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Devin Townsend – Empath – Album Review

hey there folks welcome to spectrum,pulse to talk about music movies art and,culture and today were finally going to,be talking about the newest album from,devin townsend called empath so Ill be,very blunt here Ive long ago stopped,having any expectations for a new devin,townsend album i mean i cant even know,how it will sound or what genre it will,be as hell flip between a half-dozen,different subgenres or even step out of,metal entirely for ambient music or pop,or even country all i will know is that,the tones will be polished to a mirror,shine lovely scattered moments of,extreme indulgence and well hell bring,in some guest stars theres no real clue,how much they will be emphasized,especially if some of the tightness goes,right out the window and to be very,blunt well i got a lot of backlash to my,harsh review of his last album,transcendence in the devin townsend,project but you can I thought was good,but not really great not up to his peak,going back three years later I dont,exactly think Im all that wrong,especially in comparison with the other,standouts within that group again hes,got a really high peak but fine this is,a brand new solo album from Devin,Townsend and when I say solo I mean,bringing together many of the same guest,stars hes been consistently working,with such as Emma caveman gears Bergen,and chez Amie door fall along with a few,surprises like the legendary guitarist,Steve Vai or even Chad Kroeger of,Nickelback apparently all this was a,result of devin townsend mashing all of,his despair influences into one project,which to me suggests like a glorious,extreme mess that at least might feel a,bit more dynamic than transcendence but,okay fine were finally here what did we,find on empath oh man this has been a,lot to process I know its late but I,wanted to get through it all and to the,point where my viewpoint of this album,has been all over the damn place since,it dropped and has only recently finally,coalesced and a huge part of all this is,rooted in a lot of the same frustration,I had with transcendence cuz once again,I got the feeling at dem announces not,quite playing to all of his strengths,only this time were just getting so,much more music than ever going to even,greater extremes yeah he wasnt kidding,when he said this album is intended to,capture all the Palpa of his current,musical influences that hes working,through and he is a potent up artist to,ring some real,quality out of it I do think this is,better than transcendence I just wish,that he had bothered to bring some focus,to this splatter painting of an album it,probably could have focus better and,turned out great rather than really good,now granted this is one of those,projects where conceptually and actually,makes sense that its all over the place,and we really have to start there now,from a lot of interviews Devin Townsend,said that this isnt an album about him,but more about something in relationship,with him with traces of the soundscape,circling a man lost at sea and finding,an island that represents well something,he thought of it therefore it exists and,the synergy that comes in his,exploration of that thing that idea and,the things both beautiful and terrifying,around it and within it its analogous,to what an artist would explore within,their own creative impulses thats why,the album begins with a lot of,hesitation on its first half can he,really afford to explore that idea I,dont know lets call it art that hes,created especially if its not,completely representative of his reality,right now and may wind up forgotten in,the long run and yet once he finds the,courage to delve into that idea can he,be brave enough to see the dark,underbelly of human instinct his own,human instincts on here mate or even,worse surpass the complacency that comes,with not knowing all the answers and,just maybe wind up find the easy way out,on borderlands and theres a note of,sadness and seeing that being equated to,a relationship thats often neglected,and creative pursuits that hit a real,spot and I appreciate how a cross is out,in Devyn Taos it is uncannily aware of,the introspective and borderline selfish,focus of this idea especially missed old,world that might be in deeper calamity,and he could afford to help others,questioning indulgence that is his,standby with a sort of scattered,cacophony of ideas that couldnt well,reflect his current creative process,more to the point the more striking,metaphor of the singularity can well,represent how the work has its own,relationship to the artist and only,through the merging of idea with artists,can bring forth some sort of,transcendence something pure and lasting,long-term and look I can easily see why,someone could find this a bit of a tough,album that makes sense up Im gonna even,sure my explanation makes sense the,writings broaden abstract and making an,album but to create a process while,being compelling to folks like me who,this type of self-awareness it can have,the feel of going up your own ass hell,you can argue that Devin Townsend did,this over 20 years ago before on,infinity arguably to lesser success,because now hes more conscious and,confident and said ideas and how they,can slip and slide within each other and,so on some level the album becomes a,living metaphor in its own right for,ideas hes trying to flesh out and,explore so if he wants to call back to,his earliest work like on the twe spoken,word passage opening sprite or trigger,outright whiplash from the extreme metal,of hear me the theatrical chamber music,of why and the weird language vibe of,Borderlands which I swear has steel,drums I mean while the ideas connect the,framing around them dozen it can feel,jarring in the transitions but thats a,common truth of the creative – drawing,those off ball connections in a strange,way it kind of makes sense it can work,and look Ive never begrudge Devin,Townsends explorations of various,genres hes proven time and time again,hes a great enough musician to delve,into them through his own unique lens,and frequently just knocked them out of,the park look at casualties of cool one,of the best sounds of 2014 but where I,struggle with empath is that despite my,rough understanding of the album,structure and theme Im not always,convinced that a place to his greatest,strengths cohesive songs and hooks not,shunning melodies theres a ton of,actual melodies here spending,progressive metal and electronic rock,and extreme metal and even chamber pop,at points most often layered about four,or five times deep but if were looking,for that compositional structure for,songs that stand alone,thats a lot more spotty now for me the,songs that stand out the strongest our,spirits will collide evermore the very,first section of singularity called the,drift but especially Y which shows that,outside of his roars and his growls and,is conventionally restrained clean tones,Devin Townsend is a damn near operatic,presence and his pure sincerity carries,the song right past camp into some real,epic quality he calls back to Disney and,Fantasia and some of his interviews and,I believe it there but take us only hear,me,the Heavys track here with a death,metal drumming means seeing guitar work,the pile of synth effects and vocals,stacks that you can literally cannot,even hear Chad Kroeger,as much as I can appreciate the,structure,the responses from Anna gave on gears,Bergin that she delivers very area on,esque similar to melodic passages and,sent choices on evermore the melodic,structure behind the line these solos,and the mixing its a whirlwind but its,also lacking in foundation and again,thats not saying that the riffs they,arent there but it circles back to a,persistent issue that Ive had with,Devin Townsends production for a while,and that comes in layering the bass,guitar and the grooves in order ground,everything that also translate to the,weird stutter on the riffs on Genesis,the gummy electronic drum production,that cant mask the coursing foundation,is just

Review: Devin Townsend Empath

hey there everybody Pete Pardo here from,sea tranquility welcome to another,edition of whats hot woodsy tranquility,where we talk about some of the latest,and greatest and sometimes not so great,new releases that are coming out and all,the different genres we cover all forms,of heavy metal progressive rock jazz,fusion classic rock hard rock you know,we try to cover as much of as we can so,today as is the kind of trend of the,last week or so trying to get caught up,on some of those mid to late 20:19,releases that I somehow missed out on,right but all the major ones Im trying,to get right trying to grab a hold of,and say hey gotta get caught up on this,cuz I cant believe I missed it in 2019,so I always say better late than never,this one Im really glad I made the,effort to go out and get because,sometimes with some of these artists who,are like so prolific you know and over,the course of a busy year man sometimes,you just cant get to everything and,some of these guys just crank out so,many releases and sometimes its hard to,keep up and whether with in the case of,this guy Devin Townsend hes had so much,music over the last you know God like,two decades I think this is like his,18th studio album thats not counting,all the strapping young lad stuff and,all the various other projects and live,albums and compilations so on and so,forth and you know the last couple of,releases Ive been really trying hard to,keep up with but like I said you cant,get to everything but then I started to,see like the end of Year lists coming,out from various other journalists and,what-have-you and this like showed up on,everybodys even a couple of my own sea,tranquillity writers as we were doing,the end-of-the-year stuff and I realize,Im not holy crap how did I not get to,Devin Townsends album this year Im,like oh so like I said better late than,never so I made sure to go out and pick,up a copy of this and I have been I know,they talked about this for a couple,weeks now but I have been slowly,listening to this over and over and over,again,its called empath man pretty damn good,I think one of the things that Ive,gotten a little kind of frustrated with,Devin Townsend in more recent years is,hes done a lot of,really kind of dense palm beyond kind of,projects and solo albums that you know I,I always prefer it anyway the more metal,side to Devin Townsend the more Matic,side theyre really kind of prog II but,heavy and maniacal Devin Townsend you,know I really love strapping young lad I,liked a lot of those early classic Devin,Townsend and Devin Townsend group or,Devin Townsend band solo albums wearing,two solo albums of group albums and I,kinda hes kind of gotten away from that,you know ziltoid was actually very cool,I enjoyed that a lot and I have enjoyed,a lot of the releases since then hes,done some stuff with Annika Vaughn,Garrus beragon from The Gathering and,various other folks and theres been a,lot of enjoyable material but I found,just like from album to album my,interest has started to wane a little,bit cuz he was really starting to get,out there but this for whatever reason,its like Devin decided to kind of take,all the different flavors and styles,that he has recorded music in over the,last 10 years and kind of all put it in,one so if you like the proggy Devin its,here if you like the more kind of trippy,atmospheric ambient and Devin its here,if you like the maniacal extreme metal,Devin its here if you like the kind of,pop rock because hes been doing some,pop stuff sprinkle about his stuff -,thats here as well the great vocal,harmonies the catchy hooks the,sledgehammer rhythms and get riffs,guitar riffs blast beats the clean,soaring melodic vocals in the kind of,almost like aggressive growls you know,theres bits of that in here as well the,the female vocals the kind of electronic,stuff its all a year and just you know,buncha – no castaway Genesis is awesome,what else evermore I like quite a bit,youve got singularity which is the,multi part really long 20-plus minute,suite to find a finish out the album,its just really good really really good,hes had some help,as far as different musicians and,singers and what-have-you let me get to,that here because trying to read it on,the alright so so of course you know,Devin,vocals guitars bass keyboards,programming production the whole nine,yards,Nathan Navarro on base Morgan Agron on,drums of course hes played with a lot,of great progress,Sam suss Paula Seppala Kelly on drums,I knew Sastry also on drums Elliott des,cognates on additional vocals Jay I mean,door of all additional vocals Anneke van,gear spear and like I mentioned,additional vocals Chad Kroeger Jesus of,all people additional vocals Josefa,Torres,vocals Ron get good vocals got a rain,townsend ryan dolly rain townsend,additional vocals ryan zahle additional,guitar Steve Vai additional guitars Sean,Farrell on pedal steel what else we got,here electro womens choir Callie and,Moreno and whistles Mike connealy,additional guitars and keyboards and,Adam get good with help on production,and engineering so a quite the cast of,characters but you dont really comes,across as pure Devin Townsend and the,production is stellar its just a real,kind of Spacey heavy proggy headbang and,delight and but not something youre,gonna get into on that first listen or,even the second listen it took me about,three or four listeners before us,finally start and say man this is good,now its starting to hit home you know,now its start its starting to crawl,its way into your brain and latch on and,say alright now we got you okay,sometimes the best albums take a few,listeners right the more demanding,albums if you buy the CD edition and,this is available on inside-out and Sony,Music if you buy the CD edition you get,a bonus disc called tests of manhood,which has demo tracks galore the,contrarian king the waiting kind and,path Methuselah this is your life,gulag middle aged man total collapse,summer basically like a whole other,album why not write more Devin Townsend,the better so I heartily endorsed this,if I had gotten to this sooner this,would have easily easily made my best of,list for the year its that good Im,enjoying it quite a bit,areas mr. Townsend himself,of course is always wearing them hats,now because he decided to not bother,with the spell –it anymore I actually,met him a couple times and I actually,had to interview him at sounds of the,underground metal festival guy way back,twenty two thousand six maybe seven six,five mm something like that and guys,hysterical he is a really cool dude,hysterical um at the time you know he,had the long hair but all bald all the,way in the front around and I was kind,of wondering when he would decide to get,rid of that but I think he looks good,the ball look works for him right hes,always wearing the hats now but a classy,guy fun guy and a musical genius so if,you havent heard Devin Townsend empath,I highly recommend it this is on the web,at www.weather.gov/fortworth of course,we are in youtube all the danceOn we got,reviews and more stuff coming up we,still gotta get to the new Tygers of pan,Tang Neal Morris Jesus Christ the Exodus,what else district 97 man I obviously,just got these in today so Ill be,covering these at some point but we got,how about King Crimson audio diary,2014 to 2018 King Crimson in the Court,of the Crimson King another three disc,extravaganza re-release remaster all,that good stuff so a lot of lot of great,stuff sitting here just waiting for me,to get to just got to find the time,right so well see you guys real soon,take care and well talk to you later,bye bye

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Devin Townsend – Empath | Album Review | Rocked

[Music],Devin Townsend is a musical genius to,the point of almost insanity over 25,years in different metal styles,including Parag and theatrical it,doesnt look like Devin is slowing down,anytime soon 2019 is just another year,to embrace unbridled creativity in the,mans work and his album empath attempts,to combine several styles to showcase,his ability empath marks the ninth solo,album an 18th studio album from Townsend,to add to his already impressive,discography hes contributed to with the,bands hes been a part of an Helms it,makes sense though he really is the mad,scientist type of musician who is,incapable of stopping the creation,process he has to keep thinking and,making something its a great problem to,have as a fan though because you were,never left wondering when something new,will come out when I talked earlier,about different styles thats what you,get with empath it isnt so much a,sampling of different styles of times,but its a blender of genres all staff,with Devin Townsends a unique mixing,and editing one minute youll be getting,some screaming as an anthem and the next,something that sounds like it should be,performed on Broadway as a musical,thats not an exaggeration either -,metal rock and even music fans in,general who want something different and,not the same 4-minute songs over and,over again Devin Townsend really is the,antithesis of that type you never know,what you might get in a 60-second span,whether its something peaceful and,calming – loud and chaotic its all fair,game,the peaceful opening of empath and,castaway is just the tip of this,enormous iceberg as it leads to the,6-minute Genesis Devin shouting the,digital mixing effects the wild drums,its intense to say the least whats,crazy about it is that the song still,feels imaginative and light-hearted no,matter how heavy it gets its a paradox,on paper but sonically is gorgeous and,fluid,the choir behind Townsend and Genesis,makes several appearances throughout,empath and every time it makes the music,magical chants animal sound effects,anything you can think of is somehow,layered into the music at one point in,this albums runtime expect the,unexpected as a cliche but it really is,a defining theme for empath the,highlights that some of the songs stick,with you for a while the anthem style,singing and spirits will collide is,motivating engaging while feeling,enormous the following song evermore has,this heavy operatic sound in the verses,that goes full prog after a while and,theres not one second where the sound,goes quiet something is always going on,its when the album gets heavier with,the drums and riffs with Devons,screaming out loud thats when the,rocket blasts off and youre going to,another galaxy in terms of music when,you get to the song hear me then you are,introduced to the growling of a madman,in front of a wild electronic metal,track trying to describe this one on a,youtube video really doesnt do a song,like it justice,[Music],there is a huge jump from here me to the,following whimsical and theatrical why,which I cant help but imagine devin,townsend skipping around on stage,singing with a choir,i still cant say songs like this dont,fit though because its just as wild of,a concept to put on a metal album as,cats meowing there are a few tracks like,that though and why and the ominous,requiem on empath thatll make you raise,an eyebrow but you still enjoy what you,hear the album ends with a 22 minute,tracks singularity on the physical,version of the album its broken up into,parts and thank god its the prog side of,the album in full force for sure but you,find yourself skipping around after a,while to find your favorite sequences on,the digital version the sequences are,solid though many of them are greats,that can be said of the majority on,empath,[Music],Genting Townsend is not going to be for,everyone its a hard sell for people who,arent even at least a little bit,familiar with his past work but if,youre a metal fan who isnt a prog in,an ever-changing style of music even,between songs and within the same song,this might be up your alley even if it,is a bit insane overall empath proves,that a metal composer can create,something equal parts heavy and,imaginative the Lao delivery and their,vocals on both the heavy and soft,moments all come together to create,something unique whether its a sweet,sing-along or a 22 minute metal chaotic,monstrosity youre in for a good and,memorable ride on this album,[Music]

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Devin Townsend – Empath – (Review)

[Music],this week I asked the question what is,devin townsend love hatred passion,Boozers known for his incredibly,unpredictable musical changes in,direction devin townsend has created his,own sound yet by playing with all these,different sonic landscapes and creating,a veritable smorgasbord of exploration,devin townsend has ironically allowed,the very idea of exploration in his,musical repertoire to become an oxymoron,of itself which begs the question if you,take away this idea that the theme of,exploration creates his sound what truly,makes devin townsend sound so buckle up,and get ready for all sorts of weird and,wonderful things as this weeks review,is Devin Townsends empath,mpact practically lives and breathes,within contrasts and for example here me,represent some of the heaviest material,the Devin Townsend has released I would,say st. strapping young lad or at least,deconstruction era there are thundering,drums and pounding blast beats and those,kind of screeching leads before we go,into the final section where theres,this bellowing guttural growl but then,we moved into why the entire opposite of,what weve just experienced which if,anything sounds like the greatest,showman and there are some absolutely,fantastic moments of Orchestra on this,album and they almost steal the show at,some points though for those that are,worrying that there may not necessarily,be enough prog sprites kind of fairytale,opening definitely sees to that whereas,the music is kind of focused on this,arpeggio and effect driven main riff,theres later on that cinematic element,of the orchestra which comes in to,really embellish the overall song,importantly though the album feels like,a journey and there are sections where,in one song youll go from Cannibal,Corpse to John Williams Indiana Jones,and then youve got the bouncing rhythms,of evermore which for me recalls the,ideas of addicted and epic loud you know,theres more positive sounding song,yet empath is just a self-aware as it is,blissfully ignorant and just as,ostentatious as it is minimalist its a,perfect representation of the eternal,conflict that always goes on within,Devin Townsends creative mind these,multiple universes of possibility that,are always vying for Townsends,attention at any one time,yet instead of sounding like a,convoluted mess every single section of,this album is mapped out perfectly lets,take for example Genesis in one track,there is so many different genres and,different ideas put together but it,works for example youve got the musical,section,then it goes into possibly the fastest,drums ever and were into that proper,heavy metal but then it goes into an,almost circus like sound,then theres total peace,[Music],later on we return to these swelling,female vocals which are absolutely,fantastic then it goes into disco and,then you really get to what Devin,Townsends empath is not content with,the standard way of creating an album,working with not one but three different,drummers and obsessor II handled them,all prog elements then you got Morgan,Agron who has previously worked with,Frank Zappa who handled those more kind,of really really out there jazz sections,and then he got samus from decrepit,birth to handle those crazy crazy metal,sections so you know every single person,is perfect at their job and it only,makes the record better,there was also my connealy on guitar who,served as not only an instrumentalist,but as someone that Townsend could kind,of vibe with and really think about the,overall song structure and where he,might need to go as seen on the,documentary and then also Nathan Navarro,on bass who absolutely smashes it not to,mention the album was produced by nalli,you know like Im not even going to go,into the guest spots because theyre,just insane the whole time but most,importantly you can you can hear each,members taste and their own feel but it,never dominates the song or sounds out,of place however for me I think the the,star award goes to the Elektra womens,choir and the fantastic spirits will,collide is a showcase of just how,beautiful this choir is but then that,also brings in the lord of the sound,which are without a doubt some of the,best orchestral arrangements I think,Ive ever heard and like I said it just,gets bigger and bigger and bigger,and theyve give John Williamss,orchestra a run for the money every time,that the Lords of the sound appear,sometimes it may be you know theyre in,the spotlight and they have kind of the,center stage,other times the orchestra is pulled back,but still there nonetheless and it makes,for such a cinematic experience,singularity is the 23 minute magnum opus,that ends the album and really does,showcase all of these different ideas,that have been put forward on each of,the other tracks in one,well-put-together package me trying to,describe this record doesnt really do,it just this this is an album that you,have to listen to you in one sitting,with no other distractions and quite,simply is the perfect representation of,Devin Townsend this is Devin Townsends,masterpiece and its just as brilliant,mental metal pop avant-garde new-age as,anything that you would come to,experience from Devin Townsend and as it,stands,definitely my album of the year so,without a doubt Im giving this record a,5 out of 5 so I hope you guys enjoyed,this video if you did hit that like and,subscribe button make sure to check out,all my other videos live reviews,interviews all sorts of good stuff drop,a comment and we can have a chat alright,guys well thank you so much for watching,and Ill see you guys next week for,another album review all right take care,friends,you

Devin Townsend – Empath (Album Review)

three drummers a female choir chez Amie,de Ville Anneke van gears Bergen Steve,Vai Nickelbacks Chad Kroeger let me,guess now youre gonna do that classic,hipster of dissing Chad and,Nickelback I was just stating a fact,that he appears on the album so you,werent gonna make some dismissive,remark about him then no just expected,it from you thats all I actually think,hes a talented songwriter who gets way,too much than he deserves,alright I just assumed youre actually,the ignorant one for assuming things,about me what didnt mean any offense oh,you have caused offense and slow down,the intro I apologize as well you should,and I suggest that you take a long hard,look at yourself while youre there and,adjust your attitude accordingly empath,from devin townsend,[Music],Amazon trail hasnt turned up yet got a,message the other day yeah be here,sometime next week of Guinness,[Music],okay so before I get started if you new,to the channel make sure you hit the,subscribe button if you liked the video,make sure you like a lot of people there,forget to do that at the end so if,youre a regular viewer press the like,button now and also leave a comment on,what you think of the album and if any,of you are interested this sort of thing,Im gonna put the written version of,this review on my website free to be who,I be I can this is the 18th maybe 19,third in a studio album from The,Canadian genius himself mister Devin,Townsend and that doesnt include his,discography with strapping young lad,thats a whole other thing now Ive been,a huge fan of mr. Townsend ever since I,first heard the incredible city album,way back in 1997 and I pretty much,checked out everything hes done along,the way well check you out Im just,saying that Im aware of all the,different styles that hes gone through,over the years and I think that gives me,some validity in my review still just,enough yeah that being said I havent,truly loved one of his albums since,2014s casualties are cool I thought the,first four albums he did as part of the,Devin Townsend Project a key addicted,deconstruction and ghost were absolutely,incredible and epic Loud was an amazing,album I loved it from start to finish on,the first listen and I still do to this,day,casualties are cool of course he did,with a chez Amie Dorval who also appears,on this album stunning piece of work,much underrated or maybe not underrated,but certainly not enough people know,about it he got that went on but I do,feel the last couple of albums that he,did with the DTP were not some of his,best in your opinion yes in my opinion,calm down I just think that often his,best work is when hes left truly to his,own devices and now without further a,fudge the review first up we have,castaway starts out with a lapping of,waves and starts out with some ambient,tone guitar rather with more than a,Hawaiian tinge this gives a real feeling,of being castaway its worth pointing,out at this point as well theres,actually a seven-part documentary,available on YouTube and in that,documentary Devin briefly states how he,sees,the character the main character which I,guess is himself being on this isolated,island,hes been cast away too and the island,is full of some of the most horrifying,monsters and most beautiful creatures,ever but our protagonist can walk freely,amongst them without being harmed not,really sure what this means but its,probably a metaphor for being,middle-aged and sort of dealing with,that sort of shitty fudge the Elektra,womens choir joins in tonight when the,soul keeps silent say a prayer for the,beloved end theres only heaven a game,in vain we pray for it all before going,into the first track proper Genesis now,Ive already actually done a review of,this track and you can find the link in,the description for that but I will say,now that as much as I loved the song,when I first heard it its gotten better,and better with every listen good work,dev I think its only right as well that,I point out just how many other,musicians there are on this album we,have three drummers as I mentioned,earlier we have Morgan Agron who he did,work with on casualties of cool we have,a new possess tree and Sheamus poor,Cirelli,each one lending their own unique and,specific talents to the album and they,do a wonderful job it has to be said,we have Nathan Navarro on bass duties we,have the aforementioned Anika Vaughn,gears bergen chez Amie Dorval we have,Steve Vai Chad Kroeger which has been a,bit of a controversial one for some,Elliott design may provide some,additional vocals here now we have the,Elektra womens choir we get some,additional guitar from Ryan doll the,incredible Mike connealy adds musical,direction to the album and the epic,orchestral arrangements have performed,competently by the Lords of the sound,Orchestra production duties on the album,are actually handled by devin himself,with help from adam nollie gets good,nollie being his nickname I guess not,his given birth name moving home third,song spirits will collide which has just,been released as a single quite an,impressive video that goes along with it,and this is a huge anthemic song and,probably the only really truly,traditionally structured song on the,album big eighties influence on this as,there often is with Townsends music,huge fat sounding drums the guitars are,also huge and the vocals are huge this,is a glorious song that really kind of,has a lot in common with the stuff that,he did on,epic loud and it has a very similar kind,of optimism reflected in the lyrics so,we rise receive the pain but this isnt,where it ends dont you forget that you,are perfect,dont you forget just who we are were,strong enough love this song next up we,have evermore and once again this is a,song what Ive already done a review for,so make sure yall get and check that,one out,link in description next up we have,sprite and this one starts out with a,narrated piece Im not sure who actually,does that to be honest with you very,good of me the narrative talks of a bird,whos sad because it didnt have a mom,or a dad and hed forgotten how to fly,as well as the will to try this is,supposed to be an enjoyable experience,this one has a eastern tinge to some of,the instrumentation and theres a bit,more electronica added to this song,kinda reminds me of some of the work he,did with sky blue what was it blue skies,my people need eyes we also get some a,pedos thrown in there gotta have some a,pedos for it to be a devon album there,are also elements on this song that,reminds me of his work on key later yet,stir from deconstruction as well as some,of the ambient noise stuff that he did,with the hummer and dev lab it has to be,said that this album really does feel,like a culmination of everything hes,done in the past not a bad song but,nothing that blew me away either next up,we have hear me very reminiscent of his,work on deconstruction with some very,complex and heavy riffing and Anika,Vaughn gears Burgin joins in on this one,as well as the deconstruction,comparisons this was probably the song,on the album,I think directly was inspired by his,time with strapping young lad the main,verse riff was very reminiscent of,critic from his heavy as a really heavy,thing album and theres a vocal passage,in it that is very similar to some of,the stuff that he did on bonus tracks,Japan and centipede look at you with the,knowledge,theres also a furious double bass,tremolo picked section thats very,reminiscent of what he did with,physicist offers as syl style gang,vocals very similar to that on the new,black and full on deconstruction error,app edgy ated bliss think you just,showing off a bit now theres a huge,amount to love about this song and I,think Chad Kroeger is owning this one,somewhere next up we have why Im,guessing that anyone who is more,accustomed to Devins heavier material,will probably be a bit put off by this,one this is pretty much bordering on,Disney territory Debbie now stride this,sort of thing on other albums but never,to this extent neve

Devin Townsend ” Empath” Review

[Music],hows it going what uh rolls metal again,Im Nick Rock Nick shred Lord and were,here to do another album review this,time were doing Devin Townsends new,one empath just came out on inside-out,records last right and well lets just,get into this one man because this is,quite the album its a treat it is his,first solo project since ziltoid this is,the first one hes done thats been like,honestly hes been doing Devin Townsend,Project for quite a while now and just,recently hes just done with that anyone,to do something far far beyond what he,was doing in Devin Townsend Project and,hes succeeded if hes succeeded this of,course whats gonna have the token giant,production that Devin Townsend loves and,excels at all the layers on a different,orchestral element special on beginning,theres so much [ __ ] going on but,everythings still really clear so,thats just testament to how awesome,that guy is at production,fantastic and I think this time he,wanted to span almost every conceivable,genre he could because just about,everything is on this it opens up with,an interesting little instrumental part,that is very reminiscent of maybe Beach,Boys and Jimmys like surf guitar yeah,Pink Floyd and then you go headlong into,this,froggy awesomeness which most people,heard by now Genesis which spans so many,different genres in one song I mean you,go from kind of traditional prog rock to,flat-out death metal theres even like a,little section that has like kind of a,ragtime feel to it yeah kind of you can,actually hear the needle going across,the record like almost like a photograph,or something like that and if this is,mind-blowing but it all works [ __ ] ton,of choruses oh my god like if youre big,on giant choirs you like giant lady,course this album is for you,yeah and you dont want to go to church,near no yeah,this this is far cooler than any church,you want to go to the Church of Debbie,the Church of Debbie is fun and then,its like one that awesome things you,get in this every track granted it spans,so many different things its all fun,and its all well-constructed and its,one of those things just seems like,lifts you he only can get away with,maybe Devin Townsend and Between the,Buried and Me which they toured together,multiple times so yeah theyre kind of,come from the same thing you havent,even went some places that BT BAM lets,say you know why thats were gonna,were gonna stay out of there its it is,a wild wild listen like you get parts,that are very cinematic and very movie,asked almost Disney and Hades from,Disney feel to you know almost like we,were talking we were listening to it,its almost like theres parts on this,album where it feels like if you close,your eyes youre watching a movie and,you just like discover the big [ __ ],monster or something you know youre,like holy [ __ ] whats that theyre like,five hundred feet tall very thematic it,it really works to it cuz I mean,generally I dont like little intro,tracks like I might just get to the meat,of it but these actually really build up,the moment youre going to get into,which none of these songs disappoint,theyre all a weird unpredictable,journey and I really like the fact that,all these songs were very unpredictable,you had no idea where they were going to,go next like generally what music you,feel like you can like aria but probably,going in this cool a blast being chuggy,breakdown you dont really get that very,much with Devin its very sporadic,almost like once again in a little,conversation we had before we film this,about almost taking you inside Devons,head you know its on it it seems like a,very personal album you know he kind of,lets you inside how his brain operates,when it comes to music and its just is,psychotic and crazy and beautiful and,all that [ __ ] is as you would think like,a thousand TV channels constantly,changing channels and all these thousand,screens I mean one of the one of the big,standouts for me was the big magnum opus,at the end singularity which,a 20-minute track broken down into I,believe five separate movements yeah and,it is a testament to his songwriting,ability and like the building of tension,and moments and then the diversity of,the stuff he writes like you go on from,these little soft like the first,acoustic guitar wasnt until until it,first even though their third been,[ __ ] we go I dont know weird like,Cuban instruments and stuff like that,but there was not an acoustic guitar at,least that stood out to us no better yet,didnt really hear them in the first,track that its on singular do you hear,it and guess this less layered vocal,just very personal like just you know,kind of singer-songwriter sitting around,the [ __ ] fire at this guy or,something and then you move in to leave,the next part which goes full-tilt death,metal like really cool and like and then,next year going into this really cool,proggy wonderful song that has lots of,cool guitar noodling and then youre,getting the steve biased performance at,the ends yeah,here comes the sun which was the last,part of singularity starts with Steve I,just [ __ ] terrorizing as he always,does but it its really good because,Steve I had quite the influence on Devin,I feel like when they recorded sex and,religion together you know I think Steve,I was almost his weird mentor and when I,mean that I mean like just encouraging,Davin to be himself because if you know,anything about Steve I its you know,hes never bucked to any trends or,anything steve has always been Steve and,I think he definitely helped Devin,instill that in himself but its nice to,hear these guys play together because,there are similarities in their Styles a,little bit and its cool to hear them,intertwined yeah excellent like they the,whole thing has this like if youre,familiar with different movie composers,Danny Elfman comes,his more whimsical kind of dark gothic,thing like hes known for bright,whimsical yet dark stone yeah hes known,for doing all the Tim Burton movies and,its like take that and then like throw,in strapping young lad and Meshuga and,Between the Buried me and you kind of,have as much as I could describe what,this album sounds like – and another,surprise guest I thought even though you,really dont hear me that makes was Chad,Kroeger from Nickelback the appears on,one of the heaviest tracks – was that,done on purpose maybe he kind of just,blends in the chorus and it might just,be better that way for will that change,my opinion on job girl,absolutely not we also had a surprise,death growl pop-up in the middle of the,song Y which is very that one actually,sounds like a Disney musical like,flat-out like just a nice little song,break and theres birds fluttering and,then out of nowhere the frontman from,beneath the masker comes in with just,this punchy deaf crowd like whoa and it,just theres one of those little moments,is like you know what I was kind of lost,there from him but that just a little,bit of my self-aware humor in metal,really brought me back in again I was,like this is just [ __ ] brilliant,yeah as odd and all over the [ __ ],place as it was it still was very,cohesive and I think its a [ __ ],great great great album I hope everyone,else feels the same way because I think,its something unique that you wont you,wont hear another out like this for a,long time even within Prague yeah within,Prague which is known for being the moat,one or more outlay experimental yeah,this even pushes that and in a good way,I think you know people get influenced,by this one another generation of Prague,is born out of just Devin Townsend,worship that can be an interesting,movement yeah now as for a raining lets,get to it Ill go first,now I read this four and a half out of,five the only thing that would have made,it five to me because it really wasnt,anything wrong with,picking [ __ ] on my end I would have,just like to hear more guitar thats it,so because because of that personal,reason I gave it a 4 and a half yeah I,gave it a 5 this was my first five-star,r

Devin Townsend – EMPATH Album Review

we sometimes I think have high,expectations going into Devin Townsend,albums and I think part of this is,because of the expectations or the the,different sides of Devin that we,oftentimes get with his projects whether,its lightness or hardness whether its,randomness or something that feels very,narrow and concretes whether its,Beauty or whether its absolute,brutality it just seems like this is a,gentleman whose projects always seem to,have a real concrete idea in mind,so with that path which is a bit of a,different idea we have Debbie right out,of the gate telling us that this is,going to be a little bit more of an,amalgamation of everything amalgamation,of everything that he has really been,into during the recording sessions of,this album not to mention prior and that,we really didnt have that concrete,solid expectation going in of what we,were going to get it instead could be,literally anything it was like a blank,canvas a fresh start and as such this,was one that he didnt want to have,under the Devin Townsend Project banner,as opposed to having it just as purely a,true solo album so here we are,mpact its finally time for us to talk,about it,whenever we got Genesis just a couple,weeks ago I gave this the term life,metal and Im hoping that by the end of,this we can see whether or not that term,that genre as ridiculous as it is just,as ridiculous as all the adjectives,Laden ones that already exist was able,to hold up some combination and lets,talk about impact from Devin Townsend so,this is an album that starts off with,castaway which does feel very much true,to its name you do feel very adrift,whenever this song begins and as its,music very carefully cascades and washes,its way over top of your ears and starts,to infect your soul it becomes very sort,of vacant but still very beautiful we,start off with that beautiful side from,Devin Townsend we get a great,introduction out of this we get some,basic lyricism that sort of paints the,picture the overall theme and it goes,right into Genesis now Genesis is a,really random song and this is one that,showcased that this was an album that,very similar to some of Devins other,works but you know like I said that was,always usually a little bit more narrow,in scope it had,a great idea or a great concept that was,overarching this is an album that does,not have that and the randomness in free,flow within the song itself or can go,from song to song this is within it its,own song and we got a lot of different,personifications as a result of thats,from cats the cows to everything in,between Genesis almost feels like a,singularity indeed beginning the very,life process whether it be just of the,planet just a humanity or of the,entirety of the universe its kind of,weird because it almost feels like there,is a bit of thermal adji that goes on,during this record now there is a little,bit of this peering from down from up,above or down below or somewhere off to,the side by a being that is watching the,prospects of humanity and seeing some of,its ridiculousness but also seeing some,of its lighter moments the empathy out,of the main impact is purely based off,of the person that is watching that is,showing a lot of love and a lot of,desire and a lot of hope for beings that,perhaps dont always show that to one,another and in a strange way this album,itself is like a soul dump but well get,to that later,going into spirits will collide as well,as evermore these are elements that show,the harmonics that Devin has always been,pretty well known for as well as this,wall of sound production theres a,little bit more open space that you get,here and there out of this album and,that becomes even more prevalent later,on but his usage of that space and his,usage of all of that sort of you know,sonic available you know area is one of,the things that makes this album very,easy to be drawn into something where,youre not sucked into a vortex instead,you feel like youre going to visit a,place that you might want to live for,the very first time you know your,apartment hunting and youre seeing the,surroundings youre seeing the scene,that you will be you know seeing for,each and every day that you live there,if you choose that place and as a result,these are all very mansion feel songs,that have a lot of great surroundings,and as a result the first half of this,record flows very nicely that becomes a,little bit more of a sort of,scatterbrained philosophy whenever we,get into the cycle of hear me,and why mostly because here me which,generated a bit of controversy itself by,having Chad Kroeger as a guest vocalist,they do find by the way they do great,harmonics on this song he and Devin,Townsend theres also some great female,vocals that are able to offset that too,and give it a little bit of extra flavor,but hear me maybe one of the hardest,songs or the heaviest songs that Devin,has done ever since he began this Devin,Townsend Project cycle I know theres,been some really really heavy moments on,the ziltoid records I know theres been,heavy moments on you know some of the,records that hes did read thats at the,turning of this decade you know whenever,he released four and one but this is one,that just feels like theres just,brutality that is spliced within it that,was just the you know modus operandi the,number one goal of this disc is to make,it as heavy as humanly possible heavier,than a really really heavy thing I know,Im corny as hell but thats what the,song feels like its just absolutely,massively heavy and I like that,considering the message itself I owe the,way I kind of looked at it was if were,going with this whole singularity aspect,with the empathy and all of that this,seems like with that heaviness and with,that rage that sort of builds up the,person that is just screaming up at the,heavens why God why you know something,along those lines the feeling that you,get from that moment everything has been,really holding you back or pressing you,to the ground kind of beating into this,into submission and this is your,rebellion this is your question this is,your outcry for understanding and hope,that there is a light at the end of the,tunnel and then you get the Y which,feels like musical theater I cant make,this up folks,I really cant why is there a really,cool song I like this song a lot because,of that musical theater aspect its,something where Debbie shows off its,softer side a little bit but also has,come on his comical side comes out as,well considering we have a very ethereal,voice for the darling at the beginning,that then becomes very sinister and,demanding its just a really cool track,and I like the heart thats presented,not only within the first,you know five or six tracks that come,before it but also on this song,considering it shows the light side of,Devon is not one thats all just like,heart its also one that has a lot of,great spirits and a lot of great feel,behind it and this song really I think,out of them the initial onset is the one,that shows the diversity that this album,can presents a little bit more so than,some of the others that preceded it,because of that random and just big time,flip-flop in tone that we got between,hear me and why I feel that that is a,real evidential structure to Devon,really being into just a lot of wild and,you know just a wide variety of things,whenever he was recording this and,wanting to really try it his hand at it,and did a really good job Borderlands is,an interesting 11 minute long epoch its,interesting in the fact that it does,have some vacancy to it it does have,some randomness to it theres a mention,to a doggy and its just a really neat,little song that at times feels like it,gets very lost in itself and thats one,of the first things that I will mention,as potentially problematic with the,latter portion of this album is that,its Borderlands while having a great,solid structure does feel it gets a,little bit lost a little bit creatively,sort of spaced out and as a result can,not I can fee

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