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Cris Tales Review

lets face it,time travel doesnt make a lick of sense,but thats precisely why its a perfect,match,for an over-the-top fantasy jrpg and,chris tales blends that nonsense,smoothie to great effect manipulating,the past,present and future to solve puzzles,defeat enemies,and change destinies is awesome when it,clicks,unfortunately chris tales repetitive,turn-based combat felt more like,i was trapped in the most boring time,loop but even so,its timeless story quirky characters,and effortless charms still managed to,be a mostly fun ride,chris tales otherworldly fantasy setting,could have been taken straight out of a,childrens storybook,its filled with talking frogs weird,robot thingies and time mages that no,one seems at all concerned with,or even impressed by manners youre,speaking to a revered time mage,everything about the world is,delightfully strange from the fact that,people use marbles as currency,to the strange mother superior witches,that exist in every,town to help raise the children or,something youll travel through monster,infested salt mines,visit a city inside an active volcano,and sail around in a giant metal womans,shoe,its one of the weirdest settings ive,seen and yet everything had me,nodding along like it all made perfect,sense together,the main character chris bell is your,typical bright-eyed innocent and,unflappably optimistic protagonist who,goes around solving everyones problems,without a second thought as to why,along the way she meets an immortal,child time mage,an anime robot and some lady who pulls,random weapons out of a bottomless bag,like a murderous mary poppins,the cast is universally awesome whether,theyre a main character or a supporting,player given time to shine,[Music],if chris tales has one standout feature,though its the incredibly rewarding and,unique use of time travel and time,manipulation that sits in the center of,everything you do,time-based shenanigans are both a plot,device and a gameplay hook,and many areas are actually split to,simultaneously show the past,present and future at once those can,then be interacted with to complete,puzzles,and gain a greater understanding of the,world and its characters,in one city i noticed an area had the,grim fate of eventually becoming,submerged underwater,but over the course of an entirely,optional side quest,i saved someones life who vowed to fix,the citys flooding problems,which changed that outcome and opened up,new ways for me to interact with the,location,seeing that direct cause and effect so,quickly makes chris tales side quests,stand out from your typical rpg and,impactful moments like this are,frequently some of its best,although for a game about time travel it,sure likes to waste a lot of yours,your adorable frog friend matthias fills,the jrpg role of the,animal mascot and wise guide and hes,necessary to complete most,time manipulation puzzles frustratingly,however,he hops along behind you incredibly,slowly,and attempting to time travel before,hes caught up results in an obnoxious,pop-up window how long does it take for,matthias to catch up you ask,it takes this long,[Music],while the time travel mechanics are,otherwise a joy when exploring the world,how theyre implemented in chris taless,bland and repetitive turn-based combat,is far less exciting early on in the,adventure youre introduced to some,really unique concepts that make clever,use of chris bells ability to,manipulate time,for example in an early boss encounter,you have to attack a heavily armored,character with water attacks in the,present,then send them into the future where,their armor has rusted away due to,prolonged water damage,you might assume that this early example,is just the tip of the iceberg for all,the interesting ways one might,manipulate time to their advantage,but its actually more like an ice cube,after the first handful of tutorial,encounters youll have experienced,nearly all the tricks in the book and,their use thereafter introduces very few,new twists,its such a massive missed opportunity,compared to how well time travel is used,outside of combat,combat encounters dont just repeat the,same time travel moves either,they also reuse the same few enemy types,simple enemies like,wolves and slimes are just given a fresh,coat of paint or a new elemental remix,in each area,and thrown in your path time and time,again sadly the initially exciting,bosses suffer the same,fate too with higher health and damage,numbers usually just resulting in,mind-numbingly boring and low-stakes,battles of attrition,this pile of missteps is an unfortunate,miss because the world outside of chris,tales battles is genuinely lovely,but you spend so much of your time in,combat that its shortcomings are felt,constantly,by the time i reached the end credits,after almost 50 hours i was glad to be,done with its bland battle system which,is a shame when i was still enjoying the,story itself,[Music],chris tales tells a charming jrpg tale,in a gorgeous and weird world,but its hobbled by incredibly,monotonous combat,its battles undoubtedly overstay their,welcome but this unique odyssey,still manages to shine through them a,bit thanks to its style,characters and inspired non-combat time,travel mechanics,that make it memorable for more rpgs,check out our reviews of wilder myth or,monster hunter stories 2,and for everything else stick with ign

Cris Tales Review – Noisy Pixel

[Music],the rpg genre has evolved significantly,over the years,opening the door to new experiences and,adventures while games tend to build on,the backs of more modern entries,we seldom get random callbacks to,earlier releases,developer dreams incorporated taps into,this space while adding their own time,bending twist,in crystals the approach is challenging,but the tools provided to deal with each,obstacle act as a discovery no matter,how familiar you are with the genre,[Music],chris tells introduces us to an orphan,named chris bell who gets wrapped up,into a massive adventure,after following a frog named matias who,stole rose,evidently it is her fate to become a,powerful time age,and help the people of this world by,making changes to the present and past,that affect the future,her calling has her traveling to four,regions to collect her powers,leading her to a kingdom known as,chrystalis shes accompanied by a rag,tag group of characters each with their,own reasons for joining the group,these characters have their own opinions,on how they want to approach situations,which eventually leaves chris bell to,decide the correct path,eventually youll face off against the,time empress,but a lot happens between all that every,choice made in the game affects the,outcome of the future and its not,always a bright one,it all depends on your dedication to,exploration and addressing the needs of,the citizens,while these are side missions that run,alongside the main quest,they are needed if you want the best,outcome for the people of course its,completely possible to pass it all,up you can easily just run by a man,getting attacked by wolves but be,prepared to hear that he died later on,the big gimmick here is that the three,different timelines are shown on screen,while youre in a town,the left screen shows the past and the,right screen shows the future,this allows you to easily see if youre,doing the right thing but thats not,always easy to do,what is right and wrong is ultimately up,to the player but youll have to live,with the consequences from both angles,matias also has the ability to travel,into each timeline to collect items,listen in on conversations or uncover a,secret it plays out like a puzzle as,nothing is explicitly told to the player,outside of a few hints,its simply incredible how the,developers created three different,versions of the town that are shown at,all times,i think the only drawback is that its,sometimes tough to see everything the,designers often use this limited camera,angle to hide treasures but i think it,hurts navigation and dungeons since you,arent always sure where to go,still anything you do is typically,rewarded with a treasure chest or item,so time never feels wasted its,important to note that the team gets the,most out of every town i spent seven,hours completing quests level grinding,and talking with npcs in the first town,which included only two dungeons however,when i noticed how much time had passed,it honestly felt like i was only playing,for an hour,i became lost in the games fantasies,setting and characters,as i invested more time into the,adventure nothing ever feels like its,handed to the player and every completed,mission,feels earned however i wouldnt say i,liked how i had to wait for montius to,catch up to me in towns to change to,different times,because he can be a bit slow the time,system finds its way into the battle,system where enemies will surround the,party on the left or the right,most grunt enemies have three different,forms depending on their age,which gives them access to a different,moveset chris bell can make them younger,if theyre on the left and if theyre on,the right she can make them older,sometimes there are drawbacks to this,such as making an enemy older only to,find out that they become stronger,while others become weaker it requires,experimentation,but also a good understanding of your,moveset its imperative that you,understand how to properly time,follow-up attacks,and defense that require you to press,the action button right before an,attack this is great for adding status,effects and crits,to magic or avoiding an enemy attack,bosses are where this is needed the most,because they dont mess around,even for a typical fight the challenge,is high but the reward of the experience,and the money is crucial to becoming,stronger,i had such a good time level grinding,and learning new moves for my party,and then working out a strategy for them,to use effectively in a battle,one drawback for the switch version is,that the load times before and after,battles,and also in between areas are extremely,lengthy,making the adventure only longer than it,should be i should stress that i do hope,this is optimized in a future patch,the equipment takes a rather,straightforward approach allowing,players to upgrade their weapons with,money and even,equip special keychains for added,effects wearable equipment can be,purchased or found in the field and have,various attributes,some of which may slow the character,down in a fight but most of them have a,positive effect,chris bells tie magic also evolves,through the dungeons that each have a,unique gimmick requiring her to interact,with something to progress,she unlocks new abilities and even new,ways to travel through the world as she,visits more regions,i loved how the game took the genres,classic challenge and added so many,unique systems,unfortunately for some there arent,difficulty options or speed options,further theres no auto save so ill,admit i lost an hour after getting cocky,and not,saving i couldnt care less though since,i was having a blast with the entire,game loop all dialogue is voiced and,sounds wonderful further enhanced by the,awesome soundtrack and beautiful,environments,chris tales is a fantasy akin to a fairy,tale in both narrative and setting its,an amazing experience accompanied by,memorable characters an,addictive battle system and wonderful,discoveries every moment of gameplay,pushes the rpg to new heights which is,only hindered by lengthy,load times and lack of direction for,some missions however if youre looking,for a callback to retro rpgs this is one,game you should absolutely play,noisy pixel is giving chris tales a 9,out of 10.,thank you for watching please read the,full review on noisypixel.net noisy,pixels run by a group of gamers for a,card to deliver news reviews previews,and more please subscribe to keep up,with all our future content,pixel

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Cris Tales – Easy Allies Review

Envisioned by a small development team in Colombia,,Cris Tales adopts the structure of classic turn-based RPGs,and mixes in time travel in a way that plays into both the story and the battle system.,It introduces some intriguing mechanics and possibilities, but,it ends up being a bit more shallow than it first appears.,The story centers around Crisbell,,an orphan whose life is changed after an encounter with a talking yellow frog wearing a top hat.,By chasing down the frog, named Matias, and following him to the cathedral,,Crisbell unlocks her abilities as a time mage,who can see into both the past and the future.,After defending her village from an attack, she sets off to find the other cathedrals,to expand her powers and stop the Time Empress from taking over the world.,You gain several party members along the way, and the tale is lighthearted overall,with a fair amount of banter back and forth.,If anything, there are times when your friends can get a bit too chatty,,chiming in on everything whether or not they have something worthwhile to say.,The early chapters are straightforward as you go from place to place,,but around half-way through, after you reach the volcanic region of Cinder,,events start to feel more consequential, backstories unfurl,,and time elements start to play a greater role.,Altering time plays a very visible role throughout the game.,As you walk through populated areas, the screen is split into three sections,,with the past on the left and the future on the right.,This creates a fascinating look at the world,as you can see younger or older versions of each character,as well as changes in the environments surrounding you.,You can then deploy Matias to hop into the past or future,to open treasure chests, eavesdrop on conversations,,or just get a better look at life in a different era.,However, the small frog has to stay close to Crisbell’s physical location,,so these excursions are typically brief.,There are fun instances like planting a vine in the past,to climb to a new area in the present, but at times,,the mechanic feels almost insignificant,as you simply hop into a different time period, pick up an item, and hop back.,Dungeons don’t share this fractured view of time,,but instead allow you to manipulate the state of specific objects in the environment.,For instance, restoring a broken pillar can create a pathway above,,while decaying it to dust allows you to walk through where it was standing.,Shifting the state of objects to find the path ahead is about as involved as puzzles get.,There are some switches and levers to pull and side routes have extra treasure,,but there generally isn’t a whole lot to find off the beaten path.,Cris Tales does have random battles that can interrupt you as you’re trying to work out where to go,,but they’re fairly unobtrusive with means to bypass or avoid them.,The combat system is the most engaging part of Cris Tales,as it finds ways to mix things up,and it implements time mechanics in intriguing ways.,Similar to the Mario RPGs, there’s an element of timing as you have to tap a button at the right time,to increase damage or to defend against enemy blows.,Identifying the right timing during an animation is hazy,,but thankfully a broader window gives you some benefit,even when you don’t get a perfect critical hit.,Party members each play quite differently as well.,Christopher is perhaps the most useful as he excels in both physical damage and powerful spells.,The robotic JKR-721 has a heat system to manage,,and one of his skills has you mashing to unleash a barrage of light, rapid strikes.,Meanwhile, the bubbly Zas drops in various roulette wheels,,leaving the exact methods to her madness somewhat up to chance.,Every so often, most party members can also perform Syncro attacks with Crisbell,,joining abilities into powerful combos similar to Chrono Trigger’s dual techs.,Crisbell herself employs the most significant techniques,,as she can use time crystals in combat,,allowing you to shift enemies on the party’s right into the future or enemies on the left into the past.,Enemies have three time-based variations,,with stats and abilities that change as they get older or younger.,There are also various tricks that you can pull off,such as poisoning an enemy and then shifting them to the future so all their poison damage hits them at once.,Some enemies take advantage of these time shifts too,,such as giant insects that use silk to lock a crystal in place,,preventing you from undoing its effects.,The biggest flaw with combat simply comes down to a lack of variety.,Each area only has a handful of enemies,,and many creatures appear in multiple regions, sometimes with different elemental affinities.,Even many of the bosses repeat in some way or another.,So although there’s a lot to experiment with,,the lack of enemy types means you get familiar with their tricks pretty quickly.,The overall progression of Cris Tales advances in a chapter-like structure.,You travel to a new town, get involved in helping people there,,fight through some dungeons, and do some side quests,before wrapping up a central conflict and traveling onward.,Each region has its own dilemmas.,St. Clarity struggles with tensions between its rich and poor districts,,while Cinder fights a stubborn plague.,Before you move on to the next leg of your journey though,,you’re presented with one final choice that determines the fate of that town.,In the opening tutorial, you have to choose between houses, saving one and leaving the other to rot,,but in practice, the rest of the choices aren’t really choices at all.,If you complete all the side quests in an area,,there’s always a third choice that’s the best of both worlds.,Not only are these third options clearly superior, but,they’re necessary if you want to get the best ending.,While we won’t spoil the specifics,,this structure deflates any notion that your decisions matter at all.,It essentially amounts to completing every quest and picking the right options,to get a slightly extended cut-scene at the end.,Adding some frustration to the matter, this means that you have to do each specific region’s side quests,before reaching a certain point in the story.,Even though there are clear point-of-no-return checkpoints,,they don’t always appear in time for you to go back to find every side quest,,and this oversight can cause you to miss a few by accident.,The gorgeous visuals of Cris Tales are an immediate highlight,with sharp, expressive artwork that stands out from similar games.,Environments appear in thin layers that create an impression of space,similar to a pop up book or diorama, and long corridors often heighten the effect.,The orchestral score is bolstered by a few memorable themes,,and all of the dialogue is fully voiced with some fun performances enriching the characters’ personalities.,Much of the flavor comes from the developer’s Colombian heritage,,and although many players may not recognize the fashion, cathedrals, or locations like Rainbow Lake,,it’s still wonderful to have a fantasy world,that draws from a different set of inspirations and references than the typical fare.,However, there are inconsistencies throughout the presentation.,Most notably, typos routinely show up throughout the text.,There are also moments when text and voice lines don’t match,,and times when the recording quality shifts from one sentence to the next.,From time to time, there are glitches too, like,sound effects not playing or textures not loading.,A few small mistakes are expected,,but seeing them appear so much makes them hard to ignore.,Taking 25 hours or so to complete, Cris Tales isn’t exactly short,,but it often points to a larger world and more consequential choices,than it really has to offer.,The world feels small and only seems to get smaller,as you get near the end and revisit past areas.,It’s an absolutely beautiful game with interesting mechanics and some fun characters,,but it doesn’t fully fles

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Cris Tales Nintendo Switch Review!

if youve been looking at the nintendo,switch eshop upcoming page for the last,my goodness it feels like years well,youll have seen chris tales on the ever,upcoming list,but finally its actually released ive,played it for 26 hours,and can confirm it is both a,mesmerically,beautiful jrpg but equally frustrating,in some areas,i guess the relief will be for those,that pre-ordered it i think theres,enough here for fans of the genre but,certainly weve got quite a bit to go,through,join me for some chris tales my motto,and a couple of why not lets find out,this is gonna change my life,narrative then is something that chris,tales does incredibly well,not only is every character in the game,fully voice acted,voice actings decent and the,interactions between your party members,are memorable and often laugh out loud,funny you play as chris bell who,discovers early on,she has some time-bending abilities that,allows her to see into the past as well,as the future,as youd expect from any good jrpg there,is a cataclysmic event on the horizon,and its up to you and a ragtag bunch of,uh nobodies,to go and fix it interestingly the side,tales and quests might affect the,outcome of an entire town and thats,where the,time bending mechanics really come into,their own how many times have you,completed side quests thinking,this is pointless why am i even doing it,but in chris tales youre often given,very difficult choices to make and not,only will you be told the outcomes,youll also be able to look into the,future and see it a lovely little touch,the narrative takes you across a vast,globe to many different cities and,youll pick up many different comrades,along your way,each of them have their own backstories,and drives and theres some surprisingly,adult language and themes,that might appeal to other grumpy old,farts like me i wouldnt say no to a,date,you know once this is all over you did,not,just say that to her when it comes to,gameplay and controls,chris tales has promised many things the,blurb states you have the free ability,to move between,times and certainly the game has some,very interesting mechanics in that,regard,very often your perspective will be,split into three views,the past present and future i wont go,into details but youve got a friend,whos a talking frog,and while not available always there are,often times when you can use him to,literally hop into the past or future,and once there he can collect items and,bring them back or open hidden chests,and i for one have never seen anything,quite like it that being said,i do wish theyd have chosen a rabbit or,something because when hes in his small,form because obviously hes got much,younger if he hops into the past,he is incredibly slow the developers,have managed to avoid,gimmicks in most areas and the combat,which is turn-based,offers a number of unique features while,it initially seems quite straightforward,with you,choosing your player selecting which,move you do special or item,you soon realize that the right hand,side of the screen is reserved for the,future,so if you use your crystals you can,actually send enemies,into their older more decrepit future,selves,and vice versa if they are on the left,of the screen you can send them into,their past potentially making them baby,versions of themselves,and much weaker as you progress into the,mid to late stages,youll unlock new playable characters,who allow for you to manipulate the,placement of enemies so you can pick,them up and move them from side to side,which can be very useful sometimes you,might send an enemy into the future,only to discover they are way more,powerful then but they just wont move,you can also manipulate this time aspect,by for example placing an item that has,a delay of a few turns but then pushing,that enemy into the future,and having that instantly explode or,damage them,[Music],it incorporates an entirely new aspect,that once again,has never been seen before in a jrpg to,my knowledge,one aspect i wasnt too keen on though,was how old school they went with the,way combat starts,you dont see enemies around the map you,simply have random encounters take place,and combined with one technical hiccup,on the switch,this became a real chore for me and,thats the load times,it could take around about 15 maybe 17,seconds to load into combat and then for,example if youre planning on just,fleeing from combat youve then got that,same weight again and could potentially,spend,30 seconds of loading screens for,absolutely nothing,it isnt a game where you have to do a,huge amount of grinding either,so i dont understand why they didnt,opt for a system,where you could see either the enemy or,you got a choice whether you entered the,combat instance,in the middle of the game you unlocked,the ability to send items to different,stages so you could,move them back to when they were first,built or push them into the future where,they may be crumpled and gone,but this mechanic is used for puzzling,and sometimes youll need to move around,the map,to see where its required but then,obviously have to backtrack,and when those random encounters keep,interrupting i just found it very,frustrating,and a real contrast to the otherwise,enjoyable combat,it is worth mentioning that not all,areas have this,each character in your party has an,equipment loadout you can apply,different,rings pieces of armor and each town or,city you visit will have a shop where,you can upgrade your equipment but you,wont find lots of different types of,weapon,youll simply gradually improve the one,youve got but their attributes can also,be tweaked and improved by applying,direct upgrades to them which can,drastically change them including adding,status effects or just,massively boosting the damage as im,sure youd hope there are a number of,boss fights,and as i already alluded to you dont,really feel like you have to grind to,beat these,and its certainly a game where by the,end youve got such a powerful party you,can,cut through most enemies and bosses,quite easily i quite like that i,understand the need to scale enemies to,make you feel like youre not completely,overpowered but,old-school final fantasy fans like,myself enjoy that feeling of power,and while no i havent got an ultima,spell some of the move sets of these,characters are great,such as one who throws random objects,from her bag,including a chicken and a robot who,seems to have worked on the hundred hand,slap,the world is filled with numerous save,locations and theres also a tent system,allowing your party to camp and rest,which will recoup your hp,mp and cp and christabel will need that,cp to manipulate time during,combat the final aspect to the combat,system which i do really like,is that it requires the player to use,their own timing weve seen something,similar in the trails series,whereby you have to press the button,just as your attack lands to do critical,damage,and on the flip side of this if you,press that same a button as an attacks,received youll then parry or reduce,entirely its impact,the world in chris tales is lovely,theres an overworld map area,very reminiscent to old final fantasy,titles and in what might be the most,unique method of travel ever youll be,rowing around in a giant,shoe but not having any map was a,puzzling choice,its not a game where youll often get,lost but that map,could have had the names of the,different areas so for example when it,says,head back to wilhelms house a quick,check and youd know where youre going,thats not the case and its just a very,strange and odd omission,that extends to the side questing,theres a quest log and you can hold the,y button down to see what the next main,objective is but some small quality of,life,improvements could be made if im asked,to go and speak to a specific character,having an exclamation mark above their,head is just standard and when there are,so many different people for you to come,into contact with and each of them,having their own lines of dialogue,youll have

Mini Reseña Cris Tales – El Pasado de los JRPG Inspirando su Futuro | 3GB

sí,[Música],[Música],desde hace tiempo nos ha caído el 20 a,todos que estamos en ese punto en la,industria en el que es muy común,toparnos con proyectos que buscan rendir,algún tipo de tributo a juegos que,salieron hace ya varios ayer es,especialmente en less en independiente,que está saludablemente formada por,muchos creadores que crecieron amando,este medio de entretenimiento dicho tipo,de proyectos son peligrosos pues el,tributo puede ser un arma de doble filo,que termine diluyendo tu concepto hasta,hacerlo sentir como una copia sin alma,pero si logra sortear estos peligros,puedes terminar con algo especial que,estimule la nostalgia de gran parte del,público esta peligrosa situación es en,la que se encuentra crisis tails un,nuevo rpg creado por el estudio,colombiano dreams incorporated para el,playstation 5 playstation 4 xbox series,xbox one switch y la pc que busca,ofrecernos una nueva aventura fantástica,llena de viajes en el tiempo inspirada,en los grandes clásicos de este género,nuestra protagonista es chris vela una,inocente joven huérfana de buen corazón,que vive en la ciudad de nariño,desafortunadamente y por qué,necesitamos que la trama se mueva poco,después de conocerla descubrimos que,ella tiene el poder de ver el futuro en,el cual logra vislumbrar la desolación,que generará la naciente guerra contra,la malvada emperatriz de las heras una,poderosa hechicera del tiempo que busca,dominar el fantástico mundo de cristales,después de ser arrastrados a este,conflicto por una misteriosa rana,parlante no pasa mucho para que,conozcamos al resto de los pintorescos,personajes que se convertirán en,nuestros compañeros de party como,william un poderoso mago temporal que,ahora vive como un joven ermitaño y,christopher un caballero novato e,impetuoso que busca vengar a su hermano,quien perdió la vida en el anterior,conflicto contra la villana central en,general crease tails hace un buen,trabajo para ofrecer un escenario,familiar que cualquier fan de los hot,rpg de antaño reconocerá pero de igual,forma logra darle su propia identidad al,introducir los poderes de chris bell que,nos permite ver en todo momento tres,estados temporales de los lugares que,visitamos,es decir el pasado presente y futuro,aunque la perspectiva es algo extraña si,puedo decir que es bastante original,además de esto este poder tan particular,es utilizado de formas interesantes a lo,largo de la aventura ya que,constantemente veremos cómo es que,nuestras acciones van modificando las,vidas de los habitantes de las diversas,ciudades que visitaremos o incluso cómo,cambian radicalmente el futuro de una,localidad entera de igual forma esto da,lugar a uno que otro acertijo,interesante pues podemos literalmente,lanzar a nuestro compañero rana hacia,alguno de los estados temporales,alternos para conseguir ítems escuchar,conversaciones del pasado que tengan,relevancia en el presente o simplemente,descubrir secretos creo que este es uno,de los mejores elementos del juego pues,recompensa de forma muy consistente la,exploración y te permite meterle un poco,de coco cuando estés atorado en tu,misión central o en una secundaria por,cierto hay un chingo de estas y te,permiten explorar a fondo cada uno de,los lugares que visitas además de,conocer todos los dilemas por los que,pasan sus habitantes si tuviera una nota,es que a veces es algo la tos,usar a tu compañero rana pues necesitas,que el cabrón esté cerca de chris bell,para poder enviarlo a otro estado,temporal y luego este wey se tarda su,buen rato en alcanzarte creo que debería,ser algo que se active automáticamente y,ya o mínimo deshacerse del molesto,cuadro de diálogo que nos indica que don,pepe la rana apenas viene en camino,además de la exploración y el mundo otro,elemento importante de este tipo de,experiencias es el combate y en,christies tenemos un sistema por turnos,que provee algunas ideas interesantes,pero que desafortunadamente no fueron,aprovechadas del todo algo que me gustó,es la perspectiva pues en cada combate,nuestra party estará rodeada cosa que,siento simula una escaramuza mucho mejor,que tener a todo el mundo formado de su,lado,esta disposición además tiene su,propósito especialmente para los poderes,temporales de nuestra protagonista al,igual que en el esquema que tenemos al,momento de explorar podemos hacer que,nuestros enemigos viajen en el tiempo,los de la izquierda al pasado y los de,la derecha al futuro cada enemigo suele,tener tres estados temporales mismos que,tienen capacidades y habilidades,distintas pero creo que lo más relevante,para tu estrategia es la intensificación,de los estatus negativos que puedes,aplicarles a tus rivales por ejemplo si,con uno de tus compinches logras,envenenar a alguien puedes acelerar su,efecto al mandar a dicho enemigo al,futuro y ahorrarte los turnos en los que,poco a poco ir intoxicándose para que,esto ocurra de sopetón y muera de,inmediato en un principio esto parece,tener mucho potencial pero para mí fue,perdiendo su impacto conforme avance en,la aventura llegó un punto en el que fue,más efectivo simplemente pelear de forma,tradicional to party puede llegar a,volverse bastante fuerte y andar,haciendo estos malabares temporales,resulta muy innecesario salvo por las,peleas contra los jefes,digamos que está ahí si quieres tomarte,la molestia pero no es indispensable y,una vez que perdemos ese elemento tan,único el sistema se vuelve muy mundano,otro detalle que no me acabo de agradar,es que al igual que en juegos como paper,mario el combate es activo es decir,puedes presionar botones en los diversos,movimientos de tus aventureros para,intensificar sus efectos esto en sí está,guay y de hecho me gustan mucho este,tipo de sistemas pero aquí siento que le,faltó tener una retroalimentación que,hiciera que estos movimientos fueran más,satisfactorios de conectar bueno eso,hasta que encuentras otro miembro de la,party que curiosamente si tiene varias,habilidades que se sienten mejor en este,apartado pero para el resto de los,guerreros la cosa está algo blanda por,lo demás tenemos una aventura muy,tradicional donde constantemente,estaremos encontrando nuevo y mejor,equipo para nuestros personajes y la,posibilidad de mejorar sus armas de,forma directa o con accesorios que,agregan efectos secundarios todo esto al,completar algunas misiones secundarias o,simplemente tomándote la molestia de,navegar de forma meticulosa a los,diversos escenarios,y calabozos cristales logra crear su,propia identidad debido a sus personajes,su mundo y lo interesante mecánica de,tener el pasado y el futuro a tu,disposición todo el tiempo para ver cómo,tus acciones afectan al mundo en sí no,es una aventura muy larga que digamos,pero debido a que cada uno de los,lugares que visitamos tiene un buen,número de cosas por hacer y muchas,recompensas por descubrir,se siente satisfactoriamente denso aún,así creo que lo que logra resaltar a,este juego de entre el montón es su,apartado visual que da una vibra de,haber salido de un libro de fantasía,para niños con diseños muy estilizados,para sus personajes y escenarios de,hecho siento que este es uno de los,ganchos principales para querer seguir,avanzando en la aventura querer ver qué,lugares te faltan descubrir de este,colorido y extraño mundo,mi única nota es que algunas veces el,estilo se presta para tener algunos,errorcitos gráficos lato sones o,texturas algo pixeladas debido a algunos,acercamientos extremos pero de ahí en,fuera todo el apartado visual es un,deleite en cuestiones de audio el oeste,no logro impresionarme mucho pues se,siente medio genérico por su parte las,actuaciones de voz hacen un muy buen,trabajo y me gusta que todos los,diálogos sean hablados como dije todos,los lugares que visitas están llenos de,gente con problemas por lo que ayuda,mucho al disfrute poder escucharlos en,lugar de solo leerlos en cuestión de,idioma la cosa viene traducida al,español aunque sólo esté subtitulado y,bueno después de haber vivido esta,pintoresca aventura con chris bell y,com

CrisTales Review – A Modern Day Chrono Trigger?

hi there this is dave and welcome to my,review of chris tales with the,playstation pc xbox and switch consoles,i purchased this game new the day after,it came out because i was pretty excited,about it and i ended up getting it for,my switch simply because its my newest,console and i like using it,i did play the demo back whenever that,came out and while i didnt exactly give,it a glowing review i was intrigued,the very first thing that youre going,to notice is the loading times,and get used to this white loading train,with chris bell running because youre,going to be seeing it a lot,every single time you get into a random,battle theres loading every time you,enter a room,loading whenever you leave a random,battle,loading going to the world map going to,a town going to a dungeon,all loading and the loading isnt just,like three seconds its like 15 seconds,its just ridiculous and it really does,add up,so im going to give this review in a,different way than i normally do because,im going to tell you a story about my,experience with the game rather than,give a strict normal review,after i got through those initial,loading times i was thrust into a battle,which utilizes timed attacks similar to,super mario rpg but let me tell you,youd better have lightning fast,reflexes because the game is designed,around you always getting double attacks,and you always parrying the enemy,attacks this is not a game for the faint,of heart its actually pretty hard,as you explore the town youll do some,fetch quests and youll talk to people,but one thing that youll notice is,chris bells voice acting is literally,twice as loud as anybody elses its,completely uneven although it does get,better as the game progresses on,time hopping is introduced which allows,you to go back and forth to the past,into the future and while this does seem,cool at first in all honesty its barely,actually utilized,so after i left the first town i went,out to the quilt-looking weird-ass,overworld map where i was told to save,so i did,then i turned off the game went,downstairs ate some dinner came back up,and i loaded up my save,only for it to not actually bring me,back to my save point it brought me back,to a previous checkpoint instead,how in the world is saving of all things,screwed up they got it right back on the,nesds why cant they get it right here,anyway after you get beyond where the,demo ended chris bell changes her,clothes and then she actually looks,worse because she loses her cute dress,and instead she just looks like some,weird bobble-headed anorexic stick,figure,but whatever i was excited to move on,with the game and under the first real,dungeon the forest,its here that the difficulty ramps up,because you only have the clothes on,your back and if you dont utilize the,timed attacks and the blocking youre,gonna be completely screwed i seriously,barely survived this first dungeon,because i only had the items that the,game gave me and i had no abilities to,heal either the viewpoint is unique its,a side-scrolling view but its actually,kind of hard to keep track of where,youre going and i really didnt want to,get off the beaten track and go,exploring because of all those loading,times and the ridiculous random,encounter rate it was just too much and,then to make matters worse theres no,mini-map,and back off boys dont come at me,saying get good because at this point a,mini-map is pretty standard and i,survived the old days on the nes snes,and playstation one without them but,like come on,its 20 21 get with the times once i,finally got to the first dungeon barely,scraping by i made it to the second town,which was actually rather jarring,because its filled with cars and tires,and i thought that the setting was,supposed to be medieval,but i digress you go through and explore,the town which is honestly one of the,only different looking places in the,game it was yellow bright and sherry and,all the other places that weve seen,before which is kind of this dark blue,green turquoise aquamarine color scheme,so you leave the town only go to a,mountain zone which looks exactly like,the forest that you just came from,and its here that everything just,really becomes to go to a standstill,i mean i felt like i was playing the,game in slow motion youll climb up the,mountain for about 10 seconds get into a,loading screen for 15 seconds fight a,battle for about 5 minutes then get to,another 15 second loading screen in,order to leave the battle,and yeah the random battles take roughly,five minutes each i mean this one guy,wilhelm who joins you literally has to,go through four different menus just to,use one basic skill,then you have to use your timed attacks,and your timed blocks and then,everything registers one by one and,these enemies arent dying in like one,or two hits either most of them take,like eight or so physical hits to beat,and considering that pretty much every,encounter is a pincer attack,its all just a bit overwhelming,so im sitting here and im thinking to,myself,can an art style actually save a game,and the answer is no,the boss of the mountain literally took,me 45 minutes to beat i timed it and i,was trudging on through with no tents no,items and again barely surviving tents,just cost far too much in this game they,cost 10 000 marbles and by the time that,i went through the forest and the,mountain i still only had about 9500,marbles,for one stupid tent to cost more money,than what i can gain over the course of,two dungeons is just ridiculous,anyway i made it through that mountain,only to be thrust into the sewer,now look at the sewer,does it look any different from the,forest or the mountain or even the world,map,no,what happened to this great unique art,style thats so wonderful,everything looks the same,i wanted to like this game everything in,me said that it would be great that it,would be like the new chrono trigger,thatd just be fantastic and if i just,stuck with it that it would get better,so against my better judgment i,continued through the sewers and i beat,the boss,then when the place is flooding and,about to get rescued from this dungeon,what happens,the game crashed on me,yeah,this piece of game crashed on me i,cannot under any circumstance recommend,this game for you to play i wanted it to,be great i tried to like it but yall,know me and im nothing if not honest,and in all honesty chris tales is an,unfinished slow boring crashing,unbalanced piece of crap,well thats it for my review of chris,tales how did you feel about the game,and do you agree or disagree let me know,in the comments and if you liked this,video and wanted to share on the channel,please consider supporting me on patreon,heading on over to twitch for some,streaming or join the discord to chat,and hang out the links to them can be,found in the video description this has,been david if you like this please like,comment and subscribe and have a good,day,[Music]

Cris Tales – Review [Classic, time travel RPG] (PS5, PS4, Switch, PC, Xbox One, X/S)

[Applause],a love letter to jrpgs,this is a term that seems to be thrown,around a lot,sometimes it seems to be whacked onto,games with little to no similarities of,the classic rpgs that we loved but in,chris,tales i really did feel this love chris,tales was developed by independent,studios dreams uncorporated and sick,now ive had my eye on this one for a,while now due to the unique beautiful,art style and the time travel mechanic,which i love seeing in video games,chris tales has a lot of great ideas and,i had a lot of fun playing through this,20 odd hour journey,it does things right it does things,wrong but it is definitely worth having,a look at,before we begin if you liked this review,it would help me out a lot if you hit,like and subbed for more rpg content,a review code for this game was also,provided by the publishers and all,footage that you see,comes from the ps5 version of the game,alright lets get into it,you play the role of chris bell a young,orphan from the village of narim early,in the game she is led to a cathedral by,a talking frog where her time mage,powers are unlocked,this allows her to see glimpses of the,past and the future and this eventually,leads her on a quest to save the world,one of my favorite things about chris,tales is how it incorporates time travel,into both the storytelling and the,gameplay mechanics,as you control crisp all around the,place you will actually be able to see,the past,present and future within the same,screen this is done by,splitting the screen into three parts,the left side shows the past,the middle of the present and the future,is on the right just by moving around,youll be able to see how the,environment and,npcs have changed over time and this can,be really cool,this mechanic has also been incorporated,into the dungeons which presents a,variety of puzzles often involving,manipulating the past and future states,of an object,as you would expect from a time travel,game there is a big emphasis on how your,choices and actions affect the future,there are several instances where you,can make significant story based choices,that will have large effects on the,future but theres also loads of small,scale impacts too,take this musician for instance i,donated some money to him because im,such a nice guy,and as a result he continued this,profession into the future,if i didnt do this you can actually see,that he became an assassin instead,for the most part i really enjoyed how,time travel works here but i do think,that it could have been taken to another,level,for instance you can actually send your,frog sidekick into the past or future,but this wasnt implemented well at all,there are only several instances where,you actually have to travel to a,different time,this was almost always for main story,purposes such as to overhear some,information from the past or future or,to open up a chest that wasnt there,in the present i would have loved to see,more reason to travel back and forth,between times such as listening into,optional conversations and providing us,with additional world building,i also need to mention the controls for,the different time periods the frog,moves so painfully slowly when you,control him in the past or future and,often when trying to do so youll be hit,with a screen saying that he needs to be,closer to chris bell,if you want to serve st clarity you have,to serve everyone,oh let us ask everyone then,should these saboteurs face justice how,should we make them pay for ruining our,livelihood,will the unique presentation of chris,tales is one of its most notable,features,the character designs and the,environments look amazing in this style,and its something that i havent seen,before,i played this game on the ps5 and while,the loading screens were frequent they,were pretty short with that said there,have been loads of reports of,unacceptable loading times on other,systems such as having to wait 10 to 15,seconds to get into a battle,this would have driven me insane so i,highly recommend playing it on either,the ps5 or the pc,next we have the audio design the music,is fantastic with countless tracks that,fit the mood so perfectly,the voice acting and dialogue in general,is also brilliant and really brings the,quirky characters you meet along the way,to life,the one-liners in constant banter was,always so amusing and this really helps,make the story an enjoyable ride,a fine speech id give it a six,hey i wrote that speech it deserves at,least an,eight youre we met in sin clarity,didnt we,im glad you found me so memorable im,finia,wife of azufra the first citizen i can,really appreciate how the turn-based,battle system implements this time,mechanic,your party of three always start in the,middle of the battlefield with enemies,placed,on your left and right chris bill has,the ability to send enemies on the left,side into the past and enemies on the,right side into the future and you would,do this for a number of reasons,for starters each enemy has three,different states,past present and future and their stats,and attacks will change depending on,their current state you can also combine,time manipulation with other abilities,for instance if you poison an enemy you,can then send them to the future where,theyll be dealt loads of instant damage,due to the poison damage all building,up over time the boss battles are also,really fun and have all been uniquely,designed to work with this time,manipulation mechanic,ill also make a mention to the super,mario rpg liked,time button presses if you hit x just as,youre about to attack,youll deal out more damage the better,your timing is the more damage youll do,the same works with defending which is a,lot more difficult due to the many,different types of enemy attack,animations,i really like this but i would have,liked some more responsive sound effects,when pulling off the perfect block or,attack,so the fundamentals here work really,well but this combat still has its fair,share of issues,there are many little things like sound,effects not playing when theyre meant,to as well as the difficulty in,selecting the correct enemy when theyre,on top of each other,these are all small issues but its the,games balance that,really hinders this experience the start,of this game is brutally difficult,battles take a long time to get through,and you have no,healing abilities healing items are also,very expensive and completely,unaffordable at this point of the game,i mean a tent costs 10 000 freaking,marbles,wowie to put this into perspective it,would take a couple of hours of grinding,to afford a single tent i was instead,forced to run back and forth between the,dungeon and the towns inn in order to,grind for the first bosses,but then you learn the healing spells,and things start to get a lot easier,their mp costs are also insanely low so,you can basically just spam them on your,characters after each,battle you see there is a small window,in chris tales where the difficulty is,perfect but somewhere between the first,major dungeon and the 10 hour mark,things become,way too easy except for a certain boss,fight with a huge difficulty spike,this games balancing definitely needs,some work hopefully well see a patch,for this very soon,my other major issue with chris tales is,the simplicity of its rpg mechanics,by the halfway point of the game i did,everything that i could to get my team,stronger except,for grinding their levels the only way,that you can customize the growth of,your characters is through the gear that,you equip,there are quite a few different,equipment types but the lack of variety,of this equipment made it that i never,really had to think too hard about what,to equip,you can also level up your character a,single weapon by spending marbles but,this path is entirely linear and it,really didnt take long to max out all,of these upgrades,by this point there was nothing i could,do to customize my characters to make,them stronger,there were a few skills that i was yet,to unlock

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