1. NBCs Debris Full Season Review | Why It Was Cancelled!
  2. NBC’s Debris: Exclusive First 15 Minutes of Series Premiere
  3. Their bodies fly together after death, and it is all caused by unknown alien forces
  4. Debris (2021): Season 1 Episodes 1-3 | First Impression Review | NBC
  5. Year 2418, Gravity is 10x Stronger, Humans Crushed By Their Own Weight
  6. She Was Accused Of Stealing, So They Forced Her To Do THIS…
  7. She sucks human fat to feed herself, then runs a successful weight loss business. Supernatural.

NBCs Debris Full Season Review | Why It Was Cancelled!

so we just got the season finale of,debris on nbc last week,and it leaves us with a lot more,questions than answers,im going to tell you something i,shouldnt,something you are not going to believe,hey everyone welcome back to the channel,my name is brandon and this is film,flare where we discuss,anything and everything that makes film,and television great so be sure to,subscribe,and lets talk about a great show now if,you havent watched the show yet,nbcs debris follows a pair of,government agents,one cia the other mi6 who end up working,together to investigate,fallen pieces of an alien spacecraft,that are causing mysterious effects on,people around the world,we work for a division of the government,that investigates scientific anomalies,now not every little thing in the show,makes sense and it,really doesnt have to for this premise,to work,the very nature of the show is humans,trying to make sense of something,completely,outside of our realm of understanding i,cant comprehend,what is going on in there were not,meant to,and impossibly unknowable and i honestly,think that if they showed our main,characters just outright solving every,single mystery,it would have taken away from the,fantastical element that the show is,based on,instead both our characters and by proxy,the audience,are able to learn just enough to make it,through the case of the week,and move on with a marginally better,understanding than we had,going in from the start the episodic,mysteries week to week,were really a strength for the show and,besides just having these mysteries on,their own,every one of them had a significant,impact to the people involved with them,as well,this show could have very easily become,very repetitive,without that element to the story but,with it we get some really interesting,stories revolving around this debris,and its impact on the people who find,them another thing i really liked about,the show was how it explored our main,characters stories,and meaningful ways that impact the,present day story as well,while the show sometimes does just,outright tell us finolas backstory,as it connects with the present day,sometimes stopping just shy,of info dumping we come to know a lot,more of brians story,in a much more organic way we get brief,glimpses behind,brians battle-hardened facade in a,number of episodes,and even get an entire episode dedicated,just to a major event in his life,he and his partner are really really,different people with different,outlooks on the future of this alien,technology,but they work really well together,opposite each other,and moving the story forward i also,liked how both of their individual,bosses were just playing,chess against each other and a third,party organization,while using our main characters as their,pawns it helped add higher stakes to the,story when our main characters become,more and more distrustful of their own,governments,and decide to branch off on their own to,get to the bottom of everything,i cant trust,and you cant trust maddox the only,thing that i know for sure is that,something is going on that both of us,dont even understand,we need to trust each other that is the,only way were gonna find our answers,but midway through the season that,element of the story just kind of went,away,and it really became a non-factor in the,progression of the story,which is really just indicative of a,pattern regarding the shows writing,throughout the season,some of the family storylines also,didnt feel as impactful as i think they,were meant to be,like with maddox and his disabled son,all the audience,learns from those few scenes is that the,weight of his job,is stressing his marriage and his family,and although he may seem to be in,complete control,at work hes much less so at home i know,how important it is for you to control,the fate of the world what it takes from,you,and while it does add just a little bit,more depth to his character,it really does nothing for the overall,story,the show did occasionally hint that he,wasnt as forthcoming as he was,initially believed to be,besides just being in the duplicitous,intelligence game,and i first predicted that he was trying,to back channel some debris to help his,son,which i thought would make for a really,interesting storyline,but it really came a bit too little too,late to make the audience care about his,character,or the situation another family member i,didnt fully understand the point of,was finolas sister dede she really just,kind of felt unnecessary,only having a scene or two in the first,few episodes that really went,all the same way and then she was just,completely forgotten in the back half of,the season,i think the idea for her sister back,home constantly reminding finola of her,broken family,could have been a really strong story,point but theres just nothing really,compelling about her,or her relationship at all especially,when she just disappears from the story,altogether,dad is the one that left us in this hole,okay because i am going through the same,exact thing you are dad would never do,this yes well he did,d i really did think the show had a lot,of strengths going for it,from the characters to the mysteries but,it all just felt like the,writers never really quite knew how to,put it all together,especially in the back half of the,season it was like the show introduced,too many elements and had trouble,juggling them all in a way that made,sense,the show started off strong but then,just kind of lost steam and fizzled out,and then there was a season finale which,felt,just like any other episode outside of,one and a half big revelations theres,really nothing too eventful that happens,at the end of the season and then the,show is just unceremoniously,over going out with a whimper instead of,a bang,and as a result there are just too many,plot threads left open some,were unresolved and others were straight,up forgotten,i really did think the show had a lot of,potential at the start of the season,but unfortunately it was just never able,to put it all together in a meaningful,way and with the series quick,cancellation only a few days after the,season finale aired,well never get the chance to know if,the show could have pulled it all,together,or see how great it could have been but,what are your thoughts on debris,let me know in the comments below and if,youve stuck around this long,please do be sure to give us a like and,subscribe for more reviews like this,weve got new content coming out every,week but until next time,have a great day and dont forget to,watch a great show,bye i know the debris is here for a,reason,i feel it connecting us and no matter,why its here,its going to change us all

NBC’s Debris: Exclusive First 15 Minutes of Series Premiere

six months ago debris started falling,its going to change us all,i know its here for a reason,we all have the right to know the truth,i have to change this how is this even,possible,thats the job impossible,[Music],youre early,[Music],this case will uh help you get it,through customs,we happy chuffed,great because i got this one too,he didnt tell us about that no i just,got my hands on this one,hes found a roof on a farm in wisconsin,thats the black market sometimes you,just get lucky,yeah well take that one too yeah,you bring me more of this and uh its,[Music],yours,me federal agents dipped this manchette,kitten this morning uh,yeah i checked him in a half hour ago,what room,14 23. yeah im gonna need to speak to a,manager right 14 23 go,[Music],hey,excuse me 1423,mezzanine level in the restaurant,[Applause],north side,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],what have you got clicking in at 200,lbus down from 460.,witnesses nothing we cant handle,how far out is the situation team is,this the only piece,so far were combing the hotel for any,more,seems to have the same properties as the,pieces found in debris field 707,in manchester its a different color,though,darker,[Music],okay thanks i just pulled the cctv,footage here,you ever seen them before no,all right well ill crosstrack with mi6,in interval do you need anything for our,web server oh man im all good thank you,all right,this is ferris its me have the,americans seen these men before,yeah at least thats what they say,theyre supposed to be transparent but i,know for a fact theyre not,this partnership is important to our two,countries but dont underestimate why,im not despite the coalition i expect,the americans have been instructed to,put their interests first,just like we have remember maddox pulled,him out of an mp prison in afghanistan,he must be valuable but hes had his own,troubles,be aware of that,hes dead correct he left the nacho at,the scene but we retrieved it,the buyers got away no idea who they are,for noahs uploading a video to awesome,right now okay ill check it out,it could have been working for the,russians or the chinese we have eyes on,their agents,let me try to track them down through,some of the other intelligence agencies,so how is it working out with fenola,wow obviously shes falling in love with,me and trying to keep it professional,okay copy that gorgeous just gonna work,out,shes settling in im not sure yet shes,got the stomach for,i know her father was george jones but,were a long way from a physics lab,well see,you ready to go yeah,mom yeah i saw on the internet,through these men at the circus who walk,on tightropes,and they dont have any nets its really,dangerous,and you know those guys practice for,that their whole lives,and you know you really you really got,to be good at that stuff if,youre if youre gonna if youre,if youre good,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],upon touching debris 231b a subset,of type 34 the subject appeared to phase,through,approximately 14 stories of inorganic,matter,she impacted the hotel ballroom,resulting in her death,this subject,she was carlotta olov 33,single mother of two,the family has been notified the coroner,has reclassified her death as,accidental to correspond with her,injuries,hey weve got a new debris event can you,pull it up,why are we turning our new incident,report just came through,were diverting to kansas outstanding,why are you still working how do you,think our reports get done,brian somebody else does them,oh oh well keep up the good work,did you take those from the hotel,why do you do this i want to be sure the,good guys get this technology,before anyone else i came back from,afghanistan what do you want me to do,im not gonna become an accountant im,not gonna sell jeeps,i dont think im gonna cure cancer so,this is really my way of contributing,isnt that why youre here i believe,this,technology if understood properly can,enfamine cure sickness and,i think what were doing here will,absolutely change the course of humanity,and in the wrong hands it could be the,end,of humanity but dont you think theres,a reason,that this is all happening i mean there,are billions of,stars billions of planets the odds that,this debris found,us are impossible,thats their job right,impossible i dont know if you know this,but my dad,was the first astrophysicist to be told,the truth,about what they found and when he saw,all the hubble telescope shots of the,wrecked spacecraft,which was spectacular the debris cloud,was,huge when those pieces finally started,to arrive,hes the one who said it best he said,that it finally made him,believe again,i find that comforting not scary,maybe its in my blood,well at least you got a chance to see,that it got here before he died,[Music],well i dont know if debris found us,or if it was helped here somehow,but these beings have given us a gift,[Music],and i for one know the world needs it,[Music],you see why youre here big shoes to,film,i didnt get this job because of my last,name,i believe that,[Music],im going to send the reports and go get,changed,tom yeah fernando chad its grime,beneventi,farm and founder local pd called the fbi,they called us you think shes a missing,person that was called in late last,night,amy morrison we havent found any debris,though whatd you tell them,nothing i didnt have to,wow,thats new incredible its like shes,taking on some of the debris attributes,shes defying gravity maybe manipulating,the earths electric field,yeah some sort of magnetic levitation,shes clocking in on the lagari to four,five we dont know when she died it,could have been higher,what was the last date of atmospheric,entry what activity here two weeks ago,well the wind took her here so theres,no telling where she came in contact,with it,lets run a sat scan see if it comes up,with any signatures,you got it im gonna call the team and,set up a lab,its not blowing in that direction what,the wind its not blowing in the,direction shes moving,[Music],[Music],[Music],you

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Their bodies fly together after death, and it is all caused by unknown alien forces

in the hotel a cleaning lady finds a,purse and then a debris falls to the,floor from the purse when she tries to,pick up the debris,she actually falls straight from the,14th floor to the first floor,looking at the intact ceiling the staff,are wondering how can the woman falls,through the floor,later the CIA agents arrive on the scene,what surprises them is that the debris,is floating in the air and they have,never seen this material before,after some analysis the scientists,realize that this is a material that,does not belong to Earth but why would,this alien high-tech material appear on,Earth next the agents discover something,even more bizarre a womans dead body is,floating on a farm she is Defying,Gravity,for unknown reasons she has the same,floating attribute as the debris at,first the agents thought the body was,blown here by the wind but then they,realized that the body and the direction,of the wind do not coincide,so Brian unhooked the womans sleeve,from the barbed wire and then the,womans body slowly floats away Against,the Wind,they follow the body closely over a,small slope and they are shocked there,are more dead bodies here and the bodies,are spinning together as if there is a,special magnetic field here they bring,the bodies back to the lab for,examination and they find that the cells,and brains of the bodies are still,functioning but they have no heartbeat,and no breathing,suddenly the dead woman opens her eyes,then quickly closes them again,all signs seem to indicate that this is,all related to the debris and there is,more than just one debris,a few days ago an alien spacecraft,crashed in outer space and a lot of the,debris landed on Earth to study alien,technology the CIA begins a massive,search for other debris,they find a huge debris deep in the,forest,just as the CIA agents are about to,transfer the debris two strangers appear,in the woods,the agents immediately pull out their,guns to warn them both strangers swallow,a debris when they realize they are,discovered and then they instantly,disappear,they teleport under a bridge but one of,them accidentally teleports into the,pillar of the bridge,looking at his unlucky partner who is,stuck in the pillar the man finishes him,with no hesitation,following the magnetic disruption the,agents find the body under the bridge,but his partner has already escaped,next bizarre things continue to happen,in a small town shopping carts iron,chains gas tanks and other objects are,moving on their own,all the items made of metal are pulled,by an invisible force and then they are,stacked around the town a few hours,later the whole town has been circled by,the metal objects after evacuating the,residents of the Town agent Brian and,agent Finola entered the town to,investigate on the street they spot a,man Eric who is smashing the window of a,car,they stop Eric But Eric is very agitated,and keeps talking nonsense,they try to ask Eric about the towns,current situation but Eric runs away,when the two are not looking,the two split up to look for Eric and,Finola chases him to an abandoned,Factory where he catches Eric,at the same time Brian also catches Eric,near a warehouse,Eric doesnt have a twin brother so how,could there be two Erics they take the,two Erics back for interrogation and,they find that both Erics have mental,problems things are getting weirder,so Brian and Finola go to barricks,house for an investigation,they put on protective suits and then,enter the house,in a room they are not surprised when,they find the huge debris but when Brian,enters another room he finds a man who,looks exactly like him the two point,their guns at each other and just as the,Clone is saying some nonsense Brian,shoots the Clone Brian realizes that the,debris in this house has the ability to,clone people and that the previous two,Erics should both be clones,the question is where is the real Eric,just then Finola finds blood in the,garage and Erics Car is missing,so they come to the metal circle around,the town since the car is made of metal,maybe Eric and his car are here,soon they found Erics Car Brian climbs,up and sure enough the real Eric is in,the car,although they successfully saved Eric,the more important thing is to collect,the debris according to the information,known so far different debris seems to,have different powers in another town a,utility worker suddenly sees a square,appear out of thin air in front of her,she cautiously walks over then throws a,stone at the square but the stone goes,through it as she observes the square a,figure suddenly appears inside it,by the time Brian and Finola arrive the,square has disappeared and they have to,wait for it to reappear at night the,square really reappears,and goes around behind the square to,observe it and he finds that the square,seems to be a thin two-dimensional,surface then Finola uses the radio to,contact the girl in the Square who tells,Finola her name and home address and,then the square disappears again,soon they get the girls information,which shows that the girls name is,Nicole and she has been missing since,2019. the next day they call over the,girls father but the girls father,doesnt believe his daughter is still,alive,Brian tells the father to walk over and,try it which he does and then the square,reappears as expected then the father,asks Nicole where she is now Nicole says,she doesnt know and shes been looking,for her dad for hours then she saw this,Square everyone is shocked because,Nicole thinks she has only been missing,for a few hours when in reality she has,been missing for two years,just then the square disappears again,they must find a way to get her out by,studying the debris they have mastered,the technology of using the debris to,teleport items such as chairs,so they move over a large piece of,debris and the square immediately,appears the people inside the square are,clearly visible at this point and Nicole,touches the plane with her hand but,still cant get out so the CIA uses the,debris to hit the plane directly opening,a channel to the other space then Finola,holds Nicoles hand and pulls her out,with Nicole come out several other,people some of them have been trapped,inside for decades,this is a summary of the first three,episodes of the TV show debris go watch,the show if you like it I am movie ape,thanks for watching

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Debris (2021): Season 1 Episodes 1-3 | First Impression Review | NBC

[Music],hey guys,welcome back so this is a first,impression series,a three episode take on a new show in,this case,debris a new science fiction television,drama,from nbc there will be minor spoilers,but,nothing you havent seen in the trailers,this will be a review but also my take,on any politics or agendas,that may be hidden in the show that,could ruin the experience for,any sci-fi fans so lets get started,the show stars jonathan tucker as brian,and ryan steele as fanola the pair,operate as a covert american british,task force investigating and recovering,these,mysterious wreckage fragments or debris,that have fallen here and there across,the hemisphere from a destroyed alien,spaceship,and trust me when i say this sounds a,whole lot,easier than it actually is in the very,first episode we get a dramatic,introduction to the power,and danger of this foreign material and,its ability to manipulate,mass i wont spoil anything too much but,the special effects are pretty darn,decent which,allows each episode to fully explore in,horrifying fashion more and more of what,the human race will be up against,but the great thing about this series so,far is that it isnt just about the,mystery surrounding the alien technology,this show also has heart with deeply,emotional scenes,that help to develop the characters and,engaging twists,that maintain the interest and attention,of the audience,speaking of which these days when it,comes to hollywood,and storytelling a lot of us are hyper,aware,of the inclusion of politics or agenda,in everything from the script,to the casting here you dont really get,any of that the characters are diverse,but their different nationalities and,conflicting national interests,are far more prominent and that conflict,is woven into an,intriguing subplot in the show also,neither of the main characters seem,particularly forced,or stereotyped in a modern sense for,example,the white male character isnt hyper,aggressive for no reason or,the idiot butt of every joke hes smart,and insightful,and contributes to the team that said he,is also,kind of the muscle in the group and,thats fine this show doesnt downplay,masculinity or,make it out to be a bad thing likewise,the black female character is not a,caricature for a change,while she does struggle with personal,issues concerning her father and sister,there seems to be an underlying reason,yet to be revealed,that ties into the rest of the story and,thats important because otherwise,we might in fact have the deadbeat dad,narrative but i dont think thats where,theyre going with it,shes also very feminine which again is,something that isnt demeaned or made,out to be a weakness in this show,shockingly its in fact one of her,strengths,the mystery of the show is unfolding for,both the characters,and the audience at the same time and,both characters help each other,and make mistakes along the way that,they learn from,thats what we want to see in,entertainment but with that out of the,way,debris as a series is pretty fast paced,with good writing and good acting,and solid practical effects the creator,of the series is french writer j.h wyman,so,if you enjoyed that series then this one,has a very similar look and feel,it strikes a nice tonal balance between,geek fest and,subtle humor even sci-fi normies would,enjoy the only,downside is that as often happens with,shows like this,it may get cancelled far too soon so,enjoy it now while you have a chance but,hey those are my thoughts,let me know what you guys think in the,comments below thanks for watching,remember to like,comment share and subscribe and ill see,you next time,[Music],do,you

Year 2418, Gravity is 10x Stronger, Humans Crushed By Their Own Weight

the series is set in the year 2418 where,the world is transformed into an,ultra-futuristic place humans are now,able to visit other planets through,space travel and the entire galaxy is,explorable in the galaxy there are low,gravity planets like earth and high,gravity planets like zelion in order for,humans to travel to high gravity planets,they need to use protective suits zelion,has 10 times stronger gravity than earth,and even a spaceship needs to activate a,gravity shield to protect the humans,moving out of this shield will make them,instantly fall to the ground as their,weight becomes 10 times heavier even a,material from earth thrown to this,planet will instantly get flattened and,crushed moreover if a persons,protective suit is damaged their body,parts will be destroyed however the,species born on a high gravity planet,possess high density bones and muscles,which makes them stronger than the,species from other planets due to the,comparatively high gravity of their home,planet the zelions are known as one of,the strongest beings in the universe one,such powerful zeleon is alara kitan she,can knock down doors and walls and crush,a solid block of titanium or reshape it,into a sphere with her bare hands she is,a security member of an exploratory,spaceship known as the uss orville the,orville is tasked to maintain order,across the planet and also repel any,dangers from other galaxies if needed,the orville is operated by several other,personnel most of them are humans and,some are aliens its leader captain,mercer is a human who is known for,getting things done one way or another,hes also known for inventing family guy,the series then shows a planet named,sargasso iv where two people are being,interviewed it appears as if they have,committed some sort of crime and the,interviewer keeps asking them if they,are sorry everyone is wearing a strange,badge and it has an upvote and down vote,option on it soon after the public,begins voting if the two criminals,should be published and the live vote,count is displayed on tv i guess reddit,made it to the future later the,criminals are brought to the punishment,room but when one of them tries running,away the cops shoot him down following,this the second criminal is sat on a,chair and a device is placed on his head,as soon as the downvotes reach 10,million he is electrocuted and the scene,changes a few days later the orville,approaches sargassu iv in order to look,for two of their missing researchers the,strange thing about the planet is that,its culture is almost identical to that,of 21st century earth before initiating,the mission captain mercer reveals to,his group that the two researchers had,been sent to sargass4 to study the place,but one month ago they lost all contact,with them he then assigns a team of four,commander kelly dr claire lieutenant,lamar and lieutenant alara to head down,to sargassu iv since alara is different,and has unusual patterns on her face she,wears a traditional sargass hat and,covers her nose with a band-aid before,leaving when the four arrive on the,planet they notice that it is awfully,similar to 21st century earth strangely,the people use their badges as if it is,a daily part of their life for instance,a man compliments his friends weight,loss so he is given an upvote and,another man accidentally spills his,coffee onto a stranger prompting him to,get a down vote in short the sargass4 is,a completely democratic country where,the general population decides,everything including a persons fate,however the orville group doesnt pay,much attention to it and simply proceeds,with their mission a while later they,come across a book stall and inquire,about the researchers instead of,answering the owner hands them four,badges mentioning that it is a crime to,walk without one as the four are walking,through the streets lieutenant lamar,tries to have some fun and starts,dancing with a nearby statue commander,kelly immediately tells him to stop but,lamar being lamar continues showcasing,his weird moves just then some people,around them start clicking videos of the,dance and as a result lamar finally gets,down from the statue shortly after the,group reaches a cafe where they notice a,woman being turned down because of her,massive downvote count it turns out that,the people with a large number of,downvotes are shunned by the society of,this world meanwhile the group,approaches a cafe employee lysella and,shows her the picture of the two,researchers that went missing,surprisingly they are told that the two,are popular people as they had been,corrected recently but before they can,interrogate any further all of a sudden,the down votes on lamars badge start,increasing at an exponential rate the,group is perplexed by whats happening,and just then a tv report displays the,footage of lamar dancing with the statue,strangely the reporter comments that,lamar was humping the statue which turns,out to be a deity on that planet lamar,shall henceforth be referred to as the,god humper confused the group decides to,return back to their planet but when,they reach outside a large mob of people,surround them lamar tries his best to,claim his innocence but sadly a bunch of,officers show up and take him away he is,then brought to prison where a man named,willix who is a publicity officer by,profession approaches him in this world,publicity officers are the equivalent of,lawyers but their jobs are contrastingly,different willix tries to ask lamar his,side of the story but the latter,mentions that he was simply dancing he,also claims to be unaware of all the,rules in the world prompting willix to,tell him everything he mentions that in,sargassu iv everything is democratically,wrong so if a person commits a crime the,public will determine his or her fate by,a voting system if said person reaches,10 million down votes they will be,corrected a correction is a procedure in,which a criminal is electrocuted until,all of their memories are wiped hearing,this lamar becomes terrified and begs,willix to help him but the latter,mentions that there is a legal process,lamar will have to go through a series,of interviews which will be displayed on,live tv and if the audience likes his,apology they might upvote him and save,him hence their best chance to escape,the correction is to prepare a perfect,apology speech travis scott wouldnt,stand a chance on this planet a while,later the orville group visits lamar in,the waiting room and finds out about the,correction that hes going to face,hearing the word correction alara,remembers that the cafe employee lysella,also mentioned that their two friends,had been corrected and that is why they,are so famous in this world hence alara,along with dr clare decides to,interrogate lysella while commander,kelly stays behind with lamar in the,next scene lamar is being readied for,his first apology interview while willix,and claire try their best to motivate,him however the session goes awfully,wrong when lamar makes a mockery out of,himself soon the people start the voting,system and lamar receives a whopping 4,million down votes elsewhere alara and,dr claire approach lysella and start,interrogating her about their missing,colleagues lysella mentions that one was,corrected and sent to a facility while,the other one was shot and killed as he,tried to run away a while later when,alara and claire are in the bathroom,lysella approaches them and accidentally,notices alaras uncovered face scared,she tries running away but the orville,duo calms her down and takes her out for,a drink there alara and claire finally,reveal that they are aliens and that,they have come to take their friends,back soon lysella also starts feeling,comfortable and she tells them that the,researchers were apprehended for not,giving up their seat to a pregnant woman,after this the three head to the,correctional facility and finally find,one of the researchers that was,corrected he appears to be very calm and,has no recollection of

She Was Accused Of Stealing, So They Forced Her To Do THIS…

this is 2012s compliance warning,spoilers ahead and sensitive material,the stories inspired by true events we,open up with Sandra accepting the,deliveries for the day and shes trying,to figure out if shell have enough,supplies to make it through the weekend,she doesnt appreciate the delivery,mans tone when he addresses her like,shes incompetent but there isnt much,she can feel like she can say in a,situation like this where does this,delivery guy get off on telling her how,to do her job why does he even really,care that much hes acting like the,money thats wasted from spoiled product,comes right out of his own pocket after,the rude Delivery Man leaves we cut to,Becky as she makes her way to work and,we quickly see officer Daniels as he,yells at someone on a payphone when,Becky gets to work she Parks pretty,close to the building and Kevin comes,running up and jokes about how she,should save that spot for the customers,the two of them head inside together and,we see that they work at a fast food,restaurant Sandra and the others are,waiting for Kevin and Becky before going,over their morning meeting and Sandra,tells them that theyve got to be on,their best behavior for a mystery,shopper sometime today she also mentions,that someone from the night before left,the walk-in door open and they lost over,a thousand dollars in inventory on top,of all of that theyre a person short so,she wants anyone who doesnt have a,customer to clean oh my God if youve,got time to lean youve got time to,clean I do not miss hearing that after,that dry inspirational speech the group,gets to work and the Friday starts at a,steady slow pace Marty brings cups to,Becky so she can restock her station and,they talk about how sanjo thinks Becky,left the walk-in door open Becky swears,that it was Kevin but she just doesnt,want to lose her job Martys pretty sure,that Beckys okay and she starts talking,about different guys that Beckys,talking to at the same time Sandra Pops,in the conversation and tries to butt in,by talking about her soon to be fiance,apparently thats a level in,relationships she heard that her,boyfriend asked her dad about marrying,her so shes calling him her fiance,Marty congratulates a real quick but she,turns the attention back to Becky and,her plethora of men Sandra tries to keep,sounding like her love life is spicy but,she awkwardly walks away and listens in,on Becky laughing about Sanders,conversation Sandra heads to the back to,swap out the soda syrups and she finds,that the maintenance man Herald is,clocking out he tells her that hes,going to come in later to get one of the,new milkshakes and the Friday Rush,starts soon after Becky and Connie work,the counter while Sandra and Marty,stalked the walk-in eventually Sandra,gets a call from her boyfriend van and,hes asking if its okay for him to go,to his co-workers place before she gets,off the rest of the workers start,slacking off up front and Sandra has a,nice talk with them when she comes back,suddenly Marty tells Sandra that a cop,is calling her from the backbone,Sandras that boss that youd hate,working for but you cant really blame,her too much shes just taking her job,seriously but its fast food for crying,out loud fast food managers are like the,elementary school teachers of the food,industry they really try to keep things,going and Inspire but they end up,babysitting and spoon feeding most of,their days Sandra heads back to answer,the phone and officer Daniels tells her,that he has a victim present that says,Becky stole money from her purse he has,units on their way as a part of a bigger,investigation theyre doing on Becky but,hes sure that he can count on Sandra to,do her part to help after hearing that,Sandra has Marty take over Becky station,and she takes her to the back once,theyre in the back Becky swears that,she didnt do anything but Daniels,assures her that she has a witness to,her doing it after getting nowhere with,Becky he asks to talk to Sandra who he,asks to search Beckys Pockets first of,all no one sees it as a red flag that,the police are calling and warning a,potential suspect that they think they,did something they dont do that just,wait for the units to show up and take,her by surprise and the only time they,would drag a civilian like Sandra into,the case is if it was a matter of life,and death on a timer a couple bucks from,a purse isnt that Daniels tells her,that if she finds a phone she needs to,take it and Sandra does just that next,they head to the employees cubicles to,check Beckys purse and Sandra warns her,that if somethings happened shes going,to have to fire her on the spot when,they get back to the office Sandra tells,Daniels that she didnt find anything,and he tells her that shes just going,to have to hold her in the office and,keep helping him over the phone Sandra,hesitates for a moment and she tells him,that Becky hasnt really been an issue,before Daniels doesnt buy it though and,he tells you that if it turns out that,Beckys innocent hes the one thats,going to take the hit not her he just,Butters her biscuits he hit her where he,knew that she would soak it all in,responsibility Duty almost heroic poor,Sandra when Sandra puts Becky back on,the phone she tries to tell him that she,honestly doesnt know what hes talking,about he tells her that they have to,find the money now and Becky promises to,do whatever she has to do to clear her,name of this charge when Sandra gets,back on the phone Daniels gives her two,options either Becky goes to jail or,Sandras strip searches are right there,in the office Sandra immediately tells,him that shes not comfortable with that,but she gives the options to Becky so,she can decide Becky cant believe that,those are her only two options but she,agrees to let Sandra strip search her,Becky requests to have Marty come in,there to supervise and Daniel eventually,agrees Daniels here literally sounds,like a broken record while Sandra goes,to get Marty Daniels just keeps telling,her that this is the easiest route,thats doubtful Im really curious to,find out where Daniels is is he still at,the phone booth we saw him at earlier is,he looking through a window somewhere,while Daniels talks to Becky he,mentions her older brother whos in,trouble with the law and Sandra gives,Marty an idea of what theyre dealing,with when Sandra and Marty get back in,Daniels tells Sandra that shes almost,like a real cop and they get started,with the strip as Becky takes off each,Lair Sandra inspects them and she tells,Daniels that her clothes are clean he,tells her to go ahead and take off all,of Beckys undergarments so she can do a,thorough check and Becky does just that,at least Marty had the decency to give,her an apron to wear Daniels just keeps,on going though he makes Becky spin,around and he tells Sandra that she has,to put the clothes in her car so they,can check them at least Marty has enough,common sense to say something doesnt,add up here shes not in a position of,power but shes at least questioning the,right things when Sandra Quest and some,more Daniels tells her that the bigger,investigation is taking place at Beckys,house because they think that Beckys,working with her delinquent brother,Daniels tells her that theyre making it,so Becky takes a plea deal to another,case Sandra takes the clothes out to her,car and when she comes back inside she,handles Kevin and the rest of the crew,before going back to the office when,Sandra gets back to the office she sends,Marty back up front and she tells,Daniels that shes done what he asked,when she tells Daniels that she has to,go back up front he tells her that she,needs to get a male to watch over her,and she goes to get Kevin why would you,get her friend to watch over her naked,if shes at risk of fleeing the last,person you would want watching her is,someone that would potentially hate her,this is poor planning wheres uh Julio,for a second we see that Daniels is,sitting in a house while Sandra goes to,get Kevin when Kev

She sucks human fat to feed herself, then runs a successful weight loss business. Supernatural.

this is a creepy way to lose weight by,sucking the fat out of your body it can,make you lose 10 pounds in a matter of,minutes,this man has just won the hot dog eating,contest and just as he gets into his car,a mysterious monster appears behind him,then the mans body starts to convulse,and the car shakes with it his body,quickly shrinks and becomes like a,deflated basketball,dean and sam begin their investigation,when they hear about the case they,notice that the victims weight has,dropped from 400 pounds to 90 pounds and,his internal organs have been damaged,the next day a similar case happens this,woman is knocked out from behind while,exercising then her weight starts to,drop rapidly her body fat is sucked out,quickly and then she dies,the two brothers arrive at the scene and,after some examination they find a,suction mark on the victim,they talk to the victims personal,trainer but accidentally find the same,suction mark on her,but the strange thing is why is the,trainer still alive,the trainer says she recently has been,to a mysterious spa which claims to help,clients lose weight easily with no,dieting,following the clues provided by the,trainer the two brothers immediately go,to the spa,they believe that the spa must have,something to do with the two murders,to find out the secrets of this place,they pose as personal trainers who are,looking for jobs,they are interviewed by a couple larry,and maritza who are the owners of the,spa,but they only have one trainer position,available at the moment,as a result sam is successfully hired as,a trainer and dean is hired as a lunch,guy,in the kitchen dean is starving so he,tries to put him in front of him and it,tastes delicious so he steals a box,he didnt expect to get dizzy after,eating the pudding and just before he,passes out he tries to call sam for help,sam notices something is wrong while,teaching yoga,every client has a suction mark on their,body just as they thought,at the same time maritza is doing a,cupping therapy for a client she tells,the client that it is a traditional,technique from china that not only,eliminates toxins from the body but also,helps to lose weight,the disadvantage is that it will leave a,red suction mark on the back,in fact the whole cupping therapy is,just a cover the suction mark is,actually caused by her sucking,[Music],after the yoga class sam happens to bump,into mary the local sheriff who has just,finished her cupping therapy,through their conversation larry begins,to suspect sams true identity,later sam goes to the kitchen and finds,dean unconscious next to a pile of,potatoes apparently the pudding has been,drugged,sam finds the chef who made the pudding,and interrogates him asking him why he,did that but the chef doesnt seem to,know anything,it turns out that every client will be,offered putting before their cupping,therapy and the chef simply adds the,specified supplements to the pudding as,requested by maritza and larry,according to the current situation the,brothers are certain that the couple is,related to the previous two murders,meanwhile the couple has figured out the,true identity of the two,[Music],theyre brothers,theyre hunters,why are hunters here at this point they,know very well that it is almost,impossible for them to escape and the,more reasonable approach is to destroy,the evidence,maritza rushes to take the fat out of,the fridge and dump it but she feels,its such a waste so she might as well,eat it,just as she is about to enjoy the fat,dean appears behind her he sees,everything and then ties her to the,chair,marissa denies that she is a killer,saying she is just a pish taco,a fish taco a bish taco,aka a peruvian fat sucker,by sucking fat she can help people lose,weight and feed herself at the same time,which is a win-win situation,she claims she hasnt hurt anyone then,who is responsible for the two murders,it turns out to be her brother alonso,who often cant control his appetite,the couple has been working for years to,build the spa and they dont want it to,be ruined because of alonso,so larry decides to fire alonso and he,tells alonso to pack up and leave,immediately at the moment sam happens to,pass by he hears screams from the,kitchen he goes in and finds that larry,has been killed by alonso,[Music],when marissa learns that her husband was,killed by her brother she breaks down in,tears over the years the couple has been,able to co-exist harmoniously with,humans because they have always adhered,to one principle and that is eating,enough to get by,in contrast her brother alonso is a,reckless man who once almost killed a,client during a therapy session because,he sucked too much fat marissa had to,put him to work in the kitchen and only,let him eat the fat from the jars,but alonso simply cant control his,desire for fat which is why there were,two previous murders,to stop alonso from killing more,innocent people she tells the two,brothers where alonso might be hiding,now,the brothers take their knives and,flashlights to the basement and they,decide to split up to search,unfamiliar with the environment sam is,attacked from behind alonso uses the,closet to pin sam to the ground and sam,struggles to push the closet away,sam rushes to pick up the knife but he,is still no match for alonso and is,knocked to the ground again,alonso tries to deliver a fatal blow to,sam with his proboscis but fortunately,dean arrives just in time and slashes,off his proboscis,sam is saved while alonso dies instantly,because he loses his proboscis,although maritza is also a monster,because she has never harmed any human,and has helped the boys solve the case,the boys decide to let her go

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