1. Urb Effex delta-9 THC Gummy Review (Delta Extrax)
  2. Space Gods Delivered!!!
  3. Delta8 THC Effects and Drug Test.
  4. my first Delta 9-thc gummi review
  6. Does Delta-8 get you HIGH?!
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Urb Effex delta-9 THC Gummy Review (Delta Extrax)

[Music],hey everyone welcome back,today ill be testing out another,variety of thc gummies,and these are not delta 8 or any new,cannabinoids theyre actual delta 9 thc,just like you would find in marijuana,but theyre legal in the u.s because,they fit the federal definition of hemp,according to the 2018 farm bill and,thats because they contain less than,0.3 percent of their dry weight in thc,you might think thats not enough thc to,have any effect but each one of these,gummies contains 15 milligrams of thc,thats stronger than the common 10,milligram dose that you find in a lot of,legal states and if you do the math each,gummy weighs 6 grams which is 6 000,milligrams so those 15 milligrams of thc,only account for about 0.25 of their,weight so yeah the farm bill basically,legalized edibles as long as theyre,made from legal hemp and they dont,exceed 0.3 thc now the package,recommends eating an entire 15 milligram,gummy as a starting dose thats a bit,much in my opinion,i can feel thc after 4 or 5 milligrams,and between 5 and 10 milligrams is a,good casual dose for me going over 10,milligrams is when it has the potential,to get uncomfortable so i would,recommend starting with half a gummy,maybe even a quarter of a gummy if,youve never taken edibles before,because they can be surprisingly intense,and you should always approach edibles,with respect ill be starting with half,a gummy because thats within my usual,dose range and i dont like to get super,high or anything usually ill take,enough to feel relaxed and get some of,the creative cerebral effects,just not to the point of being totally,spaced out or anything but lets go,ahead and try this half gummy,[Music],the taste is good its like blueberry,lemonade not too sour surprisingly not,too sweet either and you can barely,taste any hemp extract in these there is,a slight bitter aftertaste but for 15,milligrams i was expecting a lot more,and this mostly just tastes like,blueberry lemonade i felt the effects,after about an hour and i would describe,it as a pretty gradual onset i didnt,feel like it sneaked up on me or,anything to me the effects feel very,sativa leaning its cerebral and focused,and definitely gave me a bit of the,munchies i didnt get the heavy body,high that delta 8 or a cbd thc blend,usually gives me it was just this trippy,uplifting euphoric feeling i also felt,really productive the whole time after,it kicked in i actually managed to get a,lot of work done over the next few hours,and yeah i didnt feel cloudy or spaced,out or anything if i took an entire,gummy i think it might lean toward,feeling anxious but i have a normally,high anxiety level to begin with which,is one of the reasons i take hemp,products just that half a gummy feels,like a pretty good dose for me strong,enough to enjoy the effects but not in,any way overwhelming as far as use cases,go for me this stuff seems like the,perfect daytime edible this isnt,something i would take before bed to put,me to sleep this is something i would,take before doing chores or out on a,hike or even before reading because it,feels so focused its an interesting,contrast because ive been taking some,delta 8 products and some delta 9 mixed,with cbd and of course a lot of hemp bud,on its own which tends to be cbd,dominant and those give me a heavier,physical relaxation without much of a,mental effect other than the anxiety,relief whereas this stuff was all mental,stimulation for me with minimal physical,effects and i think theres a time and a,place for both of those these would be,great if you take marijuana for the,creativity boost like if youre into art,or music because it has that creative,trippiness without feeling too spaced,out or hazy definitely a cool product,its exciting to see these farm bill,compliant edibles hit the market like,this and this is the first one ive seen,that contains just thc without any other,cannabinoids so for anyone who lives in,a state thats not legal yet if youre,looking for a strong federally legal thc,edible this is a really good option i,imagine there will be more brands,popping up soon but right now theres,only a few and these 15 milligrams are,the strongest ive seen so far,well thats it for this video if you,have any questions or comments be sure,to leave those below and if you enjoy,this kind of review dont forget to like,and subscribe because that lets me know,to keep making them but for now stay,chill and i will see you next time,[Music],you

Space Gods Delivered!!!

right now i got some space guys for you,guys,shout out to smoke factory in old bridge,homie put me on thank here we go im,gonna rip this open for you,and were gonna see how they taste,and where they got us,lets see,a little square no design on,it a little extra i dont know if thats,a marijuana leaf okay,lets see,hmm,okay space gods,i promise you,the texture,i did not expect at all,so these gummies are super soft like,look at that,actually theyre so soft,and sticky,just sticks to my fingers so,thats cool i wasnt expecting that,thats how soft they are,almost like,but,so while im eating them let me explain,these to you guys real quick,so,space cars label legal cannabis,space gummies hemp derived,delta nine thc,so thats why its legal,its hemp derived,but is dealt to nine,[Music],300 milligrams thc plus cbd 15,milligrams cbd per piece 15,so its a 101 15 thc 15 cbd,per piece,sorry idaho this is not legal in your,state legal in all 49 other states,contains hemp derived cbd and less than,point,three percent delta nine tc ingredients,we wont get into that you guys dont,care,um,[Applause],its real good so i think what im gonna,do is,i just have my little steak and eggs,[Applause],and i was two or three i ate,i mean half the bag,the only thing,that hemp,has um that i say is kind of like not,favorable is that taste,is super bitter almost all,hemp and cbd products,that you get,always super bitter not super bitter but,has a bitter bitter taste so,this also,has that bitterness,this gummy is kind of hard compared to,the other ones,but,but you guys know how,yeah super bitter taste,[Music],theres a little update,feel good,you know kind of chilling,oh,better sit back,watch some seinfeld

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Delta8 THC Effects and Drug Test.

as,you may or may not know delta 8 thc,is legal in virginia thats not to be,confused with delta 9 thc,which is the illegal version that most,people are familiar with it is slightly,complicated and,confusing as to just how different the,two strands,are and for that we have other videos,and stories if youd like to check those,out,many of you might be asking the same,questions as me how will this make me,feel,where can i get it does it come in,various forms or do i have to smoke it,most importantly will it come up on a,drug test,i dont smoke weed i dont even jewel or,anything like that,its just not something that interests,me if youre looking for,a video that compares the delta 8,and delta 9 is how it makes you feel you,may be slightly disappointed but,hopefully not entirely people are people,and it may have a similar effect on me,as it would on just about anybody else i,will be documenting,my experience with the help of some,company,because nobody wants to see a video of,just me eating a bag of chips and,watching rick and morty,about the drug tests i have ordered an,at-home drug test that has,great reviews hopefully well provide,you all with,accurate information the drug test is,somewhat expensive,so unfortunately i will just be doing a,post-test,i guess youll just have to trust me in,that i dont have,any type of drugs whatsoever in my,system you can find delta 8 in just,about any local smoke shop in virginia,it comes in various forms gummies or,edibles,carts even vaporizers which surprised me,and the actual flour i actually chose to,do a cart which can be seen,right here banana candy flavor i mainly,wanted a card because i wanted to,control,the intake into my body since this is a,new experience for me all right,lets get down to it i think like,literally,i just didnt eat dinner so,the goal of the game did you guys put,parts in here yeah there it is so like,theres a pad,i want them to call me like visit your,card you mark them down on yours because,oh these green joints are mine i dont,know i didnt get cards i dont know im,just chilling,i guess i feel definitely relaxed i am,feeling,great i do feel a little bit smiley um,i feel really relaxed ready to play this,game,and we are back we took a little detour,to watch a movie show what was it,ruby yeah but were back,downton abbey clue here we go park right,there,and the its not even,it was a tie fight,so it is now the next morning and as you,guys know im going to be doing a drug,test,single drug screen test basically i have,to,pee in a cup like i imagine most drug,tests are dip into the cup,for 10 seconds read the results after,five minutes,two lines would be negative one line,would be a preliminary,positive and no lines would be invalid,all right lets get to it,the results are in and i did in fact,come back,preliminary positive as you can see by,the one line next to the c according to,the box,i do have a healthy amount of thc in my,system,and in conclusion delta 8 does show up,on a drug test,you

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my first Delta 9-thc gummi review

row row row,im not rolling anything,you got to get some of these handsome,lights they are amazing anyway welcome,to smoking legal or welcome back to,smoking legal if youve been here before,then you know how we do,um i go by the name taz and i review,[ __ ],mainly help now today,i have been waiting,to put,you guys up on this,these come from black tie cbd ive never,seen these on the market,i havent seen these anywhere else,these are excuse me,delta nine,thc gummies let that sink in now,delta nine thc gummies let me show you,all of them were going to start with,this one,this is the zen,250 milligrams you see that triangle,right there,see that triangle with that nine right,there and that dash tac yeah delta 9b,delta 9 thc gummies this is the mixed,fruit flavor and this is the zen,zen,noun i know that,but you know ill take a little lesson,in that there,a state of calm alternativeness,in,i believe these zen,is the,uh,this is the indica,sativa blend so its kind of like a you,know,its not going to knock you all the way,out,but this right here,chill,oh,you know what inside the chill chill,deal tonight,chill,adjective i know that as well but if you,want to continue to teach me english,black tie im here to learn from you im,here to learn,a melt all your worries away state of,being leaving you absolutely relaxed,these i believe are the indica ones,delta nine thc now the ones im here to,try with you guys today,are the,boost,250 milligrams delta 9 thc mixed fruit,as well and this one says boost now i,swear to god i knew it wasnt out um,that happy pep in your step focus that i,have you seizing the day,you guys please let me know down in the,comments which one you want me to review,next between the,zen and the chill,well do those next but were gonna do,the boost today as you can see the seal,has already been broken on these because,ive tried them the reason i did is,because it takes about,45 minutes to an hour for your gummies,to kick in let me let you check out,inside the bottle its mixed fruit so,you see the different colors i am,assuming that though that clear looking,one is pineapple and then we have the,blue for the blueberry,the red im assuming is either gonna be,cherry or watermelon or strawberry see,red can be something really can be so,much right,thats why where im from we just say,red we just say red,we dont say,really much when you say one right give,me the red kool-aid because it could be,it could be tropical punch it could be,any of that,but,im going to try the you know what,i kind of got a thing i kind of got a,thing for blueberry,hmm,you hit im not gonna know,we are ignoring them intentionally,because im doing a video right now,no,hmm,like i said this is the bluer,as far as the taste hold on just a,second please,um,the blueberry,i dont think its blueberry i think,its blue rasp you know do they say the,names of the gummies on here,it doesnt tell me,which color,is which flavor,um,but i do believe,its coming off to me as blue raspberry,i think its blue raspberry and im,gonna read to you what this says it is,25,servings per container serving size one,piece,so,each gummy is 10 milligrams,a piece 10 milligrams each and as i said,these are,delta,nine,thc gummies from black tie now heres,the thing,they are hemped derived delta nine,thats why they are legal under the farm,bill,anything that is derived from the hemp,plant,from the hemp plant is legal so this,does not come from the marijuana plant,this comes from our good old friend the,hemp plant,the taste of the blue raspberry what i,like is that,when its good and its not too sweet,and its theres no,theres no chemical taste to it like if,you guys have ever had gummies or,especially when youve had like cannabis,gummies or something like that,like its its usually a little,undertone of some kind of like,almost like a chemically taste or some,people feel like that earthy taste of,actually tasting the cannabis in it is,just too overbearing even with hemp,gummies and cbd gummies you can just,taste that,with this,i have to be honest with you,it just tastes like,candy,its,it just tastes like a,gummy that,a fruit snack that would be in your,lunch in the sixth grade or something,like,it just tastes like a good ass gummy now,i usually,usually do two,like,last night i did two,i waited maybe about an hour hour and a,half,and,i was just feeling really,really,jolly like,once it kicked in and it wasnt a,bounce off the wall hyper happy like,dude im too lit it was just like,yeah,lets watch hangover or,lets watch something funny,and,i really really got into it,i think,i do think,like on the on the day that im not,gonna have to do nothing i do want to go,ahead and push the limit and try three,just to see but the two done it for me,they feel great,i have a discount code at black tie its,taz615,taz615 that is my code at black tie,thats going to give us something,something,off at the checkout,um,when it comes to when it comes to,gummies,its not really much to say about them,because theres only a certain amount of,characteristics that youre looking for,in your coming,for me im not gonna be honest i said,im not gonna be honest im gonna be,honest the first thing im looking for,in my gummy the first thing im looking,for in my gummy is going to be the taste,i dont care how strong it is i dont,care um,how weak it is in the at first the very,first thing i look for is the taste does,it taste good and for these,they get a check in the taste box,now,the next thing im looking for after the,taste is actually the texture and the,breakdown of the gummy because i dont,want to just be chewing and chewing a,gum and some gummies take too long to,dissolve,and youre like this is not,this is,some these are just not good gummies,then i want to see the effect,uh then i want the effect i need the,taste the texture and then the effect,and how long does it last,and i think last night if i had to,put a time on it,i was saying i was feeling good for,about,i i feel good,at least an hour hour and a half like i,said i watched hangover,and i was cracking up until the end and,heres the thing,i watched it without smoking like,as i was watching i did not feel the,need to smoke because i was already on,my level thats what i really im just,not thinking about that now like you,know what when i was watching a movie i,didnt,i didnt roll up i wasnt smoking when i,was watching i just was watching it and,cracking up and then i was watching a,show on netflix um,thats called the stand-ups,i was watching that and that had me,laughing as well like by that time i,started getting a little tired,but i was still just in a happy giddy,upbeat mood and i was laughing and it,just i was like okay i do like these i,do like these but i do want to try the i,am i do want to try the two ones i hope,yall pick these to try next because i,want to see how,these help me sleep lately i feel like i,havent been getting enough rest kind of,like ive been waking up in the middle,of night a lot and hard for me to fall,back to sleep but excuse me,i do want to try those next i want to,see how this helps with sleep but as far,as,just straight enjoyment,the boost,the boost the delta 9 boost from black,tie,side note ive been rubbing my little,feet on this little thing right here,this little rug is up under my feet i,dont know what this is,oh my god but it its so so well i,probably shouldnt rub it on my face,after ive been rubbing my feet on it,but for free to clean my socks okay but,its so soft i wish the carpet in my,entire house was like this oh my god,sad no thats not what were here for,but anyway thank you guys for tuning in,to smoking legal,as i like to say here keep it positive,or keep it pushing,you ready keep it positive,or keep it pushing,salute


foreign,so I went on and bought this,which is a lost Delta eights one gram,Delta a THC Purple Haze sativa comes in,this little thing crack it open,Ive never seen the cart come like this,girl have grown extractor in the USA you,can scan this barcode,it was cool,its a little classier design but kind,of like more of a dispensary type thing,I havent hit this yet even though,theres some bubbles,but um I think thats fine,because that [ __ ] cracked open on me,when I originally opened it to take a,look,honestly it smells like some of the,carts Ive had,on the street,Im gonna feel from the plug,but uh purple hey lets go right [ __ ],into this,clean ass oil,is this Minnesota based,no its just USA lets get right into it,it says um hit it and get lost so were,about to take a break,preparing my lungs for this,foreign,okay,that wasnt even a blinker guys,its pen is powerful,foreign,wow,thats the bubble we just hit,okay you see that,right there,thats what I just [ __ ] hit,it and get lost,foreign,holy [ __ ],I just fluids coming out of every hole,oh,damn,this [ __ ] hits,lost eight,see this,definitely recommend because I told him,I wanted something,something different something potent,passed me this,pass me that,Jesus,I didnt even take a full blinker,this is definitely gonna help me quit,nicotine,even though theyre completely different,substances so its kind of hard to,trade one for the other but,Im on that [ __ ] nicotine [ __ ],so hopefully this is gonna,help me I honestly dont think I can,take another hit,I dont think,I dont think my lungs would like that,[ __ ],but uh,if you get this video,the 20 likes,Ill do a video of me facing a Delta 8,card,to the face all the one sitting,enjoyed this video,remember to be like Ive been trying to,do this on the daily Im sorry about,yesterday,but leave a like And subscribe to join,the [ __ ] Vibes one today and,Ill see you [ __ ] and the next,beggar

Does Delta-8 get you HIGH?!

does delta eight get you high this is,something i get asked about a lot a lot,of people in non-legal states where they,cant just go get regular weed or asking,about delta eight and ive tried it a,few times i have a little bit of,experience with it but i dont use it,regularly i have access to medical,cannabis here in florida and i do most,of my consumption through smoking flour,and dabbing concentrates but i have made,a couple videos on delta 8 before i,decided to make this one because the,other ones are got age restricted and,theres still some information i can,provide before we get too deep into it,if you have any experience with delta 8,go ahead and leave me a comment let me,know about your experience with it good,or bad did you try vapes or edibles,because a lot of people go through the,comments on these videos and they like,to hear more peoples experiences and i,do too so delta 8 is a legal alternative,for getting thc for somebody who might,not have access to the dispensary its,legal in most states but theyve,actually outlawed it in a bunch of,states and they might do more and more,in the future and one of the reasons,behind that is some of these states have,legal medical programs or legal,recreational cannabis programs and they,dont want the delta 8 to compete with,that because they get a lot of tax money,from selling regular weed they want you,to go through the dispensaries and not,just stumble into a gas station and get,delta 8 carts but delta 8 is very,popular even dispensaries are selling it,i got this not too long ago from true,leave one of the dispensaries here and,its a ratio pod with two to one delta,eight to cbd theres like 54 percent,delta eight in here i dont see these,regularly but youre not just getting,them at the gas station or from random,people making it you can get it in the,dispensaries but one thing about delta,eight is while it is naturally occurring,you can find it in cannabis and hemp,plants the majority of it out there,wasnt extracted that way typically,delta8 is artificially produced in a lab,through a chemical process there are,some people that claim that theirs is,all extracted from plants but the,majority of it out there the majority of,the delta eight that you would buy was,made in a lab from cbd but i was curious,about it i made a video last year i,guinea pigged myself a little bit into,trying it because i was curious i was,getting the question 10 times a day in,my twitch streams probably have you,tried delta 8 does it get you high which,if you dont follow me on my twitch,streams you should smoke with me over,there we go live after 9 pm eastern so,make sure you bring a clean bung but i,was getting asked about it a lot or,several times a day i think this was in,the beginning of the wave of popularity,for delta eight so i wanted to try it i,have a video i think i did about a gram,and a half of concentrates i was just,dabbing a ton of it and it got me high i,obviously dabbed a lot of it but i got,high it was similar to like a regular,thc high and i also later tried edibles,i ate about a thousand milligrams and it,was shortly after i ate a thousand,milligrams of delta nine edibles i kind,of wanted to get a loose comparison and,it hit just about as hard and the,reasoning is because when you digest thc,whether its delta eight or nine your,liver metabolizes that into 11 hydroxy,thc which gets you really really high,both delta 8 and delta 9 get metabolized,into the same thing 11 hydroxy thc and,that really gets you high you do convert,some thc through vaping and smoking to,11 hydroxy thc but you get way more of,it when you do edibles so a lot of,people say delta 8 high is a little bit,more mild a lot of people say from,experience that they have less anxiety,less paranoia which its thats hard for,me to say because i really dont,experience that either way but a lot of,people say when they smoke dealt eight,they dont get the paranoia or anxiety,that they normally do hard to say there,but i would love to hear more about the,science on that if they study it but i,do think the best way to consume delta,eight is edibles is eating it you can,get delta eight tinctures edibles you,can get flour which is usually just hemp,sprayed with delta eight oil or coated,with delta eight oil and then you can,also get delta oil dabs and distillates,ive seen diamonds and sauce ive seen a,few different things but in my opinion,if im using it im i dont use it,regularly but if i had to go to a state,where i couldnt get regular weed and,delta 8 was good to go and i could just,get as much of that as i wanted i would,probably just get the edibles smoking it,dabbing it is pretty harsh i typically,dont cough a lot when i smoke but delta,8 is harsh its a bit different i dont,know if its worse for you if it should,be vaped at a lower temperature than,regular delta 9 thc but its harsh as,[ __ ] the best hide that i did get from,delta 8 was the edibles over the dabbing,i ate a thousand milligrams and i think,i dabbed up close to 1500 milligrams a,gram and a half and i would say that the,edibles were better now i did want you,guys to comment your opinions on delta 8,because i hear a lot of conflicting,reports a lot of conflicting stories,some people say it doesnt make them,paranoid but i have heard a few people,say it makes them more paranoid not as,many that say that they dont get,paranoid but i have heard a few i have,heard people say that it stimulates,their appetite and gives them the,munchies and ive heard people say that,it suppresses their appetite and that,when they smoke dealt eight they dont,feel hungry ive heard a lot of things,back and forth thats why i want you,guys to comment your experiences if,youve tried it so it is interesting the,world of cannabinoids out there theres,over 100 cannabinoids that can impact,your high or help to aid your high,youve probably smoked delta8 before in,the past it just wasnt tested for in,the bud that you got and it was probably,such a minuscule amount anyway because,it really occurs in tiny amounts but it,is interesting to hear about more,cannabinoids you guys have probably,heard about things like hhc thcp thco,theres over a hundred cannabinoids that,can all impact your high so its,interesting that were studying more a,lot of them are synthetic and the reason,is people are just trying to make money,theyre seeing what kind of tricks they,can do in a lab with hemp and cbd to,sell you something that gets you high,but after a legalization after,everything smooths out and theyre,really just studying all this stuff its,gonna be interesting to see how many,different cannabinoids affect your high,or which ones give you certain types of,high i think a lot of people do end up,asking about does it show up on a drug,test and i think for the most part in,most drug tests yes it does show up,theyre testing for thc metabolites so,they cant tell if its delta eight or,nine theyre just gonna see thc in there,from what i understand i hope this video,was helpful for you dont forget to,follow me on instagram cupins420 on,insta and if you wanna hear about the,time i tried to help my friend pass the,drug test and it went terribly wrong,check out this video have a lit day my,dudes

Hometown Hero Delta-8 Gummies Review

hey everyone welcome back today ill be,trying out some delta 8 gummies from the,folks over at hometown hero and before i,get into it i actually want to give a,huge shout out to hometown hero because,im sure some of you already know this,but the state of texas recently banned,delta 8 completely unexpectedly with no,warning no communication with any shops,or manufacturers they didnt even give,local businesses time to sell down their,inventory or anything it was just,overnight on a whim they decided to make,it illegal and of course hometown hero,is based in austin texas so suddenly one,of their popular products was illegal to,manufacture or sell which on behalf of,the state of texas just shows a complete,disregard for small businesses and,entrepreneurs not to mention consumers,so long story short hometown hero has,been fighting this in the courts and,they were just granted an injunction,meaning that because of their legal,action delta 8 is once again legal in,the state of texas yay,for now anyway my understanding is that,a final decision will be made sometime,in the beginning of next year but in the,meantime it is legal again,[Applause],which is great because i had actually,planned to do this video like three,weeks ago but there was no point in,reviewing a product if the manufacturer,couldnt sell it anymore so with that,out of the way lets check these things,out this is their delta 8 party pack so,it has 30 gummies each one contains 25,milligrams of delta 8 which is a pretty,standard dose for most people unless,youve built up a tolerance anywhere,between half a gummy to a whole gummy is,enough to feel it personally ill take,half a gummy if i just want to relax a,bit or ill take a whole gummy at the,end of the day or right before bed to,really chill out keep in mind everyones,tolerance varies and if its your first,time id recommend half a gummy but the,nice thing about delta 8 is that its,pretty chill especially in edible form,ive noticed that vaping delta 8 is a,lot harder for me to get the dose right,for some reason its like i can take two,puffs of distillate and not feel,anything and then i take three puffs one,night and im just blasted so for me,gummies like this are just easier to,dose and it feels more comfortable for,some reason compared to vaping it they,come in five different flavors pink,lemonade watermelon green apple,blueberry and peach and i know that some,of you out there want to see me eat one,of each gummy just for the fun of it but,considering that would be 125 milligrams,of delta 8 im not about to do that i,did however try them all on different,occasions and all of them taste great,surprisingly not a lot of that hemp,extract taste that gummies like this,tend to have they did a really good job,at covering that up my favorite was,definitely the watermelon its like this,juicy rich watermelon flavor if youve,had watermelon gum its that kind of,flavor profile really good the effects,of course are the same just different,flavors and to me delta 8 feels kind of,like taking delta 9 mixed with cbd,it leans more in the direction of being,a body high than a head high so if you,like the way marijuana feels but you,dont like the mental cloudiness or,paranoia that its notorious for,delta 8 is a pretty good compromise so,yeah thanks to hometown hero for putting,up a fight and also for making these,tasty gummies and also thanks to them,for donating a portion of their proceeds,to support veterans,thats right part of every sale goes to,one of a few charities for veterans i,know this video sounds like an ad its,not nobody is paying me for this its,not even being monetized on youtube i,just wanted to review some gummies and,then all of this legal stuff happened in,texas and i personally think we should,support the brands that are out there,fighting the fight so go buy some of,their delta 8 gummies while its still,legal i also highly recommend their,select spectrum delta 9 gummies these,things are great i reviewed these a,couple weeks ago ill put a link to that,in the description so yeah stay chill,and i will see you next time,[Music],you

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