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  2. Recruiter Lies | Working with Them As A Jr. Developer #grindreel
  3. Thinking About A Job In Recruitment WATCH THIS FIRST! | The Pros & Cons
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Careers at CyberCoders

[Music],[Music],the opportunity that we promote is,options to build your own business,your desk is your business so somebody,whos entrepreneurial and is really,invested in working hard and developing,their own brand i think is important,i think youve got to be adaptable i,think youve got to be open to change i,think youve got to be flexible,um it doesnt hurt to be self-organized,and certainly again i think youve got,to be very self-motivated you know you,are in charge you are responsible for,your destiny and simply put you know,what you put in definitely has an out,you know a connection with what,i wrote down every single quarter what i,wanted to accomplish every single year,what i want to accomplish and i,accomplished them all and it was just,the basics in life which is you know to,get married you know to buy a car,a house my first house,take that dream vacation,so,each time i wrote it down and i,accomplished all of them,i think really the most important thing,for me is the technology that we have,here we have a platform which is just,phenomenal it really enables me to work,quickly and efficiently it has an,incredible algorithm that matches,candidates and clients together really,with incredible speed,weve invested in our remote,infrastructure to support your success,as our office is reopened youll be,welcomed with a docking station dual,monitors and everything you need to be,successful here and at home each of our,offices will always be a central hub for,cyber coders and cyber code is family,each location will be a place where we,can work and play together,why do i like looking at cyber coders,primarily id say its a large large,part is because of the people,[Music],the team has a really strong camaraderie,which i dont find in a lot of places we,bounce ideas off each other if were,working a certain book of business we,also share clients which makes it a,little more collaborative,when the team wins we all win,we definitely reward success,each team each division kind of runs,a little bit separately but but,cohesively as well and,the big thing is is that we really,recognize,you know great effort and great results,[Music],you

Recruiter Lies | Working with Them As A Jr. Developer #grindreel

one thing I wanted to show you real,quick are some of the kind of sketchy,emails that Ive gotten so we have this,dude here his name is Jim McCrudden,he is your good ol cyber coder recruiter,pretty much you can see here 140 k plus,for the job but when I click on it you,can see if I scroll down a little bit,110 to 130 K so number one unless this,was a typo which I highly doubt because,you got to think of these people as,salespeople hes just doing this to get,me to click it which is almost lying and,I really doubt someone will notice the,difference between 140 K plus when its,already capped at 110 and 130 K here,this is all this is all the same job it,says senior front-end developer senior,front-end blah blah blah net and hes,changing hes changing the requirements,of these subject emails to get me to,click its clickbait its spammy,clickbait he started off with with its,a candidates market and i didnt answer,then he messaged me with Oh 100 K to 120,K plus and then it doesnt hurt to look,for a new role Im pretty sure that,these people from cyber coders dont,even like they dont even do anything,except they just like pick a drop-down,list of like different subjects in their,email whatever and then again he baits,me here 100 to 120 didnt respond close,to your house lets chat okay youre,just putting that he didnt actually,look it up because when I called him I,did eventually call him after like this,top one he was like yeah so where do you,live and Im like bro you tell me youre,the one that said its close to my house,what are you talking about and then,again I didnt answer and then here he,ups it to 110 to 130 this is all the,same job but hes just changing the,titles and the subjects to get me to,click I didnt do anything until 140 and,then I and I and I sorted these and I,went back through and I started looking,and I was like this seems a little bit,sketch just changing the titles to see,what Ill click on so we can start a,conversation with me its just real,interesting the way that it works with,recruiters so anyways I hope you enjoy,this video and Ill see you in the next,one,welcome to another video where I wear a,shirt that really brings out my eyes,thank you for noticing guys I appreciate,you and todays video were gonna talk,about recruiters and what I think about,recruiters and how to work with the,recruiters the question gets asked a lot,how do you work with recruiters do you,think theyre worth it do I think,theyre worth it personally no not,really not unless you do it right you,got a you got to work with recruiters,but when you do that you got to look out,for yourself first one of the common,things that happens when you work with,recruiters is they always ask you how,you work,with any other recruiting companies,right now and the reason that they ask,you this is because they want to be,priority number one for you its kind of,like a race one job will put out a,posting to a bunch of different,recruiting companies and whoever can get,that person in first gets paid first,thats kind of how it works so the,answer never say yes Im working with,other recruiters because youre gonna be,put at the bottom of the priority list,they want someone whos gonna be in a,committed dedicated relationship with,that recruiter until they get a job so,basically like they want you to not work,with anyone else just because they want,you to take any job offer they throw at,you pretty much itll start off with,something that you like and that funding,will get pulled from that job and the,three something else and theyll throw,you something else and like those are,your only options because youre only,working with that one recruiter you got,to work with multiple recruiters you,always got to say no Im not working,with anyone else but then be dating,other people,pretty much thats kind of like you got,you cant hate the player you gotta hate,the game its like when youre on tinder,you got like six different girls theres,different guys but they dont need to,know about each other and thats just,how it works youve got to find the one,that fits best with you and Im sorry,out there for recruiters that watch this,but thats you got to see it from our,point of view thats thats just what,you got to do you always got to be,maximizing your potential to be getting,the job that best fits you Ill tell you,a little story about what I had with,recruiters is I have like six different,recruiters email me for one job posting,and I just went with one of them and I,dropped the rest of them even though it,was for the same job and it took me out,to lunch and they told me they had the,next interview lined up and blah blah,blah but they wouldnt tell me the,company name they refused to tell me the,company name theyre like oh dont worry,its real close to you its like 20,minutes away,finally they eventually they told me the,company name I like the last second the,day before I had to go to that company,do the interview and it was like an hour,and a half away and I was like are you,kidding me you know that I wouldnt have,done this but you know that Im so close,to the job that I want the job and that,I need the money so Im probably willing,to do it but another job offer came in,the next day so like I basically dropped,it and got a free lunch out of it so,kind of like tender again I guess,doesnt if youre not vibing with the,person youre on the date with but,anyways sedating with Josh I guess you,have to understand let me explain how,recruiters work most of the time,recruiters come to you and they place,you into a company but that company,doesnt hire you directly they hire the,recruiting firm youre working at that,company technically but youre working,for the recruiting firm so the,recruiting firm is going to charge the,company that youre at like,a year and theyre going to pay you,75,000 so theyre scraping 25,000 right,off the top of your salary companies,know this but companies also want to,have this try before you buy type of,mentality and I think companies that do,that are pretty to be honest like well,we wanted we want to test drive them,first for like six months before if we,think hes a good fit or whatever what,has happened to other people that I know,is that work six months and its contract,to hire so youre working for the,recruiting company for six months and,then hopefully that company always like,pulls you on at the end so what you,should ask if this is a contract a,higher position and what is the,conversion rate and conversion rate I,mean like what is the chances of me,being brought on full-time and still,having a job after after this contract,and theyre like oh yeah normally its,pretty hot you want like a percentage to,get like a dedicated percentage of how,many people they place that converts,into a full-time employee you got to,understand that companies know that,theyre being overcharged during the,contract a higher phase and its cheaper,to hire you directly and so what I would,recommend if you want to skip recruiters,which is what you should try to do and,not kind of be like pimped out by the,recruiter to a company pretty much is to,get the company name from the recruiter,like pretend like youre super,interested be like yep super interested,you up really interested want to do this,yeah whats the company name let me Im,gonna start researching so I H the,interview and then you take the company,name you goes to the recruiter and you,just go directly to the company because,its cheaper for them to hire you,directly so companies well well put out,a job posting theyll send it out to,like 13 different recruiting firms,theyll all be competing for that one,spot but theyll also have that higher,open directly and so its whoever can,fill that spot first but trust me if,youre going direct hire direct to the,company theyre probably gonna hire you,that way because youre a lot cheaper,than having to pay a whole lot more to a,recruiting company just to test you out,for like six months especially if youre,like a cool candidat

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Thinking About A Job In Recruitment WATCH THIS FIRST! | The Pros & Cons

so youre thinking about going into,recruitment but is it the right choice,for you,keep watching and in this video I will,try to explain to you the pros and also,the cons of working in recruitment the,most fulfilling part of the job no its,not the money but its the feeling that,you are actually helping people your,responsibility to be able to help them,find the right job which could actually,sometimes be a life-changing opportunity,so emotionally its quite satisfying and,not only for you but also for the person,that you place number to make money fast,recruitment is one of those jobs where,you actually get rewarded for doing your,job so you still get your basic salary,but you also get Commission on top for,filling any type of positions so not,only is it satisfying but also you have,some sort of stability because even if,you have a bad month even if you dont,make any commissions you dont place,anyone you still have that basic salary,that monthly income number three every,single day is different in recruitment,so anyone whos been in recruitment of,works and will crewman will completely,agree with me on this so whilst there is,a rhythm still to kind of what youre,doing everyday and what your job is not,one day is the same and every single day,is different and this is because,recruitment is working with people,essentially your interactions is with,humans every single day and every part,of your position or part of your role,will involve working with people and,people by nature are quite unpredictable,humans are driven by emotions things,change their thoughts change what they,said yesterday could be completely,different to what theyre gonna say,today their minds could change something,can change in their life which will,result in them making a different,decision it is not boring I can tell you,that much so what,the cons of working in recruitment the,number one con is being able to accept,rejections and even if your candidate,gets the job that you put them forward,for they might turn around and say,actually I dont want to accept this job,something has changed another job has,come up that is better than the job that,you had and there is absolutely nothing,you can do about it that can be quite,frustrating because you put in all this,effort all this work to try and help,this person as well as fill the job that,you have and at the end of the day it,turns out its all kind of gone to waste,if that makes sense,being able to take that on the chin,brush that off and kind of pick yourself,up having that confidence that,reassurance in yourself that youll be,able to do that is not always so easy,number two another corner of working in,recruitment normally or typically you do,work long hours and sometimes this can,be a little bit draining especially if,you really are into after work,activities or gym or I dont know mmm,anything after work whatever you guys do,and sometimes it can be a little bit,draining because most of your time,during the day is normally taken up by,work whereas recruitment typically work,longer hours and the normal 9:00 to 5:00,when I used to work in the agency side I,used to start at 8:30 in the morning and,finish at 6:30 and that was literally my,contractual hours number three youll,also have to deal with a lot of problems,throughout the day or throughout the,week so essentially you are the middle,person between the company and the,candidate who is looking anything goes,wrong from either parties whether the,company cant make the time for example,or they decide to offer somebody else,you have to communicate that over to the,other side which is a candidate the,candidate has,accepted another offer the candidate,cannot make the interview something has,happened you want that middle person to,coordinate that over to the hiring,manager so a lot of problems can occur,and its your responsibility to make,that communication bridge between the,both is quite time-consuming and it,sometimes can also be a little bit,frustrating when youre constantly going,back and forth between the two and you,wish you can just sort of say right you,to deal with it its nothing to do with,me,I found your candidate a fun job like,just deal with it you cant do that,because thats your job,three things you have to be to know that,this job is right for you being a,peoples person you need to be able to,find a mutual connection with people,whether they are old whether they are,young whether they are from a different,background than you because your,interactions are with people all day,long,if second things so recruitment doesnt,actually sound like a sales job but it,really is you are selling jobs to people,you are selling opportunity life,opportunities to people of course it is,a sales job but in a different context,youre not actually selling an object,you still need to be able to know how to,sell an opportunity to somebody whether,they are accepting a new role or whether,they accepting a similar role on the,same kind of level as what theyre,currently on how do you sell that,building that rapport which ties in with,the first one is being a peoples person,building that rapport with somebody,allows you to be a better salesperson,and point number three you need to be a,hard nut to crack you need to be able to,take it on the chin as I mentioned you,need to be strong mentally you get,rejections all the time you get,candidates dropping out you get them,accepting other offers to kind of,process that and forget it and move on,so those are the three main things and,if thats you then this is definitely a,right kind of path to take so thanks for,watching this video I hope that it has,really helped for you,to make a decision whether going into,recruitment is the right option for you,and is it really worth it is it really a,career that I can answer in my next,video as well as giving you a little bit,of an overview of what agency side looks,like and what internal recruitment looks,like so if you like this video please,dont forget to like and subscribe down,below and feel free to comment and tell,me about the experiences that you might,have or if you have any questions Im,more than happy to answer and help you,so I hope I will see you in my next,video hi,[Music]

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REAL Interview with recruiter for $120,000/Year Developer Job

whats going on YouTube todays video I,got a call from a recruiter when I was,at the gym there no it was so I swiped,up and they sent me a text I mean email,and it was like hey I got this great,Ruby on Rails position I think youd be,a great fit looked at your resume resume,is awesome we want you to apply ASAP and,so I came back from the gym and I called,them back and this is that video you can,see kind of how working with recruiters,is they want to make their Commission I,even asked him at the end I asked him,what should I do if someone from your,recruiting company other than you calls,me do I tell them no because Im not,like because Im because Im working,with you and I dont want to your,Commission to go to someone else hes,like oh thats a good question I didnt,even think about that thanks for looking,out and Im like bro come on we have a,disc or if you want to talk to me link,for the disc or its in the description,you can check out my website if you need,help with applying to jobs and resumes,and all that stuff,shout out all the patrons that support,the channel and lets jump into this,video hey you called me earlier what was,the pay range,so its dependent on experience what is,like your bottom line and what is your,treat like super like diet well I mean I,dont really know I was just curious to,what they wanted to pay what was the,name of the company somewhere in the,upper 90s okay what are you doing right,now its like what company are you,working for oh its cool,its not really a Ruby on Rails position,although I teach Ruby on Rails I just,have um Wilier yeah I teach Ruby and,Ruby on Rails but I just havent done it,for a while I did at my very very first,job but Ive been teaching it ever since,yeah I mean I guess you could say Im in,the market I was just kind of seeing,like this one because I havent done,Ruby and so long I just wanted to check,it out and see what it was like I didnt,know it was like super senior more,responsibility different stack that kind,of language Im kind of Im more of a,web developer right so thats I know,most of the web development languages I,dont know Java or C or C++ or anything,like that its not that Im against it,Im pretty like language agnostic you,could say but you know depending on,whatever the text deck is Ill learn it,its not a big deal to me so basically,just web dev Im more of a visual person,in general so thats more fitting most,of the time probably full-time I prefer,remote or flexible schedule if possible,current lis it c-sharp in JavaScript,its a dotnet stack its not my favorite,so I wouldnt say thats my top skills I,say my tops goes more towards just,JavaScript and Annette and c-sharp,and what are you doing with those and,100% of the day is is that I do some,front-end stuff so so theres some sass,he assessed that kind of stuff in their,majority the day its been doing that,though its a like a sandbox platform,for nonprofits I really like kind of,like a project management more type,positions I know there are like really,senior technical engineers but Im more,like more of like the I guess project,management kind of like maybe lead dev I,feel working with people more than I,like coding I mean I can code its good,but I enjoyed working with people and,making sure everything has everyone has,what they need and thats where stuff,about three and what are you looking for,in a company like culture wise like,leadership lies myself I mean Ill work,with a team or solo you end up doing,both anyways but I like smaller,companies larger corporations kind of,you can kind of get lost as an employee,number but I prefer smaller teams,smaller companies and the culture wise,like as long as theyre flexible alright,sometimes your brain just doesnt want,to code and they just end up sitting,there wasting everyones time so as far,as IQ theres not really a whole lot of,room to grow that the tech stack is,antiquated its a dinosaur its not,super popular not super in-demand,theres a lot of micromanagement going,on yeah things like that,yeah okay so what would you say is like,you have any like stand out things that,youve done my project you completed,maybe hobbies that youre into or,anything get out I mean like peach code,so when Im not doing the whole time,growling teaching code on the side so I,know that might turn some companies off,but I feel like most companies want to,want you to improve yourself so I think,that depending on the company they see,it as a plus some companies see it as,like always not going to be hundred,percent dedicated but those companies,that think that like you cant improve,yourself when youre not working for,them like thats I wouldnt want to work,for them anyways but teaching code,probably no I was just kinda at the gym,when you call me I didnt know the,number so I swiped up and I I thought it,was just like a spambot or something and,then you should yeah I said the emails I,go let me check this out probably be,like 120 probably I mean thats a huge,range but its like its like I mean Im,not so much I dont moneys nice and,alright but once you hit the six-figure,bracket the taxes are the same and you,end up getting the take home to say like,120 and 95 thousand to take home,difference is like 25 dollars so maybe,on paper its a nice little bragging,right but yeah its not too much of a,deal to me,okay you have any issues starting,following an offer,[Applause],[Applause],[Music],yeah I have a bachelors bachelors in,mechanical engineering its from Europe,Im US citizen here it was I went to,school in Finland it was it was dark a,lot just like you know 30 dates 30 30,nights like that movie you know theres,like that yeah I think when I apply to,jobs they think people think I need a,visa no no no no hold on I dont need,sponsorship,Im US citizen so I start putting that,on my cover letter and resume real big I,think people start yeah yeah but I mean,in this industry education its not a,huge deal its nice checkbox right yeah,BCS degree from yeah okay a couple,questions yeah sure if I want to like if,theres a job offer that comes through,this is it like is it always contracted,hires a direct full-time and I working,for cyber coders is that a thing how,does that how does that work Ive seen,some recruiters that are like you work,for them for three months and then the,job takes if they want to hire you full,time is that is that not a thing here,[Applause],from that point it is on deeper,recruiting and then there you work with,them and then were kind of yes Im,pretty open to almost any web dev job as,Longs like just like somewhere in the,Salt Lake City Valley area like kind of,like an hour should I do okay will do,hey man have a good weekend yep but I,have two times whats their budget he,asked me whats your budget and I said,alright whats whats the companys name,and he was hesitant to give me that so,now I can look up the companys name to,see if theyre hiring and then see if,the company has like a salary range and,I can see for myself and apply directly,but normally when they send you an email,like a recruiting email they dont tell,you they dont tell you the the company,name because they dont want you to look,it up and apply directly because then,they miss out on their commission,entirely so they say hey we have a great,opportunity and then you know thats,thats how it works he dodged a few,questions there but Im not trying to be,you know mean or anything even though,Im not necessarily I dont want a Ruby,on Rails job but thats kind of how you,got to work with recruiters you get it,you got to be a little bit uh forward,like I asked him questions and he was,like what never an asset so you just got,to be a little bit forward dont get,pushed around dont be open to too many,opportunities because then theyll try,to stick you to everything so I said,mainly Im interested in web dev stuff,you know Ill learn it but depends on,the opportunity flexibility youre just,kind of you gotta be careful right just,just be careful when youre working,these recr

CyberCoders Q4 2019 Luncheon

[Music],2019 what are you hearing,I dont even know where to start but,with everything that went on guys we,still build 97 million dollars right,straight toward some its not where we,want you to be but this still put us the,first largest IT firm staffing firm in,North America so good job you guys still,number one,[Music],we opened two new locations in the midst,of everything we opened Texas and,Florida 20 19 crazy 2020 we focused on,quality and that means everybody in here,is going to be in a better spot so with,that thanks to all our support guys,forgetting this year thank you all thank,you,[Music]

How much commission should a recruiter make?

what should recruiters get paid,[Music],welcome to the millionaire recruiter Im,Breanna Rudy youre a millionaire,recruiter and if you havent seen this,channel before this is all about making,you the next millionaire recruiter,whether youre a recruiter now or just a,completely different job it does not,matter this will definitely help you out,and I was actually inspired to do this,particular video because of I had a,couple people reach out to me and tell,me what theyre currently making at,their own recruiting job they are,working for agencies which is very,typical this is what I do I have my own,agency as well and they have divulged to,me what theyre currently making and,theyre asking me is this okay it,doesnt seem like it when Im watching,all your videos and I read your book and,stuff like that so let me clarify a,couple things first of all if you are,getting a salary and you are an agency,recruiter you are more than likely not,making what you should for me if Im,going to be paying one of my employees,salary Im gonna give them very little,Commission and that actually works out,for me but thats not the right way to,do things and you need to make sure that,you are really going for it in full,commission mode and I know thats a,little bit scary but trust me Ive been,doing it for over eleven years and its,definitely the way to go,so whats normal what does that look,like first of all I have had a few,recruiters tell me oh theyre making,about forty been a Midwest my likes,thirty-five to about sixty five thousand,a year with very little Commission but,they feel stable not good I just had one,person tell me that they were making 16,dollars an hour and only $100 per,placement oh my gosh,okay thats wrong youre being taken,advantage of okay so the typical fees,for something that I do is in the tech,field now the salaries range from I,would say a hundred thousand to two,hundred and fifty thousand so now you,take the,centage which can be 20 to 30% of their,first year salary lets just do what we,average Im gonna make it real simple,for you we average about $28,000 per,placements now as a recruiter that has,helped in that deal whether or not they,have the company side which is a client,or the candidate side you should get,anywhere from 10 to 20 percent at least,which lets do the math really quickly,oh Im really bad at math but 20 percent,of $20,000 is $5,600 $5,600 so think,about that if youre not making at least,that a month BAM youre taking advantage,of think about how many placements you,have per month if youre doing at least,one to two placements a month I mean,youre making at least $60,000 and,higher and thats just really to start,and thats just again on an average,there is higher there is a little bit,lower and yes it is a little bit of a,rollercoaster who knows maybe one month,you have for placement even next month,you have none and then one and then you,know who knows but the bottom line is if,you are getting paid like I said the 16,dollars now or $100 a placement whew,youre going to take an advantage of if,youre making this someone Ill say talk,to $45,000 here boom youre gonna take,an advantage of so know your worth shop,around and then remember the more you,know the more really your stock goes up,and the more you should be making so,take that risk jump for it get the,knowledge in go on the millionaire,recruiter comm and really learn and hone,your craft because you are worth so much,more in the sky is the limit so go for,it now remember I do this channel every,Thursday at noon and it goes back and,forth between you know inspirational and,learning and really just telling you,what is going on in the recruiting world,and the creating industry its so huge,so amazing and its only growing I,actually saw this article just last week,that made me blow my mind that it said,by 20,25 the recruiting industry is supposed,to double almost more than double in,revenue so be there for it alright make,sure you like subscribe and I will talk,to you soon add me on LinkedIn remember,money is the vessel that gets to you to,where you want to go and what you want,to do in life so enjoy it work hard but,be efficient see you next week,[Music]


i did a video on quitting my software,sales job,and that video seems to be getting a lot,of traction,i received a question on instagram about,what led me,to quit my software sales job so i,figured i would do a follow-up video,and talk about the reasons behind why,i left software sales and this is,in no way no means to dissuade you,or discourage you from getting into tech,sales,tech sales taught me a lot about hard,work,about consistency about how to be,resilient,taught me about communication human,behavior and psychology,and its brought a lot of great things,in my life,and so this again is in no way shape or,form,to discourage you into getting into,software sales it was a very lucrative,career if you have any questions or,need advice about how to you know get,into that career in that field its,again a great um career,to be in of course it does require a,certain,personality and skill set so if its,something that youre interested in,learning more about,feel free to message me or leave a,comment down below,im more than happy to answer your,questions but this is just,my personal journey and experience with,the field i guess its helpful to kind,of take you back into,my history and the whole entire,journey of where it all kind of started,to,just give you an idea,about you know my trajectory,and where i kind of was headed and my,mindset and everything at that time i,went to ucla,i studied economics and i,actually originally wanted to study,marketing but i was super,passionate and focused on going to ucla,that it didnt really matter,for me what i studied i just really,wanted to go to that school,and so i i went there,i graduated with an economics degree,originally wanted to go into,marketing that was where i kind of,originally wanted to start work but,you know there were other plans for me,and so i actually started working um,with disney corporate in their hr,department,and i did an internship with them and as,soon as that internship was over,moved back home to the bay area did a,little bit of work with my parents,they have a real estate team and,they have been practicing real estate,for years and years and so i did a,little bit of prospecting for,them generating leads appointments and i,figured hey this is a really great,job because i love talking to people im,not shy,i love building relationships and,rapport and,you know taking clients throughout that,you know sales,journey so to speak it was just kind of,like a natural,progression for me to get into software,sales,and of course in the bay area its like,thats all there is to software company,so its just only natural to work for,like a tech company there,and thats how i got into tech sales i,honestly just,fell into it i started working in in,software sales,as a sales development rep generated,you know leads for account managers who,then would,close on those leads and for about a,decade thats,thats what i did was i you know,progressed throughout my sales career,and ultimately i became that account,manager who then,did everything from lead generation to,uh you know closing closing deals it um,it was it was tough it was challenging,a lot of the times there were you know,of course,frequent ups and downs no manager was,perfect,no job was perfect but every time i,got a new job i always hoped for the,fact that,you know each job that i would get would,be a little bit better than the last,got into tech sales thinking that,if i ever wanted to transition into,marketing i could easily do that and,little did i know that the longer i,stayed in tech sales the harder and,harder that it got for me to get out of,it,and to transition i was just,increasingly,getting i think more and more,like drawn in and kind of stuck in,that job,that it became harder for me to,to leave and if you know about,you know public companies they have,stock and so they give you stock and,they give you this great salary and they,just,you know rope you in and they want to,keep you so it did,it did um it was challenging for me to,to leave,but you know every year i did better,than the last i was making more money,i was progressing throughout my my,career but,on the flip side i wasnt truly,happy you know i always thought that i,would,make it to this great,company this well-renowned company,and i would achieve this certain status,right and i would have this amazing,title on my resume and i would be,satisfied i would be content and thats,just where i would end up but,i wasnt deep down happy with,with that i would wake up and,feel burnt out and,if you know anything about sales its,all about,numbers its all about the data they,track everything they track,your calls they track your conversion,rates,how many leads youre generating,appointments youre booking how much,youre closing,and every single day its a grind and it,can,be exhausting its um its just how it,is the most successful sales people they,track every,single activity every single activity is,measured and that is what youre,scrutinized against thats what youre,criticized against that is,thats how you are measured its based,on your performance,2020 definitely opened up my eyes,it made me realize,how much i you know,i think it just made me realize it,became more apparent to me,that i um wasnt happy,i needed to do something to change my,career path i needed to do something,to kind of you know,reignite that passion and that fire,within me because i,i had lost it so when 2020,came around um and we were hit by,kobit and we were on lockdown my,book of business was completely shot of,course my goals,and metrics and all that had not,adjusted they were still the same,the expectations were still the same as,far as,performance and um you know achieving,you know the the goals and hitting those,goals it was,very very very difficult every day i was,you know more and more discouraged very,burnt out,because i felt like,i had this unachievable,unattainable goal in front of me,and i was not producing i was not,performing and i just felt super,unsuccessful,and i i you know was i was hard on,myself and of course,you know with the support of my husband,who helped me out tremendously during,that time he was like my emotional,rock he just gave me so much,encouragement,and told me that you know if this isnt,what you,want to continue doing i am here for you,i am going to support you and that gave,me the push,that i needed to leave and to ultimately,pursue real estate full-time so,mid-year mid-2020,i decided to leave my corporate sales,job,and i studied full-time for,the real estate exam and successfully,passed the real estate exam got my,license and so far i have been,working in real estate in orange county,and uh you know its definitely,got its ups and downs as well just like,with starting any business,the come up with your own clientele you,gotta hustle and,i truly you know enjoy it because,i know that if i can work just as hard,as i did in software sales but do that,for myself,and do that on my own time and,do it with passion i know i can succeed,i think for,anyone that wants to get into software,sales tech sales work for a tech company,you just you have to understand,that its its a numbers game,they will track everything you have to,be willing to hustle and you have to be,competitive you have to go into it,you know with a hustle mentality a lot,of the times,with um you know that kind of setting,and environment,you just have to have that ambition and,that drive in order to succeed,there will definitely be hard days there,will be bad days and you just have to be,able to overcome those days and you know,see the big picture,and know that its not a race it is,a marathon thats what they used to tell,us all the time and,uh in the job so i hope this video was,somewhat helpful,hopefully that answered some of your,questions you want to see more of these,types of videos let me know,and ill see you in my next one thanks,for watching bye

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