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  2. Diablo 2 Resurrected Review – The Final Verdict
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  5. Diablo II Resurrected Review
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Diablo 2: Resurrected Review

well,it seems your terms,are not acceptable,after a couple hundred hours smashing,demons and diablo ii resurrected ive,kicked the prime evils to the curve a,couple times and im thoroughly,reacquainted with the good and bad of,blizzards most revered action rpg,i played more than my fair share of,diablo 2 between 2000 and 2007 and,resurrected absolutely scratches an itch,for the golden age of this genre at the,same time its a game from before modern,concessions towards fun diablo 2s,insistence on grind unforgiving systems,and 20 year old bugs can just make me,feel,tired,satisfied but tired,the gothic atmosphere of diablo 2 is,still unmatched,the completely redone graphics of,resurrected do so much more than a,simple homage to the original game,adding 4k friendly details that were out,of the question the 800×600 graphics era,locations like the monastery gates in,act 1. an outdoor area that was always a,bit weird from an isometric point of,view now have visible roofs on the,buildings instead of just a black sea,beyond the walls,theres a wealth of detail in,environments monsters and characters,that made me appreciate the ability to,dynamically switch between the old and,new graphics to see the contrast,in the aged but mostly gracefully column,we have the arc of diablo 2s story,which is good but not as good as i,fondly remembered the first two acts are,fun and each quest is a dark gothic,fantasy vignette while act 3 is a great,sprawling jungle crawl with lots of,little dungeons sprinkled around,act 4 however is boring as dirk,i have no idea how a story about,invading hell itself could be boring but,diablo 2 somehow did it with a,combination of a dearth of npc dialogue,and linear areas,thankfully things pick up again with the,lord of destruction expansions act 5.,its a bit rushed but its a good time,of the seven classes i chose a paladin,for my grand return to diablo ii this is,because for two decades ive maintained,a personal grudge against the dung,beetle soldiers in act two you know the,ones that poop lightning when you hit,them the paladins lightning resistance,aura allows me to laugh in their faces,and kill them in humiliating ways and,its been everything i thought it could,be,thats part of the charm of diablo 2 and,its still great design today some,enemies are just immune to certain,damage types or have ridiculous attacks,forcing you to diversify your build or,your co-op party to win,theres masochistic joy in overcoming,the escalating challenges especially,when the escalation goes exponential as,you break into nightmare and hell,difficulties for character levels 30 to,99 or so,the heart of it all is still multiplayer,and co-op runs to defeat bosses and farm,gear are where resurrected shines most,building synergetic characters with a,regular group is really rewarding and,classes like paladin and assassin only,reach their full potential in a crew,that said the loot system is an,unreliable and random free-for-all,especially in co-op it assumes that,etiquette will prevail and well trade,items across games and characters to get,what we need,the new larger shared stash helps you do,that but it still puts you at the mercy,of others,ive already seen a lot of ninja looting,which sucks,[Music],some of the mechanical ideas feel old,school relative to how things are done,in action rpgs these days,but that doesnt make them bad for,instance you only get two active skills,at once but what was a technical,constraint at the time is pretty fun,when you get past the clunkiness,theres a lot of juggling between powers,my normal paladin rotation has charge,zeal vengeance holy shield gas grenades,and five different auras in play,theres a ton of freedom to build weird,and wonderful characters like a melee,sorceress or crossbow paladin id,normally encourage you to go in blind,and experiment for yourself,i wont in this case because there are,copious skill traps that can ensnare new,players meaning that some abilities you,might be tempted to choose dont scale,well past the early game in other words,there are right and wrong decisions but,you wont know that unless you look it,up or spend a lot of time failing,additionally some straight up broken,things like the infamous next hit always,misses bug have been retained in the,name of keeping the flavor of diablo 2,the same as its always been but thats,something few people know about unless,they do their homework,this also applies to broken skills like,the amazons fend and druids fury,why are they still in this game,im also a little sad to see that,resurrected has retained diablo 2s,arcane skill reset system,you get just one respec per difficulty,level and the only way to get more is by,farming the big bosses for rare items,and then shoving them in your horadric,cube,unlimited respects outside of ladder,play would have been a prime candidate,for overhaul to make resurrected more,accessible to a new generation and,mitigate the skill trap issue,its similarly galling that those things,werent addressed because the other big,update in resurrected is that you now,automatically grab gold when you pass by,this change shows that a small tweak can,go a long way towards removing tedium,from the original game without really,changing the experience,the moment-to-moment gameplay that made,diablo 2 legendary in its time though is,completely unchanged its as wild and,chaotic as an isometric action rpg ever,is but the long view is also kind of,slow,running is limited by your stamina bar,so any backtracking you have to do is,painful,ive got other problems myself how can,blizzard justify dropping support for,lan play,why cant i clone a multiplayer,character into single player,the latter is especially concerning,seeing as the servers have been,temperamental at times and id rather,not have to start from scratch when i,want to play but the cloud doesnt,but none of those devils in the details,has overcome the fact that its,definitely fun,diablo 2s design has aged remarkably,well as an example of a relatively,uncomplicated isometric action rpg,everyone has skills yes but they all,interact with the same systems health,mana stats its just a skill tree a,billion demons and an infinite fountain,of equipment it is as ever a satisfying,game,diablo 2 resurrected updates the,graphics of a great classic action rpg,for a new generation it masterfully,preserves the mood of a singular game,and at the same time it preserves the,gameplay as it has been for over a,decade mostly for better occasionally,for worse,unfortunately parts of the gameplay that,were standard 20 years ago just look bad,now or feel like a waste of our time,those looking for the old king can find,it right here,but they might want to politely bow,rather than kneel,for more check out our reviews of,pathfinder wrath of the righteous and,tales of arise and for everything else,stick with ign,i shall take your position,into consideration,you

Diablo 2 Resurrected Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],i am overburdened,diablo is one of the greatest and most,impactful series ever made it did for,action rpgs what games like grand theft,auto did for sandbox games but while,those series continue to maintain their,relevance with new releases or,consistent live service updates we,havent seen a new core diablo in nearly,a decade and it seems like we might have,a bit longer to wait until diablo 4,finally hit shelves,in the meantime diablo 2 resurrected is,here to hold us over and celebrate the,originals 20th anniversary,and while its age shows in a handful of,ways its a beautiful meticulously,crafted remaster of the original that,retains so much of what made the game so,good along with a handful of quality of,life improvements that prove again why,this game and this series are so,successful,resurrected hits you immediately with,the updates to his visuals probably its,most significant change cut scenes have,been rebuilt from the ground up and they,look as good as any games cutscenes,ive seen on the xbox series x,granted theres only about half an hour,of them in total since the rest of the,story is told in gameplay but its,stunning what the cutscenes have become,compared to where they were two decades,ago visually the rest of the game is,upgraded as well,improvements are naturally less obvious,from an isometric perspective than in,cinematics but everything looks,beautiful nonetheless,the way the environments evolve based on,different times of day or sources of,light as well as the minute detail,thats gone into the different weapons,armor or enemy types even from a,distance its easy to get lost in how,good this game looks,what the upgraded visuals magnify even,more is how much variation there is,throughout diablo 2s design especially,in character design there are countless,enemy types some of which dont even,show up in every instance of an area and,theyre just as finely detailed and,mesmerizing to look at,the seven different classes all look,just as unique as well both in the,opening decision screen and in gameplay,the environmental design flexes its,variation between acts when you jump,from the grasslands to the desert or,youre all the way down in the outskirts,of hell,some of the dungeons are highlights too,like the terrifying caves in act 2 that,are dimly lit tightly packed and filled,with scorpions and spiders,its not as sprawling as other modern,rpgs that are meant to hold your,attention for thousands of hours with,repeated updates but theres still a,huge amount of content here that you can,spend dozens of hours playing and not,even see everything,within acts though the level design,begins to show its age specifically,because the game generates a new,instance of each area every time you,load into the game creating a new layout,and repopulating the area with demons,that means that unless youve activated,one of the handful of waypoints in a,certain area quitting out of the game,effectively erases your progress from,that point,this design has almost come back around,to being in style with the rise of,roguelikes and procedural generation but,in this case its still more frustrating,than anything,losing all of the demon killing and,layout memorizing progress in an area is,a disheartening step back and in any,mandatory dungeon some of which can take,hours its a crushing blow to start back,from level one especially when you lose,it because the game lost connection to,the servers which happened to me more,than once,the level design also shows its age in,that many of the areas within acts,looked so similar its the type of game,where you may want to have a pen and,paper handy to write down sequencing of,different areas since its as easy as a,wrong turn to get lost and the mini-map,is possible at best,but while i can nitpick all i want about,level design the gameplay is the reason,so many people put hundreds and,thousands of hours into this game and,for the most part it has aged,spectacularly with very few core changes,from 20 years ago,your class choice dictates a lot of what,your experience will look like,regardless of your class diablo 2 is a,fantastic rpg with so many different,combinations of weapons armor and,character skills that all feel almost,equally satisfying its common now to,see loot-based games where some weapons,are clearly more fun than others but i,was amazed at how consistently,satisfying combat was in resurrected,both in regular combats and against some,of the grand and unique bosses on top of,that its to this day a remarkably,intricate game that requires your full,attention,demons have different weaknesses that,your abilities and attacks can exploit,and totems scattered around each area,can either give you a stat boost or,refill your mana health or stamina and,for the first time this is all playable,on console with a mostly seamless,transition to many fewer buttons,potions are mapped to the d-pad while,abilities can be activated by up to 12,different buttons or combos,this all contributes to a very,methodical thoughtful experience its,very easy to lose track of your health,or get overwhelmed by a horde of demons,but the game encourages you to take it,slow kill one enemy at a time and,absolve yourself of any shame in running,away,of course if you lose track this is also,a brutally difficult game that can take,your head off at a moments notice not,only do you need to think of your,current life but you often need to plan,ahead for a potential corpse run,thinking of the nearest waypoint where,you can place a portal to your base or,which enemies might be hovering over,your body as you return unarmed,every one of these gameplay mechanics,saturates so much of modern day gaming,especially in action rpgs but its,incredible to see how well diablo 2 can,still hold up against its modern day,peers still there are some nitpicks i,have that hold over from the original,and show the games age the points and,click inventory management system is,much less user-friendly on console than,pc especially with potions which you,often have to manually replace in your,potion slots instead of having a,dedicated button for each which seems,like an easy solution,the attack button and the interact,button are also the same on console,leading to far too many occasions where,i take damage or ultimately die because,instead of attacking a demon im,aimlessly opening and closing a dungeon,door,lastly the amount of running through,already cleared areas becomes tedious,most notably in dungeons when you have,to trek back down to a fourth or fifth,level and an ability to jump to the,furthest uncleared level would be a,quick fix that skips so much downtime,despite my nitpicks though diablo 2,resurrected is both a beautiful remaster,of the original game and a stellar,action rpg that aside from a few aged,details could very well have been,released today,visually both the cinematics and every,detail and gameplay have been brought up,to todays standards with few drawbacks,and gameplay is as satisfying as most,other games in the genre today,there are certainly areas where diablo 2,is clearly from another era but,resurrected brings it up to modern speed,and it can almost go toe-to-toe with its,newer counterparts,so what are your thoughts on this go,ahead and share them in the comments,below and if you like this video please,subscribe to the channel and enable all,notifications by clicking the bell icon,to get new video updates we upload every,day and would really appreciate your,support thanks for watching

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Обзор игры Diablo II: Resurrected

diablo 2 resurrected это образцовый,ремастер все .,нет не ушли хотите узнать почему полоску,выносливости не убрали или почему,паладин такой загорелый ну тогда,начинайте доспехи точить мечи и топоры и,зачаровывает и свои посохи пора,разобраться как так вышло что blizzard,на которую сейчас модно спускать вообще,всех полканов не обделалась вы,находитесь на stopgame.ru напоминаю меня,зовут иван лоев вперед,[музыка],но начну я с пары lemark во-первых речь,пойдет о ремастере неё самой diablo 2 и,этом плюсах минусах культовом статусе,подобных вещах про это я в прошлом году,полтора часа разговаривал если интересно,прошу любить и жаловать а теперь к делу,главное чего добились авторы diablo 2,resurrected это сведенная к абсолютному,минимуму количество нового введений за,которые цепляется глаз все герои,противники декорации обмундирования,оружие кат-сцены выглядит так как будто,игра 20-летней давности на самом деле,вышло вчера если вы последний раз,запускали diablo 2 лет 5 10 а может быть,и 15 а то и все двадцать назад вам может,показаться что изменений ну как то не,так и много но стоит нажать на одну,волшебную кнопочку как,количество проделанной работы становится,на порядки более наглядным и именно,этого добивалась команда разработчиков,сохранить прежний стиль игровой процесс,и атмосферу культовой игры по максимуму,на всю игру я могу по пальцам наверное,двух рук пересчитать объекта которые,как-то ощутимо поменяли свою внешность,например вот змеи прекрати или выглядеть,как ожившие 3d модели червячков вот у,этих пушистых товарищей появилась,нормально выраженная голова варвар стал,менее гротескной горой мышц чуть под,загорелый оброс щетиной или знаменитой,мешки под глазами у мариуса чуть чуть,менее выразительными стали практически,во всем остальном это,пугающее похожая игра хотя отличие,конечно нашлись например люди в,интернете после альфа-версии жаловались,на то что амазонку сделали не такой,роскошно сексуальной ну так сушки,суть-то героини в общем то не в этом,кое-кто я слышал косо посматривает на,новое обличье паладина однако и тут все,полный канон как видите просто в,оригинале это выглядит так как будто у,чувака на голове носок впрочем без,обновлений тоже не обошлось ведь,понятное дело что невозможно просто,увеличить разрешение текстур чтобы,играть 20-летней давности продолжила,хорошо смотреться если же переходить к,вещам которые мы не видим глазами,по большому счету если мы игнорируем,нормально прикручен ную поддержку,battlenet отсутствие необходимости,взбивать а и пить для того чтобы,присоединиться к своему другу,кроссплатформенный прогресс если у вас,есть несколько версий игры на разных,платформах и прочие внешние удобства,внутри игры нововведение появилась,только одно это механика автоподбора,золото типов пробежал мимо кучки vanette,она тут же оказалась у героев кармане,это если вы большой фанат на клики вание,эту опцию можно отключить впрочем,давайте-ка вернемся к разговору о том,что авторы diablo 2 не смогли,реализовать в diablo 1 свет играл очень,важную роль потому что окружение было,темным в diablo 2 эту роль заметно,сузили потому что происходящее выбралась,на свежий воздух но и когда спускалась в,подземелья кромешной тьмой там не пахло,не то не хватило палитры не то еще,что-то пошло не так в diablo 2,resurrected эту оплошность исправляют в,пещерах склепах катакомбах и даже просто,по ночам снова темно а заклинание снова,красиво светится причем это работает и,при переключении на оригинальную графику,однако был еще один вопрос который мучил,меня и не только меня полоска,выносливости,собственно почему почему эту штуку не,убрали почему не ввели хотя бы галочку,для того чтобы отключить эту беспонтовой,шнягу о которой даже авторы оригинальной,игры высказывались как совершенно,ненужным нововведение полный ответ,займет очень много времени поэтому,давайте я скажу своими словами механику,эту хотели убрать и долгое жарко,обсуждали этот вопрос ведь это,действительно один из лучших аспектов,оригинальной игры мало того что она,оказывает исключительно негативный,эффект что неправильно так еще и делает,она это только в начале за первые 5-6,часов герой прокачивается настолько что,дальше проблем с бегом у него уже больше,не возникает то есть формально это,выносливость становится не нужна однако,в ходе дальнейшего обсуждения выяснилось,что тогда придётся убирать из игры все,связанное с этим параметрам святыни,бутыльке и бонусы у экипировки а это уже,не так просто,есть немалый риск в процессе что-нибудь,непредвиденно испортить или поломать в,результате мы возвращаемся опять же к,началу как я и говорил diablo 2,resurrected выглядит звучит и ощущается,абсолютно идентично своему оригиналу,если вы играете на показ клавиатурой и,мышкой потому что на самом-то деле игра,добралась теперь еда консолей и вот тут,у меня есть на что пожаловаться,дело в том что diablo 2 не заточена под,геймпад перемещение ибо и проблем не,вызывают а вот копание у себя в кармане,происходит уже не так гладко потому что,ячейстый инвентарь никуда не делся а,перекладывать штуки здесь приходится,достаточно регулярно кнопку auto,сортировки конечно ввели но она не,сильно спасает ведь обходи масть,расчищать место возникает постоянно для,разного лута еще одна чуть менее,смущающая меня вещь это вынесение аж 6,активных навыков на вообще потенциально,до 12 на шкалу быстрого вызова что я бы,сказал многовато все-таки diablo 2 не,заточена под активацию россыпей абилок и,постоянная между ними переключения хотя,может у хардкорщиков там пианино,начинается но смешно не это а то что,ставишь ты такой на крестик основную,атаку а потом в бою получаешь вот такой,вот результат,опять,впрочем это просто некоторые неудобства,а не полноценные убийцы опыта или что-то,подобное как и технические шоколадки,которые возникли у battle.net на старте,в первый вечер меня выкидывала постоянно,а после этого вышел патч и все,заработало как часы говорят до конца,ситуация не у всех вылечилась но масштаб,сетевых проблем уменьшился на порядки и,он даже не пытался приближаться к тем,бедам которые случались на старте diablo,3 так что в течение ближайших дней все,должно окончательно выправится ну что,подводя под этим всем черту остается,ответить на один вопрос стоит ли такая,радость 2000 рублей в первую очередь,традиционно замечу что решать этот,вопрос исключительно вашему кошельку,потому что diablo 2 какой бы она ни была,культовой это все таки игра,развлекательный продукт однако вот вам,сухая математика оригинальную diablo 2 и,дополнение lord of destruction вы можете,купить сейчас примерно за тысячу рублей,а ремастер куда уже входит этой то,поверх чего накинут роскошный,осовремененный графон которым при,желании можно не пользоваться,множество маленьких удобных фич в самой,игре и даже кроссплатформенная,прогрессии героев и еще и русификация,поверх этого всего накинута в том числе,голосовая и она вполне себе нормально,выполнено за это просят 2000 рублей,могли бы вообще все 4,[музыка],чтож на этом шокирующим разочарование я,вынужден закончить подписывайтесь на,канал telling айти в колокольчик и до,скорых встреч на стоп game ru,[музыка]

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A Diablo 3 Players review of Diablo 2 Resurrected

hello my friend stay a while and listen,whats going on youtube its filthy and,were back with another video today,were going to be reviewing diablo 2,resurrected kind of from the perspective,of a diabolo 3 player um now full,disclosure i am in the blizzard partner,program for diablo so i did receive a,copy of my diablo 2 resurrected for free,ive been making youtube content for,nearly three years pretty much,exclusively on diablo 3. uh or bit,obviously if youve been tuned into the,channel lately,you will know that i have been enjoying,diablo 2 resurrected and ive started to,make some guides for that in terms of,past experience with down below it,started with down blue one for me,absolutely loved that game it scared the,absolute out of me as a kid and i,did play a bit of d2 um but not terribly,much because,it was days back before i personally had,access to the internet my friends,werent into diablo so basically i just,kept getting stuck so i played it quite,a lot but i didnt really make the kind,of progress that i wanted to in it and,obviously that was kind of what led me,to try d3 and that is pretty much,my favorite game i just love it,now i do play other rpgs ive spent a,bit of time playing last epoch dabbled,with a little bit of uh path of exile,ive tried warhammer kale spain ive,tried inquisitor marta uh you know,various other bits and pops so this is,kind of like my experience of it so,were gonna talk about people who are,maybe returning to the game uh you know,what features new that type of thing,were also gonna cover a lot of the,concepts um if youve never played the,game because there are a few things that,i think are worth talking about,um before we do jump in though were,going to try something new today in the,comments below let me know what your,favorite bruce willis film is mine one,hundred percent is die hard kipikai,motherfu,uh i watched that film at least once a,year at christmas uh just a brilliant,film uh really well put together really,enjoyed that one,i mean thats surely gotta be the right,answer but let me know in the comments,if there any other bruce willis films,you enjoy,and other than that lets kick things,off and start going through this so i,think the first section is probably,were going to call it av audiovisual so,this is like the graphics the sounds and,all those types of things now this is a,really really hard one to take my,nostalgia out of it so if id never,played d2 and maybe my views on this,would have been a little bit different,in terms of graphics i think the game,looks absolutely phenomenal for a,remaster,the all the elemental effects look,fantastic the character models look,amazing uh theres darkness theres gore,um you know its really cool the sound,the music is amazing the sound effects,are amazing as i say maybe it is just,the nostalgia but in terms of how this,game looks and feels is exactly what i,had pictured in my minds eye if you,could have said what would make this the,perfect remaster uh it would have turned,out looking and sounding how it does,because obviously the sound is all,completely exactly the same and the new,code to paint,is just just a dream its really good,really really enjoyed it so you know,absolutely top marks now if youve never,played d2,and youre looking at the graphics i,still think theyre decent i still think,theyre theyre very good its new,points at any time i felt like this is a,bit potatoey or its been off-busting so,i think even if youre a modern arpg,player i think youre going to be quite,satisfied you know all the voice acting,uh is great you know again in the,graphics we probably have to include the,cinematics the remaster of those is just,utterly phenomenal theyve redone the,whole thing just brilliance again,obviously some nostalgia and but i th,even if you havent played i still think,it would be hard to argue uh the the,cinematics are anything other than top,tier so,audio visual wise feel of the game uh,just,brilliant maximum possible marks,now what is diablo 2 well obviously it,is an arpg it is quite different i think,to down blue 3. um pretty much the game,revolves around playing through the,campaign,now,in normal which is the first difficulty,pretty much most builds can get through,the game if you do not follow a build,guide and you start putting points into,things just randomly willy nilly youre,probably gonna find it very difficult,you might still be able to just about,get it done but if you dont follow a,build guard your chances go down a lot,this is a hard game,nothing is really given to you,particularly easily that you do have to,fight and somebody sent me a review of,of w2 and the way somebody i think from,maybe it was pc game or youre a gamer,please this game is trying to kill you,at every available opportunity and that,is certainly how it feels its a tough,tough playthrough now once you beat,normal you then unlock the next,difficulty which is nightmare this is a,big step up you do start to run into,many more immune monsters,that if youre using that particular,damage type you cant you know,physically hurt them and well get more,onto the immunities later and again once,youve beaten nightmare it is it is,harder than normal obviously uh you then,go on to hell and that step up to hell,is even bigger again because you do,start to get dual immunities um and,monsters even just regular plain simple,garden variety monsters do start to get,their own immunity so it is very hard,but the story is excellent it is again a,nostalgic point its very hard for me to,take my past out of this i absolutely,love decade kane i love the world of,sanctuary,but again even if i did not know it and,i was completely new i still think the,story would hold up you dont have to do,all the quests in every act,i always would encourage you to do so,because its worthwhile looking,in every corner of this game uh it,really it really has got one of the best,single-player,story campaigns uh of an arpg you know,you do want to know what happens you do,have a vested interest again as say it,might be the nostalgia,now once youve done the campaign on,hell,you then kind of get up to end game um,in terms of end game there isnt there,isnt a terrible amount here now you,will fight a lot of the bosses over and,over again to try and get loot so that,could be andariel mephisto,you know bail runs that type of thing it,can be ubers where you open up portals,and take on extra tough bosses i havent,done that ive,nearly got to the end of hell with my,sorceress whos like level 82 um and,then ive got a bunch of characters,under 40.,sadly there is no extra content theres,nothing new and past diablo 2 so theres,no rifts theres no mapping theres no,bounties like from diablo 3.,all you have is basically loading the,game up again on the difficulty max of,hell and just playing through the areas,again and again and some of them are fun,because theyre quite dense theyve got,good mobs but theres no like random,generating i mean areas will spawn,different monsters at different times,you know its not the same monsters all,the time if youre playing an online,game uh the map will be different each,time so there is,some replayability,but at the moment there is currently no,ladder the servers seem to be pretty,unstable even three weeks into the game,uh which is obviously a little bit of a,bummer but no news on when a ladder is,coming so theres and,with the ladders in d2 theres no sort,of season themes it did used to be those,ladder only rune words which you could,make so it will be interesting to see if,they add anything to ladders probably,not for the first one but you know its,certainly a possibility i wouldnt rule,out further further content further,items further things to do no extra,story or anything like that but maybe,maybe rifts maybe mapping,maybe new items that type of thing i,think should definitely be doable,now,making character works very differently,in diablo 2 uh particularly to diablo 3,so you get two main kind of resources as

Diablo II Resurrected Review

this is tomorrow saying reading for,reviewer alessandro barbosa the original,release of blizzards diablo sequel in,2000 was an inflection point for the,nascent arpg genre defining the,direction all games after it would take,but its also a game that has been,drastically improved on in the decades,since its release which makes this 2021,remaster a confusing re-release that is,challenging to recommend over modern,contemporaries outside of reasons of,nostalgia or short-lived curiosity,[Music],diablo 2 is a dungeon crawler albeit,stripped down to the genres fundamental,basics you progress through the campaign,over a series of acts each contained,within their own map these maps have,distinct areas and enemy ridden dungeons,youll need to explore eliminating,scores of enemies that drop all sorts of,color-coded loot that help you get more,powerful as you go the more you progress,the stronger you become allowing you to,deal the damage required to take down,incredibly dangerous bosses that provide,a challenging climax to each act where,diablo 2 differs strongly to its most,recent entry diablo 3 is in its role,playing here youre given three separate,skill trees to invest points into each,of which will go a long way in defining,what type of style your chosen class,will take you additionally need to,manage staple role playing attributes,like strength dexterity vitality and,more although these dont function as,you might expect points in each mostly,determine what gear you can equip and,not necessarily how much damage physical,ranged or magic you deal this can be,initially counted intuitive to how you,imagine each point invested will play,out with established diablo 2 players,already knowing that the majority of,these points need to go into vitality,and little else if you can already equip,the items you need this is an early,indicator as to what type of remastered,diablo 2 resurrected is at its heart,its a pure recreation of the original,release idiosyncrasies and all with,every bit of content that launched in,the early 2000s its acts are incredibly,me with numerous quests both mandatory,and optional to undertake many of which,require you to scour the expansive,procedurally generated hubs that make up,each act having these layouts change,whenever you log back into the game,gives each one a small degree of,replayability but only if youre looking,to shake things up as you grind towards,your next level in order to make more,meaningful progress diablo 2s balancing,hasnt been changed at all which makes,this a necessary routine especially as,you progress into the harder,difficulties the gaps in this challenge,become more apparent acts where youre,tearing through regular enemies at a,comfortable pace will come to a,screeching halt when you encounter some,bosses who can wipe you out with just a,handful of attacks theres no warning,beforehand that youre unprepared for,the battle ahead which only serves to,make the penalty of death sting even,more you still drop gold and all your,gear when you die and having to daringly,make your way back to your body to,retrieve them remains as frustrating as,it was originally there is in fact very,little that has changed mechanically in,diablo to resurrected in a bid to retain,as much of the classic feel as possible,theres so much about diablo 2s design,that is hidden from you whether its the,lack of damage numbers letting you gauge,the effectiveness of a gear change or,the puzzling reason behind your numerous,missed attacks the stamina bar also,hasnt been tweaked meaning a lot of the,early game will require you to stop,running and stereo as it slowly fills up,this is thankfully negated after the,first two acts as you start building up,more vitality points but never truly,goes away unless you dedicate time to,popping stamina potions frequently,diablo 2s character builds with their,respective strengths and weaknesses also,have not changed which means the game,remains as punishing as ever should you,not commit wholeheartedly to a specific,type of build the freedom of choice when,it comes to which skills to level up is,stripped away when you realize how rigid,the overall difficulty forces you to be,punishing wayward choices hours later,with a few options to rectify them you,do get one free skill respect per,character per difficulty and can gain,others through a lot of grinding but,its an unwelcoming system for newcomers,to the game and especially fans looking,to enjoy an earlier entry after starting,with diablo 3. on pc you still dont,have a dedicated hotbar for spells and,abilities and instead have the slots for,left and right click actions you can,assign keys to specific abilities to,rotate them into your right click slot,but its nowhere near as elegant as a,traditional hotbar that more modern,arpgs use to organize your abilities you,do get a dedicated hotbar when playing,with a controller letting you quickly,cast abilities with up to 12 dedicated,buttons using a controller then would,surprisingly be the preferred way to,play had it not been for diablo 2s,reliance on accuracy when casting,abilities which controllers just arent,up to the task for in most cases a,controller is also a really poor way to,navigate the inventory which you will be,doing a lot of the time the control,scheme sits in a weird middle ground,with neither one offering satisfying,interpretations that is up to modern,standards and making actual play feel,clunky in one regard or another its,understandable why mechanics like these,havent been changed beyond the need to,adhere to the original design and its,easy to empathize with the notion that a,classic like this shouldnt need to be,altered but it doesnt make the process,of playing it any easier small creature,comforts like stackable potions or more,inventory space over the poultry amount,you cannot upgrade would do wonders for,removing a lot of the tedious back and,forth travel youre forced to do between,your objective and your inventory stash,for example but thats not how diablo 2,played and thats why diablo 2,resurrected doesnt play that way either,which will either delight or weigh on,you depending on your established love,for its design choices what has changed,and drastically so is how diablo 2,resurrected looks its a striking,transformation with all the details and,flourishes that modern hardware affords,lighting spells fill the screen with,their destructive arcing fury while,distinct details on the variety of nasty,creatures youll face come alive in a,way that the pixelated original just,couldnt possibly manage the extent of,the work done to the game can be,appreciated by toggling back to the,original presentation which you can do,with a press over button at any time,its eye-opening to see how the games,tone and mood have hardly shifted and,just how powerful the dreary and,hopeless feel of it all was beautifully,communicated even with the visual,limitations of the mid-2000s diablo 2,resurrected pulls off the delicate trick,of looking like what your memories might,think diablo 2 look like at launch and,consistently being a treat for the eyes,some accessibility changes have also,been made such as aids for color,blindness and increase in the legibility,of the games text graciously gold,pickups are now automatic which removes,some of the strain associated with,clicking all the little piles that,appear once youve killed a large group,of enemies smaller changes like the,ability to have text appear when an,attack misses or changing some key,bindings from presses to holes shows a,willingness to allow modern,sensibilities to creep in and improve on,the experience of playing diablo 2. and,since theyre all optional they go a,long way to welcoming new players while,staying out of the way of returning ones,its what makes the overall package such,a confusing one to recommend on the one,hand diablo 2 resurrected ticks all of,the boxes that a modern remake should it,remains faithful to the original and,doesnt mess with what came b

Is Diablo 2 Resurrected a Failure?

diablo 2 resurrected has been a great,success to some while others say it was,an abject failure and for the most part,theyre both right at least as long as,you trim off the people that ride poes,law like the teacups at disneyland the,reality is diablo 2s remaster falls,into the same problem that a large,number of remasters remakes and even,reboots do and that is rather than just,fighting against the hype like a new,release theyre fighting against hype,and nostalgia which can create quite the,rough environment so today i want to,look at how resurrected failed and,succeeded in its first six months and,what it can and cannot be fixed as we,all know if blizzards reports are,accurate resurrected was a financial,success so that would be a bit of,low-hanging fruit to use as the sole,indicator of success or failure since,its actually not hard to have a bad,game be financially successful and a,great game bleed money the better way to,look at it is whether the game delivered,on its promises and whether it gave,players a satisfying experience,obviously the elephant in the room in,that regard is console where most of the,consensus seems to be that the game is,mediocre at best and a train wreck at,worst depending on whether you play,multiplayer and what types of builds you,prefer using this is because several,quality of life aspects we take for,granted on pc are missing from things,everyone would interact with such as not,allowing keyboard and mouse on the,platforms that could allow it to things,that only affect online players such as,lack of custom lobbies or reliable,communication methods with other players,this leading to primarily a disjointed,and extremely different experience than,you would get on pc a really odd catch,on the control front too is that oddly,enough the original diablo 1s,controller scheme on the original,playstation felt smoother than that of,diablo 2 resurrected but that required,transformative changes to the games,mechanics which might be outside the,scope the development team felt,comfortable in or even what they were,allowed to do but it is definitely,something that should be looked at with,potion organization and spell aiming,being probably the two most notable,aspects that just feel bad on controller,as far as the multiplayer though that is,a bit of a deeper quagmire there is,cross progression meaning you can play,online on pc and then move over to your,switch to play while youre on the train,or such giving you some freedom on where,you play the big butt here though is,that there isnt proper cross play this,is actually something that can be,impacted by forces beyond the developers,since getting sony microsoft and,nintendo to agree to cross-platform play,can be a bit of a struggle at best or,impossible at worst depending on the,title and the company asking so my hopes,for this being fixed are a bit lower but,they could still happen its just a long,shot both of these stack on top of,performance issues on some of these,platforms with bad loading times and,such especially since loading screen,deaths are still a thing from time to,time not just on console but also on,slower pc hardware as well and while,they said they solved it it seems as if,the loading screen protection only,extends up to a certain amount of time,rather than up to when the player,actually loads into the area so overall,these console issues add up to a fairly,big pile of failures for the game and,there really is no avoiding that aspect,of it and while some fixes both to these,major issues as well as some specific or,minor bugs could help bring it up the,console bridge is definitely weakened to,a fairly significant point where it may,not be redeemable unlike the console,release where overall it is a bit more,of a failure state the pc release is,much more of a mixed bag and is where,most of the both sides have legitimate,stances comes in especially since this,is the platform that you have the vast,majority of purists modders new players,and progressive veterans all butting,heads constantly on so it would be,impossible to make them all happy and a,lot of the butting heads is caused by,one of the more annoying flaws in the pc,release the check-in drm the check-in,drm requires that the game be able to,check into the battlenet servers,approximately about once a month or so,and as a form of drm protection,obviously this has already been cracked,so you can patch it out if you want to,crawl through some of the shadier sides,of the internet but for your average,user the answer is pretty much going to,be if they dont like an update theyll,probably just stop playing rather than,looking for a new way to permanently,stop the updates similarly while the,modding for d2r is still possible it is,far more restricted and without a,naturally supported method of creating,and playing multiplayer mods with,friends youre seeing far more insular,modding being the main path people are,taking this generally leads to more,stacked modding such as adding items,larger stashes graphical changes etc as,opposed to full conversion mods built,around multiplayer economies such as,media xl and project diablo 2 which,bring new co-op and pvp opportunities to,the formula extending the life of the,game for many veteran players a solution,to this since there are legitimate,concerns over the older methods of,multiplayer connectivity would be for,blizzard to introduce a connection,system more in line with steams,multiplayer tools where players can,invite others to their locally hosted,modded servers and could even be used as,multiplayer alternatives for vanilla,resurrected with your single player,characters this wouldnt be a perfect,solution but would be orders of,magnitude better than the current,insular system that doesnt allow for,multiplayer modding now weve gone,through some fairly heavy lists of,negatives so far but it does turn around,since diablo 2 resurrected does bring a,lot of positive to the table among them,a plethora of quality of life changes,that were seriously needed in lord of,destruction and required the use of,composite mods to achieve or some of,them even really too difficult to,achieve in lord of destruction whether,its something simple like gold pickup,or more stash which was a common thing,or something a bit more complex like,quick keys or controller support theyre,definitely welcome improvements for the,quality of life of playing the game and,the biggest plus for me and an example,of diverging wish list since it is,actually something that is a big,negative for purists im happy that,theyre addressing skill imbalances and,while power creep is a bit of a concern,as are pvp balance concerns the fact is,having more viable playstyles in the a,and b tier without top tier equipment is,definitely a welcome change for people,who enjoy solo self-found or single play,styles and seeing how some of the i wish,it was good builds finally get some love,even if they wont be meta is so welcome,too and with the incoming patch 2.4 and,soon after that the latter a lot of the,early wish list check marks are being,checked even if its several months late,so i would say that for the most part,they did deliver on their promise and as,long as lord of destruction remains,operational the ability to go back to,the old modes will still exist not to,mention a lot of the more popular mods,which will still exist even if lord,destruction servers go down because they,host their own overall i think with the,graphical improvements continued,development and quality of life,improvement diablo 2 resurrected on pc,was an overall success from a design,standpoint it may not fulfill all the,wishes and it isnt quite as good for,pvp or modding and its not really,designed for the purists but taken in,and of itself it is a solid game that,does well that takes what most people,enjoyed about lord of destruction and,brings it forward in a modern shell,along with evolutions to its balance and,design that are long overdue the big,failure and yes

Diablo II: Resurrected – Rapid Fire Review

hey everybody welcome to another rapid,fire review this time for diablo 2,resurrected before we get into the,remaster lets talk a bit about the,original diablo 2 in almost every way is,a legendary 10 out of 10 game now,certainly not perfect but its close,enough it defined the genre raised the,bar broke the molds changed the game and,all the other things that used to be,plastered on cd jewel cases and boxes,when pc games still had jewel cases and,boxes,it was peak blizzard that six seven year,sweet spot when they put out diablo,starcraft diablo ii warcraft 3 and wow,now ive played a lot of diablo 2 in my,day it was always on the lan rotation,for the time we do loot runs at the net,cafe after school all waiting for the,counter-strike or day of defeat games to,start we trade sojs charms and,eventually runes for pc time magic the,gathering cards or items in everquest,it was the best,it really did do all those things that,the pr tagline said intentionally or not,and so much so that the games imitating,it or inspired by it are still very much,alive and successful today,so being a 20 year old legend with just,a new paint job makes reviewing this,version hard almost impossible,especially so since the original is on,my all-time greats list,but heres what im gonna do im gonna,do my very best to look at this game as,it exists now in relation to the games,of today in essence seeing how this,repainted classic actually stacks up to,the games that now stand upon its,shoulders,we have seven fairly unique classes all,with different play style options,weapons diverse skill trees and,weaknesses,npc mercenaries offer the player the,missing piece to help fill in the gaps,that each class has even if its simply,there to fight the random magic immune,bad guy,as with all games in this genre there,are certainly best in slot builds for,each class so though there appears to be,a ton of diversity theres actually a,lot less than youd think,on normal difficulty though you can,almost certainly get away with all the,wrong items and abilities hell you can,even run around naked and still beat,diablo,the maps did not age too poorly for the,most part with a few notable exceptions,the maggot layer of course is still,awful you must go through several floors,of amazing tunnels single file with no,visibility constantly getting stuck,behind mercenaries other players or,maggot slime doors that wont open until,you find the exact right pixel at the,exact right distance the ai never could,figure out how to maneuver through it,and since none of the ai was touched up,it still cant its of course a,mandatory zone that was always miserable,and aged as you would expect a maggot,layer to age after 20 years of sitting,in the desert,the first few acts progress in a fairly,satisfying way until we get to the,fourth,we stage an invasion into hell to take,on the big bad guy you know the one on,the box but it feels more like an,unceremonious field trip to hell for,about 20 minutes,it starts and is over before you know it,it was just as disappointing 20 years,ago as it was today,fortunately for this release we dont,have to wait for the fifth act to bulk,up the experience but it still feels,criminally short,overall the gameplay for this version,feels pretty good even under the modern,lens i feel its still above average you,gotta remember there are some real,stinkers in this genre the gameplay is,still every bit as frustrating,satisfying unforgiving random and,ridiculous as i remember,if youre new to diablo 2 theres some,things you want to watch out for you,have very limited respecting options,which leads to the inability to try new,builds even if you do get a sweet new,weapon for your class,then there are the corpse runs within,corpse runs within corpse runs massive,gold loss on death mercenary,resurrection costs,instant doorway ambush death lightning,ghosts sniping you from off screen,liking scarabs just existing and of,course everyones favorite undead stabby,pygmy buttholes erasing you from the,book of life in an instant,now this is a loot game so lets talk,about the loot system,its certainly a relic from 20 years ago,now im not talking about the variety of,loot or the magic find system or the,gambling system the sheer amount of loot,in this game is incredible but im,talking about the frequency that low,level loot drops especially during your,first play through which if were honest,for games is most peoples only play,through,it would be unheard of in a modern loot,centric game for you to be beating the,final boss using several items you found,at the first zones in your first few,levels and thats the case here i even,made it through the game three times in,all three difficulties with the offhand,oj gave me at normal at level three,now it certainly does pick up on harder,difficulties later on once you get the,gear for loot runs but that means you,have to beat the game at least once if,not twice to get to the good part where,you know the addiction starts when you,stay up far too long because you,stupidly think ill just do this run,until i get the next good drop and then,the sun comes up,now ive come down hard on other games,for having systems or mechanics that,arent good until subsequent,playthroughs or until you lock different,difficulties and i have to do it here,for endgame there really isnt much,content here either we do have a bit of,bovine bloodshed to be had but nothing,like riffs or maps to speak of just the,same five or six long established runs,looking for runes and uniques,the updated visuals and cutscenes all,look great you know theyre not mind,blowing or anything compared to whats,out there today but it is a solid,upgrade especially when you swap back,and forth,other than the graphics blizzard did,decide to make a small handful of,changes the biggest being removal of tcp,ip connection for some stupid-ass reason,in theory this would have been fine i,guess if the servers were stable but,they werent,and that ruined our lan party you know,that people flew across country to come,to it also gave us all sorts of issues,launch week and streaming,to this day three weeks after launch the,servers are still not stable this last,weekend servers were down again,rollbacks are still happening undoing,dozens of loot runs drops and forcing,people to redo content its absolutely,unacceptable i dont care how much i,love this game if i had my maggot layer,run on hell rolled back i would have,uninstalled,there are other few mostly minor changes,blizzard made for this version mostly,quality of life stuff with storage,clicking and accessibility but honestly,they should have probably done more,the npc ai is still atrocious your,mercenary has two modes the default mode,appears to be a god goddamn,crayon-eating space cadet that will just,stand there licking windows while you,are dying or itll get stuck in a room,somewhere spinning in circles and wont,teleport to you as intended no matter,how far away you get,the second less common mode is leroy,jenkins,they will run off screen into whatever,guaranteed death awaits for no reason if,there was a running wood chipper,slightly off screen that imbecile would,be swan diving into it the first chance,they got,there are also other issues that range,from situationally annoying to downright,unacceptable for a modern game and that,could have easily been changed or at,least given the option to toggle in the,menu,as a massive fan of the original this,game was an easy pickup for me it was,satisfying and nostalgic and i got to,share a childhood game that i love with,people who had never played,even now im still trading set items,unique and runes with friends and people,from the show,i play a bit every day and probably,wont stop for a while at least until i,get the gear and rune words i want,but so much of that is the rose tinted,glasses and the nostalgia,but ive got to give a score to this,version of the game on its own without,considering the importance of the,original this version of the g

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