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Dexter review

all right so I have gotten a lot of,requests to review this show and I,understand why because its awesome,Dexter funny whenever I talk about the,show and I say Dexter people always like,oh yeah I know him in his laboratory,no not cartoon Dexter I mean serial,killer Dexter so Dexter is a show on,Showtime thats about pretty much it,serial killer right so story goes about,37 years ago officer Harry Morgan,arrived on a crime scene you found a,two-year-old kid and the kid had seen,some pretty messed up [ __ ] but the,officer adopts the kid anyway and then,the kid starts being about you know 6 8,10 12 and officer Harry Morgan notices,that his adopted kid does weird things,like you know kill the neighbors dog,and kill rodents and then he recognizes,the kids gonna be a serial killer,theres no way around it and so he,teaches him hes like alright I will,teach you how to kill people and get,away with it to keep you out of the,electric chair and theyll teach you a,code to live by aka you only kill serial,killers,so now Dexters 37 years old hes all,grown up and hes learned to blend in,with society and he kills killers in a,weird ritualistic freaky serial killer,kind of way which is why he kills people,because he needs to kill people he wants,to kill people hes a serial killer he,doesnt kill people to be the dark,defender or anything like that and so,now you have an interesting premise for,a show and Ive had some friends were,like freshmen in college we were taking,psych 101 the like surreal killers dont,work like that it wouldnt be how it,works theyll be a buzzkill enjoy the,show Dexter just finished its fifth,season so theres a lot to talk about I,could really review every season for the,sake of time Ill give you a general,overview of the show and what you can,expect when you watch it cuz you should,what I like about Dexter is Dexter is a,free individual we all have emotions and,things happen we have an emotional,response to things so everything to,yourself like that would be so awesome,if I didnt have an emotional response,to things like I only thought with my,brain thats Dexter Morgan like he was,at a restaurant with his girlfriend he,has his girlfriend whos pretty much,like camouflage to him she starts,growing on him after time and you know,he sees her as more than just camouflage,but in season one she is camouflage he,has to date this chick to blend in,because he knows that cops look for,singles thirty year old guys who live on,their own I was looking around this,restaurant hes just like I just dont,get these little mating rituals that,people have and the show is actually,really funny too in a really dark kind,of way its not a comedy whenever I,explain the show to people who like is,it a comedy or a drama it is a drama,that has comedic moments in it which I,think dramas have a leg up on comedy,because comedies people expect them to,be funny because theyre comedies if you,have a drama that has really dark funny,moments people,expect that [ __ ] and it turns out to be,a little funnier one of the funny,aspects of the show is that you can hear,Dexter Morgans inner monologue you can,hear what hes thinking and then he says,the exact opposite of what hes thinking,you know because he has to say what,normal people would say he cant say,what he thinks otherwise people wouldnt,know hes a serial killer like theres,this one scene there at a crime scene,its like a Friday night his friend,angel hes a cop on there is one of the,supporting characters hes like you know,what [ __ ] kill someone it makes us,work on a Friday night,Dexter nonchalantly just goes on then,Monday through Thursdays thats what I,always say the guys no idea that,Dexters being completely serious about,that he only kills people on Monday,through Thursdays I guess I forgot to,mention that Dexters job thats,important Dexter Morgan works as a blood,spatter expert for the Miami Metro PD,hes his lab geek no one suspects him of,being a serial killer except for a,couple people there have been a couple,people who are like theyre just,something not right about that guy and,also what I like is that the seasons are,really different season four my favorite,John Lithgow plays a killer in season,four holy [ __ ] there are about three,people I can say that Ive seen in,entertainment Im like I actually,believe that guy is crazy the lotion,from the basket guy in Silence of the,Lambs is one Heath Ledgers Joker in the,Dark Knight thats two and John Lithgow,in season four of Dexter the three,craziest human beings Ive seen in a,movie or a show and the supporting,characters in Dexter theyre great too,my favorite side character has got to be,Vince Masuka for some odd reason he says,the funniest things in the show hes,just a really sick little bastard and I,like him and his sister Debra his sister,Debras like the deepest of the,characters you see her grow over time,and season one shes a little more,insecure a little more not sure of,herself but in all the seasons shes,just really foul-mouthed cross-checked I,like her so I like the show Dexter and I,like the main character Dexter Michael C,Hall won a Golden Globe for his,portrayal of Dexter Morgan and he,absolutely deserved it was like three,years coming by the time he got it so,can you relate to and like a show about,a serial killer yeah probably,because its awesome and it has my stamp,of approval it is one of my talk like,two favorite shows on TV but if you like,what youve seen here and you want to,see more click right here to see more

How Dexter’s Legacy Was Ruined TWICE

so whats the alternative arthur,leave,disappear,fake my own death and start over again,no,youll still be you,this was peak dexter and this was how,dexter decided to wrap up his story in,2013 during the first series finale with,the worlds most prolific serial killer,driving his boat into a hurricane and,becoming a lumberjack somewhere in the,woods for some reason,when dexter returned to showtime in 2022,with dexter new blood fans were a bit,skeptical about how the series was going,to play out however the pilot was,surprisingly successful and it really,started to clean up the mess that was,made by the original final season each,episode was more positively received,than the last building to the seasons,penultimate episode actually becoming,the second highest rated episode in the,entirety of dexter then the finale,happened the season finale of dexter new,blood is the lowest rated episode in the,shows history so what happened here how,did dexter spend so much time redeeming,itself only to break down at the finish,line,dexter was a showtime original series,that initially ran for eight seasons,from 2006 until 2013. based on a series,of novels written by jeff lindsay the,story centers around a forensics,examiner for miami metropds homicide,division who moonlights as a serial,killer who only targets proven murderers,dexter was truly a cultural phenomenon,back in the early aughts there were fan,clubs watch parties and comic-con,exclusive bobbleheads this all came to a,halt somewhere around the beginning of,the shows fifth season the finale of,season four was watched by 3.3 million,viewers and is to this day the most,watched episode in showtimes history,but if you follow it up with the first,episode of season 5 you dont feel like,you are watching the same show at all,sorry for your loss,this tonal shift happens because at the,end of dexters fourth season executive,producer and showrunner clyde phillips,left the show dexters success was,undoubtedly due to the sum of all its,parts however clyde phillips was the,linchpin that held all of those parts,together as the primary creative force,behind the adaptation the creative,direction the writing the casting the,hiring of appropriate directors you name,it they were all part of what phillipss,version was for the show and by all,means it worked replacing a showrunner,can be a huge risk when big changes,happen to such a widely adored show,audiences can sniff out those changes,almost immediately dexter never,recovered and its largely because the,new showrunners just couldnt tap into,what made the show successful as a,character dexter is a sociopathic,monster however justified you find,dexters version of justice to be,extrajudicial murder followed by,grotesque dismemberment doesnt make you,a hero and makes you a maniac i dont,know what made me the way i am but,whatever it was left a hollow place,inside,when we have characters that do these,reprehensible things we need to see,consequences we want repercussions we,want accountability for the most part,thats what seasons one through four,delivered it all culminated with,dexters actions directly resulting in,the devastating death of rita morgan at,the hands of the trinity killer the new,showrunners seem to think that the real,success came from the trinity killer,being such an effective nemesis to,dexter and instead started to focus on,creating different villains to drive,narrative dexter isnt interesting,because of some batman s gallery of,rogues dexter is interesting because he,is a psychopathic highly dangerous,serial killer whose decisions directly,impact the people who care about him the,most without a deep character,exploration to support its story the new,showrunner scott buck began flailing for,ideas to challenge the primary,characters of the story the choices made,for these characters in the shows later,seasons feels more like someone throwing,darts at a board of terrible ideas and,then landing on dexters sister falls in,love with him i went to the church that,night that you killed travis marshall to,tell you that im in love with you,slowly but surely the structure of,dexter began to fold in on itself and,instead of giving audiences some rhyming,moments to the shows thematic core,elements the decision was made to have,dexter drive his boat into a hurricane,only to survive and become a lumberjack,which is important because it links,dexter back to absolutely nothing that,has ever happened in the history of the,show this ending enraged fans and up,until 2022 it was largely considered as,one of the worst series finales in the,history of television fans were left,with an incredibly sour taste in their,mouths they wanted it fixed they,deserved more and they would get more,in october of 2020 showtime announced,that dexter would be returning for at,least one more season with dexter new,blood returning with it were michael c,hall jennifer carpenter david zayez and,most importantly the shows original,showrunner clyde phillips fans were,cautiously optimistic and slowly began,returning to the franchise as positive,word of mouth began circulating the,internet dexter new blood was by no,means perfect but despite a few odd,character behaviors and minor plot holes,does a fairly decent job of cleaning up,the mess made by the previous attempt at,closing the show they really stretch out,our belief as to how rusty dexter is he,makes some uncharacteristically dumb,choices and everyone seems to be one,google image search away from catching,him the addition of dexter having to,deal with the reappearance of the sun he,abandoned had some nice rich personal,stakes for his character and it really,seemed like dexter was back to peak form,in almost every way how many times have,you done this,in the hundreds,holy sh,everything was set for dexter to finally,face consequences for all of his crimes,the season finale had everyone on the,edge of their seat as dexter was,arrested and in jail for the first time,ever he was about to come face to face,with detective angel batista and get,extradited to miami to stand trial for,the murders of hundreds of people it,seemed like the show was setting itself,up for a really wild tint season until,the last five minutes of the episode,when he is shot in the heart by his own,son after that the show just kind of,ends it was honestly quite deflating but,its also remarkable in the sense that,dexter was somehow able to do an even,worse job at wrapping up his character,than having him drive a boat into a,hurricane dexter needed to be caught he,needed to stand trial and he probably,needed to be executed for his crimes,this is especially frustrating when you,consider the fact that clyde phillips,had previously gone on record and stated,what his idea for a dexter finale would,be in an interview with e online,phillips stated that he originally,intended for dexters ending to come,with him dying on a metal slab and,receiving a lethal injection and being,confronted by the visions of everyone he,has ever had a hand in killing,so why not just end the show this way,why shoot dexter in the chest and then,set up an uninteresting spin-off about,his son the ending of dexter new blood,has prompted a lot of speculation from,fans as to whether or not dexter is,actually dead unfortunately clyde,phillips put these ideas to rest in a,recent interview stating that he has too,much respect for the audience to dupe,them like that but if your loyal fan,base hates your ending to the point of,deluding themselves into thinking that,it isnt real maybe you didnt treat,them with the respect they deserve after,all,dexter newblood was able to regain a,disenfranchised audiences trust only to,completely shatter it again in the last,10 minutes of the episode when,characters dont get what they deserve,it doesnt sit well with us at all in,interviews they call this ending,divisive but it really goes beyond that,this ending was too neat too easy and,too uninteresting audiences deserved,better and so did dext

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Dexter: New Blood – FINALE (My Thoughts)

all right dexter new blood its done,ive sat on it ive slept on it i got me,some thoughts first of all spoiler,warning gonna talk about spoilers for,dexter new blood if you havent seen,dexter new blood and you want to or,youre curious you should do that first,then come back to this video long story,short even if it wasnt on your radar if,you are a dexter fan i think you should,still watch the show because its,its by and large a great season of,dexter i spoil the warnings done youve,been warned now were going to talk,about some spoilers in dexter which,means i know people just want me to talk,about the ending and i will im gonna at,least touch on what i felt or thought,about the season as a whole and i mean,it the season as a whole i thought it,was a really intriguing great return to,form to dexter had a lot of dexter stuff,that i loved from dexter when it was in,his prime that is seasons one through,four thats dexter prime for me great,intrigue great mystery dexter trying to,stay one step ahead of law enforcement,in which his girlfriend is a part of law,enforcement so theres that complexity,it was a case of giving you more of what,you love but also the characters aged,for 10 years you know as you said hes,an evolved monster hes in a bit of a,different place also harrison being 15,who has found him theres that added,complexity and dynamic all the while,theres a new serial killer out there,they have that passive-aggressive tug of,war going back and forth where its like,i know who you are you know that i know,i know that you know that i know but,were not gonna let anyone else know,that we know and so were just gonna,make a little remarks and comments to,each other in public i thought that was,cool also harrison i thought he was well,cast because theres something about,youre like,is he saying hes like oh hannah died a,couple years ago of cancer my first,reaction was,you promise,theres a lot of that intrigue of not,knowing i knew what the [ __ ] is going on,here why is kirk caldwell saying he saw,his son when clearly he absolutely did,not and the end was actually really,intense i was gripping my couch the,entire time and then dexter gets shot in,the heart by harrison and killed so,dexter new blood have you seen it what,did you think about it whatever you,thought comment below let me know and as,always if you like what youve seen here,and you want to see more click right,here to see more,right if i ended my video right there,with that it would feel very abrupt very,unfulfilling people would be like i just,why did i watch that video enter the end,of dexter new blood which i will say,that dialogue between harrison and,dexter before that all went down i,thought it was good dialogue a couple of,great lines in there where harrisons,like you dont have a dark passenger,its a driver and i was like thats a,really good point im glad they,addressed that also when harrison says,open your eyes and look at what youve,done its a great callback to the pilot,episode when dexter says that to the,first person we see him kill open your,eyes and look at what you did but also i,thought logan died from a ricochet logan,in this show like the nicest friend guy,the nicest person ever i thought when,dexter had him in a choke hold and logan,shot i thought he he got ricocheted,about the bullet ricocheted and killed,him i thought he got dark knight rises,but apparently dexter broke his neck,which i was like oh that changes things,granted its rule number one of the code,for a reason rule number one whats rule,number one of the code dont get caught,by implication that means okay so if,these other rules of the code get in the,way of rule number one rule number one,wins but i will argue that he didnt,have to kill him he could have just,given him choke hold and be like go to,sleep go to sleep go to sleep go to,sleep sweet thank you for the keys,goodbye but i did like seeing that,that dexter morgan with no mask,whatsoever hes like a feral animal with,his foot in a trap and hes gnawing that,foot off to get the [ __ ] out of dodge i,thought that was really cool glad i saw,it for 10 minutes now gonna be real with,you ive always understood and agreed,with clyde phillips concept that dexter,morgan would end up going down he would,go down in the end he said in an,interview the end that he was taking,dexter to was him in the electorate,chair surrounded by all the people he,killed you know hes hallucinating hes,seeing them granted the road getting,dexter to there involves a manhunts a,police chase a trial you know theres a,lot to do there a lot more than the last,part of the last episode shooting him in,the heart can contain and thats part of,the disappointment of dexter dying here,at least for me theres more to a,character going down than them just,dying theyre just getting shot in the,heart thats not fulfillment its its,all about reputation seeing dexters,friends know that this person that,brought them donuts on a daily basis is,actually a serial killer that feeling of,betrayal and now they gotta hunt this,person they considered a friend thats,actually pretty intense its not the,death of the body its the compromising,of the reputation in the eyes of the,people and the friends he had thats the,thing where breaking bad excelled at and,in that breaking bad kind of way i,always felt the same way about dextre,you know watching breaking bad i never,got the sense of like yeah this guys,totally gonna get away with it forever i,always felt like walter white was doomed,to go down in the end thats always how,i felt about dexter but again its all,about execution and i just felt the,execution at the end of this season was,way too abrupt for me to feel that,feeling of fulfillment i dont know why,it was so abrupt why they were like oh,no its just going to be the end of this,one season maybe they didnt know if,they were going to get a season 2. were,like but there are no superheroes in,this show there are no capes anywhere,does anyone give a [ __ ] about dexter,anymore it turns out they do a lot of,people clocked into showtime to watch,dexter new blood im glad about that but,in a world where they didnt know,theyre probably like all right we have,one season to do all this stuff and hope,it works out which lesson right there,film two endings one reduction gets,killed and its very abrupt you know,because its a one-off or another one,where dexter slips through the cracks,and now everyone who knew him everyone,from this small town in upstate new york,miami metropd the fbi everyones going,after dexter on the other hand maybe,they felt like a dexter manhunt wouldnt,really feel like dexter nor would the,trial of dexter morgan maybe a courtroom,drama wouldnt feel like a dexter show,but i would clock into that show like a,[ __ ] clyde phillips and crew,built dexter new blood and its,resolution around the father-son dynamic,with dexter and harrison which is much,smaller more intimate and very this,season its very dexter new blood,whereas the mulligan resolution for the,rest of the series of the original,dexter gets lost under that and if im,venturing a guess,i really think fans required more,resolution with the original dexter,series side of things and granted a lot,of that fulfillment like i have wants,that im left wanting by the end of,dexter new blood obviously but theyre,wants that i just cant have fulfilled a,lot of the people that would have been,really intriguing to watch them go after,dexter morgan theyre dead now youre,not so were dealing with an imperfect,deck of cards here that said given,dexter new blood there are things i feel,they could have done that would have,made it more palatable for fans like,angel batista right out the gate thats,one thought that i have it wasnt even,on my mind when dexter new blood started,that angel batista and dexter morgan,would ever have a face to face but then,angel batista was briefly in one episode,then angel batiste it was briefly in the,last episode in which hes like ill fly,

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All 9 Seasons of Dexter Ranked

[Music],[Applause],what is up dexter fans and welcome back,and we are today talking about all nine,seasons of the show,from worst,to best so if you guys have not followed,me for a while ive actually reviewed,every single one of these seasons all,eight seasons of the main show as well,as every individual episode of dexter,new blood plus a whole video on the,finale and my thoughts on that,lots of my thoughts on that the,standalone season review in which i get,into all the nitty gritty details it was,like an hour and a half talking about,the whole 10 episodes of dexter new,blood and just a couple of days ago me,and cp did a full spoiler discussion,live stream talking about the show and,much more focused on dexter new blood,all of our thoughts we talked about two,and a half hours so ive been talking a,lot of dexter over the past couple of,weeks but over off and on this entire,year and now its time to wrap it all up,with a couple of ranking videos today,talking about all nine seasons of the,show from worst of best and it needs to,be said that i am somebody that actually,only dislikes three out of the nine,seasons most dexter fans tend to dismiss,everything after season four as mediocre,not not worth watching and i actually,think theres only three seasons of this,show that have problems have enough,problems to outweigh the goods so,im much more of a fan of some seasons,of this show than it seems the majority,of you guys are but with that being said,starting off at the bottom,with number nine the worst season of,this show the worst season of television,that i think ive ever watched in my,life,is going to be season eight of dexter,and this was just a gigantic cluster,[ __ ] from start to finish this is still,even years later an absolute marvel of,how the hell we got this season it,starts off fine like the first four,episodes or so theyre a little slow,theyre definitely not a,top-tier dexter episodes but theyre,heading in a decent direction where you,have deb off the rails potentially doing,drugs and shes just going on benders,with this random guy,possibly to investigate him possibly,just because she wants to have fun and,feel things aside from all the pain and,the regret after what happened in season,seven,and,after the point where she decides she,needs to kill dexter and pulls the wheel,whenever hes driving and puts them into,that little lake after that point this,season is just garbage because she wakes,up she apologizes you know what i need,to get that out of my system were good,now were good everything that you know,we set up in the past four episodes nah,im regular old deb again were good,brother were good [ __ ] you,that was so stupid to do that the the,whole built up storyline of this show,the way that they spent all of season,seven with this tug of war and back and,forth with dexter and debs emotions,towards dexter and the reveal that hes,a killer just to wash all that away and,say yeah you know what she accepts him,no season 8 should have been about deb,going off the rails and deciding to take,dexter down i will i will argue that,until im in the grave,so after that point it just becomes a,mishmash of a bunch of mediocre at best,story lines you have this doctor thats,brought in that was the author of the,code all along which is,a horrible thing to do in a final season,when youve told us for seven years that,harry is the one that came up with this,and thats been the lifeblood of his,code and his moralistic compass and all,that stuff and then you say oh no its,this character youve never known before,she was actually the one doing it harry,was you know kind of insignificant nope,doesnt work you have the whole brain,surgeon killer by far the weakest main,villain of any dexter season theres all,these side plots regarding hannah mckay,coming back and then shes basically,just regulated to cooking in a kitchen,for the rest of the season you have,this whole thing where this kid comes in,and dexter thinks about maybe training,this kid in the code for an episode or,two its a garbage season leading up to,a finale that i will still say on paper,the ending of dexter going into,self-exile to,save everybody else in the world that he,knows and loves from the inevitable,chaos that his presence brings that idea,on paper is good but the execution the,way that we get there killing deb off,screen with a [ __ ] blood clot or,whatever the hell it was not getting any,closure with the miami metro characters,even though he [ __ ] stabs the brain,surgeon right in front of them and then,just nonchalantly presses the panic,button after all the [ __ ] thats been,accused in dexters corner nobody asked,any questions about that,just for him to walk into a siege or,drive into a cgi hurricane and then show,up as a lumberjack worst possible,execution of that storyline you could,have had so very few redeeming factors,of season eight i think that jennifer,carpenters performance is outstanding,the first couple of episodes outside of,that not really anything about this,season that i can say is all that,worthwhile its garbage coming in at,number eight and im both surprised and,extremely disappointed that i have to,say this but after thinking on it after,really stewing on it for a while after,debating back and forth about you know,is this better do i like the,season im sorry number eight for me is,going to be,dexter new blood surprise [ __ ],the two attempted ending seasons of this,show are the worst for me now dexter new,blood as a whole season basically,everything up to the last 15 minutes or,so of the finale would have been one or,two slots higher easily in this list but,that finale destroys so much of what i,enjoyed about this season and makes,everything that i had mixed feelings on,or negative feelings on so much more,prevalent in my overall thoughts of,these 10 episodes that its dropped this,far for me i think that the setup of,putting them in new york is a great idea,i think that him having a new cast of,characters to interact with and having a,fresh start for the show was a good idea,i think that bringing harrison back and,inserting that void into his life and,that monkey wrench into his his,cover was a good idea,i think that kirk caldwell,is one of the better villains while,certainly having some flaws with the way,that they execute his storyline and him,kind of feeling a little redundant of,other killers that weve had in this,series uh but clancy brown as an actor,was great i theres so many good ideas,in this f this final 10 episodes,that,i like where they were their head was at,but the execution just from out,everything of this 10 episodes ranked,from either,pretty good to a little rocky to uh not,so much and like the the style the tone,the pacing the energy of the show was,just gone for this ten episodes it felt,like a totally different thing which for,some people is probably a good thing for,me i would have done the same thing i,think that was the right direction to go,but by episode three i really missed the,energy of the show i missed the title,sequence i missed the music i missed the,amount of monologues and the dark humor,and the quirky humor that we used to get,i missed having it be full screen,instead of letterboxed and overly,cinematic for no reason and even just,small things like that bugged me after a,while it just didnt have the same,energy to the point where the first half,of this season really felt like it was,kind of spinning its wheels and taking,forever to really get things going and,slowly setting up little things here and,little things there and even some things,by the end of the season ended up being,a complete waste like that billionaire,character that was there for like two,and a half episodes and then just,disappeared,just for the last half of this season to,feel like it was in fast forward mode,like they had to rush and just scramble,to set up all of these things to make,this [ __ ] ending that they came up,with work in some way and so,while there was so ma

Dexter: New Blood Review

the following is an in-depth story,analysis if you havent seen dexter or,dexter new blood you may want to before,watching this video,its been a long time,but if im gonna do this i need to do it,right,yeah dexter you wouldnt want to drop,the ball so dexters back to give us all,closure after three seasons of,annihilating our goodwill its been,almost a decade since we last met up,with our favorite lumberjack and former,bloodspatter analyst as the miniseries,slash reboot went into production i,think there were three questions on,everybodys mind whats the story gonna,be how is it gonna end and will they,[ __ ] it up ill get to the first two,questions in depth but to be kurt the,answer to the third question is yes im,relieved they brought the story of,dexter morgan to a definitive end,especially since they were teasing they,might stretch this out into multiple,seasons before the finale at the same,time if youre just interested in seeing,how they end it you can skip the whole,season and just watch the finale and,youll pretty much miss nothing not that,there werent good ideas and exciting,moments as the season went on just that,the execution was a misfire id say in,general the entire season felt like a,first draft it reminded me a lot of,season three with dexters bff miguel,prado great themes on paper but constant,missed opportunities that are staring,the audience in the face well if dexter,knew blood didnt give you closure,thats what im here for actually did,anybody even watch this i think everyone,was too busy being disappointed by,cowboy bebop youll never know true,of a man whos power you,no do you know what you just said,it included any idea what you do this,says did you have any idea what you just,read its a day of big disappointments,for all of us but bebop is a story for,another day lets talk about dexter new,blood,who the [ __ ] are you,what the [ __ ] [ __ ] i clicked the wrong,video,[Music],dexter new blood sees dexter living,under an assumed name in the small town,of iron lake plugging away day to day in,an honest job at a hunting supply store,in a long-term relationship with town,sheriff angela and consoled by the,ghostly vision of deb who congratulates,him on his many years of murdering,sobriety when rich scumbag matt caldwell,comes to town with a backstory of,causing a boat crash that killed a,handful of people dexter is ultimately,unable to resist the temptation and,butchers the boy in a crime of passion,at the same time as dexter relapsing,harrison makes his way into town looking,to connect with his vanished father,because hannah is dead i found it when,she died,harrisons presence threatens to blow,dexters cover and on top of that dexter,becomes increasingly suspicious that his,son may share his own dark urges the,show kind of tricks you into thinking,dexter new blood is going to be wildly,different in structure from the seasons,that came before dexter is rusty and,lacking the tools he had access to in,miami such as a convenient ocean dumping,ground police databases and the miami,metro evidence lockup the first three,episodes are basically dexter new fargo,our lead commits a crime of passion in,the premiere and then spends the rest of,the episodes covering his tracks with,each stage and the cover-up getting,sloppier and more desperate,little fargo dont you think i wish,dexter unfortunately the show ditches,the toned down dexter out of his element,plot line after a few episodes and,starts falling back into bad habits,chief among them being the always,unwelcome ghost mentor that harangues,dexter in times of crisis i made no,secret of my contempt for ghost harry in,the original series a feature notably,absent from the first two seasons which,factors into why those two seasons were,some of the best well now weve got,ghost deb and wrapping my head around,what exactly she is and what her,function in the story is supposed to be,is gonna make me have a heart attack,jennifer carpenter is clearly having a,fun time in the role and im not gonna,[ __ ] about them retconning her i just,want you to be happy speech from the,finale by now having her insist that he,remain miserable and alone lord knows,they retconned debs beliefs and,motivations a dozen times over the,shows original run also because that,final season absolutely wrecked her,character and that speech made no,earthly sense my complaint or rather,question is this what is ghost deb,ghostteb cant be a projection of,dexters memories of his sister shes,saying things deb would never say,specifically her incorporeal form,demanding dexter abandoned harrison the,exact reverse opposite of her opinion in,the og series at first i thought maybe,she was a representation of dexters,guilt like dexter is lying to himself,but ghost deb shows up to shed light on,harsh reality and make dexter face,truths he doesnt want to face but that,doesnt work either theres an episode,where harrison claims he put a potential,school shooter in the hospital to save,his classmates then dexter analyzes the,scene of the attack and realizes,harrison staged the whole thing harrison,just wanted an excuse to hurt someone if,deb is supposed to be a manifestation of,dexters guilt youd think hed be,trying to turn a blind eye to the truth,and deb would be the one forcing him to,recognize that his son shares his,violent urges instead its the opposite,deb wants to turn a blind eye and dexter,is the one insisting the truth must out,you are [ __ ] crazy harrisons lying,you cant handle the fact that harrison,is a hero then theres a one-off episode,where dexter decides to kill a drug,dealer who gave harrison pills laced,with fentanyl dexter killing matt in the,premiere was a heat of the moment crime,of passion but still one ghost step,grilled him over now we have dexter not,only meticulously plotting a kill ritual,in cold blood but also racing to beat,the cops to the target this is dexters,first planned kill in a decade not one,even born of necessity since the fuzz is,on their way to snatch the guy it should,be a huge occasion and a cause for,confrontation between him and his dearly,departed moral compass instead go step,doesnt even comment on it but forget,ghost debs motivations lets talk about,harrisons im curious what motivated,harrison to track down his father in the,first place not in new bloods premiere,mind you because its pretty,self-explanatory at that point dad,supposedly died then you find out 10,years later hes still alive so you,track him down to get answers and,possibly reclaim some father-son,connection but then immediately next,episode harrison becomes a standoffish,brat who seems to have come to iron lake,just so he could live in his fathers,house for free and ignore the [ __ ] out,of him as a form of passive aggressive,payback for abandoning him harrison,pretty much remains that way until the,final two episodes i understand the,circumstances of dexters disappearance,and the tribulations he indirectly put,harrison through are going to lead to,some resentment but the audience would,hope there would be a genuine,relationship between the two in spite of,it harrison shows up in iron lake and,wants nothing to do with dexter and,dexter really only seems to give a [ __ ],about the kid when hes in imminent,danger when it became like a joke in the,final few seasons how little dexter gave,a [ __ ] about baby harrison dexter,newblood really needed to do some more,groundwork on the father-son dynamic,especially when that is ostensibly the,core theme of the season now you,probably thought harrison came to iron,lake to seek guidance from dexter on how,to handle his dark urges that seems like,a very natural and compelling direction,for the story to go spoilers for the tv,show the americans which i recently,covered so if you havent seen it skip,to this time code see im learning that,show explores a similar dynamic to what,i just described between the jennings,parents and their daughter paige theyre,letting her peek behind the curtain of,their s

Dexter Series Finale review

yes Im playing GTA 5 right now yes Ill,do a video on Breaking Bad when it wraps,but Dexter just rapped so we should talk,about that Dexter the continuation,of a review that I actually did when it,was in the first five seasons now and I,guess now were wrapping it up so Dexter,was a show on Showtime that starred,Michael C Hall he was a serial killer,and all he ultimately killed serial,killer killed folks that deserved it and,I repeated the show when it was through,the first five seasons and I was like,this shows great because seasons 1,through 4 were so cool then the next,four season seasons 5 through 8 happened,and then the show wrapped and now Im a,little underwhelmed seriously theres,something after the lip Gow season its,like the show just declined its gonna,have spoilers for people who havent,watched Dexter so if you havent watched,Dexter spoiler alert and what I mean by,that is if youve seen seasons 1 through,4 of Dexter youve seen what matters so,hey stick around,I dont mean to about Dexter in,this video I liked Dexter seasons 1,through 4 after season 4 had a lot of,missteps Im going to touch on some,here at the end of season 4 they waste,Rita I thought the reason for that is,because Rita was humanizing Dexter so,much so like he cant actually have that,kind of human interaction so they waste,Rita next season what do they do they,get him a girlfriend and that doesnt,work out and what do they do a couple,seasons later they get him a girlfriend,it was kind of repetitive what we,learned was Dexter can not have,happiness with a chick next season,Dexter can not have happiness with a,chick now we learned that Dexter cannot,have happiness with a chick because it,causes death and now we cant have,happiness with a check I get it you,dont need to beat it over our head so,much I mean you look at season six its,like colin hanks and edward james olmos,theyre killing people together and its,ultimately a Tyler Durden type of,scenario and then when Dexter finds that,out Colin Hanks is now evil Colin Hanks,but the way it would work is that he,would need to be nice good Colin Hanks,or he would mentally be edward james,olmos this teacher but when Dexter finds,out Colin Hanks is all evil and now hes,like yes I am evil Colin Hanks and I,need to do this for the teacher its,like that wasnt how it was though you,were you were a good guy who had a,multiple personality disorder and you,good guy were not aware that you were,actually bad guy and now youre just,aware of it youre not the teachers mind,youre just youre bad now and you,always knew what was going on but you,didnt the kind of is just thats,that is bad writing the biggest wasted,opportunity,I felt was and I believe it was season,six it was when Dexters finding,religion and his priest guy is like,dont kill this guy who killed him you,know forgive him and Dexter ends up just,choking the guy out in the water and,drowning him he turns up Harry Morgan is,going to heal he hallucinates with Harry,Harrys like his Jiminy Cricket,hallucination and its his brother Brian,hes like hello little brother Im like,sweet for the rest of the season is,gonna be bad Dexters gonna be like when,angel lost his mind and became Angelus,in the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and,they kept that going for this season and,it was awesome you can have a guy lose,his mind to become bad it actually makes,it kind of interesting and people Revere,that as possibly one of the more,interesting story arcs nope,one episode long after that Dexter finds,his wagon I guess that was a bad idea,that one tangent I did I guess Im good,again the show Dexter got momentum back,when Deborah found out who he was that,was awesome I was like finally were,doing something that puts someone close,to him in this really shitty situation,worse like I know what he is Im a cop,and what to do and then look where does,like I think somethings up with Dexter,and that was awesome and Debra wastes,LaGuerta and youre like thats awesome,in the beginning of the next season,Debra hates Dexter shes like I killed,the wrong person in that trailer and,shes all shes a wreck now and youre,like thats awesome consequences and,repercussions I get it in the second,half of the last season what is leading,to the series finale Hannah McKay comes,back and I now love story and Debra,patches her up with Dexter so all,of us really irrelevant the show did,what I thought it would do which is in,the second to last season someone is,investigating Dexters like alright,were gonna get to the bottom of this,and find out who he is and I always,thought in the last season everyone,would know who he is or like the Bay,Harbor butcher is actually this guy the,manhunt is on that would be the last,season I like the prospect in a show,like this that this guys secret life is,coming to light everyone knows about it,now its all exposed and he doesnt get,away with it because he just hes a,monster and he cant have happiness,which really the show tried to do but it,was like hes a monster he cant have,happiness with a chick come on really,with that at a point in season five,Joey Quinn is investigating Dexter hes,like somethings up with Dexter he is so,convinced this guys doing shady he,actually has photographic evidence that,hes probably dumping a body then he,forgets all about it then in the last,season he sees footage of Dexter,stabbing a guy with a pen at that point,though hes kind of like I dont care,that you killed him because I wanted,to kill one but it would have been cool,to just at least hear a flashback,flashback would have been fine because,they did a couple flashbacks in this,episode but it would have been cool to,see Joey Quinn have a flashback of those,moments where he he suspected Dexter and,at that point hes like oh he was,what I thought he was but Im in a lot,of slide its fine because he killed,this guy this guy who all right Im,gonna get to the Bubba Fett death in a,bit getting back to the side,stories okay Vince Masuka apparently has,a really hot daughter so what what did,that have to do with anything in this,show had nothing to do with it was their,way of going we want Vince Masuka in the,show and we have no story for him he has,a daughter alright well I guess thats,just real thats relevant right alright,Bubba Fett death here,this is dumbest thing ever Debra Morgan,was such a cool character I always,thought Jennifer Carpenter out acted,everybody in every season she was,awesome and she gets shot in the stomach,by this guy whos also a stupid,irrelevant killer and shes like I feel,like shes laying in the hospital,and his killer guys looking for her and,he goes to the hospital and Dexters,there and Dexters gonna confront him,and an angel puts a gun to this guys,neck hes like on your knees,they take him away,oh you find out I guess during surgery,she had a blood clot it went to her,brain now shes a vegetable,I think Deb deserved a better way than,that if Debs gonna die cool if you do,it right that was just some Dumbo its,like the writers were like Deb needs to,die just kind of understood right right,okay Deb needs to die how I dont know,blood clots as good as any all right but,its not not for that character that,character deserves something a little,more relevant if not relevant real you,can argue like you have a sometimes,thats how death is well that,I love Frank Lundy and I was fine with,the fact that that chick killed Frank,London because she actually tied in with,Trinity second to the last episode,Dexter season for John Lithgow looks at,Dexters nametag he looks up hes like,hello Dexter Morgan youre like now he,knows who he is the worlds falling,apart I never had that holy moment,in this season this is the series finale,I never felt like the world was ending,for Dexter and they do things like I,Dexter rides his boat into the storm,because hes like I cause death and pain,to everybody Im just going to go into,the storm and die in his boat they find,the wreckage of his boat its like cool,then,in the end hes still

Criminologist Reviews Serial Killers From Movies & TV | Vanity Fair

i ate his liver with some fava beans and,a nice chianti,ive never encountered a serial killer,who would behave quite so much in that,pantomimic way i have encountered serial,killers whove tried to scare me but,i wouldnt be scared by anthony hopkins,id have laughed frankly,if hed told me about fava beans,and a nice chaonte hi my name is david,wilson i research write about and work,with people whove committed violent,crimes specifically murder and serial,murder today were going to be breaking,down clips from tv shows and movies,about serial killers,this scene is from zodiac,dont get up,i want her to tie you up,okay,whats interesting about this clip is,that you begin to see one of the basic,original fbi binary classifications that,serial killers are organized or theyre,disorganized by organized we simply mean,that the serial killer brings with him,those things which hes going to need to,incapacitate his victims so in this,scene the zodiac killer brings with him,rope hes wearing gloves hes masked,usually we would also say that if youre,an organized serial killer that will,imply for example that youre employed,that youve got a higher intelligence,that youre sexually competent that,youre able to drive a car,the other aspects of organization that,we see in this particular clip is just,how much control,the serial killer has over his victims,serial murder as a phenomenon in my,experience always starts from a sexual,fantasy and i think weve got some of,that sexual fantasy in this particular,clip around bondage being powerful being,in control not only is he masked and,wearing gloves hes also wearing black,clothing hes also got a symbol on his,black clothes all of these things are,about instilling fear in his victims,its also about how he can make his,fantasy real hes fantasized about what,hes going to do for a very long period,of time i always say that nobody wakes,up overnight and decides that theyre,going to be a serial killer a serial,killer is a long time in the making this,is simply a way that he now wants to,make the fantasy become real once,theyve engaged in the fantasy once or,twice,its no longer fantastic and therefore,the sorts of things theyll do,within the crime scene will become more,bizarre more exaggerated more extreme,its interesting that he also brings a,gun but he chooses not to use the gun,initially he ties his victims up hes,going to threaten them with the knife,this is the difference between those,serial killers who are act focused,and those serial killers who are process,focused the act focused serial killer,simply wants to kill his victims end of,bang theyre dead the process focused,serial killer is interested in extending,the length of time that he has with his,victims he wants to tie them up he wants,to see the fear that theyre,experiencing he wants certain words to,be spoken he wants them to plead for,their lives before he kills them that,actually makes him feel sexually,powerful sexually in control to be the,person that he wants to be,get on your stomach so i can tell your,feet we hear,the flatness in the zodiac killers,voice,im taking your car,and going to mexico,that is often characteristic of an,underlying personality trait called,psychopathy and inability to show,empathy to show sympathy to walk in,another persons shoes it gets really,cold out here at night we could freeze,of course we see the,male victim in the scene trying to,engage in conversation in my experience,of working with uh serial murderers they,are simply not interested in that kind,of rapport they dont want to see you as,being another human being usually,theyre psychopaths and therefore they,cant walk in your shoes they dont care,about your suffering in fact your,suffering is actually what theyre,seeking to do,next up is a fictional serial killer,called dexter,your mind now should do exactly as i say,dexter fits a type of serial killer,called the mission orientated serial,killer hes a serial killer whos on a,mission to rid,the world of other serial killers,and thats very typical of a number of,actual serial killers,criminologically me i definitely,understand,see i cant help myself either,children i could never do that not like,you never,ever,kids,he establishes very quickly that theres,some kind of moral hierarchy in the,phenomenon of serial murder of course,theres no such thing as a moral serial,killer everybody who takes another,persons life,is by the very nature of the fact,immoral in dexter weve got the ultimate,organized serial murderer he has a,garage that hes able to control his,victim ultimately hes going to,inject his victim,so that he becomes paralyzed dexter has,a very elaborate mo,and a very unique signature mo stands,for modus operandi it is the means by,which the serial killer or the murderer,kills the mo would change because of how,the victim might react whilst the,signature is a particular way,that a killer,will,leave the crime scene that will be,unique to that particular individual,dexter is somebody whos going to,torture and the context for that torture,is almost medicalised hes usually doing,poisons hes in a particular medical,room his kill room that kind of,medicalized signature is not that common,in my experience with one particular,caveat because of course a significant,number of health care professionals,have been serial killers,this next clip is one that is a,particular favorite of mine the silence,of the lambs,youre one of jack crawfords arent you,i am yes,may i see your credentials,certainly,hannibal lecter,does something which is very true to,life in my experience when im,interviewing murderers theyre only,prepared to talk to me once theyve got,my cv,they love knowing that theyre being,interviewed by the top bloke,you use of your skin cream,and sometimes you wear lead at all,but not today,ive never had a serial killer mention,my aftershave,but that seducing behavior is something,that i have to manage on a regular basis,so for example i had to speak on the,telephone to an infamous serial killer,whos in jail he was sometimes known as,the bikini killer or the serpent he said,you,look much younger,than your 64 years it was the very first,thing that he said it just shouted out,as psychopathy,the next scene is from seven by david,fincher,this was found on the wall behind the,refrigerator the obesity emergency,longest way and hard that out of hell,leads up to light its from milton,paradise lost,some serial killers do leave evidence,clues if you want to call them clues and,often in my implied work im asked is,that because they want to be caught well,thats not why the clues are left thats,not why the evidence is left at all its,usually simply by the end of their,killing cycle theyre operating in an,entirely parallel moral universe that is,different to the moral universe that you,and i inhabit that they simply dont,understand that what theyre doing is so,bizarre its so extraordinary that of,course these kinds of things left at the,crime scene are going to be able to be,harvested to identify who the killer is,however there are some serial killers,who do want to be caught ultimately a,very small number because of course they,want to stand out they want to be seen,as extraordinary and therefore they,cant be seen as extraordinary if they,dont get caught,have you ever seen anything like this,what we have in seven,is the sense in which,the serial killer is super intelligent,is a super predator and again this is,playing on one of the stereotypes that,the media have about serial killers that,they will be super intelligent and,trying to out fox almost as if they were,playing a game of chess,with the law enforcement the other thing,about seven that i think is,interesting spoiler alert if you havent,seen seven but the head of one of the,chief characters in the movie is cut off,serial murderers will often take body,parts as trophies and we tend to call,that in my world overkill the killer is,using,much greater violence than is necessary,to achieve what it is t

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