1. Crazy Bulk D-Bal Review – Do Not Buy Before You Watch This Video 2022!
  4. Crazy Bulk Review ❌BE CAREFUL WITH THAT! Does Crazy Bulk Work? Crazy Bulk Reviews!
  5. CrazyBulk D-bal Review – My Results After Using D-bal 2022
  6. Crazybulk D-bal Reviews
  7. Crazy Bulk Review 2022 – D-bal Crazy bulk Review – Does Crazy Bulk Work?

Crazy Bulk D-Bal Review – Do Not Buy Before You Watch This Video 2022!

whats up guys joe here with the,supplementreviews.org,and today im going to be reviewing,d-ball,which is a legal substitute for dianabol,uh that is produced by a company called,crazybulk so what crazyboat does is they,take illegal steroids or some sort of,illegal product and theyll try and make,a legal version of it using like,completely safe and all-natural,ingredients and thats exactly what they,did with dball for those of you who,havent heard of dianaball which is,d-balls illegal counterpart,dianabol is often considered to be the,granddaddy of steroids the reason being,that,it allows you to maintain an anabolic,state,pretty much 24 7 and dramatically,increases the process of protein,synthesis,so it was thought that without dianabol,its impossible to accomplish those two,things the anabolic state and the,increase in protein synthesis until this,supplement was invented,so dianabol uh while producing those,benefits unfortunately has a ton of side,effects dball was invented to go ahead,and mimic the effects of dianabol,while producing absolutely no side,effects and entirely legal ingredients,so im going to go ahead and get into,how exactly d-ball works,some of the ingredients,and what exactly makes this an effective,supplement,so like i said dianaball is the,granddaddy of steroids and this is its,legal counterpart,which is entirely safe,and produces absolutely no side effects,by the way this is not for a cutting,season this is not a cutting supplement,this is not for people who want to get,toned this is for people who want to put,on a ton of muscle really fast,you will inevitably put on a ton of,muscle so if you dont want to get big,do not take the supplement thats,exactly what its going to cause you to,do,this is for people who are trying to get,big and if thats not what youre trying,to do i would recommend that you look,somewhere else,so anyways those two primary benefits,are what im going to talk about,thats the increase in protein synthesis,and the anabolic state so first well,talk about protein synthesis a little,bit,dball is going to dramatically increase,uh your bodys ability to perform,protein synthesis,and the way that it does that is by,increasing nitrogen retention so for,those of you who dont know nitrogen is,essentially the primary building block,for protein so if you have more nitrogen,then you have more protein so debuls,ability to maximize nitrogen retention,uh is going to maximize protein,production within your body,because of that uh maximum nitrogen,retention right so you have more,nitrogen that means you have more,protein and when you have that much,protein,your body doesnt know what to do with,it so it starts to synthesize it as fast,as it can it just tries to synthesize,all the protein as quickly as it can and,thats how it speeds up protein,synthesis so all of that nitrogen being,retained in your muscles uh then turns,into protein and then your body says,well i need to get rid of all this so it,starts to synthesize it,and there you have your increase in,protein synthesis,and that is super important,for those of you who dont know protein,synthesis is essentially what makes your,muscles grow,without it your muscles do not grow so,think about the fact that protein,synthesis already occurs um without this,supplement so protein synthesis is,already whats making your muscles grow,so if you can speed up the process of,protein synthesis uh then you can make,it occur more often and you can speed up,the process of muscle growth,so that this is kind of a shortcut to,gaining a lot of muscle,because its a shortcut,for protein synthesis it allows your,body to take a shortcut within the,process of protein synthesis and thats,what allows your body to take a shortcut,within the process of muscle growth the,next thing i want to talk about,is that constant anabolic state i,mentioned before,so youve probably heard of your,anabolic window which is as soon as,youre done working out you have 30,minutes,to get a protein shake or a meal,preferably both or whatever supplements,that you take you have 30 minutes to,consume them,and thats your bodys anabolic window,that 30 minute window post workout,where its using everything that you,consume to build muscle,so ideally what you want to do is get,that anabolic window to be constant,instead of just 30 minutes long but like,i said before,the only thing that could do that,was dianabol until dball was produced so,what dvo will do is allow you to,maintain that anabolic state constantly,and what that means is that everything,that you consume your body is going to,use to build muscle so not just that 30,minutes after its not just going to use,that protein shake or that post-workout,meal its going to use litter it is,going to use that but its also going to,use everything else you consume,throughout the day every day as long as,youre taking this supplement,you will maintain that anabolic state,meaning that like i said literally,everything that you consume is going to,be used to build muscle,and thats what thats why this product,is so effective that increase in protein,synthesis uh combined with its ability,to keep your body in that anabolic state,thats whats going to allow you to,build so much muscle so quickly and by,quickly i mean literally weeks within,two weeks,i guarantee results within two weeks,and if you take the the full bottle,which i believe is a one month supply at,the end of that month youll be way,bigger than when you started uh,guaranteed,so like i said that increase in protein,synthesis um,and that maintenance of the anabolic,state you want to maintain anabolic,state and increase protein synthesis and,thats exactly what dball is going to,allow you to do so thats how it works,and now just very briefly im going to,explain exactly why it works you know,what ingredients are causing that um so,first of all,we have l-valene which provides your,muscles with energy so that they can,keep up with how quickly your body is,synthesizing protein,because that takes a lot of energy to,synthesize protein and now that youre,doing it so quickly uh you need a little,bit more energy for your muscles to go,ahead and keep up and thats what the,l-valine is for,l-isoleucine thats for recovery so you,gotta remember that your muscles need to,recover to grow and then you can work,them out again so if you speed up,recovery you speed up growth and then,you can work them out sooner than before,tribulus terrestris this is your t,boosting ingredient youll see this in a,lot of testosterone boosters because,its well known for your,to,cause your body to produce testosterone,and obviously you want to maximize,testosterone production,in order to maximize muscle production,alright so if you guys decide you want,to buy dball i highly recommend you,click the link below to visit our site,first because we provide you a link that,will lead to discounts so click the link,below scroll down to where you see order,now click on that and then youll be,offered some discounts,if you guys have any questions or,concerns about dvol or crazy bulk feel,free to leave a comment and ill get,back to you as soon as i can thanks guys


Whats up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com.,This is not the usual video for me, but it’s one that I feel like I had to make. I actually,made one similar to this before and kind of vowed at that time – at least to myself,– that’d I’d never have to go down this road again because I’m not in the business,of reviewing other people’s supplements.,However, when one of my subscribers asks me to review something that turns out to be so,egregiously bad that it pisses me that bad, I feel like I have to stand up and say something.,In this case, I really have to discuss this. I don’t care if these people wind up being,exposed, or whatever.,That’s not my duty to protect them because this is all basically my opinion about what,I think is going drastically wrong here. As I’ve said, one of my followers on Instagram,– I actually check my Instagram, so if you’re not following me over there, you should. It’s,@ATHLEANX. We post a lot of unique stuff over there.,But he direct messaged me with this product here, which is called – get ready for it,– D-BAL. D-B-A-L. But they’re claiming this to be a dianabol alternative. Scum bag,move number one. Meanwhile, a nice price tag of $79.95 and you get a month’s serving,of this.,What’s comical is when I start to review this – all I want to do is go through the,label with you guys because it’s going to be so comical. At the same time, so shocking,,and so – should really make you sick to your stomach – that you can see the reason,why I felt like I had to make this video.,If there’s one thing I think is criminal when it comes to supplements, and the supplement,industry, is knowingly putting dangerous supplements on the market and hoping to only find out,after it’s too late.,Meaning, you’ve already made enough money on this that you’re long gone, and you don’t,really care about what’s going on with the health and well-being of the people that actually,believed in your stuff. The second thing, just a little bit lower than that – one,notch lower than that – is putting out stuff that you know does absolutely nothing.,Whomever made this supplement, unless they’re a complete idiot, knows that this does absolutely,nothing and they charge $80 for it. Let me take a look at this. When we look at the label,itself, we start off with a three-capsule serving for 30 servings in a bottle; a one-month,supply.,But this is literally where it becomes a joke. There are 12 calories per capsule, which gets,you thinking “What are they putting in capsules that have calories associated with them. You,scroll down here and there’s really nothing of substance until you get down. There are,2g of protein.,So here are your active ingredients. It starts off with why protein concentrate. 450mg. You,understand that 450mg is only .45g. So, you’re talking about less than ½ a gram of protein.,Not to mention, whey protein concentrate, which isn’t as high quality as isolate protein,,or hydrolysate protein. But it doesn’t matter.,You could have the highest quality protein in the world, but less than ½ a gram is doing,absolutely nothing. Then it has Restin amino acids in here, Isoleucine, Valine, and Leucine.,The interesting thing here is, the least quantity of all those three comes in the form of Leucine,at 75mg.,We know from research if you want to have an effective dose of Leucine you need to have,at least 4g-5g of Leucine alone. Whether that be in a single dose, or a split dose pre,,and post workout. The fact of the matter is, 75mg is literally nothing. You can probably,walk by a gym, inhale, and have more anabolic benefits than taking this product.,That’s the problem. Number two: there are 300mg of Valine and 300mg of Isoleucine. Again,,research shows that the ratio you want to take is in favor of Leucine to those two.,You should be taking in at least a 2:1:1 ratio with Leucine being in the highest content,,with the others following after that.,Again, it doesn’t matter because all these amounts are sub-effective, in terms of how,much they’re putting in here, and it actually becomes a joke. Finally, this must be their,big ingredient; Trib. Tribulus Terrestris.,At 75mg, not only has this never been shown in studies to be effective, in terms of boosting,testosterone – it might have some libido enhancing effects, but not in these dosages,here. What’s even more bothersome to me, as someone who is actually involve in supplementation,,they don’t even tell you which part of these they’re actually using.,They don’t even tell you what they’re using. The stem? Are they using the flower?,What are they doing here? The fruit? What are they using to get the Trib? Because it,makes a dramatic difference in the overall impact of this.,Overall, when you look at this entire supplement formula, there’s absolutely nothing. What,boils my blood, yet again, is that people think “There are no proprietary blends here.,Everything is listed out. That means they’re not hiding anything.” These guys should,be hiding something.,They should be hiding their entire company so far that nobody could ever find it because,I’m going to show you what’s even more disturbing about this. When you look at the,rest of their product line up here, the names. DBAL we’ve already covered. Beauty. Trenerol.,Clenbutrol. Amverol. TESTO-MAX and HGH-X2.,Again, what’s bothersome to me is not just these names – because these are some pretty,bad names. As a matter of fact, I would probably love to rename this company. What’s up,,Lucky? What’s up, buddy? Hey! You want to – what’s that? You’ve got a name for,them? Oh, the D-Bags? The D-Bags. Okay. Lucky says he wants to name them the D-Bags.,Guys, what’s even more bothersome to me is that I actually feel – when I get messages,from my followers, guys that watch our stuff, and I feel know better, are educated – we,put the science back in strength. They’re educated and they’re still falling for this,stuff. I feel like I’ve failed.,I feel like I haven’t done a good enough job of educating everybody about how this,stuff has no place in this industry. I’ve already talked about it before, many times.,When it comes to supplementation there’s a small segment of people I think are qualified,for supplements and should be taking supplements.,Those are the guys that are already dialed in and serious. But unless you’re at that,top level already, where your nutrition is locked in and your training is locked in,,then I don’t really feel that you need to run for supplements. Unfortunately, people,still do that. In the case of this young man that wrote to me, that’s what he was doing.,He was looking for the ‘savior’. The answer. And he fell for the shit. Here. Guys, this,stuff does fire me up and it’s very irresponsible. Like I said, there are two horrible people,when it comes to the supplement industry.,It’s the people that knowingly put dangerous supplements out on the market, and also those,guys – scumbags like this – that actually put crap in their supplements. Literally,,nothing at all. Nothing in here. Like baking powder. Nothing at all and claim for it to,be something effective.,And you go waste your hard-earned money thinking it’s actually going to do something for,you, only to be wasting time you could have been putting toward something actually effective.,Maybe a workout, here and there. Guys, I hope – again, I don’t want to get in the habit,of doing this.,It really bothers me that I even had to cover this, but for the second time, I’m not going,to let this get away. But I don’t want to make it a habit of reviewing other people’s,supplements. The only thing I can do is work on putting the best supplements that we can,out there, and that’s what we’re committed to do.,I cannot vouch for anybody else’s supplements, and I’m not going to try to do that because,I think, unfortunately, you can wind up getting burned pretty badly by doing that. All right,,guys. I hope you’ve found the video at least a bit enlightening. Don’t fall for it. It’s,not just about ‘proprietary blends’ and being open

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today were going to go over the d-ball,d2 from steiner,this is,a multi-aiming laser and illuminator,device,the dball d2 right now the price is,right around the fifteen hundred dollar,mark,sometimes higher,in the used market you can get it a,little lower,thats about the price youre going to,expect for it,there are cheaper,usable options out there like the,steiner,dball,i2,i recommend the 9007,that is going to be an ir illuminator,and ir laser there are other ones that,are,viz laser ir laser i dont really,recommend those ones,um but the unfortunate thing,is steiner has discontinued the dball,i2,9007.,so when going to look for an affordable,ir,aiming laser and illuminator,it can be tough,there are other options out there around,the same price as this but i think this,youre getting,the best value for your dollar,getting better performance,than,a laser-based illuminator on those,civilian models,like the at plc,its laser based illuminator is a very,dim petri dish and it is non-focusable,with this,you have an led based illuminator that,is very powerful,youre going to get good performance out,of this but there are some caveats to,that performance that we will talk about,first thing well go over is its,construction youre going to get a metal,housing very sturdy aluminum housing,youre not going to have any issues with,the housing itself,and next well go into the features,so well start out front,you have,dual aiming lasers you have visible and,an ir laser,the visible laser really isnt,useful in many case scenarios,um,the best one for a civilian,is going to be,in this unit you have a slaved laser,system so the ir,and the visible laser are slaved,together so if you sight in,your your visible laser,your ir laser is going to be sighted in,as well,so that is your,your biggest,pro to having a viz laser um,you can use a gas mask with a laser it,works out well but other than that,youre not really going to get much use,out of a viz laser,but it helps with,actually zeroing,your system,moving directly over you have your,battery cap,i havent personally have any issues,with this battery cap,i know on some of the,dball i2 devices,people have been having issues with the,battery cap housing completely pulling,out,i havent had any issues with,my i2 9007,or my other d-ball d2 which well get,into that in a minute,um but i guess a problem is there and,enough for people to bring it up,but again i havent had any issues it,takes cr123a,batteries pretty common battery i,havent had any issues with those as,well,then moving over from that you have your,illuminator,this illuminator is very powerful,it is focusable,it does have,a range of throw,some people make fun of,you know,the devices like this being,that you have to turn it to get the,specifics that you want,but it isnt as long as some other,devices its quick throw you can really,get down on it and youve made it,to where you need to go,um same with the laser,the ir illuminator has a,cover,there is a company out there which i,will,throw some b-roll in there,that makes a,diffuser cap,that makes this even more usable,so you could keep your ir illuminator on,its tightest beam pattern for the,farthest throw,and then have that cover on it,you can have it open for throw,clip it up youll have it a nice wide,diffused,beam,sorry,and that diffused beam is going to be,good for indoor use and close-up work,as you can see being ir,led,youve got a pretty big body right here,thats where one of those caveats come,in so you do have a really high power,led based illuminator,but,you got a big housing,i dont think its as much as a con i,havent had any issues with it it,doesnt slow me down any so i wouldnt,really call it much of a con but it is,there,moving to the back of the device,all the way over here you have a fire,button i call it a thumb fire button,obviously you use your thumb on the top,as well but this one,some people,dont like it i actually prefer it it,works really well,my thumb,on my my rifle rests about right here on,the device it allows me to move down to,move my switch,and reach over for the button to fire,i cant really,i cant really,distinguish any cons out of it i like it,like i said,um,moving over from the fire button you,have,your switch,so well go over all of the functions,if you move straight down,you have,visible laser high,it is pretty darn bright um,and it would be usable in a lot of,settings including a lot of daylight,settings,from there,you have visible low,its a nice tame laser would work really,good in in darker situations,uh you can even see it with a with a,high powered weapon light which is nice,moving directly up is off,so this is one of the pros that i,really like is that,the viz,the viz unit is separate from,the ir units,moving up from there,youve got,ir pointer only,the ir pointer only is in low mode,moving up from there,you have,lets see,ir pointer and illuminator low so the ir,pointer at that point i believe is high,and the illuminator is low,moving up another click,you again have,ir pointer and illuminator high so now,both units running high you have a high,ir pointer and a high ir illuminator,and then the last click,is just high illuminator,i like this last function,because,it works really well for passive aiming,um,a while ago,irbox was the way to to use night vision,this was,your number one solution for night,vision,um i believe now with the gen 3,technology that were working with plus,the,the optics that were working with know,passive aiming has become a lot more,viable,so when passively aiming,and looking through your optic,under night vision,its good to have just an ir illuminator,because sometimes your night vision,might not be able to punch through a,photonic barrier so you wont be able to,see on the other side of that and ir,illuminator is going to really help out,with that,same with dark spaces so,if you are in a variable,lighting condition,your night vision might see an area,really well but over in that corner you,might see that its really shadow casted,and ir illuminator is going to help with,that,so were going to use this shed over,here,to display,shadow barriers and photonic barriers,next to this shed is a bucket that is,pretty hard to see even with the night,vision because of the shadowing,but with an illuminator,you can see it great,i will,get right to the number one con,its heavier than most ir boxes so,youre looking at 12.3 ounces for this,device,its not as noticeable as i thought it,would be when i first got into this,device,uh it is there the weight is there,uh there are ways around it based on how,you mount the device but i always,recommend 12 oclock of course but you,can if you have a long if you have a a,longer rail,and lets say you you cant you cant,reach all the way out there the the,rails just too long you can bring this,device back just slightly,and it will uh help offset that weight a,little bit,moving on to another con i had a d-ball,d2 before beat the living crap out of it,it ran and ran and ran had no issues,with it,until i did,so my issues with it,was not,that the device died because of abuse,the device died because i pulled out,my dual switch lead and when i pulled it,out a lot more came out than i wanted to,the plug prolapsed and that is another,thing youll hear about steiner devices,now i will say steiner did,well by me i rma the device sent it in,it took a little longer than expected,but it did come back and it functioned,but,the plug was never the same it was loose,and it just didnt work like it did,before it was usable,but it wasnt as solid,this particular device,ive had for,quite some time now,um i havent really put a lot of wear,and tear on to it yet,but i havent had the same issues i,dont know if theyve updated those,issues before but uh,i havent had it,moving forward another con,is obviously the battery compartment,some people have issues with it popping,out and having to use tools to get it,back in when changing batteries havent,had an issue on the last one havent had,an

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Crazy Bulk Review ❌BE CAREFUL WITH THAT! Does Crazy Bulk Work? Crazy Bulk Reviews!

hey guys its dan carter from,ripstates.com and i wanted to jump on,the line today and give you a rundown on,a popular bodybuilding supplement called,crazybulk uh youve probably landed on,this video as youre looking to find out,a little bit more information about the,company what it is theyre offering you,know theyre legit so,crazy bulk theyre a uk-based company,all the products are manufactured in the,uk and what they offer is an,alternative range of dietary supplements,that mimic the effects of anabolic,steroids so the popular big names such,as dynabol tremblone idekadura bowling,uh winstrol you know all these leading,names that you know really do have,explosive results but they do come with,a ton of different side effects you know,including you know acne mood swings,small balls so for me personally ive,never really wanted to put anything like,that in my body uh and its not,something id ever want to depend on,either so crazy box you know its a,great alternative something that is you,know probably just as close you know,natural uh you know and a lot cheaper as,well,uh just one thing i wanted to add if you,think you can take this product,and,you arent going to do any training or,youre not going to make sure you die at,some point then i would ill just turn,the video off now because theres no,point in you know even watching this,video so i will say you have to train,and work out just start with anything to,you know to see the results but these,products will help massively at getting,you quicker results in a short time,so how it works with steroids and even,some supplements if youre new to this,is that you can stack things together so,you can combine,different products to sort of maximize,their effectiveness so typically the,range of pretty,crazy bulk supplements falls into two,categories either cutting or bulking so,you can either take the bulking products,grouped together or take them,individually or take the cutting,products grouped together individually,all mixed the two together,from the people ive spoke to that use,it ive used a lot of the cutting,products on myself because i used to be,quite a quite burly guy and,you know i have a great success with the,cutting stuff but typically if youre,looking at my personal recommendation,for the bulking products would be if you,would combine something like d-ball deca,duro or anadrol like those three,together there,have had the most positive response from,different people ive spoke to stuff,ive read online or you could maybe take,pick two anadrols and stack that with a,d-bow,if youre looking to do the cutting side,of things ive had great success with,stacking t-bow 75 with klembo troll so,what ive done is ive bought one t-bar,75 and stacked it with kombucha um,winner draws another another great,product as well,um so you know all the information on,these different stacks is on the site i,wouldnt recommend going for the,ultimate stack i think thats just too,many products and you know youre not,gonna its too many products to mix,together to see any real you know yeah,effectiveness and to be honest with,animal exteriors you wouldnt combine,that many products anyway so the best,thing if youre looking to do stuff with,crazy bowl is take higher numbers,of you know less different products but,higher numbers and group them together,so if you have any questions on crazy,vault head over to ripstates.com drop me,an email if you follow the link at the,bottom youll youll read my review as,well uh theres also some coupon codes,as well that you can grab through my,site uh thanks for watching leave all,your comments in the box below thanks a,lot cheers

CrazyBulk D-bal Review – My Results After Using D-bal 2022

hi guys and welcome to my crazy bulk D,ball review in this video I will show,you some information about this product,and my results after using it,so what is Depot,Debo is a legal supplement made by Crazy,bulk designed to mimic the effects of an,anabolic steroid called dianable,however unlike real dianable it doesnt,have a long list of nasty side effects,because its made from natural,ingredients,Diana bull offers testosterones,anabolic benefits such as more strength,and muscle mass but with fewer,androgenic side effects like acne oily,skin male pattern baldness fluid,retention and liver damage,as Diana bull binds to the Androgen,receptor it strongly affects protein,synthesis the rate at which new proteins,are produced,this results in a huge boost in strength,and muscle gains,it didnt take long for bodybuilders to,Cotton onto Diamond Balls amazing,benefits,today Dianabol is one of the most widely,used oral anabolic steroids,but theres a catch Diana bull causes,nasty side effects,Diana bull is highly toxic and can cause,severe liver damage and many other,devastating side effects,this is why more and more of us are,turning to legal steroid Alternatives,like d-ball which offer similar benefits,but without side effects,according to the d-ball website,bodybuilders weight lifters and anyone,who wants a safe legal alternative to,Diana bull can take d-ball and build,muscle fast without risking their health,they say that d-ball will give you,explosive strength and power,rapid muscle gains,boosted testosterone levels,faster recovery,heres what happened when I bought Depot,ordering d-ball from the crazy bulk,website was super easy and my package,arrived two days,when you order from the crazy bulk,website you also get access to 10,premium training and nutrition guides,which if you take the time to read you,will find a full of helpful tips,crazy bulk was running a deal when I,purchased where if you buy two products,you get a third one free so thats what,I did,the d-ball label says to take three,capsules approximately 45 minutes after,your workout,so after every workout I waited 45,minutes and took three capsules of,d-ball along with a protein shake,it took a few days before I felt any,changes but then I really began to feel,it working,I began feeling much more focused and my,thoughts were clearer,I woke up in the morning feeling really,good and ready to start the day,this was a good thing for all areas of,my life because I was more productive at,work and in a better mood around friends,and family and it helped me stay focused,in the gym,and when it came to being in the gym I,was crushing my workouts and 100 felt,like I was on some good juice,my regular weights felt lighter and I,began lifting much heavier than before,but I kept my form on point,many people say they feel more explosive,and Powerful when they take d-ball,I definitely felt that and know what,they mean and I got some huge pumps too,I felt like every workout I did on,d-ball was 10x better than my workouts,before and I felt great after everyone,I noticed improvements in recovery times,too,in the past I would feel sore for days,after some workouts but on d-ball I felt,fresh and fully recovered by the next,day,this is great for sticking to a workout,plan,I didnt notice any negative side,effects either,so if you want to order crazy bulk click,in the link below and if you have any,question comment below thanks for,watching

Crazybulk D-bal Reviews

Whats going on guys?,Your main man Pete here, and today were talking woooooooshh Crazy Bulk D-Bal baby.,The good stuff.,Hahaha!,Ok, so I got a super cool product here that I wanted to review personally because I love,it so much.,So first of all, Im a personal trainer, mixed martial artists, bodybuilder, powerlifter,and ultimately a fitness enthusiast- so with that being said, Im always looking for super,cool, high quality, natural supplements that can support in my journey.,Add a little icing on the cake, maybe a few sprinkles as well if youre flowing with me,- haha!,This bad boy Crazy Bulk is adding sprinkles galore!,Ok so I finished my first bottle.,Each bottle contains 90 capsules, so youre getting your moneys worth.,The biggest bang for your buck.,This is all natural steroid alternative.,All the gains of steroids, without the side effects.,And let me tell you guys, you will make gains.,110% guaranteed, real talk.,In fact, Im so confident in this product that the end of my review, Ill show you one,of my recent workouts in that Im on my second bottle,So im sure a lot of you fitness enthusiasts out there watching this video have heard of,Tribulus Terrestris, a natural ingredient derived from nature, intended for our utilization.,Perform at the highest level and boost our testosterone like never before.,This product is going to take your training to the next level, and your physique.,This product contains only the highest quality, pure ingredients, but the secret here is in,the specific, perfect dosages required, scientifically proven.,You got 75 mg of tribulus terrestris, you got L-valine, leucine, L- isoleucine, the,highest quality ingredients guaranteed to not only pump you up in the gym – thats right,youre going to get some crazy pumps.,But youre girls going to be pretty stoked as well because of the boosted libido.,Thats one thing i noticed after about 2 weeks of utilization, my libido was up big time,,real talk and my wifes not complaining.,Ultimately and in a nutshell, this product can be utilized on a strength training regiment,,a bulking regiment or a cutting regiment.,In that when youre cutting sometimes when youre low on carbs, you just need a little,something to press onwards to glory and this is going to support.,Now for bulking this also contains 450mg of whey protein in a capsule, this stuff is crazy,and I think you guys are really going to dig it.,So be sure to click the link below and go pick yourself a bottle up, I know youre going,to love it and I wouldnt steer you in the wrong direction because me personally, I just,love reviewing products that have supported me on my journey.,Its a hobby, Ive always done it and this product Crazy Bulk D-bal has supported me,big time so go get it.,Woooo!,Ok guys, later.,Thanks for checking out my positive review.

Crazy Bulk Review 2022 – D-bal Crazy bulk Review – Does Crazy Bulk Work?

hey whats going on today we are talking,all about gaining muscle mass fast Ive,got some great tips to help you gain,muslim as quickly as well as a,supplement that will make bulking up,much easier and faster than it normally,is now many of our readers have been,recommending using d-ball as the best,way to gain muscle mass the quickest so,I figured I would man up and try this,supplement for myself and give it a,review I did want to give you some,background on this product real quick,but if you want to skip ahead and check,out the full review you can just click,the link in the description box below,now before we get into why D ball works,so well to help you gain muscle mass,fast I did want to share some bulking,tips with you so if youre really,wanting to pack some extra mass onto,your body I would recommend that you,keep your Rebs,an 8 to 12 rep range meaning when you go,to do an exercise like a bicep curl,tricep extension you want to do that 8,to 12 times per set now thats kind of,known as the sweet spot as far as,building pure size by using the 8 to 12,rep range youre keeping your muscles at,the perfect range to gain the most size,possible this magic range this is known,as the hypertrophy range this is going,to be great for when youre looking to,build more size over just strength,another thing I would recommend would be,doing compound lifts those are going to,be lifts that use large muscle groups,and they use them all at once so these,are going to be things like squats,deadlifts military presses where youre,using your full body those exercises are,great for bulking faster than normal,because youre gonna pack that muscle on,to different areas of your body instead,of sticking with just like bicep curls,where you know its just gonna go to the,bicep now,deep ball here so this is great for pure,strength what this does is through,nitrogen retention and protein synthesis,it takes the food youre eating and it,puts it puts the protein from those,foods and supplements into the muscles,directly,instead of having it just sitting in,your stomach which really just it passes,through it does no good so I really like,the protein synthesis here I thought,that worked great the nitrogen retention,is going to retain the naturally,occurring nitrogen that we have in our,body which for you it means its going,to inflate your muscles you know its,gonna have that kind of air tire effect,when you go and inflate a tire with air,it pumps it up real big thats the kind,of effect I had on my muscles so now,that we have the basics out of the way,youre probably wondering exactly how,well the ball worked for me and you can,find out impersonal tips for having the,best success with this supplement its,gonna be in the link below again in the,description box below the video on how,the link to the review below will have,the pros and cons of the supplement yes,there are some cons where to find this,supplement and any current deals or,sales that are going on for this,supplement d-ball right here so I hope,that you enjoyed this video all about,gaining muscle fast leave a like and,subscribe for new supplement reviews,weekly and as always stay hungry stay,strong stay fit

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