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CrossfireX Multiplayer Review

[Music],what even is this,i can kind of see the old-school,tactical shooter vibes crossfire xs,multiplayer was going for but its chock,full of ill-conceived modes,cringe-worthy maps and laughably bad,controls that would have ruined the,moment to move gun play even if the rest,of that didnt it even has pay to win,micro transactions the bizarre bugs are,somehow the best part because at least,they made me laugh during an otherwise,extremely depressing time spent playing,crossfire x can trace its lineage back,to the hugely popular pc shooter from,2007 crossfire but developer smilegate,has seemingly taken very little care in,translating that success over to this,xbox game nowhere is this more obvious,than in the shooting mechanics,themselves which are some of the,sloppiest and most inaccurate ive ever,gone into battle with,aiming is a painful ordeal because your,weapons sluggishly wiggle from place to,place with almost no consistency even,when adjusting the aiming settings and,the various levels of aim assist i could,find no way to make it feel good in the,slightest,its astonishing that a shooter could,get something so fundamental as aiming,so wrong in 2022 all of that is made,worse by a massive bug that drops you in,and out of aim down sights which happens,almost constantly smilegate has already,said it plans to fix that but in the,days following launch its something,youre likely to experience multiple,times every single match and remember,thats on top of gun play that already,feels awful to begin with,and ive seen all manner of bizarre bugs,in my dozen or so hours with it for,example this insanity happened for an,entire match,and then theres the fact that the main,menu itself is completely unstable,i mean just look at it,crossfire x also has some seriously,eyebrow-raising micro-transactions,including purchases that give you,in-game advantages for example those who,buy the premium version gain access to a,gatling gun right off the bat that has a,massive rate of fire and an enormous,magazine free players would have to,grind for quite a while for the same,weapon imagine being on the receiving,end of this,multiplayer modes are divided into two,equally upsetting buckets modern which,adds features like the ability to aim,down sights and mantle up ledges and,classic which retains all the original,design of the pc version of crossfire,where you cant do any of that fancy,stuff there are only two options for,modern theres search and destroy which,does a decent counter-strike impression,with a classic attack and defend game,type where one side tries to plant a,bomb but why not just play,counter-strike instead crossfire x has,no answer to that point capture by,contrast is a tragically designed mode,that has two teams fighting over control,points until the skyscraper theyre in,blows up for no reason and the battle,moves to the streets below the biggest,issue is that you can really easily,reach the enemy teams one and only,spawn point and just camp the heck out,of it,in almost every early match i played,this tactic was used against me too,excruciating effect my only recourse was,to become a monster myself and camp the,enemy spawn point before they got the,chance to do it to me,to make matters worse the first team to,save up enough points gets to summon a,more powerful soldier with special,abilities and once that happens that,player can rush over to the enemy spawn,point and relentlessly dominate them,until the match ends its doubling down,on a bad idea,moving over to the classic modes we find,a stripped-down version of search and,destroy and a few new modes that vary in,their levels of frustration the,highlight of the bunch is spectre which,pits one team of defending soldiers,against an invading team of stealth,assassins that only have knives the,slower pace makes all the difference one,sides eyes dart around fearfully in,search of invisible ninjas while the,other side slowly and methodically,stalks the map looking to slit throats,it doesnt fix the terrible gun play but,its a neat premise knife kill team,deathmatch is exactly what it sounds,like but i recommend avoiding it at all,costs the map is just as atrocious as,point capture when it comes to spawn,killing and besides that its basically,one big hallway and removes all,semblance of strategy but wait ive,saved the worst for last that title goes,to nano,a mind-bogglingly awful zombie infection,mode where a few players start off as,aliens and must try to infect everyone,else the poor design perplexes and,astounds me the infected moves super,fast take lots of hits to kill respawn,infinitely and immediately and only have,to hit their targets once to instantly,convert them the balance is ridiculous,of course none of that matters because,when the infected side wins and they,always do,everyone is considered a winner because,theyre all on the infected team by the,time the match ends so what was even the,point of that,crossfire xs multiplayer isnt just a,disappointing console version of a,popular old-school pc shooter its,nightmare fuel due to its disastrously,inaccurate shooting mechanics and a,master class in what not to do in the,design of its absurdly bad multiplayer,modes and maps theres a tiny bright,spot in the form of the entertaining,spectre mode stealth antics but nothing,that comes close to excusing a,multiplayer experience so painfully,undercooked that it should never have,been released in its current state the,fact that it includes pay to win,microtransactions and that isnt even,the worst thing about it should tell you,everything you need to know,if you want to hear our thoughts on,remedys single player campaigns for,crossfire x check out our review for,that here and for everything else stick,with ign

CrossfireX Single-Player Campaign Review

if you were hoping that remedy the,developer of control and alan wake could,live up to its name and find a cure for,crossfire xs dreadful multiplayer,sandbox i have some bad news,not only do both modes mostly suffer,from the same issues involving gunplay,and controls but the single player,campaigns shallow stories only add to,the disappointment,both of crossfire xs mini campaigns are,built around the pointless adventures of,dull characters never approach anything,resembling a challenge due to enemy ai,thats about as useful as a chocolate,tea kettle and feel incomplete and,unsatisfying as they come to an abrupt,end after only a few hours each,as a single player shooter crossfire x,is very much a bomb,[Music],crossfire xs pair of three-hour,campaigns both feel like a hundred,military shooters ive played over the,years and immediately forgotten,the first operation catalyst has you,working with a squad of some of the most,generic soldiers in recent memory as,they set out to kill a leader of the,rival organization in the fictional,country of ascarzia,what follows is a bizarre mission to,save one of your own squad mates while,the main protagonist descends into,madness for,reasons,its still utterly unclear to me why,which is disappointing given remedys,history for making strange characters on,the edge of insanity work well but,everything felt off a skew,as if it was somebody elses memory of,my home,though catalysts story makes little,sense and almost none of the,moment-to-moment gunplay is engaging,switching between different squad mates,is an interesting mechanic that shows,its potential now and again,one of the few memorable moments has you,swapping between a foot soldier trying,to escape enemy capture and a sniper so,youre giving yourself cover fire,theres even a part where you have to,snipe the handcuffs off of your,teammates hands to break him free which,was really satisfying its a concept,that begged to be further explored,instead it ends abruptly and the second,campaign operation spectre sadly does,away with the squad formula entirely and,puts you in the shoes of a troubled,thief who finds himself recruited by an,organization known as blacklist to,become their ultimate weapon,the weird prophetic story here is vague,predictable and feels crammed into,another tiny campaign i completed in a,single sitting,there are moments in both weak stories,that seem to be flirting with the,supernatural and gave me false hope that,a redeeming twist that would take this,by the number shooter and turn it into,something more interesting was just,around the corner in both cases i was,left with the bitter taste of,disappointment,anybody,the highlight of spectre is the final,level when it finally starts introducing,some new and interesting mechanics,just before the story ends with little,fanfare a few minutes later,at least most of the action looks cool,[Music],unfortunately weak storytelling is only,the beginning of the problems in,crossfire xs single-player campaign,the real issue is it uses a slight,variation of the same atrocious gunplay,and controls found in the multiplayer,modes ive played a lot of shooters and,ive never experienced anything quite,like this aiming is sloppy no matter,what settings you select almost every,weapon feels identical to the last and,there are very few interesting mechanics,to break up any of that monotony there,are four types of enemies unarmored,soldiers who die immediately armored,soldiers who take a few extra shots to,kill soldiers with shields who can just,be shot in the legs and drones who seem,to mostly just hover around and wait to,be killed even if the campaigns were,masterpieces of storytelling it would,still be hard to forgive just how,frustrating uninventive and,mind-numbingly dull the action is in,nearly every single chapter,[Music],one of the only distinctive features is,a bullet time ability that exaggerates,gunfire and makes a satisfying sound for,each enemy down,it even gives you some health back so,you can turn the tables on the enemy,when youre in a pinch however i was,usually just disappointed at my,inability to wrestle the controls to hit,a target even when in slow motion,and since you get the bullet time,ability back every couple of seconds it,has the added side effect of making an,already unchallenging experience,laughably easy,the biggest culprit behind crossfire xs,complete lack of challenge though is the,enemy ai which is about as effective a,deterrent as red lights in grand theft,auto,youll never find soldiers more expertly,trained in the art of running straight,into incoming gunfire with almost no,resistance,i played on hard difficulty and felt,entirely comfortable running and gunning,even when surrounded by a dozen enemy,soldiers even if the stormtrooper level,marksmen manage to hit you not only can,you take far more damage than you might,expect from a realistic style shooter,but you only need to go a second or so,without getting hit by a hail of gunfire,to fully recover your health so death is,extremely rare it made strolling through,both campaigns a cakewalk and all the,more forgettable,[Music],crossfire xs pair of campaigns are,untidy generic slogs with all the,excitement and flavor of a communion,wafer alarmingly little of remedys,signature weirdness and creativity is,displayed leaving me to wonder why this,usually distinctively strange studio was,chosen for such a by-the-numbers project,at all there were some hints of,interesting ideas along the way where,story is concerned and i fleetingly,thought we might get an eccentric tail,the likes of controller alan wake but,those hopes were quickly dashed when,both campaigns ended without even a,cursory twist,whether its the bland characters,brain-dead enemy ai forgettable levels,or downright offensive gun play,everything about these brief campaigns,feels phoned in,stand by for our review of the,multiplayer modes but spoiler alert its,even worse,while you wait check out our reviews of,the single player campaigns for halo,infinite and call of duty vanguard and,for everything else stick with ign,[Music],you

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Analysis: How BAD Is CrossfireX Really? ????

crossfire was a huge counter-strike,clone in asia and south america,microsoft decided to buy the rights to,crossfire make a sequel called the,crossfire x and turn it into an xbox,exclusive and i dont mean a fake,exclusive where its also on pc thats,still not exclusive microsoft i mean an,actual xbox exclusive,what,[Music],hey jared here when i say exclusive,thats only half right because while,crossfire x is only on the xbox one or,xbox series s,crossfire hd effectively the same thing,but with some differences,is also on pc but only available in asia,its weird to make things even weirder,microsoft decided to pull a medal of,honor the single player is made by,remedy whereas the multiplayer is made,by a dev studio over in korea so two,totally different studios with two,totally different games running on,different engines as you probably,predicted this game has a ton of,problems,you know what doesnt have problems,todays sponsor todays sponsor is,special because i get to talk about our,balls,yep todays sponsor is manscaped but,they actually want you to know that they,make more products than just for,trimming around your junk they even sent,me a package not that one so that you,can see their new product five steps in,five minutes in that package also came,some,some boxers,and uh a t-shirt,okay they still want you to know theyre,about protecting your junk but uh,its a fine shirt probably make a good,gag gift pun intended okay so this stuff,is actually about skin and hair care the,five steps in five minutes is really,just what youll be doing when you take,a shower okay so step one is uh,shampoo and conditioner which they,legitimately set me because you all know,im gonna be using a lot of this step,two is pretty obvious this is the body,wash this is more shower gel it also,doesnt smell overpowering which im,thankful for because it classifies,itself as cologne fragrance which could,mean that you smell like you know a high,school locker room but thankfully thats,not the case step 3 is what they call,the hydrating body spray i was,incredibly skeptical of this because,its supposed to do basically what,creams do moisturizers that you rub into,your skin you spray this about four,inches away from your skin you rub it in,and then its supposed to keep your skin,moisturized surprisingly this does work,decently well step four deodorant this,is the deodorant gel it doesnt clump up,it doesnt stain your clothes it doesnt,smell too overpowering its deodorant,does what its supposed to and step five,lip balm now i always have chapped lips,and id be using this more than any of,the other products this works,surprisingly well i probably shouldnt,be getting off brand store stuff this,works way better than the operand stuff,so if you want to try out this stuff for,yourself you can get 20 off plus,international shipping by using promo,code jeric at the link down below in the,video information again 20 off and free,international shipping just check that,link down below and use promo code,jerick as always big thanks goes to,manskit for sponsoring this video it is,always fun to get to talk about balls,publicly to everyone and lets continue,on to the video oh boy where do i start,i guess well start with the single,player dont worry ill talk about the,multiplayer later now crossfire x is,technically free to play but thats only,the multiplayer the single player comes,in two different campaigns these two,campaigns both are about two hours each,and they both cost ten dollars so if you,want to get the full single player,experience you will spend twenty dollars,for about four to five hours sure i,guess you can also get it on game pass,so theres that i guess ill start with,the graphics but i have a huge asterisk,here i dont have an xbox series s or,xbox series x or whatever microsoft is,naming their consoles nowadays because,theyre terrible in naming things pretty,much every game that comes out on their,new consoles also comes out on pc and if,im primarily playing first person,shooters i dont really have a reason to,buy the next gen console so all i got is,my og xbox one this game did come out on,xbox one,but needless to say that experience is,going to be a little bit worse than the,next generation experience at least i,assume i cant say first hand this game,is not exactly the most polished so,maybe its just as bad but were talking,about the campaign honestly the graphics,are,fine there is a predictably awful amount,of texture pop in my gosh i cant even,explain how bad this is but i dont know,if this is because im playing on the,original xbox one or if its just always,like this other than that this game,looks and runs fine its not winning any,awards but i mean it doesnt look awful,the frame rate is fine i didnt really,have any major drops i think predictably,my biggest complaint is that the fov is,really bad but as a console game i dont,expect to be able to change that so what,are you gonna do overall when it comes,to the graphics i dont have a whole lot,to say,aside from the texture streaming issue,and the fov being bad,it looks fine it runs fine the,animations are fine thats basically it,and thats a good segue to the story and,the gameplay because my gosh this game,is just a slog as i mentioned this game,comes in two different quote unquote,operations but the fun part is that,after you buy these campaigns they,download in-game they dont download on,your dashboard and for whatever reason,this takes forever it took me,three,hours to download these campaigns i have,a gig download speed theres no way it,should take that long my internet was,working fine my xbox was plugged in,through ethernet i was having no issues,in that regard it just took forever im,glad i decided to download this game the,day before i wanted the stream not the,day of or it would have started till,like midnight anyway once youre finally,in game you will quickly notice that the,controls are different than the,multiplayer because this runs on a,different engine so youre gonna have to,adjust those and i know im getting,ahead of myself because i usually like,to talk about the controls when im,talking about gameplay but this is going,to be right in your face these controls,are awful something about the,acceleration in this game makes aiming,next to impossible but there was,something i changed that drastically,helped i noticed that horizontal,sensitivity is way faster than vertical,sensitivity even though in the menus,they say theyre the same they are not i,put vertical sensitivity about 20 higher,than horizontal and it was close to the,same and aiming was instantly so much,easier and by easier i mean it was more,doable and still felt really bad but man,i dont know why they did this,multiplayer has the same issue its even,worse ill talk about that later this,game also heavily features a bullet time,mechanic its always charging so you,would use it a lot now this should be,very useful after all turning to slow,motion whenever you want sounds like a,superpower and its been fun in other,games however in this game it doesnt,work the same way everything is slow,motion until you shoot and then it,speeds up the best comparison is like,how slow motion works in super hot how,on time moves when you were moving,however in this case time moves when you,were shooting while slow motion is still,useful its nowhere near as useful as,regular bullet time but to make things,even worse this also makes aiming near,impossible i actually thought it was,bugged at first my aim was going all,over the place and i had no idea why,once i figured out the things speed up,when i shoot it became easier but easier,in a way that felt like i was struggling,to fight the game just to shoot at my,target they definitely made this change,for visual spectacle not for gameplay,because it doesnt feel good another,obnoxious little thing i found is that,if youre standing on top of a gun that,you can pick up you cant reload yup you,heard that right it totally stops your,abil

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Review Cần Daiwa CrossFire X | Ngày đầu làm video

ừ ừ,[âm nhạc],[Vỗ tay],[âm nhạc],A2 hoa Crush PX nghe thấy à,[âm nhạc],cho anh mấy đứng,em có một đoạn video,về tổng thể vào cái cần là down Crush PX,Ừ thì ở đây là,em về chi tiết hơn và cái càng này nha,nó thì tên à,Đây là đài loa Crush PX thông số của cây,này là bệnh không hay,mhs 1,2 khúc nào độ cứng mơ khác à,Ừ thì thông số của nó đây ah,vụ tai nạn từ 8 đến 17 phao,chỉ cách viết là trống đẫm mồ là từ 1/4,đến 3/4 and,made in Việt Nam đài hoa chính hãng Việt,Nam nha à,hỗ,trợ,Đây là các khuyến cáo,khi không sử dụng gần đây dưỡng đâu thế,này mưa sấm sét này à,a và điểm nhấn là cái phần gốc này thì,nó có một cái khu vực đoạn màu vàng và,có logo Java,ừ ừ,khi cài đặt là cám,Ừ,cái này là ca khúc chia làm hai phần chứ,không phải là liền một khối đây là có,giữa Đài Loan và,phần này là phân khúc keeper như là phần,để giữ rưỡi cứ mồi em mắc vào đây,áp thì là kiểu bắt vạn truyền thống Thôi,về cái phần vào chữ này ra đây cái tát,này thì em đánh giá là khi mà em,em bắt máy mà đây hết lấy con mái nhỉ à,ừ ừ,bộ,phim anh em lắp máy rồi đây,em cầm như thế này Hai tay anh em chưa,làm như thế này thì sai Xem chức nó tình,vào cái phần này những đường ren này là,tí nữa trên két phát này không Tí nút,thuốc này nên cảm giác dùng nó khá là nó,không thoải mái đang ngắm này thì cái,ren này nó sẽ tìm tai nghe mình thì máy,kết hợp với gần này em thấy là tương đối,hợp lý,cùng vô đã mềm,một con máy này ra một pin,thì cơm à,ở dưới này lắm sốt rồi à,những,điểm nhấn ở trên cái cây cần này,chính hấp reading X5 phần vui gốc Xoan,thích,gì đây i,nghe giọng nói thích thủy sản ít luôn à,xe Sonic toàn bộ vật gốc,Ừ,thì ở kiếp ở gần ích này khi mà anh em,sờ tay lên mất nhân này thấy nó khá là,có một nụ gà được dựa theo cái Vân một,cái đừng giận ích này,à à anh ạ,ừ ừ,Ừ thế quen đây quen này thì em không,nhất là quen khu duyên làm quen thường,đã,ở trận quen cái là Cao Vân Xuân v i,anh cứ thì à,anh từng núi nằm bóng ở Sài Gòn thì cảm,nhận cái này ta xây là tương đối tốt,hai chân quen này dùng nhiều nó chua,thấy dấu hiệu ăn gì trong quen này trống,trống gì em thấy nó rất là bận,đó,ngoài này lau đi là hết ấy,Họ vẫn còn ngọn,phần ngọn của cây này,À thế à,số phôi Đọc văn thường thôi,chứ không phải là xắn hay gì vậy ạ,ừ ừ,Em,thấy con này ôm có một quen đấu MU này,123,[âm nhạc],3456 Cái dẫn một bên đầu nha Em,khoảng cách khoe này tương đối hợp lý em,hãy nhiều cây quạt người ta lắp quen nó,tự lệch lạc làm sao,Ừ cái này giá mà nó thì rất là mí hơn,chỉ hơn 600 ngàn thôi,một cái cần chính hãng của dri Việt Nam,anh cứ dịch khỏe thì cái là bóng mặt,tròn,em về cảm nhận mà về độ lạnh của cái bọn,này thì tương đối Lần này là cây cần là,đồ cứng Mơ hát,I,gotta tương đối mặt anh,và trọng lượng tương đối nhẹ anh em nhé,ừ ừ,à à,à à,à à,Ừ,thì về cái ngọn với cả Nói như vậy anh ạ,à à,về cách nhận mua xe tượng đối nào tốt,có độ lạnh,3000 khuyên da dây rút này,chú trọng lượng cũng tương đối là tốt,đặc biệt là phần gốc qua đó ích thì cứng,hơn phải chăng mà làm được phần ngọn gió,Mỹ từ tiền hơn,mà mới đầm giá trên 600 ngàn để do không,thể đòi hỏi nhiều hơn từ một cái cần,chính hãng,Ừ,anh em xem video này sẽ thấy rõ được mấy,cái cần này,thì em có thể ở thích thì nó thể chọn,mua,không thì cũng là để một cái video mà là,anh em có thể đưa ra được,mới quyết định này để chọn mua và so,sánh với những hình ảnh khác nhé anh em,ạ,ừ ừ,Anh,cảm ơn em nha à

CrossfireX – Before You Buy

(letters blip),- [Narrator] And were back with another episode,of Before You Buy, that show where we give you,some straight-up game play and our first impressions,of the latest games releasing.,Today we got a quick one for you.,Its for CrossfireX.,Now this is a new version of Crossfire,,a multi-player shooter thats huge in China and South Korea.,Its been going strong since it first released,in Korea in 2007 and has actually broken records,as one of the worlds most played video games,by player count, 1 billion users in 80 countries.,So it was only a matter of time before someone smelled money,and got wise and tried to bring it to even more territories.,And now here we are.,CrossfireX is a new English version for Xbox series X, S,,and One that has a multiplayer component,and optional single player campaigns,that are actually made by Remedy, believe it or not,,the folks behind Alan Wake and Control.,So we couldnt help but be curious here, you know?,We jumped in and weve got some very brief first impressions,just because the game kind of just released,with no fanfare, reviewers werent given early access,for it or anything, so everybodys going in blind.,So we wanted to give you just some rough information here.,This footage is captured on an Xbox Series X.,Now buckle up, Im gonna be spicy on this one.,It is a weird product.,First, specifically for the multiplayer,,its more or less a Counter-Strike game.,Id even go further to say that this is just a messier,,more generic CS:GO with a bunch,of gross free to play elements strapped on it.,Straight up, Im not into it and it doesnt really seem,like any of us here at Gameranx really are, personally.,I think there are so many other competitive shooters,out there that work harder for your time and your money.,But let me explain.,Now, theres Classic mode and Modern mode.,Where Modern mode gives you sprint and ADS,and some pre-mission bonus choice stuff,as well as kill streaks in certain maps,,Classic mode is just good old point and shoot, no ADS,,which I do like in many games.,Combat is fast and chaotic and its small-team,,objective-based, usually.,For Modern mode, you have two maps,and for Classic mode, you have four.,The main modes are Point Capture and Search and Destroy,,which is like a bomb drop off or bomb diffusal.,Does that sound familiar? (laughs),Now certain maps have little spins on the modes,in terms of pacing and layout and then theres also,an infection mode and TDM.,Its all fine, if in need of a bit of fine tuning,,but its just all lifeless.,Other than some flashy menu presentations,,there really is nothing to any of this.,Its really rough on the eyes.,It just, it looks kind of old.,I mean, you can see for yourself here,,its a generic, bland, shooter man,versus other shooter man team,and thats all fine and good.,But when the shooting is so simple,and just kind of middle of the road,,it just makes it all that much worse.,Ill play a generic looking game,if its actually got fun core gameplay,,but CrossfireX just seems unsurprising,and simple and also just a hot mess.,Also were clearly not very good at the game,,but thats besides the point, cause,,gameplay-wise, nothing feels quite right.,It feels, weirdly enough, like a PC shooter slapped,into a console without any fine tuning,that should come with that.,Feedback and shooting feel weird and messy.,The sound for the weapons is fine, but the feedback,,the controller, the way hit registration works,,nothing about it really feels great.,Nothing feels satisfying.,There are options to adjust sensitivity and aiming,and stuff like that, but no options,really make it perfectly smooth.,If anything too, the, the Modern mode with ADS,just even doesnt feel right at all.,Ive had the game crash on me a ton already,,just in the main menus, over the course of the day,and any players more than a few feet away,move around in front of us at 15 frames per second.,It looks really bad.,Anytime you move too fast in menus or bounce out,to the Xbox home, the game either hangs up,for a good 10 seconds or completely freezes up entirely.,Its frustrating when you just wanna hop in,for a game or two.,Its messy.,Now, along with that, its got all the free to play,trappings youre either gonna love or hate.,Multiple tabs dedicated to stuff front and center,,from a battle pass to a full store to spending money in it,for guns and character skins.,But many of which, aside from a few really cool standouts,,are just mostly uninspired and not cool,and not even worth the effort.,They just want you to pay up.,This is all a real shame because, on the total flip side,,the game also offers, like I said,,two story based single player campaigns,with multiple chapters made by Remedy.,Now it doesnt seem to be Remedys finest work,,by any means.,This is definitely just a track gig for them, I think.,But its just like a bunch of dumb roller coaster rides.,Its like a Call of Duty campaign.,Its cinematic with big action set pieces,,but its messier and cheaper and a bit more forgettable.,Still, interestingly enough, its way, way more fun,to play than the multiplayer.,Its two linear adventures that you download,and load into separately and each are,on different sides of the opposing factions.,And in it, you go through these shooting galleries,,stuff blows up, and it looks and plays way better.,Its also running on a different game engine, which is wild.,Its still not perfect, theres a really half-baked,lean out of cover implementation that just makes feel,like an old console game and it can still be kind of buggy.,Ive had weird sound and visual glitches.,But it can make for a little bit of mindless fun.,You have this cool ability you can trigger,that slows down time, but time still moves,the more you move, kind of like SUPERHOTs,slow motion movement mixed with the crazy effects,and explosiveness of something like F.E.A.R.,,you know, blood sprays and stuff explodes everywhere.,And it can be pretty thrilling,,despite enemies being pretty much mindless fodder,for a lot of the game.,It does throw some cool scenarios your way,,some sniper scenes, some chase scenes,,a lot of it surprisingly satisfying.,Ill call it cheap thrills.,Sometimes youll quickly swap between characters,,like one guy on the ground and one guy sniping,,and it can be creative in spots, especially, man,,because you could see Remedy doing their thing here,,flashy graphics and visuals, a lot of cool,,mind bendy trippy scenes and inner monologuing,,and some elements of real live action video in spots.,It has some wild moments and I was genuinely surprised,with what I saw.,When CrossfireX was initially first revealed,,all that trailer footage,,none of that was from the multiplayer.,All the cool stuff is in the campaign,,for better or for worse.,Now its just a weird package as a whole.,The multi-player side, sure, it has potential, I guess.,There was a reason it was big in other countries,,I just dont really totally know what it is.,If console players are looking for a CS:GO experience,,this could eventually be it, but just not quite yet,,not anytime soon.,They have a lot of stuff in here ready to go,,of course, like custom load outs and gun skins,and a level up system and all that,,but it needs a lot of fine tuning,,maybe less obnoxious monetization,,and a lot of bug fixes, and more personality.,I dont know how you can add personality with a patch,,but yeah, I wouldnt recommend this really, right now,,simply because, like I said, there are so many,other stronger shooters out there,,begging for your time, begging to be played,,begging to entertain you and CrossfireX,just really phones it in.,But, hey, thats just us.,This is a Before You Buy, a quick one.,We give you some pros, some cons,,and a lot of our personal opinion.,And now we want to hear yours down in the comments.,Let us know how youre feeling,if you immediately down it and jumped in and tried to play.,If youre enjoying it, hey, dont let us dunking,on it make you feel bad.,You do you, have f

Crossfire Xs Campaign is Really, Really Bad

christ,sure hes dead and no doubt,what about the comms terror blacklist,set up next the hotel you want to use,their gear to call global risk only way,to contact our ride we should secure the,landing site you take care of the lz and,avoid enemy contact if you can stay safe,okay,hi doggy crossfire x is one of the worst,things ever made by another human being,its an utterly forgettable experience,that most people didnt even bother to,review which is made even more painful,given the pedigree of its campaign,developer remedy entertainment yeah the,same guys who bestowed upon us the max,payne series along with to a lesser,extent alan wake control and then,quantum break theyve now been reduced,to well this trip mines great gonna have,to shoot him,subtle now ill be honest before this,game came out id never even heard of,the crossfire series before which kind,of makes sense considering its never,really been all that popular outside of,countries like china and south korea,where it has a player base of upwards of,one billion not exactly a massive flex,when its popular in a country that,already has one of the worlds highest,populations to begin with but yeah still,pretty impressive from what i can tell,after having looked into footage of it,it really just kind of looks like a,knockoff version of counter-strike and,much like kiana strike its a game which,has found most of its player base on the,pc,so yeah what a fantastic idea it was to,make crossfire x and xbox exclusive yeah,good one its not responding well sir,now with this recent release this makes,crossfire x the third game in the,franchise but sadly the adage of third,times the charm doesnt really apply,here in fact id more likened this to a,spiritual successor to hunt down the,freeman,im not even going to attempt to open up,that rotting can of worms to cover the,multiplayer with barely any maps to play,through unlockable guns hidden behind,paywalls and the myriad of other,problems with things like the late scene,hit detection i could honestly spend an,entire video breaking that whole thing,down but thats not what were here for,oh my god theres only so much pain and,suffering i can put up with and i pretty,much hit my quota as it is just tackling,this campaign all right holmes the,reason i say that is because to put it,simply the campaign here is just bad and,not even really in a so bad that its,good kind of way either playing through,crossfire xs campaign is one of the few,times where ive been working on a video,and it actually felt like work you know,what i mean like most of the time when,im working on a review i have a bit of,a semblance of enjoyment along with that,realization that i still need to,somewhat concentrate because im keeping,in mind that at some point im gonna be,talking about what im experiencing,crossfire on the other hand just felt,like i was playing through it just to,get through it and seeing the end,credits roll when the whole thing,finished was actually cathartic and had,me breathe out a big sigh of relief,knowing the whole thing had finally come,to an end and id never have to subject,myself to it ever again piece of,loading up the game for the first time,it makes you scroll through the entire,terms and conditions before proceeding,all of which are totally red,then youll find the campaign tucked,away in the main menu at which point i,discovered i still needed to pay money,to actually play it yeah it turns out my,game pass subscriptions are only enough,to get me into the multiplayer mode so,you know i bought it,this required a 15 purchase and a 21,gigabyte download before it was finally,installed and this is only for the first,part of the campaign yeah theres a,whole second chapter to get as well yeah,check this out too we hope you love it i,mean at this point theyre just rubbing,the whole thing in my face,anyway once everything is all finally,installed and ready to go youre,starting off with the first chapter,catalyst where youre thrown right into,the action with barely any kind of,introduction or explanation as to whats,even happening i dont know maybe it,makes more sense if you played the other,games or something but the gist is that,youre playing as a guy named hall whos,working for the group called global risk,heading into the fictional country of,azkazian chasing after a mercenary group,called blacklist who are up to no good,and have started causing trouble in the,neighborhood and it really felt like id,missed out on some kind of crucial,context establishing what was actually,going on luckily halls not going in,alone and along with these buddies,randall morales and kavanagh they then,partake in what has to be one of the,least subtle combat drops of all time as,they light up the side of a building,with a spotlight and a goddamn chain gun,i mean i think if they jumped out of the,sky with parachutes that shot out,fireworks and all had giant neon signs,around their necks well that honestly,would have drawn less attention this,whole prologue sequence doesnt really,have any other purpose than to just,establish halls bromance with kavanagh,who gets shot and apparently killed,while hall just really kind of stands,there like a dingus unsure of what to do,before catching the butt of a rifle with,the back of his head,after he wakes up but then becomes the,goal to make contact with headquarters,to organise an escape chopper along with,also trying to figure out what happened,to kavanaugh and whos responsible okay,as for the gameplay from this point well,do you remember that one mission in mon,warfare where soap and captain price,like hammered to sneak to all these,farms in small villages getting into,those occasional skirmishes with these,malicious soldiers,yeah well imagine that stretched out to,an entire campaign thats operation,catalyst kill a bunch of people blow,some up and roll the credits,and yeah what a perfect comparison to,make it really does feel like its a,2007 game in a 2022 looking engine its,even been filled with the same kind of,lame ass tropes we saw in all those,kinds of games all compiled into one,neat little package this is stupid man,things like running from cover to cover,to avoid sniper fire check wait for my,goal covering someone from a couple of,hundred meters away with a sniper rifle,check,there you go running down a hallway to,avoid a series of explosions check,running down the carriage of a,collapsing train before it falls off a,cliff check,[Music],and who could forget the old dodging,tank shells as you run from cover to,cover tank shells which seem to shake,the very foundation of the entire, planet,its not all bad though like i like the,sauna shotgun the few times you get to,use it it actually works really well,with the slow motion mechanic plus,youre often in close to medium range,with the enemies so its actually pretty,effective i think the submachine guns,also have the right amount of power to,them especially the mp7 which is a gun,that i will always simple,but apart from that its really just a,pretty standard military theme shoot up,and if you played one in the last couple,of decades well then youve already,played this,weapons have the same looking red dot,sights and acog sights youve seen a,hundred times before and its that same,old generic hit scanning gunplay that,permeates every call of duty and,battlefield clone that ever existed one,way they did try to mix things up a bit,is with the games tacked on bullet time,mode now i say its tacked on because to,be honest it really is superfluous and,you never actually need to use it to,progress,the other thing is that its not even,unique to the main character i mean the,game is constantly swapping back and,forth between these members of the squad,and all of these guys have the same,ability so its really just there for,show i mean look lets compare it to,crossfires predecessors right namely,max payne which this game like so many,others owes its existence to and also,one that happened to be developed by,remedy ente

CrossfireX Is The WORST GAME Of 2022… | Review

yesterday i wrapped up a nice day at,work here at the office,i come home to a nice warm house with a,home-cooked meal waiting for me on the,table im reminded of all the blessings,i have in life it was great,little i know that yesterday all of that,was just mere,spiritual preparation for the mental,anguish that awaited me beyond that,home-cooked meal because i played,crossfire x and its one of the worst,games i have played in years if you were,wondering why xbox wasnt marketing this,game i have your answer right here,because this game is one of the most low,effort i gotta say because i know a lot,of people come to my channel because,they think hey youre critical while,being respectful i cant make that,promise here in this video because i,gotta use the l word,lazy,lazy effort here by remedy by smile gate,what is this game well this is the part,of the job that no one talks about when,they say being a youtuber is glamorous,because i get to sit down and play one,of the worst piles of crap ive seen in,a while so you dont have to i played,the campaign,to completion i played enough,multiplayer to last me a lifetime and it,was like only a couple hours i put way,more time into this game than i think it,ever,deserved and yes it kinda is available,on game pass at least right now its not,i had to pay to access the campaign,because even xbox wasnt putting it on,the available now tab and you couldnt,download it for free like they were,doing all they could to keep people from,seeing what this game was which is an,absolute goddamn travesty why is that,well this is why i play the games so,sometimes you dont have to allow me to,explain why crossfire x is one of the,worst games in the last couple of years,and if youre new here youre looking,for more reviews youre in the right,spot consider subscribing especially for,this,you owe me im kidding you dont,actually owe me,you know your mother,she was a good woman,are you gonna talk the whole time,im trying to give you advice,you worthless punk so this game is split,up into a lot of chunks you have the,campaign which there are two parts one,is developed solely by smilegate the,south korean developer and publisher,responsible for the entirety of,crossfire x which is by the way,apparently a super successful first,person shooter but whatever they brought,here is terrible on xbox and well get,into why,also remedy yes remedy whos responsible,for uh i dont know really good games,like alan wake control i kind of dug,quantum break im gonna be honest with,you all i know thats a bit of a hot,take in the middle of this rant lets,just put it simply rabbitys one of the,top dogs in the industry so knowing they,were working on a first-person shooting,campaign there was potential theyre one,of the most creative independent studios,out there this was exciting but it was,getting so little marketing that we,could just feel it in our guts,somethings wrong here oh,somethings wrong now i know a lot of,you are morbidly curious about the,campaign,so lets talk about that i paid nine,dollars to experience this because game,pass for the first time i can ever,remember as someone being a subscriber,since it was announced and i think 2017,so whats that five years this is the,first time i can remember where the,service broke and didnt let me get the,game so i went well im gonna do my job,anyway im gonna buy it now my moneys,really on the line here lets see what,this is all about hey i got a question,for you what would it be like if remedy,made a terrible cod campaign that,rivaled the likes,of rogue warrior yes,this rogue warrior hey [ __ ] [ __ ],you little [ __ ] you suck ass pig dirt,you [ __ ] [ __ ] you puss nuts eat,dirt you [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] your,mother [ __ ] your father [ __ ] him in the,ass [ __ ] you [ __ ] [ __ ] this,has to be one of the,dumbest campaigns and im not gonna be,nitpicky because im gonna spoil the,hell out of this thing for you because,youre not gonna play it i know youre,not so were gonna break it down for you,nice and simple because its one of,those things where words dont do it,justice you know theres a line in the,game,that really describes this experience,you know take a listen someone didnt,read the intel the catalyst super,computer placed data straight into,cabinets head we downloaded our own,copy from kavanaugh before he escaped,this [ __ ] used to be simple you want,simple,go shoot bad guys yep thats it you want,simple shoot people because thats what,this game is it is a horizontal first,person shooter where every little bit of,ai doesnt work they walk out there they,stand there theyre like yo shoot me,they dont go above they dont duck,behind cover i have played arcade games,at the movie theaters that actually,provide a less linear experience with,more interactive first-person shooting,elements than what is on display here,they will try to trick you and oh they,were clever over at remedy and smile,gate trying to trick the player like,there are some active cinematic moments,by that i mean like when an enemy rolls,from the corner so many preset,encounters that are clearly not thought,of beyond that engagement where that,first person rolls out you shoot them,then theres another person standing,there you shoot them you keep going down,the alleyway shoot another two like,theyre just standing there waiting to,be shot there is no tactical element to,any of this and every chapter except one,begins and ends with a damn explosion it,is hilarious its like they looked at,khan said yo what if we had like,a quarter of this budget and tried to,make the same thing and made it make no,sense so you got busted ai youve got a,terrible corridor shooter and then the,rogue warrior elements are already there,but what reminds me of it so much is,this dude you start off the game as,logan whos just a soldier in blacklist,and hes ignoring orders right from the,get-go just like rogue warrior hes,theyre just like go quietly,theres no stealth in this game theyll,give you silencers on your weapon check,that out theyll give you silencers but,theyll still react theres no stealth,elements in the game even though they,give you the attachments to be stealthy,youll take out someone from behind with,melee theyll still know youre there,this games ai and mechanics are,fundamentally broken they dont care,about options they dont care about how,the player wants to play the game they,just want to get you from the beginning,to the end as quickly as possible again,la la la lazy not only that but the,story is handled with so little [ __ ],given and thats why i dont give a [ __ ],if im being rude about it because the,way that they expect you to not care,about certain things and make mental,leaps is borderline insulting okay so,lets start off with one of these,moments here youre on a bus youre,playing as luis torres hes arrested,right and so suddenly the bus ba-boom,blows up right and randomly as the,soldiers are approaching the bus there,is a lockpick on the floor his hands are,cuffed around a bar up above there is no,way that on the floor he can reach that,lockpick but then the camera cuts away,and then suddenly hes got the lock pick,its like oh just just pretend man just,pretend just dont care and i know some,of you out there are gonna be like,thats a nitpick man im telling you,this campaign is littered with moments,like that where you go how did they,how,why,in fact torres is the heartbeat of,everything that makes me go what about,this game how about when he escapes and,he shoots a soldier and hes like oh,[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] oh i cant believe i,killed this man he grabs a gun and then,murders 18 million of them the lunar,narrative dissidents here is insane its,a its incredible im like this is,remedy they had a hand in this man they,took their bag and they ran theyre like,yo we are the mercenaries of this,industry we are going in making what you,need but we are out were not helping,with anything else again this game,assumes youre dumb like how about this,section h

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