1. Dead by Daylight Review (2021)
  2. Is Dead By Daylight WORTH PLAYING? SHOULD YOU PLAY IT? | Dead By Daylight Review 2022
  3. Beginners Guide to Dead by Daylight 2021 – DBD Tips & Tricks How to Play
  4. Dead By Daylight et la dissonance ludonarrative.
  5. The Dead By Daylight Game Review (2021)
  6. Dead by Daylight – Still Worth Playing in 2022? [Noob Review!]
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Dead by Daylight Review (2021)

after nearly five years dead by daylight,stands tall as one of the best takes on,an asymmetrical multiplayer out there,its slasher movie inspired premise,where one person is a monstrous killer,who sucks and slashes a team of four,survivors before they can escape,recreates the tense arc of a horror,movie with an escalating back and forth,that,pretty reliably ends in a thrilling,chase to the exit gate,dead by daylight is in a sense two very,different game modes happening at the,same time,for the four survivors its an exercise,in stealth and teamwork where they must,find and fix,five power generators then open an exit,and escape,the killer meanwhile has to catch the,survivors and put them on hooks to,sacrifice them,and even though the killer is faster and,the survivors cant fight back,having four survivors roaming around,means theres always opportunities for,the team to make progress if they play,it smart,as a survivor youre skulking around in,a coordinated third person stealth,mission,most tasks like fixing generators come,down to holding a single button and,hitting random timed mini-games,which sounds simple except for the fact,that the killer could jump on you at any,moment,theres a lot of nuance to staying one,step ahead that can only work when,youre coordinating with your team,and upgrading your character with perks,so even though you can play by,matchmaking with random groups,its not as fun that way also even,though theres a healthy population of,people playing,matchmaking almost always takes at least,a few minutes which makes it hard to pop,in for one quick game,anyway as one of 23 killer characters,youre storming around the map in first,person,looking around to snatch up survivors or,at least keep them from making progress,even if you know where they all are you,cant be in four places at once,so youre playing a game of spinning,plates to defend the generators,how you keep those plates spinning,depends on what kind of killer you,choose,each one has some unique traits that,push you to use them in specific ways,the doctor for example can infect,survivors with madness that make them,randomly see things that arent there,every ability comes with drawbacks too,the wraith,who turns invisible has to ring a bell,to reappear before attacking the,nuances of each killer good and bad,create a set of rules within,each match that are not unlike the,interior mythology for killers in a,slasher movie,the differences between the two game,modes creates a give and take,relationship between the two sides,most killer characters will win a plain,old chase in a straight line,but theyre less agile and their first,person perspective limits their view,all of that gives survivors a chance to,evade a killing blow,and get out of sight at the same time,both modes feel at home together because,they share a common adversity,tension formed through heightened time,pressure for the survivors finishing,generators quickly and efficiently is,the,best defense against a killer who wants,to get in your way for the killer,its on you to move fast and disrupt as,many actions as possible to prevent them,from fixing the generators,it makes simple often mundane mechanics,feel extraordinarily intense,and creates real gameplay-based reasons,for some of those confounding moments in,a horror movie,like when a killer might simply give up,on a chase when a kill seems inevitable,the ping-ponging systems inject a,tremendous amount of variation,into what should be a fairly repetitive,game on paper,the main factor is the customizable,character perks that give killers and,survivors unique advantages,but there are also some things like an,escape hatch that appears near the end,of a match and lets the last player get,out quickly,if they can find it every rule has an,exception and every exception has a,counterbalance,even though some perks feel like they,break the rules no advantage is,insurmountable,in addition to achieving incredible,balance dead by daylight uses its,systems,its art and even its dlc to channel the,classic horror movies that inspired it,while it is five years old and its,visuals understandably lack the detail,of a modern game,it still looks respectable most of the,time the levels representing each,killers lair,feels like they were ripped straight out,of a horror movie in fact,some actually are over the years dead by,daylight has steadily added a murderers,row of famous monsters,and survivors from horror movies and,games including michael myers,freddy krueger and screams ghostface,killer the cameo killers abilities feel,especially impressive as most of them,capture the spirit of their movies,in gameplay form,[Music],dead by daylights competitive horror,concept strikes an incredible balance,between two very different but,compelling styles of play,whether youre the unpredictable killer,or one of the elusive survivors,each match really feels like a mini,horror movie on both sides,the thrill of the chase and the threat,that even the best laid out plans can go,awry keep dead by daylight burning,bright,even after five years of thrill kills,if youre looking to get into dead by,daylight check out the teaser for the,newest,update all kill and our pyramid head,gameplay video,of course we also have reviews of the,biggest multiplayer games including,fortnite among us and overwatch,and of course for everything else stick,with igm

Is Dead By Daylight WORTH PLAYING? SHOULD YOU PLAY IT? | Dead By Daylight Review 2022

dead by daylight is one of the most,interesting and unique multiplayer games,on the market right now compared to,everything else that is super popular,between fortnite warzone rocket league,things like that dead by daylight really,sets itself apart and its because of,what this video game actually is dead by,daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer,horror game which if all that technical,mumbo jumbo confuses you like it does a,lot of people what that actually means,is that dead by daylight is a 4v1 horror,game where four people will play as,survivors and try to escape the match,whereas one person will play as one of,the many killers in this game and try to,kill all the survivors now an,asymmetrical game may not seem all that,groundbreaking these days theres tons,of them on the market but when dead by,daylight released back in 2016 it was,one of the few games that actually,utilized this style of gameplay let,alone one of the only competitive,multiplayer horror games on the market,so it would be an understatement to say,that this game was niche at the time of,its launch but here we are today in 2022,and dead by daylight is still thriving,and coming up on its sixth anniversary,which is why im here today to help,answer the question of should you be,playing dead by daylight in 2022,now being that this game has been around,for six years means it must be doing,something right especially because there,have been many games trying to lay claim,to a piece of the asymmetrical,multiplayer genre,like i said in 2016 dead by daylight was,something very unique and while it still,arguably is there have been many games,over the years that try to use dvds,formula and create something new such as,the friday the 13th game which has sent,shut down in predator hunting grounds so,why when big-ips such as friday the 13th,and predator have their own take on this,particular genre does dead by daylight,remain so successful well i think there,are a handful of reasons but the first,and the biggest one that really comes to,mind when i think about dead by daylight,is the simplicity of its gameplay loop,this game at its core has a very easy to,grasp concept and gameplay structure if,you choose to play as one of the,survivors you will work with three other,survivors in locating and repairing five,generators scattered throughout the,games many maps in order to turn the,power on and escape the match all while,avoiding the killer whose sole purpose,is to find the survivors and prevent,them from completing the previously,mentioned generators and escaping they,do this by attacking them placing them,on hooks scattered throughout the map,and eventually killing them easy enough,for anyone to pick up and immediately,understand what is supposed to be done,in each game which makes this game,fairly accessible to newcomers now there,is a lot more complexity if this is,something that youre looking for in,this game because there are character,perks different killers and their,respective powers and player skill,levels on either the survivor or the,killer side of things but those are all,things you learn as you continue to play,dead by daylight and are not necessarily,something you need to know off the bat,in order to start playing and enjoying,the game,on top of that there are the options of,hopping in with friends across any,platform because crossplay is a feature,in dead by daylight plus the ability to,make custom lobbies and play with your,friends and one play as killer bunch,play survivors and swap between those,roles adds a lot of variability to,having parties and groups of people,youre playing this game which which is,a bonus another thing that i think,really helps dead by daylight is the,fact that it is two-sided in the way,that it is versus the survivors and the,killers,i feel that because of this and because,each role plays so differently it gives,a lot of replayability for example if,you play a ton of survivor maybe you,consider yourself a survivor main and,you get bored of that switching to,killer continues to allow you to play,dead by daylight and progress your,characters while still having a totally,different experience from what you would,get from playing a survivor game so it,helps with a lot of the burnout from,playing one particular role too much,especially when you look at the variety,of killers and their powers this gives a,lot of different variation even on the,killer side before you would even,probably start to feel burnout you could,just change your killer and change the,way youre playing to kind of keep,yourself interested and keep yourself,moving forward before youre like okay,now i need to switch over to survivor,and just kind of change things up a bit,the next thing that i feel makes dead by,daylight such a success is their,partnerships with big names in the,horror genre over six years of dvds,life there have been many new killers,and survivors added to the game through,dlc packs known as chapters that come,with new perks maps and things of that,nature that can change the gameplay and,loop and meta of the game now while some,of these new characters are completely,original and they only exist within dead,by daylight universe some are from big,horror franchises for example on the,horror movies side of things dead by,daylight has characters like michael,myers and laurie strode from halloween,they have freddy from nightwear on elm,street they have the cannibal from texas,chainsaw massacre but its not just,movies that dvd pulls from they also,have partnerships with video game,characters like nemesis leon and jill,from resident evil and pyramid head from,silent hill these big names allow horror,fans to play some of their favorite,characters from different horror,franchises all in one place which gives,dvd a huge advantage over other games of,this nature that only focus on one,particular franchise or character,the third thing i feel dvd has going for,it are the dlc and content updates we,get throughout the year the dlcs focus,on new character releases specifically,whereas content updates can add things,like new maps character changes buffs,nerfs and in-game events and this cycle,of new content keeps people excited and,looking forward to whats next like i,mentioned a lot of these character packs,and dlc packs contain these licensed,characters which is very exciting to see,some of your favorite characters be,brought into this light while also,getting new maps and environments to,explore and play this game in is very,very exciting and the constant addition,of new perks and things of that nature,changing the meta game keeps things,fresh and keeps things interesting a lot,of different builds that you can try on,your different characters gives you a,reason to keep coming back and you know,experimenting with the play style of the,game finally for better or for worse,dead by daylight has a very passionate,community and in some instances this,produces a lot of positivity and things,like the video you are watching right,now where people just enjoy the game and,want to talk about this game play it and,experience it with other members of the,community but like every game some fans,passion turns into frustration with,changes removal of certain features,addition of certain features things of,that nature and that can all spawn a lot,of toxicity on top of the fact that this,is a competitive game that always breeds,some toxicity in players that really,want to compete at high levels it just,it creates that battle,so if youre taking to the internet to,find any more information regarding this,game and see some pretty conflicting,stances just remember the fact that,opinions are like and,everyones got one ultimately i feel,like you should be basing your opinions,on this game on gameplay that you see if,you find it interesting or not and then,your own actual gameplay experiences so,to answer the question we started the,video with should you be playing dead by,daylight in 2022,i personally have to argue y

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Beginners Guide to Dead by Daylight 2021 – DBD Tips & Tricks How to Play

ladies and gentlemen i heard a rumor,that you want to start playing dead by,daylight,or maybe youve already started but you,are looking for some help,getting into the game well youre in the,right place because today were going to,go over,everything you need to know to get,started in the game first,dead by daylight is an asymmetrical pvp,game,the asymmetrical part refers to the fact,that its four players,against one player now generally in,these scenarios one player is super,charged,strong and the other four are weak and,thats how it balances itself out,the general premise is that you have to,land in with four survivors and try to,escape before the killer,which is the other player on their team,kills everyone and stops them from,escaping,on the main menu youll be asked to,choose between playing survivor and,playing killer on which queue you want,to jump into,and if you select survivor youll have a,long list of survivors to choose from,they have customization options and,different perks that allow them to,change their play style,but well go over that over after the,basic gameplay and if you choose killer,theres a long list of killers to choose,from as well the difference here being,that every killer,has a different power or ability you may,even recognize some,from popular media like ghost vase,coming from the screen,ip demogorgon from stranger things,pyramid head from silent hill and so on,so lets jump into the game as a,survivor and go over the objectives,as a survivor you will spawn to the game,with three other survivors,and there will be seven broken,generators on the map,your goal as a survivor is to find five,of them,and fix them to get them working which,will open an escape route for you and,allow you to get out of the trial,generators look like this and to fix,them you simply walk up to them and put,your primary input depending on what,platform youre on hold it down and,itll start to repair,periodically youll get skill checks,that youll have to hit in order to,progress the generator it will be a,circle,with a target mark on it if you miss the,target mark,it will be a bad skill check the,generator will regress and it will alert,the killer of your location,if you hit the good area which is the,thin white area it will be a good,skill check which will do nothing but,just continue progression but theres,also a small,great skill check area which is harder,to hit which gives you a little bit more,progression and has some interaction,with some of the gameplay,so youll see it right there thats the,skill check youll receive so you just,need to keep holding down the button to,get the generator all the way fixed up,hitting all the skill checks you can,along the way and once youre done with,the bar the generator will pop,usually causing some change in the map,or generally just in that progression,you can see in the bottom,left i now have four more generators as,a team to get done,and thats how generators work you need,to get five of the total seven to get,the exit gates open,as you get near to the killer youll,enter whats called the terror radius,as you get closer and closer that the,radius gets bigger the intensity of the,music gets stronger the heartbeat grows,faster and faster,so as you go closer you see it getting,louder more intense,the heartbeats going faster and faster,this lets you know how close the killer,is,do keep in mind that some killers are,considered stealth killers which means,theyll be able to get near to you,without you being able to hear the,heartbeat if the killer finds you youll,enter whats called a chase,if he hits you once youll go into the,down the injured state if it hits you,again youll go from,injured to downed and beyond the ground,to escape the killer you have a few,choices,all killers run faster than you do on,foot however,they cant vault over pallets like you,can so you want to use these as they go,down as an option to move around,dropping the pallet will stun the killer,if theyre near it and you can also,vault over windows when in pursuit,to escape the killer the killer does go,over windows slower than you do,but just know if the killer wants to,catch you they eventually will running,from the killer like this is called,looping using as much of the space,around you as you possibly can,to keep the killer away from you once,down the killer will pick you up and,take you to a hook,you can only be hooked three times in,total after every game and once youve,hit the third time on the hook,your time in the game is up and youll,be taken up into the sky windows can be,entered in three different speeds,if you are walking and you go up to the,window you will go over it silently if,youre running at the window but get a,bad angle,youll do a medium vault which is fast,and does notify the killer of your,location,if youre running and you hit the center,of the window just right youll slide,over it for a fast vault,which has the smallest window of hitbox,for the killer to get you and,is the preferred option when youre in a,chase in a pinch you can,enter lockers which will hide you from,the killer,doing so quietly will lower your option,of being found but if the killer opens,the locker and finds you inside of it,you will immediately be put on the,shoulder of the killer and taken to a,hook,also note if you enter a locker while,injured your,whimpers of pain will be heard by the,killer but they will be pretty silent so,good killers will still find you if,youre injured and sitting in a locker,you can heal injured survivors by,walking up to him and holding the button,just like you do with the generators,and there are various ways to be healed,through items and through abilities as,well,you will still get skill checks during,this process and if you miss one,you will stop the heal and the killer,will be notified of your location some,killers and interactions will require,you to mend youll see a yellow hp bar,on top of your name if you dont mend,yourself in time you will fall to the,ground,and there are various ways to trigger,this if a survivor is hooked you can see,them on the map through walls,another survivor will need to come over,to you pick you up and get you off the,hook,simply walking up to the survivor,pulling them off the hook and allowing,them to escape,the unhook you just saw is generally,considered an unsafe unhook because i,pulled them off in front of the killer,however i do have a perk that allows me,to get away with it once on the killers,shoulders you can wiggle to try and,escape,sometimes if you buy enough time for a,survivor on the shoulders you can,actually prevent them from,being put on the hook because they will,wiggle off youll find chests that you,can open theyll give you a free item,but they take a second to unlock before,you can get the item yourself and it,does notify the killer with sounds but,no visual,impact throughout the map youll find,totems usually five,of which on the map itself when they are,not lit up like this they are called,dull totems and you can cleanse them,because there are ways for these to,light up later in the game,but if theyre dull they are not causing,you any harm however the totem is lit up,which means its on fire and making,more of a fiery sound to it that means,that the killer has a perk,thats called a hex perk and is causing,your team harm for as long as it exists,youll need to find the hex totem and,destroy it in the first phase of being,on the hook you can try to escape,you get three chances from full hp it,has a very low chance of success so,generally is to be avoided and there are,perks that interact with this,and when you enter the second hook phase,you just have to fight for your life,until you get saved once down you can,recover yourself,up to about 95 and then someone will,have to come pick you up on their own,the best thing to do here is usually to,recover as far as you can so someone can,get you up instantly,if the killers right behind them and,then you can run away once the last,generato

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Dead By Daylight et la dissonance ludonarrative.

la dissonance ludo narrative cest un,terme employé lorsque le gameplay dun,jeu vidéo ne raconte pas la même chose,que son histoire le terme a été inventé,en 2007 par clint hocking qui travaille,en ce moment même sur woodstock legend,ailleurs et qui sen est servi pour,critiquer le premier bioshock un jeu,dans lequel on est au début un type,normal notre avion sécrase dans locéan,on se retrouve dans une ville,cauchemardesque où tout le monde est fou,à lier et qui accessoirement prend leau,est notre unique but à devrait être de,nous barrer de trouver une capsule de,sauvetage et de se tailler de là mais,incomplète inconnu nous appelle sur une,radio et nous demandent de laide pour,sortir sa famille de là et nous on le,fait on lâche tout on traverse la ville,entière et on affronte mille dangers,pour ce gars quon a jamais vu,on dirait quon joue quelquun de,profondément altruiste sauf que si on,est profondément altruiste nous laissez,pas faire ça tiens dailleurs sans rire,quand jai fait le jeu la première fois,ça ma pas choqué mais en y repensant en,tant quadulte dans une industrie où les,enfants sont quasiment jamais représenté,et ou lorsquils le sont ils sont,toujours un vulnérables dans bioshock,non seulement tu peux faire du mal à des,enfants mais cest encourager par le,gameplay pour être aussi fort que,possible dans bioshock,il faut trucider des gamines en boucle,comment est-ce que tout cas réussi à,faire valider une idée pareille,comment ils sont pas pris tous les,organismes de censure de la planète sur,le dos et du coup est-ce quon est le,genre de type qui va risquer sa vie pour,un inconnu ou est-ce quon est le genre,de type qui va buter des enfants parce,que cela arrange lhistoire me dit le,premier mais le gameplay me dit le,second cest ça la dissonance et on sait,tous quil ya le peloton est à la fin,qui essaye dexpliquer ça quen fait on,est obligé dobéir aux ordres datlas,parce quon nous a conditionné pour ça,mais ce flot de touristes,il arrive trop tard il arrive après 30,heures de jeu si on sest rendu compte,de la dissonance dès le début cest 30,heures de jeu pendant lesquelles on a eu,limpression de jouer un personnage qui,alterne sans arrêt entre deux,personnalités différentes,pour autant cette dissonance a pas,choqué grand monde moi elle ma pas gêné,quand jai fait le jeu et jai croisé,personne encore qui ma dit bioshock,ouais cétait pas mal grosse dissonances,oudot narrative quand même la raison,pour laquelle ça a choqué personne cest,quon sait que ça se passe comme ça dans,un jeu vidéo en fait quand un pnj te dit,faire un truc tu le fais sinon le jeu,ils navancent pas dans la vraie vie je,pourrais refuser ou je pourrais accepter,où je pourrais ne rien dire ou lancer ma,radio contre le mur ou courir à poil à,travers la ville jaurai une infinité de,choix mais dans un jeu vidéo la liberté,toujours,une illusion on avance sur une trame,écrite par le studio donc quand on rate,là sappelle le personnage principal,pour lui dire de faire un truc en vérité,cest les devs en train de dire aux,joueurs devant son écran frérot faudrait,que tu fasses ça parce que bah cest la,seule histoire quon a préparé et si tu,veux pas lalternative cest de sortir,le cd de la console et daller faire un,foot et nous on sait que ça se passe,comme ça et on accepte parce que cest,pas le premier jeu vidéo quon fait on,est conditionné à faire ce quon nous,dit sans poser de questions au moins,autant que le personnage principal du,loup quand on nous donne un objectif,dans un jeu vidéo on se demande pas,pourquoi il,on le fait cest tout et à côté de ça on,est quand même contents quon nous donne,la possibilité de tuer des gamines,cette phrase a vraiment besoin de,contexte parce que on accueille à bras,ouverts tout ce qui ajoute de la,profondeur au gameplay du jeu même quand,cette profondeur colle pas vraiment à,lhistoire quon est en train de nous,raconter mais jai quand même trouvé la,théorie de hacking très intéressante et,du coup jai décidé de chercher un jeu,dans lequel la dissonance serait ultra,énervé genre très visible tout le monde,pourrait lavoir dès le début du jeu et,elle gênerait quasiment nimporte qui,qui essaye de jouer et ce jeu je les,trouvais,dead by day light cest ce jeu auquel,vous avez probablement vu votre streamer,préféré jouer au moins une fois,quatre joueurs incarnent des survivants,qui doivent allumer cinq générateurs,puis ouvrir une porte pour senfuir,tandis quun cinquième joueur joue,contre eux et incarne un tueur qui doit,les attraper avant quils ne puissent,senfuir sous ses apparences de petits,jeux dhorreur sans prétention des bd,dun jeu difficiles et hautement,technique ou tueurs comme survivants,doivent apprendre à utiliser des,dizaines de pouvoir il est également,riche dune communauté extrêmement,active et prenant rapidement de,lampleur puisque il est lun des jeux,les plus vendus sur steam en 2019 je me,suis mis récemment et même si le jeu est,très bon je me suis surpris à beau,courage et pourtant je joue à des jeux,multi depuis longtemps jai pris toutes,sortes de défaite frustrante jai pris,des blues en 12 minutes sur lol jai,pris des 16 0 sur counter-strike et,pourtant jai jamais particulièrement,été du genre à ridge quit mais sur dvd,je me suis surpris à recourir aux bons,vieux alt f4 bien plus souvent quà,laccoutumée et jai décidé de,comprendre pourquoi,spoiler cest la dissonance ou,donnera-t-il en même temps cest le,sujet de la vidéo alors ce que vous,allez jouer tueur pour la première fois,vous allez vous faire aveugler un coup,de lampe torche assommé à coups de,palettes à emmener en balade trois fois,autour de la carte et vous allez même,voir des survivants que vous avez déjà,réussi à attraper être sauvés sous votre,nez grâce à une utilisation judicieuse,de leur pouvoir par les survivants et à,ce moment là vous allez réaliser que le,jouet rempli doutils qui permettent aux,survivants de rendre votre vie misérable,et peut-être que vous allez finir par,les attraper ou peut-être que cest eux,qui vont gagner la partie mais à aucun,moment vous aurez limpression quils,sont sans défense,et cest un problème parce que dans un,jeu dhorreur on est censé être sans,défense on peut citer des exemples comme,alien isolation ou aux classes dans,lesquelles se cachent et l unique moyen,de rester en vie cest cette,vulnérabilité qui est à lorigine de la,terreur et avant que vous me disiez pas,des bd est un jeu multi il faut bien,donner des armes aux deux camps eh ben,je vous répondrais quil était,parfaitement possible dimaginer un jeu,qui suit les règles du film dhorreur,avec des cartes plus grande,beaucoup plus de cachette et un gameplay,basé sur la discrétion un jeu qui,ressemblerait un cache-cache au lieu de,ce quon a,qui ressemble à une partie de chasse,avec des pièges dun côté le survivant,est privé de la possibilité davoir peur,parce quil a déjà bien trop de choses à,penser ce mec en train de se faire,poursuivre il compte le nombre de tours,qui peut encore faire autour de cet,obstacle,il compte les secondes avant que son,sprint soit de nouveau disponible et il,se demande si en quittant lobstacle,maintenant ils attendent atteindre la,prochaine palette il ny a pas de place,pour le frisson et les sursauts le jeu,est quand même agréable à jouer et,beaucoup de nouveaux joueurs restent,mais ceux qui sont venus pour avoir des,sueurs froides rentrer bredouille,cest pas un jeu dhorreur cest un jeu,de course poursuite avec un habillage de,jeu dhorreur mais cest encore le tueur,qui est le plus mal loti,parce que lhistoire lui dit quil est,une créature implacable répandant la,terreur à travers la carte et le,gameplay lui dit quil est bien le chat,dans titi et gros minet ou le,cambrioleur dedans romeu lawn cest à,dire un personnage qui gagnerait contre,son adversaire dans une confrontation,physique directe mais qui est avant tout,là pour quon le fasse tourner en,bourrique la dissonance est tellement,évidente quon pourrait facilement,imaginer des univers mieux adapté à ce,typ

The Dead By Daylight Game Review (2021)

this video is sponsored by skillshare,skillshare is an online learning,community with thousands of different,kinds of classes for people who are,either looking into being a little bit,more creative or just curious people who,want to learn some new skills among,these are everything from illustration,photography graphic design even things,like ui and ux design personally,photography has been a huge help for me,i was always pretty terrible when it,came to lighting up my sets and all,whether its my streaming or my videos,so learning about three-point lighting,learning about what is the key light,whats the fill light working with color,temperature all that stuff was extremely,helpful in getting everything set up,properly the whole site is video,hello everybody my name is brookie,currently running from the law for,accidentally saying kick the baby and a,lot of you know that i am a very big fan,of dead by daylight i have over 1300,hours in the game i have every single,killer prestige 3 and a smattering of,levels across most of the survivors,ive played the game a million times on,stream and i have my own little dead by,daylight case file series my own series,about each and every single one of the,killers which was quite fun though i,dont do them anymore but uh they were,quite popular for me and uh they were,actually quite a lot of fun uh when i,did make them you could say that im a,pretty big fan of dead by daylight and i,never actually did a legitimate review,of the game as is the nature with most,of these ongoing games you know its a,little bit difficult to create a review,for a game thats constantly changing in,which the review might become obsolete,in about two months or so that being,said im gonna do it anyway the goal is,simple create a review that will be able,to actually be objective enough and go,through many things like the mechanics,the gameplay and monetization the audio,all that kind of major stuff and keep it,as objective and fair as i possibly can,and not spend too much time on things,like balance and all until we get to,that section of the review and also call,this the dead by daylight 2021 review,because right now when it comes out its,gonna be about mid december in 2020 but,the final patch has already come out and,therefore for the at least for the first,few months of 2021 this will be a,relevant review and hopefully a fair,enough review that even a year later you,can still look at this and be like oh,yeah no this is this is still this still,works this is still fair so this review,is going to cover a lot of the base,mechanics gameplay audio design all the,major integrated stuff into dead by,daylight then were going to be talking,about old dvd versus new were also,going to be talking about the ongoing,support new additional killers as well,as cosmetics and survivors and well be,touching on a little bit of the last,patch the twins patch because i had to,rewrite a lot of my script due to that,patch because i have a lot more things,to say about that one and hopefully,things i say will stand the test of time,and still be relevant months to possibly,a year later so with that let us just,immediately jump right into it faster,than a young teenager kicks a small,adult,dead by dela is an asymmetrical,horror-ish competitive multiplayer style,game that pits four survivors kind of a,younger adult characters besides old man,bill and tap and a more 80s style,slasher horror flick killer you all,spawn in a little zone known as a trial,and these trials are taking place from,different kinds of maps based on each,killer and the goal is very simple the,survivors have seven generators across,the map and they need to repair five of,them to open up these big ass exit gates,and escape the game the killer very,simply needs to kill all of them wow i,know were going into full quantum,physics right now the killer serves this,dark god called the entity its like a,spider cthulhu right and the main point,is to sacrifice them to their dark gods,so what you do is you go up to a,survivor who is in a nice healthy state,and youll whack them then they become,injured they start bleeding they start,making,noises to show that they are injured and,then if you smack them again they become,downed and then from there you can pick,them up put them on your shoulder carry,them to one of many meat hooks and slap,them onto it if they spend enough time,on said meat hooks they will therefore,be killed and sacrificed to the entity,when you are killed you dont come back,for the rest of the trial and your,friends are left without you as for,survivors what is your main goal well i,already mentioned the generators but how,do you do them simple go up to a,generator and hold whole mouse one and,you just wait there the whole time the,generators take quite a bit of time to,be completed and they have little skill,checks thatll pop up where you have to,hit your space bar or whatever your,button is at the right time in order to,get some more progression and not cause,it to blow up because generators,apparently have quite the risk of,blowing up in this game and during this,period of time youre going to be,wanting to avoid the killer now the,killer has kind of this weird heartbeat,sound and the louder it gets the closer,they are to you your job is to use the,various aspects of the map to get away,from the killer while the rest of your,friends work on generators and such the,killer is almost always faster than you,and if theyre not faster they have ways,to make themselves faster or to mitigate,that and because of that you need to use,the environment to your advantage these,are little vault windows that you can,jump over really quickly and the killer,takes longer to go over these are,pallets that you can drop down in the,killers face to either stun them or at,least block off an exit so that forces,them to break this pallet once again,causing time you can hide in lockers so,the killer maybe wont be able to find,you and your other survivors can help,you out as well they can pull you off of,said meat hook that i mentioned earlier,they can heal you back to being in the,healthy state and they can also help you,know mitigate problems with the killer,by using special perks or add-ons to,maybe save you from his clutches and a,smattering of other options combine this,with some special powers that the,killers have for instance the trapper,can place down bear traps that you can,get stuck in the hillbilly has a,chainsaw that can instantly take you,from healthy to downed in one second and,also sprint across the map or perhaps,someone like freddy krueger which has,the ability to teleport to generators,and cause weird shenanigans by putting,you in a dream state going along with,that we also have perks and items items,are simple a toolbox to allow you to,repair a generator faster a med kit to,allow you to heal people faster a,flashlight to blind the killer and so on,and the perks allow you to do other,kinds of special things for instance run,really fast if need be or perhaps you,can go ahead and use special things to,keep yourself undetected like iron will,or calm spirits and as for the killer,you have special perks that allow you to,either find survivors faster hurt them,quicker or maybe ruin generators to make,it a little bit harder for them to,repair them combine all these things mix,and match it and youve got yourself a,crisp game a dead by daylight as for the,base game the base formula for the past,four plus years it generally has stayed,the same you got to repair the same,amount of generators the killer is,always faster and you use pallets and,windows to get through however there,have been some nice changes that have,been going along with it to spice it up,a little bit for example the visuals,have been improving as the game has gone,on however and youll find this to be,the case with a lot of dead by daylight,its a little bipolar sometimes youll,enter into a trial and the visuals wont,look particularly good this is

Dead by Daylight – Still Worth Playing in 2022? [Noob Review!]

hopefully he doesnt see you,did he see you,thats unfortunate,yeah,i suck,so i was gonna do a first impressions,review on this game but i dont know if,you could call 40 hours of playtime a,first impression,sure its not 400 hours but im still,bad at this game after all this time so,lets call this a noob review,im sure most of you know this game by,now so i wont go in too much detail but,for those of you who dont know to,simply put it dead by daylight is a very,popular survival horror game where,theres four survivors and one killer,its really cool because these arent,any ordinary killers youre getting,killed by iconic murderers like michael,myers and freddy goddamn krueger,but they should add some real killers,you feel me,but the killers are probably the first,thing thatll get you interested like it,really does feel like a horror game as a,survivor in the beginning when youre,struggling and learning the game,personally i chose to bang bells with my,main man bell banger i dont really know,anything else but my friends told me to,bang those bells so thats exactly what,i did,speaking of friends i only played this,game in a party with my dumb ass friends,who happen to be better than me so that,definitely makes a difference with the,experience this actually changes a lot,because of communication and the,survivor and killer have very different,play styles if you want to play with up,to three friends no problem then all of,you could just play survivor together,but if you want to play as the killer,youll have to play by yourself you,cant queue up as a killer with your,friends and thats one of my first,critiques with the game but i cant be,too harsh about this or else people,would just boost and the game would be,broken it just means that a lot of,people myself included will mostly or,only play survivor making this a,survivor simulator and to me thats a,bit of a shame because playing as the,killer can be really fun and this,probably explains the longer queue times,but i appreciate that dead by daylight,even has crossplay so i could play with,my friends on xbox this game is pretty,accessible with having cross play the,price isnt too bad even better on sale,it doesnt seem too hard to run and the,gameplay is simple enough for most,people to enjoy,theres room for both casual and,competitive play and im clearly on the,very casual side but even if youre not,taking this game that seriously like me,youll still want to know all the,important things like what perks are,good what to spend your points on how to,track down the survivor as the killer,and how to run away from the killer as,the survivor you know stuff like that,admittedly i,never got most of those down especially,that last part thats why youll mostly,see me doing lots of generators and,horribly try to escape the killer but,its good to learn the ins and outs of,this game to make everything easier on,yourself it also makes it easier if you,have friends to tell you everything like,i did i know i keep referencing my,friends but if i didnt have anyone to,play with i honestly wouldnt have been,interested in this game i just played,this on and off with my friends as,another game in the rotation they all,seem to enjoy it more than me but hey,its still cool,i dont have too many complaints with,this game it could just get boring after,a while only playing survivor sometimes,i wish there was another game mode maybe,with a different objective or like a,game mode of the day with a specific,killer and specific survivors i think,something like that would be cool but,the queue times are long enough,anyway if youre not boring like me and,this game has your attention and you,have a friend or three to play with id,definitely recommend this game but if,you have no friends to play with at,least you could play as the killer,but come on man get some friends,dead by daylight has actually been out,for over 5 years now and its still,standing strong i cant say much for the,veteran players or anyone thinking about,getting back into the game but it still,gets new updates new events and still,has a big playerbase thats actually,getting bigger at least on pc,yeah theres a lot going for this game,and its hard not to recommend it as,long as you enjoy the gameplay of the,survivor or the killer i know i didnt,go that much in depth but remember this,is only a noob review,but i hope you guys did enjoy the review,long story short yes dead by daylight is,still worth playing and it looks like,its gonna be that way for a while it,might not be my favorite game of all,time but i feel like theres a lot of,things that are objectively good about,this game so itd be dumb to call it bad,especially as a noob i dont want any,pros yelling at me,but leave a like if you enjoyed the,video i feel like you should have no,choice since you watch this far,drop a comment telling me your,experience on dead by daylight or maybe,comment if i got something wrong i am a,noob after all,dont forget to subscribe if you enjoy,the content and want to stay up to date,with the channel you can check on the,screen for some of my other videos,thank you guys for watching this entire,video that makes you cooler than,everyone else and i hope to see you guys,in one of these other videos peace

A New Players Review | Dead By Daylight

so Ive been playing dead by daylight,for about a month and some change now I,have about 50-ish hours in give or take,so Ive decided to give my opinion on,the game that no one asked for you know,Ive always wanted to do a game review,and I think with a game like this were,having a new players opinions how they,see the game and all that is something,good to have to help the game kind of,grow since the developers are actually,still patching the game and DLC and all,that so yeah lets get into it just a,side note uh this is from my experience,slash perspective Im not the greatest,player in the world but I would say Im,fairly average uh I hit goal three or,four I hit some gold rank on Survivor,last season that was just me and my,friend playing for fun not a full team,or anything it was just me him just,grinding the game having fun so take,note you know Im not complete trash but,I definitely am not like super crazy,good so Im gonna start off with the,Survivor perspective thing so Im gonna,say that dead by daylight is definitely,a very fun game and if you have friends,to play with it becomes 20 times better,so with this in mind were going to talk,about what the I guess the most popular,way you will play the game will be and,that would be soloku solo queue is off,with solo accused terrible this [ __ ] is,just oh my God and I think the reason,solo queue is so bad besides you know,just playing with [ __ ] bot teammates,is because its this is such a heavy,communication game like you need to,communicate in this game but theres no,voice chat there is no in-game typing to,communicate its just everybody doing,their own thing no way they share,knowledge so you know if you get hit or,hit down you cant be like oh theres a,pallet near me or you know he has to go,a long way you could take a hit for a,hook or anything your teammates just,kind of just have to instinctively know,and be like oh well the Killer is,chasing this dude on the other side of,the map theres nothing I could do or oh,hey I could take a hit for him even,though hes on second hook but I dont,know hes getting chased and by the time,I do know hes against Chase its too,late so its just,theres no communication form which I,feel is definitely a hindrance to solo,queue and with that it makes it not very,beginner Slash new player friendly,because you have four people that cant,communicate all with the same goal in,mind versus a killer who doesnt need to,communicate because hes just playing by,himself hes playing the super strong,character while you guys are playing,four weak characters that together are,strong but without being able to,communicate at least by typing it just,kind of it kind of makes the experience,shitty if you dont have any good,players or if youre just not with,friends or something in Discord so I,would like to see maybe proximity chat,added to the game or even like a,walkie-talkie item that lets you talk to,anybody no matter how close you are,together on the map,I just I dont see a reason not to,include this since most people are just,gonna play on Discord regardless and if,youre super good at the game or in I,know some tournament rule sets or I,dont,pop layers will just not play with our,idea because thats how the game is this,is not a top player perspective by the,way this is someone hopping into the,game for the first time if youre a top,player,Im not going to say your opinion,doesnt matter because it obviously it,does,but for the majority thats not a top,player I feel like,theres no reason to not have voice chat,because everybodys gonna be in Discord,regardless and why not just make it more,immersive and add a funnier way to do it,like adding proximity or adding,something like the walkie-talkie you,know just make it just make it in the,base game it makes it more fun it makes,it more immersive,and the people are playing with friends,theyre going to be in Discord obvious,or theyre going to be in Discord,regardless which makes them have even,more broken communication than this,would be I think it would be something,cool to add on maybe do like a player,test build or something just to test it,out see the feedback of it uh its,probably been talked about way before I,dont because its just why not you know,now the next thing is kind of killer and,Survivor beside it its snowballing,snowballing is crazy in this game it,literally takes one play for the game to,just go to [ __ ] killer or Survivor side,demanding survivors edit and with there,being four survivors four different,players theres a bigger chance of that,snowball mistake happening because on,killer its only one player so you dont,have to account for any you know,yourself messing up if youre just good,even if you do mess up you know its,only one mess up versus four survivors,where it could be easy as [ __ ] to mess,up and just snowball like you dont,finish a gin because you want to save,your teammate but you know someone else,is already saving your teammates so you,just wasted that time and then it just,spirals out of control super quickly,like that and looping back to solo queue,snowballing happened so much let me tell,you how a game goes this is 90 of solo,queue games Im not this is not me,capping or anything,Survivor gets hit 30 seconds in,gets hooked one minute in,DCs theres no gyms to pop yet and,thats game I have never seen more DCs,in the game than dead by daylight when,playing here in Solo key finishing five,Gins with three people its its gonna,be impossible if the Killer is somewhat,competent even doing two to three gyms,with three people is very [ __ ] hard,its not easy at all doing Gins with,less than four people so I would like to,see some type of system that helps,survivors or some of DCs you know just,maybe give them an AI I heard that the,dead by daylight mobile of someone DCs,it replaces them with an AI I see no,reason why this is not in the real game,I dont know how true that is but thats,what I heard I also think Survivor side,it takes a little bit too long to,complete Dunes but I havent tried any,like hyper Focus builds so Ill hold my,tongue on this one but I know the time,used to be shorter I think its a little,bit too long now to complete a gym but,like I said havent tried out hyper,Focus so I Ill just I I just hold my,son on this one so all in all I think,survivors are extremely weak and to not,get 3K with the killer at the very least,you just you have to outplay the killer,super hard to not let him get 3K,its,thats not me talking [ __ ] thats not me,being cocky like you really have to get,[ __ ] on by the killer to not get the 3K,again this is not professionals I hear,professionals,you know make killers look super weak I,dont know how right that is because I,watched the tournament and the killers,are going crazy all right now were,going to move on to the killer side of,things now with all I say about,survivors I think killers are [ __ ],broken I played on a rough estimate,about 40 killer matches and I have 136,kills slash sacrifices according to this,website that lets you track your stuff,Ive had 14 perfect killer matches which,I would assume is a 4K uh almost 12,hooks something around there so lets,say 14 times 4 because you know 14,matches for survivors each match that is,56. if you take 136 thats how many,sacrifices and kills I have minus 56,that would equal 80. so if Ive played,40 matches that means on average,each a match besides those 14 Ive,gotten three kills now Im being honest,my math may be [ __ ] up here and you,know theres no way to really see Ive,tried looking up if I played exactly 40,matches but please trust me when I say,that 90 of my Killer games were 3K and,the only reason the last survivor got,away is because they found the hatchable,for me killers are crazy broken even,according to the data that was put out,by the people who make the game bhvr,killers are getting a pretty one-sided,win rate like 60 percent something,Killers or 30 something survive now this,is not the mention that I barely upgrade

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