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  3. Can Crowfall rise from the Ashes?
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Crowfall Full Release First Impressions “Wtf is this…”

crowfall is a pvp focused mmo with,action combat that started its life in,2015 on kickstarter,and as of july 6th has finally,officially released,crowfall has 12 different races 11,classes,and a focus on crafting and fortress,sieges,crowful describes itself as a throne war,simulator where three factions are,fighting to control the land and,resources,in this game you join a campaign which,lasts a certain period of time,eventually one faction will win the,campaign will end,then you join a new one and everything,is reset,but first a quick word from todays,sponsor perfect world revolution is a,brand new high fantasy mmorpg for,android and ios thats available to,download now,and is a game thats offering a,completely unique perspective when it,comes to mobile mmos,this game is the first mobile mmo,designed to be fully playable vertically,in portrait mode with one hand,this for me is a massive selling point,as i personally,only play mobile games that are playable,in portrait mode,due to it being annoying switching,between applications,in landscape perfect world is a,long-standing ip in the mmorpg,genre and in this game youll be able to,take on dungeons,world bosses difficult raids and pvp,with other players in the games massive,global community,choose between seven epic classes the,barbarian,volpine assassin archer cleric wizard,and blademaster,customize your character with,accessories hairstyles and,different outfits and traverse the,beautiful fantasy world on land,in the air or underwater with various,collectible mounts,click the link in the description below,to download perfect world revolution for,free,now and use promo code pwr,one hand to get some epic rewards to,help you on your adventures,download now well i never thought this,day would come,after six years of development crowfall,has finally,fully released lets see if its any,good 12,different races the center the elken the,fae,guinessian elf half giant,high elf human minotaur nathari,stoneborn and the wood elf theres 11,different classes to choose from but the,class you can choose depends on your,race,so youve got the champion the assassin,confessor cleric,duelist druid knight frostweaver,ranger muramidon and templar the last,time i played this game i played a,confessor so,this time i want to be a weaver sounds,like a bit of a frost mage,all right wood elf frost weaver bit of,character customization,only three presets for the face five,different hairstyles,okay yeah he looks frosty yeah character,customization very limited,indeed starting out in the game you need,to select a starting world this is where,you level up and,basically learn the game ive got 10,things in my inbox apparently,i guess this is just stuff i got for,free for paying for beta access a while,ago,automatically levels a character to the,25th level,okay thats going to save me some time,but i want to play it normally first,why does it say crowfall developer build,called the game fully released,and where in the world talk to the rat,creature spam that next button this is,just going to be a bit of a tutorial,welcome to crowfall criticals best,stories are told by its players,yes this is like a sandbox mmorpg,theres not really much story,or anything its all about faction,warfare level two from talking to this,thing a few players standing around this,is probably the most populated ive ever,seen crow fall,still though not as populated as id,expect for a game thats,just released kill wolves so now we,leave this little,starting area and we get ready to,slaughter some wildlife,pressing m this is the world map still,fairly difficult to navigate just by,glancing at it,grey shadow wolf okay big damage on the,wall,and my left click left clicks a light,attack ive got a number three ability,which does frontal cone aoe got a number,one ability,seems to slow the wolf down grind those,walls okay wolves dead,collect their meat back to the town talk,to the npc,level 3. i think the visuals of the game,look a bit better from the last time i,played it before it didnt have shadows,the lighting wasnt very good,the combat doesnt feel too bad on this,class well see if i get bored of it,later on,roast meat over the fire bit of cooking,drag the meat here,assemble [ __ ] delicious the games,definitely feeling a lot more polished,than the last time i played it thats,for sure and it wasnt,too long but i played the game maybe,eight months ago,okay so next i need to harvest wood,equip my axe lets chop some wood,beautiful,this game is quite heavy on the crafting,and gathering aspects,so good for those of you that like that,kind of thing next thing wants me to,gather stone,wow im im pretty sure theyve sped up,the gathering speed from the last time i,played the game i remember it taking a,lot longer than before the animations,seemed different too,we now have minecraft speeds of,gathering okay lets say just get zerged,by the entire camp,lets pop my retaliate nice take on,multiple mobs at once no problem,i like that theres now an option to,loot all i think the last time i played,this game looting was very tedious,oh my god the aggro range teleport away,bloody rude mobs,i cannot alt alt one heal,oh were healing through the damage what,the,ganked by mobs cut open that wildlife,there we go,cut it open sorry vegans aim at the weak,spot there we go,cut it open faster that was fun lets,cut open some more animals so when,youre cutting open,things and gathering you can aim at the,weak spot to do it faster now were,gonna craft some armor,stone wood hide and ethereal dust,cool make some boots make a cap equip,this hat to equip,these boots looking good level five now,im looking like an elf,i do enjoy the crafting and gathering,aspect of this game theres just so many,little resources around the world to,collect,i like to collect things oh wait hows,this person got a mountain,oh youre level 30 okay yeah that makes,sense i guess ill get a mountain later,on the last time i played this game,there was no mounts,you just had this like super fast,running mode,cool that theyve added mouse to the,game im excited to experience a bit of,crowfall pvp later on the last time i,played this game,there was no players with it just,launching as actual players to fight now,uh how many of them there are im not,too sure two different choices of,things to cast after i press that,ability first time almost like a combo,system,so this one e e,uh feels a little bit weird but im sure,ill get used to it so what im doing,here is sacrificing items and resources,that i dont really want,to gain xp if you wanted to you could,just go out farming resources chopping,trees and stuff and then just,exchange that to xp by sacrificing it at,an altar level eight,burning through these mobs pretty good,xp so now if i press,o there it is now we have a mount,thats better join a guild oh okay so to,join a guild you bring up the social tab,and then you,kind of click to apply some of the,guilds in crowfall,no girls allowed swag lets join swag,shall we and thats it they dont have a,choice last time i played this game i,was complaining a lot about the world,map because its not very useful,or functional doesnt display a lot of,good information that would actually,help you navigate yeah it hasnt really,changed a whole lot its still,probably one of the most useless world,maps ive ever seen in an mmo,yeah i dont think i can skip these mobs,lets try it lets skip,oh god yeah this is exactly what i did,in this area the first time i played,this game i tried to skip the mobs here,and i got clapped ah not smart,so this is what happens when you die you,turn into a crow,and you have to fly to a resurrection,shrine,if i press f does it just teleport me to,a statue yes it does,so thats kind of pointless oh no this,returns me to the actual earth temple,not the temple that i was previously at,so by doing that,i need to go through extra load screens,so returning to a shrine in crow form,is probably quicker can we jump over,this gap,part of me wishes

Crowfall Review

[Music],most modern mmos have their own take on,the usual questing exploring and dungeon,crawling with player versus player,combat as an afterthought,but crowfall skirts all of that entirely,instead it focuses on relatively short,pvp,campaigns that last for at least 30 days,seasons basically that are meant to,culminate in all-out warfare by the end,if you stick with it that long you might,even experience a siege for a keep or a,castle,crowfalls largest pieces of real estate,and if youre especially lucky you might,even earn enough materials and gold,through these sieges to eventually get,to build your own realm,however much like the similarly pvp,centric eve online or older games like,dark age of camelot its unlikely that,the average person will ever get to make,a dent in that realm building end game,without joining the most powerful guild,on the server,or being willing to pay for the,privilege,crowfalls single best feature is its,character creator among the 12 fantasy,races and 11 classes are some genuinely,interesting picks like the giant,stoneborn and the gerbil-esquenesians,all of them offer totally unique,abilities and the class system is,versatile,allowing you to switch your role on the,fly by slotting major and minor,disciplines in and out at any time,however all that choice doesnt always,amount to a great experience,whether you have any fun in crowfall is,determined by how much youre willing to,grind,theres an introductory leveling arc,from 1-30 that encompasses the tutorial,and its pretty short in practice,the thing mmo fans have to be aware of,is that this tutorial is the only place,in crowfall in which youll find any,quests at all,and even then they only amount to basic,run here do this kind of stuff at best,after that you can join a faction and,run around in the sky point zone and,casually gank other players,but this is boring since skypoint is a,small zone without much room for any,kind of tactical engagement,often leaving you running in circles,while you capture the same points and,kill the same group of players for loot,and gold,a step up from sky point is the faction,vs faction game mode called the shadow,which is theoretically more player,friendly than the guild vs guild focused,end game but still ends up falling flat,its a hurdle to even communicate with,your other faction members since you,need to go through crowfalls clunky,chat system to figure out where anybody,is,and thats if they choose to respond at,all even if you do manage to coordinate,enough support among your faction,members you still need to wait hours or,potentially days for the next keep to,become available to siege,given that the rewards for winning a,campaign are so meager its easy to spin,your wheels in the shadow for hours with,very little to show for it,as it stands the real end game is,supposed to begin in crowfalls guild vs,guild area,called the dregs again if youre the,kind of mmo player who likes to go solo,most of the time you need not apply,in fact everything in crowfalls guild,vs guild area is designed to be,effectively inaccessible to solo players,but the shift into joining a guild let,alone finding one thats both welcoming,and,active is jarring when first ascending,out of the unclear and monotonous,tutorial section,okay so lets assume youve gotten your,group together it still doesnt seem,like theres much to do besides rove,around the open world and gank smaller,groups of players while capturing,outposts and attempting to dominate,parts of the various disconnected zones,located across your server,the only two meaningful alternatives to,this are sitting in a circle and,harvesting ore and wood for hours to,build your guild stockpile,or farming the same boring elite enemies,and bosses for loot,thatd be fine if any of those systems,were fun to engage with,at least as a melee dps character combat,here suffers from button mash itis where,battles often boil down to spamming,every attack on your hotbar,crowfalls battles lack any type of,deliberate pacing since the number of,classes and abilities in the wild,are so varied and unbalanced theres no,real rhyme or reason besides do the most,damage and,dont die this is no different than,elder scrolls onlines combat system in,theory but your attacks dont even need,to land in order to do damage,you can simply hold the left mouse,button near an enemy and it will,eventually die,in crowfalls best moments its slippery,and at worst its brain numbing,crowfall might have been onto something,here with its player versus player focus,but the unfortunate reality is that,theres a deep empty divide between the,repetitive tasks that make up the nuts,and bolts of what youre actually doing,moment to moment,compared to the theoretically much more,interesting eternal kingdom system,and siege events those are only really,available to hardcore players,yes its possible for a casual group to,eventually work their way up to building,an empire in eternal kingdom or,competing over castles in the dregs but,good luck with that,on paper you can earn it but in practice,itd take weeks of organized effort and,grinding in the wilderness for a,reasonably sized guild of at least 30 to,40 players to even touch upon the end,game,let alone win a campaign sure you can,always join the biggest guild on the,server and coast on their success but,thats hardly a great solution,considering that the whole appeal of,crowfall in the first place is building,up your own guild and guiding it to,success,if you want to circumvent that amount of,dedication you can always just disappear,to the pvp light eternal kingdom where,no faction warfare happens whatsoever,and buy your empire via crowfalls cash,shop but even purchasing vip status,which costs at minimum 15 per month at,the time of this review,gives you a meager amount of premium,currency its not much compared to the,price of even a single house for your,custom kingdom,but at least these zones look great,crowfalls minimalist art style is,colorful and clean making it simple to,parse in the heat of action,the map is difficult to make odds and,ends of though and that makes,coordinating with your allies tougher,than it should be,on top of that crowfalls in-game text,chat system is aggressively inconvenient,to use and the built-in voice chat,system rarely works at all,if you can go with discord or some other,app to talk to your friends as you play,crowfall is a hardcore pvp mmorpg that,centers around deep guild and faction,building systems but it doesnt do much,to draw in anybody beyond its most loyal,and dedicated players,sure if you simply want to run around,and kill other players while joking,around with a group of friends this is,as good a place as any to do that,if youre okay with the clunky interface,and similarly clunky combat system,the open world faction-based pvp systems,that its built around are clearly,designed to pull everybody together to,contribute toward a broader goal but,theres so much grinding involved that,it feels like the most engaging gameplay,is reserved for only the most dedicated,for more fantasy games you can play with,friends check out our reviews for the,elder scrolls online blackwood and,dungeons and dragons dark alliance and,for everything else stick with ign

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Can Crowfall rise from the Ashes?

video games are something like cars,some of them are like lamborghinis that,are just fun to drive,but most mmos are kind of like minivans,and for minivans the destination and the,company you keep are very important if,youre not going someplace you want to,go and if youre not with somebody you,want to be with you may not enjoy that,road trip today were going to be,talking about one such minivan crowfall,perhaps one of the reasons that not many,passengers got into this minivan was,because there wasnt a very clear,destination or set of destinations in,mind now if youre not familiar with,crowfall crowfall is a kickstarter,mmorpg its something of a spiritual,successor to shadowbane and it was,released on july 6 2021. the reason im,talking about it and im not just,letting it die like lets say a tabula,rasa before it is because it has,recently been acquired by monumental a,different company it was originally,developed by art craft both texas,companies here where im based as well,and they bought it with the intent of,resurrecting this thing or at least,reviving it,before we get into the four steps that i,think are necessary in order to revive,crowfall,lets take a look at one of the reasons,why it failed now the reasons why,crowfall may have failed could possibly,be a series of videos and certainly,would be enough content for another,video so were not going to get into all,of that i just want to touch on one very,important factor so crowfall is a mix of,a massively multiplayer online,role-playing game and a strategy game in,an mmo the expectation players have is,that the world will be persistent,actually permanent in a strategy game,the expectation is that the game is over,when somebody wins,so imagine a family gets together once a,year for a game of risk only its not,for different game of risk every year,theyre getting together to continue the,same game of risk the first year would,actually be a hell of a lot of fun,everybody would be in the game jocking,for position trying to figure out where,their place was in the world by year two,one person lets say uncle bob starts to,pull ahead by year three bob is clearly,pulled ahead and everyone else is bored,in fact the only one having fun at this,point is uncle bob,we have a solution and its based on the,passage of time we call it eternal,heroes dying world so the concept is the,heroes are permanent but the worlds,theyre not they decay they get,destroyed imagine youre playing a,campaign say three months the campaign,ends well your character doesnt get,destroyed the world gets destroyed after,thats done you get to pick a whole new,campaign at any given time there may be,dozens of campaigns you just choose one,and then you go now i think that the,idea of a permanent player but temporary,world,is one of the reasons that profile got,off to a bad start,now i just want to ask this before we,get into a further discussion what is,the fun of playing risk if youve never,played risk before,you can just equate it to any old board,game is the act of playing a board game,actually fun,in other words is it a lamborghini or is,it a minivan,now that kickstarter was a while back so,lets take a look at the current website,now the crowfall website reads massive,siege wars factional battles world,domination pvp your way everyday,crowfall,that sounds fine,but the question remains,what for,is it because the pvp itself is fun,is this game a lambo,or is this game a minivan,and if it is,whats the destination,scrolling down for more information we,find,glory,wealth,and power for glory we have territory,conquest for wealth we have a player,driven economy and,for power we have factions and gods now,if you follow my ashes of creations,content some of this might seem a little,bit familiar to you you might think,claiming virtual territory on the behalf,of your guild or faction capturing mines,mills and quarries to secure resources,build castles and besiege your neighbors,sounds a little familiar now of course,ashes of creation is not the originator,of this concept in fact this is as old,as humanity as old as history but,looking at wealth here we continue to,see some similarities fill your shops,with vendors establish trade routes,between worlds and build a mercantile,empire,and finally in power it differs a little,bit here because we do have factions the,gods of sun earth and moon require,mortal champions to fight for conquest,glory wealth and power which side will,you choose now the reason that i read,these three points,is to show you that even though all of,these things sound good and theyre,headed in the right direction none of it,necessarily adds up to a cohesive,immediately intelligible experience,nothing that i know that i can expect on,the other side of it and so that is what,we would call a destination a,destination for our minivan so that we,can invite our friends into it go on,that road trip have that experience and,have fun regardless if its a rusty old,minivan or if its a zippy little new,minivan it doesnt matter its not about,that its about the journey the,destination and the friends,but youre not going to get friends if,you cant tell them where youre going,unless theyre just these sort of,friends that are going to get on any old,minivan with you regardless of where,youre going when you show up to their,house and say hey i got a minivan lets,go,if its not that kind of friend you need,some kind of destination so lets get to,it i gave the most recent version of,crowfall a try its a 10 day free trial,and i just had to play a guinea pig,rogue i was able to hit level 30 in just,a couple of hours,how levels interact with mmos is,definitely a subject for another video,and im not going to get into it now but,one thing is for sure it cannot be that,the levels are merely some form of,minor carrot on a stick that is actually,just getting you to go from point a to,point b to talk to another npc so that,they can give you some kind of a,glorified tutorial in the form of,dialogue,thats the worst way that it can be,handled on top of that i was asked to,level up my character decide on traits,decide on stats and i was only able to,fight like a couple of boars for the,most part im just doing a courier task,of getting from one npc to the other and,leveling up very quickly i dont,disagree with the concept of having,levels and character specialization be,something that you ease into a little,bit because you have to learn,what these things do what youre missing,how you would like your character to,play as you play it but going from npc,one to npc two three four and five and,six and seven and eight is not game play,that allows you to know how you should,approach your stealth combat or if you,should go for more range or this or that,because you havent actually played the,game,so you get a little bit of a worst of,both worlds in this setup but what i,want to be positive about here is that,the bones are good this is a zippy,minivan this is not your rusty old,hippie van from the 60s this is a nice,modern maybe electric van with a nice,acceleration and a smooth ride so yes,maybe theres some bugs maybe theres a,mostly empty world but the movement is,nice theres guinea pigs in it and uh,its a colorful nice little world in,other words there are assets here that,are worth saving it is not going to be,easier to start from scratch if you want,to see what high-end pvp looks like i,recommend checking out zyback tvs,channel ill link it in the description,below hes a great player and it shows,just how fluid and fast-paced the combat,is its definitely the kind of combat,that i think will appeal to a more,general audience for mmorpgs than say,something like mortal online mortal,online 2 which is more of an elder,scroll style gameplay and im not,talking elder scrolls online im talking,morrow in here hes also a great source,for more expert takes on the nuance of,the game which i do believe could just,be refined into something that would be,absolutely fun hes also of the opi

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Crowfall Probably Needs To Shut Down…For Now

whats going on everybody so today were,going to be talking about why crowfall,should probably shut down at least for,now so in my last video i talked about,how crowfall was bought by a new,developer monumental they are hiring,people to work on crowfall they hired a,new creative director theyve been,hiring a bunch of people theyre still,hiring people so for anybody that is a,fan of crowfall long term theres still,some hope because theyre putting money,into the game which is great,the problem is is that the game is just,a zombie slow walking forward until,it dies um,the current game dramatically needs a,shake up revamp,something i think the shadowbane,experiment shadowbane 2.0 which is,essentially what crowfall is,was a failure i just dont think that uh,that i just dont think that can work in,todays modern gaming environment for,multiple reasons uh some not even being,its own fault you know just just the way,the internet is and how information is,dispersed and discord and,the landscape is so much different now,uh to the point to where you know,classic world of warcraft can never,there can never really be another game,like that because so many other factors,outside of the video game itself have,changed so i think crow fault,dramatically needs a,a significant shake up and while they,have been incrementally making crowfall,better with better chat windows and all,these quality of life changes they just,recently did a little bit of a balance,tweak i dont think thats going to be,enough to really attract new players,because everybody can kind of see the,writing on the wall that something,significant needs to happen,um,and i think that theres theres a lot,of qualities profile has that well get,to in a minute but,theres gonna need to be a serious shake,up to really get people like oh well,lets check out profile again no new,class new game loop um more focus on,small scale pvp more hour-to-hour,activities a reason to be out in the,world when you have everything you need,or maybe you can never have everything,you need um big there needs to be a,dramatic shake up and i think that,people are okay with playing crowfall in,different ways like i dont mind if im,playing a slayer duelist in some weird,new version of crowfall like i like,playing the game i like the classes the,the races,character builder you know theres a lot,of good stuff here but i think,realistically uh theyre gonna need to,do a wipe relaunch that kind of deal now,when i say that i know a lot of people,go wipe what the man i played,crowfall for however many hours thats,kind of now i think you can do,a wipe,and still have some goodwill to the,original players now the thing with most,mmos that people dont realize is that,most mmos effectively wipe every year,and a half two years with an expansion,the wipe is just your gear being,inflated away,your currency being inflated away and,being much less valuable,when they raise the uh the quest reward,amounts and things like that so um what,they can do for the legacy crowfall,players is let them cash out let them,spend 10 million gold and get some money,bags title for crowfall 2.0 steam,relaunch,let them cash in their dust their belts,whatever let them you know get that cool,legacy hey i was around for crowfall one,item and then have all the other,cosmetics transfer over to the new,relaunched game whatever theres a way,you can do this and not burn bridges and,in fact it would actually be sort of,neat and this is not an original idea,like this is not a uh,the idea of wiping and relaunching is,something that many people have,discussed on the crowfall discord that,are you know veteran players of the game,i mean blazon has been playing in about,as long as i have and,but god knows how much time into the,game and hes on that boat as well so,many of the actual fans of the game are,kind of in this wipe,revamp relaunch,boat so,um,i think thats probably best case,scenario especially if the game goes uh,steam relaunch free to play,uh,dramatically and there needs to be a big,shake up with the items and and thats,why i think a wipe probably needs to,happen,along with the things that i said with,the new game loops new class you know,just big shake up in general i think we,need an auction house i think the,eternal kingdom trading,local exclusive trading was kind of a,failure,i think that in a radically simplified,crafting some,system much more simple items much less,item bloat in general there are so many,items in crowfall with the way the,inventory system is it is just really,annoying so i would love to see uh just,simplified across the board with an,auction house,and and keep those stats and i also know,some people are like simplified items,but i like my stat customization keep,those stats but expand them imagine,rather than putting the stats on your,gear you have an expanded attribute,system that lets you put on secondary,stats,bingo you know you have the,customization still and now you have,stackable items that are,uh,standardized to where they can be on an,auction house and what you can do is,have a 20 auction house fee to where you,still want to trade locally because its,you know youre not paying the tax but,you dont have the inconvenience and the,isolation theres so much isolation in,the current system to where if you dont,know where to buy stuff or even if even,if you have the money and want to buy,the thing it is still a pain in the ass,much less you know if youre a guy that,doesnt have the money or doesnt have,the connection to buy the thing its,just it sucks i think i think the game,genuinely needs in,auction house and uh have the ek still,encourage local trading,so,um,thats where the wipe comes in is that,the wipe gets rid of all these overly,complex convoluted items and just,hopefully we can get the inventory,management and item bloat just under,control a little bit so,i just listed a bunch of things that i,really dont like about crowfall you,know 1.0 but theres a lot of things,that are genuinely really good about the,game thats why i think monumental,bought it in the first place is because,the character building the character,building in crowfall is cool even though,so many of the disciplines in the game,right now are useless,even with that and even with all the,improvement that could be done there,its still pretty cool,um the classes are genuinely pretty cool,like the myrmidon is a concept pretty,cool the duelist pretty cool like,theres a lot of really neat classes the,races are fantastic centaurs minotaurs,elkin uh ganeshan,you know faye with the wings and the,gliding and elkin are cool i mean,theres theres so much cool theres a,lot of coolness with crowfall um the,combat i dont think the combats too,bad either especially as things have,gotten refined its if youre a fan of,wildstar combat profile combat is pretty,much there in my opinion,the procedural generation while some,people dont like it because the worlds,are a little stale i think that as,theyve added parcels,and as theyve done things its gotten,better and maybe you dont do all,procedurally generated maybe you can,sprinkle in some handcrafted stuff with,the procedural i think that its a good,card to have in the deck when you want,to use it and i think for the most part,its actually pretty cool the way its,done um,so i dont know i think theres a lot of,good stuff with crowfall unfortunately i,dont really think theyre in a,situation where they can,slowly improve the game and really bring,people back maybe maybe its not that,much effort to keep the live service,game running with like qr with uh,customer support and all that other,stuff maybe maybe its really not that,big of a deal but,its sort of tarnishing the reputation,of the game when you have like new,potentially new players jumping into,crowfall and its just,blah,so,thats what i would do i would shut the,game down i would i would put out a,statement and uh say hey were going,pencils down again for you know the,crowfall relaunch this is not an,unco

Death of a Game: Crowfall – The History of Crowfall From Kickstarter Until Shutdown

crowfall is a game that needless to say,did not go as planned now when it comes,to crowfall I have a unique perspective,because Ive been here since day one I,was a 500 Kickstarter backer I have the,collectors edition I have documented,crowfalls entire development from the,very first play test on this YouTube,channel you can watch the whole timeline,if you want to I have been there and,done that I saw it all in anticipation,of nerd Slayers death of a game series,on crowfall I figured Id make my own,shock it,crowfall started off in January 2015,with the website play2crush.com this,gave off a mysterious Vibe of a hardcore,PVP MMO that was being developed where,the consequences mattered what could,possibly go wrong with a hardcore MMORPG,check it,[Music],hardcore we can achieve a level of,complexity that you wouldnt believe,hardcore the play to crush teaser was,extremely successful as many people that,loved shadowbane quickly figured out,that J Todd Coleman the creator of,shadowbane was the person heading this,new game so there were a lot of people,very very excited Jay Todd is a beloved,developer he has musical tribute videos,to him on YouTube its very odd but a,lot of people really enjoyed shadowbane,and wizard was 101 and all the other,projects hes been involved in so the,hype was real the kickstarter launched,and was a massive success it made more,than double its 800 000 goal now even in,the kickstarter crowfall said they never,intended to be a mainstream game they,werent planning on making a game for,everyone in fact they flat out said that,this game is not going to attract a,mainstream audience and is not going to,be for everyone maybe even including,some of the backers all of a sudden they,start doing spreadsheets and saying okay,how can we adapt this game to appeal to,a broader and broader audience because,well make more money and when you do,that the vision inevitably suffers,profiles Kickstarter was a bit unique,in that they were not relying on,Kickstarter money specifically to get,the game created they mainly pitched the,kickstarter as a way to maintain,creative control of the project and in,my opinion it proved to outside,investors that this game vision is real,and that people want this so even though,they raised the vast majority of their,money outside of the kickstarter they,ended up raising about 50 million,dollars total throughout the development,of the game through investors backers,licensing and game stuff,um the kickstarter was absolutely a,massive success and sort of showing the,the General market or at least the,investors at the time that there was a,demand at least in theory for this kind,of a game,foreign,s earliest concept testing was a white,Sandbox game mode called hungerdome this,was a battle royale where teams of three,could see who would survive the longest,in this Arena now funny thing about,hungerdome is that it came out in 2015,two years before pubg and fortnite,popularized the Battle Royale game mode,hungerdome was only ever intended to be,a testing game mode where the developers,could get very focused feedback on,combat movement and all the other engine,features it was a way to smash players,together and see what breaks thats what,the function of hungerdome was with a,little bit of a game wrapper on it,combat during hungerdome was,significantly different than what we got,in the final product there was much more,of a focus on animation locked combat,similar to how New World plays there,were real world projectiles with spells,there was much more of an emphasis on,player collision and physics and for the,most part all of these things were,entirely scrapped with the exception of,a few examples it ended up being much,more of a split body MMO similar to how,a World of Warcraft or WildStar would,play overall I think this was a good,decision the juice just isnt worth the,squeeze when it comes to physics and,projectiles in MMORPGs I think theyre,very overrated they lead to a lot of,server lag issues and just extra server,calculations that in my opinion dont,add to the gameplay the animation locked,combat started to feel okay towards the,very end of testing but again probably,wasnt worth the effort the split body,combat is much more lag tolerant and,just easier to maintain and design,around so Im a little split on that,because I did sort of like it there,towards the end but Im also not against,the split body combat model either Siege,perilous was the next phase of testing,which centered around voxel technology,and more physics this at best was a neat,feature and at worst was extremely laggy,and just not worth the time the main,premise of this testing was to test wall,physics and to see if crowfall could be,a game where walls could physically be,destroyed but still exist in the world,where you have to climb over the rubble,of a destroyed wall rather than just,having it sort of phase out of existence,like every other MMO does this ended up,just not being worth it it just didnt,work it was really laggy,climbing over the walls and the physics,were just incredibly goofy so they ended,up scrapping pretty much everything from,this testing phase entirely the next,system they debuted was the skill tree,training and this was a system that,largely made it into the final game they,did end up iterating on it and,effectively nerfing it to not require as,much time as originally was intended,this skill tree system was to function,like Eve onlines system where the,skills trained in real world time and it,takes years to progress through skills,and its a long-term progression system,this was nerfed into a much more,short-term progression system that,wasnt quite as powerful but largely the,concept made it into the final game,after that we got the big world update,and this was the first time we got to be,in a persistent online world we were no,longer testing crowfall in instanced,arenas and we got disciplines we got,character customization our first,attempt at class builds this was a super,fun time in profile testing because they,just randomly dropped all of this on us,one day and we were all just messing,around creating a bunch of different,class combos it was quite a bit of fun,Big World testing resumed and continued,to grow larger and larger eventually we,started seeing things like 25 v25 combat,that didnt completely kill the server,we started to see forts come online,outposts come online the performance was,just getting better and better and the,combat was starting to shape up they,were starting to sort of figure out how,the classes were being designed and what,they were really going for when it came,to the gameplay feel and we were,starting to actually play in a world,where people were participating in,harvesting crafting PVP objectives the,game Loop while extremely rough was,there there was a loop and it was pretty,fun,foreign,at the very start of the covid pandemic,we got to finally test the dregs this,was a great time to be a crowfall backer,because we finally got to test the game,the way it was intended to be played we,were finally playing crowfall Guild,versus Guild in a campaign world with,objectives that you could win we had,crafting harvesting a scoreboard winners,losers the whole game Loop for the most,part was there not all the features were,fully developed but there was a game to,be played that was fun,crowfall scoring was done through a,system called Divine favor which was a,scoring system balanced around multiple,objectives some of these objectives,favored larger guilds like the keeps and,the Forts and whatnot there was,traditional scoring like we ended up,seeing at launch in some cards but then,there were scoring that was centered,around smaller more efficient guilds I,personally thought the Divine favor,system was one of the coolest things,they did yes it was exploitable yes they,did need to iterate on things and fix,you know the exploits and maybe have a,small amount of human moderation for a,system like this to function,but I t

Response to TheLazyPeon Crowfall Review: Crowfall Full Release First Impressions

whats up everybody so many of you have,been asking me what i think of the lazy,peon,review of crowfall and rather than just,say the video is unfair im gonna break,it down point by point because some of,the points he makes are very valid there,are some,obvious glaring issues with the game,that anybody could see so,i dont want to say that everything he,said is not justified,but i think the review as a whole is,unfair to what crowfall is as a game,i think he just honestly didnt even,give it a shake like he didnt even play,the game really,primarily i think this is an issue of,youtubers,youtubing meaning that the way youtube,is structured,in terms of a time to value calculation,youre heavily incentivized to just make,a rushed negative video,than to sit down and spend a long time,learning how the game works and how the,game functions,just to make a review thats not going,to get as many clicks as,this game is trash like thats why you,see every mmo youtuber,every every youtuber that covers mmos,its almost always negative,because thats kind of the easy thats,like the path of least resistance right,so i think that is primarily whats,going on,um so but he does make some valid points,so were gonna go through them,point by point lets get started all,right wood,elf frost weaver bit of character,customization,only three presets for the face five,different hairstyles,okay yeah he looks frosty yeah character,customization,very limited indeed all right so his,first criticism of the game is the,character creation and hes not wrong,theres not a ton of options here,however you have to sort of keep in mind,what crowfall is in the scope of the,game,are you comparing profile to a game,thats got five to ten times the budget,because obviously a game thats got five,to ten times more of a budget is gonna,have more character creation options,they have the money to have the sliders,and all that stuff its a ton of artwork,to do all that stuff,so what are you comparing crowfall to,also you have to keep in mind,crowfall is a game where they have to,you know heavily optimize,the character models because theyre,sometimes 200 man battles in this game,holy [ __ ] look at all the [ __ ],unicorns bro oh my [ __ ] god,more coming so may all those options,probably a lot harder to optimize that,but probably most importantly,in this category is that the cro the,races and profile are dramatically,different,most mmo races are five flavors of human,you have the tall humans short humans,medium humans red humans blue humans,its all humans whereas in crow fall the,races are dramatically different you,have minotaurs and elkin and,guinea pigs and stone born youve got,all kinds of crazy stuff,in crowfall and they all look,dramatically different,so that means the character,customization and the armor and all of,that stuff all has to be different,which means yeah youre not going to,have as many options of human faces,right,so you have to keep that in mind but,youre not wrong i would like to see,more character creation options and im,sure this is something theyll expand on,in the future,i mean it seems like an easy enough,feature just to keep tacking on new,faces new hair styles all that stuff,as the game matures starting out in the,game you need to select a starting world,this is where you level up and,basically learn the game all right so,here he goes entering gods reach,gods reach is intended to be the,tutorial,starter world for crowfall this is a,place where you get to learn,the game in relative safety and just,figure out the mechanics in your own,time youre not immediately thrown to,the wolves here this this,whole world is designed for you to be,able to learn the game at your own pace,without just getting,nuked by veteran players thats great,im glad they added this because,we didnt used to have this and yeah,they were just brand new players,learning the basics of the game getting,wrecked by veteran players,so thats the function of gods reach,now im going to give a criticism,that he didnt give there are far too,many gods reach servers right now,at the launch of crowfall they had to,spin up a whole bunch of these things,because the zones were getting capped,and the servers were blowing up so they,just needed more gods reach servers,they never took them down they still,have the same amount of gods reach,servers up that they did at launch,they probably need to start taking these,things down theres just far too many to,pick from,population is fragmented and once you,get once you do the tutorial and once,you figure out the game theres no,reason to stay there,so he picked one of the many,tutorial worlds picked the australian,one which is,not the most popular one obviously so,thats part of the reason why,uh he didnt run into that many players,because its the tutorial world once you,get done with the tutorial,you have no reason to stay there and you,also pick the australian one so,thats part of the reason why youre not,going to be seeing as many people as if,you pick dregs east if you pick dregs,east,youre gonna be seeing some people,youre gonna be complaining about how,many people you do see,oh god yeah this is exactly what i did,in this area the first time i played,this game i tried to skip the mobs here,and i got clapped ah not smart,so this is what happens when you die you,turn into a crow,and you have to fly to a resurrection,shrine,if i press f does it just teleport me to,a statue yes it does,so thats kind of pointless all right so,he died,now as this video goes on hes going to,continue to die and,further grow his hatred for the respawn,mechanic and crowfall the respawn,mechanic and crowfall is very similar to,a game like world of warcraft where you,have a run back essentially,now why this exists in crowfall is for a,couple of reasons,number one it adds a strategy element to,the game because if you,just immediately respawned where you,were it was a very quick run back,to get right back to where you were then,all of a sudden killing somebody,in your land is not quite as impactful,if they just show right back up right,but if they have to,you know journey out there in the first,place now that it matters more it,matters when you kill people more if,they just cant immediately appear right,back where they died,obviously but the crow mechanic in terms,of being able to fly around,actually matters because you dont,necessarily have to go,to the most obvious respawn place you,could,fly to another zone in fact this is a,common strategy in crowfall is,youll get killed in this zone over here,but you can just,fly way over here and respawn,in your keep in a far other zone or cap,a respawn somewhere else and respawn,there,thats a very common strategy in,crowfall so the flying mechanic,actually matters in this game its not,just like a fun i mean it is fun but,its not just,in there for the sake of it it actually,does matter in the game i just hope this,boring intro sequence isnt gonna put,off new players trying the game,because youre gonna have to go for,about three or four hours of fairly,severe boredom to actually have fun with,the game,okay so the tutorial being boring really,depends on,where you are in terms of your mmorpg,and profile experience,for players like me and other veteran,mmo players yeah the tutorials probably,gonna be pretty boring why because were,not really learning anything,but when i watched my fiance do it she,was having a lot more fun because she,was actively learning how the systems,work and how,this genre works to be honest good job,yes youre doing great holy [ __ ] oh,yes my queen,not everybodys coming into crow fall,you know having played mmos for the last,15 years,yeah for people like me and you its,going to be boring because were not,going to be learning a ton i still,recommend everybody do it because you,are going to learn some of the,weird oddities of crowfall but um yeah,the tutorial if youre a veteran,gamer yeah theres gonna be a lot of,stuff you just kind of know because you,know it,bu

The End of Crowfall Already? – New Project “Atlas” & Financial Report

september 7th 2021 i made a video that,was titled or at least thumbnailed,crowfall dead uh crowfalls future,layoff slow population and new games,now obviously by that you can tell what,im talking about growth all as a game,launched and just didnt do very well at,all theyve not been hitting the targets,theyve not been hitting the peak of,players that they need for the game that,they made to actually survive and thrive,and grow so that video was obviously,painting a picture that the future of,crowfall was not going to be too bright,and now we have some new information,that makes that look even worse,it would seem that crowfall is facing,imminent closure within the next couple,of months and this is from a leaked um,confidential investor report thats gone,out to some people this was posted,originally on the crowfall forums and,then obviously that was nuked by the,moderators as all things always will be,as weve talked about a lot of times if,youre running a business and then,somebody shows up and starts posting,information that looks like your,business is going to go uh under its a,self-fulfilling prophecy because then,the sentiment is going to go down in,terms of what peoples confidence are in,the project and obviously this video is,not going to help that is it when you,make a video talking about how a company,is talking about closing their game down,more people are not going to get into,the game and therefore it could speed up,the game closing down but that doesnt,mean were not going to talk about it as,news because this is important,information its already going on and,obviously if they dont increase their,play account dramatically this is gonna,result in the closure of the game and,nobody wants to get into an mmo just to,find out in two months time its gonna,be uh not playable anymore so lets go,over the details uh specifically first,this has been verified to actually exist,this is an official report from our,craft that has gone out to people who,originally were given the option as,consumers to invest in the company and,buy shares as opposed to just you know,put money into the kickstarter campaign,or put money into the crowdfunding based,on their website so this is from the,investor portal as you can see this has,been verified by multiple different,people that this is a legit document,that has been circulating and this is,based on the q3 2021 update and as you,can tell here theyre talking about a,very uh bleak future for the games since,launched july 6 2021 and the subsequent,confirmation of crowfalls performance,below expectations and inability to,acquire customers a positive return on,investment weve defined three,priorities so this is what theyre,looking at doing one reduce the team,size to extend the companys runway done,again that was september we talked about,them laying off multiple developers uh,key personnel in the in the studio which,obviously when i talked about that at,the time thats the way that i framed it,a company doesnt just start laying off,key developers and things like that its,not a good look its obviously cutting,costs because theyre,not confident in the future of the,project number two grow profile by,revamping the game to address player,issues to improve adoption and reduce,retention friction in process which is,basically just saying make the game,better so more people will play it and,give us money and three fund ongoing,company operation via crowfall revenue,and or other prioritizing non-dilutive,sources to continue atlas development in,process now thats a lot of words to,basically say,lets use crowfall uh and and get as,much money as that out of that as,possible to take that money and put into,a different game and develop the other,game and hope that that game can carry,our companys finances uh thats pretty,much what this says were gonna use,crowfall revenue to,make this new game which of course is a,little bit uh shitty for people are back,to profile considering they spent money,on crowfall for it to exist and now,theyre saying oh any money that we get,were going to uh fund the this other,project atlas that nobody paid for which,is obviously is a business,understandable one games not doing well,lets make another one but at the same,time its just not good to hear that,basically youve funded a company to,develop something that theyre just,going to repurpose and take that money,and put it elsewhere and then they go on,to clarify the company has been divided,into two operating units gordon has been,put in charge of crowfall todd and,joseph are currently co-leads on project,atlas this is something we knew about it,was also in my video a couple months ago,where basically todd came on the live,stream very briefly and said,im going to be heading another project,and then off he went and obviously weve,seen in sec reports and things like that,that they are talking about this was the,plan all along was to launch crowfall,and then start making another game and,thats what theyve been doing and now,we know that its called project atlas,the document continues crowfall sales,continue to underperform facing,headwinds from competing game launchers,eg amazons new world and eleon im just,going to stop you right there chief its,not because these other games have,launched its because profile is just,not good enough for the market its not,a mainstream game its not a game that,was ever going to be mainstream and if,youre thinking that youre competing,with new world as crowfall youre just,absolutely not theyre not the same game,theyre not to the same quality even,though new world is an absolute mess,and elian li if anyone believes aliens,stole player base away from crowfall,youve not played alien uh put it that,way so given our cash situation and the,prospect of raising more money to fund,crowfall if we do not see a significant,change in performance by the end of,november we will need to choose between,a continuing to invest in profile,features and content im going to tell,you right now thats not going to happen,b reducing profile investment but,continuing to run it in a maintenance,state aka siphon off as much money as,possible while not putting much money,into the project and basically just,leave it in in you know the the death,throes of of existing but not really,having a future or c shutting it down,and prioritizing our second project code,named atlas now its going to talk about,this later on in the document but,why they would shut down crowfall,despite is still earning some money is,because its a its a bigger drain on,their their money than than what it,earns as you can see here their profit,and loss theyre losing over a million,dollars per quarter uh running this and,thats the actual revenue from crowfall,as well as both teams combined if they,drop tall crow falls team then obviously,the company will be able to run for,longer while producing project atlas so,here they talk about team size we reduce,the overall head count to increase our,runway runway basically being if you run,out of it you run out of runway youre,gonna crash right you dont have any,money we kept importing employees,maintaining a large enough team to keep,moving crowfall forwarding to,potentially make it attractive as an,acquisition target so not only are they,looking at you know if we dont uh make,enough money very soon were going to,close down the game theyve been looking,at selling the game for a while now and,obviously,reducing their costs meaning cutting,developers was the first step in that,you know get their numbers down and then,try to shop it around to be sold to,other companies our prior burn rate was,one mill a month current is 700k a month,including the atlas team depending on,profile performance through the end of,november after the crowfall updates blow,well consider whether we continue to,operate the game or move it into,maintenance or shutdown mode to further,extend runway for atlas so again,everything that theyve taken in over,the years to develop uh crowfa

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