1. DEATH WISH Coffee Review – Its Questionable
  2. STRONGEST COFFEE EVER?!? – Death Wish Coffee Review
  3. Testing One Of The Most Caffeinated Coffees (So You Dont Have To)
  4. 5 Most Strongest Caffeinated Coffees in the World! | Reviewed
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  6. Death Wish Coffee Review | Is the Hype Worth It?
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DEATH WISH Coffee Review – Its Questionable

the worlds strongest coffee Death Wish,coffee it is a bunch of hype and is it,actually substance were here to find,out,we are all brewed up and ready to go,before we get tasting I have a quick,question for the professor initial,impressions of the beans themselves they,were pretty dark actually and the smell,was it wasnt bad it wasnt great it was,somewhere in the middle between better,than expected right better than expected,for sure so my initial Impressions were,that this coffee had unnatural amounts,of caffeine put into the coffee you come,to since find that theres actually a,different story and I know that you,looked into it as well that these are,entirely different Coffee Bean all,together yeah not to start a Samir,campaign against the worlds strongest,coffee right trademarked copyrighted,registered copyrighted yeah registry,cool yes pretty sure,this is just regular Robusta,which is stronger than your average,coffee right by about if not over two,times normal arabica beans Robusta is,only consumed by about 30 percent of the,world generally in places like Thailand,or like in the Scandinavian countries uh,you know generally places where its,colder you need more energy to get,through the day its more of a bitter,coffee more of a dark coffee I,personally like Robusta so I have no,problem with that but just interesting,to find out more about uh what what,Death Wish coffee actually is perhaps uh,its not the worlds strongest coffee,perhaps its the worlds strongest,marketing but anyways we havent tasted,it yet so let us Reserve any criticisms,for the actual taste because thats what,were here to do on whole brain its,still too late for that that is let us,only uh foment any criticisms after the,taste smell Impressions pretty good yeah,actually no this is good theres a,little bit of sweetness I noticed a,little bit of ashiness though too so I,will say that its a mixture of both,its a dark roast its a dark roast its,a dark roasted robust yeah I dont know,what else story not the best not the,worst,probably overpriced very good very well,marketed what robusto is generally,pricier here in the states Ive noticed,and I dont know why that is if its,just that its its more sourced by the,rest of the world or as to why that is I,know its Robusta generally does cost,more,um this is not bad I actually will say,like its its its pretty decent I,wouldnt say that its its great or,its you know in the upper echelon of,the coffee Elysium with all the great,coffees that fight there and have meat,and things I would mix it with,mythologies but anyhow its its still,flooding in Elysium there is actually,the one is good to Elysium which is,Paradise and in that paradise thats so,fun in Paradise yeah they do do that,really kind of paradise is that I,thought so anyways next thing that my,mythology is here perhaps and so some,historians gonna watch this video and be,like thats not correct I wanted to hate,this a lot I really wanted to hate this,but its not that bad I dont know gotta,say uh,maybe my expectations were so low,actually this is pretty good dare I said,there is an ashiness for certain which,is really a bad thing its a dark roast,theres almost this taste of its almost,uh like browned butter almost like,almost like a slight camera with like,brown butter its just like a little bit,there a little bit bready its actually,pretty Pleasant its a little bit sweet,its earthy and its chocolate earthy,charred kind of burnt intense,dark like a wood smoke almost but I,think thats what they advertise and,thats exactly what you get yeah and I,mean if youre looking for a strong cup,of coffee look no further especially,something thats you know generally,found in most convenience stores now you,can find Death Wish in so many places or,online with relativities and I mean,its its not always easy to find,Robusta uh Ive learned over here you,know in the Americas and so,um if you just want to try to dip your,foot in the deep end a little bit or,excuse me deeper from the shallow end a,little bit then,I its its not bad I would actually,pick some up and drink it I do think the,price point I will say is a bit much uh,for this bag of coffee but its a pretty,good bag so they dont,really mention what kind of being this,is right they dont mention if its,Arabica or anything right so they dont,ever explicitly state that this is,Robusta that makes sense because its,like a mystery you know they want to be,mysterious like thats true how can it,possibly be the worlds strongest coffee,surely theres some crazy magic going on,right some Voodoo some sorcery I think,so I think its just robust right well,so perhaps its just Robusta then so I,dont want to claim it absolutely but it,would seem as such if theyve said that,there is uh no like artificial additive,of caffeine in this coffee the only,conclusion I can think of is that its,just a different being altogether Death,Wish overall not bad not bad its its,pretty decent pretty good when we give,this on the whole brain skill,um about like a six I think a six is or,Id give it Id give it like a 7.1 with,all these things that are very hyped and,well marketed I have an intrinsic desire,to hate on them I feel that you know,what I mean like Starbucks even though,its the hate is Justified sure in that,case but I feel like just based on that,I need to be nicer to this coffee than I,normally would be Id give it a seven I,think a six six point five somewhere in,that range for me would be would be,right about where I stand I would like,to uh,I like this I would also like to see a,little more variety too from Deathwish,as a company I think Id really like to,try to dip their foot in some other ends,now that might then be uh what would you,say that might then be difficult with,them going organic on the bean end to,put so much caffeine into their coffee,but I mean I would like to see that from,them and Id asked me willing to give,any other products a try and to review,so everyone does wish to use this were,open wed love to try anything you guys,ever throw at us and uh you know I would,love to see maybe the worlds weakest,coffee,the worlds medium most medium coffee,right so stuff like that so you made the,worlds strongest coffee were gonna,challenge you to make the worlds most,impotent,most classic,cut we definitely want to see try and,embrace New Horizons dont forget to,like subscribe and if youre a death,wish a representative feel free to,[Music],reach out to us comment and Below have,you had Death Wish what do you think of,Death Wish do you think its good do you,think were full of it what do you think,let us know again in the comments below,and as always please keep using your,whole brain,[Music]

STRONGEST COFFEE EVER?!? – Death Wish Coffee Review

hey guys its James and Samantha and,today weve got an awesome box from,Amazon lets check it out okay what did,we do,holy Death Wish coffee,so this is supposed to be the strongest,coffee in the world lets try it out,it says highly caffeinated Fairtrade UST,organic dark roast bold flavor harness,your super powers mmm it has a giant,warning sign right here it says warning,youre gonna die,so I found this on Amazon that was like,I have to show you guys because its,very popular this thing was like 20,bucks I think oh its already ground,shoot brewing used two and a half,tablespoons per six ounces of water so,were gonna use our arrow press to try,it out were gonna see if it tastes good,and were gonna see how hyper we get,smell that well I think what theyre,doing is theyre using robusta beans,where Bruce does like a smaller bean,thats less quality than their Arabica,bean but theyre known for high high,caffeine content so this could be this,could be super stronger if we use 100%,rabu stuff and still make it flavorful,to sell it so yeah it says two and a,halfs lets go two scoops and today,were going to use my arrow press if you,guys dont know how to air presses check,the link below you can buy them there,and amazon theyre very affordable they,make the best coffee I think Ive ever,had who smells good we just gotta steer,it up and were gonna let it steep for,just a few minutes here so it says its,organic coffee and fair trade fair trade,is great because it doesnt abuse the,people who grow it and see here dark,roasted it has a unique formulated for,smooth never bitter taste with subtle,notes of cherry and chocolate those are,some of my favorite favorite flavors,here so were just gonna press this out,after two minutes,whoo super foamy looking,yeah its definitely bitter the caffeine,is the bitter flavor but its very,smooth at the same time so like body,versus strength those are two different,things just like cigars where you have,you know really a lot of flavor but then,you know body is like would be like,instead of nicotine youd be caffeine in,this case this is definitely both but,very smooth not for you did i Brut too,strong its weird because I think it has,a lot of like bitter flavor but then,its really light bodied like its the,texture its super watery but it has a,lot of bitter flavor that make sense,yeah thats the kick we should we should,we brew it longer one scoop and like,steep it for like four minutes so now,were gonna do one scoop one regular,Aeropress coffee scoop which is kind of,like whats recommended were gonna let,the second batch go for exactly four,minutes here very smooth maybe this one,we didnt add enough coffee to it,whats sweating this thing is making me,like the caffeine thats making mind,yeah well yeah I think maybe if youre,not into the strong coffee taste this,might be for you um because it has that,caffeine kick but it doesnt have it,doesnt have much flavor and maybe its,just because of the way weve brewed it,both times the first time maybe we,didnt let it seep for long enough the,second time maybe we didnt do it in,maybe third times a charm alright so,here we go our third attempt this time,were gonna do two scoops and then once,we get the water in were gonna let it,brew,for four minutes let it steep and well,see hopefully the third times the charm,here on the flavor that one is,definitely very foamy on the top thats,better than last time I gotta be honest,I still dont get much flavor out of,this Im kind of bummed out I really,thought this would be like a really,strong intense moment and its just not,let me try it here oh thats my favorite,so far though,yeah still kind of muted flavors but I,taste that bitter caffeine is it frothy,nice and whippy yes alright so we know,this is not real bulletproof coffee its,not the actual beans from bulletproof,and it doesnt have a you know unsalted,grass-fed butter its just the coconut,oil but its very very similar lets try,it out here thats oily so whats the,verdict babe my verdict is as a,standalone coffee Im not crazy about it,however what I think would be a really,good idea and you can get more bang for,your buck because you could stretch it,out but if you added this to another,coffee to get an extra caffeine kick I,could definitely see this being helpful,I mean I could tell the caffeine is,already working like Im getting hot and,sweating like au jus Dury yeah so I,definitely know this has a high caffeine,content that would be my thing this is,not for flavor its for the caffeine,buzz so I would mix this in with others,I think this would be great for that,mm-hmm,me too Im like sweating like crazy I,feel great were ready do another video,after this but let us know if you guys,have tried Deathwish and if you have any,questions let us know in the comments,theres definitely like to buy this in,Amazon so you can try it yourself and,yeah peace,[Music],when our boxer for us Oh

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Testing One Of The Most Caffeinated Coffees (So You Dont Have To)

[Music],good morning,i have my pot a very normal coffee here,hi buddy you know,hello friend get off the counter a bit,tired today so im gonna start my day as,i usually do this is about 10 ounces of,coffee im adding a little bit of,creamer and then i will go about my day,right now at this moment energy wise i,probably feel like a three out of ten i,am uncaffeinated im sleepy barely awake,but im very excited about this cup of,coffee now today we have a couple,different errands to do i also have some,chores to do i have some regular work to,do stuff is on the docket today so im,gonna be rating my energy level at every,significant point in the day im gonna,aim to rate my energy levels at least,four times today that way we can kind of,track how this cup of coffee kind of,gets me through the the ebbs and flows,of the day hope that makes sense and i,still feel a little bit like death right,now i think its time to tackle my day,at this exact moment now that ive had,my first cut of coffee i would rate my,energy level at a solid six out of ten,lets get out of the house lets see if,it improves we have made it out of the,house which in and of itself is a,success the first thing i have to do,today is i dont have to go to the,bookstore i want to go to the bookstore,its one of my fun errands of the day so,im gonna go do that as far as my energy,level right now i would give myself a,pretty solid eight out of ten im,feeling good ive had my cup of coffee,it is currently coursing through my body,i feel very ready and armed to tackle,the day so lets go do the first of our,errand,[Music],im back in case anyone was curious here,are the books i got we have then she was,gone mexican gothic and my lovely wife i,think a majority of these are thrillers,slash mysteries which im very excited,about and then just groceries its,boring although i did get new creamer so,thats kind of fun as far as my energy,level goes i would say im still sitting,around like like a seven and a half,eight like im feeling good it is 12 30,feeling very positively feeling very,normal so so far so good well check and,see,hi everyone things have taken a turn it,is now a little bit after four oclock,and i think i had a very steep drop off,in my energy levels i would give myself,three and a half you know a four a four,sounds like exactly what im feeling,right now i was feeling i was feeling,good until about 30 minutes ago when all,just did ill just went very downhill so,i think i need to go get some dinner,soon but 10 ounce cup of coffee is not,lasting me super far so its a four,oclock and im at a four this is your,post dinner 6 30 update im feeling,mildly more energetic i would give,myself a 5 on the energy score im also,60 pages into my lovely white is very,good i will check up with you in about,two hours,its 8 30 and i just woke up from a net,im gonna put my energy level at it too,welcome to the bathroom it is now now,almost midnight which means im about to,go to bed im still sitting at about a,two or three so im back down energy,wise to where i was when i woke up that,seems pretty normal to me im very,nervous kind of excited about what,tomorrow is going to hold but i think,more nervous than excited this time,tomorrows coffee is going to be,interesting its going to be something,else im curious if itll drastically,change that afternoon dip that i felt,but again well see im going to enjoy,my sleep for tonight because i dont,know if im going to get any tomorrow,with that ill see you in the morning,[Music],good morning maybe its a little bit,later that morning but here i am here we,are and i am showered and clothed which,is good the part of me that is tired and,barely awake is very excited for coffee,the other part of me that knows what,video were filming today is very,nervous however before we get into that,i do want to give a huge thank you to,our partner bessie today a huge thanks,to bessie for partnering with me on,todays video youve seen these,well-loved shoes before and its,genuinely because i wear their weekend,model all the time besties are some of,my favorite shoes to take anywhere from,work to my everyday to even travel,because theyre so easy to pack and,theyre good for pretty much any weather,and one of the best features of essays,for me is that theyre 100 waterproof,and made from a dual climate knit,material which means that when mistakes,spills or even puddles happen my feet,stay dry this makes them both the,perfect barista shoe and the perfect,everyday shoe but worst case scenario,since theyre the weekend model if they,get really that dirty i can just toss,them in the washing machine and believe,me with how much i wear my white pair,they need it so if you want to match,with me and get your own pair of vessies,i gotcha because vessi is giving my,subscribers 25 off your purchase when,you click the link below and enter code,mdc thats code mdc after you click the,link in the description and thank you,again to bessie for partner with me on,todays video now the average 12 ounces,of coffee that youll drink has between,150 and 250 milligrams of caffeine in it,and that number can kind of vary on the,scale theres theres a whole lot of,factors that can affect it the main one,usually is your roast level lighter,roasts have more caffeine and darker,roasts have less caffeine but you can,get down into the nitty-gritty of,whether youre using robusta beans which,are way more caffeinated than arabica,beans or whether different elevations,will affect caffeine or shade or,sunlight or theres so many different,factors but on average 150 milligrams to,250 milligrams for the sake of today,were gonna say that the coffee that i,had yesterday which was a lighter to,medium roast probably had about 200,milligrams of caffeine in it thats what,i had for the day it worked great behind,my back right now is one of the most,caffeinated coffees you can find online,im not gonna say its the most,caffeinated coffee because of course,there are probably others out there that,for some reason feel the need to blow,this one out of the water or perhaps,this one isnt as caffeinated as it says,or theres a whole lot of things but,based on marketing and advertisement,this is one of the most caffeinated,coffees,this is something a thing from devil,mountain coffee lets talk about it real,fast now as i mentioned before your,average cup of 12 ounce coffee has,between 150 to 250 milligrams great,lets just go on the higher end just,just to be there lets say a 12 ounce,cup of coffee always has 250 milligrams,thats a nice healthy amount now most,experts agree that the average person,should probably not have more than 400,to 600 milligrams of coffee in a day,thats kind of your healthy average that,is two to three cups of coffee that,seems like plenty even for me as a,longer time barista and ive done plenty,of coffee things thats quite a bit of,coffee thats plenty for your day now of,course in the past there have been many,coffees that have gotten popular for,being high caffeine just the most,explosive insane powerful coffees in,existence one of the ones thats pretty,popular is what is called death wish,coffee youve probably heard of this one,this is the one that most people think,of when theyre thinking about high,caffeinated coffees death wish coffee,based on my research has on average,about 750 to 800 milligrams of coffee,per 12 ounce cup so already that is,three times the amount of caffeine in,each cup than your average cup of coffee,already that is plenty that is that is,knocking your caffeine content for the,day out of the park with one cup of,coffee thats death wish we didnt get,death wish we got devil mountain the,names of these coffee brands just really,elicits just steep fear deep fear sits,inside me right now i guess i should,tell you how much caffeine is in this,this coffee is advertised as having 1,55 milligrams of caffeine per 12 ounce,cup thats so much that in and of itself,is twice the amount that death wish,advertises per cup of their

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5 Most Strongest Caffeinated Coffees in the World! | Reviewed

hey everyone its chris with,hotshotscatering.com coming at you with,another great episode,of hotshots tv and todays episode is,going to be,all about the highly caffeinated coffees,okay i know some of you guys out there,are risk takers right some of you guys,like to go,jump out airplanes and skydive some of,us like to go rock climbing,well i i kind of personally think thats,kind of scary,me personally though i like to try some,things different with coffee,and todays video is all about the,highly caffeinated,strongest coffees that are on the market,today you can pick these coffees,up online just like i did theres a few,other ones that arent here that are,supposedly,really caffeinated as well but some of,those were out of australia and things,like that so i just figured id try,these coffees,the most caffeinated coffees that you,can get today and were gonna try them,were gonna do the coffee profile,and then were gonna follow up with,another video a part two,thats gonna go over how caffeinated,these coffees really are,so stay tuned and were gonna be right,[Music],back,and welcome back so these are the,baddest,most caffeinated coffees that you could,buy right now,and so real simply im just going to go,over,a little bit of information about each,one basically off of their website that,they kind of say,claim to fame for each one of these and,uh,other than that if you want to find out,a little bit more about each brand,i i recommend you go to their website,find out a little bit more information,but as much information as i could find,out with going into,too much detail and too much research i,just pulled up some basic,information here so lets start with,the devil mountain uh in devil mountain,this guy right here,is the most powerful coffee in the world,so powerful,its a sin dark roast smooth never,bitter enjoyable cup of coffee without,giving you,the coffee jitters uh its,better to sin than to have a death wish,okay so anyways thats the next guy here,death wish,makes sense later on um so that is,devil mountain so now this valhalla java,is actually a death wish coffee,um but youll see here in a second so,carefully crafted for the worlds most,powerful guitarist,zach wilde okay so thats thats,why this one has a different name forged,from the volcanic,soils of indonesia and nutrient,rich soils of central and south america,death wish coffee company presents,valhalla java odin force blend,this artisan rose has been carefully,crafted for the worlds most,powerful guitarist zack wilde with,maximum flavor,and a high caffeine content this blend,will bring,you back from the nights you thought,youd never wake up from,do you bleed black okay so that sounds,pretty dangerous,as well pretty pretty threatening for a,cup of coffee,okay so then we got this guy here,biohazard okay so,biohazard coffee presents the strongest,coffee on earth,now just so you know most of these say,theyre the strongest coffee in the,world,on earth or what have you but i will say,that their caffeine content,and normally a cup of coffee is like two,what 200 milligrams 300 milligrams of of,of caffeine these are going up to close,to a thousand,uh one of these guys actually supposedly,over a thousand lab tested,so anyways i digress biohazard presents,the strongest coffee on earth,928 milligrams,of caffeine will wake you up from the,deepest,of the sleep the deepest of sleeps,and get you through the toughest of,meetings also great for,early morning college classes or up all,night study sessions,i dont know how youre going to study,if you have 900,milligrams of coffee in you but,anyways lets see so this product,is the pre-ground variety so these,just so we know also let me step back,all these coffees this one here once,again im reading off of their website,but this ones actually a whole bean and,all of these are whole beans and if you,remember,i always get whole bean coffees because,i want the the freshest flavor for one,something that if its been sitting in,the bag for a while or what have you,a whole beans gonna be a lot better,than a ground in a lot of ways so,you know whole bean is what i have here,biohazard is made with robusta beans for,dark organic roast our opinion is that,this,is the best cup of coffee with which to,start your day so please give this to,your loved one blah blah blah,okay so that is biohazard,now insomnia is dubbed the world this,guy right here,dubbed the worlds strongest coffee a,single cup,a single cup which i guess is 12 ounce,has 1 105 milligrams of caffeine per 12,ounces so,so thats thats pretty insane right,there,um which hence its name insomnia,uh for the serious coffee lover strong,coffee with a smooth nutty and sweet,flavor,carefully selected blend of high quality,arabica and robusta beans has made this,new black insomnia even better,roasted in an age old italian tradition,slowly and carefully in a small batch,drum roaster allows for a smooth yet,strong aroma,robusta flavor velvety body and heady,crema,without any unpleasant bitterness or,acidity,necessity thats what were gonna look,for in this guy here,okay and then lastly,this i i really chose this too because,it supports firefighters,its one of the few that ive seen that,does that and this time and age,you know i love the support uh our first,responders so,i got this one it was a toss-up because,there was another one as well which,hopefully,well do maybe a second round of this if,theres more of these coffees out there,but,like i said i tried to find the most,common variety of these but what was,supposedly,the most caffeinated coffee so this one,here,its named after the baddest man on the,planet and were proud to bring you the,baddest coffee on the planet,with two times the caffeine now im,going to screw up this name,stipe meow chech miocic,anyways so hes an mma fighter i looked,him up apologize,i dont watch a lot of mma fighting i i,am a black belt just so you know,but i dont watch a lot of mma fighting,so,anyway stipe neochech uh go check him,out on youtube,this coffee was kind of named after him,and,it is a rich bold taste that gives you,an extra kick more punch,when you need to make your day want to,tap out,get your extra strong coffee today so,that concludes what these are now if you,want to find out any more information,like i said go out to their websites do,some more research thats not what were,going to do here,we want to get into the coffee profile,with these coffees and we want to find,out,exactly what do they taste what they,look like what is that profile,okay and then the part two of this video,im gonna be drinking these coffees for,about a week okay,and then im gonna do a part two and im,gonna tell you how,i feel which one has the most caffeine,okay so lets do a real world experiment,someone who likes caffeine but you know,im strongly affected by caffeine and,ill tell you,if one of these is really strong with,caffeine ill let you know,so lets get into the tasting,and well be right back,[Music],and lets get into it so first thing i,will say,out of looks just by looking at these,coffees these are probably some of the,darkest coffees i have brewed thus far,and you know theyre so dark they could,be,literally motor oil i could put them in,a car so,thats a good sign especially if were,looking for caffeine i think so,lets just go through these if you want,to follow along,we have the coffee profile here its,down in the description box,pick this up download it you can follow,along with me,and uh lets just go through these,coffees here,and first what im going to do is im,going to go through the beans then ill,go to the tasting so,the first one devil mountain devils,mountain,the black label the beans on this guy,are are very black and most of these,have been that way,so theyre mostly really black beans,robusta beans,and they are very oily,theres maybe one really thats not as,oily,and ill tell you as we go along but,these are very black very oily,as you can see so lets start here,be very careful now what did i do as far

☠️Worlds Strongest☠️ A Coffee Review ☕️ Death Wish Coffee Co. (Dark Roast) Whole Bean 2022 ????????

hello and welcome to at home with lucas,dog,[Music],so today were gonna be talking about,the worlds strongest coffee,yes people i finally got my hands on,some death wish coffee its been two,years in the making ive literally had,this in my amazon cart forever and ever,and ever and i could not justify the,price point but i figured something out,that youre gonna learn in this video,which is super super awesome so in this,video were gonna be doing a hands-on,with the bag then were gonna cut that,bad boy open and take a look at those,beans after that were gonna throw those,bad boys over to the burr grinder and,break those things down perfect for,you got it the pour over after that im,gonna do my favorite part of this whole,shebang the sip test yes people i,absolutely love tasting new coffee and i,think this one is gonna be a dark roast,and i may die i dont know this is death,wish people whoo,after that were gonna figure out is,this something you could drink daily,weekly monthly or never it does happen,people it does happen all right lets go,ahead and jump into it,all right lets take a look at this bad,boy right quick you got the death wish,logo on the front the worlds strongest,coffee im hoping thats the case i am,the coffee fanatic dark roast whole bean,1l poundo that is whats up people,ingredients certified organic coffee,boom thats all you need to know a,little bit more information on the side,take a look at the pack warning i love,that,look at this i dont think ive ever,seen the back of one of these ive,always seen pictures of the front that,is bad to the ass take a look at the,side over here,all right lets go ahead and crack this,bad boy open,take a look at the beans,okay the aroma coming out of here is not,super crazy i was kind of expecting the,aroma to be just in your face bold but,not really that bold um i love the fact,that the inside is blood red that is bad,ass people that is so cool lets take a,look at these beans real quick,i dont know why im expecting these,beans to be like super super beans that,dont really exist anywhere else um but,what im seeing here is very very,similar and very reminiscent to a lot of,beans that are out there these you,wouldnt,you wouldnt look at these and go oh,those are those are special beans youd,go no those are peets those are don,pablo youd say those are starbucks,beans these are very very common looking,beans theyre the larger of the the,bunch um im not seeing any,imperfections so that is a big thumbs up,and the smell thats coming off of them,now is getting better and better its,got a sweet yet powerful smell to it um,yeah these beans are definitely roasted,correctly and they look absolutely,amazing they dont have the large,they definitely dont have the most oil,that ive ever seen i think petes holds,the oil record in terms of my opinion,there ive had beans from them that were,literally like dripping oil and almost,clogged up my burr grinder,but yeah these look absolutely amazing,very professional very well,roasted and definitely something that,could pack a serious punch um coming up,were gonna throw these in the burr,grinder and break them down,[Music],so,[Music],okay lets get back into the kitchen,once more before we get over to the pour,over lets talk about the philips super,automatic that ive been using with this,coffee for the past week and i have a,lot to say very quickly so first things,first i have fallen in love with this,coffee i know spoiler alert whoa no,thats too much but until we get to the,pour over we wont really know exactly,where were at so lets talk about the,philips super automatics ive actually,been able to turn down the amount of,coffee grounds that i use per cup so i,used to be a solid three uh light and,now im down to two lights because this,stuff is powerful people whoa it is,unreal theres so much power so much,flavor in there so youre actually going,to buy this coffee and potentially save,money because youre not going to need,as much all right lets get into the,pour over,go ahead and check the temp it looks,like were good to go people you want it,to be about 190 185 thats optimal all,right so your first pour youre,basically just going to soak your coffee,grounds you do not want to do anything,super super special its very similar to,a french press so just soak it let all,of the,liquid flow out,the bottom let it poof up a little bit,but this is not going to tell you much,of anything its actually the second,pour that is the most crucial which i,call the first pour so here we go were,gonna hit it with the first pour and,were looking for that super crema,were looking for that,that plumage that blooming um and there,it is right there,this is a darker rose so youre not,going to expect it to be super feather,light uh feather light no youre not,gonna expect it to be super light in,color but you can see right there youve,got some crema very indicative of a dark,roast and that is what were dealing,with here people this is a extremely,dark roast and like always my pour over,likes to hide my stream so you cant,actually see it there it is right there,you can get a little bit of a glimpse,looking rich and powerful,come back up to the top lets give it,the second pour,and there you go you got a little bit,more crema like appearance on the top,which is what ive kind of started to,call,what this looks like of course its not,crema because this is not an espresso,shot,but that is very,its very similar to the top of an,espresso shot,and thats what i go off of the lighter,it is the more crema um and the more,fresh it actually is,um,yeah that is a nice looking stream right,there typically like to go to about 500,milliliters,you can convert that into ounces if you,need to i will not do that for you here,we go with the third hit,still looking very powerful very strong,[Music],the coffee to water ratio is probably,going to be a little bit bananas im not,going to lie,all right so were going to probably hit,the 500,on this pour right here,and then were going to get it into the,cup people okay so were starting off,with a clean white coffee mug the grand,canyon mug will come back at some point,but its definitely on the retirement,question mark um i like these white cups,because theyre all clean and ready to,go here we go so were looking for a,nice rich stream with this pour and,were gonna learn a little bit more,about this coffee because this is a,continuous story until the very end,people here we go,look at that stream right there people,wow that is crazy rich,wow that is what you want to see and,youre getting those frothy bubbles at,the top,beautiful looking cup right there wow,that is exactly,what you want to see when you pour,into your cup,man that is beautiful right there whoo,[Music],okay so for optimal sip test you want to,drink your coffee between 130 and 140 i,say 135 is perfect so if you can get it,around there youre actually going to,enjoy a better cup of coffee and its,going to blow you away even the same cup,of black coffee youve had before,try it at a lower temperature and you,will be absolutely amazed,[Music],all right lets get into this sip test,people whoo,so excited like i said i have been,drinking this coffee but when you do a,pour over as strong as i just did youre,going to get all the flavor notes youre,going to get all of the goods from the,coffee youre going to learn a lot were,going to learn a lot,lets get into this people,whoo,that smells powerful im not a scientist,but this smells scientific for sure,that is so powerful i think if you,smelled hot motor oil,im just kidding it does not smell like,that that smells terrible,wow,holy bananas that goes down,very very smooth exactly as youd want,it to,no harshness no bad taste at all,um,wow the flavor notes are almost hidden,its like this,burst of,greatness that just is butter smooth wow,[Music],okay,all right,theres the flavor whoo,all right so youve got like this smoky,aftertaste after taste i cant even talk,you have this smoky aftertaste you,

Death Wish Coffee Review | Is the Hype Worth It?

welcome to the first episode of caffeine,connoisseurs I am Drake your host in,today we will be checking out Deathwish,coffee this is the show where we get,really caffeinated drinks and try them,because we are caffeine connoisseurs and,by we I mean me because Im the only one,that runs this channel and I know that,this is K Cups,I am completely aware that K Cups arent,as good as like normal beans or grinding,them yourself or getting the coffee,grounds and in cooking those in a coffee,pot or the pour over and stuff you know,I know its not as good but K Cups is,what I have K cups are what I have today,so I want to be using these and in the,future I will get the beans and crime,than myself and maybe do pour over,coffee with them or something and I will,make a separate video for that but for,today for the first video were going,simple were doing K cups,this is basically what I drink almost,every day so yeah Deathwish coffee lets,go and make it okay we are back and we,have our cup of Deathwish coffee now,before I drink this Ill get into some,of the statistics of it this does have,fifty four point two milligrams of,caffeine per fluid ounce now its a lot,of caffeine thats about a half as much,is in a normal sized cup of coffee at,where this is about 12 fluid ounces and,it has 54.2 her fluids so that equals,roughly about 600 milligrams of caffeine,for this one cup of coffee and as this,is caffeine connoisseurs that we are,only worried about the caffeine so it is,very hot right now so Im not going to,drink it just yet but I do want to talk,about my relationship with coffee I just,started really enjoying coffee about,four months ago Ive tried coffee in the,past didnt really like it but Deathwish,is actually what got me to like coffee,and start drinking coffee and now that I,have a drink Deathwish for a while now I,dont think it is my favorite coffee I,dont really like how it isnt bitter,but it does have a very pungent just,coffee taste and Im I drink it black I,know that a lot of people dont like to,drink coffee black but personally I do,but I think from now on I also have,tried another brand of coffee it is the,black rifle company CAF coffee and that,coffee was honestly I think it was a lot,better than death wish it doesnt have,as much caffeine but I cant also do a,review on that in the future but without,further ado lets give it a taste and,see what we think and my cup here my cup,says Death Wish because this is a,blackboard coffee cup I have some chalk,here that I write on it with anyway,anything that I mentioned in this video,will be down in the description below if,you want to purchase it,now it is extremely hot right now but I,did taste it a little bit and its,exactly what I expected but I can,describe the taste of you taste to you,so it does have a hint of something else,I havent looked into what it is but it,is a little bit of a sweet flavor behind,the coffee flavor the dark roasting,covers that flavor just a little bit but,it is there and this coffee it will wake,you up from the grave when youre dead,asleep in the morning and you drink this,it just shocks your system into being,awake so this is some of the best coffee,to get awake now I have some more coffee,coming in the mail that has like fifteen,hundred and fifty milligrams of caffeine,I forgot exactly what brand it is I will,do a review on it when I get it though,but but this coffee right now is the,coffee that will get you awake and when,my experience this cup of coffee will,last you almost the entire workday or,entire day of school or the entire night,on a school project if you drink it at,the right time because I have drank this,coffee throughout college when I had to,stay up all night and get a paper done I,drank this coffee and it only took me,one cup because thats all I need to had,monsters and other stuff too but all I,needed was this one cup of coffee to,last me the entire night honestly I do,highly recommend this coffee if you need,to stay awake or just a regular everyday,coffee if youre a person that has a,very high caffeine tolerance which I,personally do this is a very good coffee,for you and I would give it a try if you,enjoy coffee and it is a darker roast it,is very very strong so if you dont like,that sort of stuff maybe you should stay,away from this coffee if youre not that,tolerant to caffeine of caffeine sort of,messes with you or something makes you,feel real jittery and then I wouldnt,get this cup of coffee and this is a,coffee that I much more enjoy while its,extremely hot I dont like coffee really,of any kind when it gets really cold but,this especially is a good coffee to,enjoy while it is hot now Im trying Im,trying to stop myself from Im trying to,stop myself from doing,the whole Cup because its like 9 18,p.m. right now so I dont need to drink,a whole cup of coffee this late at night,but you know I can go play video games,other stuff but I think that is where,Im gonna in this first video guys,thanks for watching anyway if you want,to purchase um this Deathwish down in,the it will be down in the description,below its my amazon affiliate link if,you want to go purchase that I will also,give a link to this coffee cup this is a,really good coffee cup Ive had it for a,couple years now and I just got some,more chalk to write on it with so I will,be using this in almost every video but,guys thanks for watching make sure to,give me a comment down below this is the,first episode and I really wasnt,prepared for this so Im so sorry for it,being bad because I know this is a bad,review I didnt write a script or,anything my voice is sort of dead from,working all day today even though I,worked at a computer company I was,talking all day but thanks for watching,make sure to click the subscribe button,down below and leave a like on this,video and ring the post notification,button down below so you get a,notification when I upload a video,thanks for watching and I will see you,in the next video

I Try Drinking The Worlds Strongest Coffee (Death Wish)

for me coffee has got to be the greatest,drink in the entire world,sometimes i drink costa others i drink,nero,sometimes when they get my name right i,drink starbucks i mean come on,do i look like a greg to you and,sometimes im happy with just a plain,old instant,but do you ever wish for something just,a little bit stronger,i know i certainly do well in this video,my wish or death wish,is about to come true because ill be,trying the worlds strongest coffee,death wish coffee all the way from the,united states of america and,look they even sent us this little,biscuit happy days,[Music],so just how caffeinated is the worlds,strongest coffee,the average cup of death wish coffee,contains about 660 milligrams of,caffeine,to put that into perspective the average,cup of coffee that youll have in your,normal everyday life contains between 70,to 140 milligrams of caffeine,in other words drinking a cup of death,wish coffee is literally like having a,pipe bomb of caffeine in your hand so,lets look at the packaging,on the back the death wish company,summarized their coffee,with the following four points number,one highly caffeinated,i think thats pretty obvious given that,it is the strongest coffee in the entire,world,the second point is that its fair trade,and usda organic so,its a coffee thats grown in an ethical,way and the,farmers are treated fairly and given a,fair wage for their work which is fair,enough,the third point is dark roast and bold,flavor so apparently theres a very very,specific and unique,way in which the coffee makers create,such a highly caffeinated beverage last,but not least,it says harness your superpowers so im,guessing that has something to do with,the productivity that you may be able to,experience after having consumed one of,these bad boys,im about to find out what its like to,drink the worlds strongest coffee,so all thats left me to do is to go,ahead and get the kettle on,[Music],okay we are back from making the worlds,strongest coffee and i think its now,time to have,the first taste test here we go bombs up,wow that is probably one of the most,bitterest drinks i think ive ever had,surprisingly its not as strong as i,thought it was going to be apparently,with this coffee it doesnt taste as,strong as it actually is,its probably the hot drinks equivalent,of,looks can be deceptive in terms of,tastes can be deceptive,its only been about 45 seconds since my,first sip of this drink and im already,starting to feel the effects of the,caffeine usually it takes me about five,to ten minutes to feel the effects of a,usual coffee,but i guess when youre drinking the,worlds strongest coffee those effects,come,much quicker and much more intense,[Music],its got a really dry bitter asphalt,flavor to it and i think that if youre,someone who doesnt like drinking black,coffee,you would definitely notice this when,youre masking it with,milk sweets whipped cream and sugar and,anything else,so i definitely think that this is,something that those that,like the effects of coffee but dont let,the taste of coffee,may struggle to drink okay weve got the,last little bit left,here we go,and that is it a cup of the worlds,strongest coffee drunk,so overall what do i think about this,coffee i personally really liked it it,was,a very strong bitter,no-nonsense coffee and obviously with,all of that caffeine,in such a small concentrated dose you,can be absolutely certain that youre,going to get a huge caffeine high from,drinking one of these cups,[Music],but would i drink this every single day,honestly,i dont think so i can see this being,more of a strategic tool that i pull out,of the tool kit whenever i need it for,example when i need to,knuckle down and do a long piece of,concentrated work,or maybe when i need to make a good,impression on people however i dont,think that drinking 660 milligrams of,coffee,in a single drink every single day could,be good for me in the long term ill,probably get the jitters,and ill probably start having coffee,hallucinations,that being said i wonder if drinking,caffeine in such high doses can give you,superpowers,anyway i am now going to put all of this,caffeine to use and have a productive,afternoon,thanks very much for watching ill put,the link to death wish coffee in the,description of this video,should you wish to give it a try for,yourself let me know what you thought in,the comments and i will see you again,next time

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