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Crimson Peak – Movie Review

crimson peak is directed by Guillermo,del Toro and stars Mia Wasikowska Tom,Hiddleston Jessica Chastain and Charlie,Hunnam and is a horror romance of sorts,its very similar to the village in,regards to its genre that was a movie,that was marketed very heavily as a,horror film but in reality is more of a,romance and disguise in crimson peak is,very much like that as well this tells,the story of a young aspiring writer who,falls in love with the man whos helping,her critique her writings and they,eventually get married and moved into,this very dilapidated and disgusting old,house that needs a ton of work and just,as you might expect no one really gets,any sleep at this house because the,nighttime is generally filled with,ghosts and ghouls creeping through the,halls when it comes to del toros movies,all of them look incredible he has,immaculate set design production design,costume design the cinematography is,always very beautiful the movie si,directs all look amazing and crimson,peak is one of the best looking films,hes directed its by far my favorite,aspect of this movie this is a gorgeous,looking movie also excellent are the,four central performances I thought,everyone was really good in this movie,but the standout is by far Tom,Hiddleston hes by far the most,interesting character in the movie he,has the most compelling backstory as,well and he was great great great in,this film however overall I was,disappointed with crimson peak and,largely thats because of something that,del Toro has been doing as of late,making really beautiful movies that look,incredible that have virtually no,substance one of the most glaring,problems that I had with crimson peak is,that our main hero has virtually no arc,she starts in one place and at the end,of the film she is basically in the same,place if not a worse place hasnt,learned much of anything and there isnt,really anything special about her,character,at least half of this movie is her,waking up in the middle of the night,hearing a noise in the hallway slowly,walking through the hallway while,holding a candle while some CGI thing,eventually pops out at her this scene,occurs consecutively about four times,and you get to the point where youre,wondering is this movie really going,anywhere how are we gonna get to,anything besides her just creeping,through the hallways and hearing strange,stuff at night the first act of the,movie is really about her getting to,know Tom Hiddleston and their romance,that develops and once they eventually,decide to go somewhere with that almost,the entire,- the movie is simply what I just said,her hearing strange noises wandering,through the halls and then finding what,Minority Report called,an orgy of evidence if youve seen,Minority Report which by the way Ive,just reviewed in my Steven Spielberg,series theres a scene where Colin,Farrell finds pictures all over the,ground and he says this is an orgy of,evidence do you know how many orgies I,had when I was a cop none because it was,the most exaggerated pile of heres,everything that implicates this person,in this crime that no one ever finds,ever because its just too good to be,true and without spoiling anything our,hero has this moment in the movie in,which she finds just this pile of,evidence that just tells her everything,you need to know and its this long,drawn-out,exposition scene in which information is,just fed to us that we dont really need,that we could figure out on our own and,Im on a huge tangent here but this is a,storytelling trope that Ive seen in,movies lately that is really bothering,me its an extremely lazy writing tactic,its a way to tell the audience,information without being clever enough,to find ways to do it through visual,storytelling which would have made it so,much more fulfilling as an audience,member watching this movie instead of,just having everything listed to us the,other issue I have with this movie is,that the dialogue simply did not,interest me at all theres a scene in,which our hero has just seen ghosts,walking through the halls and shes,terrified shes crying and Tom,Hiddleston walks up to our ghost dont,worry tomorrow well go to the post,office oh yes the mystical post office,that cures all our ills all of that,being said the last 15 minutes of this,movie are great theyre what I wanted,the whole movie to be like the last 15,minutes are intense and exciting and,gory and I was like wow this is what,crimson peak should have been like the,last 15 minutes are fantastic but the,entire rest of the film feels like its,leading to something that finally,happens in that last 10 minutes but I,could never see myself watching the,beginning of this movie again so,unfortunately crimson peak disappointed,me it is yet another Deltora movie that,looks magnificent that simply doesnt,have much substance to it go out and,watch Pans Labyrinth that would be my,recommendation to you or the first two,Hellboy movies those are by far as best,films in my opinion Im gonna give,crimson peak,I see guys thank you so much as always,for watching Im gonna have reviews for,goosebumps as well as bridge of spies,coming out in a couple days I appreciate,it thank you very much once again and as,always if you liked this you can click,right here and get stuck mine eyes,[Music],[Applause]

CRIMSON PEAK: The Most Disturbing Gothic Love Story

[Music],so i consider this to be a bit of a,companion piece to last weeks video on,a cure for wellness because after,describing that movie as what if,guillermo del toro made a gothic horror,version of shutter island and,encouraging folks to recommend obscure,mainstream modern horror movies that,struggle to make an impact in their time,there is actually a del toro gothic,horror that perfectly fits what im,looking for,2015s crimson peak tells the story of,an early 20th century harris called,edith cushing who becomes romantically,involved with a baronet called thomas,sharp who one day marries and invites,edith to come live with him and his,sister lucille at their decaying family,home in cumberland england however right,from the very beginning things are not,what they seem as edith becomes haunted,by grotesque spirits warning her of the,strange and startling circumstances of,crimson peak suggesting her life is in,danger ill be honest i kept that,synopsis vague because this is such a,plot heavy film that i dont want to,give away too many details too early in,case you feel compelled to check it out,for yourself but do keep in mind that,once i set the scene everything that,follows comes at your own discretion,while in general atmospheric terms,crimson peaks certainly fits the,description of a supernatural gothic,horror at the heart of it is a,shockingly violent love story shrouded,in deception and misdirection as youre,never entirely sure what the sharp,siblings are up to it isnt a spoiler to,say both thomas and lucille are,suspicious as [ __ ] throughout the entire,run time as the film regularly,highlights to the audience that theyre,clearly plotting something but what that,could be is where the suspense truly,lies,from everything ive heard crimson peak,seems to have a bit of a disappointing,reputation for several reasons for one,its honestly pretty predictable at,times although ill admit the eventual,revelation was certainly far more simple,than what i was expecting which ill,explain later secondly im pretty sure,there were some thirsty marvel fans,flocking to see it expecting loki to,hang dong which no he doesnt but you,see a cheeky bit of bum if that will,help suffice the imagination,then of course the film came with,monstrous fan expectations as it was,marketed as del toros return to his,stylistic magical realist roots,previously seen in pans labyrinth,retrospectively you could say it was,more of a warm-up to nightmare alley and,the ship of water after coming off a,hollywood blockbuster but id say its,best akin to the supernatural subtlety,of the devils backbone mixed with,shocking bursts of violence look i dont,like to get hyperbolic when it comes to,violence in movies because ive seen,more than enough depraved world cinema,that american films are childs play in,comparison but all im saying is when,you get sucked into the immense elegance,and sophistication of its classical,5060s inspirations as well as the,sensitive intimacy of its characters the,few moments of violence come out of,[ __ ] nowhere as if it suddenly took a,u-turn into weird b-movie video-nasty,territory del toro perfectly explained,it himself the violence is the films,modern twist it is a romantic mature,downton abbey style period drama where,violence is so deliberately out of place,in this world that it has a much more,pronounced presence i mean the movie is,about rich royal socialites and,aristocrats its the kind of movie you,would take your grandparents to see only,to find yourself apologizing when in the,first five minutes youre confronted,with this hideous spirit abomination,so from here on it im going to take a,linear route to reviewing the film but,please do make sure to leave your likes,and thoughts in the comments below,consider subscribing if you havent done,so already and now lets get into the,finer details of crimson peak,so you can essentially break crimson,peak into two parts the first being set,in new york where edith and thomas,become acquainted and the ensuing,conflict posed by ediths distrusting,father carter and the second being the,events that take place at crimson peak a,nickname given to the sharps mansion,all ordeal hall due to the red clay,mines buried beneath it the first part,is more or less a traditional boy meets,girl setup with some mysterious,foreshadowing of whats to come as we,see edith surrounded by men who only,wish to keep her safe as the sharp,siblings enter her life like sinister,gothic shadows both her father carter,and her longtime friend and physician dr,alan who has played exquisitely bad by,charlie hunnam im sorry i just cannot,take his upper class poshness seriously,when im so used to his bad boy tough,guy personas like he brings a level of,camp to this film that messes with the,overall macabre tone of the story,anyway both men basically become an,unintentionally burdensome and,borderline domineering presence in,ediths life as she attempts to make it,as a young independent author brought,down by societys conservative influence,when she meets thomas and lucille they,effectively act like these early 20th,century rebels seemingly inspiring edith,to break away from tradition and embrace,a deviance that both siblings inherently,manifest in fact when edith eventually,makes it to crimson peak her response to,the heist is to fill it with love,kindness and warmth which is met with a,hilarious look of disgust from edgelord,lucille stewing in her own perpetual,nihilism i dont mean to undermine the,films classical authenticity it is,truly sincere in what its trying to do,but i had drank a lot of caffeine before,i watched it and so in my head i loved,the idea that it was secretly a surreal,alternative satire of early goth and,punk subcultures perpetrating the,establishment at the end of the,victorian era i know its an absurd,overreaching theory but like the,favorite it made the movie so much,funnier in my head just think of it as,the classic story of a shy timid shelter,girl meeting edgy rebels but everyone is,playing dress up for a pantomime and you,kinda get the idea i defend this,partially on the grounds that the first,half is this shakespearean romeo and,juliet ask forbid in love as aydahs,father attempts to bribe the siblings,into leaving time because he doesnt,trust them theres just something so,explicitly off about them and while you,agree with carter the other exuberance,of tom hiddlestons performance is,practically hypnotic hes just such a,gentleman that hes so good at swaying,your judgment off him apparently,benedict cumberbatch was originally,meant to play the role so you can see,how del toro deliberately went out of,his way to cast the most charming,seductive englishman he could find its,the perfect contrast to jessica,chastains lucille who doesnt even,attempt to blend in with a high society,shes like another shadow in thomass,life constantly domineering over him,thus giving thomas and edith common,ground moving forward when carter bribes,the siblings to leave america thomas is,even cruelly tasked with breaking edas,heart declaring to edith that shes,naive to the true burden of the human,heart that to quote shes searching for,a kind man a pure soul to be redeemed a,wounded bird she can nourish yet,perfection has no place in love its a,cynical shattering of the fairy tale,romance edith desires that her innocence,is so pure that shes blinded to the pen,that can accompany love but the nuance,in hiddlestons delivery greatly implies,that thomas doesnt believe his own,words that like edith he also feels,emotionally oppressed even being treated,by carter and his business associates as,privileged and inferior unable to,provide the strength and stability men,are conditioned to live up to,eventually carter is abruptly and,barbarically murdered by a not-so-subtle,character leaving edith to inherit his,riches as she marries thomas and moves,to crimson peak its worth noting at,this point that ediths experience with,death has already plagued her life from,

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Crimson Peaks Costumes, and How Tuberculosis Shaped Victorian Fashion

cough cough oh my god,there is blood on it could it be i have,tuberculosis you may have heard of this,one,its pretty bad ive heard its a pretty,sexy disease,i might go write a poem about this or,something i am becoming so frail and,thin and pale,its pretty attractive i guess you could,say im being,consumed by the illness,okay were back in business on the couch,so,hi today im gonna be ranting about the,movie crimson peak,and how a saucy little disease called,tuberculosis,influenced the fashion of the victorian,era crimson peak has perfect costumes in,set design,and an unfortunate plot twist,but hop into my hearse lads because its,going to be a tale of death and despair,and pretty dresses death is as much a,part of the victorian era as queen,victoria herself,influencing everything from art to,fashion but especially fashion,held tight by the boundaries of society,and etiquette the victorians were also,going about day-to-day life under the,weight of their own mortality,as a result of the tuberculosis epidemic,that never seemed to end,not to mention the hundreds of other,easy ways one could die,in the absence of proper medicine i mean,tb was running in congruence with many,other epidemics like typhoid and,syphilis,into the edwardian era things began to,loosen up as well as a bit of hope for,womens rights due to the budding,suffragette movements,and slow but steady advances in medicine,director guillermo del toro is known,never to shy away from a good,opportunity to play with history,and what better time period to poke his,haunting sentiments at than the,victorian era,and so crimson peak was born in 2015.,crimson peak utilizes the core elements,of turn-of-the-century macabre fashion,to create a unique symbolic atmosphere,of,beautiful horror,first off to understand why the costume,design team on crimson peak made the,decisions that they did,its first vital to know how victorian,and early edwardian fashion,functioned and why so lets set the,scene the victorian era stretches from,1837,all the way up to victorias death in,1901. queen victoria,terrible human being though she was was,the ultimate trendsetter of her day,and what she said and did was as good as,cultural law,its during this time that etiquette,became as impractical and convoluted as,possible for seemingly no,tangible reason and she saw her reign,during one of the strongest tuberculosis,epidemics in history,at the time tuberculosis was referred to,as consumption,and consumption was easily one of the,most common ways to die so its no,wonder that this disease found its way,into every crevice of daily life,becoming highly romanticized consumption,was actually considered,to be a rather sexy romantic disease not,simply because of the pale skinny,fragile way that it made victims look as,they wasted away,but also because it was considered to be,very artistic many quotes of the era in,regards to consumption,read like this one in a letter written,by percy shelley to the romantic poet,john keats,you continue to wear a consumptive,appearance this consumption is a disease,particularly fond of people who wrote,such good verses as you have done,understandably writers and artists made,this disease the topic of their,anguished works,further cementing consumptions role as,a romantic way to perish,this also falls right in the light of,the setting sun of a very chaotic and,important era of medicine,the heroic arab medicine which lasted,from about 1780 to 1850.,i talked about this earlier in my video,about dracula and bram stoker the heroic,era is quantified mostly as the era,during which scientists and doctors,decided to try,pretty much anything in order to find a,cure this often involved aggressive,and vigorous bloodletting purging and,sweating,and more in order to shock the body back,into a humoral balance,the four humors were the keystone of,medicine for hundreds of years even all,the way up until germ theory was finally,deduced the humors consisted of yellow,bile,black bile blood and phlegm and it was,believed that these were the four main,fluids that we all have in our bodies,and help is achieved when all four are,in balance,and treating tuberculosis during the,heroic era the aggressive treatments of,choice,often actually made the symptoms worse,and people,definitely died faster this only pushed,the death-heavy culture of the time to,extremes,to the point where it was commonplace,for women to sow their own burial,shrouds and keep them under their beds,by the time scientists managed to parse,what actually causes tuberculosis and,how to fix it after the invention of,penicillin in 1928 it had already,irreversibly made its mark on the world,of fashion tuberculosis tended to,enhance what was already considered,marks of a,beautiful woman especially in the upper,class the height of what historian,carolyn day calls,consumptive chic comes in the mid-1800s,when middle and upper-class women wore a,more low-waisted corset,some of them not all of them choosing to,tight lace,and applied most unnoticeable makeup so,as to pale their skin and make their,cheeks and lips redder its important to,note that most women in fact did not,tight lace,and the tiny waist look was mostly,achieved through structural,undergarments such as,bust improvers bump pads hip pads and,carefully tailored bodices,after robert coke isolated the,tuberculosis bacteria in 1882,many of these fashion elements came,under loud criticism from men as,exacerbating the causes of the disease,its like,some men couldnt make up their damn,minds as to whether the corsets were,assisting womens health,or killing them corsets were a,structural underwear garment if anything,they did support womens health by,supporting their spines and,helping with period cramps and and,taking the weight of heavy skirts off of,the body,its also hilarious because if a woman,had gone around without wearing a corset,these,same dudes probably would have had a lot,to say about that too,but some things never change do they it,also became very important to have a,plethora of good morning wear since,tuberculosis claimed so many lives,in those days people spent much much,longer in times of deep mourning,literally wearing black during the whole,period and attending far more funerals,hence why we tend to associate dark,colors with the victorian era,dont get it twisted though the era is,also full of bright colors,queen victoria herself spent about 40,years in mourning after the death of her,husband albert only making the trend of,darkness stronger,ever the trendsetter that she was the,met museum curated a collection of her,morning wear,recounting that with these standards in,place it was considered a social,requisite to don black anywhere from,between three months to two and a half,years while grieving for the loved one,or a monarch the stringent social custom,existed for all classes and was,available at all price points,those who could not afford the change of,dress often altered and dyed their,regular garments black the amount of,black to be worn was dictated by several,different phases of mourning,full morning ensembles were solid black,while half morning allowed the wearer to,add a small amount of white or purple,its for this reason that the goth,subculture has every one of its roots in,victorian aesthetics,today goth as a lifestyle can mean many,things due to the fact that it holds,dozens of subcultures within itself but,the original and strongest one is that,the victorian classic gothic dark,brooding colors,lace floor-length dresses smart suits,and all of the beautiful and morbid,accessories that come with it,gothic itself is a word that can almost,be synonymous with victorian in many,contexts,visually speaking the only differences,between them is that the modern gothic,subcultures rules,stake it in darkness and morbidity which,certainly does not fully encompass the,victorian era itself,that middle ground between the two is,where guillermo del toro sets up shop in,the creation,of macabre period fil

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Crimson Peak movie review

alright guys its like this I have a,cold a really bad one my voice is,starting to leave me so Im going to,talk a little quieter and hopefully I,can conserve my voice because on Monday,that new Star Wars trailer is dropping,you know Im going to talk about that,[ __ ] I need a voice to do it so I think,my voice is probably gonna be gone by,the time Im done with this video but I,think were going to get through this,crimson be sir crimson peak is a scary,movie directed by Guillermo del Toro it,has ghosts in a huge mansion Tom,Hiddleston Jessica Chastain Tom,Hiddleston marries that girl more ghosts,and ghosts and goes not really though,know this is actually the horribly miss,marketed movie I hate it when movies do,this this movies marketed as a scary,movie for Halloween and its not that at,all but this movie is ultimately kind of,a Shakespearean ripoff love story but,Tom Hiddleston marries this girl there,might be some found intent involved,thats what it is thats the movie right,there before you start bitching about,the movie Im gonna talk about what I,liked about the movie first of all right,when this movie starts youre like this,movies gonna look great and it does the,set design is beautiful the,cinematography is gorgeous this is,everything is huge Victorian high,ceilings great colors everythings,decorated well you just look at it,youre like care and budget went into,this movie with someone who has an eye,for this stuff,Jeremy del Toro and the performances,were great too Im not saying the,characters were great the performances,were the two characters I liked at all,in this movie were Tom Hiddleston and,Jessica Chastain theyre by far the most,interesting people in the movie everyone,else who gives a [ __ ] youve seen the,plot of this movie a zillion times,before it is very basic youve seen it,in the form of episodes of television,programs or other movies other movies,that did it better but didnt look,better Im gonna get on the ghosts,because we should talk about whats not,in this movie really the ghosts did,nothing they offered nothing for this,movie all they did was supply a few,scenes where the main girl in this movie,can take a candle walk down the hallway,and investigate the weird shadow she saw,all the ghosts are really CGI in this,movie Guillermo del Toro usually has,great creature design and he does for,the ghosts in this movie they are,interesting looking but dont mistake,that for being scary with ghosts the,less you see the better but the fact,that this isnt a ghost movie I guess,that doesnt matter at all because,theyre not here to scare you I was,driving home I was thinking about this,and this really hit me if you take the,ghosts out of this movie the movie would,be no different and I challenge anyone,to tell me Im wrong on that the ghosts,do nothing for the plot of this movie,they only show up a few times and,nothing seriously you can Phantom Edit,the ghosts out of this movie you will,have a completely cohesive and ghost,less movie there are two situations,where a ghost kind of does something but,the thing that it does it doesnt,actually interview like one points at,something and it points to a sound she,goes,the sound but she would go into the,sound anyway and the other one distracts,someone for like half a second could,have had a plate fall and that would,have distracted the person for just as,long we take the ghost out of this movie,still have a movie where Tom Hiddleston,marries this girl and things happen that,are completely unrelated to ghosts yeah,this movie was pretty cool and it got,pretty intense and I enjoyed that,leading up to it I swear to God I was,checking my watches like [ __ ] weve been,here for an hour it felt like two guys,in the end crimson peak is like this the,performances were fine the characters,were not the only interesting characters,in this movie are Tom Hiddleston and,Jessica Chastain the movie looks great,its visually very very appealing which,is a drag because if you take the visual,aesthetic to this movie and wrap it into,a great movie with good plot device and,good characters a great dialogue it,would have kill its a bummer because as,unique as this movie looks and it looks,like its going to be its a very very,cliche plot and really crimson peak,might have been a good time if I was,drunk yeah now its a party alright guys,so crimson peak have you seen it what,did you think about it whatever you,thought comment below let me know and as,always if you like what youve seen here,and you want to see more click right,here to see more my voice is out,cool thing is when I have a cold I sound,like the Joker my father was a drinker,and a fiend and one night he goes off,crazier than usual mommy gets the,kitchen knife to defend herself he,doesnt like that not one bit

CRIMSON PEAK (2015) Ending Explained

hey whats up everybody welcome to found,flicks on todays inning explained were,looking at guillermo del toros crimson,peak in the aftermath of a family,tragedy an aspiring author is torn,between love for her childhood friend,and the temptation of a mysterious,outsider trying to escape the ghost of,the past she has swept away into a house,that breathes bleeds and remembers of,all of del toros works this perhaps,feels the most beholden to his own,particular taste in film as crimson peak,acts as an updated take on the classic,gothic horror setup influenced by things,like the innocence and the haunting but,also the uk hammer films with our lead,edith cushing being named after the,legendary peter cushing the homages are,clear throughout and just like del toro,i am a massive fan for some reason when,this came out it didnt do that well and,it was perhaps due to it being,mismarketed it was kind of sold as a,more traditional spooky thriller but,its much more of a romantic mystery,with some ghosts in there too you,already know that del toro makes,gorgeous movies and that is the case,here as well with the allerdale hall set,being just magnificent and the,production design and visuals are,incredible thats just the way del toro,does it its also helped by very strong,performances from her main trio as well,as a deepening and disturbing mystery,that edith uncovers regarding her new,bow there is some potential confusion,with how things play out as well as some,questions we are left with in the end,and thats why we are here today so,lets check out crimson peak breaking,down the story including the important,mysteries at the forefront how spirits,work in this universe as well as,explaining the ending and what it means,in a blustery snowstorm edith looks,troubled a slash on her face and blood,covering her hands she narrates that,ghost surreal and she saw a proof for,the first time when she was 10 years old,cholera took her mother and due to this,she had a closed casket funeral thusly,no parting kisses no goodbye that is,until the night she came back little,edith is wide awake in bed and the,ticking clock suddenly stops the door,creaks open and she looks down the hall,as black fingers emerge in shadow a,wispy spirit starts floating right,towards her she turns away and it gently,places a hand on her shoulder and croaks,that when the time comes beware of,crimson peak edith shrieks and the,spirit vanishes so i ask ghosts are real,as she has experienced herself but its,also worth pointing out that it didnt,try to scare her or harm her it actually,warned her of impending danger edith,lived her life without understanding her,mothers words and by the time it all,made sense to her it was too late we,pick up in the bustling industrial,square of buffalo new york 14 years,later she runs into an old friend allen,who happens to be setting up his,practice upstairs in the same building,where she is meeting with a publisher,theyre joined by allens mother and,some other ladies who are all abuzz,about a dashing new mystery man who is,here on business his mom boasts that,hes an aristocrat of sorts which edith,pokes holes into saying oh so he feeds,off the land that the others worked for,him hes more akin to a parasite with a,title she says and the ladies all gasp,in shock allens mother says hes quite,charming and a magnificent dancer which,does not concern her as her mom calls,her our own little jane austen edith,correct shed rather be mary shelley as,she died a widow she says before,excusing herself oh you are not like the,other girl saw you eat the publisher,reads over her manuscript and size oh,its a ghost story she insisted its not,its a story with ghosts in it ghosts,are a metaphor for the past and this,also perfectly encapsulates our own,story unfolding here the publisher does,compliment her dainty handwriting but,suggests that she injects some romance,into the story shes annoyed at the,rejection discussing it with her father,but as he points out everyone falls in,love even women you know he hands her a,gift understanding you need the right,tools for the job and its a fancy pen,she then gets an idea it was her,feminine handwriting that gave her away,and with his help she is able to get a,typewriter to recopy the book as she,clacks away the aforementioned sir,thomas sharp enters here for a meeting,with her dad he notices the book and,hes immediately intrigued whoever wrote,it must be quite good right she reveals,that shes the author and he reads more,about the ghost her reiterating theyre,just a metaphor right but hes not put,off by it in fact he has always found,them fascinating where hes from ghosts,are not meant to be taken lightly thomas,does his presentation for mr cushing and,his partners learning that his familys,business is in scarlet clay he touts its,value in liquid form which can be made,into ore and is so malleable it can also,produce incredibly strong bricks and,tiles their issue is that over mining,has caused most of their mines to,collapse but he has a solution showing,off a scale model of a new kind of,harvester of his own design carver calls,out his bombast he hasnt even made a,full-size machine so all he has is a toy,and some fancy words he also looked into,sharps previous attempts to secure,financing rattling off several other,cities where he failed he lays out why,exactly he doesnt respect him he along,with his pals came up through honest,hard work the kind that leaves a man,with rough hands but sharp as he notes,has the smoothest hands hes ever felt,smooth little baby boy in america we,bank on effort not privileged he,declares ah thats a nice thought at,least having eavesdropped on the meeting,edith wonders if sharps plan was really,that bad but carter corrects that its,the man that he doesnt like edith is a,bit more sympathetic pointing out his,nice yet dated clothes calling him,merely a dreamer facing defeat he brings,up that allen is picking him up and he,always had a fondness for her when he,shows up allen compliments her attire,beaming that she should be the belle of,the ball but she is not into the social,scene home alone she has another,encounter with her mothers spirit as,the door handle begins to rattle it,swings open the handle still violently,twisting and she tiptoes closer just,about to grab it it rattles startling,her out in the hall the black ghost,returns she shrieks and edith slams the,door putting up her ear to listen the,spirit rips right through the door,emitting a dark energy and reminds her,of the childhood warning beware of,crimson peak the substance lingers,briefly on the door and the illusion is,shattered when a maid enters informing,her of a surprise guest mr sharp hes,also heading to the same reception as,her father and he pleads with her for,her assistance he admits that one area,that he fails at is speaking american,and after some deliberation she does,decide to tag along after all at the,ball a woman in a striking red dress,slays it on the piano to a captive,audience the spotlight quickly shifts,when edith and sharp enter and here they,respectively meet alan and thomass,sister lucille allens mom had been,trying to pawn off her daughter on,thomas but its obvious who he has eyes,for she calls for a demonstration of the,waltz and to everyones shock he selects,edith as his partner i do declare he,describes that its all about simplicity,and elegance and if they are true walt,pros they can do the entire dance,without extinguishing a candle flame,they impressively managed to keep it,alight eunice and the others watching on,flabbergasted well i do say im really,puppy cracking they burst into applause,and lucille looks perturbed rushing away,from the crowd her dad also not a fan of,the pairing sporting quite a sour puss,carver clearly doesnt trust the man and,hires some goons to look into finding,out more about the sharps edith,reconnects with allen who shows off some,real genuine spirit photography that he,picked up in london its silver cre

CRIMSON PEAK (2015) Explained | Movie Recap

all righty ladies and gentlemen welcome,to the horror mine where we talk about,mysteries thrillers and horror movies my,name is vic shy and this week my friends,were talking about the 2015 gothic,romance horror film crimson peak crimson,peak is directed by the brilliant,guillermo del toro and has an all-star,cast that consists of mia wazikowska tom,hiddleston jessica chastain charlie,hunnam and jim beaver we follow the,story of edith cushing the daughter of a,wealthy businessman who marries thomas,sharp a british aristocrat when she,moves into his mansion known as,ellerdale hall spooky things start to,occur in the night as mysteries and,secrets begin to unfold ill be,explaining the events that occurred,throughout the film and if you enjoyed,the video please make sure to hit that,like button as i would truly appreciate,it but without further ado sit back and,relax and join me as we explore the,mysteries and devious secrets in crimson,peak our movie begins as we see a young,woman bloodied standing in the snow,ghosts are real,this much i know,she tells of the time she first saw a,ghost and recounts the tragic funeral of,her mother who died of black cholera and,had a closed casket funeral she is,visited that night by the creepy-ass,ghost of her mother who tells her that,when the time comes beware of crimson,peak 14 years later we get a proper,introduction to our main character edith,cushing who is an aspiring writer of,ghost stories edith is the daughter of a,very rich businessman mr carter cushing,we meet a good friend of edith dr alan,mcmichael who is very kind compared to,his snotty and condescending family she,takes her writings to a publisher named,ogilvy who wasnt expecting it to be a,ghost story she tells him that its more,of a story with ghosts in it citing that,the ghosts are simply a metaphor for the,past this quote perfectly sums up this,entire film as the ghosts are never,truly the main focus of the film while,there are definitely ghosts present they,dont play the typical role weve come,to expect in horror movies she expresses,her concern to her father who then gives,her a pretty nice pen but actually,father i was hoping to type it in your,office,type it damn it i knew i should have,gone with the typewriter we then meet,our next character mr thomas sharp,portrayed by the always lovable tom,hiddleston thomas has arrived from,london to request funding from mr,cushing and other investors for a clay,harvester he created mr cushing isnt,sold on the invention and doesnt seem,to like thomas stating that he hasnt,worked to be where hes at like everyone,else,youve got the softest hands ive ever,felt,while preparing for a party he tells,edith that it wasnt the invention but,thomas himself that he doesnt like but,doesnt know why mr cushing heads to the,party with alan but edith chooses to,stay home that night she is once again,visited by the ghost of her mother who,once again tells her to beware,[Music],why do you have to scare the hell out of,herders to give her advice thomas sharp,arrives at the cushing manor and charms,his way into bringing edith along as his,date to the mcmichael party here we meet,thomass sister lucille sharp who,doesnt appear to please at the sight of,ediths arrival thomas asks edith for a,dance and impresses the entire room by,performing a waltz while holding a flame,to a candle the entire time with his,rising suspicion mr cushing hires a man,named holly to do some private,investigating on thomas and lucille,sharp edith meets up with allen where he,shows her several eerie ghostly,photographs he then tells her to be,careful about her friendship with thomas,sharp spoken like a true friend-zoned,individual we see a very sus,conversation between thomas and lucille,about edith that reveal that they are up,to something pretty sinister he asks her,for the ring on her finger and says that,she will get it back only if he is,successful mr hawley returns to mr,cushing with his findings which,contained bad news but we dont yet see,what he discovered during a dinner party,he asked to speak to thomas and lucille,in private he reveals that he is aware,of their secret and bribes them with a,check to return to england he also tells,thomas that he must thoroughly break,ediths heart for the check to clear,thomas announces his departure at the,dinner table which upsets edith he then,reluctantly proceeds to break her heart,in full view of everyone you know,precious little of the human heart or,love or the pain that comes with it,youre nothing but a spoiled child mr,cushing sure looks like he got his,moneys worth we also get a very eerie,shot of lucille watching the events,unfold from the shadows the next day mr,cushing is brutally murdered while,shaving in the bathroom the unknown,assailant smashes his face into the sink,several times killing him,[Music],i mean i get hes old and his reaction,time isnt what it used to be but,someone walking up behind you while,gloving up isnt there to make sure that,you get a good shave in edith wakes up,to a letter from thomas professing his,love for her and revealing that mr,cushing paid him off to hurt her and,leave she eventually meets up with,thomas who tells her that he could not,leave her and the two share a very,passionate kiss,edith is immediately met with the tragic,news of her fathers passing and is,forced to identify his body at mr,cushings funeral we see edith by,thomass side and is now wearing the,ring previously worn by lucille he aint,wasting no time edith and thomas are now,married and arrive at thomass manor,named ellerdale hall located in,cumberland england they are greeted by a,servant named finley who says that,thomas has been married for a while,edith asks him what he means but thomas,says he has no idea a small dog suddenly,appears out of nowhere seemingly,famished and edith decides to keep it,they entered the large and beautiful,mansion but it is in terrible shape,there is a large hole in the ceiling and,red clay seeps from the floorboards with,a very blood-like appearance as the,manor is located directly above a clay,mine while looking in the mirror edith,sees the ghostly shadow of a woman,walking behind her believing it to be,lucille she follows the ghost who then,takes the elevator shaft upstairs thomas,reassures her that it must have been,just a shadow and warns her never to,take the elevator to the lower level,thomas reunites with lucille and the,pair sharon intimate hug that probably,lasted a few seconds too long if you,catch my drift we see that there is,clear tension between edith and lucille,as lucille refuses to give her a copy of,the house keys we then see a,conversation between thomas and lucille,where it is revealed that they are,strictly after ediths money thomas also,says that he purposely left the dog out,to die for who knows how long while,taking a bath edith doesnt notice that,she is being stalked by a creepy red,ghost she realizes something is wrong,when the red ball her dog was playing,with rolls into the bathroom all on its,own thomas gives her some tea to make,her feel better about living in the,creepy old mansion lucille is seen,peeping through the keyhole possibly,having listened to the entire,conversation edith wakes up to lucille,playing the piano which can be heard,throughout the entire house lucille,talks about her childhood with thomas,and seems to hate their mother edith,tells her that she and thomas have not,consummated their marriage yet as he is,respecting her time to mourn her father,edith makes her way to the attic and,sees several black moths congregating in,one area this is a sign that foreshadows,later events as black moths in a house,can sometimes represent a warning that,someone is trying to harm you they are,also sometimes seen as the messengers of,death and may be a sign of death right,around the corner the setting and sound,design work together perfectly to create,a creepy yet beautiful atmosphere,throughout the house that i really,enjoyed she meets

Crimson Peak Review

[Music],Guillermo del Toros crimson peak is a,very deliberate return to an old-school,type of horror story the Gothic romance,genre but its also a uniquely modern,spin on that particular style as it,switches up gender roles utilizes CGI to,render its ghastly ghosts and,steadfastly earns its r rating one of,those ghosts is first seen early in the,film warning young Edith Cushing to,beware of something called crimson peak,only years later once Edith has grown,into a headstrong and forward-thinking,woman played by me Ibaka Kafka does she,learn what crimson peak actually is,after tragedy strikes her wealthy family,Edith moves to the creepy mysterious and,decaying English mansion owned by the,man she loves Tom Hiddlestons Thomas,Sharpe and his scary sister Lucille,played by Jessica Chastain owing to the,red clay mind the estate sits on it has,earned the name crimson peak and that,ghost was right to warn Edith for there,is something very very wrong here not,only a ghosts once again stalking Edith,in her rather inhospitable new home but,our heroine also comes to suspect that,Thomas and Lucille are harboring a deep,dark secret Chastain is almost,otherworldly in her performance as the,cold odd Lucille while Hiddlestons,Thomas is more sympathetic torn as he,appears to be between his allegiance to,his sister and to Edith Charlie Hunnam,plays a dashing young doctor who is,ready to sweep in and save Edith from,whatever danger shes in but,interestingly del Toro plays with,audience expectations regarding where,all four of these characters paths will,lead them crimson peak is a remarkable,design achievement for del Toro and his,team every frame is like a painting unto,itself and the house is practically a,living breathing character all its own,the effects of the clay mine,deep below the property caused red,liquid to run down the walls for example,making the house appear to bleed a hole,in the ceiling means it can snow inside,and a subterranean chamber offers its,own unique if spoilery properties to the,mystery at the center of the film is an,engaging one as the question is raised,of who is truly more of a,threat the ghosts are the humans its a,slow burn to get to the answer but a,rewarding one that pays off in a final,blast of shrieking blows and blood,speaking of which the film is very,r-rated for such a big-budget production,with Goran other adult situations that,might raise a few eyebrows,that said viewers who are used to a,faster more modern type of horror,thriller experience might have trouble,embracing the film but for those who,play along with del Toros methods here,crimson peak is a beautifully horrifying,experience I think some fresh air with,you I have to leave I have to get away,from here this is your home now you have,nowhere else to go,[Music]

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