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‘Cause of Death’? ‘Natural Causes’? Obit Reporters Share the Truth

the number one question people ask when,they hear someone has died is how how,did they die what was the cause,we saw that a few months ago when Naomi,Judd died the Superstar country singer,her daughters Winona and Ashley Judd put,out a statement saying quote we lost our,beautiful mother to the disease of,mental illness and immediately fans,started asking what does that mean we,also hear this when a young person dies,say in their 20s and the family,announces that they died of natural,causes and people are like what do you,mean natural causes how does a young,person naturally die what arent you,telling us,today were going to answer those,questions what is up with those,confusing causes of death in this,episode of immortalized,[Music],Im Stephen Siegel from legacy.com the,worlds largest network of obituaries,and Im lynnea Crowther legacys news,editor and Lead obituary writer,so every week we publish obituaries and,video tributes to public figures whose,death made headlines and every week we,get questions from our audience here at,Legacy wanting more information about,how exactly someone died I get it,sometimes our news obituaries dont list,the cause of death at all and people,find that frustrating so heres the,first important fact to understand an,obituary is not a medical document or a,legal document or a government document,its not the death certificate no the,death certificate is a state government,record that gets filled out by a medical,professional after they examine the body,and I think a lot of people dont,realize that that has nothing to do with,the obituary,the obituary is a story a memorial to,the persons life to Mark the occasion,of their death,and its not written by the authorities,no if a person who died was a private,citizen then their family writes the,obituary and what they put in it is,whatever theyre comfortable sharing,with the public that might be a whole,lot of details about the deceased,persons life or it might be just the,very basic facts of where they lived and,who their survivors are either way its,entirely up to the family,and thats most obituaries,but the other kind probably get talked,about more,yes because the other kind are,obituaries for public figures and that,includes celebrities government,officials people who made news headlines,during their lives so their deaths are,also considered to be a matter of public,notability,so when the person who died was a public,figure,then the first obituary that gets,published is probably going to be a news,story reported by local journalists,because when someone well known dies,Its News,and in that case what the obituary,includes is going to be whatever the,reporter is able to officially confirm,by talking to the persons family or,their representative or sometimes the,local authorities if the circumstances,of the death would call for the,authorities to be involved,which they usually only are if the death,was unexpected if someone was sick and,being treated by doctors and nurses and,they died theres nothing to investigate,all of that is to say as far as,obituaries written by reporters go if a,cause of death has been announced we,tell you because we know that that fact,how they died is one important part of,their life story,but sometimes that information just,isnt available yet right and there are,a few reasons for that to start with,sometimes when a person dies the exact,cause might not be obvious right away,thats why there are autopsies to try to,determine that cause when there isnt a,really obvious injury or a known illness,so those are deaths that are probably,going to be reported with no cause of,death listed at least initially,there was a case like that that came up,in the news not too long ago,a young man from Palm Beach Florida,named Damon Weaver died last May at the,age of 23.,Damon Weaver had made national news a,decade before that when he was just 11,years old and he became the youngest,person ever to interview a sitting,president of the United States,he interviewed President Obama for his,Elementary Schools news show,it was covered as a big deal when it,happened so 12 years later when Damon,Weaver died the news media considered,him a public figure and reported on it,and the cause of death was stated as two,words that some people find very,frustrating,natural causes thats right and since,Weaver was only 23 years old that raised,a lot of eyebrows,here at Legacy we got a whole lot of,comments on our Facebook post with his,obituary and on our video news tribute,with people basically asking how on,Earth can it be natural for somebody to,die at the age of 23. which is an honest,question right when you think of someone,dying of natural causes the image you,get is more like a very elderly person,passing away peacefully in their sleep,not a young adult dying way before their,time exactly it just seems weird to,people and our commenters on Facebook,and YouTube really questioned it a lot,saying things like there is nothing,natural about dying at 23 and suggesting,that there was something suspicious,going on,but theres something that people dont,realize,and thats that natural causes does not,mean dying of old age,not really any such thing as dying of,old age theres always some species,somebodys body stops working and yes a,lot of times thats because things wear,out when youre old but old age is the,context not the cause,so it turns out that what natural causes,really means is that the cause was,something internal to the person so it,wasnt a car accident or a suicide or a,drug overdose or a murder,any illness any internal health,condition falls under the broad range of,natural causes whether its cancer or a,heart problem diabetes or brain aneurysm,these are all natural causes,and when a younger person dies of,natural causes,just like when a younger person dies for,any reason before theyve grown old,Its upsetting their family is sad,theyre grieving so one reason the,family often announces the death a,little vaguely at first as just natural,causes instead of being more specific,is that they just may not want to be,forced to dwell on the sad details right,now their loss is painful enough as it,is,and when that young person was famous,you know imagine how weird it has to be,to have a celebrity in your family in,the first place,and then how big an invasion of privacy,it must be when they die and everybody,is hounding the family demanding all the,details Im not at all surprised that,some families just want to say he was,sick okay stop bothering us,and in some cases theyre just never,going to release the exact cause of,death and thats their right on the,other hand there are some cases where,the family themselves just dont know,the exact medical cause yet,sometimes it clearly wasnt a violent,death and theres no indication of any,drug overdose but an autopsy is going to,be needed to determine the specific,cause,that was what happened with Damon Weaver,it was several months later that the,results of an autopsy were released and,we learned that he had died of,vaso-occlusive Crisis which is a problem,with blood flow that stems from sickle,cell anemia,so natural causes was totally valid even,if it seems confusing when you dont,know all the details,we really get so many questions very,frequently whenever we report that,someones death was due to natural,causes when the fashion designer Terry,mugler died back in January it was,reported as due to natural causes and,thats still His official cause of death,he was 73 so he wasnt terribly young,but still we had comments like natural,causes at 73 I dont believe that and it,makes you suspect anything else they say,part of that is that some people dont,trust the news media in the first place,but also people know that in regular,local obituaries for non-celebrities,theres a long tradition of families,using euphemisms to avoid painful topics,we see that with things like suicide or,drug overdose when a private citizen,dies from a self-inflicted cause like,that an

Obituary: The life of Queen Elizabeth II

[Applause],all those years of wisdom,and compassion,weve been so so lucky,her work ethic,her strong faith her leadership,there wasnt anything imagined he,couldnt do,there was a courtesy,and a humanity,and a kindness,that ill remember forever,it was a life of public service and duty,[Music],committed her country,[Music],my lords and members of the house of,commons,i pray that the blessing of almighty god,may rest upon your councils,and her commonwealth i feel enormously,proud of what the commonwealth has,achieved,and all of it within my lifetime,devoted wife and mother,a constant figure of national pride,as the world around her witnessed,extraordinary change,[Applause],born in 1926 princess elizabeth wasnt,expected to be queen,home videos show it was a happy,childhood,in those days it was such wonderfully,unorganized fun because i mean we played,a game called catching happy days which,involved rolling around the garden at,great speed catching the leaves as they,fell off the trees,that kept us happy all day,her destiny changed with the death of,her grandfather and the abdication of,her uncle,[Music],her father was now king and elizabeth,his heir her role for life was set and,her approach to it shaped by the second,world war clear even in her first,broadcast when she was evacuated to,windsor,my sister margaret rose and i feel so,much for you,as we know from experience what it means,to be away from those we love most of,all,the keep calm carry on,philosophy,was absolutely embedded in,in her i think the princess became a,member of the ats,she joined the auxiliary territorial,service as others went off to fight,lieutenant mountbatten seems bad to be,back at work again wartime also sparked,the most important relationship of her,life,she kept in touch with prince philip by,writing letters,[Music],and in 1947 they got engaged,[Music],a glamorous young couple their wedding,was celebrated across the country,soon prince charles was born followed by,princess anne theyre taking the places,of the king and queen who would have,gone but for his majestys owners,but judy called her father was ill and,they had to take his place on a tour of,the commonwealth,to the stunned heart of london and to,the whole commonwealth came the tragic,news from sandringham of the passing of,a beloved sovereign king george vi,in a remote lodge in kenya prince philip,told her the news she was now queen,all accounts say that she gulped,gathered herself,a grieving daughter but also now the,queen,in a way that she could never have,imagined and of course in her early 20s,at the time,the following year came her coronation,broadcast for the first time on,television,she was very conscious of the fact that,she needed to be out there to be visible,going right back to televising the,coronation,only 26 queen elizabeth still had to,prove herself to courtiers politicians,and the country,years later she described how it felt,[Music],in a way i didnt have an apprenticeship,my father died,much too young,it was all a very sudden kind of,taking on,and,making the best job you can,from the very start she felt she had to,get out and connect with the public the,queen and duke now took their places,through thousands of engagements and,inventing the walk bout whether you were,the lollipop lady,or you know you were a president or a,prime minister of a nation people become,nervous and it was wonderful to see how,her majesty,would put them at eat,always calm even when blanks were fired,at trooping the color,the queen was constantly on duty,with constitutional responsibilities,and weekly audiences with her prime,ministers,for someone who just whod been a little,boy,in the streets of durham waving your,flag when she drove through in the 1960s,and suddenly they were your prime,minister,virtually alone,of all the people that you knew you knew,anything that you said to us stayed,within the room,always displaying her support for the,military,the principle,of listening to what she thought,churchill might have done in similar,conditions or circumstances to what i,found myself in it was those sort of,conversations that i learned a huge,amount from and well treasure forever,theres really nice comments including,one from president biden,oh thats very kind as every day there,were red boxes full of state papers to,deal with do we think that this is a,good idea do we not know what its about,she was a wonderful boss we used to put,up a red box every evening and we knew,that she would have been through them,and it would be back on our desk,the next morning at eight oclock,it was extraordinary how,she did this day after day throughout,her reign,[Music],[Applause],wasnt just matters at home as head of,the commonwealth and queen of other,realms,[Music],she traveled more than any other head of,state i remember going to,uganda for the commonwealth heads of,government conference,and from the airport to the hotel,i dont think ive ever seen crowds like,it,always conducting her own powerful form,of soft diplomacy i did get a sense how,concerned she was sometimes about,some of the conflicts some of the,challenges,[Music],she can have,a personal,conversation which,you know helps to move on,some really quite difficult and tricky,political moments,[Music],they melt around her and ive seen the,strongest men just literally sort of,become putty in their fingers,they are all an aura fan,argus,the first british monarch to visit the,republic of ireland in a hundred years,she was a figurehead of unity and,stability,she never wavered from duty or service,and in uncertain times people need,anchors,weve lost one of our most important,anchors,im very glad to be able to join you,today there at times of national tragedy,including the coronavirus pandemic,adapting the way she worked,to reach out set an example,and rally the nation with messages of,resilience,we should take comfort that while we may,have more still to endure,better days will return,we will be with our friends again,we will be with our families again,we will meet again,majesty is the warrior queen she has,done it shes been there,and her majesty dressed the nation its,the empathy were all in this together,but its going to be okay,my grandfather broadcast the first of,these christmas messages,her christmas broadcast every year was,her chance to send a personal message,its no surprise,that families so often treasure their,christmas routines,because behind the formality was an,utterly devoted wife and mother,prince andrew five last february,probably feels quite senior now that he,has a baby brother,family is very close together and,and we do enjoy spending time and shes,always made time all the way through her,life and and yes there have been those,particular moments of the year when,that very much comes first,when we were very young obviously um it,was uh,it was harder for her to have so much,time and we were obviously living,elsewhere as well so we were never,really all together in the same place,but whenever we had the family moments,and we met up,shed be very keen on watching what the,children were up to and,i think there were moments when she,loved the noise running around the house,it kind of brought the house to life and,it kind of made the real family,atmosphere i think they had to be strong,enough,[Music],you see this is strong enough to,get off you know,while she was head of state phillip was,head of the family and a huge support,come around this side nasty feelings,they were a couple,with a different relationship than many,people have but he learnt to live with,that,and difficult to be a,monarch with,the degree of responsibility you have,without a very good partnership to back,you up,when there were tough moments,if he was around it was hugely important,you could see them working a crowd or,working a walkabout if you watch it,theyll stop you,it wasnt planned it was instinct,they both had the same metabolic clock i,think,in,2021 she said goodbye to her beloved,husband and dedicated cons

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This Video Will Make You Love Malia Obama ★ 2022

Malia Obama, eldest child of President Obama is  one of the most talked about kids in Hollywood.  ,She is always in the news. Like if she isnt  in the news for smoking, then it would be for  ,locking lips with one havard boy. Dont get us  wrong, we love Malia, but theres no denying the  ,fact that she is kinda controversial. Lets take  a look at what Malia Obamas lifestyle looks like.,Guys have you ever wandered what  your lives would be like if your  ,parents became presidents, Have you? Well, Malia does not have to wander  ,like the rest of us. After all, her dad is  a former president of the united states.  ,Barack Obama and his wife Michelle  welcomed their baby girl Malia on July 4th,  ,1998. Her name Malia is a Swahili word which means  queen. Malias full names are Malia Ann Obama.  ,With the Obamas net worth of over $40 million,  we trust that Malia is living her best life.,Just like the rest of us, Malia also  has a younger sister named Sasha.  ,Sasha Obama is the second and last child  of the Obamas. She was born on June 10th,  ,2001 in the United States. Just like her younger  sister, Malia also got her primary education  ,at the Sidwell Friends School. She studied  drama and took dance lessons as a child.  ,She was also interested in sports.  She played volleyball, basketball  ,and tennis. In 2016, Malia was ranked second  best graduating student at Sidwell High School.  ,Following her graduation from high school,  media speculations regarding her choice of  ,college resulted in heavy press coverage. She  ultimately chose to attend Harvard University. She  ,entered Harvard in the fall of 2017 and majors  in Visual and Environmental Studies. Awesome!,Back in November 2017, Malia was seen  locking lips with an unknown young man at  ,a Harvard-Yale football game. Cue a media frenzy,  as the world began asking: just who had caught the  ,young Obama’s attention? His identity was soon  revealed as that of fellow Harvard student, Rory  ,Farquharson. While neither Obama nor Farquarson  has ever publicly, confirmed that they are dating,  ,the pair are frequently photographed out in New  York together, and, most recently, at a holiday  ,resort in California, in the company of an older  couple assumed to be Farquharson’s parents. More  ,than a year and a half down the line, the  relationship appears to be going strong.  ,Rory farquharson is from a rich home; I mean  he lives with his parents in a $1.6m property,  ,he attends harvard; havards tuition  fee is about $70,000 per year;  ,and his parents own an additional property in  London. No, the guy is loaded!. Nice one Malia!.,So we know that Malias boyfriend Rory  lives in a $1.6m property with his parents,  ,but where does malia herself live?,When former presidents and their families  head back to normal life, they are given  ,7 months of transition funding, 10  years of secret service protection,  ,and 30 months of private staff for the salary not  exceeding a hundred and fifty thousand dollars,  ,so they are not exactly tossed out  in the cold, but where do they go?,Former president Barack Obama was  exceptionally vocal about his living  ,plans after his administration. Though  many expected him to return to Chicago,  ,Obama decided to stay in DC to allow his  youngest daughter Sasha finish her schooling. ,With the Obamas net worth of over $40 million,  they could have outrightly purchased a property  ,but instead, they decided to lease a home, an  eight thousand two hundred square feet mansion,  ,in the upscale neighbourhood of kalorama.  The $8million mansion has 9 bedrooms and  ,8 bathrooms. It is the second most  expensive home in Washington DC.,And while the exterior of the home has a  charming vintage vibe, the inside is of a  ,different vibe entirely; a minimalist modern vibe.  Just so you know, we are not home enthusiasts  ,ourselves, so shout out to Mr luxury for a very  well detained explanation of the home design.  ,The kitchen features white gray and black accents  which are also found throughout the home. Surely,  ,the kitchen has standard appliances. There is also  an area in the kitchen reserved for storing books  ,or drinks. Beyond the living the room, there are  several sitting areas. The window boards attach  ,the outside of the house to the inside with their  vintage design while also spoting the the smooth  ,lines and moderate tones found in the inside of  the home. The main living has a subtle and cozy  ,vibe. The dining room also looks really nice. The  bathrooms are big enough, with a busy black and  ,white wallpaper and gray tile floor. I like what  the Obamas did with the bathroom, i think its  ,really cool. Theres an upstairs living room which  for me, is the most beautiful place in the Obamas  ,mansion. There is also a gym room and a master  bedroom with vintage windows and minimalist feels.  ,Outside, theres a large courtyard and  a backyard with enough space to lounge  ,relax and soak up the sun. The Obamas  mansion is really a beauty to behold.,The Obamas daughters are definitely living  the life, like they are living our dream  ,lives. Well talking about being a Fashionista and  slaying, Malia is a pro. She does not necessarily  ,wears designers and all, but she slays  in her essentials any day any time.,* We know that Malia is going to become  an important figure in Hollywood and we  ,cant wait to see what she grows up to be like. So thats it Beautiful people, what do you think?  ,Drop your thoughts in the comment  section below, till next time, peace.

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How to Write an Obituary

[Music],when a loved one dies you want to write,a meaningful and memorable obituary for,them,here are the six basic steps of how to,write an obituary,start the obituary by announcing the,death,the first sentence or two could include,lots of important facts,name age where they lived the date of,death and more,a typical first sentence might read,winnie jackson 86 of springfield ohio,died at home of natural causes on june,14 2022,if you prefer you can say passed away,left this world or another such,expression,after youve announced the death tell,your loved ones life story,where did they grow up what schools did,they attend what work did they do,what groups were they involved with,these facts will help identify their,obituary for anyone who knew them in the,past but you can also go beyond these,basic facts and remember the details,that made your loved ones so special,you can tell a favorite story that they,like to laugh about or talk about what,was most important to them or even say,what youll miss the most,this isnt a complete biography just the,highlights,share a favorite memory or two,next list their family members,most obituaries name the surviving,family members of the person who has,died as well as those who died,previously,some large families will list immediate,family members by name and then,summarize additional relatives eight,grandchildren 16 great-grandchildren and,many nieces and nephews,however you can choose to include anyone,you feel is important to name including,devoted caregivers lifelong friends and,even pets,next add the details about their funeral,events,include the dates times and locations of,the visitation funeral burial memorial,service and or any other funeral,gatherings,also include the name of the funeral,home so that people can contact them,with any questions about the services or,sending flowers be sure to indicate if,services are private,you may want to request charitable,donations in your loved ones memory,you can add an address or link for a,specific charity or you can suggest that,friends donate to a charity of their own,choice you may also request donations to,the family to help with funeral expenses,finally you may want to select a photo,to have published with the obituary,this offers a personal touch and helps,bring the obituary to life a portrait or,close-up of your loved ones face,usually works best the photo can be,recent or from their youth its up to,you in the end all these elements come,together to make a complete obituary,thats respectful informative and,meaningful to share with family and,friends,once your obituary is written you can,visit legacy.com to publish it in your,local newspaper as well as online,[Music],follow legacy.com on youtube or facebook,for more obituary news and information

OBIT Review – Vanessa Gould

there are too many of us doing this,anymore I mean you could come to my one,hand and a few MS Miller its Bruce,Weber at the New York Times we would,like to run an obituary that your,husband well every now and then I like,to bring to your attention a movie you,might not otherwise think about see or,even have the opportunity to see but,this is what I want you to watch out for,its called obit and it is currently,playing in New York and Los Angeles and,its spreading out around the country,and very slow basis the documentary,about the obituary writers at the New,York Times now if that doesnt sound,like blockbuster material I dont know,what is okay Im just kidding here,because obut is as fascinating a movie,as Ive seen in a long long time in a,very unusual topic you wouldnt think,youd find each obituary is telling a,story a story of a life and that is what,Vanessa Gould brilliant documentary,displays here the staff of the New York,Times obituary section these are,generally older writers whove worked in,other areas and now theyre here theyve,all come to this place and brought a,lifetimes worth of journalistic,instincts abilities and talent to a,section that has growing in importance,it used to be just straightforward as,the documentary shows but now they,really go into the details a real,investigation into these fascinating,lives its counterintuitive Irana you in,the blood ovince have next to nothing to,do with death and in fact absolutely,everything to do with the life one of,the key focuses of this movie is,different people that have died and how,they come about to explain a life in,just 800-word thats an interesting part,of the movie too is how many words does,each person get of course theres the,major stars that died in this,documentary also focuses on the big,celebrities and personalities and,presidents and saints and the amount,that they will get there but also on the,people you may not have heard of and,that youre only learning about now that,theyve died and its all about how are,they approaching a try,they do investigative reporting they,call family members at a very difficult,time every life is worth a story thats,what this movie is saying I highly,recommend obit it will open your eyes to,something you may never have thought,about before you have the chance that,you cant refute the ones only chance to,make the Dead live again this movie is,definitely worth seeking out I really,like it my favorite documentary of 2017,by far so far I say go,[Music]

You’ll Never Guess Who Hyped Republican George Santos And His Fake Resume

George Santos to many of you was,probably introduced by Glenn Greenwell,do you want to just pop up uh Glenns uh,tweet hes just trying to educate,everybody,I,I missed this when it first went up,I usually uh dont take my cues but uh,it was going well meet George Santos,first ever Brazilian American and first,ever openly gay Republican elected to,congress in U.S history son of a working,class immigrant parents who left Brazil,for the U.S congressman elect Santos was,born and raised in Jackson Heights,Queens,now in New York uh third and and hes,going to be driving liberals absolutely,crazy and very long time to come,significant identity points there for a,guy who if you looked at his website uh,prominently called himself an,anti-socialist,yeah I mean well you know uh now you,wonder like what why Glenn was promoting,this guy it could have been at best just,because you know Glenn likes to uh Troll,and thats thats fine we all do that in,fact uh I congratulated him for,introducing us uh to him uh so you know,we all like a control but the problem is,it turns out that,almost nothing in which uh in in Glenns,introduction and I say this was,surprised because Glenn is his,journalist in the bio the word of the,journalists yeah,um,I mean someone like me who introduced I,wouldnt be able to hold to the same,standard because Im Im just,a human container YouTuber,um but um,by his account,the account this is from The New York,Times,Libs at the New York Times New York City,uh he catapulted himself from a New York,City public college to become a seasoned,Wall Street financier and investor the,family-owned real estate portfolio of 13,properties and an animal rescue charity,that saved more than 2500 dogs and cats,maybe thats why because I know that,Glenn also is involved in uh rescue,attempts for ducks but a New York Times,review of public documents and court,filings from the United States and,Brazil as well as various attempts to,verify claims that Mr Santos 34 made on,the campaign Trail calls into question,key parts of the resume sold to voters,City group and Goldman Sachs the Marquis,Wall Street firms on Mr Santoss,campaign biography,told the times they have no record of,his ever working there well in my book,thats a positive but,but maybe the saying you worked there,and then not having worked there that,might be the red flag thats the problem,yeah officials at Baruch College which,Mr Santos said he graduated from in 2010,now that was that was 12 years ago,sometimes you forget these things could,find no record of anyone matching his,name and date of birth graduating that,year,thats weird you can maybe change his,name,but you cant you know you cant change,your date of birth thats weird,um there was also little evidence that,his animal rescue group friends of pets,United,was as Mr Santos claimed a tax-exempt,organization,the IRS could locate no record of a,registered charity with that name yeah,well theyre authoritarians hmm thats,right maybe they need to hire more,people yeah,its Financial disclosure form suggests,a lot life of some wealth he lent his,campaign more than seven hundred,thousand during midterm election has,donated thousands of dollars to other,candidates in the last two years and,reported a seven hundred fifty thousand,dollar salary and over one million,dollar in dividends from his company the,devulder organization yet,the devolder organization has no public,website or LinkedIn page,and its something of a mystery,on the campaign website Mr Santos once,described to volder as his familys firm,that managed 80 million dollars in,assets,on his Congressional Financial,disclosure he described it as a capital,introduction consulting company,but Mr Santos disclosure did not reveal,any clients,an admission three election experts said,could be problematic if such clients,exist,um theres no records of his uh,properties in his family fortune of Real,Estate,um,uh someone else uh uh I know checked his,financial disclosure forms and,apparently,this is odd,in 2020 he claimed no assets over five,thousand dollars wow relatable well in,other words you could have had a bunch,of assets like at forty five hundred,dollars but you know if five thousand is,threshold,in 2022 his financial disclosures show,as much as 11 million dollars in assets,whoa Goodyear including a bank account,between one and five million dollars,he hustled he also says in 2022 he had,no income yeah,thats when he was so in other words to,be clear,no cash,no money in 2020.,no income in 2022 2021 great Year fam,yeah he was a beta and now hes a sigma,let nobody tell you that hard work,doesnt pay off yeah,um,theres a couple of things that are a,little bit weird about Santos,uh he said he was born in Queens thats,what we were told by the journalist,and emigrated to Brazil raised in the,borough,he his father he said is is Catholic and,has roots in Angola his mother Fatima,devolder maybe thats where the devolder,organization came from was descended for,migrants who fled Jewish persecution in,Ukraine in World War II Strife Belgium,Santos has described himself as a,non-observant Jew but has also said he,is Catholic you can be both if your,parents are both records show that Mr,Santoss mother who died in 2016,lived for a time in the Brazilian city,of near Terraria the Rio suburb where,she was employed as a nurse,maybe that can be a lucrative business,maybe she had family money,after Mr Santos obtained a high school,equivalency diploma he apparently also,spent some time there,in 2008 when Mr Santos was 19 he stole,the checkbook of a man his mother was,caring for,thats according to a Brazilian Court,the rising crime baby,police and court records show that,Santos used the checkbook to make,fraudulent purchases including a pair of,shoes,two years later Santos confessed the,crime was later charged,um,Santos I guess has been um,uh avoiding returning to Brazil because,those charges that period in Brazil,overlapped when Santos said he was,attending the Baruch College,where he claims he was awarded a,bachelors degree in economics and,finance but again Baruch has no,knowledge,of Santos using multiple variations of,its first middle and last names,um,he also claims that he did a stint at,New York University,a claim on his campaign site not,repeated anywhere else and NYU of course,could find no attendance records we also,said he did that without any uh debt hmm,um Santos claims after college he worked,for Citigroup they also have no,um,its funny to lie about these things,that like kind of seemed like,vulnerabilities except its a republican,yeah but like so I guess no ones gonna,lie about Im a banker and he probably,was just a little bit shocked that he,went through the entire election process,and this came out afterwards gosh nobody,found it he also said in an interview on,WNYC that his company,um which he did not identify,although in other places hes called the,Overland or whatever it was lost four,employees at the Pulse Nightclub,shooting in Orlando in June 2016 but a,Times review of the news coverage and,obituaries found that none of the 49 of,victims appear to have worked at the,various firms named in his biography,classy,um,he also claimed to found friends of pets,United he ran for five years starting in,2013,supposedly uh evidence of his,philanthropic work,IRS again was not able to find any,records showing uh that the group held,any tax exempt status,New York and New Jersey could not find,any records of it being uh registered as,a charity,they did one uh fundraiser at least with,the New Jersey animal rescue group in,2017,charging 50 bucks for entry,the events beneficiary never received,any of the funds hmm,said Mr Santos offered many excuses for,not forwarding the money now look I will,tell you,that when air America launched,I got to be careful here because I dont,want to you know litigation,it was launched by a guy who other,people told me I wouldnt trust him to,wash my bathroom with a toothbrush,and I think at one point was,u

The Obituary Daily Times Index and the U.S. Obituary Collection | Ancestry

hi everyone Christa Cowan here with,another episode of the barefoot,genealogist today we are talking about,obituaries now were going to talk about,two specific obituary collections or,databases on ancestry.com but I want to,start out with just a little bit of a, or a 101 information thatll apply,to anybody and that is regardless of,what country you live in regardless of,what time period youre looking for,those obituaries and just some basic,information then were going to talk,about these two specific databases the,United States arbitrary collection and,the obituary times daily index which,covers more than just the United States,so lets go ahead and dive in with just,some basic information about obituaries,or at least how to work with obituaries,the first thing you need to be aware of,is that obituaries may have been,published in a variety of newspapers and,it might not always be exactly where you,expect the obituary to have been,published now clearly were most,familiar with obituaries being published,in the place where the deceased lived,particularly if its a local paper now,if they live in a suburb to a larger,city it might also be published in the,larger city newspaper,it may be published where they died so,if they died somewhere other than their,usual residence it may also be published,in a place where they grew up so if they,lived most of their life in a specific,location and then moved later in their,life,there may be an obituary published in,the town hometown newspaper and then,finally you might find an obituary,published in a place where their family,members lived so if you have if they had,children or grandchildren even who all,settled in a particular location or who,may have been prominent in a specific,location then they may publish an,obituary there to notify the community,that the parents or grandparent of this,person in their community has passed,away,so certainly just be aware that,obituaries again theyre not always,going to be published it may be exactly,where you expect and they may be,published in multiple locations which,brings me to my next point which is your,to want to investigate or read all,versions of that obituary every,newspaper has a little bit different,rules about how when and where,obituaries can be published some,newspapers charge for that so Im,charged by the word some newspapers just,run what they have space available to,run on any given day so all the rules,differ based on the newspaper which,means that if the family wrote an,obituary the newspaper has the right to,edit that obituary down to whatever will,fit their space or their cost,restrictions and so the more versions of,the obituary that you obtain the more,likely you are to obtain the most,complete set of information also not,just from different newspapers but,youre going to want to investigate all,versions of the obituary when theyre,published over successive days I know in,the local newspapers here oftentimes,obituaries will be printed two or three,days in a row or theyll be printed once,and then print it again the day before,the funeral which can sometimes be a,week or even two weeks apart depending,on how long it takes the family to,gather family members together so youre,going to want to investigate all of the,versions of the obituary published in a,single newspaper as well and heres the,reason why thats important very often,an obituary will run in the newspaper,and of course the family is very,interested in reading that and sometimes,theyll catch errors a relationship that,was listed incorrectly a name that was,spelled wrong you know some information,that might a date that was wrong and,theyll call the newspaper and correct,that so that then when the obituary runs,the next day its running with the,corrected information so again,investigate all versions of the obituary,regardless of which newspaper or on,successive days in a single newspaper,and then for those of you who are and,again this applies if youre looking at,newspapers published in the 1880s or,newspapers published last week right,youre going to want to review that,obituary really carefully I know,sometimes we go looking for obituaries,us to prove birth dates or death dates,or parent information but pay attention,to the names of the spouses and the,children in the in-laws and the,grandchildren anybody thats listed,youre going to want to review all the,relationships that are listed in that,obituary and if youre looking for,living family members always make note,of that residence of those living people,or the people who are the people who,outlived the deceased right because you,know they may not be still living now is,what Im saying so they might be the,people who are living still at the time,of the obituary take a note of that and,one of the things that I do actually is,in Family Tree Maker in the notes,section Ill actually go in on every,person listed in the obituary and make a,note you know Ill put the year so for,example if its a 2006 obituary Ill put,two thousand six and then Ill write you,know still living according to his,maternal grandmothers obituary so that,I know that they were mentioned in the,obituary and that they lived past that,date if it lists where they lived I will,make a note of that because very often,then Ill go into the public records,index or even onto Facebook and start,looking for some of these living people,to connect with to see if they have more,information about the family and so,putting it into my notes in Family Tree,Maker just keeps it all in one handy,place so that I can have that,information available to me when I go,looking for these living people and not,have to keep going back and rereading,and re digesting that particular,obituary so thats just some basic,obituary 101 kinds of information lets,talk about these two specific databases,on ancestry.com the first one is the,United States obituary collection now we,do have several obituary collections but,were gonna use the United States,obituary collection as an example to,just kind of show you whats happening,here if youre in Canada theres some,other options there theres a database,available for you as well so Im going,to just hover over search here come down,here and click on the card catalog let,me make the screen a little bit bigger,so that you can see it,were here in the title field Im just,gonna type in the word obituary and,click search and youre gonna see that,the United States obituary collection is,the very first thing that comes up 28,million records in this collection now,Im just gonna point out we also have a,Canadian obituary collection a UK and,Ireland obituary collection in Australia,and New Zealand Abbott recollection,those are a little bit smaller for a,couple of reasons one is because theyre,smaller countries with less population,the other is because these obituaries,are crawled or electronically obtained,from any newspaper that publishes these,obituaries online and so some of these,other countries are not as many,newspapers either exist or are or put,that information online whereas here in,the United States thats a really common,practice so lets take a look at this,United States obituary collection Im,going to open it here in a new tab so,that we can come back to that index in,the card catalog there in just a minute,so Im gonna have a search box okay and,I can do some searches here let me just,tell you a little bit about this,collection before I do the first search,first of all ancestry.com started,acquiring these obituaries for this,collection in 2003 the latter part of,2003 so if I was to come in here for,example and do a search on 2003 nothing,else youre gonna see that there are a,little more than half a million looks,like 643 thousand obituaries for the the,death date of 2003 now that if I go to,2004 youre going to notice that that,jumps that number jumps quite a bit we,end up with three million and then we,end up with a fairly consistent several,million every year since 2004 now with,that

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