1. Darkest Dungeon 2 Early Access Review
  2. Is It Better or Worse? 1 Year Retrospective | Darkest Dungeon 2 [Early Access]
  3. Baer Plays Darkest Dungeon II (Ep. 129)
  4. Darkest Dungeon 2 | Honest Review
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Darkest Dungeon 2 Early Access Review

when darkest dungeon was first released,in early access in 2015 it was a minor,miracle the tactical rpg design the,horror setting the stress system and,especially the sound and narration,combined to create an instant classic,its a tough act to follow but darkest,dungeon 2 now in early access gives it a,worthy shot the good news is that this,sequel has a different enough structure,and technical improvements that it more,than justifies its existence taking the,original formula in surprising new,directions the less good news is that,there are some pretty significant tweaks,that seem necessary before it can really,hold a torch to the original,steady yourself,[Music],the biggest change between darkest,dungeon and darkest dungeon 2 is that,the sequel shrinks the story both of the,campaign directly and the one that you,tell yourself over the course of a run,the whole expedition consists of four,characters in a single wagon as it,travels through a handful of hostile,territories occasionally upgrading as it,goes that means that instead of a,hundred hour campaign as in the original,the sequels campaign takes place over,the course of five or six hours with,five campaigns promised in the interface,at last the great cigarette,temple of failure and regret this makes,it a lot easier to jump in and out of a,run but i personally miss the feeling of,strategically managing a large team of,characters the tighter scope makes it,overall less exciting even if it is more,manageable on the plus side the smaller,campaign lets darkest dungeon 2s,characters feel like distinct,individuals instead of faceless classes,or cogs in the machine getting to see,each characters backstory and,flashbacks that occasionally have little,combat puzzles in them does a lot to,flesh them out she delighted in the,combative debate,and behind her bookish glasses,reveled in their outrage another way,that darkest dungeon 2 diverges from its,predecessors by having your party,members become friends or enemies across,the course of a run health insanity,meters still exist but each character,also has a bar representing their,relationship with each other member of,the party when those meters fill up with,either positive or negative emotion that,triggers a friendship or rivalry that,comes with buffs and debuffs or even,give certain extra combat actions,and if someone has a stress meltdown it,damages their relationships with,everyone in the group the net effect is,that high stress makes relationships,fall apart triggering a cascade of,negative feelings on paper this seems,like a good idea what darkest dungeon 1,did for the individual effects of stress,turning people paranoid or cowardly,darkest dungeon 2 does for small group,dynamics,however balance and structural issues,threaten to derail everything the first,issue is conceptual a four-person party,means six different relationships within,that party on top of everybodys,individual health and stress bars,fracturing that central mechanic across,several different meters makes it feel,less important overall when things go,wrong in addition to being harder to,track the other problem is that right,now in early access its just not,especially well balanced,if you want to manage your partys,stress level you pretty much have to,upgrade a single specific skill at the,start of a run and then spam it,alternatively i found it pretty easy at,least early in a run to simply fight my,way past the bad relationship debuffs,theyre annoying certainly but theyre,not run ending those factors combine in,a way that removes the signature tension,that the original darkest dungeon,created should i flee this run or should,i try to fight on because a run in,darkest dungeon 2 is a single multi-hour,progression theres no ability to bail,and only get partial rewards for the,current set of characters youre either,going forward or youre totally starting,over this isnt necessarily a bad thing,its just much less intense overall for,good and for ill there are yet places,such as this,where a little light still gathers,still darkest dungeon 2 is a very strong,moment-to-moment game combat is largely,the same as it was in its predecessor,its a one-dimensional tactics game,where you face monsters on a line and,use appropriate skills to bash weaken,and zap them based on positioning,whats dramatically improved however are,the models and animations the characters,move and sway and prepare to attack when,you start clicking on different combat,skills and yet it maintains the,excellent visual style of the original,the sound and music are also top-notch,once again,looking forward im curious what the,four future campaigns foreshadowed by,the menu will change outside of their,boss encounters in order to keep the,moment-to-moment gameplay novel,theres also a lot of room to grow the,list of characters since there are,currently only nine all in all the early,access version offers a decent amount of,content that took me five or six tries,over the course of almost a week to play,through which is respectable although,very different from its epic length,predecessor each milestone makes the,next road just a little easier in the,first days of its early access launch,darkest dungeon 2s new mechanics 3d art,and other ideas already separated from,its predecessor enough that it has a,strong reason for existing and the road,trip campaign structure keeps it tight,and focused without retreading too much,of the same ground but that smaller,focus also means that a lot of the magic,from the sprawling original seems to,have been lost strong foundations are,potentially there but itll take some,work to build something miraculous upon,them for more check out our reviews of,disciples liberation and astria,ascending and for everything else stick,with ign,you

Is It Better or Worse? 1 Year Retrospective | Darkest Dungeon 2 [Early Access]

theyll be all Shuffle and todays video,is a recap of the first year of darkest,dungeon 2. it is this games birthday so,happy birthday dd2 and Red Hook and all,the players that have stuck through it,and Im going to use this time to recap,how the game was when it came out and,where were at now so we got the Vlog,updates and some chronological order,also show appropriate you know pics or,footage or whatever as needed but were,gonna go kind of quickly over these just,to make sure that were all up to date,on whats Happening so,game came out a year ago October 26 2021,and when it dropped for that you know,you probably played it for a couple days,maybe a week and youre like wow ounce,of prevention is busted game LOL too,easy for me and I am done playing it,okay so thats where a lot of people,were and a lot of us have also stuck it,out and kept going so weve been seeing,all the updates and theres been a lot,of good changes so were gonna talk,about those this was the road map that,they,initially released this was back in,January this thing does not apply,anymore and they they got rid of this,pretty quickly Id say and thats just,because they responded to feedback a lot,of things I hear,people talking about that I dont or,that I dont agree with,is that they say oh Red Hook doesnt,listen to feedback they dont care what,their players think and they literally,made the Early Access period to get,feedback you know people say we hate the,progression system it got changed people,say want the game to be harder they made,it harder they said we want,relationships to go theyre fixing them,its that ones taking a bit so well,talk about that but they always put out,surveys and they look at the feedback,Channel and they talk in their own,Discord to people and theyre really,receptive so when people say theyre not,listening to feedback no they are,theyre probably not listening to your,feedback so you need to understand,that theres a difference you know like,you want the game to be DD 1.5,thats black reliquary go play that you,know if you want darkest dungeon 2,youre playing this so,I gotta get off my soapbox there but,the road map this is gone we made it,pretty much to like three for the most,part,they they gave us this one this is when,the road map was first made so this was,be some burdens this was the first,update let me talk about that and then,the second update was shroud of the deep,so we got a new region and a second boss,or second Mountain boss and uh some,story stuff permanent upgrades,I dont know if this was initially,supposed to be Paz or not but they put,in paths pretty quickly so some of the,things that were added to the game,werent on here and some of the things,were you know and someone got pushback,which is why this road map just doesnt,really apply anymore,but um some other things of note this,here the this extra region Im pretty,sure this got uh scrapped and thats,just because there are other changes,they wanted to make and they wanted to,shore up the foundation of the game to,make that really good and judging by the,new region question marks Im pretty,sure they had,really nothing here yet like those,barnacle and Cresta region thing talking,about the shroud Im pretty certain they,had the Shroud at least planned,before they got here and this one got,scrapped so,the things they did talk about or I,should say the current road map,so this was from a blog post back in May,I dont know if this is the most current,one of these I think it is this looks,like its the current one so they uh,for their unofficial road map they had,trinket improvements third hero pass,they did that cultist reinforcements did,that new progression system first hero,it was Bounty Hunter they did that act 3,confession boss this is not here yet,but if were going on this this is,likely next but,after that acts 4 confession,relationship rework second hero,collector mini boss driving improvements,third hero Secret minibus,we have no idea what this is pets,uh skins playable act 5 confession boss,and more we dont know what that is but,the game is supposed to release,officially,in February of next year,can they get all of this done,in four months,Maybe,they usually put out one update a month,at this at this pace,and I think once theyre done with the,reworks and stuff like that and theyre,just focusing on content that probably,goes kind of quickly,so hopefully you know I dont know but,this is where were at here and,yeah so were gonna have two more Heroes,a couple reworks,and,some Mountain bosses thats where were,at,while you were gone,the Beast and burdens update came out,this was adding creature dens and hero,pass to the game and,The Oasis so creature dens a location,you go to you fight two waves of,these monsters so dogs spiders and worms,and you get a pretty good reward,although it is a difficult encounter so,its risk and reward but the reward is,something you carry to the next in you,get Mastery and then various other,effects like cure your diseases training,prices are cheaper Etc,hero pass these are specializations this,has been pretty mixed when they came out,it was fun because you know something,new and then as the game went on the,paths themselves showed themselves to be,problems and once they,kind of became problems because you know,a lot of them were just bonus damage and,it was a lot of damage and stuff and it,just really,put the game into a bad balance State I,would say or anyone wondering what that,sound was Echo fell off of something but,he is okay so he was chasing a fly and,now he is outside while I finish,recording this,yeah so Paz kind of really messed up the,balance of the game,in the long term because of their damage,and what they could do it made Wanderers,not fun to play because I was just the,bass class the paths themselves were,random so they would just pop up at the,crossroads you picked your Heroes then,it was not a fun system and that has,changed you can now pick your paths when,you pick your Heroes and also they have,been toned down in terms of power level,theyre still much stronger than,Wanderers which is an issue,but as it is now its in a better State,than it was so it is a nice and good,change the paths they talk about here,uh apprentice and master those are gone,Oasis this is a location where you go,there Your Heroes can stress heal or you,get Mineral Spring Water which is a,consumable that heals stress in combat,so these these were the new additions,for this patch the game was still pretty,lacking at this point because we got,some content some like stuff no one,really asked for at this point like the,creature Den the past the Oasis you know,people wanted better stress healing and,then an inconsistent node that not all,your Heroes want to use was not a good,answer,but outside of that,they were putting this out while they,were fixing other things and so Im not,trying to be all doom and gloomy there,is a an upside like the game,you know all cut to the chase the game,Now is better than its ever been it is,fantastic it is a joy to play you just,need to fix a couple more things and add,some content and then it should be ready,But A Games still not in a great spot,at base and burdens,shroud of the deep,game in a really good spot at shroud of,the deep so they added the water aquatic,coastal region the Shroud and they added,a new enemy faction,which are fishmongers or Fisher folk I,think theyre called and it is,reminiscent of the shout Shadow over,innsmith if you ever,red slash heard that Lovecraft story but,it definitely has those vibes I guess,Ill spoil the boss in a way its,reminiscent of Dagon so when the Shroud,came out we got chapter two so we got a,new Mountain boss,and one of the ongoing complaints is,that nothing has really changed between,chapters besides the ordainment so,ordained monsters,theres a lot of text here basically,ordained monsters are just stronger,versions of regular monsters they have a,increase of hpe damage resists secondary,effects may not resist but

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Baer Plays Darkest Dungeon II (Ep. 129)

welcome back to darkest dungeon 2.,everybody,bear Taffy aka the king of failure,I only said that because I saw it right,there I dont feel that way about myself,I dont think I dont think Im the king,of failure you guys all right dont,dont feel too bad I know I can win,maybe Ill do it today maybe law Mike,Lawler poet leper will steer us to,Victory along with the night sworn grave,robber whos rocking the unerring perk,while additional damage on those range,skills nocturnal Jester gonna be,attempting me to go for the infernal,flame although to be honest Im going,with a lot of D.O.T now that I think,about it so Im kind of doubting Im,gonna go with that,and then finally The Alchemist in the,back as mentioned rocking a lot of that,D.O.T with the answer prevention as well,I what can I say man I am I am sold,turns out its still pretty damn good,after all who knew,the road is yours to travel but you are,not alone,you havent lost a single game outside,of the practice runs theres a fair,point yeah thats true,every loss has been a practice run so,still gotta still got a perfect streak,going,now the only room for one memory I think,today but oh thats,thats a fine one to get,wow Im gonna take a peek at least at,the other options to make sure were not,passing up on something else thats a,little more valuable but uh wow yeah God,damn,really really good probably gonna,convince me to re-equip magnesium rain,maybe even unfortunately in place of,ounce of prevention having just given,that so much praise,but that is a pretty unique circumstance,and Ive got to give that to our plate,doctor a memory of pleasure and duller,movement of pain it would be nice to get,that plus three percent crit chance on,honestly any of these guys probably not,the poet but,yeah I cant afford it oh well once more,into the Maelstrom in search of what,hope yet remains but hey if we can only,afford one memory thats the memory to,get right there man especially on a,plague doctor that feels fantastic,were gonna go ahead and make the swap,too I do feel like thats got to be the,more important,option given that dot boost,even just that little bit its gonna,make a pretty big difference,most always end up going food,it is ours now with that first note if,given the option especially considering,the fact that weve got the option to,get apples and cheese and steak and,spuds like we just did,if you dont give a character a memory,do they even persist between runs I,dont know I dont think so I guess they,would have prior to this wouldnt they,they didnt have any so yeah I dont,think they do,which is an interesting consideration,another song book of touching dirges,which of course has gotten a little more,risky but is still quite good,pipeweeds still just as good as ever,well if theres necessarily anything,that would justify the purchase of the,meditative totem here I think Ill just,go ahead and pick up these two things,and call it good nothing else really,strikes my fancy with this guy healing,selves are nice early on but honestly,weve been running into so many,inventory issues despite the Boost to,the inventory space,Im just gonna go ahead and,keep some slots open early,I drank too much bear coffee this,morning need to go lie down I havent,had enough bear coffee this morning can,I can I take some of yours Pawn youre,singing we do is copy transfusion Valley,is not immune to the spreading stain,all right now we starting this off big,fat pure wet,seems good I should equip you,he would be fun with this despite the,fact that obviously the poet leper is,doing very little damage,obviously as well look at how damn,valuable magnesium rains D.O.T upgrade,was immediately the past is gone,let it die I think Im gonna go ahead,and throw Hugh into the mix in place a,purge especially now that we have,magnesium ran equipped,he can do one damage to trigger some,deaths doors,might be worth it,one cup of coffee equals good two cups,of coffee equals nap its similar,[Music],now that Im realizing this its,hilarious to me its very similar to the,way that alcohol works the place is the,little horse from where,Bob familiar nonetheless where you get,like well maybe the proportions are a,little different but you get just like,that right amount of coffee anywhere,youre like oh man yeah I feel great I,bet even more coffee would make me feel,even better and then it just starts to,like Trend downward from there same,thing with alcohol where you get enough,alcohol and you get to like that perfect,point where youre starting to feel the,buzz and feel pretty good like yeah this,is awesome I bet more alcohol would make,me feel great and then nope,downward spiral we gotta go to the,tangle by the way theres uh theres a,couple places we havent seen the Embark,screen for this being one of them,trenches and Tents,the front lines of a war that was never,fought and yeah no infernal flame today,I dont think thats the way to go last,call for the pick me if you want to be,chosen for the coach today we still got,the Bounty Hunter hopefully to come as,well practice,improve Im gonna go for the safe place,of upgrading our indiscriminate science,and uh well you know actually I think,this is probably a better idea early on,I consider this option often without a,night sworn grave robber and with the,nightsworn grave robber it makes it a,hell of a lot better conventional fare,but fairly priced and,you know maybe book of creative insults,is when Im undervaluing particularly,against the focused fault,the chance of generating more taunt on,our tank,I dont think Im gonna buy it now but I,think Im gonna consider buying it in,the future,Im gonna go ahead and start these off,here,all right pretty damn good result there,lets go with this,probably buy the cheese,still hanging on to a lot of our initial,bobbles and Relics this feels pretty,good,see if we can maybe use songbook early,on here,oh we got an unfriendly relationship,between the leper and the plague doctor,lets go ahead and fix that up right,away yeah lappers looking pretty damn,good already huh Im loving that,we should probably go ahead and go for,Amorous ballads between the grave robber,and the plague doctor oh thats,unfortunate okay well thankfully theyre,still neutral,unlikely to be unfriendly there or to,form a negative relationship there,a lot of else to do here I think were,just gonna go ahead and head into the,tangle,yeah kind of a boring end to be honest,I might pick up this spiked Ball but,these things are a lot less appealing to,buy now now that they dont deal direct,damage,I think I might hang on the relics for,more valuable stuff later on,see if we get absurdly lucky here with a,initial relationship,Im a lot more interested in seeing this,this is good stuff,the leopards animation seems to be a,little uh,a little off right now,take my eyes off and now that Ive,noticed it,side man,first gifted sub give him some bear hugs,and bear gifts please welcome onto the,pile appreciate it,pop a light,50.,you would think a royal type person,could afford a non-broken sword though I,cant imagine he could lift it I think,he keeps it out of a a sense of,remembrance,battery thinks it looks cool its a big,[ __ ] sword man,forget to draw the name for the,stagecoach as well rigged,all aboard the Jackson,War,rewards only,resignation The Nostalgia of killing his,usurpers,indeed,oh is this,is this a general team,also yeah if we got a mod available to,run a prediction for us here thatd be,awesome,ah this could be a general team got the,plague doctor the grave robber is good,for it intimidate would work well with,LOL,weve been having a lot of early death,lately though,I dont know I think maybe,see how this first node goes,oh I got some Road bread again though,nice,hey Dane,the prime,keep the Bear Hugs coming,appreciate the subscription welcome on,in,easy enough,soggy wet Road bread yep my favorite,I got some real interesting flavor,enhancers growing on it,its just not a good idea there Simple,Choice,at least it should be and I

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Darkest Dungeon 2 | Honest Review

hey hey hey today were going to talk,about darkest dungeon 2. when it comes,to roguelikes darkest dungeon 2 reigns,supreme in terms of every choice,mattering but is it actually a good game,since darkest dungeon 2 is still in,early access and of course constantly,changing im going to be talking about a,lot of good and a lot of bad and thats,a brutally honest review if youre into,these sort of things go ahead you know,hit the like button and obviously you,need to subscribe so you have your go-to,guy for unfiltered game reviews hey,enough blab and lets get into it,darkest dungeon 2 is a roguelike rpg,developed by red hook studios as a,follow-up to the hardcore original,returning fans may be surprised to see,it has completely overhauled its,foundation for example instead of,actually exploring dungeons you ride on,a doomed cart holding humanitys last,hope a single flickering light amidst,the darkness of your apocalyptic world,featuring system upon system theres a,ton to unpack here with how the game,works im not going to get too crazy,explaining but here is the sparknotes,version at the start of the game you,pick from a selection of classes each,with randomly assigned strengths and,weaknesses called quirks as you travel,towards the final destination in each,run known only as the mountain you make,many many pit stops along the way you,could stop for a battle or maybe to,barter with strangers for supplies among,many other unique variety of locations,the most important stop you can make,though is at hero shrines where you,learn the back story for each character,unlocking permanent abilities along the,way for use in current and future runs,when it comes to the combat of darkest,dungeon 2 itself the game follows a,turn-based battle system reminiscent of,classic rpgs where speed determines move,order in combat your heroes can obtain a,variety of different ailments and boons,referred to as tokens which you can see,here on screen for example the guy on,the right has a bleed effect on him,pretty simple stuff another system baked,into the game is your hope system that,being the light i refer to earlier on,your station wagon as you lose hope the,world grows more fierce and stronger but,doing things like rescuing people or,defeating treacherous monsters will,increase hope as with many of the,systems im going to talk about this,requires a very precise balance and,fine-tuned skill in addition to the hope,mechanic you also have stress and,relationships with stress your,characters gain and lose it based on a,ton of different things but if they ever,get to a boiling point of 10 stress,theyll have whats called a meltdown,harming the relationships he or she has,built with the other characters and with,that we segue into relationships,relationships are really the foundation,of how well your team works together if,they hate each other stress levels will,race faster and theyll talk smack to,each other constantly sometimes even,ruining each others battle mechanics if,the characters like each other though,youre rewarded with a variety of,benefits like free heals reduced stress,etc again there are all kinds of,different systems you need to,micromanage if you have any hope of ever,beating that final boss,alright with all the basics out of the,way lets talk about what makes this,game tick you know all the,things that keep you coming back for,more for starters let me just outright,say that i think the game is super fun i,really enjoyed my time with darkest,dungeon 2 far more than i thought i,would theres just something so,addicting about the journey towards your,first win and even beyond that something,specific that makes the game so fun is,the class design each class feels so,wholly unique and interesting to play my,personal favorite is the plague doctor,who features a mix of fire toxic and,healing abilities from the back line in,addition to cool abilities which are fun,to mix and match the aesthetic itself of,each character is also super awesome,really i mean just the aesthetic of the,game in general actually its dark,brooding and put simply you know this,world would not be fun to live in it,really does a phenomenal job of,portraying a truly hopeless lost world,another thing i really like about the,game is how it handles inventory now,i know this probably sounds like a,really dumb compliment but hear me out,this might be just me but i feel like in,most rpgs when you get a consumable,instead of using it you just end up,holding onto it just in case you need it,for a tough fight later on when in,reality we both know that item is never,going to actually see the light of day,darkest dungeon 2 actually has items you,need to use if you dont youre freaking,screwed in a weird way this game has,broke me of that compulsive collecting i,do with consumables in games because,again without them youre screwed you,know what while were on the topic this,game is damn hard but i love that about,it this is by far the most challenging,roguelike ive personally ever played,obviously this is fairly subjective but,ive played a lot and this one kicked my,ass more than anything else on the,market when i finally beat that boss i,think i had maybe one person alive with,one health this game is gnarly hard and,it really forces you to question every,single decision you make and i think,thats awesome,[Music],now its time to talk about the bad well,not just the bad but uh mostly the bad,so to start the elephant in the room is,how micromanaging this game can feel i,mentioned this game actually makes you,want to use items which is a good thing,but on the flip side it can be a bit,much with how you have to equip them,after every fight managing trinkets and,stuff like that is also pretty annoying,but nothing is more frustrating than,having to micromanage the stress and,relationship mechanics the game is built,on these as core systems and they just,arent really super fun stress is okay,like its passable because you have,abilities to manage it and such and it,adds this kind of ticking time bomb sort,of mechanic to your fights but the,relationships themselves are extremely,frustrating the reason relationships are,dudu is because you often have no,control over them if you have units who,hate each other there is really nothing,you can really do to stop it and itll,put a huge dark cloud over your game i,dont know how the developer can really,address this specifically but i believe,they have something in the works because,based on their roadmap they have a plan,to tweak this with a yet to be unveiled,relationship 2.0 system another aspect,of the game that kind of drives me nuts,is how long the runs take i want to say,a full run takes anywhere from maybe,three to five hours you could pause and,pick up whenever which is nice but if,youre stuck with really bad characters,that is a super long time to struggle,through a doomed run i believe this is a,super fixable problem too i can think of,two things right off the top of my head,that would drastically speed up the game,the first of which is the animation,moving from stop to stop takes ages you,could cut travel time down in half and,it would only improve the game having,long travel time adds nothing to it but,increased actual time stress and,possible relationship meltdowns and,damage another thing you could do to,speed things up would be skipping the,tutorial section what i mean by this is,at the start of every run you have to go,through a slowly paced section of the,map where you select which act you want,to play choose your heroes get some,starter items and fight your first,battle before reaching the end literally,just do all this through a menu at the,start and launch your mission from the,end boom 5 to 15 minutes shaved off,right there the other problems i have,are just kind of minor gripes really id,like to see different skin options for,your characters more permanent,progression unlocks and of course just,more content i think theres quite a bit,of content for there only be

Baer Plays Darkest Dungeon II (Ep. 126) – The Void Between Us Update

welcome back to darkest dungeon 2,everybody it is the void between us,update providing a complete overhaul of,the relationship and Affinity system in,the game,uh introduces a few new items as well,very excited to see those hopefully have,them pop uh pop up in the altar of Hope,got the Fear the Reaper Squad today as,well which Im very excited to utilize,got this orphan runaway up front rocking,the plus 40 damage along with her,natural swing so shes gonna be hitting,really hard in the beginning here got,our sharp shot Highwayman red green back,with the natural eye and early rise are,probably going to be rocking the uh,normal torch light today in order to,take advantage of that and theyre going,to be cycling the point blank along with,the dragonfly with the runaway up front,should be working out pretty well got,our Dead Eye back again thats old,school,the glint in the dark pirouette probably,going to be used a little bit less here,I just realized actually maybe just want,to swap off to that kind of stuff yeah,thats probably for the best and then in,the back our ritual is the cultist Im,gonna be applying the curses got the,boosted healing pretty safe play there,first uh first post Amorous run,this will be this will be good,lets give it a go,should have a few candles right,or did we oh no thats right we got,wiped last time though no no we didnt,did we,I think we did oh yeah we did no we,didnt,[Laughter],and we did but we got a lot of candles,yes okay thats thats thats what,happened,thats right,okay,so theres new items,I dont know if we need to unlock them,these are beaten broken Souls we do and,yet our fortunes ride with them,oh thats exciting all right lets get a,new in item,oh infrequent our pastoral Retreats were,always welcomed by the hearty folk of,the fields nice Sadir I think with a 68,one away from that magic number bear,hugs for him please leeches,removes disease that thats fantastic,dude,I love that,thats a phenomenal item for this game,new instruments will help us diagnose,the world,what,thats a combat item,Bonsai is ready yes sir,I like the new uh addition of position,requirements for a combat item as well,very interesting that thing is brutal,goodness,every twinkling recollectrum is another,Implement at our disposal do these,images these images look a little more,vibrant to you,particularly the images for the items,maybe its the lighting changed a little,bit,oh my God it has a Synergy with bone saw,oh thats fantastic dude,some butcher circus flashbacks yet,if Target is bleeding plus 15 crit,chance,apply one bleed to attack or when hit,if bone size equipped apply to bleed on,crit thats outstanding,we have bonesaw,reticent at first the farmers grew to,appreciate our interest in their,lifestyle and their lands wow,turns start if,the character has any dot apply Regen,remove any dot at the end of the turn if,a restorative item is equipped,additional healing given but,massive debuff to Healing received from,skills,wow okay,cool wow thats some fun new stuff the,more they have to hold on to the harder,they will fight take a peek at our,memories today,more positive banter chance for a,strength token and combat start,additional stress resistance disease,resistance and burn resistance a bit of,a miss here,I think Ill take the strength token on,our orphan,when All Is Lost we cling to what we can,remember this will take the token of,friendship here Ill go for the,additional stress resist for this,Highwayman and then Ill take disease,resist there we go for a moment in the,light of distant days all right,cool,it says candles have been deposited the,road calls once more to its Dark,Passenger,lets equip our uh,a couple of options here,so this will be great,on a tank if we had one,uh I suppose he can take it,yeah itd be pretty damn good on Grape,shot wouldnt it all right well need,that,oh but right oh yeah hes gonna be up,front every now and then though okay,thats pretty good,try that too man thats fun,Im so excited about this update already,bone size ready,Im thinking you should be able to do,with candles once everything is unlocked,is spend them on categories,to start with a random item that could,be fun yeah thats not a bad idea,but make it really expensive yeah thats,I dont hate that,an unexpected find OOH songbook of,touching dirges right away very good,see if the provisioner provides,maybe start working out these,relationships early on speaking of which,yeah so here we go our first peek at,this which lets go lets wait till the,uh lets say wait till they get to the,end to really,study that I suppose,lets see songbook again is the playing,cards,medical equipments a pretty damn good,pickup this early on I like minor,sharpness charm as well well pick that,up and the wolfs blood yeah,those are two good trinkets early on,theres whiskey barrel two whiskey,barrels my God the playing cards,songbook,Whiskey Bottle holy [ __ ] and yeah yeah,no one might as well go for all of it,seems good dude,yeah medical equipment I think is a uh,pretty damn good,pretty damn good Stagecoach equipment,sadly not as good with a team this,squishy but,I think itll still do well,these if you have a good start dont say,its a very good start because then,itll all go wrong by the end even even,your Valley is not immune to the,spreading stain I mean when you when,youre right youre right,I cant disagree with that I think,combat just started a little more,quickly which is really nice,seems like they sped a couple of things,up here just from thing to think oh,definitely from like turn to turn,they sped up the uh speed at which that,stuff goes significantly,what you can,hand me off once more font is brighter,too yeah just really,subtle but impressive quality of life,improvements so far,go ahead and give her the glimmer of,hope I suppose I should uh equip this,stuff too right yeah,plus two speed if the occultist seems,good,cool,makes sense its no longer checking for,relationship stuff even if there isnt,one,yeah I guess that would do it huh,all right first uh in-depth look at the,relationship changes here,the place is the little worse from where,a little familiar nonetheless Bounty,Hunter right away as well lets go ahead,and draw our name for the stagecoach,real quick a new variable in the,equation of your fate Im gonna dump the,infernal flame today for sure,everywhere in ruin,everywhere in need I hit the Shroud to,start off with check the provisioner,even though I cant afford anything,besides playing cards which I might,actually add lets go ahead and get,those too a bit of comfort on the road,to damn Nation looks like they decreased,the chance that playing cards is going,to be beneficial unfortunately,okay so lets take a look at this,the new Affinity slash relationship,system,going on here so everybody starts at uh,10 out of 20.,and we obtain Pips the same way here but,its just a lot harder I guess,to get them uh,into that positive territory but the,relationships now will only be for a,single region and it will only determine,whether or not they entered into a,positive or negative relationship at the,end of the day here at the end so once,weve done all this stuff well rest and,then be presented with the new Embark,screen at the conclusion of that at,which point well click to reveal,whether or not weve received,any relationships also looks like they,changed songbook oh okay so this has a,chance to add negative relationship Pips,now,and indeed it did for everybody,well that didnt go well okay lets try,the whiskey barrel,all right they like whiskey,good to know playing cards,effective go again,oh boy all right well after all that,were pretty much where we started,Jesus,25 chance for,three bad tips too okay so a cult is,grave robber I guess is not gonna work,damn it,uh grave robber Highway Man nope,damn it,[Music],there we go okay I got that at least,no diseases right okay were good to go,there,uh Whiskey Bottle between these two,maybe,theyre already friendly so maybe we,just leave that be,yeah

New Final Boss is extremely tough! | Darkest Dungeon 2 (Act 2)

he will live,oh,okay it shouldnt hit too hard,hello friends this is odds and i just,got done playing the second act of,darkest dungeon 2.,it was pretty amazing if you dont know,darkest engine 2 unlike the first one is,not completely released its coming out,in little chapters theres going to be,five of them and the developers are,doing a lot of stuff along the road you,might have caught the time where we beat,the first chapter for the first time or,the time when we played it in hard mode,and we made it a joke that was really,fun but this second chapter is amazing,and theyve added a new area which is a,a dog a fish,village of sorts its awesome uh with,new enemies and a new boss that i wont,spoil just yet,um theyve also ever since we last,played it at a new place called the,oasis which is a new note to heal and,unstress yourself theyve also added a,new new area where you find a then a,beast and the rewards are pretty cool,and,obviously when you pick the second act,the second chapter you fight a different,boss at the end of the mountain and it,is a ridiculously tough boss to the,point where we did not make it there on,our first time so im gonna show you our,second attempt at getting there oh um,and one more thing before i forget i,actually grinded to the max hope level,to unlock all of the unlockables so this,is what the final paint job looks like,if you were wondering,and this is the final quirk that you,unlock which is called deathless it,gives you health every turn so its,really hard to die kind of cool all of,these things and the new little changes,here and there and all the little tweaks,have made this game really really,enjoyable im probably going to give it,a break since i played it so much until,next content drops by but until then,please enjoy this video i think youll,love it,right,between places,we have a warlock,okay more range damage or cultists not,bad,an apprentice,a leper with revenge already mastered,not bad,hes a bit slower but who cares,hatred of gentry fear of gender,okay,a wonder so average um,what do you call it jesser,an arsonist run away,um,interesting,interesting,wonder helium nothing special a bulwark,ive never had this before,russians kills a hundred extra damage,and reports a hundred extra damage oh,thats amazing and more hp and he just,loses some resistances which we do not,care about oh thats,ah thats a thats a fat pick,that is a fat,bad pick isnt a chat,yeah i think so,okay,but pride,uh im gonna go on a limb and say that,we want this leper,and this occultist,and then we have oh i want my master,theres only a one percent chance of,this to happen look,yes all of the abilities already leveled,up your max,thats too good thats kind of,thats a major thing,i also have a dead eye,grave rubber,and an alchemist,like doctor,right so,only problem with this composition right,now is that,theres too many dudes its a sausage,party,and more importantly we have no stress,healing actually bolster yeah of ulster,and self-heal yeah stress shouldnt be,an issue heals however,ah theyll come from guard lock yeah he,can do it he can do it yeah yeah were,fine i saw this in chat i just wanted to,make sure you saw i know you probably,dont want no hit talk rn but her,perseverance is genuinely really,inspiring to me and are seriously a role,model for me to shoot for my goals and,not let setbacks,hi hob thank you thank you some other,people say things like that and,it it makes everything have a lot more,sense so im obviously extremely,delighted to hear anything like that and,we will get it dont dont you worry,for sure did we hit a pbe hi carsey we,made it,uh almost as far as the last time we,just got hit by some stupid thing i i,failed to foresee,um so were close were close and im,ive got them so much better that the,final bosses dude i can do them so much,better yeah it was just a matter of time,we need maybe four or five attempts if,one of them is good we got it but right,now were gonna do this,can it be one of your hair heroes okay,heavens what do what do i call them,heavens door,sure you can be one,welcome cassie how many hits down um i,think were at three,or pv is like three hits right now which,sucks but i dont care so much about the,hits i hate about how far i made it,and now im like today i got through,reichardt which is the hardest boss,twice and i every boss i did fine except,one yeah its mostly a guy,look at it dude,paper boss uh in the whole series the,film night,and i put him in a shirt designed from,menas lg uh check out merge store,yeah and gabriel thank you and happy to,see you car seat by the way very happy,okay i think this i think this comp is,awesome,uh we just need to pick the moves were,gonna give them,you know what lets just the carpenters,oh they have a name,oh thats crazy,revenge so what does revenge do,turn start more damage,thats kind of cool right,thats kind of cool,um sure,um yeah this guys fine,this guys fine,hes a master hes got everything thats,so nice,thats so nice already,the tool is the bands,point blank,this is awesome dude,oh how nice is that,all right and you,yeah youre mostly fine,id say so,nope,off we go,you see the two coming to console yeah,most likely when the whole game is ready,it will come to consoles like the first,one would you recommend the first one,before this uh funnily enough,you dont have to denial has passed um,the second game is a a little bit more,accessible than the first one,yeah its like more intuitive if you,will so you could totally play dd2,and not really,like the stories are just vaguely,connected im not really miss out or,anything with purpose okay some minor,items not bad,the brawl adventure yeah were gonna do,it do you think that runaway kid is a,bit lacking yes,there are some of her moves that just,are hard for beginners and and,experienced players alike to use,yeah shes a bit,shes a bit weak i love her though shes,probably my favorite,hi ricky lane thank you for the two,months you need to do some real magic to,make her chiller worth it,odds maybe you can boost game audio by a,tiny bit oh youre bad you bad,lets do it through the income,yeah i think i lowered it for some,reason is that a little bit better thank,you so much for the feedback,i dont hear it at the same um,intensity as you guys are more than a,failure,it is the promise to do uh guilt,and ronald thank you for the service by,the way,and skinny pig gibbs thank you for the,get this over its not immune all right,lets go spreading thing,oh,oh oh i cant hit anything actually,thats embarrassing,could you die and not get me with a,std okay,you can only do revenge twice,this is the start of a really good run,shot i can feel it,very very good,are you shaking,there is i love playing this game by the,way i really appreciate you guys,sticking around advice for the nile run,um,um in the final boss kill the lion first,the lion if you leave it for last it,will stun you a lot kill that first and,then kill the cross either second to,last or last summers of years gone and,thats gonna make dont even ask me why,just its gonna make your life so much,easier,if you kill the cross early it heals the,others,and if you kill the if you dont kill,the lion early it will stun you,constantly and and deny you,melee which is a pain in the ass anyway,so we only have one ability that we can,increase chat and im thinking which one,should that be,does anyone have any ideas,because i dont,i could be bolster,to keep stress nicely,yeah,more healing is always good,um,yeah but lets be real,this is our healing guys,0-33 and 0 to 50 which means it could,both be zero,hm,yeah i think ill go with bolster it,seems like a natural,a way to just keep things stable,all right so the first thing i like to,do when i get to end is just to go to,the rain ride,and just maintain just attach all of the,stuff i need and were also going to,name it were going to call it,oh search best,because were all men,and now were gonna think what are the,this guy inflicts burn on himself,uh were gonna

Darkest Dungeon 2 – Is It Worth Your Time | 30+ Hour Early Access Review

in 2015 the world was introduced to,darkest dungeon a brutally hard,turn-based adventure game set in a dark,and twisted fantasy universe now six,years later the second game has entered,into early access hey there friends its,kodiak here welcome to legacy gaming,today were diving in and checking out,darkest dungeon 2 to find out if its,worth your time,[Music],when it comes to punishingly hard games,look no further than the world of,darkest dungeon the team behind the,games red hook studios is once again,plunging players into the chaos of a,crumbling world for a brand new,experience and while theres a lot for,fans of the first game to latch onto,theres plenty of new experiences,waiting around every corner as always we,like to start our worth your time,reviews from a 30 000 foot perspective,and in this case we have to keep in mind,that darkest dungeon 2 is just entering,into early access that means in the,months ahead things are bound to change,and develop as the team implements new,features and balances existing issues in,darkest dungeon 2 you assemble a team of,four heroes and set out on a journey to,escape a world crumbling around you your,goal is simple reach the mountain along,the way youll fight through a number of,new worlds and come face to face with,terrifying creatures and deformed,monsters instead of crawling through,dungeons your intrepid heroes will set,off in a wagon every action will be,judged and narrated just like in the,previous games as you navigate a,sprawling world with choice at the,center of every decision youll need to,decide when to fight when to flee and,when to help those in need its a,balancing act one that forces you to,make tough choices but just like in the,first game be prepared for when it all,comes tumbling down,before you set off on your journey to,the mountain you have to assemble a team,this is the very first decision youll,make in darkest dungeon 2 and easily the,most important one youll start with a,pool of just four heroes familiar faces,that will help ease you into the game,but as you play and progress youll,unlock a deeper roster of heroes to use,things are a bit different this time,around and your characters have 11,abilities in their arsenal but not,everything is within your reach right,from the start throughout your journey,youll learn the haunting truth of each,of your heroes reliving key moments from,their past and unlocking new abilities,in the meantime this is all part of a,new system called the shrine of,reflection and its easily one of the,highlights of the darkest dungeon 2,experience the team has really gone to,great lengths to give us more backstory,on each of our flawed characters,utilizing the combat system to tell bits,and pieces of each of their stories,unlocking abilities isnt just for fun,its essential to surviving the perilous,journey because once again the red hook,team isnt holding any punches when it,comes to difficulty exploring each biome,comes down to making a handful of,decisions choosing which paths to,explore all in an attempt to strike a,balance between the games various,systems all finely tuned and incredibly,temperamental remember that torch from,the first game well its back and just,as important as ever but instead of,diving into your inventory to replenish,the light you need to help the desperate,few you meet along the road choose not,to help them and suffer the consequences,the less light the more deadly your,future encounters are and if your torch,extinguishes be prepared to fight the,cultists an ever-present threat on the,road ive mentioned balance a few times,and i think its really at the center of,the darkest dungeon 2 experience each,time you reach a fork in the road youll,be presented with a choice and there are,a number of options to choose from you,can opt to fight taking on a number of,different resistance encounters these,range from standard 4 on 4 fights to,more multi-layered combat situations,introduced into the game are layers,pinnacle challenges that throw multiple,waves of enemies at the player stand and,fight and be rewarded for your efforts,but as always when there are greater,rewards to be had there are most,certainly greater risks you could also,play it safe choosing to go down the,path that will reward you with an,academic cash a stash full of items or,even a field hospital where you can stop,and tend to your wounds clear up some,nasty perks and buy some combat items,each landmark represents a new challenge,and new opportunities and youll need to,learn to master them all if you hope to,survive the long journey to the mountain,now that you know a bit more about some,of the places youll visit along the,road i think its important to really,dive into the gameplay loop the things,that really help define games in the,modern era the darkest dungeon to,experience happens one run at a time,those four heroes you select at the,beginning of a round those are the four,heroes that will either take you all the,way or meet a gruesome and horrible end,vivid imagery aside dd2 is a roguelite,that means starting at square one,progressing through a randomly generated,world and if you die will you start back,at the beginning the light part of the,rogue light comes into play when you,consider the games progression system,as you play darkest dungeon 2 youll,earn experience that will feed into your,profile rank the higher your rank the,more items characters and quirks youll,unlock each level will introduce around,a dozen new things into the game and,theyre all aimed at helping make your,journey on the road just a bit easier,unlike the original game where i felt,like i was never really progressing i,can tell that with each run in darkest,dungeon 2 i was getting just a bit,stronger its a subtle change but an,impactful one and with new biomes,enemies and bosses planned for the,future its important to remember that,this is the system that will keep you,from going insane gently pushing you,forward even if youre failing,darkest dungeon 2 has made some,incredible improvements to the way the,game looks and plays and it all really,culminates in the combat characters are,now in 3d animations feature multiple,parts and the world in which everything,takes place seems to have evolved,immensely from the first game if youre,someone that played the original title,and were skeptical about all of these,changes dont be because while weird at,first you quickly realize how evolved,the game looks and feels it all really,comes together when engaging in combat,and while the turn-based style from the,first game has carried over there are a,number of improvements that in my,opinion completely elevate the gameplay,experience the first is the introduction,of a new token system this is easily the,biggest change when it comes to combat,and the one i think most people were,skeptical of leading up to launch tokens,are simply buffs and debuffs that,represent everything outside of direct,damage dealing abilities gone are the,days of guessing if youll land a shot,or not and while chance is still a,factor its clearly defined tokens have,allowed the team the flexibility to,create more moves evident by the fact,that each character has a deeper pool of,abilities to pull from at the time of,making this video there are 27 different,tokens in the game these range from,things like dodge which gives the,character holding it a 50 chance to,avoid the next attack and immobilize,which restricts the characters ability,to move positions other tokens like,benediction unlock certain special,abilities for the character that holds,the token its a system i can see,endlessly expanding but ultimately it,takes the guesswork out of combat and,thats a change i think many people will,like one of the other big changes in,combat is the ability to see who attacks,when this makes speed a more tangible,variable in combat and allows you to,plan for different scenarios of offense,and defense always present on the screen,in the upper right hand corn

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