1. Honest Review of Course Hero Benefits, Features, And Costs
  2. Is Course Hero A Scam? My perspective/experience as a tutor (Negative)
  3. COMMON REASONS FOR REJECTION IN COURSE HERO| Course Hero application 2021
  5. HOW I EARNED PHP 213,565 ONLINE | COURSE HERO | with OWN PROOF of INCOME | Norie Rances Official
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Honest Review of Course Hero Benefits, Features, And Costs

The experience of getting a degree can be,very fulfilling, but also a difficult path to walk through, especially when you dont,receive clear instructions from your professors.,Were here to tell you that its completely normal to feel this way.,In fact, there are many students in the same situation as you that can,offer huge help without knowing you at all.,So today were going to give you,everything you need to know about Course Hero.,At Gradehacker,we strive to give you the best resources to help you through College,,and we are used to hearing all these types of doubts.,We decided to review Course Hero to let,you know if their service is a good fit for you.,If you dont want to miss college,disrupting information, subscribe, share and like this video.,Okay, lets begin with Course Hero features and benefits.,First, we need to talk about what Course Hero is.,The website is a resource sharing platform where other students can post through,different college papers, assignments, labs, discussions, and the list goes on.,You may access many study materials through an unlock system that allows its,users to post that little extra help you need to start writing.,We found three main features this website provides to College students.,Number one, Document Sharing. With this option, youll be able to see all,the posts from other users that have taken your same classes,,and this includes essays, lab reports, and pretty much any other written work.,So if someone feels proud to share their,work, youll definitely find it in this place.,Something that worries most people,as the belief that Course Hero encourages students to plagiarize and cheat.,This platforms main intention is to be,recognized more as a massive group of students that support and help each,other with information more than stealing the content to present as your own.,Remember, the idea is not to copy from them, but more like taking,inspiration and guidance from others experience.,Lets move on to the second feature.,24/7 expert Tutor Assistance.,This is a really good feature where you can ask an expert tutor a specific,question about a subject youre interested in.,You wont have to wait too long for an answer,since the reply is really fast, you can get it in less than 15 minutes via email.,This is an excellent way to clear doubts when you are stuck in any particular area.,Feature number three,,Textbooks Solutions Options. This is a new feature on the platform,,so its probable that you wont find many options in their catalog for now.,Whats cool about this is that you can get solutions or even explanations,for different textbook questions and activities.,Pretty helpful, right?,So to gain access to all these features,,of Course here works with a system that functions with unlock points.,With this system, youll be able to read,and download complete archives and access other features from their site.,Now you can gain unlock points in three different ways: posting your own content,,reading other peoples submissions, or getting a paid subscription.,This is how a document generally looks on Course Hero before you unlock it.,If you are not a patient person,,keep in mind that this process is very unexciting.,Of course, the more you share and rate, the more unlock points you will get.,But if you dont have time to lose,and need to get your work done asap, the system will turn out negative for you.,Okay, this is probably one of your questions.,How much does Course Hero cost?,As explained before, you can use Course Hero,features for free as long as you get unlock points.,But its a very tedious process,,and if you become a regular user, it will take you valuable time.,So to avoid this situation,,theres a paid subscription option that offers you next level benefits.,24/7 homework help from their expert tutors.,Unlock 30 documents per month.,Access Course Heros library of over 25 million core-specific study resources.,Unlimited access to textbook solutions, which are step by step explanations,to popular textbook questions verified by educators.,The pricing will depend on the type of monthly subscription.,For example,,if you decide to go from a monthly plan, you will pay $39.99 per month,,if you choose the quarterly option, you will pay $19.95,,and if you pick the annual plan, you will only pay $9.99 per month.,At this point, we highly recommend that you analyze,everything we have told you about Course Hero and then decide,if it will be a helpful resource for you to get through a single hard class or,for your entire degree.,Is Course Hero the right fit for you?,Keep in mind that all educational,platforms are very different, and you will know if you found a good one,when you feel comfortable and satisfied while using it.,Fortunately, the Course Hero platform is,very easy to use, even if youre not a technology expert.,We know that getting the features with a free subscription is tedious,,but the paid subscription options are very affordable, and you can see it as,an investment in your education to get good grades.,Are sites like Scribd and Quizlet similar to Course Hero?,Were in a 50/50 torn position with this question.,They both have things in common, but theres a visible difference,in the quality of content and usage between each other.,For example, Quizlet is a sharing platform,,but here students share their own created resources like guides and memory games.,So even though Quizlet and Course Hero can,complement this feature, they cant replace each other.,On the other side, we have Scribd.,A document sharing platform that works with similar unlock system.,However, it is not meant explicitly for College related content.,Our final verdict.,As we mentioned before,,the Course Hero Free Membership allows you access to unlocks by different methods.,Sadly, we assure you the system is not,the most convenient if you are a having a hard time with your classes,and constantly need access to helpful content.,Also, we have a plagiarism factor.,Remember that if you copy the same word,for word content from a resource found on Course Hero, it could be identified,by online checkers like Turn It In or other College plagiarism check softwares.,If your professor discover something familiar in your document,,you will most likely raise a red flag and your grade will be affected, or worse.,Maybe youre in a different situation and you just dont have the time to look,over someones notes to summarize and make them different and coherent.,Dont lose your head over this.,If you feel overloaded or want to take,early steps, you can always look for other options.,Course Hero and many other services can be that helping hand,you need to get guidance, so we really hope that our review helps,you make an informed choice on whether you will use it or not.,If you want to see this video as a blog, the link is in the description below.,Please subscribe, share, and like this video so you can be,part of the College Disruptor Community. Until next time!

Is Course Hero A Scam? My perspective/experience as a tutor (Negative)

okay so I am a student who uses course,hero and Ive been using it for quite a,while every time Im on campus and Im,connecting from campus Wi-Fi I do my,homework there and I use Coursera to get,the answers that I dont know myself,or if I do know the answer and Im,afraid that I might be wrong I ask,course hero now normally Ill get a,response from a foreigner lets say,theyre an Indian or you know somebody,that doesnt speak native English and,theyll give me the wrong answer four,simple questions,such as,this particular question what what type,of firewall filtering is allow our the,firewall the blah-blah-blah-blah-blah,so the questions obviously or the the,answer is dynamic but theyll tell me,that its cheap if you supply the whole,question on course hero including the,multiple choice answer the tutors will,just pick something random and give it,to you thats just what Ive experienced,so I decided that if people can give me,wrong answers on course hero and get,paid for it then what if I make my own,account my own tutor account and I give,students the right answers I would make,so much money well thats not the case,so I made a tutor account and this is,what happened,so over the course of ten days I I,answered ten eleven twelve thirteen,questions something around there I,didnt put too much time and effort into,it I specifically did this to test and,see if course hero really was a scam,of course hero was a scam as people are,claiming he didnt search up you know,course hero scam and obviously youll,find either angry people whove been,tutors or students that got the wrong,information or you know what I mean but,I personally wanted to see if it was a,scam now I dont know if people have,actually been paid by tutoring on,Coursera but this is my belief this is,my conspiracy okay so it took them about,10 days to finally permanently ban me,for fraudulent activity by the way there,was no fraudulent activity done in fact,I can show you exactly how I pick and,chose which questions to answer on page,one of search you will always find,answers posted and date asked and these,are the questions that nobody else had,answered and theyre up for grabs that,means that if you answer it and you,answer it you dont even have to answer,it correctly because people have been,giving me false answers and you know,then my grade up but I actually,I answered these things legitimately I,gave them legitimate answers I put a,little bit of time and effort into it,for questions that werent,like out of this world some people post,things like lets just pick this at,random okay homework number two for,whatever this is,I bet its incredibly long its actually,not too bad but normally people ask,questions that are huge like homework,assignments with 20 different questions,and theyll be worth maybe 2 dollars and,80 cents you know and actually 2 dollars,and 80 cents thats pretty good for,doing somebodys homework thats not too,difficult for you if youre really good,at it,right well course hero will do you like,this to put it so summarized okay it,takes 14 days for course hero to verify,that you deserve the money,so after youre submitted as the best,answer thats when the 14 day process,begins so it takes 14 15 or 16 days for,the money to finally go into your,account and you get paid out you have to,hit a $20 threshold which was my goal,that was just the goal here $20,threshold and then see if they pay out,this isnt loading because this is on a,VPS or a rat you know rabbit if you know,what rabbit is anyway so course hero,this is the Terms of Service all all,Terms of Service for websites are like,this okay they have no desire to be,liable for any damages or anything like,that,if if somebody posts wrong information,theyre not liable for it if you get,infected with malware because people,uploaded malicious PDFs to course hero,and you executed it theyre not liable,for it people can upload a lot of,different stuff to course hero and PDFs,being one of them they can be malicious,by the way,so of course hero is not liable for any,of this but most of all course hero can,find any reason to ban you and lets go,back to this email we have terminated,your account and no further payment,obligations are required that is the,main problem they are not required to,pay you if they feel that you dont,deserve to be paid and they can be in,you at any time just like they did for,me,they actually banned me three or four,days before payout day came and thats,what I was testing for now where I, up I actually gave them my social,security number thats bad who knows,what course hero could do with my social,security number they might not be a,legitimate company even though they,claim to be lets go here now they claim,to be an accredited business and,protected by Norton secure which is,probably garbage anyway whatever,they claim to be an accredited business,I dont know about that I I just dont,know about that so this is what I did,after they banned me I decided to make,another account to see if they would,activate it and just like that within 12,hours they activated a new account now I,did it on a VPS rabbit if you want to,call it a VPS or rabbit whatever you,want to do its its a completely,different IP actually I can make another,course hero account on my current IP,address and they would activate it,anyway,the reason why I say that is because,theyre not consistent and the things,that they tell you so for one of the,questions,for one of the questions that I answered,on Coursera for a student the student,asked me to go find a question out of a,textbook the student didnt provide the,the question from the textbook but the,question required me to show the steps,on how to find your CPUs chipset and I,actually went to a forum and I took the,the steps to do that and I posted it as,my response and the student chose a,great job because I actually gave him,what he wanted I answered this question,and course Hiro they either have an,automated system to check and see if,its a plagiarized response or somebody,manually did it a moderator flagged it,as plagiarized and they gave me a,warning,they didnt ban me and they didnt they,didnt remove the answer they just told,me thats plagiarism dont do it and,they left my my response to the student,up there so there was no consistency,there they didnt care that it was,plagiarized they left it up there even,though it was plagiarized and I still,got credited for it,you kind of understand where Im coming,from if they felt that it was actual,plagiarism they would have removed the,response and I would not have gotten,credited with it now well lets move on,from that,it didnt matter whether I got credited,or not because they in my opinion were,going to ban me anyway they were going,to ban me for any reason they saw fit so,they did not have to pay and that is,where this comes in course hero scam,searching up those particular keywords,well lets just go with the first result,okay so there have been 50 people that,are angry with course hero for whatever,reason either course hero disabled them,because the fraud or who knows I didnt,I didnt read through all of them the,generalization was that course hero is a,scam and people were getting treated,like garbage also apparently students,when they unlock their course hero,account when they pay the 20 or $60 for,the year a lot of the content that,course hero claims to have its just the,textbook and not actually the answers to,the questions in the textbook whatever,its all cheating anyway but the point,is that course hero is supposed to be,offering this stuff and it is faulty,advertising but then lets go back to,the tos or tou or whatever you want to,call it Terms of Use they are not liable,for any false information theyre not,liable for anything if you get infected,with a virus if you unlock the service,and no fun what you want,theyre not even liable if,tutors give wrong answers which I have,experienced and thats exactly why I,made a course hero account so I could do,the opposite

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welcome back to my youtube channel so,its me again,this video,rejects application of course,okay i have six reasons,reason number one on his educational,attainment,is high school only,required um college ongoing ongoing,college,and bachelor doctorate,uh,is,now lets go on to reason number two,okay now reason number two incomplete,documents little passover,reminding custom grids,[Music],reason number three too many subjects,four categories,chosen,for example for example,foreign,application process,[Music],okay,number five is connected accounts,of course address,for example same email,same now phone,[Music],foreign,and now lets go now son next reason,come back,and application multiple,applications,applications,okay,[Music],[Music],is,[Music],[Music],[Music],hello,and now thank you so much for watching,this video,dont forget to subscribe and hit the,notification bell,notifications,[Music],goodbye

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[Music],hi guys and welcome back to my channel,so its your girl and teddy,and for todays video i will be,answering,questions,[Music],[Music],just watch this video so to make our,lives,easier they divide into three parts,so first part is questions and directed,about four zero second part is for those,aspiring tutors,um and third part is,[Music],so first question that i always get is,a horse hero so um the answer is no im,no longer a tutor,um of course i got removed due to,violations and,warnings,and warnings it is possible to get,removed,as a shooter and it did happen to me so,um,um,[Music],home grades um and last question that i,always get,is subjects so,my subjects were health science and,biology so under that health science,nursing,so,[Laughter],microbiology anatomy pharmacology,so manga subjects course hero,so lets move on to the second part of,the video you want general questions,questions apply or aspiring tutors,so,[Music],or testimonies or updates regarding,course hero,please do join the course hero facebook,group,are aware of updates and,stories so are they still hiring,so yes bonkers um,i dont think so,um they just wait for tutors to apply,talent,high school supports heroes,they only accept a minimum qualification,is college level ohio so right now,[Music],professionals college graduates,with honors tapos and maladins lister so,i think,since,[Music],so um requirements of course,um,[Music],so just take a screenshot of your grades,so what kind of questions are being,asked,because,[Music],objective and objective data so say,students,[Music],[Music],so it really depends on the question and,the student,so another question is live teaching,publisha or,live chat so the answer is,its purely text based and non-voice so,what happened,live anything in the crucial life so,taipei talaganga,so all you have to do is click that link,and um,uploading requirements just use my,referral code so your referral code is,im nothing to gain,um its all for you guys para langua,prioritize for you,in your application so do use that,referral phone,oh and i will be making another video on,how to apply to force hero para magaya,mala um just during april um and they,want to see it step by step,so next can i reapply somehow,now reject my application you as far as,i know,once long before they would apply,because,[Music],make sure that your requirements are,ready,so next is,so as far as i know again,scenarios,asking for the machine requirements,[Music],watch my video i created uh that video a,few days ago,so next is a phone book where they fell,months ago,so i want to,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],so at the last question for this part,so um you can use google do not,plagiarize,but again,um search for ideas to,get references,its considered as plagiarism so course,hero,absolutely does not tolerate plagiarism,plagiarism so last part of the video,is for those new tutors,interested,of course hero so you know,um as,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],48 hours name is um closing for no,question so time now closing the,question,and within those 48 hours simply sign up,for the irrigation,student youre answering either helpful,and helpful or no,raping so wait long for final 48 hours,after you know the new question and,magruder reflects,so another common question is,subjects so,[Music],[Music],um update now horse hero is,objects,[Music],[Music],let them handle the issue so email,a screenshot near your question rating,or your comments and it directly,supports in the course here so i guess,thats all,not,[Music],um,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],kingdom warning for spamming so,nothing or the time of comments are,going on,just skip the long question it will not,be worth it,warning regarding,[Music],now if you encounter an issue with a,platform or with a student or with,another,tutor,support and last of all,[Music],[Music],so just answer questions you are,confident of,so i guess that will be all for my video,and your manga questions,is comment it down below and i will try,my best again to answer,your questions,based on my experience and my knowledge,it may differ from other true doors,experiences or other peoples,experiences but these,are my experiences and my tips nagus,story shares about,and i would really like to thank,everyone who watched my video,and um sobra im im happy for those,nanakim truth or napon of course here,im so happy for you guys,its a great platform make the best out,of it and,you get some warnings and violations for,those,um im trying my best to look for other,platforms,similar to course,so thank you so much everyone for,supporting me i will create another,video on how to apply,two course heroes so thats all guys,thank you bye

HOW I EARNED PHP 213,565 ONLINE | COURSE HERO | with OWN PROOF of INCOME | Norie Rances Official

hey guys this is Lori Francis and,welcome to my channel if youre new here,please do click on subscribe button and,the notification Bell foreign,websites since this is non-voice and,backspace so to learn more about this,way of earning online I hope you stay,tuned and watch till the end of this,video,[Music],thank you the platform that Im talking,about is four zeros I am currently a,horse hero tutor and my subjects Focus,mainly on finance faculty and other,business related subjects so since I am,an accountant,as of today on total lifetime earnings,Cosa platform NATO I,3883 US dollars per equivalent to 213,565 pesos,so Ill be discussing about the overview,of the company qualifications way of,earning code of payment device to be,used documentary requirements the actual,application process pros and cons and,some helpful tips and also my honest,review about this platform so lets,start,course hero is an online platform where,students can access study materials and,get guidance from tutors in,understanding Core Concepts in different,subject domains so this is a platform,wherein uh students and tutors,communicate through type print index,support among students they have a,subscription plan,study materials and at the same time,they can ask True Tours regarding,clarifications or explanations in a,certain topic on the other hand support,and Shooters like me we can earn money,by answering questions posted by,students,qualified shooter applicants platform,NATO,First Federal college students so this,is a perfect opportunity para,um,students while still in college and,secondly is human college graduates now,third president among professionals,fourth manga degree holders fifth stay,at home,but thats sad to say,a high school students,questions,and then as a true tour we can select,questions,you can earn from a minimum of three US,Dollars up to 20 US dollars per answered,question based on my experience,19 US Dollars say some questions,and this is about uh more than thousand,pesos when converted to our money it is,important to note about the rating,system here in four zero so the students,will rate your answer whether it is,helpful or not important adapt precise,and Malinois some more questions and,students otherwise chances,students we which will affect your,overall helpful rate percentage,if you have a low overall rate course,Hero has the right to put you on,probation for several days meaning,questions or words,permanently is a platform going back to,students ratings,[Music],dollar earnings more and at the same,time Tata has been young overall rate,more,foreign,so here in course hero we are receiving,our earnings through PayPal and then,from PayPal you can transfer it directly,to gcash Ill be creating a separate,tutorial on this and how to transfer,your funds from PayPal to gcash directly,so stay tuned for that going back to,PayPal important,PayPal name and PayPal email address,the minimum withdrawal amount is 20 US,dollars so if you have less than 20 US,Dollars you have to accumulate earnings,until my reaching 20 US Dollars and then,thats the time that course hero will,allow you to withdraw your earnings and,transfer it to your Paypal account based,on my experience,1920 US dollars not threshold I,immediately withdraw my earnings from,course hero because youll never know,Bahama putka on probation,earnings,so at least once a PayPal secure name,earnings score,in the application process,students questions,[Music],and documents showing your educational,background,college diploma a professional,certificate or license Feathering,transcript of Records,second is a photo of your government,issued ID or school ID kailangan DTU,front and passport third is a clear,photo of you holding the same ID next to,your face,before you start the application process,first go to course hero website I will,put the link in the description box,below you can check it out you will be,directed such truth or sign up page so,as you can see here the potential earn,income is up to,1500 US dollars per month so when,converted to pesos that is around 82 500,pesos,so to get started lets click on apply,now,so here you can now create your tutor,account uh you will type in your email,address and then your username or,display name and then your password and,then click on the check box and click,sign up as tutor,so you will be directed to a page,wherein it says you are now on your way,to becoming a shooter with steps one to,four so step one you have to enter the,required information this consists of,three sections,first section is about your basic,information and then second is regarding,your background and expertise third is,additional information on how you heard,about course hero and then if you have a,referral code you can enter it here,which is a fun fact I was initially,rejected in my application in course,hero the reason for rejection is that I,have chosen too many subjects which are,not fit or in line with my educational,background,supports hero I send an email to course,hero team para I reconsidering,application and luckily I was given the,chance to reapply during my application,course hero team sent me an email with,important steps and reminders to follow,to avoid rejection again they also asked,me to put their referral code acq,because,applications referral code and also this,gives a higher chance of getting your,application approved so step two be,selecting your subjects you want to,tutor in,make sure name subjects would be related,supports and educational background more,and also,submitted documents,so as you can see here uh the subjects,are maths business science engineering,and Technology Arts and Humanities and,social science you can select up to 20,subjects,and also note Nissan subjects may,require knowledge quiz in the next step,step 3 would be to test your knowledge,in this step you need to complete the,knowledge quiz as required in your,selected subjects,luckily some of the subjects in the PD,code will require that knowledge quiz,okay I can proceed to the next step,right away so here you will be asked to,read and agree to fountains terms of,service and privacy policy,youll just have to click on the check,box and click continue,next is a notification regarding,education and identity verification,lets just click uh lets begin,so now we are in Step 4 which requires,you to provide credentials,is an external website which will,require you to upload your platoon,documents,once done uploading you will see this,page saying now were processing your,application please allow up to five,business days for us to review your,application,and then you will also receive an email,from them uh to notify you that they,have received your application if it is,important to check your email always,because once your tutor account is,approved they will notify you via email,so this is the email that I have,received from course hero when my tutor,application was approved so whats next,upon approval youll have to read,helpful articles regarding answering a,question warnings violations and,probations and also withdrawing your,earnings once done you just have to,click start answering questions and,youre now on your way to answering,student specials in course hero and,earning money online if you want me to,create a separate walkthrough video,regarding the course hero tutor,Dashboard please let me know in the,comment section below,hero platform,so first lets discuss the pros or,advantages of using this platform,first is this platform is non-voice and,text-based so,much because they dont have to,communicate verbally to the students in,order to teach them,so next is the flexibility,this uh can be done on your own,convenient time so anytime students,questions you may do so next one is you,can earn while you learn based on my,experience,[Music],ideas and Concepts,way back in college and then I got to,share them with the students as well and,lastly you can use your mobile phone or,laptop in this platform,this would be an advant

HOW I EARNED ₱70,000+ IN 3 MONTHS AS A STUDENT | Course Hero Tutor

[Music],hi guys and welcome back to my channel,so its your girl,ansetti and for today this,years work,or sideline,pesos as a student you know full-time,student in just three months,also this um lugging work or this,platform,um,[Music],and this platform is non-voice its,purely text,based and so brown easy language,requirements you just need,two requirements you dont need a,bachelors degree in,graduate experience and if you guys want,to find out from another,game workout stay tuned,um is chorus hero so encore studio is a,study resource among students,so yes you are considered as a tutor,as a course hero or kappa,so another great thing about this,platform is that you dont,need to be a graduate of any course you,dont need a bachelors degree,[Music],[Music],[Music],they can send an email right away or,minsand,at least five working days,confirmation emails,and you considered as a tutor will help,them answer,their queries so a minimum nabayan,question is three dollars its the base,price,per minus eighteen dollars this,is one question so imagine three dollars,one hundred fifty pesos is at least ten,questions at least me thirty dollars,one thousand pesos,[Music],is of course hero so super delilah,website um,nothing available,after 14 days it transfers a paypal,account,other rewards and you upload for access,rewards,documents requests for accessing,some students,[Music],so this will be available for cash out,only after,14 days and yung saba bana manpo maha,kita nathani,foreign,500 usd or 70 000 pesos,a money earned section so it really is a,paying platform,so moving on to the pros and cons of,this,platform so yeah um,upon applying hindi mahalana interview,hindi,or virtual you can answer through phone,through your laptop pasta,internet or data and have more smoothie,can answer anytime anywhere,and you know go also,the pros also is that you can answer as,many questions as you want well action,limit so the more,questions that you answer the more money,you earn,you only have to answer questions that,you are sure of,so about this platform,um,although me maintaining rating,making sure now youre only providing,the necessary,answer and explanation to the students,explain so lets move on to the cons,yes,the benefit outweighs the young consumer,platform,so the cons number one is that um,support nila is,you know thats also still a good thing,because they can make reporting issues,or,emailing issues that you encountered in,the platforms,um another con is that it takes,16 days to process your payments,can either be helpful and helpful or no,rating,so indeed unh,so um the next con is that students can,make you whatever they want,everything was there but,for today um i hope you guys try this,platform,especially some of our students,internet my laptop say a new,[Music],[Music],um,[Music],[Music],one of the best paying platform and the,most flexible talaga for,us students so thats it guys,thanks for watching

Course Hero Tutor Job – Best Online Tutoring Jobs from Home? ($1,500+ Per Month)

is a course hero tutor job really one of,the best online tutoring jobs and can,you really earn,more than fifteen hundred dollars per,month from home by doing this this is,what you will find out in this video my,name is michael and many viewers have,asked me about this platform because i,have tested hundreds of different free,ways to make money online and in this,course hero preview i will go over both,the pros and the cons of it so you can,find out if this is the right,opportunity for you or not,so lets start by going over the basics,of who can join because course hero is a,platform where you can find as a student,all kind of resources to get help and,that means they also need need tutors,and thats where you come in because you,can earn by becoming a tutor and you can,join from around the world of course,there are certain requirements so lets,start by going over how to sign up how,to apply what kind of tutoring jobs you,can find there and then of course how,much you can earn,so if you decide this is for you you,would just need to go to the website and,click to apply now and then you can see,you just need to fill everything out and,what you need to be aware of is that,it can take you around 40 minutes to,fill out this application form so its,not something you can just do like in a,couple of minutes you need to take the,time to do this properly because you,need to provide some,basic information about who you are what,you can help with and then you also need,to upload your id and academic,credentials because they want to make,sure that you actually know something,about the topic that you want to tutor,in and to get paid to today so later i,will also go over what kind of topics,you can become a tutor in but this is,just something you need to be aware of,this is something you need to take the,time to do and then you will get,approved within seven days and then you,can start making money by tutoring of,course there is no guarantee you will,get approved that depends on everything,and your credentials and how you fill it,out so take the time to do this properly,but lets then go over what kind of,topics can you get paid to tutoring,one thing that is really good to know,also is that you can find tutoring jobs,in basically more or less any academic,topic you can see everything from,writing journalism and artificial,intelligence marketing algebra law,psychology nursing health sciences like,a lot of different topics and what you,also need to be aware of as you can see,in the faq section that you do not,necessarily need to be a certified tutor,or professor but you do need to have,some kind of credentials to prove that,you have expertise in the categories so,thats important to just keep in mind,but you do not need to be a professor or,certified tutor so do not worry about,that as long as you have credentials,that prove that you do have knowledge,about one of these topics and what kind,of questions do you then might get lets,just look at that,so you can see on the website also i,really actually like this because they,show some examples of what kind of,questions you would have to answer so,then you can get a sense of whether this,is something you feel comfortable with,or not because you see,an example of a question you know you,can see the question there and then you,can see the tutors answer you can read,more and then you can read the whole,thing so you see its not super long,answers but you do need to have,sufficient knowledge to be able to write,this fairly easily because if not it,just becomes ineffective but you see,they have a lot of different ones they,are also examples so i would suggest,that you go here find some exams of the,category that you want to tutor in see,what kind of questions it is and then to,see if you think that okay this is this,is something that i can do and you need,to do this before applying because you,do need to spend quite some time,applying so then this is really great,that they give us the chance to see this,before applying so definitely make sure,to check that out so you can see if you,have the skills to do this job and then,of course we do need to talk about how,much can you earn and how can you get,paid,so on the website it very clearly says,that you can make more than or up to,1500 plus dollars per month and what is,important to notice here is that it says,make up to it does not mean that you are,guaranteed to earn 1500,per,month just for signing up because this,is for the monthly top tier tutors so,these are the tutors these are actually,people that are earning this much so it,is possible but these are for the top,tutors so you need to put in quite some,time you can control yourself when you,want to work and thats of course great,but to earn this much of course you do,need to put in quite a bit of effort and,of course as they also say actual,earnings may vary depending on the,number of questions answered of course,right and the category so there can also,be some different categories that is,possible to make more in if you can,reply to questions there and also the,difficulty of the questions and the,quality of answers and other factors so,there is no exact formula that can tell,you how much can you earn of course in,general the more effort you put in the,more you can earn but fifteen hundred,dollars you should expect to put quite a,lot of effort into this but it is,possible if you have the knowledge to,quickly reply to questions and give,quality answers and have quite a bit of,time to put into this but,in some cases you might not earn a lot,it might be difficult to reach a 100,200,that all depends on how you actually use,the platform i just want to make that,clear so you know that this is a,potential you can reach that so you can,earn quite good money but its not,something you should expect to do right,after you join because that is only the,top earners that earn this much as for,how you can get paid you will get paid,out via paypal so you do need the paypal,account to be able to pay but then its,also a really nice way to get paid,because its an easy way to get your nx,out in cash,so to sum it all up course hero is,definitely,legit true to job you can do from home,and it is flexible because you can,decide when and how you want to work but,of course you do need certain skills you,need a background you need to be willing,to put in a bit of effort to apply,and then also you need to be aware that,how much you will earn will vary from,person to person there are some people,that earn more than fifteen hundred,dollars per month but its not something,you should expect right after joining it,will take time to reach that level but,if you are an expert in any of these,areas that they looking for tutors in,then it can be a way to earn some extra,money in a very flexible way but if you,are looking for other ways to also earn,where it does not require you to have,specific skills or to go through a long,application process then i will also,leave links below to more information,about options i have for that but no,matter what i hope this video helped you,and if you did then make sure to hit the,like button and also dont forget to,subscribe to my youtube channel and hit,the notification bell so you wont miss,out next time its a video with tips and,tricks about different ways to make some,extra money on the site online

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