3. Does Delta-8 get you HIGH?!
  5. Delta 8 Vapes VS Delta 8 Edibles | Moonwlker D8 Review
  6. Why I Stay Away From Delta-8, THC-O, HHC, etc


well well well here we are so today,were going to do something a little,weird,im going to learn how to use a selfie,stick too,so were going to do something um,im going to try out these,delta eights edibles now if you dont,know what a delta eight edible is,its kind of like this newer thing its,been around i think since like october i,wanna say,i just found out about it today and i,did a lot a bunch of a lot of light,research,into what it is but its an edible its,like a cannabis thing,okay,so theres delta eight,regular cannabis regular thc is,considered delta nine,uh this is like a few molecules,chemically different they theyve con,figured out a way,to get it to be uh illegal legal i guess,a legal substance in some state some,states have it still banned but uh where,i live its not,and im gonna try it im going to try it,ive been kind of dying,for a long time im like will they just,[ __ ],legalize,marijuana so i can like get some gummies,and watch cartoons its like all i want,to do because i dont really like,smoking weed i dont really have any,great desire,to ever go back and smoke weed again but,like getting a good body high,okay get some gummies,watching some beefs and butt head or,something sounded like,it would be a great time so,were going to do for my first time,because i dont i dont smoke i dont do,drugs really you know i drink you know,you all know that if youre familiar,with the channel you know that right,uh so were gonna go with were gonna go,with two were gonna do 50 milligrams,this is what everybodys been,experimenting my brother dan calls me,calls me earlier in like a panic almost,i thought something was wrong hes like,you gotta call,you gotta call ryan you gotta call him,now and youre gonna talk to him about,this thing i was like what the [ __ ] are,you talking about,like i said i thought i almost thought,something was wrong,hes like no dude,delta eight man delta,like i guess he i dont know if he was,already high or whatever but it was a it,was a funny conversation nonetheless a,short one,but a funny one but,anyways we go thats what they look like,see what is this brand i dont know,everybodys got their own proprietary,brand,i got this from georgia,uh whats the place called your cbd,store your cbd shop,its like these little like hipster,shops very classy very hoity-toity,joints,but yeah this is what its called its,called above,huh,i think theyre gonna have she said,theyre gonna have another line of them,called beyond which is probably i bet,youll be like 50 milligrams these are,25 a piece so were gonna go with two,like i said,and uh were gonna see what happens so,periodically throughout the night ill,record some thoughts like little videos,if i can,i dont know i dont know whats going,to happen at all,it tastes good,ill give them that,from that asmr action,yeah,pretty okay,as far as i understand,i have to wait probably about an hour,its gonna take about an hour,uh to actually kick in,and then you kind of regulate you kind,of feel where youre at you go from,there,i will say this though,closing out this first segment of the,video here,these are not cheap,uh definitely probably more expensive,than buying regular weed if you can buy,a regular weed,although i imagine places where its,legal like if you were to go to the,dispensary or something if you were to,go like buy brownies or cookies or,whatever i think its probably,probably comparable to that,thats what i would assume ive never,been to one because ive never,had the opportunity to go to one i would,i suppose if i,could but,anyways,well see you later,so its like uh 20 minutes later,i dont you know,its one of those things youre like oh,its probably like,im just thinking i can feel something,i feel a little bit in like my back,it feels like its relaxing,oh,get a little anxious,because of how much i took i dont think,its really going to matter,but you know ironically,getting a little anxiety from the thing,thats supposed to help,my anxiety,well see how it goes,i dont know i really hope it,hope it provides something uh useful for,me you know i have a hard time relaxing,i have a hard time turning off,ive been really tired lately,just mentally my brain is [ __ ] just,constantly going im the kind of person,that has to like to go to sleep,i have to be exhausted because if i go,to sleep too early,i will take a nap,like thats just the way my body is ill,take a [ __ ] nap ill take it like a,four hour nap then ill be up at,three in the morning or something you,know or one,look if i go to bed at nine,dude im up at like two,and im up and its awful,so,hopefully this will help with that i,hope so,well oh so were,maybe an hour,maybe a little bit more,that is definitely kicking 47 9 47 so,probably yeah about an hour maybe a,little over hour 10.,its starting to kick in,i can feel it,i am very relaxed,its the same kind of feeling that you,would have,kind of like the moments before you fall,asleep and your whole body,gets like heavy,and you just kind of sink into yourself,a little bit,you know,you know what i mean,well i know what you mean because you,got that your little like mischievous,grin going on,a ton,i might be high,its definitely not so far nothing like,really its not like a head trip but,its completely like,just super relaxed i have never,probably in a couple years heard you say,that you are fully relaxed yeah thats,whatever part of it,may be ever,part of the motivation for trying stuff,we have talked about doing like cbd oil,in the past and,yadda yadda and i always joke around,about like itd be cool just to be able,to get like edibles and watch like,cartoons and stuff,thats what i want to do,and uh yeah feels nice though,i really do i feel,effervescent you know that word is,you ever hear that word nope how often,is that word used in common parlance,its not for the record only sean is,doing this currently,what no youre the only one eating,edibles oh yeah yeah yeah you hear my,voice in the background or see me just,there for emotional support yeah,so weve decided i decided to watch the,one john carpenter movie ive never seen,ive never seen star man starring jeff,bridges and karen allen,uh yeah i wanted something that would be,like positive you know,nice i know that itll be solid,i know itll be maybe slightly,melancholy oh why would you do that then,just slightly you gotta have some of the,the bitter with the sweet,because nothing be sweet if theres no,better right,thats what they say thats science,okay,so now were,three hours since,first bite,11 35 yeah so about three hours um i,still felt kind of the same,like it maintained it also kind of felt,like maybe even wearing off a little bit,by the time we got to the end of starman,so,i was taking another one,so well see what happens,yeah i can definitely feel it,definitely yeah,somethings happening folks,somethings happening,stop,so it is the next morning,last night i took a third i took a third,gummy,it kind of just settled in you know i,was like tired it was late you know got,kids gotta be responsible go do that,stuff at night,so i was already kind of tired as it was,and that definitely exacerbated things,definitely relaxed me to the point that,i just needed or wanted to i kind of,just wanted to go lay down when i laid,down i ended up watching uh frisky dingo,that old adult swim show for a good,80 minutes,um and it was probably the the time the,most i felt like i was actually like,high in the traditional sense,where you know i was kind of giggling,and just felt super comfortable super,relaxed,so in that sense i would say its its,pretty good probably its too expensive,to do on the reg but every once in a,while for sure,it is more of a body thing its just,more about uh kind of,i dont know just like uh kind of just,lets,all your inhibitions go a little bit you,can just kind of you dont feel stressed,and you just kind of sink into yourself,like i said uh in one of the other,videos,but um,i do feel mildly groggy i think part of,that,is because i took three,and


[Music],its your girl des and today in this,video Im so excited because we are,going to be eating lots of Edibles today,as yall could tell from the title we,are doing an edible,mukbang but this video is actually gonna,be a little bit different than all of my,previous edible mukbang videos I filmed,in the past those videos are actually,super popular let me know Down Below in,the comments if thats how you found me,because I know a lot of you guys always,tell me like the first video I ever,watched from you was an edible mukbang,and a lot of you guys also request me to,film another edible mukbang video so,finally here it is if you guys are super,excited for todays video be sure to,give it a big thumbs up also dont,forget to hit the Subscribe button so,that way yall could join the life Bean,dance fam and our Circle positivity that,continues to go day by day but todays,edible mukbang does have a little bit of,a Twist to it because we have some,amazing products from the three Chi,company I believe thats how you,pronounce it if not Im sorry these,products are 100 hemp derived and they,are Delta eight products so they are,actually federally legal so they are,able to be shipped and,um sent worldwide so no matter where you,guys are you will be able to cop some of,these but Im super excited because we,are going to be trying all of these,babies okay so to start off oh its my,most exciting ones oh my gosh I remember,these Rice Krispie treats used to be my,absolute freaking favorite as you guys,could tell they have 50 milligrams but,thats not 50 milligrams THC,um because I believe these actually have,like three percent,um less no actually like less than three,percent and then the rest is Delta eight,so its kind of like an in-between of,kind of what CBD and THC does you know,the THC gets you high the CBD is,supposed to relax you and have a lot of,health benefits so the Delta a is like a,literal in between of those both because,it doesnt necessarily get you high even,though it does have a really low dosage,of THC in it but it is mainly supposed,to get you more of relaxed I know a lot,of people struggle with anxiety whenever,they eat Edibles they feel like you know,something really bad is gonna happen,something scary is gonna happen so I,know that with these Delta 8 Edibles,thats not supposed to happen youre,actually not going to feel like that,its only going to be a relaxed feeling,more tired more,at ease,um nothing too crazy like when youre,really really high you know and youre,just like oh my gosh,Im so hungry and look at what we got,you guys a huge cookie yall see those,chocolate chips Im so excited all of,these Edibles have 50 milligrams and,then also from three Chi Im so excited,about these gummies these gummies are,super lit because this ones comfortably,numb and then this one is black,raspberry these are super good if you,guys have like insomnia if you struggle,to stay asleep the whole night Ive,actually tasted these before bed and it,really helps me get that nice,sleep throughout the whole night rather,than constantly waking up and if you,really struggle with that then I would,definitely recommend this CBD oil that,has 1500 milligrams and it is,specifically made for sleeping also by,the 3G company,and then theres also this one that is,Delta 8 THC with 1200 milligrams so if,you really want that nice relaxed,feeling I would recommend this one,um I know that for some people the this,type of high is like the high that they,prefer rather than being high off like,straight weed so I really love that they,created nice fun Edibles fun tinctures,and then we even have more gummies these,ones also Im so excited to try they are,watermelon flavor and these ones only,have 25 milligrams each 16 per pack so,thats what that looks like,and then on top of all these Edibles we,got a few THC edibles but first I really,want to try all of these babies so,thats what were gonna do and then I,also have a blunt so first off to get,the munchies I gotta hit the blunt,they also have all of these amazing,products and a ton more over on their,website,but to be honest,um a big reason why I stopped filming,edible mukbangs was because I am the,type of girl who feels like if I even,waste one second let alone one day or,one hour I feel like I just like the,opposite of accomplished you know like I,feel like I almost like let myself down,and whenever I would film these edible,mukwang videos I was low-key a little,bit younger so I didnt have as many,responsibilities or things to take care,of every day so I had that free time to,just have a whole next day to recover,from all these Edibles I just ate but,nowadays I have so much things to do I,dont have time to sleep in and miss an,opportunity you know so,I casually,um steered away from filming edible,mukbangs and all together eating Edibles,Im not a big fan of eating Edibles Im,really not I used to be I honestly was,like really going through it um without,realizing it,um I was not in a good headspace and I,think my Escape was getting stoned out,of my mind but now that Im actually,okay mentally I dont want to be stoned,out of my mind I want to be in control,of my thoughts and my sleep schedule so,Im so excited to be eating these Delta,a Edibles from Chi because you still get,to eat Edibles and have sweets while at,the same time getting relaxed but not,having that super groggy next morning,when you wake up from Edibles so,with that being said,lets try this cookie why dont we,it actually smells like a straight,brownie,it smells nice and chocolatey oh my gosh,this looks so good I dont know if Im,just really high but this looks really,good,[Music],very chocolatey,mmm I like it you need some milk,but its really good on them like,it doesnt taste like Fresh Out the Oven,obviously but it doesnt taste dry,I know some edibles,a lot of edibles,theyre they taste dry like they just,taste like theyve been in there for,like a year these are actually really,good I love the chocolate chips like um,I might eat this whole thing,next,I have to try this one,this rainbow crispy,not gonna lie,my favorite edible of all time was this,like I feel like this is the definition,of like,Edibles you know like anytime you look,up like a picture of an edible like this,is gonna pop up,or a cookie,[Music],oh my gosh dude,I love this like um,theyre doing something right with their,recipe and with their packaging because,these are not dry next for the gummies,Im gonna try this watermelon watermelon,sounds really fire and cute and sweet,its like you can never go wrong with,the flavor watermelon you know,cheers,[Music],these melt in your mouth and theyre not,too sweet,they melt in your mouth I really love,that so once again if you guys are,interested in any of these amazing Chi,Delta 8 products be sure to check out,the first link down below and then Im,pretty sure Ill have a discount code,for you guys so if yall want to save,some money I got you,but your girl got a spark up the blood,again because I low-key monster right,now tell me why I was hungry and I told,myself I was like Dad youre about to,film a mukbang and I already ate like,breakfast lunch and dinner today so,anything I eat more is just kind of like,extra and,lets be real I got no groceries either,so I was like you know what good thing I,got these Edibles and best believe,theyre actually filling me up Im here,for it the next thing I have is actually,a cannabis infused drink but its in my,fridge so let me grab it ah,okay guys so,out of this cannabis infused,um lemon lavender,and I think this is supposed to be like,a lemonade or I dont know I guess its,not lemonade because its in a can I,dont know how Im gonna open it because,I have,I have nails but actually I think I,opened it oh these are actually super,easy white cat all cans be like this,look you go like that you could close it,save it for later open it,this one only has,two milligrams of THC and four,milligrams of CBD I actually love that,all of these Edibles including this on

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Does Delta-8 get you HIGH?!

does delta eight get you high this is,something i get asked about a lot a lot,of people in non-legal states where they,cant just go get regular weed or asking,about delta eight and ive tried it a,few times i have a little bit of,experience with it but i dont use it,regularly i have access to medical,cannabis here in florida and i do most,of my consumption through smoking flour,and dabbing concentrates but i have made,a couple videos on delta 8 before i,decided to make this one because the,other ones are got age restricted and,theres still some information i can,provide before we get too deep into it,if you have any experience with delta 8,go ahead and leave me a comment let me,know about your experience with it good,or bad did you try vapes or edibles,because a lot of people go through the,comments on these videos and they like,to hear more peoples experiences and i,do too so delta 8 is a legal alternative,for getting thc for somebody who might,not have access to the dispensary its,legal in most states but theyve,actually outlawed it in a bunch of,states and they might do more and more,in the future and one of the reasons,behind that is some of these states have,legal medical programs or legal,recreational cannabis programs and they,dont want the delta 8 to compete with,that because they get a lot of tax money,from selling regular weed they want you,to go through the dispensaries and not,just stumble into a gas station and get,delta 8 carts but delta 8 is very,popular even dispensaries are selling it,i got this not too long ago from true,leave one of the dispensaries here and,its a ratio pod with two to one delta,eight to cbd theres like 54 percent,delta eight in here i dont see these,regularly but youre not just getting,them at the gas station or from random,people making it you can get it in the,dispensaries but one thing about delta,eight is while it is naturally occurring,you can find it in cannabis and hemp,plants the majority of it out there,wasnt extracted that way typically,delta8 is artificially produced in a lab,through a chemical process there are,some people that claim that theirs is,all extracted from plants but the,majority of it out there the majority of,the delta eight that you would buy was,made in a lab from cbd but i was curious,about it i made a video last year i,guinea pigged myself a little bit into,trying it because i was curious i was,getting the question 10 times a day in,my twitch streams probably have you,tried delta 8 does it get you high which,if you dont follow me on my twitch,streams you should smoke with me over,there we go live after 9 pm eastern so,make sure you bring a clean bung but i,was getting asked about it a lot or,several times a day i think this was in,the beginning of the wave of popularity,for delta eight so i wanted to try it i,have a video i think i did about a gram,and a half of concentrates i was just,dabbing a ton of it and it got me high i,obviously dabbed a lot of it but i got,high it was similar to like a regular,thc high and i also later tried edibles,i ate about a thousand milligrams and it,was shortly after i ate a thousand,milligrams of delta nine edibles i kind,of wanted to get a loose comparison and,it hit just about as hard and the,reasoning is because when you digest thc,whether its delta eight or nine your,liver metabolizes that into 11 hydroxy,thc which gets you really really high,both delta 8 and delta 9 get metabolized,into the same thing 11 hydroxy thc and,that really gets you high you do convert,some thc through vaping and smoking to,11 hydroxy thc but you get way more of,it when you do edibles so a lot of,people say delta 8 high is a little bit,more mild a lot of people say from,experience that they have less anxiety,less paranoia which its thats hard for,me to say because i really dont,experience that either way but a lot of,people say when they smoke dealt eight,they dont get the paranoia or anxiety,that they normally do hard to say there,but i would love to hear more about the,science on that if they study it but i,do think the best way to consume delta,eight is edibles is eating it you can,get delta eight tinctures edibles you,can get flour which is usually just hemp,sprayed with delta eight oil or coated,with delta eight oil and then you can,also get delta oil dabs and distillates,ive seen diamonds and sauce ive seen a,few different things but in my opinion,if im using it im i dont use it,regularly but if i had to go to a state,where i couldnt get regular weed and,delta 8 was good to go and i could just,get as much of that as i wanted i would,probably just get the edibles smoking it,dabbing it is pretty harsh i typically,dont cough a lot when i smoke but delta,8 is harsh its a bit different i dont,know if its worse for you if it should,be vaped at a lower temperature than,regular delta 9 thc but its harsh as,[ __ ] the best hide that i did get from,delta 8 was the edibles over the dabbing,i ate a thousand milligrams and i think,i dabbed up close to 1500 milligrams a,gram and a half and i would say that the,edibles were better now i did want you,guys to comment your opinions on delta 8,because i hear a lot of conflicting,reports a lot of conflicting stories,some people say it doesnt make them,paranoid but i have heard a few people,say it makes them more paranoid not as,many that say that they dont get,paranoid but i have heard a few i have,heard people say that it stimulates,their appetite and gives them the,munchies and ive heard people say that,it suppresses their appetite and that,when they smoke dealt eight they dont,feel hungry ive heard a lot of things,back and forth thats why i want you,guys to comment your experiences if,youve tried it so it is interesting the,world of cannabinoids out there theres,over 100 cannabinoids that can impact,your high or help to aid your high,youve probably smoked delta8 before in,the past it just wasnt tested for in,the bud that you got and it was probably,such a minuscule amount anyway because,it really occurs in tiny amounts but it,is interesting to hear about more,cannabinoids you guys have probably,heard about things like hhc thcp thco,theres over a hundred cannabinoids that,can all impact your high so its,interesting that were studying more a,lot of them are synthetic and the reason,is people are just trying to make money,theyre seeing what kind of tricks they,can do in a lab with hemp and cbd to,sell you something that gets you high,but after a legalization after,everything smooths out and theyre,really just studying all this stuff its,gonna be interesting to see how many,different cannabinoids affect your high,or which ones give you certain types of,high i think a lot of people do end up,asking about does it show up on a drug,test and i think for the most part in,most drug tests yes it does show up,theyre testing for thc metabolites so,they cant tell if its delta eight or,nine theyre just gonna see thc in there,from what i understand i hope this video,was helpful for you dont forget to,follow me on instagram cupins420 on,insta and if you wanna hear about the,time i tried to help my friend pass the,drug test and it went terribly wrong,check out this video have a lit day my,dudes

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in todays brief video im gonna react,to whom appears to be joe rogans,long-lost twin having a really really,bad reaction to a delta eight edible,this video got over 1.7 million views on,tick tock lets check it out lets see,whats going on,now before we go in and we explain,whats going on and listen to his,explanation of it i want you guys to let,me know in the comments below has anyone,watching this ever had a bad reaction to,a delta eight product now without,further ado before we cast judgment and,call this man names and say bad things,about him like hundreds of thousands of,people did in the comments without even,hearing his story lets hear what he has,to say so this is what i look a lot of,people think i vaped or i used something,else but this is it,its just delta,delta eight,i didnt know i had a thc in it i,thought it was uh cbd oil,and i had an allergic reaction,im not against marijuana or anything,else im just letting everybody theres,three things that deeply bother me about,this viral tic tac video first and,foremost is the amount of pro 420 users,in the comments who shredded this mans,entire life apart they called him a beta,male they called him a walmart version,of joe rogan they just said you have no,tolerance youre weak youre an idiot,dont you know that was spicer k2 what,did you smoke i mean people who clearly,paid no attention to the video just,shredding him apart in the comments and,i understand because this man is saying,something thats potentially threatening,to the pro 420 community but you know,what the biggest threat is to the pro,420 community the people who are in it,the people who refuse to acknowledge,that some people are gonna have a bad,reaction to a crappy product like this,from a gas station which mind you this,guy did say he bought this from a gas,station lets be clear but theres a lot,of people doing that who arent aware,thats my first problem my second,problem with this video is the amount of,people calling him a beta male theyre,like youre weak you have no tolerance,which if i had a really high tolerance,to weed that wouldnt be something id,be bragging about i dont want to brag,about the fact that im addicted to,something and built up a crazy high,tolerance like thats not something that,id want to shout out to the world and,also i dont think this guys a beta,male,[Music],whens the last time you were tossing,120 pound dumbbells around johnny,probably never probably never in your,life i get tons of dms on instagram we,get emails all the time we have people,in our group addiction coaching classes,who have had horrible experiences off it,using delta 8 just one time just like,this man did,and you want to know what really,what i can appreciate watching this,video that could have been me that,should have been me in this video,because when i was addicted to weed i,couldnt wait what was the newest strain,was it blueberry kush the gods afghan,kush what was the newest thing delta 8,delta 10 thc acetate and i would obsess,over this whats the newest weed gonna,be right and i love i am so thankful and,one of my favorite parts about being,sober from weed is not being tied up in,that culture anymore not having to,constantly obsess over whats the next,strain whats the next thing whats this,i,i used to put so much effort into that,into trying different types of weed and,getting excited about it and now all of,my effort goes towards my goals my,motivations my hobbies making youtube,videos,and i think honestly i think thats a,worse side effect than whatever happened,to this guy,i think the side effect of being,obsessed obsessed with something thats,potentially an addiction for a person,is more damaging than whatever type of,allergic reaction or bad reaction he had,and then i think if youre in a position,where youre obsessed with delta eight,and youre watching this video you gotta,ask yourself is there something else,that youd rather be obsessed with in,your life right now is there something,else that youd rather be doing that,youd rather be trying,because im glad to be free from,cannabis im glad to be free from the,culture of cannabis um its nice not,having to worry about what product my,gas station or local vape shop has that,theyre selling because theres always,going to be a new strain theres always,going to be a new product and theres,always going to be a possibility of a,bad reaction and i am proud and glad to,say that i have left that world and for,those of you guys watching this video,who are still stuck in that world who,are still struggling,join our addiction mindset community,hang around the channel for a bit look,in the comments join our group coaching,do something make a change because,honestly,im that should have been me and i,couldnt be more thankful that i wasnt,in this mans shoes at that very moment,i really couldnt be follow me into the,next video where i actually talk about,the dangers of delta eight ill see you,guys there

Delta 8 Vapes VS Delta 8 Edibles | Moonwlker D8 Review

foreign,[Music],and I am back with another episode of,beyond the buds today were gonna be,unboxing reviewing and Im going to be,talking a little bit about my thoughts,on Moonwalker Delta a products and the,difference between vaping down to eight,and consuming Edibles with Delta 8. so,lets jump into todays video if youre,new here dont forget to click that,subscribe button turn on the,notifications so you dont miss any of,my videos and give this video a thumbs,up if you enjoy Im not going to talk a,ton about what Delta 8 is a whole nother,video you guys can check out which is,the difference between Delta 8 and Delta,9. basically what Delta 8 is a naturally,occurring cannabinoid anabinoid,cannabinoid naturally occurring,cannabinoid found in hemp and it does,offer some kind of psychoactive High,much like Delta 9 THC does although it,is about half as strong it is supposed,to be a less paranoid less anxious high,with more Focus its an appetite,stimulant it will increase your Munchies,okay so now that Ive discussed what,Delta a is lets dive into the type of,products that are available on the,market so far what Ive seen is that the,most common products offered on the,market are Vape cartridges and Edibles,both ends of the spectrum I want to talk,about the differences between the two,just remember Delta 8 is still very new,and hasnt had a ton of scientific,research done on it yet scientists are,still studying a lot of different,cannabinoids although they havent found,any negative side effects without Aid,just be safe while consuming start slow,you can always add more who is,Moonwalker Delta eight Moonwalker Delta,8 is a brand that was 4 formed out of,the Curiosity of pushing the boundaries,of what Delta H true potential really is,they have created a range of up to eight,Vapes and edible gummies that are,infused with award-winning flavors and,natural terpenes so lets talk about the,gummies I have tried them a couple times,they have four flavors they just came,out with the Mango Kush each of the,gummies contain 25 milligrams of Delta 8,and there are 25 gummies in a bottle,youre getting a total of 625 milligrams,of Delta eight because this is only,about half as strong as Delta 9 I feel,like it would be safe for me to start,with like one or two of these and go,from there which I have taken two and I,will say I felt like a light buzz but it,wasnt anything crazy so I definitely,want to take a little bit more today and,see how I feel and I also want to try,the different flavors for you guys tell,you my impression of each flavor I guess,the pros with having gummies are they,are very discreet method of consuming,they do have a high that typically lasts,a lot longer I mean everybody is,different but it can last anywhere,between two to six hours and they offer,a variety of really tasty flavors Cons,with the gummies would be that sometimes,you can definitely forget that you took,an edible I am guilty of this on a,number of occasions definitely Ive,taken an edible gone somewhere it starts,kicking in about two hours later and,like,and then you like I thats one thing I,dont like about Edibles you just have,to remind yourself or set a reminder on,your phone that you took an edible you,never know how youre gonna feel on this,so its kind of trial and error although,I love gummies and candies and stuff I,do wish there was maybe like a healthier,alternative or something with lower,sugar because its only two grams of,sugar per gummy which isnt horrible,lets start off with,the Blue Dream Berry,with the packaging honestly I will say I,do really appreciate that they have a,lot of information on the packaging,everything is really big writing you can,also go on their website and they have a,ton of information a ton of different,articles which I dont know if you guys,have watched any of my previous videos,but Im a huge fan of the more,information the better they like that,its simple packaging but a lot of,information,tastes really good its like a blue,raspberry consistency in texture is a,little bit more firm than like a regular,gummy but I actually dont mind it Ill,tell you guys my favorite at the end,next taste,the watermelon skills this is gills its,really hard to pronounce well you cant,really pronounce as the skills giddles,watermelon Skittles,mmm that smells so good it kind of,smells like a Jolly Rancher,it tastes like a Jolly Rancher actually,you know what even tastes more like this,is funny watermelon smackers lip balm,thats what its,smell like the taste of that is how the,lip balm smelt while Im scales,really good I will say they both have a,little bit of like an aftertaste with,like tiny bit sharp or spicy you can go,Kush,all right,very good its like mild mango though,its because I had the watermelon one,before and the watermelon was pretty,potent and taste wise this is like more,mild,this one has less of an aftertaste,though and the last but certainly not,the least we have these sour strawberry,diesel,[Music],[Laughter],that ones okay not my favorite though I,think this is probably my least favorite,is sour strawberries its not bad its,just,not my favorite the winner,is the Blue Dream Berry I think for,flavor for my preference but this is a,very close runner up the watermelon,Skittles moving on to the Vapes they,have four different flavors each of the,cartridges are 800 milligrams of Delta,80 flavors that they have are Super,Lemon Haze Im probably gonna love that,one I love super lemonade strawberry,gelato orange chem dog and grape runts,basically the pros of Vapes are that,they are way faster on set theyre more,instantaneous so if you want something,that you dont have to wait for like the,Edibles the vape pens are definitely the,way to go they are easier to dose as,well you can just take a puff and see,how you feel and then if you like that,feeling or you want to maintain that you,can just continue to micro dose,throughout the day a con would be but it,definitely doesnt last as long as an,edible high does this is great for on,the go,actually really like their mouthpieces,the mouthpieces are really cool with,this Im gonna try it on a buttonless,battery,all right so this is the orange chem dog,first I wasnt tasting any of the orange,from the orange chem dog but there is a,Light Citrus aftertaste I definitely,feel like Im a little high for sure,right now I dont know if its the,gummies or the Vapes lets move on to,the next flavor next were gonna try the,strawberry gelato again theres a lot of,information on here which I really can,appreciate that and all the testing and,stuff is on their website,its crazy because I can definitely,taste the strawberry right away its,pretty wild its not super like,strawberry but its like oh,thats a strawberry if that even makes,sense,next on the taste test is the grape,brunch this is gonna taste like grapes,Im not again like grape and orange,synthetic flavors are not my favorite,its a different top the other one was,clear top this one has a black top,[Music],light grape but not,super intense which is nice for me so,its not super crepey its definitely,hit like very lightly like I barely have,to rip this and,um,big clouds as you can see fast and,certainly not least which Im hoping,this is my favorite flavor because Super,Lemon Haze is just I love that straight,this has the terpenes from Super Lemon,Haze that Im going to love it,foreign,Haze and that you can definitely taste,them they are subtle but they are there,I think this is definitely my favorite,flavor out of the Vapes was the Super,Lemon Haze overall I definitely think,Moonwalker until the eight has some,great products and they are available,where Delta 9 may not be I will say,because Delta 8 is still so new I would,recommend start slow you can always add,more do your own research before you try,any products everybody is different so,my experience may be different from,yours and yours different from the next,person so just keep that in mind,whenever youre consuming anything with,cannabis I

Why I Stay Away From Delta-8, THC-O, HHC, etc

yo yo im drew gilchrist and recently in,the last year theres been a huge rise,in these thc variants stuff like dela 80,hc delta 10 thco hhc and many many more,and today i wanted to talk about why i,personally choose to stay well well away,from these things and this might not be,the same opinion for everyone this is,just my opinion but i really havent,seen many people approach it this way so,um yeah figured id give it a fresh take,here might be a bit of a hot take but,hey,but quickly before we get into this,video though we need to a message from,our sponsor of the day oliver stew yo,all of us do is an online headshot and,they have absolutely everything that i,know you guys need like accessories,papers like devices vapes everything and,you can get 15 off anything on their,website with discount code drew420 so if,theres any accessory youve been,needing get 15 off with drew 420 link is,in the pin comment down below so thank,you guys for supporting the sponsors and,lets get into this video so first of,all what are these thc variants im sure,some of you guys out there might not,even know what im talking about and,especially if youre from england,because theyre really not as big here,as they are in america for reasons that,we will discuss later on in the video,but essentially what these are is these,are thc variants that are legal so in,most places the only thing thats,actually illegal when it comes to,cannabis is delta 9 thc this is because,of hemp laws most places in the world,dont have hemp illegal um and you cant,really just make cannabis illegal if you,want hemp to be legal so the way they,get around this is they make delta 9 thc,illegal because thats the thc thats,naturally in cannabis which you know,gets you high and most people think of,when they think of cannabis now almost,all of these thc variants that have,propped up in the last year are actually,natural occurring substances in the,cannabis plant,or at least thats what the people,selling them would want you to think,because no theyre not they arent yes,technically some of these are in,cannabis naturally in naught point not,nor not one percent none absolutely none,of these variants that you see online,are natural at all absolutely none of,them are naturally extracted as much as,they would like to word everything to,seem like it is they like to say that,theyre a natural current substance,because technically they are technically,they are in the cannabis plant but,thats not how they got them the way,these are usually made is they get cbd,or they get delayed or they get a,different variation of thc and they mix,it with a specific type of acid for a,certain amount of time and then that,converts whichever cannabinoid you had,in originally to whichever cannabinoid,you want afterwards so for example you,could start with cbd mix it with some,acid for like 17 hours or whatever and,then come out with delta 8 thc,afterwards this is of course a synthetic,process and not natural and i find this,to be extremely misleading especially,when so many people message me about,this every day and then i tell them that,this stuff is synthetic cannabinoids and,then they come back to me like what no,its not its natural bro so lets take,some of these stuff specifically like,delta 8 and hhc both of these when you,look at them on paper they are in,cannabis naturally and theyre less,potent than thc and theoretically they,should be safe,but thats just theoretically like i,said these are only naturally in the,cannabis plant at 0.001 or 0.001 or,0.001,right,not enough to really have an effect on,your body let alone long-term effects,right and none of this stuff has been,studied and although these things look,like they should be safe on paper there,isnt really any proof of that okay now,were gonna get into the territory of,where youll start understanding where,my concern comes from so you also have,stuff like thco which is supposedly a,much more potent version of thc made in,one of these same processes where they,convert a cannabinoid in a synthetic way,now in my mind i dont know if anyone,else shares this opinion with me,but are we not going back in time,does nobody remember what happened with,spice for any of you guys who dont know,im sure youve heard of spice at some,point or legal highs or synthetics but,in about sort of 2009 to about 2013 2014,there was this big wave of these herbal,incense and it was where people would,get a random plant and they would spray,it with a synthetic cannabinoid that was,made in a lab so theyre making a,cannabinoid in a lab and they spray that,[ __ ] on it and then they sell it and,then that is what spice is right and,these chemicals were unknown and at the,beginning everyone thought they were,fine like they started off being just,you know slightly different versions of,thc like oh they get thc and they just,change it like ever so slightly so that,way its legal and technically a,different compound and then you see how,mad the long-term effects were and how,different it was from actual thc and so,this is why in my mind the way i see it,is,these are synthetic cannabinoids right,the thco the delta 8 the delta 10 the,hhc the dhcp whatever,these are all synthetically made,cannabinoids,they are essentially spice and dont get,me wrong here i appreciate that this is,quite an extreme approach when it comes,to just that because like i said on,paper it seems like everythings fine,and these cannabinoids are produced in,cannabis naturally which i guess is,better than what spice used to be which,theyd make cannabinoids which didnt,exist anywhere else in the world right,assuming that all of my worries are,completely unfounded and that i,shouldnt be equating it to spice and,that its not really the same at all,lets just say that that is the,situation all of these companies that,are making these thc variants,are doing so completely unregulated like,i said theyre getting cbd and mixing,this stuff with acid right and then,cleaning it afterwards who knows how,well the cleaning process is who knows,if their tests on the website are real,or not and on top of this sometimes in,the conversion process delta 9 thc is,made which is illegal which means if,these people were doing it you know in a,regulatory manner it would kind of be,impossible at least for the most part,with a lot of them some of these ones,dont convert into delta 9 during it but,a lot of them do so i told you guys at,the beginning of the video that more us,people have heard of this than uk people,right and thats because in the uk we,did a general psychoactive substance ban,this was to get rid of spice when it was,a huge thing in the uk now in the us i,think they just did it in the way of,they just banned individual chemicals,and that means in the us all of these,are legal and in the uk they arent,because they come under the psychoactive,substance ban just as spice does and,honestly i think that does play a part,into why i equate these things so much,because obviously in the uk its all,banded together because you know its a,synthetically made cannabinoid,because that is what it is at the end of,the day and,you know i i said all this stuff and,even as im saying it i kind of think,like oh my am i being a bit extreme here,am i being a bit over the top,but then i say that again and its like,these are synthetic cannabinoids right,and,that was the whole thing that everyone,was warned about,for,years and were just taking a step back,because this is the thing its more a,slippery slope thing okay lets say,delta a and hhc are perfectly safe and,perfectly fine and all the regulations,everyones doing is super clean and,super nice well what happens when these,thc variants keep changing even more and,even more especially now that weve,gotten to the point where theres thco,which is 300 percent more potent than,thc,sounding familiar,because to me its like ive taken a,time machine to 2012 and im seeing you,know your local head shop selling bear,spice behind the counter that


all right what is going on people live,my name is chilly dilly back at you with,another chill ass video man and in,todays chill video well lets get right,into it man were gonna be doing another,edible challenge not really a challenge,but were gonna be eating some edibles,and the edibles that were gonna be,eating because i literally just got home,from work havent eaten all day and im, starving so were gonna eat rice,krispie treats yes the sponsor of today,is ketum awesome people over there at,ketum you might be wondering well why do,they call themselves ketum when they,sell delta eight well they actually are,not known for their adult eight they,just recently started selling delta as,you can imagine by the name they,actually are known for selling kratom,which i dont take a lot of kratom,really i dont take much of it my,girlfriend takes it i know a lot of,people that take it in real life and,ive even met people on my chat bro like,so many people come to my youtube chat,tell me to try it have i tried it and,where to get it or whats good kratom,and well i thought why not help those,homies out while reviewing some delta,whats awesome about their company that,makes them i think really different is,not only is their kratom a lot stronger,than most brands because literally the,one that i gotta get at a gas station is,like 450 milligrams per capsule just,their capsules alone are 750 milligrams,man 700 50 milligrams of kratom,thats quite a bit and then he has the,kratom pills which he presses himself so,thats that way you know its,safe and everything and these are a,thousand milligrams of pill bro,like thats awesome thats really strong,for a lot of kratom lovers thats,exactly what they want man they dont,want to have to take so many capsules,because the couple times that i have,done it i took the capsules because i,dont want to drink the powder and when,you have to take like eight capsules bro,it is not fun like by the like six one,youre just like bro please stop you,guys get 150 likes on this video i will,try the krayton pills i usually dont,try it just because its just not really,for me its more of like a uh euphoric,upper feeling like you get a lot of,energy you might feel like euphoric and,its just its actually really awesome,the fact that its legal and it like,gives you a really good up but,good feeling but the reason i dont take,it is because im the worst for actually,not eating throughout the day and,whenever you take kratom like you need,to eat because if not youll probably,puke and i puked and thats not,something that i want so i guess i would,have to like if if you guys got 150,likes i would have to eat and then take,those and then i could tell you guys,exactly how they feel if not though if,we dont get 150 likes which is okay,obviously my girlfriends gonna be,taking them and im gonna ask her how,they feel but i am gonna try their rice,crispy treats so they are now just,starting to sell deltae they have a,variety of products they have edibles uh,they have flour and then they have carts,and i mean what else do you really need,other than that a lot of companies dont,even get that you know just starting up,so um were gonna go ahead and try this,im gonna make some other videos with,them as well to try their other other,products so that way we know that its,good but uh so yeah this is a big ass,just rice krispie treat man uh,its just 100 milligrams in here which,im surprised was first thing is how,its so its yeah thats yeah thats,literally humongous like i dont,even know how the,i dont know i dont think,im not gonna be able to eat all this,theres no way you guys ready for this,,holy,look at that that is so big man,holy i gotta waste any more time,and were gonna go ahead and start,eating this,thats really good holy,for how hot its been the last couple,days and for this to be shipped and not,completely melted and still so soft its,actually amazing,i dont think ive ever had an edible,sorry,[Music],i dont think ive ever had an edible,thats like more candy or like,cereal-esque,thats actually been this soft,this feels like it was just manufactured,like it just got off like out of an oven,type,i mean you can hear it like im not over,here like,like its not a crunch or anything i,cant tell if the cameras autofocus on,me or if its just those lights that are,like hitting my eye like i really hate,glasses for this reason like what even,is that and reflect thats literally the,floor thats reflecting off my glasses,a light off the floor,a firewall so it says on the package to,only one-fourth of this but you know,what the we do here my mama didnt,raise no,here we are eating the whole thing,so like i said i dont really use kratom,but i actually found out about this,website is that its actually been one,of the most popular kratom websites,since 2016 so i imagine not only will,they take over the delta evers as well,if theyve been that popular theyre,located in los angeles by the way you,guys get a discount code you get 15 off,if you use chili dilly as a code so,thats kratom or delta eight,so that way you can get both your needs,you know they can ship to most u.s,states and canada so thats really cool,shout out to all my canadian homies,shout out to nappy ive literally,shouted out nappy like twice which if,you guys are coming to the streams then,you know who nappy is,nappies that guy were almost done thank,god i ate this because im so hungry and,its so good it just tastes like a, fruity pebbles snack or i dont,know yeah no it does just taste like,condensed milk and rice krispie treats,or not rice krispie treats why do i keep,calling it that its fruity pebbles in,the form of a premium crispy treat,probably a lot of bite you also get free,shipping for anything over 100,which sounds expensive but shipping is,expensive and if youre gonna pay that,much for something you already want why,not get free shipping while youre at it,okay so we ate all that if you guys know,how these edible videos go i usually go,away for a couple hours this time i,swear im gonna show stream man im,literally gonna remind my homies to like,tell me im gonna remind my chat to tell,me because i feel like if i were to show,stream more show the people that are,talking you guys might want to get in to,get on the video i dont know who knows,like i said they have other products as,well that well be trying in another,video but i also dont like trying a lot,of products in one video because i feel,like its all too over the place and,like i mean i dont know bro like im,not trying to make an 18-minute video of,me trying so many different things and,its just like too much information at,once you know what i mean it overwhelms,even me,but uh yeah anyway im gonna go away for,a little bit um,yeah let you guys know how i feel i,havent eaten anything so im probably,gonna get pretty off this edible,i do hope i mean i hope that i do,honestly but yeah well pick you guys,back up in about an hour or just,whenever i start feeling the edible uh,yeah,all right whats going on everybody we,are like an hour and a half deep into,these edibles man its beautiful,out as you can tell we got a beautiful,sunshine going on uh yeah i feel,you know i dont really know i only ate,100 milligrams so granted i didnt need,a lot it really filled me up for the,most part so like that was,awesome i was really hungry uh it tasted,delicious uh so far ive literally just,been playing video games been talking,with the homies and nothing really seems,like crazy i feel a very slight euphoric,high i feel very focused into the game,that im playing um i still feel very,talkative energetic i dont feel uh,slumped over or i feel like im gonna,fall asleep or anything but uh yeah,were gonna get on stream here in a,minute man im pretty excited uh,probably gonna smoke like a little more,like i said they have other deltae,products like they have everything else,that you need like whether its,wax pants wax edibles bud all that,man and kratom like i said which if you,guys

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