1. Crypto.com Visa Card – Is it Worth it 2022? (EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!)
  2. Crypto.com Card Review – Still Worth It? (Pros & Cons Revealed)
  3. Crypto.com Card Review – EVERYTHING You Need to Know!
  4. I GOT EVERY CRYPTO CARD (so you don’t have to)
  5. WATCH THIS BEFORE You Get Your Crypto.com Card | 2022 UPDATES EXPLAINED
  6. Crypto.com Visa Card | WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! (2021)
  7. Is Crypto.com Debit Card Worth It? (My Experience)

Crypto.com Visa Card – Is it Worth it 2022? (EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!)

so recently i upgraded my krypto.com,visa debit card from an indigo blue,which is a four thousand dollar,investment to an icy white which is a,forty thousand dollar investment,but was it worth it well in this video,im gonna be going over everything that,you need to know about the card and the,benefits why i decided to upgrade and if,its still worth it in 2022 so if thats,interesting definitely stick around if,you guys are interested in signing up i,do have a referral link down below if,you do use my code you get a 25 bonus,and if youve used my code in the past,thank you so much for your support you,dont have to use it its completely up,to you and special thanks to crypto.com,for sponsoring this video so there are,five reasons why i decided to upgrade to,the ic white but before i show those,five reasons i do want to go over into,the app and kind of go over what the,crypto.com visa card is and the benefits,and how its tied to the ecosystem for,those that are new or may not be,familiar with the card so crypto.com,offers five different tiers of their,debit card program they have the,midnight blue which is free for,everybody ruby steel which is a 400,investment then four thousand dollar,forty thousand then four hundred,thousand every time you go up a tier the,reward and the benefits increase think,of this as like signing up for a credit,card the reason why you sign up for,certain credit cards is because you want,access to some of the benefits that they,offer whether its the cash back reward,or some of the perks that come with it,this is sort of the same thing except,its a debit card and youre investing,into their cro token the ruby steel is a,great entry level card just because its,a 400 investments that youre putting in,and you get two percent cro back plus,free spotify the one i used to have was,the indigo blue which was a four,thousand dollar investment i get three,percent uh cro back or cash back then we,have free spotify free netflix and uh,airport lounge access for one but with,my recent upgrade i get five percent,zero back that means that if i spend a,thousand dollars i get fifty dollars,back in their cro token same thing free,spotify netflix now i get free prime 10,off uh expedia then we have airport,lounge access for me plus another guest,then we have crypto.com private earn,bonus rewards and a exclusive,merchandise welcome pack this is,something that im waiting for well see,how it looks like when it comes but,crypto.com private includes otc block,trades of cro research reports,inheritance services industry event,access and priority customer service if,you ever wanted to get the crypto.com,visa card you will go into your,crypto.com app then you click on the,card button on the bottom right corner,and mine looks like this right now but,yours wont youll have the option to,invest into a card if you wanted to and,if you already have an existing card and,you wanted to upgrade it then you would,click on accounts then you would click,on chronos then you would click upgrade,and then you can slide through and,select the one that you want to upgrade,to you would click on continue to stake,and then there are two ways you can buy,the crow token and upgrade your card,number one you can either purchase the,cro token directly through the,crypto.com app with the bank that you,already have connected or number two you,can buy the cro token from an external,exchange and then transfer it over to,the crypto.com app and then upgrade the,card this is the route that i personally,took i use the exchange pi next because,their trading fee is .05 percent and so,that trading fee was its significantly,lower than crypto.com and youre buying,like forty thousand dollars worth right,so a forty thousand dollar fee point,zero five percent pi and x no brainer,for me so thats the kind of route that,i took if you guys are interested in,checking out pie next i have a link down,below but once i sent everything over i,reviewed all my upgrades the amount of,cro the holding period which is 180 days,or six months confirm and then it should,let you know that the cro stake is,complete for 180 days and then right now,my available balance on my ic white card,is zero dollars uh on my previous card i,had a balance of around like five to six,hundred dollars that should get,transferred over in about two to three,days but while you wait for your,physical card youre still able to spend,your card because if you click on the,card on the top right corner you can,click on view card number and itll have,all the details that you need that you,would have on the back of your card so,if you ever wanted to spend your crypto,i know most people dont want to but if,you wanted the option to then you click,on top up choose the cryptocurrency of,your choice or you can top it off with,an existing debit card or your paypal,account or your fiat wallet which,typically you would have money in if you,sold your crypto so im going to use the,indigo blue card as an example for this,illustration im pretty much saying hey,crypto.com i have four thousand dollars,i would love to invest into your cro,token but in return i would love to have,the benefits i would get with the indigo,blue card we make an exchange my money,is invested with them and they gave me,the benefits of the indigo blue card,except theyre just holding on to this,for me right this is an investment after,180 days im able to either keep my cro,token locked up to enjoy the benefits of,this card or i can say hey you know what,i dont think this card is for me so hey,crypto.com i would like to make an,exchange back i dont want the benefits,of the indigo blue card anymore i would,like my investment back you can sell,your tokens and you can put it back into,your bank so for me im not really,spending thousand dollars to get the,card i have to consider it as an,investment versus spending now the,moment i give my four thousand dollars,to crypto.com i will have access to all,the benefits of what the card has to,offer if the investment of the cr token,goes down it does not matter right i,dont have to load it up and try to keep,it at four thousand dollars to sustain,the benefits the benefits are already,locked the moment i made that exchange,also the four thousand dollars you,invested with crypto.com is not a,deposit in other words you cannot sell,it or spend it i get a ton of messages,people saying hey i invested 400 into,the ruby red the 4 000 into the indigo,blue or jade green how can i spend the,money that i invested and you cant,right the investment is separate you,will have to top it up separately and,spend your money separately with the,card now the benefit of having your cro,token locked up for 180 days is that you,get paid out in interest every single,week i think this only applies to jay,green indigo blue and up not the ruby,red or the midnight blue but with my ic,white upgrade im able to enjoy a 12,annual return on my cro investment right,now i have 96 154 cro tokens locked up,that means that im going to be earning,11,538 cro tokens per year or 961 cro,tokens per month or thats equivalent to,around 221,cro per week the dollar amount is going,to vary but the amount of sierra that i,get paid out will be the same the cro,that i get paid out weekly that i am,able to spend if i wanted to so i,already got paid out for one week so im,gonna click on sell cro and then well,just sell 250 cro2 keep it even sell cro,confirm and then it should be in your,account under your fiat wallet im going,to click on card top up fiat wallet and,then top it up with 103.14,top up confirm and then i can do this,every single week and spend it if i,wanted to and lets also not forget that,every time i use my card im gonna be,getting five percent back in cro so the,cro token gets automatically or,immediately deposited into your account,and then im able to spend that if i,wanted to or i can keep it there as a,form of investment so now that you have,an idea of what the card is how it works,how to

Crypto.com Card Review – Still Worth It? (Pros & Cons Revealed)

do you want to know if the krypto.com,card really is worth it then this video,is for you my name is michael and ive,been using the crypto.com app for quite,a while and i also have one of the,crypto.com visa cards and many viewers,have asked me whether it is really worth,it because there has been some changes,and therefore i decided to share my,experience and opinion in this video so,you know both the pros and the cons and,can decide if this is right for you or,not,so in case you do not know what,crypto.com is then it is a crypto app,where you can do a lot of different,things you can buy cryptocell crypto you,can trade crypto you can,claim free crypto every single day and,all kinds of things i have a full,tutorial ill leave a link in the top,corner so you can check that out but,also they offer you the opportunity to,get a visa card so you can for example,easily spend your crypto and earn at the,same time it has a lot of different,benefits but there has been some changes,in this program and as you can see i,actually do have the card myself so i i,know,both how it was before and how it is now,and i decided to make this updated video,where i show both the pros and the cons,to talk a little bit about whether it in,my opinion still is worth it or not and,i will also explain a little bit about,how you can also potentially get a 25,bonus if you decide this is for you,so lets start by going over a little,bit more about these crypto.coms,cards and how you get them because you,can download the crypto.com app,completely for free i will leave a link,below so you can go there if you have,not done that yet and then once youre,inside you can load your account with,money or you can start trading crypto,you can transfer from other crypto,platforms and then you can earn interest,here or you can and also by claiming,some free crypto every single day and,and all that i mentioned that i have a,full tutorial where i explain more about,that so it has a lot of options and i,like that its its very user friendly,and its also very beginner friendly so,if youre interested in crypto it,definitely can be easy to use the app,but then they also have this visa card,so once youre inside you can actually,go and claim a visa card and as i,already showed there i i have a card you,can see they have different options i,have this ruby steel at the moment so,why would you maybe want this card and,what is required to get it so lets,start by going over,what you need to do to get one of these,cards and which one you could,potentially get,so as you can see there are quite a few,different cards you can get and the,thing is that the card as such is free,to get and you get it you can see you,can i got it physically sent to me and,its this metal card is a really good,quality but which one you get will,depend on how many cro you stay crow is,own cryptocurrency when you go to the,website you can see it says crow stake,and then here you can see the midnight,blue you dont need to stake anything,you can just join crypto.com and then,you can get this card meaning you will,get some benefits i will show you some,of them here a little bit later but,overall what it also just gives you is,easy access to actually spend your,crypto because sometimes people are,worried like if they start investing in,crypto and they want to sell it at some,point and how do they easily get access,to it and this can be a way to do that,by just simply having a visa card so it,can be used in any online store that,accepts visa or in any physical store so,it is really cool like that you can also,even use it to take money out through an,atm so so thats definitely one advances,all the cars have but you can see some,of them have more advantages than others,but to get those for example this ruby,steel you would need to stake 350 euros,or equivalent of around 400 dollars with,the current exchange rate as of,recording this video so this means that,once youre inside you would need to buy,some crow worth of 400 and stake them,and,that doesnt mean that you pay 400,because often i say like oh this is not,worth because you have to pay 400 no you,dont pay 400,you decide that you want to invest 400,in crow because you believe in the coin,thats something you need to decide,yourself if you do or not if you do,then this might be for you if not then,this is of course not a good option for,you,but what you do is then to stake it so,you still have it you can still sell,them at some point but if you unstake,them of course you will lose some of,these benefits that,it gives you to have the cards but you,see its four hundred dollars that you,would then need to stake and then you,could get this ruby still so once youre,inside then youd get that and the,advantages of doing that if you join,through an invitation link only if you,join through an invitation link at the,same time as you stake 400,dollars you would also receive a 25,joining bonus in crows so you would get,some extra crow like that that you can,then do with what you want but thats,only if you join through an invitation,link with an invitation code i will,leave mine below so you can use that if,you decide this is for you but you will,get that bonus no matter how much you,stake as long as this is a minimum of,400 dollars so that will then give you,the benefit also of unlocking this card,for example so then you can just claim,it and they will send it for free to you,so what are the different advance you,can see some of them you need to to,stake a lot but then you also get some,like really big benefits for example the,crow rewards is cash back rewards so,that means whenever you use this visa,card one percent if you have the ruby,steel you will get cash back in crow,coin in to your krypto.com,app so then you can use that you can,keep it if you want to gross value or,you can exchange to other crypto or you,can earn interest on it by having it,inside the app and you can see if you,have the highest membership level there,you will earn five percent and this has,changed and i cannot guarantee will not,change at some point but in general,this is definitely really cool because,you actually for example see one percent,i would,get,whenever i spend a visa card thats like,thats thats pretty good in my opinion,if youre interested in crypto anyways,but just be aware that theres these,rewards cap for some of the membership,levels so the maximum i could earn of,rewards would be 25 with this specific,card but considering you earn one,percent its still quite a lot you would,need to spend to to reach that but if,you have one of the higher membership,levels you can see currently there is no,cap like that so thats the cash back,benefits you can get but it also gives,other benefits we need to talk about,so you can see some of the other card,benefits is that for example you see you,will get,the spotify or you will get if you use,your card to pay for spotify you will,get all of that bag into your crypto.com,wallet there,for these membership labs you see for,some of them its only for the first six,months again i cannot guarantee that,this might not change there has been,some changes in the past and thats why,im doing this update,but still you see its its still pretty,cool and especially if we get to the,higher higher membership levels you see,you get some you can click there to see,more about it you see theres some,benefits for airbnb also,theres for expedia it is for amazon,prime you see one reimbursement per,merchant per month there you can get,that you see you just need to read the,exact rules,airport lounge access there,all these different other things that,that you can get so it has some great,great benefits and then you also have,this option to do free atm withdrawal so,even with the lowest membership card,where you do not have to stake anything,to get it also you will not get the,joining bonus then but,then you can still withdraw 200 euros,through atms without fees there per,month there again its always good to,just cl

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Crypto.com Card Review – EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

if you own a krypto.com card or thinking,about getting one,definitely watch this video this is,gonna be the most detailed video on the,card,the benefits what it does and why you,should consider getting one if you want,one so that sounds interesting,definitely stick around so i made two,videos about passive income through,cryptocurrency,and the platform that i used was,crypto.com and i believe a lot of you,have actually signed up for the visa,card but youre probably wondering what,did i sign up for why did i sign up for,this what do i do with this card and,thats why im making this video because,i want to explain,everything to you guys at least one of,what i know and how ive studied the app,in the card,its going to be a lot of information so,i will leave timestamps down below in,case you guys want to ever come back to,this video,and watch a specific section so first of,all crypto.com is like a one-stop shop,you can buy and sell cryptocurrency you,can also send money or crypto to,others who have the app like venmore,paypal they have a built-in wallet,a staking platform where you can earn,interest in passive income through your,crypto,and they have their famous mcocrypto.com,card,this is one of the first companies that,have actually partnered up with visa to,create a debit card that allowed people,to use cryptocurrency,in the real world which is pretty crazy,because about three years ago people,always wondered how can i use my bitcoin,how can i use my cryptocurrency in the,real world,what is it right but krypto.com has,really allowed,users and people like us to use the,money that we have in our account to,transfer it over to our debit card and,actually use it in the physical world,which ill explain in a bit if you guys,want to sign up for an account i do have,a referral link down below if you guys,sign up with it you do get a 25 bonus,and i get a small little bonus as well,but once you sign up for the account you,go through a verification process,and then you will have access to the,platform they have a promo going on,where all new crypto.com users,will have a zero percent credit slash,debit card fee for the first 30 days,they are using the platform,take advantage of it as much as possible,when you can so how do you get the card,so were gonna go into the app right now,and then when you go to the bottom right,corner youre gonna see,card youre gonna click on that and your,screens gonna look different than mine,but youre gonna have five different,cards to choose from,we have the midnight blue ruby steel,indigo,and jade we have icy white rose gold,and then the black in order to have,access to these cards you do have to,invest into their cro tokens,except the midnight blue but it barely,has any benefits,the red requires 2 500 the next is 25,000,and then the last two were going to,completely ignore because they are a bit,more expensive and i believe,most of you got the ruby steel card one,zero token at the time of making this,video is around seven,cents it could either be a little higher,or lower when youre watching this video,but you get the price of one zero token,and multiply it by 2500 or 25 000 and,thats gonna be the cost of the card,which totals up to 175 dollars for the,ruby steel,and 1 750 for the indigo blue but,on january 18th they are going to be,doubling the sticking requirement for,the visa cards,which means that the prices are going to,double as well,so if you are thinking about getting a,card get it before january 18th,because the ruby steel is going to go,from 175,to a 350,if you get it after january 18th that is,completely okay too,it is still your money invested and,money you can get back later on,and then in a few days or a week youre,gonna get this in the mail,youre gonna rip it open youll open it,up this,will come out and you can pull up this,blue tab,and your card will be right there love,the colors on these cards,love how they feel on the hand theyre,metal well built,they also have contactless payment and,overall i really enjoy using these cards,after you invest 2500 cro tokens theyre,gonna be locked up for the next six,months this is so that investors like,you and myself dont sell and dump their,cro tokens right after we purchase them,so that we can just,benefit from their cards but you will,also be benefiting a six percent annual,interest rate off of your 2500,cro tokens on top of that you will be,getting a spotify reimbursement which is,about ten dollars,and youll get a two percent cashback,reward for every time you spend your,debit card so lets talk about your,initial investment and your total return,after,year if you decide to get the ruby red,card your initial investment is going to,be 175,but youll be getting a six percent,interest rate on that so youll get an,additional 10,and 50 cents youll also get spotify,reimbursements,so youll be getting 120 in a year and,youll get a 25,bonus for using your referral link and,getting the ruby red card,within an entire at the end of the year,assuming that once your token will be,seven cents youll be ending up with 330,and 50 cents by the end of the year and,these numbers only work if once your,token is sitting at seven cents could it,be worth more,possibly could it be worth less possibly,but if youre holding it for a really,long time it really doesnt matter what,the price action does,as long as youre benefiting from the,cards rewards after the six month is,over you do have the option,to unlock and unstake and sell your cro,tokens but,you will no longer get the six percent,interest rate no spotify reimbursement,and no more two percent cash back,at the end of the six month if you,choose to keep your cr tokens locked,and dont unlock them then youll,automatically grandfather,in to the benefits of the ruby card,without,having to stake the extra 2500 cro,tokens heres what krypton.com says,please note you will not have to,increase your card stake and,all existing rewards and benefits of,your card will remain the same,the new card staking requirement will,apply in the event that you,unstake and then restake or if you,upgrade your card after january 18 2021,so right now is a really good time to,choose the card that you want to go for,for me i didnt go with the ruby i,wanted to enjoy a little bit more,benefits so i went with the indigo blue,and i will continue to enjoy the,benefits of the indigo blue card,without having to upgrade my staking,number amount,the way that i like to view this is more,as like a membership fee,except they hold on to your money and,when you want to leave,theyll give your money back you might,get a little more back or,less back but it really depends on when,you choose to sell your cro tokens,now in order for you guys to get,reimbursed for your spotify or netflix,if you get the indigo blue,is to actually pay those bills with your,card,when crypto.com sees that you paid your,bills with their card they will,automatically reimburse you with their,cro tokens which you could sell,and buy more bitcoin i share a whole,detailed video in my previous video so,if you guys want to check that out,ill leave it at the links down below,but right now im going to show you guys,how you can load up your debit card so,you can start,using it first of all make sure that,youre on the home page youre gonna,click on transfer,and then click on deposit and then,youre gonna click on,fiat and then youre gonna choose your,currency in this case its gonna be the,us dollar for me,and then you can either transfer through,ach or wire transfer,in this case i prefer ach youre gonna,click on details,and then its gonna show you a routing,number and an account number what youre,gonna have to do next is log into your,bank account,click on transfer and youre going to be,able to transfer funds from your bank,account into,this account its going to ask you which,whats the account number you want to,send it to and whats the routing number,you want to send it to,copy and paste it and then in about a,day or two funds will arr

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I GOT EVERY CRYPTO CARD (so you don’t have to)

this is every crypto credit and debit,card that I could get my hands on its,pretty much every crypto rewards card,that exists after months of opening,accounts trying cards finding the,loopholes the hidden fees most,importantly finding the free crypto I,have everything you need to know and all,I ask is that you take one second let me,know youre watching let YouTube know,youre watching hit the like button,lets jump right into the first one it,is the FTX Visa debit card this is a,card with no fees but also no cash back,no perks really nothing special going on,here its its not even a metal card,just so you know Im gonna go in order,from the least to the most crypto back,and thats based on the highest,advertised rewards rate youll see as we,go to the higher levels as much as 10,back the restrictions limitations and,commitment gets higher too so for most,people The Sweet Spot is probably going,to be somewhere in the middle but what,does the FTX card have well it lets you,spend USD or crypto its interestingly a,white labeled card that is powered by a,company called swipe that company was,acquired by binance and binance has,their own debit card where you can get,up to eight percent cash back but its,not available in the US well talk more,about that in a minute but bottom line,for the FTX card and by the way not a,review of the crypto trading platform,Im just talking about the cards and,this is a card but I will not be using,it next up the Robinhood Cash Card this,card has a waitlist its replacing their,current cash management product which,basically was a debit card with no fees,but also no perks the account paid 0.5,percent apy on your uninvested cash,interest is so old school and,essentially non-existent now that they,scrapped the program and theyre,replacing it with this cash card it is a,debit Mastercard it is basically tied to,a spending account which is a separate,account from your brokerage account it,is not a cash back card with a,traditional earn rate it actually just,Auto invests in stocks and crypto for,you using a Roundup feature basically,you make a charge they round up to the,nearest dollar and take the change and,at the end of the week invest it for you,and theyll do that for up to a hundred,dollars a week but thats your money,theyre rounding up the purchase and,taking it out of your account to invest,it so I dont count that as a card,reward what I do count is the bonus on,the weekly Roundup amount and that is a,random amount somewhere between 10,percent and one hundred percent of the,rounded up amount its basically a,little sweepstakes that they do for each,person at the end of the week and you,have a chance of getting that amount,doubled but it is capped at ten dollars,a week so after all of your spending for,the week if that rounded up amount ended,up being the hundred dollar maximum and,you got the 100 match youre not going,to get a hundred dollars youre only,going to get ten dollars so best case,scenario ten dollars a week you could,make 520 a year if you max out this card,um it does have other features like the,deposit and invest part of your paycheck,they say you can get faster access to,your pay thats similar to other,products like current and they also say,coming soon rewards and additional cash,back at certain stores but no,information yet on how thats going to,work or how much cash back that will be,so bottom line here Roundup and auto,investing is kind of a neat gimmick best,case scenario ten dollars a week so I,will not be using this card next up the,crypto.com midnight blue Visa debit card,this is what I would call the entry,level free card from crypto.com you get,one percent back on everything with no,categories that is paid in cro their,native Chrono close token you get that,instantly credited to your account at,the time of purchase no annual fee no,staking requirement it is a metal card,you probably remember there was once a,time when debit cards didnt pay,anything back and thats still mostly,true but we are seeing more and more,debit cards with cash back a lot of,these crypto cards are actually debit or,prepaid debit cards and this midnight,blue card with one percent cash back,its a good option I wouldnt personally,use it unless you didnt have access to,a card with two percent back tons of,free options in the US that have that,but this could be good for people in,other countries where theyre not as,generous with the cash back next up the,nexo card this card also has a waiting,list no annual fee Visa debit they say,you can earn up to two percent back in,Bitcoin or nexo coin but what does up to,two percent mean instant cash back on,all transactions but really theres no,other info and because this is a wait,list I couldnt get this card to try it,out and even when youre logged in They,removed the card from the nav if youre,on the app theres another wait list,which interestingly instead of the Visa,logo theyre showing a MasterCard who,knows about this card the help site says,card will be linked directly to your,credit limit and allow you to spend your,funds on purchases without the need to,withdraw funds to any bank account,anyway Im on the wait list there are,480 000 people in front of me bottom,line I cant use this card until I,actually get this card but I do know,that up to two percent means that,sometimes youre going to earn less than,two percent and I will not be using this,card next up the Sofi World Elite,MasterCard this is the first actual,credit card in the list its not a pure,crypto card but you can redeem for,crypto or stocks or cash because you can,redeem for crypto I did include it in,this Roundup that is deposited into your,sofa account they say you can have,unlimited two percent back on everything,this card does have some additional,credits and perks it is a World Elite,MasterCard it comes with cell phone,coverage all the standard MasterCard,perks at that level apply you get the,five dollar a month lift credit after,you pay for three Lyft rides you get the,three month trial to doordash and you,get a five dollar credit on up to one,meal per month from doordash it used to,be two but MasterCard changed that to,one bottom line on this card its,comparable to other two percent cashback,cards it is a World Elite card with no,annual fee those cards typically have a,95 annual fee so a little bit of value,there but unless you use Sofi anyway I,wouldnt personally go out of my way to,get this card next up the crypto.com,Ruby steel card this is the first,staking level of crypto.com cards its a,metal card red ruby steel two percent,back on everything no categories its,paid in cro you get that instantly,credited to your account theyve added,free Spotify which is a 14 a month value,theres no annual fee but theres a four,hundred dollar staking required and,staking is basically an investment into,the cro token just like any crypto if,the price of cro goes up your account is,worth more if it goes down your account,is worth less but really youre locking,up that money for the entire time you,want the benefits of the card its a,minimum of six months but if you unstake,you basically go back to the benefits of,the free version of the card but if the,value of cro goes up lets just say for,example it were to double your 400,became worth eight hundred dollars you,could unstake the 800 and then restake,400 and keep this card bottom line I,think two percent is the minimum you,should go for when youre talking about,a rewards card and this card is two,percent and it does have the free,Spotify which if you subscribe to,Spotify anyway thats 170 youll be,getting right back so if youre gonna,get a crypto.com card Id say this is a,good one to start with and if youre,gonna get this card I can actually give,you a better deal if you use my invite,link hey there dot TV slash crypto,youll get up to forty five dollars in,cro you get the normal 25 when you stake,for this card and youll get an,additional ten dollars when you make a,hundred dollar transactio


whats up everybody today im going to,talk about the crypto.com visa debit,card and the latest adjustments to the,benefits and perks,[Music],not too long ago i received my ruby visa,debit card and posted a video reviewing,the card and even upgraded to the higher,tier indigo card in the past few months,ive been using this card for many of my,expenses and taking advantage of the,three percent back in pro tokens for all,purchases however crypto.com announced,in july that further changes will be,coming in order to ensure sustainability,of the program weve already seen a,significant reduction in crow rewards,earned from both purchases and the total,staked amount and we saw the community,respond negatively to these changes and,once again im here to share further,updates with the fire hustle community,and remember the world of crypto is very,high risk none of what i say is,financial advice my videos are a great,starting point but i definitely,recommend you do your own research,before deciding to invest in this video,ill be covering some key points,including what changes were made to the,card benefits how much can you earn,passively with these cards and my final,thoughts on the recent updates before we,get down to business for those of you,that are new to the channel my name is,summer and id like to welcome you to,fire hustle wheres my mission to tell,you everything you need to know about,crypto projects in the shortest amount,of time possible if you want to help,this video reach a wider audience please,hit that like button and dont forget to,subscribe to the channel and turn on,post notifications so you can take,advantage of all the work ive done it,really helps the channel and i would,also really appreciate it now lets jump,right into it starting with a quick,refresher on how the visa debit card,works since its launch in 2018 the,crypto.com visa debit card has attracted,numerous users with its great reward,offers and quickly gained popularity in,the crypto community this provides a way,for crypto holders to use their,cryptocurrencies in the real world it,functions like a pre-loaded visa debit,card where you have to load funds before,using the card you have the option to,top up the card balance with either fiat,currencies like usd and cad or a number,of cryptocurrencies held in your wallet,in order to become a card holder youre,required to stake a certain amount of,crow on the crypto.com platform there,are five card tiers depending on how,much crow you decide to stake starting,with the lowest tier the midnight blue,does not require any staking however it,also doesnt earn you any crow rewards,staking 400 usd worth of crow will get,you the ruby steel card with a one,percent crow reward on purchases staking,4 000 usd worth of crow will get you the,royal indigo or jade green card giving,you a two percent return in crow staking,40 000 usd worth of crow will unlock the,frosted rose gold or icy white card,which will give you a 3 return in crow,and finally if you stake 400 000 usd,worth of crow you gain access to the,highest tier card obsidian which will,give you a five percent return in crow,on your purchases theres a monthly cap,on crow rewards you can receive through,purchases for car tiers lower than the,frosted rose gold tier the reward cap is,25 usd worth of crow per month for ruby,steel and 50 usd worth of crew per month,for royal indigo and jade green so if,you have the ruby steel or royal indigo,card and your expenses are higher your,rewards will be capped in addition to,crow rewards on purchases there are also,staking rewards earned with the royal,indigo and jade green tier and up,starting at indigo the staking reward is,four percent per year paid out weekly to,your wallet and crow tokens for rose,gold and obsidian the staking reward is,8 per year also paid out weekly to your,wallet for anyone that stay crowed,before june 1st 2022 youll still earn,crew rewards for purchases and staking,at the previous rates until your 180 day,sticking period expires after 180 days,the new reduced rate will be applied so,whats going to change well for a while,now users have been enjoying monthly,benefits including a spotify,subscription rebate for ruby steel and,higher a monthly netflix subscription,rebate and airport lounge access for,royal indigo or jade green and higher a,monthly amazon prime rebate and 10 off,at expedia for frosted rose gold or icy,white and higher and 10 off at airbnb,plus a private jet partnership for,obsidian however ruby steel royal indigo,and jade green holders will not be able,to enjoy these benefits for long if you,activated your card before july 23rd,2023 youll be able to enjoy spotify and,netflix for six more months but come,january 23rd of 2023 these perks will no,longer be included now what if you,decide to upgrade your card to one of,these tiers if you upgrade your card,after july 23rd youll receive spotify,and netflix reimbursements for six,months from the date at which you,upgraded so your benefits restart for a,new six month period now downgrading,your card wont grant you any extension,to enjoy the benefits and a new six,period does not apply krypto.com says,that these cardholders will instead get,up to two percent back when spending,with these merchants depending on their,card tier but if you ask me getting two,percent is nowhere near as appealing as,getting fully reimbursed especially if,youre already earning up to two percent,back in crow on all purchases anyways if,you happen to be a proud owner of the,icy white frosted rose gold or obsidian,card not to worry youll be able to,continue enjoying these benefits aside,from removing these perks theyll also,be introducing a top-up fee for users in,the united states if you add funds via,fia or from your crypto wallet there,will not be a fee but if you add funds,to your debit card or credit card there,is a one percent top-up fee and this,change will be effective august 12 2022.,crypto.com also recently began accepting,apple pay so you can now use your credit,or debit card from your apple wallet to,make crypto purchases in the crypto.com,app so what do i think about this well,the last thing anyone wants is for the,cardholder benefits to be taken away,from them especially when the reward,system is designed to encourage users to,work their way upwards and unlock the,next tier for additional benefits i had,to work hard to upgrade to the royal,indigo card and i wasnt too happy when,i learned about the slash rewards and to,now have netflix and spotify removed,from the benefits is another hit to the,gut the purpose of these changes is to,achieve long-term sustainability which,is understandable given the increasing,popularity of the visa debit card with,changes coming to the crypto space every,day we may see more crypto cards pop up,with interesting benefits i wouldnt be,surprised to see crypto.com competitors,to use this to the advantage to release,a more rewarding card although i also,believe that its a way to get investors,to buy into the higher tiered cards and,incentivize them to work their way up,for now ill continue using my shiny,royal indigo card and ill still be,earning crow rewards at the current,higher rates once my 180 day staking,period is over ill probably search the,market for a more rewarding card my,other option would be to upgrade to the,rose gold tier but that is a hefty,amount to stake and also the crypto,space is constantly changing and i,wouldnt be surprised to see crypto.com,implement more changes in the future now,some of you may be wondering how this,news has affected the price of crow well,it definitely is no surprise that the,price did fall will crow make a recovery,well the short answer is we dont really,know despite the fact that they recently,laid off numerous employees keep in mind,that crypto.com is still one of the top,exchanges in the world and theyve been,making huge marketing moves personally,ive been dcing into crow for the last,little while and im optimistic a

Crypto.com Visa Card | WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! (2021)

hey everybody its eddie here and in,todays video im gonna be going over,three pros and three cons that you need,to know about the krypto.com visa card,im gonna go over some details,everything that you need to know so if,that sounds interesting definitely stick,around if you are interested in signing,up i do have a referral link down below,if you do use my code you do get a 25,bonus if youve used my code in the past,thank you guys so much and i do have a,dedicated krypto.com playlist where you,can learn more about the krypto.com visa,card the app the platform ill leave,that link down below if you guys are,interested in learning but other than,that lets begin now i do have the,indigo blue card so ill be sharing my,experience using this card using these,benefits if you have the jade green it,will also be the same ill be going over,the three pros first then ill go over,the three cons pro number one is the,cash back benefits on these cards in,order to receive and use their cards you,do have to stake their native cro token,and when you do that you do get interest,back so for me i get an average of 10 to,13 every single month you do get,reimbursement on your spotify and your,netflix subscription which is around 24,a month so every single month i do get,around 37,cashback now every time i use this card,whether i buy coffee with it groceries,with it whether i pay for certain things,with it i do get a three percent cash,back so that has been really awesome i,actually dont know any other debit,cards that give cash back rewards i,dont think they do even credit cards,right on average you get around one,point five percent to two percent but,three percent three percent cashback on,this card has been a really nice benefit,and feature of this card pro number two,is that you can top up your crypto.com,visa card with crypto now i know that a,lot of people dont like spending their,crypto i understand that but for me with,crypto.com it always has been nice to,have that option to be able to take,profits on my investments load that,profit up into my crypto.com visa card,and spend it and every time i spend it i,also get a three percent cash back you,can top it up with bitcoin stable coins,or the all coin options that they have,available and personally for myself ive,had experiences where the market would,be up i would sell some of my bitcoin,purchase a meal with it and then when,the market dipped i would actually just,buy more bitcoin pro number three is,that you do get a higher staking reward,now ive created a ton of videos about,staking and earning interest on your,crypto,definitely check the crypto.com playlist,im not going to go too deep into that,but there is a difference in terms of,percentage rates when you do own the,indigo blue or jade green versus the,ruby red or none right now i am on the,crypto.com website you can go under the,earn tab but if you go to the crosstake,400 or less which is going to be the,ruby red youll get 4.5 on your bitcoin,5.5 on your ethereum and then youll see,an average of like two percent,throughout majority all coins except,polka dot youll get 10 now if you stake,4 000 or more which is going to be the,indigo blue or jade green or above you,get 6.5 percent which is 2 more percent,ethereum you get 6.5 and in polka dot,you get 12.5,right now i am staking and earning,interest on some of my crypto you can,see that i earned six point five percent,on my ethereum twelve point five percent,of my polka dot six point five percent,on my bitcoin if i go ahead and click on,polka dot this has been really really,nice every single week i do get around,one polka dot which has been really nice,and for my ethereum i do get 6.5 percent,how much is that per week that is going,to be an average of 18 every single week,and for stable coins you would get 12,versus 10,so with the amount that i have staked i,do earn around 65 every single week and,with that i can either top up my card,and use it or i can just hold on to it,as an investment and keep growing it all,right now that weve gone over the pros,lets go over the cons con number one,its expensive if you go to their,website and look at their tiers and the,cards that they offer the midnight blue,is free but you only get a one percent,cash back reward which isnt i mean its,still a benefit but its not a great one,now the next card is their most popular,one which is the ruby steel you have to,stake four hundred dollars worth of,their cro token you get two percent cash,back and you get a full reimbursement on,your spotify now four hundred dollars,for the ruby steel is expensive but its,still doable for some people,the next tier over is where it gets a,little bit pricey the indigo blue the,jade green is four,thousand dollars right the benefits are,great but the cost its still pretty up,there now one thing to keep in mind is,that when you are purchasing these cards,you are investing into their cro token,so its not like your four thousand,dollars is done and gone right its,still invested and later on if you want,to unstake it you can take your cro,token investment back and put it back,into your bank let me use my account as,an example at the time of when i got,this card the requirement was to stake,10 000 cro at the time once your token,was around 18 cents so i paid around,1800,for this card but what i was actually,doing was buying their cro token and,having it invested right now my 10 000,cro token is worth around fifteen,hundred dollars i personally dont plan,on unstaking my ten thousand cr any time,im gonna probably keep it in there,forever uh but you can unstake your cro,token anytime you want so i can click on,unsafe ten thousand cro and then i can,either choose keep staking or im sure,on stake when i unstake my 10 000 cro,tokens the 1485 44 will be unstaked or,unlocked and i can sell my cr tokens and,put that back into my bank of course if,i did that now id be selling at a loss,but i can do that later on in the future,when im massively in profit when one,zero token is like at one dollar that,would be nice if you have a midnight,blue and you want to upgrade to the ruby,steel or if you have the ruby steel and,you want to upgrade to the indigo blue,or the jade green you can click on the,upgrade button and from here you can,select which one you want to upgrade to,of course forty thousand four hundred,thousand dollars is a lot unless its,not for you right if thats for you for,sure do that right but if i want to,upgrade my card i would click on 40 000,continue stake and then i would have to,deposit the appropriate amount of cr,tokens and stake it now a common,question that i received a lot is hey,eddie i just got the ruby steel its 400,do i have to maintain that 400 value in,order to keep my card and the answer is,no the moment you invest into their card,that rate is locked in so if the cro,value drops and say your 400 is now,worth 350. you dont have to add another,50 to maintain the benefits of your card,you just keep as is keep it there,forever like i invested 1800 for this,card if the value of the stereo token,drops and now its valued at like 800 i,really dont mind at all because i can,still enjoy the three percent cashback,ill get spotify netflix reimbursement,and i get to enjoy the high reward rates,of the staking and earn program call,number two you cannot reverse,top up meaning that once youve topped,up your visa card theres no way to,reverse that transaction so ive had,some questions come up where like hey,eddie i just put in a thousand dollars,into my krypto.com visa card is there,any way that i can put that back into my,fiat wallet into my crypto.com account,and then purchase crypto with it and,unfortunately the answer is no i wish,there was a feature for this but once,youve load up your card the only way to,pull it out is either go to an atm,machine withdraw cash or spend it but,crypto.com if youre watching this i,hope and pray and ask that there will be,a way for people to be able to move,their funds from t

Is Crypto.com Debit Card Worth It? (My Experience)

if youre thinking about getting a,crypto.com debit card then i got you,because ive been using mine for three,years now and in this video im gonna,share with you a brain dump of all my,experiences and tips that you gotta know,and if you decide to get one afterwards,ill leave you a link that you can use,for a sign up bonus but first lets roll,the intro,[Music],so why even bother with crypto debit,cards in general like whats the point,well the main point is that this is the,easiest way to spend your crypto as if,it were fiat were not quite at the,stage of adoption where all the coffee,shops and stores out there straight up,except crypto but in the meantime these,debit cards are a super easy and,convenient solution and its great for,those of you who may be crypto rich but,cash poor you dont have to go through,the hassle of converting your coins to,usd sending that back to your bank,account and paying fees along the way,with these crypto debit cards you just,top them off with your coins and start,spending instantly now the next question,is which company should you go with,because theres a lot of options out,there these days well i want to focus on,crypto.com debit cards in particular for,two main reasons first with full,disclosure they are long time sponsors,of our channel they have been for a few,years now so i do cover them,occasionally because of their support,but second they have a long track record,and a genuinely good product if youre,around back in 2017 you might have,remembered how crypto.com was one of the,first companies to actually deliver on,their promises and launch debit cards,worldwide and theyve grown so much,because of their quality products i mean,im happy they sponsor us but i wouldnt,use their cards for so long if i didnt,really like it and thats also why i,have some valuable experience to share,because ive been using them for almost,four years now for the rest of this,video ill go through nine specific tips,and experiences of mine and ill end,with a note about their juicy welcome,bonus sounds good lets go so number one,is that crypto.coms debit cards are not,available everywhere in the world they,are available in the us europe canada,and some asian countries too but if,youre not in those countries you may,have to wait a bit they did say they are,focused on rolling out to latin america,next so if youre there definitely stay,tuned because it should hit those,markets in 2022 number two is that they,offer a range of cards that you can,choose from starting with the midnight,blue card to the obsidian where you have,to be a whale to get personally i,recommend starting with the third tier,the jade green slash royal indigo card,if you can because when you stake the 4k,worth of cro to get that you get passive,income staking rewards as well and,thats like 10 annual interest you earn,which you get straight into your wallet,on a weekly basis and by the way you can,unstake your cro after six months and do,whatever you want with it but personally,i would just keep it staked because you,would lose some benefits and perks if,you unstaked it number three is that you,can use this card around the world with,no issue its literally as simple as,flipping on a switch for international,usage and ive used it in latin america,and other countries quite a bit with no,problems number four is that you can,withdraw cash from atms with zero fees,well actually they reimburse your fees,up to a certain amount of usd per month,and after that its a two percent atm,fee the amount that you can reimburse,for depends on which tier of card you,get so just keep that in mind if you,want to use this to withdraw cash from,atms number five is that this is a,prepaid card so you use your crypto to,top off the cards balance but they,actually convert your crypto into a fiat,balance when you click on the top off,button so youre not actually storing,crypto in your card also once you do,that conversion and its in your cards,balance you cannot go back to crypto,its a one-way top-off process so just,keep that in mind because it confused me,when i first started using it number six,is that they do have good customer,support so i recommend that you hit them,up using their in-app chat if you need,any help i used it before when i got my,card stolen a few years ago someone,charged my card from hundreds of miles,away so i froze it instantly and,messaged them for help and they were,super helpful they sent me a new one,really fast and even refunded the,fraudulent charge which i think was,possible because the thief didnt know,my pin number so they must have charged,it as credit number seven is that if you,care about perks encrypted.coms cards,has got a range of them for you they do,vary depending on your card tier but,some highlights are free netflix and,spotify subscriptions as well as airport,lounge access through lounge key,personally i just use their lounge,access when i travel and they do have,plenty of options in most major airports,out there but for my particular tier,its only me and i cant bring a guest,number eight is that these crypto.com,debit cards are pretty easy on the fees,theres no issuance fee nor an annual,renewal fee you only have to buy in,stake cro to get one one fee you need to,be mindful of is the withdrawal fee if,you send crypto there but decide to,withdraw it to an outside crypto wallet,that can cost a pretty penny depending,on which coin youre trying to send,another fee you gotta be careful of,comes from swapping coins through their,app sometimes they do that because their,debit card has a limited set of coins,that you can top off with so i need to,trade the coins i have for coins that i,can use for topping off but theyre,trades from their app often have high,spreads or just worse rates compared to,their crypto.com exchange try to only,send coins that their visa card accepts,and dont send ones that require you to,trade them first before you can use them,for topping off number nine is that they,have transaction exports that you can,use when filing your taxes because when,we sell our coins to top off our visa,debit cards that is a taxable event so,we do need to calculate capital gains,losses on those coins but fortunately,crypto.coms app has a great csv export,feature so you can easily get those,files tweak them a little bit and then,upload them to whichever crypto tax tool,you use thats what ive done in the,past and its pretty seamless well those,were my nine tips and all in all i do,recommend these debit cards if you,decide to get your own then please use,my referral link down below because then,we both get a 25 welcome bonus very,important is that you need to get a ruby,steel card or above to qualify but also,this referral program is amazing because,you can get your own link and share it,with your friends to get bonuses for,yourself this program is not just for,content creators partners its for,everyone so thats pretty awesome if you,have any other questions on your mind,then just write them below and ill try,my best to answer them also be sure to,catch this video where i share some tips,about krypto.coms other products,besides just their debit cards ill see,on the next one and cheers

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