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Disciples: Liberation Review

as tactical rpg adventures go disciples,liberation is a fun outing in a fantasy,world that puts you in the shoes of a,classic rpg protagonist with special,powers a motley crew of companions and a,bone to pick with fate and then it just,keeps escalating the stakes further than,youd ever expect them to go in fact it,punches above its weight class in the,quality of its combat and its content,but lets itself down with a disorganized,mess of extra systems and some very,prominent bugs,[Music],blending a turn-based tactics game with,a proper rpg disciples liberation has,you wander through isometric,environments as you play through a hefty,80-hour rpg story it can be more than,that though this playthrough ended up at,92 hours after some side quests its a,suitably sprawling cosmic story for,nevendar a fantasy world thats dark and,terrible but still allows for goodness,and redemption your character a gutter,born mercenary named aviana has plenty,of good evil and snarky dialogue choices,to its credit the side quests have,enough diversity and compelling,characters that its not always easy to,decide who to side with,if there is any warmth left in that,heart of yours,listen to it and act on it,theres a lot of branching dialogue and,most of it is pretty good that said some,of its really cheesy and accompanied by,equally cheesy voice acting thats,honestly a positive thing because,disciples knows what tone its going for,and sticks to it,nevander is a comfort food setting this,is familiar feel good generic fantasy,done right,[Music],when you settle in for a fight youll,control aviana a few of her named,companions and a set of generic units,youve recruited on your travels or,produced theres a lot of variety to the,units from armored infantry to bone,golems possessed berserkers and feral,elf snipers there are over 50 all told,and theyll level up as you go so,nothing ever becomes truly irrelevant,the big letdown here is that even though,your companions are a diverse and weird,lot on the battlefield theyre just,re-skins of basic units with buffed up,stats,the combat maps are an ideal size giving,you enough room to maneuver and a,sprinkling of terrain to play around in,they avoid the trap of feeling like a,tight chessboard and also the classic,genre mistake of attempting,environmental realism at the cost of,being tactically interesting,no play style feels penalized nor does,any style feel fundamentally overpowered,both melee-centric and ranged options,have their high points and while,mobility is strong theres an,interesting counterbalance in that units,get bonuses and healing if they choose,not to use an action point,those small bonuses for not acting are,brilliant design allowing defensive,strategies to flourish in a genre,normally obsessed with aggressive,movement the enemy ai does its best and,does focus fire pretty well but is very,bad at knowing when to time its special,abilities and truly terrible at staying,put to capitalize on those bonuses,so theyre good punching bags and you,get to build some pretty cool armies,meanwhile aviana who you can build into,a teleporting battle magician would,wreak havoc with controlling spells in,the enemys back line the spells are a,particular joy with an extensive spell,book of magic to collect that varies,from situational buffs and fireballs to,weird utility spells like walls or,clouds of mist it really nails the feel,of that classic fantasy magic user with,a spell for every situation even if,youre playing as one of avianas melee,builds im going to have fun with you,suddenly look delicious,one of the big problems though is that,there are so many other systems that,seem to be designed almost at random,resources for building your base and,upgrading your troops are poorly,balanced with some critical and others,all but useless you can easily have a,stockpile of over 200 000 wood and iron,at the end of the campaign but,constantly run out of gold annoyingly,those resources accumulate in real time,but can only be picked up in your base,so if you really wanted unlimited,resources you could just leave it,running and visit every hour or so to,scoop them up theres other stuff that,generally feels irrelevant and only,comes up as a frustration like,persistent damage between unrelated,combats or the arbitrary limitation on,how many buildings you can place in your,settlement,none of that really detracts from the,otherwise nice story and combat which,can carry you through all those hours,what did get in the way were two things,one the interface which slows everything,down with sub menu upon submenu and,loves to use three clicks for a task,when one would do,the other thing is the bugs which are,both frustrating and too numerous to,list in their entirety some were,annoying but survivable like low-level,combats that cant be auto-resolved or,skills that seem to do nothing other,issues consistently cropped up that,required the reload of a recent quick,save or a quit out and restart none of,these were apocalyptic bugs that,destroyed a game file but still they,were bad enough that youll want to see,that theyre fixed before you commit to,a playthrough,[Music],disciples liberation struggles against,itself a rich world and high-stakes,story are coupled with fun and varied,tactical combat but this is a game that,feels destined for cult status at least,for now and especially among those who,didnt know they wanted this particular,blend of tactics and rpg its one that,feels like it could be the start of,something bigger if bugs can be smoothed,out and systems rebalanced a bit there,are a lot of interesting ideas going on,here that could be refined into,something truly great in a sequel for,more check out our reviews of diablo 2,resurrected and tales of a rise and for,everything else stick with ign

Disciples: Liberation Gameplay & Features Overview

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Disciples: Liberation Review // Dark, Sexual-Fantasy RPG // The Butchering Continues

every choice,has a cost,[Music],what it do gang thought i was gone for,good did we thought i died gave up on,this very prosperous channel never i was,preparing you see,training,training for what exactly for something,i never thought i would encounter,disciples liberation,every choice has a cost yes thats right,remember when i said this in my,disciples video rest in peace disciples,i sincerely hope none disturb your,slumber and you will finally be able to,slowly fade away about eight months,after i made that video liberation was,announced many of you and i do mean,[ __ ] many have let me know that,something stirs in the grave of a once,great series i watched the trailer and i,wept i wept hard because i knew what,calypso media was up to they beat the,[ __ ] out of every developer who worked,on all the reiterations of disciples 3,and pond of the series for reasons,beyond my comprehension to a different,studio frima studio based in quebec,paris did they return to the roots of,the game did they examine what made the,last entry into the series such an,abhorrent game it shouldnt have seen,the light of day much like the devs who,worked on it no they very clearly did,not do that but hey i cant let my,biases affect my review after all i am a,serious and professional journalist plus,ive asked daddy seth to review,disciples in the past and he still,hasnt therefore i must take it upon,myself to fill the void disciples,liberation is a dark fantasy rpg fused,with strategy and you can pay extra for,the deluxe edition to gain extra skill,points wow,any publisher who sings solo has to,offer you in-game skill points for some,extra green deserves to be abducted,forced to undergo a major facial,reconstructive surgery and sent to north,korea in a shipping container labeled,defector anyway upon launching the game,youre greeted by a job posting at,calypso skip through that [ __ ] into what,looks like a 10 home screen which,contains useful features such as,facebook page for the game or calypso,media newsletter subscription page wow,i am already immersed in the world of,nevendor just like the good old days you,play as aviana a lowly mercenary with an,extreme case of nymphomania as evidenced,by the many orgies and one night stands,i went through sex scenes if i can call,them that are presented via text and,before i read you just one of them i,would like to set the mood to maximize,our enjoyment of it roll down the blinds,draw the curtains turn off the light and,smash that [ __ ] like button,she complies in a flurry of delighted,clicks and moans from her mandibles rows,of small hooks unleash to strip you from,your clothing those same hoax gently,prance along your skin like a stream,trickling along a bed of stones you,return the favor her carapace is hot,against your skin,then as she slips into sublime ecstasy,it cracks revealing her throbbing,fiery heart you show the burning pole,molten spirit in your hands as the,spleen collector releases a soft almost,frightened gasp then,it is done,my disappointment,is immeasurable,and my day is ruined,having played this game from start to,finish makes me think that the lead,writer also happens to frequent light,erotica.com,where people with misshapen brain folds,post their fun vibrant stories like,bread and breakfast or full moon makes,things furrier aviana is sent on a,secret mission to assassinate a priest,who runs an orphanage but when things go,awry i.e she and her companion orion get,ambushed by four hot-blooded plate,male-wearing paladins and soldiers who,just happened to be hanging out with the,priest in the dungeons of his orphanage,you know as im saying this i get a,feeling that mr priest here may be up to,no good and by no good i mean that,fondling and groping are in true,catholic fashion not of the table when,it comes to his discarded subject anyway,when things dont pan out too well for,our heroine she creates a portal which,leads her an orion to alien your new,home home to which you must go back to,every [ __ ] hour to collect your,resources for some reason why couldnt,the resources just collect themselves,not sure why the devs wanted to force,you to visit alien at least once an hour,i guess they spent a lot of time,designing it and needed you to be,reminded of it constantly by this,wonderful message in the corner of the,screen that you will grow to despise,after just a few hours into the game i,would like to briefly address the,developer directly frima studio this,isnt resident evil or dark souls where,you need some breathing room a safe,space away from constant battle for,survival of course collecting lumbar and,all arent the only reasons to visit,alien though it would be funny if they,were you can also train new units learn,new spells upgrade your equipment and,talk to your companions of which there,are nine this isnt dragon age either,frima it doesnt work majority of the,time your companions just spew,expositional [ __ ] that only hardcore,fans of the series will enjoy i,tolerated it for the sake of getting the,full liberation experience i wish,somebody liberated me from this,pathological need to play shitty games,from here on out you are unleashed upon,the world of nevendar and its many,regions i dont remember exactly how,many of them there are but believe me,when i say enough to make you wish half,of them didnt make it to the final,product you see each region can take up,to a few hours to complete 40 percent of,the time you will be busy exploring and,does it lead to anything rewarding save,for a few occasions no,no it does not you will come across,resources side quests and chests that,contain virtually the same [ __ ] you will,never use because you already have,something much better from completing a,quest it feels like a good time to poke,frima studio with a very short,tablespoon for laying a decent,foundation and then kind of just,sticking a finger up their asses while,simultaneously saying [ __ ] it with a,capital f what i mean by that inane,garbage is that while there are systems,in place that could be great have,instead been left half-baked uninspired,and extremely shallow allow me to,elaborate upgrading equipment consists,of pressing a button then pressing that,button again if you wish to upgrade it,further then pressing that button once,more to upgrade it even further there is,nothing complicated about this system no,challenge no going out of your way to,find secret ingredients nothing you,explore the region you claim every inch,of it like a good liberator that you are,and you go back to ilion to collect your,resources and upgrade your equipment,another 40 percent you will spend,battling what are essentially the same,units time and time again you see well,there is no denying that there are a lot,of units in the game they are,unfortunately mostly reskins their,attacks their action points even their,appearances are all a little too similar,nearly every unit in the game is the,same across all four races those races,being legions of the damned undead holds,elven alliance and the empire every unit,and their respective counterpart will,have the same action points eloquently,named blue,red and gold upon performing an attack a,unit may for example apply burning,poisoned or bleeding to its target,theyre all the same effects burning,causes the target to take damage every,round poisoned causes the target to take,damage every round bleeding galaxy,brains watching this video will know,where this is going will also cause the,target to take damage every round see,what i mean by saying its all the same,they could have easily differentiated,them by adding a pinch of creativity,into the mix for example blading could,cause damage based on every tile,traversed poisoned could cause fixed,damage every round while lowering the,affected units initiative or movement,burning could make the target more,vulnerable to incoming damage see how,easy it is to come up with something,original while im on the topic of,battles freemas studio made a g

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Disciples Liberation Review – Simple Review

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Disciples: Liberation Review

[Music],hello and welcome to the criticalist,today were doing a review for a game,called disciples liberation,disciples liberation is a mature dark,fantasy strategy rpg its turn-based,combat where players will liberate the,land and uncover the endless stories,hidden within the richly detailed world,its been published by calypso media who,actually sent me a key for this game so,thank you very much for doing so its,coming out on pc xbox and the,playstation and its a full price game,so this is going to set you back around,55 pound depending on where youre,buying it and what platform youre,actually buying it on,okay so we know the basics but what is,this game actually about well i believe,this is the fourth installment of the,disciples franchise and in this game you,take on the role of the protagonist,aviana,and your mission is to liberate the,world of navenda,to do this you will recruit companions,and build up a mighty army in which you,will use to defeat ai armies within this,game,as i said before this is turn-based,combat operating on a hexagon grid many,games are using this at the moment and,disciples liberation does it well,now when not in combat you are,traversing the world trying to build,an army worthy of liberating the land,defending the realm,um and in doing so you have to build,relations with different factions within,this game,now there are four different factions,within this game there is the legion of,the damned the undead horde the elven,alliance and the empire who basically,represent the humans in this game,i think what makes this game special is,that its your choices and your actions,which decide who you end up getting,teamed up with,or who end up not liking you the choice,really is up to you when you load up,this game it will simply tell you that,there is no wrong answer this is your,game to be played the way you want it to,be played,now personally i love games that offer,the player choice,and it does a really good job of playing,out that way too very early on you,quickly discover that you can very quite,easily,fail to pick up companions,and,recruit special units early on in the,game that perhaps you shouldnt actually,have access to and the only reason,youve managed to get them is through,your choice in dialogue now theres no,obvious,outcome through the choices that you get,so it really is about just playing for,you how you would want to answer and,hopefully discovering the best outcome,for your gameplay,now as i said there are four main,factions and every time you go to one of,their home worlds you will be traversing,across the map,on horseback now it does a great job of,doing this i never found any issues with,the the horse mechanics uh within this,game every now and again you will find,dungeons there is a number of dungeons,and of course your horse cant fit in a,dungeon so thats when you lose the,horse,and you are just running around as the,main protagonist looking for the main,mission or side mission that you may,have picked up,now on top side there are resources for,you to collect as well typically youre,going to have to battle for these,resources and these resources all get,sent back to your kingdom thats right,you have a kingdom that youre building,up theres a very,basic kingdom builder there you can make,a few buildings to recruit different,troops,and of course you can recruit troops,from each of the four different factions,within this game,now the army management system is pretty,simple you have your main protagonist,you have your companions and then you,have the extra units or soldiers that,youve managed to recruit and gather and,you can place them in,any formation that you want and you can,also assign a support line as well these,are kind of your back line,as you can see i have three right here,on the screen and they will give me,passive abilities and effects for my,gameplay they will actually appear on,the battlefield at the far end of the,battlefield but they cant actually be,her which is a little bit interesting,adds a little bit extra um strategy to,this game,now unfortunately she is the only,character we actually get this screen,for as you can see we can change a,number of things about her from weapons,to armor we get to assign a skill tree,as well and as we level up we will get,more skill points that we can uh place,to improve our own gameplay depending on,the class that we pick and the way that,we want to play,no its not as in-depth as some rpgs,like to go but its theres enough here,to really sink your teeth into and to,kind of make your play unique to you,which is quite nice,next up lets talk about cut scenes and,the voice acting this game doesnt,really have any cut scenes to speak of,everything is dialogue wise is done,exactly like it is on the screen here,you will see,uh pictures of the people talking now be,text a number of them will have lines,that they will say but a lot of it will,be reading,now it isnt to say its done badly um i,personally actually enjoyed it but i,would have liked to have seen there to,be a little bit more voice acting than,actually within the game are you all,right avi,the armor eats demon blood,whatever just happened it didnt hurt me,i actually feel powerful somehow but did,it work,now this game does boast over 80 hours,of gameplay,i personally have really enjoyed what,ive managed to play so far i havent,completed the game however im very very,close to completing the game its said,that there are,five different endings to the game based,on your play style your action and the,choices that you make throughout this,game,so theres definitely replayability i,think that a big part of peoples,problem with this game is the fact that,you cant create your own character but,if you actually give this game a little,bit of a chance,i think youll be pleasantly surprised,by what this game actually offers you,and considering there is an 80-hour,story and it potentially has,replayability on top of that ive got to,say its absolutely worth the money and,to be fair not many games out there,today actually are,i really like how it within this game,you can be good or evil and trust me,there are some pretty diabolical options,within this game,however it doesnt set it up to be good,or evil yes or no you know it really is,about choice what your choice is and,there is no right or wrong answer,and because ive had such a good,experience in this game and by the way,ive had absolutely no issues with this,game whatsoever its run absolutely,smoothly no dashboarding no crashes um,no soft locks,anything its been a very very smooth,experience only this game an eight out,of ten,and i plan on covering this game a fair,bit on the channel as well so if you,want to see more videos on disciples,liberation dont forget to hit that,subscribe button that way you dont miss,out and of course comment your thoughts,down below let me know what you think of,this game have you ever played the,franchise before or is this your first,time even hearing about it and because,ive actually had a few comments already,saying that they didnt even know,disciples was coming out,but anyway let me know down below and,ill make sure that i reply to each and,every one of you guys and i will see you,in the next video real soon if you have,stuck around to the end of the video,thank you very much for doing so and,dont forget to comment red banana down,below just to confuse all those people,that didnt actually watch to the end,until next time guys see you later and,happy gaming

Disciples: Liberation – The Dark Fantasy RPG You May Have Missed..

in todays video im going to dive deep,into a recently released dark fantasy,strategy rpg that features turn-based,combat called disciples liberation this,is a sponsored video so big thank you to,calypso media ive had my eye on this,game for quite a while now so its nice,to be able to carve out the time and,actually check it out ill start off,giving you guys some general information,on the game and then ill jump right,into the game itself so make sure to,stick around for that part of the video,without further ado i present to you,guys disciples liberation,[Music],disciples liberation is a dark fantasy,turn-based rpg thats currently,available on pc ps4 ps5 xbox one and,xbox series zacks i have not personally,played the previous disciple games from,the past but i do know that this is the,first time that disciples is making a,console appearance if you do end up,liking what you see you can purchase the,game from calypso medias store and ill,put a link to that below but it should,also be available on most of your,preferred platform stores i also want to,point out that there is a free pc demo,available on steam right now so make,sure to check that out its supposed to,be eight hours of content i really love,when companies do demos because it does,help show confidence in their product,disciples liberation features a single,player campaign thats said to be 80,plus hours of content something us crpg,players dont even bat an eye at but i,should also mention that there is a two,player online skirmish mode where you,can battle other players for supremacy,this game has three acts over 270 quests,and objectives and five unique endings,to the game like most games that i cover,on this channel your in-game decisions,will be guiding your fate and directly,influencing what type of leader you will,become,in the war-torn land of nevendar youll,be adventuring through several diverse,environments that range from luscious,woodlands to volcanic plains to the icy,tundras youll be playing as aviana the,mercenary and ill talk more about that,in classes here in a few minutes who,remains in hiding to escape the val,which is an organization determined to,hunt her and her companions down there,are four different factions in the land,of nevada the proud elven clans the,undead horde led by a mad queen the,human empire which is stained by,religious extremism and the legions of,the damned each faction has their own,motivations and in-game incentives,depending on your in-game choices you,will be able to form alliances with some,of them which can bring you various,bonuses from morale bonuses that help,you in combat the ability to upgrade,buildings recruiting top tier recruits,and even unlocking special skills your,reputation with these factions not only,changes the story but it also has a big,impact on the gameplay itself,since you just heard me mention,upgrading buildings base building is an,important aspect of this game youll be,building up and altering the city of,ilion and its here where youll be,spending the resources that youve,earned from questing to research and,prepare spells assign skill points,converse with companions buy and upgrade,equipment and much more your,relationship with the factions will,determine what buildings youre able to,build and also even phase out,on a quick side note this game is made,by a company by the name of frima studio,hailing from quebec canada all right now,lets quickly talk about everyones,favorite topics classes in combat and,then ill jump right into the game,itself with you guys,in this game youll be playing as a,mercenary by the name of aviana but you,do get to choose between four different,classes for her these classes are the,warlord hex blade cirrus and the witch,the warlord specializes in dealing burst,damage up close with her sword the hex,blade is of course a mix of melee and,magic damage using many spells that,inflict status effects against your,opponents,the cirrus class is your mage class and,youll be utilizing elemental spells to,of course deal devastating damage in the,witch is another magical build that,heavily focuses on weakening creatures,at your base the city of ilion youll,have the opportunity to reallocate your,skill points to try out other classes,for combat in this game youll be facing,off against a variety of horrific,monsters and beasts each requiring a,unique combat strategy the combat is,grid turn-based combat and it uses an,action point system something that most,of you on my channel are certainly,familiar with the cool thing is that,part of your journey will be recruiting,units of which theres 50 plus and with,them building an army best suited to,your play style prior to the start of a,combat encounter youll have the option,to edit and assign units and companions,on the board with the positions that you,want them to take positioning will be a,key element to success in this game and,theyll also be certain tiles on the,grid that grant buffs to the first unit,that moves to that tile like i said,before im leaving a link to the calypso,media store below and the games website,all right enough about the details of,the game lets go check it out for,ourselves,okay welcome to disciples oh the music,thats a good start to a game,soundtracks everything welcome to the,menu screen for disciples liberation,were gonna head on into a new game,right now lets check it out,it is a time between times,for epochs navindars disciples have,been victims of the winds of divinity it,becomes paranoia paranoia becomes rage i,get so excited when i get to play a new,game,the war cannot stop the liberation,okay these are nice cinematics nice,voice even now its unlikely savior,awakens to her fate theres avianos,next will shape the future,of the world ori you all right,wha what,oh abby,i thought you were a church guard,i dont know whats worse your snoring,or this stench how can you sleep down,here,this is an interesting way to go about,dialogue in a game thats for sure,i kind of like it choices can have major,impact on the story and the ending of,the game there are no bad choices though,feel free to role play aviana as you,wish kill the priest i mean,i have some questions no witnesses kill,everyone,be stealthy and kill only him,kill everyone okay we got our first unit,and its our companion orion,welcome to the game and bear with me,guys i have not played this game before,so im not really quite sure about the,controls,or anything at all,i like the visuals so far this is nice,[Music],impure his eye sees all,all right we got our first battle,we have our starting formation on the,left and the opposition,all i have is two units right now aviana,and orion orion has debilitating strike,which costs one action point and it,deals physical damage and weakens the,target and then orions cloak casts a,blinding cloak granting stealth for two,rounds lets start off with that,see what it does feel the snakes,i should still have one point left,though lets move to the side a little,bit,ill sneak past them,and now its avianas turn we have,commanding strike right now and clearing,strike im gonna move her up just a,little bit,we also have a spell book,but i have no spells yeah that looks,pretty cool i like the visuals,oh he actually turned and knew that we,were here,[Music],very nice,game feels pretty smooth,combat feels impactful and here,not sure if theres opportunity attacks,in this game but,should i test it out yeah what the hell,lets test it out lets move okay i,dont think there is do a command and,strike,i think this is it for this guy,see ya i think were getting good at,this,okay,okay,i like it,were getting leather armor and also,some golds and we also gained some xp,beautiful,i dont think you can rotate the camera,on this game but thats okay give me,some of the good stuff baby,all right,battle number two,do these guys not learn,i dont think i can actually move the,companions on the formation but when we,actually get like soldiers well be able,to move them around theres a

Is It For YOU? – Disciples: Liberation

I can see where this is going and uh I,like it disciples Liberation is a turn,and grit based fantasy RPG in which you,manage the city make impactful story,choices pick your fans in a large talent,tree and battle your way through an,isometric world I am during the,exploring and today I will guide you,through Snowy Peaks deep Dungeons and,Mordor on the search for the answer if,disciples Liberation is for you you will,follow the story of Aviana a uniquely,powered and if you do so extremely horny,young woman destined to liberate the,bloody and war-toned lines of nevendar,in a 50-plus hour campaign through,morally ambiguous dialogue choices,youll change the story your standing of,the four factions as well as the ending,your reputation with the factions impact,your units and avianas capabilities in,the talent tree but more on that later,the units can be recruited trained and,powered up in your base a hidden city,with a variety of buildings at your,disposal to influence your groups,combat prowess furthermore through level,UPS Aviana unlocked skills and passives,in the talent tree you can choose,between 4 different classes each and,only influencing her combat actions but,every unit as a whole the combination of,your hidden city the talent tree,understanding and the factions heavily,shapes your units power I for one,through side missions and choices in the,main story focused on a higher,reputation with the uninfection,upgrading the connected buildings to,unlock further combatants picking,talents and improve their own its health,and equip each of them with a chart that,powers up their actions being able to,adjust your playstyle whenever you want,to its another huge bonus of disciples,Liberation since you are never locked in,your combat style to be able to upgrade,the buildings and the equipment as well,as recruiting new units youll need to,acquire resources like wood iron gold,and more these resources can be found in,the different biomes as well as through,capturing mines and meals which,gradually gather these materials while,you face your enemies explore Dungeons,and help out all kinds of characters,like these zombies for example who are,being hunted by a demon Chef for their,in-arts you know heart liver lung,shoulder knees and toes knees and toes,exploration as well as encountering all,kinds of interesting quests there are up,to 270 is extremely satisfying and would,have been my favorite part of the game,if there wasnt a combat as mentioned,the turn-based combat is done with your,recruited units and up to two Hero,characters which he unlocked through,mainstar requests to keep it in a,magical size Aviana has a certain amount,of leadership points which limit the,number of units you can use on a,grid-based map each character has two,skills with various effects and a,limited set of steps they can take,between single Target area of effect,chain attacks the skills can add,negative status effects or Target allies,to heal and soften a healthy combination,of different units is key to,successfully maneuver through the many,fights youll face not using all your,action points in the turn has a,beneficial effect as well like healing,for a small amount or putting up a,shield to lower incoming damage,therefore sometimes not acting can be,the better choice adding one more,strategic value to the combat Aviana,herself outclasses everyone else with,her Spellbook of up to 80 different,spells you can unlock and power up to,the class you can choose and total entry,last but not least your groups lineup,is split into two types the front line,and the back line Frontline characters,are as mentioned moving and acting on,the grid-based field while the backline,units provide backup in form of one,ability per unit ranging from a simple,arranged attack or a beneficial attack,for an ally to a group white buff this,well thought out tactical combat had me,switch around my lineup and talent,points every few hours to experience the,various play Styles and it was extremely,satisfying disciples Liberation might be,lacking in a compelling storytelling and,a convincing voice acting but provides,hours and hours of fun with the,management of the base The Addictive,combat system and the exploration in,side quests that had me hooked in the,Grim and gripping World disciples,Liberation released in October 2021 on,various platforms and is available for,39.99 if you liked what you saw consider,liking and subscribing for more videos,like this one a thank you all for,watching and wish you a great day or,evening

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