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Dell XPS 13 2022 Review

lets talk about this bad boy its the,9315,its the new 12th generation intel,processor,and you can get this in an i5 you can,get it in an i7,and i gotta tell you price and value,this looks like an interesting machine,lets look at this screen here at how,you spec one of these out before we,start talking about the device itself,because i think its pretty interesting,at 10.99,1099 so this is a hundred dollars less,than the new macbook air for example,thats coming out thats going to be 8,gig 256 gig this is 16 gig,512. i think thats a great starting,point for a device today anybody looking,for a device can last three four five,years if you use your gear that long,really needs to be a 16 gig and a 512,ssd for storage so kudos to dell for,hitting that price point can i ask the,question,dell,does anybody use your ordering screens,that thinks about the consumer,experience when you look at this and,its like xps 13 new xps 13 plus new xps,13. why are you confusing me already an,average person is going to look at this,and be like whats going on an xps 13 in,new xps 13. i dont want an old xps 13,why is it even there,take it away and just admit that no one,wants the old gen anymore and stick with,the new dont confuse me ive got these,processes and then a bunch of,gobbledygoo 12 megabytes of cash up to,4.4 gigahertz 10 cores this is why apple,wins okay,dont make it so confusing find a,different way to show that information,just say i5 and i7 and put the stuff in,small print im doing your job for you,here mr marketing company at dell,obviously windows 11 windows pro whats,the difference you dont want to click,on help me choose because then it gets,super confusing and i get all this s,mode stuff i dont even have s mode as,an option why are you telling me about,it it makes no sense,chrome os ubuntu chrome enterprise,upgrade guys youre not getting it this,is why people dont buy its too,confusing i get to the memory,lpddr5 why,just tell me its 16 gig,i dont care,you might be saying but mike i do care,really,can you change it to,lpddr4 no,can you change it to lpddr6 no,so why do i care its 16 gig just tell,me its 16 gig and just leave it alone,at that and then this is the beauty the,screens so i can have a 13.4,1920×1200 infinity edge non-touch,anti-glare 500 nit,display or i can have a 13.419 20 by 12,infinity edge touch anti-reflective,display could you take some of that and,just make it small print and just tell,me what i need to know,i can have the standard screen,which is not touch,an anti-glare or i can have the standard,screen,which is touch,and,anti-reflective,whats the difference between,anti-reflective and anti-glare,im just asking the question,lets click help me choose,and lets find out so it tells me about,high resolution displays it tells me,that dolby vision but dolby vision,wasnt in the description anywhere,it tells me about infinity edge but,theyre all infinity edge anti-glare,anywhere oh look ive got a great big,chart thats this wide with full of,numbers and im already bored im,uninterested youve lost me this is why,you failed though,average people are confused by this even,tech people get confused by this i get,confused by this you are selling,yourself short and losing business fix,it top screen on this is a 3840 by,2400 so,i guess its 4k but its a 1610 so its,a little bit taller and oh its an,infinity edge again if theyre all,infinity edge why not just headline it,as infinity edge lcd,and then you dont have to write it out,three times in the boxes and fill them,with a bunch of words that i dont,understand this is also touch this is,also anti-reflective and also 500 nits,okay enough about my rant the point is,you can spec this out pretty,interestingly it doesnt tell me any of,the prices for these upgrades i have to,click on them to see the difference so i,can go to the 4k for only 200,but on a 15 inch,i think the 4k is a little bit more than,200 dollars thats interesting anywho we,spec this out,base model 1099 in the new blue color,which is surprisingly identical to the,microsoft surface laptop go and im,going to drop a review on that and,youre going to want to watch it and im,not going to spoil the thunder now but,you will be surprised at some of the,things that come out when we compare,these two devices considering,the surface laptop goal was 6.99 and,this is 10.99,but lets stay with the dell because,thats why youre all here and lets,have a look at this beauty i have an,issue with xps 13s ive had an issue,with them for a long time it hasnt,changed and i wish it would dell had,this great idea they had a machine with,great big bezels and they shrunk the,bezels down and i think at that moment,in time,they should have stretched the screen up,most other companies when theyve,reduced bezels have made the screens,bigger and kept the physical footprint,the same because people were comfortable,with the physical footprint but dell,didnt they made it smaller and they got,all excited saying look you can get a,13-inch laptop and its the size of a,12-inch thats great but its like its,too small it looks like a toy,can i wear it on my chest like superman,i dont know you might think differently,and its okay we can disagree on this,but it feels too small for a daily,laptop where i want to get work done i,have to choose if i wanted lxps,this one,or the 15 but the problem is the 15,isnt an xps 13 stretched,its completely different its got more,ports its got more performance they,made it thicker and obviously a lot,heavier but it doesnt look like this,its the same machine just stretched,look at a macbook pro for example,or even an xps 15 to 17,its essentially the same computer just,stretched in screen size you would,expect therefore an xps 13 to be the,same computer slightly smaller but its,not ive only got one usbc on this side,ive only got one usbc on this side im,going to throw some specs up here on the,ports and things so you can kind of see,that i think they should be the same,across the range,because this almost feels like an,ultrabook like a macbook air type device,which is fine but then dont call it an,xps 13 because wheres my pro version,with the extra ports with an sd card,slot that kind of stuff but again i hear,you youre going to say but mike they,cant make it so thin and light okay im,not disputing that but then dont call,it xps 13. call it an xps 13 lite or,somehow differentiate because again your,marketing departments failing here,youre making me think im getting an,xps 15 in a smaller size but im not and,its a toy size,physically,again were doing a comparison review,but let me just show you this is a,12-inch microsoft surface laptop go this,is a 13.4 dell,do you see that,like theyre almost the same size except,this one has a 3-2 screen which is a,whole lot more useful with the extra,height,when youre trying to get work done so,were going to talk more about that then,so lets look at the chassis itself its,pretty nice,on the bigger xps 15s they used to have,the grille across the bottom here and i,think actually on previous gen 13s it,was the same so you would get some heat,coming out of the bottom and i never,understood that because a lot of people,still use these things on their laps so,pushing the heat out to your lap doesnt,make a lot of sense weve gone to this,rear grill its the same on the xps plus,just so you know and the heat kicks out,the back its still going to catch your,legs folks im just going to be honest,with you and interestingly i havent had,a lot of time to use this i wanted to,get something up for you quickly because,i know a lot of people are wondering,what these devices are like this is the,i5 chip i wanted the i5 because ive,tested a bunch of 12th gen i7s and ive,been a little underwhelmed the i5 let me,tell you,it kicks out some heat,dont be thinking if you get the i5,youre not going to feel the heat,because youre going to feel it and i,have not pushed this device at all,web browsing setting it up the fans came,on during setup the fan

Dell XPS 13 (9315) Review | Taking on the MacBook Air

[Music],well its finally here the brand new,Dell XPS 13. and its an XPS unlike any,that have come before it For Better or,For Worse,this is liquid Digital Trends in I was,looking back at the comments for the XPS,13 plus review from a couple of months,ago and as expected the reaction to that,controversial laptop with either people,fawning over the Sleek design or pure,outrage at some of the more,controversial elements with that in mind,I had some big expectations coming into,the review of this the new standard XPS,13. before we get there though go ahead,and give this video a like And subscribe,to the channel lets get to it,[Music],so its been a weird year for the Dell,XPS 13. for the first time its been,split into two different lines like I,mentioned the XPS 13 plus and this the,new standard XPS 13. the starting config,for this one is 400 cheaper than that,plus model and since these are both,13-inch devices Dell is having to,somehow distinguish between the two,Beyond price which well get to later,when we talk about performance but just,taking a look at this new design theres,a few notable changes from previous,generations of the XPS 13. like the plus,model this one is all aluminum now so no,more carbon fiber weave in the Palm rest,which also means no more white option,which Im definitely going to miss now,its just the lighter Sky color which is,the one I have or the darker umber model,these arent standard silver and black,though which I do appreciate the sky,color is interesting too since now the,keycaps are a slightly different color,and it all comes together in a really,nice unique color scheme the super thin,bezels are still here of course and with,it a very mediocre 720p webcam very,Bland speakers and a bright impressive,screen but none of that has changed this,time around its all standard fare for,the XPS 13. in many ways on the outside,this is very much the XPS 13 you know,and love so while the plus model got a,lot of the flashier new features whether,thats the haptic trackpad or the edge,to edge keyboard when it comes to,internals it was very similar to,previous generations of these computers,this one though could not be more,different on the inside a lot of,engineering work has gone into making,the Dell XPS 13 thinner its now just,0.55 inches thick which makes it one of,the thinnest Windows laptops you can buy,and it really does feel thin to hold it,feels really nice despite the fact that,its actually only five percent thinner,than the previous model but as Im sure,you know at this size with every,millimeter shaved off comes a mountain,of work behind the scenes first off Dell,says the motherboard is 1.8 times,smaller overall this time around,including the use of a thinner PCB which,is actually now using a tech borrowed,from smartphone boards Dell has found,ways to shrink basically every component,of this laptop including the storage and,the memory and without getting into all,the details its an impressive amount of,engineering work that went into this,internal redesign but the result again,is just a five percent reduction in,thickness but when it comes down to it,the real kicker with the XPS 13 this,year is the performance in attempts to,shrink down everything you get just a,single fan and with it just a 9 watt,processor this chip comes from Intels,12th gen u-series line and these chips,have just two performance cores which is,four less than the P series chips like,the one used in the XPS 13 plus the main,purpose of nerfing the XPS 13 so far I,think is to distinguish the XPS 13 from,the plus model which uses a more,standard 15 watt processor and yeah less,power means less performance and in this,case its actually quite a bit less this,is one of the worst performing Intel,12th gen laptops Ive tested so far,thats across the whole Suite right,cinebench geekbench PC Mark even,handbrake its actually a little bit,slower than even last years 11th gen,model but with a nine wall processor and,only two performance cores its kind of,what youd expect now I would argue that,last years performance is probably,enough at least for the type of things a,laptop like this was designed for,especially since its the multi-core,performance that suffers here the most,but look when it comes to choosing the,processor for a laptop its not all,about performance actually and this is,where it starts to feel like Dell made,the right choice for the XPS 13s chip,this year first off the XPS 13 handles,heat much better than the Plus model one,of my biggest complaints with that,laptop was how hot these surface,temperatures got even when running,pretty standard applications the XPS 13,does not have that same problem and,actually does a fantastic job of staying,both cool and quiet theres only that,one fan and it never gets overly loud,the second benefit is in battery life,this thing lasted well over 13 hours in,light web browsing which is over five,hours longer than the plus model of,course you have to consider that the XPS,13 isnt sold with that higher,resolution OLED screen unlike the plus,model but still the XPS 13 is clearly a,much better performer in terms of,battery life would you trade a few extra,hours of battery life for a step down in,multi-core performance I think for most,people looking at buying this laptop the,extra battery life is going to be more,useful,and lastly theres the price opting for,this lower powered chip has allowed Dell,to price the XPS 13 very aggressively,the starting configuration which is the,one Im reviewing costs just 829 dollars,and Dell isnt even really offering,higher end configurations at least not,right now so again no higher resolution,OLED screens or even two terabyte,storage options are available at this,moment leaving those only for the plus,model but in a world where laptops,continue to get more expensive that,starting price is a breath of fresh air,and significantly undercuts not only,many of this laptops competitors but,also that M1 MacBook Air that entry,level configuration even comes with 512,gigabytes of storage meaning its,actually over 400 cheaper than the M1,MacBook Air when configured similarly,all of a sudden its a little easier to,see why what Dell has done here is,actually kind of Genius especially in a,world where its been hard for premium,Windows laptops to compete with the,value of the MacBook Air however there,is one decision here that feels like it,might just undo all the clever,engineering and marketing behind this,laptop and thats the missing headphone,jack just like the XPS 13 plus the,standard XPS 13 has said goodbye to the,Beloved 3.5 millimeter headphone jack,offering you just two Thunderbolt 4,ports in exchange while the decision to,cut the headphone jack on the plus model,made some sense right it was meant to be,a Cutting Edge laptop after all but with,the XPS 13 the standard model I feel,like Dell may have taken this a step too,far and thats coming from somebody who,thinks its totally okay for some,laptops to be sold without headphone,Jacks but on a laptop like the XPS 13,especially at its lower price it just,feels like a compromise that most people,wont see the need for and Im not sure,I do either even if I still think,everyone uses their headphone jack a lot,less than they actually think they do,but headphone jack aside the X ps13 has,never been this affordable and even if,it lacks some performance this year its,probably a better purchase than the plus,model for most people on top of that it,makes for a pretty killer alternative to,the M1 MacBook Air hey thanks for,checking out this video If you havent,seen my review of the XPS 13 plus yet,make sure to go ahead and check that out,while youre here nows your chance jump,down into the comments and let me know,what you think of this new Dell XPS 13.,and as always thanks for watching

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I Can’t Believe I Liked This… – Dell XPS 13 Plus Review

– The XPS 13 Plus looks like Dell stole,all of Apples worst ideas,five years later.,But under the hood,,every design decision here supports a single ambitious goal,,to cram a 14-core processor into a 13-inch Ultrabook.,Yes, this has a 14-core CPU in it,that absolutely annihilates,the M1 chip in the 13-inch MacBook Pro.,Is that performance worth,some of the interesting design decisions?,It took a lot of work for us to answer that question.,So first, youll have to sit and listen to this message,from our sponsor.,- War Thunder.,War Thunder is an online military vehicle combat game,thats free to play and lots of fun.,Try it for free down below today,and get some special bonus items just for signing up.,(upbeat music),- To accommodate an increased CPU TDP from 15 watts,all the way to 28 watts without enlarging the chassis,,the first thing to get the axe was the function row.,And this might look like a Touch Bar rip off,,but Dells implementation is actually both,,less functional and better.,The typical media control keys,are now capacitive touch buttons,and by hitting function,,you can bring up the function row,or function + escape to lock it.,We occasionally found ourselves wishing for tactile buttons,,especially for escape and delete.,But after a few short hours,,the whole thing works pretty well,and comes with a huge upside.,The glass and capacitive touch button assembly,is only 1.4 millimeters thick.,That is less than half the space that traditional buttons,would have occupied,,which gives Dell way more space for cooling.,An additional benefit is that this glass is transparent,to RF which made the WiFi antennas work way better.,They fire both up through the function keys,and down through a little hole in the aluminum chassis.,Now were gonna go into more depth,on the CPU performance later.,Spoiler alert, its absolutely unreal.,But below the function row,,theres a whole lot more weirdness,that I wanna look at first.,Starting with the keyboard,,Dell has eliminated almost all of the space,between the keys.,It looks sick.,But I was very concerned about the typing experience,having tried out a handful of devices like this in the past.,Fortunately, Dell has a lot of money to spend.,Apparently, they built three production level prototypes,of the keyboard just so that they could get the dish,of the keys just right.,And that effort and the many 1000s of monies,that it cost to make three separate molds,,in my opinion paid off.,Each key has a point three millimeter dish,that lets your fingers know exactly where they are,and it only took me a few minutes to get darn near up,to full speed.,Its possibly one of the most pleasing keyboards,on an Ultrabook right now,and its an easy A-plus in my book.,- At least if you have smaller hands.,Mine, they kind of hang off the edge,and even though Dell have chamfered the aluminum here,,I find it a little bit sharp.,Fortunately, I have a fix,and it will only take a couple seconds.,(machine whirring),Oh yeah, I like that way more.,Got a nice little radius here.,So much better.,- Anywho, below the keyboard is presumably a touchpad.,Yeah, it is.,The entire palm rest area is a seamless,piece of Gorilla glass with a touchpad in the center,spanning roughly this distance.,Dell made prototypes with both physical and visual cues,to show the user where the touchpad was,,but found that it wasnt actually necessary.,And I actually agree with them.,The trackpad is large enough that Ive never managed,to wander outside of it during normal use.,And to take care of clicking,,Dell has 10 piezoelectric buzzers below the trackpad,to simulate a click.,The strength of this feedback out of the box,was a little much for me,,but it can be adjusted to your preference in Windows,and feels really cool once you get it dialed in.,A sneaky benefit of this design,is that if one of the piezo buzzers fails,,the others around it can actually increase their intensity,and prolong the life of the trackpad, which is super cool.,Now to address the elephant in the room, I/O.,You get a single Thunderbolt four port on this side,and a single Thunderbolt four port on this side.,And thats it, theres no other sides.,The biggest reason that Dell couldnt fit a headphone jack,,thats right, no headphone jack, is that its long.,So it used to be up here,,but that would force the hinge to be considerably wider,like on the older model which would have cost us,you guessed it, valuable heatsink space,,no 28 Watt processor.,According to Dells research then,,the majority of users now see the headphone jack,as a nice-to-have instead of a must-have.,But that minority who doesnt agree,gets really mad about it.,And heres why I think those people have a pretty good case.,First, Windows.,Microsofts implementation of bluetooth pairing,is arguably a full decade behind iOS and Android.,So using bluetooth headphones on a Windows machine,can sometimes mean three to 10 minutes of screwing around.,I mean talk about an immersive audio experience.,Over the years, Ive grown accustomed to dongles,and in a laptop this size you literally cant fit,most connectors, but audio even now is a special case to me.,USB, HDMI, ethernet, all of them are fully digital signals.,But audio is analog, which is why out of every single dongle,in our office,,there are this many that have a headphone jack on them.,Heres the thing, for your headphones to sound good,,you need a quality DAC or digital to analog converter,that takes the bits from Spotify or whatever,and converts it into music in your earholes.,And trust me a good DAC doesnt come cheap.,So the vast majority of dongles out there completely omit,the headphone jack as a cost-saving measure.,Also, because everything has a headphone jack on it.,Also, because the USB implementers forum,is more about chill vibes man than acting,like a serious standards organization,,there are multiple, optional mind you,,ways for audio to be implemented over USB Type-C.,Audio accessory mode, for example,,turns two of the digital data pins into analog audio pins.,But that mode doesnt happen to be supported,by the XPS 13 Plus.,And surprisingly, pins and wires that were designed,for high speed digital signals dont result,in great audio anyway.,But the important thing for you guys to know,out of all of this is that because of all of this,tomfoolery, many dongles made for phones,simply will not work on the XPS 13 Plus.,Graciously, Dell does include a dongle with a DAC unit,in the box but because of the lack of availability,more broadly, you better try not to lose it.,At least until Apple also ditches the headphone jack,and all of this becomes acceptable.,And they might just do that,based on these performance results.,Because if your goal in buying the XPS 13 Plus,is to tell your friend their MacBook is molasses slow,,Ive got great news.,Compared to the MacBook Pro 13-inch with an 8-core M1,,the XPS 13 Plus with a Core i7 14-core,is 45% faster.,Its even faster than last years XPS 15,,albeit only by a hair.,And as for the 1260P model,,it might only have a mere 12 cores,,but it still managed to blow past Apples best machine,in this form factor.,It is an Intel processor so when loaded the temps,do get into the 90s very quickly,,but the little XPS 13 that could here manage brief spells,of over 50 watts and consistently manage to dissipate,a bit over 30.,All without sounding like a hairdryer.,Even better, you get Iris Xe graphics,with 96 execution units allowing you to play actual 3D games,as long as you dont mind lowering the graphics,or the resolution a bit or the occasional driver issue.,Also, it is fast but Im not ready to crown it,king of the 13-inch laptops yet,because the Asus Flow X13,which harnesses the power of AMD and liquid metal,just arrived in our studio.,Make sure youre subscribed for that review.,The screen of the XPS 13 Plus,is both excellent and annoying.,The 4K OLED model is fantastic to look at.,Not only do you get deep blacks,,but 500 nits peak brightness means that its usefu

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XPS 13 (2020) Review – Dell Nailed It

this is the xps 13 from 2020. its the,9300 and i have a very special,relationship with this product line it,was the very first laptop i reviewed on,this channel like the 2015 xps 13 and,its also the device that i often,recommend to people when they just asked,me hey dave what windows laptop would,you recommend for people that just dont,know a lot about computers they just,want like an easy recommendation i often,lead them to this xps 13 because its,just a really good product line from,dell its not super expensive they,improve on it every year and just most,people can enjoy this product quite,readily so i look at this thing,critically i look at this thing through,the eyes of someone that would actually,want to use this thing as my main,computer now they revamped the xps 13,this year i didnt expect them to last,year was already really good but they,completely redid it and they improved on,a lot of features but they actually made,a few things,less good,but lets get into it first thing design,and aesthetics this thing is incredibly,nice looking its small its compact,its lightweight but this year actually,went for the black carbon fiber model so,last year i had like the white one uh,this year went for like the black finish,theres something about the way that,dell does their carbon fiber that is,very unique its soft to the touch its,durable its inviting to use i think a,lot of people enjoy the way that the,black carbon fiber feels on this device,so i went for it again this year the,white models they look really nice but,theyre not as nice to use because they,dont have that soft touch material that,the black carbon fiber does now on the,surface of this device im running a,dbrand skin this is the black matrix i,just do it for the looks but it does,have a degree of protection if you kind,of bang your device around okay ports,this year they only include two usb,ports theres one usbc on the left and,then one usbc on the right,thats it last years model had a third,usbc now i can give it a pass with two i,mean like there are some devices out,there like that 12-inch macbook that,only have a single port but if youre,someone that connects a lot of devices,to their laptop youre gonna have to get,some adapters theres also a headphone,jack on the left and an sd card slot or,a micro sd card slot on the right if,youll notice theyre actually missing,the light indicator for battery so they,used to have this button you could press,to check on battery life and now its,gone i dont think people often relied,on that button to check on the battery,status of their device its just,something thats existed on so many,older xps 13 devices its weird to see,it gone okay one thing i did notice on,this machine that was very unique or new,this year you can open the device with,one hand and it seems to be something,that people wanted ive personally never,found it super important or super,valuable to have that feature but i can,see it being useful in certain scenarios,especially if youre holding something,with the other hand you just only have,one hand to do it its nice its more of,the fact that they spent the time and,effort to engineer the hinge so it could,be done like that like they certainly,didnt need to add this feature at all,right all the xps 13s in the past theyd,never been able to do this people still,bought them but its nice that they did,it this year now the screen has also,been changed this is now running a 16 by,10 aspect ratio instead of the more,traditional 16×9 its just a little more,vertical space its a 13.4 inch screen,this is a really nice aspect ratio for,this type of device ive always been a,big fan of 16×10 ultrabooks the screen,is bright its got pretty good color,accuracy its a really nice screen it,does not however have touch sensitivity,there are some configurations that do,but you have to pay quite a bit more to,be able to have that feature the webcam,is up top its in a good spot again this,year and the 2020 model supports windows,hello so you can log into windows with,just your face biometrics its really,nice,wonderful screen now if you dont want,to use face id you can also use your,fingerprint sensor thats at the top of,the keyboard so,i guess lets talk about the keyboard so,this is its a redesigned keyboard and i,really like it now im partial to the,layout of the xps 13s ive always,enjoyed how theyve positioned their,keys theyve tweaked a couple things for,one the left and right keys are now full,size keys instead of those half keys,from the 2019 model so you dont hit the,page up and page down by mistake i,really like this layout but i can see,how some people wont uh if youre,someone that uses page up and page down,frequently and you are used to the,position and you wanted physical,dedicated keys you now lose that you now,have to hit function up function down,but i love the layout on this thing i,think most people will enjoy it,the keys themselves they feel awesome,now maybe its because ive used so many,bad ultrabook keyboards in the recent,years these feel wonderful,theyre bigger keys than last years,model theyre responsive the key travel,is nice i think a lot of people will,enjoy this keyboard okay the trackpad,this is also slightly bigger this year,than it was last year its not a huge,trackpad i think its appropriately,sized for a 13-inch ultrabook the,tracking is good its got windows,precision drivers but the click,its different this year its like a,thumpier,quieter sound still feels solid like,compared to last years model this is,the 2019 one its just a louder,sharper click,versus the thumpier,okay,speaking of sound the speakers on this,model,okay heres the thing,over the years laptop manufacturers have,ruined,laptop speakers because they always,market them with these like fancy names,and these fancy brands to make people,think that their crappy speakers,actually sound good,this year these are actually good,theyre way better than last years,model and way better than the vast,majority of ultrabook speakers out there,and i think its because of wattage,these are two watt speakers instead of,your standard like one or one and a half,watt speakers they are not as good as,macbook speakers but i think that if you,care about sound you wont be,disappointed by these,[Laughter],[Music],do,[Music],in terms of performance i think dell did,a really good job considering whats,going on here in a thin and light,ultrabook like this its running 10th,gen intel chips these are similar in cpu,performance to last years stuff but the,graphical performance is noticeably,better its still not great for gaming,right even something like overwatch not,a particularly demanding game doesnt,run all that well like its playable but,its gonna stutter here and there,if you want to do heavier stuff it still,cant compete with an h-series chip from,intel and i would really like to see an,amd chip in this chassis that would be,awesome but performance on the whole is,quite good and i actually think the,thermal system on this years bottle is,slightly improved compared to last,years model so if you take a look at,the inside theres quite a few things,that have changed but even the back,panel has been upgraded a little so this,grille here used to be made out of,plastic and it was something that could,be easily broken when youre opening the,device its now part of the machined,aluminum bottom panel so inside we see,two fans that are in a different,position this year than they were in,previous years theyre now on the left,and right so you get more even heat,dissipation the wi-fi card is on board,you cant replace that unfortunately,its a killer wi-fi card which i know,its based on intels hardware but its,got some software stuff you have to,finagle with,the ram is soldered on cant replace,that but the ssd thank goodness is still,replaceable i thought that they would,bake these things on board because their,newest xps 13 21s had them built into,the motherboard but this is still,replaceable the ssd they in

THAT SCREEN – Dell XPS 13 OLED 9310 (2021) Review

exactly one year ago i reviewed one of,the best ultrabooks of 2020,the xps 13. the refresh design from dell,brought some amazing features to the,table,like a beautiful and bright 16 by 10,display a keyboard that,strikes the right balance for typists,and a premium,build quality that you get for such a,compact form factor,the performance is also pretty good but,the cpu ran,a little bit too hot and im sure youll,find some reddit form,where you know people talk about quality,control issues,but uh this year dell has refreshed the,xps 13 lineup with intels newest tiger,lake processors,and theyve also added an oled display,option which i have over here now ive,been using the new xps 13 for the past,few weeks,and i have some thoughts both good and,bad,and well also find out if dell,addressed any of the issues that were,brought up on the 9300,from last year also with the competition,getting really good,um is the new xps 13,still a good option lets find out but,first lets pay some bills,the be quiet shadow rock 3 it wont,block your memory thanks to the offset,construction,it will not sound like a hurricane,thanks to the quiet shadow wings 2 fan,it will give you a peace of mind with,exceptional cooling easy installation,and the interesting bi-color design,check it out below okay so before i get,into pricing and spec configurations,i do want to point out something that i,discovered on dells official website,theyre actually offering 11th gen,processors on their older design models,with the 16×9 displays and,the battery indicator on the side which,i still miss on the new design ids,theres only one option with the core i5,g7 eight gigabytes of ram and a 256,gigabyte ssd,for less than 900 which is a pretty good,deal in my opinion now the new 9310,model starts at a thousand dollars and,for that,you get a core i3 1115 g4 processor,with two cores and four threads eight,gigabytes of ram,256 gigabytes of storage and a full hd,plus non-touch,500 new display for 200 more you can,bump it up to,an i5 1135 g7 with four additional,threads,and half a terabyte of storage our,sample comes fully kitted out,with the core i7 1185 g7 16 gigabytes of,ram,a 512 gigabyte ssd and the new,3.5 k oled display the price,1900 us dollars but heres the thing,dell always has their laptops on sale in,fact at the time making this video,i found this particular model for around,1600,sometimes you might even be able to find,it for less,so just take my advice and never pay,full price for,dell or lenovo laptops when youre,shopping on their official website,just think of it like canadian tire i,think most canadians will get that,reference,anyways lets start off with exterior,impressions,and well not a lot has changed from the,9300,you still get this beautiful cnc milled,aluminum unibody construction,throughout the whole chassis the hinge,still feels the same its very rigid and,smooth with no signs of wobble,even when you use the display as a touch,interface if you recall watching my,previous xp statement review,i mentioned how the lid wouldnt stay,flush to the body,which bothered me quite a bit but that,issue has been addressed on the newer,model,its magnetic and you can open the lid,with one hand so,thats nice it weighs around 2.8 pounds,which is slightly heavier than the,zenbook 13 oled,that i checked out recently but its,still very thin coming in at 0.58 inches,or 14.8 millimeters,i had no issues fitting this thing in my,messenger bag that i used to carry,with me every day between home and my,office so,you know its small and very compact i,love this form factor the interior space,has also remained unchanged,dell uses the same edge-to-edge keyboard,layout i love how big the keys are,and the spacing is adequate i never,found myself making any typos,the keys are excellent it uses the,maglev system found on the xbase 15,and 17. you get great feedback and a,very satisfying feel when you bottom out,seriously this is one of the best,keyboards you can find for an ultrabook,the trackpad is still awesome you still,get that super smooth surface,with the tactile integrated left and,right buttons also i didnt experience,any unregistered clicks as i did with,the xps 15,and 17 but that makes sense because the,trackpad on this is significantly,smaller compared to those laptops the,carbon fiber palm rest,is ridiculously comfortable to type on i,honestly just,love writing out scripts and stuff like,that because like i said it just feels,so,smooth and it does a really good job,resisting finger oil,but also its very easier to clean as,well the built-in fingerprint reader on,the power button works,eighty percent of the time you see,sometimes windows just refuses to use,that type of authentication,so i just have to force myself to use,the password to get in,but if you use windows hello with the,infrared sensors,it works really well you just youre,automatically in once you open the lid,so,yeah theres that so this is the webcam,test on the xps 13.,the quality is pretty much the same,compared to last years xps i mean dell,hasnt done any,significant changes compared to that,model its,like i said its passable but at this,point you know,i think its time for notebook,manufacturers to just step up,and improve the quality of these sensors,because,everybody is trying to use them these,days you know working from home is the,norm so,yeah maybe they should just step it up,the speakers sound really good in fact,theyre positioned in such a way where,the sound just sort of bounces to the,side,off the surface and it gives you really,great bass response,with good clarity in high ends its,really an awesome,machine for content consumption and just,doing a lot of media related stuff,all right lets talk display dell added,a new 3.5 k oled option,to the xps 13 which does a few things,differently compared to the standard,1200p non-touch option the first thing,is that its much sharper given the,higher pixel density,and it scales really well within windows,it also offers,deeper blacks just like amoled panels on,smartphones along with vibrant colors,for my analysis it covers 100 srgb 96,adobe rgb and 100 dcip3 and when you,compare that to the standard display,its an incredible upgrade uh to edit,photos,and other types of content that require,precise color accuracy the only thing,is that youll sacrifice on brightness,because the 1200p,and 4k options go as far as 500 nits,whereas this oled model only got as far,as 387 nits of peak,level brightness from my test it is,above average and dell has applied an,anti-reflective coating to cut down as,much as reflection as possible so,it works pretty well for outdoor use now,theres always a question of burn-in for,ola displays,and i was curious about it as well so i,reached out to dell and this is what,they told us,our display partners are developing more,efficient,oled materials that go into the panels,themselves additionally they are,implementing burn-in compensation,algorithms,that are built right into the panels,technology as for software solutions,the operating system and graphics,partners are implementing tweaks,where they avoid long static icon,exposure by shifting pixels periodically,this is actually done in a way that is,noticeable by the end user so it does,look like theyve taken care of that,concern which is kind of nice,i should also mention that when i loaded,up premiere pro,the graphics driver crashed resulting in,this,yeah its not a pleasant experience when,youre trying to get any work done,i dont know if i have to blame adobe,for this one in fact i most likely would,because every time when i open premiere,pro on any laptop,it just crashes something goes wrong so,yeah,if you do plan on doing a little bit of,that or using adobe programs just you,know,keep that in mind the port situation is,the same you only get,two thunderbolt 4 usb-c ports a micro sd,card reader,and an audio jack now this is something,that youll have to compromise on when,you decide to go,super slim now ive been using a,thunde

2022 Dell XPS 13 and XPS 13 Plus Review

foreign,tech review and these two pieces of,ninja blade-like CNC goodness are the,Dell XPS 13 and 13 plus its a good time,to be reviewing these even though Im a,little late getting to them when we had,a deeper view Q to get through this fall,season but right now Dell is having some,mad sales for the holiday season on both,of these so were going to review them,together because there are a lot of,similarities and talk about the,differences so you can decide which one,of them might be for you were going to,look at it now so these are the 2022,editions of the XPS 13 Dells premium,13-inch ultrabuck laptop now split into,two sub lines which dont you love when,manufacturers do this just to confuse,you but maybe they thought it was a,little easier than looking at the Myriad,options you had when building an XPS 13,because Dell is a huge company and they,had lots of display options processor,options all that sort of thing so,theres that so the XPS 13 standard,edition is the 9315 model and the plus,is the 9320 model as delois has part,numbers associated with each generation,of their XPS and other laptop models so,lets talk about whats different about,the plus obviously the physical design,inside youre going to notice that once,you open it up the outside they look,pretty much almost identical the XPS 13,plus is a hair a bit thicker there are,reasons for that good reasons Im good,with that but when you open it up youll,notice that the keyboard design is,actually different its an edge to edge,keyboard and youve got keys instead of,the chiclet style Island keyboard youve,got keys that actually touch and,basically they enlarge the keycaps and,got rid of the tricklet design has been,trending forever and the feel to me is,slightly more tactile when you press it,youre still talking about one,millimeter of travel very shallow,keyboard in both of these you have to be,down with that for them but I kind of,prefer the plus keyboard the one,drawback is that because theres very,little space between the keys if youre,on those folks who likes to munch on,chips or whatever it is when you get,crumbs in there its a lot harder to get,them out,and youll notice on the plus model that,theres no discrete track pad thats,because the entire wrist rest area is,glass which is nice its a lot easier to,clean than those carbon fiber interiors,that Dell is using attractive as those,were and there is its a seamless track,pad basically its not that the trackpad,really encompasses the whole keyboard,wrist rest area there but and I thought,this would be hard to use and actually,it really wasnt the only thing that I,noticed is I tended to accidentally,right click more often but that may be,because Im a left-handed person but I,use it set up as if I was a right-handed,person so ergonomic things whatever I,dont know anyway it works pretty well,its surprising and it does give it a,clean look and it that part is easier to,clean okay theres more differences too,so your standard XPS 13 for 2022 has,Intel 12th generation older like U,series processors the usual ultrabuck 15,monoprocessors and the plus model gives,you 28 watt P series processors so more,torment that gets into the additional,thickness so theres two fans to cool,this somewhat more performant processor,in that plus model and also another,difference is where they went ahead and,went full MacBook there with soldering,on the SSD on the base XPS 13. you still,have an m.2 2280 standard SSD slot in,the plus model so for those of you who,are into upgrading yourself afterwards,thats something to keep in mind you can,do that with the standard XPS 13 model,you would just have to buy external,drives or ssds if you need to expand,your storage certainly you wont be,using a Micro SD card on either of these,because,speaking of the magnification and,ironically you can tell like Dell did,this several years ago before Apple,changed their tune with several design,considerations right so they copied what,Apple was doing and apple threw that,stuff away like you have all no legacy,points you have two USBC slash,Thunderbolt 4 ports at least one on each,side give you a little versatility there,and now your charger will plug into one,of those theres not even headphone jack,folks you do get a little dongle adapter,USBC to audio at least if you do want to,use wired headphones no micro SD card,slot no SD card slot no HDMI none of,those conventional reports so pretty,much youre going to be using docs and,dongles and all that sort of thing and,you do still get a USBC to USB a dongle,in the box so now that apple is starting,to bring back some Legacy ports,Dell has asked them unfortunate when we,get back to that keyboard again on the,plus model much as I like the way it,feels and the bigger keycap area and all,that they put a capacitive touch bar up,top for the top FN slash multimedia row,like apple finally got rid of because,many folks actually just didnt like,that now as a conception I will say that,it works just fine on this and hitting,the FN makes your multimedia Keys switch,to FN keys and it functions but there is,so that jarring weirdness of you hit the,Escape key and theres no tactile feel,or the delete key and weird weird,for Biometrics on both of these here,well talk about whats similar you get,a 720p webcam its also a Windows hello,IR camera Id love to see it upgraded to,1080p but honestly at this point theres,still not much room and theyre nearly,bezel-free design and youve also got a,fingerprint scanner on the keyboard deck,as well so thats good with both of,these you can get anywhere from 8 to 32,gigs of ddr5 5200 megahertz Ram soldered,on regardless of which ones you can get,8 16 or 32 gigs dual Channel Ram,for the XPS 13 base model 9315 that SSD,is soldered on BGA style for those who,speak motherboard term speed yeah so you,can get anywhere from 256 gigabyte to,one terabyte of capacity there and its,not as fast as the pcie for SSD speeds,that we see in the plus model,next is going to be display and thats,where we see some Divergence with both,of these youve got a 13.4 inch 16 by 10,aspect ratio display EA that and for the,XPS 13,9315 standard edition you can get full,HD Plus 1920 by 1200 new choice of touch,or non-touch 500 nit displays and with,if you want a higher resolution then,youre getting moved up to the XPS 13,plus 9320 where you have your choice you,have a 4K IPS display or R 3.5 K OLED,display a display that weve seen before,and its certainly a lovely display it,wont do wonders for your battery life,nor will the 4K IPS but its nice to,have you can see the metrics for,comparison yourself because our base XPS,13 has that full HD Plus display and the,XPS 13 plus has the 3.5 K OLED so you,get a difference in the metrics one,thing I will say is the full HD Plus,display looks really nice and now the,and Colorimeter that we use says well,you know well the color gamut actually,isnt that wide it has great contrast,though but honestly to look at it its,Pleasant enough both of these have the,same Wi-Fi 6E card which is a killer,1675 branded car which is really an,Intel ax 211 card and Bluetooth 5.2 you,get stereo speakers on the XPS 13,theyre okay theyre not amazing but you,get quad stereo speakers on the 13 plus,which is starting to sound a bit like a,MacBook Air in terms of the sound,quality on board thats nice theres a,slight difference in the battery,capacity and these not enough to be,meaningful especially considering the P,series processor will use more powered,51 versus 55 watt hours so nothing to,write home about you get a 45 watt,charger with the base XPS 13 you get a,60 watt not the usual 65 watt fast,charger with the 13 plus and thats not,exactly enough power if youre pushing,it really hard now we didnt see the,battery significantly disc charge when,pushing and hardly running benchmarks or,playing games and all that sort of thing,but the charger does get a bit warm as a,result its nothing to worry about but,why not a 65 watt charger down anyway,b

Dell XPS 13 9315 (2022) REVIEW – Double the Battery Life, Half the Performance

[Music],now i reviewed the dell xps 13 9320 with,its all new radical design i really love,it its a futuristic looking computer,thats for sure but he also took,delivery of the dell xps 13 9315 for,those that want a more traditional type,of laptop with a real physical function,row and a non-haptic touchpad a more,traditional touchpad this is your ticket,there are two new colors sky and umber,and its running a u-series processor as,opposed to the more powerful p series,but there is a benefit to having their,u-series were seeing really phenomenal,battery life on this were gonna get,into it in more in this review hey,everybody its andrew and this is my,review of the dell xps 13 9315,all new,for 2022,coming up,[Music],now before we get to the unboxing i want,to let everyone know in the interest of,transparency and full disclosure im not,being paid by dell im not being,sponsored by dell all the opinions,youre about to hear are my own dell is,not getting copy approval that means,theyre seeing this video for the first,time just like you now this unit was,purchased with my own money i did not,receive a review unit from dell now,pricing was at 9.99 but i checked this,morning its now down to 9.29 thats a,good starting price for those interested,ill leave a link in the description,below for more information and where you,can buy one,and heres whats new now this is,powered by up to a 12 gen intel core i7,1250 u thats a more powerful processor,than last years 9310 it has faster,performance faster hardware than the,9310 it has a physical function row,something you dont get with the 9320,the xps 13 plus that i recently reviewed,and there are two new color options you,can get this in either sky or umber i,have the sky color its absolutely,gorgeous it has human presence detection,with its camera it also has wi-fi 6e,fewer ports than the 9310 and the 929,starting price thats even lower than,the initial 999 i saw last month so,looking good in terms of the price,especially for what youre getting here,and with the specs and pricing out of,the way lets find out what you get,inside the box lets open it up were,going with the goddamn knife all right,so,so weve been used to this already this,nice eco-friendly bio-degradable,materials used once again this time it,says xps like weve come to expect we,saw that really nice precision which im,loving by the way the 5470 im gonna,have more to say on that very very soon,so that looks like everything in the box,and of course all the things that we,want are in here theres a little tab,here you can notice it there,boy they sure make it easy,all right lets do great things together,weve been getting used to that lately,oh you know what right away i definitely,feel its a little bit lighter than the,plus,from the 93 20. and again lets see what,we get here right so we got some,documentation well get to this it says,quite a bit more documentation some,warranty stuff,9315 like we got with the 9320 this,comes with a usba to usbc adapter and of,course a 3.5 millimeter to,a usbc headphone jack adapter because,there is no headphone jack so you get,that in the box in a very compact,45 watt power adapter and its usbc so,this is a nice compact carrier with you,travel adapter pretty good and then of,course we have,the extension cord we know and love okay,and of course we have this,wow so this is the blue the sky,well i guess theyre calling it sky,and a pretty nice looking bluish color,very nice,wow,wow,and here it is next to the dell xps 13,plus the 9320 that i recently reviewed,and as you can see a very similar,footprint in terms of the size,and for those wondering yes you can open,the lid with one finger the hinges are,nice and stiff and theres very little,screen wobble when youre typing thats,good and im really liking this keyboard,i thought the tactility was really good,the key travels really good and its,very comfortable to type on for extended,periods of time and it has a two-stage,backlight that allows you to get worked,on in a dark room or a dimly lit,environment although the sky-blue keys,do light up white its sometimes hard to,see the contrast but my overall takeaway,is they did a nice job with this,keyboard,and unlike the dell xps 13 plus with,this haptic touch pad this actually has,a traditional touch pad its a glass,precision touchpad which is decently,sized and was very responsive when it,comes to scrolling and all the gestures,it worked well now one thing youll,notice from last years 9310 to this,years 9315 is the fact youre losing,some ports theres no more headphone,jack and all you get are two thunderbolt,four usbc ports one on each side of each,other thats it thats all the ports on,this laptop now they do give you that,usb8 usbc adapter in the box as well as,a 3.5 millimeter to usbc adapter as well,now when it comes to user upgradeability,not really good news here theres pretty,much nothing here to upgrade in terms of,the ssd wi-fi or the ram thats all,soldered into the motherboard as you see,here,now this says intel killer wi-fi 6e,along with bluetooth 5.1 now both are,working well no issues on either front,and the ram of course is soldered in,its got 16 gigabytes of lp ddr5 ram and,it is running in dual channel mode,but unlike the 9310 from last year or,the 9320 on the dell xps 13 plus for,this year the ssd here is soldered into,the motherboard not user upgradable now,my unit has 512 gigabytes of pcie gen 4,storage but the speeds are indicating,gen 3 speeds not the faster gen 4 weve,been seeing here in 2022 but dont get,me wrong these are very good speeds and,pretty much will handle anything you,throw at it thats just something i,wanted to point out,now there are two choices when it comes,to the display theyre both full hd plus,options again 13.4 inches but one is a,touch display and one is a non-touch i,have the touch display theyre both 500,knit displays by the way and it has the,infinity edge display in terms of the,really small bezels and it also has an,anti-reflective coating on mine but if,you go with the one with the non-touch,of an anti-glare matte display so thats,the difference between the two but i,really am liking this full hd plus touch,display its really good ips of course,so youre going to get those really good,viewing angles and it really is a bright,display they claim 500 nits actually,measured,538 nits which is even higher than what,they claim so its a really nice bright,display and im very happy with it,youre looking at some really deep,blacks good white points really,excellent contrast with the 1350 to one,and a really low delty score of 1.17,remember anything below 2 means this is,a color accurate display this doesnt,disappoint now it also has a decent,coverage of the color gamut 100 srgb 74,adobe rgb 76 of the dc ip3 wide color,gamut and 69 ntsc so a decent choice for,photoshop lightroom video editing and of,course color grading now i didnt detect,any pwm or pulse width modulation or,screen flickering so that is good for,those that are sensitive to that you,dont have that here but overall i think,this is a great display especially if,you want to consume media watching,netflix amazon and youtube have been,really good on this panel,and of course i have the touch version,here as i mentioned earlier and its,worked out really well i thought it was,very responsive navigating through the,os with your finger has been convenient,and worked really well now a couple,things to note this is 60 hertz theres,no choice for higher refresh rates such,as 90 or 120 and theres no higher,resolution display offered on this model,such as 4k and theres no oled option,either so if you want to go for that you,need to bump up to the dell xps 13 plus,9320 ill drop a link in the video,description below to my review of the,xps 13 9320 for those that want to check,it out,but my overall takeaway is this full hd,plus ips panel is excellent and youll,do better on battery life when it comes,to longevity were going to get into,that in a little b

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