3. CRAFTD London Jewelry Review
  4. Is it any good? CRAFTD Yellow gold rope chain! #gld #jewellery #jewelry #craftd
  5. CRAFTD London 5mm Rope Chain Review!
  6. craftd london compass pendant & chain review | WAS IT WORTH IT? | bco review |
  7. Craftd London affordable jewelry review!!


im back at it again with the jewelry,[ __ ] i know i had a little bit of a,hiatus with the sunglasses but,a lot of people on instagram were all,about the sunglass game and im still,gonna be bringing it back periodically,but gold price is astronomically high,im self-funded not sponsored i dont,have any [ __ ] residual,extra income coming in i dont have a,patreon none of that [ __ ],but maybe i should start one and i could,create more jewelry content because this,is all coming out of,here and youtube and cutting the check,like you think lets roll my,[ __ ] music so i can put you on,to a new brand that i got,thats really popping on instagram,crafted london,[Music],im kind of a big deal,my beautiful peoples you know who it is,this year boy see to you to be today,this literally just came out of the,mailbox i cracked it open and i havent,even,looked at the items yet i wanted to do a,first impressions,first take fresh out of the mailbox,unboxing for all of yall,ive had a lot of people request this,tag me on instagram yokuba what do you,think yokuba review this yo check these,out i really didnt have much interest,in getting something from crafted london,and the reason being is,based on the pictures and some of the,items that i saw they just i knew that,it wasnt going to be up to my,particular standards not that the,quality is [ __ ] i dont know anything,about the brand,at all but in looking at the previews of,the pictures for me i already knew that,there was going to be some things that i,didnt like but i pulled the plunge you,all wanted to see it so here we go,so i got two little baggies here so,well start with this one i dont know,what the [ __ ] is in it,i actually dont even remember what i,bought from the website but lets give,it a shot heres the bag,lets crack this oh this is the cuban at,full disclosure this is the reason i,didnt want to get something from,crafted london,because i saw the pictures of the cuban,online and well youll see,all right so came in a plastic pouch,looks like its like,did i order two its like two packages,in here,okay why is there two packages in here,well thats smart i like that,so what they did was they packaged the,clasp separate from the link,so it doesnt scrape or scuff so thats,dope thats good quality control,i respect that millimeter wise this,might be like an eight millimeter,and what i did like about this bracelet,from the pictures was that,they got at least creative they put,their logo design,into the clasp so let me show you the,close-up and then ill give you my,overall assessment and first,impressions,so i think the lock is pretty cool i,like how they put their logo into a lock,rather than slapping on an,asian lock really cheap and expensive,they took the time and created their own,lock,so thats dope it makes it innovative,and maybe has some proprietary [ __ ] to,it,so im assuming its quite simple yeah,well do a close-up so you guys can see,put it in as such has a little hook to,it,and then push,then the release again push,or you could just unlock it like that,and just make it a lot easier,it feels fairly secure now im sure,youre like yokuba what was it from the,pictures that you didnt like well,one main thing that i didnt like and i,talk about it in every video is that,the link points are not welded theyre,just,squeezed together and that bothers me,like if youre gonna fake,flex or get costume jewelry or something,affordable for you to wear,i mean that just that piece right there,does make a little bit of a difference,like,obviously nobodys gonna be all up in,your [ __ ] arm and [ __ ] checking your,[ __ ] out thats fine but for me,my personal opinion and taste i like to,see that closed like i feel like its,just a bit of completion,just done well in my opinion um the gold,plating on it is actually decent,the link the end that final link that,hooks on to the clasp just,uh i like the color i like that its not,overly cheddar cheesy,i really like the clasp i think the,clasp is very cool and innovative,i dont know if you guys can see it on,the camera but just,if they could have just welded those,those,clamping points shut it would give it a,better look and just the,the drastic size change from this to,this,i know its to fit the clasp i get it,but,for me my style and what im looking for,that kind of throws me off,best believe ive seen a lot worse so,lets put it on wrist and ill give you,a wrist profile let me take let me put,it on my other wrist so you guys can,check it out,wrist profile,so for me the cuban bracelet is not up,to my particular standards but its not,a bad bracelet i think it,its done with some quality i wish the,links were soldered completely all the,way,i wish they were able to match the link,to the end point so at least it has some,synergy and cohesiveness throughout it,the color is good the clasp is super,innovative and i do like it,the fit is fine its got a decent weight,for about an eight millimeter or seven,seven,eight millimeter its about the size and,it doesnt look that bad but for me its,like a good,six out of ten my personal taste lets,see what else i got i really dont,remember what the second thing that i,bought was,im assuming its some sort of chicken,yo okay its a chain its a rope chain,with a angel wing so again same,packaging,triple package i like that they put the,attention to detail in the double and,triple packaging,thats pretty dope that means that at,least they have some quality control,going on so shout out to them,you know im not going to completely,[ __ ] on your product because you know,its not that bad,this is really light so they package the,angel wings separate so it doesnt get,scratched very nice,got their logo in the back the rope,chain,they got their crafted hang tag all,right let me show you,its light but it doesnt feel like,super cheap so thats a plus the plating,is consistent throughout,definite plus all right lets see how,this [ __ ] works neck profile,personally not too bad not amazing im,not blowing the [ __ ] away,it has some nice structure they have,great quality control i like the,attention to detail that they put,at least in the packaging i like the,attention to detail that they do on the,clasps and those little minor,those little minor touches that look for,an affordable jewelry they definitely,put it in place,they have a couple of little things here,and there that i would personally tweak,for my taste,but overall ive seen a lot worse the,shipment from overseas came fairly quick,and not too bad i love yall,[ __ ] from the heart what do,yall think of crafted jewelry and what,yall seeing and ill see you on [ __ ],next time you know what is,biggest in the game smooches,[Applause],[Music],is

hey everyone its your girl aj coming to,you guys with another video,so in this video i will be doing a,crafted london review,but before i get into it you already,know what to do,please like comment and subscribe,all right,lets get into it,okay guys,so,before i show you what i picked up from,crafty london what i have on right now,is technically from crafted london,so,this first chain here,this is the 12 millimeter cuban link,and so far i do like the weight of it,its not too heavy its just right in,between and one thing i do like about,this jewelry is that,ive never had the experiences yet of it,turning,like turn my skin color green or,anything like that i personally dont,use it like at the gym,or,like taking the shower or something like,that but i did look at other reviews and,a lot of people who did use it in water,said that it hasnt turned green,discolored or anything like that,and this other chain right here this is,the one with the wing,im gonna take some views for you up,close so that you guys can see it,but um this is the wings,again its lightweight its like a rope,chain,but yeah so far so good i havent had,any issues with this company as yet,so,lets get into the other,stuff that i picked up from crafted,london,[Applause],this is how it comes,package,like this,[Music],it says crafted london on it,[Music],because i technically just picked up,another rope chain,and,but without any pendant,but this one here that im taking out,is the bracelet to the cuban link,chain that i have on right now,[Music],do some close-up view um,views,so that you guys can see it,but yeah this is technically how it,looks,[Music],and it just has like uh,when you clip this thing together,you should hear it click,[Music],so yeah this is just the bracelet to go,with the,the cuban link chain that i have on,right now,again,the other,ones that im about to show you is,actually the,chain and the,bracelet for the rope because i wanted,something like like yes i wanted,something thick which would be the cuban,length but i also wanted something,slightly different lightweight again,but this is the other,chain here this is the rope,and i like it i think this is like the,50 um centimeter one,so if im not mistaken thats about like,18 19 inches,so,if you want it longer they do have,different um,sizes that you can choose from but this,again this is the rope,[Music],chain right here again im gonna take,some close-up view um,views for you guys to see it,[Music],last but not least,[Music],[Applause],and this is the bracelet,[Music],[Music],this looks kind of small,[Music],[Music],okay yeah it fits,all right so its just right just right,hey guys so im standing here editing,and i realized that i forgot to say,something very important,and i know if i dont say it now,somebodys gonna ask in the comment,section,and its about shipping,so with the crafty london website,shipping is done quick,so when you make your first order,or whatever order,they will ship you your order within,that same day,and for me i was able to receive my,order within five days so shipping is,fast its quick,youll get your order asap,but yeah guys this is just a quick,quick vids,on the crafting london um,jury,again,its really the quality i believe all of,these are about 18,um,havent had any issues with it again im,gonna try wearing it to the gym and,stuff like that just to check it out for,myself to see,if um it does this color or not,but so far so good i do like this,company,and you guys should check it out dont,worry im not sponsored or anything but,if you are looking for some jewelry some,chains some bracelets,even some rings they have,everything on the website just check,them out,and,yeah,if you guys already know about this,company,just leave some comments down below let,me know how you feel about the purchases,that you made from this company all,right,but thats it guys,this is the end of the review and i hope,that you guys enjoyed the video alright,[Music],you

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CRAFTD London Jewelry Review

what up guys its frank legend im doing,a quick review on crafted london,yes uh youve seen the ads on snapchat,instagram facebook all over social media,i know ive seen it,and i just thought you know what maybe i,should just buy the,jewelry and you know test it out review,it myself because ive seen some,youtubers review it as well but i want,to check it out and give my own take on,what i think about the jewelry lets get,into it by the way this is not a,sponsored,video they didnt buy me this i actually,bought it myself heres the proof i,wanted to get this one this gold chain,crucifix because its a you know very,symbolic and,great great uh great chain symbol,uh total was about 76.96,i ordered it on october 13th so,there it is me personally order it from,crafted london,one thing im going to say off the bat,the shipping was pretty quick today its,friday the 16th so i ordered this on,tuesday,and tuesday wednesday thursday friday,what time is it right now,uh 5 52 and weve already received it so,its only been what,three days basically almost three days,so pretty fast,thats great another thing about me that,you should know is i dont know too much,about chains,so you know excuse my ignorance for all,those like you know big,like you know youtubers that know a lot,about julie i dont know that,youre this is a common man approach,review on,you know jewelry came in in this type of,package um,here it is uh this is the the little you,know you see the little bag,right there the little black bag on the,ads,i feel like im in the ad right now like,you know when you see that,like they go how do they do it how do,they do it,and they just be like i cant i cant be,that cool,okay so lets check this out so it comes,in this nice little pouch,uh first thing off the bat what well,see is,this comes in like this little two bags,oh like this is good because uh it,doesnt like,i guess affect the other,part of the jewelry right so its in,this bag and,uh its not gonna you know get messed up,with this or tangled up its pretty nice,though lets take it out the bag,so the chain looks pretty nice,back looks like this so it comes with,this little thing like that,this is the uh the back side of it so,were going to open,it up and were going to put it on right,now,okay,wow pretty easy first thing im going to,say is pretty easy to like,you know put on because usually like in,other chains like their thing the little,little lock thing is very difficult to,put on but its kind of big so,it was really easy i like that i like,that and you can take a,simple black shirt add a chain to it and,you just,have a completely different look look at,that heres a close-up look of,what it looks like on my my neck,really nice i like it i like the design,i like the design its not tight on my,neck at all i,feel like its great let me put it,inside lets see,put it inside like that okay you can,kind of see it there,um but overall like pretty chill pretty,good,nice fit its a good fit,[Music],i look completely different i feel like,im a straight-up gang member right now,because like dont you usually see like,nah i think its fresh though i think,its cool i think its cool i also put,on a white,shirt for you guys to see how it looks,like this is the only white shirt that i,have right now,but uh yeah it looks pretty dope okay it,looks pretty dope on white,too wow not bad i think it looks better,on this,just a regular like little long sleeve,white long sleeve a little bit gray but,it looks pretty nice too like,you see that look at look at the the,close-up,okay yeah if you dont have any like,logos or designs on here,chains look way better look at that im,digging the look,you know its not bad shout out to jesus,look at that,[Music],yeah oh and you can like also put on,like uh put this jacket on lets see how,this looks,huh not bad oh it looks pretty good too,yeah its pretty good i like it i like,it im,im satisfied you know im not a big,like jewelry guy but,this one i just i wanted to check it out,for you guys and make sure that yeah,its legit,its a legit company like you know put,that right there,see how that looks its small,its like a small little its smaller,than the picture looked,i thought it was going to be bigger but,i like this size its a pretty,like its not too big you know its like,not too out there but,its noticeable like itll be noticeable,like you can kind of tell like in my in,my wardrobe right now like yeah,so yeah im happy i enjoyed my product,crafted london,good job lets see um how you do in the,next upcoming months,because one of the big things about this,is the price,and also the quality so i want to make,sure that in the next couple of months,or weeks im going to try maybe like you,know two three weeks from now im gonna,you know record or maybe do like an,update video,and uh just let you guys know like how,how long this like lasted because they,say no green next,right so thats like a big concern with,a lot of people that buy jewelry is,you dont want to get like a green neck,last time,yeah like but i bought a jewelry i had,like a very cheap jewelry like a,necklace and you know your necks start,getting green,so you dont want that and thats not,good its going to mess up your shirts,and everything like that so,um im going to make an update video on,crafted londons,jewelry and other companies out there,that i see that i might want to try out,and lets see how it does you know,hopefully its good i give this a,good review im pretty happy with it and,well see well see if i end up getting,a green egg if i do,ill let you guys know i have another,company on,that im also going to review next in my,next video called trend him,i think its from scandinavia or,something like that but,im gonna go into that one in the next,video i i bought a ring,and uh some other stuff so yeah hope you,guys enjoyed this review,make sure to like comment subscribe,leave your comments,if youve also bought jewelry from,crafted london this is it right here,with the chain,the crucifix let me know what you guys,think,do you have a good experience with this,do you know other companies that maybe i,should review that you want me to,check out would love to hear your,thoughts about that,comment it all below make sure to share,this with your family friends,um like the video up and yeah good stuff,good stuff,hope you guys enjoyed this video now im,about to go to clubs and,hey and im just kidding

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Is it any good? CRAFTD Yellow gold rope chain! #gld #jewellery #jewelry #craftd

hello welcome back to another jury,review we have crafted London again,today we have a five millimeter 18 karat,gold plated,rope chain as you can see here yeah this,this is thick this is a thick ass chain,right here straight out the bag this is,a thick ass chain lets get rid of it,listen guys it comes in the satin uh,crafted bag as per normal uh nice and,simple which I mean nothing too shabby,about this nothing too wild about it,either its basically just a bag its,nobody comes into a plastic bag as you,can see Ive taken out the uh,just by using the word Dolly there but,take it out of the plastic bag,um yeah straight back this is a,traditional rope chain as you can see,lets do some close-ups because to give,you the guys the description this is 18,karat gold plated it is a five,millimeter thick chain,um I cant remember how much I paid for,this I think it was like maybe 60 or 70,pounds sterling so whats that eight,dollars,um lets show you the detail on it first,so it comes with a lobster cast,now my personal preference is I dont,like these cars personally I prefer,those straight flat ones,um thats just me personally its my,personal preference love it wrong with,this,comes with their crafted,um,logo piece here so people know youre,wearing a jewelry,and these are big ass chains here man,theres these are not these arent,necessary anyway let me show you the,chain first before I start getting into,critiquing it,these are the Rope links the traditional,rope necklace,I do like rope necklaces theyre very,traditional chains I never go out of,fashion,they remind me of like back in the day,like Run DMC and like old hip-hop eyes,I think theyre coming back in fashion,now I see a lot of people wearing these,types of chains these days,Ive got a rope chain makes me not want,to wear my rope chain anymore because,everyones now rocking these ones,Ive been wearing my rope chain for,quite a while,yeah maybe maybe Ill switch up my chain,now actually,now this is nice can you see its,sparking off the lights fresh out the,bag,all right why think about that my,critique on this chain how does it feel,its all right I mean it feels quite it,feels heavy its a five millimeter 20,inch chain so you expect it to be a bit,more heavy its 18 karat gold plated on,stainless steel,I reckon this is,how much I reckon this weighs,Im always wrong Im always wrong I,reckon this ways,20 grams Im gonna go no 21 Grams,21 Grams I reckon this weighs lets see,whether Im right or wrong probably,wrong man Im completely wrong man,pardon the French that is 31.25 grams,man,way off,I do the measurements very quickly lets,put this on,this is my measuring tool here to do the,thickness of this,four millimeters interesting John these,rope chains they always advertise at,five millimeters but when you measure on,this there you go its 4.5 here I think,it all depends I think its from the,most thickest part of the chain you,measure it there you go its 4.7 here,so its advertised as 4.5 sorry its,advertised as five five millimeters,depending on where you hit it because,there are certain grooves here I think,when you hit it from the thickest point,to the thickest Point theres five,millimeters Im not gonna wasting my,time trying to look for that thickest,point I hit 4.7 its close enough for me,um,listen Im gonna be honest with you,I reviewed the god white gold version of,this uh my previous video and I like,that I I wear a 14k necklace and I,couldnt really tell a difference based,on the links of this,I cant tell the difference because they,all look like link chains uh rope chains,to me like if I have someone to show me,this chain up close and be like yo can,you tell this is 18 karat gold can you,tell which ones which no I cant however,the safeties you can now this safety is,chunky its chunky now if I saw this,around someones neck and you know,sometime with necklaces they they they,go around and after youll see this at,the front if I saw this on someones,neck Ill be a bit like wow thats a, HD thats a big ass safety you got,there,um yeah the safety I dont like I dont,like at all if you look at the safety,straight out of the bat I mean,these two big Hoops here theyre not,necessary and you can tell theyre not,theyre not soldered together theyre,two big ass gaps there Im not sure you,can see in the video yeah these two bits,that you can tell the gaps there,um,I mean like I said I dont expect,imitation jewelry or places jury to be,soldered however these two big ass Loops,is not necessary I mean if you look at,those Loops what they measure I mean,really and truly I mean,I mean,the chain itself is five millimeters I,mean these measure,9.5 so Im saying,do you know what Im saying I mean its,not necessary yeah there you go there,9.2 9.5 its not necessary they could,have made this smaller so less discreet,thats what Id say,um my personal preference is also I,dont this I dont like this type of,lobster cusp thats my own personal,preference so,and then if you compare this to a real,chain so this is my this is my 18 18,this is my 14 karat gold,um rope necklace,um yeah see this is this is the safety I,have it here and this is the safe,compared to safeties I mean dont worry,this is I mean craft London is a thicker,ass chain right because its completely,thicker but still,you know and this one is more discreet I,mean considering it is real chain fine,so,I mean overall,the fear the chain is good the look of,these rope links are good as well oh if,youre seeing those black bits thats,not actually,um from the jury pieces apologies about,that,um I was actually doing some uh painting,earlier on so its actually from maybe,wash my hands its not from the jury so,dont feel that those black bits are,from the jury its actually from me,doing a bit of uh calligraphy frame,earlier on yeah Ill do some calligraphy,sometimes man,um,yeah so,good chain safety I dont like you know,by the way guys the purpose of me giving,is reviews so you can actually have a,look at these chains before you purchase,them so you can get a close-up review of,how they look how they feel how much,they weigh,my hands are like a normal average size,hands so you can tell,there you go,crafted London anyway guys Im going to,be doing giveaways shorty because Ive,got a budget chains which Im going to,start giving away so please like And,subscribe my videos the more people I,get like to subscribe I can do more,detailed videos and spend a bit more,time at the moment Im paying paying for,this dream on my own pocket anyway,thanks for staying to the end Ill post,some videos of me wearing a chain at the,end thanks for watching bye-bye

CRAFTD London 5mm Rope Chain Review!

whats good yall man its your boy,wesley the draco saying man,and today we are here with a product,review,so i got a little something special this,is,a five millimeter tennis revolt chain i,think thats what its called,from crafted and the stray buying this,is crazy because,it literally just came up on a youtube,advertisement like the little,advertisement they,they have you watch for five seconds,before playing a video and i ended up,checking their site i got baited,i got baited and i just like went to the,site and they had some dope stuff you,know,um and i guess yeah just came in this,little package,so i guess im gonna open it up,if youre considering buying this just,you know keep in mind,you didnt get skinned or whatever it,just comes in a little package because,it is a chain that you just put around,your chest and whatnot,and bake packing just [ __ ] good because,this [ __ ] is going to be,hard to open well probably use the,village gorilla glue on this [ __ ],james and branch fulfillment so they got,the little tracking number in the,pack by antonia thank you antonia from,crafty london,appreciate yall man,yeah and it came in this little plastic,packaging,focus come on focus,there we go crafted,see a little logo right there there we,go they came in our little packaging,nothing much its just a little,packaging and,lets go ahead and open it up this is,crafted london,i think it was a five millimeter bulk,chain,right here,open it up its nice what im saying,im not a big jewelry person but i want,to get into jewelry,and this is the chain right here thats,nice,im not gonna lie it looks its,vibrant you can really tell like with,chains nowadays that you know um,they just cheap but this doesnt even,surprisingly look cheap,and this was,i forgot how much i paid for it it was,about 50 to,52 us dollars so prices may,vary depending on where youre at in the,world but i paid 52 us dollars,and the packaging and the packaging was,pretty um nice,and i really like just like this thing,right here like this little clip this,little hanging thing right here,so i like the little mechanism that,allows you to take it off and put it,back on,but yeah thats a really its a really,shiny chain,up close its a really shiny chain,see that its a really nice and shiny,chain,all right so were gonna go ahead and,put it on so,so far so good its easy to take off,lets do that,i might do some cut editing here,[Music],see what it looks like on and thats,hard i aint gonna lie thats tough,for me and its shiny too like,the rope the just like this design just,makes it look very shiny because,just light is always just constantly,reflecting off of it,and its just making it look um very uh,vibrant,so you can just wear it like this you,put it inside or you can just wear it,out like this,ill probably like put a pendant on it,or something,you can also wear like this this is a,very nice chain though,probably be my new daily chain because,this is like,one of the first pieces of julie ive,been in a while,but yeah overall this is just a quick,review on it,packaging was nice um thank you,antonia package in it,they gave me a little traction on my,little piece of paper it came in like a,little plastic bag,when youre done with the chain and,washing whatever you put in this,nice little crafted london bag right,here,and um just to check again,what it is specifically if youre into,specifics if youre just big on jewelry,you want to know,they are having a ten percent off you,can see that,when yall um link it to your email or,whatever,10 off unlock your code,so oh my god rope,chain so many hands,so it was a chain,there was a rope chain,[Music],millimeter,five millimeter ropes over 50 centimeter,and just to go into specific so yall,know exactly what chain i have if i want,to buy this specific one,it was a vocational five millimeter,description and details um,premium 316l still stainless steel,rhodium and apparently rhodium is just a,better metal its a more,its a more um i guess,[Music],i think it was probably i dont know if,it was um,made with vodium but apparently just,rhodium is just,a better metal to complement stainless,steel,and just make sure it doesnt tarnish it,says right here water sweat heat,resistant no discoloring or tarnishing,and i did my um research on these chains,like the specific chain and um,company before i bought the chain,and all of the reviews were positive,reviews like everybody was saying that,theyve had it for years,um shout out to other youtubers i dont,know specifically but they say that,youve had it for years and that it has,it,not years but once and it hasnt like,tarnished or,gotten green or made their neck green or,whatever so,im expecting very good things from this,um,depending on how much uh [ __ ] these,or,whatever like if anybody wants me to do,a review,again after like a couple months i will,do that so just put that down in the,comment section below,and yeah this was just um a quick review,on the crafted london,5 millimeter bulk chain,there we go crafted london its like,its flipped but,you get what im saying its crafty,london,this is the chain here if you get close,for me theres something something calm,its tough though beer,shout out to crafty london im already,liking this chain,im probably in a way later on tonight,when i go out,and thank you for watching this video,thank you for the constant support,if you liked the video like comment,subscribe and more videos to come,if you want more review videos like this,let me know,and ill get on the grind daily reminder,that you are loved,you are an amazing person keep doing,your thing,[ __ ] this pandemic why see the drake was,here,we out this [ __ ] lets go,you

craftd london compass pendant & chain review | WAS IT WORTH IT? | bco review |

whats up guys Jake sleasman Blue Collar,outdoors and today,were going over a necklace,Ive been trying out over the last week,you already can tell by the title its,the crafted by London Compass gold,pendant and chain included so stay tuned,okay so were gonna get this puppy out,so this is how it is thats what it,comes in,uh one thing I will say,I kept everything as is,this is not an unboxing Ive been,wearing this every day showering all,that to work to the gym,they do ship it so the pendant is in its,own bag and then the chains in that,so they do ship it so its not going to,get banged up and I gotta say they did,come very well presented,so here we go,take this out here so this setup right,here,is 18 karat gold plated on 316 stainless,steel,you can see that Compass I really like,this one uh I dont like the chain too,much its just not me but I love the,compass and I love what it stands behind,pretty much,following your own path,there we go she finally focused on her,then you can see the chain,its just too thin for me personally,then we got the crafted by London tag,right here,and then the tiny little clasp you can,see this this is a pain for me,trying to get this line it up,go like that but here we go lets get,this Joker on,of course when Im filming I get it,first try but thats how it looks like,just just as is not zooming the camera,in you can see how thin that chain is,granted I got a pretty thick neck,so,it does make it look a little skinnier,so thats how it looks,I mean you can tell its really thin so,its not really something thats going,to stand out too much chain wise but the,pendant I really like this pendant I,like how it looks,its its its nice I just dont Im not,a huge fan of the chain if youre,looking for something thats not going,to break the bank and you want something,gold plated so which is just they use a,stainless Steels or base then plate 18,karat gold down there which I can say it,doesnt look terrible the color is a,little,off to my eye may be different to you,but it doesnt look bad just for me I,mean you can barely see the chain as is,right here,I want something that stands out a touch,more thats all all there is to it,really I do like this Compass though,because I believe thats a good message,this right here this is water heat and,sweat resistant,also they do claim that you wont get,any green neck while wearing these which,is kind of huge uh its hypoallergenic I,believe yes that is the word I do know,that these are also covered by a,lifetime warranty which to someone like,me thats a huge deal I hunt Im a,machinist Im going to be really rough,on my necklaces or chains or whatever,you want to call them uh thats why my,biggest fear with this is how thin it is,I just know someone like me Im gonna,break this,its nice to see that they cover their,lifetime warranty Id be eager to see,how easily that is to follow through,with but I just wanted to film a short,video after a week I think it wears,really well Ive got no green skin I,havent had any negatives of it other,than,what Im looking for in a chain is just,not this had this been a little bit,thicker I would have loved it uh does it,bother me its not real gold no I think,it looks really well if this fits your,price point this pendant and chain goes,for like 85 on their website which its,not bad so for the price,its hard to complain really it looks,really good,Ive had no negative effects at the gym,machine and showering Ive worn this,literally non-stop since I got it and it,has no I mean it hasnt tarnished at all,its been holding up great,its just not what Im looking for so,drop your comments below let me know,what change youre rolling with let me,know if you have any of the crafted,products either theyre high end,their plated options whatever what have,you let me know what you guys like to,wear Im looking for that chain,that just hits you know what I mean I,wanted one for a long time Ive been,looking into it I started here uh,and were gonna keep moving thats all,there is to it just doesnt fit me its,not me theres always smash thumbs up,button for your boys we film all things,outdoors theres going to be a couple,necklace videos in there chain videos in,there trying to find,the chain that just speaks to me so,theres gonna be a couple of them but we,do all things outdoors thats primarily,what we do were a hunting channel,pattern test Broadhead test duck hunting,you name it sir and we do everything we,do in a non-bs performance talks or S,walks manner we dont care about brand,dont care about price we care about one,thing performance whether its necklaces,chains pendants or were in the duck,hole or were bow hunting dont it dont,change how our eyes work we see,performance so if thats something that,you dig make sure to smash that,subscribe button join us turn those,notifications to all,and uh join us on this journey youre,going to have a good time,this is Jake solisman Blue Collar,Outdoors as always well catch

Craftd London affordable jewelry review!!

hey guys welcome to my youtube channel,today im gonna be showing you guys a,review on some jewelry i bought,um the company is called crafted london,as you guys can see there,um i did see the ads on instagram you,know how they always showing different,affordable jewelry there so thats why i,saw them you know um i was tempted so i,went ahead and got some jewelry that im,going to be showing you guys today,and uh yeah well go ahead and check out,the you know,the packaging and everything so your,jewelry is just going to come in a,simple package just like this all right,um i did went ahead and take everything,out,um of the bags because available would,have been a little bit too long and i,dont want to hold you guys you know for,a while and everything,so yeah were going to go ahead and,check an item and then ill go ahead and,explain more um of it and everything all,right,so first of all im going to be showing,you the uh you guys the ring um i just,wanna let you guys know,so,the jewelry comes inside this baggie and,this baggie comes inside the ziplock bag,so they do have very well packaging its,not everything just thrown in there um,you do have little baggies and and like,i said a good packaging for each of your,jewelry that you buy,so i thought that was really nice on the,you know for the company thats a plus,for them all right make sure your,jewelry comes in in good condition and,everything guys,all right so this is one of the rings,that i got ive been touching it so you,guys can see a little bit dirty right,there,all right,this would be gold plated just a simple,design,um,for the different variety of the rings i,think they run about,uh let me see how much is it,i i believe around 60 or so you know,um maybe less im not sure off the top,but yeah,let me see this one this one doesnt,have the brand some of them they do come,with the brand engraved there so,yeah this would i do like the design,there on the side and then the black,pops a lot you know and also they do,have three sizes in the in the rings,small medium large,um i was trying i will tell you guys,this i did try this one,i mean that one this ones free fits,okay both are large,this one though uh the band the second,ring that i got,if its kind of tight man and its a,large thats the biggest they go so,you know probably try and wear it and,everything but for us bigger guys that,have bigger hands and everything,uh,you know they are they run a bit small,maybe the company brings something like,a like an excel it will probably be,better for us you know uh guys that have,bigger hands and everything all right so,yeah this one will just be a band,uh for this one gold plated as well,let me see if i could catch the um right,there crafted you guys see that in great,right there thats the brand,all right i do like the design of this,and everything okay,uh so the third item im going to be,showing you and this was one of the ones,that i was most skeptical about,this would be a rope bracelet,pretty much with uh either the rope,bracelets or the necklaces,its gonna be a hit or miss you know uh,depending if its real real real gold,or you know just gold plated and stuff,so for this one,obviously its not real real gold like i,said guys,um the color is a bit light,which is not not a big issue but you can,tell right away you know you guys can,tell right away uh the gold how it looks,and everything one one thing i do like,about this though,is i have picked up other rope bracelets,way cheaper maybe like route 21 and they,tend to twist a lot if you guys do go,ahead and go with those you know the way,cheaper alternatives you guys notice,that the jewelry twists a lot it doesnt,stay,you know how its supposed to,so yeah this one this one doesnt twist,or anything,right there you guys can see the um,the little lock and everything,okay so yeah this one uh its okay man,its okay,um and i am gonna be showing you guys a,little bit later when i do make another,upload i am gonna be showing you guys,the the fit and everything of all this,stuff so you guys can get in that an,idea more or less how it looks and also,the fit you know and i am on the bigger,side as well so you guys will see how it,fits in everything,right,the next item we have here would be a,pendant all right,they do have a lot of different,pendant designs,let me see this is one of the skulls i,thought it was pretty neat man i dont,see many of these,you know and im into schools a lot,um,one thing i will tell you guys about the,uh pendants,they do come with um,you know the chain but they choose it so,you guys dont get to choose a char uh a,size or a design that automatically,comes with the ones that they,put the pendant with and this ones,pretty thin man and um like i said it,looks it looks nice you know um,more of the,depending look its just going to show,the pendant more so,yeah this one looks nice im happy with,this one im excited to wear it and see,how it looks,all right next next im going to show,you a second pendant that i got another,skull,let me zoom in on that one,all right so for this one youre going,to get on the top crafted,on the bottom,i do i do believe it says legacy,on the back you see the logo of the,brand crafted right there thats how you,spell it c-r-a-f-t-d,london when you guys go ahead and check,it out on the website,this is a different bracelet i mean a,bracelet a different chain,i was pretty happy with this one man,this is a nice you know nice design,like i said theyre pretty,pretty thin pretty small compared to the,other chains that they got up on their,website,but uh,yeah im pretty happy with this um with,this chain independent man,all right,and i do want to apologize for moving,the phone a lot um i am recording from,my iphone and i dont have a stand at,the moment you know so yeah im just,gonna go ahead and show you guys let me,show you the next one which is a um,bracelet give me a quick second,[Applause],so this would be a cuban bracelet,uh they usually have,i think this is the biggest one,biggest millimeters they have okay and,the only thing that changes is the,length of the bracelet,unfortunately i missed out on my size,which was the biggest one im not sure,this is the smallest one of the medium,one,all right but this is the the cuban one,uh just by looking at it man um,obviously like i said its not,uh doesnt look uh like the real gold,you know but from afar it looks nice man,um i do like the the link right there,you know and they dont theres some,twisting there but,you know you guys gotta,fix it up,um so yeah,um hopefully you know i i catch my size,and everything since i do have a bigger,wrist and then so i can go ahead and,pick it up man but yeah it looks it,looks nice man for the price and,everything good good quality the last,one im going to show you guys,would be the cuban,all right this is the biggest,millimeters they have and the longest i,believe okay,so for this one,um its pretty heavy guys,its you know,from the looks of it im sure you guys,can tell it looks pretty heavy,and it looks it looks good man it looks,it looks okay im excited to try this,one on as well,um,i am going to go ahead and make a,follow-up video guys like i said,im going to be uh,doing like a try on on everything on all,these items you know um i want to go,ahead and show you guys um,you know the the fit and also the,quality after a month if they do claim,you know that that the,the the chains the items stay the same,color the quality,you know a lot of people they were,reviewing it saying that they,shower with it they sleep with it they,stay on with all these with the with the,chains and everything but the bracelets,you know so yeah ill go ahead and um,try that out ill bring you guys a video,soon maybe this week uh by the end of,the week um with the try on so you guys,can see a little bit of the fits how,they look,you know um i am a bigger guy so all,these items are large the bigger,you know the rings bracelets and also,the chain so ill go ahead and show you,guys to see how it

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