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Manufacturer Review: Diamondback Firearms

[Music],welcome back everybody clint here with,classic firearms coming at you all,today with another manufacturers review,and this time were hitting up,diamondback diamondback firearms has,been around since about 2009,but the name diamondback has been around,since about 1989 and theyve been doing,all sorts of neat things like,diamondback marine,diamondback industrial finishes,diamondback barrels but,their firearms portion of the,diamondback family,started back in 2009 and theyve just,been doing all sorts of cool,innovative things one of those things,well talk about here in just a moment,is that dbx57,saw weakness and also two things like,their db,380 pistol which at that point in time,of its introduction was like one of the,most micro compact,boys out there for 380 which is pretty,cool but anyway what weve got right,here on the table right now is pretty,much some of their flagship ar-15s,because yes,they make ar-15s for those of you that,dont know,out of coco florida what weve got here,is diamondbacks pretty much,their flagship basic ar-15 which is just,a good around,gun it works its affordable and,its reliable what can we say it shoots,556 caliber is what this one is,and youre going to notice the 12 inch m,lock rail you got picatinny mounting,right here at the beginning of the rail,and also at the forward most portion of,the rail and,m lock all the way around which is,pretty nice,now these guys here do have like the,standard mil-spec trigger things along,those lines standard,type a2 flash hider right there which is,great,ships with a pmag which is nice and,lets go ahead and just take a look at,that,trigger since we are here all right im,just going to go ahead and apply a,little bit of pressure on this guy,and see a little bit of movement there,it is nice nice drop on it,and then lets check that reset,there we go decent not bad whatsoever,again for an affordable ar-15 that works,i like it not bad at all magpul,furniture on it as well including the,grip and the stock so,they put quality there where it matters,of course and then the one that i have,right above this guy,is actually um similar model but,chambered in 300 blackout this has what,they call,the black gold lower receiver on it,slightly different,unlock rail with the picatinny in the,same portions,no m-lok slots right up front however,but you do have it going on the sides,and on the bottom so for all of your,tacticool attachments you can throw on,there also just,at the muzzle here you do have this,beefy,flash hider compensator you do have,those ports right up top which are going,to help with recoil,but it being a 16 inch barrel with 300,blackout its going to be just fine,also too its you know i guess to each,their own me personally id,rather run an ar pistol or a short,barreled rifle in 300 blackout,16 inch barrel i think its just a,little much for it but at the same time,if youre looking for the accuracy,things like that maybe looking to,stretch the legs just a tad bit more,maybe you can run that 16 inch barrel of,course and if you,its easier to buy a rifle so just you,know there you go simplicity right,anyway youre also going to know on this,black gold lower receiver youve got,this much more aggressive cut right here,taking a little bit of the metal away,compared to like what you see on a,standard lower,which is nice it doesnt you know,prohibit any of the functionality of the,firearm whatsoever you can still get in,there do those reloads and everything,that you need to do,but it does cut down on the weight just,a little bit youre gonna notice this,large enclosed,uh trigger guard which is very nice and,i really like just the cuts and the,looks,overall of the dv15 with that black gold,receiver nicely done still have the,magpul furniture,as well same trigger in this guy no need,to uh,ghost this one because like i said same,thing so were all good on that front,its just this guys chambered in 300,blackout with that,black gold receiver good looking rifle,if you ask me too so nicely,done there diamondback now lets talk,about their ar pistols,now were talking about diamondbacks,db15 line,of ar pistols and actually my very first,ar pistol that i bought,way back when before they got the cool,new logo and all that stuff,was a diamondback nice brand always ran,well for me,and i actually switched the barrel out,made at 300 blackout which uh,they offer in 300 blackout now and also,762×39 with the tail hook braces,they have an entire slew of different,options,when it comes to their ar pistol line,and,you guys should totally check them out,so first off the one that we have right,here does have the picatinny,rail up top running the full length of,the rail m lock on the sides and the,bottom,which is great but they also have,another one thats enclosed and,they have kind of like a muzzle device,like what you see right here on the nemo,which might not,show that well but anyway it the entire,rail encapsulates the,muzzle except for just a little bit that,sticks out like,what you can kind of see over here right,that little bit that sticks out,um from the muzzle device which i always,kind of like that its its just,its cool okay its got a tactical,factor and i like it all right,but also to those rails on them are a,little bit more fancy they look good,and overall these things are light too,now granted this doesnt have a brace on,it this does just have the pistol buffer,tube with the foam on it so that way you,can still get some sort of a cheek weld,on it,but me personally i throw an sba3 or,just,get the model that has the tail hook and,i think its gearhead work so i mean,there you go you cant go wrong with,that but anyway pretty much all the same,features,as the previous ar-15s this ones,chambered in 556 nato but like i said,they also have them in 762 by 39,so wheat and 300 blackout for even more,sweetness so just talk about cool stuff,overall really neat pistols but theres,one pistol i really want to talk about,and thats the dbx57 thats whats up,next so,diamondback offers an entire variation,of regular handguns as well like their,db 380 which i previously mentioned the,db9 dba m2 which is like the little,tactical series,which are all great pistols but,by far my favorite pistol they have to,offer,is brand new well brand new as of last,year the dbx57,takes the fn57 magazines or the,also base plate extensions so you can,get 30 round capacity on this guy if you,want comes,naturally with a 20 round capacity and,this thing,is just sweet now of course the,configuration we have right now,doesnt come like this doesnt come with,the angled grip doesnt come with the,eotech,and it doesnt come with the sig brace,that we have here i threw all this on,here,just to take to the range and play with,it in fact,taking it to the range and playing with,it,and it shoots incredibly well theres,some neat things that diamondback,did with this guy first off the m-lok,rail on it is awesome,the bent downward charging handle is,great,because i can have this clunky eotech on,here with the sharp corners and,everything else and actually not cut my,finger,which is great but the best thing they,did about it,is the operating system on this guy its,actually a dual gas piston operating,system on it and shooting it for the,first time and didnt know what to,expect but recoil,is light and easily manageable and,functions,flawlessly this saying is sweet so,diamondback did a,great job on the dbx57 they also have,their db9 db9r,or dbr9 line which is pretty much like,their nine millimeter,ar pistols really cool stuff again just,great job by these guys and,offering all of these different firearms,in different variations which i think is,just really cool so you can,instead of having to piece yours,together pretty much like what i did,with the 5.7 here,you can pretty much go through and,select your exact configuration that you,want,and pick it up from the back i mean,thats pretty cool if you ask me ease of,use,and user easily whatever you want to say,user usabilit

Diamondback DB15 Review (USA MADE Diamondback AR15 Review)

welcome to firearms of america today im,back here at shooters and for mars,florida about to do the review,of another ar-15 always excited to do,the reviews of brgt,and today we have a manufacturer and,they reviewed before,diamond back with their db,15 wsb ar-15 let me take it out of the,box,as you can see proudly,says here on the box made in the usa,which is very good all right,and here is our ar,15 check this out 16 inch barrel,chambered in five five six nano six,position stock uh dont pay attention to,the side this little uh,vortex what is the vortex yeah vortex,park uh right here was actually put up,by the owner,uh the ar-15 does come without any kind,of accessories without the sides,so keep in mind if you do uh buy this,particular 15 make sure to plan,your sites and accessories in general,for it has plenty of attachment,options the whole um arm handle,is the m lock as you can see and,you do have some picatinny rail here on,the front for the front side,you do have some picatinny rail here at,the back as well,and on the bottom you do have the m lock,attachments in case if you want to,uh add additional grip or a,tripod or whatever the hell whatever you,want to do attach,to it so um as some of you already,know this indoor range right here where,i do my reviews is not,uh for uh um longer guns,556 and stuff like that its only a,handgun ammo here,so lets go on the outdoors range and do,some shooting of this beautiful ar-15,[Music],all right as you can see shoots,beautifully i absolutely love this one,now the brand new purchase,of uh this year 15 gets you one,magpul magazine and uh lets start the,review lets start from the very,beginning,the grip right here as you can see,uh very nice grape not much of the,aggression fairly flat,these sides right here are fairly,aggressive and you do have some,finger grooves which overall pretty good,grip,fairly ergonomic ergonomic ergonomics,friendly,you do have your mag release standard,ar15 mag release on this side which,works very,very very well i do like it a lot now,your,slide ragger over here is,very nice actually let me check out the,magazine and show you,how nice it is its very very easy to,wrap,i love this light record its awesome,its great,now the six position stock over here,your standard air 15 six position stock,nothing crazy,uh one thing that i think is very very,impressive about this specific airfit is,the trigger i do like the trigger a lot,check this out uh as you can see the,trigger,ready to go ill try to get some,movement out of it,maybe maybe,lets do it again maybe half a,millimeter possibly you can get out of,it,lets see,you you see it right half a millimeter,there it is all right just got it and,then,a crisp break so overall a really really,good trigger i do like it a lot,lets go back uh on the range do some,shooting and then we will come back to,this and talk about this some more,all right so on this air 15 you do get a,threaded barrel it does come with a,flash,hider over here uh like i said in the,beginning this is a 16,inch barrel so the full size ar15,very good stuff for home defense for,really whatever as as an entry level,ar15 i think the only things that are,missing here are the sites all right,because you do have to spend,uh extra on the sides but at the msrp,starting at 670 bucks,around that area uh i think pretty good,diamondback,i think its a pretty good option,because you i mean six,you know looking at the entry-level,ar-15s,especially right now youre probably,looking at about 800 bucks,so if you cant find one of these for,700,you have some 100 to spare on the decent,side,which kind of opens you up for the,options if you want to,go with uh something like this a red dot,or do you want the regular you know iron,sights,the the flip up size or something like,that for you know for your af,really comes down to uh the personal,preference,but for entry-level air 15 you do have,the dust cover over here,very nice you do have the which honestly,nobody uses,the ejector but but still its nice,nice to have that and of course your,standard 30 capacity,uh magpul magazine,um overall i think it is pretty good the,grip,i think it is um very,can say ergonomic but uh grip,friendly the grip is group friendly,right gripping it,feels good uh the size i mean its a 16,inch,barrel all right so its a full size,ar-15 and now one of them,shorter barrel air fittings um which i,think is,more home defense friendly whenever you,have a shorter barrel,uh walking around in the middle of the,night between the rooms,thats just my personal preference but,this is still,really really good and uh one thing that,i do like,about this particular f15 it is,very accurate and a few things,contribute to this accuracy first of all,of course,is the barrel length uh the side,the side the red dot i i personally,prefer the red dots on my ar-15s,so check it out if you never had a red,dot before on your ar-15,definitely check it out maybe you will,like it i prefer the red dots honestly,and and here the most important thing is,the trigger the trigger is just,phenomenal once again check this out,ah i love the trigger so lets get back,to the uh,our outdoors range do some more shooting,and then we will come back and i will,try to make some,more or less reasonable conclusion for,this uh,little gun right here,thats so cool,so overall i do i do like this ar-15 a,lot diamondback,i think they did a great job first of,all this are made in united states of,america,which is great already right there all,right firearms of america,there we go uh the the grip is great,plenty of attachment options m-lock,picatinny rails on the front picatinny,rail at the back a few things,obviously upgrades that youre looking,at obviously the sides whichever you,prefer,whether its red dot or flip upsides uh,one thing that i would recommend is,getting a nice pad here for the back,of the stock just to kind of soften,i mean really you you dont you dont,really feel a lot of recoil from this,its very very manageable even without,anything soft,but the softer pad would just make this,much more pleasurable just a rubber pad,going over,uh this grippy area right here will,make it much nicer now one thing that i,didnt mention,uh in this review is the safety we are,standard uh,ar-15 safety switch right here uh,properly made safe position right here,and then very easily switchable to the,firing position,and as you can see one finger operation,you can definitely do it with,one finger which is really really nice,keep in mind,uh the safety is not ambidextrous uh,the mag release is not,ambidextrous either so i think,especially for the price,overall i think its a great value uh,great purchase,670 bucks msrp definitely definitely,budget friendly especially these days i,think so if you can find one of those,in your local store go ahead,go ahead and get it because its an,excellent excellent,purchase really cannot go uh wrong with,buying ar-15 in general uh especially,a good entry-level airfie team like this,one so let me know in the comments below,guys what do you think,about this diamondback ar15 what do you,think about this review in general,if you have any requests for reviews,draw them in the comments below and i,will be uh ill try,to address them thank you very much guys,for watching this is firearms of america,ill see you guys in the next video,and by the way the next video is going,to be really good,you dont want to miss it because for,the next video,i have this another big box and check,this out,if youve never seen monsters in world,of firearms,well i got a monster right here,so this is going to be my next review so,make sure to subscribe in order not to,miss it,see you in the next one,you

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The Diamondback DB-15 Rifle!

[Music],whats going on guys Josh Sykes back,with you for outdoor newsamerica.com,continuing my short series on guns I won,at the friends of the NRA banquet,this is probably one of my favorite guns,that I won now everybody,that is an AR collector if youre like,myself you have a lot of ARs and Ive,never owned a diamondback AR-15 before,but this is my Diamondback db15 rifle,that I won from the friends of the NRA,banquet now I dont know what this color,is called but I love this cerakoted,color its kind of a greenish gold color,to this rifle Im gonna bring this a,little closer so you can see,this is the db15 of course its got the,30-year anniversary fnra logo on there,they do print the 556 NATO there on the,dust cover which I really really like a,little bit about this rifle it comes,with the MagPul collapsible stock comes,with the Magpul grip,the upper receiver has the T markings on,the picatinny rail which is really,really nice 16 inch barrel standard,Birdcage flash hider it does have,um the M lock style hand guard I love,this hand guard this is the same style,of handguard matter of fact its almost,identical to the Dirk and tactical,handguard that I shared with you guys in,another video from Dirk and tactical,that I really liked but Diamondback you,know theyre a company out of Cocoa,Florida they do a fantastic job with,their rifles in my opinion probably one,of the most underrated rifle companies,that there are in the United States Ive,been there personally Ive taken a tour,of their facility Cody St Johns there,there is their,gunsmith does a fantastic job keeping,their their q a in line and boy they,really pump out a lot more rifles than I,thought but they produce a lot of rifles,theyre pistol manufacturer as well they,make some fantastic handguns Diamondback,actually got started in the Airboat,business so if you know anything about,airboats youre probably also familiar,with the Diamondback Airboats but just a,really cool and in my opinion very,underrated rifle manufacturer check them,out online,diamondbackfirearms.com many options to,choose from there you can not buy their,guns directly from Diamondback you do,have to go through a local dealer very,easy to do so most any dealer in the,country can pick up a diamondback rifle,for you many dealers throughout the,country already stock Diamondback rifles,I dont think youre going to be,disappointed now this is a,budget-friendly rifle this rifle is,probably going to run you less than nine,hundred dollars even as it looks here,less than 900 bucks out of the box ready,to go its got every everything to it,that I look for in an AR-15 a steel gas,block number one,this is a carbine length system my only,preference for me is I like a mid-link,gas system but carbine link works just,fine uh nothing outside of the ordinary,about this rifle but I do love the color,its one that I plan on trying to find,me an optic to go with this thats going,to gonna look really really good this,will be a nice display rifle for me to,show friends and family maybe to take,out and do a little plinking a little,shooting with I love this thing I think,you wont be disappointed if youre,looking for a solid AR-15 You Gotta,Throw Diamond Back In the Mix I mean for,the price the quality and everything,that goes with it youre not really,going to go wrong so check them out,online,diamondbackfirearms.com I was really,excited when I won this a rifle Im,going to hang on to forever I think you,cant go wrong with Diamondback check,them out again,diamondbackfirearms.com and until next,time well talk to you soon

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Diamondback DB15 AR-15

[Music],[Applause],[Music],alright guys went back today with,another ar-15 review and this particular,one is the db-15 from Diamondback,firearms now db-15 is offered in all,types of configurations and what really,started this process was seeing this,rifle pop up at American pawn and gun,located in Monroe North Carolina I,actually saw this exact set up on the,shelfs and I was surprised when I,started feeling it how light and,comfortable it was especially at the,price point I believe they had about,five hundred and twenty dollars so,thats about the price were going to,use for something like this I believe,the MSRP is a little bit more but again,you can find this street price a little,bit cheaper a lot of the guys are drawn,towards a complete air 15 for the first,they are just to get familiar with the,fundamentals and shooting experience,with an AR before they go into,assembling an upper and a lower or,assembling an entire rifle so something,like this would be a good entry-level,ar-15 but I think it goes above and,beyond that with the added features of a,rail system nice stock and overall,performance,this truly is a good beginner ar-15 or a,good intermediate air 15 that is going,to do you well down at the range for,personal defense now diamondback farms,was nice enough to send this over to the,channel for us to try out and if you go,back through my video log youll see I,reviewed some of their handguns and AR,pistols in the past and Ive always been,very pleasantly surprised the quality at,the price point lets talk about the,specs and features of this rifle from,the front to back and again a huge shout,out to American pawn and gun for just,kind of having these rifles in stock,shown me a little bit about them as well,as doing the transfers on this rifles to,and from the channel every time we get,something new into the channel theyre,always helping us out with transfers and,theyve got some great transfer fees,starting at the front its got a,standard a tube birdcage flash hider,nothing fancy but it does the job and it,covers the half by twenty eight threads,moving along to the barrel its a one,and eight to a sparrow chambered in 556,and it,4140 chromoly steel I like to see 4150,steel but 4140 is perfectly adequate,steel and in my opinion youre really,never gonna shoot out of barrel,especially with the $500 AR to shoot out,this barrel youre spending thousands,and thousands of dollars on ammunition,and putting hundreds of rounds through,this thing every week so unless youre,shooting you know three four hundred,rounds a week youre not gonna shoot out,this barrel and even if you are its,gonna take you a very long time to do,that so nothing wrong with the barrel,and it seems to be plenty accurate,although I never actually shot this,rifle for groups I have taken it out to,a hundred yards of the red dot blinking,Sitchins six inch plates no problem,whatsoever I believe where this rifle,really starts to shine and stand out,from its competitors especially at this,about five hundred dollar price point is,the rail system thats included this is,a nice lightweight quality rail system,with a nice coating over top you can see,the fde kind of sets it apart from a,traditional rifle and the fact that its,free-floating adds a lot of value most,rifles in this price range are using the,plastic hand guards but this chooses to,use a free float rail lets look at this,rail a little bit closer the rail system,itself is a combination of em lock and,Picatinny rail attachments and man is,this elegant its got a Picatinny rail,section up at the top for your iron,sights which traditionally mount by a,Picatinny mount so thats nice that its,there but it has really nice M lock,attachments all the way around including,this slim part of the handguard this is,one of the slimmest lightest weight hand,guards that Ive ever felt and it still,feels structurally sound I dont feel,like anything is weak about it it feels,sturdy and durable and just shooting at,the range man I just love the way this,slim handguard feels and if for some,reason you want to put an attachment at,the top there are all types of em lock,attachments if you want to add iron,sights and maybe a light on the top you,can do that as well,I do love the fact that this is one of,the most lightweight rails I have ever,felt with all of these enormous,lightning cuts I cant get over how good,of a job they did balancing structural,integrity as well as a light weight feel,you can see its bolted on with these,four bolts and this thing is not coming,loose and may,very nicely with the upper receiver and,again you have the addition of Picatinny,rail sections up at the top over all the,rail is one of my favorite parts about,this rifle especially at the price of,this entire package moving along to the,upper assembly you can see its got a,dust cover and forward assist and the,cool thing about Diamondback as they,laser engrave their dust covers which,every AR company in my opinion should do,I said this in the pistol video and Im,transitioning it to the rifle video with,the proliferation of five five six two,two three wild 300 blackout seven sixty,by 39 and list goes on and on its nice,to have a clear indication on the side,of your upper seat dont get confused if,you have a very similar upper to this,and you put the wrong cartridges into,the chamber so having it laser engraved,is very nice lets pop this open and,take a look at the BCG because if the,bolts not functioning your rifle is not,functioning it really is the heart of,the system and you can tell this BCG is,done very nicely the machining quality,is good this is actually MP I tested,which is what I like to see the,extractor is incredibly stiff to rip out,spent shell casings and the gas key,seems properly staked this is a darn,good bolt carrier group and back in the,day I mean even just four or five years,ago something like this would be,expensive with all of the nice additions,of the o-ring extraction system as well,as the MPI testing but this is in the,base model DB 15 so a very good quality,bow care group and since were talking,about that BCG lets kind of switch over,to the reliability before we start,talking about below or assembly so I got,to shoot a lot of ammo to this and I,want to give a huge shout out to aim,surplus they let me have ammo at cost so,I bought a bunch of steel cased ammo for,this review and it ran steel-cased great,and the reason why I put a lot of steel,case through this is most guys buying an,entry-level AR around this price are,going to be kind of theyre gonna be,shifted towards cheaper ammo if,somebodys buying a Daniel Defensor and,Adams arms right out of the gate theyll,probably just buy brass cased ammo,because theyre spending $1,500 on a,rifle but guys like me who are were,just getting into it and are still on a,budget,I like to shoot steel-cased ammo in a,rifle that can handle it and this one,ran 100% no problems whatsoever with,wool steel-cased ammunition this also,ran brass case two to three and,high-pressure five five six just fine it,seemed like what it was running,high-pressure five five six the ejection,pattern shifted to two oclock but when,it was running steel cased ammo it was,ejecting at about four or three oclock,so a good ejection pattern but this,definitely runs steel case just fine and,youre not gonna have enter any under,gassing issues Im hundred-percent feed,and function no bus use whatsoever so,thats awesome hundred percent,reliability out of this db-15,moving along to the lower um some,negatives for me anyway is the Terr,guard I always like to pull this out,with an enhanced trigger guard and I,dont like the a2 style grip but I do,like the fact though that this is a tan,grip it adds just a level of coolness to,your rifle especially if its your first,rifle and youre just getting into it,you want to be excited about shooting it,and you want to be excited about the way,it looks and I think having the tan or,the FTE really is pretty slick now this,stoc

New!! DB15DMB Impressive Out Of The Box AR !!

[Music],me,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],all right guys so im back today taking,a look at another diamondback firearms,db15 ar-15,this particular model is the db15dmb,in the bronze color this is an awesome,right out of the box,option for three gun competitions,competitive shooting plinking at the,range personal defense,and a wide variety of other tasks,theyve really nailed it,on this farm in fact its one of my,favorite out-of-the-box ar-15s right now,around this price point,theyve thought about every subtle,detail and they just did not,rehash another traditional ar-15 theyve,made improvements along the way,with some of their new advancements in,their lower assemblies rail systems and,overall build quality and components,that theyve installed,and again this out of the box ar15 the,only thing ive added is a couple of,optics that ive been doing testing on,but other than that,this is how it comes from the factory i,want to give a huge shout out to these,guys for sending this over to the,channel for us to try out,this was actually a request i put in,because i was really impressed with the,feature set for the price,so i want to dig in and really talk,about the specs and features from front,to back and its performance down at the,range,when it comes to handling reliability,and just the overall shooting experience,now the msrp on this guy is just over a,thousand dollars,but the street price is under a thousand,dollars if you can find them in stock,now,this is going to be a popular model and,i think after this review you will,understand why so lets start talking,about those specs and features,and performance at the range now before,we get too far into it i do want to talk,about my relationship with diamondback,firearms i started trying a lot of their,stuff,early on and then theyve sent me some,new rifles to review,along the way but every time they create,something newer,better and they keep innovating they,dont remain stagnant throw some paint,on it or change a few little details or,laser engrave something,and call that an improvement they really,have the shooter in mind when theyre,designing these products,and man have they come a long way with,this firearm,right off the bat hanging off the front,is a competition muzzle break,and it works incredibly well something,like this is going to be a little bit,louder than a traditional flash hider,but when you think about the overall,feel and handling of this rifle this,makes sense,now this is going to again reduce that,felt recall,keep your shots on target and it works,incredibly well,again having value from tip to butt on,this rifle,now this is actually attached to a very,nice,16 inch barrel with a mid-length gas,system the barrel itself is a medium,contour barrel,made out of 4150 chromoly vanadium steel,and then it is nitrided,so that is a good coating i love nitride,coatings on my barrel and the mid-length,gas system,again lends to the style of this rifle,and the ease of shooting this rifle,well talk a little bit more about that,in the performance section but it does,come with a mid-length gas,system you can see the gas block is held,in the place very nicely,everything locks up solid i had no gas,leaking issues the fitment is really,good,again just a high quality build on this,rifle,so no issues with the gas system now,this is a 556,nato chambered barrel but itll fire,those two two three cartridges the 556,cartridges this is going to be,a good chambering for something like,this it also has a one in eight twist,so again stabilizing a wide variety of,bullets just,overall good solid feature set when it,comes to the barrel,and the gas system now surrounding the,gas system and barrel is one of their,newer rail systems,and i absolutely love it this is one of,my favorite rail systems that ive used,as of late,just because of all of the attention to,detail that they put in front to back,and i only have a couple of small,complaints about it when you look at the,front its got a nice angled slope,the m lock attachments go all the way,out to the end so you can attach,whatever lights or lasers or things you,want to do and you can see,ive got an m lock side attachment for,the old light right here,and it has m lock attachments on the top,a pick rail section up front and a pick,rail section at the back,so you can add whatever lights lasers,accessories or iron sights at the front,the rail just stops short of the end of,the barrel allowing you to use direct,thread suppressors with ease,no issues whatsoever right there so i,really like that feature,its got lightning cuts cut out,everywhere and then its got the m lock,slots at the bottom again to add,whatever you want,it securely locks into place and this,never rotates or shifts and in fact i,have this rail system,on an ar pistol from these guys and,again that rail system was rock solid so,this is my second go at it,and again it is still rock solid its a,little bit larger of a rail system than,some of those slimline rail systems,but i really like that because it allows,a lot of clearance for the bolts to come,through for your m lock attachments,or if you have a shorter barrel on a,longer rail you can kind of bury flash,cans and stuff a little bit easier,and honestly this feels a little bit,better in my hands and i feel like i can,get a really good grip on this rail,system,while holding the rail system theres no,sharp edges everythings chamfered very,nicely and coated very nicely,so it has this smooth matte finish that,feels really good on your hands while,youre holding the rail system,and because its a little bit larger,than some of those slimline rail systems,if your hand happens to get closer to,the gas block or your hand gets near the,barrel,you dont really feel that heat as you,would if you had a a,gas system that was almost touching the,rail system i feel like that slight gap,allows you to really transfer the heat,and allow the heat to flow out a little,bit better,again i just love what theyre doing,with this rail system my one and only,complaint is i would like to see some,cutie attachment points but thats not a,big deal because they sell,mloc qd attachment points for like 10,bucks,problem handled no big deal again,because you have these m lock slots,literally everywhere on this rail system,moving along to the upper assembly,itself you can see that its coated very,nicely it flows very,nicely its got a standard dust cover,forward assist and charging handle that,all work great,except for the dust cover is labeled,great attention to detail these guys are,adding things to it and especially when,you get a lot of rifles,or if you want kind of uniformity and,youre buying all your rifles from a,certain manufacturer and they look,similar,having that indication right there is,nice so you dont get your rifles,confused if you happen to get a couple,of them,trust me theyre addicting once you,start buying them youll get a few,and having that caliber right there is,going to be just a,nice bonus now when were talking about,the bcg the bcg,is like the heart of the rifle if its,not beating your rifle is not,functioning,and again these guys have done an,incredible job with their bolt care,group,its shot paint magnetic particle,inspected and its the mil-spec,8620 carrier it runs flawlessly no,issues whatsoever its got a very smooth,coating on it,so it functions great in fact i only did,a couple of drops of oil in the entire,testing of this bcg,and it runs incredibly smooth again,well touch on function reliability,in a later part of this review but i do,want to switch over to the lower,assembly,because the feature sets are really,enhanced right here,right off the bat youre going to see,this sweeping cut to the front of the,lower,and that is not just for looks it is one,of the most functional lower assemblies,ive ever seen,for speed reloads it holds the mag in,just enough to be stable but it has a,very flared mag well and a very sloped,mag well,allowing you to just rock it in there,slam it in th

Diamondback Firearms DB-15 556 Review

whats up welcome back to the channel,today we are going to be doing a review,of the diamondback black gold series,db15 chambered in 556. im super excited,about this review so lets get right,into it,[Music],like i said before the intro role we are,going to be reviewing this,diamondback db15 black gold series,chambered in 556.,so before we really start this review i,would like to first mention diamondback,and thank them,for sending this rifle out to do the,tests and review on,and id also like to thank primary arms,for sending out the optic,that was used throughout this whole,entire,review process there will be a separate,review of the primary arms on the,channel later on if you want to uh,if you want to watch that subscribe down,below and stay tuned,so let me tell you a little bit about,diamondback theyve been making firearms,for way before i was born they started,in 1989.,theyre a real reputable company based,in florida,and ive owned several of their rifles i,even have a rifle,on the back wall back there is a,diamondback so this is not my first,rodeo with diamondback so im extremely,excited to get into this review,so without further ado lets start,talking about the different specs,of this rifle so we will begin by,working our way,down the barrel and end at the butt,stock so,lets start talking about the muzzle,brake so the muzzle brake is the,dbsb 4 muzzle brake it is threaded with,a,one and a half by 28 thread pitch,this is very common for 556 and 223 the,smaller caliber rounds,next we will move to the barrel this is,a,chrome molle barrel it is 16 inches long,this barrel steel that is used is more,tuned to durability it is very heat,resistant,and compared to like a stainless steel,barrel,which is really more for accuracy this,would be a good barrel if youre like,law enforcement or,really plan to put this barrel through,its paces next i would like to talk,about the gas system which,is in this black gold series this is not,an adjustable gas block,but it is a mid-length gas system,very very common for this type of,barrel length the mid-length gas system,uh,has performed really well and i have no,complaints about it,next lets discuss the diamondback,series rail this is the,v-series rail um diamondback came out,with this rail series when,they released the black gold and all,their new lines of rifles so this is new,to diamondback and this is new pretty,much everywhere,i really like the rail it has a lot of,nice stippling,good detail along it i do wish there was,m lock cuts along the top of it like you,see here on the side and the bottom that,is one thing i think diamondback could,have improved on,but its not really necessary because,you wont really use it a lot since,there is the picatinny rail pieces here,and at the back so next lets speak,about the upper receiver this upper,receiver on this rifle is 7075,t6 forged aluminum which is really,standard when it comes to,all the rifles most upper receivers are,the 7075 aluminum its pretty common and,its very durable,and you you cant really ask for much,more,moving from the upper receiver into the,actual,internals of the upper receiver i would,like to talk about first about the bolt,carrier,and the actual bolt itself so its a,shock pain bolt,with a mil-spec 8620 bolt,carrier all right very nice bolt i,havent had any feeding problems with,the rifle,through testing so i think that the,bolts great i have another db,with the exact same bolt in it and,honestly its a trooper,next id like to talk about the charging,handle this is just a standard charging,handle mill spec,nothing really special its probably,something that id really like to,upgrade later on because i think a,charging handle,is very important and im just not a,super big fan of the mil-spec charging,handles i think they uh,they get loose they wear down theyre,just not as good,next id like to talk about the lower,receivers the lower receiver is made out,of the 7075,aluminum exactly like the upper receiver,and you really cant go wrong with it,like i mentioned before with the upper,the lower,is unique to other mil-spec lowers,though because,the lower has special cuts in it that,look completely different,in comparison to the standard lower,receivers that are just,more straight and uh jagged and,it just doesnt have as much character,as this lower has and as you can see the,lower also has,a i dont know how you would actually,say it but,the trigger guard cant be removed it,has a,in place trigger guard and this is one,of my favorite parts about the lower,receiver i hate installing trigger,guards and i hate swapping trigger,guards so if theres a trigger guard,already just,cast in or forged in into place is very,nice you dont ever worry about changing,it out and i really like that,so now that weve talked about the lower,receiver lets talk about some of the,internal parts the lower receiver,the trigger is a mil-spec trigger which,is perfectly fine for me i think,mil-spec triggers work great,you dont really have to worry about,them unlike drop-in triggers or,other trigger assemblies where you might,have to worry about,being a light strike or hitting too hard,you never have to really worry about a,mil-spec trigger and you just,shoot away and do what you need to do,moving on from the trigger assembly we,have the furniture so the furniture on,this rifle,is magpul now diamondback recently,started doing,magpul furniture with their new line of,rifles,and i think that was an amazing step for,diamondback and i really think its,improved the rifles a lot,so this grip right here this is the moe,grip this grip,is pretty standard in terms of magpul,grips its not rubberized,but it does have nice stippling on it,and is comfortable,to shoot it also has a compartment here,at the bottom to store batteries or,oil or whatever you plan on storing in,there but i usually leave it empty,moving on to the stock this is the,magpul,ctr stock so this is my favorite stock,from magpul,for two reasons if youre looking to buy,it after market the price point,is spot on at like 60 to 70 bucks,and that is the cheapest stock you can,buy from magpul,that actually locks into place so,locking being able to lock the stock,into place,i think is incredibly valuable because,it really helps you when youre at the,range or youre shooting,so for example when i took this rifle,out to get groups with,i was able to use the magpul stock to,really steady my,shot,and the groups were honestly pretty good,so when i was taking this rifle out i,set up targets,at 100 yards and i used three different,ammunition types,so the first groups i shot were with the,federal 55 grain soft point,this is more of a hunting round if you,were to do coyote or if you can legally,hunt deer with the 556 in your state,i would say this federal soft point is,definitely the bullet to use there,but the groups turned out pretty good it,was really tight group with about,one moa if i do remember correctly,at 100 yards and i think i was very,impressed with it considering the cost,of the ammunition is around 15 to 18,dollars,and it just performed really well and,then the worst group,the wolf was obviously not not the best,but thats my go-to plinking round and,i was able to get about a four moat 100,yards,and was able to ring steel at 200 yards,sweetie wolf so i was impressed with it,there,so i think the performance of this rifle,is,about what to expect from this,series of rifles the one moa grouping,was,very good especially for the rifle being,as new it only has a few hundred rounds,to it at this,time of the grouping so its probably,just starting to get broken into,the wolf grouping was about to be,expected the wolf is generally,considered a very plinking ammunition so,you cant really put a lot of faith into,the four moa grouping,which is pretty pretty wide its about a,four inch group at a hundred yards,so the rifle did perform very well and,it performed as expected a nice,well-built,rifle so with all that being said about,the specs of the rifle and how

New Diamondback DB-15 Unboxing & Test 2020 Model

[Music],everybody has gone its a daily shooter,and today were going to be doing,something a little bit different were,gonna be doing an out-of-the-box,reliability tests on the new Diamondback,db-15 this is the new model for 2020 now,I went to my FFL Spartan Arms in Las,Vegas Nevada and I bought this thing,yesterday and I was expecting to take,the one that was on the wall but they,actually had one that was unopened new,in the box in the back so they went,ahead and they grabbed that one for me,and thats the one that I ended up,buying so we have a db-15 in here were,gonna go ahead and open it up for the,first time and were just gonna take it,Ive got a whole stack of a men two mags,back here that were gonna go ahead and,run through this thing and just kind of,see how it goes right out of the box,well also take a look and see exactly,what you get in it and looks like it,actually comes in a plastic case thats,claw I didnt know that now the MSRP on,this particular rifle is 1150 and I got,it for significantly less than that,usually the MSRP is going to be kind of,on the high end but yeah it comes in a,looks like a plastic case here it says,Diamondback on it lets go ahead and,open this thing up and see we got inside,here now the reason that for adem back,because Diamondbacks typically dont,cost too much money but this one right,here is kind of their upgraded version,so we have the rifle the rifle as you,can see right here still has our chamber,flag in it it is cera coated in flat,dark earth it has a muzzle brake on it,very nice freefloat handguard mid length,gas system comes with the Magpul stock,really nice Magpul grip as well so Im,excited to try this thing out lets see,how this thing runs again right out of,the box,now the only thing heres the thing this,thing comes pretty much the way that you,would leave it the way that you would,want it right so it has you know the,sarah code has the muzzle device it has,the nice grip the nice stock and you,know everything else looks great even,the dust cover says five five six NATO,the only thing that I would change is a,come,with a standard milspec charging handle,so were gonna go ahead and switch that,out after we do our reliability test,lets just make sure everythings clear,I forgot to mention this also even comes,with a CMC drop-in trigger from the,factory so I mean thats a pretty good,value right there flat face drop-in,trigger so it looks like we get one,Magpul PMAG we got our cable lock and we,have our little user book right there,now Im gonna want to put an optic on,this thing so I think what were gonna,do is were gonna put on a 1 to 10 this,is the Arrowhead from Swamp Fox optics,pretty nice little LP vo so let me go,ahead and throw that on Ill be right,back with you guys ok so I went ahead,and installed the optic had to get the,proper eye relief setup and I didnt,want to bore you guys with that so were,gonna go ahead and put in our first,magazine again this is right out of the,box everything looks good ready to go,lets take our first shots with it and,see how reliable it is first neck smooth,is butter,these CMC triggers are really nice I,mean I really like these CMC triggers a,lot and this mag well is pretty cool too,I dont know if you guys can see that,right there its got a different cut on,the magwell saves weight kind of brings,the material up you know some of the I,guess you could say maybe unnecessary,material Im not sure lets go ahead and,run a second mag through it see how it,goes keep going,oh yeah shes smoking now burn off a,little bit of that factory grease the,handguard is really nice it feels really,nice and comfortable again that CMC,trigger is awesome three and a half,pounds single sage trigger that things,fantastic weve got some jets flying,over here kind of in the flight path for,Nellis Air Force Base right here so we,get a lot of f-35s eight tens and stuff,like that constantly flying over so,lets go ahead and put another mag,through just to see how it runs here,shoots super flat to I mean really flat,Im impressed,in that compensator this compensator is,doing a great job of keeping that muzzle,down reducing the recoil so for me,shooting this thing its its really,comfortable its easy to keep it flat,easy to keep it on target and you really,dont have to fight it at all I mean you,know five five six doesnt have that,much recoil to begin with but still even,if you could tamp that down a little bit,it just makes things a lot better for,the user,not bad at all so you know its a really,nice looking rifle too you know Im,really happy with the aesthetics of this,its got a really slick looking,handguard its all lightweight and,skeletonized,its got em lock at the 12 oclock 3,oclock 6 oclock at 9 oclock position,so you can add whatever you want,little Picatinny rail section right,there in the front you know with all the,Magpul furniture I mean look at that how,the handguard or excuse me the yeah the,handguard locks up right there its,really nice just to kind of keep things,from rotating so thats pretty slick I,mean all around this is a fantastic gun,again the only thing I would change is,maybe put another charging handle so,lets do that all right so I got the new,charging handle in here weve run three,mags through this thing so far were,gonna run two more giving us a total of,150 rounds right out of the box without,doing anything I think this time were,gonna use the gray MN 2 mags these are,really nice mags you guys can find,discounts and stuff like that for these,mags on my website as well so you guys,need pneumatics check it out alright,lets go ahead and continue well do 30,more rounds pop it in another mag and,bring it up to 150 rounds see how this,thing goes make sure this comp doesnt,destroy my camera,like butter,itll be honest this is a really really,nice rifle um Im impressed with it I,like it a lot there you go 150 rounds,through the new to 4 mm 20 DB 15 flat,dark earth I believe this is their,diamond series but beautiful rifle under,50 rounds right out of the box no,problem so well continue on with the,review and Ill probably come to you,guys and a few more weeks once we get a,chance to hit maybe a thousand rounds,but a mile is a little harder to find,these days than it used to be so might,take me a little bit but Ill do my best,to get everything done for you guys and,let you know how this thing performs a,little bit later down the road so I want,to thank you all very much for watching,I really do appreciate it please like,subscribe you guys have a great day,[Music]

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