1. Must have Delta 8 carts?! (Delta 8 Cart review)
  3. Trying a Delta 8 Cart! (@Goodekind)
  4. Does Delta-8 get you HIGH?!
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Must have Delta 8 carts?! (Delta 8 Cart review)

dylan man,i think im dying bro i think this is it,man i think im dying bro,chair what are you talking about bro,youre literally fine what do you mean,that youre done,no bro look at me im [ __ ] up,bro ive been alive with you for three,years im [ __ ] bro yeah well get you,patched up at something man,youve had a great three years of life,man youve done great,and else especially every time you said,that i was good at video games you know,every time i was,raging kind of taking it out on you and,you just supported me,nah bro [ __ ] you im really dying and i,lied your ass at video games and i asked,at everything you do and you smell like,ass honestly bro,oh and you didnt mean that i was good,at video games,huh,whos bad at video games now [ __ ] what,is going on people of earth my name is,chilly back at you with another dot pass,video,and uh im very happy to bring you this,video man,uh sorry i havent uploaded in a little,bit i have been sick as you can still,kind of hear ive been trying to get,over the sickness for this,specific video that im trying to do i,wanted to make sure that i was good,good enough to you know taste smell,everything all that good [ __ ] um,but im super happy to bring this you,this video missed you guys,uh lets just get the intro in,[Music],okay so in todays [ __ ] awesome video,we are going to be reviewing,effects delta a carts man so,very nice people at savage enterprises,uh they sent me,some free delta a products um which im,so happy about uh thank you guys so much,for doing that again,uh they just sent me over some free,stuff to try i told them id review it,uh so yeah this is gonna be a 100 honest,review,im not even sponsored i didnt make any,money off of this they just,gave me some free stuff and im gonna,review it so,as you can see uh we have ive already,opened this one the effects one gram,raspberry kush,i dont know raspberry kush uh,ive already smoked some of it i wanted,to get you know,just a little a little taste or whatever,before,um i did a full review on it i just,wanted to,see if it was even worth it in the first,place um,and well be using obviously my battery,uh obviously im gonna put their link in,the description below if you guys wanna,go check it out,uh yeah like i said they were so nice,enough to send me over this free ship,and uh well lets just go ahead honestly,lets just go ahead get right into it,boys cheers,okay sorry about that so lets take,another hit boys cheers lets just get,right into it ive already,tasted this and i obviously tasted this,one first because it had raspberry kush,and im a big raspberry,flavor fan always have been so cheers,boys,[Music],ive only had one other uh delta eight,cart in my entire life it was a 3g,and it i didnt much care for it uh i,can definitely tell you from,using this uh for the last ive got it,thursday,its like tuesday and ive been using it,off and on and ive let other people use,it,uh and a lot of people have really liked,this one a lot more than 3g,um i literally had somebody already go,to a gas station and get deltaed just,because i,they tried and theyre like oh my god i,cant believe this really gets me high,um yeah before,we get any further do remember to like,comment subscribe i do have a very good,video coming up soon hopefully um that,youll definitely want to be subscribed,to stick around too,that helps you as well um i cant talk,too much about it right now,but i definitely dont really taste the,raspberry in this,um to me it tastes just like uh,to me it really tastes like just a,normal cart i dont know what im,tasting there honestly like it tastes,kind of like uh not like a chemical per,se but like just like a regular cart,it tastes like like if you would just,tell me that this was just regular,delta not just regular weed like i,wouldnt even know the difference,honestly,um its definitely not harsh like,whenever i use the other one,um i havent tried the banana candy uh,but we are going to try that in this,video um i do want to get a,10 like goal okay im going to get a 10,michael but if we get to,15 likes i will eat every single one of,these edibles,okay theres 10 edibles 20 milligrams,each,we will um well eat this whole bag,okay so 15 likes thats all you got to,do and then,were also added a tincture as well i,never really tried a tincture,um im probably gonna do a whole,separate video on that uh were gonna,take,for just this video we are gonna take,its called chill um its a thousand,milligrams this is grape flavor,i tried it last night definitely just,chilled me out yeah like i mean,there was nothing crazy to it so were,gonna take a a good amount,um,milliliters almost a milliliter,tastes like grape im not really a great,fan to be honest um,yeah lets hit this again man,tastes good with the grape though uh so,the raspberry its okay,uh ill be honest i dont really taste,any kind of raspberry or it doesnt have,anything like crazy tasting about it um,its definitely smooth though and uh,once again to me,whenever i hit this do i get high yes,but i only get high for like 10 minutes,and then 10 to 15 minutes,and then i gotta hit it again uh this,week though ive been coughing,a lung out and it was really hard to be,like smoking just regularly or,delta it was kind of hard for me to uh,so ive been feeling better these last,couple days so ive been able to do it,um were gonna hit this again,okay so now weve taken a couple hits,off of this um,were gonna try the banana candy say,the high that i feel off of this is very,relaxing bro,like im very relaxed whenever i im,smoking this,um but i definitely wouldnt say that i,would im like,too high like im definitely not delta,nines level high,i like the packaging its nothing too,crazy but,okay so this is gonna be our first time,trying the banana candy im pretty,pumped,im already getting a little pretty good,buzz going on uh just from hitting that,raspberry one,like four times,so remember 15 likes were gonna eat all,those edibles boys,i know you guys want to see it come on,15 likes it is not hard bro were about,to hit 800 subs you guys are [ __ ],awesome,once again sorry about being uh gone for,a little bit,got sick you know and the holidays hope,you guys had a great christmas by the,way,do remember uh do tell me what you are,smoking on diving on eating on all that,good [ __ ],if youre smoking delta eight and what,strain uh lets just go ahead and get,into this please im kind of,eager to see where this is gonna go,[Music],oh wow oh god,oh wow that literally tastes just like,banana,oh my god this is a hybrid by the way,that the raspberry,that ones a indica so that ones more,of a night kind of,nighttime kind of car and then this one,i imagine its definitely just,your average day car um so the flavors,that they have once again,i will be,leaving link in description um,so they have granddaddy purp,strawberry cough cali orange the,raspberry kush,and then banana candy kush they did only,send me,the raspberry and the banana which im,still very much appreciative for,and honestly i would say that this,banana tastes [ __ ] delicious man holy,[ __ ],[Music],thats good i actually really like the,way that tastes im shook right now,that this is even a delta a card this,tastes delicious,um once again shout out to them for,sending me this,super cool people,[Music],so if i had uh give a rating though i,would give the raspberry kush,id probably give it a six six out of,ten honestly,just because it doesnt really have much,of a flavor um,the hot is definitely like its an,indica,so like if you like indica then thats,for you man but like im definitely not,an indica kind of guy i like to be,i try to like to be you know as active,as possible and it definitely puts me in,a,watching hella movies and getting like,eden and all that bad [ __ ],uh but this one right here man id have,to give this honestly an eight out of,ten,this tincture im gonna do a whole,different video on i dont even know how,the edibles are i havent tried them so,get those 15 likes itll be a first try,an


hey guys whats going on dr frank here,founder of addiction mindset recovery,coaching programs and in todays brief,video i want to take some time,and talk about delta 8 thc products what,are they are they safe,is it something you should be consuming,and if you got a problem with it how do,you quit,here at addiction mindset recovery,coaching we help people quit,nicotine thc energy drinks and,pornography,so be sure to subscribe to the channel,if you like todays video,now im going to kind of riff and rant,on this topic,because it has me very upset ive been,sounding the alarm as someone who is pro,cannabis by the way,i have been sounding the alarm on delta,8 products now,for a long time and ive been getting,ripped on,and now i think what were going to,start to see is,major problems coming out of this and,were going to talk about those problems,so the first thing i want to do,is im just going to list a bunch of,bullet points for you and if you dont,want to listen to the rest of the video,you dont have to,but hopefully youre going to get,something from these bullet points and,then im going to explain them in the,rest of the video,okay almost all delta 8 is sold outside,of a state,licensed facility and a state regulated,facility,what does that mean delta eight products,have,have no regulation on them whatsoever,and im not one whos all for state and,government regulation i think a lot of,its ridiculous,but when it comes to something that,youre consuming gas stations,and vape shops dont go by the same,standards,that a state regulated marijuana,facility goes by,and thats a huge problem because these,products,arent tested for solvents these,products arent tested,for heavy metals these products arent,tested for thickeners,so you have no idea what youre buying,the packaging,my is what may as well be off of alibaba,which many of these packages do come,from,sources like that so we can say just,like we had dank vapes,third party tested blah blah blah blah,blah blah blah blah blah organic,natural solvent free it means nothing,without,state regulations without legitimate,testing it means absolutely nothing,thats problem number one problem number,two,as of june 2nd the u.s cannabis council,the council on cannabis,pro-cannabis groups pro-cannabis,manufacturers came out and said,this is the verge of a crisis that was,just recently on june,2nd you have pro-cannabis people calling,this a crisis,this is a danger and ive been saying,this from day one if you support,cannabis you will not support delta,eight consumption from a gas station,because its harming the legitimate,cannabis shops one its giving them a,bad name its giving weed a bad name,and two what did the manufacturer of,manufacturers of delta eight do is they,get around all these costly state,regulations,so while your local cannabis shops are,stuck under state regulations,these guys are busy flying under the,radar and its actually harming the,cannabis industry,problem number four inhaling,contaminants many delta eight cartridges,contain little to no actual delta eight,thc,upon testing and there is a concern,that were going to see a repeat crisis,like we saw with the,black market thc cartridges back in 2019,before covid was a thing,remember when there was those 2700,hospitalizations and 63 deaths,from the vape crisis it had nothing to,do with vaping,it had to do with the thickeners and the,vitamin e oils,added to the black market thc cartridges,i can almost guarantee you,were on our way to seeing the exact,same thing with delta eight products,i bet its happening right now and its,just not being reported,because doctors are unaware of whats,going on in the hospital settings,okay history always repeats itself in,april 20 of 21,the cannabis council purchased 16 delta,8,cartridges this is what they found most,contained,illegal amounts of thc so they were,actually qualified as weed products,many had chromium copper nickel and lead,these are heavy metals,okay whats symptoms of heavy metal,toxicity lets go through that,diarrhea nausea abdominal pain vomiting,shortness of breath,chills weakness numbness and tingling in,the hands and the feet,so here i might have a bunch of people,thinking they have cannabinoid,hyperemesis syndrome,and now i have to ask myself is it chs,or has this person been consuming,vapable,cbd products vapable delta 10 vapeable,delta 8 products and is there actually,concern for heavy metal,toxicity do i now have to start running,heavy metal panels on people when im,doing this testing,i think thats something were gonna,have to start doing based on the,literature thats now coming out which,doesnt,shock me okay the solvents being used,these are the chemicals that are used in,the process of separating the delta,eight,from the cbd so this is where youre now,removing,a trace amount of cannabinoid and thats,important because,delta eight is present in a cannabis,plant in a very very,tiny amount okay and if if you respect,cannabis,you respect the fact that its in a tiny,amount,okay now what were doing is were,taking that were isolating it,were creating a synthetic version of it,and were consuming it in massive,quantities,heres my question what is that going to,do to your endocannabinoid system,and someone under the age of 25 where,your endocannabinoid system plays a,significant role apparently in brain,development,gastrointestinal health neurological,system health,what is that going to do when we consume,that we know what cannabis does,with all the terpenes all the thc all,the cbd,what about that concentrated thing we,have no idea,no idea so this concerns me because so,many people are being sold this product,being told oh its going to help you,with your anxiety its a safe,alternative,when its the exact opposite its,actually a massive science experiment,that illegitimate companies are having,you as a guinea pig for,and im im it sounds like im yelling,at you guys on this,because i fell for this with the black,market thc,products and now were seeing,people fall for the same lie again,history repeats itself 2019,black market thc products 27 house 27,2700 hospitalizations,were falling for the same type of,packaging the same type of marketing,just with a different substance okay,what are some of these solvents that are,coming up hexane menthol,dichromal methane ethyl acetate heptane,acetone isopropanol,bad stuff stuff that you would not want,to be inhaling,when you go to a dispensary theyre,testing for all of these things,now even worse there was a lab pro verde,they tested,thousands thousands of delta eight,products,and this lab said there was not one,legitimately identifiable delta a,product,not one legitimate product that they,call delta eight,on top of that they identified up to,30 other things literally things,unidentifiable things,in their lab testing as creating spikes,in the testing on the pcr or whatever it,is,unidentifiable the labs are coming out,saying listen,were going through reddit were going,through forms of how people are talking,about making delta eight,and we dont even have the equipment to,test for these solvents,so furthermore they cant even tell you,whats in these things,we had a patient called hey can you test,this product for me,no because i dont know the labs dont,know what to do,because these companies are not required,because they fall in this gray area to,state,what theyre using as a solvent to talk,about their extraction process they,dont have to say anything all they have,to do is buy a package off alibaba,stuff it with whatever sell it to a gas,station,or a vape shop that isnt aware an,unaware vape shop i dont think,these places are intentionally hurting,anyone and then this is the situation,that you run into,but i want you guys to consider what,youre getting,involved with now if youre watching,this video theres a good chance that,you have developed an addiction,to two carts whether thats thc,cartridges and delta a cartridges,or youre just addicted to delta eight,and the re what i need y

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Trying a Delta 8 Cart! (@Goodekind)

let me sit down in my throne,whats up you guys welcome back to my,channel kawaii aka coco back it again,with another [ __ ] video,and todays video we are trying out,something new,i should tell by the title i am going to,be trying out this delta a cartridge for,the first time,if you go back like two videos then,youll see that i did a goody kind,unboxing and they sent me this delta a,cartridge its actually a new product on,their line,their store link will be pinned in the,comments or in the description down,below,i didnt even have a battery for this,and they went ahead and sent me a,battery so i was like [ __ ] yes this,company is so generous,yeah im just so grateful that they sent,me this and i get to try it but yeah um,before we get into this,i want to explain what delta a is,because i actually just now,started to hear about it so ill try my,best to explain what it is but,basically delta 8 is a cannabinoid,everybodys heard of delta 9 but if you,dont know what delta 9 is,its like the main cannabinoid and thc,that gives you that high effect but,delta 8,is basically just like the reduced,version of that you know it doesnt get,you like high,like delta 9 does it still gets you,medicated you know but its not going to,get you like so,medicated where youre just like im so,strong bro no its not going to be like,that but yeah thats basically it,when they sent me this i was like,are they allowed to send me this but it,turns out that delta a,is actually federally legal and the,reason that its federally legal,is because it is extracted from a hemp,plant and thats super duper dope,and i cant wait to try this i did smoke,a bowl this morning but i waited until,my high wore,off so i could be completely sober for,this to give you guys like a nice review,on how i feel and things like that,as you guys know i dont usually vape i,bought a couple of thc,cards in my lifetime before but they,were never any good but this ones like,legit it came it came in a whole [ __ ],box,but i dont i dont mind vaping its a,discreet way to get,even though this isnt like delta 9 thc,its a discreet way to get high,to get stoney and you cant smell it,maybe i should do like a video on how to,be like a discreet stoner,if you guys want to see that video,comment down below let me know what you,want to see from me,but yeah um this is what the packaging,looks like,i dont know if its pronounced goody,kind or good kind,but it is a delta eight thc,vape card trick with 92 percent delta 8,thc organically grown pesticide free,lead free co2 extracted no thickenings,no flavorings third party test it,and it gives like a warning on the,package and tells you that it was tested,and all that good stuff also they donate,1 8,to the navajo water project so go ahead,and check them out,theyre very affordable focus beach,theyre very affordable,and theyre super duper nice company so,please go check them out and,im just very excited to get into this,im gonna turn it on green,there we go we got a flashing green and,see if that does me well,but um this is what it looks like you,guys,its like almost clear ima go ahead and,puff on this for you guys,hold on its flashing but i dont know,what that means,see i dont even know how to work i,dont even know how to work,vape pins yall am i doing this right,why is it flashing does it need to be,charged,oh my gosh yall i dont know what the,[ __ ] im doing,im just trying to do a nice review but,my ass does,not know how to work vape pins its like,flashing and i dont think its supposed,to be flashing,so im gonna charge it um,brb okay so while this is charging,whats up i apologize my ass was not,prepared today you guys,oh know man this pen didnt come with,any instructions so,i just dont have to figure it out,myself okay so,while we wait im gonna play some among,us i wish we could smoke a bow,i dont know how long this is gonna take,[ __ ] yes this battery charged in like 15,minutes you guys,thats [ __ ] dope but it finished,charging right when i finished the round,of a mangas,we get to try this [ __ ] lets try this,distill it out im do it on green,we got it on free flashy flashy flashy,im excited im excited,[Music],oh,whoa,im in pain holy [ __ ],my ass was not expecting that this [ __ ],rips,honey hold on,do over do over do over cut,take two my chest is a heaven,then this [ __ ] knocked me out,damn i should have started slow hold him,a [ __ ] needs some h2o okay,now we know that this pin rips well,lets,lets see how the [ __ ] delta eight,tastes man,im crying,[Music],oh [ __ ] this actually does not have a,taste,it says no flavoring i said that from,the beginning,oh [ __ ] it says no flavoring but it hits,so smooth you guys,its like airy you cant even feel it,in your mouth thats how it took too big,of a rip you cant even feel it in your,mouth holy [ __ ],it smells like like a burnt,coil to be honest like what you usually,get from vapes thats also,one thing that i didnt really like [ __ ],with with vapes is that like,it gave like a a a metal taste and like,a,burnt smell but this one doesnt taste,like metal it doesnt taste like,anything,it just smells like like a hot coil,because,thats whats happening right here you,know this is nice uh,this is nice what i read is that it,gives you a head,and and a body high so well see,i dont know man i feel in a head rush,right now but its probably because i,uh almost had a near-death experience,this rips yall and this is only on,green,how long maybe if i put it on blue it,would have less of a smell,unless you like sniff on it you cant,smell it,it still has like a slight smell but i,just feel like thats just gonna come,with any vape,but enough about the the vape pen lets,talk about the delta a im liking it so,far you guys,um its very light its not harsh on the,throat,unless you take too big of a hit like i,did its,pretty most definitely its so [ __ ],gorgeous,it doesnt really have a smell just the,pen has a smell,it doesnt have a taste if you want,something like really light,and mellow like with like the effects,and the taste and the the handling of it,this will be perfect for you dude,delta a is also said to help a lot with,anxiety,and i [ __ ] struggle with anxiety ive,struggled with social anxiety most of my,life,and i know when i go outside i get all,[ __ ] anxious,and now i can have like something very,discreet,because i cant just like smoke like a,cbd joint outside because people are,going to be like,the [ __ ] is that but nowadays people,vape thc,so theyre probably gonna know what the,[ __ ] this is especially if its in a pen,then theyre gonna know somethings up,but you know no cop is gonna stop me,like,is it a vape pen and it has no smell you,guys,oh and plus its federally legal even if,the cop did stop me it is federally,legal,nice,im actually starting to feel it in my,arms and my feet,i started working out lately you guys,and my legs have been,killing me my legs feel better,oh wow this is nice,im actually feeling a body high i dont,know if im going to feel a head high,i only feel like i feel like a head rush,is because,i cough so hard and you know once you,when you cough so hard yeah,your brain gets to like posting and [ __ ],like that but im definitely,feeling like a body calm right now like,im being medicated,it definitely helped with my muscle pain,that i was having earlier today,in the past couple of days dude and im,only taking a few puffs,[Music],[Music],a lot of people like to use thc to help,with like headaches,and pains like that i have never felt,those effects from thc,ive had headaches and tried to just use,thc without any ibuprofen but,it never it never worked for me i feel,that like,cbd works a lot better for pain,and things like that instead of thc but,i heard that a lot of people use thc to,help with pain,but this has actually helped with pain,its weird its so,weird how this plant works dude its,like absolutely amazing and the fact,that its not accepted by,most people that could probably benefit,off of it,is so mind-blowing to me

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Does Delta-8 get you HIGH?!

does delta eight get you high this is,something i get asked about a lot a lot,of people in non-legal states where they,cant just go get regular weed or asking,about delta eight and ive tried it a,few times i have a little bit of,experience with it but i dont use it,regularly i have access to medical,cannabis here in florida and i do most,of my consumption through smoking flour,and dabbing concentrates but i have made,a couple videos on delta 8 before i,decided to make this one because the,other ones are got age restricted and,theres still some information i can,provide before we get too deep into it,if you have any experience with delta 8,go ahead and leave me a comment let me,know about your experience with it good,or bad did you try vapes or edibles,because a lot of people go through the,comments on these videos and they like,to hear more peoples experiences and i,do too so delta 8 is a legal alternative,for getting thc for somebody who might,not have access to the dispensary its,legal in most states but theyve,actually outlawed it in a bunch of,states and they might do more and more,in the future and one of the reasons,behind that is some of these states have,legal medical programs or legal,recreational cannabis programs and they,dont want the delta 8 to compete with,that because they get a lot of tax money,from selling regular weed they want you,to go through the dispensaries and not,just stumble into a gas station and get,delta 8 carts but delta 8 is very,popular even dispensaries are selling it,i got this not too long ago from true,leave one of the dispensaries here and,its a ratio pod with two to one delta,eight to cbd theres like 54 percent,delta eight in here i dont see these,regularly but youre not just getting,them at the gas station or from random,people making it you can get it in the,dispensaries but one thing about delta,eight is while it is naturally occurring,you can find it in cannabis and hemp,plants the majority of it out there,wasnt extracted that way typically,delta8 is artificially produced in a lab,through a chemical process there are,some people that claim that theirs is,all extracted from plants but the,majority of it out there the majority of,the delta eight that you would buy was,made in a lab from cbd but i was curious,about it i made a video last year i,guinea pigged myself a little bit into,trying it because i was curious i was,getting the question 10 times a day in,my twitch streams probably have you,tried delta 8 does it get you high which,if you dont follow me on my twitch,streams you should smoke with me over,there we go live after 9 pm eastern so,make sure you bring a clean bung but i,was getting asked about it a lot or,several times a day i think this was in,the beginning of the wave of popularity,for delta eight so i wanted to try it i,have a video i think i did about a gram,and a half of concentrates i was just,dabbing a ton of it and it got me high i,obviously dabbed a lot of it but i got,high it was similar to like a regular,thc high and i also later tried edibles,i ate about a thousand milligrams and it,was shortly after i ate a thousand,milligrams of delta nine edibles i kind,of wanted to get a loose comparison and,it hit just about as hard and the,reasoning is because when you digest thc,whether its delta eight or nine your,liver metabolizes that into 11 hydroxy,thc which gets you really really high,both delta 8 and delta 9 get metabolized,into the same thing 11 hydroxy thc and,that really gets you high you do convert,some thc through vaping and smoking to,11 hydroxy thc but you get way more of,it when you do edibles so a lot of,people say delta 8 high is a little bit,more mild a lot of people say from,experience that they have less anxiety,less paranoia which its thats hard for,me to say because i really dont,experience that either way but a lot of,people say when they smoke dealt eight,they dont get the paranoia or anxiety,that they normally do hard to say there,but i would love to hear more about the,science on that if they study it but i,do think the best way to consume delta,eight is edibles is eating it you can,get delta eight tinctures edibles you,can get flour which is usually just hemp,sprayed with delta eight oil or coated,with delta eight oil and then you can,also get delta oil dabs and distillates,ive seen diamonds and sauce ive seen a,few different things but in my opinion,if im using it im i dont use it,regularly but if i had to go to a state,where i couldnt get regular weed and,delta 8 was good to go and i could just,get as much of that as i wanted i would,probably just get the edibles smoking it,dabbing it is pretty harsh i typically,dont cough a lot when i smoke but delta,8 is harsh its a bit different i dont,know if its worse for you if it should,be vaped at a lower temperature than,regular delta 9 thc but its harsh as,[ __ ] the best hide that i did get from,delta 8 was the edibles over the dabbing,i ate a thousand milligrams and i think,i dabbed up close to 1500 milligrams a,gram and a half and i would say that the,edibles were better now i did want you,guys to comment your opinions on delta 8,because i hear a lot of conflicting,reports a lot of conflicting stories,some people say it doesnt make them,paranoid but i have heard a few people,say it makes them more paranoid not as,many that say that they dont get,paranoid but i have heard a few i have,heard people say that it stimulates,their appetite and gives them the,munchies and ive heard people say that,it suppresses their appetite and that,when they smoke dealt eight they dont,feel hungry ive heard a lot of things,back and forth thats why i want you,guys to comment your experiences if,youve tried it so it is interesting the,world of cannabinoids out there theres,over 100 cannabinoids that can impact,your high or help to aid your high,youve probably smoked delta8 before in,the past it just wasnt tested for in,the bud that you got and it was probably,such a minuscule amount anyway because,it really occurs in tiny amounts but it,is interesting to hear about more,cannabinoids you guys have probably,heard about things like hhc thcp thco,theres over a hundred cannabinoids that,can all impact your high so its,interesting that were studying more a,lot of them are synthetic and the reason,is people are just trying to make money,theyre seeing what kind of tricks they,can do in a lab with hemp and cbd to,sell you something that gets you high,but after a legalization after,everything smooths out and theyre,really just studying all this stuff its,gonna be interesting to see how many,different cannabinoids affect your high,or which ones give you certain types of,high i think a lot of people do end up,asking about does it show up on a drug,test and i think for the most part in,most drug tests yes it does show up,theyre testing for thc metabolites so,they cant tell if its delta eight or,nine theyre just gonna see thc in there,from what i understand i hope this video,was helpful for you dont forget to,follow me on instagram cupins420 on,insta and if you wanna hear about the,time i tried to help my friend pass the,drug test and it went terribly wrong,check out this video have a lit day my,dudes


hi hi there hello how are you i hope,youre having an absolutely amazing day,so far today we are going to be,reviewing two delta eight vapes from,hate good farms this is one of those,wholesome like hemp farms in tennessee,i went to tennessee once it was gorgeous,it sounded dont come at me for this it,sounded like a boring state it has no,lakes im so im here in michigan im so,used to lakes water is a major,recreational activity for us here so to,go somewhere where theres just so much,land formations sounded boring but,driving through it was one of the most,gorgeous states i have ever seen went to,gatlinburg the city reads like,sevierville but i think its pronounced,seaverville mountain roller coasters are,probably my new favorite thing that ive,ever discovered in my life so i highly,suggest tennessee thats,only a little bit of what this story is,this is actually what were talking,about today these are two of the three,delta eight vapes that hey goods has i,have space candy and lifter they also,have one that is a sativa dominant,because we have a hybrid an indica,dominant and a sativa dominant i love,when brands do that it makes sense i,dont understand when some brands dont,and they just come out with a bunch of,strains but then its all like hybrid,hybrid sometimes is very tricky to me,some hybrids can be very relaxing and,some can be very stimulating and when,thats the case i have to look it up on,the internet and i dont have a memory i,think this is oh maybe im supposed to,youre supposed to push this to open it,by the way you could qr code it right,there obviously youre supposed to push,this to open it but i actually think,youre supposed to like,pinch it maybe love a solid childproof,packaging,there we go oh my god its so cute,actually i really like this packaging,what a nice color all right were gonna,try space candy first because it is the,indica dominant one and i kind of dont,i love that they did this too i dont,want to be like super sleepy so im only,going to take a couple hits off this,look they actually put a strain label on,it how is it that a family farm in,tennessee can do this but big canvas,brands just cannot figure it out dont,have any specifically to call out but i,know this is the first time ive ever,seen this one of the things that i,absolutely adore about haygood farms,being an actual farm is that they,control the entire process from like the,seed going in the soil everything in,between all the way up to shipping so,they actually care,about the plant why does it feel so much,better that they actually understand the,entire plant from like the beginning to,the end they didnt just bulk by a whole,bunch of terpenes or oil distillate mix,things together curate their own no hate,against that theres a lot of brands,that do that that kind of like curate,their own thing based on ingredients,that they put together label it market,it sell it thats actually quite a,common practice which i guess is the,reason why this feels so,special and so much more wholesome and,so much more pure even of course theyre,third party lab tested their coas are on,their website i just i love that this,has a label on it im so happy that i,dont have to strain label,a cart you have a clear mouthpiece i,love that you can see through it so you,can actually see when youre pulling you,can see the vapor i dont actually know,for sure if youll be able to see that,in this pen since we havent tried it,yet sometimes things will be so smooth,that i feel like im not really getting,a hit until all of a sudden i have a,coughing fit and i think im dying so i,i appreciate being able to see it the um,liquid the oil actually seems very thick,that bubble has not,moved at all not even a little bit and,of course um everything is third party,lab tested gmo,free vegan and gluten free they actually,infuse each of these with terpenes that,they extracted from the cannabis plants,that are on their farm isnt that nice,oh i could see it a little bit,oh thats very earthy that is,almost a little minty,okay im waiting for the cough to hit me,delta 8 is generally very harsh its,just the distillate inside and the burn,off and its just its hard on you,um,this ones very smooth i feel like im,taking decent very average hits i dont,ever blinker my um pens i dont blinker,my cards i dont think that its very,good for the hardware its not very good,for the,car itself it generally pulls some of,the oil up into the mouthpiece which is,just disgusting or makes my teeth feel,gross makes me cough doesnt make me any,higher i dont love it i dont find any,benefit in blinking uh lets see about,the temperature though i am on the,lowest im at 3.3 volts right now lets,crank it to the highest which is 4.8,volts on this really shitty ooze pen,which ive been talking trash about now,for six months and has held up actually,quite well so maybe their hardware has,done a little bit better,i feel like i get really good air flow,like i have a good mixture,of the delta a and of cool air going in,i feel it makes it a little bit more,comfortable of a hit and some carts do,that and some carts dont,i lied and just died,let me grab another pen this one better,not die because,oh now you cant see how cute that car,actually is um yeah this is my last vape,pen i have three dead ones currently,sitting over there ready to charge,oh i get a better hit off this one,all right lets go higher,that was my first hit was on the lowest,temperature now we are on red the,highest temperature for this specific,little handheld vape guy um lets give,it a go,definitely more harsh,also a lot earthier tasting,well that was enough of an indica for me,for right now,i dont like it hot,im not gonna do that again oh they call,it from dirt to delivery,thats what that whole little process is,called if you choose to head on over to,um,check out their farm ill leave some,thing over here for you all right lets,get into this other one this one is,called lifter this one also came with a,strain label so do you think that they,have them color-coded too like blue,is for,indica dominance that are nighttime and,that this ones green and this ones,hybrid i kind of want to see okay that,doesnt make sense to look up because,theres only three so they just color,coding,three different ones all right lets,give this one a try this ones supposed,to be,um a hybrid lifter is an amazingly,popular cbd flower i think a lot of,people probably line it up a little bit,with og kush its pretty gassy it has a,very balanced and mellow,feeling its one of my favorite cbd,flowers so im actually quite excited,for this one,its so nice and cool oh wow thats even,more like danky,punching tea tasting in the weed,category if you love a natural tasting,vape this is definitely going to be it,for you,why is it kind of smell like grandmas,kitchen,it doesnt have a whole lot it does have,like the taste it has the natural,earthy,weedy taste to it theres obviously,theres no um additives in here no,flavors added no sweeteners added,nothing like that it is like straight up,exactly what it says 100,derived delta 8 distillate with added,cannabis drive to terpenes and that is,it this is their artisan collection,they have this is this dying dont even,um,they have this goodies collection that,is so damn cute,the entire line feels the entire brand,feels very retro like you can see it,in their labeling but um this goodies,line is adorable i love it okay ooh that,one got me,that one was a longer hit than i,normally take,i organized my tea cabinets and i found,this iced tea mix and i made iced tea i,feel like i never do like extra little,things like that its constantly just me,rushing around my house trying to,maintain and keep up never like,being ahead it takes hours for iced tea,to steep you have to be prepared to do,that like either first thing in the,morning so its done before you go to,bed or like lasting at night so it,doesnt oversleep overnight for the next,day its like a process and i generally,dont,um execute very w

My FIRST Delta-8 Cart | Serene Tree Pineapple Express Delta-8 Cart Review and Experience

what is up you guys welcome back to the,channel now i was supposed to be,uploaded this yesterday but technical,difficulty so were going to re-record,this today now today i have another,serene tree delta 8 product review for,you guys but before we go ahead and get,into the review i would like to welcome,all of you guys if you are new to my,channel go ahead and subscribe drop a,like and if you are already a subscriber,thank you for all of your support it is,greatly appreciated now lets go ahead,and get into this now as you can see i,am sitting down because i am so serious,when it comes down to testing out these,products guys could yall give me like,some directions or something like that,this right here is potent okay i wasnt,expecting carts to be as potent now i,know that they are really popular and,stuff like that but i didnt know that,they were like meant for you to only,take like two or three hits you know,what im saying at a time i found that,out the hard way so uh yeah from now on,if you guys want me to test out some,stuff hit your boy with a little bit of,directions to you know what im saying,help me out a little bit so im gonna be,around here in outer space okay now,before i tell you guys about my,experience let me just give you some,background information so look this is,by serene tree cbd i will be dropping,their website down in the description,below this is their pineapple express,cart okay so this is compatible with all,510 batteries 510 batteries however you,want to see it this right here is on a,honey stick shout out to serene tree for,even sending all of this stuff in i,really do appreciate it you guys but,yeah it is compatible with any 510,battery this is what it will come in it,will come into like a little box and it,has like a clear cutout so you can see,exactly what the cart looks like but,again some more background information,so so this product is all derived from,hemp grown in southern california okay,so you got 90 purity all from southern,california they took out five months to,actually perfect all of these different,flavors now speaking of flavors they,come in cookies og kush granddaddy,purple and pineapple express okay so i,have pineapple express and granddaddy,purple but i havent actually gotten,into the granddaddy purple yet so ill,just do another review on that at a,later time i want to get done with this,right here first because uh yeah your,boy been having some fun with this and,all of these you should get about,150 puffs okay but that depends on your,usage so if youre sucking this every,single day you know im saying hitting,it 30 40 times in one session its not,gonna last as long okay but 150 puffs is,perfect for me especially now that i,know that uh i only need a handful of,hits to get me to where i want to go,okay now well be dropping a link to,these down in the description below so,if you are interested and want to check,them out go to the description feel free,to check them out they also have a whole,bunch of other products um i love their,gummies by the way so im just,recommending you that if you want to,check out the gummies review scroll,through on my channel it was kind of,sort of a recent video so you know im,saying go check out the review on them,but overall they have good high quality,products very premium packaging i love,their products and use coupon code,cookie grandson for i believe 20 off of,your next order okay so feel free to,check them out but now lets go ahead,and talk about my experience so again,you guys need to tell me how to take,this stuff okay now i dont mind testing,out stuff but your boy need a little bit,of directions you know what im saying,yall youngsters be out here playing,with this stuff now look this right here,is a very very potent product okay so,when i first tested this out i thought,it was like a normal vape you know what,im saying you can hit it and you know,what im saying just you know what im,saying willy nilly with it dont do that,okay so i learned my lesson again okay i,didnt learn my lesson apparently from,fooling around with delta 8 gummies,but i think i learned my lesson when it,comes down to using delta eight cards,okay so this is the first time ive ever,tried a delta eight cart and i love this,right here now with me personally i use,delta eight before i go to bed because,typically i havent had a stressful day,or if i went to the gym you know im,saying im kind of beat up ive been,struggling with a lot of physical pain,as well just in recent times in general,so ive been hitting this before bed and,i sleep like a champion and you can,check out my other video about how i use,delta 8 for sleep you can check out that,video for more detail but just a quick,summary i feel like delta 8 will help,you get rid of those bags because i,think it tricks your body into thinking,that you slept longer when you have it,so usually whenever i take this before,bed i relieve myself of all pain and i,just wake up and im wired okay like im,on it im not being sluggish im barely,yawning like im when im up im up and,ready to rock and roll okay so that is,why i tend to use this right before bed,i go to bed about like 10 oclock so,ill probably hit this at like 9 30 9 45,ish by the time i get into bed your,boys there okay but dont be going,around hitting this you know what im,saying 20 30 times you may find yourself,on a satellite okay because that is what,i did again when i first got this i was,going willy nilly with it and i was so,high,that i had to turn off everything in my,office and just put myself on the couch,okay because i had lost control i didnt,know that they were that strong this was,when i first got this didnt know it was,that strong i literally had to unplug,every single last thing in my office and,i made myself go sit on the couch and,lay down and go to sleep because that is,how high i had gotten i was not i was no,good for anything else okay i wasnt,finna try to edit i wasnt gonna try to,live stream i was out for like i was,done okay i was completely done so use,this with caution overall i give this a,nine and i love the flavor of pineapple,express trying to lay off of the smoking,im trying to and this is i mean kind of,sort of considered smoking so other than,that i love this product and i will,continue to use it right before bed,until this is empty when this is empty i,will pop in the granddaddy perk and boom,but yeah you cannot go wrong with this,especially before bed i i like i cannot,stress that enough try this before bed,you will sleep like a straight up,champion okay but yeah i really did,enjoy this product for this to be the,first card ive ever tried ever in my,entire life okay i really do like this,product and just shout out to them,because they sent me you know what im,saying two of the cards and they sent me,this right here because i didnt even,know what a 510 battery was honestly and,they hooked me up so i really do,appreciate that again if you are,interested in checking this out i will,be dropping the link to their website,down in the description below and dont,forget to use code cookie grandson for i,believe 20 off of your next purchase and,yeah thats it for todays video thank,you guys for tuning in i hope you,enjoyed again take this with caution,dont be like me okay i learned my,lesson ive been learning my lesson the,hard way ive been earning lessons okay,ive been earning them but yeah its a,good one right here this is this is a,real real good one trust me on this,check them out you will not regret it,but again thats it for todays video,thank you guys for tuning in if you are,new to the channel dont forget to,subscribe drop a like under this video i,have a lot more cbd related videos and,reviews on the way trust me i dropped,this every wednesday now i didnt drop,this yesterday because i had technical,difficulties but every single wednesday,is a cbd related video okay and for all,of my people that are already subscribed,again thank you guys for all of your,support i will se

Does Delta 8 REALLY Get You HIGH?

as soon as i started recording this,video something went into my eye and it,started to irritate it but thats not,going to stop us from shooting todays,video what is going on everybody,hopefully you guys are doing good,welcome back to another video with your,boy sebby g if youre new here let me go,ahead and welcome you to the family,dont forget to hit that subscribe,button real quick and lets get into,todays topic of the video for todays,video im gonna be answering the,question does delta a,really get you high on my comments on my,streams on every single platform of,social media it seems that nowadays i,see people constantly arguing about does,delta 8 really get you high theres the,left side that really claim that it does,wonders for them then theres the right,side of people that say that it does,absolutely,nothing for them so today im gonna go,ahead and try it out for myself and im,gonna give my own personal thoughts on,if delta a really gets me baked now,before i answer the big question im,gonna go ahead and answer a smaller,question and that question is why would,some people choose delta a over regular,delta 9 thc and the answer to that would,be that delta 8 is federally legal in a,lot more states as opposed to delta 9,that theres only a couple of states,that have it legalized delta eight they,actually found a little bit of a,loophole i guess you can call it within,the hemp farm bill and theyre able to,put out these little delta eight devices,that can actually get you baked now let,me mind you delta eight is not gonna get,anybody extremely baked like delta nine,does delta nine is truly unmatched and,this right here is what you would,probably call maybe like a little bit of,a lighter version of delta nine some,call it diet weed i guess you could say,yeah the main factor to as to why people,would choose delta eight is because,those are the people that usually live,in the illegal states and the only thing,thats actually legal and disposable to,those type of people is delta a hhc and,a lot of those other all cannabinoids,now me personally i do live in the state,of california so you know i do have,access to just about anything that i,would want but i still like to dabble,into different things that are coming,out that way i can give my own personal,opinion and not just be feeding off of,other peoples opinions now me,personally ive tried gummies ive tried,vapes ive tried just about every format,that they have delta eight and i think,personally from my personal experience i,honestly really like the disposables a,lot more now right here i have some,deltae disposables from 86. its a brand,that ive been trusting honestly from,the start and i know a lot of people who,view my channel vouch for this company,too now personally depending on some,vapes they are going to be a little bit,harsher than others but like i said i,like the 86 brand for me its been the,smoothest and i feel like i could feel,the effects a lot more with this brand,as opposed to other ones that ive tried,and i feel like ive tried a lot of them,all right guys because as you know this,channel is somewhat of a review channel,for the most part its like 90 reviews,and the other 10 i do try to do,different types of vlogs challenges and,things for you guys just so i can give,you some variety but this is mostly a,review channel so if theres any,products out there that you guys would,like to see on this channel please let,me know down in the comments below but,yeah i guess its time to find out if,delta 8 really does get you baked and,im 100 sober right now so its gonna be,my honest opinion so im gonna go ahead,and open up the lime right here which,just so happens to be lemon skunk ex,northern lights northern lights is one,of those that one of those og original,strains that literally throws me back to,the start of my cartridge days i felt,like northern lights was one of those,strains that you know if you get it its,gonna probably smack right and honestly,one thing that i really like about this,brand is its just overall smooth and,like i said thats the biggest thing,about delta eight is that i know theyre,like theres so many companies out there,that its really hard to choose from,thats why i like to do my due diligence,and go through every single one of them,and what i found works best for me is,that these are probably one of the,smoothest ones that ive ever tried and,to be quite honest with you guys like i,said earlier its not every day that i,do use delta 8 but it is cool you know,especially if i go out with a lot of,homies that dont really smoke and they,dont really want to get blasted but,they do kind of want to join in on the,fun usually theyll smack like a delta a,hhc or something like that and theyll,be cooling from what theyve told me,its like its like getting high but it,doesnt give you that paranoia and it,doesnt have you feeling extremely,couch-locked and i can completely,understand and get where theyre coming,from because for me personally it makes,me feel kind of like the same exact way,it kind of makes me feel like im,chiefing on a sativa in a sense right it,doesnt really get my head height its a,little bit more on the nonchalant body,side in my personal opinion but at the,same time i do find myself sometimes,getting distracted while off the delta,eight so i feel like it does do,something its definitely like better,than cbd right but its not as intense,as regular thc is and i feel like thats,something that a lot of people like,about it and why its been causing such,a wave is because a lot of people dont,like to feel the paranoia they just want,to feel like you know that that that,clear conscience without getting couch,locked and they still want to be able to,function but yeah i feel like thats why,delta eight comes in clutch especially,for the peeps that live in those illegal,states right so after a couple of,ripperinos right there i think that was,like my fourth one right there um im,honestly feeling it like i said im,feeling exactly what i felt earlier kind,of like that clear conscience but i feel,like i could still do stuff it just kind,of feels like its reminiscent of when,you know when you take like a shot or,something or maybe you drink a beer like,you kind of are feeling those little,buzzed effects but youre not completely,wasted to the point where you cant,function thats kind of what it reminds,me of you know but yeah with all that,being said it does delta eight or really,get you high in my personal opinion it,does get you baked but its not going to,get you extremely baked all right guys,so with all that being said im out for,todays video if you guys enjoyed,todays video on the delta 8 please do,me a favor by leaving a fat like on this,video subscribe to the channel join the,family and well catch you guys on,tomorrows video

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