1. The Reason Dave Dahl Of Daves Killer Bread Went To Jail
  2. The Best Bread To Buy At The Grocery Store…And What To Avoid!
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The Reason Dave Dahl Of Daves Killer Bread Went To Jail

[Music],maybe youve sampled products from the,popular organic and whole grain brand,daves killer bread and wondered how it,got its catchy name,you may have even heard that dave dahl,the bakerys founder spent 15 years in,prison,but what did doll do to end up there and,how was he able to start a multi-million,dollar company afterward,dave dahl grew up around his fathers,bakery nature bake,according to the daves killer bread,website it was ahead of its time in the,1980s creating handmade organic and,sprouted grain loaves,by his teen years however dahl said he,was not interested in following in his,fathers footsteps he began using drugs,dropped out of high school and turned to,a life of petty crime,dahl ended up spending the next 15 years,in and out of prisons around the country,for various offences,including home burglary in between his,crimes and sentences,he worked with his brother glenn at the,family bakery after being released from,prison in the early 2000s dave dahl,rejoined his brother at the bakery,it was there that he developed a,cornmeal encrusted bread that he took to,portland area farmers markets,he called it daves killer bread and,thus a brand was born,do we need more bread right i mean and,you said yes,we needed better bread dave dahl has,never shied away from his history as an,ex-con,the brand owes its success not only to,its flavorful organic loaves but also to,dahl sharing his honest story of,struggle and rehabilitation,when daves killer bread launched the,packaging featured a drawing of dave the,word killer splashed across the front,and his,story printed on the back despite the,teams concerns that dahls checkered,past might be a turn off,consumers embraced both the bread and,his rehabilitation story focusing,instead,on the positive aspects the enterprise,continued to grow from about,25 employees to 300 daves brother glenn,had always hired felons since he,understood the challenges of finding,employment after incarceration,the daves killer bread website states,we have witnessed firsthand that,someones past does not define their,future,and that sometimes giving someone a,chance is all they need to become a good,seed,they eventually realized that about a,third of their staff were ex-cons and,have since continued the tradition,in 2012 they sold more than half of the,company so that it could continue to,expand,dave stepped down from his role in the,business about a year later but that,wasnt the end of his work,as one might imagine dahl remembered the,employment difficulties he faced as a,documented convict all too well,even after he managed to sell daves,killer bread for 275 million dollars in,2015.,so in 2020 dahl invested 250 000,into nucleos a startup dedicated to,providing credentialed education and,training programs to those incarcerated,by the american criminal justice system,dahl explained nucleos gives people a,chance to do what ive done in prison,and i want to help put other people in,that direction the idea was inspired by,a drafting class he took in prison which,drew him to the realization that he,could build a life beyond what he had,before,the same things that i learned in,drafting i was able to take,to the street with me and i created,daves killer bread using the same,principles the branding for daves,killer bread stayed true to this story,as well in 2017 the company partnered,with san quentin state prison to launch,the second chance project,dan letchinger daves killer breads,vice president of marketing,told baking business ive seen,first-hand the ability of people,my co-workers to turn their lives around,with a second chance,the programs stated purpose is to,provide people with the training and,resources needed to make that turn,around and avoid relapsing into criminal,behavior,in a stunt to raise further awareness,daves killer bread also prepared a,prison-themed pop-up in toronto in which,visitors could hear inmates tell their,stories via prison-style phones,though some questioned the idea the,proceeds went to two local organizations,that brought the arts to impoverished,neighborhoods and transitioned recently,released men back into their communities,at any rate it appears that even without,his direct presence,dahls legacy at daves killer bread,pushes the company to pursue reform,measures within the industrial,incarceration complex,if you or someone you know is struggling,with addiction please,call the substance abuse and mental,health administrations 24 7,national helpline at 1-800-662-help,thats 1-800-662-4357

The Best Bread To Buy At The Grocery Store…And What To Avoid!

hey what is up flavor family it is Bobby,and art back at the grocery store to,review bread oh my gosh there are so,many options for bread and I kind of got,news for you probably 85% of them are no,good and last week at the end of a,Costco video we asked you what do you,want to see next week and bread was the,overwhelming request so we are gonna,hook you up the thing is a lot of people,try to give up red and they just cant,do it so if youre gonna eat bread I,want to make sure you guys are eating,bread thats nutritious made with real,and good ingredients and its not gonna,spike your blood sugar and make you,hungry 30 minutes later I want it to be,really really satiating bread,so before we break down all these breads,hook me up you guys subscribe to our,channel because every single week we are,rocking out three videos two videos on,the weekend one at live stream during,the week better yet theres a little,bell icon right below the video click,that bell because you dont want to miss,these live streams were cooking a,recipe well start to finish and its,super fun alright so first off I thought,we start with the worst of the worst,they dont even have it here at Whole,Foods I brought it in the white bread,right this is the stuff I kind of grew,up with my parents would take us to the,Wonder Bread factory just outside of,Chicago wed get this we make sandwiches,and feed the ducks at the local pond,poor me poor ducks because this stuff is,the worst of the worst look at the,ingredients the number-one ingredient is,unbleached enriched wheat flour so,thats red flag number one never buy,breads made with bleached or unbleached,flour because theyre basically taking,what was a whole green stripping it down,and getting rid of all the good stuff,the white bread and the grains like this,will spike your blood sugar and make you,hungry 30 minutes later and has no,nutrition in fact they strip them all,away and if you read the ingredients,that put some of them back in man made,which is really really bad and the,reason why you want to buy whole grains,is cause its a complete green it has,the bran the germ and the endosperm when,you have the enriched youll get rid of,all the good stuff except the endosperm,which is why they add that nutrients,here because it took all the good stuff,away then you have stuff here like,partially hydrogenated vegetable oils,tons of chemicals and bad ingredients,and generally the bread is super light,and you can squish its into a ball like,that its typically a bad thing so this,is a no-no that I think you guys all,knew that,then I brought this with me to any fob,bred from pet root pepperidge farm is,gonna be a know this is probably one of,their life or premier lines the,farmhouse oatmeal bread and it feels,kind of heavy and dense and you might,think its good but this is where you,have to read the ingredients on the back,number one its within rich wheat flour,so not whole grains at strike one,its got soybean oil does it say its,non-gmo No,so theyre using a highly processed,highly refined soybean oil that has a,chemical called hexane to extract all,the oil so thats really bad but a lot,of breads will use something like,monoglycerides its another word for,Ingo conditioner its a chemical they,put into the bread so it bakes quicker,why do you want to bake bread quicker,because theyre a factory right they,want to churn and burn these out as,quickly as possible good bread is worth,waiting for us so anything that has a,little conditioner and Ill put the list,of all the names for that you want to,avoid so this is a no and anything from,pepperidge farm as and no lets go to,something really really good sprouted,breads these are the Bobby approved top,choice for bread because nutrition and,ingredients is amazing this brand is,silver hills its a really good quality,bread now why do you want sprouted,grains because its a grain soaked in,water until a little tail forms and its,ground into a paste and made into bread,sprouted breads are very easy for their,body to digest plus when you sprout a,grain theres a ton more nutrients your,body derives out of it so its a double,whammy which is why you want to buy this,one and then look at the ingredients,this ones my favorite the Big Reds,bread organic sprouted wheat the grains,seeds nuts you dont see any chemicals,you dont see any dough conditioners,this stuff is really good if you want a,lighter texture the little big bread,its a little softer and chewier great,for sandwiches and then right above it,is brown berry which I want you to avoid,because marketing gimmicks right natural,weeds and other titles like cracked,wheat multigrain seven grain all-natural,doesnt mean anything all you have to do,is turn it over and read the ingredients,the first one is cracked wheat cracked,wheat is another word for unbleached,enriched white flour,not work theres soybean oil in here,once again is it non-gmo no its not so,this is just as bad as white bread but,you would think that is better you want,to stay away from that we also want to,talk about hamburger buns because its,the summertime I just saw this right,here arent you like Priscilla right,thing is I love that soft pretzel flavor,and texture but the ingredients are,brutal you guys we have obviously in,rich flour because thats what it,pretzels made of but canola oil not,non-gmo we have a a bunch of chemicals,and stabilizers in here well show you,some better hamburger buns actually,right here,the silver hills makes a sprouted,hamburger bun so once again the benefit,of the sprout is that its way way,better for you,the ingredients are super clean and in,case you dont want like that sprouted,flavor and texture for a hamburger month,Ill show you another one later on that,has a better texture and its more like,that pillowy soft and rich flour that we,know heres one thats kind of on my,maybe list its uh,Kiplingers good the first ingredient is,whole grain wheat flour which is great,and then it specifically says non-gmo,soybean oil great look at the sugar,theres two grams of sugar per slice in,general for bread we dont want to buy,bread that has more than two grams of,sugar per slice and we dont want to buy,bread that has less than two grams of,protein and fiber otherwise its gonna,spike your blood sugar and make you,hungry in thirty minutes the whole point,of eating had a hearty sprouted good,quality whole grain bread is that it,fits your hunger and the only way its,gonna do that is if it has two grams,each a fiber and protein,so let that be on your list too this one,has one fiber and three protein so,because of that and because of the,ingredients its a maybe its another,not ideal but semi maybe ish its best,grains and its heavy it feels good we,read the ingredients whole grain wheat,flour great unbleached wheat flour so a,lot of times youll see whole grain and,then the next one is enriched or,unbleached wheat flours so theyre,following it up with the bad one but,then it has a bunch of good stuff in,here like buckwheat flour flax seed,protein has four grams per slice Rudis,is a very popular one ecstasy the other,day I made burgers at home and I meant,to buy Judys gluten-free buns and we,ate the burger as they were doing this,yes Im like wow these buns are so soft,and pillowy I looked in the bag I bought,Rudys buns by mistake which was not,gluten free but I guess I can very,easily get mistaken because they look,exactly the same and have one letter,difference so Rudys is good stuff right,we look at the ingredients whole-wheat,flour a bunch of other really good stuff,here it does have a little bit of a,enriched flour later on but I want you,to stay away from the Rudys white bread,or in fact I want you to stay away from,any white you ready and all because its,never a whole week always the first,ingredient is wheat flour which is,another word for enriched wheat and the,reason why they do that is that soft,white bread flavor and texture but we,dont want that so even though its made,with good qual

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oh if you look at this bread right here,I went outside so I could have some good,light,it says Daves killer bread okay,difficut are 21 full brains and seeds,with all the information saying its,non-gmo verified it is USDA Organic,bread there it is,their back of it so this is the side of,it is the back with all the nutrients,there we go,Im back okay right down here you will,see theres the address,also the website that I had to go find,their phone number on over here right,there and thats their information that,they talked about the bread,and if its the best in the universe is,what their slogan is so this little,article was found right in here thats,where I took my bite if you look very,closely right there youll see a set,just rate it goes like that right there,it was sitting right in there against,this slice of bread and here were the,chunks missing as you see it does have,bread in it see where the bread had been,taken out and theres some bread in,AirPlus bread that when I bit came,together from the back side of this into,it you can see the mustard,it because I eat with mustard so I just,wanted to inform you guys please watch,if you are buying this and they also,make another bread that begins with an A,so just giving you some information to,watch out for Eppss so to speak that,the company puts in by the way I have,the phone number for them which I looked,up and I will put it on your for you it,is one five zero three three three five,eight zero four seven excuse me excuse,me,eight zero seven seven and extension for,consumer is three sixty four but I,dialed three six six and got a Dave so I,left a message with him also Ive called,several times than theyve not called me,back so I decided to make a video about,it so everybody have a great day because,I didnt messed up my day for eatin and,my third scratched right now not a very,happy person so you guys have a blessed,day,love you all peace out for please watch,for that bread because it is can be a,killer bread literally talk to yall,later bye,turn

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Dave’s Killer Bread Review – The Best Bread May Come With a Price

hi this is my review,for daves killer bread and i love this,bread,its probably my favorite type of bread,i get it almost every single time i go,to the store,i just i hope that dave didnt kill,anyone,i know dave went to prison um they say,that on the packaging,they also say that he was there for 15,years,but what they dont say is what he went,to prison for,and it just leaves the question,was it for killing someone,i dont know let me let me read it out,to you guys this is what it says,the first sentence is 15 years in prison,thats a tough way to find yourself dave,dall realized he was in the wrong game,and knew he had more to offer his,brother glenn,saw a change in him and gave dave a,second chance,by welcoming him back to the family,bakery,dave set out to make a loaf like no,other,the most nutritious organic whole grain,bread,and the result is what he called,killer bread,killer bread,killer bread i dont know,if thats his way of giving us a hint,for why he was,sent to prison um i dont know,maybe what makes daves killer bread,so killer is that he used to be a killer,i dont want to jump to any conclusions,and im not im not going to,im just telling you guys every time i,eat,daves killer bread i just think to,myself did he,did he kill someone like i gotta know,like did he,did he kill someone,its um its a lot to think about when,youre just trying to enjoy a pvj,and then i think like if he did kill,someone,and the family members who lost,that loved one just see people,eating daves killer bread like it was,nothing,like they would be appalled,they would be absolutely appalled,and then i think even more about it im,like okay,if he did kill someone we dont know if,he did,but lets say he did i really had to ask,myself like,would i stop eating his bread,and i didnt even have to think about it,for too long i was like no i want,his bread is delicious i cant stop,eating his bread,i realize that im willing to give up,some of my morals so i dont have to,give up his bread,thats how good it is,thats thats my review on daves killer,bread,i just really hope he didnt kill anyone

Reading Food Labels, grains, Daves Killer Bread

hello today we are going to discuss,Daves killer bread if its good for me,if its bad for me how to break down the,label so first of all my name is Leslie,urbis Im a registered dietitian and a,personal trainer here to explain to you,just why this bread is or isnt healthy,for you please note that if you have any,food allergies or like a gluten,intolerance you kind of already know,there but if not I do want you to pay,attention to the rest so on the front of,the label Daves killer bread tells me,it has 21 whole grains and seeds 5 grams,of protein 5 grams of fiber 260,milligrams of ala and 22 grams of whole,grain what does all that mean,first of all let me break it down to you,simply whenever you pick up anything,thats a grain pasta rice any of that,kind of stuff what I want you to first,look at is make sure that its a hundred,percent whole so the first thing youre,gonna do is make sure under ingredients,the first ingredient says whole needs to,say whole wheat whole rye whole barley,whole corn whole something if it doesnt,say the word whole its not whole ok,the next thing I want you to do is find,where it says how many grams of whole,grain which it says right there 22 grams,of whole grain ok when you see that it,says over 16 grams of whole grain you,have a hundred percent whole grain and,then the last thing I want you to do is,go to the nutrition facts panel find,dietary fiber and see that it has 3,grams or more a fiber like this label,does so boom we have all those things so,its 100% whole grain so from there is,this bread healthy for me well lets,break down a little bit of what it said,on the front 21 grams are 21 whole,grains and seeds thats just telling you,its taking a combination of things and,putting them all together 100% okay,doesnt matter if it uses one grain or,multi grains its just trying to say,that maybe it has some additional health,benefits like the ala omega-3 thats,added omega-3 is so important for our,heart its so important for our brains,that has a very important link and its,typically found a lot in fish which a,lot of people dont eat so it isnt,added,fit in this bread the only other things,that it really tells me on the phone is,that its five grams of fiber and five,grams of protein both of these two,things are there to help me keep full so,thats really amazing I think that,thats a really good point of this bread,is that those two things are gonna keep,me full so that way Im not looking to,go be you know eat something in five,minutes okay,from there it also tells me its organic,does it matter if my breads organic its,not one of the twelve things that has to,be organic so its not gonna hurt me but,its also not something that has to be,for bread its just an additional perk,so then from there if I were to go to,the nutrition facts panel the other,thing I really like about Daves killer,bread is that its specifying for you,that it has five sugars and all five of,them are added why is that important,because added sugars are really what,were trying to steer away from so five,grams is probably similar to other,breads depending on what bread you make,however it has less than seven grams of,added sugar so to me that is a great,product for thats a great amount for it,to have so it doesnt have a lot of,added sugars so its an okay thing to,continue to consume outside of that the,only other things that it really does,tell me is its got no high fructose,corn syrup which a lot of people try to,avoid because high fructose corn syrup,can be something thats detrimental to,health its just a lot of extra sugar,its you know in filtered so we dont,really need it no artificial,preservatives and no artificial,ingredients which is awesome its still,gonna have something in here that,protects it from you know going bad fast,but its awesome that it doesnt contain,those things because obviously its less,you know processed products that were,making so thats a good thing its,telling you letting you know that its a,little less processed potentially then,it says always packed with with whole,grains which is true we went over that,always organic which is great always,non-gmo so what is non-gmo GMO is a,genetically modified organism okay is it,a good or a bad thing a lot of people,try to avoid GMOs but GMOs have actually,helped us with a lot of our food proud,so is it great that it doesnt yeah of,course because its using non GMOs but,thats also why its organic those two,things kind of come together so that,that kind of ties there its kind of,saying it repetitively and then always,made with killer taste and texture which,is their like cute little thing so,overall my honest opinion about Daves,killer bread is that its healthy for,you its a great decision its a hundred,percent whole grain if its something,that you and your family like theres,absolutely no reason why you cant,incorporate it in your weekly things,that you buy as your bread the one thing,I do want to point out though is if,youre on a calorie restrictive diet,its a hundred and ten calories per,slice so two slices is gonna be 220,which isnt bad but that may mean your,sandwich is your whole lunch and that,you wouldnt be adding too many side,items depending on how many calories,youre at and who youre working with to,do so again I dont really work on those,calorie restrictions but from a,nutrition standpoint that would be the,one thing that I think kind of stands,out a little bit in this bread so I hope,that that helps you bring you a little,bit I hope the whole grains part helps,you review a little bit I am gonna start,doing some more product reviews on,things so please feel free below go to,my website and just go in there and fill,out contacts and be like I wonder what,you think of this product I would love,to review a product for you for you and,give you my personal interpretation from,a nutrition expert standpoint and be,able to help you make some more guidance,and more better decisions for your,family outside of that like I said Im,Leslie urbis if you liked this video,click like subscribe pass it to your,friends please share my channel would,love to have you guys follow along and,see all the cool things that are,happening I hope youre having a great,day and have a fabulous one

REVIEW Daves Killer Bread vs Ezekiel Bread by Food for Life | Food Labels | Eat to Live Nutritarian

hi okay I havent seen you in a little,while in this way just very casual but I,wanted to do a fun video for you today,Ive never done a video like this before,so thatd be a really cool topic the,differences between Daves Killer Bread,and Ezekiel Bread why am I doing this so,recently Ive been doing a lot of what,we call strategy calls with folks who,are interested in private coaching with,me I have two spots available for,private coaching right now so I reached,out to a bunch of people to see if they,wanted to get on private coaching with,me now because Im available but what,ended up happening was everyone ended up,joining the accelerator which is similar,to private coaching but more robust so I,still have two spots available so if,youre interested,um Im gonna give you the way to sign up,itll be in the description and youll,be able to click something up here,whatever too of course moo is here now,because,she has to be at the center of attention,for everything but the reason this came,up is because Ive been having so many,conversations with you all lately about,what your struggles are you know whats,holding you back from losing weight from,eating to live consistently and all that,and every so often if people will ask me,this is just its so funny that this,happens so often people will ask me,about Daves Killer Bread is Daves,Killer Bread okay to eat right this is,Daves Killer Bread here the logo there,I mean I cant even tell you how many,times Ive been asked this question so,were gonna break this down fully today,were going to look at the entire label,of both packages were going to compare,the two and then Im going to let you,decide what you think about these two,breads okay so as I said if you want to,sign up for a strategy call with me to,find out more about private coaching,with me Id love to chat with you,private coaching with me or even Lydia,or Nancy I can chat with you about that,so feel free to sign up for a strategy,call but lets dive in here okay and of,course Ive got a cat in my lap because,why not Dave Killer Bread versus Ezekiel,bread no why Daves and why Ezekiel,because Daves Killer Bread is nowadays,known as a healthier type bread right,thats what people perceive Daves,Killer Bread to be like Ezekiel is the,one that Dr Furman always recommends,right so Ezekiel raps Ezekiel bread they,even have English muffins at some stores,so were just gonna compare the two Im,gonna let you decide okay so first lets,look totally at Daves Killer Breads,marketing the packaging and the,nutrition facts okay the ingredients as,well,so well start with the marketing what,is marketing for a product,first of all how different is always,saying if it has a nutrition facts label,thats not the kind of food that you,want to be eating right,um if it has labels and it has like,marketing and stuff like that those are,the foods that we want to rely Less on,we want to rely more on stuff that just,has the little labels with the numbers,on it because its produce right but we,do allow some processed foods in the,diet we do allow bread and things like,that so lets just see what the best,choices are okay now lets look at the,marketing of this package you know its,marketing because its on the front Okay,so anytime youre looking at a package,the marketing is on the front that means,the sales messages right like how,theyre going to try to get you to buy,it by telling you these awesome things,about it to make you think that its a,good product so well look at the,marketing first of all Daves Killer,Bread right so what is the story behind,Dave its actually a really awesome,story Dave himself was in prison for a,while and his family had a bakery,and when he got out of prison his family,took him back into the family business,and he created Daves Killer Bread and,so now his company actually,um takes in folks with a criminal record,they had like a third of their company,is based um has the people have a,criminal record so thats thats pretty,cool I gotta say I like,um I like when I support a product that,has a good mission right so thats,something to think about first of all,well talk about the marketing for,Ezekiel Bread after this okay so thats,cool thats cool to know but thats who,you know thats the sort of cartoon of,Dave now what do we see in the beginning,in the front here we say thin sliced,its called good seed it says organic,bread which is cool we love organic,right three grams of protein three grams,of fiber 320 milligrams of ala omega-3,and 13 grams of whole grains typically,when you see this that will be for per,serving right for one slice usually of,bread and then it tells you how much is,in the pack package theyve got their,symbol for organic and non-GMO so those,are things that we like right so,marketing wise also theyre talking,about how many calories per slice 70,calories per per serving right okay so,thats the marketing that we see on the,front,now lets look at the marketing on the,back because theres always some you,know discussion of their product on the,back no matter what product youre,looking at so we get the discussion,about the company history which is cool,we also get good seeds so this says,loaded with a CD texture and sweet,flavor good seed thin sliced has 70,calories per slice thats what we call,Big nutrition in a little slice okay so,this is marketing theyre trying to tell,you what to think about the bread right,there okay now we can look down at these,symbols right here we have I I believe,correct me if Im wrong this is for,kosher perhaps Im not sure but they,also do I forgot to mention oh well see,that on Ezekiel actually so um thats,the symbol they have for the nutrition,theyve got also got a whole grain whole,grains Council thats a cat flicking her,tail at me which says 13 grams or more,per serving and then it says eat 48,grams or more of whole grains daily,and then please recycle blah blah,theyve got contact information then,they have,um the organic another organic label and,they have their address for the company,for the distribution and then they have,the ingredients so lets get into this,information now for the ingredients okay,Im going to show you how to look at a,label now this,um you when youre looking at sorry,when youre looking at food labels,oh my gosh moo seriously,when youre looking at food labels,this is not the important part right,get out of here okay this is not the,important part this is the part we,ignore we ignore this marketing we,ignore it all it doesnt mean anything,to us the only thing that actually means,anything is the ingredients and the,nutrition facts label but thats where,were gonna find,so lets find out,now well compare these two side by side,in a second but I want to just show you,how to like look at a fold label here so,one slice is the serving size okay so,you got a serving size of one slice here,and theyre marketing that these are,healthier because its its lower,calorie because theyre thin sliced,right okay so 70 calories per slice then,we have 1.5 grams of total fat saturated,fat none,um polyunsaturated fat sorry um one gram,and monounsaturated fat 0.5 so thats,pretty decent type fat right like we,dont want saturated fat so thats a,pretty decent type fat no cholesterol,sodium is 115 milligrams okay so for a,nutritarian this is a high sodium food,right how do we know this because we,look at this is the way we tell that so,we look at the calories 70 calories in,one serving and one serving has 115,milligrams of sodium so thats almost,double the amount of sodium were,looking for we want to eat foods that,have about,equal to the number of calories per,serving or less of milligrams of sodium,so a decent sodium food would be 70,milligrams of sodium per slice or less,that would actually be a good you know a,decent food now Dr Ferman if youre,following nutritarian diets strict he,talks about having,um,around a thousand milligrams of sodium,or less for a woman per day and like I,think its like around 1200 or something,for a man r

Food Review – Daves Killer Bread

hey whats going on everybody welcome,back im back with another food review,uh im gonna do something a little bit,different today now im gonna take a,look at uh,daves killer bread um before guinness,if you guys like this video give us a,like and subscribe,all right so today were talking about,uh these killer bread im gonna theres,two different kinds of i tried this,dessert,21 whole grains lets see this is,im gonna kind im going to of,just says thin slice 70 calories this is,organic bread,uh grains and seeds and the other one i,trying,so this ones this one this other one,ive probably been eating so this was uh,thin sliced good seed and we can always,see,suppose if its already gone but thats,what the package looks like like that,so anyways ive been trying both of,these if youre looking for a healthy,alternative for bread,i highly suggest this ive been eating,this for a while so i forget to just do,a quick review of it,um i tried to try going back to regular,wheat or,white bread ive eaten this for a while,and just to me it doesnt taste the same,anymore it is,it this actually tastes a lot better,with this because its healthy for i,dont know,its just like a thing for me and this,so long like a mental thing but,um anyways the good seed has,70 grams 70 so they both have 70,calories,and now this is for the good see this is,uh,one and a half grams of fat no saturated,fat,no trans fats one gram of poly,polyunsaturated,half a gram multi-saturated no,cholesterol,115 milligrams of sodium,13 grams of carbs 3 grams of dietary,fiber,two grams of sugar and three grams of,protein,it has point seven milligrams of iron,thats uh see so thats per slice so if,you make a sandwich obviously itd be,double the,one of those numbers those other kind,that i got,which im going to start using probably,this week,this is the thin sliced whole grain,and seeds compared to them which is just,good seeds,i dont know what didnt you know it,kind of tastes the same but the other,one has delivered a little,definitely more seeds than the other one,um this one i dont know if it does the,same information,both the same calories both parts one,slice,lets see so this one this one has only,one gram of,fat compared to either one its 1.5,grams,again no no saturated trans fat,half gram of polyunsaturated,cholesterol so it has 105 milligrams of,sodium,this one so this one had the other one,had 115 so this one,the this this slice i think is just,again as it looks like,i think it might be a little bit better,for you i think its it,it should be better anyways from these,numbers but the rest of it,is fairly comparable most of the numbers,are roughly the same thing,carbs they both have 13 now,dietary fibers and sugars the same same,what same amount of protein in both of,both of them,i think one just tastes a little you,know a little bit better than the other,one,um im gonna try the thin slice this,week i think its gonna be better than,the other one,again this is birthdays killer bread,this one and this other one if you can,see that,and the labels kind of messed up so they,sort of started eating that one,id say you know i thought that people,was looking for healthy alternatives,for different foods um ive been trying,this for a while im trying to get away,from white bread in in whole wheat bread,i know wheat breads supposed to be,better for the white bread definitely is,not good for you if youre you know,into the whole healthy thing white bread,definitely isnt good for you even,though,some people think it tastes better i,dont i i dont prefer it anymore i can,since i study this other stuff um,so it was too expensive i i dont recall,its like what the price so i think its,for,three dollars maybe for a loaf of this,stuff um its,very comparable to wheat wheat bread,thats the thing i mean it tastes a lot,like it wheat bread just not as,quite as healthy i kept looking for,something with less less calories in it,and this is the,alternative that i came up with so ive,been eating this for quite,a while now um yeah i think thats going,to do i just want to do a quick review,for daves killer bread i didnt see,this i just recently saw this in the,store like a month ago i never heard of,it before,uh interesting story the guy who created,this was apparently been in prison and,i guess when he came out he started this,company,and he did sell it too so there was a,different owner but its still,daves killer brother unnamed after him,i dont know,who owns this now but from the different,brands ive seen it apparently hes,doing pretty well,again thats for the daves,killer bread so im going to wrap up,this video just for a quick review,if you guys looking for a healthy,alternative to bread house just trying,it out,and not too much money or a few dollars,for a loaf um,if you guys have any thoughts or,comments you want me to try anything,else put them on down below and as,always hit that like and subscribe,until next,you

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