1. Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.6 Performance Review Xbox Series X | S vs PS5
  2. Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5 Performance Review
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  4. Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 Gameplay Review [Upgrade] [Update 1.6]
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Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.6 Performance Review Xbox Series X | S vs PS5

[Music],now believe it or not weve all been,roaming around night city for the past,two years on and off and in that time cg,project red have released updates new,content and fixes across all formats,after februarys 1.5 next gen big patch,that added ray tracing on the,playstation 5 and series x along with,performance and resolution improvements,did leave one console out in the rain,the series s saw the bigger boys playing,but was left with a single 30 fps mode,but with 1.6 it now has the toys to join,in on the fun but was it worth the wait,now patch 1.6 does offer far more than,just series s performance modes it,offers new dlc neon rims on motorcycles,and a plethora of other improvements,fixes and content as is par for the,course now here though we focus on the,new boost and visual increases this adds,to series s as this is the only format,to get a specific call out in the menu,at least when were in the game on that,specific console well also check out,the other versions to see if anything,has changed but lets start with the 1.5,on ps5 and series x versus the 1.6,1.5 itself was great and that 30 fps,mode which offered ray tracing was very,consistent with no bad pacing issues,cropping up beside the visual boosts it,offered which we covered in detail in,that last video it was all very smooth,and consistent the performance mode was,the same and aside from small stitches,on series x when traveling and,occasional dips and some tearing in,heavy screen swamping effects battles,this was all a very consistent smooth,version on both consoles all modes run a,drs solution and that is still true now,from a few stress tests and light,counted sections we can see the ray,tracing mode appears to top out at 1440p,and the performance mode at 2160 however,the rate racing mode is often at 1440p,with a small section counted to 1260 on,both the performance mode is around 1620,in action but i did count a 1440p point,on ps5 and just above that on series x,so assumption is they both have the same,range of 1440 to 4k but as is always the,case it could go lower on both that,range aside though visual quality is a,match here and both look clean and sharp,in both modes in fact with the booster,overall visual quality and the very nice,ray tracing improvement during the,real-time conversation pieces you can,appreciate the material composites the,asset quality in hair in this title no,matter which mode you play at at times,it can be still a stunning looking game,cut him some slack well yeah hell pay,just needs some more time,do i look like a priest that runs a,charity to you,performance wise we have no real changes,here yes some engine tweaks may have,helped some edge cases but in like for,like tests were seeing pretty much,locked 30 fps in the ray tracing mode on,both machines and this is almost,identical to the 1.5 patch they both,hold that pretty consistently with no,worries this includes loading across all,versions which were already improved,significantly in that previous patch the,ray tracing shadows and pretty much,everything else not detailed in the,patch notes or main screen as you boot,it up post update aside one element in,the dynamic resolution scaling that they,do note this may be an increase to the,range as ive just mentioned or,improvement to the quality of it this,may help image quality on various,elements of the screen such as screen,space reflections which actually do look,slightly better here on the ps5 and,series x now again very minor if indeed,at all but with the wet neon lit,dystopian city being the biggest,character in the game it does help the,visual quality and some stunning views,the game can offer both at night and,during the day,performance is again identical on these,consoles dips can occur with mold,tearing in both combat sections small,single frame dips on the series x when,travelling but by and large we have the,same results as before bar margin of,error the previous patch itself did all,of this and it means you still get the,same solid and stable performance on,both consoles in addition as all three,consoles support vrr then the tearing,can be completely removed if your tv,supports it and even those miner dips,into the low 50s can be resolved making,the performance mode the one to go for,if frames per second are more important,than rays per second,now what about that series s mode then,well it does gain the most from this,patch whereas the previous version only,had that 30fps non-ray tracing mode to,offer it now gets a full 60fps mode just,like siblings firstly the 30fps mode is,now even more stable than it was with no,bad frame pacing cropping up during,travel now showing that the team have,worked hard on this version specifically,to better utilize the smaller rampul and,bandwidth it offers,the same dynamic 1440p resolution,remains in this mode and is often at,that level with only one twelve sixty,ish p count cropping up meaning the iq,fiends should remain with this mode and,enjoy those sharper cleaner pixels,but what changes for the 60 fps mode are,present then well theyre pretty much as,you would expect lod can be reduced on,shadow cascades as can shadow map,resolution itself ao is also slightly,lower but the biggest is the resolution,reduction which can now top out at 1080p,which is nicely noted in the menu itself,which i do applaud and from here that,dynamic scaling can kick in again it may,go lower but from a few counted sections,were looking somewhere around 30 back,and forth from that 1080p ceiling the,high frame rate though does help as the,refresh now matches most screens native,cycle and motion clarity is improved for,it in addition the same vrr mode can be,deployed here giving you a non-tearing,image on the odd occasions it does and,any dips being invisible the cutback to,post effects such as ssr resolution,shading quality shadows and total image,resolution is noticed but it very,quickly fades with the boost that that,16 millisecond frame time now brings,pedestrian levels and lard are also,lower than the series x and ps5 but this,was true before but the performance gain,is very impressive what we have here in,all tested sections at least is an,incredibly solid 60fps throughout even,when driving through the city heavy,combat and slower exploration within the,crowds although this is where you will,notice that reduced npc count you can,see it on screen here its still,obviously stands out but its a worthy,sacrifice to keep such a mode consistent,as it is,the only bigger dips and tears can,happen in the denser model chats which,can see some high forties at worst that,can again be helped by that vr mode and,as theyre largely passive anyway aside,the dialogue choices the fluidity loss,here is minor and certainly not,impactful as the gameplay remains solid,now to wrap it all up the last gen,versions have also seen the same patch,and may again benefit from general code,improvements and tweaks to the engine,but using the xbox one as the proxy for,the entire last generation pool we can,see low resolution quality lower modern,effects low 20 performance in battles,meaning significantly better than it was,when the game launched for sure but not,that much better than the last release,which i think closed out the scope of,any improvements they could squeeze from,these machines,you can take the data points here to,then scale them up from the ps4 right,through to the top xbox one x version,which will be the most stable and,cleanest of the bunch all in all still a,nice boost if you can get it,so the 1.6 patch adds a great deal of,new reasons to dive back into cyberpunk,2077.,series s owners are treated with the,biggest reason now that a full and very,stable 60fps mode joins the improved,30fps mode that was already present ray,tracing may not be here but that does,not reduce the great work done here to,offer the most choice for all players on,all formats other formats including pc,may also see small boosts and tweaks but,general improvements here are minima

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5 Performance Review

approximately one year after the,original plan cyberpunks big now gen,update patch 1.5 has dropped and it,boosts various elements of the title,across siriusx the s and the playstation,5. is it worth jacking in one more time,latest patch offers a great deal to all,players with changes to the game itself,big fixes but we are here to talk about,the visuals and performance the biggest,update is of course the tracing of those,hallowed rays with both playstation 5,and series x getting two modes now one,of which is a 30 fps ray tracing mode,this is not available on sirius s likely,due to lack of memory space as one major,issue and also the performance within,the gpu would suffer too much i would,suspect as it is the little brother of,the series x gets only one mode of play,for the series x on the playstation 5.,the other mode is performance and really,mirrors the original mode they had but,now being a native binary for the,relevant consoles from that latest,software development kits it can better,utilize the gpu and other assets of,these modern consoles as such we see,some big leaps in areas least of which,is loading which used to take around 30,to 40 seconds before and sometimes,longer with the ps5 being the slowest of,the three now it leaps to the front but,only by a tiny margin over the series x,with the series s coming in a close but,certainly third place,of three its a welcome boost and is,approximately five times faster than,before which is useful in such a big,game that you do load a lot,next is that ray tracing mode which can,be hard to spot at times and works best,indoors but it also adds benefits,outside,right right shadows and ambient,occlusion are now added into this mode,really enhancing the accuracy of light,and shadow in the title and improving,the look of many scenes materials and,objects within,as such the shadows are now full contact,hardening and diffuse with a soft,penumbra feathered edge and it does,enhance the look and quality of them,throughout but this is limited to,internal or electric lights in terms of,the shadows providing a bvh of all,objects within a scene and then creating,much better and far more shadows on,smaller objects such as you see here,with the cans the paper or even the,wires on the ground in addition it,corrects some errors from the,performance mode in our occluding darker,areas and stopping that incorrect glow,that comes from games often in addition,it also removes screen space shadows as,that mixture of the two plus the,extended raycast error such as you can,see here on the girls hand on the table,as is always the case though with these,kind of updates the shadow and ambient,occlusion can look dramatically better,and enhance many segments and then in,others it cannot be that obvious at all,overall they work best inside buildings,and the ambient occlusion is now much,better but they do work outside to a,lesser degree due to that ao increase it,can improve many areas and it is a,welcome boost if not pushing beyond that,with reflections and global illumination,all remaining as they were screen spaced,and probe based its a welcome boost,nonetheless in such a dramatic and,gritty world as this and all those neon,lights have never looked more ambient,the other boost is to performance and,resolutions both modes on the,playstation 5 and series x appear to run,within the same range of dynamic scaling,alongside red engines own taa and,sharpening pass topping out from my,counts at 28.80 by 1620 and dropping as,low as 2560 by 1440 it may go lower and,higher but i never saw it from around,five or eight counted segments often,counts were 1440p or 1512 and its,sharper than it was on ps5 but looks a,similar level of resolution to the old,quality mode on series x performance,mode though is much higher on both than,before as it could often be 1920 by 1080,or close to before this update which,demonstrates the extra boost a native,application and the subsequent work to,update the engine and rendering code to,utilize those native instructions and,strengths of the hardware,[Music],[Music],[Music],what were looking at here is,approximately a 40 uplifting resolution,along with any other increases on the,same hardware thats pretty good to be,honest and hopefully demonstrates why i,rattle on about software apis being,aligned with the target hardware so much,something we also see in the loading,times are already covered which is a,huge leap over the previous backwards,compatibility versions we were playing,the series s only has that in one mode,which means it has no 60 fps or ray,tracing and as such can feel it again,more last gen than next or at least now,jen resolution is better with the image,quality being close to the ray tracing,mode of the other two just without it it,tops out at,2560×1440 and i did not find any points,below it but the pr material does state,is dynamic as per the other two so im,confident it will dip but likely not by,a huge amount and for very long periods,and it brings us to the final piece,which is performance and youve already,seen some of that playing throughout the,video in terms of the 30 fps mode for,the series x and the playstation 5 its,completely locked on the ps5 didnt get,any drops in the tested sections you see,and the only drops i got on the series x,was traveling through the world with a,couple of stutters much much better and,it was a big area of impact on the,previous version for the series x and,theyve dramatically improved that here,all combat and driving now feels much,smoother and cleaner and even if 30 fps,does feel like a step back from that,performance mode many ps5 players and,probably series x players are used to it,is welcome at certain points with those,enhancements to visuals ive already,covered,but the series s only has this mode and,unfortunately that performance can be a,bit variable it does definitely have,frame pacing issues pointing again to,memory restrictions limitations within,the engine itself on this particular,piece of hardware traveling the world,and traversing that and getting all,those things streamed in and out at all,times can cause this consistent skipping,and jittering which you see here which,can feel bad its not always like this,this is the worst section i can find in,the tested points but if youre,traveling fast through the world you,will get frame pacing issues like this,skipping between 30 50 and 16,milliseconds,when youre not doing this it does hold,a consistent 30 fps because its,managing that memory allocation much,better but in combat it can still dip a,little some heavy sections with heavy,overdraw alpha here with alpha,transparency through this glass door,which i tested on all of them for a,specific reason its the design of the,engine itself where it heavily overdraws,and therefore uses bandwidth and fill,rate on all of the gpus and that can,cause these mild judders but generally,in combat in action its a pretty smooth,30 fps the 60fps mode performance mode,is now much better on the series x and,its pretty much as good as it used to,be on the ps5 aside it now runs an,adaptive v-sync which i cant recall if,that was on there before but it does,tear a little at the top again in these,sections when youre using alpha,transparencies and explosions lots of,alpha effects filling the screen fire,particles all of that can cause very,brief momentary dips getting both the,consoles into the 40s heaviest section i,could find here but again,this is the worst section i could find,it really is pretty smooth a couple of,skips again driving through the,cityscape on the xbox but nothing at all,on the playstation 5 and it does really,present a very solid performing overall,title again its a vast open world game,with lots of things going on so there,might be points that still cause jurors,and stutters and there might either be,other issues that can cause problems but,overall in these tested sections which i,use i was quite impressed with not only,the enhancements to visuals resol

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Why You Should Absolutely Play Cyberpunk 2077 in 2022!

so youre probably looking at cyberpunk,2077 right now especially with the,recent popularity and thinking should I,be buying this game because Ive heard,that on release this game was actually,unplayable and lets not kid ourselves,when cyberpunk 2077 came out there were,a lot of issues especially on,PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now at the,same time on PC and even on PlayStation,5 and Xbox series X there were problems,but over the past two years cyberpunk,has seen a number of patches which,actually help the game a lot and due to,the popularity of cyberpunk edge Runners,it was a perfect recipe for a comeback,of cyberpunk,2077. now today Im going to be going,through the entire game to show you what,has been fixed and what doesnt to help,you if you want to buy the game but,honestly my advice to you right now is,especially while its on sale is to,absolutely get this game now first off,lets talk about eBay big elephant in,the room and those are bugs because most,people right now are wondering is the,game still buggy and playable at all,after patch 1.5 came out the game,actually had a major overhaul with a,bunch of basic systems were changed and,also there was a lot of work spent on,actually polishing the game up now do,keep in mind on PlayStation 5 Xbox,series s and x and especially on PC,right now the game is running fine Ive,tested it both on as I said PlayStation,5 and PC now at the same time is there,bugs yeah from time to time youre going,to see those small bugs where NPCs are,going to either tpos or theyre gonna be,going through maybe a car or maybe a,piece of furniture but again having,those game breaking bugs and bugs which,absolutely fill out your screen those,are not present anymore because as I,said most of that time on patch 1.5 was,spent on the underlying systems of the,game so it actually feels and plays,better better and even frame rate itself,was fixed a lot and down people on,PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also reported,that some their gameplay has been,improved now do keep in mind that um,this last patch patch 1.6 is the last,patch for last gen console so from now,on everything including the expansion is,going to be for Karen Chen and PC now,obviously due to the bugs being fixed,the graphics of the game were fixed a,lot where now you dont have all of,those crazy LOD pop-ups when youre,walking around and even though from time,to time I will still have a few cars,spawn around me its nowhere close as it,was when the game came out where now,actually the city is going to feel more,alive and because the game has been,polished you can actually run it in,higher settings and because of that,youre going to experience the beauty of,night city which I do think is a very,valuable thing in this game because if,there is one thing cdpr has absolutely,nailed that night City itself and also a,huge Improvement has been done to AI,where now you know pedestrians on the,road are actually going to carry weapons,so they feel threatened by you theyre,going to turn from a non-combatant enemy,into a one which is going to attack you,and of course AI when it comes to,drivers in the game has also been fixed,where they now actually react to stuff,which is going on around them and,besides that cdpr has added a way to,optimize your apartment with new looks,and just change the design overall that,means with the primaries Vs apartment,but also if you want something more,stylish you actually have the ability to,buy new apartments right now which also,give you different uh bonuses or they,will just look cooler when you enter,them and as I said when it comes to the,underlying systems of this game like,abilities and perks and everything you,spend your points on this has also been,fixed where now well every single perk,and every single attribute is going to,work as it should its not going to be,absolutely broken this also unlocks,various other like possibilities when it,comes to the game and play style youre,going to be playing with and Gunplay I,mean Gunplay in general was always great,in cyberpunk 2077 I mean its responsive,its good I like it and generally when,it comes to that the feeling of the,weapons and animation is still Top Notch,but also one thing which was always,honestly great in cyberpunk 2077 is the,story itself and the characters I mean,throughout your travels youre gonna be,meeting various types of characters and,just different types of Adventures and,its going to be a lot of fun because,this game also tackles various genres of,cyberpunk in general including very,touching stories happy stories sad,stories but that is the nature of the,cyberpunk universe when it comes to,driving in general that has also been,optimized more so now cars feel a lot,better to drive including bikes as well,and also a huge plus if youre on PC you,just have to try the mods because the,modding Community has been going crazy,and of course they give you a lot of,amazing mods to play around with so I,definitely recommend modding if you are,on PC and want to just experience,cyberpunk in even more features in,detail when it comes to police in,cyberpunk 2077 its kinda still the same,like it was on release where theyre,still going to spawn around you now CD,product red has announced that the next,patch is going to fix that and theyre,going to be introducing a new police,system into the game but when it comes,to generally wanted level its not going,to be anything special yet on that sense,is cyberpunk perfect right now,absolutely not theres still some rough,edges in the game itself and when it,comes generally to an NPC AI it still,needs work obviously as they said with,the police system as well but generally,most of the big boy bugs and the,problematic ones which kind of ruined,the experience of the game were removed,but right now you can build on top of,this and have something absolutely,amazing and one of the things which was,always problematic for me in cyberpunk,were life pads where they were not fully,fleshed out throughout the game itself,and most of the stuff youre gonna be,getting from Life pads is going to be a,dialogue options which dont really,matter too much but of course every,single time I felt like I was just you,know role-playing a street kid it,doesnt matter which background I kinda,come from so I do hope thats more,fleshed out in the future especially,when it comes to decisions in the game,but dont get me wrong there are a lot,of micro decisions in cyberpunk in,general where trout quests even side,activities youre gonna be making some,decisions which are going to have an in,impact especially when it comes to the,main story of your game so yes cyberpunk,does have decisions and maybe when it,comes to endings and some stuff thats,not fully fleshed out without going into,spoilers but honestly everything else,throughout those quests does matter and,that also goes into relationships you,build throughout the game because the,game is going to be offering you various,romantic options and choices which,actually feel like they mean something,and theyre not just there to kind of,fill in the screen time or just fill in,activities in general and slowly but,surely this game is making a comeback,and especially right now when things are,fixed and the game is cheaper well I,dont know if its gonna be on sale when,youre watching this video but still it,is something you absolutely must,experience because due to all of the,problems it had the as I said the story,and the experience youre gonna be going,through can be very unique and this,everything I have for you today thank,you so much for watching if you enjoyed,this video you dont forget to smash,that like And subscribe button for more,and also if you want to support the,channel in an extra way I do have a,patreon page and huge thanks to my,current patreon supporters this is lkm,signing out stay class everyone and Ill,see you in the next one bye bye even,when you feel low you can still go even,when you feel slow you can still go even,when theres no hope

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Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 Gameplay Review [Upgrade] [Update 1.6]

were back in cyberpunk 2077 taking a,look at the game on the PlayStation 5 as,of the 1.6 update be sure to like the,video subscribing is great as well so,what are we getting here on the,PlayStation 5 well were actually,getting some interesting improvements,changes and shifts the first being the,fact that while weve got Ross saves now,so I am able to enjoy this experience,with my save from well the Xbox side of,things which is actually kind of awesome,as that essentially allows me to play,with a much higher character that looks,way cooler and allows me to blast things,away and uh yeah thats pretty fantastic,so the game has had some adjustments you,may be wondering well you know you check,this out not too long ago in a previous,patch and did like a review thing of it,on the PS5 its like yeah I did uh same,with Xbox uh Sirius X and series apps,but the big difference now,is the fact that they actually have like,I just said changed up,how the games kind of running,performance wise and resolution wise and,quality wise so uh courtesy of analysted,the bits a great kind of comparison,Channel there kind of look at the more,specific finer tuned details of,resolution performance and whatnot what,were getting here when youre playing,the performance mode is a 1800p target,at 60 FPS but its actually more like,1512p as a bit of an average and then,when you go into the quote-unquote ray,tracing mode its 1440p at 30 FPS now,this is a bit of a change as the game,did have higher targets prior so in the,last update that we kind of looked at,the game actually did have a much higher,sort of like resolution hit that it was,doing oh thats so weird that the,controller is making noise like that so,that is actually a bit of a change up if,you were you know kind of coming off of,that it will be a little bit lower but,that being said you do actually get,performance,that is feeling a lot better I think for,both of the modes and the image quality,picture is actually clear now,than it when it was when we last played,it so while the potential higher end,threshold,isnt as good we are actually getting a,better picture,playing the game now than we were in the,past,so you might find that to be kind of,interesting as your performance mode,which is kind of my go-to you know for,fluidity and actually getting a pretty,good resolution quality of that 60 FPS,is looking a lot clearer and a lot,better which is awesome they also fixed,a bunch of bugs they adjusted a lot of,things the games just in a better State,lots of extra free DLC type things you,can get so you could take pictures with,your cat now around the world so your,cat can go with you wherever you want,the cat to go so this is also a bit of a,review because you know thats what I,want to do is talk about the game,and uh yeah Ive always thought that,cyberpunk was a great experience,especially if youre playing it from a,next-gen perspective you know when,youre playing it on last gen consoles,its uh its not great or it wasnt,great I think theyve improved stuff on,there uh for the big expansion coming up,down the road they actually cut off,support for last gen which I think is,great and I think thats going to really,allow them to increase the scope of what,that one is,so uh you know rough for last gen but,good for everybody that wants uh the,best possible experience I would say for,this,uh yeah,so cyberpunk 2077 is a first person,intense shooter focused RPG experience,where you make your own V,and you go out and you make choices,alongside your which he a person Gunner,that was rocking the cafe place here,thats kind of funny,so youre going about with this dude uh,played by Keanu Reeves and you are,essentially trying to figure out whats,going on with you and making your way in,the world you get a few different,starting positions that doesnt really,matter too much it just kind of changes,the flow or the choices well what,choices you can make as you play or base,kind of a little bit on your initial,opening like if you go and you do,I guess you would say like the corpo I,like to go with the Corporal stuff itll,be like hey you know youll have the,smarts of someone from there and it does,come up in dialogue it matters just you,know a little bit in the storytelling,overall,so yeah oh and theres also like a roach,racing thing its like a mobile game in,real like on real phones and its also,available in this game as something you,could play which is interesting,but yeah the cloud saving is just an,awesome feature anyway story wise I,actually really really like the story,Ive played through it a couple times uh,actually I guess two in a bit because I,played through it first on Stadium when,it came out because thats how I got to,review it and then I played through it,again on the series X and then I played,through the opening again on the,PlayStation five so that I could show,off the open world and whatnot,so Ive actually gone through it you,know a fair bit in the save right now,that Im on for cloud is like,40 something hours I think,lets lets look at this,if its gonna load my saves,what about a save option save game,new save thats just gonna make a local,save okay so its like 41 hours and uh,yeah its just kind of like a really to,me great experience and you can get a,lot of quality game time out of you can,have a lot of fun with you can you know,explore it in many different ways you,can make your choices,and its just like its got a really,great story with fantastic characters,great atmosphere,you know I always call it like the,cyberpunk world of my dreams as it is,just like such a treat to drive through,and its its massive its its a,massive world like this is just like the,downtown area but then theres like,these uh I guess this is more of like a,uh industrial type kind of Spawn and,theres like Pacifica which is like,amusement park and a crashed messed up,place and then theres like this dock,district and you know this is more of,like I guess a bit of a Japanese infused,town area and then youve got this sort,of a more industrial area thats more,like you know where people live too and,then theres like big desert area you go,to and it really is absolutely just,insanely massive and impressive in terms,of scope and gameplay you will notice I,uh so I think youve been seeing maybe,some odd stops or hitches here or there,but it really does run and look a lot,better than it did in the past as I was,just going back to that like resolution,stuff like the only kind of negative is,like down the road on like a future,PlayStation console it wont look as,good as it potentially could because the,dynamic like kind of range of resolution,has been lowered but for now obviously,we are really benefiting here with,quality and whatnot like I mean I think,this looks pretty good I think its fun,I think its engaging I love the weird,you know kind of promo stuff the,advertising in the world it all looks,just fantastic and its a blast to play,it it really is like if youve been you,know missing out on cyberpunk for any,reason Nows the Time to go in and dive,in and play it again I cannot say enough,good things about it you know theres,theres still some bugs and issues here,or there but I think theyre gonna be,pretty minimal and if they do come up,theyre pretty funny if that makes sense,like theyre not really like necessarily,like bad,kind of bugs its just like humorous,things will happen,so you get a range of intense actual,missions to do then theres lots of like,secondary missions its a very kind of,messed up quirky thing but I love that,this is like an adult game like I mean,its its not like rated that but I like,that its a mature atmosphere its a,little darker a little bit more,intensive than a lot of games are,willing to kind of go,and I really do appreciate that about,this experience is that its not just,like,you know casual and kiddish it actually,does try to tell a mature story with,like you know there is like sexual,content in it there is lots of language,why am I not clim

Cyberpunk 2077 PS5/Xbox Series X Review – Noisy Pixel

[Music],im the type of writer who often,preludes his reviews with background,information but cyberpunk 2077 is,perhaps the most notorious game of the,decade and of course you probably,already know the entire story behind,this title so instead ill offer my,reasoning for why i felt that cyberpunk,needed a full re-review despite owning,it since launch i actually waited to,play it knowing that eventually a,finished product will be released and,optimized for new console hardware based,on the changelog presented for the,accompanying patch 1.5 and the,mind-boggling 50 gigabyte size of that,patch its time to see what cd projekt,red has in store,i mean its easy listening at least,know why techniques second rate but the,feeling,thats what counts,improving the driving mechanics adding,additional vehicles in apartments and,reworking the park system were just a,few significant changes that came to,cyberpunk as a result im engaging with,this title for the first time in 2022,and here to document how i feel as if,this were a brand new game unfortunately,the problem with cyberpunk 2077 is that,it really cant be divorced from what we,now know about the way it launched the,truth is that this is the state this,game should have initially been released,in and the day that it should have been,released,further it should have only launched on,next generation consoles to begin with,instead cyberpunks developers have had,to spend the last year and a half,working on a game that had already been,released rather than one that could,still be broken and fixed internally and,much of what the game still is today is,indicative of a title that was rushed,out long before it was fully formed,while cyberpunk on ps5 and xbox series,xns is far more stable and polished than,the previous console iterations its,still not perfect and i experienced,three complete crashes in my time that,required a full system restart in,addition there are still a lot of,texture pop-in issues in strange world,behavior that seemed to be a result of,the engine not being fully equipped to,handle a title like this but really its,not just the bugs during my time with,cyberpunk the game that i kept coming,back to in my head was bethesdas,fallout 3. a title also infamous for,both its numerous engine related bugs,and its failure to properly pay off many,of its narrative setups cyberpunk feels,like it was during development really,shooting for a new vegas but wasnt,allowed to stay in the oven long enough,for every moment of genuinely excellent,writing i observed in 2077 i found two,or three underwhelming abrupt or,nonsensical scenes that unfortunately,took me just as off guard of course,there are plenty of great moments where,my character building choices influenced,what i was able to do in missions or,conversations but also plenty of other,times where options that i was presented,with simply didnt matter one of the,most frequent choices youre given in,any combat encounter is that of whether,to kill or knock out your target but the,only aspect that this decision ever,affects is occasionally your reward at,the end of a questline the first choice,youre given that a vs personal,background only alters the first half,hour or so of the game and then,afterwards it sometimes gives you,additional dialogue options it all reeks,of a game that needed much more time,before being pushed out the scope of,cyberpunk seems to have been influenced,by this deadline shift putting the game,out 18 months too soon being pretty,significantly cut down from the witcher,3. night city doesnt feel small but it,does feel more limited than youd expect,and despite an abundance of side content,the main campaign is surprisingly brief,out of curiosity i looked up where i was,at one point and was shocked to see that,i was most of the way through act 2 and,act 3 is almost entirely the branched,ending sequence further speaking of that,side content theres much of it that,feels surprisingly fleshed out and like,it really should have been placed either,in more prominent positions or made part,of the main story for example there are,four potential love interests and you,will only meet half of them in the,campaign moreover there are several,moments with johnny silverhand the,second main character of the entire game,that are purely relegated to side quests,so without them it feels like his,relationship with v skips a bunch of,steps im 700 words into this review and,thus far ive been pretty negative about,cyberpunk 2077 yet right now as im,writing i cant deny that i want to go,back in i havent done nearly everything,and i havent explored my hearts,content yet a ton about this game,compels me when im away and i cant,deny that im having a fun time after,some thought ive realized that,cyberpunk ends up scratching much the,same itch as any of the bethesda fallout,games being plunked down into a vast,world full of possibilities and people,and frankly stuff to pick up if you love,wandering around a big map and getting,distracted by holapa minutes there are,worse ways to spend your time ive,enjoyed them more in this game than many,others and i want to see more of the,massive spider web of extra content,offered im honestly not even close to,hitting the level cap and i would be,extremely eager to see what kind of,expansion content might manifest for,cyberpunk because night city can always,just be crammed with even more to do and,even more stories to tell while,cyberpunk 2077 will always be remembered,as one of the most famous cases of,mismanagement in video game history its,also going to carry the scars left by,business people who prioritize their,greed over necessity however i honestly,feel that its at a point where if one,were to somehow go in with full blinders,on they genuinely might not even notice,the dip in quality there are plenty of,dropped or under explored threads and,lots of bugs still left to fix but,cyberpunk is finally approaching what,was initially promised to its audience,its certainly no witcher 3 but for the,first time it feels like its crossed,into the territory of a game worth,getting lost in with the potential for,more polished editions in the future in,another universe this was the original,launch date for a much more feature,complete version but in ours cyberpunk,2077 may now finally be able to stand on,its own feet as a solid gaming,experience for those willing to give it,a chance noisy pixel is giving cyberpunk,2077 for ps5 and xbox series s and x and,8 out of 10. thanks for watching please,read the full review at noisypixel.net,noisypixel is run by a group of gamers,working hard to bring you the latest,news reviews previews podcasts and more,please like and subscribe to keep up,with our future content,[Music],pixel

Is Cyberpunk 2077 Worth Playing Now? (2022 No Spoilers Review After Patch 1.52)

has cd projekt red finally fix cyberpunk,2077 enough for you to confidently play,the game in 2022 in this video ill be,reviewing the sci-fi rpg everyone loves,to dunk on and letting you know whether,its worth your time this review will be,spoiler free and ill focus on breaking,down the core gameplay world design and,quality of the quests so buckle up grab,some iced coffee and lets talk about,cyberpunk 2077. whats up everyone big,dan here i make videos about rpgs and,gaming commentary so if you like video,games and want to see more videos like,this then hit that subscribe button,right now without further ado lets dive,right in i first played cyberpunk 2077,on release day back in december 2020 i,remember being so excited to finally get,my hands on this game after literally,years of waiting re-watching the 2018,gameplay reveal trailer and keanu reeves,cringy e3 presentation youre,breathtaking,and well we all know what happened at,this point,i assure you that well do our best to,regain your trust the game was extremely,buggy and on consoles it was basically,unplayable after the disastrous launch,cdpr officially changed the studio name,to cdtr or cdt pose red look when they,said thered be flying cars in the,future this isnt exactly what we had in,mind now i played cyberpunk 2077 on pc,and i was one of the 17 people out there,who only experienced a handful of,glitches or bugs so i actually had a lot,of fun playing this game but after,sinking over 170 hours into cyberpunk i,put the game down and havent touched it,since about february 2021 since then the,game has been patched numerous times and,many of the most egregious bugs have,been fixed so i decided to hop back in,and see how much this game has changed,since its disastrous launch this review,will dive into several aspects of,cyberpunk 2077 including improvements,and changes character creation and core,gameplay the world design of night city,and finally quest design and story,choices spoiler free of course so lets,start off with whats been added and,improved upon since launch,[Music],for this review i played the game on the,latest patch 1.52 which released back in,march lets briefly discuss the most,noticeable changes i found when diving,back into the game for starters the,driving has vastly improved the roads no,longer feel like theyve been covered,with crisco and you can actually stop,slow down and make effective turns in a,reasonable amount of time this is,difficult to demonstrate on screen since,its more of a game feel kind of thing,but trust me the cars in this game used,to be much more difficult to control as,you weave through dense city traffic,trying to navigate through the streets,of night city without plowing into a,crowd full of people was like todd,howard trying to get through a gameplay,reveal without lying in other words it,was damn near impossible it just works i,still wouldnt say cyberpunk has great,driving by any stretch of the,imagination it still falls behind games,like gta 5 but there is a noticeable,improvement which is welcome cd projekt,red also made changes to the games,artificial intelligence including the,wanted system traffic and crowd ai so,how are these improvements well its a,mixed bag,there are definitely some upgrades but,the bar was so low to begin with that,this isnt saying much so lets start,with the wanted system this was horribly,implemented in the initial release,whenever you committed a crime police,would immediately spawn right next to,you and open fire this was super,annoying and the only consolation is,that the police were extremely lazy to,get rid of a bounty all you needed to do,was go around to bend and the bounty,would immediately disappear once they,lost line of sight night city truly had,the worlds shittiest police after the,patch police spawn in your general,vicinity instead of right next to you so,it actually seems more like they are,responding to a nearby crime rather than,materializing out of thin air the bounty,also stays active for longer so now you,actually have to evade the police in,order to clear a wanted rating the cops,will also work a little harder to find,you than they did in the past the system,is by no means great but its no longer,the complete and utter joke of a wanted,system that it was on launch day crowd,ai has also improved somewhat for,instance if you fire your weapon in,public now npcs will run away instead of,just cowering and crouching in place,some npcs may even pull out a gun and,attack you like a typical concealed,carry wannabe hero these are all great,improvements but again the bar was so,ridiculously low to begin with that this,isnt saying much,traffic ai has been revamped as well,in the past if you blocked traffic on,the street cars would just sit there,waiting patiently in line their ai,pathing was so limited that a slight,disruption would completely break their,feeble little minds now most cars will,at least attempt to drive around you,although theyll sometimes still just,sit there it seems to be a mixed bag,cdpr also added in some new weapons,outfits and a few additional apartments,that v can purchase finally they added,an option to the mirror in vs apartment,so that you can change your characters,appearance initially this was only,available during character creation,these changes are all good but what,about the bugs and glitches cdpr seems,to have fixed the most problematic bugs,and improved the performance of the game,overall cyberpunk has been relisted on,the playstation store and the store page,no longer has the buy it your own risk,disclaimer that being said its still,far from perfect in my latest,playthrough i experienced some weird,audio glitches which is strange because,i never had these problems during the,initial release and none too wise you,know whenever i see someone like you im,oh so grateful not to be on that side of,the table i was able to overcome this by,reloading a save and im still not,entirely sure what happened here at the,end of the day its not the biggest deal,but just know that this game is still,not perfectly polished and it probably,never will be at this point cd projekt,red is shifting most of its staff to,working on the next witcher game and by,the time the cyberpunk expansion,releases in 2023 there will only be a,skeleton crew of developers still,working on the game but now that weve,beaten the dead horse of cyberpunk,2077s performance and bug situation,lets take a look at character creation,and core gameplay,expressing yourself through your,character is one of the most exciting,aspects of playing rpgs so its,extremely important to have lots of,choices to create the character you want,cyberpunk 2077 provides you with an,impressive array of options to customize,your character not just in terms of,aesthetics but playstyle as well the,character builder is simple and,intuitive to use and there are a,plethora of hair styles skin tones,tattoos piercings and other adornments,to create a futuristic looking badass,the vast majority of the game is in,first person so you wont be seeing v,much after the character creation screen,but lets be honest its still really,fun to customize your character even if,you cant see them i mean beethovens,hearing loss didnt stop the dude from,making music after all in terms of,gameplay the character build variety is,also impressive lets take a look at how,the character building and skill system,work in this game there are five,different overarching attributes that,you can invest in body reflexes,technical ability intelligence and cool,in a nutshell body is all about your,melee damage hp regeneration and,resistances reflexes make you go rat to,tat tat with all your guns technical,ability improves crafting and,engineering intelligence allows you to,5-head some really cool hacking,mechanics and cool improves your overall,badassery and ability to secure the bag,no im just kidding cool dictates your,stealth mechanics you only gain one,attribute point every three levels and,y

Cyberpunk 2077 (Next-Gen) – Before You Buy

(logo beeps),- [Jake] And were back with another episode,of “Before You Buy,”,that show we give you some straight-up gameplay,and our first impressions of the latest games releasing.,Its a busy review season.,There are a ton of games releasing in February,,but surprise, surprise, we got “Cyberpunk 2077” again.,Its back, and this time,,it now, finally, has official next-generation versions,on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S.,Along with that, folks on the other platforms like PC,are also all being treated to the 1.5 update.,This is a big update,that brings a lot of changes to the game,,so we figured it was worth outlining in a video real quick.,Whether youre considering buying “Cyberpunk”,for a next-gen console or just jumping back in,,theres some stuff to know.,So lets jump in with a breakdown and some opinions,and first impressions.,Now, right off the bat,,we jumped into the PS5 version,because the original base PS4 version was so rough,,and even the backwards-compatible version,a game running on PS5 was just okay.,So we also started a fresh playthrough here,because we found some of the earlier sequences,to have some of the most memorable and noticeable glitches,for us back when we first played.,Now, here, front and center,,this is PS5 footage in performance mode.,It definitely is finally up to par.,It feels, dare I say, maybe like a more finished product,,at least just performance-wise.,When I first played through the game,,originally, I played on PC,,and this is much closer to that than its ever been.,Now, it still doesnt always look totally great.,I wish there was more car and crowd density, and sometimes,,the detail feels lower than I expected here and there,,but there is a noticeable improvement,,and the frame rate is good.,The game doesnt feel like its on the brink of collapse.,And with that just comes a better,,smoother playing experience.,The load times are much faster,,and while I see little visual glitches here and there,,theres nothing catastrophic so far.,It also has a ray-trace mode,,but youre getting 30 FPS, and I dont really think,its quite worth the trade-off here.,It does change the look at the game, sure,,but its a better playing game when its smoother.,Now, we revisited this game a few months ago, actually,,on its like anniversary or whatever, and it was fine.,I think it needed a bit more.,And thankfully, this new 1.5 update,really kind of rounds things out pretty well.,There are a lot of additions,,and we cant include everything here,,but Ill give you some highlights of some things,that make a difference.,Were just kind of messing around here in-game,,so you can get a sense of how it looks and how it is.,So, like I said, with graphics and performance,,it feels much better,,but thats also because everything has been tweaked.,Shooting feels a little snappier,,and everything a little less bullet-spongy,,but most importantly, the enemies are a bit less brainless.,Theyre less likely to just blindly run at you,or just stand there.,They take cover better,,and they feel more reactive from there,,making the shootouts just feel a bit more like shootouts,,which is great.,The driving has been tweaked, too.,The cockpit FPS view is a little better,,and driving feels a bit heavier.,Now, I went on record,,saying I didnt really mind the driving back in the day,,but it does have a little bit more heft,and a little bit of a different, noticeable feel to it now.,You can also do burnouts, which thank God.,Couple this with the quality-of-life improvements,from earlier updates like less spam phone calls,and it generally just being cleaned up,,it makes a hell of a difference.,The skip-time thing is more clear,,and you can jump to exactly what time you want.,Along with that, the map is much better over some updates.,Its way more clear,,and every type of thing is more distinct with more colors.,Navigation seems better.,Cops are a bit less BS with teleporting,,and crowds are finally more reactive.,Fire a gun or mess around,,and theyre no longer totally just set dressing,that all just duck and cover.,Sometimes, theyll fight back.,Theyll run away.,Most of em still look totally dumb,,but its nice to have the bare minimum interaction,that most gamers kind of hope for in these worlds, you know?,Cars will also panic drive away,,and it all feels just way less messy,and a bit more your standard video game fare,that you were expecting.,The game, also, right off the bat feels way more generous.,The 1.5 update balanced and reworked the economy,,so the stuff is more affordable,,but I also found way more exciting loot drops,right early on, which is nice.,There are also new weapons in the game,,and they totally overhauled the throwing knife,and made it much more usable and sustainable as a main,,which is good.,Speaking of that, theres a skill tree overhaul,,which is really nice, too.,Some of the more lame, redundant stuff has been dropped,in favor of stronger, more useful upgrades.,Now, admittedly, we werent able to experiment with this,as much as wed like,,but RPG improvements in general are absolutely welcome,because I never really felt like the RPG,and character buildings in this game,were super strong anyway.,So if theyre taking turns to address that,and beef things up in spots, were all for it.,Along with that,,they did a good job of just giving players what they want.,Theres a slow walk toggle on the PC version now,,which is crazy to think that they didnt have that.,You can also change your characters appearance,from the mirror in the apartment.,And there are more options now.,Its great.,I actually found myself,tweaking my appearance pretty frequently.,Speaking of the apartment,,you can also get different designs,,and there are also now four different apartments,around the city which you can buy for a one-time fee,,which is pretty sick.,And they all have different themes and vibes,and little things to engage within them.,Other notable things include the Fixers being updated,with pacing and new rewards,for completing all of their tasks.,There are more romance interactions.,And according to CD Projekt Red,,there are other additions and little tweaks,that theyre waiting for players to discover, so yeah.,Now, exploring Night City and getting around,and shooting dudes and driving finally feels way more sound,,and the years worth of improvements and tweaks,followed by all the substantial changes in the 1.5 update,really do you add up to make a difference.,If you were playing this thing on a base PS4,or maybe a PS4 Pro and youre jumping to this,,there is a noticeable improvement.,Maybe with all those little updates, though,,it doesnt take it from the worst game ever,to the best game ever by any means.,Its still got the occasional jank,,and its not the most flawless and open-ended creative RPG,,but exploring Night City never gets old.,It didnt when I reviewed it on PC, and it doesnt now.,Just driving, listening to cool music,,and taking in the sights,is something that I just think is worth checking out,,because they built a cool world here,,regardless of how I think,the rest of the game still aint perfect.,Its a cool game world, its an interesting story,,and now its got a good frame rate,,it doesnt look like crap, and its more playable.,And its much better now for,,seemingly, most people whove never played it.,And theres a free trial on consoles now, too,,which is nice,,so you can just jump in and judge for yourself.,Some people dont mind rough edges. Some people do.,So you can try it.,Thats really it.,I do think that some people are just still not interested,after everything,,and the people who are already own the game,and theyre jumping in themselves again.,But we just wanted to give you guys a quick outline,and a look at gameplay of it running on a PS5.,So there you have it.,If you jumped in, since this did go live yesterday,,let us know what you think.,Whether youre on Xbox, PlayStation, PC,,let us know what you think of the improvements.,Let us know what you think of al

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