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Dark Desire (Oscuro Deseo) Netflix Series Review

i mean in a year of 365 days and dark,desire,2020 is getting pretty steamy,[Music],what is up netflix fans welcome back to,my channel i finally binged through all,18 episodes of dark desire,that is on netflix for you all to check,out right now this is a very interesting,show that i didnt know much about going,in,but i did find something that i think,some audiences will be really excited,over and they will eat this show up so i,need you in the comments down below,did you enjoy dark desire is it the same,old thing is it something new and fresh,lets get into this spoiler free review,so married,alma spends a fateful weekend away from,her home that ignites passion,ends in tragedy and leads her to,question the truth,about those close to her so the country,of origin here is mexico,this is one of the few attempts that,ive seen netflix try,at a pure telenovela i mean this show,knows what it is it knows its audience,the dialogue is delivered in such an,over dramatic over dramatized way,the expressions the reactions it very,much knows what it is for sure,but its also something that is not,going to hit,everyone that is an absolute truth i,mean i foresee a lot of people watching,this,and saying what is this its like days,of our lives its kind of the vibes that,youre going to get but i do,feel as if it does a good job of,accepting that,giving the vibes of hey we know what we,are were going to be over dramatic we,are going to be,this extremely saucy mellow dramatic,just mixture of romance and mystery and,the mystery was,genuinely intriguing here i was excited,to see where that was going to go over,the first couple of episodes,and its this twist and turn plot,theres a reveal here two episodes later,theres another major reveal our,characters are getting themselves into,all kinds of situations,and even though it was a longer binge,for sure,with all of the episodes it didnt feel,as if i was there for too long because,there isnt,too much to soak in which is something,that i foresee a lot of people having,issue with,but one thing i want to talk about here,is the performances which i thought were,genuinely good so alma maite peroni,is an actress that ive been hearing a,lot about and ive been seeing a lot of,people praise her performances in pretty,much everything,and i dont know as much about her to be,familiar with her work but she is,genuinely and again its accepting,this kind of script but shes genuinely,giving a good performance and she has to,uh,come to terms with herself as a,character here and she is,convinced at the beginning of this show,that her husband is cheating on her,so while she is comforting her friend,over a divorce,shes over here hooking up with a guy by,the name of,daario and this relationship is,steamy i made the connection the,comparison to 365 days now the,difference between that,and this is i was not impressed with the,plot,or the script or really any narrative,element of 365 days with dark desire,again its extremely over the top and,melodramatic but at,least it accepts that and says hey were,going to give you these,characters but we know what they are and,i like that and i like when a show just,kind of embraces,its tone which is what this show did now,again its not,my preference of show a lot of,predictable elements here and by the,time we got to the end,it didnt necessarily feel like all of,this time spent was,worth the build up to what we inevitably,got but the reason im so positive in,this review is because i just didnt,expect anything,from this show im not going to sit here,and say its a great show like there are,clear narrative issues,and its hard to kind of accept,how exaggerated everything is but for,the audience that i think is going to,come and expect something like this,youre getting exactly what you sign up,for so thats a good thing and the crux,of the show really comes from all of the,investigating around,alma and her situation her,brother-in-law uh and the daughter zoe,and theyre helping out in the story,that is just full of,danger and exaggerated drama,and sex and lies and really steamy,uh sensual scenes that i,normally dont really care i mean thats,thats not something that speaks to me,on a personal level,but i can still embrace the fact that it,is a show thats going to have its,audience and thats what i appreciated,about the show is dark desire,um it really embraces that and different,from what im used to watching on,netflix,yes i normally dont tune in to,telenovela and shows that hit on these,kinds of things but,this at least had some intrigue and some,mystery and these steamy and saucy,scenes that i i just i feel like its,going to hit that audience at its core,so again i want to distinguish,personally,its not a show im normally all there,on,but dark desire is one of the better,ones of the genre that i,have seen so heres what im going to do,im going to give you guys my score,and then just kind of encourage you if,youre a fan of this,type of storytelling everything i just,described the cast,which is really good like i said i was,impressed with my taste performance um,did i say give this one a shot i think,its worth it i think netflix is going,to,pay off and deliver on what youre,expecting im going to go right down in,the middle,in terms of quality because again,measuring up to some other scripted,shows is a difficult thing to do when,you are so exaggerated and so over the,top,and so full of melodrama so thats why,im 5 out of 10 to 50,but if a show knows what it is and it,hits that audience,its gonna have its fans and i,definitely think dark desire is going to,have its fans,i just um i wish things would not have,been so,over the top and it had been so full of,overreactions but again,thats what this genre tends to deliver,and thats what i put on you guys,i encourage you if you like these kinds,of things make the decision for yourself,and watch it i think its going to be,worth it for you so i need your comments,down below,howd you feel about dark desire do you,like these kinds of shows appreciate you,guys so much for watching,and ill see you soon


whats going on guys welcome back again,hope youre fantastic today and today i,thought i would do something a little,bit different where we are going to,react to,darkest desire for naf song collab this,is a collab of a bunch of really really,talented artists and animators who have,made their own animation for darkest,desire now its really weird to think,about that darkest desire or like came,out a year and a half ago which is,really really weird to think about right,its gone so fast but yeah if i do a,reaction to it i dont know if this is a,little bit weird or not like reacting to,my own song but its not the song im,reacting to im reacting to the,animation i hope that makes sense and it,doesnt look big headed or anything,because i really wanted to show support,to lunatic hugo who worked on this and,all of the other animators as well,because apparently,its really good i actually got asked to,do an introduction uh for this this was,the anniversary of five nights at,freddys and stuff and i got asked to,voice glitch trap at the start i hate,listening to myself and stuff but im,gonna try and push through the cringe uh,of listening to me,um but yeah lets go guys lets see,lets have a look im really excited for,this here we go,adore,well well hello,happy birthday,oh my god oh thats so cool,nevermind,its glitchtrap today we honor the seven,years of five nights at freddys to,celebrate we should all remember this,the nostalgic journey i think i remember,this,with a twist yeah,and then i had to do like um,dark look at that that art is amazing,very very cool here we go guys hugo and,friends present that is amazing,dark desire by dawko de huster,attribution of the most nostalgic,animations here we go ill play this,game yeah this game of fame to make this,is the first one,[Music],if you,[Music],as well,[Music],and glitch traps going through all of,the history,and like tampering with it,thats so cool such a cool idea,look at the traps dont,[Music],[Music],wow so smooth wow look at everybody in,the background then,circus baby,this is the location why i try every,turn returns really cool,so yeah,the story of this is glitch trap,[Music],that was cool,afton,people say i look like michael after the,the model which is hilarious,wow,look at that,[Music],i actually really like the idea of,glitch up going,from all of the games,so oh my god,[Music],oh my god a springtrap glitch,very cool model,[Music],[Music],brings back a lot of memories,my mortality everything changes so,rapidly and im ready for the never,ending fire,dancing with my deepest dark desires,miracle how empirical dont know,anything quite hysterical look at all,this man wow,oh in the bay as well oh living,tombstone,the nostalgia is real,no look at this what a cool scene,wow,[Music],this is so cool,[Music],that was cool,oh,that was creepy was that my model i,couldnt tell michael atkins,wow,[Music],i dont even know what to say it gets me,a bit emotional actually the fact that,all of these amazing,creators have worked to do their own,collab with the song it really means a,lot to me,and like i said darkis desire already,means a lot to me it wasnt the first,song on the channel it was like it or,not with cg5 and then make your move,but darkest desire was the next song,um on the channel and mandy houston have,been working really hard together to,make making more songs and lonely,freddie is almost finished well the,songs finished the sfms nearly,finished that should be out at the start,of september,out of stocks finished the song,uh dd2 is being started on as well now,um so yeah working really hard with some,awesome songs i really want to do a,security breach song and everything,but darkest desire um i think was the,turning point for me and to you know,really focus on making music um,obviously i did some with cg5 but that,was more like special moments charlies,amazing when i sent it to houston like i,really want to make an album we we first,bear fried songs and you know other than,half songs too,and,and it really means a lot to me darkest,desire does and and this collab means a,lot to me too so please make sure to,support it the start of you know this,was the start of everything to me um and,im really hoping to push an album out,and in the future as well i really want,to work with non-fanaf songs as well,experiment with non-final songs and see,what happens im dreaming big um this,collab was amazing im sorry if i spoke,over it a little bit but i was just,really excited the animation was so good,i really liked how,it was a tribute to all of the,like some of the amazing animations in,these seven years of final,uh really nice nostalgia trip,um and i was honored that my song was a,tribute to that as well that really,means a lot to me i felt like it worked,well as well having glitch trap go,through go back in time uh,with with that that was really nice so,thank you to all of these animators and,hugo for working on this project and it,really means a lot to me i hope you,enjoyed the reaction and i hope the,animators enjoyed me reacting to their,work as well so yeah a bit emotional,today just looking back um and it,actually makes me more passionate to,carry on making music,im really glad that you in it like you,know having even having people work on,on the song really means a lot to me im,going to continue into houston to keep,making songs weve been talking about,going on tour as well which is crazy if,that ever happened ill let you know,uh but me and houston would be talking,behind the scenes about it because hes,currently on tour with cg5 and nate,wants to battle and he used to mention,to me like you know maybe we could do,this in the future so,who knows door come on tour well have,to wait and see thank you so much for,watching hope you enjoyed the reaction,ill put the link in the description to,support it and all of the creators as,well uh i really enjoyed that that was,amazing and take care thanks for,watching and ill see you all next time,[Music],you

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Kordes Parfuma rose Gräfin Diana Dark Desire & Royal Parfuma : Personal rose review

one thing im happy about in my garden,is that,i have,roses,which is belonging to the,barfuma collection of goddess,so among the,the 12,performer collections of goddess,i have this,greyfriend diana,which is known for the name i think,the famous name is royal barfuma,or dark desire,i have gross hatsugen louisa i still,have to do,a research of his of the names,and i have this,rose and grave and marie henrietta,its called,summer romance,and madame anisette,and this had sogan cristiano,this is known as earth angel,and i also have this one,uh garten princess and marie jose,now,among the 12,uh,rose,perfumer collection,of cordes,ive got six,in the garden,and,the,two,which are,very much,growing healthy now,are flowering,at this time in this heat wave here in,germany,so fellow rosarians and gardeners,may i present to you,grayfin diana,one of the barfuma collection of kodes,german rose growers here in germany,now graven diana is known in different,names in different countries,so this is in,australia or,known as dark desire,and france its known as madame,de montespon,and probably in the uk its called royal,perfumer,now in south africa its known as,burgundy panarosa,but in germany its called as graven,dayana,this is dedicated to a countess,dayan dayana bernadotte,of,minow island,in germany,she is a,millionaire,she has,hats,atelier,in,my now island and shes making,stunning hats,grave and,diana was bred by team hammond,cordes in 2003,and was introduced by the cordes,sans,in 2012,i look up at my record of grave and,diana rose,and i found out that i bought this,as a,bear with roses,in october 2015,and i bought it at the price of 12 euro,80.,so incredible,that this bare roses,after,six years six and a half years is,growing like this,and at the price of 12 euro 80.,so i must have done something right here,and i planted here i planted this rose,on the same spot,she was never moved or transferred,it means,german,rose novelties trials,now if you,pass this trials as a rose,if you get this,adr,certificate,it means,you are a very good garden performer,in terms of,your health,resistance in disease,the beauty of the rose,and the general,package of the rose,so this rose,got this certificate,and as you can see,ive got her already six and a half,years in my garden,so as you can see there is no trace of,disease,leaves diseases on her,she is one of the healthiest rose here,in my garden,grave in diana as far as i can recall,for the last six and a half years,i havent encountered experi or,experience,a problem with her,about,black spot,mildew or rust,even in fall i havent seen a black spot,on her,now if you examine the,flower,it has,a beautiful color,and a beautiful shape,it is a perfect rose,its too beautiful actually,the color if you see it in,reality,now some of the roses well wilted,because this was already,the first fluster blooms was already,i think one week,started already one week,one of the,phrase that ive read in the cordes,catalogue,in this papruma collection roses,is that it says,the soul of the rose is its scent,and this rose,has its incredible scent,it has,a scent,that is consists of different kinds of,smell,and they also suggested,to have,in order to,smell the scent,the best time is in the noon time,and in the evening,and,you have to choose,something that is,that is,in the middle of its opening,because uh if you have something like,this its still,close,and this one is already wide open,and this one is the perfect one when it,is still,some of the petals are already spreading,and in the center is not yet,fully open,but before i will smell her and examine,the scent,i will show you first,the color of this,rose,so it starts with a bud which is almost,black,and then,it develops like this,a very beautiful,color,of,red a dark red,and some violet on it,and then you will have this,beautiful,purple red,violet red,color,and its a beautiful beautiful shape,of a rose,the dark green,semi-glossy,leaves,is a very good background,for the,the rich color of this rose,so i cut a rose,which is exactly what im looking for,which is um,not 100,open,with its petals,and the center is still a bit close,and this was actually,hidden,under,the plant,so,it was not so much exposed to the sun,today,but anyway i am excited to smell this,and its actually i dont know what time,is it probably,uh eight in the evening now so its,its a good time to smell this rose,thats what the cordes suggested,there are different kinds of scent there,of course i can still,smell the,scent of a rose this old rose,but there is sweetness,probably coming from this what they said,that it will uh smell,um a scent of peach,mirabelle plum,and lychee,probably thats what the,the mixture of does is is this sweetness,that i can,smell,and then there is this actually there is,this,aside from this old rose there is this,kind of earthy,and earthy like like,mere maybe the mirror,so something earthy and mere,and then,it has this,pelagoni this uh what they said is this,bourbon gerani is this is this pelargone,plant,which i can really smell its a very,pleasant smell,but its a bit earthy and this has it,has this,the same like this uh,from william and catherine this mayor,and,they said that this,the base note is,this uh,hulendar blutter you call it in english,elderly bloom,and then some honey,i cannot uh scent um,i cannot sense the honey,but this,elderly bloom i can sense it,so ill bring this inside my,room,and then i will smell it again,later and tomorrow and lets see if this,smell of this rose will really,uh spread in the room,so overall im very happy,uh with grave and diana i have her,six and a half years already in my,garden,so thank you for watching,i hope i presented her well grave and,diana,and if you have,this plant in your garden,from cordes,grave and diana probably its known as,royal royal performer in your place,write it in a comment,section,here in this channel,and,it would be nice to hear,how,this rose is behaving,in your garden,good night everyone,i have to water the plants now,so i hope ill see you,in my next,personal rose review,good night bye

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Dark Desire Season 2 Ending Explained

in the realm of dark desire the craziest,hottest hookup of your life is just,regular tuesday this netflix original,finally returned this week with a fresh,new season after a year and a half,hiatus and if you thought season one was,a wild journey wait until you see season,two to describe the various love ties,that appear in season 2 theyll have to,develop new shapes if youve already,binge watched the new season youre,probably wondering about a few things,basically what why was there in fact a,phony twin we have answers to any of,your questions consider this your guide,to the season 2 finale of dark desire,there will be spoilers ahead julietta,was assassinated but who did it remember,how dario wasnt actually sketchy in,season 1 of dark desire season 2 tore,that notion to shreds darios fiance was,assassinated by none other than daario,himself darios adopted ant lies was the,catalyst lies became enamored with,daario over time for reasons well get,to in a minute she went insane when she,found out that her nephew was engaged to,julieta while still enjoying steamy sex,with alma why is poison julieta then,lured her up to the roof by sending her,a video of daario and alma having sex by,the way this was all part of a grand,scheme to sabotage the couples wedding,however things quickly spiraled out of,control julieta approached daario about,the video while on the roof and the two,got into an argument dario jumped into a,rage and hurled julieta off the roof in,the middle of their screaming struggle,daario to be precise dark desire once,again illustrates that the most obvious,solution isnt always the best what was,lies role in julietas death so what,role does lies play in all of this,prepare yourself for some terrible,trauma dario wasnt antonios biological,son which meant he was never,biologically linked to his uncle alberto,as we learned in season two nonetheless,after antonios death alberto and liz,adopted daario and provided him with a,home as one would expect from an uncle,and aunt child protective services,should have stepped in at that point liz,began sleeping with daario while alberto,filmed the whole thing while he was,still a minor people the word of the,hour is statutory rape the more lies and,dario slept together the more fascinated,lies got with daario she even murdered,her spouse in order for them to be,together daario on the other hand stole,his violent step ants money and jewels,and fled on his own the day they were,meant to flee mize was left a single,widow and the mother of daarios child,she had an abortion but her hatred,towards daario remained unresolved is it,possible to make a long story short lies,quarrels with alma and julieta sprang,from jealousy she only wanted julietta,to find out that daario was cheating on,her and for the wedding to be called off,its unclear why this entailed drugging,a young woman and hiding in the shadows,like a weirdo wise for whatever reason,is now imprisoned is it possible that,daario had a twin that was another,another tangled web of deception there,was no such thing as a second dario the,entire twin narrative was concocted by,the actual dario in order to keep his,money safe daario basically claimed that,if everyone was so fixated on,discovering a duplicate of himself the,genuine one might simply hide his,fortune in bitcoin and live in relative,peace no that explanation isnt very,convincing faking a twin when youve,committed a murder on the other hand,does what happens at the end of dark,desire season 2 before confronting,daario alma had pieced together around,70 percent of the puzzle but it wasnt,until they were mid sex that she figured,out the complete conundrum before she,decided to go away with him she forced,him admit to faking his twin and speak,her about his past with lies and julieta,that however was all the ruse in an,attempt to persuade dario to confess to,julietas death alma duped him into,believing her completely after her first,trust only strategy failed she had no,choice but to bring in the major guns,that required luring daario to an,abandoned building floor with esteban,and a voice changer fixing the floor,with cameras that the cops were watching,and confronting him at gunpoint once,more alma used the failsafe truth serum,when that strategy failed as well alma,ultimately got dario to admit to,murdering julieta by dosing him with,sodium pentoffl the mission has been,completed alma revealed her big plan in,the last moments of dark desire season 2,before smoking one last cigarette dario,noticed he was shackled to a hospital,bed as she put it out this thorn in the,side appears to be gone for good thanks,for watching and if youre new to this,channel subscribe and click the bell so,you dont miss out latest video of media,breakdown,[Music],you

Oscuro Deseo (Dark Desire ) – Season 2 SPOILER Recap ⎮ Is it as STEAMY as Season 1?

guys and welcome back to my channel,thank you so much for clicking on this,video if youre new welcome we do movie,and series reviews and monthly wrap up,tier list so if any of that sounds,interesting to you consider hitting that,subscribe button netflix just dropped,season two of dark desire like,temporarily,um this time around we got 15 episodes,or each about,30 to about like 40 minutes along,this show is just two ding dong juicy to,not talk spoilers to you guys about cuz,i gotta give yall all the cafe about,everything all that tea in case youre,new to us the cell um this is a like a,novella,you guys so very erotic,so theres a lot of sex stuff happening,you guys well season one we did get back,in 2020 alma and leonardo have separated,well not separated they have divorce uh,by this time of course season one they,were each pretty much having their own,their own thing neither one of them was,being faithful well alma i think she was,up until she met mario and then she got,that good good loving some kind of years,have passed by,um alma like i said is very hung up on,dadio kind of checking him up on,instagram finds out that he has a new,lady um julieta and wouldnt you know it,uh they end up coming to mexico because,apparently they werent here looks like,they were in california or somewhere in,the states,and they come back uh its like just his,new lady friend no no no daddio its,about to become a married man during the,bachelorette party um somebody uh sneaks,some some little drugs some sort of,sedatives or whatever into julietas,drink shes kind of losing her stuff and,alma is all like im gonna warn this,girl about that they kind of have this,little encounter daddy like um then,later on like follows her down the,stairs and they end up in the laundry,room they go into some little argument,because they already know where shes,gonna go,and then um in the laundry room she goes,you want me to tell you what i think,about this money and she goes yes,alamosh is all likely to give it to me,like now because ive been dreaming,about this and a bunch of hotness and i,just want to like have on my hands and,all your hands on me like boy take me,take me now it goes from the laundry,room and then back at the hotel room,back to the bachelorette party julieta,ends up getting like this text messages,like,very devastating later bachelorette,party and its just like i need to go,get some air ends up on the roof of this,um,hotel calls dadio calls alma we just end,up finding,alma like over the,the balcony and then yes you know she,goes over there the fandadio passed out,and its like thats gone you just said,it like that like that wasnt like oh,im sorry oh i dont know this its like,dude,she gone she did shes over the bridge,not over the bridge over the balcony,its that thing you guys is that when,she like you know was falling down the,balcony like she didnt find like in,this like little,water thing and the dad was outside like,he was smoking a cigar he was so happy,and then right up here comes the body of,his daughter so sad because you know he,had lost his wife previously um because,she had mental problems and then like,and now julieta is like wait does she,have mental problems now too like like,from the mom like did she like jump did,somebody kill her i dont know its,looking a lot like suicide so this is,like the new brenda of season two,because if you recall season one brenda,uh almas best friend committed suicide,or we thought somebody had killed her we,werent knowing so then here its just,like well were kind of repeating the,same cycle because you know season one,was so successful so then now were like,season two were gonna repeat the same,thing or do we there are some changes to,certain things before i get into this,any further and youre trying to come at,me and youre like stephanie but theyre,so toxic and i dont give a [ __ ],okay you leave me with my toxic ass,relationships im not involving no tag,ding dong talk i cant even say it no no,toxic relationship in my life very toxic,relationship between alma between nario,its a very lusty very sensual uh,relationship she goes its not all about,sex [ __ ] it is because the moment that,youre with him youre always like,jumping to bed with him and and and you,know youre like arguing or whatever and,he just like bats those beautiful,beautiful seductive eyes at you and like,starts kissing you passionately and like,touching you in the right places next,you know youre just like take me now oh,my god i got hit with my with my little,necklace i get too into it you guys like,really you dont even know that much,about him you really really dont like,hes always like apologizing and that,hes like crying and then youre like a,dumbass female or thing oh my god like,hes,crazy let me forgive you guys no dont,forgive him hes fake crying got on and,done some [ __ ] let me tell you how toxic,this relationship is because this heifer,alma literally should not be with this,man kind of like a miss robertson thing,i mean we have another miss robertson,but shes also like a miss robertson,because you know shes obviously a much,younger man but i mean yeah see this,dadio like oh my god look at that,hotness literally doing an intervention,with this lady and shes all like i,dont care yeah let me live my life and,if i want to die by this man like hes,gonna kill me then im gonna die happy,shes so toxic and so into this,guy and what you know he does to her,makes her feel for the d obviously,literally its all like [ __ ] my daughter,[ __ ] you i dont know you get the [ __ ],out of here i dont care if he went,literally to go search for you,thats what happened season one search,for you,seduced you your daughter lost your,virginity with him okay and all for,payback to get back at you,and then you still like a dumb ass [ __ ],i love it i know im like about the show,im not gonna lie its not as juicy,and i didnt find it as,as,entertaining as season one its a,recycled,strategy that kind of happened we have,all the the original well not all,yeah the original cast is back we have,some new characters we have elise and we,have um in gino gino i dont know what,the hell and then of course julieta,which is the fiancee in kino i dont,know how to say his name thats,julietas um,father and then elise please come to,find out its the other mrs roberts she,finds uh the support group that alma is,involved in and like works her way in,there dominique billy or whatever well,lee says that she was um dadios english,teacher right and that he was like 16 or,17 years old 17 i think it was and the,way they were involved this lady lis,is,stepmother to make it a little less ill,she did not marry darios father she,married dadios uncle dalios uncle um,whats it called adopted him because of,his inheritance because dadio has an,inheritance and thats kind of what the,the show this season is about too its,about money about this inheritance he,was being abused by the uncle and elise,um the uncle actually really enjoyed,watching lisa his wife have sex with,other um other guys would film them take,photos and everything and so that was,kind of the thing with dario at least,killed her husband now esteban okay this,season with the step on he finds jesus,so good for him he found them because,when he was um running from the cops,when he had pulled the gun on mario cops,were following him he went into a church,to go high some scumbag comes and like,shoots up the church when the gunman was,there about to shoot his demon estema,puts the bible up to kind of like,protect and he actually ends up shooting,the the bible and the bullet literally,just barely made it to the very back of,the bible so it actually stopped it and,saved his life so that is how he found,jesus but the whole like daddy in this,demon situation i didnt understand that,im im not gonna like the whole,timeline between what was happening with,him and instead i went to uh jail as,well i believe the whole thing with the,incident happened after jail but

Dark Desire | Netflix Original Show Review | Why Seduction Helps?

yo whats happening,i came here back with another video so i,was watching,this tv show well not tv show but a,netflix show,called dark desire right um apparently i,came out i think back in july,and i finished the season i think two,days ago,whos content like this where,well a quick overview if you havent,seen it dark desire,is its based in i think,either columbia or its based in,some mexican spanish city or country im,not sure,but the whole show is in spanish,so if you dont know spanish then you,know well you got to subtitle so,youre good but its,its very deep uh theres a lot of,twists and turns in it,some typical story lines you know that,weve seen before the other shows but,the main point of this video that im,making today is,seduction the main character alma,is in a 20-year marriage with her,husband whos the judge,just solaris and shes she feels,its the its the story of you know a,woman being married for a long time,the husband is dedicated to his job to,his uh,you know to his career and you know,focus on everything else and she feels,shes at home neglected bored you know,not into the sex anything and the desire,starts to like,lessen more and more and more every day,as theyre together,and she feels like they live in two,separate lives,she goes on this trip with her friend,whos in another city,what no no not not a trip but she goes,to visit her friend in another city,and a friend,you know and women being women she kind,of shes telling her friend about,how things aint the same with you know,leonardo whats the name of her husband,leonardo,telling her how things like the same,with leo and you know,the friend is basically like yo were,here just hook up with you know we had a,club at the bar,this hookup we finally got hooked up,with and just forget about,forget about your husband forget about,all that stuff at home,alma is apprehensive to all of this,shes abrahams,apprehensive to all of this at first but,then she meets this guy,you know hes uh 25 years old,you know tall handsome guy and,he pretty much seduces her you know he,sees her from across the,across the uh the bar,gets her name well i think i dont know,if he gets his name at first but he gets,her name,and they start you know pretty much,one thing leads to another hes very,smooth,he uh goes back to her place,back to her friends place and they hook,up and its passionate,erotic all that good stuff that women,enjoy,thats the part of the show this first,part of the show,because it lasted the whole season its,uh,i want to say entanglement im tired of,that word so im not gonna say it,but they have a uh flame for the rest of,the movie,and dario even though he he really,ends up becoming a symp overall because,he he just met this woman and hes,already in love with her he cant,be without her and all that stuff but,the core,how he started off is he seduced,um a lot of guys me included,we gotta remember like this this game,with women this,battle that we have half the battle,majority of the battle actually,is seduction all we have to do is show,up,with you know look look our best,have a fit body,and have the mouthpiece you know this,right here this thing right here,have the mouthpiece to keep the,competition going and to get,you know get it you have to get into a,womans mind,you have to put feelings in a woman,movies like the notebook and movies like,finishes of gray and movies like uh,temptation or you know,and then you go to walmart and you may,see those books on the side,you know those womens book erotic books,right women get off to those things,like women get off to like your words,and,saying them you know being smooth with,it and being in it,and having in it having it be,creating a fantasy for them,alma was sold,on the fantasy of being with,daario when she even when she went back,home,she still was thinking about that night,that hookup with dario,even when she was with her husband and,he tried you know getting on with her,she was still having flashbacks of the,night she was with dario,and throughout the whole series or the,whole season i should say,because i dont know if this happened,season two or not yet but and i plan to,watch,because it was actually a great great,season but,after that one night stand,with dario again dave he contacted her,since then and theyve been hooking up,every now and then,and shes snuck off to you know have sex,with him again,and each time again shes just been,now shes like shes in love with this,guy too shes falling for this guy as,well,and its one scene when shes at the,therapists office and shes talking,about,how can me a woman whos you know i have,my degree,i study im a professor a professor,in uh gender psychology i believe it is,and shes like just,so overwhelmed with,and but her response to the therapist,was like um,you know i have a degree in gender,psychology but,so i know better but my heart is telling,me different,thats women thats the game right there,like it doesnt,whose status and all this stuff it,matters to an extent dont get me wrong,but,if you can put feelings in a woman you,won the game,the thing is guys get sidetracked with,her testing its really testing that,women do a lot,and it gets guys off the square and they,end up not wanting to deal with the,woman,or you know or it could be like her,situation with the judge you know her,husband where,hes working all the time and hes,actually on the low hes you know,he got having a couple of affairs of his,own because at first,the reason she even it was first it was,him neglecting her,but then she also she thought oh he may,be sleeping with the,his assistant um i forgot the name right,now but,he even thought that oh she thought that,so its like,and that was her way of kind of,justifying her cheating,you know but at the same time she still,was proven right to be able to see but,the point is,back to the main topic of seduction we,have to learn how to seduce our women,i know how ive you know ive,ive done you know some things here in,the game now i have a,im in a relationship right now and yeah,at times i dont you know,it sounds like i dont care you know,what im saying i have to be honest,and and i have my reasons for that i,wont go into it in this video,but getting women has been,easier once i learned like oh this is,it its its a ill say this too,you should even want you you should want,to be a daario,not the sipping side of him but just you,want to be like a mysterious,charming guy you know fit in shape,dress well fitted clothes and so when,youre at,a bar at a um at a club,out in public right now so if you maybe,you know things may be closed where you,live at but,you know go by walmart go by target go,by you know any store theres a lot of,women right now whos probably,probably dont go out to borrow stuff,normally or maybe who started going to,bars and stuff but now things close,because of whats going on in the world,right now or at least in america anyway,its a lot of women who want looking for,some guys so if you just show up to the,store,looking your best even with your mask on,you can pull and from there all you got,to do is just you got to know how to,have conversation know how to escalate,things,to the bedroom and then from there you,just got to keep it going,you know im saying have time management,know when to uh,no you know you know keep your respect,make sure shes she respects you,understand that the testing isnt going,to come but,throughout that whole exchange with that,woman that whole interaction you got to,keep the seduction going you got to keep,the fire burning,thats why a whole lot of thats thats,why a lot of marriages,fail because they dont get the fire,going its boring,women get bored with their their men so,they end up cheating like how,how alma did so again as men we have to,understand like look were inviting this,woman into our world,and theres something in us that she saw,in the beginning that she,like damn loved you know and loved when,she,once she got with you but somewhere,along the way we got off

TV Review: Netflix DARK DESIRE a.k.a Oscuro Deseo Season 2 Starring Maite Perroni (No Spoilers)

[Music],what up this is drama screen covering,movies tv and entertainment and heres,my review of netflix series dark desire,season 2,hey before you watch my review please,subscribe to my channel press that like,button and ring that bell so you can get,notified whenever i post new videos and,if you would like to help support this,channel please do so at,patreon.comscreen thats patreon.com,screen lets rock this first up i would,like to say thank you to netflix for,granting me the screeners to the first,three episodes of this new season,theyve asked me to not spill spoilers,therefore this review is spoiler free i,repeat there are no spoilers in this,video review oh boy its been two years,since the previous season one which i,enjoyed reviewing but remember it was,all basically did brenda kill herself,did brenda get killed was it a suicide,or was it murder dun dun dun,and sprinkled in with a ton of hot,steamy revealing sex scenes that cater,to you mighty peroni fans hey i get it,maite is so gorgeous it hurts im with,you there man well now that ive seen,the first three episodes of this new,season suffice it to say season 2 pretty,much does the same song and dance number,again is it murder is it suicide murder,suicide and while i wont tell you who,kicks the bucket this time around i now,understand why this season 2 is this,shows finale because lets face it the,recycled mystery format kinda gets old,and if youre watching a show just to,watch the characters have sex and,nothing else then that speaks volumes,about the quality of the show itself,created and written by leticia lopez,margali and directed by pt paul ibarra,and kenya marquez in dark desire season,2 now divorced from leonardo alma is,attempting to put her life back together,after the events of season 1. she is,taking a year off from university to,join a support group and try to recover,almas fate will take a new dramatic,twist when she finds out a wedding is in,the making that shakes her to her core,daario is about to marry julieta a few,explosive encounters and a surprising,tragedy will trigger a new and exciting,mirror game where once again nothing is,what it seems it goes without saying,that even though i will not be spilling,spoilers here this review is mainly for,those of you my fellow dark desire fans,who already know whats up okay youre,wondering about the sex stuff slow your,roll hold your horses down boy put an,ice bucket on that but let me break,it down for you real quick season two is,interesting because you know i was so,used to seeing alma in a classroom,setting and so to see her now in a group,therapy instead well that suggests to me,that she is in a not so stable place in,her life right now and with esteban,coming back and daario planning to marry,julieta lets just say that thats not a,good mix for alma psyche obsession of,course is still at the heart of this,show theres no difference here but the,thing that makes me want to pull my hair,out is alma continuously not able to,make up her mind as to how she feels,about daario because one minute she puts,the blame on daario and the next minute,she falls for his charms all over again,never have i come across a lead,character so easily swayed as far as,esteban goes theres this whole,storyline in season 2 where he,supposedly experiences spiritual,transformation at times it seems genuine,at times it seems like a manipulation,you can never be too sure with esteban,because that dude is sly as a fox but i,do enjoy his banters with the cops in,this one the writers are definitely,having quite a bit of fun with this,character speaking of character theres,a couple of new additional faces but,since they have connection to the,mystery i cant divulge too many details,but i will say this pondering or,wondering how much they know or dont,know is part of this season twos appeal,fine lets talk about sex uh the sex,scenes in episode one of this new season,two are surprisingly artful by that i,mean you remember how the sex scenes in,the previous first season were like,softcore cinemax after dark well here at,least on the first episode its done in,an artsy tasteful kind of way with,emphasis on imagery and colors and,lighting and teases which is,understandable because many of those,moments are either flashes of memories,or alma missing darios body caressing,against her skin of course episodes 2,and 3 are back to screwing like rabbits,for the world to see but hey its nice,that they at least try something,different visually every now and then,judging from these first three episodes,alone i cannot definitively say that,season two is better than season one the,dialogues and the characters are still,superficial and the one thing thats,always difficult to keep up with is the,jumping back and forth between past and,present because the show often doesnt,make a clear distinction between the two,and once again the story is all over the,place even on these three episodes in,their effort to rope you into another,mind game season 2 ends up chasing its,own tail its doing a lot of things but,its not saying much at the same time so,while yes its good to once again behold,mighty in all her stunning physical,glory dark desires heavy reliance on,style over substance will ultimately,become this telenovelas undoing

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