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Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Review

you have no idea who this thing,is do you when i reviewed disco elysium,back in 2019 i gave it a score of 9.6,here was my verdict disco elysium is a,unique blend of noir detective fiction,traditional pen and paper rpgs and a,large helping of existentialist theory,its twisting plot cast of memorable,characters and sheer depth of choice,combined to create an experience that,begs to be savoured,a few minor gripes aside it hits on,almost every single one of the marks it,sets out to achieve,and left me yearning to spend more time,in its world,for more on the fundamentals of what,makes this game great make sure to check,out that original review,here ill talk about the changes and why,i think its even better in disco,disco-elysium the final cut,[Music],disco-elysium the final cut expands on,its original cast to include fully,voiced performances for every character,but none make more of an impact than the,24 different sections of your brain that,accompany you throughout the journey,to emphasize just how important they are,roughly half of the more than 1 million,words spoken in this sprawling rpg,belong to your characters innermost,thoughts,it is too large for a bullet to get too,small for a piece of furniture,youre looking for something heavy and,larger than your fist,voicing all two dozen of these cerebral,incarnations,is jazz musician lenvil brown who,masterfully breathes new life into zoms,tome of a script,his bass heavy calming yet authoritative,voice,guides you as much as it does educate,you on the world of revishol,the casting for this role was always,going to be crucial to the success of,the final cut but after hearing the,gravitas and depth brown brings to it,its hard to imagine disco elysium any,other way these,live pointy pointy-ed creatures appear,to be different types,of welcomes every person you meet in,martinet,is now fully voiced and it cant be,overstated how much of an improvement,this is over the original,the 2019 release did feature limited,voicing of some characters and the,inconsistent quality of these,performances was one of my few,criticisms of disco elysium when i,reviewed it back then,but i couldnt be happier with the,results this time around the dock,workers are pretty cocky,they think theyre police enough at,least here,on the coast i cant say about the rest,of the city a couple of the cast members,remain,most notably those playing larger roles,like kim kitsuragi and everett claire,while others that only had partially,voiced roles have been changed,these include kuno whose new performance,still carries the obnoxious essence of,the character but is nowhere near as,grating on the ears as it once was,kuno gives this info out on a need to,know basis,and you dont need to know practically,all of the newly added cast members hit,the mark as well they really add new,life into the world of disco elysium and,further reinforce the diversity that can,be found in the city with a globe full,of accents and languages being spoken,the influence of the am sandwich race,is waning the biggest compliment i can,pay to the vocal editions is that all of,the characters sounded exactly how i,imagined they would when i first played,it mirrored the joy i get from first,hearing an audio book or film,adaptation of one of my favorite novels,with the voices i once solely heard in,my head finally played back to me,he didnt respect the sea went out there,drunk like a skunk and sure enough one,day the boat was found floating,bloated corpse turned up two weeks later,the other most impactful addition in the,final cut are the political vision,quests,these four optional objectives are,mutually exclusive meaning youll only,get to see one of them per playthrough,they are tied to the political leanings,youve shown during the story and had,roughly 20 to 30 minutes of enjoyable,new detective work,while not directly affecting the outcome,of the main storyline they do a great,job of teaching you more about the world,and quirky characters of reversal one of,the main draws of disco elysium already,fight till theres no slaves below and,no,masters overhead the original release,included a lot of political theory and,many of the dialogue choices you made,influenced your characters leanings,from fascist to liberal and everything,in between,however there never felt like there was,any sort of payoff or closure to,whichever path you took,the final cut provides exactly what was,missing by adding these questlines late,into the story allowing you to fully,commit to a branch of ideological,thinking,in my playthrough of the final cut i,chose to embrace communism which,culminated in a bizarre bewildering,and ultimately enriching conversation,with two new characters i wouldnt have,met otherwise,rather show on its socio-political,history were always one of the key,strengths of disco elysium so naturally,i was more than happy to delve deeper,into that while simultaneously being,given more opportunities to build out my,protagonist and find his place in the,world,your attention detaches the voices of,the young men fade away,its a cool evening you notice,[Music],[Applause],disco elysium is still the unique blend,of noir detective fiction,traditional pen and paper rpgs with a,large helping of existentialist theory,that it always was but its now,even better than ever removing any of,the minor gripes i had with the original,by adding new quests,and a full cast of well-voiced,characters the final cut elevates disco,elysium from an already phenomenal rpg,to a true must-play masterpiece,[Applause],for more on disco elysium do check out,my original review if you havent,already

Disco Elysium Review

like all good detective stories what up,his simple at first become so much more,than that in disco Elysium and here it,gets so so much weird or too it takes,the age-old mechanics of tabletop RPGs,like Dungeons & Dragons and twist them,in strange ways around a macabre tale of,violence poverty and a society on the,brink of collapse through sharply,written dialogue and an expertly crafted,world uses some unique game mechanics,such as debating against 24 different,sections of your own brain,to create an experience that will stay,with me for a long time and somehow it,manages to make all of this fun and,surprisingly often funny,[Applause],[Music],the premise of disco Elysium is,straightforward a body has been,discovered hanged from a looming tree in,the backyard of a hostel and its up to,you to work out how it got there over,the course of the 30 hour story,everything that surrounds this core,mystery is far from simple however not,least being that you kick things off,with an almighty dose of hangover,induced amnesia you cant even remember,your name let alone that youre a cop on,a murder case the first decision you,have to make when booting up disco,Elysium is what kind of detective you,wish to be intelligent sensitive or,bruiser each determines the base thats,an offer an interesting way to play for,example open if the intelligent build,allows you to instantly decipher that,you have woken up in the city of,reversal as your high encyclopedia skill,feeds you that knowledge begin with the,sensitive option however and youll have,no idea where you are and well have to,piece together that same information,if that isnt varied enough for you you,can build your own detective from the,ground up instead your character sheet,is made up of four distinct pillars,intellect psyche physique and motox each,of these consists of six wonderfully,strange skills which bring their own,bonuses want to command respectful,member of the public spend some,authority,how about intimidate a witness beefed up,your physical instrument total these,skills arent just passive ways of sends,you down different paths each one is a,distinct voice in your detectives head,represented in the dialogue window,during conversations there as much,in-game tips as there are a way to get,your progress the option of all this,skill management is that disco Elysium,plays like no other video game Ive ever,seen its closest analogue is perhaps the,upstanding divinity original sin – if,you replaced all of its turn-based,combat with early error LucasArts,point-and-click scenarios puzzle solving,comes hand in hand with skill checks,which are interactions based on a,combination of a dice roll in your stats,the higher your number for the requisite,skill the higher the percentage you have,of rolling successfully this mechanic is,used to resolve everything from,conversation options to jumps across,ledges and even violence there is no,combat in Disco Elysium not in the,traditional sense anyway throwing a,punch is a matter of willing your,detector to do so and the consequences,are usually verbal or rather than,physical your choice of dialogue is,often crucial to solving problems not,only when interacting with others but if,the many voices occupying your MA,its a truly fun way of dealing of,exciting sequences and a welcome breath,of fresh air compared to more,action-oriented RPGs other than,increasing your skills you can also,spend points in your fork cabinet a,unique mechanic that turns abstract,concepts like communism memories of,favorite flavors or just mistakenly,thinking youre a rock star into a kind,of mental inventory it plays beautifully,into the theme that half of the battle,in disco Elysium takes place in your own,mind by internalizing a fault unlocked,along your travels you can earn a,variety of rewards attached to it these,vary from stat boosts to XP boosts and,unique traits its a wonderfully odd,system not least because each time you,complete a fault and you stunningly,grotesque illustrative painting filled,your screen society seems a concept long,since forgotten in the city of rebus all,the once-proud capitol of the world you,wake up it Martin a the district way you,spent most of your time is an,impoverished hub of anger in discontent,but its a captivating place to be its,a beautifully realized depiction of a,firmly ugly place you instantly get a,sense of the world youll spend upwards,of 30 hours trawling through snow falls,softly onto abandoned vehicles crumbling,neglected architecture haunts the,streets and broken statues commemorating,a long fabled war serve as a reminder of,what happened here,the density of the games well can,sometimes feel overwhelming with maps,dominated by icons and large areas of,land beckoning to be explored this is,never the case of disco Elysium theres,lots to do but it encourages you to take,your time and absorb all the information,you would be impaired at your own pace,whether you choose to take what you find,at face value is for you to decide,youre a detective after all core to,this is disco Elysium severe each cast,of characters and the way their stories,intertwine with both your own and that,of the world they inhabit each new face,is accompanied by a gorgeously painted,portrait that looks as if its been,stroked onto a canvas by a hopped-up,Francis Bacon chief among the,connections youll forge is with your,partner in crime fighting leftenant Kim,kits are Argy kits Iraqis dry humor and,analytic mind is brought to life,brilliant in his voice acting and,provides a reassuring tone during tense,moments the same cant be said for all,the cast in Disco Elysium however its a,real hodgepodge in terms of voice,performance at times regardless of,delivery the dialogue itself is,meticulously written its bitingly funny,at,times deeming into the darkness of your,situation while also not being afraid to,let you know when youve made a stupid,mistake characters will swing from,revolutionary prose calling for the fall,of the bourgeoisie into calf caress,psychoanalytic ramblings disco Elysium,is as much an exercising detective,fantasy as it is an evaluation of your,own socio-political leanings there are,two main plot lines to the story of,disco Elysium the murder case you have,been sent to rubbish alter soul and a,more personal journey as you attempt to,piece together your past and find out,who you really are theres little else I,can say about the plot without spoiling,too much of the mystery by urge you to,discover the tale for yourself over the,course of its 30 hours I couldnt stop,reading the thing I picked up learning,more about the world I was in and the,people that was suffering in it if this,seems all a bit much for you though,theres always the option to just give,up just 15 minutes in I received my,first game over screen after having a,meltdown and giving in to the murmurings,of my ancient reptilian brain yes disco,Elysium is definitely weird and by no,means a feel-good experience but its a,highly smart one I cant wait to relive,[Music],Disko Elysium is a unique blend of noir,detective fiction traditional,pen-and-paper RPGs and a large helping,of s essentialist theory its twisting,clopped,cast of memorable characters and sheer,depth of choice combined to create an,experience that begs to be savored a few,minor gripes aside it hits on almost,every single one of the marks it sets,out to achieve and left me earning to,spend more time in its world for a good,look at disco Elysium check out the,first 26 minutes of the game,[Music]

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Disco Elysium – Review After 100%

[Music],whats going on everybody mortum here,this time bringing you my review after,100,for disco elysium this is a game that,was heavily requested that i cover as i,tend to cover a lot of isometric games,and people are very fond of this one so,naturally people wanted me to review it,however there was a bit of a hang up in,the fact that the games art style gave,me headaches this is a common enough,thing that actually happens with,borderlands for me pretty regularly but,through some blue light glasses,ibuprofen and taking regular breaks i,did manage to get through it and,naturally were going to talk about it,today right out of the gate here i,review games after 100,all the time mostly to set me apart from,other reviewers and content creators,these reviews do include the,achievements but also a lot more than,that if you click on my channel and,youre not subscribed first thing youre,gonna see is a video explaining,everything that i cover my steam profile,is also public and linked in the,description below feel free to check it,out and the last thing to mention before,we jump into this thing is that my,format will be a bit different here with,the nature of disco elysium it doesnt,exactly fit into the regular format that,i use for my reviews and in those,instances i kind of just mix and match,things as i see fit but lets actually,dive in here disco elysium is a,narrative game its a sort of,point-and-click adventure in which our,primary goal is to solve a murder that,happened recently the world of disco,elysium is actually inspired by a book,that was based off of a tabletop rpg the,book itself is called the sacred and,terrible air and was actually written by,the lead writer for the title so it is a,game with a huge focus on writing and,storytelling however again the primary,purpose of the game is to investigate,and solve this crime or more,specifically this murder however in,doing so we get to define our character,as well as just kind of our style and,how seriously we take everything while,kind of learning about the world and,characters that surround it now the,character that we play is the same every,playthrough however again you get to,define their personality if you will,because your detective or your police,officer here has amnesia you wake up,after what can only be described as a,very thorough bender in a hotel room and,thats kind of where the game kicks off,and i think the game handles amnesia,really well actually for a lot of games,it kind of just seems like a cop-out but,for our character here it genuinely is,that they have forgotten everything and,that kind of permeates most of the,storytelling in a way that i thought was,really well done however more so than,that the character that were playing,has voices in his head to put it mildly,so the game comprises of 24 skills each,one of these skills is represented by a,different voice in your head theres,actually a couple extra voices in your,head that arent related to skills but,rather specific scenes that play out,such as the reptile brain or your limbic,system but all of the other 24 skills,also have their own little voice in your,head all of which is completely voice,acted by the way however the voice,acting is primarily due to the final cut,version of the game which is the updated,version and was not present in the,original version or at least not as much,of it which i think its important to,mention because full voice acting for a,narrative game is in my opinion pretty,important and kind of a big wish list,item for most people with these types of,games but these 24 skills are broken up,by four separate attributes things like,intelligence physical basically the,standard stuff right and if you dont,know how to build a character youre not,sure what to do the game does come with,three presets to choose from that are,pretty good for a first time through but,these 24 skills are really where things,get particularly interesting because,across the game youre going to come,across passive checks white checks and,red checks which are all affected by one,of these 24 skills which well discuss a,little more here in just a second now,across these 24 skills some are used,less than others and when i was diving,into the game i was curious what that,was actually going to look like as with,these games and especially with this,many skills oftentimes some of them are,more represented than others and that is,true of disco elysium i think hand-eye,coordination sees the least amount of,uses but even in that case the game,still uses that skill just under 100,times in comparison to a skill like,rhetoric though which is like 800 but,all of these skills together kind of,define how youre going to be,investigating and what you can do now,each time you level up which is every,time you gain 100 experience points you,can put a point into one of your skills,your starting attributes stay the same,but every time you level up you can put,a point into a skill which will increase,its maximum however how many times you,can upgrade a skill is also determined,by your base attribute which is normally,one through five so if you have a low,attribute the amount of times you can,upgrade a skill is also limited now i,want to talk about the thought cabinet,for a second the other part of character,progression is the thought cabinet as,you play through the game and encounter,various situations and thoughts your,character will just kind of remember,them as thoughts its called your,thought cabinet and in that thought,cabinet you can choose to internalize,the various thoughts you come across,while you are in the process of,internalizing something which usually,takes a few hours of in-game time your,character will then take on a detriment,for a short period of time usually a,minus to an attribute or a skill for a,set period however after you internalize,something you then typically gain a,benefit however the internalizing is,permanent and takes up a slot of your,thought cabinet you can unlock more,spots by spending your skill points on,them to unlock them and then you can,internalize more thoughts and,potentially get more benefits now these,thoughts in addition to just those,things will also open up things like,conversation options additional avenues,to play through the game with which,leads to a lot of branching paths and,again more customization on the,character that you are playing now i,tell you all that to mention the exploit,if you want to call it that or a min max,option despite there being 24 skills and,all those things i just told you with,the thought cabinets there is a way to,kind of min max this and get way more,skill points than you would normally get,and be able to see most of the game with,a single character because some of the,thoughts in your thought cabinet grant,you extra experience upon passing a,check one of those actual art degree,gives you experience for passing the,most common type of skill check meaning,that you will get tons of extra,experience this way and doing this on,the first day which is possible you can,give yourself something like 40 extra,skill points which just about breaks the,game in terms of the amount of,experience youre getting which i only,mentioned because that is incredibly,useful for hardcore mode in addition to,the normal mode there is a hardcore,option in which our character has to,pass much higher checks across the story,and this method of kind of exploiting,things makes that incredibly easier,honestly but now lets talk about what,youre actually using those skills for,and how it kind of plays out the passive,white and red checks passive checks are,exactly that as you engage in,conversation there will be various,passive checks that are made and those,checks are just six plus whatever your,skill level happens to be including any,bonuses to those checks but if you pass,you get a little more information and a,little more dialogue in whatever the,thing you are doing is or it just helps,you in some way then ther

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Disco Elysium Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

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Why Disco Elysium is So Good // REVIEW

I heard disco Elysium was incredible a,long time ago but then my short,attention span Neanderthal brains all,the large chunks of text and just,recoiled if this sounds remotely,familiar then this review is for you,this is a game about people and systems,how people are systems and how people,make systems and on a single moment of,it comes close to boring disco Elysium,is a 2019 role-playing game developed by,Za um the player controls a detective,with amnesia Awakening in the city of,rivershaw from the moment you wake up,disco Elysium is written like a rapid,fire Cabinet of Curiosities it creates,such a familiar yet weird world that,even pure lore is interesting its plot,is so Twisted that every Discovery feels,earned and Grand it so deeply,understands its characters that they can,be entertainingly weird and still feel,real in the first hour I proper belly,laughed over and over and games rarely,make me laugh at all the games world,and narrative incorporates the inherent,silliness of interactive storytelling it,lets you get weird and gets weird right,along with you while still emanating,real Humanity the companion character,Kim became so entangled with my psyche,that I didnt make a single decision,without considering well whats Kim,gonna think of this and eventually I,cared about how my decisions would,impact everybody in the game but,particularly my detective because at,this point I knew him when you start,disco Elysium youre confronted with,this stat script these are the furies,representing what your character is good,and bad at some are self-explanatory,like empathy and encyclopedia others are,less obvious Inland Empire is your,connection with the spooky dookie and,shivers is how well you can feel the,city around you theyre both Vibe checks,of different flavors while talking to,someone encyclopedia May chime up with,some info about a place they just,mentioned well suggestion may suggest,something to say that will get them to,Spill the Beans this is a systemization,of thought an idea so brilliant it seems,obvious in retrospect as humans we are,bombarded with thoughts the only agency,we really have is which of them to act,apart then theres the thought cup if,the furies are intrusive the thought,cabinet is where you place Concepts to,ruin their after XML play time you,integrate these Concepts into your,identity gaining bonuses and penalties,these systems mean you cant help but,role play this to detective because,youre in his head and the narrative,World gives these mechanics room to flex,theres a moment where the detective,takes a shine to someone youre speaking,to in order the furies are chiming in,over and over then volition Cuts them,off with their compromised the furies,cant be trusted with this person this,very human moment of being mentally,disarmed not quite being able to trust,yourself around this person really hit,me because its something Ive never,seen so well distilled in any art form,and its only really possible with these,set of mechanics now the physical,controls are fairly limited even action,scenes are completed through a,choice-based tax system but you never,feel separated from the action because,disco draws you in with its writing pace,and presentation for example theres a,track that play when youre exploring,revolutional streets it fits the tone of,that place so well that it feels a part,of it drawing you into the screen The,Melancholy horns were blasting for clock,off time while the oil painting style,creates a sense of drifting dreamlike,reality a familiar yet Fantastical world,this is a place where the bazaar doesnt,undermine Humanity its just more,concerned with truth and fact and it,demands you to collaborate and that is,why disco is so good,good,foreign

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Review

[Music],this must be the infernal machine,that toy from oblivion the caprice,kinema,motor carriage in the cabin you are,welcomed by a set of steering levers,a radio microphone on a hook a pull-out,toolbox under the seat,and a scent of leather work and heavy,fuel oils,washes over you,the white suede feels luxurious under,the touch,and the metal clutch handle so very,familiar in your palm,as you tap on the gauge disco elysiums,launch back in 2019,may not have been preceded by an awful,lot of fanfare but it didnt take long,after it released for everyone to,realize what a special game it was,widespread acclaim truckloads of awards,and accolades and excellent word of,mouth combined to make the industry sit,up and take notice,and those who played the unique off-beat,rpg realized that this was the sort of,game that would be recognized as an,instant classic in a giant of the genre,for years to come,now with disco elysium the final cut,developer zom has brought the seminal,rpg to wider audiences outside the pc,ecosystem,and made several improvements to the,game in the process the result,is an excellent achievement that,improves upon what was already clearly,a great game before we go ahead a,quick request we upload new videos every,single day,and your subscription matters a lot so,please consider subscribing and enable,all notifications by clicking the bell,icon,with that out of the way lets begin,disco elysiums biggest strength is its,setting and the fantastic,world building that breathes life into,that setting on the surface it tells the,story of a detective with a tragic past,who is recovering from complete amnesia,but finds himself leading an,investigation into a violent and,mysterious murder,thanks to that setup and the way it,unfolds and progresses the story is,enjoyable even on that surface level,discovering new pieces of the puzzle and,then putting them together as you,attempt to get to the heart of the,mystery is captivating,and made even more so by the excellent,characters that serve as the main,players in the story,even so that initial narrative drive,ends up taking a back seat to the larger,stories,disco elysium tells in and through its,world,the game takes place in martinez a,district in the city of revishal which,has a long,and violent history of revolutions,failed governments and violence and,currently teeters on the edge of chaos,under the control,of a coalition of governments disco,elysium leverages its setting in,incredible ways to tackle complex themes,it keeps asking players fascinating,questions in ways that feel,organically tied to the story and to its,world,revishall has a rich and fascinating,history the people of martinez that you,meet throughout the game are all,delightfully bizarre,and full of personality and it feels,like no matter where youre going or,what youre doing youre constantly,uncovering new details to deepen your,understanding of disco elysiums world,what helps of course is the consistently,excellent writing,which is a good thing because disco,elysium is heavy on text,and reading through it is how youre,going to spend the bulk of your time,while playing this game,the game constantly strikes the perfect,balance between showing and telling,between being subtle and being explicit,between being funny and being gruesomely,dark,in the final cut every single written,line is also fully voiced,that in and of itself is an impressive,accomplishment given the fact that,theres over a million written words in,this game,but that achievement is made that much,more worthy of praise,thanks to the excellent quality of voice,work every character has a unique voice,that seems to suit their world and their,personalities perfectly with the,narrator in particular being the star of,the show here,but of course disco elysium doesnt just,succeed in terms of storytelling,writing and world building it is an,excellent role-playing game as well,its incredibly unique and goes about,doing familiar things in very off-beat,ways,and executes those ideas perfectly the,game is completely lacking,in combat and is instead centered first,and foremost around,skill checks there are two dozen,different skills that you can invest in,and depending on how you choose to build,your character throughout the course of,the game,you can be anything from a walking,repository of endless knowledge,to a brute who solves problems with his,fist from someone who seeks to,understand the pain of people,to a detective with a keen eye and a,brilliant mind who never misses any,detail,add to that more role-playing mechanics,in the form of things such as the,thought,cabinet where you internalize new,thoughts to earn various boosts,and buffs or even equipping new pieces,of clothes to,buff up various stats and what you have,is a game with impressive build variety,the sheer variety and breadth of options,available in how you want to progress,your character and interact with the,world,is staggering granted its no divinity,original sin 2 in that regard but,in relation to the games size and scope,its enough for more than just a few,replays each wildly different from the,other,how your detective behaves responds to,people and reacts to situations,also helps define their character a big,part of which is what political ideology,they subscribe to,you can choose to be someone who is,seeking to incite a revolution,someone who just wants to keep the,status quo going someone who wants to,keep the corporations and those in power,in charge or even someone who would,rather just watch it all play out from,the sidelines,these choices not only further enrich,the excellent world of disco elysium,they also contribute significantly to,the aforementioned variety,disco elysium the final cut however does,have a few issues and many of these are,exclusive to the final cut,most are strictly technical for instance,often the audio for lines doesnt play,and every once in a while id go through,bits and pieces of conversations or,internal monologues,where the voice acting would completely,disappear meanwhile during my time,playing the game on a ps5 i also,encountered a couple of crashes,granted a couple isnt too many but both,of them did cost me a decent amount of,progress since my,last autosave so they were definitely a,source of frustration,the user interface in disco elysium the,final cut is also far from perfect,scrolling through all of the,interactable objects with the right,stick feels unintuitive,and inaccurate often i would try,interacting with highlighted elements,but the game wouldnt read,that id pressed the x button until i,moved around a little and did it again,walking around can also be a bit of a,hassle at times specifically when youre,navigating around confined and,claustrophobic,areas there are a few other issues as,well such as the readability of a few,elements in the games menu,none of these are game breaking issues,by any means and a few are definitely to,be expected when playing a game like,this,on a controller but put them together,they do lead to moments of annoyance and,clunkiness,minor issues aside though this is a game,that rpg fans absolutely should not,miss disco elysium was already an,excellent game when it first launched,and with the final cut its made,even better the new changes and,improvements breathe even more life into,a world that was already brimming with,personality,and though the flaws are not,non-existent theyre easy to forgive,anyone who hasnt played this game,before needs to experience it for,themselves and,anyone who has now has the perfect,excuse to jump back in and play through,an even better version,of it and that brings us to the end of,the video,a quick request before we conclude we,upload new videos,every single day and if you like what,were doing please consider subscribing,it really really helps us out also dont,forget to enable all notifications by,clicking the bell icon,so you can receive daily video updates,thanks for watching

Disco Elysium Review

this is just McDonnell standing in for,reviewer David wild goose memories can,be painful in Disco Elysium a,mesmerizing hilarious and at times,harrowing narrative heavy RPG,recollecting a memory can prove fatal,for an amnesiac alcoholic cop struggling,with a new murder case with elusive,details and the worlds worst hangover,remembering the person he was off as a,path to redemption for the person he,might become after all memories that,dont kill you make you stronger you,really dropped the ball Harry,4.6 billion people and you failed every,single one of them,disco Elysium presents as an RPG in the,mold of boulders gate or divinity,original sin indeed it opens with a nod,to Planescape torment with a semi naked,figure lying on a cold hard slab before,slowly rising to his fate only the slab,isnt in a mortuary its in a cheap,motel room and the figure wasnt,recently dead hes just still drunk very,very drunk it proceeds with the,traditional top-down view of the world,your party members traversing beautiful,hand-painted 2d environments pausing to,inspect objects and talk to people there,our quest to initiate experience to gain,levels to up dialogue trees to climb and,skill checks to fail yet in all kinds of,other ways somatically and mechanically,disco Elysium is very unlike other RPGs,on the one hand its a detective game,played straight theres a meticulous,satisfaction in assuming the role of a,by-the-book cop you can grill suspects,about their movements on the night of,the murder and look for holes in their,stories about what they saw you can call,into the police station or request that,they retrieve further information about,leads youve uncovered and if theres,anything your booze frazzled brain has,forgotten youre a totally patient,partner Kim Katsuragi is always there,with a gentle reminder of the finer,details of effective police work of,course you dont have to play it,straight,disco Elysium provides a staggering,amount of options letting you choose and,roleplay the type of cop indeed the type,of person your amnesia,detective is going to remember himself,to be as such youre welcome to walk out,of your hotel room with just one shoe on,and you,able to tell the manager youre not,paying for the room nor the damage you,caused and he can frankly go screw,himself in his impeccably dry way Kim,will suggest this is not exactly,appropriate behavior but hes also not,going to stop you from reinventing,yourself as a cocky superstar cop a rude, cop a wretched nihilistic cop a,bungling apologetic Cup a modified,repentant cup or some tempered,combination thereof even during what,could be considered rote casebook disco,Elysium provides so much opportunity to,express yourself theres a scene in,which you and Kim are conducting an,autopsy,while Kim got his hands dirty I opted,for the paperwork this scene which,should be aggressively dry is instead,wonderfully written creative and,entertaining and threaded throughout is,the satisfying accumulation of clues the,central mystery contracting and,expanding as new information answers,questions and asks further ones but,disco Elysium is not just a commendable,detective game it is a deeply political,game that tackles issues of ideology,privilege racism and class in a,thoughtful and provocative fashion the,small seaside town youve been summoned,to is in fact the neglected,working-class district of ravashol a,city built to resolve history in the,wake of a failed communist revolution,that now sees it governed by a coalition,of foreign nations the murder youre,investigating it first seems tight when,months long labor dispute negotiations,between Union and corporate leaders are,at a stalemate striking workers have,shut down the harbour scab laborers are,picketing in the streets and road,transport in and out of town is at a,standstill,more deeply ingrained and the painful,memories of the wars that first beheaded,the rubbish our monarchy and then,quashed the revolution and the lingering,darkness of centuries old racial,resentments fuelled by the economic,anxieties of industrial change,its a remarkable nuanced circumstance,tensions are high violence feels,inevitable and the future of revitol has,never felt more uncertain I hope you,pass out for meat you got NJ fish like,you as a piece of this nation sinking,the case youre working intersects with,the political arguments of the town you,give,openings to sympathize with or reject,various political views and your,character stats do in fact track how,much of a communist fascist ultra,liberal or moralist you are theres a,tongue-in-cheek approach here as when,youre given the option in favor of your,preferred ideology its without,exception and utterly extreme version of,it,moderate paths dont exist theres no,room for a public option the Communists,are all about jumping straight to the,eat the rich stage indeed disco Elysium,isnt especially interested in the,typical binary ideologies explored in,most RPGs it pokes fun at extremism and,at the same time chides you for any,attempt to retreat into non-committal,centrism and its even less interested,in trying to dodge politics instead it,wants you to focus on the dynamics of,power that structure society and the,systemic changes required to repair the,inequities of those relationships this,is a game with a specific if complex,point of view and its not afraid to,remind you of it even when its leaving,room for you to explore other ideas yeah,disco Elysium isnt just a formidable,game of politics and detective work,it also jettisons a bunch of standard,tropes of RPG interaction and replaces,them with new systems that delve deep,into your characters psyche there is no,combat to speak of there are certain,encounters that play out like combat,analogues except youre not choosing to,attack or defend instead youre picking,from a selection of actions and lines of,dialogue where successes or failures,depend on the skills you prioritized and,the luck of the dice,during character creation you cannot,alter the physical appearance of your,nameless cop you can however drop points,into a bunch of entertainingly unusual,and evocative skills disco Elysium skill,system is refreshingly original the,entire fascinating suite it posits,serves as a captivating exploration to,your characters inner life and echoes,his journey of self rediscovery skill,checks are being rolled all the time to,see if theres something you should know,it could be as simple as checking,whether your perception means you notice,a particular object maybe you see or,hear a word you dont recognize and your,encyclopedia skill interrupts to provide,a definition youre often able to,conduct conversations with your skills,digging for more information or telling,them to pipe down a little chorus in,your head filling the gaps and prodding,you into action these competing often,uncalled for voices add up to a,remarkably successful simulation of how,the mind works skills intrude during,conversations with other characters too,sometimes your skills offer conflicting,approaches drama might be urging you to,make a big scene but composure is,pushing back coolly arguing for,restraint much of the unpleasant things,you can say are the result of a failed,skill check it can feel weird to have,your character do something you didnt,quite intend or have your dialogue,choices restricted to three equally,offensive alternatives but theres,something pleasingly authentic in the,way things dont always go according to,plan,learning to Rives disco Elysium through,what can initially feel like a mad,jumble of competing voices is the,essential first step of attuning,yourself to the type of experience it,wants to deliver this is a game with,lets be honest an absolute ton of words,to read literally everything you do save,walking from one place to another is,conveyed and accomplished through text,and what beautiful bonkers bold words,they are disco Elysium is easily one of,the best written games Ive ever played,theres a swagger and a confidenc

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