1. DDP Yoga 60 Day Review – weightloss and flexibility results – does it help with lower back pain?
  2. DDP Yoga 30 Day review
  3. DDP Yoga Beginner Beginner Workout Preview
  4. DDPY Workout with DDP & Bron Breakker
  5. DDP Yoga Review Honest Opinion | Day 17 of my 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge 2016
  6. DDP Yoga – 1 year review
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DDP Yoga 60 Day Review – weightloss and flexibility results – does it help with lower back pain?

in this video im going to be reviewing,my first 60 days of doing the ddp yoga,beginners program has it helped me,has it not has it reduced my lower back,pain and has it,made me more flexible my names search,and im trying to lose weight,[Music],welcome ladies and gentlemen in this,video as i mentioned im going to be,reviewing my first,60 days of doing the ddp yoga the,beginners program,in this video i should give you my,overall thoughts so far,and i should also work through and,compare my day one,doing the energy workout and my day 60,doing the energy workout,which will come further into this video,if you dont know already,my names sad and im documenting my,weight loss journey on a week to week,basis i shall be uploading videos,reviewing my actual workouts from the,week,if you want to follow my journey dont,forget to subscribe below,lets get straight into this what is ddp,yoga,so by definition on the website ddp yoga,is a revolutionary approach to fitness,that combines the best of yoga positions,sports rehab therapy old-school,calisthenics,and dynamics resistance to give you a,complete workout that requires,no running no jumping and no lifting,so why did i specifically pick ddp yoga,program,im a sucker for marketing number one if,youve seen,arthurs video online or in some of the,other ddp,yoga testimonials on their website,youre quite inspired,but i think the biggest thing for me was,i was looking for something different,outside of the gym,and with all my injuries and the,operations ive had,ive become a little bit of a shall we,say couch potato,become a little bit lazy my flexibility,is quite,restricted as well and i think one of,the biggest pulls for me was,the aspect of no running no jumping and,no,lifting now i will put my hands up to,say that ive never thought about yoga,in the past because,the normal kind of yoga that you see,its not very appealing,this on the other hand was slightly,different just because of the way it was,i suppose sold to me but yeah it was,sold to me very well and i just,committed and bought it,now what did i buy i bought this in 2019,and i bought the at the time it was,called the max pack,and ddp rebuild dvds for,149 including the tax,now in that you would have got your,ddp manual inside this it has,your workout plans what you need to do,what do you,need to use and like a food diary as,well in here,quite good you also get in here,two discs well this one and two,discs three and four this would be,enough to do the beginners,the intermediate and the advanced yoga,you also get in here as well the rebuild,series ill be fair to you i dont know,why i bought that,as you can see i bought in 2019 and it,hasnt even been open,cellophanes still on it,then youve also got the poster dont,really need it but,its there for you so some of this was,or the package i bought itself,definitely impulse,but thats just me i was convinced now,since i bought that specific package,there has been an array of different,kind of new services provided by ddp,yoga which i havent used,such as the app the live series,and the online classes i think initially,when i,bought the package there was a seven day,free trial of the app shall we say,i didnt think it was great at that,specific time by looking at the website,now,and ill link the website below it looks,quite snazzy and if i was to do it again,i may well have,committed the app instead of the,physical packages,but i bought it i need to use it i,havent,really used it since 2019 its the first,time that ive got past,week three of the yoga program so,need to get my roi on this one so the,yoga itself,is 12 different positions built up into,different series within a workout,so ive now gone through what the yoga,is ive gone through,what i bought and why i bought it so,lets compare,my day one energy workout which is the,first,full workout and my day 60 energy,workout in comparison to each other,so in three two one lets go,okay ladies and gentlemen thank you very,much for getting this far into the video,so straight into it video on the left,hand side,if youre looking at the screen is day,one and video on the right hand side,is a day 60 energy workout,now at the time i didnt really know,about angles etc so,its only getting better and better but,ultimately you know where were going,with this,already visually you can see that im,already moving better,looking better and slightly trimmer,and dont be fooled,im still balding though im not getting,any hair,just stopping here very quickly downward,dog is a staple in this workout,and you can see already my bum pushed up,higher on the day 60 than it is on the,day,one,the push-ups is the biggest thing so you,cant really see,in day one video where im having to go,down on my knees,because ive just got no energy and no,power in my push-ups whereas in,day 60 were almost doing a proper,push-up there,quick visual here i tried to think about,it on day one as well,you can see this is me trying to touch,my toes and the lack of flexibility,there,you can see here i can barely touch my,toes here and day 16,almost there but youll also notice that,my legs are straighter as well so less,event,so my hamstrings and calves are getting,more flexible as well,another thing that i was happy about,here so,this position here look at the way im,holding the blocks here,so the two blocks in day one,held vertically and then on day 60,horizontally so instantly there,you know that im getting flexible and,that was a lot easier as well,now in 60 days ive blew up the strength,to be able to stand up,at least once on my feet whilst doing,this exercise,whereas as you can see struggling here,on my knees try and do this workout look,at the energy,involved as well day one and day 30 is a,little bit more concentrated,[Music],and this liftoff position here day one,day 30.,just watch it,oh go on there we go creaky old knees,there,it looks like i struggled with that one,[Applause],so most of this is the 12 positions in a,sequence,catering once around on the right hand,side of the body then to the left,hand side of the body so working out the,body equally,[Music],this move here the broken table my,favorite one,this is my favorite position just,because it really does,work the glutes the lower back and the,upper back as well just that stretch,that i get there this is the one that i,feel the most and as ive been doing,this program,i can feel it more and more into the,glutes as well where i can really feel,the stretch in my body,so one thing i did want to use the,reference point was the pinball position,so if you look at day one there you can,see my hands are just by my knees,just around the kneecap area look at my,face and then look at the way im kind,of straddling the air shall we say,in comparison to that today 60,my hands are on the shins less of a,a painful face,face and looking a little bit more,comfortable there,even if you werent really paying,attention visually you can,see the improvements already so imagine,what ill be like after the full program,and then going over to the intermediate,and going over to,the advanced program just come down to,consistency now if youve been watching,my previous videos you know there have,been,some workouts that i have missed but,overall ive been quite consistent with,this,and thats the main thing consistency,guys,[Music],i mean come on for 60 days thats not,bad,i had two aims when i started this,program that was to number one,lose weight and number two to gain,flexibility,60 days in and ive definitely done that,im definitely moving in the right,direction,if youre watching my weekly videos i,put up you know its definitely up and,down,but overall looking back in 60 days ive,made a huge improvement,already now my biggest pains were,because im working from home at the,moment im always seated,probably dont get any steps in and my,backs really been hurting and,flexibility has been heavily reduced,so it definitely helped my back as well,its definitely,allowed me to burn some more calories,thro

DDP Yoga 30 Day review

I started doing DDP yoga about a month,ago and I started posting about it and,Ive had a lot of people ask me about it,how its working do I like it and I said,I would post a 30-day review and I was,still too new to it so I think first,its important to say why I started,doing it Im a professional Highland,Games athlete and I throw heavy things,its not very great on the body I do,powerlifting type,workouts to build strength and size and,about three years ago I herniated a disc,in my back l5 s1 so I had the lightning,that was running down my leg if youve,ever had that injury know what Im,talking about it just sucks and because,this was three years ago and I was still,an amateur trying to get to the pro,ranks I just continued to lift heavy ate,a lot of food and really neglected the,note the the mobility piece so as the,years went by I really got tight my,lower back got tight my obliques,hamstrings calves my hips were getting,pulled out of place because of just,everything was pulling in all kinds of,different directions started to get,little injuries like I pulled my oblique,and had to sit out three games last year,in Chicago Ive torn my calf muscle,twice my left knee sucks my ankle is,starting to bother me so its all,connected,and it all kind of came to a head this,year at the biggest game of the year for,me I just wasnt able to perform at a,level that Im happy with still had a,great time always have a great time but,its always fun or when you throw good,too so I decided I needed to do,something different because I just kept,doing the same thing over and over I,wasnt,get a different result so I heard about,the DDP yoga youve all seen the stuff,online,pretty cool stuff but I wanted to see,what real people you know what their,results were as opposed to you know the,marketing materials that they were,putting her out and I saw good things so,I decided to buy it this is what you get,a couple of DVDs theres four here,actually a lot of different workouts I,also I bought the biggest package so,theres another extreme DVD which Ill,probably never get to if I do itll be,much into the future it also came with a,book and a poster I think Ive looked at,the book and the poster maybe once so,basically I just been doing the DVDs for,the last 30 days its been great,before I started I went to my,chiropractor and told him what I was,doing he was on board with it so we we,spent about 20 minutes measuring my,range of motion so I got all kinds of,measurements from my side to side,forward back my neck and we just took,measurements so that I could see what,the baseline was so that when we remesh,after doing it for a while I could,actually see some tangible results and,Im going to be doing that here in a,couple weeks Im pretty excited to do it,because I know its gonna I know Im,gonna have some good results there the,flexibility is is increasing,dramatically lower back feels good Im,not out of the woods yet I still have,days bad days if you if youve dealt,with this injury before you know what a,bad day means but theyre there fewer,and far farther apart and when I do have,them the yoga kind of helps me get,through it a little bit quicker so I,recommend it anybody that has questions,about this um if if youve been on the,fence with it I,recommend it the results Ive had in 30,days I would pay double for what I paid,for this so Id give it a good,endorsement and you know Im not on the,DDP payroll theyre not giving me,anything and Im not looking for,anything either I just I really like it,and Ive had probably about 20 different,people reach out to me either a DM on,Instagram or a comment or phone call or,a text Facebook you know telling me that,they were on the fence with it I like it,I dont like doing it its not fun it,kind of sucks actually,its hard but its getting a lot easier,theres poses I couldnt do on day one,that I could do a week later I love the,results I dont love doing it sticking,to something like this kind of isnt my,cup of tea,so Im actually surprised that Ive been,with it for so long and Ive gotten to a,point now where I feel like if I skip a,day or if I if I get away from it from a,couple days I kind of get that same,feeling like if I skip a workout you,know lifting you just kind of feel,crappy about yourself when you you dont,go to the gym I kind of feel that way,now it probably last thirty days I,didnt do it for days I was sick I had a,travel weekend and another day I just,couldnt do it life got in the way but I,definitely recommend it if you have any,questions about it let me know leave a,comment you can reach out to me Im here,to help and I will hop back on here,probably once a week just to kind of let,you know how its going track my success,with my offseason my measurements are,coming up – Im excited to see what,those are and share with you guys so,like subscribe and kick some ass

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DDP Yoga Beginner Beginner Workout Preview

hey everyone is Stevie Richards and in,todays video I just want to give you an,overview of what we do in the beginner,beginner class here at the DDP yoga,Performance Center theres a lot of,people to walk into my Tuesday and,Thursday night classes of 5:30 p.m. and,very nervous they have a lot of,anxieties anybody really probably will I,would have had to go into a brand new,workout not knowing what to do and not,knowing what the instructors like so,today is kind of a primer just to show,you what thats about so you can see it,right here on YouTube now when you walk,into the class you have a better idea of,just how much fun it is and how anybody,can really do this workout so you can,see here I got the heart rate monitor,out there and yes it says steamy that is,a nickname that Ive been given by a few,of the people here at the Performance,Center so figure what the hell put it up,there so this is all about modifications,in the beginner beginner class is all,modifications you can challenge yourself,in each and every workout here or you,can modify every workout that I teach,here at the Performance Center bud this,is strictly more of an instructional,class the people do burn anywhere from,three to six hundred calories sometimes,in this class so the heart rate monitor,is another thing we hook everybody up,the heart rate monitors so to keep,everybody as safe as possible and also,at the end when you send many calories,you burn at the end of the workout its,a really cool feeling and people are,really shocked and how many calories,they can burn just even in the beginner,beginner class so Im gonna have to,start think here on the iPad go down to,the mat were gonna do some breathing so,gonna be a position called pin fall,youre gonna have your feet hip distance,apart knees pointing towards the ceiling,if you have lower back issues grab your,hamstring thing carefully lay back onto,the mat now were going to do some,breathing so put your hands on your,belly take a deep belly breath in and,really fill your belly up flair now as,you exhale pull your belly back towards,your spine deep breath,exhale pull your belly back towards your,spine okay before the next count youre,going to take a deep breath Im going to,tell you to hold it then Im going to,say exhale count back so you at home and,everybody whos in the class counts back,as loud as they can three two one so,hands back on the belly deep belly,breath in hold it,exhale count back three two one and,youre pulling your belly back towards,your spine after exhaling hands back on,your belly now its going to be three,two two deep breath exhale count up,three two – good job some people say,three two one I mess it up sometimes -,now its gonna be three – three deep,belly breath in exhale count back three,two three good job alright now were,gonna try five count five four three two,one deep breath really fill your belly,up flare now exhale count back five four,three two one great job,alright come up off your back carefully,come around to your knees put your hands,out in front of you and try to sit back,towards your heels,in the safety zone now if you cant do,that theres a modification even for,this just drop your forearms still try,to lay your head on the mat try to push,your butt back towards your heels but,dont force it because we havent even,started warming up yet so this is the,modification but if you can just reach,out with your hands and then sit back,towards your heels,okay come up hands underneath your,shoulders your fingers are spread wide,look right between your hands your knees,are going to be hip distance apart the,tops of your feet are going to be flat,this position is called table now inhale,roll your shoulders back drop your belly,to the mat Kat lift now exhale drop your,head arch your back cat arch inhale cat,lift exhale cat arch come back to,neutral now come up hands off the mat,shoulders over your hips so were going,to get to our feet and start doing,some dynamic resistance but before do,that I want to demonstrate one of the,modifications so we can get to our feed,so throughout the course of the workout,well put you in a position called Down,Dog it looks like this this is a Down,Dog now most people will inhale and lift,their left or the right foot in the sky,three-legged dog but Ill tell everybody,or drop to your knees with me to modify,this is where it starts right here now,curl your toes in the back make sure the,toes are curled alright so now to sweep,your left leg forward just a reminder,throughout the workouts Im mirroring,you so your left is my right and the,opposite of the opposite that was a,little inception type deal right there,so alright so you want the knee over the,ankle keep the toes curled in the back,and just a reminder you can do the,entire workout from a knee you can do,everything right here you dont have to,come up off the mat but if you want to,engage your hands see my heart rates up,to 104 from engaging my muscles even,right now alright keep the toes curled,in the back and then just push up into a,supported lunge and then just step up to,the front of your mat very easy so we,also have a chair here something to,demonstrate a chair modification in a,second but first thing were going to do,is do ignition so were going to gauge,the lower half engage the upper half the,trick is to keep the opposite half that,youre not working engaged while youre,working it so say youre doing the opĂ©ra,half keep the water half youre doing,lower half keep the upper half engaged,it takes practice and focus so be,patient alright so step up on your mat,feet hip-distance apart your feet are,always going to be hip distance apart,unless I tell you bring them together or,toes the knees out for a squat position,thats when were going to use the chair,modification but for now slightly bend,your knees and just flex your quads just,slightly bend them now pick your toes up,put them on to the mat then curl them,into the mat you should feel it in your,calves now now try to bring your legs,together but keep your feet right where,theyre at a thing I like to really,point out in stress do not lock these,knees out keep them slightly bent if you,ever done a leg press you dont lock,your knees out you keep a slightly bent,and flex your quads so now tuck your,tailbone squeeze your glutes what the,hell does that mean for the guys just,lock everything from the waist down,thats the only way I can so right now,lock everything from the waist down keep,your toes curled in the mat,make two fists flex your quads flex your,glutes reach out grab the ball spread,your fingers wide another thing I like,to do some people reach out flex that,tricep come out here flex your lad I,flex everything so I never put any,impact on my joints so now were going,to take a deep breath gonna go back to,countin exhale count back five four,three two one,curl your toes flex your quads flex your,glutes counting on five four three two,two deep breath exhale count up five,four three two two inhale up the,touchdown get that length now exhale,come down the diamond cutter thumb and,index fingers together a little trick,here put your fingers together like this,and spread your pinkies away from each,other just like that,engage your triceps I even engage my lat,here inhale come up lean back just a,little bit protect your back arms out to,itse clench your fists exhale get strong,already over six minutes in in L,attention,so does that chest out spread your,fingers wide dont shrug try to bring,your hands closer to the floor at ease,good lets go right into it now flex,your quads flex your glutes reach out,grab the ball inhale up a touchdown,exhale down the diamond cutter inhale,wena back protect your back arms out to,itse clench your fists flex your muscles,exhale get strong rolling the shoulders,in in L 10 shut C thats stretch I get,their shoulders back chest out at ease,now bring your feet together same thing,though flex your quads flex your glutes,reach out grab the ball remember Im I

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DDPY Workout with DDP & Bron Breakker

hey guys its me ddp and welcome to,another live workout here at the,recovery crib were going to be doing a,total body workout today its going to,be around 30 minutes ish and uh,you know were going to be working the,total body so well catch some back arms,legs were going to hit it all uh look,good cardio uh its a great workout if,youre just starting off your day and,ready to hit it its going to be between,intermediate a little bit of advanced,stuff depending on how deep you go more,for conditioning but i think uh if,youre a beginner who really understands,the modifications then you should be,okay,all right uh here in the uh at the,recovery crib today weve got one of the,diamond daughters we got lexi nair here,and im giving ages here for a reason,and uh lexis 23 right now and right,next to weve got the the steiner,brothers the different steiner brothers,though theyre both from,rick steiner but this bronson and hudson,and bronson is uh hes actually uh you,know with the ravens right now and hes,getting ready for camp and getting ready,to do it and hes 22 years old right,bruns,all right right next to him we got,hudson who is 28.,right next to him weve got my girl,paige mcmahon at 46,and teddy bear all the way in the far,left who is 85 years young so,when i tell you to begin beginners can,do it,uh,guys who are 85 years old can do this,workout if they put the work in and this,guy is my hero thats who im trying to,emulate his work ethic and drive okay,everyone come around to the front of the,mat and lets just step up,right up to the front,if youve got music at home play it play,it right through your itll come right,through the app so you can play what you,want were going to play our own music,here you cant hear it but were rocking,to something here all right lets get,everybody feet hip distance,step up to the front of the mat feet hip,distance,i want you to grip your toes here tight,tuck your tailbone now hit it flex those,quads flex the glutes if you got them,jack them up,reach out and grab the ball open those,fingers wide,inhale reach up and the touchdown create,that resistance get that height,now all i want you to do is lower your,shoulders a little bit and then i want,you to reach long and high try to,straighten those arms grip the toes flex,the quads flex the glutes exhale bring,it down come right into diamond cutter,push your thumb and index fingers,together inhale take it back,out through a tee clench your fist hulk,it up,inhale attention,shoulders back chest out,at ease bring your feet together grip,the toes,hit him flex squats flex glutes grab the,ball with resistance take it up in the,touchdown,get that height elongate that spine,drop the right scrape the left,exhale get a little deeper with that,right hand reach that left hand over a,little farther,inhale touch down get the height,drop the left straight to right,again stay here deep breath,exhale little deeper,inhale touchdown feet hip distance,diamond cutter take it down,push those thumb and index fingers,together,inhale take it back,out to a teeth let your fist make some,noise yeah attach it,shoulders back just out at ease pop them,okay feet hip distance,grip the toes,flex squats flex glutes grab the ball,inhale the touchdown get some height,huddle up,now bring your hands on your knees,roll your shoulder blades back turn your,tailbone up,deep breath,exhale fold forward,grab your elbows and just hang here,get some length,just let yourself,elongate the spine,try to bring your biceps to your ears to,open up your shoulders a little bit,inhale hands on your knees,roll your shoulder blades back,push here engaging your triceps,lengthen the spine deep breath,exhale fold forward if you can run your,hands right down your calves if you take,it down to your ankles grab your ankles,tuck your chin lengthen that neck,inhale hands on your knees bent like,your bar back,exhale,step legged bar back so straighten your,legs roll your shoulders back,deep breath exhale fold forward just,grab a hold of your elbows again,and stretch out the back of those,hamstrings,feel the back of your knees,all the way down to your ankles there,fill your achilles,try to bring your biceps towards your,ears,deep breath,exhale let your arms just hang,keep your chin tucked,roll it up one vertebrae at a time,come right up in a touchdown reach for,the right hand,reach,exhale reach to the left,reach to the right,hot reach to the left,now drop the right scrape the left open,up that left side stay there,deep breath exhale get deeper,inhale touch down,exhale opposite side,stay there,deep breath exhale get a little deeper,and open up that right side,inhale touch down,exhale take the right hand back,corkscrew look over that right shoulder,inhale take it up touchdown,exhale opposite side,inhale touchdown,exhale diamond cutter push them together,tight,inhale take it back,out to a tee clench your face make some,noise yeah,turn shut,huddle up,now turn your toes and your knees out,bring both hands up on your quads,get your shoulders over your hips,deep breath,take that left forearm bring it towards,the mat and then put all the weight in,your right hand stretch that left hand,open,inhale come right back up shoulders over,hips,exhale right forearm down,take the right hand across,inhale bring it back up,again left forearm down get a little,deeper this time,and open up that low back twist it,across loosen up your face there hudson,and hell take it back looks like he was,killing himself back there,right forearm down,take it across normally i have to say,that to bronson inhale bring it up,now were going to go as deep as you,feel comfortable you might end up,staying right here but if you get that,left forearm to the mat maybe you want,to put your right hand on the mat bring,that left forearm towards the mat,or hook your right ankle whatever works,for you,open up that lower back,inhale fist the hand get your shoulders,over your hips feel it open up your,knees here,right forearm to the mat,hook the ankle or just put your hand on,the mat,inhale fist the hand deep breath one,more time,left now try to lay into it if you can,just keep working and eventually youll,break up that scar tissue itll get,there,inhale fix the hand,exhale opposite side,inhale push the hand,okay were counting back from three two,one deep breath want to hear everybody,need the energy today,take it up three two,one jack them up,grab the dumbbells gonna do laterals,here,deep breath and pull it up three two,one cant hear you hudson,pull three two two,counting up this is three two three pull,three two,three you want to get a little bit,stronger bend your knees when you come,down pull three two four,inhale pull three two,five great job,pull three,two six come on bronson jacket brother,pull three two,seven hudsons already jacked up there,oh three two eight now turn them up we,got military presses,we got ten,i say ready you stay ready ready,hit it one flex at the top two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten pop em,whoo,touchdown,lets take a little deeper,this is a total body workout,were going to kick your ass today,get a little deeper,deep breath toes and knees forward fold,forward,bronsons already up,hes up to the high one teams,huds in the 140s he came in here at 70.,awesome,inhale with a flat back take it up in,the touchdown,get the height,diamond cutter take it down,inhale take it back,out to a teak let your fist make some,noise yeah,dad shut,huddle up toes and knees out squat drop,and lower,left forearm to the mat,inhale fist the hand,right forearm to the mat,this the hand this is three two two deep,breath,everybody let me hear you three,two,two,jack them up,laterals again fist to fist,if you to bend your knees as you lift go,for it,your workout im just the guide,make the ddpy your own deep breath,pull three two,one deep breath,counting up pull three two,two,cant hear you bronson blue three two,three come on lexi let me hear you blue,three,two,four what about you teddy bear po three,two

DDP Yoga Review Honest Opinion | Day 17 of my 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge 2016

hey what is up everybody zero fats here,aka kam genex coming at you on behalf,anew triple of time I hope everybodys,doing amazing out there on the scale,today I weighed 140 point one um which,is cool man its cool its cool,its only coming down a little bit and,its good man I feel good about it cuz,Im not fluctuating the same way that I,was um I feel it actually slightly,legitimately coming down at least thats,how I feel,the scale doesnt reflect how I truly,feel I mean how I feel like 100% better,than well this I mean if I could say how,I feel I feel like Ive lost like ten,pounds,I do attribute a lot of that just to not,eating bread and maybe like continuing,to let be okay with the sugar I was okay,with the sugar uh and I like Im telling,you I have any cravings for pizza or,fast food of any kind so thats crazy I,mean I have never in my life and Im 40,years old Ive never might like not had,a craving for like pizza or something,like that,so its pretty crazy Im real happy with,that but anyways whatever so what I,wanted to talk to you guys today is,about some of these exercise programs,that Ive done that Ive tried that some,of you guys might be interested in some,of might help you I dont know the first,one when I want to talk about today and,Ill talk about some more in other,videos but the one I wanted to talk,about today was this one this is DDP,yoga DDP yoga is pretty cool because,its very low impact you know if you,have joint problems if you have back,problems uh stuff like that going on,this is a pretty cool program for you or,if youre big you know if youre big or,if youre really out of shape and you,feel like man I like to exercise but I,cant Im not physically fit enough to,exercise then DDP yoga is a good program,for you man its really cool it mixes I,like isometric exercises with like yo,and its cool its pretty cool so this,is about between sixty and ninety,dollars I think I think we got this it,was like 90 bucks or something for this,program and what if you want to know,what it is its uh you get the little,book you get the little book that comes,with it and then you get like some DVDs,the DVDs come with it so you get get,three of them right I think we got the,special package that had the extra had,the extreme that came with it because I,think I got like a like a little bit of,a little bit bigger of a package so it,came with the extra workouts yeah I,really needed that I think I gave up on,the first disc so I dont think I needed,to extreme I should one with a cheaper,one but I got the the agile programs,like six sixty to ninety dollars or,something um and then uh you also get,this poster thats pretty cool I never,hung it up obviously I dont know why I,just didnt and when I first started,watching like people go through the,program I was excited got all excited I,bought it I got the stuff I needed for,me my wife and I and we tried doing it,together we fell off of it we didnt,stay with it now let me explain to you,like everything has its tipping point,okay like to me like every exercise,program that you try and fall off of,every diet that you try to fall off of,like they all have their tipping point,something something is the thing that,starts to crash something is the thing,that like starts you falling off of it,the tipping point was and this is this,is crazy so we need to be yoga you got,to get a heart monitor right you get a,little watch its a little heart monitor,you get this little thing right here and,it like straps to your the tip of your,sternum right there kind of right around,between your belly at your chest,right around there and uh you need that,and doesnt come with the DDP yoga,I think there might be a package where,where you can get it hey hey uh did it,come,did it have a package where you get the,heart monitors yeah did they offer it,separately though yes so the website,actually the EDP yoga website they will,offer the heart their own heart monitors,you can buy them separately but you can,also go to Walmart and I think we,ordered ours off a Walmart comm or,something it was a little cheaper but uh,it doesnt matter how you do it youre,gonna spend a little money I mean,between buying that bind the yoga mats,buying two heart monitors for my wife,and I youre looking at a few hundred,bucks thats just the way it is youre,looking at a few hundred dollars to get,into it for real um and that was fine,Im okay investing money in my health I,dont have a problem with that that,wasnt a big deal to me Im way past,that you guys Im Way over that I dont,care your health is important and I,dont wanna invest in a couple hundred,bucks and my health um but so so youre,looking at right probably at least least,two or three hundred bucks to get into,this thing you need to buy the program,then you need the heart monitors and you,need the yoga mat stuff now look heres,the tipping point for me okay,and DDP yoga your everyone has like a,zone for their heart rate that they need,to be in right when youre doing these,exercises theres a lot of isometric,exercises like were hope you like all,right now push your arms out cool and,like push up together like this you know,its like all right youre just like,pushing your arms together like this but,theres nothing there right its a very,isometric um and like while youre doing,these things while youre doing these,exercises and stuff like your heart rate,youre supposed to be in a certain zone,on here right and for some reason when I,was doing all these exercises and stuff,I couldnt get my heart rate up to the,right zone it was messing me up like it,was messing me up like it was it was,like um it was making me mad like it,wasnt making me mad but it was making,me uh,was also frustrated because like I spent,all this money on the stupid thing and I,cant get my heart right into the right,zone and so Im not even burning the,right amount of calories because Im not,in the right zone Im trying to go,through these exercises and even though,Im doing them right my heart rates not,in the right zone at least I felt like I,was doing them right and big DDP what,does he say on the yoga What did he say,on the disk hes like if your heart,rates not in the right zone and you need,to go back and watch the The Dirty Dozen,or whatever he calls those core,exercises he teaches you in the,beginning because you doing something,wrong thats as big thats as big a,explanation for like if you cant get,your heart rate in the zone go back and,do those elementary exercises I figure,out what to do right its like man,whatever so it was this like there was a,tipping point there yeah you know so I,told I told my wife I said you know what,man Im not messing with this heart rate,thing a word the whole exercise I did it,like twice two or three times with the,heart rate monitor and all the time I,was constantly watching the heart rate,monitor constantly watch the heart rate,monitor I couldnt get it into the right,zone I think my zone was between 120 and,140 or something I had a little zone,that I needed to maintain the whole time,and with some reason I couldnt maintain,it so that really distracted me from,doing the workout and I told my wife you,know what Im gonna go through the,workouts but Im not gonna wear the,heartrate monitor Im just gonna do it,without the heartrate monitor and it was,fine it was cool,I enjoyed the workouts more but at the,same time I had that little voice in the,back of my head saying Im not doing,this right you know this is how youre,supposed to do it youre supposed to,have the heart rate monitor Im probably,not burning the right amount of calories,blah blah blah blah you guys know how it,is you get the voice in the background,thinking it just kind of messes with you,so I just kind of like got disinterested,and fell out of it and this stopped,doing it um but thats what happened,with the DDP yoga now Ive seen a lot of,inspirational stories with the DDP yoga,Ive seen lucky we lose a lot of weight,and stuff um you know I dont know I,think DDP does w

DDP Yoga – 1 year review

Braylon so Ive been doing the DDP wide,workout for exactly a year now so I,thought Id give it a little review,so before I start this review I just,want to say Im in no way affiliated,with DDP why I dont know Diamond Dallas,Page unfortunately I would love to seems,like a great fella and theyre not,paying me to say any of this this is,just one man with you whos been doing,it for a year and they wanted to get a,few things off his chest about it so,youre probably wondering what is DDP y,so DDP why is DDP yoga okay thats what,its short for DDP yoga and the DDP,stands for Diamond Dallas Page now those,who dont watch wrestling wont know who,that is it was very famous wrestler,in WCW in the late 90s and then he had a,brief stint in the WWF hes a WWF Hall,of Famer and hes got his own fitness,program so its called DDP yoga or DDP,why so youre probably thinking Im not,doing yoga what a load a nonsense but,its not like your typical hippie sort,of imagine you are in a field you are a,tree you are at one with the tree and,the tree is that one with you its more,like flex the quads flex the glutes grab,the pole and you really strain in every,muscle using dynamic resistance and he,goes squat wrap and lower and you squat,dollar and then youre in these horrible,positions so its not yoga its more,like planking and doing slow push-ups,and just holding horrible poses and just,moving with dynamic resistance so that,basically means if youre gonna go out,like that you cant really tell Im,doing it but tensing up every muscle in,my body to make it stronger so the,tagline is no running no heavy lifting,or no lifting at all and no jumping so,its a really good workout so youre not,doing any of that though is its great,its really good so get into the cost,for one year it cost me $86 now Im not,sure that while that is in British is,about seven equator think which is,pretty good considering Ive done 105,six workouts in that space of a year so,that works out to about 50 peer workout,which is a bargain really its probably,less than the gym I dont know what,people pay for to go to the gym but,thats just for the workouts as well so,on top of the workout you get daily,videos of inspirational videos of people,that have done the program you get,recipes you get live workout you get,loads you get a log where you can log,your weight and take pictures from day,one to day 365 whatever and yeah you get,this its great value for money and it,caters for everyone which is great so if,you are paralyzed for instance theres a,inspirational video out there featuring,a guy called Arthur Borman I suggest you,go watch that on YouTube its incredible,so Arthur used to be a paratrooper and,he was on crutches because of all these,impacts Londons he was taken and he was,desperate to mend his body and everyone,turned him away except from DDP thats,where I first heard about it and at the,end of the video spoiler alert he goes,from crutches to being able to sprint,down the path in the video hes standing,on his head so its incredible so,theres four Im gonna go for it so,before I started I wasnt very fit I,just had enough really so just for I go,for it and Id do it every time so yeah,so like I said you can be bedridden and,theres a workout for you that suitable,or you can do the Xtreme psycho workout,which I watched it for about two minutes,and youd have to be a Navy SEAL to be,able to complete it it was absolutely,ridiculous he was doing push-ups sort of,more or less doing a handstand and doing,push-ups and hes like sixty odd it was,just incredible so yeah it caters for,everyone it gives you you workout and,then it stays says day off and then you,do another workout then it says day off,and the results for me were fantastic so,I lost about two stone so,say an American about 25 pounds,something like that just felt really,strong in my arms in my legs macaw I,also play trumpet as well and thats the,breathing exercises that really helped,with my trumpet playing I can take in,more air Ive got a bigger sound so,thats fantastic as well its just great,and Ive been more confident as well,people comment on how you look when,youve lost youve lost the way,and standing up straight Im now able to,stretch all the way to touching the,floor without bending my knees thats a,really fantastic feeling so yeah I cant,recommend it enough its really cheap,its got recipes you feel part of the,community as well even though Ive never,met DDP I feel like Im know him because,hes talking to me in the workouts and,you can do a workout with someone at the,same time it was a different stage than,you so thats really good on the,workouts he has four people as well as,himself and theres one person doing,modified moves so a beginner and an,experienced person can get what they,want out of their workout they can make,it their own right so a beginner they,dont have to stand that far after all,the legs in that much of a gap in order,to do the workout and if youre more,advanced you can have your back leg,really far back and you really work in,your legs yeah so more Pete different,people can get different things out of,the same workout which is great so there,are a couple of issues that Ive got,with it but theyre only minor really,generally its fantastic so if you miss,a workout in massive letters itll say,missed so sometimes Ill go for a run,and I think I dont want to do a tdpy,workout today oh Ill do it tomorrow,so it says missed in massive letters and,then you do the next day but it doesnt,like cancel out it doesnt say are you,caught up with it or anything it just,says missed and then it once youve,completed your 14-week program it says,number of workouts missed and itll say,like eight or nine so thats really,frustrating if youve not,miss them so that could be itd be great,if you could say Ive substituted doing,the workout a day later than I should,have done it should accommodate for that,and you get rewarded with points so if,you get a hundred thousand points you,get a DDP Y t-shirt which is fantastic,Im on thirty nine thousand points now,so Ill be getting that t-shirt if I go,the same way Ill be like two and a half,three years,[Music],so its really good for that you can get,a t-shirt the only problem is the one,reward I really won is a visit to DDP,wise house not DVP why Diamond Dallas,Page is house and you get to stay there,and do workouts within the store and,thats two and a half million points now,I said I was on thirty nine thousand,points I worked out if I was carrying on,doing every year in thirty nine thousand,points its gonna take me sixty three,years to get those points so Im gonna,be 92 right I dont think Ill still be,doing the workout at 92 years old so and,I know words out diamond will be 126 so,Im not sure thats going to happen so I,think the points could be dropped down a,little bit maybe two million so when Im,60 I be able to go to his house Id love,to do that so those are any criticisms,of a Ive got a bit really but other,than that its fantastic so Ill just,reiterate what Ive just said I feel,more confident I feel part of the,community thats getting fit Ive lost,weight my core stronger my arms are,stronger my legs are stronger,it was $80 for a year than 156 workouts,so cheap its you can do it in your own,home I know a lot of people with the,situation they might be stuck in their,homes for a while I think this is the,perfect thing to keep your your brain,ticking along and to keep your,cardiovascular workouts ticking along as,well so if youve never done a workout,before and youre trying to get fit do,it honestly do it the hardest part of,trying to get fit is just getting your,exercise gear on and actually doing it,so I 156 work,I probably felt eager to do about 50 of,those I managed to get myself pull,myself together and actually do all,those workouts I didnt regret one of,them I was happy to do all of them once,Ive finished them so yeah Im,definitely gonna renew for next year,hopefully be in good shape and,eventually I might go to the V

DDP YOGA results

so a little over seven weeks ago I,started doing DDP yoga and before I did,if you watch my last video I went to the,chiropractor and we took measurements of,all my range of motion and we scheduled,an appointment to go back and remeasure,and that was yesterday and Im going to,share the results with you today its,pretty awesome,keep in mind the measurements are in,degrees of range and we really tested,everything we tested forward flexion,backward extension rotation and lateral,extension with both the lower body the,hips area and the neck and the results,were great Im going to talk a little,bit about this then Ill show you the,the paperwork and then something really,cool at the end too so forward flexion I,had eight degrees better just bending,over touch the toes it probably would,have been a little bit better but last,week I I kind of strained my hamstring,playing basketball with my seventh grade,team that I coach so that probably would,have been a little bit better 15 degrees,just going backwards seven degrees going,to the left eleven degrees to the right,and rotating was really interesting I,was able to get to 45 degrees both ways,which I could only get to thirty before,so a lot of that is just opening up a,lot of tight areas down low that have,been bugging me for a while and then my,neck was great I was really surprised,when I head up to a 16 degree,improvement in my neck all the way from,12 to 16 degree in all the different,movements so my range of motion has,dramatically increased Im really happy,with it my body feels great a couple,couple side effects that I wasnt,expecting doing the yoga I lift every,other day so I lift I have a rest day a,lift,rough day and I do upper body twice a,week,and lower bottom twice a week in my work,week is eight days so Im finding that,doing the yoga on my rest days is really,helping me with my recovery so that when,I get back to another lower day or upper,day Im ready to go so Im going to show,you the paperwork that I have Im going,to leave it there for a second so you,can pause and look at it and then Im,going to show you something else that I,think is pretty awesome too so here we,go so heres where I was on September,12th this was before I started and you,can see the written end results those,were my results and the illustration,shows what what normal looks like so top,left thats my neck extension and,flexion extension I was at 35 degrees,and normal was 45 my flexion was,actually pretty good I was at 50 so I,was a bug average there below that,youll find an illustration of a naked,dude I didnt have to do that for this,thank goodness but you know even there,in that illustration I was at 25% of,extension 30 is normal and 85 percent,flexion or bending over to touch the,toes and 90 is average or normal so this,is where I was and this was where I,became yesterday the yellow highlights,show the increase or decrease actually,had one decrease top right with my neck,and I dont know what thats involved,maybe I was having a bad neck day who,knows but everything else was uh was,pretty good the one thing that sticks,out to me was my forward flexion were,touching my toes here I had an eight,degree improvement that probably would,have been better like I said I kind of,strained my hamstring a little bit so I,was a little cautious with that but 15,degrees with extension rotation,Im 245 degrees now and 30 is normal,which Im really excited about that,because that should translate to help me,with my throwing get into that right,side so really good results here Im,really happy to see that what Ive been,doing isnt just a waste of time in that,that Im making results here that are,later tangible and that I can see and,its just it helps me stay motivated and,focused one other thing Im going to,show you guys I think is pretty cool so,hold on just a sec one of the other,things that was really weird we measured,my height and my weight and the weight,was the same and there was a difference,I,Ive always been six foot two had been,that way since high school,right on the nose six foot two and when,he measured me I was six foot one and a,half and I didnt believe that I had,them remeasured me and again it was six,foot one and a half and I came home,because I didnt believe them but I,measured myself and I put a little notch,in the doorway where I measured my kids,and see their growth and when I went,back yesterday I was 6 foot 2 again so I,actually grew a half inch in the last,eight weeks and Im going to show you,the mark in the doorway here its on,right here is where I was seven weeks,ago and this is where Im at today so in,doing DDP yoga for seven weeks Ive,actually grown a half inch so yeah I,wouldnt say I grew a half inch I just,got the height back that I had lost and,when I looked at my we took a picture of,me just standing sideways front back and,sideways and you could actually see that,my posture was a lot better than it was,before,from the side my head was kind of,slouched down a little bit I was,starting to get a little hump and now my,posture is better,my head is more above my shoulders than,it was before so that was just kind of,an eye-opener for me you know when he,get old he kinda,lose a little bit of height and made me,feel like maybe I was kind of getting,down a path where I was heading down,that direction so very very happy with,these results if anybody has any,questions about it let me know glad to,share with you so yeah there it is

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