1. 10 Best Psilocybe Cubensis Strains – For Beginners & Advanced
  2. Happy Mushroom Retreat In Costa Rica
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10 Best Psilocybe Cubensis Strains – For Beginners & Advanced

with over 40 silicide capensis trains,available lets take a look at the most,popular commences trains used by,beginners and advanced Psychonauts alike,the thing to note about the different,strains of silicide commences is they,will all be in the same ballpark when it,comes to potency but even if you were to,grow two different batches from the same,spores they would both come out with,different levels of potency the ten most,common types of psilocybin commences,strains in order of popularity the,golden teacher the exact origin of the,golden teacher is unknown but it made,its appearance in the late 80s it is a,great mushroom strange for beginners,while also being a favorite for advanced,growers also it has an average too high,potency and you can get several flushes,which are new growths out of one batch,it grows large mushrooms with wide,golden caps in a fixed stem and probably,gets its name from the color of its cap,the B+ commences this one is considered,by many to be the most popular of all,commences species it has an unknown,origin but it is known as an as a,Restons commences hybrid and has a,higher than average potency level it,will germinate quickly meaning spores,turning into mycelium and will produce a,large first flush followed by smaller,ones after,some people who take this strain say,that that sometimes occurring nausea,that occurs with other strains is less,likely to occur with this one the blue,meanie I dont think its actually a,commence strain and I think its,actually a Panna illness science ends,which is not a member of the silicide,clade at all,however some vendors have it listed on,their site as a strain from the,commences and it seems to be very,popular so I will list it here as well I,cant seem to find an exact potency,percentage for this one but most people,report it being similar in potency to,the commences but Im not totally sure,the alakay benzene it is reported by,some to deliver more physical and,spatial effects with a significant,warping of balance in higher doses it,wont provide an overly intense,hallucinogenic experience but you may,want to stay close to home until you get,an idea for the optimal dosage for,yourself,the cambodian the cambodian strain is,great for a beginner because the,mycelium will grow very fast and its,also a fast fruit ER it was first,discovered growing on cattle dung by,John Allen near the anchor Wat temple,complex which is a Buddhist temple in,Cambodia and is the largest religious,monument in the world the PF classic,the PF classic strain is named after,Robert Macpherson aka silicide fanatic,Asst who pioneered the PF tech growing,method it is a slow mature and grows,best with the BRF or PF tech method the,Orissa India this mushroom was,originally found growing in elephant,dung in Orissa India by John Allen this,one grows taller than any other cab,Ensis strain and will have a wide,saucer-like cap this strain is perfect,for beginners because it is a very,forgiving strain and withstands,contamination very well the Florida,white f plus the Florida white F plus,often gets put off because its name,includes F Plus which most people,associate with failure it is however an,A+ strain and is a favorite among,experienced growers for the vivid,visuals it provides itll grow medium,sized fruits very similar to the Texas,strain also is higher in potency,typically and because its very dense it,does not lose a lot of size during,drying the penis and b6 it is one of the,most difficult mushrooms to find because,only 5% of its mushrooms drop spores it,also has a short shelf life it will,contaminate easily and therefore its,more expensive to buy,they can also take seven to ten days to,germinate so you have to be very patient,many people think they have dead spores,when they just need to wait a little,longer the founder of this strain is our,G which was back in the 1990s however,many people thought it was the late,terence mckenna who engineered this,drain most people report it being about,one and a half times more potent than,normal compendium b6 is one of the best,hybrids which is a cross between the,texas strain and the penis envy strain,the Z strain it was engineered in a lab,and is one of the most aggressive and,fastest producing strains there is it,produces dense and meaty mushrooms and,utilizes all of its substrate very well,its mushrooms will grow taller than,most all other strains and it has been,reported as having higher than normal,potency check out the link in the,description that links you to an article,where youll have links to buy spores,and substrates anywhere in the world,safely even if it is illegal where you,live other than that enjoy whatever,mushroom you decide and later on try one,of the other silicide convince strains,and see if you have a different,psychedelic experience thanks for,watching and for more details on the,silicide Cabezas mushroom check us out,at curative mushrooms dot-com

Happy Mushroom Retreat In Costa Rica

hey hey hey hows it going out there my,mushroom lovers oliver carlin here and,im the mushroom man right now what i,want to talk to you about is an awesome,retreat we did in costa rica with,mushrooms and we had an awesome,experience and i want to go into how we,were able to help people to do that so,lets check that out so the big question,is this,with over 10 000 different species of,mushrooms how do people that want to,benefit from their various medicinal,properties,accurately identify them in the wild,grow them at home or make them taste,delicious without having to reach,confusing medical reports and possibly,eating a poisonous look-alike by mistake,thats the question and this podcast,will give you the answer my name is,oliver carlin and welcome to curative,mushroom,[Music],all right so look,we were in costa rica um i guess it was,a few weeks back now its been a while,ive lost track of time because it was,such an amazing experience,but we were out there in costa rica and,we,we had some people out there that were,attending the event and it was really um,awesome and what we did with this event,the whole reason it got started was,we people were contacting us and created,mushrooms and they were wanting to they,wanted more help on on the mushrooms the,grow kits were working great and,everything people are getting results,with the mushrooms but the issue was,well what do i do with the mushrooms,once i get them,you know i want to um i want to get,these health benefits like helping with,my depression my anxiety ptsd and i want,relief from these things but im a,little scared i mean these mushrooms are,scary i dont want to drop into,psychosis and i dont want to,you know,end up being schizophrenic or end up in,a mental hospital or you know how do i,make sure im actually going to get the,results that i want to get out of this,is there something special that needs to,be done and so when we started to get,into it were understanding yeah it is a,little bit um theres a little bit to it,for some people that want to get um a,more hands-on approach and a more um led,approach with people that have,experience in healing and doing these,things so we thats what we did we went,ahead and,put on an awesome retreat in costa rica,um,and it was in a beautiful resort and it,was all good there was hiking there was,um horse rides on the beach but most,importantly,there was,healing for what people came there to,get and,and taking heroic dose of mushrooms and,being able to,do it in the right setting in the right,manner with the right mindset to be able,to actually have life-changing,effects and so what i want to show you,right now instead of listening to me,talk about how amazing this retreat was,i want to turn this over to chris,which is one of the members that was,there during the retreat and she was,there to heal and she would like to,share her experience that she had at the,event with you so lets check that out,right now i had,a couple of problems i was,struggling with,one was,you know i went off antidepressants,i want off,that,thing that doesnt work you know it,never worked,and,um and i i think now,um,i found the replacement what i need,um,and ive been searching for this for a,very long time,and im so happy,so the results that ive gotten from,this experience were,i feel much more comfortable my body i,feel,[Music],more alive than i felt,ever,i feel,i can feel the,life going through my body and,um,and i feel at peace and,i,am,much happier,i feel,much more connected,um,i feel like i can go out and conquer the,world,you know,when i came here i felt like the world,had conquered me,i think,if i would have learned about this,[Music],everything happened exactly the way it,was supposed to happen,and um,you know i wouldnt have gone on a treat,like this before,one,for,the money,another for,i dont deserve this i should,make myself better to get a a reward,and,what i,did,is i just took a leap of faith,because i knew i needed this,in no uncertain terms,that if i didnt do this,that i was going to be really lost and,stuck and,and,my life had become so small,[Music],you know,i remember that its me who makes,life happen and what happens to me is,only my reaction not,actual,happening,i dont know how to explain that but you,know im much more i feel much more in,control of my responses to life now,thats a hard thing to put my finger on,because it was so much of everything,that,that,that you know this prepared me for that,and you know doing the massage it is,i mean for me massages are always the,most ultimate treat,and um you know the sound healing,and the stretching oh,i,you know,and the mushroom trips,they were,phenomenal i just,i feel,so healthy in my body and mind right now,its just,exactly what i needed,i was just i dont think,i dont think i could pinpoint to one,particular thing,except for the walk back out of the,jungle,that was probably my favorite part,yeah,that was it why,learning i mean not learning but,discovering that i could do it that i,was strong,i i was you know sure-footed,i,could find my way out,of the jungle,on mushrooms,and you know driving back it was so,um,just trusting my gut instinct all the,way and we made it and and you know we,could be on the caribbean side now,so,and it was just such an experience of,trusting myself,you know and both and well ill try you,know trusting noel trusting another,person truly you know to tell me which,way to go and and you know and if we,didnt go the right way we just stopped,and turned around i mean it was not,you know yes it could have been a,complete and utter panic attack i mean,it could have been bad,but it was the funnest experience ive,ever had,so um yeah that one,that was great i think weve been,missing the path of mental health,um,i dont think western medicine,is equipped,nor even wants to address,mental health,without just you know putting a band-aid,over it,and i feel that,you know really,learning to take care of yourself,really learning,to honor the body that youre in you,know this when,when when we were at the,the waterfall and i felt like,i crashed landed on earth and had to put,my,my suit back on,and,ive always been so ashamed of my body,and at that moment i was so proud of its,strength and its scars and its,you know its like this is this is,exactly the way its supposed to be,and,if everyone could have that experience,and stop hating the vehicle theyre in,you know,this world be so much kinder,so much softer,so much less hate self-hatred,i mean,i hated myself coming here,and i fell in love again,with me,you know,i just want to see,do you have any other benefits that,youd like to add about the creative,mushrooms retreat in costa rica,i found,not only some people,who will be in my life for the rest of,my life,but i found,i dont want to say a new way of living,but,a better way,a,more comfortable way,more,[Music],you know my my heart is opened a little,bit,and still i know i still have a lot of,work to do,but you know until you realize the work,you need to do you cant do it,and so um,just as in you realize youve got an,issue that you got to deal with and it,just kind of keeps coming up coming up,come up,um,you know i think,[Music],this is such an,a beginning,i see this as,a jumping off point you know i felt like,when i came here i was jumping off a,cliff and now,i feel like,im going to fly for a while,you know,that,you know it was so weird i had this,feeling of my first massage that my,wings were cut off it was just this,really weird odd thing but,you know i feel like i get my wings back,and,i really you know even though that,sounds you know cliche and no no no no,i just,i feel i feel good,and,i,my fondest wish is for everyone else to,feel like this,because,life is too short,not to feel like this,so,come join,wow right how cool was that i mean just,blows my mind im so blessed to be a,part of this and to be able to help,people i feel so,lucky,to be in a business where im able to,have such an impact on peoples lives,and to truly help

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New curative Mushrooms All In One Mushroom Grow Bag Production

youre live,im live,all right um,so were here at the warehouse weve,been working on some new grow bags for,um,last couple months now and weve finally,dialed it in josh has dialed it in here,and,were just pressure cooking the very,first ones,and,just wanted to show you how it looks,inside theyve been cooking now for what,a couple hours,uh were at almost three hours,let me flip this around,there we go,all right so were at almost three hours,theyre actually gonna cook in here for,about 18 hours,okay you guys can see so lets see how,it looks,and thats how it looks in there so that,how many is that right now we just got,50 in there we got 50. well we can run,about probably 250 to 300 at a time okay,right now were just doing the first,test run because weve got some sample,bags that are going out to some of our,our vip members in our growing group,if youre not a member of that you,should be because youll get access to,all this stuff before anybody else so,we got 50 going now tomorrow well,probably run another 200,and then weve also got these jars,that we do,this is what they look like before,and then once were done with them,before they ship,its an actual im sure you guys havent,heard of all-in-one grow bags,this is an all-in-one grow jar and the,jar can be reused as a grain jar,so this can be pressure cooked,in your pressure cooker at home,so you literally inject it itll,colonize,open the lid you can fruit inside the,container,and then you can actually break the,grain up,and you can like dump it in a shoe box,with some cvg and just mix this with,this,and then you can fruit again inside a,shoebox container so,this is a new,product that we just started producing,these are also going out to our discord,group,for testing,and then theyll be made available for,the public probably in the next couple,weeks,but um,yeah thats what we do we like to do vip,stuff for our vip members so if you guys,are not a member of discord,go to curated mushrooms and become a,member and youll get direct access to,me and all the other growers that are in,our group and its a phenomenal group of,people so,and then for the grow bags what do you,mind to tell anybody about whats like,in the grow bags like what do you put in,the grow bags that we just showed them,yeah so over here you guys can see we,did our grain prep for tomorrow,so these grains have already been um,hydrated to field capacity,and now they need to dry,so these are going to dry overnight,and then what we do is we put about,1.2 pounds of grain into the bag,and then i have my,special recipe for cvg,and then we put a couple cups of that on,the top layer,so that you can once once the grain all,colonizes you just break it up,and mix it with the cvg and then just,repack it down and itll colonize in a,couple days,and then its ready to fruit so,these will probably be the quickest bags,that youve ever used we use oats we,dont use rye most people use rye,youll notice that the mycelium grows,much faster on oats and much faster with,cvg so these are like turbo bags can you,show them the cvg what it looks like,just looks like dirt,basically so this ones cooking right,now yeah its pretty much its done,pasteurizing but were going to,pasteurize it again inside that machine,right right we pasteurize everything,twice,so you guys can see that the grain gets,boiled okay so anything that any,bacteria and contamination,just got boiled out for 30 minutes,we put boiling hot water in the cvg,which kills everything thats in there,so now were taking clean boiled grain,and clean cvg and were putting it in a,clean sterile bag and then were,sterilizing it,so its kind of like the triple whammy,which is why our bags work so good and,we dont get contamination,one of the keys is the fact that we,pasteurize for 18 hours most people,dont do that because they want to make,money,and they dont want to have to run the,machine for 18 hours every time to turn,it over so they might run it for eight,hours,you get higher risk of contamination,after 18 hours,over 200 degrees,which we just opened it to show you so,you can see it dropped a little bit but,we run it at about 207 degrees,for 18 hours nothing is going to live,through that,especially after we boil this and boil,that,and then run it for another 18 hours,there so,you guys can be rest assured youre,gonna get the best quality grow products,from us every time,sweet im gonna flip it around,all right thanks josh yeah so as you,guys can see these are the new bags,coming out we were using manure but,these are going to be 10 times better,than that and if youre wondering what,kind of mushrooms will work with these,all in one grow bags and jars,works with a variety of type of manure,loving specifically being the most,popular for this type of mushroom so,other than that,much love and talk to you later,close,all right

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How to Grow Mushrooms from Start to Finish in a Monotub

hi ashley hier en vandag gaan ek jou wys hoe om sampioene van begin tot einde te rooster ,n sampioen begin as n spoor spore is mikroskopies in grootte maar bevat die genetiese,buitelyn van elke vrugliggaam n volwasse sampioen kan biljoene spore bevat een spoor is die helfte,van die pels om sy volledige genetiese samestelling uit te maak wanneer twee spore goed vir mekaar geskik is,, sal hulle bymekaarkom om versoenbare hifes te skep wat mycelium mycelium genoem word, maak staat op,verskillende tipes substraat soos verskillende soorte graan vermikuliet kokoskokos en,gips vir voeding aan help dit groei en vrugte jy kan n spoor ontkiem n paar verskillende maniere,een manier is om n sak met n spoorspuit in te ent dit is verreweg die maklikste manier om n,spoor te ontkiem, maar daar is n paar nadele een probleem is soms is die spoorspuit besmet voor,jy eers begin so deur die spoorspuit op agar te toets of daarna onder n mikroskoop te kyk kan jy,sien of die spoorspuit vry van besmetting is of nie soms jy het nie agar of n mikroskoop,om kontaminasie te soek nie, so op daardie stadium moet jy net daarmee saamgaan en hoop dat,hulle skoon is om te begin, dit is die beste om voor n laminêre vloeikap of in n steriele lug te wees boks,as jy nie een het nie, skakel jou AC en jou oond af en gebruik eers jou badkamer, ons moet,ons spawnsak voorberei kyk oor die spawnsak vir enige skade gate of kontaminasie,dan spuit en vee die spuit en die sak af met 70 isopropyl volgende ons wil die sak,vinnig meng, want ons moet n bietjie vars lug inlaat sodat die spore kan ontkiem,, dan vee die swart inspuitpoort af met n alkoholkussing nou kom ons berei die spuit voor, maak eers,die naald oop en dan die spuit en skroef die naald versigtig aan die spuit vas as die naald,nuut is dan is dit vooraf verouderd en gereed om te gebruik dan skud die spuit deeglik ek hou ook daarvan om,n paar druppels uit die punt te spuit voor ek begin en steek dan die naald versigtig in,die swart inspuiting bl ort en spuit drie tot vyf ccs oplossing regdeur die spa-sak en,bedek dan die swart inspuitpoort met n stukkie mikroporieband wanneer n spawnsak met n spoorspuit ingeënt word,spoorontkieming is nie altyd gewaarborg nie twee ontkiemde spore hoef,bymekaar te kom om skep mycelium so as hulle mekaar nie kan kry nie sal niks ooit ontkiem,nie maak seker dat die oplossing gedeeltelik ongeskonde bly sodat die ontkiemde spore miselium kan skep,maar ek hou daarvan om die sakke effens te meng nadat ek hulle ingeënt het as jou spuit,gebruik word jy sal die naald vir 30 sekondes moet aanvlam dan kan jy die naald,direk in die swart inspuitpoort spuit deur drie tot vyf ccs oplossing in jou spawn sak te spuit,dan na sewe tot tien dae sal jou spore ontkiem en miselium skep en,begin koloniseer die sak n spawn-sak sal gewoonlik binne ongeveer 15 tot 30 dae koloniseer,hierdie sak het meer as 60 dae geneem om te koloniseer om jou kolonisasietyd te verkort, dit is die,beste praktyk om m ix die sak wanneer dit ongeveer 10 tot 30 persent gekoloniseer is, sal dit normaalweg,jou kolonisasietyd in die helfte verminder nadat die sak ongeveer 10 tot 30 persent gekoloniseer,is, breek op en meng die miselium deur die sak en probeer om die miselium eweredig te versprei,, wag dan 10 tot 15 dae totdat die spawn-sak ten volle gekoloniseer is,nadat die sak ten volle gekoloniseer is, nou is dit tyd om eers ons mono-bad te maak, jy sal n 66 liter,sterilietbad met n deursigtige deksel nodig hê volgende ons moet tien een duim gate om die bad boor.,plaas myne vier duim van onder aan die lang kant en twee duim van bo aan die kort kant,boor dan versigtig die gate in die mono bad, volgende wat ons nodig het om ons voering te maak dit is,baie belangrik om n voering te gebruik om sy vaspen te verminder meet eers die voering tot,24 duim by 19 duim maak dan n twee duim vou aan elke kant maak n baie sterk vou,nou laat ons die hoeke die hoeke in die middel vou dan vou die middel en bring,die twee kante in en maak n skerp ed ge en dan plakband om in plek te hou, herhaal dan hierdie stappe,nog drie keer of jy kan een van my opblaasbare mono-bakkies koop wat 10 voorafgemaakte gate,en n ingeboude voering het nadat jou sak heeltemal gekoloniseer is, is dit tyd om die grootmaat te maak substraat,ek hou daarvan om my grootmaat substraat te maak die dag voor ek dit gaan gebruik om grootmaat,substraat te maak jy benodig 500 gram vermikuliet 500 gram kokoskoker en 100 gram gips,en voeg dan al drie bestanddele by in n vyf liter emmer kook 16 koppies water,, gooi dan die water oor die substraat in die emmer en maak die deksel toe dan hou ek daarvan om ,n handdoek om die emmer te draai, want ek dink dit help die pasteurisasie proses aan,,dan sal jou grootmaat substraat na 24 uur koel en gereed wees om gebruik moenie jou grootmaat,substraat gebruik as dit te warm is nie dit sal die miselium doodmaak, nou is dit tyd om ons grootmaat substraat,en ons gekoloniseerde spawn in ons mono bad te voeg eers jy wil die mono bad spuit en afvee,,die voering en die rooi proppe met 70 isopropyl t hen prop al die gate toe met die rooi proppe,vir die kolonisasie stadium jy kan ook kleefband gebruik en dan die voering onderaan plaas,van nou af gaan ek my opblaas mono bad gebruik om jou te wys hoe om,jou sampioene te koloniseer en vrugte te gee maar as jy n harde bad gebruik, werk dit presies op dieselfde manier,,die enigste ding wat jy anders moet doen is om n voering volgende bespuiting by te voeg en jou ten volle,gekoloniseerde spawn sakkie met 70 isopropyl af te vee en dan die spawn sakkie saggies op te breek in klein bietjie stukke,sodat jy dit in jou mono-bad kan sit, sny dan die spawn-sak oop en neem n vinnige reuk,daarvan maak seker dat die miselium superaards ruik as daar iets vuil in is wat nie goed is nie,, kom ons sit ons grootmaat substraat en ons spawn in ons mono-bad gooi eers al die spawn in,die mono-bad ek gebruik n drie pond spawn-sak dan meng jou grootmaat substraat met die hand en sit,omtrent die helfte van die resep in die mono bad dan meng jou massa en jou spawn saam, maak,uiteindelik liggies plat na die bo te vorm bokant van die mono-bad probeer om al die lug,rondom die rande uit te druk, maar moenie te hard pak nie, want die miselium moet asemhaal, voeg dan n laaste,halfduim laag grootmaat substraat bo-op wat al die kuit bedek en pak eweredig af en maak dan die deksel netjies,toe en prop al die gate toe met die rooi filters,jy kan die gate aan die begin toestop ek het net vergeet om dit te doen in die video volgende wag vir,die bad om heeltemal te koloniseer jy hoef niks te doen gedurende hierdie tyd nou moet ons,daagliks die bad dophou om te sien hoe vinnig dit koloniseer as die bad so 80 gekoloniseer is dit is tyd om,die vrug stadium te begin volgende ons moet die rooi proppe verwyder en vervang met ons skuim filters,jy kan ook polyfill,mikro post filters gebruik of mikro pose tape,vir die opblaas mono bad ek hou baie daarvan om die skuim,filters te gebruik ek dink hulle werk super goed ek hou ook daarvan dat hulle maklik verwyderbaar is,nou wil ons ons sampioene begin waai dit is n baie delikate proses wat ons wil,bring die humiditeit verlaag en die temperatuur sodat die miselium weet dat dit tyd is om vrugte te begin kry,deur vars lug in te voer dit is die eerste aanwyser wat vir die miselium sê dat dit moet,begin vaspen jy wil jou bad ongeveer 30 sekondes twee keer per dag waaier maak seker jy was jou hande,en jy is so steriel as moontlik wanneer jy die deksel na die bad oopmaak, behoort daar nogal n,bietjie kondensasie aan die kant te wees en basies wanneer ons waai, waai ons net die koolstofdioksied,wat aan die onderkant sit uit en ons verplaas dit net sodat die miselium kan asemhaal,, dan sal jy oor die volgende vyf tot tien dae begin sien hoe jou sampioene begin vrugte,kry en jy sal net jou sampioene twee keer per dag wil waai,en die koolstofdioksied wat by sit, verplaas. die onderkant,dan sodra die sampioene hul sluier begin breek, dit is wanne

Cobweb Mold vs Mycelium: How to Tell Them Apart?

cobweb mold versus mycelium how to tell,them apart,while different mold species are our,biggest competitors when it comes to,cultivating mushrooms but getting to,know cobweb mold is a priority,molds are a type of fungi that grows in,multicellular filaments they Thrive,anywhere they can find moisture and,warmth so they can indeed thrive in your,grow bag,cobweb mold is the most common type of,mold that will compete with your,mycelium,now how do you identify it if its mold,or mycelium,cobweb mold has a grayish color and is,stringy or puffy literally looking like,you guessed it a spiders cobweb it is a,type of growth that covers your,substrate bed,frequently it can be tricky to identify,because of its similarity and appearance,to the mushroom mycelium you can tell,them apart by observing the color and,the speed of growth take note that,mushroom mycelium is bright white and,will appear much brighter in days,in contrast cobweb mold appears dull and,will look significantly darker grayish,within 24 hours,so if a puffy growth a mass that forms,spider web type in your kit appears out,of nowhere thats most likely cobweb,mold,it has no odor so no dont try to,identify it by sniffing it as it can,trigger an allergic reaction to be safe,wear a mask and gloves when handling any,mushroom contamination,you are now sure it is mycelium instead,of mold right you better take,precautionary steps to prevent mold,contamination,one of the main reason cobweb mold hits,a substrate is poor air exchange so the,best way to prevent cobweb mold is to,improve your fresh air exchange or Fae,fresh air exchange airflow refers to the,amount of fresh air moving around the,grow kit,but what to do when it contaminates your,mushroom,heres how to treat,to get rid of it mushroom Growers advise,spraying the surface mold with three,percent hydrogen peroxide,you do not need to create your solution,since you can buy it over the counter,hydrogen peroxide is available at most,drug stores and online stores they are,sold in concentrations from three to,twelve percent,how do we do you apply the solution you,may use a clear just a spray bottle,simply spray the whole surface area of,your infected substrate or fruiting,block with a solution,from there watch with satisfaction how,the Knotty mold dissolves right before,your eyes,just like dissolving a gray cotton candy,cobweb mold Grows Right Above the,substrate surface from dull white to,gray for as short as 24 hours really,fast on the other hand mushroom mycelium,takes days to double in growth which,looks like Heavenly white thread-like,Roots embedded in the substrate,I hope that helps thanks for watching,And subscribe to our Channel and if,youd like to learn more check us out at,curativemushrooms.com

How to Grow Mushrooms (the EASIEST Way) | Grow Kit In-a-Bag™ | Works Like MAGIC!

[Music],hi everyone im kevin with,mushroomsupplies.com and today im,teaching you how to use the grill kit in,a bag the easiest way to grow mushrooms,before we begin make sure to hit that,subscribe button below we have a bunch,of helpful mushroom growing content,coming out that you will not want to,miss were also giving away 20 free grow,kits so when you hear the giveaway,question in the video post your answer,in the comments below for a chance to,win lets go,the mushroom growing industry has been,stuck in a rut and is complicated with,expensive equipment making it difficult,for people to learn how to grow,our mission has always been to make,mushrooms easy which forced us to,rethink mushroom cultivation this is why,we created the grow kit in a bag its,the easiest way to grow mushrooms you,just need to add liquid culture or,spores the cool thing about this bag is,that the mushrooms grow directly inside,so you can ditch the mono tub and other,costly supplies,inside the bag theres sterilized millet,premium manure,vermeculite cocoa core and gypsum,it comes in a lab quality mushroom go,bag with an injection port a 0.2 micron,air filter that allows for the perfect,air exchange while keeping contaminants,out,since you never have to transfer to the,growing medium in a tub theres less,opportunity for contamination which,makes this the perfect bag for both,beginners and commercial growers,we specifically designed this bag to,make it as easy as possible to grow,mushrooms with the least amount of,supplies at a minimum youll need the,included alcohol wipes,scotch tape,and a syringe with liquid culture or,spores which can be purchased online,just by searching for spores,the mushroom genetics youre going to,put in the bag can either be spores or,whats called liquid culture,once you introduce the mushroom genetics,in the bag it will mature into my,ceiling and the mycelium will continue,to grow until the bag is entirely white,with healthy my ceiling,your first option is to inject spores in,the bag,they look like this,this requires the least number of steps,but it will take about two weeks longer,for your bag to colonize your second,option is to turn your spores into,liquid culture prior to injecting your,bag they look like this,this requires an extra step and a couple,extra supplies but youll ultimately,have healthier mycelium that colonizes,the bag quicker we have a video on,creating liquid culture if youre,looking for some helpful tips either way,you can easily purchase spores for every,species of mushroom online,next were injecting the bag with a,syringe full of liquid culture or spores,first youll wipe the injection port,with alcohol to make sure that its,absolutely sterile carefully insert your,syringe needle into the injection port,and inoculate the bag with 10 ccs of,liquid culture or spores,if youre working with spores make sure,that all the fluid is injected into a,single spot in the bag so the,reproductive cells are very near each,other,carefully pull out your needle place the,cap safely back on and dispose of it in,a designated receptacle,quickly place tape over the injection,port to protect the bag from outside,contamination,if youre doing multiple injections make,sure to re-sterilize your needle with a,lighter between each injection,youre going to want to make sure to,store the bag in a semi-dark room with,no direct sunlight and keep the,temperature at about 70 to 78 degrees,fahrenheit make sure the bag is stored,on a shelf at least waist height to,protect your bag from bacteria that,naturally collects near the ground,your bag will be fully colonized in 25,days with liquid culture and roughly 45,days with spores youll know your bag is,fully colonized when it looks like this,fully covered in white mycelium,next youll want to wipe down your hands,and the entire bag with alcohol,concentrating on the top two corners,[Music],wipe your scissors with alcohol and make,a half inch slit right below the seal on,each side of the top,lightly pull the middle of your bag up,and down to billow air into the slits,pull your bag upright again and place,the bag in a clean environment at about,65 to 72 degrees fahrenheit for another,7 to 10 days,[Music],thats it youre now at the point where,mushrooms will begin to grow just,remember be patient especially if youre,using spores they take a little longer,than liquid culture youre going to want,to watch out for the next video on,harvesting mushrooms so you know exactly,what to look for and exactly what to do,leave a comment below with any other,topics youd want us to cover next bye,everyone end of script

61 Year Old Tries “Magic Mushrooms” (psilocybin) | DOCUMENTARY

in this short documentary a 61 year old,mother of two try psilocybin containing,mushrooms for the first time psilocybin,containing mushrooms grow naturally in,all parts of the globe however they are,still classified as illegal in many,countries recently there has been a new,surge of research into the potential,beneficial effects of psilocybin of,these studies include but are not,limited to help overcoming depression,addiction and PTSD these studies are,being done by the Johns Hopkins School,of Medicine for more information follow,the links in the video description so,why are you doing this today to err on,the side of caution she has decided to,take a very modest dose she will be,consuming one gram of silicide cubensis,this is the smallest dose available to,feel a desired effect considering her,age and weight this is a very safe dose,for her no one has ever died due to a,psilocybin mushroom overdose however,extremely challenging experiences have,caused users to never be the same again,its like its like a fire at my spine,but Im freezing,now I know its too early but its just,slowing me enough down to I would think,normally when I was before HR 20,everything was slowed down then after,that I got everything about faster,which he feels like twitchy lights kind,of pulsing is that part of it,you look at pulse if it pulsing not I,mean everything is normal but its just,that pulse not normal are you sure you,feel anything I do it told youve got,that choked up feeling in here and my,head feels very Spacey,[Laughter],youre sitting there right and just saw,a barbecue tap your head its like at a,barbecue no got you check out of the,barbecue Ill put a hat on its not like,married yet but its starting to peak,they like oh looks like a little kitty,cat meow meow,well I dont have to fill me anymore,Adam its fine I feel vulnerable I dont,think I do this again I just saw Ben,when hes talking like hes the outside,of an airplane,Ted is growing as hes talking and hes,facing the pilot it looks purple his,head look blimp is talking right but I,see his head like looking through the,window on a pilots flying the airplane,just take that away okay,its not so much outside you see,everything its when you close your eyes,you see stuff thats it thats further,that your inner world is different its,like those paintings you almost got,caught in the threshold of a doorway,thats a dark doorway I dont know what,this looks you had to kneel for,forgiveness I dont know I dont know,what Im seeing this stuff in my head I,dont see this stuff normally and then I,just see you in the art gallery because,this is all like part of an exhibition,of some sort were all in exhibition yep,thats how it would feel being recorded,how do you feel right now I step on you,didnt even no idea and I just washed,this you feel calm yeah I feel really,calm,so your anxiety is gone now mm-hmm I,feel like my all could be anybody I,could beat you,I could go feed and that could be,Lindsay thats like you just step into,anyones consciousness I just thought,with Lindsay I guess with the book and,everything that was the pages are made,of glass this book,youre in a nightmare right now oh I,think how Ive lived in my head its,been a nightmare wow Im really at the,total experience I started seeing all,the beauty everywhere how beautiful,everything is and then I turn into this,nightmare it cuts me off thats what I,do man you start facing looking that but,those pictures in your head it cuts you,off,I would say that what turned it awful,for me was not allowing not feeling good,about how I created to creatively see,things but I told that three out there,which you would never see like I thought,me see that that tree actually has a,face on it,would you do this again no no I wouldnt,do it under a scrutiny at the camera Id,only do it if I was in a crisis and I,really needed guidance but no not not,under the duress of someone watching you,and asking you questions you would like,it to be much more of a something that,you do on the woods or something with,someone close to you but not not from,the camera,were calling my mum right now to find,out how her next day hello hi its Adam,youre on your own speaker phone right,now to explain how you felt today you,got rid of a bunch of lies yeah okay so,overall I see so you dont regret doing,it then do you feel clearer you said,something okay so you felt some,beneficial effects but they happened the,next day I see the thanks for watching,everyone our videos are made possible,thanks to your support on patreon.com if,you would like to help us make more of,them then we really appreciate your,support and if you enjoyed this video,then please leave a like and if you,havent already then subscribe to our,channel for more psychedelic related,videos,[Music]

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