1. Crosley Record Player Review and Demo
  2. Is the Crosley Cruiser really THAT bad?
  3. The TRUTH About Crosley Turntables!! – Crosley C6 Record Player Review
  4. TOP 5 Reasons NOT to Buy a Crosley!
  5. Crosley Record Player Review and Road Test
  6. Crosley Record Player Unboxing + Vinyl Haul
  7. Crosley Voyager Suitcase Record Player Review

Crosley Record Player Review and Demo

[Music],all righty so I thought I would give a,review of the Crosley record player,thats what it looks like mines blue,pretty expensive for what they are,anyway its first things first this is,the adapter it comes with and its,pretty terrible like its already its,really breaking yeah hopefully it still,works for this review what else do we,have,its pretty basic its got the slip mat,the adapter for forget which records a,thats for power headphones,yeah um with the wood needle we got,ceramic needle probably uh no no yeah,and the speakers bar here which is a,terrible terrible design but anyways,Ill demonstrate why that is you should,never play your records on the same,surface as your speak up so your record,player should never be on the same,surface as your speaker and Ill show,you why this bad boy its also got line,out so RCA,doubts and an aux about if you so wish,to use it so for the purpose of this,demonstration Ill be playing Johnny,Cashs American six its a great record,definitely recommend it,they found a Johnny Cash dont live dead,today and and Ill be playing short play,aint no grave which is the first track,alrighty so turn this bad boy on lets,get it going on the first track drop the,arm,[Music],very low grave can hold my body down,the sound quality is absolute rubbish,yeah really not impressed with the,little speakers anyways the base of this,of this song causes the needle to skip,so if you listen to this,yes I dont know if you heard those bits,skip on it on the bass drum hits the,needle skips because the vibration so,what you have to do ultimately is play,the not use these speakers and play it,with a kind of speakers on a separate,table but the thing is if youre just,buying a record player these things cost,about a hundred bucks you might as well,buy it like a decent one non Crosley,branded one and do the same thing thats,thats kind of my verdict thanks for,listening

Is the Crosley Cruiser really THAT bad?

“the Crosley Cruiser portable record,player turntable” … “its called the Crosley,Cruiser” … “the Crosley from Urban Outfitters,Cruiser portable record player” … “brand-new,state-of-the-art Crosley Cruiser record player”,yes its the record player,everybodys been talking about the,Crosley Cruiser but as much has been,said and written about this record,player its difficult to find an,in-depth review of it mostly because the,people who have the wherewithal to do,such a review would rather simply tell,you not to buy one: “Dont buy Crosley,Cruiser record players! Dont buy Crosley,Cruiser record players!” they claim it has,poor sound quality, that its cheaply,built and often has problems, and if,thats not enough to scare you they,claim it will destroy your records in,short order: “Crosley turntables are very,bad for this business. kids are gonna buy,these cruddy turntables,theyll play Dark Side of the Moon five,times and then the grooves will all be,chewed up and theyll say this is a,stupid hobby why did I get into this?”,but nonetheless the Crosley Cruiser remains,a very popular record player mostly,because you can actually buy these in,stores and its priced low enough that,somebody whos just looking to get into,playing records for the first time or is,thinking of giving one of these as a,gift is likely to pick one up so I,thought Id take a stab at doing a,review of this model especially for the,benefit of those people who are gonna be,receiving one of these as a gift during,the upcoming holiday season and theyre,wondering if they really should actually,use it or if they should reject the gift,and possibly start a family crisis:,”I will never forget the day my son Jeremy,told me he hated me and slammed the door,in my face”,as you can see this is the latest,version of the Crosley Cruiser called,the Cruiser Deluxe and the going price,for these is about $62 but I bought the,cheapest one I could find online in new,condition they cost me fifty five,dollars with free shipping from eBay the,box claims “impressive sound performance,meets outstanding vintage design in this,portable turntable” and Im sure,absolutely none of that is actually true,on this side it says [talking in Spanish],Oh, other side…,three-speed portable turntable,33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM,dynamic full-range stereo speakers,headphone jack RCA outputs and has,Bluetooth which is one of the new,features of the Deluxe model as well as,the pitch control and it claims designed,and engineered in the USA but of course,its made in China inside the box we get,the player itself this one has a brown,tweed finish which is probably,generating some rather trippy looking,moire patterns on the video we also get,a 12-volt DC power supply the manual,some audio cables and rather,surprisingly three spare styli or what,most people would call needles for some,reason theres two loose in this bag and,one in this bag which also has a spare,stylus protector on it,opening up the latch reveals the,turntable includes a small rubber,platter mat 45 RPM adapter and a stylus,protector on the tonearm,and this has a very common turntable,mechanism used by countless different,brands and models of record players and,turntables and many of them have a very,similar briefcase style portable design,which are commonly referred to as,Crosley Cruiser clones even though this,is not really an original Crosley design,the company who actually makes these,mechanisms is called Skywin so if,youve been looking at any of the,inexpensive record players youll surely,recognize this design of the tonearm and,the controls as I already mentioned this,has three speeds including 78 RPM,theres an auto stop on/off switch,,tonearm lifter, a little clamp to hold the,tonearm down and this one comes with a,stylus protector which you should put in,place when youre not using it you also,get a headphone jack and a volume,control which is also the on/off switch,and the new features that the Cruiser,Deluxe are the Bluetooth capability,which is only a Bluetooth input for,playing audio from a mobile device into,the book and speakers of this so it does,not transmit the audio from the,turntable out via Bluetooth its only an,input and you get a pitch control for,the turntable and there on the front you,can see the carrying handle and the very,tiny oval speakers which are responsible,for this things absolutely atrocious,sound quality but if you wish to improve,that sound quality it does include line,output jacks on the back and these are,not speaker outputs theyre not,amplified so you will need to use either,powered speakers or an amplifier or,receiver and a pair of regular speakers,also as an aux input jack in case you,really want to hear something through,the built-in speakers theres an input,for the power supply which it needs to,one because this does not have a,built-in battery — it should, but it,doesnt; there was actually a model that,Crosley had that did have a built-in,battery that was the Cruiser II but,for some reason they discontinued that,version of it also some versions of,these cheap little portable record,players include a USB output for,connecting to your computer but this one,does not the lid stays open at an angle,but does not remove and you need to keep,it open when playing 12 inch or 10 inch,records because they hang off the edge,it would not fit within the lid when,its closed,and heres another very common sight,which is often called the infamous red,ceramic cartridge its actually a,Chuo Denshi CZ-800 and,unfortunately the version that Crosley,decided to put on this is the lowest,quality version of it with a sapphire,stylus on a plastic cantilever so in my,review I was going to tell you to,immediately upgrade it to a diamond,stylus and I actually bought a pack of,them on Amazon this one even says for,upgrade of most supplied starter needles,premium diamond head stylus needle,replacement and these are colored gold,for some reason you can find these on,Amazon but luckily Crosley actually,included them in the package so you can,swap it out as soon as you get it I,dont know why they dont put one of,these on it to begin with but at least,they include them. One stylus that,Crosley does not give you is the kind,youll need for playing these things: 78,RPM shellac records you definitely wont,find these for sale in Urban Outfitters,so Crosley probably thinks their target,demographic wont be playing these so I,can understand why they dont include,the stylus for it but in case you come,across some of these in an antique shop,or in your grandfathers attic you,should be aware that the grooves on,these records are about three times as,wide as the grooves of a standard 33-1/3,or 45 RPM record so if you try,to play these using a standard sized,stylus itll scrape along the bottom of,the groove and pick up a lot of noise,and distortion and could possibly damage,the stylus or the record so to play,these old 78s you need one of these just,look for part number 793-D3 thats,the proper 3 mil stylus for playing,these 78 RPM records you can find these,for about 12 bucks on eBay and you can,install it notice the green paint on the,front of the stylus there to indicate,that its the special size for playing,78s the exception are some of the last,78s they were pressed on,vinyl in the late 50s and early 60s,like this one here from about 1956 I,believe and it specifically says on it,”for best results use LP needle” so for a,record like this you play using a,standard needle that the record player,comes with. Im not going to give you a,tutorial on how to play a record using,one of these because there are already,plenty of teenagers who have done that,but I will show you how to replace the,stylus with one the better ones that,comes with to remove the stylus to,manual tells you to simply push down on,the front of it with your fingernail but,this one is not being cooperative the,whole thing is just bending when I try,to do that, so some of these are in there,rather stiffly and the o

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The TRUTH About Crosley Turntables!! – Crosley C6 Record Player Review

um so today is going to be a little bit,different and its probably gonna be a,little bit difficult to hear this is not,the video that I wanted to make but okay,okay okay here goes crosley doesnt suck,I just want to get right into it a,couple of weeks ago I made a video about,the best turntable on the market today,and in that video I basically allude,that the best turntable on the market,today is the one that you cant afford,and I went so far as in that video to,even say that if the best turntable you,can afford is a Crosley then get across,Lee and dont look back and apparently,that statement got to some of you and,when I say get to some of you it upset a,lot of you so rather than I guess lash,out or defend myself I thought what,would be really fun was to kind of put,my money where my mouth was and see if,Crosleys really were as bad as everyone,on the internet seems to believe now,lets get a few things out of the way,crossly on a whole I think when you,think about their products you envision,the suitcase shaped or really kind of,retro mod kitschy turntables because,they do in fact make those however,Crosley makes a lot of turntables Im,talking probably more turntable models,than Ive ever seen a single brand make,so its really kind of unfair to say,that all Crosleys suck that being said,there arent a few Crosley models that I,will agree with,some of the comments in that video and,say that you should avoid them but there,are a number of turntables,by Crosley that do look pretty,compelling and look pretty good and,likely will suit most entry-level vinyl,enthusiasts just fine case in point I,went out and I bought the c6 turntable,from Crosley with my own money a hundred,and thirty five dollars from Amazon and,I bought this because on paper it was,the closest facsimile to my u-turn audio,orbit plus turntable so for a hundred,and thirty four hundred and thirty five,dollars with the c6 you get all intents,and purposes a entry-level audiophile,grade turntable and so I wanted to see,if they sucked so I bought this thing,and I hoped it up and I will be the,first to say right off the bat as far as,entry-level products go it feels really,really well-built but there are an awful,lot of things about the c6 that scream,cheap case in point the number one thing,the platter covers the belt drive system,and while thats not wholly uncommon if,you want to switch speech you actually,have to remove the entire platter,stretch the belt over another rung on,the motor assembly in order to do that,and that thats a bit cumbersome I will,say the platter itself is a hollow,aluminum or hollow metal its very heavy,but it is hollow and it does have some,natural resonance in it if you were to,you know flick your finger on it and,whatnot and the included felt matte,leaves a little to be desired or a lot,to be desired that being said it is,incredibly straightforward if you follow,the instructions which admittedly I at,first thought it was broken because I,plugged everything in dialed it all in,then hit the on/off switch expecting,that to turn the platter when in fact,the on/off switch in the back sends,power to the unit the start/stop,mechanism is tied to the arm the c6 has,a built-in phono stage so if youre a,little tight on cash and you dont have,a phono stage and maybe the stereo you,own doesnt have a phono stage you can,simply flip a switch on the back of this,turntable to give it a line out in which,case you can connect it to any stereo,old or new whether that stereo has a,phono stage built into it or not and,thats an incredible value but all that,being said you know once you get past,the aergon ah mccs of it and the setup,how did it sound well to be perfectly,honest the the c6 sounds fine,it sounds great actually its very,enjoyable the audio technica cartridge,has a rich warm kind of ill say a,little bit heavier than neutral sound it,favors the lower mid bass so if you if,you like bass if you like mid range this,is probably going to be a really really,good cartridge for you the high,frequencies are a bit rolled off and at,high volumes you know there was a bit of,civilan sin the in the higher,frequencies thats that s sound but that,being said the soundstage was good and,full and wide the center imaging was,pretty rock-solid not as crystal clear,as some that Ive heard but its there,its got really nice focus the dynamics,are smooth not as explosive but by no,means sluggish,the bass is like I said rich full deep I,argue that it probably actually goes a,little bit deeper than my cartridge of,choice on my u-turn but my cartridge is,a little bit firmer a little bit faster,with its base but still on a whole this,is incredibly incredibly enjoy,table but if this is your first,turntable and you are just getting into,analog audio listening there are easier,solutions out there I argue that the,u-turn orbit at I think like 20 dollars,more than what the c6 retails for is a,better value and a better turntable,overall also it is much much more dialed,in and ready to go out of the box,compared to the c6 the c6 does require,you to do all of the setup yourself for,$134 is the c6 a good confident beginner,turntable absolutely absolutely it is,for 20 dollars or so more can you get a,better experience yes yes you can I do,believe the u-turn orbit at around 20 25,dollars more than the c6 is a better,investment overall but if you just dont,have that extra $25 in your budget you,know the c6 is fine the c6 will play,records and sound good and it will get,you involved in the hobby in a,meaningful way,there you have it thank you so very very,much for watching,I do enjoy bringing all of these videos,to you and remember the only person that,has to enjoy and love your system is you,take care everyone bye

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TOP 5 Reasons NOT to Buy a Crosley!

dont buy Crosley cruise or record,players dont buy Crosley Cruiser record,player dont bother,[Music],hey friends welcome to vitalize Im,Jarrett now and today were gonna be,talking about five reasons you should,not buy Crosley Cruiser record players,but before we get to those my lawyers,tell me that I should make it clear to,everyone watching this that these are,just my personal opinions okay also Im,gonna be talking about Crosleys record,player parts so if youre not familiar,with the basic parts of a record player,then you can watch this video which will,tell you everything you need to know,okay I know this video might piss off a,lot of people but I feel these things,needed to be said so if you love your,Crosley record player this video might,break your heart but on the other hand,if youve been watching my videos for a,while you already know that Im not the,biggest fan of Crosleys so basically,Im making this video to help people who,are just starting their record,collecting journey this is information,that you definitely need to hear right,now now the fact is that when you search,for record player or record players on,YouTube or Google you might come across,one of my videos but youre more likely,to come across a video talking about,Crosley Cruise or record players I mean,they are everywhere right here here here,not here here here here here and you get,the point so why are these players so,popular,well since the recent vinyl boom many,retail giants are starting to carry them,including urban outfitters Barnes &,Noble Whole Foods and a load of other,places and because theyre so cheap many,people are buying them as a first record,player but the problem is that these,people are being tricked into believing,that these are quality players that will,allow them to experience all the joy,that vinyl brings but that could not be,further from the truth,so now lets talk about the five reasons,why Crossley suck number one is tracking,force tracking force is the downward,pressure or weight that the needle,places on the record grooves if its too,light its gonna jump out of the groove,and thats gonna scratch your records,but if its too heavy,its gonna carve up the record grooves,like a samurai sword through a,watermelon now the tracking force is,measured in grams and in,opinion the safe range is anywhere,between 1.5 grams and 3.5 grams any more,than that and you can run the risk of,destroying your record grooves now get,this the Crosleys track between 4.5 and,5 grams so thats definitely not kosher,if youre buying 20 30 even $40 records,or more you definitely dont want to be,playing them on a Crosley thats like,wearing sunglasses in the dark it just,doesnt make sense,number 2 is the tone arm the tone arm on,Crosley record players has many flaws,first off theyre poorly calibrated and,they dont allow you to align the,cartridge this is important because a,perfectly aligned cartridge will give,you awesome sound but a badly aligned,cartridge will give you the sound also,the tone arm is too short which is also,a bad thing because that will cause,distortion to the music as you get,closer to the last songs so instead of,being inside the groove kind of like,this the needle might be resting only on,one side of the groove and thats very,very bad and finally the tone arms build,quality leaves much to be desired,quality tone arms are usually made out,of metal or even carbon fiber the,Crosleys however are made out of cheap,plastic so thats not good anyways now,lets move on to the next issue number,three is missing parts as of the making,of this video,crosley record players have no,counterweight no anti-skate and no,height adjustment these parts are,important because they all influence the,way the tone arm and needle interact,with the record if you remove these,major parts from any record player yet,again the sound suffers now lets move,on to the next troubling issue number,four is build quality or lack thereof,crosley Cruiser record players are,designed to be both lightweight and,portable and in addition to the tone arm,being made out of cheap plastic guess,what the entire thing is made out of,cheap plastic but wait they look like a,little suitcase with a little handle and,everything isnt that so cute the main,problem with building a record player,out of plastic is the lightweight but,Jarrod isnt a lightweight record player,a good thing actually no its not,because lightweight record players are,prone to vibration so,record player gets accidentally bumped,or disturbed in any way the record will,skip which is no fun,the heavier record players are built,like a tank and are less prone to,skipping and now the final problem I,have with Crosleys number five is the,built-in speakers when it comes to,speakers size matters,thats why bookshelf speakers will,almost always sound better than say your,cell phone speakers now Crosleys,built-in speakers are tiny so theyre,gonna give you poor quality sound and a,lot of people who own Crosleys talk,about how vinyl sounds so much better,than anything else but how would they,know if theyre only playing music from,the Crosleys terrible speakers to truly,appreciate that superior vinyl sound,youre gonna need to play them off,quality speakers now taking into account,everything ive just said there are,still a lot of people who defend,Crosleys by saying theyre good for,what they are you cant compare,Crosleys to a high-end turntable,because theyre not meant to be the same,thing well to those people Id like to,say this you deserve better,seriously this vinyl hobby can be,amazing for you youll discover a whole,new world of music and sound that you,didnt even know existed all you have to,do is start with a basic level of,quality audio gear heres the cool thing,about records the better your vinyl,audio setup the better your records are,going to sound so the player really is,the foundation of your listening,experience so dont fall for the shiny,colors and the cute retro look make the,right choice and if you like to know,which record players that I personally,recommend you can watch this video which,gives you an overview and compares all,of the features and if Ive helped you,and you enjoyed this video join the,vinyl revolution and hit subscribe,because Im going to be coming out with,a lot of great videos every week that,youre not gonna want to miss be sure to,find me on Facebook Twitter Instagram,and more all the links are in the,description below and most importantly,friends keep spinning that vinyl

Crosley Record Player Review and Road Test

came across this beauty at the ham swap,meet yesterday and I couldnt resist and,of course I instantly started thinking,about fun ways to put this thing out of,its misery and as usual we have the,typical Crosley quality precision tone,arm and the little hook thing here is,broken off and it does 33 45 and 78 and,I love how they put these crappy plastic,corners on here to make it look like,its a you know ready to ready to roll,out on the gig its roadworthy,roadworthy flight case CR 40 90 a really,yeah this is an interesting thing about,it DC it runs on 12 volts thats what,but I dont know what math this is but,twelve volts and a half an amp is not 15,watts so maybe somebody can do the Ohms,law on that and calculate that out for,us but 15 watts it twelve volts would be,about an amp,wouldnt that be right something like,that so obviously the QC is not passed,and its in pretty good shape and like I,say the interesting thing about it is is,that its fully contained its got a,like a 2 by 3 speaker here,and one over here and is 12 volts and it,comes with a cigarette lighter plug on,the end of course it looks like the,molded one might have failed so the,owner put this aftermarket one on there,we have it hooked up to a little 12 volt,jail cell here its got a tone control,and a volume on/off and the stylist,feels like its in okay condition lets,get a disposable record and give it a,shot lets first start off with a cut,here from Ray Parker jr. is Greatest,Hits called for those who like to groove,and some of you might remember a video I,did where I had one of these Crosley,record players with that song playing,burning and smoking and arcing lets see,see what happens here hope I dont ruin,my Rick come across Lee,not bad thats the volume all the way up,and thats all were getting out of it,thats pretty disappointing I think my,100 milliwatts a.m. transistor radio,goes louder I mean thats thats,actually really disappointing,so check out this engineering right here,when youre at the end of the record,this thing wont pick it up so see,Sister Sledge we are family the,eight-minute version stupid tone arm is,so heavy,check out that check out that precision,that precision mechanism there for a,gentle gentle record treatment,pitiful,there is one particular thing that is,nothing whatsoever in any way shape or,form like any okay this this is horrible,so what market would this record player,before what will you need a suitcase,size 12 volt Chinese record player for I,think what we need to do is we need to,road test this thing we need to get it,in the car and take it on a ride and see,how it performs mobile,that was yeah I was still on yeah Im,rolling do we have a working cigarette,lighter in here well its intermittent,so Im gonna cut on and off okay I think,its probably better if I hop in the,back seat all right,I know its pitiful but what can you do,no the selection of content oh wow try,it no not at all,oh I was trying to deal with the,copyright thing what kind of works move,it around there you go problem this is,an angle its not so we have help for me,we have the john birch society what is,the john birch society we can start off,with that,theyre open this one,Ill see squeeze in here I will give,this thing a road test my name is Rex,Westerfield Western director of public,relations for the John Birch Society the,story youre going to hear is about an,organization that may be familiar to you,already the story will be told by a,gentleman whose background is probably,the least known of any national figure,in America today the gentleman you were,here shortly was born on a farm in North,Carolina and has an ancestry full of,farmers and Baptist preachers inside the,time he was 7 years old he had read the,nine body world he read the deeper his,understanding became of the,civilizations of the Pope once one of,his principal and well-known as Anna,mass media the speakers platform some,educational institutions and it,unfortunately many very welcome but will,give you and we have lived up recitation,members of the society are of all races,colors and creeds we are a long social,economic and educational levels we are,individualís who disagree among,ourselves about many things but we are,firmly united in devotion to those,beliefs principles and purple for we,have voluntarily to combat more,effectively the evil forces which now,threaten our freedom our lives our,country and our civilization too to,prevail upon our fellow citizens to,start pulling out of the deepening,morass light screens and then climb up,the mountain individual than man has,wish,welcome that they something on the side,party by joining the chorus of a type on,the John Birch Society very few of them,indeed have ever realized the extent of,which they were running interference for,the Communists a related part of the,mountainous and now you may well ask,what have we accomplished well first we,have established a nationwide,educational army it has a fully paid,feel staff this army affirmative books,and reprints are the publishers and our,members now operate some 350 reading,rooms that sell books scattered,throughout the country most of them,under the name of America dependent,libraries we have certainly helped to,really basically families not destroy,all three of the oscillation that is,without constant resistance in any place,or at any time where there is large into,anything except the communist state we,were the first organization in the,United States to start calling,widespread attention to the worldwide,communist plot to discredit excellence,everywhere British we have been,successful in bogging down this very,strategic part of a whole more recently,we have been emphasizing in a national,over right there all right lets uh,lets get that other radio I mean to,another what do we have here,addition and subtraction by Walt Disney,okay lets try this one lets try right,turns this time lets see if it does any,better,oh there were none,now lets do it again and sing the,answer once upon a time there were ten,little cannibal swinging on the bar one,kind of path in Wildcat,and a wildcat,one of the nine drank to their brain,good guys now five we see one went to,Singapore damn never only for one turn,green and there were three one fell into,some bloom then never only kill the,drank from a loving,himself,oh girl painting with one fell into some,blue then never only till they drank,from a loving one became a skeleton,thats fine,the Wow and flutter is pretty cool,theres one more heres one hooks now,take five and add a one dont be slow be,quick at three and three now four and,two the answer to dust it is such a very,sticky chore for instance two and two,are the same as one and three they add,up to four everybody knows that knowing,two and three must be that up to,something and one,now arrived

Crosley Record Player Unboxing + Vinyl Haul

[Music],hey whats up you guys welcome back to,another one of my videos,and in todays video im gonna be,unboxing my record player that i got for,christmas,if you didnt see my video for my why,what i got for christmas i got,a record player oh my god,[Applause],okay so i just want to stay for the,record i know this brand sucks,okay i know the bad things that come,with this brand i know that they scratch,your disc,i am very much aware of all this and i,know that if i vouch for something a,little bit,more expensive that i could easily solve,this issue,but let me tell you why i didnt do that,for one this was a spur of the moment,idea that i had i had no intentions,of getting a record player um,for more than a week at most lizeth,my friend had wanted a record player for,christmas and then i was like oh,i want a record player too for some,reason um,so this was a spur of the moment idea i,didnt want to spend,100 or more on something i wasnt sure i,was going to use that often,so i wanted to go with something that,was cheaper and probably,not as good see uh if i was even gonna,use it for long term and if i,am great ill upgrade to a hundred,dollar something,uh record player but as of right now i,have no intense,intentions of doing that i dont even,know how often im gonna be actually,using this thing,so i got a cheap one so yes i know im,very much aware before you comment,anything about how bad this record,player is im very much aware,i just dont want to spend money on,something im not sure im gonna use,i got it for christmas got a crosley,its so,pretty guys it matches my room i will,say,even though its not a top quality,record player it is very aesthetically,pleasing,thats what im paying for essentially,but yeah its really its,really nice and also you got a vinyl,of nirvana of course love them have to,have a vinyl of theirs,so were gonna be unboxing this today,im so excited i have not opened it,since christmas and its currently,december 28th its not been that long it,hasnt been that long but,you know when something so exciting has,been sitting in your closet for the,longest time,you really want to open it so thats,what were going to do,we may transition to the floor just,because,uh i dont know how heavy this is going,to be to carry around,but yeah i think im gonna transition to,the floor just so you guys get a better,shot of me unboxing everything so were,gonna move there dont worry its,aesthetic too,so hopefully this isnt really badly,positioned but,um im going to be unboxing it now i,made extra space over here so i could,unbox it off here,but here we go oh my god guys,thats so exciting,oh my god i,cant even look at it guys,its amazing its beautiful,i know this is a really bad angle but i,just wanted to like,give a wide view of whats going on i,connected,my uh crosley to,a power outlet so i dont want to pick,it up,and i its not bad looking to be honest,with you,doom i have to put my record on there,first i dont know im very,scared im going to break something im,not really sure how to do this i know,lizeth unboxed hers but hers is a,victrola,um so were gonna see oh my god guys,its so pretty look at that,oh i love it its so nice,[Music],okay,oh my god it came with the poster,look i hope its like clothing,look at that look at that beautiful,poster oh,my god im definitely going to be,hanging out this,this up in my room somewhere im going,to put that lightly right there,god i really dont know how to carry it,like how do i how do i carry it how do i,carry it,hold on i gotta google this because im,really scared,so it says here to always have your,fingers on the outer edge of the vinyl,and also,oh my god im scared,it doesnt have it on the outer edge and,on the center,were gonna place it down here,my god im nervous how do i pick up the,needle,[Music],i had to google it for a second um but,now im gonna put it on place the unit,on a flat level surface,remove the tie wrap connect the adapter,oh my god youll see this its turning,release the top just put it anywhere,oh my god oh my god oh my god hold on i,gotta turn it down,oh my god its working oh,[Music],sorry i freaked out when i first got it,i didnt know how it worked but now i,get it now,now i get it now wow great to sell um,but yeah guys its working awesome,just to change music i think i just pick,it up and place it somewhere else but,im not entirely sure,i think i did it hold on,[Music],oh oh i see how it works now yeah,theres different like,lines that show where,you like place it itll place a,different song i was wondering i was,like how do you know where exactly to,place it,for it to play a different song and its,because it has these like lines right,here,that have different tracks so thats how,that works i know yall probably dont,need an explanation but,i just figured it out and it was pretty,cool okay so thats,that track im going to flip the page,the side over,because i want to hear um where did no i,want to hear,lake of fire thats my favorite one from,this album,[Music],okay of fires one two three four,five number five,one two three four five hopefully im,gonna im doing this right im not,really sure im learning as i go,but well see i work the last thing i,want to do is break this,so thats why im trying to be like,super careful with how i handle this,[Music],it is it is it is i would turn it up but,i dont want to get copyrighted,turn it up i hate myself,im so happy guys oh i love it this,definitely encourages me to buy more,vinyls for sure,ski im gonna keep this though i dont,know if youre supposed to throw it away,or not but im not going to,i dont think so actually,im gonna go jam out to this ew im so,ugly okay,im gonna go listen to this while i put,everything away,and then ill update you for the outro,currently editing this video and i,totally forgot that i didnt do an,outro legit doing it right now when i,watched visits that we,really placed but i hope you guys,enjoyed i know this video was kind of,short and its just because it was legit,just me doing an unboxing of my record,player and i only had like one vinyl,so i hope you guys enjoyed an envelope,dont forget to like comment subscribe,subscribe because im videos twice a,week every sunday wednesday and dont,forget i also have a gaming channel,linked in description box below and i,have a giveaway going on,right now open until january 20th,so be sure to sign up now and get your,chance to win a,davoom dudu speaker and a bunch of other,stuff just for one person its gonna be,picked at random so,sign up now at links in the description,box as well,and yeah i guess ill see you guys in my,next video bye,[Music],you

Crosley Voyager Suitcase Record Player Review

thank you,[Music],the other night while I was shopping at,the local Big Box store,I happened to wander through their,electronics department and came across a,number of budget,portable turntables,sold by the likes of Crosley and,victrola,and there was actually an interesting,one that I was really tempted to pick up,if it werent for the price being so,high almost 200 bucks,the victrola portable turntable that was,actually rechargeable and had a next,shoulder strap,so in essence you could play your,records with you on the go but that was,just a bit too rich for me so I ended up,buying this one,this is a Crosley Voyager three-speed,portable turntable with Bluetooth,and by bluetooth they mean you can use,this thing as a glorified Bluetooth,speaker and feed audio from your phone,to it although why you would do that I,really dont know because the audio,quality really leaves quite a bit to be,desired but I digress this is the model,cr8017a taking a liberty of unboxing,this thing off camera for the sake of,brevity with this they give you,an instruction manual,a 100th anniversary card even though,this is not the Crosley of yesteryear,and they also give you the DC power,adapter which is currently plugged into,the wall,and an RCA to 3.5 millimeter stereo mini,uh stereo adapter its got this,simulated,leather grain finish on top which I,thought at first was plastic but soon,discovered it is and this is just,particle board with the glued on like a,peel and stick veneer cover and you,could tell that because theres a couple,of areas on here that are scuffed and,scraped,but I do like the monochromatic all,black appearance that this unit has with,the exception of the silver Crosley logo,and if we look just right youll be able,to probably see,two stereo speakers,on the left and right sides of the grill,theres two latches on the left and,right side which hold the lid in place,its a bit interesting that they went to,the trouble of giving you latches for,securing it but not a handle to carry it,I mean after all they do refer to this,thing as a portable record player so,theres the RCA line outputs the 3.5,millimeter AUX input and the DC 5 volt,power input,youve got four rubber feet on the,bottom,and opening the lid,reveals a rather dirty mechanism,and I could assure you Ive only had,this opened out of the box for a few,hours now,and Ive noticed that in a number of,spots,it looks like theres water stains and,marks everywhere,its very noticeable right here by the,platter,now I dont know what was going on same,thing in here theres like little swipe,marks and smudges,so if I had a hazardous Id say that,this mechanism was wiped down with some,wet rag before they decided to package,this thing up in its box,and uh,its just been sitting like that ever,since because if you notice the tone arm,itself is also very smudged and greasy,theres a few fingerprints on it and,those arent mine either so as far as,the good is concerned it does have an,isolated mechanism,presumably for the use of some kind of,rubber dampener,to isolate it from the speakers so you,dont get too much feedback and,resonance going through and feeding back,into the stylus and then getting,Amplified over and over again,you do have a variable uh speed,adjustment pitch control with a center,indent,so you know where zero percent is your,volume control which doubles as a power,switch and a stereo headphone jack,another plus is the lifting lever for,cueing the tone arm,is dampened once you release it so dont,just slam the tone arm down onto your,Priceless vinyl collection,theres also a switch here for going,between playback of vinyl phono records,or Bluetooth because if you turn that on,this light turns blue and itll show up,as a Bluetooth device on your phone or,tablet you do get one of those red,ceramic cartridges and stylie,this one is a sapphire stylus of memory,serves with a plastic cantilever,so its not even metal another plus Im,going back and forth here but uh bear,with me is a switch for turning off and,on the auto start stop of the mechanism,so if youve got a particularly,Troublesome LP or a 45 or an EP,thats triggering the Auto Stop,prematurely you can just turn that off,and then itll just act like a non-auto,stop mechanism and theres also a switch,right there to change between 33 45 and,78 revolutions per minute here as I can,tell there is no adjustment that can be,made to the counterweight in fact there,is no user serviceable or accessible,counterweight you can see that this,thing tracks it just shy of six grams,Im no audiophile but I would definitely,say thats airing on the excessive side,of things,and a gripe I have is this post that the,tone arm rests on when not in use would,it have killed them to extend up these,little,I dont even know what you would call,them but these three little sections of,the post,just enough so that it actually held the,tone arm in a little bit more than it,currently does because as it stands,right now its very easy just to bump,the thing and have the tone arm go,flying however there is a latching,mechanism for safekeeping now heres a,45 I know isnt going to be in YouTubes,content ID database,its some kind of a self-help uh 45,about marriage,from the perspective of the ticks the,texts and the toes,you turn this switch on,and since I have the auto mode enabled,on the mechanism I can just lift it up,and itll start playing,welcome to another evening with the,ticks the tacks and the toes todays,episode as the table turns Mr tick feels,lousy after A Hard Days Work,but youd never know it,he always wears a happy face,and when hes happy Mr stick is happy,too,[Music],[Applause],sucker trash,[Applause],you cant stand succotash but Mrs tick,will never know,all right trying to win the award for,the uh most obscure music,that I can play without fear of,copyright issues,and this is off the folkraft label,this is actually some square dancing,music or something like that,Ill put the 45 RPM adapter on,switch this to 45,and begin playback,right hand partner,he ran right at left,[Music],well this is multitasking I just used my,phone to record a snippet of the song,that Im playing right now,which Im going to upload to Youtube as,a test to see if their content ID picks,up on it because this seems like a,really obscure label and,song,Twin Lakes records coroner Corner never,heard of these guys before so itll be,interesting to see if it uh,if we get flagged for copyright on,YouTube now Im going to really test my,luck with YouTube and give you some,direct hookups,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],like,these drawers in the world,a dog,called on the floor,[Music],take you inside,foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],foreign,[Music],but Mrs tick will never know,[Music],[Applause],[Music],Miss tick will never know what makes him,tick at all,and so by playing those samples for you,I hope you were able to pick up on uh,the quality and one thing I could,certainly say is that playing back the,uh playing the record through either,headphones or using an external set of,speakers is definitely the way to go if,you care about audio quality,these speakers are really rather lacking,there is Stereo separation but theyre,very mid-range heavy not too much treble,and of course absolutely no bass to,speak of whatsoever and I actually was,giving the cartridge and stylus a bad,rap believe it or not because of the way,it sounded through the built-in speakers,but just listening to the last couple of,samples of the records that I was,playing directly hooked up to the,camcorder using headphones and I gotta,say Im actually pleasantly surprised,its not on par with a highfalutin you,know Audio Technica or a project,turntable or something like that but,definitely could hold its own its not,the worst Ive heard and,I mean I am a little concerned about,that six gram tracking Force thats,really borderline excessive,and the stylus itself is undoubtedly,very cheap but,still sounded pretty acceptable,inside the cabin almost looks like,something s

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