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Curse of the Dead Gods Review

[Music],i will admit that when i initially saw a,top-down action roguelite called curse,of the dead gods,complete with swords bows environmental,hazards and,semi-random rewards based on what room,you choose to enter next,my first thought was hey you know this,seems a,bit like a hades knockoff it turns out i,was completely wrong,despite featuring a smorgasbord of clear,influences from other roguelites,curse of the dead god stands out in that,increasingly quiet genre,thanks to some cool new ideas of its own,its curse and corruption mechanics add,an extra strategic layer to its already,excellent reflex heavy hack and slash,combat,by forcing you to make tough and,meaningful decisions at,every step of every adventure it takes,you on,[Music],curse of the dead gods doesnt do much,in the way of storytelling which is a,bit of a bummer considering the way,hades has recently raised the bar for,storytelling in rogue lights,but the moment-to-moment gameplay of,curse of the dead gods is its true focus,and its so good that a thin plot is,easily forgivable,all of the familiar roguelite mechanics,that come with the territory are here,you fight your way through increasingly,tough procedurally generated levels,collect new weapons and upgrades along,the way and when you reach the end,or die trying you start your next run,from scratch,except for permanently unlocked upgrades,that make your next attempt just a,little bit easier,but curse of the dead gods does a number,of interesting things to break from,tradition,for one instead of stacking all of its,levels together theyre divided into,three different temples for you to,attempt to conquer in turn,each with their own set of devious traps,brutal bosses,and bloodthirsty enemies like these god,forsaken electric babies,furthermore instead of having you,hopelessly attempt to beat a full temple,right from the get-go,curse of the dead gods eases you into,its impressively challenging gauntlets,by only giving you access to their first,floors to start,this lets you mount some small victories,and work your way up to the true,roguelite experience,of having to beat everything in one go,from those small victories youll gain,crystal skulls and jade rings,to purchase permanent upgrades like,powerful buffs called blessings,better starting weapons shop inventory,reroll tokens,and weapons that get added to the pool,that can appear in future runs,its a progression system that borrows a,lot from the ideas that work,brilliantly in dead cells but there are,a couple of factors working against it,in the context of curse of the dead gods,for one dead cells system of adding new,gear to the existing pool works great,partly because theres such a breath of,different types of weapons items,and gadgets that can dramatically alter,how you approach a run,in curse of the dead gods most of the,weapons that you unlock are only,slightly more interesting versions of,the base weapons that may add,elemental damage critical hit chance or,damage scaling with a particular stat,there,are definitely exceptions but for the,most part i was never particularly,excited about returning to the shop and,adding new weapons to the pool,because it felt like most of them didnt,really matter that said even though the,unlockable weapons arent as exciting as,they feel like they should be,even just the basic versions of the 10,different weapon classes,are a ton of fun to use and have notable,nuances that encourage different play,styles,curse of the dead gods combat is,mechanically simple but impressively,deep,its backbone is its unique approach to,stamina the stamina meter is segmented,into five chunks,with dodges finishers sub weapon attacks,and heavy weapon attacks all costing a,single stamina point to use,once youre out of stamina youll have,to wait about a second for it to start,refilling again,which can feel like an eternity with how,aggressive enemies tend to be,crucially though there are other ways to,restore it every time you kill an enemy,you gain a point back whenever you,perfectly time a dodge,youll get a point back and for the,truly daring if you time a parry to land,just before an attack hits,youll gain two points back in addition,to putting your attacker in a weakened,state,that causes your attacks to do more,damage that gives parries a really nice,risk versus reward balance,enemies are no pushovers either while,they have clear tails and give you,plenty of time to react,the stamina system can make even the,most basic baddies threatening,if you exhaust yourself on offense and,suddenly cant dodge an incoming attack,deeper in each temple are also elite,versions that hit harder,have more health and have unique attack,properties,add that great variety of enemies,together with an assortment of,environmental hazards that can be turned,around and used in your favor,a dynamic lighting mechanic that,strongly encourages you to think about,whether youre fighting in darkness or,in light,and its easy to see that there is a lot,to curse of the dead gods combat,but even with so much going on it never,feels overwhelming,and always stays satisfying to execute,which is a credit to how naturally these,different mechanics blend together,appropriately the biggest thing that,sets curse of the dead gods apart from,so many other action roguelites,are the actual curses of the actual dead,gods,alongside your life meter theres a,corruption meter that fills whenever you,enter a new room,take darkness damage or decide to buy an,item with a blood offering,as opposed to paying with gold when the,corruption bar fills up youll be,burdened with a random curse that ranges,from only slightly bothersome,to the extremely annoying these curses,stay with you for the remainder of the,run,up to a max of 5 at a time and can only,be removed as a reward for beating a,boss,on their own curses typically arent,that bad but if you let them pile up,the fifth and final curse is essentially,a death sentence,that rapidly drains your health to one,hp so you have to really consider,whether its worth taking on that extra,corruption,theres a lot to think about before you,even enter a level in curse of the dead,gods,each level is tied to a specific reward,whether it be gold,a stat boosting relic a new weapon an,upgrade to an existing,weapon or attribute points to your,constitution dexterity or perception,everything has a price so i had to,consider whether i should pass up a,tangible reward,in favor of collecting gold so i could,afford the next shop or whether i was,able to spare the corruption costs of,using a blood offering,its very strategic in ways that,favorably brought to mind deck building,roguelikes,such as slay the spire or monster train,it took me a little under 30 hours to,beat the final boss for the first time,after which i unlocked a small handful,of harder levels that im currently,happily working my way through,theres not much of a reason to return,to earlier levels outside of farming,crystal skulls and jade rings,in order to get that 100 completion but,its worth mentioning that there are,challenge runs that offer a ton of,currency,if you manage to beat their specially,themed temples you only get one attempt,to do so per day though,theyre neat diversions and offer a nice,taste of the full temple experience,even while youre still early on,even without the curses themselves curse,of the dead gods would be a standout,rogue light,with excellent combat a smart structure,that eases players into its difficulty,and a great variety of enemies traps and,bosses across its three distinct temples,that strong foundation is only made,better by the fun randomization curses,bring to each run,on top of the added strategic element,that comes from having to balance the,need to gear up quickly,with the fear of taking on more,corruption they can handle,its between run progression systems,didnt do much to hook me compared to,the simple drive to best its hardest,challenges,but even without that carried on a stick,curse of the dead gods

The Curse of the Dead Gods is pretty dang good (Review)

first things first lets address the,clickbait thumbnail with an ambiguous,non-answer,is this game better than hades the,answer is yes,and no ill explain that more in a,minute but before we start i want to,emphasize that i reviewed this game in,its final days of early access the 1.0,launch did add some ui polish some new,weapons,and a general balance pass on enemies,and weapons just bear in mind that i,didnt get to play with any of those,but i did check the patch notes and they,dont have any influence on my review as,it was,written so with that said lets jump,into it curse of the dead gods is an,isometric roguelike action game,the immediate comparison here again is,hades 100,they have similar styles and aesthetics,they occupy the same space in the same,genre and there are more than a few,parallels to draw between the two of,them now i played hades and i liked it,i didnt fawn over it like most of the,gaming world but i appreciated the game,for what it was,namely a very well made video game in a,genre that i dont typically love,i was able to appreciate it nonetheless,i particularly enjoyed how the story,in hades was handled peeling back the,narrative layers as you progressed,through the games various systems,learning and uncovering more the amount,of unique dialogue i experienced,in that game was almost overwhelming it,just kept coming and coming,that was far and away the thing that i,loved most about hades and in curse of,the dead gods,all of that is completely absent there,is zero story in curse of the dead gods,no context no motivation youre in an,ancient temple and thats,it thats where it stops this doesnt,mean that there isnt stuff to love,about this game but i think,since im sure that many people will see,this game and immediately think hades,i think that you need to do a little bit,more than just temper your expectations,you need to know that there is no story,element in curse of the dead gods,whatsoever,its not light on story it has no story,it instead has something akin to a,writing prompt a simple concept to just,add enough context to justify the games,setting and mechanics,and speaking of the games setting and,mechanics lets talk about that a little,bit first of all the game looks and,sounds great the art style the sound,design ive got no complaints here,ambient sounds and combat effects all,sound good but the game lacks much of a,soundtrack of any kind theres sort of a,low,hum stretched out and ever present,underneath and then when combat starts,percussion and tempo pick up,on top of that and it just sort of,cycles between the two as you dip in and,out of combat encounters there does,appear to be some unique boss music but,again,not a lot in the way of an ost here,theres a good amount of unique enemy,types with unique move sets there are,three unique dungeon types to choose,from each with their own vibe each with,their own enemies and environmental,hazards and traps each with their own,boss champions to fight my one complaint,as far as the surface level stuff goes,is that these three dungeon types dont,really,switch it up enough with just how they,look the content within them is pretty,great but im talking about the biomes,themselves i had a similar complaint for,another great indie game children of,morta that despite the game being great,and despite the moment-to-moment stuff,feeling really good the different,locations you traversed often just felt,like instagram color filters,there are unique assets dont get me,wrong but the game could do more to get,more mileage out of these locations,bringing it all the way back to hades,think about the levels in that game,theyre drastically different from one,another from dark crypts to fire and,brimstone and lava to lush,fantastical forests curse of the dead,gods is sort of stuck,in ancient temples with little room to,make these spaces stand out from each,other but on the mechanical side of,things this is where i think curse of,the dead gods really shines,im gonna say something pretty unpopular,here mechanically curse of the dead gods,is better than hades now if youre a,hades fan hold on calm down,i think hades has great addicting combat,dont get me wrong,but curse of the dead gods to me feels,better and just more fun to play so,whats the difference these games are,extremely similar right well yeah but,the stuff that curse the dead gods does,differently,really goes a long way to make up for,some of the shortcomings that i felt,while playing hades so lets touch a,little bit on that,in curse of the dead gods youll be,pretty familiar with things from the,beginning youll start your run fight,your way through rooms of enemies,along the way acquiring gold to spend on,weapons and upgrades at various,different shrines,an earning progression currency that,carries over from run to run,youll find rooms to replenish your,health rooms to acquire new weapons,challenge rooms you know pretty standard,stuff but straight away one of the big,differences here is that from the very,beginning the game shows you a map of,all the rooms in a given run,and actually lets you choose which way,to go this means that if youre low on,health instead of crossing your fingers,and just hoping,that you get a room to replenish your,health you can choose to take a route,that will guarantee,healing also theres a designated parry,and dodge and a stamina point system,dodge rolling two-handed and ranged,attacks and finisher moves all require,stamina to use but you can execute a,perfect dodge at just the right time or,parry oncoming attacks to quickly regen,stamina or you can just wait for it to,recharge on its own this gives combat a,pretty nice rhythm of weaving in and out,with dodges parrying and dealing damage,with up to three different types of,weapons at a time,weapons themselves all feel a little,different from each other and will shine,more against some enemies than others,the sword is more balanced,but things like hammers and maces might,swing a little slower but hit harder,each weapon can be charged up to do a,powerful strike which will cost stamina,but powerful strikes can stun,and weaken enemies opening them up for,more damage traps and environmental,hazards play a role in combat as,well youll need to tread carefully so,you can avoid being skewered by spike,traps or hit by some projectile,fireballs but you can always employ them,to work,in your favor leading enemies into,advantageous positions and then taking,them out with the same traps that were,meant for you,there are three main attributes,constitution for max health,dexterity for base damage and perception,which affects how much gold and items,you get from enemies you can build,around certain stats in a given run,through special shrines,at the cost of gold or corruption which,well talk about soon youll also find,relics in the temple ruins which are,just passive perks that might give you,more stamina or increase,gold drops or increase a certain damage,type if you can find them you can equip,up to six of these relics which is a big,part of the sort of random rng build,diversity in this game i say random rng,because much of the games items in,relics are randomly generated from a,loot pool and youll see a random,assortment of them at the various,shrines you encounter there is a,mechanic dubbed divine favors which you,can upgrade if you want which will allow,you to sort of reroll the assortment of,items at these shrines but i didnt mess,around with that too much one of my,favorite things in curse of the dead,gods is the light,mechanic the temple ruins are dark and,dangerous and you have a torch to light,your way,playing in the dark is possible but,enemies will hit 50 percent harder in,the dark and you wont be able to reveal,many of the traps and dangers without,lighting the way either there are,braziers to light arenas as well as,burnable things in the environment like,cobwebs you can even light enemies on,fire to light a space,i really liked this extra layer that i,always had to ma

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Curse Of The Dead Gods 2021 Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

when it comes to a good action roguelike,game im like a moth to a flame like a,damn bear to honey,and in this case a fixated explorer set,on finding riches,and glory hey there friends its kodiak,here one half of the team behind legacy,gaming,and today were diving into past tech,games recently released dungeon crawling,roguelite,curse of the dead gods to find out if,its truly,worth your time,[Music],when it comes to exploring procedurally,generated worlds and fantastic drip fed,upgrades,just inject that directly into my,veins because rogue lights,have to be in my opinion one of the most,satisfying genres of video games,ive ever experienced throughout the,years weve seen countless gems like,spelunky,dead cells enter the gungeon rogue,legacy and hades and each has brought,something incredibly unique to the table,all while pushing the genre forward,curse of the dead gods is no exception,its a game i admittedly passed over,during early access,but when we were offered the chance to,check out the 1.0 version of the game,well we took the bait and im really,glad we did curse feels familiar,intuitive and just different enough that,it feels unique,you play as an unnamed explorer,searching three distinct styles of tombs,on the hunt for relics weapons and power,as with all games youll spend the first,30 minutes or so getting acclimated to,the various controls,i was pleasantly surprised with how,intuitive the motion was,and after changing up a few key binds it,was smooth sailing,through the combination of running and,dodging youll maneuver through,each randomly generated room killing a,plethora of temple themed enemies,all while dodging traps and trying to,stay within the light,curse of the dead gods introduces a,unique illumination system that i really,enjoyed,your torch is just as important as your,weapons and can be used to identify,traps,light braziers and set off environmental,elements that may just turn the tides in,a battle,as i got more accustomed to the game i,was willing to take more chances,fighting in the dark,and sometimes even embrace the dark,thanks to the games curse system,thats really the second unique feature,that got me hooked on the game,every time you complete a floor you have,to go deeper into the temple,and each time you take on a bit more,corruption once you fill out your,corruption bar you take on a new curse,that fundamentally changes the way you,experience the game moving forward,for a game that looks like darkest,dungeons i just had to chuckle because,this system mirrors that of the stress,system,which i found both wildly unique and at,the time,incredibly frustrating luckily curse of,the dead gods is a more forgiving game,and the curse system doesnt always work,against you usually youll have to adapt,your play style but the game doesnt,outright screw you,like what often happened in darkest,dungeon no hate i absolutely love that,game,outside of the curses and the,illumination there are a number of other,gameplay systems to consider,and this is where the roguelite elements,really start to come into focus,each run starts off the same but through,a variety of long-term upgrade mechanics,you can give yourself a slight edge,blessings which you unlock using two,distinct currencies,give you passive benefits but youre,limited to how many you can equip,which means you have to identify the,boons that match your playstyle,forsaken weaponry allows you to unlock,new weapons that can potentially drop,during your future adventures,these come in all shapes and flavors and,the only true way to know what will work,best for you,is to unlock them all and try them out,firsthand there are also weapon altars,which allow you to start your journey,with different random loadouts,this is a pretty neat feature that sets,you on sturdier footing before taking on,your next challenge,finally is a system called divine favors,which grants you tokens that you can use,in the game,which allow you to re-roll different,shrine items potentially giving you,access to more items,that have better synergy with your build,with the rug light elements out of the,way the adventure can truly begin,if i had to summarize my experience in,just a few sentences,i would say that curse of the dead gods,is one of the most accessible roguelites,ive played you can have fun for 15,minutes or for multiple hours,the snappy controls myriad of upgrades,and satisfying combat are the,centerpiece of the game,that will feel familiar yet surprisingly,fresh when it comes to the combat things,are pretty simple you have a main hand,weapon that will do most of the hacking,and slashing,a secondary weapon that can be used to,finish off foes or string attacks,together,your torch which really isnt a combat,tool but can get the job done,in a pinch and a heavy weapon slot that,allows you a sort of pseudo,secondary weapon that gives you just a,bit more flexibility in combat,truthfully i think the game is fine with,just two main weapons but im no idiot,im not about to turn away some free,gear that could come in handy,when my backs against the wall in,practice combat is a symphony of,attacking,dodging and parrying youll learn each,enemys trope quickly enough and within,just a few hours youll be dancing,around each room picking them off,one by one there are some really,interesting mechanics that tie into,combat like a greed combo meter,which increases how much gold you get,dependent on how many kills you can,string together,without taking damage and of course that,light and dark component i mentioned,before,fighting in the dark makes you more,susceptible to damage but with the right,curses or relics,you could actually turn this to your,advantage speaking of relics i think we,should quickly talk about some of the,upgrades youll find along the way,as i mentioned before when you complete,a floor youll have to choose,what floor to explore next and each,floor concludes with some sort of,alter or experience that can age you in,your quest,you can find and store multiple relics,which act as puzzle pieces to your build,and finding the right combination of,relics can make you an overpowered,killing machine,but slap together some relics that dont,really work and youll never really see,their true value,you can also run across weapon shrines,which allow you to purchase new weapons,for coin,or for blood this taps back into that,forsaken weaponry upgrade system we,talked about earlier,there are also attributes which increase,your health damage dell and chance of,finding treasure,three things youll want to increase,every chance you get,there are also items and relics that,synergize with these attributes,like any good roguelite you have to,identify where the systems intersect,how do the weapons tie into the relics,and how does that tie into the,attributes,its all related and the best players,will pick up on the synergies sooner,rather than later upgrades are the,prizes but to get to them youll have to,fight through a number of deadly and,dangerous creatures,youll explore three distinct tombs each,designed with different enemies,and traps the temple of the jaguar,features a more classic spread of,enemies,while also trying to catch you off guard,with spike and fire traps,the temple of the eagle introduces some,more shocking enemies like harpies and,sentinels and the temple of the serpent,taps generously into a poison theme,that tries to kill you ever so painfully,each feels like a different,experience and even after a handful of,hours i was still running across new,enemies,and new experiences that would present,me with different challenges,depending on what temple youre trying,to complete your run will also include a,boss or two,and you know how i love a good boss,fight i was disappointed that these,didnt present an incredibly hard,challenge,but they were designed well maybe its,my hundreds of hours with the genre but,i felt these were slightly undertuned,and some players may feel like they,didnt quite deserve that reward,when it comes

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Curse of the Dead Gods Nintendo Switch Review!

another,soul fouls hi guys welcome back to,switch up as you can tell weve been,pretty swamped this week with glenn and,i both doing two of our own reviews,and weve had to get rob nor the viking,on board as well our new writer,and good friend of mine outside of the,channel this one then is a collaborative,review,robs done most of the gameplay and,controls although ive added in a couple,of bits here and there where i felt it,was needed,and then ive done the visuals audio and,overall value score over to rob then,oh man i went on a journey with curse of,the dead gods,i hate this game but thats part of the,reason why i love it this is one of,those that just destroyed me,so many times its relentless and,unforgiving punishment,tested me in a way i havent been tested,in a long long time,honestly this game took me at least two,hours of gameplay,to even begin to understand how it works,not necessarily because it doesnt do a,good job of it but because im new to,the genre,and boy was it a baptism of fire curse,of the dead gods is a rogue-like game,from past tech games and if youre after,an experience,thats going to hold your hand and walk,you gently through its dark corridors,curse of the dead gods isnt for you why,exactly then do i,love to hate it or hate to love it lets,find it the divine,is out of reach,the storyline is filled with deep nordic,undertones but what exactly this,mustachio gentleman has to do with it,youre not really told,unlike something like hades which is,quite explicit with its narrative,curse of the dead gods delivers it in a,more experiential way,im not entirely sure why hes here and,in many ways i kind of wish he didnt,walk into that cave but he does and,control is quickly handed over to the,player theres the usual story tropes of,discovering riches and slaying monsters,but thats as far as the narrative goes,before the player is handed over to his,dark fate particularly in my hands,you move through the temple room by room,and one of the quickest gifts youll,receive is a quick death,dying is the last thing you want to do,but youll do it a lot and as with any,roguelike back to the start youll go,but how does it actually play out well,curse of the dead gods is a fast-paced,top-down action rogue life you can,choose which temple you wish to enter,unlocking more as you progress and very,similar once again to hades,at the end of each room you can then,choose your next path,there may be an upgrade in one that can,be accessed by interacting with a shrine,once youve defeated all the enemies,and combat allows you to lock onto an,enemy quite easily,and flick between these using the right,stick theres a particularly tricky,illumination mechanic that makes the,game just that little bit harder,like it needed to be if youre standing,in darkness,and you take damage then that damage is,going to be 50 percent more painful,than if you are standing in the light,but dont worry you have a torch with,you,thats used to light the braziers or uh,the enemies,along the way how exceedingly kind the,light level is indicated by an icon at,the bottom of the screen and,trust me youre gonna want to stay in,that light i have to be honest at first,i really disliked this mechanic but as i,put more and more hours into the game,i found id not only got used to it but,i actually enjoyed it there are risk and,reward mechanics here as well,such as the aforementioned upgrades as,you will,at times at least be forced to pay for,those,using either the hard-earned gold that,you found your own,blood or even by increasing your,corruption what corruption you ask,yeah so heres the thing as you progress,through the game,youre going to become more and more,corrupt as you feel your corruptions,meter,curses are then placed upon the player,now those can be avoided or embraced why,because most of them have both a,positive and negative effect for example,one curse,charges you 300 gold for each door you,enter,and if you dont pay up it will take,some of your health however if you do,have enough gold to pay up then it will,restore,10 of your maximum health which believe,me is,particularly useful but be sure to avoid,that fifth,and final curse because its going to,slowly drain all of your health you,start each of those rounds with that,primary weapon such as a sword shield,mace or throwing knives,and a secondary which include pistols,and whips and your weapons can be,upgraded or exchanged along the way,you can also change the default starting,weapons that are available to you which,thankfully remain after your death,if you are skilled enough to reach the,champion at the end of,whichever route you take through the,temple youre gonna be faced with the,hardest challenge yet,unless you are an absolute beast of a,gamer like,one particular member of switch up,youre likely to get killed time and,time again,which has the potential to be,infuriating as youre forced to start,over from the beginning it must have,taken me,25 attempts to kill the first champion,from the blood hunter hunts temple,this is the part where rob i have to,interject its that moment in the old,magazines where the editor used to put,in his little dig and yeah,i beat this first boss on my first,attempt and thats more through having,experience,in souls like games as it plays out very,similar,to a souls like boss dodging in and out,reading those attacks,and going for the kill sorry rob you can,carry on like i said at the start of,this review,the game is relentless and unforgiving,and i hate it however i did manage to,defeat the champion from the bewitched,catacombs temple,on my first attempt so i love it man i,hate to love this game,how can gameplay be improved then or,maybe a checkpoint in the middle of each,quest,just the one to keep it difficult or at,least having this as an option,i dont know i appreciate the challenge,but wow is it tough theres a good,chance though thats just my,inexperience with roguelites but please,can i have a checkpoint,gameplay for me is very enjoyable still,and i give it 17,out of 20. all of this is well and good,but how does it feel to control,and for me the game is a delight to,handle it just works well the a buttons,used to equip that torch the y button,controls your primary weapon and then,that can be chained to create powerful,combinations,the x button that controls your,secondary weapon can also be held down,to do more powerful moves,and in combination these can be chained,together or you can use the two-handed,weapons,to even more devastating effect using,those power attacks,the bumper buttons here are used for,interaction which is interesting,the zr button is used to dodge and the,zl to parry,i havent spoken a great deal about the,parrying and dodge mechanics and its,the one area that i felt they could have,slightly improved,that parry window is so small and,although the player flashes momentarily,it never felt,quite right it could be that you need to,spend hundreds of hours to get that,muscle memory but perhaps,chaining a more overt sound to the parry,mechanic would have made it easier to,the player,conversely the dodge works really well,and i ended up just using that the final,interesting mechanic then in relation to,that control,is the stamina system this is five bars,shown at the bottom of your screen,each time you dodge attack or parry one,of those points is used up momentarily,but if you perfectly time a secondary,attack,dodge or one of those parries then,youll be rewarded with one of those,back,its very useful during the fast-paced,action as therell be times when you,just cant walk away anymore or run in,the opposite direction,and it will essentially reward the skill,of the player i did find the controls,easy to use intuitive and simple but as,mentioned the parry system wasnt,quite right for me and perhaps a button,to scan the environment to allow you to,get,any items youve missed as sometimes,they can blend in and be almost,impossible to see,particularly in those darker spaces,overall i give contro

Curse of the Dead Gods Review by BeardedBreakdown

[Music],curse of the dead gods an action,rogue-like game,you may be thinking of some other great,games in this genre hades dead cells,binding of isaac a genre that has taken,the indie world by storm and with good,reason,this game developed by past tech studios,and published by focus home interactive,aztec being a french studio with a few,games under their belt with a team of,industry professionals and a mandate,that states every detail counts,i think they may have just hit gold,right now,lets get into the review,[Music],immediately it looks like hades im not,gonna lie,but we would be making a mistake by,assuming its a hades wannabe,in fact the answer detracts from that,assumption within the first five minutes,with a satisfying color palette that,only serves to fortify its individuality,in an already crowded genre which,fundamentally is pivotal,to making sure you stand out this,simplistic yet colorful ui,really sets the tone well as you,progress further into these temples,thematically the hand-drawn artwork,lends itself really well to the,structure of the levels,each one providing a plethora of,colorful stimulations as you progress,through them you never forget which,temple youre in and what kind of,enemies are going to await you,purely just from a level design,standpoint its a simple but effective,way to keep the player engaged in the,art as you adventure past a litany of,traps which require your full attention,to effectively get past them and keeping,a players attention,thats hard to do in a generation where,our attention spans are lower keeping,the attention to players using,striking visual artwork and clever,thematic inputs,is a next level up when specifically,speaking about,graphics and how they play a big role in,our understanding and enjoyment of the,game,[Music],gameplay another way this game stands,out from the back is by means of its,special corruption mechanic it works,like this,your hero enters a temple of unknown,origin in order to gain access he must,open a door but this door curses him,as you progress going from door to door,enemy to enemy this curse will progress,adding modifiers which can completely,change the way you play the game,for instance one modifier will change,how your torch works,this torch is used to stave away the,abyssal darkness which permeates almost,every corner of the temple not only that,but being in this darkness means you,take way more damage than usual so the,gameplay is usually about finding a,balance between this corruption mechanic,light and its counterpart darkness going,back to the modifier though this,particular one i was referring to is one,that essentially removes the darkness,damage,amplifier by making your torch one of,darkness the only caveat being that you,need the torch to see,some traps and some enemies you might be,thinking well,if theres no damage modifier surely the,game is easier,no well not necessarily so the game will,become a death of,1 000 cuts in the later temples where,they are larger and have much tougher,enemies,and bosses the corruption mechanic,becomes a huge,factor in the longevity of your,playthrough im immensely fond of games,that have fail states they provide a,tangible and palpable feeling of dread,and excitement when progressing,as if there was a looming guillotine,floating above your head,every step of the way youll quickly,find that you need to use your brain,more frequently than other roguelites,its a constant balancing act that,requires ingenuity in both your,strategical planning and your mechanical,prowess,speaking of prowess and using it lets,talk about weapons,there are tons in this game ranging from,simple ones with simple modifiers to,complex curse weaponry,which change the entire way you play the,game you dont need an,op high level weapon to clear the later,levels even,you just need the right combination of,modifiers and that being said you have a,few forms of currency to help you in,that regard you have crystal skulls,jade rings divine favors and gold skulls,are used for upgrading your starting,point in providing more weapons and,options and,unlocking new perks to make subsequent,runs easier you then have divine favors,which essentially allow you to reroll,modifiers known as,relics if youve ever played a roguelite,you know exactly what im talking about,next you have rings which make the runs,easier by unlocking more temple,weapons and then those weapons can then,be looked at at your home base,and you can then kind of plan your runs,knowing what weapons you want to look,for,even in my playthrough which is 30 hours,plus right now,i havent found all of them so theres,still many more to go in combination,with perks and weapons you can create,some truly astonishing and powerful,belts which allow you to shred things in,seconds,youre probably asking about the combat,and how does it work right now though,let me run it down for you you have a,light attack,you have a secondary attack you have a,heavy attack,a parry and a roll each of which have a,different function for instance,the light attack with a dagger followed,by a secondary attack with a whip will,allow for an aoe move,pushing everyone back giving you space,which in turn helps you when you need to,either reposition or re-light a fire pit,to avoid taking,extra darkness damage powering mechanic,is also a game changer blasting massive,bosses back with a perfect parry is,always satisfying id advise spending,the first few runs,practicing these parries and even if you,die youll have the knowledge on what to,do when you face these enemies who are,exclusively beaten by parries,the combination of mechanics complex,economic layering and badass weaponry,really makes curse of the dead gods,stand out from the crowd its a game,competing with giants,and i say that its well on its way to,becoming a titan slayer,writing and story well there isnt much,admittedly but,you play as an unnamed adventurer who,happens to stumble upon a temple,and youre trying to escape stuck in an,endless life and death cycle until you,can get through death itself this is,probably the weakest area of the game,for me but i dont think the story is,what the game was going for so itd be,unfair to compare it to others in that,respect,in games like this its all about the,feeling of the narrative that you create,for yourself,as youll be creating these from your,own adventures through the monsters that,are shown,and the bosses that youll clash with,every battle and interaction will act as,your stage as you attempt to escape and,plunder all the temples riches,my advice when you go through the levels,is pay attention to the,items in the environment they often tell,a really good story and as you go,further in,you find that the darkness and abyss,becomes more complicated,and that there is actually history there,i ran my game on the 3080 an i9,processor,and i had no technical hiccups worth,mentioning i tried 4k,2k and 1080p all which ran amazingly,close to the frame rate cap almost all,the time,now if you looked up polish in the,dictionary youd find this game there,and a story about this game being a hero,against monsters called 16 times the,detail and will release it when its,ready,a brave tale against titans of injustice,but seriously though it runs like a,dream kudos to you,[Applause],[Music],ah,[Applause],um,sounds punchy is what i think of when i,play this game the audio does a great,job in amplifying the feeling of dread,as you progress from room to room,playing tribal drums in the heat of,battle quickening the tempo of your,actions in the cadence of your fighting,flowing from one enemy to the next the,drums persist in a melodic fashion as,you immerse yourself deep in the heart,of the temples vibes,at least until you get hit in a sharp,synth place,reminding you that you are in fact in a,temple filled with dangers and perilous,foes,and as the darkness gets stronger and,more pronounced,a sense of urgency kicks in as you,battle against corruption taking over,your body if

Curse Of The Dead Gods First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

curse of the dead gods is a brand new,isometric action roguelike this recently,came to steam early access in this game,you play as an adventurer thats trapped,in a lost temple and youll need to pick,a path kill enemies and gain power to,progress gameplay wise youll need to,time your dodges to avoid taking damage,youll need to light your surroundings,and use the environment to kill enemies,without falling victim to the traps of,the temple as you progress youll become,more corrupted and eventually get random,curses which are only removed when you,defeat a boss this is a game that youll,definitely die in multiple times but,each run helps you unlock blessings that,give you bonuses in future explorations,as of making this video curse of the,dead gods is currently sitting at 87% of,very positive reviews on Steam and this,video is sponsored by the developers of,the game so if you like what you see,click the link in the description to buy,the game or add it to your wishlist so,WASD to move around your mouse dictates,where youre facing left click to attack,spacebar to dodge Ive got five charges,of dodge for press number two this,switches to my weapons a left click,which is my sword attack if I hold the,sword attack theres a big spinny,ability and then Ive got my right click,which is my gun my persons not bothered,in the slice that is trapped in this,temple so weve got a magical purple,door that seems to be corrupting my,persons arm or something so now I need,to choose which path I want to take it,seems as Ive got the choice between,gold stats or gold lots of gold in this,room but Ive also got a monster bait,his attack that we dodged okay nice,golden mass gain a hundred percent of,damage taken in gold things set afire to,oh I can use this to scorch enemies by,the looks of it okay lets bait these,guys come on come on yes,okay we smart were using the invite of,God theres a lot of them P a fair bit,off more than I can shoot,probably okay never mind we brought it,back think I can open more gold,aggressive aggressive aggressive,aggressive aggressive aggressive lets,not let the enemy attack ghosts coming,at me onwards we go yeah next what do I,want gold mystery or this looks like a,healing icon Ill go I monster George I,just realized that I actually didnt,heal going into this next area so I,guess you really need to look after your,health in this game Im guessing theres,only certain conditions in which you,have the opportunity to heal or 230 gold,and a relic clause of evisceration oh my,god thats good obviously this here is,some kind of spike trap that Im not,gonna fall for Haven whats a haven okay,Im guessing havens like a safe area,press e oh it gives us health nice so,this seems to be a corruption bar thats,slowly filling up at the end of every,stage and it also filled up when I,healed myself at the Haven this is,intense,oh now Im corrupted I dont know that,means Oh dodge op [ __ ] how Im taking,so much damage now get in there get in,there is intense come on big damage big,damage greed kill times seven special,weapon this restores one person max,health for each enemy killed this seems,pretty good considering healing has a,cost in this game I can offer blood,which I think gives me more corruption,so Im just gonna buy this with gold so,now I have a number three which is that,big swinging mace thing and you can,charge it up for whats probably big,damage so our corruption bar filled to,100% and now we have what seems to be a,curse regular enemies can spawn,additional creatures when killed okay,theres a trap theres traps oh god,theres many traps all theres many,traps everythings on fire,run old got him out of Dodge plots wait,here for a little bit,oh man jump that was a lot of traps,Dodge oh my god this weapons so slow man,this is really hard Im having to think,about every attack I make ten percent,damage Gold find or a bit of both Im,just going so slowly throughout this,level Im really nervous oh god theres,a theres a bloody mini boss,Oh God Oh God like like this I want to,see where Im going oh my god Im just,dodge Im just dodging right now Im,just dodge oh god Im just I dont know,whats oh my god,calm down game this thing that spawns,the bats is bloody annoying removes one,corruption for each enemy killed this,seems fantastic oh my god I think I,might just die in this room oh my god,Im dead surely these bloody bats,honestly make this so hard,were alive we made it 11 HP just bikes,so now what eh,oh I see each run you can unlock,different blessings for the next run,thats nice so even if you do fail and,dont make it to the end it still feels,like youre making progress I like that,a lot getting a thousand gold at the,star of your exploration yes lets get a,nice weapon early on right aggressive,aggressive and efficient Im gonna go,for the claws again it seems pretty good,stop healing them all thats just dumped,a lot of gold on the floor please dont,give us an annoying corruption,brassieres well burn with a dark flame,and cannot be lit lets not say bad room,with a bunch of little traps I already,like all of these hidden traps it makes,it feel like a real lost temple that,youre exploring okay we go for relic,then we go for heal lots of bad enemies,dodj okay starting to play with a bit,more composure now and Im timing my,dodges a lot better so dodge dodge we,can go in for some attacks dodge dodge,hes gonna miss I okay now were playing,the game were slowly overcoming to get,good issues that Ive been facing,increased max stamina by one that could,be good so now I can dodge six times,brilliant no fighting in this round so,200 health that costs 10 corruption,maybe we can just pull one monster at a,time lets just pull this one oh my god,can you do that oh [ __ ] now you cannot,watch here oh [ __ ],well that was a trap back in for the,boss,okay lets not get greed why am I,getting greedy dont get greedy Craig,more corruption gold disappears on the,ground after a short period of time but,the amount of gold on the ground,increases thats okay so this one kind,of makes you speedrunning a little bit,more plus 20% all healing effects so now,were gonna fight the champion Im,pretty sure Im gonna get my ass handed,to me here okay so okay so its got a,little no ads boy damn calm down mate,okay so I need to dodge the gun attack,dodge this oh my god this is hard okay,every time I kill the dogs he just,spawns more we are going in oh my god we,did it we actually did it that was that,was really pug I love that I had the,extra dodge there I might not been able,to do it if not and we get a bunch of,skulls now have escaped the temple I,guess victory we won we actually bloody,would I was genuinely fun Ive unlocked,a bunch of new blessings but they cost a,lot of skulls to unlock while youre,attacking you take 50% less damage and,damage does not interrupt you that,sounds really good we go again so that,was just a short exploration what Ive,done and then Ive unlocked a medium,exploration eclipse of the cursed twins,this weapon looks fantastic deals a lot,of damage restores health deals burning,damage and has extra damage in the light,Im doing a lot of attacking with this,spear to get all my health back oh its,hacking with the spear actually consumes,stamina lets go for another weapon I,need a main hand weapon,okay this spear is really strong okay,Ive almost got all my health back,removes corruption which is something,Im definitely gonna need and 1% base,damage for dexterity lets offer gold,for this Im feeling really good about,this run these weapons Ive got a,fantastic come on 100% health yes there,is right now lets get rid of this,corruption using my hammer barbs shield,under a mace a shield and a,bear okay Im feeling good now okay as,one of those rooms where you just bloody,dodge like mad this is an actual epic,weapon attacks just straight-up still,ten percent HP so its the same guy I,thought before it is okay this this,ones going really bad,were definitely struggling with this,guy a lot more this ti

Curse of the Dead Gods review | Temple run

ideally you want to avoid curses not,just in video games but in all walks of,life,entropy is generally considered a bad,thing for a reason,and barreling headlong from one hex to,another is going to do you a mischief,so spare a thought for karadog,mcallister grizzled protagonist of,pastex curse of the dead gods,who is locked in a perpetual nightmare,of violence traps,and lots and lots of curses stumbling,into an ancient jungle tomb our hero,finds himself stuck traversing three,temples filled with undead horrors,and presided over by tribal gods called,champions,your task is to guide him through deadly,traps and desperate fights,unlocking new skills and items as you go,as its a roguelike youll spend an,awful lot of time dying which will,spirit you back to the entrance of the,temples there are three to choose from,which decide your path,eagle serpent and jaguar each has a,different aesthetic and enemy types,as well as varying pitfalls every run is,procedurally generated and youll carve,a path from entrance to boss fight by,battling through a series of rooms,each containing a new boom whether its,a healing fountain,weapon upgrade or stat boost everything,is worth fighting for,youll collect blue skulls and green,rings as you go which youll keep when,you die the rings allow you to unlock,new weapons that will roll into the,randomized temple loop,while the skulls give you permanent,equippable buffs or boost your starting,chances either with a better weapon,selection,buffs or improved stats its a brilliant,system crucially giving you a sense of,progression even when youre dying,in a similar fashion to hades theres a,huge selection of weapons on offer too,primary secondary range and two-handed,which you can mix up in combos and use,alongside timed parries and perfect,invasions to defeat your foes,swords pistols whips claws hammers bows,spears axes maces and shields can all be,found and mixed and matched as you go,with new ones dropping from enemies or,turning up in chests,different relics and upgrades afford,further buffs and benefits such as,increased damage or movement speed,or a higher chance to find gold or gear,traps can even be turned against your,attackers if youre quick and clever,enough,and you can earn weapons and weapon,upgrades from special shrines,the combat is slick and responsive but,its easy to become overwhelmed and,youll often live or die based purely on,your loadout,chaining attacks and parrying or evading,with pinpoint timing are essential as is,fighting in the light where possible,hitting a certain button at any time,will pull out your torch allowing you to,light up rooms as you go,certain buffs will cause you to take,less damage in the light or you can,always set your enemies on fire which,will cause them to ignite others or set,off combustible traps,youre a pretty tough customer and can,weather an impressive amount of damage,before you die but curatives and healing,fountains are super rare,upgrades also cost either hard one gold,your own blood or your purity,and force you to weigh up every decision,perhaps the coolest aspect of curse of,the dead gods is the curse system itself,when i previewed the game in pc early,access a year or so ago these were,fairly limited,but now there appear to be dozens of,them separated into five categories,every time you cross into a new room,take damage from certain enemy types or,pay for an upgrade or weapon with blood,youll receive corruption,receive enough and youll be cursed and,this can happen up to five times per run,the nature of these curses is what makes,them so interesting and changeable,for example one causes you to become,intangible when you dodge roll avoiding,all damage,but preventing a perfect dodge from,refilling your stamina,maybe youll pick up more gold but the,gold will also increase your curse meter,one curse hides your hood when you take,damage another makes traps invisible,unless you have your torch drawn the,list goes on and because of the random,nature of the afflictions everyone feels,massively different to the last,the campaign doesnt have anywhere near,haitis incredible storytelling but it,makes up for it with so much variety in,the gameplay,being able to equip relics and upgrades,on the fly as and when you find them,allows a certain amount of adaptability,and though its heavily ranged against,you the combat rarely feels unfair,you always have something to work,towards too so it never feels,like youre just going through the,motions some enemies are real gets,though some can corrupt,you others will dive at you others will,faint to force you to parry too early or,hit you,with corruption instead of physical,damage the bosses too are tough,requiring you to watch their movesets,and learn when to attack and when to,simply avoid them,aesthetically its a pretty game,considering how much of it is set in,dark dank crypts,environments reuse assets but theyre,detailed and well drawn and it runs at a,slick pace whether youre on pc,xbox or nintendo switch that said though,the switch version has the roughest,graphics as usual,but also suffers in handheld mode,because theres no way to embig in the,hud or,text elements some people almost,certainly struggle with this and its,something that should feature in any,switch port these days,that aside curse of the dead gods is an,excellent roguelike,the massive variety of curses weapons,and buffs create a different experience,each time and the difficulty is balanced,just on the right side of challenging,meaning that cautious play and leaning,into the curses where possible,is often a soundish strategy i had a,feeling when i first previewed this that,it could easily become my new obsession,once it hit home consoles,and ive never been so happy to be right,and for that reason im going to score,curse of the dead gods from past tech,games and focus home interactive,and 9 out of 10.,hello there if you enjoyed that review,please consider hitting like and,subscribe and maybe tag,that bell icon too so youre kept up to,date with all the reviews previews,videos or whatever we post on a given,day and if youd like to support us on,patreon,we really appreciate everything that you,guys do for us,also just let us know in the comments if,youre planning on picking this one up,maybe youve already played it in pc,early access,maybe youre waiting for the console,release maybe youre specifically,waiting,for a particular console release either,way let us know wed like to have a chat,where possible,in the meantime ive been mcfrazer for,god as a geek and you guys have been,lovely,[Applause],bye,[Music],you

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