1. Cutco Knives Review | Are They Worth it?
  2. Best Kitchen Knives | Cutco Knives Review | Testing Lifetime Warranty
  3. 4 Common Mistakes Cutco Owners Make and How To Avoid Them
  4. Cutco Knives Are A RIPOFF!!!
  5. Battle of the Blades: Chef Knife (Misen vs Miyabi vs Cutco)
  6. The Real Kitchen Daddy gets his Cutco Knives….!
  7. ASMR l Are these best kitchen knives? CUTCO knives REVIEW

Cutco Knives Review | Are They Worth it?

whats up guys so I have owned these,Cutco knives for a little bit over a,year and this actual knife right here,Ive owned for more than a decade and it,is a Cutco knife Ill talk a little bit,more about this in a minute but I just,want to be clear this video is just,about the knives I bought these at,Costco this video is nothing about you,know the business model and how they do,their marketing and sales and all that,kind of stuff so I just wanted to say,that if youre looking for that kind of,information youre going to want to go,to the next video this video Im making,it for the people that are actually,interested in buying these Cutco knives,or just anybody whos curious to know,like are they worth it do they live up,to the hype whats it like for somebody,actually who uses them so Im going to,cover why I bought it the pros the cons,and then Im going to give my opinion on,whether or not I think you should buy,these knives and use these knives and,just so you know like where my,perspective is coming from Im not a,knife expert and Im also not a chef I,would say Im just like you know your,typical Average Joe guy who uses these,Cutco knives just want you to understand,that and where Im coming from and let,me just explain why I ended up buying,these actual knives you know three four,years ago I bought what I thought was,and I think still are a good knife set,off of Amazon Ill put a link in the,description and we use those knives and,I also had some other knives I got,married and we combined our cooking,utensils and stuff you know my wife had,some ceramic knives I had some older,ones and then I bought those but what,was funny about it was this knife right,here which I got over a decade ago is,when I was living in an apartment and,Ive used it a lot was one of our,favorite knives to use and it is a Cutco,knife but the point is is that we loved,this knife and this is just a steak,Knife so I always kind of had that in,the back of my mind now that nice set I,bought it was my mistake I didnt,realize hey its not dishwasher safe,like I said Im not a knife guy but they,started to fall apart you know putting,them in the dishwasher I think the wood,warped and the rivets werent holding as,well and they just didnt last that long,and werent that nice or enjoyable to,use and what is funny is that we were,using this little steak knife to do a,lot of our you know heavy duty cutting,and especially with stuff like apples or,tomatoes or that sort of thing now I was,shopping in Costco and I saw the Cutco,little booth that they have sometimes,and I walked up to the booth just to get,an idea of what these knives are Ive,definitely heard of them before and I,knew they were really expensive and I,just wanted to check them out when I was,at the booth random people that were,shopping kept coming up to the booth and,saying oh I love those knives Ive had,my set for x amount of years I love them,yada yada it was so much so that I,started to question like is this some,kind of scam like are these paid actors,or actresses that are coming up and,saying this thing but I was shocked how,it was just like real live review I,think at least three people came up and,was like Hey I own these knives theyre,great knives and they just wanted to,stop their shopping being just to come,by and let me know that so I did a,little bit more research and you know,some time went by and the knives we were,using we just didnt like and I finally,made the decision like hey I want to,purchase some Costco excuse me I want to,purchase some Cutco knives and I thought,it was a pretty good deal that I saw at,Costco I went to their website and saw I,was going to be way more expensive there,when I went back to Costco there was no,Booth but I think someone there let us,know you know theyre planning on coming,back uh around Thanksgiving Christmas,this was about a year ago,um so we I was just like hey if it lines,up if I go back to Costco and they,happen to be there I think Im gonna buy,them so obviously that did happen and I,bought these knives because I thought,they were good value I cant remember,exactly how much I spent but Im,remember it was about a thousand dollars,I did buy these shears which was,separate from the kit I think there,might even been another knife like the,the cheese knife that I bought but it,was about a thousand dollars for this so,I just wanted to explain why I bought,them where I bought them now what was,funny was the exact same thing happened,I go up and you know I start talking to,the lady about the knives and everything,and then just people kept coming up to,the display little booth and saying I,love my set of Cutco knives Ive had,them for x amount of years theyre great,yada yada again I was like questioning,like wait is are these paid actors like,is this serious so that definitely gave,me a lot of confidence in buying them I,remember actually when I was checking,out from Costco you know you have to,hand them the receipt and they like make,sure you know everything is in your cart,and you bought it and they saw oh you,bought the Cutco knives I have a pair I,love them theyre great I was like Wow,even this guy likes these knives and now,Im going to get into the pros but I,wanted to tell that story just to give,you an understanding of why I bought,them and I think it really exemplifies,what I think is the biggest Pro people,who own these knives seem to love them,Im sure theres some people that dont,but at least in my world I guess it is,anecdotal but everyone Ive talked to,actually owns these knives love to talk,about how much they love them its fun I,had someone I worked with saw that I had,these shears they came over and he had,to go out of his way to say hey I,actually have those Ive had them for a,long time I cant remember specifically,but it was like 20 years or something,and hes like they are awesome theyre,still just as sharp today I use them all,the time again he just wanted to Rave,about how satisfied he was with this,product which leads into my next point,is that I think one of the best things,with these knives is that theyre very,durable and last a long time there are,multiple people out there and stories,you can read online of people whove had,these for like 20 plus years and the,whole idea behind these Cutco knives is,that they last forever they have a,forever guarantee so that theyre going,to last as long as you last and if for,every reason they need some maintenance,like sharpening and stuff theyll do,that for free but I can definitely tell,by using them and whatnot that these are,durable I mean I had that other set of,knives that a year later again my fault,because I shouldnt have ran them,through the dishwasher,um just started to fall apart part not,be as nice as they were where these are,still like almost I mean they feel like,I just yesterday when I bought them,theyre still exceptionally great,another huge Pro is that they stay sharp,for a really really long time like I,said this is over a decade old its had,a ton of use this was our favorite knife,to use weve used it a ton and its,still sharp Ive never sharpened it and,I think its because of this you know,they call it double D or D technology,where essentially youve got a serrated,tip and in the serrations is where the,sharp part is and the actual tips,protect it so when youre doing this on,your board the sharp part of the knife,never rubs up against the board and,thats what helps these stay sharp for a,long time and a lot of their knives even,this guy right here which looks like,your you know chefs knife is serrated,they do have at least in the kit that I,bought a chefs knife that is not,serrated but even this knife you know I,dont think its anything special its,just carbon stain stainless steel which,Im sure a lot of knives are made out of,but their hardening process works really,well because you know weve used this a,ton of times you can see I have a wood,cutting block here but we also use you,know,these plastic ones which I know

Best Kitchen Knives | Cutco Knives Review | Testing Lifetime Warranty

hey dads are you looking for knives,with a lifetime warranty on them Ive,got some right here that my mom had and,the guy told us that they have a,lifetime warranty on them so were,sending him out thats why Im in the,car Im gonna drop him off at the UPS,Store but I wanted to talk to you guys,about him before I dropped him off first,of all hi hi doll the new dads out there,this is dad reviews this is where I give,you my unedited hopefully more authentic,look at the products that I like use and,have and my mom has so written that you,might want to consider clicking that,subscribe button so what we have here,are the Cutco brand knives so this is,one knife right here I think actually,what my mom is having them do is sharpen,them because theyre not as sharp as,they used to be and one of the things,that they do in their warranty is,theyll sharpen the knives for you but,also if something does go wrong with the,knife that breaks or whatever then they,also cover it with their lifetime,warranty as well got a couple of,different ones here my mom has had these,things forever I remember whenever I was,they I think I was like a kid probably,20 years ago they had these knives and,theyve really really lasted this is the,Cutco brand by the way if you guys want,to check them out I think they usually,sell these door-to-door but if I can,find them on Amazon or online somewhere,Im a link them up down in the,description below you guys can go and,read some other reviews about them see,what other people are saying not just,take my word for it kind of get a full,opinion from other people about it now I,do know of another knife company,actually should review these review,these because I have some its made by a,brand called Chicago cutlery and they,have a lifetime warranty on their knives,as well I just dont I dont have a,reason to send it in to see if theyre,left if they honor their lifetime,warranty or how the whole thing works so,with this the Cutco brand one they ask,that you ship them in some kind of,container like a cereal box cardboard so,I had some boxes here and then I got a,bigger box to put it in and then I,noticed that they dont pay for the,shipping so I have to go and pay for the,shipping and then,mysamma mom ran her credit card here for,the return as well so that kind of sucks,I wish that they would include the,shipping with their warranty I know its,sometimes if you call a brand and get on,the phone with them theyll usually give,you a shipping label I just didnt have,enough time to get this done because,Ive been slacking on this and my mom,was have been asking me about them so I,just figured Id knock it out today so,like I said if you guys want to check,out IVA Cutco or chicago cutlery or any,other knife that i can find like a,kitchen knife with a lifetime warranty,on it ill like i said ill link it up,down in the description below I want to,know from you guys what other products,do you know of that have a lifetime,warranty let me know that down in the,comments below Ill put a playlist right,up there if you guys want to see all of,the products that we have or have used,with their lifetime warranty Ill link,that up right there yall go and check,that out if yall looking for products,with a lifetime warranty that way you,only have to buy them once and you dont,have to buy them again unless you lose,them if you guys are liking what were,doing here on Dada reviews make sure to,click that subscribe button Ill put,some more videos right there on the,screen Id love it if you guys watched,more of our videos thank you guys for,watching our videos that thumbs up is,always appreciated and dad out

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4 Common Mistakes Cutco Owners Make and How To Avoid Them

– In this video, Im gonna share with you,the four common mistakes that Cutco owners make,and how to avoid them.,(intense music),Using the two and three quarter inch paring knife,on the cutting board.,This is one of the biggest Cutco sins out there.,Remember that the paring knife is designed to be used,in the air, and you can remember this,with the simple rhyme, pare in the air.,This is much more used like what mom or grandma used,to do, paring, pitting peeling and even sometimes coring.,So this is gonna be used much more like tops off,of strawberries, peels off of apples,,cores out of avocados and peaches and so on.,The blade on here will actually dull incredibly easily,on the cutting board.,Now, you might be wondering, well its my Cutco,,its supposed to stay sharp.,Just remember that any good tool used incorrectly,will still get damaged very easily.,Imagine someone wearing a pair of really nice high heels,and tryna go walk on the grass or go on the treadmill.,It could be really nice,but its just not gonna work out so well.,So just remember, two and three quarter inch paring knife,,pare in the air.,Common mistake number two.,Cutco owners love overusing their trimmer,and their petite chef on almost everything.,I get it, theyre incredibly user friendly,,theyre super awesome.,When it comes to the trimmer, it just has a perfect weight,,a perfect size, a perfect feel,,just feels like an extension of your hand,and I even have some clients that have over eight of these,,just as their everyday knives cause theyre getting used,and dirtied and washed over and over and over.,So I get that you can love this piece,,but the one big thing here is that you never wanna use,this piece when youre chopping or dicing.,Remember, chops and dices are gonna be,with your chopping knives.,To see the difference and how to chop and dice,,make sure to check out that video.,Also, youre never gonna wanna use the trimmer,on something thats longer than the blade.,Things like bagels and pineapples and cantaloupes,,even small watermelons really push us out of the range,of the trimmer and push us into the range,of the petite Carver.,So again, just remember to utilize the right piece,at the right time and by doing so,,not only is it gonna be a lot faster, easier,and safer in the kitchen, but your time in the kitchen,is just gonna be so much more enjoyable,,whether you wanna be in there or not,,and your Cutco will stay sharper longer.,When it comes to the petite chef,,this is gonna be a craftsman tool.,This is a chef knife, chefs love using this.,Just because we drive cars every day,,doesnt mean that we all should be driving race cars, right?,Its the same thing in the kitchen.,Just because we cook every day,,doesnt mean that were gonna be cooking the same as chefs.,Chefs are gonna be sharpening before,and after multiple times a day,,upwards into double digits just to keep this knife sharp.,And again, most chefs can get about 80 to 90%,of what theyre cutting done with just this knife.,But when were cooking at home,,this is gonna be really designed just for our veggies.,So soups, salads, stuffing, stir fries, salsa,,using all this S words can help you remember,how to use your chopping knives.,The big things to avoid here bones, frozen foods,and raw and cooked meats.,So keep these two tips in mind,to help keep your Cutco sharper longer.,Cutco owner common mistake number three.,Not using the right cutting board.,A lot of people tend to use really hard cutting surfaces,,things like countertops, things like Korean cutting boards,,things like glass cutting boards.,I get it, theyre easy to clean,and you can make sure that theyre sanitary.,But, theyre incredibly bad for your knives.,Its very seldom something like a tomato or a pineapple,that are really dulling your knives,,its really has more to do with the cutting surface.,See soft cutting surfaces actually give,a little bit every time you cut.,And although that might seem unsanitary,,properly oiling and servicing your wooden cutting boards,or taking advantage of the Cutco cutting boards,can easily allow you to make sure you,are taking care of sanitation.,Hard cutting surfaces, again,,like countertops, Korean or glass cutting boards,,theyre really gonna be hard on those knives,cause theres no give,and every time you hear your knife screech,,just remember that thats your knife screaming for help.,Common mistake number four.,Proper knife storage.,Remember that Cutcos not cheap,but its an investment into the future,but youre not gonna go out and go buy a really nice car,and then just store it on the street where birds,are pooping on it and bicyclists are hitting it.,Youre gonna store it where it belongs in the garage.,Think of your knife storage as the garage for your knives.,Theyre really protecting your investment in your knives.,Now, the most common way to store the knives,,and the way that I honestly highly suggest,is gonna be the Cutco wooden blocks.,Theyre not cheap, but they are designed,to keep your Cutco organized and with easy arms reach.,Also, the wood is designed to last as long as the knives do,,and the blocks even are backed by,the Cutco forever guarantee.,These even come sealed on the bottom,,and really everything is thought of when it comes,to your Cutco wooden blocks.,Other knife storage options,,if youre opposed to a block,,could be magnetic knife blocks,,or you can even get magnetic knife strips,if you want to save yourself counter space and drawer space.,We also have cool unique storage options,,things like the knife sleeves.,Now I cant promise that were gonna have any available,in pink, cute I know,,but we do have this available currently,for 13 different knives and coming out with more soon.,These are gonna be great if youre tryna go camping,,tailgating, picnicking, or if youre just tryna make sure,to take your Cutco with ya and not having a knife burrito,thats made out of a dish towel, come unwrapped,when youre in the car.,Again, you just slide your thumb up the spine here,and these make transporting your knives or storing them,in the drawer or RV a lot simpler and safer.,Please do not use the Cutco travel protection sleeves.,Although this one might seem to be the best storage,that some of you have right now,,these are designed to protect the mailman,while delivering your Cutco.,And yes, I know youre cleaning your Cutco,or at least you should be before youre putting it away,,but its very rare where were actually cleaning,our actual drawers.,And so if youve ever seen these turn brown,,yellow or anything, thats because the getting literally,so nasty, and again, thats where youre putting,the very tool that youre using to cut your food.,The biggest thing here is to not just throw your knives,in the drawer.,When you throw your knives in the drawer,,not only is it making it unsafe when you or little ones,are reaching in there when the blades are revealed,,but also your knives are beating each other around,and it will cause knife damage,and dulling quickly and easily.,There are several different knife storage options out there,,both through Cutco and out of Cutco,,but I highly encourage you to consider investing,in either a out of drawer option like a magnetic knife block,or even the Cutco block to maximize your use,in your investment of Cutco.,Throwing your knives in the drawer might be nice,for the countertop cleanliness,,but in all reality youre really just limiting,your availability to pick the right tool at the right job,when you need it the most.,Follow these four simple tips,and you will avoid the four common mistakes,that most Cutco owners make and make sure that you get,the most out of your Cutco investment.,I hope you got a lot of value out of this and if you did,,hit the like and subscribe button,and share with other Cutco owners that you know,so that they can get the most out of their Cutco investment.,I would love to hear any questions that you have,,or if you have any Cutco tips or tricks,that you would like to share,

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Cutco Knives Are A RIPOFF!!!

hey lets talk about vector marketing,aka cutco now were not going to talk,about how cutco is a multi-level,marketing scheme and were certainly not,going to talk about how they prey on,high school and college-aged kids to,sell their knives lets not even mention,that their job recruiters have a history,of being super pushy and lying to,recruit people to even forget that they,spend a ton of time,convincing people on websites that they,own like cutco not a scam.com or,whatever its called,that theyre not a scam they spend time,doing this and well ignore that theyve,been sued for deceptive recruitment,practices hell well even ignore theyve,been court ordered to compensate for,unpaid training and we wont even talk,about how they provide absolutely zero,safety training to any other,door-to-door reps which has resulted in,the assault of at least one employee no,no were just going to talk about the,knife itself,by the way if you guys want more,information on anything i just mentioned,comes from a wonderful video by,illuminati ill go ahead and leave the,link down in the description ill be,honest with you guys this is probably,going to be a pretty short one today,theres not a lot to say here theres a,lot to say but it can be said pretty,quickly this video is probably not going,to be very long at all now,we have a cutco knife i didnt buy one,of these i mentioned in the past uh this,is what i sharpened in my sharpening,video um i sharpened this for a friend,so guys again ive had your knife for,way too long im gonna get it back to,you soon and im also sorry for trashing,it but its gotta be sad,so yeah we have a,not eight inch chefs knife we have a,seven and five eighths inch chef knife,why,sure sure,were going to talk about this things,152,what are you getting for 152,youre getting a stamped blade first of,all this thing isnt forged this is,cut out of a single piece of sheet metal,and then polished up and sharpened its,not actually handmade anything like that,youve got 440a steel not even 440c,which is higher carbon theyll theyll,say things like its the same grade as,surgical steel its not its not its,just cheap steel i couldnt find a,proper hardness rating from the website,the only thing that i saw was 56 to 60,hrc uh now 56 is poultry thats terrible,uh 60 is pretty good pretty decent if,theyre if their heat treatment results,in 56 to 60 that is insane that is a,huge margin which results in terrible,inconsistencies but im kind of im,waving this thing around in my face,im kind of inclined to believe that,this is close to the 56 range theres,nothing about this thing that impresses,me and then,this handle,this ugly,uncomfortable handle,it doesnt it doesnt feel good to hold,it doesnt feel good to hold i used the,knife a little bit just to touch just to,kind i already knew what i thought about,it but i tried to use it i didnt take,any footage of it unfortunately its a,knife it cuts it doesnt feel good to,use it doesnt rock well it doesnt push,well guys if im being honest the only,the only good thing that i can really,think to say about this knife,is that its kind of light,yeah i guess thats what happens when,you take three-eighths of an inch off a,chefs night i dont know but then i,mean this thing is all handled too so i,dont know for 152 youre getting a,stamped not forged knife with cheap,steel low hardness very very uncouth,shady business practices theres no,reason to buy this knife do not buy a,cutco knife in fact if somebody uh if a,cutco rep knocks on your door trying to,sell you knives i dont know if theyre,still doing that you shouldnt be,knocking doors during coven go,find something else to do im going to,put this down before i take my eye out,if a cutco wrap knocks on your door,invite them inside show them this video,show them the video i linked below tell,them to stop and selling cutco knives,and to get a better job because theyre,theyre being treated like,uh what about some other stuff you can,buy well i have my beautiful knife rack,right here my knife strip,and,im gonna im gonna tell you guys,this ones actually not on the strip,first off weve got our con,which ive talked about in depth before,i love this knife for 139 dollars its,cheaper and its way better and if you,use discount code launch pad you can get,five dollars off the knife so its even,cheaper than that plus a portion of it,goes to charity um yeah so you can use,this maybe you dont want to spend that,much even but you still want a better,knife than a cutco knife well you can,get your fortune table bunker this guys,only 90. you can use code launchpad,cooks to get a porsche taken off of that,as well now you may be thinking at this,point well the knives are recommending,you have discount codes for and youre,just trying to show them to make a quick,buck well yeah kinda i want to make,money uh but also i i trust these knives,i use them i like them thats why i have,deals with them but sure why not,remember this guy,the same the cooking guy in the carry,now,this,this knife represents my most disliked,video because i didnt like this knife i,would much rather have this than a cut,co and its 79 dollars,im not showing guys the cuckoos suck,get your sam the cooking guy knife,instead of a cutco knife seriously and,ill give you one last recommendation,the one the only binging with babish,knife 22 23 bucks i think its what its,going for on amazon right now,blows,that thing i said it over there uh,blows that piece of cutco out of the,water we already know this things a,great knife for its price this things a,phenomenal knife for its price,dont buy cutco i just i really i really,cant express that enough do not buy,cutco knives they are a terrible company,they make terrible knives they weigh,over charge theres absolutely no reason,at all i can think to support this,company,so,um,that about does it,if youve made it this far i dont know,how long this video is going to be maybe,five minutes maybe seven maybe three who,the knows um if youve made it this,far hit those buttons down below that,thumbs up maybe even that sub button,tell youtube you like me leave a comment,down below,especially if youve had cut co knives,youve used them id love to know your,thoughts what you think if you have any,buyers remorse if you stand by them let,me know id love to hear it otherwise,housekeeping as usual,patreon homies shout out to yall every,month helping me pay my bills dont,forget you can join the patreon or you,can become a channel member same thing,get early access to all my videos unless,im running super late like last week or,probably this week,ill be honest with you guys im not,gonna with you but yeah as little,as one dollar on the patreon you get,access also havent mentioned in a while,instagram twitter links to those in the,bottom you want to see more pictures of,corn or food that im making just at,home for myself you want to hear stupid,thoughts that i have about stupid things,you can check that twitter out and,again another thing that i almost never,pushed but ill say it because ive,mentioned it in several videos i got,that po box you want to send me,something funny something stupid,something,anything really send it to me ill open,it in a video or on stream whenever i,decide to start streaming again,i think that does it i got my point,across i love you all ill see you soon,[Music],you

Battle of the Blades: Chef Knife (Misen vs Miyabi vs Cutco)

[Music],[Music],[Music],you guys seeing this,what a gorgeous night its got good,weight on it its got really good weight,on it so Im choking up on it this feels,really nice it was really balanced yeah,its a little heavy on the handle but,its nice its very nice all right,see if this baby holds up to its,reputation all right guys so first,impression the knife feels great,its got good weight on it very,comfortable Ive read some reviews and,saying that the spine of the knife is a,little sharp and I do agree its a,little sharp you can almost you can,almost like a survival knife you know,you can use the spine of the knife to,strike a magnesium rod and that and yes,its pretty sharp but thats something I,can overlook for sure and then another,thing that I always look for in the,knife is full tank full tank usually,means that the knife is higher quality,so thats always a good thing to see,okay so this knife is made with the,Japanese high carbon oz eight steel,which is a pretty common Japanese to,that a lot of people use and this is,kind of a hybrid between a Western and a,Japanese style knife so its kind of the,best of both worlds its got the Western,shape but its got the Japanese style,glorying on it okay as you can see here,that nice and just slices through these,roma tomatoes like butter I mean its,just hot knife to butter,and so as you can see here this is a,Miyabi that I am actually comparing,against the Mesa,yes the Mesa is factory-fresh sharp but,when cutting to those Tomatoes it has,less friction and it takes less effort,going to those Tomatoes and of course we,can not test the Nissen without doing,the grape test the infamous grape test,you guys probably have seen on the Mesa,and web site order commercials so,initially I had some issues getting a,grape just stick on the cutting board,but as soon as it was stuck it was just,a piece of cake and as you can see here,this Neeson is razor sharp at $65 this,knife is a no brainer were comparing,this to an Miyabi which is an extremely,high quality knife known for their,sharpness but they also average $100 and,up yes we do have to take into,consideration the quality of the steel,and the grades of the steel but for most,home chefs these things they dont,matter as much but most home chefs,theyre looking for an affordable knife,that is high quality and shut and Neeson,has delivered on every single one of,those things and not get out of the park,and as you can see here the Miyabi,passes the great slicing test as well,but the meat and definitely cuts do it,with less effort as well all right next,up we have the American Standard we are,bringing in the Cutco but Cutco is one,of my favorite knives it is extremely,sharp it stays sharp and Im just really,interested to see how this thing,compares to the recent run into all,these tests so initially I had some,issues getting the Cutco to perform the,great test but as soon as I figured it,out it was just a piece of cake as well,its all in the matter of cutting it in,the right angle alright so in conclusion,this me–some is a no brainer at $65 it,is outperforming knives,that are well over $100 so thank you,thank you me saying for sending these,over for review,I am absolutely loving it and if you,guys own a Mason as well let me know in,the comments below what you guys think,alright so this wraps up part one of,battle of the blades next up we have the,Brent knife and the paring knife so look,for those reviews in the next two weeks,and were going to put them through,similar tests and if you guys like what,you see hit that like button hit that,subscribe button and well see you guys,next time bye

The Real Kitchen Daddy gets his Cutco Knives….!

hey guys welcome back to the channel the,real kitchen daddy is here again,got one thing to ask you folks whats,freaking cooking,man im gonna tell you whats cooking,tonight on the kitchen daddy,i got jacked the real kitchen daddy got,jacked,ive been getting these little phone,calls from these kids thats home on,this um quan team,and some of them got um summer jobs,telemarketing,and one of my uh little,high schoolers gave me a call and asked,me to demonstrate,a a presentation,oh some dog gone cut cold knives,and ima tell you folks the presentation,was so good,kitchen daddy had to buy some knives so,im going to reveal my knives to you,today were going to cut some stuff,and were gonna see if these coconuts,live up to what the price i paid for,these things,oh billy im calling you young man,im calling you because i got 13 days to,get my money back,so with that said kitchen daddy is going,to unpack these knives for you,im going to put it in the block and,were going to test some knives,and see if theyre worthy of being,in the real kitchen daddys kitchen all,right folks all right folks before i get,them cleaned up,i just pulled them out the box and i,want to give you guys the inventory what,i received okay,uh i got some super shears,these are some scissors i believe um,in here let me see if i can get them out,the box,some super sheer scissors,i got an ice cream scoop like i need,ice cream i got a vegetable peeler,and they said this pillow you can peel,this way or that way,it came from wood cherry block you can,get multiple colors of the block,but i got the cherry block and,i got a medium cutting board,lets be the cutting board right here,they gave me a paring knife,i got a trimmer i got a slicer,i got a turning fork,i got a petite chef knife,i got a petite carver,i got a spatula that cuts,also and then i got,six table knives,that came in my package,that said im gonna,wash a couple of these knives up i got,some vegetables here that im gonna,demonstrate on,some cuts on and well see if these,knives,are up to the standards and one thing,that cutco,told me in my presentation or billy told,me in my presentation,is that these knives are a lifetime,sharpening guarantee so youll never,need,another knife again in your life they,say you can send these cut code knives,back,theyll resharpen them theyll send it,back to you or they will replace,the knife itself so this will be the,last set of knives that i will buy in my,lifetime,and i can spread i can pass these knives,down to one of my,children to use for their lifetime they,would never need to buy knives again,so that was one of the perks that kind,of pulled me into this deal,but now they have to work we have to see,if they can cut,and how sharp they are so let me clean,some of these up ill be right back,all right guys welcome back uh i got the,cutco knives unpackaged i cleaned them,up,uh and what i want to do as i go through,this demonstration,is a quick comparison uh as you can see,and,dont you laugh at me dont you laugh at,me i got my old,kitchenaid knives here that i had for,quite a while,and i know this is not a fair fight i,know theres not a fair fight,its like putting the rock dwayne,johnson in the ring with me,you know i will kick his no,no i was scared a little bit before he,you know,stalk me into the ground i get maybe one,good again maybe,so its not gonna be a fair fight uh,because i had these for quite a while,and i tell you they really dont serve,the purpose no more,uh as i said cutco ones they got me with,a hundred percent,uh guarantee a lifetime guarantee,of shopping uh i can send them back and,they are shopping my knives for me,i wont have to worry about trying to,grind it uh all my kitchenaid ones,before i get started with things,i used to grab my sharpener and i used,to go back and forth,to try to get my blade a little sharp,before i use it,you know this process kind of works,sometimes it kind of doesnt work you,know uh especially with my little,my little steak knives and stuff like,that its embarrassing to,make a steak and then pass your little,steak knives out,and you have to salt to your steak so,well see,if the cutco brand or the knives can,prevent from some of these manual,sharpening of the knives,and how long theyll sustain all the,reviews out there,have said that theyre a good product so,first thing i like to do is i got a,cucumber here that i need to use later,so im going to take the paring knife,from the cut cup,and ill take the parent knife that i,have from the kitchenaid,and demonstrate as you can see if i take,this paring knife over here,it cuts through okay fairly decent,cut coat one slice right through,uh so as i said its shopping um got the,pairing got the vegetable,pairing here it strips very good they,say it goes both ways,and it does go up,and you can go back up sorry i dropped,it,and you can go back,decent real good,yep like i said not a fair fight,apparent knife,very sharp green pepper,lets see lets just demonstrate all the,knives on the green pepper,the steak knife one of one of the things,i noticed when i was cleaning the steak,knife,is um the quality of the blade,is top-notch if you can see the blade,the blade looks very nice,uh the handle to me is a little bit in,question,i dont know if its i dont know,uh it seems to be good quality its got,has a nice grip on it,but you were thankful for the the cost,of the the product,the handle would be a little bit um,different,im not gonna complain too much uh lets,see what cut,straight through straight through,no problem at all no problem at all uh,what do we have here this is,the spatula type mic and especially if,you have,like cream cheese that you put on the,bagel you can spread it on the bagel,with the cream cheese,and plus you have a little cutting edge,right here so before you even spread it,on,on a bagel you can cut with this knife,right here,so its a cutter and a spreader im not,going to use that to demonstrate,anything at this time,here another pairing type of knife here,petite knife lets see what it does,i know im cutting wrong but i want you,guys to see it because the camera is,from that angle right there,it cuts straight through straight,through,no issues no issues at all,nice quality nice blade,see what it does on green pepper,straight through,straight through,no issue once again you know brand new,product,that totally sharpened um works fine,what else do we have up here move some,of these,cucumbers out the way,not going to demonstrate this this is a,bread knife right here,i will believe that that works fine,another chef knife see what happens,whoa this one didnt hesitate,this one is dangerous shot,this one right here is dangerously sharp,and then it did not even hesitate,let me see what it does with cucumber,yep,no hesitation no effort i could do it,with one finger,im gonna have to be careful that if,my 13 year old get hold of that one he,might cut his fingers off on that one so,he might be,banned from using the sharp knives uh,what else do we have here,uh as we said we have the fork here not,gonna use the fork today,um the scissor stuff when i open the,scissors,its a really nice kitchen scissors,uh you can clean these scissors also um,theyre very heavy so its a good little,product to have,if you were in in the kitchen and you,was cutting up some things,you just cut right through very sturdy,very sturdy got a nice weight to them,lets use the sharp knife knife im,sorry knife,on this onion see what happens,straight through the onion,no problem at all,throw the skin off here for a second i,can make some more cuts,no effort at all,always have your knife work for itself,put it down turn it back no problem at,all,man look at that blade,i got shot that blade is not bad,not bad i dont know billy,i dont know billy you might have done a,good job buddy telling me this,uh its not much to it folks i just,wanted to uh give you guys a quick,review,um i think i got,my youth out or my use out of the,kitchenaid product here,not saying anything

ASMR l Are these best kitchen knives? CUTCO knives REVIEW

foreign,gift of my mom she uh she purchased them,in the states and sent them over to,Korea and I just got these delivered,Im excited its really heavy I think,this is around,[Music],um,I dont know how many kilograms,but,ah it looks like this,in the Box,this is,the order the odor description it has,one two three four five six seven eight,nine,okay,this is information pamphlet,Cutco product of physical product care,guide of Cutco,every knife is individually wrapped in,bubble wrap,so lets try this one,foreign,Fork,white 24th looks like,look at the ends theyre they kind of,like flare out I dont know if you can,see it,yeah,and its pretty thick on this,and this white isnt just,like solid Pure White it kind of looks,like a marble,Im not sure if you can see the marbling,of this,this is cool,so its made in USA,all right I appreciate that,this one says 17,68.,oh I guess this is uh oh cool so they,actually had,its pretty convenient,oh this is a butter knife so this was,1768 which is,why spatula spreader,nice,17 7 and 28,1728 is,white petite Chef Im gonna open it the,same way I opened,there is a tear that they made for you,to open,easily which is very nice,[Music],oh my goodness this is so sharp,Im very very excited to use these,knives,all right mix those,17 29 1729 is,white petite Carver so this is a car,burn to see,you know I was actually never really,like interested in kitchenware until my,mom started introducing oh,okay this is interesting too at the end,it kind of like theres a curve its not,just straight horizontal line but it,kind of Curves up down and up,its very fancy,so yes I was not very uh into or,interested or too interested in um like,kitchenware or you know like house,living stuff until my mom started,introducing uh these utensils uh like,silverware and even these uh these,knives and yes there is a difference uh,when you use really good quality,products and I cannot deny it and I feel,like once you start recognizing the,quality and what you can do with,good quality items you cant really go,back to,I would say like cheaper products not,that theyre bad okay this is 70 21,which is white trimmer,white trimmer oh maybe this I can use,this for like,fruits,yeah I I mean I appreciate like,affordable items or whatnot but yes I I,I started,um or I learned to appreciate the,quality that these uh items bring,also this is 2120.,2120 is white four inch pairing knife oh,very nice,ah this kind of looks like a fruit fruit,cutter too or,maybe like cheese,and I realized that the more you invest,into these products the less you will,spend,um for the long for the long term,because because they will wear out,slower right yeah so I think like what,it is is that I think the more you,invest into these products here,you actually end up,spending less because these products,will wear out slower maybe Im actually,planning to use uh these knives,until or for the rest of my life I hope,I dont have to replace them ever again,and I think thats what this quality,brings,1724.,this white slicer,wow,this is kind of oh maybe this is like a,bread cutter,yeah it was kind of scary well its a,little bit less intimidating because the,end is all a bit round,but it is long okay,so this one is and yes as you know Cutco,knives are guaranteed forever,and this one,oh These are nice,wow,so fancy,wow,so the current pair of scissors Ive,been using is from Ikea which is,probably the best Ive used so far but,I feel like the next best one is up oh,this is maybe the container here,wow,I also really appreciate the way they,packed everything,its very sturdy very safe and,very protected,this is also wrapped in bubble wrap and,a zipper box,[Music],okay,yeah look,kind of reminds me of a birdhouse,now let me,put the knives into,each of it oh theres another one,a knife sharpener I think my mom sent,this to me,this one goes kind of scared,[Music],wow,this is fit,no,yes,this one goes in here,okay,one two three four five six seven,is that correct,so yes I am very thankful thank you,Im first going to wash all these knives,and I will use that so the set I,purchased is a total of nine,including the scissors and the fork,yeah theres a separate slot there are,two separate slots here that maybe I can,individually purchase later in the,future but for now I have one two three,four five six seven eight,and,it comes with this one I will share the,link below if youre interested in,buying them,um or check them out its my first time,ever using such like high quality knives,in my life so Im not really sure how,its going to be but I am very excited,and Im,also pretty sure that it will be good,right and I really appreciate this gift,I feel like Ive always been using,utensils that were just bought off the,streets or I would just walk down the,street to Daiso and just pick one up,so if you like my quality of life has,increased a little bit,hopefully in the future I can show you,some cooking using these utensils if you,have any questions feel free to write,down below and Ill come back with more,content

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