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Cry Macho – Movie Review

cry macho is now playing in theaters and,on hbo max and theres certainly a lot,to respect about the movie damn it is,cool that at 91 years old clint eastwood,is still freaking doing it man with,producing directing and starring in this,film i was thinking that when i was,watching paint your wagon a couple weeks,ago that it is awesome weve still got,this guy around and that theres so many,generations of people that have been,seeing new eastwood movies throughout,the decades im a die hard eastwood fan,and certainly a completist with his,filmography i grew up in a household,watching these movies all the time from,the spaghetti westerns to the cop flicks,to the comedies im a geek for his,movies the first one i ever saw as a kid,every which way but loose,bang,because hell yeah it was that movies,great let us know in the comments what,your first clint eastwood movie was for,years ive wanted to do an eastwood,month on the cinema snob i cant do,clintober since im still doing the 1981,video but maybe clintuary with cry macho,its certainly one of his reflection,films which theres a number of his,movies in the past couple decades that,are like that a lot of them seem like,they could serve as his final film if,need be kind of like what unforgiven was,to his westerns this one is to something,like bronco billy the movie itself,though isnt as great as something like,unforgiven cry macho is okay its,nothing spectacular im fine with just,watching it once its a road movie that,takes place in 1980 where eastwood is a,former rodeo star who is hired by his,former boss to transport his son over,the border and back to texas honestly as,far as eastwood movies where hes,traveling with someone through mexico,two meals for sister sarah is the better,movie or in terms of traveling with the,kid movies a perfect world was better,too cry macho is kinda got an,after-school special quality to the,script really if this was a half hour,and in black and white in the 50s itd,be like an mst 3k short it gets,repetitive a couple times theres more,than one scene where theyre at a,restaurant and then some bad guys pop up,outside it hits a point where i was,wondering where it was going because,things kinda stopped moving but it,definitely doesnt overstay its welcome,because without the end credits the,movies only 97 minutes the movie sets,up some of its characters just through,some clunky exposition like telling a,person you were the greatest there ever,was then with booze look at you now so,yeah while its not a masterpiece by any,stretch there are plenty of things about,it that do make it worth watching most,notably its the performances of the two,leads eastwood and eduardo minette are,very good together and have solid,chemistry theyre great at trading,insults back and forth theres some,great eastwood lines too like when he,says to dwight yoakam ive always,thought of you as a small and gutless,man but thats no reason to be rude or,when he says if someone wants to name,their macho its okay by me i do,love the scenes with clint being great,with animals about halfway through it,almost becomes about him being a small,town veterinarian and macho the rooster,is awesome one of the most lovable,characters in a movie this year theres,a pretty great scene where the rooster,saves their ass id give cry macho a,b-minus its serviceable for eastwood,fans i dont see it ever being ranked as,one of his best but its a sweet movie,that does have heart and the ending,really works too by the time it was done,it put me in a pretty good mood stay,tuned tomorrow because well have a,review coming up for the nic cage movie,prisoners of the ghostland but until,then subscribe to our channel and click,the notification bell and well see you,next time,[Music],you

Cry Macho – Movie Review | Clint Eastwood

gonna let this sink in for a second,clint eastwood whos in his 90s is still,acting and directing in movies whatever,you think about this film you have to,admit thats impressive because,come on 90 years old im going to be,sleeping all the time what i do now so,what is up big fans welcome back to my,channel thats not true i dont think,im always watching movies and tv shows,and todays brand new film cry macho is,out in theaters and on hbo max i am,clearly out of town right now but i,still got up early watched this morning,and im bringing you guys a spoiler-free,review if you like this video let me,know down below and lets get into it so,mike a one-time rodeo star and washed-up,horse breeder takes a job from an,ex-boss to bring the mans young son,home from mexico and his mission at the,beginning were kind of thrown into it,right hes taking this job to bring home,this mans son away from his alcoholic,mother and on their journey eastwoods,character finds redemption through,teaching this boy what it means to be a,good man and kind of the tagline here is,the story of being lost,and found and obviously this film is,going to,run through the relationship between,eastwoods character and this young boy,and thats exactly what it does to be,honest with you and i will admit right,its a very simple script and really,its one of the most subdued movies not,only ive watched this year but that,ive watched in,a long long time right ive seen people,all over twitter calling this movie like,sleepy and extremely slow and kind of,boring and i will admit at times,there isnt much happening in terms of,action and,on-screen intensity thats going to make,you sit on the edge of your seat and be,locked in from beginning to end but i do,like the idea of kind of stripping down,a couple of these character tropes,especially eastwoods character its,like what kind of lead is he known for,the most well its your classic western,grizzled gritty tough but at the same,time down to earth character that he is,now,saying goodbye to in a sense right we,had his film i believe it was called the,mule that really was his way of saying,goodbye to a certain character trope,that he has found himself in before,whereas this character trope that weve,also seen eastwood do countless,countless times,this feels like his goodbye to this,world in a sense and approaching the,movie in that way and thats not the way,everyones going to approach it clearly,because you may watch this and say well,i just saw this recently ive seen one,or two movies within the last year and a,half that have a very similar premise i,mean you could even say the most recent,rambo movie the story structure of,protecting someone maybe not going out,for revenge because thats not what,eastwoods character is doing in this,movie well again its all kind of,reliant on that emotion that you get,from the bond that is formed between,these two characters and eduardo minette,who plays our young character has to,kind of keep up with eastwood in a sense,i dont mean physically keep up because,you know eastwood he knows kind of,exactly the kind of movie that he wants,to make here hes not trying to be an,action star hes basically throwing one,punch or hopping up on top of a horse,right its much more so about the mental,struggle and turmoil that hes been,through along with what hes trying to,do now getting this boy out of this,situation taking him back to,a place to where,at first it feels like he belongs but as,this journey progresses not to spoil,anything there are more things that come,to light and you see that bond begin to,grow and therefore other bonds they,become more strained because of the,mission and the journey that mike is on,and like i said at the beginning of this,review uh we are really thrown into it,because we dont get a lot with mike and,this is really eastwoods style of,filmmaking and i say a surface level not,being a detriment on this film or a lot,of his other movies because i think hes,an extremely incredible filmmaker,at times not every movie has work but,surface level in the way that,throws you into this movie we,immediately get this mission we dont,know a lot about the connection between,mike and howard but eventually we get,that establishment of oh heres how i,know him i owe him something because of,this,and that story kind of opens up more,within one specific relationship that i,really enjoy now my issues with this,movie come more so just from the,simplicity,like i said it is a simple premise,therefore not a lot of action happens,and i do see a lot of people watching,this and just going oh,so thats what this is not bad and i,dont see a lot of people watching this,movie and thinking its all that bad,right but there are just some things,that dont quite,work about what its trying to do as the,dog is by hello theres a dog barking in,there i also thought some of the,performances were just a bit off some of,the side characters some situations that,clint eastwood kind of finds himself in,within this movie theyre a bit awkward,especially when you look at his age and,what characters are wanting him to do,and how some of those,dont quite fit with what theyve,established for this character,and im not entirely sure whether to put,that on the script or not but i just,dont know,i dont know if they worked for what,this movie was trying to go for and i,like dwight yoakam but there is,something off about his performance in,this movie at least at the beginning i,guess i warmed up to him as i went along,it just didnt quite sit right with me,and i feel that way about some of the,dialogue in here as well there are lines,that really spell out what our,characters are thinking now i had no,problem with how blunt eastwoods,character is in this movie someones,telling him a story and theyre like so,do you want to know why this happened to,me and he just goes not really sounds,like my wife shes really blunt honey if,youre watching i love you it doesnt,let the kid drink tequila when hes with,him hes like when youre with your dad,you could drink battery acid for all i,care um youre not drinking with you,with me and i just i love because that,does feel like someone of that age the,way that they would act again not trying,to do too much not trying to be too,physical i mean like i said he throws a,punch and you know be careful clint all,right be careful what youre trying to,do but i love the fact that the guys,going for it here maybe not with the,script but just as a character really,going for it and i just i like the,simplicity of this movie im a sucker,for clint eastwood im a sucker for,movies like this when theres quality,there and i do believe theres some,quality within this film again it didnt,blow me away but i was actually,surprised,with the overall lack of marketing i,didnt know if it was going to be a good,film or not but i would consider this a,solid outing for eastwood before i give,you guys my score i want to say thank,you so much for watching this video and,sticking with me as clearly im out of,town uh theres something about the,simplicity of cry macho that works well,here eastwood never tries to do too much,with the story which can feel,underwhelming but his subdued,performance is more than solid im going,a 65 percent with my score uh if you are,an eastwood fan i believe you want to,watch this film because it does kind of,harken back to other roles but again the,simplicity of it all worked for me not,gonna work for everyone let me know down,below are you watching this on hbo max,or in a theater this weekend and what is,your favorite clint eastwood movie stay,with me guys i am everywhere over the,next couple of days and eventually,making my way to new york for the film,festival well get into all of that but,thats where im seeing dune so thats,exciting ill see you guys

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Cry Macho reviewed by Mark Kermode

cry macho which is the new,film,directed by starring clint eastwood,whos now a nonagenarian adapted from a,novel by r richard nash which apparently,began life as a screenplay couldnt get,it made as a screenplay turned it into a,book,um,i read something which he said i had a,screenplay called macho that nobody,wanted um,nobody wanted it so then i turned it,into a into a novel got surprisingly,good reviews the instant they appeared,three studios this is from way way back,three studios all of which are rejected,the screenplay started to bid for the,this awful little novel thing anyway,many many years later uh now the,screenplay by nick shank uh makes it to,the screen there was at one point going,to be a version with arnold,schwarzenegger in it so,clint eastwood is mike a one-time rodeo,star whose life was changed after,an accident that you know that,physically damaged him but then other,things happened in his life as well um,he starts off being fired then his boss,played by dwight oakland comes to him,and says i need you to do me a favor i,need you to go to mexico and retrieve my,son,who is with his mother who is dangerous,and crazy and is a an unfit mother he,doesnt want to do it but his boss says,look i stood by you after the accident,you owe me,youre a man of your word so its clint,eastwood so he is a man of his word so,in short order,goes to mexico finds the mother who is,indeed a fire brand finds the boy whos,gone off the rails and spends his days,cockfighting and has a pet cockrell,called macho,um and then he sets off to take him home,but he discovers hes being followed by,the federalists and gangsters so he has,to hole up in a small town where he is,taken in to a cantina which was just,waiting for him to arrive,and theres somebody with some horses,who needs them training this is an ideal,moment for some substitute father-son,bonding,looking good kid,look where youre going and,go where youre looking,good,put your heels down,okay hes down,yeah dont look like a sack of potatoes,though,your dads going to be a happy man see,that,just,a a brief but i think telling clip he is,a thing,you,its no surprise that whats gonna,happen is okay theyre theyre stuck in,this kind of,little idyll and um you know hes gonna,learn to bond with a child and theres,gonna be like a generational thing,thats fine i think what is surprising,is just,how many cliches are involved in this,already fairly cliched story which,incidentally was made you know during,covert in new mexico its kind of like,the movie gods were against it happening,so its like you know he says oh you,have to go to mexico to get the kid back,okay its fine so clint eastwood walks,into a bar,walks into a bar immediately accosted by,better who is this firebrand and dressed,in red and immediately takes it into us,and says what are you doing here and,then the next thing is as far as i can,tell i was so baffled by this scene i,think she comes on to clint eastwood i,was so baffled by whether that was,actually happening i had a conversation,afterwards with pete bradshaw from the,guy said is that what happened im not,imagining it that is what happened in,that scene he said i think it is too,anyway then they head off they get to,this little idyllic village which,appears to have been designed by the,people that make picture postcards they,arrive at a cantina where he immediately,meets somebody who is widowed and,immediately falls in love with clint,because everybody appears to fall in,love with clint and suddenly there is,food and supplies and horses and bonding,and then theres some other stuff which,goes on which is theres a whole thing,about well,is it a good idea to take him across the,border because maybe but then everyone,forgets about that plot bit and then,they do a bit more wibbling around and,then clint does some looking into this,and everythings kind of golden hour and,the music goes tinkly plunky gold an,hour and you go is the gold now 1976 it,really is,i mean its just,its its as if somebody you know they,were sat at a word processor and went,father-son bonding late life neo-noir,western romance shift,go,and it turned this out the the saving,grace of it is that it all feels so,insipidly amiable that its quite hard,to get,worked up about it,but its preposterous nonsense,inseparably amiable insipidly insipidly,amiable i quite and did you say dwight,joachims in it yeah,ive heard from him for years because he,was like the,that there was that terrible kind of new,country thing that they talked about,which was actually just country but,thats right new country was country,wasnt it it was it was just just like,on now as opposed to from 20 years ago,so dwight but is this like an acting,does hes stopped twanging hes not hes,not twanging in this he comes in as the,presence who basically says he says to,clinton eastwood i need you to go get my,boy and clint eastwood says well you get,somebody else do that,and he goes yeah but you owe me and,clint eastwood goes,all right,and then you go okay,okay fine and then im the cookie,literally goes to mexico walks into a,bar and immediately the boys mother who,is just in case wed miss the idea that,shes you know a bit out hes wearing a,bright red dress and is clearly crazy go,nuts its come on you can do better than,this is the man that made unforgiven

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Cry Macho Review – Bad Movie Reviews

[Music],this movie stars clint eastwood as mike,a one-time rodeo star and washed up,horse breeder who in 1978 takes a job,from his ex-boss howard to bring the,mans young son home and away from his,alcoholic mom,on their journey the horseman finds,redemption through teaching the boy what,it means to be a good man,first of all this is a movie that is,ridiculously scatter shot in its,storytelling all offered the map with,its characters and spends the vast,majority of its runtime meandering up,until it feels its time to wrap things,up with a deeply unsatisfying ending,mike and howard have a pass which comes,up when the script calls for it but they,have zero chemistry,it creates a giant hole in the middle of,the story you never quite buy mike and,howards relationship and spent most of,the movie waiting for the other shoe to,draw and when it does its underwhelming,the same case with the boy rafa and,generous widow mike and rafa come across,and the smattering of bad guys who enter,and exit the movies loosely constructed,narrative with little fun fear or,consequence,the relationship between mike and the,boy also reveals a staggering simplicity,genericness and phoniness you simply do,not send 19 year old man to mexico to do,that kind of job,some things that mike did which require,physicality is not even close to,convincing,never mind his love interest who is four,decades younger making for some,uncomfortable moments this is the most,perfectly awful aspect of the movie my,character ultimately comes across as an,overstuffed eco trip for clean eastwood,as the story is altered specifically,around eastwoods increasing years any,sense of conflict is similarly palliated,what should have been a hazardous trek,across hostile lands is much more of a,casual walk through welcoming towns,the unhurried non-challenged and,open-ended storytelling are aggravating,while the lack of adventure is deafening,the directionless plot in this movie,wouldnt be a problem if we actually,enjoyed spending time with the central,characters unfortunately thats not the,case here as there is nothing engaging,about their personalities it doesnt,take long for the movie to start making,confounding and confusing decisions,it begins with a lazy set up to get the,plot going doing a hell of a lot of,telling instead of showing and takes a,number of narrative shortcuts,things only get worse once mike and rafa,come together as once the movie gets the,characters on the road it has no clue,whatsoever of what to do with them,it could easily only take a single day,to drive from mexico city to the texas,border but the film manages to stretch,out the excursion over multiple weeks,and most of the conflict encountered has,nothing to do with the plot,overall,this is not a good movie at all its a,huge disappointment as we expect more,from clean eastwoods movie,we do not recommend this movie at all,[Music],[Music],you


[Music],thats nick and thats joseph and today,were here to talk about crime macho the,latest film directed by clint eastwood,whos 91 years of age and warner,brothers is releasing september 17th,2021 uh i,technically you could say its clint,eastwoods 40th film as a director but,im not counting tightrope which hes,unaccredited on so 39th,clint eastwoods directed 39 40 films,yeah wow yeah i mean he started out,considering where he started i was as a,director with 1971s playing misty for,me which i think may be my favorite that,hes done uh as a director,hes very consistent hes,yeah in his production of movies okay,uh well uh this was a miss for me so,lets start with its its based on a,novel by n,richard nash uh who wrote the,[Music],the rain people the rain uh i think was,an early coppola film anyhow uh,notable uh the film or the book was in,1975 but people have been trying to make,this film for the past 30 years oh no i,dont know why,go ahead well based on what this product,is i can understand that sentiment uh i,could see something more compelling have,been made however,interestingly in like 1988 clint,eastwood himself was had expressed,interest in making this but had gone on,to other projects which is probably when,he would have been about the right age,to do this then in about 1991 roy,scheider was attached which i could have,seen that happening and then again in,2011 or so arnold schwarzenegger in a,brad furman production,before clint uh resumed the reigns on,this,i maybe im biased but i find it odd,like these white,characters wanting to like,go,take mexicans from because there are a,number of movies like this,it just seems like a weird fascination,with ethnic people and one i dont know,im not into it this movie was a miss,whats the one with liam neeson we,reviewed the marksman the marksman this,is more ridiculous than that,this is ridiculous but its because all,the elements are off but i could see,someone of a certain age like just kind,of past the point of ripeness uh perhaps,being successful in this role i dont,know let me describe the story so clint,eastwood plays a man named mike milo,who used to be a rodeo star back back,back in the day but he broke his back,and couldnt ride anymore,so dwight joachims in the film dwight,yocums a country singer you didnt know,that,it just occurred to me,because i was thinking he was not good,in this movie but maybe thats because,hes a singer no because hes excellent,in slingblade hes a slingblade yes oh,hes the antagonistic white man that is,that trying to harm the,child whats the line from slingblade uh,which one theres one french fried,taters no,oh the one i see all the time yeah,whatd you kill jesse for whatd you,kill jesse for thats the one oh yeah,thats a classic okay so back when,mike broke his back and couldnt ride,dwight joachims character gave him a,job as a horse a job as a horse okay,so now all these years later,and its set this film is said in 1979,97 oh thats right so well oh god that,means that clint was back rodeo back in,like what nineteen thirties like what,i dont think hes supposed to were,there rodeos at night i dont think his,characters supposed to be 90 he is oh,my god well get into it okay,so,we start the film with dwight basically,telling,hes firing him hes firing him and then,hes like you owe me a favor so a year,late a year passes the year passes,clint goes back to dwight and dwights,like you owe me a favor,i have a son down in mexico city whos,only 13,which is like so you got some lady,pregnant when you were like 60 like,because dwight yocum looks old too yes,and the lady he got pregnant is,beautiful and much younger so thats,already crazy but,he says i need you to go down to mexico,i need to i need you to take your old,old old ass from new mexico and drive,down to mexico city to pick up my 13,year old son and bring him back yeah his,mother has placed him in a den of,iniquity blah blah blah and he has some,legal issues where hes not,allowed to go to that country so clinton,hops his old ass in his pickup truck and,drives across the border gets to the,house and this lady is living a very,lavish life it would appear shes,involved in some of this nefarious or,organized crime sort of thing,and she presented as like a drunken,nymphomaniac basically,she kind of reminds me of the lady from,bad boys three,which one the mexican lady like the drug,cartel oh my god thats not a good thing,no okay,so he goes down there and she explains,like my son is trash hes out in these,streets doing fights and hes like,a terrible human being i dont give a, what you do with them take him,take him so he finds him at a fight,and we meet this little boy,and when i tell you he is the most,square like,like he was born and raised in echo park,and went to like performing arts school,like he just doesnt fit the description,we get of him at all he is not living,out in this hes not live in la vida,loca and then he has his pet,but its like if hes this badass like,doing cockfights named macho thats the,name of that the name of the is,macho but the boys name is rafa,okay if rafas this badass doing,cockfights,he treats his little rooster like its,like,precious i mean hes nice to that uh,rooster than i am to our cat so that,doesnt fit in line with this badass kid,and hes also very polite and very,religious,yeah well spoken i dont get it but,anyway,clint finds him,tells him whats up like your dads in,new mexico he wants to see texas texas,oh theyre in texas,it was failed in new mexico oh my bad,so,rafa,agrees but then at the last minute like,leaves,like he runs away but thats because he,sees some people who want to get him,so uh clint goes back to the mom,and she puts the moves on him yeah and,he rebuffs her yeah so now shes mad and,shes like you cant take my son because,you wouldnt give me some dick like okay,some old 91 year old wrinkly whatever,well get to it,so,clints like whatever so he leaves and,as hes driving back to the border he,realizes that rafa is hiding in the back,of the truck,and they have a little tiff but he,agrees to take him,so the bulk of the film is their little,adventure trying to get back to the,border,the main part of it is they go to some,little town and meet this lady who,worked at like a restaurant,like motel or whatever,and now this ladys in love with clint,and rafa likes being there because she,has kids and it feels like a family,so he wants to stay,the bad guys show up,the mothers henchmen yep the mothers,henchmen but they made friends with like,the town sheriff so he kind of scares,them away,the deputy he says the sheriff i think,actually but we its clarified by the,restaurant owner that hes just a deputy,okay,um,not that that matters so they get so,they get away and it ends with,clint getting rafa back to the border,where he meets dwight and then he goes,back you went to the bathroom at this,point he goes back to the woman and they,dance,slowly in her establishment oh my god,its even more stupid okay well,yeah,i could see this have been,like had it been made in the 70s or 80s,kind of being a sentimental,statement of a film here it just seems,very hackneyed for,many ways this was so corny and,cringy and i dont even know where to,begin except that i kept thinking clint,eastwood needs to sit down he needs to,take a seat that man looks like,all the things the who that that,preacher man from poltergeist too i said,the the old hormone monster from that,big from big mouth he looks like he is,about to fall apart and him delivering,these lines it looks like every shot,with clint eastwood in it was a one-take,situation because there are at least,three scenes where its like hes,fumbling his line yeah and then the,actor opposite him which is usually rafa,seems like he has to just get through it,and then that poor kid i mean,his acting felt a little crunchy too i,think part of his dialogue and also,this kid doesnt seem like he grew up in,mexico,out in these streets he really does,sound like he grew up in,si

CRY MACHO – Movie Review ( Clint Eastwood | HBO Max )

lennys wood is back with a brand new,film called cry macho this ones from,warner brothers pictures its on hbo max,right now and in theaters im gonna let,you know if this is one you should mosey,on down the trail and watch at your,local movie theater or not,[Music],hey everyone its the outlaw john roca,here with a review for you for this,brand new film from clint eastwood cry,macho before i get into it just want to,remind you to please subscribe to the,channel down below hit that bell button,so you see when were dropping all the,new content here also head on over to,twitch and follow me there the outlaw,nation all one word follow or subscribe,to me there and later on ill tell you,how to be part of the patreon here on,the outlaw nation well this is a film,from clint eastwood here 91 years old,coming in as the star of this film,directing it as well its from a book by,and richard nash who is also one of the,screenplay writers along with nick shank,nick shank have written a couple of,beast wood movies in the past here,recently including the mule and gran,torino um and this film basically deals,with a one-time rodeo star thats who,clint eastwood is playing a character,named mike milo uh he needs a washed up,horse breeder who takes a job to bring a,mans young son,home and away from his alcoholic mom on,their journey the horseman finds,redemption through teaching the boy what,it means to be a good man this one also,stars dwight yoakam as the father of the,boy the boys name is rafael in the,movie and that is portrayed by actor,eduardo minnette as i said dwight yo,complain howard pope thats his dad we,also have a number of actors here latino,actress and latina actresses fernando,uri urichola who is a chilean actress,she plays his mom lita and natalya,traven is in here as martha a love,interest for mike milo when they get to,a certain section of the movie so ill,tell you my overall thoughts on this one,its an hour and 45 minutes but i tell,you this its,its an its a good attempt,but its not a great attempt,and certainly if youre a cleaningswood,fan you can sit back and enjoy his,performance but you also know man hes a,little bit long in the tooth for doing,movies like this uh there are certain,scenarios certain situations that you,just dont buy him getting out of you,dont buy him fighting his way out of at,his age he looks very frail in this,movie and although he does hit the,emotional beats in certain moments and,certainly im thinking of a beautiful,scene between him and young raphael in,the church at night um i thought overall,the film feels a little like been there,done that it also feels a little bit,like its supposed to be this two-person,road trip get to know each other old man,young kid type of film,but in the end the moments feel a little,bit forced the situations feel a little,too convenient the way they get out of,situations when they get kind of trapped,uh because of uh outside forces in on,their journey it just doesnt 100 work,and this is where i feel kind of a bad,given this thing not necessarily a great,review but an okay review um as i said,if youre a clint eastwood fan this is,one you could certainly watch and like a,little bit but overall i dont think it,has the emotional oomph or power that,youre looking to see you know if were,a far cry for a million dollar baby when,clint can play these roles and carry,these roles and still look like he can,handle himself against anybody were at,the frail end of the road here with mr,eastwood and it does not feel like this,is something that feels believable i,wonder why he took the lead in the film,in this film rather he could have,directed it put someone else in the lead,i think it still could have worked,overall but the actresses i want to give,a lot of love to the actresses in this,movie because they are fantastic both,fernanda origola and natalia traven do,fantastic work with their respective,scenes that they have in the movie,fernanda certainly bringing a lot of,sexual,alcoholic fire and power shes a woman,of some renown in this uh in mexico uh,uh she has some kind of renown and power,in this uh in in mexico and mexico city,uh but her kid is wild and out on the,streets and doing cockfights and doing,his own thing so shes not really able,to control him uh and so she has some,kind of power here uh in every scene,that shes in that you find just,absolutely charming and attractive and,interesting uh and then when we get to,natalia trevon who plays martha those,scenes with her and clint eastwood uh,and the young eduardo minnette really,works shes,uh shes very much her own woman very,much her own person and uh still a,little soft around the edges when were,having certain moments very clear about,what when she starts to have feelings,for mike milo what that means you know,weve seen that in the trailers im not,giving anything away we see her slow,dancing with clint eastwood in the,trailer but she does fantastic work here,and clint as i said clint does his thing,are some of the beats a little too like,a half a beat late or a little too,rushed rather than organically flowing,into themselves yes but overall he,delivers when hes supposed to deliver,he delivers some good work here my my,one reservation is eduardo minet who,plays raphaela ruffle he is,i dont think hes up to the task 100,and i know hes got some credits himself,on the spanish side of things but i,dont think he brings that kind of,i dont know that extra level of,um or those layers that you really need,to see the complexity of a kid he,doesnt radiate a kid whos been living,on the streets he doesnt radiate that,kind of uh well you know kind of attack,you at a moments notice type of,a vibe hes more like desperately,seeking a father figure desperately,seeking someplace to uh to belong you,know and so it feels more a little more,softer than youre initially led to,believe that this kid is because we hear,from his mom that hes this kind of,street kid whos wild and uncontrollable,he doesnt really radiate that and i,think thats a problem here and hes a,lit hes an actor with not a lot of,credits you know clint likes to do this,with he did with gran torino did with,the 1517 to paris likes to kind of cast,these actors that dont have that many,credits or dont have any credits in,these uh um integral parts or lead parts,in the film uh and sometimes it works,which i think it worked in gran torino a,lot of people i know didnt think it,worked at grand touring but i certainly,think it did and in 1517 to paris it,really didnt work uh and i think here,uh its it doesnt work a hundred,percent i it breaks my heart to say that,because i want to support and respect,latino actors and latino actresses but,uh or hispanic actors and hispanic,actresses but i just dont think eduardo,minet was able to step up to the plate,in the way you believe i think hes just,miscasting the role i think another,younger actor could have really brought,a lot of fire to this role really pushed,clint really had to back some powerful,back and forth some explosive back and,forth some electric back and forth even,that would have sold the movie a bit,more and dwight yoakam is barely in this,thing hes only in a few scenes and we,dont get to see what weve seen before,from dwight when he can really bring it,in a role in so many films in the past,so i thought that was a bit of a wasted,opportunity overall its its a road,trip movie but its a road trip movie,that tri that has that is walking,a path that has been trod many many,times by other films and done better by,other films and its unfortunate because,i thought this could have been a nice,western a really good western with some,lessons uh you know especially with,hispanic heritage month having a young,mexican kid finding a connection with an,older white man this is set in 1980,having this kind of like connection,maybe could have been a nice lesson for,us here in 2021 but overall it doesnt,100 work so i give this thing two and a,half cowboy hats really hoping

Cry Macho movie review – Breakfast All Day

hello and welcome to breakfast all day,im matt alonsos here so is christy uh,somebody should cry macho but it wont,be me because i didnt see the movie,its the new clint eastwood movie hes,in it he directs it um there is,machismo i suppose uh somebody alonzo,will tell you all about it because he is,the most macho oh,thats ever bad thats true alonzo is,the most macho of the three yeah,today in theaters and hbo max yeah so,yeah cry macho you might think its a,dumb title but macho is a,a fighting that is,its the name of a rooster so its an,even dumber title because the rooster,doesnt cry it does crow but crow macho,wouldnt work i guess anyway clint,eastwood of course stars uh as mike he,is an over the hill,uh rodeo star who has pretty much lost,everything in his life and um his former,boss played by dwight yoakam who runs a,ranch has an assignment for him please,cross the border go to mexico find my 13,year old son that i had with a woman,down there um i dont trust her as a,parent i want to take care of him and,let him ride horses and do all the stuff,so,mike takes the gig goes down there,finds out the mother is indeed a piece,of work but of course not so much a,piece of work that she doesnt want to,like seduce clint eastwood because women,in these movies always want to seduce,clint eastwood um nonetheless he finds,the boy um who is played by,sorry,who does these credits on imdb theyre,like theyre very messed up theyre,literally bearing the lead eduardo,minette plays rafa who has been,surviving on his own living on the,streets doing cockfights with his,rooster macho,um at first is not down for this but,likes the idea of having a horse and and,and getting away from mexico city so he,agrees to go,uh the mother however not having it,sends her goons after these guys so its,just chase chase chase,um they wind up in a small town,somewhere where um clint makes eyes with,the local diner owner who doesnt speak,english until she does speak english um,and,things are learned along the way and,people learn to trust and clint tells,the kid that machismo is kind of a dead,end,and um this is,not great,you know i im not the biggest clinics,wood fan in general um this one though,felt really meandering and all over the,place um,this is the you know you can divide his,movies into certain categories and i,think this is the the mentor category,you know where clint and a younger,person like bristle at each other and,then they bond and they learn things you,know honky tonk man million dollar baby,the the you know the this is a this is a,theme thats come up in his work before,uh i didnt find this one super,compelling um,i really want to hear from from uh,from latino critics about the way he,portrays mexico and people who live,there uh like he fetishizes it somehow,that and also just you know the the,corruption and the violence and whatnot,i dont know i just,i was not down for this it never drew me,in i didnt really care about what,happened to eastwoods character like,you know you do want the kid to be okay,but they dont seem to be a lot of,options there i dont know i i was,unengaged by this so how about you,christy i liked it better than i thought,i was going to and thats a lot about,expectations i think first of all yeah,the title cry macho,it sounds like a troy mcclure version of,a clicking into a movie yeah remember me,from such movies as cry macho and gladys,the groovy mule i mean it sounds like a,fake clint eastwood movie,but um you know its got some moments of,grace and after all these years he is,still a really efficient filmmaker so,this is an hour and 45 minutes and it,gets right to it real fast chris was,sitting in here making lunch and getting,ready for his day while i was watching,it and theres such an exposition dump,off the top oh my god where clint walks,in,the first scene clint walks into dwight,yocums office and hes like heres who,i am but heres who you are heres,whats going to happen i mean im,paraphrasing but this is essentially,what happened and they get right to it,um part of it im thankful that it takes,place in 1980,because there is no room for like viagra,jokes,theres no room for cell phones no room,for like old people cant figure out,cell phones and also no room for like,you know wacky viagra jokes,the woman who he falls for the the,cantina owner and the quaint mexican,town,strangely looks a lot like his ex-wife,dina but also,is not just like the sweet and doting,mexican woman like shes got a spine and,shes kind of a smart ass and so i like,that they give her a little more,um shading to her character than you,might expect in like a potentially you,know,like a caricature of like the,kind-hearted mexican woman who takes him,in theres more to her than than that,not a lot more to her but not a lot,there is some lovely imagery here shot,by ben davis who also shot three,billboards and guardians and captain,marvel and dr strange so its like some,of the the sunsets are quite lovely and,theres a shot of of clint eastwood like,lying down for a nap as the sun is,setting and like hes in silhouette like,you see him taking off his hat like you,can see the tufts of hair,against the the setting sun and so,theres some some quite lovely imagery,but hes very much playing the hits here,and its got pieces of as you mentioned,million dollar baby but also,bronco billy has also got some every,which way but loose in it and then he,gets to like do some comedy with animals,whats that clyde shows up theres not,clyde but macho kind of functions as a,clyde figure along the way i mean he,passed away by the way oh but like macho,steps up in a clyde-like manner,called upon um,its also got some,um oh its got some gran torino in,it,you know,in that you have thats another mentor,movie,its a mentor movie but its also in,that you it reminded me of that in that,you have a young actor who is a little,stiff,who is um,not really up for the nuance that hes,called upon to summon and that creates,an awkwardness yeah hes not as,comfortable with,acting yeah basically yeah its got some,of the mule in it its written by the,same guy who wrote gran torino and the,mule,right and,co-written by the guy who wrote the,novel this is based on that came out in,the 70s so our friend kenny taran long,time former la times critic kenny taran,did a whole big piece on clintuswood in,the calendar section this past sunday,and um basically what eastwood was,saying was that he had wanted to make,this movie like 30 years ago this came,to him like in the late 80s and he felt,like he wasnt old enough yet,and now hes like 91,now like now hes like too old,but but hes still spry he still has,like a presence about him and hes very,aware of like giving the people what,they want and so you know theres a,scene where hes got a gun trained on,somebody and hes like dont move, you know hes hes doing the,things that you want claims to do yeah,he punches a guy in the face you know he,rides a horse he punches a guy in the,face he gets to slow dance with a lovely,woman i mean its yeah its its a great,hit kind of thing so if this is indeed,his last film who knows i mean maybe it,is its its got a little something for,everybody if youve been a fan of his,movies over the years give us a dirty,hairy movie where hes in his 90s right,hes out to be,manuel doloveira is a portuguese,filmmaker who is making films into his,hundreds and so i think eastwood is like,im gonna beat that guy,you know what i its its gentle it is,meandering for sure,and it doesnt have any of the poignancy,or emotional that i suspect its aiming,for but,its gentle and it has some lovely,scenes and some comedy all the stuff,with him when the animals kind of,cracked me up um i mean yeah hes this,he is a competent craftsman and he,always will be and so like hes not,going to put out something thats like,slapped together even though hes famous,for liking one take um but i i you know,even like among sort of latter-day,eastwood films i just found it really,kind of,negligible you kno

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