1. Digistore24 Review – Why Do Most People Fail To Make Money Off This Network?
  2. How Does Digistore24 Work? – An Honest Review & Walkthrough
  3. Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing $1000/Day Tutorial For Beginners
  4. Digistore24 For Beginners: Make Money With Digistore24 In 2022! (Easy Guide)
  5. Make Your First $1,000 With DigiStore24 Affiliate Marketing (2022)
  6. How To Make Money Online With Digistore24 (In 2022)
  7. Digistore24 Review – Can You Earn Big With This Network?

Digistore24 Review – Why Do Most People Fail To Make Money Off This Network?

hey whats going on aaron chen here hope,youre doing well if youre watching,this video right now you might be doing,some research on digital 24 okay so over,the next few minutes im going to review,digital 24 and then you can decide,whether or not you want to get onto,their platform and start selling some of,their products all right so ive been,marketing online now for the last 11,years and um my main business is,affiliate marketing so ive done tons of,reviews not only on networks and,products and affiliate um programs um,but lots of lots of different programs,in in the um make money from home space,right now ginger store is one of the,many affiliate networks that you can,check out okay now um one of the main,competitors of digital is actually,clickbank um and a warrior plus and,jvzoo okay now digistore,is actually a affiliate network from,germany right and the cool thing about,digistore is that they accept members,from pretty much any country in the,world so unlike um bigger networks like,clickbank who have been in the game just,a little bit longer right um,did you store actually allows people to,get access to their platform pretty,easily okay so you dont have to go,through any you know difficult,verification or anything like that you,can literally just sign up you know get,your digital id and you can start,selling products and earning commissions,pretty much straight away thats the,amazing thing about digital right unlike,clickbank where they prefer um the,americas and europe uh digistore will,let pretty much anybody sign up anywhere,in the world which is very cool all,right so,if youre having trouble signing up for,a clickbank account because now theyre,very very strict on who they allow into,their network then you can try digital,24. and the cool thing about digital 24,is even though there are less products,than clickbank because clickbanks been,around a lot longer um they still have a,lot of digital products okay and they do,cover um a lot of the same industries,that clickbank covers so you know,betting systems business and investment,you know computer and internet dance and,music dating and relationships email,marketing education family and kids uh,health and fitness food and drinks i,mean its very very extensive right so,um games and fun,green products and environmental,protection languages job opportunities,software sports spirituality,self-help things like that so they do,cover a lot of different industries and,sectors and so if youre an affiliate,marketer,then this is a good place to check out,now it doesnt have as many products as,say clickbank does but you can still get,access to some of the same products that,you can on clickbank so what a lot of um,product creators will do is they will,list their products not only on,clickbank but theyll also list it in,digital okay so these guys are 100 legit,all right they pay out via ach via wire,and via paypal which is very cool,because um clickbank doesnt pay out,through paypal right but digital please,pays through paypal so if you have a,paypal account which is very likely,because most people online these days,have a paypal account then you can pay,get paid directly uh through paypal by,digistore if you promote their product,products okay now let me explain to you,how this actually works so for example,if we were to go to the,um let me see,uh let me see uh so email marketing uh,digital products,section right so its very very simple,this is how it works all you do is you,sign up for an account um and you can,just go to,digistore24.com right and you can just,sign up and just follow the instructions,and get signed up and once you get,signed up um you have to set up your,your pay you know your payment details,and theyll verify your your cell phone,number stuff like that because these,guys are 100 legit and then you click on,any of the categories and they will show,you a whole list of products but this is,basically the make money from home,e-marketing email marketing space right,so theyve got one that is um unlimited,send unlimited emails this is probably a,software,okay um,and then theres perpetual income 365,which is a marketing system this is also,on clickbank as well right laser beam,targeting system,um and you know okay so so they dont,have that many options in this,particular example here right lets go,to um,let me see health and fitness maybe,weight loss,lets have a look so these you know in,weight loss or health and fitness,theres a little bit more right they,have 45 products here okay so,keto desserts high converting keto,desserts offer so they have a whole,bunch of information here you know the,average cost of the product youre,getting 50 commissions um this was,created one year ago right uh theyve,got a 3.8 cancellation rate that sort of,thing and then you can kind of go down,and have a look and even you know try,the offers out yourself if thats,something that you want to do okay and,then all you would do is if you wanted,to promote this offer you would click on,promote now all right and its going to,give you a link okay,uh,one second,okay so so you you so for some of these,products you have to get um,authorization let me just have a look at,this other one,okay so some of them you will have to,get authorization let me find one where,you dont have to so that i can show you,how this actually works right so for,perpetual income um ive already already,got my promo link here okay so im going,to click on this page and this is my,actual um,this is the actual sales page right for,this particular product okay now all i,do is i grab my little link here all,right im gonna right click im gonna,press copy and then if i paste it in a,new tab this is my actual affiliate link,right so if i was to press enter and i,send someone to this page theyre going,to land on this page and if somebody,buys this particular product which is,perpetual income,365 just as an example right i will make,a commission okay and the commission,that i make is basically 50 commissions,okay and,theyll have a bunch of upsells and,stuff like that as well so its as,simple as that its a very very easy,system to use okay so i highly recommend,that you check out digistore24 if you,want to check it out but before we do,that let me talk about um the main ways,to actually generate sales because this,is really important right so big,networks like uh digital 24 and,clickbank and jvzoo and warrior plus and,theres a ton of others okay all you,really have to do is just go to google,and type out top affiliate networks and,youll have a whole list of them okay,all of them pretty much operate the same,you sign up for free you get an,affiliate link like i just showed you,right here you know um and you just you,know you paste it or you give someone,this link and when they click on it they,get led to the sales page and if they,buy then you generate commission its as,simple as that now here is the thing,that you must understand about affiliate,marketing okay,what most people will teach you online,is how to just do what i just showed you,how to do basically you you you go and,buy traffic or you buy leads from some,sort of lead vendor online and basically,you share your,affiliate link with them which is which,is this link right here right the,digistore24.com forward slash and then,theres a number and then theres your,username right so thats what people,will teach you how to do okay now if you,do that you will not make any sales with,affiliate marketing all right because,this strategy has been taught to death,when i started in affiliate marketing uh,in 2009 this was a strategy that was,taught to me they said aaron just go out,there buy leads and send them directly,to your clickbank link or your um you,know marketing system link or your digi,store link or your jvzoo link whatever,affiliate product youre marketing it,doesnt really matter its all the same,right now people dont buy like that,anymore right if youre watching this,video now,youre probably watching i

How Does Digistore24 Work? – An Honest Review & Walkthrough

how does did you store 24 work can you,make money on this platform in this,video I will be giving a full,walkthrough as well as my honest review,of digi store 24 this way you could,decide if this platform is worth joining,so whether you are new to affiliate,marketing or if youre looking for more,options youll want to watch this video,to the end because I will be covering,everything you need to know about digi,store before we get into things make,sure to hit that subscribe button so you,never miss a new video so this right,here is the digi star 24 website right,here this is the home page and lets get,actually answer the question what is,digi store 24 and how does it work what,exactly does digi store 24 have to offer,so did you store 24 is an affiliate,marketplace very much like Clickbank,except this one is originally based out,of Germany it looks like right here so,they were originally based out of,Germany and just recently within the,past year I believe it was they have,expanded it over into the US so so did,you start 24 if you want to apply for,this fleet program right here all I have,to do is click on the button right here,this is starting out its free to sign,up you go through the process you get,your account set up and then from there,you could then get logged in and see,exactly what is inside so what Im,actually going to do is Im gonna log in,real quick right over here and once you,get logged in you will then be brought,to this page youll be brought over to,the marketplace where you can see,exactly what is inside so what type of,products does digi store 24 have and,what can you of course choose to market,on this platform so very much like,Clickbank did you store 24 mainly has,digital products so its in products,ranging from you know bedding business,and investment computers an internet,dating niche theyve got the education,theyve got fitness and health food and,drinks green products internet marketing,theres a whole bunch anishas you could,promote on this platform so very much,like Clickbank theyve gotten a whole,bunch of different niches and its,primarily digital products looks like,they do have some you know physical,products down here and some services and,events know that typist,but the majority of DG store 24 is,primarily digital products so why,exactly digital products what what is,the benefit to promoting digital,products well with promoting digital,digital products usually the Commission,rates are a lot higher so thats why,digital products tend to theres usually,a much bigger earning potential with,promoting digital products and you know,the reason for that is because there is,you know less cost for you know shipping,theres not you know its much like,inventory and all that type of stuff and,its much easier to access digital,information so you create a digital,product once and you could just easily,sell it over and over again someone buys,it they have access to the product,pretty much right away and yeah thats,pretty much the main benefit with,promoting digital products so if youre,really looking to make the most money,possible with a food marketing if you,really are looking for you know to be,able to make like a full-time income,with flea marketing Id say really the,way to go is with promoting digital,products so again you could look through,any of these different niches right here,for example if you want to look in the,fitness and health and niche right here,you can click on that itll bring up a,list of different products inside of,this niche right here now one very,important thing that I want to mention,is before you decide to start marketing,anything on this platform what I would,recommend doing is going over to this,Account tab right here you click on the,option that says payout account and then,you could fill in the information in,terms of how you would like to get paid,out so did you start 24 has three ways,you can get paid out one is through,direct deposit or you know like wire,transfer there is also a physical check,that you can get in the mail or you,could also get paid through PayPal so if,you are looking for you know something,that pays through PayPal and you know,you prefer to get you know paid through,PayPal rather than you know through a,bank or if you dont have a bank account,then this is a definitely great option,to consider checking out so PayPal is,another option that they have in here so,all you all you have to do is click on,this button right here you fill in the,information and then from there you will,then be all set up to receive those,commissions so once you have all that,stuff set up then you get decide to,start marketing any of the products and,on this platform so here it brings up a,list in the fitness and health,right here you know youve got HSV,eraser youve got keto after 50 keto,deserts and whats really cool about,this one compared to a lot of other,affiliate marketplaces is as you could,see right here many other products in,this marketplace right here payout like,a 50% Commission or sometimes even,higher than that like this one pays out,like a 75% Commission and you know,theres other pages you could or scroll,through as well you know heres another,one right here called HSV eraser so this,right here will pay out a 75% Commission,which in this case it would look like it,would be about $40 in 52 cents that,youd get for one single sale of this,product of right you know really think,about this for a minute right just with,three sales alone you could already be,at over $100 just with this one product,alone so that is the benefit to,promoting digital products is like it,kind of went over earlier the Commission,rates are a lot higher and yeah theres,just you know less cost with you know,shipping in fulfillment and all that,type of stuff so thats why digital,products is really the way that you of,course want to go so I did you store is,you know very similar to Clickbank in,that aspect but again the benefit with,digi store is they are pretty much,available worldwide so any worry that,you are in the world you know you know,because I know that click think in it,for a lot of people is not available,like you know if youre in India or,Nigeria or any of these other play any,of these other you know places Clickbank,is unfortunately restricted but did you,store 24 is actually available worldwide,so anyone can sign up for digit or 24,and you could decide to start marketing,the products right here now how this,works how you get paid is right under,each of the products you will have your,own promo link so this right here would,be my promo link under my accounts as,Im currently logged in and when I had,an over to this link right here if I,open up a new tab and I paste this link,in notice how right here it has my,affiliate ID which is my first and last,name right there so when someone goes,through this link right here and they,decide to buy the product I will then,get paid that $40 commission right there,so right here if you want to promote,this product for example what I would,recommend doing is watch,the video of course getting a good feel,for it and then if you decide that it,you know it sounds good enough to you,you could decide to buy the product,yourself if you are interested in of,course learning more now heres,something very important that I would,like to mention is that if you are,looking to promote anything online,really if youre looking to you know,sell our market anything online I always,recommend selling only marketing,products that you truly believe in,yourself so if you believe that this,product can actually help someone if you,have you know of course gone through,yourself you find that it contains,really good information youve gotten,great results and you feel that it could,help other people then I would say this,product is definitely something that you,could decide to promote and make some,money with so what I always recommend is,you know getting a good feel for it if,you want to of course buy the product,and y

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Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing $1000/Day Tutorial For Beginners

ive made over one thousand dollars with,digistore24 affiliate marketing and in,this tutorial not only do i want to show,you how i did it but i also want to show,you how you can do this as well,affiliate marketing is one of the,easiest ways to start an online business,as in most of the cases you can do it,with no uproot investment without having,your own website and even without having,your own product all you need is an,affiliate link and the right traffic,source and once you have those two in,place you can earn passive income like,this like this and like this and in this,step-by-step tutorial i will show you,the secret traffic source that no one is,talking about and its not youtube you,will not have to film any videos in fact,all it requires is just one click of a,button more on that later if you find,this video helpful and if you like,content like this then drop a like down,below leave a thumbs up and if you dont,like it and if you dont find it helpful,then,it doesnt matter i still love you,anyways the very first thing which you,will need to complete is you will need,to sign up to,ddstore24.com by clicking on the start,now button right here its free to sign,up you will then choose a username for,your account so something unique for,yourself then they will give you your,affiliate code right here you will need,to enter your email address in this box,and make sure its the right valid email,address that youre actually using,because they will be sending you some,verification codes to that email address,you will then repeat that email address,just copy and paste it then you will,create a password repeat the password,you will select your time zone you will,enter your gender enter your first and,last name and for the company you can,leave this blank so no you dont need to,run an actual company in order to make,money as a,digistore24.com affiliate so you can,leave this box blank but you will need,to enter your physical address in this,boxes select your country and all of,these countries are accepted so if you,can define your country on this list,then its gonna work for you as well and,i think they are pretty much worldwide,available you will then enter their,phone number in this box and for the,skype name and telegram id this is,optional and you dont have to enter,this unless you want to then you will,need to read their terms and service and,privacy policy and once youve read that,and if you agree with that you can just,tick this first box you dont need to,take the second box because they will,actually sign up you to their email,newsletter and you dont really need,that promo material so id never click,the second box just to be honest with,you then you will just need to click,register for free now and thats it,thats all you have to do you will now,receive the verification email into your,email inbox just click on that email and,you are ready to go youve set up your,account and yeah of course if you,actually want to get paid you need to go,through your account and then go to,payout account right here and that will,take you over to this page where you can,select your currency so maybe you just,want to receive the us dollars you can,just select that currency and then you,will select the payment method right,here if you want to get paid with people,just enter paypal email address in this,box and youre ready to go they will pay,you directly to your paypal email,address or to whatever payment option,you have selected now before we jump,into the traffic sources you will need,to select the actual offers which you,want to promote as an affiliate from,digistore24.com,and for this you will need to head over,to the marketplace right here and here,on the left hand side you will have all,of these different categories from which,you can choose you have everything from,animals and pets all the way down to,fitness and health photography services,and social media so theres literally,every single category which you can,think of and every single niche is out,there on the dairy store 24 marketplace,now one of the best niches you can focus,on right now is personal development and,why that well personal development like,productivity type of niche is currently,blowing up on the internet a lot of,people are interested in this and its,getting a lot of search volume now of,course you can select any other category,you prefer but im just showing you,whats trending right now and as you can,see for example this first offer right,here in the productivity or,self-improvement self-development space,or self-enhancement however you want to,call it its going to pay you 80,commission so if you get a sale on this,you will get 62.25,per person that clicks onto your link,and purchases this offer this product or,this service this one is going to pay,you 75,or 28,per person that you refer this one is,going to pay you five bucks and i also,recommend you focus only on offers that,are higher than twenty dollars if its,less than twenty bucks then in my,personal opinion its not really worth,promoting because it takes the same,amount of effort to promote a hundred,dollars offer and a five dollars offer,so you better focus on the hundred,dollars offer because its gonna make,you more money and trust me people who,buy high ticket offers are less likely,to ask for a refund than the people that,are buying like five or ten dollars,worth offers and a refund rate is also,something to be considered because you,really dont want to deal with products,that are bad for those customers you,only want to focus on products and,services that are actually helping other,people because a they will not ask for a,refund and b its attical so always take,a look at their cancellation rate like,this one has 7.5 percent cancellation,rate which is really not good if its,over five percent it definitely means,theres something wrong with the offer,or this first offer right here actually,has a ten point sec ten points actually,has a 10.6,cancellation rate like over 10 percent,refund rate so i would definitely run,away from this even though its paying a,lot its definitely not worth it because,as you can see people are not really,satisfied thats why theyre asking for,a refund but this offer right here has a,two point eight percent cancellation,rate which is lower than five percent so,thats really good or this offer right,here has,17.6 cancellation rate so what we do,with this we run away from this so what,i would do personally is i would first,of all select the niche on the left hand,side once again you can do whatever,category you prefer it really doesnt,matter as long as you have the right,traffic source but then i will also take,a look at all of these metrics that,digistore24 is providing you with and,this is all useful data and its going,to show you whether you should promote,the offer or not like you can see the,conversion rate right here you can see,the commission rate right here and once,again you can see the cancellation rate,and those are all super important,metrics to look at so as you can see,this person has a really really really,high conversion rate rate like this is,53,conversion rate on their offer so this,would be a really good offer to promote,just if they didnt have over 10,cancellation rates so it probably means,that they have something misleading on,their website so lets say for example,im gonna go with this offer right here,which gives me fifty percent commission,rate and my earnings are forty four,dollars and sixteen cents and they have,a less than five percent a refund rate,all you have to do or all i have to do,to grab my affiliate link and then start,making money is click on the promote now,button right here and thats gonna give,you your special affiliate link all you,have to do is click on the link and copy,that link so you can start sharing that,with other people so whenever someone,clicks on this link if they sign up to,the offer or if they buy that product or,they or that service you will get a,commission whic

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Digistore24 For Beginners: Make Money With Digistore24 In 2022! (Easy Guide)

how would you like to earn over 65,in commissions yes thats right 65,that is a really high amount in this,marketplace and what im going to do is,im going to show you exactly how you,can do it using this specific website,called digistore24.com which is one of,the biggest affiliate marketing websites,on the planet and they pay out one of,the highest commissions that i have ever,seen and im going to show you the exact,product that pays that out but not only,that im going to show you this in a few,simple steps im going to take you,through everything that you need to know,step by step and not only that im going,to give you all of the tools that you,need for free so you can follow along,and do this specific method so make sure,you watch all the way to the end so you,know exactly where you can get these so,you can use them in this tutorial lets,jump into this tutorial and ill show,you exactly how you can make money on,digistore24.com,but first im still doing a giveaway to,every single one of my courses what you,need to do is smash that like button,find the emoji in this video then,comment below what that emoji is and we,will pick a winner in the next video so,lets jump into this tutorial and ill,show you exactly how to get started and,how to get 85 commissions lets go,alright guys so first of all what is,digistore and how can it help you so,digistore is an affiliate marketing,network where products are uploaded to,the marketplace and you can promote them,for a commission now this is very,similar to,clickbank.com so if you do have trouble,promoting products from clickbank.com,you could potentially use this website,instead and they do pay you into paypal,and i do know that clickbank dont pay,you into paypal so this might be a,better option for you but im going to,take you through exactly what this is,and exactly how this works in this,tutorial now all youve got to do is,sign up an account either as a vendor or,affiliate so in this case you would sign,up as an affiliate because what we are,going to be doing is promoting other,peoples products to make money online,so go through and sign up and go through,the process and then youre ready to,start promoting products to make money,with digistore so once youre in,digistore you want to click on the,marketplace and its going to bring you,to this page right here and as you can,see we have some of the top offers at,the top here that we can go and look,through and were going to come back to,this in a second but as you can see on,the left here you have all sorts of,categories that you could potentially,target so if you want to go and promote,things in the email marketing niche you,would simply click on email marketing,and there are products that you could,promote so it really just depends on the,specific things that you want to promote,and the niche that youre in but what,im going to do in this video is take,you through a product that is working,extremely well and they have everything,that we need and thats one of the most,important things when youre actually,trying to promote products as a complete,beginner when doing this so what were,going to do is im going to so like i,said weve got all of these categories,on the left so that would really depend,on what youre trying to promote but,were going to assume that youre a,complete beginner to this so what you,would do is you would scroll down and,you would find a product that best fits,your needs now what im going to do is,im going to go over this product here,the ultimate keto meal plan and if we,scroll down they have all of the,information here and you can get an 85,commission on this so youre going to,earn around about 40,per sign up so if someone signs up,thats what youre going to earn now all,you need to do to make money is click,promote now and youre going to get a,custom link that you can go and use so,you can send people to that link and if,they make a purchase youre going to,make money but whats more important,than that is actually going through the,affiliate materials and this is really,really big and well cover this in a,second but down here youve got all of,the stats that you need to look at so,weve got a cart conversion of 21 which,is really really good but lets click on,the affiliate material this is really,important because,these guys literally have everything,that you need so were going to click,access and put in our details here and,theyve got everything you need so lets,go down theyve got a video that you can,watch time stamps and all that but,theyve got,everything here so,you can click here to sign up and get,your affiliate link then theres a,funnel that you can use i actually have,a funnel below that you can use for this,um you can get it for free,how this works which were actually,going to come back to this soon,and the autoresponder that you can use,and everything that you need however,whats more important,is theres a the funnel that we talked,about theres all of the traffic,strategies here that we can do as well,so were going to talk about this in a,second but this is really important that,you find a product that has everything,that you need so you can go out and you,can actually start promoting this,specific product now keep in mind the,reason ive chosen this product for this,tutorial is because this specific,product is one of the number one,products on this platform so we know it,sells,they have an affiliate page with all the,affiliate material that we need it has a,high version rate,but it also has a high commission so,this is a really really good product,that you could potentially make some,money from if you went and promoted this,so this is why i have chosen this,specific product but there are lots of,other products that you could,specifically target depending on the,niche that you want to jump into so,lets get started how can you actually,go and make money from this first of all,we need to talk about what kind of,traffic we want to use to get to our,affiliate link now theres lots of ways,you can do free traffic if you like but,were not going to be talking about free,traffic in this video if you want to,talk about free traffic you can click,the link in the description theres a,free book you can get and we send you,out a free course on how to do all of,that what were going to specifically,focus on is sending targeted traffic to,a page where we collect an email and,then once we click that email we send a,follow-up and we promote the specific,product and they could potentially,purchase that specific product were,going to be creating a mini funnel right,here that we could use specifically for,making money with digistore24 so the,first step you need to do is you need to,set up your own autoresponder,now the one that i use is called,getresponse.com,and what this does is this lets you set,up email marketing and what that means,is when we collect an email we put them,onto an email list where we send them to,this page and we make,clicks and all that sort of stuff to get,people onto that page so lets talk,about this and how we can get started,first of all go to get response and sign,up there is a link below where you can,get a free account the next step is you,want to go and actually create something,like this so this one here i have,created and run a test for something now,i will have a if you click down below,and get the free book i will actually,give you a completely free course and,tutorial on how to set all of this up,there is a lot to this but its very,simple to do but we wont be able to,cover it all in this video so what you,want to be doing is you want to create,what we call an automation flow where we,send people who have subscribed to a,list so in this case they have,subscribed to affiliate 2020 which is an,old list that i have and they go through,and they get sent a free book that i was,sending out back in 2012 this was a test,that we did and then i have them wait,for 30 days dont worry about the 30,days that doesnt matter but what you,want to

Make Your First $1,000 With DigiStore24 Affiliate Marketing (2022)

hey guys chad here in this video im,gonna be showing you the number one,strategy to do affiliate marketing and,make money on the digi store 24,affiliate network and the best part is,this can be a completely free method,that you can literally start right after,you watch this video and since it is a,free traffic method thats made for,beginners it doesnt matter where you,live what you look like or how much,money is in your bank account which,means literally anyone can do this and,yes that includes you watching this,video so with that being said lets get,straight into it so the strategy im,gonna be showing you today is the exact,method i use on a clickbank account that,makes me hundreds of dollars per day and,again digistore24 is very similar to,clickbank so you can apply the same,exact strategy to there now before we,get into the strategy the first step we,need to do in order to start digisore 24,affiliate marketing is we need to create,an account and pick some kind of product,that you want to earn commissions from,so if you just go to,digistore24.com this is the actual,affiliate network you can kind of read,about um all the things they offer but,like i said it is very similar to,clickbank and what i like about,digistore24 is they have um i think they,have over 800 products that you can,actually earn commissions from and they,actually have a few more niches that,clickbank doesnt have okay once you,actually create an account youre just,gonna head over to the marketplace and,this is gonna show you all the different,niches and products that they have that,you can promote as an affiliate so if we,pay attention to the left here you can,see all the different niches out here,theres email marketing theres dating,love job and employment theres,photography theres services theres,social media software theres,spirituality sports survival so im just,going to click on one of these for,example im going to click on,spirituality and you can see that this,product is the top selling product in,this niche because if you look at what,were sorting by were sorting by sales,rank so you can actually see that this,is getting the most sales right now in,this particular niche so anyways if,were promoting this product heres,where youd actually just get our,affiliate link right here,so im just gonna copy this and if i,paste this in as you can see its gonna,go straight to my affiliate link which,is basically the sales page and,eventually takes them through this,funnel and sells them a product that we,earn commissions from now keep in mind,literally anyone can sign up to disney,store 24 find a product to promote and,get an affiliate link but the most,important thing you need to know is how,to actually,get traffic get leads and get sales to,that affiliate link so you can start,making money which is what im gonna be,showing you how to do in this video okay,so once you have step one down the step,two you need to do is actually give some,type of freebie away to attract an,audience whod be interested in the,product that youre promoting so if we,go back to the product that were,promoting as you can see its a free,archetype reading reveals your,personality quirks inhaled talents and,hidden weaknesses so this is basically,just like a spirituality numerology uh,manifestation law of attraction thats,the type of niche thats the type of,audience that we want to attract and by,far the best form of marketing is,attraction marketing where youre,letting people come to you instead of,you chasing them instead of you trying,to spam your affiliate link everywhere,right we want people to come to us and,the best way to do that is to give some,type of freebie some type of free gift,to that audience and eventually theyre,going to give us their information,theyre going to give us their email and,we can start selling them the product so,we can start actually making sales so,again the first thing we need is we need,some type of free gift that we can give,to this kind of audience and normally we,can go create some type of lead magnet,we can create an ebook we can create a,pdf something like that but if you take,a look at this product and this is,actually most products on digistore24,you can see they already have a freebie,for us if we pay attention to this,headline its free archetype reading,reveals so we as affiliates we can,market this free reading hey do you want,a free personality rating hey do you,want a free archetype reading and now,instead of trying to sell a product and,being a spammer out there were just,giving away a free gift were giving,away a free reading and ill tell you,what its much easier to market,something for free than is to market,something thats actually paid,especially if youre doing this on,social media and free traffic and youre,not using paid ads or anything like that,so in just a second im not only going,to be giving you a pre-built funnel,template you can use to promote products,on disney store 24 its already pre-made,and built for you but im also going to,be showing you the number one strategy,the number one traffic source you can,use to promote products on disney store,24 in just a second but real quick,before i get into that i want to make,sure you subscribe to this youtube,channel because i drop a new video every,single week on the absolute best,strategies you can use to make money,with affiliate marketing and if you have,any questions i literally read and reply,to all them so if you do have any,questions throughout this video just,drop it in the comments below okay so,heres the actual number one strategy to,make money with any form of affiliate,marketing right and this is simply just,gonna be building these digital assets,that can make you money every single,month so we have things like an,instagram account a tick tock account an,email list a facebook group youtube,channel a facebook profile,right and what you want to do is you,want to pick one or two of these and,really start building these digital,assets until theyre at least making you,two three four five thousand dollars per,month and whats cool about this is we,have if we have an instagram account we,can also have an email list right and,just from that we have two digital,assets that are making us money every,single month now keep in mind you can,have an instagram account you can go buy,an instagram account if you wanted to,but if you dont have the right way to,monetize it you dont have an email,sequence you dont have a funnel set up,for it and you dont have a way to,follow up with your leads who are,interested in the product were,promoting youre never going to make any,money or youre never going to make,consistent commissions every single day,and get it to a point where you can,actually quit your nine-to-five job so,what we need to do is we need to,actually set up a funnel for the product,were promoting marketing that freebie,so if youre a beginner you dont really,know how to set up a funnel i actually,have all kinds of pre-built funnels you,can use in different niches and these,will download straight into your account,and you can start editing them and using,them for your own products so i actually,use a software called builderall to,build all my funnels and do all my email,marketing so if you do sign up to a free,14-day trial of builderall using the,first link in the description below ill,actually give you free access to this,membership area youll get an email from,me after you sign up and youll be able,to download one of these funnels,straight into your builderall account,and start using it for yourself right so,for example im just going to download,this funnel right here and as you can,see its going to download straight into,my account and now this is the website,im just going to press edit page now,all im going to do with this website is,im going to make it like the front door,before they go to my affiliate link,which is this website right here right,so im gonna take similar headlines so,im probably just gonna take

How To Make Money Online With Digistore24 (In 2022)

we are revealing exactly how to make,money online with digi store 24,in this video and more importantly how,you can earn anywhere from 100 to 700,a day more that after the intro,good morning my beautiful people mike,vasile here and todays video is pretty,interesting because were going to go,talk about digi store 24 but more,importantly before we actually begin i,want to remind you,that several spots have opened up for,this weeks free workshop but it is,literally the fastest and easiest way to,make money online,im talking about students are going,from zero to a hundred to a thousand,dollars a day we literally even have,grandmothers,making 160 grand in 90 days check it out,on the first link below,but that being said lets talk about,digi store 24 because it is a very,newer platform that just came about its,kind of like clickbanky,but you know theres a bunch of,different other businesses as well its,just an affiliate network where theres,a lot of products you can go ahead and,sell,meaning if you dont want to create a,product yourself if you feel like youre,not an expert if you feel like you just,want to make a sale,you dont want to talk to anybody you,dont want to show your face you dont,want to literally,be there or handle handle you cant if,you cant speak english,actually if you cant speak english this,is also perfect for you as well but this,is a good idea for it,its more sales less work automate your,workflow optimize your conversion grow,your business,and of course theres two types theres,vendors or the product creators so if,you have an informational product and,you dont want to,use advertising to do it you want other,people to sell for you you could put it,up here,or for sales partners you could grow,your business with commissions up to 70,in our marketplace we pay you weekly,with german,accuracy and its 100 free for you from,anywhere in the world,and of course they have sales in,different countries fraud production,refund management secure,payment uh processing and then we,automate your business invoicing,taxation,customer support membership commission,allocation ticketing and more and of,course they integrate with all these,things so you got to your infusionsofts,your get response your active campaign,your zapier your aweber,your webinar jam your co-chanel and its,100 complying with gtbr,high tech software engineered in germany,and as featured at inc wall street,journal,startup gallery and more so it seems,pretty legit but more importantly youre,probably wondering okay mike how can i,actually make 100 to 700,a day well if you do not want to create,your own product yourself,thats fine because you go ahead and,promote and sell other peoples products,as you guys can see here are some of the,top things all you got to do is go to,the marketplace when you create an,account for free,all you got to do is scroll to the top,and just type in register now,dont worry it is free and then you can,just see all the products you want to,sell,so you see right here theres about like,234,digital products on here right now that,we have and the main one,which is no surprise is supplements,so you get a revenue share of 85,commissions on the,entire whole funnel meaning you get,about 139,give or take for every single time you,make a sale on this,so this is essentially how it works all,you got to do is click on this promote,now and you get this super specialized,redirect link that if anybody ever,purchases through this thing,you actually get percentage of the sale,which is up to 139,and this is essentially what it looks,like its a simple video sales letter,that you dont actually have to be the,one that creates,and all you really got to do is just,pre-frame them in the right way so,theyre more likely to buy,right if you want to know more about the,actual offer you can just go in here and,click on,eos softwares as well as pulling up,their actual website so you can even see,what this is about as well as even if,you click here,they will help you get you a bunch of,emails that you could go ahead with your,email marketing and go ahead and make,sales as well,and this is their main website,essentially theyre just selling these,bottles,and this is how youre gonna make money,because the moment they buy something,theyre probably gonna sell you,more and more things so thats just how,sales funnels work right like people,come in,and this is the value ladder this is,price and this is value people are going,to come in probably at a low cost,right say for example 19 right and as,they go in,this is your customer someone thats,going to be giving them the money,to buy the product service solution,theyre gonna sell them more things,theyre gonna sell you maybe like,five of them and theyre gonna tell you,well wait you could get 12 months supply,and then theyre going to try selling,you on maybe like,a 500 package right and thats,essentially,how it goes and they probably even have,like a bunch of coaching and digital,products upsells,because the perfect thing to sell with,supplements is like a digital product in,the back end,thats exactly how theyre able to pay,you so much when people just go ahead,and buy one of their products and offers,even though its like 59 bottles 59 per,bottle,people end up buying the bigger packages,because of the sales process that they,are in,and its not just this you could do it,for so many things like uh theres,making money online products where you,can get 41 dollars,affiliates have earned over eight,hundred thousand dollars you have tube,mastery if you wanna,like teach people how to make money on,youtube but you dont wanna be the,person thats actually the expert,you can make a hundred and eighty seven,dollars,per sale and then you have this,affiliate marketing done for you service,which is,534 dollars per sale the price average,is 731 dollars you get around 534,dollars,net and you also have the thing that i,see here is theres a huge cancellation,rate so i probably wouldnt do this,because,why would you promote something when,literally 30 people will cancel on you,right this one has a way less cancel,rate so supplements are the win,especially with what were in right now,so many people are just getting,unhealthy from like the quarantine and,whatnot that,more and more people are actually,looking at supplements like supplements,are just,like going like that and a lot of people,are just making money on supplements,so what i would actually do is just,focus on supplements because look at,this,high cancellation rate low cancellation,rates youre probably wondering okay,how am i going to sell this well theres,multiple ways we could go the freeway,as well as doing ads the freeway is,pretty easy if you dont have that much,money you want to just get started,its very simple you just got to put,this in front of people that are already,looking for this,so just think about it who would,actually want to buy this product if you,did some research,someone that probably wants to lose,weight someone that wants to,thats tired of all the supplements,someone that wants a quick fix,an easy way to figure that out is just,going on youtube and typing in the,problems and seeing what,comes up so if i just type in fat loss,supplements,look at that fat loss supplements for,women,weight loss what i would do is i would,either make videos and blog articles of,this,or hire somebody to make videos on this,you can even go to fiverr.com and just,type in doodle videos and people could,create you doodle videos and stuff like,that for as little as like five dollars,all the way up to like,50 bucks right but its something that,you could essentially make sales because,you just think about it as profit in,business right,you take the profit you invest some of,these if you dont want to show your,face on youtube thats fine thats,perfect,but you like youtube will literally tell,you all the things that women,are searching for do you think if,someone types in fat loss supplements,for beginners,that theyre probably mos

Digistore24 Review – Can You Earn Big With This Network?

hey whats going on aaron chen here hope,youre doing well if youre watching,this video right now you might be doing,some research on digital 24 okay so over,the next few minutes im going to review,digital 24,and then you can decide whether or not,you want to get onto their platform and,start selling some of their products all,right,so ive been marketing online now for,the last 11 years and um my main,business is affiliate marketing so ive,done tons of reviews,not only on networks and products and,affiliate um programs,um but lots of lots of different,programs in,in the um make money from home space,right now ginger store is,one of the many affiliate networks that,you can check out okay now,um one of the main competitors of,digistore is actually clickbank,um and a warrior plus and jvzoo okay,now digistore is actually a affiliate,network from germany right,uh and the cool thing about digistore is,that they accept,members from pretty much any country in,the world so unlike um,bigger networks like clickbank who have,been in the game just a little bit,longer right,um did digistore actually allows people,to get access to,their platform pretty easily okay so you,dont have to go through any,you know difficult verification or,anything like that you can literally,just sign up,you know get your digital id and you can,start selling products and earning,commissions,pretty much straight away thats the,amazing thing about digistore right,unlike clickbank,where they prefer um the americas and,europe,a digistore will let pretty much anybody,sign up anywhere in the world which is,very cool,all right so if youre having trouble,signing up for,a clickbank account because now theyre,very very strict on who they allow,into their network then you can try,digital 24. and the cool thing about,digital 24,is even though there are less products,than clickbank because clickbank has,been around a lot longer,they still have a lot of digital,products okay and they do cover,um a lot of the same industries that,clickbank covers so,you know betting systems business and,investment you know computer and,internet dance and music dating and,relationships email marketing education,family and kids uh health and fitness,food and drinks i mean its very very,extensive right,so um games and fun green products and,environmental protection,languages job opportunities software,sports spirituality,self-help things like that so they do,cover a lot of different industries and,sectors,and so if youre an affiliate marketer,then this is a good place to check out,now,it doesnt have as many products as say,clickbank does but you can still get,access to,some of the same products that you can,on clickbank so what a lot of,um product creators will do is they will,list their products not only on,clickbank but theyre also listed in,digital okay,so these guys are 100 legit all right,they pay out,via ach via wire and via paypal which is,very cool because um clickbank doesnt,pay out through paypal right,but digital please pays through paypal,so if you have a paypal account which is,very likely because most people online,these days have,a paypal account then you can pay get,paid directly,through paypal by digi store if you,promote their product products okay,now let me explain to you how this,actually works so for example if we were,to go to the,um let me see,uh let me see uh so email marketing uh,digital products,section right so its very very simple,this is how it works all you do is you,sign up for an account,um and you can just go to,digistore24.com,right and you can just sign up and just,follow the instructions and get signed,up and once you,get signed up um you have to set up your,your paid you know your payment details,and theyll verify your your cell phone,number,stuff like that because these guys are,100 legit and then you click on any of,the categories,and they will show you a whole list of,products but this is basically the make,money,from home e-marketing email marketing,space,right so theyve got one that is um,unlimited send unlimited emails this is,probably a software,okay um and then theres perpetual,income 365 which is a marketing system,this is also on clickbank as well,right laser beam targeting system um,and you know okay so so they dont have,that many options in in this particular,example here right lets go to,um let me see health and fitness maybe,weight loss,lets have a look so these you know in,weight loss or health and fitness,theres a little bit more right they,have 45 products here okay,so keto desserts high converting keto,desserts offer so they have a whole,bunch of,information here you know the average,cost of the product youre getting 50,commissions um this was created one year,ago right,uh theyve got a 3.8 cancellation rate,that sort of thing and then you can kind,of go down and have a look,and even you know try the offers out,yourself if thats something that you,want to do,okay and then all you would do is if you,wanted to promote this offer,you would click on promote now all right,and its going to give you a link,okay huh,one second okay so so you you so for,some of these products you have to get,um authorization let me just have a look,at this other one,okay so some of them you will have to,get authorization let me find one where,you dont have to,so that i can show you how this actually,works right so for perpetual income,um ive already already got my promo,link here okay so im going to click on,this page,and this is my actual um this is the,actual sales page,right for this particular product okay,now all i do is i grab my little link,here,all right im gonna right click im,gonna press copy,and then if i paste it in a new tab this,is my actual affiliate link,right so if i was to press enter and i,send someone to this page,theyre going to land on this page and,if somebody buys this particular product,which is perpetual income,uh 365 just as an example right i will,make a commission okay and the,commission that i make,is basically 50 commissions okay and,then theyll have a bunch of upsells and,stuff like that as well,so its as simple as that its a very,very easy system to use,okay so i highly recommend that you,check out digital uh 24 if you want to,check it out,but before we do that let me talk about,um the main ways to actually generate,sales because this is really important,right,so big networks like uh digital 24 and,clickbank and jvzoo and warrior plus and,theres a ton of others okay,all you really have to do is go to,google and type out top affiliate,networks and youll have a whole list of,them,okay all of them pretty much operate the,same you sign up for free,you get an affiliate link like i just,showed you right here you know um,and you just you know you paste it or,you give someone this link and when they,click on it,they get led to the sales page and if,they buy then you generate commission,its as simple as that,now here is the thing that you must,understand about affiliate marketing,okay,what most people will teach you online,is,how to just do what i just showed you,how to do basically you you you go and,buy,traffic or you buy leads from some sort,of lead vendor online,and basically you share your affiliate,link with them which is which is this,link right here right the,digistore24.com forward slash and then,theres a number and then theres your,username right,so thats what people will teach you how,to do okay now,if you do that you will not make any,sales with affiliate marketing,all right because this strategy has been,taught,to death when i started in affiliate,marketing uh in 2009,this was a strategy that was taught to,me they said aaron just go out there buy,leads,and send them directly to your clickbank,link or your,you know marketing system link or your,digi store link or your jvzoo link,whatever affiliate product youre,marketing it doesnt really matter its,all the same right,now people dont buy like that anymore,right if youre watching this video now,youre probably

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