1. Is Investors Business Daily Worth it? (Comprehensive Review)
  2. Telling Stories with Data in 3 Steps (Quick Study)
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  4. Investors Business Daily Stock Screener Review
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Is Investors Business Daily Worth it? (Comprehensive Review)

hey whats going on guys my name is,Richard Moglen and in this video Im,gonna be giving a comprehensive overview,of investors business daily which in my,opinion is the best all-in-one platform,for stock investing education so make,sure you watch the rest of this video as,I go through each of the main features,of this website so you can decide for,yourself whether its worth the price,make sure at any point if you are,finding this video useful that you leave,a like down below Id really appreciate,it and also subscribe for more content,just like this but looking at the main,page of investors business daily we can,see theyve got the main tabs up here,weve got a little news section here,weve got a snapshot of all the indexes,right here but a very key part of this,website is this market trend right here,right on the home page and this gives a,snapshot of how the stock market is,performing and whether you should be,really aggressive with your trading or,kind of scale back a little bit and be,more conservative so right now the,market is in a correction based on their,analysts and this means that you might,want to be more conservative with your,trading and not take new risky traits I,also like that theyve got the stocks on,the move right here some that are down,in price and some that are up in price,these are just good things that you can,keep in mind for your own personal,watchlist the main features of this,program are up here on these tabs weve,got a market trend tab sockless research,news videos how to invest and then the,other investors business daily products,leaderboard swing trader and market,Smith so starting with the market trend,we can go here and the big picture is,where they discuss what the stock market,is doing currently and each day they,post another article talking about,stocks that had good earnings how the,overall market is performing that sort,of thing I also like going to the,psychological market indicators which,are very useful when trying to determine,the bottom of a market correction for,instance I really like the Bulls worse,bears contrarian sentiment indicator,which basically can identify when,finally the stock market is going to,turn around,so for instance clicking here we can,look at when this pullback very strong,pullback in December was ready to turn,around so looking right here you can see,that finally in early January you can,see that the Bears finally outweighed,the bulls and this was a sign that the,stock market was ready to turn around,and keep going in its uptrend and from,that point you experienced it it rallied,20% pull back a little and then rallied,some more so this is a very important,contrarian indicator and something that,definitely adds to the value of IBD,looking back up here lets go to the,stock list now which is my favorite part,of investors business daily they post a,ton of different stock lists depending,on what you are looking for my personal,favorite is the IBD 50 and also the,relative strength that new high these,lists basically are their selections for,strong stocks that could be ready to,make giant returns and reach super,performance so looking at the IBD top 50,this is their 50 picks of strong growth,stocks based on the can slim criteria so,you can see up front weve got kale on,top pegs team vivre o led PACOM all,these type of stocks that have excellent,earnings sales return on equity that,type of criteria so this is my favorite,page on the entire site and if you keep,track of all the lists that have been,previously on IBD top 50 theres a great,group of stocks to then sort through and,make your personal watchlist so thats,how I use the IBD top 50 lets look at,the other sockless the sector leaders,list is also an excellent list that they,provide these are the best of the best,Klem team you PLD these meet their most,stringent criteria with earnings sales,return equity all these things so if,youre only going to focus on a handful,of names wait for these to set up nicely,and then move out of a pivot and you,will be rewarded,another great list is the new,eyes list which is composed of all the,stocks that hit new highs and its also,important to keep track of how many,stocks are on this list because that is,an indicator how strong the market is,doing I also like the as I said the,relative strength a new high because a,lot of stocks peak in terms of relative,strength right before they go on huge,moves so this is definitely something to,keep track of the last list I want to,highlight before moving on to another,tab is the stocks nearer a buy zone,so basically IBD has done all the work,and you can just go ahead and verify it,for yourself as they post stocks near,good pivot points and good entry points,then you can enter for yourself if it,meets your criteria and reap the rewards,looking now at the research tab you can,see that theres many different options,here we can look at the best ETFs based,on Ivy Dees criteria the best mutual,funds bonds swing trading IBD 50 stocks,to watch but really what I like in this,tab is the IBD stock checkup which is,where you can look up any stock you want,and see how IBD rates it based on the,can some criteria so lets use pays as,an example and see how IBD looks at this,stock so P a YS on and here we go,so looking just for a brief snapshot we,can see that its ranked 99 and its,composit rating so basically among the,best of the best stocks according to,investors business daily I also like,that its in the top 5 stocks within,this group which is a good sign and you,can see that IBD also provides all this,information for you the EPS changed last,quarter the last three quarters average,EPS growth sales return on equity margin,all these information that could help,you determine whether a stock is a,superb performer or should be left alone,or maybe return to so this is really,just a great brief snapshot of how,stocks are doing and its just very,useful in terms of researching how good,stock is moving on to the new section,you can see that theres many different,resources here I dont really go to this,tab personally but theyve got,information on retirement management,technology economic news all these,things that you might find useful even,though I personally dont use it in,terms of my strategy looking now at the,video section you can see that they had,a ton of resources available theyve got,videos dedicated to technical analysis,online courses how to invest but my,personal favorite are these webinars,which where they often cover a specific,topic very in-depth and also frequently,they bring in very experienced traders,like Mark Minervini or David Ryan to,talk about their process so its just,very useful to learn from these stock,market Wizards and so you can take that,information and apply to your own,strategies and finally looking at the,how to invest tab you can see that they,have even more resources available for,you to learn how to invest and build,your strategies you can read up on how,to sell stocks short selling can some,investing system how to buy Sox swing,trading all these things that answer a,lot of the questions that many people,have when theyre first starting out so,thats it for the main website of,investors business daily they also have,links to leaderboard swing trader and,market Smith which are separate,investors business daily products that,are more expensive and going more in,depth about actually identifying,specific stocks that they recommend you,buying but like I said I think you have,that covered already with the vast,amount of stock list that they offer so,finally its time to talk price so lets,go over to the store and see what it,actually is because this is a very good,product but if its not worth the price,then you have to decide for yourself,whether you want to purchase it so you,can see that they actually have a,promotion going on right now which is,two months for $20 which i think is an,excellent way to actually experience it,for yourself and use it in your day to,da

Telling Stories with Data in 3 Steps (Quick Study)

,SCOTT BERINATO: With data.,Everybodys doing it, right?,Youre not doing it?,You should be doing it.,Youve been told you should be doing it.,Storytelling with data is the big thing.,[MUSIC PLAYING],Well, it turns out you should be doing storytelling with data,,but its a lot easier than you probably think it is.,Once you know the three elements of a story, setup, conflict,,resolution, you can start telling stories with your data.,Setup conflict resolution.,Every story ever told from the beginning of time,follows this structure.,Its really that simple.,Setup.,Charlie Brown runs toward the ball.,Conflict.,Lucy takes the ball away at the last second.,Resolution?,Ah!,And a setup is just some reality.,And by reality, we just mean a situation.,It could be fictional, but its a reality,youve created for the story.,And then you have conflict, which has changed that reality.,Without change, there is no story.,You just have a bored audience.,The resolution is just the new reality,that the change creates.,So with that in place, we can now take a chart,,and were going to break it down, pull it apart, find,the stories in it, find the setups,,the conflicts, the resolutions, and were,going to rebuild it as a storytelling device.,[MUSIC PLAYING],OK.,Now were back with a chart.,This is Global Real Home Price Index.,The index is 100 and you see a bunch of lines for countries.,Theres a gray line in there.,Thats the aggregate as well.,This chart is really showing home prices,in a lot of different places in the world,,and thats where Im starting.,So, I want to find the stories in here.,And the first thing I start to notice, really,,are a couple of things.,I obviously noticed that big hump on the green line there.,Thats Japan.,And I noticed that point where everything comes together.,To me, that immediately says those are probably,two places where theres conflict,,but I realized something as Im looking at this,,and Im glad I did, because otherwise,,I would have had the wrong story.,And that is that these home prices are indexed to 2005.,So, the fact they come together there at 2005,doesnt mean the prices came together.,That just means those are the dollars,that the people who made the chart,used to show the change in house prices over time.,So, theres really no conflict there.,And in fact, I think thats my setup.,Thats where we start, because thats where they started.,I can still tell those two stories on the left,and on the right, but I start there,instead of at the beginning of the chart.,I can look backward and say, home prices rose steadily,in most places in the world for 30 years,except for in Japan, which experienced,a three decade long bubble, and that is a perfectly good story.,The setup is home prices rose steadily in most places,,except in Japan, which is the conflict.,And the resolution?,It experienced this 30 year bubble.,And then working from 2005 to the right,,I have another story, which is that there was a smaller house,bubble, housing price bubble in most places except Japan.,So now, the story has flipped, but something different,happened this time, and that is that the markets bifurcated.,And you ended up with three markets, Australia, Canada,,and New Zealand rising again, looking,much like a bubble, and the rest falling,and then rising back to about 2005 levels.,So, Ive really started to see a couple of stories emerge here.,One, both starting in 2005, because thats,where our prices start, and one sort,of working backward in time, and one working forward in time.,[MUSIC PLAYING],OK, so Im going to spare you most of my sketching,because its so messy and chaotic,,it probably would just give you a headache.,But I did a bunch of sketching, and I,arrived at these final charts.,And Ive split the chart up into a couple of states.,It really helps your audience focus.,So, heres my setup.,You can see it.,Prices rose steadily in most places in the world.,I try to use my titles to actually reflect the story,and hear.,The steady increase reflects that setup.,Instead of just using a generic title about global real home,prices, which is boring and not helpful,,the title can really do some work for me here.,And then, I want to add the conflict and resolution,state, too.,There it is.,You can see weve added Japan, Except in Japan in the title,,and that conflict and resolution becomes clear,that Japan was this bubble that lasted 30 years that was,different than everywhere else.,And you can see as I present this, it almost looks seamless,,as if Im just showing you one chart that changes state.,So then Im just going to repeat this process for going forward.,And you see here, Ive included my setup, conflict,,and resolution altogether in one state.,You see that little bubble and then,you see the bifurcation of the market.,But the most important thing is, Ive really,highlighted the elements of the story,in both cases and nothing else.,Ive left out any information that might distract,from telling that story.,Ive not focused on anything that,doesnt matter to telling that simple story of setup,,conflict, and resolution.,Narrative is the most powerful, most human tool,we have to communicate.,If you can apply storytelling to your data,,it creates an emotional connection with the audience.,Theyre not only going to believe what you show them,,theyre going to feel it.,[MUSIC PLAYING],

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PNB: Daily Business Review Reporter Melea VanOstrand Talk Journalism and Real Estate

this is Rob frequent Clinton not buried,and I got a very special guest whos not,only a journalist but also a real estate,agent as well let everybody know who you,are,hi everyone so my name is Malia vanostri,and Im a real estate reporter at the,Daily Business Review in Miami and then,also a real estate agent with the Kais,company so thats a little bit about me,um I moved here to Miami uh last year,last April from Chicago Im originally,from the wood Midwest but I moved around,um to South Dakota,um back home in Indiana and also Wyoming,um as a journalist uh throughout my,career,I want to talk a little bit about why,you got into journalism,yeah,um so ever since I was young Ive,enjoyed storytelling,um one of my best friends mom is a,local anchor in Indianapolis and so,um she would pick us up from school a,lot of the times because my mom would,work late and we would spend some time,in The Newsroom,um I loved reading and I wanted to tell,stories but I didnt want to be an,author someone was like well you know,what you could,um join the high school,um journalism team and so thats what I,did,um and I fell in love with it and,decided thats what I wanted to major in,when you started journalism in high,school why dont you talk about like the,difficulties of understanding what to do,as a journalist from interviewing to,getting something published to doing,what youre talking about what youre,interviewing the person people so for me,I started in high school I started with,interviewing my friends they had a lot,of different backgrounds so I,interviewed about them about their,Journeys and then I was like okay lets,make a career out of this and so College,really helped me with the fundamentals,that you need in journalism to be able,to have those skills and you know learn,about ethics and everything that comes,with being a professional and everything,you have to know is that,whered you get your college education,and how did that develop your journalism,skills a lot better than you did in high,school okay okay um so I went to Central,State University,um in Wilberforce Ohio its an HBCU so I,went there I majored in broadcast,journalism so really I credit my,professors for really,um teaching me the skills and giving me,opportunities outside of class to learn,how to work the camera so I really,learned a student chapter and so Im,actually,um had an event for a young black,journalists in the area and you know I,met a lot of my mentors that I have,today and so they said you need to get,an internship you need to do your resume,you need to make it real very important,part for any African-American individual,or people in general thats trying to,like bring to the bring it to the,journalism industry like yourself so,like what do you decide that HBCU,college is award credible for your,journalism career compared to any other,college across America,um I cant compare it to any other,college,um Id say everyones um experience is,different I dont know if ones better,than the other but I will say for me,um it was good to be around other people,like me and who are black in journalism,so they know some of the struggles that,black journalists can go through in The,Newsroom,um and so it was it was great to get,that perspective but as far as skills I,dont think theres really a difference,where you go so,yeah thats true I mean you learn,journalism any way you can learn it and,you felt it that was a good place for,you I mean when you when you worked I,mean you mentioned certain advances you,covered and you learned how to operate,it came like once you talk about some of,the events the type of events you,covered,when you do with journalism in the,college level at Central State,University,yeah so college level,um at my end ship it was great because I,got to have that Real World experience I,was covering car crashes,um there was a tornado in a nearby City,so I got to go go cover that,um or you know a murder and you get to,go to the trials so that was it was,great to get the real world experience,but also on campus when my professors,would have me,um shoot some of their events there,would be round,table discussions for them or um one,teacher had a production company and so,I would go with him to the church and,shoot the church services and so that,was a really cool experience to get a,variety of different,um things so I could figure out what I,was really interested in the most I,think that was really helpful,okay thats very interesting its very,interesting to talk about it obviously,but did you ever had like a little bit,of a problem with covering these dark,topics like the car crashes the,shootings happened around your area with,your internship,no,um that actually interests me,um I I have a masters degree in,criminal justice so crime and kind of,the Gory stuff I I have an interest in,that um I have to be very I have to take,my emotions out of those situations so,that I can cover them fairly,um so they havent really taken a toll,even professionally,um I would say theyre professionally,there were some moments where it did,like hearing,um the screams of family members or,friends when they first learned that,their their loved one has passed away,um so that does get to you but in the,moment you have to have that,professionalism but back in the car or,back in The Newsroom thats when you can,you know kind of let that out,um but it can wear on you,um but I try not to let it if that makes,sense yeah that makes perfect sense,because Ive had Ive interviewed people,that were were doing the dark topics,that they cover when working in news,journalism does take a toll on their,mental health and thats what I ask you,in obviously you match if I do it and,you probably obviously you were shining,while working in that internship was,like whats the name of it when youre,coming you interning by the way,um at abc22 Fox 45,um I dont know if the name has changed,but that thats what it was back then um,in Dayton Ohio Dayton Ohio oh okay yeah,thats pretty interesting and Im glad,that you managed to experience,everything that you experience during,your time but well when all that was,also done obviously you became a real,estate agent how did what what that team,decided to go for a real estate,certificate as opposed to recruiting,real estate license let alone a career,so,um I do I I want to do a little bit of,both so Ive been covering real estate,um professionally for the past year uh,well a little bit over a year,um here in Miami so doing all of those,stories I was like you know what you can,make some great money in real estate I,already know a lot about it because I,talk about it every single day,um I have these great connections in,real estate so I was like you know what,I might as well get into it myself,because its always great to have that,extra income but not only that you dont,want to go into something like oh Im,just going to make extra money its its,a business that you run so its,something that I want to combine my,passion of Storytelling and meeting,people and being a part of the community,with also helping people find their,homes and,um helping them with their lives its,more so about that than the money thats,great but,um I want something that I can be,passionate about and real estate is,something I didnt know I would be,passionate about until I started this,job so,um I think its a really big blessing,that I took on this job it was something,different than what I was used to I was,used to doing TV throughout my career,but I wanted to try something different,and I ended up really really loving it I,was always told that real estate drill,it was a kid trying each other together,there even if you preferably prefer to,do journals with something else but its,good that youre actually doing that,mm-hmm,so um yeah when youre a real estate,agent shes like why dont you talk,about like the different tasks that you,have to do in in the real estate agent,side,you know actually Im finding there are,a lot of similarities,um you do

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Investors Business Daily Stock Screener Review

hey you whats going on guys as I said,in my last video today is gonna be a,review of the new I be D stock screener,that I have early access to and I was,super excited when I got an email that,they were developing this product,because its a way to look for stocks,that specifically match your criteria,and if they keep developing this and,improving it Ill definitely consider,using this to find stocks that meet my,very specific fundamental requirements,so in this video Im gonna give a brief,overview of this tool and kind of what,it provides and what it lacks and at the,end of the video Ill be giving my final,thoughts on this early access version,and what I think they can do to make it,perfect so lets jump into the interface,so once you get to the mint interface,this is the screen I should see theyll,be the main stock list that youre,looking at at that moment along with,many different fundamentals that have,values for each of these stocks you can,see that Im currently in the main stock,list which has all the different stocks,and ETFs in Ivy DS database so thats,about seven thousand seven hundred,stocks so wide range of things to look,through over here you can see that you,can scan based on those same features so,if you want to scan based on composite,rating of 99 you could do that and watch,Li explore that a little bit later with,a example scan I also really like a,feature that they implemented where if,you go over here and click this bar,right here and then click any stock it,will give you a brief overview of that,stock you can see a main weekly and,daily chart over here from the market,Smith and then also down here they give,you a brief overview of the fundamentals,as well as the main news surrounding,that stock so its kind of everything,you need in one small convenient package,so minimizing that I just want to,highlight that over here you can look at,all the stock lists that they provide on,their website just in one column so its,very quick and easy to look at different,stocks on these different lists and as I,said in my investors business daily,overview which you should definitely,check out if you havent these stock,lists are very powerful,and you can easily find leaders that,will go on fantastic runs from these so,these stock lists are highly recommended,and very quickly I want to point out,that up here you can actually make your,own stock list so if you dont want to,use the IBD top 50 you can create your,own list name it whatever you want Im,just gonna call this tutorial and then,you can import from a CSV file or you,can just go ahead and create it and then,in – well list you can add any ticker,wants so if you want to add kale select,kale and it should add it so now that,weve covered the interface lets go,ahead and make a example skin here and,see how this works so lets have the,composit rating be a minimum of a 90,lets have the EPS rating to also be a,90 and then lets sort for stocks that,Ive been doing really well recently so,lets make this relative strength a 99,and you can see from those 7700 stocks,only four matched these specific,criteria so you can see that based on,only three criteria we found four,excellent stocks LSCC kale tags and pace,and you can see that we have a whole,bunch more fundamentals to work with,along with price volume and a couple,other things so overall I think the scan,feature is very powerful and its a,great way to find fundamentally strong,stocks to then look through the,technicals and build your watchlist from,that and quickly before I get my final,thoughts I just want point out that they,also have night mode so if youre a fan,of that go ahead and turn that on so,here are my final thoughts about this,stock screener I think as I said before,its a very powerful tool but I,definitely think it needs some tweaking,and optimizing yesterday actually tried,to make this video but the overall stock,list wont load at all and Ive,experienced a bit of difficulty just,today loading some of the lists and some,of the features so I think because its,still beta theyre still working out the,kinks and I believe in the final version,those will be sorted out,my main suggestion for them to actually,improve the system would be to just add,more fundamentals that you can sort by,in market Smith you have access to over,50 different criteria and thats what I,use in my Excel sheets to then look,through stocks that meet what Im,specifically looking for so I would love,to see them add more options like EPS,two quarters ago or EPS estimates I,think those would be very important,additions to this stock screener so,overall I really like this product and I,will definitely try it out when the full,version comes around I hope you guys,found this video useful and make sure to,let me know down the comments below what,you think about this new feature for IBD,and whether you would use it yourself so,thanks so much for watching and make,sure to hit like down below on this,video and Ill see you guys in future,videos

Take a Seat in the Harvard MBA Case Classroom

today,we put ourselves in the shoes of cynthia,caro,imagine youve become ceo,of one of the worlds largest mining,companies,anglo-american 25 billion dollars in,sales,162 000 employees,two-thirds of them in south africa and,four months into your job you hear the,news,one of the miners in rustenburg,has lost his life,yet another fatality,you have to decide are you going to shut,down the mine,or continue business as usual,david if you can open for us today,youre cynthia carroll,the news comes to you do you shut down,the mine,in rustenburg yes or no what are you,gonna do,so i think she needs to initiate,some very detailed investigations into,what happened in these circumstances and,then what has happened,throughout the past are you going to,shut down or not shut down,so im going to do a detailed,investigation,and then when i do have a plan what are,you learning what are you learning in,this investigation,practices that are not being followed,correctly or out of line or could be,safer,where theres like people are dying its,not safe,what evidence are you looking for when,you get the opportunity to participate,you need to be able to,compact the information that youre,going to present in a very concise and,clear manner,through participation in class every day,this is something that i am trying to,sharpen,who wants to get in on this its dynamic,its fast peace theres a ton of energy,everyones really excited to jump in and,contribute i learn,a lot from my peers as much as i learn,from the faculty if not more,the professor kind of facilitates like,an orchestra they kind of direct the,music but theyre not necessarily,playing it,i think we need to shut it down minor,deaths are accepted as just a,part of the process of mining shutting,down the operation,will signal a very strong mentality,shift that debts arent going to be,tolerated thats called a bold stroke by,the way,what grant is talking about what is,talking about,robert is talking about is a bold stroke,which means,from this day forward something has,shifted,but those of you who disagree say what,those of you who disagree say what will,i think we do much more,if we improve the culture around safety,in the entire organization,theres some truth that were trying to,work toward the debates become more and,more fun,because thats when you get to uncover,views that you hadnt thought of,and when you get to push your own,thinking and,hopefully make your own thinking much,much better if you allow,your perspective to be constructively,challenged by other people,then it is just fascinating how you know,your position and your perspective,can shift those of you who want to shut,down how do you respond to this,layla we had we shut down the plant,because we had safety issues and we made,a stand and we started,making a safety culture like we had a,safety the fact that we can have,difficult uncomfortable conversations we,can talk about race we can talk about,politics,and still be friends at the end of the,day and to have people who are not,from a specific group but still have,sympathy and empathy,is pretty unique beyond cultural and,beyond structural we also talk about,just the people of the organization,the overseers are generally white and,the workers are generally black the,language which,they communicate is called finagle its,largely a command and control language,so youre saying some structural youre,saying some linguistic communication,barriers,youre saying some uh organization,cultural issues,around the entire organization i think,casement that also gives you humility,your perspective is not enough to figure,out the answer to a question,and actually gives you the ability to,ask other people,what their perspective is so theres 27,countries represented in our section of,94 people,and because of the way that the case,method is structured we can sort of get,underneath what are those differences,really tied to,you know are there cultural things about,where you come from that makes the,business world operate slightly,differently,and are there things that we can learn,from those differences i think consumers,are critical here so not only do they,care about having,high quality inputs to their supply,chains on time,but they will also care about safety in,the first,month or couple weeks of class i was,hesitant to participate,but over time ive gotten rid of all of,my barriers and dont really,have any qualms about participating but,a lot of that is because of,the support of my classmates and not,only do i see it changing in myself but,i see,my classmates making better points over,time which then also,again pushes me to be better stakeholder,analysis,is so so important when we think about,change,so important to do we think about who do,we need to worry about,and what do they care about what are,their interests and so you start there,but thats not enough you have to then,say where do i need to invest the most,time who is in this,cell the board im really worried about,the managers,i think the governments also key in,here being,in the case setting you realize how,valuable,everyone else around you is and how,valuable their opinions are and the,importance of being a really good,active listener so before we shift from,this and think about some action,planning,i just want to show of hand because its,not clear to me,in this room how many of you are,shutting down,really and how many of you are not,shutting down,so most of you are not shutting down wow,so are we going to resolve this now or,are there points that we need to make i,dont know if i think this is a,performance gap i dont know if this is,about best practices to me this is about,culture,if all of these like if all these minors,were like white and not black,i think that death rates would look very,very differently because i think people,would consider,the value of the lives of the people in,the mind very differently,the question we have to ask is is this,company,extracting more value from the community,than its providing,its scary to be vulnerable in a working,world so youre oftentimes,taught to put up a shield but here,youre given an environment that,supports you to take those risks and,actually celebrates failures or,celebrates diversity of thought when you,dont agree with someone,jumping into the arena using your brain,to come to the best hypothesis and,conclusion that you can given the data,that you have,is a task that leaders have to do every,day how do you use limited information,to make a decision and do that in a way,that forces you to flex that muscle of,dealing with ambiguity,they dont get it jake yeah it dragged,me back up from the front line to the,ceo position one of the things that i,was thinking about,is not just all of these different,elements that we should be considering,in terms of safety but also the,leadership capability of cynthia herself,you reliably took positions at your,previous company,they were incredibly unpopular and,encountered all sorts of resistance,and i think this is a case where youve,shown that you can do it and so i would,shut down,the situation is different dont you,think is she suited for this job,can she do this i think thats an,incredibly challenging question,thats what we do jake this is what we,do,this is what we do,we push students to take a position,or to take a stand because it forces,students,to think deeply to think about risks,to think about the weaknesses in their,ideas,and to also be open to influence,i want them to set high standards for,themselves i want them,to be challenged i want them to,challenge others,so what initially brought me here was,that i wanted to complement,these skills that ive developed in,architecture and consulting with,business skills but once i got here,those priorities completely changed what,inspires me now,is really the having super engaged in,discussions with my peers,i dont think that ive ever been that,intellectually stimulated,on a day-to-day basis i am here and i,think for me thats inspiring and it,j

Business English conversation | Sales meeting

Parador this is Andrew at Crown Academy,of English todays video is an English,speaking video so in this video you will,hear a business meeting between two,native English speakers so the first,person is mrs. Jones who is American and,she works for a company called Venus,Systems and she is the CEO the chief,executive officer and the second person,is mr. Lewis who is British he works for,ABC solutions and he is the sales,director the meeting is at Venus Systems,New York office and mr. Lewis has a,business proposal for Venus Systems,after the meeting I explained some,useful vocabulary okay so that is the,context get ready here is the meeting,good morning mr. Lewis pleased to meet,you Im mrs. Jones CEO of Venus systems,please take a seat,good morning mrs. Jones Im pleased to,meet you – thank you very much,did you find us ok yes thank you the map,and directions you sent me were a big,help thats good to know did you have,any trouble finding a parking space no,it was fine,by the way I really like your offices,what an amazing view yes I never get,tired of that view its one of the,advantages of working on the 50th floor,have you been to New York before,no this is my first visit its,incredible how big everything is I know,what you mean Ive lived here for five,years and I still feel very small well,thank you very much for agreeing to meet,me today youre welcome,I have read the email you sent us so you,would like us to sell your products in,the USA please tell me a bit more about,your company ABC Solutions is a British,software company founded in 2010 our,head office is in London and we have a,second sales office in Manchester in the,north of England so you have two offices,how many employees do you have in total,we currently have 143 employees across,both offices and we expect that to grow,to 160 before the end of the year it,sounds like youre growing very quickly,what positions are you recruiting for,those new positions are in sales IT,developments and tech support,tell me briefly about your companys,products we develop and sell accounting,software to small businesses the product,which is called ABC accounts tracks,expensive sending Reuters managers,income generates balance and income,statements and other reports and how,convene as systems help,we would like Venus Systems to sell our,software in the USA,we understand that you already sell,networking products and services to,small businesses we believe your clients,would also be interested in our products,I see youve done your research its,true that we have a lot of existing,clients who could be interested in some,accounting software,I would like to schedule another meeting,with you mr. Lewis to discuss this in,more detail in fact this will probably,need several meetings how long are you,in New York for Im here for at least a,week although I could extend my stay if,necessary how about tomorrow morning at,10 a.m. yes thats fine for me what,would you like to discuss Id,particularly like to discuss prices,payment terms technical support and,training thats fine I agree that well,probably need several meetings to,discuss all of lets have the first,meeting tomorrow and then we can play it,by ear after that good idea well thank,you very much for your time mrs. Jones I,look forward to seeing you tomorrow well,thank you for coming all the way from,London Ill see you tomorrow good bye,goodbye,okay now lets look at,vocabulary so mr. Lewis says those new,positions are in sales IT development,and tech support so IT what does this,mean well it is in fact an abbreviation,and it means information technology IT,is information technology and it simply,means its the field of computing so the,subject of computing example we can say,I work in IT so this means I work in the,computing department or I work in the,field of IT my job is in computers,another example mark is studying IT at,university okay,so IT development here this in fact,means computer development which means,computer programming so they were,recruiting some computer programmers,tech support tech support this is an,abbreviation for technical support and,if you have a problem with a computer,awesome software then you call tech,support to help,so sometimes called a hotline or a,helpline example my computer wont start,Im going to call tech support,okay,another word was said by mrs. Jones so,she said I would like to schedule,another meeting with you mr. Lewis,schedule and in fact this has two,different types of pronunciation and,this is the American pronunciation,schedule schedule okay but there is also,a British English pronunciation schedule,schedule okay so here we are using it as,a verb to schedule and it means to,organize the date and time of an event,or appointment example lets schedule,the interview for next week and schedule,can also be a noun and it means so your,diary or your availability the manager,says lets have a meeting when are you,available and Mark replies I will check,my schedule,and call you okay so this was the,British English pronunciation I will,check my schedule and call you and with,the American pronunciation mark would,say I will check my schedule and call,you okay and finally play it by ear,lets have the first meeting next,Tuesday and then we can play it by ear,after that so play it by ear is an idiom,its an expression,so its not a literal meaning and the,real meaning is to decide how to manage,a situation as it develops so in other,words we are flexible we are not,following a strict plan let me give you,a better example so the context is Jane,and Mark are going to the cinema before,the film they have this conversation,mark asks would you like to go for a,meal after the film,Jane replies I dont know lets watch,the film and then play it by ear so Jane,is saying lets not follow a strict plan,lets not decide now we will decide,later okay so play it by ear and the,origin and literal meaning of play it by,ear well it comes from music so to play,a musical composition without reading,the music so without reading the music,if someone plays the piano or the violin,without reading music then they are,playing it by ear okay so thats the end,of the video I hope it was useful here,are some other videos which you might be,interested in

Daily Digital Club Review – Is It A Worthwhile Business Opportunity?

hey welcome to this video you arrived,here youre posting for a view of daily,digital Club so go for how it works let,me be my two cents whether I think its,a good use of your time Ive always come,out videos like this so consider,subscribing and if you like my free,training and the number one simplest,fastest way I dont know full-time,income from home all I have to do is,click the link below youll see my email,opt-in page enter your best email I,could send you by free training if you,want daily digital Club but lets dive,in so what it is basically is a,membership website thatll teach you how,to Market online basically but its also,a business opportunity its kind of like,a hybrid of affiliate marketing and MLM,and Ill talk about the compensation,plan in just a second and the reason,most people purchase daily digital Club,is not so much for the training its for,the opportunity to make money by,reselling daily digital Club to other,opportunity Seekers which is fine as,long as youre okay with that just,understand you couldnt really use this,training to sell anything else so if you,wanted to sell like a weight loss course,or an investing course or some other,marketing training you couldnt really,do that with what youd be learning in,here its all about reselling daily,digital clubs so I hope that makes sense,now as far as the curriculum it covers,a whole bunch of topics everything from,eBay marketing to Facebook marketing,product creation if you want to create,your own products affiliate marketing,thats selling other peoples products,video marketing Twitter web design split,test dig hiring it Outsourcing SEO,search engine optimization just a whole,bunch of stuff now the price of daily,digital Club is either 25 a month or a,hundred dollars a month,um if you now if you want to resell,daily digital Club I recommend,purchasing the 100 a month plan because,you can only earn at the level that you,purchase at so thats other compensation,compensation plot works so if you decide,to,um,only purchase a 25 plan but then one of,your referrals purchases 100 for a,hundred dollars you would not benefit,from that the hundred dollars would flow,up to your whoever sponsored you so,um now lets get into the compensation,plan so how it works is its actually,pretty simple you dont 100 commissions,on,um all your referrals except for your,second and fourth referral your second,and fourth referral would flow up to,your sponsor whoever referred you and by,the same token you would earn a hundred,percent of your referrals second and,fourth commissions because in this case,youd be youd be the sponsor so so you,could potentially make lots of money,with it thats whats neat about need,about it now there are a few issues with,daily digital clubs so however so,first of all the trainings not great,although it does cover lots of topics,its quite surface level and its and,its also kind of like a whole bunch of,information sprayed at you all at once,and I think if youre a beginner youre,just going to get confused,um you know if youre still in that,novice phase which most people are,watching this you really need a,step-by-step training that goes okay,step one do this step two do this step,three and so on but youre not really,getting that in here,um,now and you need that you need to learn,the theory and you also need to learn,the over the shoulder Click by click as,well and youre not getting that in this,training also because its focused on,reselling,um daily digital Club youd be 100,reliant on them for your income and,thats a very dangerous situation to be,in especially considering the owner of,this,um they like to shut down and move on to,New Opportunities so its very likely,they will just uh shut this down or,Rebrand to something else and then your,business would be gone so and I couldnt,find any success stories thats another,problem and its one of the main,criteria I look for and of course is are,there actual success stories,um you know and lastly the way the,compensation plan is structured,um to earn a lot of money from this,so you need to become a great recruiter,yourself but you also need to be able to,you need to teach a few people how to,replicate what youre doing because if,theres not any of that duplication,happening you wouldnt really never,really earn that much money thats just,the way the compensation plan is,structured so youre kind of dependent,on other people for your income and and,thats not great either because most,people just when they find out how,difficult it is to recruit theyre just,not going to do the works and you have,no only have so much control over that,so Im not a fan of these sort of,compensation plans in general and thats,why,um you know in theory it looks great,because youre leveraging the marketing,and recruiting efforts of people below,you and then all the profits will,trickle up to you at the top of the,pyramid right but in reality its not,its its not as easy as you would think,but if you are an advanced marketer you,know what youre doing you understand,how to get leads how to convert those,leads and all that,um and youre and you want to build this,kind of business then go ahead and you,can check out daily digital Club you,could probably you could potentially,earn a lot of money from it so it just,depends who you are,um but look maybe youre here not,necessarily because you wanna be,reselling daily digital Club maybe,youre just looking for a simple,reliable way to earn a full-time income,from home if thats the case or very,nice side income whatever the case but,if thats the case what I recommend,doing is click the link below youll see,by email opt-in page enter your best,email I could send you my free training,thatll explain how to do affiliate,marketing in a very specific way where,youre never dependent on any one system,or any one product and you can go and,you could sell whatever you want to sell,whether you want to sell a dog training,course or some other marketing course or,an investing course,um or a golf course no not a physical,course but were digital products here,if youd like to learn how to do that,then I definitely recommend checking out,my training and thats it so I hope you,enjoyed this review of daily digital,Club I hope to see you on the other side,of that link and I hope you have a great,day bye

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