1. Warhammer 40k Audio The Word Of The Silent King By L J Goulding
  2. Using Digitized Newspapers for Genealogical Research

Warhammer 40k Audio The Word Of The Silent King By L J Goulding

[Music],the word of the silent King by LJ,googling MA my lord and Erica you would,know more better than this I will tell,you everything perhaps then you will,understand after all you will need,allies long have we known of the,Devourer and while the majority of the,necron race slept away the eons his,great majesty Zurich the silent King,journeyed far and wide beyond the,borders of this galaxy such unspeakable,things did he witness and cannot be,adequately articulated in our noble,language nor any other the most dire of,all these extra galactic enemies were,the tyranids for countless cycles he,sought to repel this threat in his,wisdom he has observed them studied them,and committed them to oblivion in all,but the final decisive deed he has,brought them to battle on a hundred,worlds ravaged their slumbering fleets,out in the cold measureless void and,even United them more fractious warring,dynasties so that our mutual interests,might be protected what you ask has this,to do with an alliance between the,living and the dead we will tell you,everything my lord perhaps then you will,understand the worlds name is not,important not to us do the humans oh it,seemed to be paramount for a species,that would see themselves as the,undisputed masters of this galaxy they,place so much emphasis on names and the,paradises and Damned nations that they,imagined for themselves this then,becomes a tale of angels and devils to,use they crude ink,in terms the bloodiest of angels,fighting upon their Devils crag and we,were there the three of us Catelyn dovid,lon and our Meg if you will and so many,more so many many more while you,traveled the Stars seeking tithes and,tribute we answered the call of our true,master,the Praetorians can move in great,numbers quickly and quietly when the,attentions of the dynasties fall,elsewhere for a time so it is that we,return to the court of the silent king,whenever he would wish it to bring him,new word of the Great Awakening to the,rest of the galaxy,we are his eyes and ears as we are his,right hand and his only voice he does,not speak he will not speak not to you,not yet but he may in time if you prove,worthy they heard us brothers we were,done for we had for them hard on Gehenna,those clanking mechanical xeno seemed to,be with that number for three weeks,Dante had led the third company against,their legions we in the assault squads,which strike and fall back with the,commander over and over while captain,Tycho directed the long range,engagements it was a dry dusty grind the,only blood that fell upon the barren,wastes was ours that felt wrong there,was nothing to slack our thirst no,glorious crimson to bathe the armour of,the Damned Tycho was the master of,sacrifice that title seemed appropriate,we felt sacrificed gunnar is nothing if,not an altar upon which such offerings,can be made though the myriad alien,races seemed forever drawn to test the,Imperium right to preside over it a,million souls more hallowed than ours at,Bastogne the eye of worlds brains over,the millennia one more noble endeavor,what more do,Coria schooling can there be to defend,such a place from the hordes of the,restless xenos dead and so defended we,did with every last ounce of our,companys strength we fell from the gray,streak skies the crimson of the iron,helms assault squads like a blood stain,upon the pristine gold of the sanguinary,guard commander dante was ever at the,front the tip of the blade thrust into,the necrons flanks the axe mortis hewed,left and right cleaving through metal,bodies as easily as it might through,living flesh on any other battlefield,and in Dantes divine shadow we were,inspired I led my squad in a free fall,drop the weight of our charge like the,hammer of sanguinis his own wrath,against the enemy there dully glowing,eyes turned upwards in those last,heartbeats before we were in their midst,no tearing Necron Lord slaved in,Fallujah nurse silks no insectoid,sentinels lashing us with electrum whips,these were the poorest stock of the,legions that we now faced the meager,revenants that seemed almost repaired,number and whose only tactical use,seemed to be that they absolutely would,not die exhorting my battle brothers,onwards I drove into the nekron warriors,with my blade held before me speed we,had found was the key they simply could,not track us quickly enough as targets,if we kept moving and they seemed,incapable of firing their gorse weaponry,without first taking careful aim and so,we struck them down by the Dozen taking,heads and limbs and blowing out armored,torsos with point-blank pistol fire and,stamping their remains into the dust,beneath our boots yet for every nekron,we tore apart free more wood trudged,fords to take its place where else the,supposedly dead warrior would simply,rise up again once we had passed by,wounds remitting under whatever baleful,techno man sea powered them green,flashes cast the seemingly endless horde,in silhouette and I looked up to see,more of the great gravitic monoliths,Jers gliding ponderously down the slopes,from the crags beyond their energy,matrices cast thumping energies into the,mêlée scattering golden armored blood,angels like leaves in the wind,maddening squealing static cut brilliant,to squad Vox channels and suddenly we,were cut off from Dantes command,entirely and more necrons came and yet,more the press of cold lifeless bodies,around us became entangling and the,Warriors began to jabber us with their,hooked bayonet blades brother Joe fell,tried to free himself on the hoods,grasped by launching back into the air,but mental claws pulled him down jump,pack an oar beneath the ambling tied his,agonized screams were mercifully brief I,planted a boot into the chest of the,closest nekron warrior and sent its,sprawling backwards with a pair of frag,grenades for its trouble the blast,hurled a score more of them aside but,all that broad was the space to truly,see the inevitability and futility of,our assault we were outnumbered by,hundreds to warn the hovering Ark,transports would gather the xenos dead,right out from beneath our feet to send,them against us once more and on and on,until we were buried we had been,sacrificed,but did not know if commander Dante had,plundered that way but I could no longer,even see his sanguine regard amidst the,frong there would be no resurrection for,us once fallen the angels of death do,not rise from the dead there is purity,in that something that the necrons have,failed to grasp in their eternal pursuit,of eternity two more of my brothers fell,then a third I dont remember what it,was that I screamed in that moment,likely it was something in noble and,suitably defiant I struck a neck run,down with every swing of my blade until,it seemed that I could no longer even,find room to draw it back between blows,my pauldrons,began to catch on the press of metal,limbs unfailing finger,clamped around my wrists in my neck my,sword was pulled from my grip and my,plasma pistol too I realized that I was,being dragged over backwards then I was,no longer even screaming real words,thats when it happened the pause the,stutter as one the necrons faulted just,for a fraction of a second their eyes,dimmed then again as one they put up,their weapons in turn to withdraw I,crashed to the ground on my back before,scrambling free of my jump back harness,to see 10,000 immortal Zenos warriors,striding away from us as implacably as,they had been advancing only moments,earlier I snapped my pistol up and put,down nine of them without thinking I,shot them through their retreating backs,hot plasma dashing their mechanical,innards onto the ground others did the,same in futile impotent rage our blood,was still up and the wounded remnants of,the frontline squads harried the enemy,with frustrated battle cry still upon,our lips necrons fell and still the,legions did not pay us any more regard,that day it was as though we had simply,ceased to exist it made no sense at the,time why would they suddenly give

Using Digitized Newspapers for Genealogical Research

all righty well good afternoon and,welcome everybody thank you for joining,us today,my name is andrew dauphini im the,instruction and outreach librarian at,the new jersey state library,it is my pleasure to present todays,speaker brian armstrong,brian is an independent historian,researcher,and author who frequently lectures,throughout the state on local history,he lectures throughout the state on,historical topics such as using digital,newspapers for genealogical research,womens suffrage and the 19th amendment,prohibition,world war one the spanish influenza and,political history,his 2019 book the franklin park tragedy,a forgotten story of racial injustice in,new jersey,won the 2020 njsaa author award,and he has a new book published this,year called a histories lovers guide,to bar harbor maine so welcome brian,thank you for,for coming and speaking to us today uh,before we get started just a few uh,housekeeping items to,go through um we will be taking,questions today at the end of the,program but you can submit them at any,time using the questions box,on the go to webinar dashboard there is,a survey that will be provided,at the end of this program as well as in,the follow-up email,if you can please complete the survey we,always appreciate any and all of your,feedback,um if youre looking for more,information about digital newspapers,whats available,in different areas countries how they,impact genealogy the,family search wiki has a great entry,on that the link is there on the slide,there but i will send it out,in a chat so everybody has has a live,link please uh if you have a minute,take a look at that its got some,fantastic information in there,and one last thing before we get started,is just for those of you who might be,unfamiliar with go to webinar um this is,what your dashboard should look like if,youre using a,pc or a mac if youre using a,mobile device your dashboard is going to,be looking different depending on which,device youre using but all the features,will still be there,in the center here you can see all of,your audio settings this is where you,can check to make sure,that your audio devices are working,correctly that you have the correct ones,uh chosen uh at any time if you have any,problems you can use,this raise hand button here just hit,that,that will alert me i will send you a,message and hopefully well be able to,resolve everything,and as i mentioned before we will be,taking questions at the end of the,program but you can submit them at any,time,you can just use this questions box here,type in your question hit send,and wed be happy to answer that for you,so,um that is everything that i have for,you today so its my pleasure to turn it,over,to brian okay good to see you here,today im going to put my presentation,on here just give me a second,should come up here,okay why am i not okay there we go okay,uh good to see everybody here today um,what im going to be talking about is,using digitized newspapers and,im one of these individuals who have,been using newspapers for a long time i,they were but originally they were,microfilmed and youd have to go into,like musty library basements and,and look at web or microphone,readers to read them and it would take,you hours on end to go through it,uh and i actually took a trip one time,in around 2000,to fly up to bar harbor maine to use,digitized news,or use the newspapers non-digitized and,uh,you know the information that i got,during that trip i probably can get in,five minutes today with digitized,newspapers its just such a different,type of thing um just what im going to,talk about today is an overview of,digitized newspapers and the information,that you can get from them,and the available resources im very,much,extensively you i use them all the time,uh,ive written two books they primarily,use newspapers as the main,resource for research and theyre a,great,resource to have looking at newspapers,um,theyre theyre a second level,genealogical research tool i mean some,people will say,you know you have to kind of look at,them in a different way,but theres information in them that you,wont find in any other record,newspapers a hundred years ago and even,120 years ago,provided a lot of detail on people,you know through their gossip columns,and other information because it was the,main source,of information for towns and for cities,so theyre very valuable theyre fragile,because,theyre made of paper and so whats,happened as early as the 1930s theyve,tried to,microfilm them so that theyre preserved,and theres a lot of great information,and they really are a mirror of who we,are,because most of the towns and cities,they would use the newspaper as a way of,communicating,and its very different than the,newspapers today,it was a situation where the information,you had in there had to be correct,because people would insist on its being,correct so what you find,is a lot fewer errors in the newspapers,a hundred years ago than you would find,in papers today,the digitizing is a process where they,took the microfilmed,uh versions and they actually convert,them to digitize them,which sometimes creates problems because,of different types of,blemishes like vinegar syndrome and the,retox blemishes and tears,and these things can mess up the optical,character reader which is the ocr,and that is the essential thing because,thats the indexing and thats how you,can go in and say,search a family name and then youre,able to find the particular newspaper,that the name is mentioned in uh and,its really a great,uh resource to use i just did a a a,research for someone about a week ago,about a particular,orchestra that was out there you know,100 years ago,and was able to find this information,quickly by using the,ocr reader for the digital newspaper,service i was using,and the ocr directly is a much better,way of doing it,when theyre scanning newspapers today,theyre scanned directly so the images,are much better and especially,the more recent newspapers look,beautiful the the scanned versions of,them,theyre very good um and so the problem,is when something is darkened or if,characters are lost,its very hard to read ive read so many,scanned newspapers where you have to,kind of squint your eyes,to read the stories but even at that,its still,valuable information the things you can,find in newspapers are,very important like the obituaries the,gossip and events,business stories legal records and real,estate for the obituaries you get a lot,of vitals in there about the families,death details family members and friends,uh what the jobs the people held where,they lived,their interests and the pole bearers,really usually represent,important people in their lives uh,gossips and events was something that,was really,big a hundred years ago you usually had,a local,person who would be the gossip columnist,and they would have just,the smallest details about peoples,lives would appear,in the newspapers even when they went on,trips in a car to the town,you know nearby it was just its very,fascinating also things on sicknesses,if someone had an operation that would,be in the newspaper,or if they you know various funerals,business stories im a big business,historian,and i love the business information that,you find in newspapers about,founders of companies uh you have,company history locations,products that they had and services just,totally invaluable information,especially,if you have a relative that was in a,business and you might not know much,about it,these particular ads and business,stories can be really fascinating,legal records even today the legal,records are a very important thing,thats out there and real estate of,course is another,aspect as well when looking at,obituaries this obituary,is my great great grandfathers obituary,is the last line in here,that was from 1882 and as you can see,obituaries back then were pretty simple,they just,said where you were where you lived you,possibly what the cause of death was in,your age,uh in a very

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