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Cuphead Review

you know how a joke can start out funny,get annoying and then become funny again,through sheer attrition thats cup heads,approach to enjoyment with a beautiful,caustic near unceasing stream of boss,battles it made me scream with joy and,horror by turn but I settled on joy by,the end the most obvious point to begin,with is to say that cup head looks,astonishing its 1930s animation style,alt watercolor backgrounds and surreal,juddering hand-drawn characters somehow,manages to balance dozens of moving,elements and a slight rear projection,blur without ever feeling unreadable in,the most frantic moments there has never,been a game that looks like this and the,score and sound effects add to that out,of time feeling perfectly theres no,doubt that its gorgeous,and many people will be drawn to that,but that veneer conceals a very niche,ultra-hard design,its absolutely uncompromising in its,difficulty from the outset no,checkpoints no way to regain health and,even getting help in local co-op makes,things harder by cluttering the screen,actually interacting with all that,glorious art is so hectic so stressful,that I stopped noticing it after a while,Cup heads levels come in three types the,least common and least interesting is,run-and-gun left-to-right platforming,drawn directly from the likes of contra,these levels were introduced as,breathers from boss battles but feel,more like a lull the second type takes,the form of bullet hell shooting as much,tests of dexterity as they are pattern,learning they are throwback to classic,treasure games just with fewer,spaceships and more angry constellations,and they slot comfortably alongside them,for quality best of all though other,platforming battles this is where,cuphead flexes its imagination most,crafting weird often hilarious bouts,that have you interacting with the,controls in more and more interesting,ways from controlling where your,platforms moving to battles that feel as,much like fighting games as they do,shooters real thoughts gone into not,just the looks but the mechanics of each,individual fight some are up there with,the best boss battles Ive ever played,cuphead himself is perfectly responsive,and with never-ending shots and dashes,at his disposal feels genuinely powerful,when compared with other platforming,heroes with such good controls and,abilities any mistakes feel like your,fault not his as it should be it just so,happens that hes been pitted against,extremely tough opposition unlockable,abilities offer a splash of puzzle,thinking to the mix experimenting with,them can be vital to I only managed to,beat the final boss because of a change,in ammunition the one real issue with,Cup heads abilities is the parry double,jump which do too flimsy implementation,often becomes more trouble than its,worth,beyond that there are a couple of issues,that kept me from really loving this,game as much as I wanted to but,curiously chosen default controller,layout and having to leave a level to,change your equipped items is merely,irritating but Cup heads use of,randomization between different runs of,the same battle is perhaps its worst,decision changing attack patterns to,keep things fresh is one thing but it,goes too far certain combinations of,attacks can feel legitimately unfair and,similarly winning a long-fought battle,simply because randomization made one,run much easier than the ones that came,before it can make your triumph feel a,little limp worst of all scrolling,levels with randomly placed platforms,can become all but impossible through no,fault of your own its a shame that,certain levels feel less like skill,tests and more like luck of the draw,thats thankfully a rare problem one of,kupets greatest strengths is that no,matter how long a boss took to beat and,usually emerged feeling like a better,player for the experience and ready to,bring that to the next fight Cup had,made me feel more good and more bad than,any other game Ive played in years,I swore laughed and hollered with,delight as certain points I hated it and,my own fingers but having finished I,emerged from that pain smiling because,of that cuphead is incredible for more,than just its looks,but before buying make sure you want a,game that plays like this and not just a,game that looks like this if youre,still undecided on cuphead after all of,that why not check out our video of the,first eight minutes of the game or if,you want to see more of those beautiful,boss battles you can check out every,single world one boss defeated,you

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Review

[Music],despite what the title suggests cuphead,the delicious last course is much more,than just a fancy flan or fruit tart to,top off the gourmet meal that was the,original game this is an expansion that,certainly favors quality over quantity,consisting primarily of only six,mainline boss fights but theres six,incredible boss fights that each stand,tall as some of the most fun challenging,and visually jaw dropping ones yet,sweetening the pot are several new,weapons new charms that each add subtle,new approaches to fighting bosses some,tantalizing secrets with worthwhile,rewards and a brand new character in,miss chalice who comes with several,skills that take some of the edge off of,cupheads intense difficulty without,outright feeling like an easy mode my,first playthrough was over in just a few,hours but they were hours i would deem,essential for any cuphead fan,[Music],the delicious last course is all about,making miss chalice a character who,appeared in the main game only as a,super move granting spirit a real living,and breathing cup person to that end,cuphead and his pal mugman head towards,a brand new isle where theyre told that,shelf salt baker the greatest chef in,the land is able to create a wonder tart,that can permanently grant miss chalice,a body the catch of course is that they,must collect ingredients by defeating,the powerful foes that are guarding them,the story obviously isnt the reason,anyones here but its nonetheless,charmingly told with quick cut scenes,and more of the outstanding art that,fans have come to expect thus the stage,is set for yet another round of the most,spectacular 2d action platformer bosses,ive ever faced the content of the,delicious last course is accessible,nearly right from the start of a new,game just after you clear the first,mausoleum and meet miss chalice for the,first time but if youre new or rusty,youll definitely want to get your feet,wet with some other foes first as the,six bosses in this dlc do not pull their,punches the very first one has you,contending with projectiles in the air,spikes on the ground that force you to,keep moving shifting platforms that put,you in danger if they raise you up at,the wrong time little gnomes that emerge,from the floor to shoot more projectiles,at you and more gnomes that appear on,the platforms and will hammer you if you,stay on for too long and thats just the,first phase while the mechanical,difficulty of the bosses in the,delicious last course are cranked up,studio mdhr is not without mercy theres,of course an easier difficulty but there,are also a number of new charms and,weapons that help tip the scales back in,your favor including the one that lets,you play as miss chalice herself,when you play as miss chalice youre,unable to equip any other charms but she,comes naturally equipped with a double,jump a dodge that she can use while on,the ground to roll through obstacles a,dashing parry that makes it much easier,to parry objects coming straight at you,and most crucially 4 hp instead of the,standard 3. some may look at that and,think oh so its essentially an extra,easy mode but thats not quite right,miss chalice also has a much worse,single jump than cuphead so she has to,use her double jump in order to get over,certain obstacles that cuphead would,easily be able to clear her dashberry is,great for objects coming straight,towards her but is harder to use than,the traditional double jump parry in,some situations and as mentioned before,shes unable to equip any of the new,powerful charms that are available like,my new personal favorite the heart ring,which rewards you with hp on your first,third and sixth parries essentially,giving you the ability to double your hp,if you can successfully period bosss,attacks,as for the new weapons my personal,favorite is a homing weapon called the,crack shot which can be fired without,worrying too much about aiming and has a,special ex move that drops a turret,which can be then parried and launched,into an enemy for big damage to get the,coins needed to afford these new weapons,and charms the delicious last course,introduces a replacement for the run gun,levels of the main game in the form of a,series of mini bosses led by the king of,games early on in the dlc youre able to,climb a ladder to reach the king of,games castle which is a totally awesome,hand sculpted stop motion model by the,way and from there youre free to,challenge his champions the catch is,that each of these chess piece themed,mini boss fights arent one with your,weapons or charms theyre won entirely,with your parry technique theyre all,clever fights and tackling each of them,is a fun change of pace and a unique,challenge especially when you try the,gauntlet mode and attempt to beat them,all in a single life more than anything,though its certainly a step up over the,run and gun levels when it comes to,earning the currency needed to purchase,new equipment everything else in the,delicious last course is what you would,expect from cuphead but taken to an even,greater degree studio mdhrs maja,moldenhauer has stated that the,animation frame count in this dlc alone,is comparable to the entire core game,which sounded crazy to even think about,before playing but now that i have its,not a hard thing to believe,every phase of every boss in the,delicious last course totally transforms,the battle youll go from fighting an,ice magician to a diabolical,refrigerator to a deranged snowflake all,over the course of one fight with each,phase having anywhere from three to like,seven unique attacks and each attack,being so absurdly packed with detail,that i didnt even notice most of the,smaller bits until i recorded and,watched back my footage that includes,things like the way these gnomes climb,up the side of the mountain and scooch,under the fur the way the background,suddenly changes with every phase of the,fight against sheriff winchester or the,way the aforementioned deranged,snowflake literally rings its own body,to pop out its eye for one of its,attacks the magic of cupheads boss,design and something that all the bosses,in this dlc exemplify is that while it,throws a ton of stuff at you everything,is generally pretty easy to avoid if you,know its coming every attack is,exceptionally well telegraphed patterns,are easily recognizable and the visual,language is always simple and clear the,delicious last course skillfully nails,that hard to hit balance of being tough,but fair and saves a truly difficult,stuff for expert mode which provides a,very worthwhile challenge for hardcore,fans once the main campaign is completed,and for those that want even more of a,challenge well theres something for you,too but i wouldnt want to spoil what it,is or how to get it,[Music],cuphead the delicious last course is the,perfect send-off for a game that,embodies the phrase one of a kind,experienced players will likely muscle,their way through the six bosses and,optional king of games mini bosses in,just a handful of hours but the quality,of those hours far outweighs their,quality all of the bosses including the,king of games mini bosses are among the,best in the whole game and thats saying,a lot when you consider how high the bar,was already set im not normally one for,dessert but if you dine on cuphead you,dont want to miss the delicious last,course,for more cuphead delicious last course,make sure to check out the first minutes,of the game and for everything else keep,it here on ign

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Cuphead Review | ft. @Strippin | The Completionist

indie games come and go every day but,one in the game that Ive been watching,like a hawk has finally come out ever,since its announcement in 2014 cuphead,has had my attention taunting me from,afar alas and kept getting delayed days,turned into months months into years and,in the back of my mind I always knew I,knew that one day I was gonna have to,play and complete this beautiful game,but just because something is beautiful,doesnt mean it isnt difficult I may be,in over my head,now thats been out for a few weeks its,time for me to take a big old gulp of,what Cup it has to offer really drink it,all in zip by glorious sip ok Ill stop,now sorry about that this one word on,the street is that this game is very,very hard and completing it is something,of a nightmare so I decided to double,down this week and make it even more,challenging Im bringing in my buddy Sam,thorn aka stripping a good buddy of mine,happens to be really good at video games,its a big time stream of red twitch.tv,slash stripping were gonna do this,co-op style Sam welcome to the show,whats up bud longtime viewer first-time,go host Josie Im gonna have you man,thanks man,yeah,oh you ready to chug this mom Oh burning,me then show me,Yoona send me up dead script Im sorry,this is lets lets just jump to the,credits this is gross,[Music],our first glimpse at cuphead came during,the e3 2014 xbox press conference right,in the middle of a montage of upcoming,games we only got a few seconds of it,but pretty much everyone wanted to know,more about that beautifully animated,side scroller yeah I was sitting right,there screaming wait what the hell is,that go back go back tell me more about,the cup guy it was a while longer before,we would get a proper look at cup head,we already knew the animation was,stunning bordering on being one of the,best looking games of all time but we,didnt know how its gameplay was gonna,shape up turns out cuphead was a boss,rush style game from an indie studio,with a lot of ambition studio m.d. HR,had been working on cuphead since 2010,and was founded by Chad and Jared,moldenhauer these bros have been putting,themselves through the wringer to bring,their dream game to life going as far as,to refinance their house to keep,production going the dedication seems to,have paid off since the final product is,a universally praised run-and-gun,shooter with wall D crave and,interesting country style fights right,away my completionist sense was flaring,up I knew this thing was gonna be tough,but I also knew itd be a great,opportunity to show off how well I can,muscle my way through a truly difficult,video game and hows that working out,for you so far drug not super great Sam,this game can be a real even the,first few bosses took me several tries,to defeat and Im hearing rumors that,accomplishing every possible task in,this game is a monstrous undertaking,which is why I brought you along today,with me Sam thanks Im excited I think,as you should be considering that were,going to have to beat every boss collect,every coin and a whole bunch more,together,are you excited buddy are you ready for,the pain I am a regret green to this and,I regret our friendship entirely,[Music],you,[Music],Im gonna come out and say it Sam,cuphead is the best looking game of the,year really we had breath of the wild,Bishop horizon persona five hell-blade,mary odyssey splatoon drawed a new one,child came out this year I stand by my,statement cuphead is the best looking,game of 2017 I mean I can see where,youre coming from I guess it is,entirely hand-drawn mm-hmm every,character in the game does have dozens,of animations and theyre all lovingly,crafted yeah the bosses are all unique,go on the levels do look an awful lot,like they will lift it straight out of a,classic animated movie youre getting,there and it has I guess been a really,nice change of pace from all the,polygonal realistic games this year,almost there all right fine its the,best-looking game of 2017 nothing looks,like it nothing ever has and I doubt,anyone would be willing to put in the,work necessary to make anything like,ever again its a beautiful game alright,youre damn right while playing through,couplet I was constantly amazed by the,sheer creativity from developer studio,MD HR every single character every,single boss was completely unique and,unlike anything I had seen before and,thats undoubtedly due to the developers,decisions to emulate the visual style of,1930s Fleischer Salle cartoons its an,animation style that hasnt been popular,for the better part of a century but its,faithfully recreated right here in,cuphead its almost so well done that,sometimes you forget that its even a,game at all honestly that huge flower,cagney carnation one of the most,inventive boss characters Ive ever seen,even if Im not sure exactly how hes a,would have more flex,shoot seeds like a Gatling gun of the,dozens of bosses in cuphead no two,arent anywhere close to similar every,single boss has its own look its own,stage and its own mechanics that are,completely different than anything else,in the game but Sam why are we killing,all of these lovely creatures anyway,its because the devil told us to thats,[Laughter],after losing in a game of craps in the,devils casino cuphead and his brother,mug man who Im playing ass end up owing,this souls to the devil rather than give,up so easily I offered to go and collect,on the debts owed by the other,inhabitants of in Coney Island,of course those debts are the contracts,for the souls of everyone else on the,island and those folks arent gonna give,them up so easily,would you drug oh absolutely not even if,I technically oh the devil a contract,for my soul you can bet your ass Id be,fighting to keep my signature off that,piece of paper until my dying breath Im,not going through whatever torture field,library that dudes got waiting for me,even in a world when the only video game,was five nights at Freddys dont you,even joke about that,to match the vintage look of cuphead the,soundtrack in this game is moi exquisite,think about every single early cartoon,youve ever seen thats scratchy yet,charming jazz style music is everywhere,in cuphead its enough to transport you,back to a bygone era of entertainment,where movies with dialogue in them,honestly there are a few times where I,wish it wasnt a talkie the musics,great but some of the voices are so,destroyed that they end up sounding,creepy and weird sometimes like in the,game shop just downright terrifying,because everything else sounds so good,through the vinyl scratches just comes,off as a little too much while its a,small criticism its definitely worth,calling out especially when youre,hearing the voices over and over and,over again while playing the same levels,over and over again after dying over and,over again thankfully thats the only,issue we really had with Cup heads looks,and sounds the game runs smooth as,butter like a game that requires such,precision in its mechanics should if you,look closely you can see every frame of,its hand-drawn animation with every,movement and when youre not frantically,trying to dodge spiked casino chips and,fireballs,its absolutely stunning to take a look,at maybe watch a youtube video like this,one right here exactly where on youtube,good tonight,yeah so dont say anything stupid Sam,youve never played Bioshock well there,goes all of our credibility,[Music],cuphead is in no way an easy game to,complete it is not your on just watching,you run through single-player mode was,giving me terror sweats that difficulty,is what cuphead is all about youre,playing through a beautiful level after,beautiful level learning boss fight,patterns slowly getting better and,better until you can easily fight your,way through the toughest of big baddies,I love the joy from playing comes from,realizing and knowing that youre,improving things seem absolutely,hopeless when you first jump in with,bosses cutting you down left and right,often before you can get past t

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Is Cuphead too hard? – Cuphead Review

difficulty is a tricky thing to talk,about in todays gaming ecosystem it,isnt tricky to see why however since,the concept of difficulty is way up,there on the list of things that are,entirely subjective but that doesnt,stop it from being the center of many,conversations by now youve probably,heard plenty of debating about Dark,Souls and games like it requiring an,easy mode for less skilled or more,handicapped players to enjoy the,experience with those against the very,idea saying that the difficulty itself,is part of the experience after all with,video games being a complete composition,of visuals sound storytelling and,interaction changing even the difficulty,of a game could drastically alter the,end result but again difficulty is,subjective right,what if easy mode for your little,brother was just as oppressively,difficult as normal mode is for you is,the experience truly different at that,point this is something that I think,about a lot every time I play Dark Souls,or blood-borne or really any game that,forces me to die a lot to learn how to,conquer it the difficulty of these games,is something that I personally relish,and enjoy and its such a rush to,finally conquer something thats been,ripping your limbs off for the past hour,filling you with the pride and relief of,overcoming an obstacle through sheer,willpower and learning but Ive been,gaming since I was a toddler,while Im no MLG pro as many people who,watch my Lets Plays can attest moving a,character around on screen with a mouse,and keyboard or a controller is,something that comes naturally to me Im,not pressing buttons anymore Im jumping,dashing shooting and slashing what Im,trying to say is that I have the,experience to be able to overcome a lot,of these challenges even if it does take,me an hour and most of you watching,probably do too but it wasnt until,cuphead came out that I really really,started to think about it and started,writing this script,cuphead at its core is a 2d shooter,similar to the likes of mega man or,contra it also happens to be very very,difficult it doesnt pull any punches,you have three health two weapons a dash,a jump a parry slap and a special attack,for each weapon thats it its,incredibly simple and while I would love,to make a joke about the brutal,difficulty of certain parts of the,tutorial other people,Ive already done that far better than I,can here so go give those a watch if you,want,outside of weapon switching the tutorial,teaches you everything you need to know,combine your jump and dash to overcome,obstacles climb down from thin platforms,parry slap pink things use the free aim,mode to shoot diagonally collect coins,to buy stuff like I said its very very,simple and I dont want anyone to think,that because I say that its simple that,that is a bad thing theres nothing,wrong with simplicity in fact in many,cases it can be far superior than,something that is complex just for the,sake of it,hollow knight is a great example of this,it starts simple and stays simple,throughout the course of the game and is,that much better for it,simplicity can lend itself incredibly,well to difficulty as well making it so,that the only thing standing in your way,is not memorizing all your options or,controls but rather executing and,reacting to the various challenges that,the game throws at you and thats,cuphead in a nutshell various challenges,that you must master if you hope to move,on and eventually beat it its presented,innocently enough with the 1930s,inspired visual and audio design which,are both absolutely stellar and a joy to,take in due to the passion that was,poured into the games aesthetic but,underneath the painstakingly rotoscoped,animation that feels more like youre,watching a cartoon than playing a game,is what is essentially a series of,bosses that you must overcome to repay,your debt to the devil himself thats,right cuphead story is thinly held,together by you owing a debt to the,devil and being required to collect,everyone elses debts for you to pay,yours but thats ok because Im pretty,sure nobody is playing cuphead for the,story itself its all about the action,which to me is a fantastic amount of fun,as I mentioned cuphead is essentially a,boss rush there are a couple of,run-and-gun platforming stages that,exist but for the most part those arent,nearly as fun or as interesting as each,of the bosses are each one is entirely,unique with its own special brand of,challenges different phases and many,transformations that are sometimes,incredibly surprising and awesome to,look at such that you might end up,taking a hit or two because youre so,distracted by what just happened to your,enemy but this is where the difficulty,comes in youre gonna die a,and if youre not a very skilled player,youre going to get incredibly,frustrated and I dont mean that in any,sort of condescending or a leadest or,hardcore gamer way either because I,dont think Im particularly awesome at,any game that I play this is why at the,very beginning of the video I told you,how long Ive been playing video games,to give you an idea of how difficult,this game may be for you Im the type of,severn guy who will keep trying and,trying as long as I feel like Im,learning from what Im doing and I have,fun that way but not everybody will and,though this game is as difficult as it,is it rarely ever feels unfair once you,learn what each boss and creature is,capable of every hit can feel like your,fault you can trace back your moves and,think to yourself oh I shouldnt have,parry slapped that pink thing there it,knocked me into another projectile or I,could have moved left instead of right,to put more space between myself and the,boss theres always something to learn,from in each death as long as you dont,panic and keep your wits about you but,again even that unfairness is subjective,what I may have been able to find a,pattern in or learn the timings of a,less experienced gamer might have,perceived as chaos or unreasonable,timing windows and even for me certain,bosses I faced bordered on unreasonable,but I can watch videos of other people,just flying through those same bosses as,if they could see the future for players,who want to experience the game but,might not have the skill to conquer,regular mode cuphead does include a,simple mode for almost every boss where,the bosses attacks are slowed down made,less complex and where even an entire,phase is often removed to make the game,easier,however this mode is missing for the,run-and-gun levels which from what I,could tell are completely optional to,beat but are your only real source of,coins throughout the game and theyre,not exactly easy either and yes you do,want to collect the coins because with,those coins you can buy different,weapons to give you more options to face,each of the bosses with certain weapons,are better suited for certain bosses so,these are options youre going to want,to have on you you might have noticed,that I said almost every boss has a,simple mode thats because you cannot,face the final two stages of the game,having only conquered the bosses on that,mode simple mode doesnt give you the,sole contract for that boss that you,need to meet the devil so you cant get,so while simple mode does give less,skilled players the opportunity to,experience the game there is a lot of,content thats actually missing if you,choose to play it that way,the final phase of most if not all of,the bosses are often the most bombastic,the most weird and the most exciting,ones to behold but simple mode doesnt,even get to see them likewise the two,bosses at the end of the game are two of,the most challenging and unique and not,to mention theyre the final bosses of,the game so if you cant beat every,single boss on regular you cant even,beat the game thats why you keep coming,back to cut peds difficulty I dont,really think that the games easy mode,is implemented very well you get less,boss faces youre unable to beat the,game and the run and gun stages may,still be unap

Cuphead Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hello,felix from nintendo live here now,cuphead came out for the switch three,years ago but we never actually got,around to reviewing the game here on,this channel,now though because of the dlcs recent,release we thought it would be as good,time as any to get it done so lets just,get right into it,these words are not going to be mine,though since this review was written by,the stupendous chris scullion and later,we wiped into this video by me,the game starts off with cuphead and his,brother mugman entering the devils,casino,the devil himself offers them a bet,double their money or forfeit their,souls,naturally the big man wins but he gives,the pet a chance to redeem themselves,only if they can chase down other,debtors who are on the run from the,devil hell let the drinkspace duo go,free kapits gameplay consists of mainly,two types of levels,running gun stages and bus battles,the former are much fewer in number,there are only 6 in total and are,straightforward enough fs get to the end,of the stage with at least some health,intact and try to get the 5 coins,scattered throughout each run and gun,level to be able to buy new weapons and,abilities in the shop,but the real meat of the game is the 19,bars encounters and these bosses will,really really test your abilities to,their limits in case you missed out on,other systems cuphead is known for being,an exceptionally difficult game the,reality is that yes it can be tricky at,times but its not like it hits you with,an endless onslaught of abuse,its more about pattern recognition the,boss fights might be a little longer,than those in other action platformers,but the same general principle applies,here learn each bosss attack patterns,figure out how to avoid each attack,discover its weak spots and let it have,at it until it eventually kneels over,most players frustration will likely lie,with the bosss random nature although,they tend to have three unique faces,each with their own sets of attacks,these attacks are generally chosen at,random throughout each phase,this means you cant just stand there,thinking right hes gonna do this attack,then he follows up with that attack and,then i can get him no instead you have,to wait to see which of the attacks they,will use and then react quickly and,often you wont have a lot of time to do,this,at the risk of sounding like a get good,macho man practice really does make,perfect with this one this is a game,where youre expected to take on these,boss fights over and over again and,slowly learn every attack permutation as,you edge ever so slowly closer to,completely defeating them while there is,a simple mode which greatly reduces each,bosss health and generally makes things,more manageable for beginners its not,an ideal solution it removes a lot of,the bosses attack types and even entire,faces at times and on top of that it,doesnt even give you a soul contract,when you beat them meaning you cant,reach the final stages and beat the game,by all means consider it a way to ease,you into cupheads parry and weapon,changing mechanics but youre going to,want to switch to regular difficulty as,soon as possible to make sure you dont,miss out on a lot of the games charm,its this charm where cupheads real,strength lies designed in the style of a,1930s flesh and disney animations and,nailing that style with laser precision,its easily one of the most visually,jaw-dropping 2d platformers youll ever,play everything is of an immaculate,standard,from its hand-drawn animated characters,to its fantastic original jazz and big,band soundtrack its not an exaggeration,to say that this game is a piece of art,[Music],thankfully this switchpod handles,everything masterfully too image quality,is more or less on par with the xbox and,pc versions bear in mind this is a game,thats designed to look blurry and low,res anyway loading times are nice and,quick and everything runs at a smooth 60,fps the vast majority of the time there,are occasional hiccups most notably,during the most intense run and gun,moments but these are the exception,rather than the norm,all in all cupheads short burst of,action makes it a perfect game for,switch,playing it in handheld mode is an,absolute delight though you might need,to change the default controls for,comforts sake and it runs almost as,well as it does in more powerful systems,in conclusion cuphead was an absolute,masterpiece when it first launched on,xbox and nothing has been sacrificed in,its move to the switch,its the same visually jaw-dropping,delightful difficult game it was on,microsofts consoles and the switchs,library is all the better for its,presence,its focus on intense boss battles wont,be to everyones taste but as long as,you know what youre getting yourself,into we cant recommend this game enough,we here at nintendo live give cuphead on,the nintendo switch a 9 out of 10.,[Music],and now with the reveal done its time,for felixs personal thoughts this game,is hard but the thing i want to add is,that if you for some reason dont think,this game is hard enough the game has an,expert mode unlocked after beating the,game,this will add to the bosss health bars,and make some patterns even more,difficult its also the only way to get,the prestigious s rank on bosses and it,just adds a good reason to play through,this game multiple times replayability,is just always a good thing in my book,the world maps are just filled with,secrets and little details that just,shows how much work went in to the,little things,even all the 19 bosses have their own,beautiful original music compositions,all played by live musicians and each,song just have a lot of cool solos and,complex sections to complement them just,one of the best soundtracks ive ever,heard in my life,the character design in this game is,just delightful so original and,beautifully executed with the hand-drawn,art style and to think that this game,was hand drawn man huge props to studio,mdhr the background and foreground,elements really helps making this feel,like its taking from right back in time,and to think that this is the studios,first ever game is truly outstanding,if you like hard boss shooter games with,some run and gun implemented this is the,game for you but similarly if you dont,like those types of games i dont think,youll find a lot of joy in this game,outside of course from looking at the,gorgeous animations one thing i want to,add here at the end is that this is the,perfect couch co-op game sure the buses,might be a lot harder when youre,teaming up with a teammate but now if,you die your teammate can revive you by,parrying that hard ive had some crazy,experiences when youre just screaming,to the other player to come revive you,because youre just floating upwards and,theres nothing i mean nothing better,than hitting that parry just before your,teammate dies for real to me the game is,just so much more fun teaming up cuphead,and mugman and taking on all these,bosses together,well that was everything for me if you,like this video why dont you die,repeatedly trying to hit that subscribe,button until you eventually succeed and,while youre at it check out our review,on the dlc for this game,stay safe play some cuphead felix from,nintendo live here,out

Cuphead – Before You Buy

gamings presents another episode of,before you buy the show well give you,some straight-up gameplay and my,thoughts on the latest games releasing,and as usual its me your old pal Jake,Bally doh and today were talking about,cuphead this game has been quite a few,years in the making the first time,popped up on YouTube people freaked out,over just how different look then,eventually the game was picked up as a,Microsoft and PC exclusive and now after,delays its finally here,you play as cop head and his pal mug man,in a cartoon world on a quest to beat,some of the devils debtors in order to,save your own souls after a bad deal,with the devil its a little weirder and,darker than youd expect but itll,surprise you now if you cant tell,obviously the visuals are the main event,here I mean look at this game but Ill,get to that in a sec because the,gameplay here might actually surprise,you you blast your way through levels,and boss fights with only being able to,take 3 hits yourself and youve probably,heard it by now but the game is really,hard its deceptively challenging yeah,sure it looks like a cool baby game but,itll knock you on your ass its all,about trial and error you know,repetition memorizing the levels,understanding the enemys attack,patterns and essentially just nailing a,close to perfect run to succeed its,surprisingly more like contra than youd,expect and despite this cutesy,characters and stuff its run and gun,and boss rush gameplay straight up there,are linear 2d levels where you fight off,enemies in an attempt to reach the end,theres aerial shoot-em-up levels and,most importantly lots and lots of really,good boss battles these are the main,focus of the game and what youre gonna,be doing the majority of the time,enemies have multiple stages and,transformations and every single one is,like an absolutely treat every time they,do something different it just looks,cool while some of these bosses might,piss you off and youll think its, the game does a good job of,crushing you while feeling fair forcing,you to learn and become a perfectionist,so in that way when you do pull off,beating a large boss it takes up the,whole screen you get the rush of a sense,of accomplishment and thats really the,reason why the main hook of the game,works so freakin well well I appreciate,the variety of level types I didnt,really enjoy the linear levels as much,while I loved the way they felt like a,race against time and death the,inclusion of them just felt a little bit,more phoned in and just a bit meh and,kind of paled in comparison to all the,awesome boss battles gameplay wise you,can shoot you can charge up your stored,energy and use a charged blast you have,a dash button as well as a parry counter,that has varying uses against like glow,pink objects in the world powering and,bouncing between these objects and,jumping and dashing it can give levels,almost like a cool rhythm to it which,means that what it works and when youre,in it it feels really good cuphead also,gives you a surprising amount of tools,to use a year disposal youll wander,around this like world map to find new,zones and areas to fight bosses and its,here you can find different ways to earn,coins and to spend it most importantly,as shops to buy upgrades for your,character since you can swap between two,weapon types on the fly while youre,playing you can buy new weapons to equip,like more powerful blasts long-range,weapons spread and they all have their,specific uses now if you cant tell the,visuals are probably the main draw of,the game but with the gameplay to back,it up its definitely not a bad thing,these are like lovingly hand-drawn cetl,animated characters and enemies built,completely from the ground up the,enemies take up really big portions of,the screen and always have tons of crazy,attack patterns and weird facial,expressions and just look more alive,than stuff Ive seen in other games,recently the level backgrounds are,watercolor art and the way things come,alive in the foreground reminds me so,much or like some of my old favorite,cartoons,it just all manages to be like extremely,old school but still a bit weird and,edgy at the same time its like a,perfect balance and I really do like it,also the music really matches the old,timey visuals and its just as ambitious,though its all orchestrated and big,band stuff which meshes really well with,the gameplay but most importantly its,actually really catchy music I keep,finding myself like humming some of the,songs to myself like a weird crazy,person now back to the gameplay this is,a weird complaint but because the,visuals and presentation are so amazing,and all that that the challenge is gonna,be a turn-off to some while while you,can choose between simple and regular,battles people arent gonna want to hear,this but I wish there was an easier mode,for younger players or those who just,kind of want to enjoy seeing the work,put into this game but on the contrary I,do also think this is very much like a,get good gamers game and I think its,better for that but I just wish there,were some more options but one option I,do really like is the drop-in co-op,which works fantastically the screen,gets a little busy sometimes and you may,lose your bearings occasionally but its,great and for me almost the preferred,way to play because sometimes youre,gonna need the help its completely,couch co-op though I really hope they,add online co-op because some of us,dont really have nearby friends and it,just feels like honestly a bad omission,but I will say though as a couch co-op,mode this is,the most fun Ive had sharing a screen,with a friend next to me in a really,long time and I do got to acknowledge it,is also a total bummer for some folks,that this is an xbox exclusive but but,thankfully at the very least its also,on Windows and on Steam and can run on,some lower end stuff also I always say,having that Xbox play anywhere feature,is pretty nice so points for that,so overall Ill say cuphead has a few,missing parts but youll find yourself,putting at least seven hours or so of,fun into it unless youre like a god and,you can beat the game really quickly,with the really satisfying challenge and,shockingly fun couch co-op,for me its one of the better $20 gaming,experiences you can find right now Im,really glad cuphead turned out to be,pretty good but of course thats just me,you know before you buy works Ill give,you some pros and cons and some personal,opinion but now I want to know how you,guys are feeling on this game maybe if,youre an Xbox player you picked it up,or maybe youre playing it on your,computer I want to hear how you guys,feel if youve been playing it alone I,want to hear how youre doing with a,difficulty Im sure some of you guys are,just gonna say youre the best of the,game ever but hey nobodys perfect but I,do want to hear what you guys are,thinking about this game whether youre,playing it or if youre on the outside,looking in lets talk if you got any,other questions for me Ill be down in,the comments but Ill also be as always,on Twitter Facebook and Instagram @j,Calvino as well but you guys know the,deal clicking the like button does help,me out it lets me do more before you,byes over here and clicking the,subscribe button is good if you havent,because we put out stuff every single,day but as always thanks for watching,and well see you guys next time,[Music],[Music]

Cuphead Review

everything youve heard about cuphead is,true it is an incredibly difficult,side-scrolling shooter with relentless,boss battles that demand rapid-fire,actions and reactions making up the bulk,of its gameplay toppling these imposing,bosses is both a monumental and,rewarding task but difficult boss,battles only tell half of the story Cup,heads 1930s cartoon aesthetic is,endlessly charming popping with color,and expression unlike anything seen in a,videogame before the sheer variety of,characters and settings yields,consistent delight as you go from one,stage to the next,with everything bearing the tell-tale,signs of grainy thirties film and,rudimentary production techniques the,characters and bosses that are clearly,inspired by cartoon legends like Betty,Boop break free from the expected to,surprise you with something new,nevermind that Bettys look alike as a,mermaid now its the moment her head,breaks free from her body and lures you,into a tightly designed cavern while,spewing Skull filled projectiles that,gives you pause you can appreciate the,unique animation style you will be,doubly impressed when you see what,developer studio mvhr has brought to the,table if its technical execution wasnt,enough and ehrs creativity puts cuphead,in a league of its own outside of,one-on-one fights you also have a few,opportunities to running going through,less imposing platforming stages these,help break up the action and give you a,chance to collect coins that we cashed,in for weapons and passive bus coins are,in short supply and can only be,collected once so farming to gain an,advantage is out of the question,the mix of weaponry you have to pick,from which are character fires from,their fingertips includes the likes of a,spread shot a charged blast and a,boomerang round there are six in all and,each comes with a secondary attack,thats tied to a meter which fills when,you successfully land shots on enemies,you can also earn meter by pairing pink,projectiles a task that requires you to,jump and then tap jump again at just the,right time before make in contact with a,projectile finally you have a super art,which can only be fired when your entire,meter is full as opposed to spending one,section of that meter to fire your,secondary attack the one catch here is,that when your meter is full you have no,option to perform the secondary attack,alone you are in conveniently forced to,unleash your super art which isnt,always desirable every boss fight,consists of multiple stages or forms,bosses will change shape,position and behavior with each new,phase and within an individual phase you,may see as many as four different,attacks,though you arent always guaranteed to,see them all which keeps up the element,of surprise the fear of the unexpected,is part of a mix cuphead such a,thrilling game beyond the frantic,moment-to-moment tension as you hold on,desperately to your three hit points or,four if you equip a charm that weakens,your firepower in exchange for health,but when the only question in your head,is and what order will the boss attacks,appear fights take on a new life fatigue,and frustration are common reactions,when faced with a particularly,challenging battle and its in these,moments you start to identify a few,places where cuphead could do a slightly,better job of keeping you informed of,your own progress and capabilities,beyond bosses changing phases you can,never tell exactly how close to death or,a phase change for that matter they,actually are at best you can see a,plotline of the battle after death to,gauge your relative progress given the,array of weaponry at your disposal you,may begin to question if youre carrying,the right tools for the job but beyond,revisiting old fights which is actually,more arduous than it should be as you,traverse the map slowly and cant fast,travel there actually isnt a great way,to familiarize yourself with new weapons,and theres unfortunately no way to tell,exactly how much damage one weapon does,compared to another big descriptions are,all you get,if cap heads fights were indeed puzzles,with one correct solution this would be,incredibly frustrating as it stands,theres only a small amount of,frustration to be found while fumbling,with new weapons and dying in the,process and it may sound like a minor,thing to praise but the fact that boss,battles reload in one or two seconds is,a godsend when it comes to trial and,error tactics,cuphead does support two-player local,co-op as well but its pretty evident,that this makes life more difficult for,you and your partner,despite the intricate chaos that you,face alone in any given fight when you,add a whole other character and more,projectiles on screen playing with a,friend makes it far more difficult to,discern your surroundings and much,easier to slip up and so far as we can,tell bosss health scales up when we,play with a friend now you do have a,small annuity to revive a fallen comrade,by parrying their ghost but its a mere,few seconds while it floats up to the,top of the screen before disappearing,for the remainder of the fight for,anyone interested in getting a taste of,cuphead without facing its ultimate rack,there are simpler versions of every boss,that you can fight but youll be able to,face the final bouts unless you beat,every standard boss on the normal,difficulty in reality you may as well,stick with the standard fights as,cuphead is relentless no matter how you,play,[Music],but that has been a long time coming and,its great to see that it lives up to,its initial promises its beautiful to,look at with a pitch-perfect soundtrack,to boot and it perfectly captures the,era this developer is so clearly revered,its also an intense action game that,pulls no punches it makes every shot you,land feel like a minor victory it could,benefit from a few options to,familiarize yourself with your weapons,and two-player co-op doesnt feel like,the valuable addition you might imagine,but cuphead remains a rare unique game,that truly stands out,[Music],you

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