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  4. Dark Skies – Movie Review
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Dark Skies – Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann

dark skies is brought to us by the,Director of Legion and priest dark skies,is the trailer that you probably saw and,laughed more during than any comedy,trailer of this or the previous year,lots of funny moments in that trailer so,going into this movie I wasnt terribly,optimistic at Starrs Keri Russell and,some guy I dont know who he is,basically its a story of this family,that lived in this house and I got these,kids and theyre having some domestic,problems their jobs arent going too,well theyre having a lot of fights the,kids are having weird experiences at,night birds are flying into the house,all these weird things are happening,theyre hearing noises and odd strange,sounds and kids are getting stuff like,written on their bodies and they dont,know whats going on they begin to,suspect aliens now I really like alien,stuff I love the x-files I love the,movie science I love Close Encounters of,the Third Kind I love alien movies in,which theyre able to in realistic ways,depict a suspenseful or frightening,alien encounter of some kind where it,doesnt get over the top and you,actually start to believe it and it,seems real and I will say this movie is,not as bad as it looked I will say that,is it good not really but it is not,quite as bad as that I thought it was,going to be it does have some,suspenseful scenes it has some good,tension in there at times and Carey,rustling bad in the movie she was giving,a lot to her role I could tell she was,trying to in some way lend some credence,to this movie and actually give it some,believability and she did a pretty good,job in this movie her husband Im not,exactly sure the actors name,he was really overly serious in this,movie and I mean to the point where like,some scenes youre like dude stop,bulging your eyes out so much like his,kid was talking to me it was just like I,was like dude you know tone it down a,little bit now the problem with this,movie is its so silly it unfortunately,starts to stray into the more comedic,category at times the way the script is,written the dialogue between the,characters and everything it just comes,off so forced and unreal and silly and,it starts to get cheese,and so when the scares happen it gets a,little funny because you arent that,invested in these people because the,description isnt that up to par with,the directing and its written and,directed by the same guy hes definitely,a better director than he has writer,because like I will honestly say there,are legitimate scenes in this film that,are scary and not always just because of,extremely loud music which unfortunately,does happen quite often in this movie,more often I was just on edge the,thought of a loud boom unsettling me,because the freaking sound effects are,just so like ear piercing lis loud,youre obviously going to be startled by,quiet and then all of a sudden just,blood is in your face its not I mean,its like its not scary there are a few,scenes that win this movie where I felt,legitimate tension but for the most part,as the movie progresses,I started to see that it was really just,a giant copy off of a lot of better,movies there are humongous portions in,this movie that are just a blatant,ripoff of signs I mean they board up,their house they have like a big Last,Supper theyre telling stories about,when they were young and trying to make,the kids laugh just like in signs and,you see little shadows through the,boards and I was like this is really,copying off of signs like a lot dont,mess with my signs man that movie,inspired me a lot I understand if you,dont like signs as much as I do that,movie just came at the right time for me,and it was the first movie I saw that,truly got me into the idea of filmmaking,and film criticism actually so I owe a,lot to signs which is why I have a,poster for it right there so when I see,a movie that kind of blatantly copies,off of it in a lot of ways its kind of,offensive to me it also copies a bit off,Close Encounters of the Third Kind and,we are not the x-files and I know that,its difficult to tell an alien invasion,tale of this type like a family,abduction tale without going for all the,tropes that the x-files has covered a,thousand times over see Im a huge,x-files fan as well if you cant tell,thats the poster from molars office I,want to believe and so when I see these,movies I can recognize like obviously,these people were inspired by these,previous films or TV series it just,comes off so not real and Hollywood eyes,dand fake and set up in this nice glossy,production and you just dont really get,that real,sense that movies like Close Encounters,or signs with the television show The X,Files gave also when these things,eventually do show up the CGI is awful,its not good and you can just really,tell that it is fake this is the kind of,scary movie word like theres all these,weird sound effects and noises that pop,up in facial expressions and stuff like,the wife is walking up and the husband,just goes ah its like just like that,dark skies is a silly cheesy film that,actually does have a few scary scenes,that were legitimately disturbing a good,central performance but terrible,dialogue really and just it just gets,really over the top and the CGI just,doesnt work and you can tell that its,copying off of other things that were,much better so for that reason Im going,to give dark skies a C thanks a lot for,watching guys and as always if you like,this then you can click right here and,get stuck mine eyes,[Music],Oh

You Might Be In Contact With Aliens Without Realizing – Dark Skies (2013) – Horror Movie Recap

Welcome to Slash Forward. Hey, have you  ever had an unusual itch behind the ear?  ,Or experienced infant allergies that eventually  just stopped one day? How about high-pitched  ,shrieking inside your brain, lost chunks of  time or total blackouts? It could be that,  ,unbeknownst to you, your body has become the  plaything for an advanced civilization that has  ,decided to visit Earth and explore every aspect  of our bodies with their technology. Honestly,  ,I can’t blame them, your body is worth exploring.  This is the scenario presented by the subject of  ,this video, the 2013 Blumhouse production Dark  Skies. In an attempt to forego the common tropes,  ,setting aside bright lights in the sky and  livestock mutilations, this film attempts  ,to explore a more grounded accounting of alien  contact under the assumption that any sufficiently  ,advanced technology would give the appearance  of being almost magical. With the only known  ,strategy for dealing with this being to learn  to live with their probings and interruptions,  ,and to put up as much as a fuss as possible in  the hope they won’t snatch one of your kids,  ,what would you do to protect your family from  aliens who seem capable of phasing through solid  ,matter? Be sure to leave a comment below, because  I’m keeping a log for my personal survival guide.  ,Also, if you like the video, hitting the like  button would help me out a lot. Let’s get to it.,We open on a quote questioning our  place in the universe, which is deep,  ,before we open on a peaceful, picturesque and  very active suburban neighborhood. Literally,  ,everyone is engaged in an activity of some  type or another – including our protagonists  ,the Barretts. Daniel’s got the meat going  while they await the arrival of their guests.  ,Young Jesse is called home to fulfill  his familial responsibilities,  ,cutting short his bro time, which appeared  to be heading toward mutual masturbation.  ,He heads home after sundown where his family  is gobbling down their dinner. Through casual  ,conversation we learn that Jesse longs to be taken  seriously and viewed as a mature young man. Then,  ,as they all settle in for the evening, Daniel  learns he ranks out lower than real estate on  ,Lacy’s totem pole, and Jesse reads spooky stories  to his brother Sammy over their walkie-talkies.,Later on, Lacy goes to placate her restless  leg syndrome with some midnight wanderings,  ,and she comes across evidence that makes it  appear they have been ransacked by a rabid E.T.  ,In the morning they find it curious  that the rambunctious critter  ,ate the lettuce but left the bacon, but  they otherwise brush the whole thing off.,We get some more general context as Daniel  heads off for a big interview where he,  ,unfortunately, brings the small dick energy,  resulting in a likely instant rejection.  ,Which is revealed to be hell in  regards to their financial sitch.  ,Stressed to the max, he chooses to play things  cool in front of the wifey, a sound strategy.,That night, were reassured that the sliding door  is locked before mom ends storytime for the boys.  ,She wakes up again and goes to check the  locks, only to discover the animals have  ,really been popping off in terms of their creative  endeavors. After a quick check of the back door,  ,Sammy confides that he had a dream in  which the Sandman came to his room.,The next day, with no evidence  of forced entry, Officer Powell  ,suggests this would have had to have  been caused by someone with a key or  ,perhaps a sleep-puzzler from inside the  home. He leaves them with no intention  ,to investigate further and the suggestion  that they reactivate their alarm service.,Lacy has a showing later for a young  couple looking at a fixer-upper. She  ,makes a strong connection with the mother,  having gone through the stress of Jesse  ,being a sickly child. Unfortunately, this  genuine rapport removes her seller’s edge  ,*you can probably do better*  Wouldn’t you be the one to show them?,That night, we see the system has been  reengaged. Then, while watching TV in bed,  ,Daniel hints at his poor job-interviewing  performance by casually suggesting they  ,cut back on the cable. Unwilling to give up  her HGTV, they both get set off. This leaves  ,the boys to try to reassure each other  through the comfort of short wave radio.,Thankfully, the alarm does its job. But,  other than unnerving everyone, it provides  ,no other useful information as it declares  all sensors were tripped at the same time,  ,indicating a malfunction. He shares the  encouraging news, but then follows Lacy’s gaze.,The Sergeant of Incredulity returns,  and again tries to guide them toward  ,investigating their own kids as some  people do weird stuff in their sleep.  ,This message is reinforced when the  alarm guy doesn’t find anything wrong.,So they all sit down for an old-fashioned  family jam sesh, just to chat it out and try  ,to ascertain anyones’ motives or possible  involvement in the strange happenings.  ,Jesse still insists he was sleeping, but Sammy  clams up when Lacy asks about the Sandman,  ,because he has been sworn to  secrecy *he told me not to tell*,This leads to a parental freakout, which is  aggravated by their trust issues. Despite the  ,lack of photos in his room, they presume he is  having some psychological trouble. They agree to  ,pursue this further with a professional as Daniel  scratches at a persistent itch behind his ear.,The next day at the park Daniel finds  himself incapable of confiding in his  ,best bud due to a crippling fear  of being ostracized by his peers.  ,This is exacerbated when Sammy  goes ahead and pisses himself.  ,Daniel tries to help him shake it off and move on,  but Sammy’s not having it, so back off dickweed.,Then, back at home, a thematic classic – a  child’s picture containing an unnervingly  ,foreign character. Although,  on the grand scale of things,  ,this discovery absolutely pales in comparison  to the hail of birds that then bomb their house.,During clean up out back, dirty Kevin tries to  ,pick up one of the birds and learns  about avian flu for the first time.  ,While out front Mr. Barrett requests they  do their best to try to figure this out,  ,because his family has been really stressed out  lately, and they don’t need this adding to it.,Later on, Sammy intimates that the episode  he had at the park was caused by his psyche  ,phasing into another realm of  existence, which is troubling.,Again, Lacy wakes up after twilight, since no  one’s yet thought about trying to just stay up.  ,As she walks the hall, she hears Sammy talking  to someone and finds a slender man in his room.  ,The lights reveal the room to be empty, but  it doesn’t take long for them to locate him  ,slow streaking the yard. After they get settled  back in, they wonder about how he managed to get  ,out without setting off the alarm, and also  how to interpret Lacy’s visual hallucination.  ,Daniel, of course, handles this  with aplomb *let’s not get crazy*,Some time later we see that Jesse has been using  his mom’s realtor code to get into vacant houses.  ,Seems innocent enough until  Kevin shows up with the girls  ,and the weed. In a private moment Jesse  engages in some repartee with Shelly,  ,but finds his one source of experience in these  matters has failed him miserably. Nevertheless,  ,she takes some measure of pity on him. He rides  home as if on a cloud and as though nothing could  ,ever bring him down…but is soon  sobered by an ominous foreboding.,At home the Barrett’s have invested heavily  in beefing up their security measures. As  ,Daniel calibrates the boys try to stay calm  and wonder aloud why daddy is spying on them  ,in their rooms. The hard drives spin as the  night wears on with everyone sleeping soundly  ,in their respective beds. Daniel wakes up at his  station and begins scrubbing through the video,  ,but the only thing he finds is a short  period of strange interference in the 

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Dark Skies – Analyzed Movie Review

foreign,hey guys this will be my first time,analyzing or doing a longer review for a,film and I hope to give a greater,perspective on this film since I think,its an overlooked gem Dark Skies was a,movie I saw back in 2013 with a group of,friends and it was actually my first,time seeing a movie about aliens in this,way a lot of people credit signs for,that but I was probably one percent of,the population who saw Dark Skies before,signs and actually liked it most people,online talk about how the film is,unoriginal and really doesnt offer,anything new to the genre and just,steals a lot of ideas from other,franchises namely signs and Paranormal,Activity I mean just look at the cover,its the most generic horror cover ever,I think the guy at the store even looked,at me funny when I asked for him to grab,the film behind the glass case for me to,buy and Im a firm believer that movies,take on a special quality depending on,who you see them with and where you are,at what time in your life and this just,happened to be a really good time for me,again it was my first time seeing a,movie with this kind of topic it was,with a really fun group of friends and I,was just at that age where it could,really really scare me a lot more than,it probably could now if I saw it for,the first time but it wasnt the scares,that kept me remembering this movie all,the way till now it had an impact on me,something that stayed with me all these,years and something that Ive sort of,kept in and always wanted to talk about,with this film and that is that its,underrated that its a great movie and I,think it deserves much more recognition,than it gets and I hope that I can,change your mind about this film now if,you havent seen it again it doesnt,look very impressive right off the bat,if youre judging a book by its cover,here youre probably going to pass it up,but I just hope to give somewhat of a,greater perspective on it Im not going,to analyze every single scene and do a,full analysis but just hope to provide a,longer review as I said before dark,skies is inevitably compared to signs,some of the reasons for this is just the,basic premise theres a family they bore,themselves in their home and its all,about aliens coming to try and get them,and Im sure if you look at the movie,this way if you just log into to the,IMDb database and read the synopsis and,read peoples reviews you can walk away,and say yeah this isnt for me this,sounds like a rip-off and probably not,as good as one of the best movies ever,made so Im Im good on that one and,while I understand that Viewpoint from,my perspective its a missed opportunity,at seeing a really overlooked and great,horror film it also didnt help the way,this movie was marketed theres a,handful of scenes that they use for,trailers and theyre actually kind of,funny when you take them out of context,the way the trailer did and it almost,made the acting look bad and just made,it look like a goofy movie but whats,weird is the acting is actually really,good all the performances are really,spectacular even from the kids which a,lot of times I dont like kid actors and,their performances only because they,sort of stand out to me but here it was,perfect and this film stars Carrie,Russell was Lacey Barrett Josh Hamilton,is Daniel Barrett JK Simmons as Edwin,Pollard Dakota Goyo as Jesse Barrett and,Kaden rocket as Sam Barrett theyre the,two kid actors in This film and they,both did a really really great job up,and meshing with the family really well,and helping to create this sense of,creepiness that just gets under your,skin especially the younger son Sammy he,is so good as this character as a young,kid it really shocked me there are a few,scenes with him that still stay in my,head and just live there it is hard to,get them out but I digress so this film,is always regarded as being unoriginal,and containing nothing new nothing new,to bring to this genre and with the,internet and the fact anyone can give,their opinion out including me it seems,like there are a few rules that have,been set in stone as to what makes a,horror movie or movies in general and,each genre great there are a few key,strategies when it comes to a horror,plot and the way a horror movie is made,that seemed to elevate it in peoples,eyes and have kind of been decided upon,on the internet as being the best way to,make a good horror movie one of those,things is not showing the monster or the,creature or the whatever thing is out,there too often or too early a few,movies come to mind when I say that one,of them is signs they do a great job of,that we catch a glimpse of an alien,early on and then we get that full image,of an alien later in the movie and it,has such an impact when it happens I,think most people remember this scene it,was almost as shocking to the viewer as,it was to the characters in that scene,another film I just want to switch it up,I know its not a horror film but the,original Predator movie with Arnold,Schwarzenegger in that film we dont get,a look at the predator for a really long,time its only towards the end that we,actually get to see it and the first,time I saw the movie had been after I,had already seen other Predator movies,and it still was effective it didnt,matter that I had seen other movies with,the creature in it I knew sort of what I,was expecting it to look like but there,was something about keeping it off,screen and just this incredibly powerful,force out in the middle of the Jungle,somewhere that kept it way more,interesting and way more suspenseful and,Dark Skies does this masterfully the,whole first First Act of this film and,maybe even into the second act get us in,a routine with this family the mom gets,up at a certain point in the night she,comes and checks on her son her younger,son Sammy every single night the way the,camera comes around the corner and we,get that shot of him on his bed happens,the same way every night she checks on,him its so consistent and the movie,wisely has absolutely nothing happen for,the first two times I believe that she,does this the reason I say masterfully,in words like that is because I think it,was intentional and I think it creates a,much bigger effect when on that third,time youre almost expecting nothing to,happen because youve sort of been,conditioned now that nothings gonna,happen your hand doesnt get burned when,you touch the stove it happened twice,now so it must be true you know our,brains are like that we look for,patterns this movie is so smart for,doing it this way and they really spend,time establishing sort of a routine a,pattern of how this family operates and,whats going on so when on that third,time she goes to check on Sammy and we,get our our first Glimpse at whatever,creature this is it is extremely,effective and thats not where the wise,choices end she also turns on the light,which makes whatever this thing was,disappear it happens so fast that you,get a glimpse of very quick Glimpse even,though its so close to the camera its,such a quick Glimpse that its not good,enough to really know what you just saw,but you just saw this figure that scares,the heck out of you you can find that,clip on YouTube and even out of context,it is really really scary and just the,way its standing over her sons bed and,her reaction its just so powerful I,still remember back in 2013 when I saw,this film when that scene happened,everyone I was at the movie with gasped,and almost Drew back in their seats and,thats not a reaction that you get often,Ive seen many horror movies with,friends and it takes a lot to get people,to that point even when we were that age,but like I said Looking Back Now I,really believe the reason to be this,movie established these patterns and got,us mission to believe nothing would,happen it caught you completely off,guard and it also doesnt have a lot of,false jump scare so youre not already,really jumpy youre not ready to just,jump out of your skin as soon as we turn,a corner every single time like mos

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Dark Skies – Movie Review

I love alien abduction movies so I,thought its about time to dive into,some more I hadnt seen this one since,this movie was released so jump down in,the comments section below let me know,your thoughts on dark skies and lets,get started so dark skies is a,science-fiction horror movie released in,2013 it was written and directed by,Scott Stewart he directed the movie,Legion but he also was behind the,special effects visual effects for,movies like Harry Potter the lost world,drastic park pirates the Caribbean and,Ironman the film stars Keri Russell Josh,Hamilton and JK Simmons and this movie,follows a family who move into a new,home they start to experience strange,happenings around the house and discover,theyre being visited by the Grays who,are a race of alien beings movies,produced by jason blum blum house and i,think this is one of their strongest,pictures Im pretty obsessed with the,whole alien abduction UFO kind of,phenomenon I love a majority of the,movies there are a lot of crap ones that,they release but some of them are really,really good and dark skies is one of,them but anything generally like,unexplainable is kind of fascinating to,me its why Im fascinated with the,whole paranormal thing the whole alien,thing like that stuff Ive just when I,when I was growing up its a kid I,absolutely adored that kind of material,and when my favorite genres science,fiction and horror kind of cross over,here like like it has in this movie,thats when we normally get something,special and I really really like this,movie guys I really do so the film,starts very traditionally we kind of,have a traditional American family,theyre settling into a new house,theyre broke the fathers just been,laid off from his last job hes having,trouble finding work and its causing,tension between their relationship its,causing tension with the children and,emotionally theyre getting kind of,damaged here youve got an older son,thats just just wants to go and be with,the girl that he fancies so generally,theres a lot of stress going through,the family now small stuff starts,happening kind of stuff that you would,see in a supernatural horror movie this,movie does play out like a generic,supernatural horror movie on one,so you have things happening like earth,like the back door to the garden its,always on they keep finding it unlocked,after locking it fridge is open with all,the food on the kitchen floor then like,all the photos in the frames disappear,but every night it kind of gets more,intense and Id compare the pacing to,Paranormal Activity when during the day,theyre trying to figure this [ __ ] out,and at night shits going down and its,getting worse every night like the,mother comes downstairs to find all of,this stuff stacked very similar to,poltergeist and how the chairs are,stacked but the way that everything is,stacked is creating like some imagery on,the ceiling and that imagery repeatedly,comes up in the movie its kind of like,a crop circle kind of image it does,annoy me follow some horror cliches,thats the part that maybe I dont like,and thats that the dad doesnt believe,anything the mums trying to convince him,the son the younger sons affected by all,this and hes like being in a weird,trance and the oldest son is just,sidetracked by this girl that he fancies,you know the small kid has no control,over his actions hes sleepwalking hes,peeing himself hes randomly screaming,and having fits so in that respect,theres a lot of stuff here that has,kind of been seen before but theres,another layer to this movie that I love,and well talk about that at the moment,but this movie came out a year before,the movie the Fourth Kind and these two,movies kind of blurred into one for me,Ive recently just watched the Fourth,Kind and now I kind of realized these,two movies are completely different and,I think its just because they came out,at the same time they both deal with the,idea of alien abductions so that kind of,blended it at one point for me and I,definitely say this movie is better than,the Fourth Kind but stay tuned for a,review of the Fourth Kind guys that,review drops after this one perhaps late,tonight or tomorrow it will drop in the,next couple of days,in terms of cinematography this movie is,shot very well annoyingly at times it is,a little bit dark its kind of hard to,follow I had to like make sure the,curtains were shut in my house if I was,watching this during the day I do feel,like certain movies pull off dark darkly,filmed movies very well like the others,is very well shot in the dark I dropped,my review last night but this one it,does struggle is a bit of a struggle to,see what,happening at times which is a very very,frustrating thing also I wish that the,movie was just a little bit longer but,that is really because I enjoyed it I,didnt want this movie to end and thats,when you know a films doing the right,thing when youre watching it and youre,like I dont want this movie to end,Im just so interested you know the,script is good the performances are good,is constantly directed constantly,scripted but there isnt anything,special about the score which was one,negative I would say here no its way,because you could easily replace the,alien creatures with a diamond like this,plays very much out like a supernatural,horror movie but what does solidify this,movie for me is the casting of JK,Simmons whos really underutilized but,his role is so good I love JK Simmons,and anything that hes been in whiplash,was another blum house movie that he was,in and its one of the most strangest,movies for Blum House it wasnt a horror,movie but its hes just so fantastic as,an actor I absolutely adore his work and,he fits the role really well he plays,someone that has experienced the grace,before hes the person that is able to,give all of this knowledge to the family,now whats one thing is he know hes not,tangina style character like you see in,poltergeist he doesnt go and help them,clear the problem which is kind of weird,because he just comes in gives all of,his knowledge and disappears and then he,appears right at the end of the movie,again once he sees a newspaper clipping,involving this family and then he goes,and puts that with all of these other,families to say that this just isnt one,familys problem this is a global thing,was that a set for a sequel maybe I,would have liked to have seen more of,these cases but I would have liked to,have seen JK Simmons as a central,character but the main thing that I,appreciate about this movie is the one,thing that makes it better than all the,other movies in terms of alien abduction,movies anyway and that is the fact that,they never go overboard they show these,figures these these outlines of figures,they show them creeping around but they,they dont have any sounds they dont,scream they dont run they dont shout,they dont make any kind of offensive,movements but then Adviser theyre there,and its creepy their movement is creepy,the way that you never see facial feet,is very creepy and its something that,signs did that I really didnt like,about that movie it was the one let down,from signs for me was that we solve too,much of the alien at the end of the,movie this is very different they just,use a lot of techniques like out of,focus they make the creature look out of,focus these a lot of bright white light,to shield you from seeing anything and,its just a very interesting way of,doing it I really really enjoyed that,aspect now the ending is a little bit,disappointing and it goes with the,territory of a kind of a supernatural,horror movie in that the endings never,really hit the mark the ending of this,movie is very messy and its very choppy,its almost like they had a whole bunch,of leftover footage and they just kind,of spliced everything it was just really,oddly put together and it kind of,dropped all of the pacing this this,ending stops this movie from being a,full score for me I just so frustrated,with this ending but the movie throw is,pretty intense

Miller Engineering Dark Skys DS1 Home Planetarium Review

hello everyone welcome back to my,channel if you guys seem to really love,planetariums and theres been a lot of,discussion on my previous reviews so,Ill mention the dark skies climate zone,so I got in touch with the manufacturer,and they said yes wed love to show off,the darts knife to your audience who,clearly love clothes hems theyve sent,this over,its worth noting this is not like some,of the mass-market planetariums that,Ive reviewed before theres currently,only 2000 of these in the first run so,they are pretty hard to get hold of if,youre interested and you like this I,will put a link in the description below,so this has been kind of funny to me to,review by Miller engineering alright,its arrived today its the first time,Ive seen it,so look what you get your structure,manual bag of some sort now theres,discs here theyve actually sent me more,discipline you would normally get your,shot and show off some of the others and,and straightaway these look very,impressive,they look really detailed there we go,this is the main body of it and at the,bottom theres a little box of bits oh,very nice now I wasnt sure how I was,gonna power this thought might need an,adapter it comes with us adapter and,theres also a UK doctor sorry thats a,European adapter it comes with a,European adapter the US one was already,on the plug and Ill swap that out,UK adapter is actually for that ROM,theres all this for adapters so theres,something for everyone so you should be,pretty well covered whether youre in,the US or Europe quite a different,design to previously reviewed photos,most of the time the ones that Ive,tried are like a globe and they just,projects forwards this to see the,projector on the top but its got the,nice little constellation around the,sides its a nice-looking unit so you,got just the power input on the bottom,and theres the power on/off switch it,is the disk loading tray with various,controls around the side,you can move this very slowly stops,there and help us it go yeah it goes,theres full nights of degrees so you,can either point it up at ceiling or you,could aim it elsewhere it wouldnt point,down though so if you were looking to,mount miss and projected gannets and go,all the way that round nice design on,the bottom as well,first impressions this is a lovely look,in planetarium its got the,constellations around the side it feels,good quality Im excited by this like so,lets get all these discs out and power,it on so while I wait for the Sun to,sets lets just check out where you can,get this from at the time of a review,its only available from the,manufacturer and the website Ill put,this in the description below is dark -,skies calm well it goes purchasing,youve got two options youve got the,chrome version and the standard version,the standard being a four to nine,ninety-five dollars and the chrome being,five three nine nine five dollars if you,are purchasing and having it ships in,the US it will be an additional thirty,two dollars shipping international,shipping will be around eighty five,dollars and theyre looking to start,shipping internationally January onwards,if youre in the UK please note you may,need to pay some additional charges I,had to pay just over thirty six pounds,before this was delivered to me so the,main difference is that you get the,chrome disc with the chrome version and,that substitutes the 1.4 million star,for the 4.1 million star disc and thats,chrome on glass disc so thats thats a,pretty hefty bump up in the number of,stars you can get if you scroll down you,can see the basic specs so youve got,the height of 11 inches it weighs 4,pounds and the constructions aluminium,alloy its also worth noting they do a,range of different discs so as well as,the ones that you get included you can,always purchase some additional ones and,so you can see they actually got a huge,range which is really nice to see I,reviewed the National Geographic,planetarium recently and they only had,two,as you can see here this absolute lotin,each unit comes with its own serial,number printed on it and the geeky amis,a little bit goodie that I got seventeen,twenty instead of 1701 like many of the,other plant areas Ive had a look at,this has controls that light up in the,dark which is very handy youve got the,power button youve got the shooting,star button you can choose the rotation,it can either go clockwise or,counterclockwise you can choose the,speed of the rotation its three speeds,and theres also the timer button,one thing Ive not seen before though is,the use of a nightlight with a,planetarium and I have to say it looks,fantastic,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],I found the standard this that came with,it to be slightly brighter than the,chrome disc but the Cronus detail is,absolutely incredible there are just so,many pinpricks of light that get,projected you can get really up close,and you can see they even look like,theyre layered on top of each other is,its a really impressive projection and,I really like the shooting stars on this,as well they seem to be a little bit,more random and Im sure they appear in,different locations maybe thats a,little bit of a trick of the eye Ill,need to watch a little bit closer but,the shooting stars look great on this,and you get a real sense of looking up,at the night sky its its bizarre lying,down on the bed looking up it doesnt it,look like Im outside filming outside,the cameras having a little bit of,problem with the darkness you can see,putting on a little bit of noise but,lying in a dark room this looks,fantastic on your ceiling when you want,a change of scenery,you can pop in a scenic disc this was,the extra disc that was sent to me,alongside the star disc and these look,good as well theyre quite different so,you get quite a bit of detail and not as,much as the star discs but you can see,here the clouds look pretty good now,theres no animation on this dont think,that any of these animators for the,Lightning just stays as lightning the,trees dont sway or anything like that,but this just offers a slightly,different view that if youre lying down,and you have this rotating you can have,the shooting stars on it its just a,different viewpoint,[Music],well I dont know about you but I feel,pretty relaxed after looking at the,stars with that music in the background,and having a bit of music while youre,watching the Stars is a great use of any,planetary I find it just helps cover the,most noise a little bit and just add a,like bit of onions as youre taking a,look up at the night sky now if you say,I played music over a lot of that but,just to give you a sense of the volume,lets turn the projector on while Im,talking and see what you think so,theres a background hum basically its,a fan whizzing round so its now,projecting up you can see the lights of,automatically dims,I really like that feature the control,lights stay on but can you hear the fan,so you kind of get used to it but I,could say play some music over that it,just makes it for a nice experience,otherwise you just lock you can just,hear this background fan I really love,this with all the stars all over I think,it looks fantastic Ive never seen,anything like it before and that that is,a brilliant future of this planetarium,so some of the questions I usually get,asked is it better than the flux hit,subscribe drone my tech tribe that might,be the next video I do another question,I quite quite often get a sneeze does,this zoom you around the galaxy no it,doesnt its just a projector it,projects millions of stars on so youre,seeing it doesnt move its not like an,interactive planetarium if thats what,youre after I suggest buying a copy of,elite dangerous in which case you can,zip around the galaxy to your hearts,content and even go land on some planets,how far is this from the ceiling well I,did a quick measure and its just under,two meters from my ceiling and most,cases youll have it probably set up,like this way youve got it on a table,bedside table a

Darker Skies Review on Xbox

hey everybody this is dream and today,im going to be reviewing darker skies,darker skies is developed by steel arts,software and published by steelers,software,it is 17.99 on xbox and it comes out 8,25 20 21,all right so um,in this particular game youre going to,be uh,set in a survival horror setting,um where youre going to be,controlling a guy named jack whos a,survivor and hes trying to rebuild a,working heat ray to blow his way out,so uh and youre going to have to deal,with humans that have been,taken over by,some,other,out of this world uh martians i believe,and you have to try to avoid getting,eaten by them or killed by them or,actually theyre psychotic enemies i,think,and uh,yeah so thats pretty much what you,gotta do,um,this game,is interesting has an interesting,premise i think,and i was really actually looking,forward to it when i read about it um,however,as youll see when i started this game i,put it on the hardest difficulty and,when i got started here,uh at first i was really kind of,confused it really just doesnt i mean,this is a tutorial level and it doesnt,really give you much to go on but i did,eventually figure out that i had to push,this box out of the way and run over,this direction but then i got to this,rock just sitting on this thing,and i had no idea what i was supposed to,do for this for a few minutes until i,figured out that you had to throw it at,this little control panel in the,background,the game definitely didnt give me any,an indication about that but its okay i,figured it out so then i was thinking,okay so i just need to be a little more,intuitive well i just kept going and,youll see that i keep progressing here,im going pretty quick here because i,know what im supposed to do here this,stuff is pretty straightforward okay so,you have to use,a lot of different buttons to do very,different things now,once i got past this gun section youre,gonna see,like im picking up a gun now youre,gonna see that i,uh,dont,have the items sitting on the ground,that theyre supposed to be there,okay and youll see that im gonna,restart the game,and um,and,go,on easy difficulty and then they will be,there so basically dont start the game,on the hardest difficulty because the,game will glitch,the items out where you cant progress,forward,so uh,youll see that here in just a second,this is so ridiculous,all right and if you thought that that,was the only issue that this game had,well youd be wrong okay so see this box,here theres supposed to be an item on,the box i did confirm through another,video that the item was supposed to be,here in order to figure this out,so i reset the game and start it over,okay so i got back to this point on easy,difficulty and the item was there and so,i was able to progress past this so you,just have to put the items in the box,here and thats it however,and coming to the next section i had to,take out a cup i had to switch what,items that im holding in my hand and,the gun wouldnt go away so i couldnt,switch to another weapon,this game suffers from a lot of bugs uh,so many that i just gave up and stopped,playing it because otherwise i just have,to reset the game and start over again,and it seems like when i reset it it was,right back to the beginning of the game,so i dont know,i mean there was no option to save there,was no option to like start,you know closer to where i was,but i guess i dont think it would have,mattered because the the web the button,presses and stuff dont seem to do what,theyre supposed to and then items just,disappear,um my very first play through in fact,the rock is supposed to stand on that,little barrel i threw it once but i,missed in here and it literally,disappeared on me too,so,um i dont know i i just,theres a lot wrong with this game i,cant give this game a very a good score,i mean its its literally an incomplete,score but im gonna give it a two,i like the premise,and i was hoping that the game would,actually be well done but this dev they,needed to hire a uh,a person to actually,practice the game to ensure that,everything works as it is intended on,the different difficulties it clearly,doesnt seem that they did that,and so i cant recommend this game,um,from what i can tell the game is pretty,short also so i really have to wonder,why they came to the price tag of 18,i mean but again it doesnt even matter,because its broken i dont know how,youre gonna get past the first three or,four areas,uh it does seem like its better on x on,the playstation so im not certain if,that has something to do with it,um but,i dont know i just gave up on the game,uh maybe youll have better luck but i,would save your money for something else,thats pretty much all i got maybe if,the dubs make an update for the game,then that will be useful but i dont,really see much,chance of that so,uh considering there are other games so,thats pretty much i got on this one if,you do pick it up let us know in the,comments what you think thanks for,liking commenting and subscribing and,have a nice,always day the broken [ __ ],foreign,bollocks,strip clean,nothing,here next time,oh,you,theres no way around,you

Darker Skies is Everything Wrong with Indie Horror!

dark skies is about as bare bones as,they come for example i dont know many,games that let you start new game plus,before youve even played the game,[Music],when it comes to low budget horror games,they usually fall into one of two camps,low-key creepy and amazing or dog [ __ ],darker skies lets you know which camp it,falls into straight away by simply,letting you walk the game only has two,movement speeds either like an old man,with arthritis in both legs or sonic the,[ __ ] hedgehog furthering my confusion,is the checkpoint system its totally,[ __ ] i played for 10 to 15 minutes,and when i died i was sent back to the,beginning of the game this was basically,still the tutorial thats the last time,i tried to be silly and have fun in a,video game darker skies is filled with,random little inconsistencies like that,the kind that at this point are,commonplace in most video games dont,get me wrong it does manage to be,competent in some places like when i,decided to test if the game would give,me a way out after i wasted all my ammo,next to this padlock and it did it kept,giving me one extra bullet each time,that shows that the devs considered the,players feelings and their potential,loss of enjoyment if they made a stupid,mistake but if they cared enough to,implement a solution to that why didnt,they consider more reasonable,checkpointing and a movement speed,thats faster than a snail on crutches,right for the time being im going to,cool down on criticizing random design,choices lets move on to the gameplay by,starting with the hub world between each,mission youll spawn in this sewer which,has become home to,our protagonist,honestly i dont know his name or,anything about him and im fairly,certain whoever wrote this games story,doesnt know either he does sound like,this though bollocks,strip clean,oh well the only reason im interested,in how the hogwart location is presented,is because theres no presentation,involved here whatsoever each level,entrance is marked by a street sign with,a random name go through the entrance,complete a level then head back and,choose another hypothetically all well,and good the interesting part and by,interesting i mean stupid is that the,levels have an order if you try and,start the wrong level youre told that,you apparently arent ready for it yet,so why [ __ ] bother having a hub world,and giving me the illusion of a bloody,option bafflingly the only way to find,the next level is to run around the,sewer trying random doors until you get,the right one theres no explanation as,to why youre not ready either and once,i finally did these levels nothing about,them seemed any different to the ones,id already finished why did you waste,your time making a hub area,okay let me put it this way someone sat,down and designed this sewer area they,put in all the level entry points and,decided not to bother telling the player,which one led to the next mission but,somehow they found the time to make this,room that has nothing in it why add all,the detail to a pointless room i,appreciate the games passion for,crafting detailed environments they go a,long way to helping the overall tone and,atmosphere but someone spent time on,this pointless food cupboard instead of,fixing and tweaking so many other,serious issues why did that happen all,right enough about the hub world because,darker skies is a survival horror that,surprisingly takes more inspiration from,the last of us than it does any project,closer to war of the worlds for example,ammo is a rarity thats cool im fond of,stealth games anyway and im sure the,ammo is spread out fairly and given in,the right amounts at the right moments,you can probably see where im going,with this more often than not if youve,been given ammo its because youre,about to use it case in point this,disgrace,you may have also noticed in that clip,that the enemy jump scare was basically,an unavoidable attack and if theres any,game id like to avoid being attacked in,its this one not because its scary or,that im really invested in the world,its because being attacked looks like,this,[Applause],[ __ ] hell this game is ugly,the combat and enemies leave a lot to be,desired even the iconic tripod probably,most peoples only reason for purchasing,this game only turns up for a short boss,fight close to the end of the game a,boss fight that includes running around,hiding behind rocks and holding down the,button to fire a mortar several times,this is an iconic villain and design and,all they get is a repetitive run around,it feels pathetic i will admit i love,the design of this weird crab slash,octopus guy that is some spooky,lovecraftian [ __ ] right there its all,too little too late though they dont,even change up the gameplay its still,just wait until they move and slowly,crawl past them like i said at the top,of this video darker skies is a fairly,mixed bag compared to most other horrors,while the gameplay is often stiff and,clunky the detailed environments and,competent if generic sense of tension is,enough to distract the player well when,you can see them that is which is,typically only about five percent of the,time because of course like most horror,games of this type theres a flashlight,that only has about 60 seconds worth of,battery life just like in real life,making matters worse is the fact that,this game is pitch black this may be the,closest representation of being blind a,video game has ever conceived making,matters even worser the enemies are,alerted when you have the flashlight on,so you cant see the enemies and the,only way to see the enemies is to let,them see you and considering the combat,and movement mechanics getting seen for,all intents and purposes means getting,killed and that means going all the way,back to a previous unreasonable,checkpoint and making matters even even,worser,despite being so heavily inspired by the,last of us the focus vision that,traditionally is used to see enemies,through walls and remove contrast making,the environment easier to traverse,actually makes the image darker just get,rid of the [ __ ] skies part and call,this game darker the only way to,maneuver through a level is to blindly,stumble through it praying you dont get,killed and thats not a fearful kind of,praying in the intended horror way,rather its a genuine terror that ill,get caught and have to see these,downright [ __ ] ugly death effects,again and before you ask no there arent,any options to change the brightness in,the settings its fortunate the,publisher of darker skies was smart,enough to keep the price tag pretty low,because its a hard game to recommend,the audience for this type of project is,already pretty niche without throwing in,a load of janky gameplay and poor,technical choices which is a real shame,because with a few relatively simple,gameplay and design tweaks darker skies,could be a half decent stealth horror,game the idea of a war of the worlds,themed game isnt a terrible one as a,matter of fact its a really good one,taking the concepts and themes and,planting them in a more open-ended co-op,experience in a similar vein to,something like generation zero or the,expanded areas in the evil within two,could create something genuinely,wonderful as it stands though a cliched,uninspired single player horror is not,what this ip deserves ive not played,their first war of the worlds game grace,guys and if its anything like this im,gonna stay the hell away from it,thanks for watching the video guys have,you played darker skies or even grace,guys what do you think of them feel free,to let us know any and all that down in,the comments if you enjoyed the video,and wanted to share your support please,do consider liking the video or even,subscribing and if you want to help,support the channel even further our,patreon is in the description we,appreciate any and all types of support,we get thanks again for watching and,cheers,you

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