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Diamond Cargo is it JUNK? pt. 1

this is my six month review,on the diamond cargo trailer,theres only a couple reviews when i was,looking at these,on youtube and most of them were just,complaining about the trailers,i watched a bunch of videos i made a,checklist before i,accepted delivery of this trailer so im,in upstate,western new york the factories in,douglas,georgia so when you buy it online youre,actually buying it from like a,middleman like a broker and then they,send the paperwork to diamond cargo you,actually go,to the factory and pick it up so you,never actually meet the people selling,you the trailer,the 300 deposit goes in their pocket and,then the rest of the money,that you give the people at diamond,cargo is for the cost of the trailer,so the base price on this is a 14 by,eight and a half,was thirty seven hundred and i,added like five hundred dollars in,upgrades to it,so the total price was like forty two,hundred dollars for the trailer,now my wife her family and you know,shes from georgia from savannah which,is about two hours away,so we just made a trip out of it we,tried to,like literally the day we were leaving,was the day,georgia decided to shut down for covid,because they,didnt take it serious or something and,you know up in new york we had already,been,quarantined for two or three weeks but,anyway so,um a couple things that i dont like,about the trailer,they didnt put the red or white tape on,the bottom like theyre supposed to and,theres no white tape up in the corners,ive been meaning to do it,i really only pull this thing around,with my lawn mowers in it you know for,my landscape company,um,im not really on the expressway with it,so,they could pull me over and mess with me,but whenever its one of those things,like,out of sight out of mind i dont look at,the back of my trailer very often,when im back there im dropping the,gate you know,um a couple other things i dont like,about it,their attention to detail really sucks,but then again like if youre buying,this trailer,like all the lights are like crooked you,know,its like you couldnt take two seconds,to square up the lights before you,screw them on um i mean even the,license plate light is crooked,um the trim on the bottom,this ones actually okay but on the,other side it drops,about a quarter of an inch so it doesnt,look like much but from here to there a,quarter of an inch it looks pretty,crooked,and if i get down like you can see how,crooked that light is,um is it enough that i care to unscrew,and screw back in,no but if this was the,eight or nine thousand dollar wells,cargo trailer or,a hallmark which the hallmark was the,shittiest one i looked at to be honest,with you out of all the trailers,that would be unacceptable but you got,to remember what youre getting,for what youre paying for so for forty,two hundred dollars this trailer,is a phenomenal trailer and,with the delivery if i didnt go pick it,up with seventeen hundred dollars,to binghamton new york which is about,two hours away from me so id still have,to drive to go get it,and so all said and done i didnt use,the three quarter ton i used the wifes,half ton its my backup truck,to go and get it so we spent,i dont know about four hundred dollars,in gas round trip,um you know we didnt have to stay in,hotels or anything because obviously,her familys down there so,you know that was kind of a bonus,and like i said if it was a,a hallmark or a wells cargo and i was,paying eight or nine grand for this,trailer,not a shot thatd be unacceptable,they didnt screw every 16,so they only put obviously screws here,and then on the end of the panel,but honestly i havent had any issues,with it and if you look down this,trailer,the seam on this thing is mint the,hallmark i looked at,every one was a little ripple between,every screw like you get your pinky,finger in between there,and the guy said oh thats how theyre,all going to be doesnt matter what,trailer you buy well,here you go this is six months went from,humid hundred degree georgia weather to,crappy rainy rochester and you look down,the side of this trailer,and all my seams not one of them is,popping,i got one right here that was bubbled a,little bit,that i stuck a screw in down here um,it ended up being a wire for the light,was stuck in there i tried tucking it in,but with the vent,um i couldnt get it in there and i,didnt want to ruin the metal not that,that looks great,but i also didnt want to split the wire,and then have to deal with that um,oh and they give you grease fittings on,all four of the uh hinges,so the trailer the guy that i bought it,through,has what uh a package he calls his,trojan package and it was no charge,and what that was was led,brake lights so when you buy this youre,only getting one set of lights,okay and the upgrade is one led brake,light,and led surround lights at the top and,at the bottom,and the vents,were part of his package so instead of,them plastic vents that are always,open and lets water in these,you can open clothes halfway i can close,them up like if its raining i can open,them,so theyre open towards the back so,rains not coming in,um and they dont charge extra for the,vinos,all their trailers come with the v nose,you can get a vinos delete it doesnt,save you any money,um you know i mean this,diamond plates kind of chintzy but,it is what it is i was going to do the,blackout package on it but the guy was,honest and said that,a the powder coating because of where i,live in upstate new york between,you know the winters with the expansion,and contraction,on the aluminum he says its just gonna,look like crap and he recommended that i,didnt do it,so thats somebody that talked me out of,doing like a 300,upgrade you know so the guy was honest,about it plus he said if im gonna be,driving it back and not trailering it,he said the two thousand miles with all,the rocks and stuff its just gonna look,like crap by the time i get it home so,like okay whatever,another thing that they couldnt even,put their own stickers on nice like all,their stickers were coming off,which i find kind of funny im probably,gonna end up just taking that off,because it drives me nuts,um their paint job sucks i feel like,this is just like primer,those numbers were on it when i bought,it i just havent,thrown a coat of paint on this um,the one thing i did do underneath that,they do put a coat of marine paint on,the bottom of it but its not very good,so i bought like,seven rattle cans of undercoating from,lowes,cost me like 70 bucks and uh,i got under there and undercoated the,whole thing all the metal,put a nice coat of undercoating on the,wood,this was before you know i used it,so that i made sure it was dry and,wasnt dirty underneath there,and then had time to sit down in georgia,and cure before i pulled it back,um i know some of the reviews ive seen,they say that all they do is blast,through the frame and stick the wires,through,that was one of the things i checked,everything is cut,with a nice you know circular drill bit,rubber grommets um and the wires pulled,through with the grommets,lets see if i can find one under here,um yeah maybe oh i dont know because if,its coming out or not,but you know so through the whole frame,um but this is the stuff that irritates,me this,now i dont even know how i havent seen,this all these little,weld wires were stuck all over the,trailer,you know they didnt take the time to,break them off but then again you got to,think for 4 200 bucks,what do you expect if it was 8 grand or,nine grand then i got a problem with,that so i mean they were all over up in,the wheel wells,you know there were some sharp little,hunks of metal like heres one that,sticks out that i filed down a little,bit,um you know the other thing that sucks,too is they,weld the end of the nuts so if you ever,have to change any of your shackles or,anything,your sol you got to torch them off so,you know you cant just pull them off,and replace bushings or anything youve,got to actually,torch the bolts off and replace bolts,an

My New Diamond Cargo Trailer (Pickup, First Thoughts and Review)

well good morning everybody,its your boy frank welcome back to my,channel banging gears,so i pride myself on this channel to not,do a lot of vlogging its just not what,i do,i make these little theatrical cinematic,movies i like to call them uh from car,shows,the only time you really see me talking,in front of a camera is when im doing a,do-it-yourself tutorial or im actually,interviewing somebody uh but,vlogging there is no other way of me,making this video,so that being said,today were gonna vlog god help us all,we are currently sitting in bumper to,bumper traffic on 495 in northern,virginia heading to,psl trailers in white marsh maryland,where were going to pick up my brand,new,eight and a half by 20 diamond cargo,enclosed blackout trailer,for you its going to be instantaneous,its going to be about a two-hour drive,for me,or as i like to say one of these,so sit back relax,after the intro you should be looking at,a trailer so stay tuned,and there she is,[Music],okay so were still at psl trailers,thats the,trailer itself were gonna go talk about,it real quick,so its got the blackout package and the,blackout package consists of,all the aluminum on the truck being,powder coated black,normally would be like this trailer over,here where the aluminum is polished,but over here its all going to be,blacked out everything is black,all the door trim is going to be blacked,out the door handle is going to be,blacked out,the wheels and all the diamond plate,aluminum like i said is going to be,black,it has the led package so all the lights,are going to be led its filthy ill,have to clean it up,even the marker lights are going to be,all of the led its got a vent on this,side at the bottom,and a vent on the other side at the top,lets see it over there it looks really,good,im happy its got the black diamond,logo on the top right there,all the pieces are blacked out,everything looks fantastic,so thats basically it were gonna put,the spare in the trailer i picked up a,spare,as well im gonna get back to the house,and ill show you the inside there,because,theyre in kind of a rush so i want to,get out of here and get back home so,well catch you back at the house,and uh well see you there,so about a week has passed and ive had,plenty of opportunities now to actually,use the trailer,walk around it take a good hard look at,it see things that i didnt like,things that i do like and get some,projects in mind,and thats what were going to talk,about right now so but before i do that,i want to thank,a couple of people one i want to thank,my friend russell,who ive said in a few videos before i,had the truck and before i had the,trailer,used to let me borrow his truck and,trailer for a couple of years whenever i,needed it to tow the car to major shows,especially like,ocean city so and then when i finally,got my truck last year i just had to,borrow his trailer,but still it was uh it was its its,above and beyond,what friendships call for so russell,thank you very much for everything,youve done,over for me for the last few years with,the truck and trailer,and everything else without you and,without the use of those two things i,probably couldnt have made half the,videos that ive made,this year and two i also want to thank,my gearhead,members we have two of them now,and if you also would like to support,the channel and become a member,not a subscriber become a member you can,click the membership button,and see get more information about it,and,and everything memberships have to offer,um but if you just like this content you,just want to subscribe,make sure you hit that subscribe button,and hit that notification bell so you,dont miss a video,because with the trailer its going to,be a lot of cool trailer projects coming,up down the pike,so with that lets jump right into it,and well,get inside the trailer now its a,trailer,its an eight and a half by 20,diamond cargo,in georgia its got the black package,where everything is black,and im not going to show you anything,that you dont havent seen,before when it comes to trailers,its got the fold down so i can drive,the car up,um i have some wooden here because im,in the process of replacing the,decking on my back deck on the house but,its just a standard trailer,looks great it has the led package its,got the one light,at the door there is no vent on top,i opted to go that route because ive,been told,by a lot of people that they leak and,theyre probably more hassle than they,are,worth it so i got the small vents,on the outside see one there,and the vent on the front,there,it comes with the four tie downs,like most trailers do and i did pick up,a spare tire,of course always good to have but i am,going to,move these im probably either going to,move them or im going to leave them and,buy two more,and scoot them up because i want to,build a workbench here,so i want to get the e-track system,and build a workbench in here,with some drawers and some cabinets,maybe even,a set of upper cabinets,um so i can work in here if i ever get,into a pickle out on the road,and i need to do some work on the car i,can have storage for all my tools and,things,like that the other thing i want to do,is undercoating anything from georgia,is known to not be that well,undercoated especially for east coast,we get tons of salt and snow and sand,in the wintertime if youre doing any,type of hauling you really need to,undercoat these really well,i havent even looked underneath it yet,it may be well done lets go look at,that,right now actually so its pretty well,undercoated actually you can see,somebody must have caught it,there and bent it i have to bang that,back up,but everything seems to be undercoated,really well,uh i may not have to do that project,okay well im happier i might go over,the wood you see like the wood here is a,little,little not coated correctly i should,undercoat it again like i said,its a good thing to do always check,yours if you get one out of georgia,because theyre known like i said,not to be very well undercoated,i like the uh the insulated door with an,actual lock its got a its got a a dead,bolt on it so i can be,inside if i ever have to sleep or,something on the inside,i can lock it from the inside without,being locked,inside if that makes any sense,i said its got the blackout package,where all the diamond plate has been,powder coated black matches all the,blacked out badging on the truck,which is what i really wanted so i got,the all black,truck and the all black trailer,i also want to get some e-track and,mount it on the walls,four hanging tools,and ratchet tie downs and things,like that im not gonna do the e-track,on the floor,i like the traditional,ring tie-downs better um,it does have i forgot what this is,called uh some kind of a,dovetail in the back where it sinks a,little lower for easy access for the car,to ride up,im also gonna do the floor completely,over i realize you cant see it because,of,all the decking im going to,either epoxy or,uh rhino line,the floor give it that sandy grip,so when i walk on it its not and its,been wet outside its not going to be,slippery,and itll just dress it up a little bit,im also going to paint the walls i,think,im going to paint the walls white i,have the insulated roof,which i really like now some things that,i dont like which i think,the manufacturer could have done a,little bit better job on and lets go,outside,things like here i dont know if you can,see it,but theres a gap in the aluminum right,there,now to me its an easy fix im going to,put some,epoxy in there and put a couple of,screws,and see if i can get it to close up a,little bit it looks like i will maybe be,able to,so that i can fix myself not that big of,a deal,see like theres another one back here,which is an easy fix just put a couple,more screws,i dont know if they forgot to put,screws or the epoxy,just didnt hold of what they put,you can see the vent on the outside and,the the,led lighting but theres a couple of,spots,in the trailer where the

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Lets talk about Cargo Trailers In Douglas South Georgia

I want to talk about cargo trailers at,South Georgia and what youd expect Ill,show you a few things one of the things,is right here when the winds blowing up,on this this isnt sealed so rain would,run down into the trail and they used a,silver screw here here right there and,right there it is silk on the back door,up here its kind of separating a little,bit look like it was dirty and theyre,putting on that all needs to be filled,in probably another screw here but they,didnt put any silicone on the side door,yeah tell again theres one screw to,thing you have to put in English yeah,bring the caulking all the way down and,stop right here and didnt put any must,forgot about that leather screw right,here the other thing but not a huge deal,but it they tighten that too much,theres probably a gap right here and,that bit pulled that in welcome back,down see that go into the trailer,actually pretty nice for right now in,there,um thats no big deal I just kind of put,it on the tractor hes all weather,stripping its uh is what it is but neat,lettuce youre on the clock they cut the,corners too short Oh feel like opening,the door but when it when they blend it,up the weather stripping they didnt run,it all the way up and then all the way,over so it doesnt doesnt meet on the,corners,on this this up in door I should,have cut that short all right,so I like this over here its kind of,put it up against me its this top rail,here Im assuming all the cocking is to,cover a bowl the gap around the tree or,what,no big deal the biggest the biggest,concern is the roof and water getting in,from up above wicking wicking into the,door I mean theres no no caulking,around the door silicone I should say,they did put some around these here and,all this so theyll wick right into that,door piece of plywood theres something,underneath here some sort of bowls or,something if I cant touch that down a,little half of this this is on the roof,line what happen is it the wind when,itll go like this I dont wear a hole,through there and wherever else there,are screws and it will winter on the,roof eventually we put all this sealer,I dont know what happened here maybe we,just cleaned it off cleaned off their,brush right there there there paddle,but look all we got,I dont think this would be very good,for snow hopefully you doesnt hold,water down down there hopefully wont,hold water,well see and the frames already rusting,because they didnt get in areas those,steel is already rusting Im gonna have,to go paint that so it wont rust,anymore yeah I noticed that and I said,something at the back be like oh just go,buy some rest on I just know thats,unacceptable at least get a sprayer,spray good you know you look under the,trailer looks pretty good,still more glass all over the place,the world to look pretty good Lisa,on the wiring Im not not too upset,about that it is what it is but Ill,probably go in and have to put some that,black or whatever sheath that goes over,it keep the wires from go like this when,youre going down the road and wearing a,hole through they put some black,undercoating on the on the fly with,black paint or something,and probably put something more on there,this is actually raised up on this side,right here and they put another screw in,there but its actually a little bit but,that buckled that so that needs to be,that definitely needs to be CLO youll,see mr. mark quite a few times over here,they kept trying it,Oh trying to find the trying to find,this cross brace or what look – one two,three four or five holes sealed it up on,the inside Ill probably have to stay in,that and seal from the other side – so,water doesnt wick in there off the road,from the tyres but Im sure theyre all,over the place on this under here thats,not acceptable,but whatever just take it theyre not,that expensive just get a crimp tool and,put a big old wing on there with a crimp,tool they should have put some silicone,here too so when wicking there behind,the firewood but Im sure theres a,bunch more stuff not too big of a deal,would think I think that they want to,cut those holes a little bit too big on,that for the lights well yeah I just,think that,they got a bunch of people that dont,care what theyre doing,yeah I just spent a little bit more time,on it and looked it over it would be,really nice but somebody said that they,made 4241 trailers a day completing them,which is crazy thats thats thats a,lot of trailers but thats what happens,you know quality control goes down when,when you have it I just hope that the,roof doesnt leak and be horrible but,all right thank you thats my video

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Diamond Cargo Trailer Review

this is going to be a review on the,diamond cargo trailer the trailer that I,purchased was an eight and a half by,sixteen foot cargo trailer I purchased,it from us a cargo trailer sales.com,there are a multitude of trailer,manufacturers in Georgia so when you go,to do your research on buying a cargo,trailer it might be a little,overwhelming because there are so many,of them so I figured I would list this,one to give you a starting point on,where to look now if you go to the,website where I purchased my trailer,they state that they have one of the,biggest V noses in the industry,unfortunately thats not true,I found that cargo mate has one of the,biggest V noses in the industry so you,can make and draw your own conclusions,from there now if you purchase your,trailer where I purchased mine from and,you go to their website it states that,their exterior screws will stand up to,the harsh elements and theyre stronger,more durable than screwless tape that is,absolutely correct until you move the,trailer about ten feet off the property,and then screw start popping out as was,the case with my trailer as you can see,here now if you go to their website,youll notice that they have a five year,manufacturer warranty not one or three,years,like most trailer manufacturers however,there is a little bit of a problem with,that if you look at the paperwork that,comes with your trailer it says theres,a purchasers obligation in other words,the purchaser must complete return the,warranty card within 15 days of purchase,to obtain warranty service so what that,means is if you find anything wrong you,have to pay for all services including,towing and transportation in order to,get it back to the trailer facility to,fix it now if youve picked your trailer,up and its a lot of mileage,unfortunately youre gonna have to incur,all those charges to tow it back there,or waste all that gas to get back there,to fix it over something that may be,minor now if you look on their website,they state that they have a 12-volt,interior light whats,which keep in mind if you got the LED,upgrade package it does not include an,LED on the interior light its just a,standard regular light the other thing,to keep in mind if you get the LED,package upgrade it does not include an,LED light in the license plate light,its just a standard look the other,thing it states on their website is it,comes with a molded plastic tag box but,the other way of saying that its just a,license plate bracket now the problem,with the license plate bracket is when,you go to put your license plate on and,turn your screw in it will push up,against the body panel itself and,separate the license plate frame from,the body panel as you can see from where,my thumb is and highlighted by the red,arrow the screw wont go all the way in,and it pushes and separates itself the,good thing about diamond cargo trailers,is that they include a ramp flap for,free its very durable and works very,well unfortunately I noticed the piano,hinge was bulged on the end when I was,inspecting it this was due to a screw,not being seated properly I tried to,tighten it down and I could not do that,and the only solution to this problem is,to replace the screw with a wider and a,longer screw you can see highlighted by,the arrow how it split the wood itself,here is another picture that shows the,wood being swollen most likely this is,due to the wood not being pre-drilled,when they put the screw in according to,the website diamond cargo trailers come,with marine grade paint however upon,close inspection on the underside of the,trailer I notice it was a very thin coat,as you can see the wood grain is,bleeding through the marine grey paint,so you may want to put some undercoating,on your diamond cargo trailer to make it,a little bit thicker now upon looking,underneath the trailer,I saw grommets protecting the wires in,the steel frame itself this pleased me,until I looked further on the frame and,I noticed that somebody had taken a blow,torch in order to make holes in the,frame,in which to run the wires through now I,would have liked to see this throughout,the underside of the frame but,unfortunately that wasnt the case as,you can see from the pictures here,somebody just took the blow torch and,cut a hole in the frame and ran the,wires through now over time whats going,to happen is youre gonna get vibrations,its gonna cut through these wires and,then youre gonna have a wiring problem,and youre gonna have to rewire the,trailer I was hoping they would have,done a better job but I guess you get,what you pay for the other thing I,notice on the underside of the trailer,were the shackle bolts if you look,highlighted by the red arrow you can see,that they welded the threads at the end,of the bolt so if you ever have to,replace the shackles or the bolts,themselves youre pretty much screwed I,wasnt happy to see this they could have,used a cotter pin in this they could,have used a lock nut there was many,things they could have done so it,wouldnt have been so bad if you ever,had to replace any of these items the,other thing I noticed well underneath,the vehicle were the two brake lines,sitting on top of the shackles that,bolts the shackle to the axle itself,over time with vibrations these wires,are gonna wear and nine chances out of,ten youre either gonna blow up the fuse,or youre gonna lose your brakes,completely which is in my opinion is not,a good thing the other thing I happen to,notice was the grommets surrounding the,brake lights themselves on the back of,the trailer the one on the passenger,side was fine and it was about a quarter,of an inch in however the one on the,drivers side the grommet itself was,sticking out about a quarter of an inch,past the body panels themselves so it,can catch on branches or anything else I,doubt this is going to affect much but,it would have been nice if it was in a,little bit more and it wasnt,overlapping the other thing I happen to,notice was the vehicle identification,number sticker in the trailer loading,information the two stickers were,overlapping each other over time these,two stickers are going to get moisture,or water underneath them and possibly,peel off now I do realize this is,cosmetic however all this information,that you see,not located anywhere else on the trailer,so it would have been nice to see these,two stickers separated from each other,the other thing I believe is worth,mentioning is trailer tongue length now,this is an option and I didnt go with,it and I should have because if you,dont get the extended trailer tongue,you risk jackknife in your trailer now,this vehicle happened to move my trailer,and as you can see the diamond plate,looks beautiful by the time this got to,me he had jackknifed and didnt know his,ass from his elbow and he ended up,putting a dent in my brand new trailer,on the exterior of the vehicle I,happened to notice that was sheet metal,that was sticking out in the wheel well,as you can see here highlighted by the,red arrow so it wouldnt have taken much,to cut this off but I wasnt too happy,to see this and I had to do this myself,the other thing I noticed was the screws,that fasten the body panels to the,trailer themselves were stripped out or,they were hand tight I could tighten or,loosen them by hand so to take care of,this problem I went and I got myself a,four square bit which is an so2 these,could be obtained from multiple sources,whether it be a bay amazon Lowes Home,Depot or you can even get them at,Walmart you can also get a twenty five,star bit as well you can obtain these,along with your colored screws that,match your trailer themselves ok this is,the end of the review on the diamond,cargo trailer if you are considering,purchasing a diamond cargo trailer you,can get them from multiple sources again,I have listed the website in this video,and I have had really good luck dealing,with these people theyve been,phenomenal from start to finish,although I dont agree with certain,things when it come

Diamond Cargo Trailer review update

this is an update to the diamond cargo,trailer review a few things were left,out and are being included in this video,one thing that was left out was when the,trailer was received the interior cargo,light had a bad connection and worked,intermittently the problem was not with,a visible electrical connector this,means that the wood paneling will,possibly need to be removed as the,connector for the light is not easily,accessible and is behind the paneling,also if you are accustomed to metal or,aluminum door holders like cargo mate,trailers have you may not like the idea,of the molded plastic door holders that,diamond cargo trailers come with however,this is an improvement and better than,the metal door holders the metal door,holders are easily bent and in the event,something catches the trailer door the,plastic will break and can be easily,replaced the metal door holders would,either break the door holder or tear the,door up where it is bolted to it,according to the manufacturers website,where the trailer was purchased from the,tie-downs are welded and have a 5,000,pound rating from looking under the,trailer they appear to be both it and,not welded this is a good thing as they,are easily replaced upon looking at the,bolts under the trailer holding the,tie-downs in place you will notice that,washed rows lock washers or lock nuts,were not used down the road with,vibration this could be an issue when,you compare the mounting plate to those,sold by etrailer.com you will see the,plate comes with a lock washer also,where the screwed floor is fastened to,the support beams they missed the steel,several times they didnt seal or cover,up the holes in the wood they missed the,beam at least three times looking at the,roof you will see multiple seams,they seal the joins which is a good,thing however the seam is sealed in line,with the edge of the door normally this,isnt a problem just as a precaution the,snow was cleared from the roof of the,trailer as ice is building up from the,melted snow when you get a good amount,of snow and it melts refreezes and melts,again you can see what happens when the,snow melts the water travels along the,seam and onto the drip trim as designed,regardless of the trailer height or,angle the water runs next to the door as,seen here and refuses this caused the,door to stick slightly when it was,opened for access when door is opened,the seal pulls away from the door maybe,a little more of a lip on the drip trim,can correct this as always we welcome,any suggestions or comments if you can,think of any other videos pertaining to,cargo trailers that you would like to,see please let us know well be doing,the reviews on other cargo trailers down,the road for comparisons thank you all,for watching and dont forget to,subscribe for channel updates

Diamond Cargo is it JUNK? pt. 2

these thats a little blue connector,that you just got to get somewhere them,up,and i mean the other things the kind of,like attention to detail like i was,saying the kind of sucks is like this,here like,they sent this home and they like,cracked it,and its like you know you could have,stuck like another,piece of this 3 8 wood,around it so this sat flush and looked,better,well they didnt so its cracked there,and ive seen ive got paint on it,and then one day ill get some goof off,maybe and get the head off of there,but that ones actually pretty good this,one up here they hacked,all the hell putting it in and,but again it was a free,upgrade so i didnt really complain i,mean that was the least of my,worries with the trailer um you know i,got underneath it i checked all the,welds,because i watched some horror stories,about like the main beam going back,being,two beams that they half-ass welded,together,and just piecing things in and its not,everythings,one solid piece all the cross supports,are solid pieces,all the welds are halfway decent um,i also checked all the screws for the,seams with the wood to make sure that,they didnt miss,or missed multiple times i think there,was like maybe,one or two up towards the middle of the,trailer that they missed,but they didnt pull the screw out they,left the screw in and stuck another one,next to it,so there wasnt like a hole there and,then once they did the marine coating,underneath it,sealed all that up and then i did the,undercoating so i added extra seal to it,so i mean that was actually not too bad,uh the the door seal is actually pretty,good,its all square all the way around,doesnt leak i dont have any leaks,really,at all um and ill see like the roof,they put this like rubber all the way,around it and this is actually pretty,thick,um because that was one of the things i,got up on the roof to check that out to,make sure that that was all sealed up,nice,put my hand i mean i rolled on it like,this to make sure it wasnt gonna roll,off and it was stuck,you know i tried grabbing it to pull it,off and,because i had other videos i watched,where they said that like,they just grabbed it and ripped it right,off and i didnt have any issues with,that,no leaks whatsoever i mean you see its,you know my walls are white you know,with this gray,liner that they put up here youd see it,sagging,so i mean theres no water leaks,whatsoever this doesnt leak either,i mean they did a pretty good job,putting that and thats the other thing,too,that you can get like if you decide,maybe later on down the road that you,want to add air conditioning to it you,can actually have them,do the roof to accept the coleman air,conditioner,so theyll actually put all the bracing,and everything you need,to support the weight of that in the,trailer and then you can have them put a,vent in for now and then if later on,down the road you decide youre gonna,put air conditioning in,its already set up for it so you dont,have to do any welding you have to rip,anything apart all you got to do,is get up there and cut the hole,bigger for the air conditioning unit and,itll drop right in,so they will do all whatever fabrication,you want you can have them put,like i thought about doing it like up in,the floor instead of mounting the,battery,up on the tongue theyll actually right,here theyll cut a hole out,theyll put the drop down box in there,with a little access door,and then theyll wire everything into,the deep cycle battery right here,so its out of sight nobodys gonna,steal your battery,its protected its sealed up down there,and theres an access panel so you can,get to it so,you could run wires right into that and,not have wires hanging out,on your the tongue of your trailer um,you know that was one of the things i,was gonna do because like i said we do,use this for camping but,um i dont know next time i go camping i,have it set up maybe ill do a video to,show you the,queen size bed in here and you know i,put a table up here with the carpet,and i put like i have a deep cycle,battery with a box,that i stick under the table with the,inverter so i set it up where its kind,of you know its got some plugs in here,you know,and the inverter i got will run a little,coffee maker,charge your phone stuff like that itll,run a little,led light for in here for when it gets,darker out,and uh this is funny i kind of pondered,whether i wanted to sleep in here or not,and the first i was like man maybe its,from like breathing youre getting co2,or carbon monoxide or i dont know like,and then it dawned on me when this is,locked,usually in a camper one of the windows,is an emergency exit,with a latch on it where you bust it out,and you jump out the window,so im guessing because the only way out,would be that door,that uh that would be the death or,serious injury if something were to,happen and he couldnt get out so,we just make sure we got an axe or,something in here to bust through the,wall if we have to,which you know am i really gonna get,bust through the wall if the thing,starts on fire before i burn up probably,not but it makes me sleep better at,night or in the middle of the woods,and yeah i mean thats pretty much the,uh whole review of the trailer i only,did the 5 000 pound axle or 30 im sorry,3 500 pound axles,so total 7 000 pounds the trailer,itself you know this is a 14 footer not,a 16 footer part of the reason,with a 14 footer is a i dont need the,extra two feet,um its kind of a,pretty decent cut to cut in the way my,driveway comes in,and i was just worried that i wasnt,gonna be able to make the swing without,taking out the bushes or hitting the,hitting the side of the deck there,um and i just didnt need the 14 feet so,why im not,why pull around the extra two feet and,that extra weight and waste the gas on,something i dont need i know everybody,says go big or go home but,i just didnt need it plus if you get,the two extra feet on 3 500 pound axles,youre adding another,700 pounds between the,steel the walls the plywood you know,everything else and maybe not quite that,much maybe well say 500 pounds,so thats 500 less pounds you can put on,the trailer,um so the trailer is,yeah 3 500,so the weight of the cargo so 4 300,pounds is what i can put in the trailer,so if its 7 000,[Music],yeah so the trailer weighs i dont know,like,3 000 under three little under 3 000,pounds,um or maybe a little over three thousand,whatever im not good at math in my head,but so with the zero turn i think the,dry weight on that,is like 1200 pounds,the x2,the dry weight on that i think was like,a little under a thousand and then the,old walk behind up there,is like 700 pounds you know and then i,only keep two trimmers two blowers,you know and obviously with the gas so,that one holds 11 gallons the other one,holds five,and the other mower holds i think its,like eight,so i mean im under i mean i i think i,got probably about a thousand pounds to,play with but,uh i dont keep my gas cans back here i,keep them strapped in the back of the,truck,just because i mean we use this for,camping too so,as soon as you spill gas in here once it,just ruins the inside of it theres no,getting that smell out of it,and uh plus if the dec wants to,or dc if the d.o.t wants to pull me over,and check my stuff,theyre allowed to check your trailer,and they can look in the bed of the,truck,if the bed of the truck is open and,accessible because thats my personal,vehicle from what ive heard from what,ive been told they can look and ask me,to see,in the trailer so as long as my gas cans,arent in here,you know they cant write me a ticket,for inadequate,strapping of the gas cans or something,because theyre i dont know its,kind of a big deal with them im 37,years old ive been cutting on since i,was 16.,i can tell you ive lost quite a bit of,stuff out of the back of the truck but,ive never lost a gas can,so ive been lucky there i guess,um i guess if you have any questions put,it down in the comments,um im just trying to think if theres,anythi

diamond cargo trailer warrant

how you doing everybody its Kevin Im,back with another video were actually,working on the camper build right now I,know you all were just wondering how the,warranty played out on the Box trailer,and they played out I do believe pretty,good it took a little while to get,through to them down there but,eventually they got to me and somebody,called me and we talked about what was,going on with the Box trailer and they,didnt know about the YouTube video I,sent them a link to the YouTube video,showing them exactly what was going on,with the Box trailer you guys seen it,had a lot of water in it so anyhow after,a while they got back with me and,somebody called me and told me that I,could have somebody fix it in my area I,didnt have to bring it back down to,Georgia oh I could have somebody fix it,or I could fix it myself,now you guys all know me Im gonna fix,it myself because Im going to be,building a camper out of this thing and,I sure dont want it to leak so I dont,want to take a chance with anybody else,Id rather do it myself to make sure,its done right its done right the,first time,so they agreed to I asked them not was,it was up to me I asked him if they,would like to buy my warranty out and,they asked me a price to buy the,warranty out because I know once I start,cutting on this thing and I you know Im,going to be cutting holes through this,name theres gonna be a lot of stuff,done to it then its probably not gonna,have a warranty when I get done with it,anyhow so I thought that was the best,way for me to go and I do believe that,diamond down there thought that was the,best way for them to go so I gave him a,price they got back to me and said that,was fine with no questions the only,thing they asked if I would do a,follow-up video in their favor saying,that they took care of the problem,and thats what Im doing here today,letting you guys know right now that,diamond did take care of a problem so as,I make doing this build and youre,probably going to see because I will do,the build I will do the repairs on video,whats wrong with the what was wrong,with it whats inside of it because,were you know theres a lot of work,here theres some stuff here thats got,to come off too so we can look inside so,you guys are going to get to see what,was going on with the Box trailer but,Im telling you diamond has paid for it,so Id like to tell everybody thanks for,watching the video dont forget to,subscribe leave me a thumbs up thumbs,down or comment if youd like until next,time

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