1. Crop King Seeds Unpacking Video / Company Review – Autoflowers and Photoperiod Seeds
  2. Crop King Seeds Unpacking Video Company Review Auto flowers and Photoperiod Seeds
  3. Crop King Seeds – Gelato & Sour Diesel Week 9 Flowering / LSD Blue Berry Week 2 Flower Eds Garden
  4. Mars hydro TS 1000 , Crop King Seeds Gelato, TNB Naturals grow
  5. Crop King Seeds – Gelato / Sour Diesel Week 6 – LSD / Bubba Kush Week 9
  6. Crop King Seeds 100% Germination
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Crop King Seeds Unpacking Video / Company Review – Autoflowers and Photoperiod Seeds

hey guys northern Ottoman here this is a,quick unpackaging video on crop king,seeds im also gonna be showing you all,the strings that are received and all,the seeds that im gonna be planting,this summer and fall which Im really,excited about I have both photo period,and Otto flower strains so you guys have,never seen a girl photo period before,but Im really looking forward to that,in this video Ill just be showing you,the packaging what to expect if you,order from crop king seeds and also just,some other cool stuff you can buy from,them the packaging you received from,crop king seeds is very professional,Ive ordered from many different,companies and what I found is lots of,them just throw it in the packaging and,expect it to all stay nice but Ive have,Ive had some stuff ruined from that and,ever they like when companies take care,to put everything in there nicely and,also they have a pretty cool idea for,sticking it to these pamphlets so your,seeds dont just thrash around while,youre getting them shipped yeah this is,a packaging that you get its got some,nice bubble wrap on the inside of it,some cardboard on the outside nothing,was ruined when I received it and as you,can tell nothing moldy because thats,nothings going through there are gonna,crush it and then this is for larger,item purchases like shirts hats other,stuff and Ill be showing you guys all,that in the end of the video so one of,the ways crop king seeds really sticks,out for me is they have this really cool,shipping method so well pin your seeds,just this pamphlet which then when its,inside the package its not going to,move around at all which is a great idea,its lots of times and Ive ordered from,companies youll open the package the,seeds itll just be everywhere,everything will be mixed up you dont,know if the grinder possibly could have,crushed them so and its also got a,really nice hard plastic bubble so itd,take a lot of force to crush that which,is great,and then also when you order from them,youre going to be getting this product,guide which is again not cheap you can,tell us really good quality its got a,whole bunch of pages 46 and tall its,got a whole bunch of information inside,Id really recommend check it out if you,were to seeds from them its got all,their strings and prices its got some,really cool CBD and THC charts which is,also all available on there,great website and then you also got this,string sheet with a little steak bacon,but by your plants which is pretty cool,alright so Ill be gone through my seats,now theyre all feminized and I have 40,in total 15 Auto flowers and 25,photoperiod plants,Ill be telling you guys the CBD,percentages and the THC percentages if,you dont know what that is CBD is that,you need just medicinal value so care,clubs will really look for a string that,has a higher CBD percentage and THC is,more the Highness you get which I,personally like for marijuana,so the revolver is the CBD percentage of,0.1 so its not very medicinal but it,does have a THC value of 13 point six,seven percent so its kind of in the low,to moderate range for THC percentages,and its on the low side 4 CBD,percentages but Im really excited and,really looking forward to growing the,revolver it looks really pretty,I cant wait to grow that next off we,have early miss I have five of these,seeds again its an indica dominant,string but its got some really high,percentages so CBD percentage of this is,0.7% which is actually pretty good I,know it sounds small but 0.7% is,definitely something youll notice for,medicinal value and its a great choice,if you need something medicinal but also,as a kicker its got a twenty point zero,six percent THC value and Ive,personally never grown a on a flower,without higher percentage I think the,highest Ive ever grown is about 17.7%,so really looking forward to that and I,cant wait to do some reviews on the bud,once its all dried up and cured alright,so this is a white cookie seeds this is,a mix of white widow and Girl Scout,cookies which they created its supposed,to be a really good strain as you can,see its just over half indica its also,got some really high CBD and THC,percentages so for white cookies youre,looking at 0.75% CBD great medicinal,value and also really ITC percentage of,nineteen point two five percent so,youll definitely notice that when,youre smoking it,and Im gonna definitely plant all these,seeds and this is Dark Angels apparently,has an aroma of coffee and nutmeg its a,mix of indica and sativa so its gonna,be one of my bigger plants thats for,sure,most of these strains are about 400,grams outdoors it says but because Im,planning them later in the season,because I dont want them to get 10 feet,tall well see Im hoping to get about,200 grams per plant which would be a,great return,so yeah Dark Angel has percentages of,0.4% for the CBD and 17.1 9% for THC so,its in the medium range there 0.4% is,still noticeable for medicinal value but,its definitely not on the higher end,this is more strain for THC and also,really cool-looking again I cant wait,to see how this turns out now the best,strain the one that Ive kept till the,end because this is a one Im really,really looking forward to this is the,best of both of the categories as you,can see it says there 70% indica and,its got really great TC and CBD,percentages so to blow your mind the CBD,percentage is 2.1 percent now thats,just amazing the medicinal value this is,going to be great this is a strain that,you could sell for a lot of money to a,care club but personally I like to keep,my prices low just so I can help those,people that are in need and yeah TC,percentage of 21.5 percent so again this,strain is gonna be kick-ass I cant wait,to see what this is like definitely,planning all these seeds because I,really want to see how it turns out and,Im really I have high hopes for the,strain yeah I cant wait to grow it,these are about a hundred and ten bucks,for 10 feminized seeds Id really,recommend looking at this string if you,need string for medicinal value and also,hi cheese she percentages alright so one,more minute guys this is gonna be,everything that you can purchase from,their website theres also a lot more of,course but this is uh some of the stuff,you can see so first off heres their,hat that they have put together,nice logo on it its nice wait so I,dont get a heat stroke on digging all,my holes which I really appreciate it,thanks for sending that guys this is a,shirt that you could get from them when,you buy shirts from companies lots of,times their logos wont be of good,quality but Im actually really,impressed everything looks great its,not stretched out and then world class,cannabis seeds which is a true fact next,off got these little pipes that you get,and can get its got a little metal bowl,on the outside yeah those are pretty,neat so Im gonna be giving away some of,this stuff in the future you got some,stickers you can put on the pot so you,can go ahead and circle whichever kind,of string it is yeah just some neat,stickers then I also have a bunch of,friggin fridge magnets you can get sure,also again good quality as always and,last but not least we have this grinder,its actually really good quality its,got some nice weight to it and also yeah,this has a little crystal scoop in the,bottom there so yeah as you can tell it,as a screen so your crystal drops down,after grinding for a while yeah its got,three logo on the top there so thanks a,lot for watching guys I really hope you,see all my videos this weekend Im gonna,be uploading another video tomorrow,because Im gonna be digging all my,holes and Ill be showing new people on,how to do that outdoors Im also gonna,be using a mix of soil but Ill have,more information on that later so thanks,a lot rockin seeds and thanks everyone,for watching cant wait to get all these,plant seeds planted and Im really,looking forward to the progress thanks,again guys and I will see you later good

Crop King Seeds Unpacking Video Company Review Auto flowers and Photoperiod Seeds


hey guys northern ottoman here this is a,quick on packaging video on crop king,seeds im also going to be showing you,all the strains that i received and all,the seeds that im going to be planting,this summer and fall which im really,excited about at both photo photoperiod,and autoflower strains,so you guys have never seen me grow,photoperiod before but im really,looking forward to that,in this video ill just be showing you,the packaging what to expect if you,order from cropping seeds,and also just some other cool stuff you,can buy from them,the packaging you receive from cropping,seeds is very professional ive ordered,from many different companies and what,ive found is lots of them just throw it,in the packaging and expect it to all,stay nice but ive have ive had some,stuff ruined from that and,i really like when companies take care,to put everything in there nicely and,also they have a pretty cool idea for,sticking it to these pamphlets so your,seeds dont just thrash around while,youre getting them shipped,so yeah this is the packaging that you,get its uh got some nice bubble wrap on,the inside with some cardboard on the,outside uh nothing was ruined when i,received it and as you can tell nothing,moldy because thats nothings going,through there were gonna crush it,and then this is for larger item,purchases like shirts hats other stuff,and ill be showing you guys all that in,the end of the video,so one of the ways crop king seeds,really sticks out for me is they have,this really cool shipping method so,theyll pin your seeds just this,pamphlet which then when its inside the,package its not going to move around at,all which is a great idea its lots of,times when ive ordered from companies,youll open the package the seeds will,just be everywhere everything will be,mixed up you dont know if the grinder,possibly could have crushed them so and,its also got a really nice hard plastic,bubble so it take a lot of force to,crush that,which is great,and then also when you order from them,youre going to be getting this product,guide,which is again not cheap you can tell,its really good quality its got a,whole bunch of pages 46 in total its,got a whole bunch of information inside,id really recommend check it out if you,order seeds from them its got all their,strains and prices its got some really,cool cbd and thc charts which is also,all available on their great website,and then you also get this strain sheet,with a little,steak that you can put by your plants,which is pretty cool,all right so ill be going through my,seeds now theyre all feminized and i,have 40 in total,15 autoflowers and 25 photoperiod plants,ill be telling you guys the cbd,percentages and the thc percentages if,you dont know what that is cbd is the,medicinal value,so care clubs will really look for a,strain that has a higher cbd percentage,and thc is more the highness you get,which i personally like for marijuana,so the revolver is the cbd percentage of,0.1 so its not very medicinal but it,does have a thc value of 13.67,so its kind of in the low to moderate,range for thc percentages and its on,the low side for cbd percentages but im,really excited and really looking,forward to growing the revolver it uh,looks really pretty,i cant wait to grow that,next off we have early miss i have five,of these seeds again its an indica,dominant strain but its got some really,high percentages,so cbd percentage of this is 0.7 percent,which is actually pretty good i know it,sounds small but,0.7 is definitely something you will,notice for medicinal value,and uh its a great choice if you need,something medicinal,but also as a kicker its got a,20.06 percent thc value,and ive personally never grown a,autoflower with that higher percentage i,think the highest ive ever grown is,about 17.7,so im really looking forward to that,and i cant wait to do some reviews on,the bud once its all dried up and cured,all right so this is a white cookie,seeds this is a mix of white widow and,girl scout cookies which they created,supposed to be a really good strain as,you can see its just over half indica,its also got some really high cbd and,thc percentages so for white cookies,youre looking at 0.75 cbd great,medicinal value and also a really high t,c percentage of nineteen point two five,percent,so youll definitely notice that when,youre smoking it,and im gonna definitely plant all these,seeds,and this is dark angels apparently has,an aroma of coffee and nutmeg its a mix,of indica and sativa so its going to be,one of my bigger plants thats for sure,most of these strains are about 400,grams outdoors it says but because im,planting them later in the season,because i dont want them to get 10 feet,tall,well see im hoping to get about 200,grams per plant which would be a great,return,so yeah dark angel has percentages of,0.4 percent for the cbd and 17.19 for,thc so its in the medium range there uh,0.4 is still noticeable for medicinal,value but its definitely not on the,higher end this is more strain for thc,and also really cool looking again,cant wait to see how this turns out,now,the best strain the one that ive kept,till the end because this is the one im,really really looking forward to,this is the best of both of the,categories as you can see it says there,uh 70 indica,and its got really great thc and cbd,percentages so to blow your mind the cbd,percentage is 2.1,now thats just amazing uh the medicinal,value of this is going to be great this,is a strain that you could sell for a,lot of money to a care club but,personally i like to keep my prices low,just so i can help those people that are,in need,and yeah thc percentage of 21.5,so again this strain is gonna be,kick-ass i cant wait to see what this,is like im definitely planting all,these seeds because i really want to see,how it turns out and im really i have,high hopes for this strain,yeah i cant wait to grow it these are,about 110 bucks for 10 feminized seeds,so id really recommend looking at this,strain if you need,a strain from medicinal value and also,high gc percentages,all right so one more minute guys uh,this is gonna be everything that you can,purchase from their website theres also,a lot more of course but this is uh some,of the stuff you can see,so first off heres their hat that they,have its got their nice logo on it its,nice white so i dont get a heat stroke,while im digging all my holes which i,really appreciate thanks for sending,that guys,this is a shirt that you could get from,them uh when you buy shirts from,companies lots of times their logos,wont be of good quality but im,actually really impressed everything,looks great its not stretched out,and then world-class cannabis seeds,which is a true fact,next off you got these little pipes that,you get can get its got a little metal,bowl on the outside,yeah those are pretty neat so im going,to be giving away some of this stuff in,the future,and you got some stickers you can put on,the pots you can go ahead and circle,whichever kind of strain it is,yeah just some neat stickers,then i also have a bunch of fridge,magnets you can get,sure also again good quality as always,and last but not least we have this,grinder its actually really good,quality its got some nice weight to it,and also,yeah it has a little crystal scoop in,the bottom there,so yeah as you can tell it has a screen,so all your crystal drops down after,grinding for a while,yeah its got their logo on the top,there,so thanks a lot for watching guys i,really hope you uh see all my videos,this weekend im gonna be uploading,another video tomorrow because im gonna,be digging all my holes and ill be,showing new people on how to do that,outdoors,and im also gonna be using a mix of,soil but ill have more information on,that later so thanks a lot cropping,seeds and thanks everyone for watching,cant wait to get all these plant seeds,planted,and im really looking forward to the,progress,thanks again guys and i will see you,later have a good one

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Crop King Seeds – Gelato & Sour Diesel Week 9 Flowering / LSD Blue Berry Week 2 Flower Eds Garden

hey growers its January 29th were down,in the bedroom did some transplants this,week put some of other plants into five,gallon containers getting them ready for,another week here and then theyll be,moving to upstairs so Ive started to,feed them again and they are greening up,and theyre just getting too big,so here we are heres some of the kosher,Kush and then a Sour Diesel,right there and right here and then a,gelato gelato and a gelato bubba kush,about the cush,poster tush gorilla glue gorilla glue,and gorilla glue and my one Bubba cush,still starting tipple in some nitrogen,needs a bit more yet so thats the,bedroom and heres the really nice,clones that I messed up so as you can,see the stocks were just tree trunk,pieces off the top but I bet them dry,out so some of the edges died,transplanted them this week into the,little from the cubes into four inch,pots and now theyre starting to,actively grow there is a couple bubble,cush through the real small clothes the,big ones are all of that gorilla group,excuse me,so heres our little LSD s that are in,the cups I keep filming the tops on them,and trying to hold him down a bit and,not even very much like okay so these,plants have been transplanted for a week,now I think and theyre starting to pull,in their food and get their nitrogen,levels back up and starting to grow,again it was good they were slowed down,theyve got oh five weeks or seven weeks,before theyre required so theyre gonna,be way too big again got too many plants,and vegetable all of them so Im gonna,stuff in as many plants as I can this,time to the flower room when it empties,out so thats the bedroom thanks for,checking it out and have a great week,and heres the crop content,and Im over in the different side I,kind of entered the tent from one of the,side pockets so I can have a look at,some of these buds from here get a,little easier to zoom in on them,and same thing everythings going really,well in the tent everythings frosting,up really nicely,even the nudge down in the bottom area,here are pretty decent-sized,okay lets take a look for another side,and here we are at the front of the tent,theres where I was looking in from,and heres the horizon,and you can just see it darkens right,out the cameras adding in some light for,it but once we get near the plant mass,just about goes black underneath there,its going take a look couple of the,Chivato is here heres one,as you can see the leaves are starting,to fade out from cutting the food down,and just dont want to turn them to,light colored inside the buds like I did,last time,so yeah a little slower with cutting the,food down okay everythings went,fantastic not a lot to say other than,wow they smell amazing that are looking,amazing now it looks like were gonna,get a pretty decent yield out of it,so again thank you for checking out my,videos and I hope they had some use for,you there we go finally focuses okay,have a terrific week and heres the crop,king room with the Chivato and Sauer,Diesels the one in the top-left corner,there is our plant that consumes twice,as much food and the one plant in the,bottom left here is our plant that got,frozen so it still has lots of leaf,damage on all the top of it but its,doing fine so this week the plants did,grow quite a bit in mass on the buds and,theyre starting to trike up and theyre,looking really nice now so your lets go,take a look at a couple close-ups you,can see how it looks,[Music],were looking delicious,[Music],lets try a couple other plants,a few different spots,some was really nice,here,okay sir,okay thats their flower and heres the,main flower room were closing in on,week three now so 21 days and the plants,are stacking up buds are developing,nicely got a bit of a stretch of on edge,where theres not quite as much light I,turned one extra light on this week so,now were all up to four of them I had,moved the two in the center a higher,when I added the second light which made,that center hotspot a little smaller and,its looking fantastic in here again,take a look see what kind of frost,forgeting developing on these little,guys little gals,were looking good,couple over here,[Music],there we go so thats the main flower,room for this week,its looking good,so again thank you very much for,watching and look forward to seeing you,next week and again welcome to all the,new people thanks so much for checking,out my garden,take care

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Mars hydro TS 1000 , Crop King Seeds Gelato, TNB Naturals grow

well tents clean though we bleached it,we might decided it with safer soap and,my decide and now we got three more,plants back in the Mars hydro 3×3 tent,this drain here is the crop King seeds,gelato and weve already done a little,bit of edging underneath our early,seedling bed rack lights but as you can,see youve done some defoliating as well,we did a topping I like to do that at,the fifth mill gonna do the four or five,and we got two we actually this one,actually kind of filmed all not kind of,it did theres a lot of tops on this one,thatll be an interesting one to watch,grill winds up chopping the other ones,youve got two new tops off there and,then we removed the family so that this,growth here will slow down while these,bottoms catch up we may actually clone,these two cuz then well have a nice,canopy like six or eight man coals just,off that plant right there itself excuse,me,and then same thing with this one we,ended up topping it at the fifth we got,two tops out of it we have removed the,families there to slow that growth down,and youd probably remove these families,here in a day or two just the first day,theyre going underneath is TS 1000 so,were gonna give it a couple days to get,used to the light and see how it likes,it suggest some hate time before we do,any more clipping of the plant just to,make sure its happy in its environment,theres got transplanted in here today,as well too so thats another reason we,dont want to be doing too much at once,causing it any added stress not good for,it miss little down the cycle but thats,a look inside of the tent and of course,were gonna be using tv9,enhancers co2 dispersal canister to,enrich our grow tent environment again,this is a three by three tent underneath,tomorrow sides OTS 1,000 and were also,gonna be using the t v– naturals th up,and or down whenever we need it and,probably the enricher as well its a,great source of magnesium install first,well thats a look crop Kings gelatos,lets see what we can do with these,three plants till next time guys

Crop King Seeds – Gelato / Sour Diesel Week 6 – LSD / Bubba Kush Week 9

good afternoon growers its December,30th and were down in the bedroom and,heres the plants these are the clones,of the gelato and sour diesels on the,side and then over here are the kosher,cush and the Royal gorillas from royal,Queen seeds and heres our little pilot,by the Cushman,its more of the cropped a gelato and,sour Diesels and heres one of this one,looks like a kosher Kush,this is the puppet cush that got,transplanted into a five you can see it,is considerably wider than what those,made it to in the two gallon pots and,heres the LS DS and theres the giant,gelato from crop king you can see its,just totally outpacing all these guys,its looking a little pale consume more,nitrogen but it keeps growing so fast,and along the back row is the,blueberries looking really good now,and then heres all the LSD so in the,middle to clean up the canopy once the,sweet took up a bunch of the big family,some of the middles took no time for the,plants to fill it all back in and Ive,all the [ __ ] up everything caught him,already,bottoms relation clean,overall the plots look really nice and,healthy a little bit of Meg showing up,as always,they could get some Alaska 5-1-1 and,they were fed 600 parts per million for,this week,so Ill Water them and then Ill go up,and Ill film some more of that Krupke,and the flower room I started harvesting,this week so Ive got some plants that,are dry and a couple that are still,hanging okay so thanks for checking out,bedroom okay here we are in week five,this is the crop king gelato and Sour,Diesel tempt with the third re thousand,K light thats in it plants are looking,fantastic,everythings growing excellent this week,see the bugs have stacked up Lots turn,it into colas its like ratima getting,some really nice ones this big tall one,is just going crazy and probably the,frost iasts in the group and the biggest,ones so I was kind of ruling it out as a,fee no to select but I probably crazy if,I didnt take a look at this thing,all the way down all the leaves it just,looks amazing,and these are big,so super happy with how this is coming,out,and this is by far the healthiest Ive,been able to keep plants this far into,flower usually by week five theres not,much left to the leaves and theyre,falling apart take a look at a couple of,these,well sure is slow to focus,there we go boss okay lets take a look,at the next area,so try to show you how uneven my canopy,is this time because its never a good,thing to have that happening but that,back flat spot a foot taller and then,the one on the back maybe six inches,taller than the front three,overall its looking pretty good okay,lets take a look the next room,okay here we are,and same thing we got five plants in,here and Sour Diesel and gelato,and their night inspector makes a big,difference,as you can see the cold air intake was,causing some problems at the top of this,so Ive removed it from the panel there,and relocated it so the cold air coming,into the house was a little too much for,the top of that thing and she got crispy,its a wonder state this week and as you,can see these ones seem to be using more,food the leaves are starting to lighten,up a bit,and show some deficiencies on the edges,as well up the food in here this week,and give them smart make a little bit of,leaf talk–i weight in the center area,and the plants are at least still 30,inches away from the light so Im going,to have to keep them a little shorter,for these rooms I just dont have the,ceiling packed like I do in the next,room,but these have a lot of frost Im,already too,really nice plants,instead he it isnt super hard keeping,it still like this,okay so theres the bedrooms our flower,rooms ladies are doing great and thats,another week dim good evening growers,heres the main flower room or whats,left of it,Ive gotten a bunch of the plants,harvested over the last couple days,theres still a for you to go here Ive,got about athlete and LSD and then,LSD here and then the blueberry and this,thing is just crazy its nowhere close,to being done yet and some of these buds,are insane,actually most of them are,its either logged over but everywhere,theyre just gigantic,so you can see genetics do play a big,role of getting massive butts these were,all grown in the same environment and it,just theres no way that the LSD plants,gonna grow coal was like the blueberry,dust so there we are,as you can see these things got super,frosty over the last a little bit as,they flushed out,focused in there try a few other spots,too,[Music],what some of these lower ones,and its so sticky its crazy,thats really nice,[Music],there we go thats the Mayflower room,Ive been harvesting so well show you a,little bit about okay so usually what I,do is Ill cut off about eight or ten,branches not too big of a pile then I,strip the family leaves off and I throw,them in a pile on the floor and then I,trim the branches up above this tray,here and then when the branches are done,I set them down here give them a good,shake get all the loose stuff I can out,of them and then I hang them up on a,rack break to the side then once I get a,whole hangar full like this I take it,and I go stick them all in the closet so,lets take a look at a couple of these,buds up close while theyre wet and,trimmed up,okay,very sticky stuff,[Music],it looks really good,zoom in baby here we go,okay so lets go take a look and see the,closet next okay and then the hangars,end up out here and as you can see,theres lots and heres that,delicious-looking bubba kush,so there were and we keep harvesting,okay this is the one that Im gonna read,that I thought do not leave sonnet and,Ive got some water in there I need to,get it out of here,today and get it downstairs into the,bedroom before the light cooks the,leaves that are left on it theres not a,lot of canopy to protect itself from,that kind of intensity and heres the,other bumper cushion,whats left of it clean up those ones,they were just really like green so they,break end up a bit now and thats all,for this week,I wish yall Happy New Year and hope you,had a wonderful Christmas with your,family so thanks so much for checking,out my garden and again welcome to all,the new subscribers I hope you found it,entertaining and if that thumbs up and,leave a comment if youre interested,forgot any questions or got any,suggestions that can help me Id greatly,appreciate it take care,[Music]

Crop King Seeds 100% Germination

what up what up what up we to benda,khalifa come in touch look at we got,some crop king seeds these are the,Northern Light are those three of three,germinated so we soaked them 24 hours,put them in here with the water put a,little heat or warm them up a little bit,and they germinated so weve got this,heavy now its just been soaking with,water with me in water so we have our,pucks were gonna get Northern Lights,and the candy cane but we dont know how,they germinated but well be right back,give us a second okay so we got one of,these you can see the tails pointed down,what were gonna do is we want that down,and get it in there without damaging it,all right yeah there we go okay,you see I have two hands so its just a,little bit easier its down in there you,can see were just gonna kind of cover,the top let it be okay theres one of,our seedlings well be right back all,right we got our last one here,OOP kind of just fell on top so Im,gonna just knock her in here we go get,it covered,okay so now I have all three northern,lights Otto and and were gonna pull out,the candy cane and see how they do,all right so were three for three on,our candy cane Ottos all three of them,germinated and popped so were going to,now get them in our soil and get it,ready so usually what I do I dont think,I show this is Ill take something and,Ill try to just poke this down about an,inch give me some space to put that in,in each of my containers,down just about an inch then well come,over grab seed loop,right here till down,try not damage er let her sit a little,bit on top thats it and thats it so,when we got this Jeffrey pucks ready,we took a gallon of water we took their,super thrive and put it in the water and,allow these to soak so they actually,have super thrive in them which should,help a little bit of the plant hormone,and get some routing going get a bit a,little bit of energy that it needs to,really start taking off so hopefully,thats what occurs this little goofy,tail but well get her in there,and I dont use really anything else to,inoculate with my ceilings just water,sorry sorry I thought I showing it just,some water in h2o – thats it a little,bit of heat okay now we have Northern,Lights and candy cane autos from cops,keen seeds theyre in here were gonna,fill they rust these pucks up we got,some vegetables were gonna be doing,along with it to at least get germinated,so you guys you know we deal about this,time give a thumbs up we leave them,comments down below little red button,over here or over here we hit it and,turn it white be a part of the over,15,000 subscribers support in the,channel so thanks for stopping by have a,great day you guys well see you later

HGW Review of CropKingSeeds com

[Music],everybody welcome back to help from weed,calm miss me Im dr. B and today were,gonna review a company called crop King,seeds cracking seeds calm his words are,located at this company made getting,seeds simple easy right to the point,Ive never had an experience such as,this one but I went to get seeds when I,ordered seeds from some market thats,how it should be you shouldnt have no,hassles on how pale you could want to,check to and I agreed bitcoins that are,we using PayPal how doing this well Im,a professional grower and I want my,seeds legally and I want my scenes now,Im on a deadline I cant wait I cant,play games with people our seeds I want,them now well with crops King seeds they,have so many seeds so many different,varieties of plants is its amazing to,see that many strains from one color,they have,hundreds and hundreds I cant begin to,tell you how many seeds they are you can,only go there and look to see it for,yourself because theres a tremendous,amount of seeds there tremendous amount,of strings they have all the flour they,have minimized seeds they have Rutgers,seeds they even got CBDs what do you,think about that,now when I ordered the seeds I went,through and I just kept going and going,and going I found the three that I,wanted and then I just kept looking and,looking I kept finding more and more and,more seed so I had to stop because I can,only get three strings,I got him Im not gonna wrap my mind,like that there is just so many,different varieties that you can get,through them they have on their website,and well go to the corner you click on,him and he is to chat with crop king,seeds and was it a lot it was actually a,person they directed me and why I asked,him a question that was very quick to,reply and appreciated that they made it,so easy to go through and get your seeds,when I got the seeds they were,all good I planted 15 germinated 15 all,of them came up and the rest of the,seeds that I have imagined that they all,will come up it all look like though,really good seeds they are quality these,people really have it going on,that is crop King seeds not count,goodbye,after I got an order the seeds and I,would time to pay for it I click the,button and I could use my bank card I,could use a credit card anyway I wanted,to do it the easiest for me it was right,there you see that makes a difference,for me I dont want to play games I just,want to get my seeds I want you to take,my money thats it and thats what crop,Kings seeds of it and theyre very good,company my opinion I give him a five,straight across the board,it was a really great experience you,cant really hardly ever say that about,ordering seeds you know but while I was,impressed so I thought I oughta make,this review book so there you go crop,King seeds appreciate you guys you guys,did me right all the way around without,a hitch you know I even got him a couple,of days early I think for a seven day,delivery and I had him in know I think,five days the great experience so you,guys really do check them out Bob King,seen seeds,tellement dr. he sent you,you might do something for them hey hey,yeah thanks for joining me its me Im,dying to be until next time peace love,and light angry mob birth be good to,each other and order your seeds from,[Music],[Music]

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