics consumed in America that,antibiotics is what keeps them alive,while theyre eating that corn diet we,then learned that because of the surplus,of corn production that started in the,1970s corn syrup was developed as an,inexpensive way to sweeten food and food,products high-fructose corn syrup is the,primary sweetener in u.s. products,because its cheap which keeps food,pricing down in the last 30 years the,consumption of sweeteners has gone up,30% primarily because of high fructose,corn syrup the film makers learn that,their acre of corn will have little to,no nutritional value in the marketplace,70% of corn sweeteners go to beverages,like soda drinking one soda a day,doubles the risk of type 2 diabetes just,as a side note we used to call it adult,onset diabetes but because children are,getting it in increasing numbers they,now refer to it as type 2 diabetes so,our filmmakers are told that if they go,to McDonalds or other fast-food,restaurants basically theyre eating,corn the beef or chicken that theyre,eating have all been fed cornmeal the,sodas that theyre drinking are all,sweetened with corn sweeteners and even,the french fries that theyre eating,have all been cooked in corn oil after,growing the corn our filmmakers find out,that the costs for production renting,the land the equipment that they use the,seeds and fertilizer adds up to three,hundred and fifty dollars then when they,figure based on the greatest amount of,yield and the highest pricing,the best they can hope to make is 330,dollars or a loss of $20,they were then reminded that they were,paid $28 by the government when they,registered their land theyre also told,that there are a number of other,subsidies that are will be coming their,way,that will make it profitable so,basically without government,intervention they lose $20 on that acre,so our government is creating a scenario,of readily available low-cost unhealthy,food as one man says in the movie our,government subsidizes Happy Meals not,the healthy ones the filmmakers are told,that our generation spends the least,percentage of income on food as I,watched this I thought yeah but our,generation spends the highest percentage,on healthcare costs in the end their,acre of corn is taken to the grain,elevator where it is dumped onto a giant,mountain of corn waiting to be,transported and processed I did find,this movie very educational I learned a,lot about what goes into different,products and how much corn infiltrates,our lives I definitely will pay more,attention at the grocery store and keep,an eye out for different corn products,hope this review was helpful go out and,watch this movie for yourself and let me,know what you thought make sure you,check out my other reviews on my website,real whole truth calm as well as the,Twitter and Facebook pages thanks for,watching I hope you found this,informative stay healthy and well see,you soon,you

“Corn Kid” and Drew Barrymore Taste Test Corn Soda and MORE | The Drew Barrymore Show

we have a very special edition of the,news today i am freaking out because our,guest he is a viral phenomenon,he has been taking the internet by storm,with his love of corn and do we love,i really him to read,with millions upon millions of views,your video has gone all over the world,to wreak your hand,i mean,why do you think everybody loves you so,much,mostly because,like the code bands and my level cone,but also because some teenagers were,saying i looked adorable yeah well,yeah well i have to tell you every age,of every person on this planet thinks,youre adorable and wonderful and youve,just,made people so happy and i if i had to,guess what people love about you so much,as,how happy and kind and sweet you are and,we all need that in the world right now,always yes,we certainly do,and your love of corn really popped,everybodys so impressed we know we know,you love corn what are some other things,that you love,well i also like i love watermelon,apples broccoli soccer and also school,and reading books to my baby sister,zahava,do you like reading books to your baby,sister my names lava she was born june,15th,what a good brother you are,oh my goodness,well i know that you love corn and so we,thought today for our news since its,all about you tariq i mean its all,about you we thought we would do,some fantastic food,um in food news court edition,[Applause],first up its corn soda i didnt even,know this existed have you heard of this,before uh yeah i saw it one day i saw it,in the cone palace,in the corn palace whats the corn,palace its a pet its a its a its,like its a castle bit of cone wow,thats not eatable not you cant eat it,not eatable do you think its gonna,taste good,before we taste i would like to make a,toast,[Applause],oh,wow,um,what do you think,all right next up maybe this will be a,little bit better its,dessert corn i hope you heard about this,one just bang it oh my sprinkles are,going everywhere sorry this has nutella,and sprinkles on corn you think this is,going to be good yep yep all right you,want to try it yes okay,im trying the sprinkles first okay,sprinkles first,oh my god,i know you know what,i was not looking forward to it and its,actually kind of good,do i have a little,drink what did i have to say,this is the most best cone ive ever had,in my life,[Applause],by the way heres a baby corn oh oh you,ever had baby corn,you want to try it sure,did you ever see the movie big with tom,hanks,i dont remember i dont even get what,big means well theres a famous scene in,it where he takes the baby corn and he,goes,okay outside the baby,baby corn here let me get you a perfect,one oh my god tell me what you think,it doesnt exactly taste like corn does,it it ca yeah it says like rain water,but,rain rainforest,all right you want to try it ill try it,with you,dude like tom hanks from big,its about,it tastes like rain water and tasted,like a carrot,like rain water and carrots all right,baby corn industry tariq has spoken yeah,all right well i would love for you to,try something this is a corn product,that actually isnt corn at all its one,of my favorites this is,corn with a q,but its pronounced corn and im,actually the chief mom officer of this,company so if you dont mind will you,try one of these and,yeah,okay hmm,[Applause],were so glad that you like it tariq,because corn,this wonderful company is giving you a,years free supply of corn products,you can have it any time that you want,thank you everyone,[Applause],[Music],thank you thank you thank you im so,glad that you like it and we have,another surprise for you actually um we,know you love to play and use your,imagination so our friends at the iconic,famous toy store where ironically the,movie big,has a famous scene in it its ethio,schwartz and they are celebrating their,160th anniversary and they are going to,give you a five thousand dollar shopping,spree,[Applause],oh my god,[Music]

Children of the Corn – Nostalgia Critic

[Mock Goosebumps theme playing],[Cha Ching sound],[Letter knocks door],”God dammit!”,[Thunder],”Nostalgiaweeen!,Look out,,theres bullshit about!”,[Sinister laugh],Hello, Im the Nostalgia Critic,I remember it, so you dont have to.,Its Halloween!,Time to look at another memorable movie and go,,”Ooh! That didnt age well.”,Its Stephen King Time!,[Children cheering with bouncy music],[Chime effect reveal],As usual, I have to start out praising this guy before I piss on this guy.,Because the dude does have mad talent and has written a lot of awesome stories.,But [sigh] whether they dont translate well to film or they just pick the worst ones to adapt,,his movies and mini-series rarely show the strength of his abilities.,Often resulting in hi-larious results.,”Scaring the little (voice cracks) girl?!”,[Pennywise continues the meme],And to start off this review,,how about a dramatic reenactment of how King chooses what to write about next?,[Smack],[Smack],Children of the Corn!,[Music plays],Based on Kings short story,,Children of the Corn looks at an already popular scary subject: creepy kids,,and for some reason, combines them with a yellow vegetable thats about as scary as…well, balloons.,Does it pay off?,Well, if you like to get paid in maize.,It donned tons of sequels, a cult status, and, of course, hundreds of people around the world saying,,”I think theres better King movies that could be made than this.”,Lets see if King can shock horror into shuck horror.,This is “Children of the Corn.”,The film opens up 3 years ago with the narration from a kid named “Job”,”I was the only kid in church that day.”,”The others were with Isaac out in the cornfield.”,”I didnt get to go cause Dad didnt like Isaac.,”He was pretty smart, my dad.”,[Imitates boy] I was off to my daily beating, I was.,[Imitates boy] On accout of my bowtie and that I talk like a complete tool.,But kids start to surround a cafe, led by their Amish mafia leader, Isaac, and get ready to take it down.,And with wallpaper like that, do you really blame them?,”Dont do it!”,Oh, come on this is just a Friday night at Dennys.,[Screams],After making a hand sandwich,,Job continues to narrate while seemingly having no emotional reaction talking about his father being killed right in front of him.,”It happened everywhere in Gatlin that day.”,”Thats when Sarah started drawing these pictures.”,[Imitates boy] Oh, they also served me my father at the International Hell of Pancakes,,[Imitates boy] but I really want to talk about my sisters drawings.,We then cut to 3 years later where a, just graduated, doctor wakes up in a hotel.,[Suspenseful music],(Sarcastically) Well gee, with the lack of detail theyre showing in this scene, Im just positive something terrible is about to happen.,(FWEE!),(Laughter),[Imitates woman] I hope my fake out music didnt wake you.,This is Burt, played by Peter Horton, and Vicky, played by Linda Hamilton, at…,What do you think? One? Three?,”I got a couple things you could work on.”,[DING!] 2 packs of cigarettes a day.,”Lived happily ever after.”,”Is that a proposal?”,”No.”,Theres heading toward an internship, while mockingly making of fun of preachers on the radio.,I…guess thats a thing.,”Theres no room…for the fornicators!”,”Amen. Peanut butter and white bread!”,”No room for people who watch public television!”,”No room for commitment!”,”Amen!”,”Come on.”,[Imitating Vicky] As someone who likes to make fun of religious practice,,[Imitating Vicky] I hate that you wont commit to that religious practice.,And, of course, the internship is just near our town of tiny, pointless narrators.,”We werent the only ones who thought Isaac was weird.”,But, I, [Snickers] slaughtering a village falls into the weird category?,How about,,[Imitates boy] We werent the only ones who thought Isaac was a buzzkill.,[Imitates boy] In that he killed you with a buzz saw if he didnt like the way you looked.,One kid tries to escape the madness to get help, leaving his 2 friends behind.,”Now, listen, you tell anybody Im gone,”,”if you tell, youre going to burn in the lake of fire for all eternity.”,”We wont.”,”Cross your heart? Hope to die? Stick a needle in your eye?”,[Snickers] Why do you even have that rhyme? It sounds like the lake of fire would be a million times worse.,”(Shouts) Okay! Go!”,[Girl, off screen] “Nobodys looking! Nobodys looking!”,[As escapee] Thanks for shouting my escape, you little dumbasses.,[As escapee] Ill be sure to let you keep my head if they remove it from my body.,No real surprise, they do end up finding him.,But not before, like I said, they try to make corn actually scary.,No, theyll fill me with dietary fiber!,So, one of the kids finds him, and kills him.,Gee, I cant imagine how they were tipped off to that.,”Nobodys looking! Nobodys looking!”,But, luckily, our 2 main characters are there to save the day…,…Well, that could have gone better.,”Hang on.”,”Let me check.”,”Let me check.”,Yeah, make sure shes okay before you check on the kid you steamrolled with your car.,Youre going to be a great doctor!,”That was an animal?”,[Imitates Burt] Uh, yeah, an animal. Lets go.,He goes to check on the kid, noticing that his throat has been slit.,”So, I want you to go back to the car and wait for me there, understand?,”And keep all the doors locked until I get back.”,”Why? Where are you going?,”Ill tell you when I get back. Just do what I say.”,It…is a little weird telling Sarah Connor to wait in the car;,I dont think your sensitive mind can hear the truth yet.,Its like telling the Rock not to look at a paper cut, or hell pass out. Its just weird.,But she eventually cant take it and finds that she has to look at the body herself.,”Im so sorry.”,”Vicky, Come on.”,”*Gasp* Bert.”,[Imitates Vicky] Oh Burt, I just had the worst jumpscare dream.,[Imitates Vicky] It didnt tie into the story and was completely pointless.,[Imitates Burt] Its okay. We still killed a kid.,[Imitates Vicky] Oh thank God, that calms me down.,So, they put the kid in the trunk and drive off, because…,That doesnt seem fucking suspicious.,As they try to forget about their kid-killing by putting on the radio.,Thatll work.,”Only by the blood of the Lamb are we saved!”,*Click*,”Getting tired of that crap.”,[Imitates Burt] I mean, how many King films have religious bashing now?,[Imitates Burt] You could make fucking playing cards out of it.,”I really think we should open it.”,They also decide to open up the kids briefcase, because,bad enough they killed him, they might as well rob him too.,”Jesus Christ!”,”Not in my book.”,”Looks like some primitive folk art.”,”I think its repulsive.”,Sheesh. Ive seen more tolerance from Bill Maher on Islam.,Did a church sting you as a child or something?,”Good…boy. Sorry…”,They…surprisingly come across a mechanic who seems to be the only adult left in town.,Which is kind of odd. Did they keep him around because he was the only mechanic?,Were there…really no adults needed alive for anything else?,How about someone who knows the password for the adult sites?,”Uh weve had ourselves a…”,”I aint got no gas.”,”No. I..I dont need gas.”,”We aint got no diesel fuel neither.”,”Your telephone. I need to use your phone…”,”Telephone? I aint got no telephone.”,[Imitates mechanic] We aint got no kids, and we aint got no corn either.,[Imitates mechanic] In fact, Im not even here. Who you talkin to? Im just a scarecrow.,”Now you get on that right fork there and youll be in Hemingford in no time.”,But they make a Korean BBQ out of his dog and decide to kill him off.,Because…,after 3 years of fixing stuff, never escaping, and telling nobody about the mass slaughter that happened in that neighborhood,,its finally time to kill him because he told 2 people NOT to go in their neighborhood!,They make better choices following the church of the magic 8 ball!,[Imitates Vicky] I find that sign shaped, the tiniest bit, like a cross REVOLTING!,As they continue to get more lost,,we the

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