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Dark Winds (2022) AMC Plus Series Review

when i saw that native american actor,john mclaren was in a new series i was,instantly excited to check it out,because i really love his acting and his,presence on screen dark winds is a new,six-episode dramatic mystery that is,coming to amc plus and amc but does it,deliver the goods,two navajo police officers in the 1970s,southwest are forced to challenge their,own spiritual and personal beliefs when,they search for clues in a series of,crimes so this is going to have a bit of,a weird release schedule the first two,episodes are releasing on june 12th on,amc plus with the rest of the episodes,coming out one at a time each sunday,after that but if youre watching on amc,then only the first episode is dropping,on the 12th making the rest of the,episodes one week behind whats airing,on amc plus you following all that i,guess maybe its to incentivize more,subscriptions to amc plus i dont know i,mean i already subscribed to it so im,good either way anyway the show opens in,1971 with a heist and then we follow,tribal police as they investigate some,other crimes involving members of this,navajo nation now as i said john mclaren,stars in this and i just love his gruff,but his sensitive demeanor i mean hes a,tough guy who you dont want to mess,with but hes also got the soft spot,that makes him incredibly sympathetic,now i really appreciate that this show,is predominantly cast with native,american actors giving a good level of,authenticity to the production and a lot,of the time when they are dialoguing,with each other they speak in their,native language which i also really,appreciate i mean its like if im,watching a spanish show or maybe a,norwegian movie i expect those actors to,also speak in their native language so,this it fits really well now theres a,tone of mystery within this that,surpasses just the crimes themselves,theres lore and mythology that come,into play and i just thought it was,awesome but i do wish that the story,would have delved much deeper into that,lore especially when people that are,investigating are skeptical because when,i see this certain imagery i think,mystical supernatural and it was,intriguing because of the crimes that,are being investigated in addition to,the tribal police we have the fbi who is,called in and that tension is good,because the show doesnt shy away from,addressing the feelings of mistrust and,betrayal that the navajo people have,just towards the government now this,isnt preachy or shoving it down our,throats with the messaging but it all,feels organic and right at home in the,natural flow of these story arcs there,are only six episodes in this first,season with each of them being about 44,minutes now the first episode is a,little longer and the final one is much,shorter which i thought was actually,kind of odd the landscapes are,absolutely beautiful in this show but,theyre also very desolate and almost,intimidating at times and there are a,lot of brown hues and tones that are,present just as much of the scenery is,dusty mountains with very little,greenery and the rock and earth,formations that just shoot up out of the,ground theyre awesome to look at,capturing this raw beauty that adds to,the gritty atmosphere of the show now,there are times when storms will be,shown to be coming in and in these,instances the special effects arent all,that special i mean actually theyre,pretty cringy and there are a couple of,other times where other special effects,are utilized and i just found those to,be lacking as well but because this was,a tv show i was a little more forgiving,of that shortcoming especially since,they werent used too often now the,story itself is pretty engaging because,there are some emotional human dramas,that are woven through the criminal,cases that are being investigated now i,dont think each storyline is given the,proper attention to really dive into all,of the emotional aspects but there are a,few that are very touching and they hit,the right notes when it comes to grief,loss and even forgiveness sometimes it,feels like were just brushing the,surface of ideas or maybe conflicts,which in one way makes sense in order to,keep the crimes as the central focus but,the issues that are raised are no less,interesting and engaging so it would,have been really nice to spend more time,on these for example theres a ceremony,that a young girl is going through now,we get to see a lot of what it involves,but we dont dive too heavily into all,of the meanings and i would have loved,for the show to take advantage of this,opportunity to not only show the culture,of these navajo people but also to,explain it better to just provide this,great understanding for everybody else,theres also a side story having to do,with an environmental angle and it does,tie into the main storyline but the,execution feels thin and almost,forgotten at times and well pop into it,every once in a while but never spend,too much time with it even though it is,a large motivational driver for some of,the characters actions the aesthetics of,the show are wonderfully captured i mean,from the vehicles to the clothing even,to whats playing on television and the,decor and furniture within rooms of the,homes i mean all of it screams early 70s,this series has some huge star power,behind it when it comes to the,production both george r.r martin and,robert redford are executive producers i,am curious though about their level of,involvement within it now because this,is releasing episodically im really,curious about how the response is going,to be to this show i i was lucky enough,to get all the whole season at a time so,of course i binged it just in order to,do this review but my bigger point is,that each of the episodes on their own,may not be a big enough draw to pull you,in each week now taken as a whole i,really enjoyed the show and even the,story because the characters are,engaging and i like how the whole,mystery fits together but the individual,episodes they never really ended in a,way that left me with baited breath,where i couldnt wait to get to the next,episode theres good tension throughout,a lot of the excitement that comes in,spurts and then even the urgency of the,final two episodes its pretty high but,even with all that i think you might,find it more satisfying to watch the,first two episodes see if youre,intrigued by the show and then revisit,it when you can binge the rest in its,entirety i mean i think at that point it,becomes an entertaining and a very tense,watch so overall dark winds is an,enjoyable crime drama that pulls in some,mystical or supernatural elements while,still maintaining a groundedness in,reality the acting is effective with,some wonderfully emotional sequences,that pull us into the humanity of the,characters and then place places within,their world the landscapes and,aesthetics of the production are,beautiful and feel very authentic and,despite the special effects being,lackluster and when theyre minimally,used the tone of the story and the grid,of the tale kept my eyes locked to the,screen i wish more of the story details,would have been delved into deeper,especially when it came to lore or,traditions but i still think this is a,great way to showcase a culture that,hasnt had proper representation before,im also thankful that so many native,american actors were able to take part,in this rather than having a bunch of,white people play their characters,because the authenticity is noticeable,in a very huge and great way i think the,biggest obstacle the show will face is,the weekly release of episodes that,dont end on urgent or tense notes,compelling you to come back week after,week but to miss this all together would,be a shame because it is a fun show to,experience theres a tiny bit of sex no,nudity a bunch of profanity and a lot of,violence i give dark winds three and a,half out of five couches so whats a,little known or maybe a sleeper series,that you love that you wish more people,knew about let me know in the comments,b

WHY is DARK WINDS good n BAD? | Navajo Review

[Music],hey,looks like were doing something a,little different,you cant really see me but,thats not important lets talk about,dark winds,so why is dark wind so,good yet also very bad lets get rid of,it and lets go through the good first,first of all the actors did a phenomenal,job every single one of them i was,involved in the story especially the,bill gonnas ill have to give him credit,where credit is due they did a pretty,convincing mean looking bilagana good,job on them thank you for letting me,hate you on top of that,you know editing was perfect oh that,intro im talking im telling you that,intro was amazing the moon,beautiful um on top of that i just think,its just nice to have navajos on tv for,like what feels like the very first time,not technically the first time that,belongs that title belongs to something,else but this is like a really big,moment for navajo culture to be shown to,a wider public and i just want you to,know that for you none or navajo viewers,if you didnt know already i am navajo i,speak dune,its wild how far weve come as a,indigenous community and just any other,native community too like reservation,dogs but look enough about the show if,you want anything more or less just go,watch it its a pretty good show id say,a 7.5 out of 10 for my book it was,pretty good i was entertained and i just,i cared about it i wanted to see the,episode every sunday when it came out on,my anc plus subscription okay i was that,invested but you clicked on the video,for the bad okay why is it bad well,lets just talk about the navajo,language okay that was so bad you dont,understand how bad that was okay look,im sorry ill put the actors name but,the character bernadette i apologize but,your name was atrocious okay your,prayers was so bad it was so cringy okay,ive ive like no words for you it was,so bad i was like screaming in my bed i,was like oh thats so,i think everyone else feels like that,too about this because she was just let,me show you what it was like,ask anyone it was basically like that,okay so that was just awful dont ever,dont ever do that again,and so that was basically how it is it,was just awful dont ever let me catch,you be doing that again,now look it may not be bad in general,but it does have some implications like,a lot of people are seeing this around,the world for the first time and if this,is their first exposure to navajo,culture theyre gonna think we do that,okay but on the other hand im like im,kind of glad because a lot of that stuff,is sacred to us and we like to keep it,so its kind of hard for show runners,especially native writers to figure out,whats you know show worthy and what can,we show cause youre drawing in between,the line of being authentic but also,trying to fake it its its a really,tough line to draw and i have to you,know like i cant i cant say i would,have done a better job i will tell you,id probably do a less cringy job what,am i saying i probably would have,probably done the same its just its,just awful and the language the language,is so bad their speaking was so,they didnt feel the,it felt like they were like holding back,on pronunciations of of like most words,actually like even the simple word,which means yes oh kind of like saying,oat but without the tea like oats like,oatmeal without the tea its just oat,but they were just they didnt say oh,you know like very very stern very like,outgoing,or oh,oh,you know kind of like oh kind of oh you,know stuff like that it wasnt like that,they were just like oh,oh,oh theyre doing the mouth moment but,theyre not doing it with their throat,or the voice you know its just like oh,it felt like they werent putting that,effort with their throat in the navajo,language it was just like instead of yat,how that would sound its just,[Music],that ones kind of difficult to say ill,give them that but still it seems a,little easier than most words oh so i,have to give credit to the naboo,subreddit yes we have a subreddit i,didnt know that either i havent,created an account so dont even bother,looking for me but on the network,subreddit they pointed out the,mispronunciation of like an insult in a,word and it was so goddamn funny so in,one of the scenes,bernadette calls the one of the,characters she like an insult like mai,cho ichi which means well technically it,means coyote penis or coyote dick or,something but penis is probably a better,proper terminology i never thought id,hear that and its so funny never read,it like pointed that out and i was just,like thats a good point ive never,heard that insult its not even an,insult can i even be determined as an,insult,its so new,and as navajos the language is very,descriptive so its such a weird word,its just funny,i if someone were to say that as a real,insult id laugh at them because theyre,an idiot for saying that its not it,cant even be i cant even see it as an,insult its just like the stupidest like,youre an idiot if you say that thats,what i love about the language its like,say right dumbass youre supposed to say,see thats one insult they were trying,to say like you he smell of coyote you,stink of a coyote you know my choi,you hear that oh like,like youre almost like coughing but,like,thats thats how important and very,precise our language is in navajo we,have to produce these words with our,throat our tongue everything look i,understand,that this that the actors arent to,blame here okay like i get it im not,putting this on the actors im putting,this on a production team okay they did,a [ __ ] job in preparing because they,probably underestimated how difficult,this language really is and its really,showing because the novel times has even,brought it up because theres some,people who wont watch the show because,of how terrible the navajo is and i,support them in that decision because,its awful but its also so goddamn,hilarious seeing people mess up our,language because it just goes to show,how [ __ ] amazing our language is so,im like torn in between obviously i,watched it but ive just torn between on,that topic and debate they have some,valid arguments okay its just you know,were trying to be authentic were,trying to you know if you want to be,authentic well you got to put in the,effort and time to make it authentic,enough rather than making a joke of us,but on the other hand at the end of the,day the series is off the tony hillerman,book which i dont know if you know tony,hillermans a some white dude that loves,writing about navas and folklore in that,sense he knows navajo but hes not a,navajo do you get what im getting at,its so difficult like imagine in modern,day disney was given a task to make a,live-action pocahontas okay now think,about how difficult that would be okay,because we all know the underlying truth,and disturbing truth of pocahontas okay,but im not gonna tell about it you can,go read about it somewhere else its,easy weve talked about it for decades,the challenge disney has to do is bring,authentication to that story but also,make it you know marketable and if they,were to follow through with it well,disney would fail in either both aspects,by further damaging the authenticity of,native culture and making them less,human or other is to make it a box,office failure so thats why you will,never see a live-action pocahontas from,here on so thats where im getting at,the show i love and hate this show so,much like okay first of all look its,just one big mess okay still i recommend,watching the show because theres a lot,of people including a lot of friends i,have in the show which is crazy to see,them on screen for the first time but,just food for thought its kind of,difficult to adapt a white mans story,of naboo depiction okay so if youre,looking for authenticity youre not,gonna find it in this show but this,means you know theyll probably improve,in season two if you didnt know they,got a season two hooray thats great but,man just pick up your navajo at least,okay i want you to do an amazing job i,want this show to

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ZAHN MCCLARNON Interview | Dark Winds Series & Native American Representation On Screen

hows it going everybody welcome to,screen realm my name is guillermo youre,about to have a look at a chat that i,was lucky enough to have with actor zahn,mclaren whose credits include westworld,fargo longmire the list goes on we talk,about his new series dark wins an amc,plus noir series created by graham,roland based on the leopon and qi book,series its a psychological thriller set,in the 1970s south west and it also,includes a strong focus on native,american culture this marks the first,series for zan mclaren as both a lead,and an executive producer and it also,boasts george r.r martin and robert,redford as executive producers so in the,chat ahead we talk about his experience,as both star and executive producer here,what he hopes audiences will get from,dark winds native american,representation on the screen and a lot,more i hope you enjoy the chat and if,youre looking to check out darkwinds it,premieres on amc plus on june 12th,hello sir nice to meet you you too as,well man so tell me how did you get,involved in the in the very first place,were you approached with it uh did you,chase it i mean george r martin robert,redford big names attached that must,have been exciting george and robert,redford have you know,been working on this for quite a few,decades now,we finally,uh landed a home at amc but yes i was,approached by,a george rr martin and um,tina elmo and vince gerardus and chris,ayer whos a close friend of mine ive,known chris for decades now and weve,worked with each other in the past and,and he asked me to come aboard as joe,lee porn and uh as well as a being an ep,on the show,um,and you know i was thrilled to to jump,on board,i was very aware of who tony hillman was,ive read quite a few of his books,and um,it was a no-brainer to jump on board,especially with uh such a,prestigious team was it nerve-racking at,all sure uh,you know its my first time ive done a,number one on a tv show,and as well as putting on a different,hat as an ep,um,wasnt quite sure what i was in for,you know i i was ready to put the work,in and and thats what we did,uh it takes a lot of focus and a lot of,drive and and,um it takes over your life for a few,months,uh more so,more like six months with the,post-production and all that but i was i,was up for the task and and im im im,happy with the results how did you find,the uh the balance of starring leading a,show and also being an executive,producer they asked me in the beginning,how much i wanted to be involved and the,more i got involved the more i wanted to,be more involved especially because uh,im very familiar with the,the pool of actors and talent that we,have out there its not a big pool,and ive worked with most most of the,native actors and actresses out there,im close to our casting director renee,haynes,as well so ive worked with her multiple,times,and you know i kind of knew the ins and,outs of navigating through that and um,so i became more and more involved with,the casting as well as,setting up cultural advisors,setting up the writing room i know,knew all the writers that we used as,well had either worked with them or,you know knew them throughout the,community so,um i had a lot of support you know i had,people around me that supported me,i dont think i could have done it,without my friend robert tepper whos,also,a,an actor on the show he plays pete,samuels the recurring role,you know i just had a lot of support,around me,uh you know without those people i i,dont think i would have been able to,survive talking about your your,character did you find parallels between,you and your character joe i i think,with every character that i ive ever,done,you have to bring your own experiences,to it,um your own life experiences um i just,translated my own,experiences like loss and tragedy in my,life to to joe,uh after all every character is me uh,im just adding different layers onto it,but um yeah its part of the process,that i like to do thats why i am an,actor i enjoy that process of bringing,my own experiences to those characters,in the way i grew up you know i i grew,up within my community,um,a different didnt grow up in the navajo,community but i was very familiar with,some of the,the cultural aspects of the navajo,culture,you know i spent a lot of time on the,navajo reservation on and off for the,last 20 years,and i have a lot of friends that are,danae you know i,took different characters i grew up with,like my uncles and,um you know tribal cops that i knew and,um so you always bring your own,experiences to it so um and thats why i,think its important when um,that we we hire,native actors for these native roles um,i think,i think people who grew up in their own,culture uh are going to bring something,a little bit more,uh in,deep and in depth to those characters,theres a clear mention of hollywood,westerns back in the back in the day,and um there was a specific mention of,john wayne for example just how,hollywood used to produce these kind of,lessons and the,representation aspects or perhaps lack,thereof did you think that that was an,important aspect of the shows,discussion sure i mean were,having control over our own stories is,important its a great time right now,that,we do have control over our own stories,and were,telling our own narrative um,also you know just breaking some of,those those tropes and and stereotypes,those myths that people have about,american indians is is important and,the public seeing us the audience seeing,seeing us in a different light theres,not a lot of tv shows out there where,all the actors are native we have,rutherford falls we have reservation,dogs,uh as well as uh dark winds now and,hopefully there will be more to come and,its just a good time in in uh,for representation in tv and film right,now for us were there any standout days,that you can remember did things go,wrong in the out in the wilderness did,anything occur that you remember being,at the uh standout moment regarding,filming or was it more day-to-day as,usual,you know youre always dealing with the,elements and,it was a beautiful place a beautiful,place to shoot but you know the weather,is uh can be bad sometimes it gets cold,in november and october it starts,getting chilly,to deal with those elements theres you,know its quite rugged out we we used uh,different reservations different pueblos,that we shot on the tuzuki pueblo as,well as the cochiti pueblo we found on,tribal lands and and you know theres,always the elements in the uh getting,around physically,with with dirt roads etc,and,also uh you know running around in those,costumes and running around in cowboy,boots and the rocks and you know its,just standard stuff right,not out there digging ditches or,anything like that were taken care of,and um but work is work and we,long days in 10 12-hour days and uh you,know you kind of expect that on every,shoot that you do looking at this in,comparison to your your body of work,youve done a lot of big shows westworld,the sun,longmire fargo by the way fargo im a,huge fan of um handsy dent i think hes,one of the standout characters on tv,great work there by the way i just,wanted to fanboy that out um in,comparison how do you how did you find,this experience um you know each each,project is different you know what i,mean i mean im proud of all those,projects you know and and uh its just a,my first time experiencing being a,number one on a call sheet and,leading the show,as well as being an ep so it it,obviously brought different,uh elements to being on the set i was on,the set a lot more than i usually am i,was in a lot more scenes which requires,just more focus and and im all about,that im all about putting the work in,you know um that thats why im an actor,i i enjoy the work i enjoy locking,myself up in in,in my house and memorizing dialogue and,getting you know deep into the character,and figuring out objectives and scenes,and where,where the arcs are and the you know so i,it was it was different in that aspect,but all the

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Dark Winds: Navajo Language Word Review

good morning everyone in todays video,were just going to review one Navajo,word in the AMC Television series dark,winds I will show you that looking at,just one word will give us some insight,into the Navajo language for those of,you unfamiliar with this series,darkwings is based on a novel called,listening woman written by Tony,hillerman,among other fictional and non-fictional,novels that Tony hillerman wrote he also,wrote a series of detective novels that,feature two Navajo Tribal Police,Officers Jolie porn and Jim Chi,these series are set in the four corners,area of Arizona New Mexico Utah and,Colorado,although these novels mainly revolved,around the Navajo tribe other,neighboring tribes like the Zuni and the,Hopi tribes were mentioned as well,Id say he did his research and he was,very knowledgeable about Navajo culture,although the accuracy of the Navajo,language used in the series was,questionable I still highly encourage,you to watch this series I found it very,interesting now lets begin,lets look at the word she uses for go,back inside,this word ya Ananda,tells us several things,one it is a command to just one person,when you say,youre telling one person to go back,inside,yah means under something,saying,means to go back into something like,into a building,if youre telling two people to go back,inside you say,if youre telling three or more people,to go back inside you say,now this is an okay word but were going,to talk about a better word to use in a,few,two the phrasing also means to go back,inside what I mean is just like when we,said how to say turn it off in the how,to turn it off video,we said you use the word Anan guess,which literally means to screw it back,in but it means to turn it off the word,nana means again,doing it again or go back inanta,the third thing we can learn from this,word is she is talking to somebody whos,older or is using a cane to get around,if a person was younger or more mobile,you wouldnt say,instead you would say,literally means run back inside like go,back inside quickly,but you use this term for people who are,younger more mobile more limber they,dont necessarily have to run back,inside but youre just saying go back,inside,[Music],Coral,you reserve the term,for somebody who is older has difficulty,walking around or is probably using a,cane,is a command to just one person,if youre telling two people to go back,inside you would say,or if you were telling three people to,go back inside you would say,now this word,this is the word that I was saying would,be better to use than,if youre telling people to go back,inside like a group of three or more,people,for completeness if you were telling,somebody to go back inside and they were,in a wheelchair you would say,or was,this basically means wheel yourself back,in but what youre saying is go back,inside now lets look at the scene where,the woman who practices witchcraft uses,the same word,um,yeah Ananda,now she could have said,because shes talking to her daughter,who is younger more mobile and has no,difficulty getting around but how can,she go back inside if shes already,inside,instead what she could have said is,means in there,means you sin so literally it means go,sit in there but what youre actively,saying is stay inside,the woman also could have said,foreign and what that means is dont go,outside now this woman who practices,Navajo witchcraft should be able to use,Navajo in the proper context and I say,this as a person who makes mistakes and,I blunder my words at times but the fact,that she makes this error makes her,character less threatening and less,believable to me walking Beauty officer,like I said earlier I just wanted to,discuss just one Navajo word from this,series,although a slight error was made in the,Navajo dialogue I think it still became,a good teachable moment and I think,errors are always good teachable moments,we should be more free in terms of,making errors,thats all Im going to share with you,today if you have any questions feel,free to leave it in the comments below,and of course I highly encourage you to,ask your parents your grandparents or,your Navajo language teacher first all,right have a nice day,[Music],thank you,[Music]

Dark Winds Review, Episode 1 and Episode 2

drew here and i think that dark winds on,amc and amc plus i think its a nice,little series,that if youre at all interested in you,should definitely check out,uh i was wondering when this was,announced why on earth george r martin,was producing and having read an article,on the hollywood reporter,turns out he had at least an,acquaintanceship with,the author of the books that this series,is based on tony,hillerman,and that they felt that you know maybe,bringing him on board to kind of guide,the series to the small screen,would you know be the way to go now,obviously i dont think it hurt that,george r martin has such high name,recognition with game of thrones even,though this is such a drastically,different series for the most part,its had a long journey to,the small screen apparently robert,redfords been trying to get a film,adaptation of it made,since the 80s when he first discovered,these books uh and thats an interesting,aspect of this because if you started,watching this series and didnt realize,it was based on novels that started,being written in the 1970s and went on,you know past that but started in the,70s you might think that the fact that,this story takes place on the navajo,reservation in 1971 is something of a,nostalgia,ploy because you know nostalgia is,really really big right now but no i,think that,honestly that they had to set it then,because thats when the stories that um,hillerman wrote,took place and that was when he wrote,them and i think that theres a lot of,aspects of it that just wouldnt work if,they took place in 2022 im not saying,that none of the problems none of the,harsh realities facing um native,americans on the reservation,have,that theyre all gone im not saying,that but i am saying like situations,have changed and i think from a,procedural standpoint i think as a,mystery thriller theres a lot of things,that wouldnt work if people had iphones,for example,the isolation,that people are able to experience on,the reservation it kind of creates a lot,of,neo-western situations,and they definitely,use a lot of the imagery from old,westerns and they repurpose it for the,native american heroes of this story and,i think it works really well i think,that,the thing is that this would work really,well if it was just a mystery thriller,theres a lot of simple pleasures here,you know threats of violence,um,tense standoffs um even actual shootouts,and i think that in the first two,episodes its pretty clear that this,being on a regular not a network but you,know on a channel that has to air live i,think thats a good thing for this show,because the writers have to bear in mind,that if they dont have something,interesting happen every eight minutes,then people are going to tune out i,think people,get used to the netflix model where its,just like oh well we drop all the,episodes so people will just kind of,have it on and,they wont tune out even if we dont,really,explain what this show is going to be,like in the first episode but i think,its much better to have a targeted um,attempt to hold the audiences interest,i think theres that famous,i forget who said it but someone you,know basically essentially said,if i had had more time i would have made,it shorter essentially getting to the,heart of why i think this is,a better execution strategy because,oftentimes if you have enough time you,can make anything seem good but it takes,actual talent to establish characters,and setting and all these other aspects,in a short amount of time and this,series does it so well now it actually,its interesting because it has about a,5 million dollar per episode budget,which is nothing to sneeze at obviously,but its actually on the smaller side,for where streaming fare is going when,you look at like all these 20 and 30,million sho dollar shows coming out,but hopefully that makes it a little bit,easier for them to bring this show back,for,multiple seasons theres 18,source novels to draw from apparently,this draws from two different novels,featuring two different protagonists and,kind of just,merges their stories together so that,they can be in the same story i was,actually surprised to hear that because,i felt like everything seemed to connect,pretty smoothly it didnt feel like a,disjointed story to me,but so that ill give them kudos for you,know pulling that off and you know also,elevating the role of,bernadette manuel elito,who apparently is not that prominent in,this novel but becomes more prominent,in subsequent novels,so,i i give them kudos for that and just,having a tightly constructed mystery,thriller and it would work on just that,level but i think what theres a couple,things viewing this story one i think,that,its such an interesting setting theres,so many,rituals established that we get to,witness,so much of the navajo culture,and its so intricate and,dense with history and the writers to,their credit seem to have this strategy,i read some quotes where they basically,stated this outright but they seem to,have this strategy,of not telling the audience too much,assuming that if were interested in,some ritual or in some uh,momentary thing that we see that well,go and do the research and learn more,about navajo culture for ourselves and i,think thats the right strategy because,theres enough here to give this story,an edge to make it more you know,impactful and interesting but not so,much that it keeps the story from moving,forward,as i said the pacing is really good i do,think that there are a few instances,where it felt to me as though characters,were wandering around one location and,just staring at objects for too long i,know that theyre trying to introduce,clues and to make sure that they,register with us the audience but i,think at some level they have to realize,were probably not going to remember if,you leave it on screen for longer and,also,that these scenes are just kind of a,little too long and drawn out in my,opinion but mileage is definitely going,to vary there some of you will just,enjoy the landscape of the southeastern,u.s and just enjoy getting to see uh,these locations uh that theyve,recreated um they were going to be,allowed to film on the navajo,reservation in new mexico apparently but,uh covet 19 struck and plans changed,but so they created all these sets i,think for the most part,and it really is a great backdrop for a,series i think that what really sets a,mystery thriller series apart is the,setting uh that was the way it was with,maravis town and thats the way it is,here uh the other thing that really,gives this series a boost is the,performance of zhan mclarnon as joe,leaphorn i think that he has constantly,proven himself to be a really really,strong character actor in a lot of,television roles most notably probably,in fargo,as this villain that really stole,a lot of screen time from other,characters,and the question was always cant you,know what roles are going to be,available to zan to play as a lead it,just does you know because hes not the,type of actor that hollywood looks to as,a lead theres a limited range of roles,for him and hes not going to get cast,in a role that wasnt specifically,written,for a native american most likely so,i hope that this series gets renewed for,a lot of seasons because i think it has,potential to be really compelling in the,vein somewhat in the vein i know this is,a weird comparison but somewhat in the,vein of justified,it also kind of evoked hell or high,water for me,but i think that this could be a great,role for him its he has such great,presence and the character is very,nuanced and detailed uh its hes this,man,who has kind of a foot in both the white,mans world and the world of the,reservation and hes not really accepted,in either as a result hes educated but,he came back to the reservation and i,think theyve not really explicitly,stated this but i think that he kind of,realizes that he has to have that foot,in the white mans world in order to,protect um the people on the reservation,from their

The REAL Villain Revealed! Dark Winds Season 1 Finale Review!

whats going on everybody its your boy,sugar from trick Earth media and today,we are looking at the finale of dark,winds and I think this is a very,satisfying conclusion to the mystery but,weve been setting up all season theres,some clever twists we got some good,action scenes we got a lot of suspense,theres a lot to like in this episode so,definitely got a lot of great stuff to,get into but thats just my overall,feelings of the episode we start off,with the biggest Twist of the episode,which is who the true antagonist is,turns out Mr FBI man was on the side of,the Buffalo Society all along and in,this scene it establishes he doesnt,care about the cause he just knows that,this guys good at robbing banks and he,wants money so apparently the pilot,helicopter pilot that the Buffalo,Society had set up before uh LED let had,a rap sheet or something and got picked,up for something else so thats how I,caught wind of this and it turns out,everything hes done this whole season,has been in an effort to do cover up,everything thats going on so its a,really its a clever plot twist I didnt,quite expect it and it makes uh some a,lot of things make more sense I I do,have to I would have to watch it again,and see like if theres anything that,maybe contradicts that but it plays off,well in this episode hes a great,villain for this episode its a nice,twist and I really I I didnt expect it,even though I probably should have so,here we are uh chi has come back and he,knows because of uh talking to devoted,Dan or dealer Dan I forget which one it,is he knows that uh the the other his,boss is in on it he learned you know,somebody came and talked to him and,theres no reports filed and also the,the file that he wanted of the double,murder was supposed to be thrown away so,he knows that theres a cover-up,happening he knows whats happening Im,surprised I didnt figure it out last,week with everything with him but I just,kind of glossed over it so I didnt even,mention that he he found out that his,boss talked to a dealer Dan so I should,have pieced it together but I didnt for,some reason so I just wanted to point,out this CGI shot looks a little fake to,me uh I I yeah its its a CGI Chad,theres a theres no doubt in my mind,but I do like this scene here,um where theres some funny lines in,this episode so even though we have all,this intensity going on they still have,a little bit of humor but its not too,much and its not cringy humor and it,doesnt come up as like oh just trying,to spout off one liners like a Marvel,movie or something it it feels like,organic to the story so I appreciate the,humor here Bernie that uh he he says,didnt anybody tell you youre too,pretty to be a cop and then shes like,only everyone how about you,so I I like those little jokes we get,and uh it builds up the characters and,theyre little moments but I really,appreciate when when comic relief is,done well because its its a little,over the top now feels like everythings,written like a sitcom now,but uh Im loving everything building up,were back here with the Buffalo Society,guys theyre gonna use the the Marvin,family is Hostages which you know makes,sense of course thats the only real,thing that makes sense they want to get,the father guy to go to devoted Dan to,get a van so he wants to have the full,image he feels he needs the mo the,minivan for the image so I like that,element and we got a leap horn sneaking,around I like that we dont get the,altercation right away he knows hes on,hes on his own he knows uh I dont know,if hes called for backup or if hes,waiting for people to show up or just,waiting for the right opportunity but I,I like that suspense here and the cat,and mouse game that they have going on I,appreciate it uh you know he makes he,accidentally lets some dirt fall in and,then they they realize that hes in,there so I you know a lot of times that,stuff is like a little too convenient,when when uh oh he made he made a little,bit of a noise right but it works in,this scene and I like how they they,start plugging the holes and hes,running out of places to go I I like,this cat and mouse game it works for me,um now heres one thing Im not really,sure what was going on here okay I guess,it was an accident I was like did he do,it on purpose I was a bit it would only,make sense it was an accident but uh,just some of the way it was shot was,just a little confusing so and this is a,point where uh the cheese she shows up,and confronts his FBI boss doesnt want,him to know that hes in that he knows,that hes in on it but this this is the,one this is one point there was a,gunshot in the cave and bang bang like,it just happened so theyre like I dont,know where they are where would they go,its like they they would both at this,point be heading toward the the gunfire,so um yeah that that took me out of it,like this maybe this scene took place,just before the gunshot like that would,work better uh but yeah its like a,potential shootout situation and you,know I like how its a wild west type of,thing you know we got the Western feel,plus the new R like I said in the first,review I was right of course everybody,knows Im always right so I like the,tension here she,kind of is trying to lie about why hes,here hes really here to arrest the FBI,guy but of course he doesnt want uh him,to know that at this point so he says,that hes here to help Lee porn and and,I like the point about how thats,contradictory to why uh the FBI picked,Chi to begin with so the Dual situation,it works for me in general but theres,theres just a couple things here youre,like yeah he he pulled out the gun,really quick and just shot it off as,quick as he could so he hit him in the,arm that thats possible it makes sense,its uh you know youre youre trying to,shoot as quick as you can so you might,not hit the target youre looking for,but he knows he hit him in the arm right,I think he would I think he would check,to see if Chi was dead right because I,dont know he he cant let Chi live at,this point right so I I think he would,check on it I know like we need cheats,to survive this and all that but I I,just I just find it hard to believe like,I feel like he would he would double tap,you know what Im saying because at that,point if if she lives hes screwed,straight up so hes already in this deep,so I dont know here we got something,unexpected in the episode The a guy who,was the girls father the girl who was,murdered and uh lee porns sort of rival,slash friend he ends up getting involved,in the story too because he saw comes,upon the van now I I often complain on,this channel about coincidences and,stuff like that I think this would apply,uh but I I like getting him into the,story I think the reservation is a,pretty big space but they we have kept,the story pretty confined into a a small,radius I dont think weve been,traveling too far,throughout the series correct me if Im,wrong but so I think the odds of him,driving up on on the van you know it,might might be pretty good actually,because theres probably not that many,roads out here so I was willing to let,the coincidence slide in this case let,me know what you guys think uh people,some people dont like what I nitpicked,stuff like that but its its what I do,you know and now now Bernadettes in the,cave and theyre and the Buffalo Society,guys are trying to smoke out Lee porn,another one minor criticism maybe they,shot the shot and then cut it for time,but I feel like he would have tried to,kick out some of the rocks or something,because they they plug the holes with,rocks so that this whole thing would,work but I feel like you know with the,if youre just shoving rocks up a hole,like that you could just like with he,could take the rifle the butt of the,rifle and just go and probably open it,up right so at least get some more,oxygen in the area again he cant fit,through the hole can he fit through the,holes I mean how did he get in here to,begin with so okay so I feel like he,could get out a different way th

Native American REACTION to DARK WINDS, PREY Teaser, and Others

hey everybody so i just wanted to pop in,and give my two cents and reactions to a,few things that are coming up so the,first thing i want to react to is the,new prey movie and i saw a little quick,big of it but i didnt want to like,watch too much of it i know it looked,pretty good already but i wanted to just,kind of watch it live with you so you,can kind of see what i my initial,thoughts on it same thing with dark,winds and i want to talk about,rutherford falls reservation dogs 2,and um echo so lets get into it roll,the intro,[Music],so the first one again is pray,i like i said i saw like a quick tidbit,but i wanted to kind of just stop so we,can watch it together,um its only like 45 seconds long but,its something so um lets take a look,oh thats right 10 cloverfield lane that,was a good one,oh,august 5th hey not too far away,quick,quick hulu original august 5th great,so a few things already that um,i think are interesting i mean i already,saw that like you know theyre looking,to do like a female,lead with this one which i thought was,pretty interesting if you know anything,about you know the history of the,comanche of with a lot of tribes in,particular female warriors for some,tribes were kind of i dont say the norm,but they were like,not they were typical to see sometimes,and other tribes not very much with the,comanche im not entirely sure as far as,i know warrior society and comanche,culture was very much male dominated,so its interesting to see how,i i think this film is going to tackle a,bit of that already just like just from,i can tell,the actress,uh as far as i know she i think she uses,lakota,as far as i remember,um yeah but already it kind of looks,looks pretty good,uh,i will be honest from a filmmaking,standpoint,potentially it kind of has,it kind of this is just me being really,judgy from the get-go im not im not,judging the um the content at all im,judging kind of the filmmaking aspect,but it kind of looks kind of sci-fi,tv-ish and it legitimately is a,made-for-tv movie,so well have to see but im actually,pretty excited for it no matter what,i think i know im gonna like it its,this is exactly the type of predator,movie that i personally have been,looking for um,im curious to see the the wardrobe and,everything uh the war paint like i just,if youre comanche like i want to know,like,you know is it typical or,not you know what i mean so it actually,looks really good um im actually really,excited for it i i like i said i only,watch like the first 10 seconds so,seeing the ending with her with,with the tomahawk and everything i think,its really good supposed to take place,in like the early 1700s so by that point,a lot of tribes had had some contact,with the colonizers at the point,especially in the plains so yeah,im really excited for it,so the next one i wanted to check out is,dark winds so ive been following this,one for quite a while there was a movie,made with lou diamond phillips back in,the 80s or 70s,and that one was pretty good the show,was going to be based off of tony,hillermans novels and he wrote like,these murder mysteries that take place,on the res,and the two protagonists that we follow,for the most part are lieutenant lee,porn whos like a detective and then jim,chi gym cheese like um,hes like a cop navajo cop but hes also,like a medicine man so hes very,into intuitive and spiritual meanwhile,lieutenant lee porn hes kind of an,urban native and hes very skeptical and,very analytical and its a really cool,combination to have kind of like a um,it was it honestly it was x-files before,x-files um so the dark winds uh i know,uh zen mclaren is gonna play elite porn,which i think is fascinating because,he he he always exudes like this,mystical persona already so im its,going to be different,for me to see him,in this sleep porn roll,and then kiowa gordon is going to play,gym g and im already excited for that,so i purposely havent seen the trailer,up until this point uh now were gonna,see,im gonna watch it with you and you can,watch it with me so lets give it a shot,weve got the hat,you got a visitor lieutenant im your,new deputy you know about this,looks like you guys could use the help,nice too oh hes wearing the cf the,navajo bun,thats interesting,george r martin robert redford yep what,are you going to do search 27 000 square,miles,hello,[Music],chris i are directing it and thats,pretty exciting,did,robberies eyewitnesses placed that,hijacked chopper headed into navajo,country now were talking about a double,homicide were talking,about a card,showing all the old cars,oh wow,wow,all right,all right,okay im hyped,so a lot of interesting things im,seeing here,this is actually very fascinating so,zan mclaren is lieutenant lee porn it,looks like elite porn is the protagonist,here,because in the books sometimes it shifts,and leaphorn is just fascinating because,lee porn in the book see like i said,hes the skeptic hes the one thats a,little more,um skeptical and analytical about things,what is interesting is he is,the way to portraying him hes kind of,that um,that he kind of gives that small town,sheriff vibes hes like wearing his,jeans and you know and hes got his hat,hes wearing his uh sies which is the,traditional navajo bun,uh thats fascinating and wes studi,played him and he,his his portrayal hes always in a suit,and a tie hairs cut straight and,everything,um and kyle gordons jim chi is its,kind of the opposite jim here looks a,lot more,clean cut you see him in the suit when,he first comes in his uniform is pretty,uniform right,so its interesting im thats the one,thing that stuck out to me automatically,uh rain wilson um,and i think im not entirely sure just,if i remember correctly it looks like,rain wilsons characters based off of,a,shifty,pastor type character in one of tony,hillermans books,so that he could i think maybe thats,what his character is inspired by,ive read like i think three or four of,them up to this point,but yeah that looks really good and,theyre they obviously are really trying,to capture,theyre definitely way more authentic,here i think a little bit with you know,um the culture mixed with um,theyre i can tell that because like if,you watch the pbs document or the pbs,films that chris iyer also directed,um theyre very they seem very pbsc,right but the amc this amc portrayal,seems to be a lot more grounded a lot,more raw,a lot more,um,whats the word im looking for,yeah i i guess i was just a lot more a,little more raw,and the portrayal of the people and the,culture i can tell theyve put a lot of,thought into this now the one thing that,i cant tell is if its taking place if,its a period show,like mind hunter uh,i cant tell if its going to take place,in the 70s and 80s or if its taking,place now but,just by looking at it i think it takes,place like in the late 70s early 80s so,its definitely a period show,and im really excited for that too i,think theres going to be a lot of,tension with jurisdiction there usually,is a lot of tension with jurisdiction,that happens on navajo or any,reservation for that matter,when it comes to laws and and policing,and stuff like that,and theyre obviously gonna lean into,the,uh supposed supernaturalness thats the,one thing i like about tony halemazon,tony hillers levels are kind of like,x-files in the sense that like,there seems to be an aura of,supernaturalness,and folklore surrounding the murders,and you like the the characters and you,are both very unclear and its quite,ambiguous and in the end,it kind of has a sherlock holmes type of,thing that this is this explains this,this explains that right but i dont,know maybe the show will make it more,ambiguous which makes it for me thats,what makes x files interesting too is,that the ambiguity is what keeps it,interesting and you keep watching,but i also saw that uh robert redford,and george r.r martin,uh george r.r martin actually became,friends with tony hillerman when he,moved to santa fe,and so,i know that george rr martin is,definite

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