1. dabwoods cart review + high thoughts
  4. Cart vs Disposable Cart (SAVE $)
  5. How To Spot a FAKE CART…
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dabwoods cart review + high thoughts

Hello friends sorry youre like who is,this guy at this point well I could get,into why Ive been absent for so long,you know you can blame it on checking,into a mental health facility blame it,on anything else but sell you know what,Im saying but hey its all good were,back and uh man we got an exciting video,today Im trying a little card out for,you guys its called the dab Woods no so,lets just bust into it and get to where,we need to be its also like a,disposable so you dont really have to,have a battery for it you just take it,right out and youre in brighter places,I just look at me they gotta make this,[ __ ] kid friendly bro like what you,gotta understand when Im opening this,[ __ ] up Im gonna rip it up just like a,child does but the only thing is I cant,really ask for a disposable THC,cartridge to be made child friendly you,know it just doesnt really you know my,dad remember he said that he started,smoking weed at 12 and Im like oh my,goodness hey but thats all life is,right decisions and the consequences,that come with them oh hello little,plastic viewing window I like that on,everything oh [ __ ] here we go,thats pretty thats sleek,if youre new here all we do is just,Vibe you know whether Im high or not,but I do like to get high in my past,time and so I like to document it,because I feel like I get kind of,interesting you know and I feel like it,helps just alleviate some pain that you,feel in your day-to-day Life by looking,at my dumb ass exist in this world here,we go cheers Im with you,well thats not right,oh stuck see what I do when its stuck,is you kind of got to suck it like a,straw just like,laughs,crazy thing is,crazy thing is for Real,instant High,instant High,instant elevation,you know its like youre driving into,Colorado and like you get over that,first little hump and then your ears,start popping,youre like oh [ __ ] ask the person next,to you your ears popping too and they,say no youre like damn,Im going through this alone just like,everything else in life cheers lets do,another one hey thats not true were,never alone we always think we are right,our bodies Our Minds trick us into being,like Im the only one feeling this,one thing Ive learned is none of our,experiences are Universal or wait all of,them are sorry youre probably like what,the hell,thats nice yeah you know I havent,posted a YouTube video in a while hey if,youve been watching me Im sorry,a lot has happened and the last thing,Ive wanted to do is just pull out a,camera and start talking and it sounds,like say oh well thats what you want to,do for a living right Gumby pull up this,camera start talking whats so difficult,about it Id love to do that and its,just like for me Im like well I gotta,find something interesting and I could,get into all that all day all Im saying,is I love you and Im back I feel the,creative push to make this and Im glad,that we can have this moment so lets,just enjoy this moment come on lets get,another one,I got on a new antidepressant called,Wellbutrin I know its pretty popular,out there but for a long time Ive been,treating my bipolar without an,antidepressant I was taking an,antipsychotic caught Abilify a mood,stabilizer called Lamictal and while it,had helped like maintain somewhat of,this stable mood where I wasnt shooting,way high I still found myself falling in,these dips and it kind of removed the,best part in my opinion of my disorder,which was like these moments where I,felt like Superman you know and not in a,destructive way I dont deal with like,the harsh Mania where like you know,psychosis is involved I dont know I I,can channel into that now but its just,different when Im feeling so much,depression so I added Wellbutrin and I,have just been in kind of a Kinder space,it took a couple of weeks for me to like,really notice any effects but uh yeah,its definitely put me in a good good,space so Im just trying to stay,optimistic and yeah I dont know how are,you doing over there you know what I,mean were all trying to figure it out I,know some of you are on medication some,of you arent you know I respect all of,your opinions and beliefs I just feel,like if youre on the edge about taking,medication there are medications out,there that save lives my life has been,saved by psychiatric medication and yes,we know the Dark Side of pharmacology,weve seen the terrible history and,under capitalism we get [ __ ] by big,Pharma in the name of the dollar and,theyve caused trauma on our society as,a whole however that is true we can hold,that in one hand but all great truths,arent either or theyre and both and on,the other hand here we have the,incredible breakthroughs that modern,Psychiatry has granted Us in these past,10 years alone five years alone one year,whats happening right now even big,Pharma is gearing up to push out,psilocybin which is the active,ingredient psychedelic mushrooms do I,think thats a good thing absolutely not,but what Im saying is there is,legitimacy within this field even though,there is a lot of Darkness too there is,a lot of smart people working on this,[ __ ] and at the end of the day these,medications have saved countless lives,and you can hear that from people,probably in these comments and Im not a,big Creator at all I get like a couple,thousand views of video but those who,[ __ ] with me and ride with me I ride,with you back so Im sorry Ive been,leaving you in the dark its almost like,a relationship dude and Im out here not,putting any effort I apologize I gotta,do it for you too and thats what I,gotta remind myself like its not all me,me like I gotta show up for you as well,and I think framing in that way is,actually going to help me keep creating,consistently so uh yeah hit a like on,the video If You Vibe and if you like me,just ranting about nothing I dont even,know what the hell I said right now but,this dab Woods is doing me right lets,go for another one,all Im saying is nothings black and,white its always gray man theres,always its both all great truths are,both check out my new Vape I just got,yall its a vaporesso xros mini I did,all my research on Reddit and [ __ ],because its a refillable its nicotine,right but its refillable because it,saves me so much money dude Ill be,going through disposable elf bars like,literally Ill finish an elf bar in two,days because theyre so goddamn good,like the flavor on the refillable isnt,as potent it just isnt like its still,more of a nice subtle flavor and I if,you know the right flavors I get juicy,monster they go crazy itll save you so,much money better for the environment I,mean we dont talk about that but like,that [ __ ] is not good like this is much,better for the environment and your,wallet now you are sacrificing a little,bit of that that flavor but the thing is,about and I was interested in it right I,was like why is it that Im not getting,so much of that rich juiciness that Im,getting from the elf bars and the Esco,bars and the whatever those hell bars,that we got why am I not experiencing,that experience when it comes to the,flavor well the theory is theres a,cotton wick in every Vape right in order,to like make the vapor I dont know all,the science on it but all Im saying is,theres a cotton wick theyre same,within the refillable ones right and,that thing has to be soaked to like,really absorb the flavor and when your,juice gets low it gets it gets nasty,because like its drying out it has to,stay damp well with the disposables a,lot of times theyre sitting on the,shelf or in the factory sometimes up to,a couple of months before their purchase,right so when you get that thing and you,just rip it open its so satisfying you,rip open the packaging take it off take,the little lid off the top the little,sticker off the bottom and take that,first little crackle youre hit with an,overwhelming sense of Joy really,satisfaction thats because that whole,time that you have been doing your,little life thing all the way up until,you walked into that store and [ __ ],got the Vape th


whats up welcome back hows everybody,doing its your boy thats like,terminator and im back at it again for,another,whoa,disposable review cart review everybody,plus kurt sesh so whats good everybody,not a tech review i havent done a tech,review in literally a couple years man,but i might do a couple of those you,know what im saying hopefully but,before we do start this we have to get,into the disclaimer so lets get into it,disclaimer,if youre underage but please click off,this video,this video it is for educational and,entertainment purposes only so with that,being said if youre underage please get,the [ __ ] off my channel please stop,watching these videos and please get the,[ __ ] off all right you must be 21 of age,or older,like i said 21 of age or older,please 21 plus,okay thank you,if youre underage get the [ __ ] off,entertainment,and educational purposes only,educational and entertainment purposes,only so thank you,and lets get back to the video,all right everybody so were back,for another video man so literally whoa,i literally had this all right so moving,on from the city trees that i was,searching on yesterday i have myself a,dab woods okay now we are about to get,into this,because let me tell you guys what this,is all right so let me tell you all so,this right here is called adab woods and,so adabwoods is essentially,what this is all right so let me tell,you all right so this is the dabwoods,and so adabwoods is essentially so real,quickly you guys have seen this company,right here okay you guys have seen let,me just show you guys real quickly,because i know everybody like you guys,dont even,you know what im saying hold on,okay here we go,okay here we go all right so you guys,know about the company right you guys,know about this company now it says,dabwooz is a popular cartridge brand,known for being the first backwoods,flavor vape cartridge although people,confuse this company with dank woods,dabwoods is its own company primarily,selling vape cartridges and merchandise,now dabwoods is actually not a company,anymore and there is a lot of fake,dabwoods out there and there was a lot,of people scamming people with these,cartridges basically buying them off,like off the internet like buying the,packaging and stuff and basically just,filling it with whatever the [ __ ] they,want to fill it with which was literally,shitty so they literally had fake ass,these are literally fake i mean this one,looks a little real but you never know,what youre sessing on with these ones,right here because its like its very,scarce with these ones right here this,is a totally separate company the one,that i will be reviewing today is these,ones right here as you guys can see,so,these dab woods are disposables and,these ones are this company right here,that i have is a totally separate,company,from this company this company and this,company are not the same company okay i,thats what i thought it was the updated,version but its not,okay so these are two totally separate,companies,and,shout out to the homie for telling me,that my home one of my homies you know,what im saying because i didnt know,that but these are two totally separate,companies i just have to say that so,this company is not associated with that,fake ass street brand,maybe they were selling on um,i mean maybe they were selling and,disposed the the original dab was but,literally i looked up dabwoods and i,seen like a couple of videos with people,session on this,disposable and honestly i would highly,recommend these ones because these ones,you can literally get from the,dispensary bro and you know what youre,searching on like these are liable,source you know im saying it has all,the information right there everything,is right there and its not telling you,i mean,you know what youre searching on you,dont you know what im saying you dont,have to be worried about oh my gosh is,this like hot dog water or whatever like,does this have fake [ __ ] in it you know,what im saying so yeah,but also the cool thing about this one,is that this cart was packed on was,packaged on 420 2022 which is super lit,i just found that out which i think is,super lit and this cartridge is or this,disposable is 93 so it has 99.4,total cannabinoids and then the total,thc is 93.2 which is insane to me so,this is a high potency card and it is an,indica and it is watermelon z man ive,been waiting to try watermelon z,literally since i heard,about,watermelon z,from stizzy man because i knew stizzy,was coming out with it i heard mad,people give me that jolly rancher feel,what is it going to do,you know what im saying but im here,ready to test it cheers everybody im,about to take the first rip of the,watermelon z cheers everybody,okay,okay,all right im gonna take another rip in,a second but i just want to first off,say that,a lot of i had you guys know the big,chief um pods that i had,the,the live resin diamond ones those ones,you couldnt see your oil now i just,want to say,with,some battery or some pods or some,some pods or disposables obviously when,it comes to cartridges they have a huge,glass chamber where you can actually see,all your oil,where the oil is basically encased in,this glass chamber,when it comes to a cartridge obviously,so you can see your oil but when it,comes to disposables and pods the best,thing like the reason that i love stizzy,and also plug play is because you can,actually see your oil very clearly,and the thing that i love about this,disposable is that it they leave a,little,a decent enough like,i believe this is a hexagon,the shape but its a nice enough window,for you to be able to see your oil as,well as theres a little,lip right up here that allows you to see,your oil even nicer like if its gone,past this top line because if you take,this off this is the top line right here,so its really nice this is a really,nice disposable and its really,eye-catching too its orange i usually,dont have like,crazy colored,disposables like i usually just have,like basic colors like a white,disposable or a black disposable or some,[ __ ] like that,um or a gray disposable but never any,like crazy colors,so and it feels nice in the hand,so this thing uses a micro usb so it,charges micro usb so no micro usb c [ __ ],this is straight strictly micro usb so,um but now i have both so it doesnt,really matter,but,i like,this right here,i like the way it looks and im gonna go,ahead and give this flavor wise im,gonna go ahead and give it a,it literally tastes like lush eyes,so,i dont know if you guys have ever had,like a lush eyes vape or anything like,that but this literally tastes like,blush ice so the flavor is,is like,its its almost and i dont know if you,want to equate to it like this,coca-cola has coca-cola zero or pepsi,has pepsi zero or whatever the case is,which is basically like,it tastes a little different you know,im saying this is more so like a,watered-down watermelon,in a sense,like this is literally tasting like lush,ice like this is literally so like if,you guys have ever had like a luscious,vape or something but,literally like the,the ending notes is like super super,super bud tasting so with the city trees,like literally that one is like,i dont know super like citrusy and,piney and i was really looking for like,a sweet fruity one and this one honestly,gives off that sweet fruitiness,i definitely taste that like watermelon,taste that like watery watermelon taste,it does taste fire this is some,dissolute by the way this is not like,resin,so this is tricky to slip so the flavor,is there like i said so it honestly,tastes like some lush ice if you guys,are if you guys know what lush ice is,its not really a fruit but its more so,like a flavor i dont know if you guys,vape or anything like that you guys know,about lush ice but they have it its,like a vape flavor,or like lychee i mean its not lychee,but lush ice is like more so,and lush ice became vodka became popular,with like,vape disposables and stuff like that,because it became a

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hey what is up its your boy jakey vapes,back again with another video this time,im inside my barn,inside a skid loader because [ __ ] it why,not,[ __ ] its a beautiful day out,um i hope everyone else has been having,a good week a good month hope everyones,420 was beautiful i know mine was,smoked a 17 gram joint um,i can try to figure out how to get a,picture and upload that,but,yeah smoked uh 17 gram joint on 420 and,it was it was a beautiful thing for sure,for sure,but today im coming in with a review of,dabwoods king louie og,its not in the packaging ive already,taken it out ive been using it,king louis og its an indica this time,instead of a hybrid,you know its got the normal,the normal dabwoods packaging and,you know in order to keep up with the uh,the theme of todays video im wearing,orange,just like my,tabloids disposable here,as you can see its the same as the,previous time ive been chiefing it a,little bit at work,got the cali logo there,dabwoods there and it is rechargeable of,course,so without further ado lets give it a,puff,wow,okay,wow,okay so the flavor on that,its very sweet,i say that about all the dabwoods about,all the,flavors but i get a really,overwhelmingly sweet flavor i cant,really pinpoint what it is,but it is a pretty damn sweet flavor,sorry if you can hear the cows in the,background,they always be mowing up a storm you,know,thats all they do,they move poop and eat,but,i was wondering ive been spending a lot,of time on tick tock but i havent,uploaded a single video to tick-tock i,havent,necessarily done much on tik-tok,was wondering if i should make do you,guys think i should make,a jakey vapes tick tock,um,where i can,sort of maybe do shorter reviews maybe,like,something i find at the store thats,interesting but i dont necessarily want,to make a whole youtube video on it,i could just quickly,do a quick little review summary over,i almost said ovary,overview of the item,but yeah if that sounds like something,that would be interesting or maybe even,you know help the channel grow because i,know how popular tiktok is,but um,yeah just let me know if thats,something you guys would be interested,in seeing,[Music],wow,this thing packs a punch man,this is my first smoke of the day,um its about 5 p.m id say,so thats pretty,pretty,pretty rare that i wait that long for my,first milk of the day but i really,wanted to upload this video,and i really wanted to try this card out,with you guys before it was finished,because let me tell you,ive been having a great experience with,it,i started my mcdonalds job on monday,and thats been going pretty good my,co-workers are all chill theyre all,nice um,yeah its been a really interesting week,um uh yesterday and,not yesterday the day before yesterday,um,i had a little argument with my old,roommates so im living at my parents,now but,you know it is what it is im gonna keep,on doing me im gonna keep on making,these videos smoking with you guys,going to work making my money i dont,were gonna see,how it goes this is all for fun you know,that thing was not blinking,oh [ __ ],wow,this [ __ ] got me sweat tang,well,let me know what you guys favorite thing,to order at mcdonalds is like i know,mcdonalds is like one of those things,where its like,its kind of shitty food but its food,so like let me know if you go to,mcdonalds what are you gonna order,because for me,its normally a big mac meal a large big,mac meal,thats my normal order at mcdonalds,let me know yours in the comments below,just random thing that i thought of,yeah im stoned out of my mind right now,this thing is amazing,really good device,um the king louie the indica,i feel like it is a lot more potent,than the banana og,just because of the fact that,you feel that full indica um,stuck you like you feel stuck like i,feel like im stuck in this bobcat right,now,you know what im saying,i feel like i cant move,but yeah,let me know what other things you guys,would like to see me try on the channel,um,im down for really anything on the,channel like i said,um,even maybe,like,[ __ ] i dont know i was gonna say some,sort of vlog but like my life aint that,interesting i dont do much,i just go to work smoke sleep,you know,but,i do have some cool story times that i,could,um,say,i could tell you guys i have a lot of,story times um,of some pretty crazy things that have,happened to me um,you know i might not go into full detail,because i dont want to get in any,trouble but a lot of crazy [ __ ] has,happened to me,so,if yall want to see some story times,let me know as well,um but yeah overall the dabwoods,disposables,i give them a solid,9 out of 10.,i give these disposables overall the,dabwoods brand disposable a 9 out of 10,just because of the fact that,these disposables they are much higher,quality than the torch flow a million,times better than those devices,but they still do get clogged sometimes,and if you do chief it a lot it can run,out pretty quickly like i got this on,420 and its almost gone,but,other than that,i think this is a very good device and,if you see one in your area you should,definitely cop it um,its worth the worth the money for sure,for sure,but yeah,i hope you guys are having a fantastic,day,and i will see you in the next video,peace out

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Cart vs Disposable Cart (SAVE $)

cart versus disposable,lets get started,[Music],its no secret that disposables are,pretty appealing to the average consumer,because theyre a battery and cart all,in one so why even pick up one of these,why are these even still sold whats the,pros of going with a separate battery,and car setup compared to the all-in-one,and the other way around whats the pros,of this are there pros of getting the,all-in-one this is a versus video were,getting right into it please note that,nothing in this video aims to promote,any dangerous acts or the sale of any,illegal or regulated goods both of the,products that were looking at today,come from licensed medical marijuana,dispensaries and are made by cartel oil,company its their brand new live resin,line im so hyped to finally try it,weve got some orange tart in the,disposable and some zookies in the,cartridge i havent tried the cartridge,yet this orange tart is so good with,that almost eight percent herpes and the,effects are,all right now im going to try the,zookies,a little peppery,but smoothness wise pretty much the same,size difference is always going to,depend on what type of batter youre,rocking with like if i have it on this,battery its obviously you know,potentially the winner in the size this,is really thin and obviously you see it,charges with micro usbc on the bottom so,does this battery but this battery is,wireless chargeable and you know usbc,charger and [ __ ] the biggest point and,difference were gonna find in this,versus video is gonna be the price point,and this is what it all really comes,down to,wow,[ __ ],disposables are always costing at least,five dollars more depending on the brand,it could be even more but these are,about five dollars more you pick up a,battery for 20 bucks and you get carts,that are five dollars cheaper than the,disposables after four cards you know,you saved twenty dollars,compared to picking up this four times,what i mean to say is youll start,saving all those fives after the first,four cards and its always going to be,that way no matter the brand because,thats just how it has to be since there,are two separate systems,in this device youre about twice as,likely to have to bring this back to the,dispensary with some problems because,one of them doesnt work whereas the,coil doesnt work in a cart you know,its way more understandable but this is,just lots of room for problems does it,hit any smoother or better off of this,not really,in this case weve got the same quality,live resin in both of them so these are,both hidden,great,and smooth but if youre looking at,distillate ones,it might vary you know the answer might,vary,there is that waste aspect to them you,know its like using the plastic water,bottle whenever youve got,the aluminum reusable water bottle at,home sometimes it is convenient in those,situations,but especially in this circumstance,youre going to want to go with that,aluminum,bottle at home because why always be,throwing away whole ass batteries i mean,theres whole youtube channels for,people that go out on the streets and,find use [ __ ] like this and then take,the batteries out of them and make like,rechargeable phone battery packs or,whatever its cause the batteries in,these are not like completely used they,are can be,used for more they can be recharged or,thrown away when its got plenty of,recharges and decharges left its cool,that people are reusing them but most,people i know when i get done with these,it just goes in a trash can so it goes,in a trash bag its locked away in this,[ __ ] forever you know just like if you,throw away a used battery but this,battery is like 25 to 50 use like why,even throw it away thats like throwing,away like you just took a battery out of,your remote thats still working and,just threw it away you know to me the,510 thread cartridge is the definite,winner of this versus video let me know,if youd like to see a review of this,fire ass live resin from cartel oil,and click here if you want to see cartel,oils 2 gram distally disposable,versus a 1 gram disposable i really,appreciate you watching till the end,before you go check and make sure the,buttons below the screen look like this,so you dont miss out on any more lit,ass dope ass cannabis content

How To Spot a FAKE CART…

what is up ladies and gentlemen boys and,girls its your boy Goblin and today,were coming in with a video talking,about fake cart now Ive got a very fake,cart that is from a fairly reputable,brand when its legit Im gonna tell you,guys exactly why this is fake how much I,got it for and some of the differences,and otherwise explain fake cards a lot,of people watching this video you guys,probably buy carts from your plugs maybe,you buy carts that are you know,knockoffs of real brands that you might,think are real for example like a raw,Garden card or something like that today,Ive got a cart from a brand called,Jeter juice,now this right here looks like some,pretty convincing packaging theyve even,got some testing stuff on the back,however this is all [ __ ] I paid 11,for this this is a completely fake cart,and Im gonna explain why and Im also,going to talk to you guys a little bit,about the cart economics drop a like on,this video If you guys enjoy and lets,dive into it so,first and foremost lets talk about the,actual [ __ ] cart weve got here the,packaging looks great right at first,glance its very convincing and if you,guys have ever seen real packaging in,one of these this is almost spot on,right fake carts have gotten very good,almost one-to-one replicating packaging,so packaging is no longer a very,reliable way to really tell if a card is,fake or not the best way to tell if a,car to fake is fake or not is simple,logic heres something that a lot of,people dont seem to think about,when you buy a cart from lets say your,local plug and they claim its real,lets say you have a cart that is of a,real brand a brand that is sold in a,dispensary like for example Jeter juicer,youve got raw Garden youve got Rove,youve got a million like Cresco youve,got a million different brands of cards,think about it like this,why is that guy selling that cart for,fifteen twenty dollars when the,dispensary is selling it for 40. if he,really obtained it from a dispensary why,would he not sell it for more,it makes absolutely no sense logically,any cart that you purchase that is a you,know claiming to be a real dispensary,brand such as you know Rove the ones I,just gave examples of any cart you buy,on the street is claiming to be one of,those Brands is fake there are not,exceptions to that people are not,backdooring cards its not profitable if,youre gonna backdoor something ladies,and gentlemen youre back during flour,youre back during concentrates and the,only time you could get a real car is if,you have a friend who goes into a,dispensary and buys a cart and then,sells it to you for an up charge but for,all the people I got a lot of comments,like this for all the people who come in,and they say oh Goblin uh I I just got,my hands on a raw garden cart for twenty,dollars off my plug dude raw Gardens are,legit this thing is fire,the brand has nothing to do with what,youre actually getting because I could,be holding up two of this bag right now,and one could be legit and one could be,from a [ __ ] garage that some guy is,chilling in and you wouldnt know the,difference unless you really thought,about it and did the price just off,first glance packaging to the same down,to the inside which Ill show you guys,in a second now Im going to throw up a,picture on the screen of a real cheetah,juice that had carp uh cart that I had,when I was in LA recently pardon me I,just completely fumbled my words there,but when I had this car I dont have it,anymore unfortunately because I was not,expecting to make this video I only made,this video because I saw someone selling,Jeter juice carts and I was like dude,okay youre selling them for this cheap,lets make a [ __ ] video on it now,before we open it one difference I want,to point out here is the testing now,when you see the testing information you,might think that that makes it legit,right but theres a couple things about,this test that are not right first off,on a real cheetah juice Ive purchased,real ones of these before you will see a,THC percentage labeled on the sticker,right it will tell you the amount of,terpenes and the amount of THC the one I,bought last time it was like 80,something percent THC and a crazy amount,of Terps like 16 or 15 percent which is,crazy good that is very very good for,disposable,this says nothing about that another,thing that can kind of help you just,looking by packaging is it might not be,very easy to tell on my camera but a lot,of the stickers on the bottom here are,very low quality if you look at them,very closely in person theyre like,fuzzy it looks like almost they were,photoshopped in and they werent,actually meant to be there my camera,wont focus well enough to show that but,whatever you know what I mean,now lets open up the packaging for this,which mind you I already ripped it open,and took a look inside,what interests me the most is this is,packaged almost identically to a real,one right you get this little foam thing,on the inside to protect your cartridge,this is normal in there this is the same,thing as normal Jeter juice carts so,its a little intriguing that that,managed to come with this,but on top of all of that,youve got the signature Jeter juice,setup if you guys have never seen one of,these carts you actually hit it through,a little straw at the top you take this,off and you hit it now one thing that I,want to point out that is wrong with,this right off the bat,look at the ca logo on this right oh,will it Focus,anyway all you really need to see is the,size of the ca logo now I have a picture,that I took with my Juda juice card in,it that Im gonna throw up take a look,at the size and positioning of the ca,logo on that the authentic one versus,this this one is much smaller and it is,just not in the right position,Im kind of afraid to hit this Im not,gonna lie uh Im not too excited at all,it still says Jeter on the bottom let me,look closely at the text,yeah I mean its Im trying to scratch,it off theres a little yeah theres a,little scratching there but either way,Im kind of scared to hit this,but Im gonna hit this [ __ ] cart,just for you guys,oh my God,because I genuinely almost like vomited,off that hit there are no Terps in this,whatsoever there is no natural live,resin flavor which these by the way,these cheetah juice carts are supposed,to be live resin there is nothing live,about this I doubt theres even very,much distillate in this,it tastes like youre hitting a box mod,like youre hitting a vape but its,rough and it hurts quite frankly Im not,gonna take another hit of this [ __ ] but,theres a reason I made this video,I get comments every day from people,coming in and they say oh Goblin I got,this card off the street do you think,its legit and this packaging is almost,on point right you could be easily,fooled by this during a quick buyer,transaction with someone but always,remember the fact that if someone is,selling a dispensary Brand Cart on the,street for less than it costs at a,dispensary they are [ __ ] you it makes,no sense now of course you could take,your own dish lit and create your own,cart you could buy empty seashell carts,510 threaded and fill up as many as you,want and make some good [ __ ] but this is,not whats happening here this is not,whats happening with really any of,these fake brand cards because if its,distillate in the content they were,putting in these was good enough to to,sell they wouldnt have to imitate,another brand you know what Im saying I,made this video solely because all of,you out there who comment about comments,and are buying these kind of Street,carts and asking me about it,dont buy this [ __ ] buy something,else get some flour get some concentrate,and if youre gonna get a cart a live,resin cart just go to the goddamn,dispensary and stop cheaping out thank,you all for tuning in hope you guys,enjoyed this little informational video,I am not hitting this ever again,see you guys in the next one peace out,gamers

“DABWOODS” APPLE REVIEW ????????????????????

whats the [ __ ] deal you to,disappoint mr. a th back up in this,[ __ ] down and today hopefully youre,having a blessed day,because you know me this Mexicans always,having a blessed day and you know Im,saying,the Miss Qatar for getting off work,knowing Samba,so shoot all my steel keeping keep it,pumping for young boys knowing too much,so what Ill be doing a cartridge will,be on today would be dab woods Apple I,think these are like 85% pop disease yes,and if youve been tuned in to my,channel you already know what Im gonna,say real deal Holyfield check me out on,Wrigley,so whats funny about this packaging is,theres an empty cart right here you,know I dont know if its just me or you,know Im just looking at it crazy you,know what Im saying and on top of that,this is a steel – [ __ ] top you,cannot break into it like the Mario,karts or exotic carts or anything that,was packaged like these back in the day,if yall dig one on tomba and yeah like,I said haters yall gonna hate and talk,[ __ ] all yall want and then Bob yall,dick sucking lips but thats what youre,there for you are there for the comments,so move past our [ __ ] me just a real,last channel you know check me on my,regular is real deal Holyfield all day,so mister ATX is up in this [ __ ] doing,this [ __ ] one more time for your boys so,on top of that I mean obviously I cannot,get into it so,lets go ahead and crack this [ __ ] open,I say we talk about these our dad was,dab woods app so let me just try to get,up in this [ __ ] it smells good,thanks good everything checks out oh,lets do the bubble test damn I should,barely moving bro,focus,as your Casio should pray the moon and,gosh this is my first [ __ ] dad,would cart then Im busting open for our,boys so lets get this a dry hit I guess,you know you know mr. 80s or always on,top of [ __ ] our swords tasted sour apple,taste the app for sure bro I mean I had,grape I had a strawberry too but this,money went so I must do a little quick,moving for yall boys to show yall that,Ill be keeping me some Carter Ill keep,me some flour,you know mr. Texas in this [ __ ] to do,this [ __ ] to entertain your boys known,tomba so again yall keep on ringing,that [ __ ] building or anything,Ill be alright because you know what,Im saying I mean at the end of the day,to be me this could be blessing yall,boys,no Im saying because I gotta say and,Im gonna keep on saying this is a real,ass [ __ ] channel bro this aint,nothing that you know that [ __ ],yall be watching on YouTube no aint,none of those none of that chingadera,man and what I mean by Chino that Im,Eddie none of that [ __ ] you did what,Im saying so here it is it one more,time for your mind and Ill just finish,this off white in this silo so yes were,gonna take out the damn magnetic ring on,this [ __ ],sorry but you got to go to the,collections so bro this all is [ __ ],dope its like literally golden like,really really coated so lets go give,this a rip,Im not puffing on the [ __ ],silo the seesaw seesaw silo check me on,a ravely subscribe ring that,[ __ ] Bell pisses all at the end,of the day its all yall that Im,keeping entertained and like I said Im,just doing this [ __ ] for yall bro you,no shame in regular there we go cheers,guys,yeah real Dubrow better [ __ ] River,hello [ __ ] you this is my first time,smoking this car,I never had a dad would and so far the,taste is on point Im really digging,this butch it you know Im saying,just like class compared to these,off-white tips or you know connected,carts theyd be happy if your ever had,connected card shop a comment on that,box and let me know because connected,carts they got a piece like that on the,top you know Im saying so I had those,that had the ones like with this piece I,had connected the dab was today,off-white I think thats it I would say,no thats about it,but yeah man this dish is checking out I,like them the way the pool is on this,whole unlocking the way the cart,overlays its tight you know Im saying,its real real deal Holyfield you know,me miss ATX is not smoking that BAM so,yall boys that are internet gangsters,forget about a bro like I said yall,just there for the mother from your,comments done keep the [ __ ] truckin,youre doing on come on,so man lets give this on another,[ __ ] really,Im really impressed with these cards,about those not itchy Im not coughing a,lot and I feel the higher as you can see,my eyes are red as [ __ ] not just because,Im smoked because I had these holes too,and these are my second lives my first,love she is sleeper huh,you dig what Im saying so this is my,second love my second loves check me,out a resume subscribers [ __ ],China dogs up thumbs on however goes,down baby so she miss a DX is up in this,[ __ ] doing it from Austin Texas babe,like Vince Young said after we want the,[ __ ] cant be [ __ ],awesome Texas baby subscribe do what you,have to do right but this is real ass,young you know me Im a same love back,as always like subscribe hit that Bell,and check me out on regular you to real,deal Holyfield and Im not bro

Why we will NEVER sell Disposable Vapes

disposable vapes have created quite a,divide within the industry some think,disposables are the greatest thing since,sliced bread while others believe that,its a big ugly spot on the industry,while convenience is definitely a factor,for disposables the negatives far,outweigh the positives and today were,gonna explain why dash vapes will never,carry a disposable device,[Music],so weve been getting a ton of questions,asking whether or not dash vapes carries,any disposables with the answer always,being a no now some may be wondering,because disposables are so popular why,arent we carrying them well there are a,few reasons as to why many of us here at,dash vapes believe that disposables are,honestly kind of pointless and first of,those reasons is that the environmental,impact that disposables have is pretty,drastic now let me preface this part by,saying vaping doesnt come without a,some sort of plastic waste coils pods,etc all get thrown out when theyre done,and while that isnt really ideal,imagine also adding a lithium battery to,the mix when trying to limit as much,unnecessary waste as possible,disposables go the exact opposite route,and youre also doing this on a much,more frequent basis lets compare vaping,two milliliters of e-liquid through an,open pod system and a disposable with a,pod system once youre through two,milliliters of liquid you just refill it,and thats it whereas with a disposable,you vape through two milliliters you,throw out the entire device pick up,another disposable and its all just a,vicious cycle for example size wise this,one disposable is the equivalent to over,three pods but again youre also,throwing a lithium battery into the mix,and in my personal opinion i think the,worst part of it all is that this is all,completely preventable like if the,manufacturer just added lets say a fill,port and a usb charging port at the,bottom or something this would be no,different than your regular pod system,but the fact of the matter is we would,simply rather make fewer sales or even,pass our sales along to our competition,than to kind of add on to this excess,waste now another reason why we will,never carry a disposable device is,because,disposables kind of stray away from the,fundamental roots of vaping i mean part,of the fun in the industry was being,able to personalize your experience and,get a vape thats perfect to you thanks,to the wide variety of selection also,along with the wide variety of selection,that you get,the support that comes along with it is,significantly better than what you get,with a disposable for example with a,disposable if you buy one and its dead,on arrival you,youre kinda sol and youre stuck having,to just buy a new one also when it comes,to open pod systems you know whats in,the device as youre the one filling it,lets say you get a 30 milliliter bottle,of grapple berry ice youre filling your,device with grapple berry ice these,disposables on the other hand are filled,with whatever the manufacturer decides,to put in it and youre just stuck with,it now the reason i bring this up is,because um if you dont remember a,couple years ago there was actually a,rising problem with people buying fake,puff bars essentially these were made to,look identical to the original puff bar,even though puffbar itself isnt really,a company but yeah people were buying,fake,puff bars that were filled with who,knows what and thats where this kind of,risk gets brought up this is why its,extremely important knowing where your,vape supplies come from and making sure,that its a reliable source but yeah the,whole puffbar thing that happened even,puffbar as a whole is just overall just,a very,very sketchy business now last but,certainly not least on our reasons for,never carrying disposables is just the,overall cost of them the price for your,typical disposable device ranges,anywhere from 10 to 20 canadian and they,hold roughly anywhere from two to three,milliliters of e-liquid if youre a,heavy vapor you can easily get through,one disposable a day now compare that to,a 30 milliliter bottle of e-liquid that,costs 14.99 the amount of e-liquid you,get from this one bottle is the,equivalent to about 200 in disposables i,mean sure maybe the upfront costs of,purchasing an open pod system and a,bottle liquid maybe a little bit higher,but this is a significantly better,investment than something like say a,disposable device the disposables,definitely have a convenience factor to,them like you just open it up and start,vaping however with the added waste that,you get and the added cost that you get,with them um picking up an open system,with a bottle of liquid is pretty much a,no-brainer honestly disposables in my,personal opinion i feel like has the,overall same vibe,as pre-filled pods like what we saw with,like joule and whatnot again convenience,factor a little bit easier but it it,just makes so much more sense picking,something up with an open system like,for example this caliber and just,picking up a bottle of liquid so yeah,for anyone wondering why we dont have,any disposables on our website or on our,stock um,thats it and we will never carry,disposable devices and that pretty much,wraps up todays video now if you like,this video please be sure that like,button down below and hit subscribe to,stay up to date with our latest videos,as always im dave from dash vapes and,ill see you in the next video

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