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  2. Tractor Supply Trip With A Canine Nutritionist: What’s Healthy, What’s Not
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Battle of the Blues: Blue Buffalo Vs Diamond pet food

[Music],hi everyone welcome back to our channel,today i wanted to do another,uh food battle so were gonna do today,the battle of the blues so were going,to,do blue buffalo versus diamond,um which is kind of got a blue package,so a lot of people for whatever reason,say blue diamond but the,brand is actually diamond so today were,going to do battle of the blues were,going to look at the labels,and gonna see which food stocks up to,the standards that we talked about in,some of our previous videos,if youre new to this channel welcome,were glad to have you,my name is dr ray and i practice in,melrose florida,a small animal veterinary practice and,we have videos on this channel that kind,of walk through our everyday life i do,some,food analysis and we do some how-to,videos so,wed love it if you would join the,family and you can like and subscribe,and we will notify you guys when,um there are future uploads so lets get,into the,battle of the blues all right so were,gonna start with,chewie.com for today and were gonna,type in blue,[Music],buffalo,and they have a bunch of,different flavors and bags and all kinds,of stuff,so were just gonna go with the classic,which is the blue buffalo life,protection formula adult chicken and,brown rice recipe,and its gonna cost you anywhere from,49.98 it looks like for a 30 pound bag,to 9.98 for a bitty three pound bag so,tiny little bag or big little bag a,bunch of different sizes now lets get,into what we want so,the side of the bag is where this,particular food is hiding all the,information and so,im going to try not to squint but it is,super tiny,and the most hidden place on the back so,here we got our afco statement which is,where i like to start and its,going to read blue life protection,formula chicken and brown rice recipe,for adult dogs,is formulated so its formulated it is,not,an undergone feeding trial so that does,not,check the box there for me i like to,have a feeding trial done,to meet the nutritional levels,established by afco dog food nutrient,profiles for maintenance,and ive asked this before and if it,just says maintenance that,is generally acceptable that it means,that its going to be for adult dogs so,um,it is for adult dogs its not all life,stages so thats good but its,formulated,its not actually been fed to dogs prior,to packaging to make sure that it,actually does what it says its going to,do so,i like to see a food that has undergone,feeding trials,the other side of the bag weve got um,just your your feeding recommendations,there,kibble so yeah pretty good standard size,kibble not sure the reason,for the little tiny dark bits that are,mixed in with the bigger,no i guess theyre vital minerals okay,interesting all right now lets lets,get into what were most interested in,right now which is the guaranteed,analysis sometimes we can get a little,bit,ah there we go im gonna,bring over my handy-dandy,chart here,as big as we can make it okay,all right how do we stack up crude,protein,24 pretty good fat,minimum 14,good fiber maximum,of 5 spot on,calcium one percent weve talked about,this before um in our last battle of the,foods and the one percent calcium is the,top of the reference range and it says,its a minimum so that means its,at the very least one percent could,likely be more than one percent,so if you have a pet that has some,kidney disease or underlying issues with,processing calcium this one here might,um might want to choose a different one,just because were not quite sure unless,you call the company and they can,verify to you that its not over one,percent,phosphorus point seven so were good on,the phosphorous and then weve got,our fatty acids omega-3 omega-6 i dont,have that written down,um as well it needs to be for that,particular,particular food i dont know that i,guess i should look that up,so on the ingredients list so we picked,a food that was,uh adult chicken and brown,rice recipe so were gonna just kind of,peruse here so weve got the chicken,chicken meal brown rice got some other,things in here though so just because it,says its brown rice,you know we can have other stuff so,weve got barley oatmeal pea starch,black seed,chicken fat all kinds of other stuff so,not bad not bad um,pretty good the only thing really that,was a little bit off to me was,one the calcium and two the afco,statement um that it was formulated but,all in all not,not bad not bad at all um the other one,that i wanted to do is called diamond,and for whatever reason a lot of people,call it blue diamond,um i think because the original bag or,the most common bag is blue here and,then its got this diamond so its often,i think confused with blue buffalo and,people are telling us,what they feed their pets so here weve,got um,diamond naturals beef lets make that,bigger,diamond naturals beef meal um and rice,formula,adult dry dog food 40 pound bags gonna,cost you 35.99,so lets see if we can,zoom in and find the,statement there it is okay so ill read,it to you it says diamond naturals adult,dog,beef meal and rice formula,is formulated so again not done by,feeding trials which would be,optimum uh formulated to meet the,nutritional levels established by afco,dog food nutrient profiles for,maintenance so,um good on the maintenance but not so,good as,we do not have some feeding trials on,this particular food so,lets see if we can get into the,guaranteed analysis and maybe theyve,got it a little bit bigger for us,here oh theyve got quite a bit listed,on there thats thats really nice,but theyve got so many of the,ingredients listed okay,so protein 25 very good,fat 15 we want it between 10 and 20 so,thats good crude fiber max 3.5 so i,mean thats going to be great,its got to be less than five and,theyre saying at maximum 3.5 so thats,good,i will say this if its a maximum and,its kind of got lower fiber,you can have issues with your pets,with their stool so you need a lot of,fiber in order for the anal glands and,things like that to work properly so,you might have to add some fiber to this,if you you have a particular need for,your pet,zinc um i dont know were gonna have to,look these up im not really sure i,didnt really write down the standards,for zinc selenium vitamin a vitamin e,we do have so vitamin e only has 150,and wed like greater than 400 so a,little bit deficient in the vitamin e,taurine something thats really,important cats but not really super,important in dogs so,were not going to worry about that for,the dog,they didnt list the sodium they didnt,list the chloride oh,gosh darn it they didnt list the,phosphorus thats important and the,calcium i feel like those are two of the,really,important things lets see if they have,it listed on the bag because we really,kind of need to know that and if theyre,not listing it thats,thats not good,they are not listing the,phosphorus and the calcium i think,thats really important we need to know,that,all right let me um im gonna have to,go you have to go to their website,so,all right so i cant find it um,those two nutrients at all on their,website either so,im gonna um,if you have any questions or comments,please call i i think im going to go,ahead and try and call them and see if,they have that information for us,so lets ill put them on speaker,thank you for calling diamond pet food,our business hours are monday through,friday,7 30 a.m to 5 p.m central standard time,please listen to the following prompts,as our selections have changed,please press 1 if you are a retail,customer and would like to speak to,customer service,please press 2 if you are a distributor,or private label customer of diamond pet,suits,please press three if you are a supplier,for diamond pet food,please press four if you need directions,were gonna say one,wait while i transfer your call,beep,we appreciate your patience all agents,are currently on another line,please continue to hold and the next,available representative will answer,your call in the order that it was,received,we appreciate your patience we are,experiencin

Tractor Supply Trip With A Canine Nutritionist: What’s Healthy, What’s Not

[Music],okay,lets talk treats so,youre gonna see a lot of stuff in this,area,that is really not very healthy,so you need to make sure you know what,to look for,before you come in for example,beef hoofs great option um,this is 10 pieces for 10 bucks,great price they have a tendency to be,smelly,so if that bothers you then i dont,recommend them,the beef sticks are fine they sell these,as,at a couple different places this is a,really big bag,its just dehydrated beef which is good,up here youve got your buffalo horns,those are also healthy,you come down here and you start looking,at bones that are,brown these are bones that have been,cooked,right theyre basted theyre smoked you,want to ignore,all of that so all of that,and anything thats white has been,bleached,right so you see that you want to avoid,that as well,now if we come over here,you can see that we have some trachea,two packs,those are fantastic a little bit pricey,but not bad lets see,we got some bully sticks those are good,these are individual hoofs,that have been stuffed um i would just,get the empty ones,that come in the bag right here and put,your own stuffing in them,that way you can make sure that theyre,stuffed with stuff thats good for them,lets take a look here you dont want to,do ribs,you dont want to do these processed,pork,ears you dont want to do any of that,any of this stuff thats braided right,this is all,it says rawhide free but it that doesnt,mean blockage free,it can still cause a blockage it can,still be problematic,and of course some of these are just,straight up rawhide so,thats this section with all,the bones okay,the next section that you will see,is going to be your biscuits,and other flour,based treats bones,chews whatever you want to call them,you should just skip right over this,section,all of this stuff,because if you go and look at the,ingredients on these,lets take a look at this one,meat by products soy grits look at that,sugar,its just this is,diarrhea waiting to happen anything with,biscuits,is going to be a problem right like all,of these,soft treats i mean youre just asking,for your dog to have diarrhea,wheat flour soy bean flour glycerin,rice flour sugar if you knew,how many of these treats contained sugar,it would blow your mind now the second,thing i want to talk to you about,is advertising that is not regulated,you see how this says usa made 100,human grade all of that means nothing,usa made just means that they packaged,it in the u.s,okay and then human grade,dog treats means nothing thats not a,regulated term,and i can assure you that nothing goes,into dog food or dog treats thats human,grade,so again this one has sugar in it,and rosemary so dont be dont be,tricked,by the label dont be fooled by this,and thinking that its healthy for your,dog because its not,you keep coming down you get into kind,of like the jerky stuff,so like these are chicken tenders,right theyll have one maybe two,ingredients this one has two ingredients,chicken and a preservative but,if you do your research youll find that,this wagon train,was the company that had the huge,uh problem a couple years back and,killed,a whole bunch of dogs because,they were um there were some,unknown preservative in the treats,you know that that came from the foreign,country where it was packaged,right so even if theres only two,ingredients or even one ingredient,you still have to be smart and do your,research,and of course this is all just junk,lets look at the ingredients here,wheat flour glycerin wheat gluten,gelatin,powdered cellulose i mean this is just,stomach irritation waiting to happen,not to mention that these treats usually,have quite a few calories,and theyre not doing anything for your,dogs teeth,absolutely nothing,okay so next up weve got,this whole section of dog food,and i am going to save you a lot of time,and a lot of energy because there is no,reason,to look through all of this food,because most of it you should not be,feeding to your dog,there are a few exceptions if youre,looking for something,the diamond naturals large breed,lamb and rice it does contain more carbs,than i would like to see in a food but,its not terrible,so thats one option if youre on a,budget,additionally the wholesomes,fish meal and rice formula,also a good option also very affordable,so i believe if im not mistaken,[Music],the only ones that are approved of the,wholesomes are the,fish meal and rice and the large breed,um ill have to look at my list,to see if any of the others are okay but,im pretty sure the others contain,legumes,so you dont wanna you wanna stay away,from legumes and potatoes,[Music],it absolutely pains me to see stuff like,this,because they,are allowed to just say whatever they,want,on these packages,theyre not highly digestible theyre,made of a whole bunch of garbage as you,can see by looking at the ingredients,and can create blockages,in the intestines so,why would you give this to your dog,heres the other way the companies try,to trick you,they try to trick you with other words,that you might be looking for,like bully if you were looking for bully,sticks for example and saw this,and you were in a hurry you might grab,the wrong thing,also instead of calling it rawhide they,just call it pork skin,same thing okay,so heres a new one that i havent seen,before,its on the farm,chicken and ancient grains looks like i,accidentally picked up the cat food so,lets take a look at the dog food,okay so lets look at the ingredients,here,right off the bat weve got ground,sorghum ground barley,soybean meal brown rice animal fat,okay so it doesnt even tell you what,the animal is,thats not good,okay dreaded natural flavors then weve,got sweet potato,oh look at these percentages wow this is,very very,high carb heres the other thing that,you have to watch out for,in tractor supply,your significant other shopping for,goodies,what did you find sorry okay great,and what else did you get,[Laughter],just kidding just kidding,you

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Pet Nutritionist Ranks Dog Foods | Tier List

hi everybody my name is skyler and i am,a certified dog trainer and pet,nutritionist,today we are going to be creating a tier,list of a bunch of different dog food,brands,um and kind of ranking them seeing where,they line up from a,nutritional perspective quick disclaimer,all of the,things shown in this video are my own,opinions based on my experience,as a professional pet nutritionist,im always continuing to do research as,we all should in our field,especially with something so ever,changing as pet food,i have been working with dog food for,going on three years now,and ive specifically been working with,nutrition and consultations,for probably two and a half years i am a,huge nerd and,not everybody cares this much about dog,food and i think that thats,definitely an issue that we need to,address because,i could go into a whole other video just,about all the sketchy things that dog,food manufacturers are allowed to do,but thats not this video were going to,touch on a bunch of different topics,im hoping to just skate by and if you,would like me to go further in depth on,anything that i talk about in this video,please let me know in the comments below,i also just want to point out that if we,were to make a nice happy little pyramid,of whats most biologically appropriate,for your pet,kibble is by far at the bottom like,canned food,exponentially better than kibble and you,should never be,feeding a diet thats entirely kibble,you should always at least be adding,moisture in there somewhere,that being said this is only going to,focus on kibble,because that is the most popular and,most,affordable way to feed your pet so,if youd like me to do a similar video,on canned or,raw diets absolutely let me know i would,love to do that for you,so first of all lets address the tears,so at the very very bottom we have the,pee pee poo poo tear,these are foods that are either,basically,not dog food like this is more suited,for a chicken than a dog,super sketchy practices or,theres something in the food or,manufacturing or branding,that i find scammy tier two we have,yucky,so any food that contains,corn wheat soy or by-products,automatically,cant go any higher than yucky for those,that dont know,corn turns directly into sugar in the,dogs body wheat is the number one food,allergen,soy can cause endocrine disorders and,byproducts or all those nasty parts of,the meat that you dont want in your,food so why put it in theirs,third tier we have cheers these are all,foods that,are fairly clean in their ingredient,panel,there might be a couple ingredients that,im not a huge fan of youre doing great,if youre feeding,in this level it means that youve,probably done your research,but there are bigger and better foods,that you can move up to so these are,great entry level foods number four we,have ohelia,and if youre feeding in that level,thats awesome,you are doing great at that point,you can focus on adding add-ins and,different things to even make their diet,even better,but this is a great level to be at and,above that we have chefs kiss,and this is a very special tier it,doesnt necessarily mean that these,foods,are better than the foods no hell yeah,and i know thats a little bit confusing,this tier is more for,foods that do something very specific,that i,really appreciate or i really think is,cool this is the tier where if i turn,over the bag,and i look at it as a nutritionist,i get very excited because they at least,did something cool,now all of these brands im taking into,consideration,are from the very best to the very worst,and everything in between if i were to,make this just of the super premium,brands,it would look completely different just,keep that in mind so we will go ahead,and start with our very first brand and,thats purina alpo,i feel like i talk about alpo way more,than they deserve,and its because their ingredients are,laughably bad like this food,is laughably bad if you look at the,first five ingredients which makes up,the majority of this food,you got ground yellow corn beef and bone,meal,soybean meal animal fat preserved with,mixed trichophyrols,and animal digest,this particular food also follows the,flavor rule,which means that in order for them to,put beef flavored on the bag,they just need to have something in,their food that they can trace to the,beef,flavoring in this case it would be the,beef and bone meal that doesnt actually,mean,they have to have meat in it this,brands also manufactured by,purina which is owned by nestle so when,you get,higher up bigger companies manufacturing,the food,especially something as big as purina,the ingredient quality,completely depletes because you only get,so much,to go around with all that said alpo,deserves to go into pee pee poopoo,next we have diamond naturals first five,ingredients,of diamond naturals beef meal grain,sorghum,ground white rice dried yeast and egg,product,not too bad of an ingredient panel just,looking at those first five,this food also uses the 25 rule which,means that in order for it to be,beef meal and rice those two ingredients,have to make up at least,25 percent of the food with a minimum of,three percent,this food is manufactured by diamond pet,foods which is owned by shell and camper,inc,so this smaller kitchen smaller,facility than purina for sure,but still and youll see later in this,list still a pretty big manufacturing,company,all that said if youre feeding diamond,naturals you get a cheers,next we have purina beneful and,first five ingredients we got beef we,got whole grain corn we got barley,rice whole grain wheat and corn gluten,meal,this one also uses the with rule which,means that in order to be labeled beef,flavored or have beef in it have beef on,the front,um it needs to be at least three percent,beef with water included,and the fact that its beef and not beef,meal is their first ingredient,leads me to believe that the finished,product has significantly less than,three percent beef this brand is also,made by purina which again owned by,nestle so with the sketchy but totally,legal use of beef is the first,ingredient advertising beef is the first,ingredient,and looking at that ingredient panel,assuming that beef is not,the most by weight,um beneful goes in the pee pee poo poo,next we have hills science diet,and im gonna have to make a whole,separate video about veterinary foods,um but lets just look at the first five,ingredients of hills,so we have lamb meal brown rice whole,grain wheat,brewers rice and corn gluten meal,whats important to note about hills in,particular,is that they actually trademarked the,term,prescription so youll notice that no,other veterinary foods use the word,prescription because they legally cant,because hills science diet owns it that,is an issue,theres also nothing in veterinary foods,that make it prescriptive in the first,place theres no medication,theres no need for a prescription um,so thats in my opinion kinda scammy,especially when youre spending 80 on a,bag of food,that being said hills is made by hills,pet nutrition,which is owned by colgate palmolive,the ownership of the word prescription,alone,that puts immediate red flags in my,brain,hills goes in the pee pee poo poo layer,next we got taste the wild,first five ingredients for this,particular flavor of taste of the wild,is water buffalo lamb meal chicken meal,sweet potatoes and peas,not a bad list of the first five however,this particular flavor is advertised,as being with bison and venison the,width rule,uh means that at least three percent of,whatever is listed so three percent of,each,must be included in the food and when,you look at the actual ingredient panel,itself,bison is number nine and venison is,number ten,so obviously youre losing a couple,points for me for,easily misleading the consumer because,obviously not all consumers know these,weird rules that im talking about,and again if youd like a whole video on,pet food rules let me know,uh that being said taste the wild is,owned by,our friends at

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Diamond Naturals dog kibble review

hello YouTube hello everybodys I cant,tell I have a cold but recently Ive,reached out to Diamond pet food company,and asked them to send me some samples,of their food and well short long story,short rosy is a very picky eater monkey,is a picky eater but not as much so as,rosy we feed them usually the Sams Club,grain-free salmon and P or we switch it,out with chicken Impe doesnt really,have much of a smell difference,it smells sort of bland it has it,basically its all the same shape ish,like this ones different but um we,usually feed them this and switch it out,every few months for flavor differences,they dont really like it too much we,usually have to put some chicken broth,on it the from boil and chicken scraps,from clean and chicken for our food,which is a good thing for their coats,and stuff but still they dont tend to,like the Sams Club grain-free,very much and I like to go with the,better ingredients and this is a good,ingredients I just dont like the flavor,obviously it smells like paper so I,wanted to switch to something thats a,more affordable and I looked at some,[Music],different companies and I found out that,diamond pet foods is one of the best,ones out there especially for price,which Im very thankful for we always,like to save money and know but also to,do the right thing so yeah I reached out,to him and they were very kind enough to,send me,I know monkey youre on your tie out and,you dont want to be on your tie out,because Rosies loose I know but yeah,they reached I reached out to them ask,them for some samples because I have a,picky dog and a less picky dog but still,picky and they gave me four,different samples the grain free the,grain free chicken and sweet potato the,beef meal and rice the lamb melon rice,and the chicken meal and rice as you can,see theyre all different shapes which I,actually think is pretty cool like if I,wanted to switch flavors randomly I know,if I wanted to switch flavor is randomly,theyd all be like a different shape,which i think is pretty cool like so for,these two these two are really similar,but they all have like different colors,and stuff well like the Sams Club stuff,doesnt have a different color a,different shape so I like all uniform it,doesnt even have a different set so so,far just these out of the little sample,bags which Im very thankful for thank,you guys Im making this video for you,to show my appreciation and show much my,dogs appreciate yall,but yeah sorry Im rambling I have a,cold I will put a picture of what I got,in the box that they sent me like it was,so generous if you also thank you so,much Ill put a picture of what I found,in the box on Facebook anyways lets get,the testing roof but Rosie will be first,and then monkey monkey will probably,throw tantrum though so be warned,which one do you like she comes right,than me shes such a good girl huh,pattern is sitting this day which one do,you like those which one smells really,good,you want one no you want to pet shes my,good girl Rosie okay would you like any,of these she just wants to play the,Opera does the language no she just,wants to play apparently you want to,play you gotta eat that no she dumped it,Jesus yes youre a goofball well,this is a fail this is now on the ground,you silly girl,I know monkey no come see whats going,on here sit she likes being scratched,thats all I can say play and scratch,thats all she cares about right now,Ill be back,oh no okay so um I came back but I put,her in a sentence day and she didnt,want to wait for the camera so,grain-free wins with Rosie at least she,went straight was beef next or she just,eating in order this is a failed video,Im just gonna put it up – laughs I know,monkey,Ill put monkey Ill see what I can do,with monkey apparently grain-free was,the best she went for that one first and,then she went for the beef so I guess it,that its the order that it goes in,Rosie theres some over here if you want,to pick between these two Rosie with,balloons better with she just like small,she likes malt she doesnt like the,Sams Club crash she dumped that and she,wont eat it out of the ground but I,have a monkey you will have your turn X,hes jealous but she likes all of them,so good job diamond fat food she likes,all of them at least I know she eat it,willingly,I know Oh get monkey next well thank you,to having pet foods youve made my dog,very happy by well this is the first,monkeys actually sitting and staying,hes not acting like his normal,two-year-old nope there he goes monkey,come back no never mind guys its okay,Rosie Ill be back put Rosie on her,tryout now monkey went straight for the,that youre spitting it out he went,straight for the chicken and then of,course he has an attention span of a,goldfish so I guess these two are the,better of these like all of them so if,that was more affordable I definitely,get that time its okay Rosie Ill be,back its okay she hates being separated,from me,see he goes back to it he just walks,away and then cuz that comes back he has,an attention span of a goldfish but he,acts like a two-year-old like thats his,demeanor yeah silly boy,or hes going to check on Rosie,no hes not hes staying right there Oh,silly dogs but yeah failed sort of,failed his test video apparently these,two are better than those two for some,reason Rosie just likes them all,here comes punky again hes just just,trotting hello monkey nope,[Music],okay so yeah these two definitely better,than those two just rosy like small so,all in all Sams Club versus diamond and,then the grain-free versus the rest of,them grain free is definitely a winner,because monkey at least went for that,one,he just likes being a two-year-old and,spitting it out then the beef Mills,comes in second place and then I guess,the lamb and then the rice are sort of,equivalent ish but Rosie ate that one,first so so grain free beef whole grain,free chicken beef lamb and then chicken,and then of course Sams cook comes in,last so what can I say but thank you,diamond pet foods Im definitely going,to be buying one of these non grain free,flavors because theyre better priced,for college student and family whos,dealing with extracurricular activities,and college and whatnot so yeah thank,you and bye bye,yah what one Oh No this is what happens,when theyre both out theyre both going,for the grain free right now like,theyre both like sort of fighting over,the grain free nope they settled for the,difference of grain free and beef I,guess theres not much difference,between those two,even though ones grain free chicken one,this beef a little bonus ending so yeah,theyll eat it dry which is the biggest,thing because they wont eat the Sams,Club playing dry silly see passes right,over the Sams Club and then the lamb,and then itll get the chicken and its,because Rosies here he knows shell eat,it if he doesnt uh oh you left the lamb,you left the lamb for the chicken what,is this many leaves oh well yeah but,this is just a little funny ending funny,times


previously on boss man vlogs,stop saying follow the breeder I should,know this or youre not a real breeder I,am NOT a breeder,I dont breathe Dulles,I repeat I am NOT a breeder thats why,my name is not false and kennels McGee,you story I got stories like a muffin,look at your story though,I,see I was on my [ __ ] dick so,stupid,when I got 2500 subscribers I got enough,chicken to supply all 2500 and less,Express on the whole world meet guys I,got no chicken,I got enough chicken to supply all 25,plenty of my subscribers this is what,Im [ __ ] with right now diamond Im,heavy no Im saying Oh puppy adult down,and then this is dog chow,what were you balling you in the foot,Im saying what what up with the main,thing I want you to do is I want you to,make sure you do your back history on,balls man blows watch all my videos,dont just watch one and wait for the,next one,listen I had a person comment on the,Zeus video when I put Zeus out the,kennel cage and Im like I posted like,10 videos since then but see thats the,mindset of people he like he watched,this video he like old let me calm it,you need to do this sometimes you got to,make sense you got to make sense when,you talk you aint making no [ __ ],sense when you talk slow down Wow when I,tell you to slow down and I need you to,slow down and tonight tonight yeah yall,are gonna be like okay Im switching,outfits and [ __ ] you know I couldnt be,fresh I couldnt be fresh and [ __ ],and go through the goddamn pen fight you,all watching my dog right whats outside,mo just a grim reaper Johnny,this Degrelle River joke,[Music],Irish look I know people was asking me,about the diamond naturally the diamond,natural is fight fight I love it,Im loving it I love it and Im loving,it,give it up soon its always some crazy,[ __ ] going on here,hold this for me young man this video,response about them so so the diamond,accent is beautiful I love it not know,the place whats the diamond accent and,then today,so they actually ran into your old bowl,of design and action within a day and a,half,so thats day not also its not also put,a weight on them but also they like it,alright so what Im gonna do is Im,gonna come in here and Ill show yall,another refill um since they are on,since theyre on they shake back wait,wait gang thing that I got a [ __ ] so,its not just bones and [ __ ] like that,so dont be so hard on any grabs elbow,I slowed down stuff,[Applause],so this right here slow down school up,showing them thats a whole a whole bag,not a whole bag but this is this is the,diamond natural remain diamond natural,right hi,down in action hi so this is one this is,so far this adventure but two bows like,this of the diamond net,[Music],pulling this away because she did not,need to be in there,I so this is Im gonna water right and,have a water so I got the water,and I got the bowl adults me now boss,man you to rob me dad King youre not,gonna put nothing in there no Im not,because if yall remember in my video I,told yall if you got a good dog food,yall had the door that extra [ __ ] for,your dog this room dick and some old,muscles cuz I know you [ __ ] my,[ __ ] weirdo last [ __ ] [ __ ] that be,on the [ __ ] up you know on your where,the last [ __ ] this [ __ ] dick in the,Buddha is KY jelly packing as little,boys be on the internet and yall like,to come in do all that lame-ass [ __ ],[ __ ] [ __ ] go get your [ __ ] misconstrued,V Im some old dog food thanks up on the,goddamn Road me I tell my no mushrooms,Im something wait just wait gaining,weight gaining weight gaining weight,gain weight so no I dont need to mix no,eggs I dont need to mix no bra me I,dont need to mix no up chicken broth,Im just trying to put weight on my dog,right now Im saying sometimes you got,to take it one step at a time you know,saying you start throwing 78 different,things out there then a bowl like this a,bow this big,[ __ ] around and get thrown away because,Im mixing all of this extra [ __ ] into,the bowl and they dont like you you,know saying so now to crack eggs I dont,put chicken broth dying muscle up all,this crazy [ __ ] besides my [ __ ] that,[ __ ] dont eat that [ __ ] so this the dog,food grab it up granddad ocj not the,jump right dude no the water jump yeah,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],now,[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],hi so basically,I put a dog food inside the dog cage,because they seem to move that [ __ ] all,around for some strange reason I dont,know why they do that but what is it dog,house I say the dog cage was the dog,house when its in a dog house very thin,cool but thats what it is on that so,this is just my uh my diamond natural,review for the puppies and all like I,says I [ __ ] with it Im [ __ ] with,that yeah Im [ __ ] with that so its,been a couple days since I posted but,you know when I post I get idea at least,a week worth of [ __ ] you know Id be,having a long edge video no hormones oh,you already know man but this balls man,Weezy ball my ball,signing that photo holder wait a minute,wait a minute I forgot I forgot what I,will hold now if youre new to this,channel I need you I need you to like I,need you I need you to smash that thumbs,up button you did I also need you to,share this moment video and make sure,you subscribe but what I would the main,thing I want you to do is I want you to,make sure you do your back history on,balls land blows watch all my videos,dont just watch one and wait for the,next one,listen I had a person comment on the,Zeus video when I put Zeus out the,kennel cage and Im like I posted like,10 videos since then but she does the,mindset of people he like he watches,video he like old let me calm it you,need to do this you need to do that,sometimes you got to make sense you got,to make sense when you talk you aint,making no [ __ ] sense when you talk,dont talk,you did so,I dont need advice unless I ask for,I dont last for I dont want it aint,none changing at 20 $20 it aint none,but a different day for me,bossman will show new years resolution,to not have a resolution so

Best dog food Reviews

best best dog food reviews we are going,to check out top-five best best dog food,in current time I mean this list is best,my personal opinion and I try to list,them best on their price quality,durability and more if you want to see,their price and find out more,information about this best dog food you,can check out the link down in the,description and comments section below,okay so let get started with the video,top 5 merit rain free dried dog food,real chicken and sweet potato grain free,nutrition with no gluten ingredients for,easier digestibility one ingredient is,real deboned chicken contains,industry-leading levels of omega-6 and,omega-3 fatty acids to aid in a healthy,skin and coat contains leading levels of,glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy,hips and joints cooked in the USA,top-4,Kennedy all life stages dog dry food,lower fat 27% less than there,multi-protein old life stages formula,premium ingredients no corn wheat or soy,vit formulated for less active and,senior dogs packaging may vary,[Music],check out the description for more,information into latest price top 3,heels science diet adult sensitive,stomach and skin dog food,Hills science diet adult sensitive,stomach and skin natural dog food is,formulated for adult dogs with food or,skin sensitivities complete,nutritionally balanced dry dog food is,made with high quality ingredients that,are easy to digest sensitive stomach and,skin dog food contains omega 6 fatty,acids and other nutrients for healthy,skin and a glossy coat eye clinically,proven blend of antioxidants with,vitamins C and E helps support your,dogs immune system,[Music],top-2 german naturals real meat recipe,premium dried dog food for adults and,all life stages lamb meat and rice buy,diamond pet foods high quality protein,made with real pasture raised lamb,tailored for adult dogs to thrive,optimal amino acid profile for lean,strong muscles premium ingredients with,added vitamins and minerals fruits and,vegetables as superfoods for hard,working antioxidants fatty acid blend,for skin and coat nutrient rich and,highly digestible with proprietary,probiotics that survive and thrive in,the G tract at guaranteed levels,[Music],top-1,taste of the wild grain free,high-protein dry dog food high prairie,adult venison and bison a taste of the,wild with roasted bison real meat is the,number one ingredient optimal amino acid,profile protein rich for lean strong,muscles high protein ingredients with,added vitamins and minerals fruits and,vegetables as superfoods for hard,working antioxidants fatty acid blend,for skin and coat ingredients from,trusted sustainable sources around the,world made with no grain corn wheat,filler no artificial flavors colors,preservatives nutrient rich and highly,digestible with guaranteed species,specific proprietary probiotics that,survive and thrive in the GI tract made,in the US song family owned and run food,made with the most scientifically,advanced food safety protocols word,appreciate your call eight hundred three,four two four eight zero eight all of,the items are available on amazon.com I,have included all the link in the,description you can check out the link,for latest price guys thank you for,watching if you like this video please,heat the link button below share with,your friends and be sure to subscribe,[Music]

“we Keep It Real With The Best Dog Food Review”

before we get started let me just say,this really quick i am not a pet,nutritionist nor am i a veterinarian i,am a dog breeder however thats willing,to share with you my past experiences,and my opinions as far as dry dog food,and this particular day that i went to,tractor supply and just randomly went in,saw dog food and gave you my insight,just know i will always prefer barf diet,over any other diet for my dog and i,will always take canned dog food over,dry dog food but nonetheless several you,have asked me to go ahead and give you,my take and my insight as far as dried,dog food and without further ado here it,is were going to tell you what to look,for were going to look at price were,going to look at value and were going,to also look at the things you need to,stay away from lets make it happen all,right first up is going to be,wholesomes large breed,chicken meal and rice all right,it goes for 42.99,now whenever you see it say something,like chicken meal or rice,what it means is that 25 of the formula,must contain,chicken meal and rice the other 75 can,be made up by something else,now what are the first things that im,looking at here first thing im looking,at here thats attractive to my eye is,no corn wheat or soy were gonna get,into that here in a minute also balanced,omega six and three we got whole grain,this has over 50 pounds at maturity so,these are the type of dogs or a large,breed that this particular food was made,for as you know for large breed,the density the caloric density and,nutritional density is actually lower,than for smaller breed thats really,important,now when i go ahead and turn,the bag over if you notice,they actually,detail line by line whats going on over,here because this is where they want to,capture your attention they dont want,you to be looking too much at this if,you look at the first ingredient you got,chicken meal okay you got brown rice you,got peas,you have rice again,you have chicken fat,mixed with,toco ferals well look up what that is,but,you know just all in all what im seeing,is,a lot of,brown rice peas,chicken fat,the rice and peas,uh brown rice peas and rice for me its,nothing more than a filler,so,pretty much,im seeing a lot of fillers just from,the start also youre not seeing,straight up chicken its chicken meal,so it could be,just about anything thats coming from,the chicken,so just keep that in mind now looking,over here a lot of you always ask me,like what are the percentages youre,looking for,uh whenever youre getting dog food for,me,24 24 20 would be ideal that would be 24,protein,and 20,fat now one of the main indicators for,me whenever im looking at dog food when,i see crude fat,if i see a low percentage like this,right here 13,for me its its a big deal because it,means that the majority of the protein,thats coming in this bag,for me its not coming from an animal,source otherwise that,crude fat would be higher rest of the,ingredients,they make it look real good you got,omega-6 omega-3 you got a little bit of,glucosamine going on with chondroitin,which thats great,um but this for me is one of the main,indicators,again this is priced at 42.99 and well,go next up im going to be looking at,victor beef meal and brown rice formula,this one is priced at 44.99 lets take a,look at what we see,again i definitely take a look at whats,on here im seeing selenium yeast,mineral compress we got probiotics im,sorry prebiotics and probiotics,what immediately captures my eye is 77,protein from meat 21 coming from grain,you got to keep in mind whenever a,manufacturer is making a bag of kibble,grain is going to be cheaper than actual,meat itself and therefore whenever i see,that grain,whenever i see that green percentage go,up and this percentage go down,or even though the veggie and plants,protein percentage go up for me is a red,flag lets turn around lets see what,what it says,all right so when we turn it around we,immediately see its got 24 protein,which is pretty good in my book but the,crude fat is at 12,which tells me immediately,at least to me in my opinion that this,bag,is not mostly made of animal products,otherwise that crew fat will be higher,when you look at the first five,ingredients youre seeing beef meal,grain sour gum which is a filler whole,grain brown rice which is a filler you,got chicken fat preserved with mixed,tocopherols,you got yeast culture,you got dehydrated alfalfa meal,so,mainly,the advertising behind this when youre,looking at it which is,beef meal and brown rice formula 25 of,it must contain,beef meal and brown rice within this bag,if you notice everything else is a lot,of fillers fam,so just keep that in mind,again this bag goes for,44.99,since im over here next to victor were,going to go and check out their ocean,fish formula this particular bag goes,for 63.99,rather expensive so lets take a look at,the bag and lets see what it says again,selenium yeast we got mineral complexes,probiotic probiotics,and heres the immediate red flags for,me,68 protein from meat sources so if this,if its an ocean fish formula,youre telling me that you got 21 of the,proteins coming from veggies and plants,and 11 coming from grain,this particular number went down from,the last bag we just showed you lets go,ahead and turn around and see what the,first five products are 24 crew protein,and again 12 crude fat its the second,bag that weve had from victor that has,that same percentage,now were seeing here on the ingredients,we got manhan fish meal source of dha,okay and then it says,grain sourdough,peas chicken fat again preserve with the,tocopherols and whole grain millet again,in the first five ingredients what were,seeing mainly is grains and fillers,it does say dehydrated salmon over here,but then its followed again by whole,grain brown rice yeast culture,dehydrated alfalfa meal so over and over,again,uh youre seeing,the fillers,uh increasing and i believe thats the,main reason youre going to see that,animal fat number go down again this is,a 40 pound bag as you can see here its,going for 63.99,and its obviously made by victor,since we are in the area where theres,victor a lot of victor dog food i want,to show you something,here you got 74-26-0,over here you got 77 23 0.,we got 9217 youre already knowing im,liking this better,you got 81 316,72 226 81 316,and 82 210 which ill be honest with you,i do use this one for my pups,so that way you could have an idea,whenever i do look at a bag,im looking for that,animal protein content,and im looking for the one thats,actually,carrying the highest,all right,also along this aisle we have puppy,formula from for health,this particular bag goes for 48.99,actually i see something here i already,like the minute i see it it says,fortified with taurine were actually,going to talk about this here in a,minute and lets go ahead and flip the,bag over,all right so when we look at this,immediately youre seeing crew protein,27 percent crude fat look at the jump up,to 15 still not at 20 but it definitely,jumped up more importantly it has,taurine right over here,which is really important because,whenever you find a bag that is grain,free such as this,there was actually a study done,saying that grain free food would,actually cause,dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs,turns out,that this little thing right here,taurine,actually stops that from happening and,therefore,there you have it now lets look at the,first five ingredients we got chicken,notice not chicken meal,not chicken flavor not chicken anything,else other than chicken then is followed,by chicken meal,garbanzo beans peas,pea flour and egg product,all in all those first,five to six ingredients,in my opinion are actually pretty good,all the way around the one i really,dont like out of all of them is the pea,flower but outside of that,everything was just looking all right i,dont like the fact that you have egg,product,as well,because egg product means it could be,the yolk it could be the white it could,be the shell you dont know what p

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