1. TRYING OUT DINNERLY MEALS *not sponsored* FAIL || HONEST REVIEW – Is Dinnerly Worth It??
  2. Dinnerly vs EveryPlate | Which Meal Kit Should You Buy?
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TRYING OUT DINNERLY MEALS *not sponsored* FAIL || HONEST REVIEW – Is Dinnerly Worth It??

hey guys and welcome back to my channel,today were doing another video in my,series of like a testing out,meal subscription delivery services and,today were testing out,dinner leave which and this is not,sponsored of course none of my,review videos are sponsored or none of,these products are sent to me i pay for,all of this stuff myself,this is like a different one i feel like,its not like super,well known but i wanted to give it a try,i filmed a ton of these lately like a,ton weve been trying out so many of,these and this one,as soon as i opened it did not go well i,wish i had opened it like on camera but,i,didnt even think about it because like,one of the first things i took out of,this box was a piece of ginger,and there was literally mold all over it,like hairy,mold really the first thing i saw i was,like oh were not doing this again,because if you guys,didnt see it should already be up my,martha stewart like marley spoon,review video theyre actually sister,company so like if you have,both of the apps theyre like basically,identical theres a lot thats very,similar,between the two companies and i think,theyre owned by like the same company,and i did not have a good experience at,all with the martha stewart marley spoon,boxes im gonna have like a whole video,coming comparing all of them,didnt have a good experience with,martha stewart so i kind of didnt have,high hopes for this one either and,it definitely did not exceed my,expectations it actually was like lower,i had pretty low expectations and it,still didnt quite meet those that there,was mold there was like some brown,i dont know if it was just dirt or if,it was something else theres this weird,brown kind of like mound on the potato,and then the garlic also it was just,like almost rotten it had like black,and it was almost kind of like had like,a texture to it it just,did the ingredients just did not look,good and on top of it they dont,bag up the meals literally all the,ingredients were just floating in here,like the meat,the veggies everything was just like,thrown in here with some,ice packs like there was no organization,so then like you know how usually you,can put it in your fridge in the little,bags or like some meal services come,like in a little box you just have to,like toss everything on the shelves of,your fridge and theres no organization,so i have three meals in this box,and everythings just mixed all together,so im gonna have to figure out what,ingredients go with what meal which,again its not like a big deal but i,feel like part of the convenience of a,lot of these services is that,everythings like,parceled out into little packages so you,can just grab it and go another thing,they dont give you recipe cards you,just have to use your phone,which is weird because even martha,stewart gives you recipe cards and i,dont like that i dont want to have to,constantly be,like returning on my phone and finding,the recipe,like what if im using my phone for,something i dont like staring at my,phone when i cook,i like having like a piece of paper and,i also like to save them so that i can,go back to them cook them again if i,like them and just kind of like have all,my recipe cards together,so i already pretty much im not super,excited about how this is going and i,havent even cooked a meal yet but to be,honest we,we dont love the martha stewart like,just the quality or the the flavor of,the martha super meals and so these are,exactly the same that i dont have high,hopes for how this is gonna go but,were going to try im gonna make one of,the meals right now and then i have two,other meals so three total,i will make all of those for you guys in,this video and give you my thoughts and,hopefully we can redeem this situation a,little bit,okay so the first thing were gonna make,is the,meatloaf casserole this is one of the,double the servings,same price kind of deals that the martha,stewart meal service also does so,basically you get double the,amount of food for the same you dont,pay any extra but i dont buy that,i stopped buying that with the martha,stewart because they still give you like,the same amount of meat like they always,give you 10 ounces of meat for,like a two portion meal but in this case,they just gave me two potatoes instead,of like one potato so theyre really not,giving you any extra,protein theyre just giving you like,more starch or like,more veggies to just kind of like bulk,it up and stretch it but im also really,confused because,this recipe only has like five,ingredients it literally has the meat,the panko the carrot two of these like,big potatoes and then an,onion and the beef stock so i feel like,this,is gonna taste like nothing i dont know,and then also unlike all the other meal,services in the world,with the like i told you its all,digital for the recipe but like they,dont even bother to put pictures,with the steps every other meal,subscription i have puts like pictures,with the steps,so im gonna get started these are,massive massive potatoes like,they are literally im zoomed in but,theyre literally bigger than my handy,those are huge so im gonna get these,and put them in a pot and cover them,with water so we can get these,cooking and ready to mash,[Music],[Music],actually just got to like the third step,which these potatoes are like nowhere,near ready to mash,but they do actually have other,ingredients to go in the mashed potatoes,its butter,and milk but you have to use your own,butter and your own milk,which again with like martha stewart and,this one and also,one other one that weve done they just,make you use a lot of your own stuff,like i had to use my own ketchup and i,have to use my own butter and my own,milk,and like with home chef they dont they,literally send you everything like if,theres milk in it they send you milk,like i i just compare everything to home,chef with home chefs my favorite but so,many of these other ones theyre,just as expensive or more expensive but,you have to use a ton of your own,ingredients,which i feel like a lot of the reason,people use some of these services,because they dont keep a ton of stuff,in the house like they might not keep,much milk if you know if you live alone,or you know you travel or whatever you,might not keep milk you might not keep,butter you might not keep ketchup so the,whole point that you do this instead of,going to the grocery store is so that,you dont have to go to the grocery,store and have a ton of ingredients like,stocked in your fridge i just dont,understand why they,charge you what they charge you per,serving and then still expect you to go,to the grocery store and buy,quite a bit of your own ingredients like,with home chef the only thing you need,to have is like olive oil,to like coat the pan with or like,cooking spray so,thats the part that i dont really get,like why dont you send me everything i,need,but yeah these potatoes are nowhere near,already so these need to boil and then,ill move on to the next step,so while i wait for these potatoes to,finish im just going to make like the,meatloaf mixture,so it wants you to put obviously,and then were going to add in the,carrot,onion ketchup situation the,panko,all right lets put the egg in,i kind of wish i cut the carrots up a,little smaller the carrots are like,really,noticeable in here,[Music],so,out of the oven heres a little up close,kind of what it looks like were,actually having this later its like,the morning time its not even lunch,time yet but im heading to,work later so im gonna bring this with,me so im gonna do a little taste test,now since i wont be able to like,actually show you guys at dinner time,and to give you a review but i really,want to taste it,i might have underestimated this a,little bit its actually got pretty good,flavor,however i did kind of a lot to like add,my own flavor to it so,i think you may need to kind of with all,the recipes from some of these meal,subscription services i think you need,to,take a little bit of a liberty in terms,

Dinnerly vs EveryPlate | Which Meal Kit Should You Buy?

in the battle of the most affordable,meal kit delivery services which one is,the winner every plate or dinnerly lets,talk about it,hey hows it going this is owen and in,todays video were doing a comparison,of dinnerly and every plate these are,two of the absolute most affordable milk,delivery services you can find online,and were gonna talk about how theyre,similar which to be honest its a lot of,stuff and then were gonna figure out,who should get every plate and who,should get dinnerly if you find this,video at all helpful make sure you give,a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel,weve got a lot of good stuff youre,going to want to see so make sure you,hit that button and also down below in,the description we should have some,codes for you pretty much every meal kit,delivery service has a very generous,intro offer and these two are no,exception and if youre curious just go,take a look down there so i spent an,entire week with both every plate and,dinnerly and i have a really good idea,of what theyre all about and splitter,warning these two services are,incredibly similar so lets start,talking about that the first thing we,want to talk about is pricing these,services are by far the most affordable,ones that i have tested thus far youre,looking at about five dollars per,serving with both dinnerly and every,plate so it can be kind of confusing,because these meal cooked delivery,services obviously want to advertise,their lowest price so when they say five,dollars per serving that means that,theres going to be two to four servings,per meal so really youre looking at,about 10 bucks a meal which is still,much more affordable than some of its,competitors for example blue apron is,going to be around 12,per serving so 24 a meal so youre,saving more than half with every plate,or dinner league there might be some,other meal kit services out there that,are similarly priced i havent tested,them yet hopefully i will soon but,either way these are the absolute most,affordable ones that i have tested the,next thing we need to talk about is the,packaging and the whole unboxing process,i harp on packaging a lot in these,videos you might not think its too,important but i think it is because one,of the main value propositions of a,milka delivery service is cutting down,on food waste because youre getting,only the exact amount of food that you,need for each recipe so for example,theres been certain recipes that ive,wanted to try out from a cookbook and,you need like three stalks of celery but,they only sell them in the big bags and,then i wind up with some rotten celery,in my fridge which isnt what you want,and if youre cutting down on food waste,youre obviously going to want to cut,down on other waste as well and both,every plate and dinnerly are roughly the,same here the first thing i noticed when,i unboxed both of these is that instead,of the ingredients being packaged in,either a paper bag or a plastic bag for,each recipe theyre all just kind of,floating in the box this obviously cuts,down on waste its obviously also going,to cut down on the price one of the,reasons theyre so affordable it is,somewhat inconvenient not gonna lie it,is really nice to just be able to grab,the bag out of the fridge for the recipe,that you want to cook and have,everything that you need ready to go,its not too big a deal to just look at,the recipe card and pick out all the,stuff that you need to use for that,recipe,adds maybe a couple of minutes its just,not going to be as convenient as some,others but again it cuts down on price,and it cuts down on waste which i think,is probably worth it overall which leads,me to my next point of comparison and,thats going to be the instruction cards,one of the things i noticed immediately,about dinnerly is that the box doesnt,actually have any of the recipe cards,that you normally expect from a meal,delivery service they actually send you,pdfs in an email and thats where youre,going to be able to find all the,instructions for the recipes,every plate does have some really nice,quality instruction cards that i found,to be very easy to follow and very,thorough with nice big photos for every,single step so i think every plate gets,a bit of an edge here because i,personally enjoy having the actual,physical card to help me while im,cooking,although because dinnerley has digital,instruction cards that also cuts down on,waste according to dinnerlys website,they are 100 carbon offset im not,entirely sure what that means in real,terms it could just be a marketing,gimmick but i do think that they go to,great lengths to make sure that their,stuff is as eco-friendly as possible i,did find the digital recipe cards for,dinnerly to be very easy to follow the,only issue i found is that sometimes,when youre cooking your hands can get,kind of dirty like you might get some,oil on them or youre handling raw meat,and you dont wanna touch your phone and,a lot of times youre gonna have to zoom,in on your phone to actually read the,instructions so i wound up having to,wash my hands quite a bit while,preparing dinnerly which isnt the worst,thing but again just not as convenient,as some others one place where i think,dinnerley gets a pretty significant edge,over every plate is just the amount of,recipes you have to choose from every,single week,you have roughly 17 to 20 different,recipes with every plate every week and,then you should have 40 or more with,dinnerly every week youre just gonna,have more variety on a weekly basis if,you are a dinnerly subscriber as opposed,to an every plate subscriber,from the recipes that i tasted all of,them were shockingly good for being so,affordable the buffalo chicken penne,dish that i had from every plate was,fantastic,and it was a bit more elevated than,something i would probably make at home,then all the dishes from dinnerley were,also quite good maybe a little bit more,simplistic in comparison to every plate,but i had nothing to complain about and,one thing i do want to mention with both,every plate and dinnerly is that in,comparison to other meal kit services,ive tested they require you to have a,bit more stuff in your pantry to prepare,these recipes with a meal kit service,like home chef or blue apron for example,you will pretty much only need,some kind of cooking oil salt and pepper,to complete the dish with dinnerly in,every plate though sometimes they will,require you to use your own butter or,vinegar or an egg something like that,its honestly not that big a deal,because for the most part people have,that stuff in their kitchen,pretty much all the time i know i do,its just something to keep in mind when,youre choosing recipes maybe take a,look at the recipe card itself and make,sure that you have what its asking,overall really good and this was quite,easy to put together despite it having a,lot of moving parts so that leads us,with the question who should think about,gaining dinnerly and who should think,about getting every plate and if im,being honest this comparison is really,hard to do because they are both so,similar,id say if youre looking for an,affordable meal kit maybe you havent,really tried one before and youre,really interested in the idea of one but,you dont want to spend a bunch of money,on your first box,then id really say you could go with,either one id say if youre maybe,interested in the idea of a meal kit,delivery service and you want to try one,out but you dont really want to spend a,lot of money you honestly cant go wrong,with either one youre going to have,more weekly options with dinner leave,which is great but with every plate you,are gonna have some better instructions,and i do think at least in my opinion,the meals i had with every plate were a,bit fancier if thats something youre,interested in but either way super,affordable meal kit delivery services,that are plenty tasty and at least as,im recording this video the intro offer,that you can get with dinnerly and every,plate is the exact same make sure you,l

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Dinnerly Review- Is this affordable meal kit good? Plus, Huge Secret Market Menu!

hey everyone its Allison here from mealfinds.com  and today we are talking about dinnerly and  ,dinnerly is the affordable meal kit and we  are going to unbox our box go over pricing  ,pros and cons and stay tuned to the end because  we are going to take a look at dinner Lees new  ,secret Market menu all right lets dig in all  right so lets dig into our unboxing of dinnerly  ,and dinner Lee is the affordable meal kit like I  said and they do this by taking a simpler approach  ,they have fewer quality ingredients uh they  dont include paper recipe cards and they have  ,simple packaging and youll see that in a minute  and it looks like if we can tilt the box here  ,says we all set 100 of our carbon emissions and  you can see the website for more info there are  ,climate neutral company you can download their app  and of course recycle bucks lets turn this over,so if you have any questions or feedback they  have some contact information there and then just  ,some checklists open your box remove ingredients  and check any pouches before discarding view or  ,download the recipes um in your account area  on the website or the dinnerly app scanner  ,recipes to make sure you have everything you need  and then you cook so dinnerly doesnt have recipe  ,cards which could be a pro or a con for you uh  for me slightly frustrating I do love a recipe  ,card number one I like to save some of them if  I love them um number two I feel like theyre  ,easier to cook with but the app is super easy  so sometimes they do include some things in here  ,that you just I would say look in between  to see and here theyre just promoting their  ,um tis the season to be extra they have  a bunch of extra things in their Market  ,that were going to take a look at as well as  holiday and seasonal meal kits and theres some  ,of the meal kits that they have they have  both meal kits and if you look down here  ,baking kits which weve tried and we have  a link to our updated dinnerly review where  ,you can see we actually weve made these double  chocolate thumbprint uh theyre peppermint they  ,have peppermint candies in them cookies last  year and they were yummy but we have weve  ,tried a bunch of holiday meals and you can  see those in that review all right in our box,now when you open your box youll see another  box in here and what I do is I just take that  ,whole thing out and you can pop it in your fridge  if you have room so let me show you that okay,so this is what I mean heres the box has a bunch  of stuff in here it if you dont have room you can  ,obviously take out the things that dont need to  go in the refrigerator but for me if we have room  ,I just like to put it in there so this week we  got two meal kits for four people and one is a  ,um its like a Greek meatball with tomatoes and  orzo pasta and then we got a crispy Kung Pao tofu  ,with broccoli and steamed rice and we got two  of the ready-made meals which are new for us we  ,havent tried those yet um two of their ready-made  meals so thats whats coming out of our box  ,and up here is one of the ready-made  meals so lets take a look at that cheese  ,enchiladas with corn and black  beans so these are microwavable  ,um this is a little over 11 ounces which is a  good amount for a prepared meal these meals are  ,an additional cost I believe theyre around 12.99  each which is a little more expensive for dinner  ,Lee um well get into pricing in a minute but here  it is cheese enchiladas with corn and black beans  ,so well try this update our review let you know  what we what we thought heres the nutrition facts  ,with ingredients and heating instructions and  it says heat from Frozen so thats good to  ,know you can put these in the freezer well  learn more about that if you cant eat them  ,all right that is our first one and we have two  lets take that one out cheesy Goyo chicken with  ,rice and roasted Peppers hope I pronounced that  correctly antibiotic free white meat chicken top  ,with Monterey Jack cheese and guayo pepper sauce  served with seasoned rice and roasted Peppers so  ,this was in a variety pack that we got I think  its called the Tex Mex variety pack some other  ,packs youll you can choose its just two  of the same or they have the variety packs,there we go we can see some big pieces of  chicken in there again a little over 11 ounces  ,look at the nutrition facts,low in calories low in fat high in sodium a  bunch of carbs in there but a lot of protein  ,and theres ingredients and the heating  instructions so depending on your dietary  ,preferences these may or may not fit in with  that but always good to have options and then  ,the very bottom of our box which you cant  see theres a big ice pack and we have,we have two of these we have ground beef 10 ounces  ,and so we have two of these so thats 20 ounces  thats five ounces per person per serving  ,ground beef that is humanely raised and harvested  and grass-fed here we have some stir fry sauce,and some Tofu for our crispy tofu so  its 14 ounces and we have another one  ,thats 28 ounces that is a very  generous uh portion of protein,so like I said we have two more each of these  because we got the four serving meal lets  ,see what else we have we have scallions and  they look good not wilted we have broccoli  ,or Kung Pao tofu with broccoli those look good as  well we have some panko which Im thinking maybe  ,maybe were gonna bread or oh no this is probably  for our meatballs [Applause] some orzo pasta,jasmine rice,a little,Sriracha sauces,another orzo pasta some peanuts  and some dried oregano [Applause]  ,another dried oregano and then  we have four cans of tomato sauce,and so one thing is you know with the  box you can put everything in your fridge  ,which is great keeps everything together  downside of kind of this packaging is  ,its not all packaged together by recipe like  some other meal kits do so you kind of have to  ,dig around and look inside um to really to really  kind of see where all of your ingredients are at  ,all right so thats it for our  unboxing lets move on over to pricing  ,and with dinnerly pricing they they are  the affordable meal kit so they are very  ,reasonably priced one of the lowest price meal  kits out there and the pricing starts at 4.99  ,per serving to 639 per serving or they call it  proportion plus 9.99 shipping but if you are a  ,new customer theyre theyve great new customer  discounts the one that is running right now is  ,57.5 off your first box and then 20 off your next  two boxes and we of course have a link down below  ,for that discount or whatever the current discount  is its down below so very reasonably priced we  ,find that their holiday meal kits and baking kits  are extremely reasonably priced and a really good  ,value for example a lot of their holiday sides  and baking kits if you have the two-person plan  ,A lot of times they make enough for four people  or six people so be sure to check that out because  ,its a really really great value all right and I  mentioned that the single serve are an additional  ,6.99 I believe per serving making them around  12.99 per serving depending on your plan so check  ,those out and then well jump into that secret  Marketplace Market menu in a little bit right  ,after we do our pros and cons so dinnerly Pros  they are simple meals they are easy to prepare  ,and they are affordable um the they have a  lot of extras like I said they have holiday  ,meal kits which are a great value they always have  baking kits and breakfasts which are super fun and  ,brunch items and then they have this new market  uh which has youll wait until you see it just  ,so many different options available for sides  and snacks and breakfasts and lunches and its  ,its pretty crazy how many different food items  they have in there um and cons so cons for us  ,the meals are simple and so they have I think  just six ingredients around in each meal which  ,for us can sometimes get a little boring  we li

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Dinnerly Meal Kit Review

hi guys its Emily from WestJet free,girl here back with another video for,you all today obviously from the title,you can see were doing a quick review,on dinnerly I managed to get a free box,to try it which gave us two meals for,four people and I will share with my,with you guys my thoughts at the end,Ill show you what we got what we made,and well talk about it and well decide,whether we like it together dont forget,if you like this kind of content to like,comment subscribe click the little,notification Bell to be notified when I,post new videos which is meant to be,every day but lets go back to every,other day because every day is kicking,my butt,and I look at you later in the video,all right guys so I managed to score,myself a free box from dinnerly which,gave me I think a hundred and twenty,dollars off which was enough for me to,get,a two wheels for four people for free,except for some shipping which was 10.99,and I think I paid an extra dollar,because I wanted one at a different meal,so I paid just under 12 dollars,for two meals for my family of four now,I am going to Ive split it up into the,meals so this over here is the Javanese,chicken Im probably butchering that we,have chicken breasts we have two carrots,two green onions or shallots two,Lebanese cucumbers two potatoes this and,I believe they want me to use a,tablespoon of soy sauce some vinegar,some salt and pepper and oil from my,pantry,so thats that one,over here is the one thats giving me,pause this is the mango chicken theres,chicken tenderloids plenty of chicken,300 grams of rice the Masala seasoning,slivered almonds which honestly we could,have done without and probably gone with,a vegetable but okay,um some mango chutney which came open,which again all right and the only,vegetable in this entire meal is two,spring onions true and theyre for,garnish so,take that as you will because Im doing,this as a bit of a review Im going to,make them as is to the recipe Im not,going to add anything extra although I,have gotten every plate and hellofresh I,get semi-reg leave because I have a ton,of hello fresh credit so I dont,actually pay for it,um and we love hellofresh because it,means less shopping and its free food,but also with that I tend to add things,in because with these dinner boxes I,found they give you just enough food to,feed everybody,um a good portion but no leftovers so,sometimes Ill add an extra potato or an,extra carrot or an extra cup of rice to,make it go a little bit further so I,have those leftovers because I love,leftovers and we are big eaters,but for the sake of this review I am,going to do it as is follow the recipe,get it done see how long it takes see,what it tastes like see if its enough,food for four people although it will be,technically five because Ill take some,from this fives portion and give it to,Mr 11 month old so were gonna do that,now were going to do the mango chicken,first because like I said they,accidentally gave it to me it came open,on the way so Im gonna use that up,first and then were going to do the,Javanese chicken probably,tomorrow night or the night after these,this produce looks fine I might break it,up so were not having chicken Two Nuts,in a row and well do this the night,after,and Ill take you through that now and,there it is there is dinner tonight the,mango chicken this is an adult serve,this helps uh thats an adult serve this,is Miss fives this is Mr nines and this,is almost one Mr almost one,so Im gonna go try it now and I will be,back with you for,to let you know how it tasted and to do,tomorrow nights meal all right theres,the Japanese chicken with the pickled,vegetables,it I did add some small potatoes because,I had like two little ones that I needed,to add in,um because they were not going to be,good for much longer but other than that,I followed the recipe,um I did end up using some brown sugar,in the pickle because I tasted after,half an hour and it tasted like nothing,so I added some brown sugar and some,extra vinegar and some salt and now it,actually tastes like pickled cucumbers,and carrots a bit too so yeah I will,show you be back later in the video to,tell you my thoughts on these two meals,and generally Pros cons all of that fun,stuff,so the mango chicken was lovely it was,very nice uh felt very basic the,Japanese chicken was interesting Ive,never had that before so that was cool I,I something I might make again,um but uh the thing I was saying in the,beginning I felt confirmed they sent,enough meat for each meal but I felt,like they,sorry the flat theres a fly in the,house,um I felt like they didnt send enough,produce,I felt like they didnt make good,choices on maybe what the meals were and,what ingredients I felt like I wanted to,add so much more in most of that stuff,was for the Javanese chicken the,potatoes the carrots the Cucumbers,theres most of the spring onions all of,that was for the Japanese chicken and,there was literally just some Chutney,and some rice and stuff for the first,meal so it just felt very,lazy and for the amount of money youre,paying,um I got a 120 off I paid 10.99 for,shipping and I paid 2.50 I believe it,was for because I wanted a different,meal so I had to pay a little bit extra,thats what a hundred and,thirty two dollars 32.50,432.50 I wouldnt do it again I could,have bought all of those ingredients and,had them delivered via Woolworth if,youre getting it for the the,convenience I could have had that all,delivered for less money it would have,been cheaper I could have bought more to,fill more people because I feel I felt,like there was just enough that they,could call it a four servings just,enough and I mean scraping in there and,I felt that like when I was serving my,my family that if the kids had asked for,anything more I didnt have anything to,give them I would have to you know go,and you know have toast or have have,fruit or something on top which is fine,but,for the amount of money youre paying I,think youd be better off getting,Woolworths because then you could get,your lunches and you could get snacks,and you could get breakfast stuff or,going with something like hellofresh or,every plate because for a hundred and,thirty five dollars 125 I get four meals,for four people I always feel like I,have a little bit of leftovers theyre,quite sizable portions and if I really,want a lot of leftovers or I want to,have it for lunch the next day Ill add,in an extra potato or an extra cup of,rice or some extra carrots or whatever,it is that goes with that meal I can,make that go a lot further much easier,whereas there just wasnt enough to work,with with generally which,upset me because I wanted I wanted to,like it,so those are my thoughts Im not keen I,will not be doing again,I again prefer hellofresh and I prefer,even doing it myself so if youre going,for money I think its not a great one,convenience I also think its not great,because again if youre feeding more,people you would have to add in more,stuff and that was a four person box,thats not enough for four people so,yeah,um I do actually have free hellofresh,Box codes periodically on my Facebook,group and on my Instagram there are,threads on both of those if you want to,pop over and drop a comment on one of,those posts and I just work my way down,the list theres the fly again,um I work my way down the list as I get,sent free codes,um I get between 5 and 10 every week or,two so I just work way down the list and,send you a free box I do get 25 when you,get your free box it doesnt cost you,anything you just pay shipping and its,999 for shipping but you can get a free,box for four people four meals and then,you can cancel if you dont like it or,skip or whatever just get your free box,so check that out uh over there therell,be a link in the description box also,dont forget if you like this kind of,content let me know below if you want me,to do reviews on other,um meal deal companies people that claim,its more frugal or time saving and all,of those thin

6 meals for $37: DINNERLY MEAL KIT DELIVERY REVIEW! (a Hello Fresh Alternative) | Cook With Me!

[Music],hello hello hello,Im Janice and I hope youre all doing,well so packets just arrived for me this,morning I actually ordered this like,close to a month ago so I ordered this,in March back when everything at the,grocery store was very scarce Ive never,ordered anything like this before and I,was curious to see what it would look,like so I ordered a box for two people,three meals and I used a coupon code as,well because this is my first time doing,it anyway Im gonna stop talking and,lets just open this box and see what is,inside okay I think I think what well,do is well just take everything out,take all the recipes out and just see,what is actually inside it did say the,food will last anywhere between two to,five days so I wont be cooking,everything in one girl Ill probably,cook it over several days but job first,things first,they have a chilled pack that has like,Im assuming the protein will open I can,adjust a bit and we also have all the,vegetables inside so we have a sweet,potato we have sesame oil we have a tiny,tiny packet of jasmine rice I think itd,be nice cucumber some spring onions,coconut milk tomato onion,zucchini and also a couple of carrots,and insert the freezer bag we have some,hot chicken noodles we have some beef,sausages we have a thing of beef mince,fresh chicken breast and he also have,two reusable ice packs perfect and this,was everything that was in the box now,just looking at this I you but guess,which three dishes they came up with if,you are pause this video and let me know,your guesses but if you dont thats,perfectly fine well move on right now,[Music],all right I have printed the recipe card,and the first thing that were gonna be,cooking today is Indonesian chicken rice,so on the recipe card they actually tell,you exactly what they sent through what,you need in addition to what they sent,through and the tools you actually need,which I actually greatly appreciate and,they have like a step-by-step guide as,to how you actually cook it so the first,thing on the instructions is to actually,prep the vegetables and the second thing,on the list was to cook the rice but,Ive decided to jump ahead and cook the,rice first because thats what I do I,cook the rice and then make everything,else it just makes it a lot more,efficient now these instructions also,said to rinse the rice until water runs,clear and then to cook the rice on a,small saucepan no I dont think Ive,ever cooked rice in a saucepan I always,use my rice cooker no because of old,habits I stuck to the rice cooker which,wasnt the best move you see why soon I,had a hundred mils of coconut milk and,200 mils of water per the instructions,and then set it on the rice cooker for,it to cook then I jumped back to the,first step prepping the vegetables first,we got to slice the cucumber Ive always,been taught to cut off both ends and,then rub it because otherwise the,cucumber might taste bitter I dont know,how true that is there and now that Im,saying it out loud it seems kind of,made-up anyway after the cucumbers,thinly sliced,slice of tomato as well and then threw,the tomato and cucumber into a,next up finely chopped 2 garlic cloves I,dont it can be fire but that seems good,enough me now after that we sliced the,chicken breasts and yes Im aware how,tiny that chopping board is and I also,realized halfway how inappropriate my,knife was so there we go much better and,after were done with the chicken were,gonna make our marinade for the meat and,what we do is weve put in the garlic,the chicken Huff the ayam goreng paste 3,tbsp of vegetable oil into a bowl and,then season it with salt and pepper and,then stir to combine at first I really,didnt want to get my hands dirty but,that spoon really wasnt doing the job,that well so hands it is and after a,while I really got into it and all of,that was just step one there like seven,steps in the first step I think this is,what our MasterChef contestants have to,go through when they get like a cooking,challenge Im just kidding how dare I,compare myself to with all the,ingredients prepped and the rice in the,cooker we turn to frying the chicken and,before we get stuck into doing that,weve got to bring a small saucepan of,water to boil for the eggs then we start,cooking the chicken a couple minutes on,each side until browned I waited a,little too long and it was a tad bit,this is how they turned out it smelled,amazing though and once theyre done,transfer them to a plate and now we,forego some of the eggs the eggs well,they shouldnt take that much just put,it into the boiling water 6 minutes for,soft-boiled eggs 8 minutes for,hard-boiled eggs I didnt time mine,well just see how eager next up were,creating a very light dressing for our,tomato and cucumber and they said we,need white vinegar some salt and some,pepper I dont actually have,many got home but a to have rice vinegar,and I think these two are relatively,similar enough we had half a tablespoon,of white vinegar which I didnt have so,rice vinegar DS and half a tablespoon,sugar into a large bowl season it with,salt and pepper,and then stir and after that add the,tomato and cucumber and toss to combine,and my rice cooker has just signaled to,me that the rice is done so lets go and,check out the rice smoked really,coconutty but Im not sure if you can,see the texture if it was a little bit,sticky meaning Ive actually had a too,much water anyway I tried plating,exactly like the picture and here it is,alright this is finally done Im going,to put it to the test I had a look at my,rice when it came out of the rice cooker,I think I was being a smartass when I,said that I was gonna put in the rice,cooker instead of following the,instructions because the rice seemed a,little bit more soggy than usual which I,think doesnt work in a rice cooker the,water needs to be less but anyway lets,give the coconut rice a taste lave is,our the coconut very very strong it kind,of reminds me a little bit of coconut,sticky rice next time when I do it again,Im gonna cook it using a pan instead of,using a rice cooker actually the sauce,and the chicken is really really nice,I really like that a lot okay before I,start completely devouring this place I,do want to talk about the salad it is,actually very very refreshing Ive never,done a cucumber and tomato salad like,this before and overall the salad the,chicken and the rice but didnt screw up,the rice its actually really nice and,the portions are perfect for two people,so Im gonna go and finish this and then,Ill see you for our next recipe on this,list,[Music],we are back again and this time we are,making a beef noodle stir-fry so what,theyve sent us is beef mince Hakka,noodles sesame oil carrots zucchini and,spring onion and what I need to get from,my pantry is honey garlic clove,vegetable oil white vinegar which I,dont have so Im gonna use rice vinegar,and also two and a half tablespoons of,soy sauce seems easy enough first step,that we need to do is to prep the,vegetables okay so we need to cut the,white part of the spring onion into,three centimeter lengths,yes I do realize now this is more like 1,centimeters as opposed to 3 centimeters,Im just gonna eyeball the 3 which was,not even close,then we need to thinly slice the green,part of the spring onion before,quartering theres a key need lengthways,that cut could have gone a lot better,but hey or just ends up digested in our,stomach in the end right and then we,dice up the zucchini like so and once,were done with that we thinly dice the,garlic I gotta say Im really liking,this knife and I cant believe I never,used it in any of my previous cooking,videos and once were done with the,garlic peel the carrot shred into a,jewel jewel so I looked up what Julie,any means and it means to chop up the,carrots into really nice and thin pieces,its like as thin as matchsticks excited,by this new thing that Ive learned I,started slicing the carrot straight away,and halfway through it I realized I,forgot to feel them fast but its al

I Tried Dinnerly for One Week! | Most Affordable Meal Kit?

[Music],foreign,[Music],small bites so how good can a meal kit,delivery service that is roughly half,the price of some of his major,competitors actually be well I spent a,week with dinner Lee trying to find out,[Music],hey hows it going this is Owen and in,todays video were going to talk about,my week-long experience eating meals,from dinnerly and even though its,called dinnerly you dont necessarily,have to eat the meals for dinner you,could do breakfast lunch maybe even,brunch if youre a brunch person but,were going to talk about the packaging,involved with dinnerly the meals that I,ate how easy they are to prepare and who,should think about getting dinner late,if you find this video at all helpful,make sure you give it a thumbs up and,you subscribe to the channel weve got a,lot of meal kit related videos that you,can watch,[Music],foreign,[Music],so I usually start off these videos,talking about the packaging that these,meal kit delivery services come with,might seem like a weird thing to harp on,but considering that one of the value,propositions of a meal kit delivery,service is that you can eliminate a lot,of food waste I know me personally I,will sometimes find something in the,back of the fridge that is way past its,expiration date and is pretty gross so,if youre going to cut down on food,waste you obviously want to cut down on,other waste as well and dinnerly does a,pretty solid job at that so the first,thing I noticed upon unboxing dinnerly,is that the individual ingredients are,not packaged in anything all right,sweetheart Fox from dinner Lee lets,open her up,foreign,got this like recycled denim sort of uh,insulation which Ive seen on a couple,of other meal kits I think its really,nice thats an easy recycle all the,ingredients are just kind of in the Box,theres no like bags with each uh recipe,bagged by ingredient,which is kind of inconvenient were,gonna have to uh,figure out where each thing goes as Im,cooking but it is much does cut down a,packaging which is always good services,like blue apron and home Chef have their,recipes bagged up so you dont really,have any confusion about which,ingredient goes where its not a huge,deal just to have all the ingredients,kind of mingling together because as you,read the recipe card you can just figure,out what goes where it just takes a,little extra time its slightly,inconvenient but considering it cuts,down on a lot of waste I can see it,being a good trade-off everything about,the Box itself and the packaging the,insulation the ice packs are all very,easy to recycle so thats great and one,thing unique to dinnerly is that they,dont actually have any physical recipe,cards if you order from dinnerly you get,a nice email that has all of the recipe,cards in PDF form so you can look at,them on your phone or your tablet or,your laptop and I guess that is a really,good opportunity to talk about the,instructions themselves I found that,them being in a digital format wasnt,too much of an inconvenience although I,definitely prefer having a physical,recipe card one of the main issues was,is you know when youre cooking theres,a good chance your hands could get,covered in dough or oil or meat or,something like that and you dont want,to necessarily be unlocking your phone,all the time my phone fortunately has,face ID but if you have an older phone,you might be getting some gross stuff on,it when youre trying to cook which,isnt necessarily the most ideal thing,in the world I did find the recipe cards,to be very easy to follow I didnt have,any issues in preparing these meals but,they didnt have pictures like some of,the other ones do which I personally,really like Im more of a visual learner,and being able to match what Im reading,to something I see may slow process a,bit easier so overall the digital recipe,cards were not an issue but maybe if,youre not really a tech savvy,individual then you might run into some,issues with it but overall I prefer to,have something physical because,unlocking your phone while youre,cooking not the best thing to do in the,world so overall Id say the digital,recipe cards arent a big deal I very,much respect them trying to do that,because it does cut down on paper waste,but just as a user I would prefer to,have something physical,[Music],and another bonus to the digital recipe,cards is that it cuts down on price so,far dinner Lee is tied with every plate,for the most affordable meal kit service,that Ive tested youre looking at five,dollars per serving depending on which,of the meal plans you wind up going with,normally the two serving per meal option,is the standard you can go up to four if,youre feeding a larger family but the,price point of dinnerly is super low,just for reference something like Blue,Apron which I admittedly did love is,twelve dollars per serving so youre,saving more than half with dinnerly and,one thing that really surprised me with,dinnerly being so affordable is the,variety of recipes they have on their,weekly menu you have about 40 different,options to pick from every single week,which is up there with some other more,high-end meal kit delivery services of,these 40 recipes you have quite a few,different categories to pick from you,have vegetarian options you have meat,based options you have kid friendly,options which are going to be a bit,easier to prepare and be better for,picky eaters you also have one pot,recipes to cut down on dishes ready in,under 30 and no knife recipes that,require no slicing or chopping,whatsoever theres quite a bit of,overlap in these categories oftentimes,the one pot meals are the same as the no,knife recipes but for meal kit service,this affordable the amount of variety,you have is pretty impressive also in my,testing I did find it pretty easy to,Omit one item or replace it with,something else to make the recipe vegan,for example the plant-based burger that,I had all I had to do was leave the,cheese off and I still had a pretty,delicious Burger so that being an option,as well is pretty great if you live more,of a plant-based lifestyle however I,dont think vegans will be super happy,with the weekly options from dairly,lets move over to the subject of how,the food actually tasted it doesnt,really matter how affordable the meal,kit delivery service is if the food,isnt good then it really doesnt work,and Im happy to report that all the,meals I had from dinnerly were pretty,solid obviously Ive had some better,ones that Ive gotten from other,services theres been some better meals,that Ive prepared myself from scratch,overall I was very pleased with the,overall Taste of the meals and the,creativity that is one thing that I,appreciate about meal kids delivery,services is that they will put together,ingredients that I normally use in a,more unique way the cheeseburger salad,that I had is not something I would,normally prepare for myself and it was,pretty tasty,[Music],I mean kind of hard to screw this up,its just a burger salad I love I love,Burgers I love salads I will say that,the ingredients themselves arent as,fancy as something youd get from Blue,Apron all blue apron stuff is certified,organic and all the stuff from dinnerly,not so much me personally I dont really,care that much about all my ingredients,for every meal being organic organic is,nice but its not a requirement for me,and it not being organic is definitely a,large part of why dinnerly is so,affordable so when it comes to taste I,dont see the average person having any,issues with dinner Lee and they have,enough variety of meals every week that,you should be able to find stuff that,youre gonna like there is one,additional thing I want to mention about,these dinnerly recipes is that they tend,to require a bit more from your personal,Pantry than some other meal kits that I,tested for example one recipe might,require you to have some butter in your,fridge or on your countertop some,required to use some vinegar some might,require an egg or two this isnt a huge,deal because the vast

Dinnerly Review (June Update) — Is The Quick, Easy, Affordable Meal Kit Any Good?

hey guys Emily from Food Box HQ here,today were talking about generally so,generally is a meal kit delivery service,that focuses on getting you home cooked,meals without breaking the bank,so lets check out whats in our box so,as you can see theres some information,here one thing to note on dinner lis is,that theyre not gonna send you recipe,cards so all of that comes through in,your email so in here were just gonna,have all of our ingredients so,everything will be packed youve got a,carrot Ive got some ranch dressing some,fontina cheese some chicken broth,buffalo sauce bread crumbs,it looks like roasted red peppers pick,up some baby spinach some peas scallions,celery some potatoes some potato rolls,garlic Ive got cheese tortelloni,rosemary some chicken breasts and some,ground beef so lets get organized,[Music],great so the way that generally works is,that each week you get a list of about,16 recipes that you get to choose from,you can pick your favorites pick your,delivery date and then theyll ship all,your ingredients to you but instead of,putting the recipe cards inside the box,theyll send them to you via email so,youll want to make sure that you take a,look at your email take a look at all,the recipes that youve got there this,week we have the Philly cheesesteak,burger with oven fries we also have the,crispy buffalo tortelloni with spinach,salad and ranch dressing and then we,also have the pan-roasted chicken and,mashed potatoes with herb gravy,peas and carrots were gonna be making,the Philly cheesesteak burger with oven,fries so weve got all of our,ingredients organized here so lets get,cooking,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],all right now its time for the taste,test mm-hmm so dont make fun of me but,Ive never had a cheese stick before but,thats really good,I like the peppers in there it gives a,really nice flavor especially with the,scallions to try these fries mm-hmm I,got a good crunch I tend to have trouble,with that so that worked out really well,Im gonna go eat the rest of my dinner,Ill see you in a little bit for some,final thoughts all right so just a quick,wrap up on dinner Lee first of all I,want to say how easy this meal was all,of the steps were really straightforward,theyre about six of them total and it,really didnt take that long from start,to finish so its really nice if youre,looking for a way to cook at home but,without spending your entire evening in,the kitchen something I will say is that,if youre looking for a way to sort of,expand your recipe book and expand,techniques that you probably havent,done before if you are more of a,seasoned cook probably not the one to,look to,its a little bit simpler a little bit,more pared back as I said that focus,really is to make sure that dinners on,the table quickly something else to note,is I dont know that the main focus of,this box is really healthy meals I think,everything is really balanced youre,gonna have a vegetable youre gonna have,a protein but its not gonna be as,nuanced as some of the other boxes you,might see but that being said they do,have a lot of options for kids which is,really cool and this really allows you,to go sort of for the full family and,you can have all of your recipes,delivered to you and you can spend more,time with your family but make sure that,youre making that home-cooked meal for,everybody so if youre looking for a,great way to get a low cost meal kit at,home click the link below and check out,dinner Lee

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